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Aug 31, 2014|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills -- on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy. And now. Here's bill -- You know you hear the crappy in the screaming but you never -- don't. I've never seen. Maybe they're screwed it happened so they hope they get to see this and -- in -- -- there and if -- they're afraid of his. Went away this goes well and I'm Carlos today is doctor Rey Jimenez laughed personal physician brother went. In their -- yeah trying to these could keep it up. He is good he went Susan. Is his intelligence but previously recognized what people up all the knowledge of the need to have. He has had to go to you know operating anymore than Houston -- -- stay with them -- I guess the latest thing is I'm doing now. Too much with addiction medicine now ruined them. Getting a board certification in math and trying to look at. What is the relationships between. -- Nutrition to hand to addiction. And that's getting -- interest -- harm to pour owns. The whole nine yards goes into it is wellness. Helps you ward off problems with -- addiction because. You know all I had excerpt trying to treat something self treat something. A lot of people think it's just about a big party but that's just not true not just not true these people -- having a tough time and they're not happier than there are not happy now they're not. At least not when they come to me. You're looking. Well well they can't sleep very well because I know 1000 hospital no -- -- -- him that Murphy wore -- and I don't. Mike -- is that more stringent. Professor. Is worth a lot of kids sleep -- it as a way to do that via console I just custody after a couple of nights and yet you -- I can see -- to ask her about a month isn't going to be tough -- him. -- you know especially when you're using it to treat. Some sort of life event in new. Oftentimes people will say addiction is not about the medicine is its era the drugs it's about life. Right in the way -- pressure dealing with its own. Shouldn't they were gonna get together and pharmacists and by the way the sponsor of people's receive -- really together let's talk about some things we can do with with people who have addiction. Tend to get -- The only. -- you know he's got to wonder how to use out -- it right -- is not easy to kind. -- -- -- And Marlins have blowtorch you know while hard. On this well is it too long especially in the -- -- -- That is good decisions on the -- show us -- and give -- a new partner can act you know. So there's this an apartment market. Right exactly a -- social resources so deguzman's. They're doing great. I was just get them this morning. Yeah -- there even in this kind of just in to become -- dry -- But some of the credit -- it up there there's still so much stick status to market. That's -- -- -- beautiful and -- just just picked. Wouldn't you like you're right let's let. I got three -- financial saw Elizabeth is that that's that's about how we got -- -- -- -- out there. Wrestler got heavy heavy storm from the good -- and -- They can bask in the rainy -- and I think resisted tees they haven't -- caused him with us. So. I was just -- simply coming up. There are several things coming up that I'll let you know about it it was just now about. First -- all. Bad news issue that a lot this -- cut issue is out now officially it was that delivered we delivered it to -- all of this arms market. Today's they'll be there tomorrow. And then starting on the first they go to general distribution cells. But for the -- -- -- issues. Out there. And then one of the most exciting things. This coming up that we adjust -- account. And it's also the issue and delete this ticket just went on sale yesterday. Is that at a plot didn't eat drink local week and the Paramount theatre are going to be presenting. Dan Barber here is not -- for his first tax disappearance. To talk about his new book called the third plate and up. This is extremely exciting that there isn't a better. More forward thinking. Spokesperson right now out there for. Just how we should be thinking about how we eat and how that's going to that is. Helped sustain the planet and ourselves over time. And he's. Very engaging funny. Very articulate speaker he's done many tech talks that have gotten a lot of attention. And keep -- -- he's. Best set of New York City to it doesn't that senate James Beard Foundation awards. And the country's outstanding -- and 2009. And in 2009 he was also named one of time magazine's -- hundred top 100 most influential people in the world. So there's like this stuff and. I was just so you know right of ownership to dozens. He's a speaker. But he bishop at Blue -- a restaurant in Manhattan and I'm also Blue Hill at stone aren't. Which is the nonprofit -- and education centers -- -- Better for food and agriculture. He's he did give up their researcher. Losing you again. And arbor. Yeah -- that you. BAA RPR tickets went on sale yesterday. This is going to be at the Paramount theater we have room for 12100 people I hope to sell every week. And about general admission tickets -- 35 dollars student tickets to 25 dollars. We have a special very limited wanted to the first 100. They got twenty people. So we have a VIP package ticket for a 130 dollars. Which in addition to -- eating as that itself. We're going to have an hour long reception before the event ethic meter split. Four or five. Just talk show. And local local -- Shasta and -- -- create positive close on some -- liar and just because sit -- trapped ideally it's just opened his spirit his restaurant. And let's see. And then. I'm. From and a -- -- HSD. We'll have that -- Alexander from Alexander's department is basically who first put into. And we're just -- waiting to hear back until Welch from Kirby thanks so really -- putting groups access that he's making its history perhaps don't have. Local spirit. Can local wines and Beers while. So debt debt 130 dollar ticket also includes that book the book the third place. And it will be signed by it and arbor but everybody who -- even for the general admission 35 dollar tickets. Will. Be able to have to be able to buy the book can have -- -- after the show. And also feature a farmer's market after the show -- like admitting our -- But what -- are represented in the lobby of the Paramount theater because get a little fires knocking on your way home. Not a great zone -- so. VIP tickets. We don't want to get to those here. Yet -- Disco right Katie Paramount box office. You can find -- information on our web site at Austin. Is not content. The other thing will be and I should tell you the date is Monday December 9 that he's made mandate December 8 at 7 PM. At the Paramount theater goes. Kicking off eat drink local week which is actually starts on the sixth will be at the farmer's market. All the farmers markets on the sixth of December Saturday that mandate I will be our keynote which is Dan Barber as the -- -- here. Karrie exciting this sounds great so to see the movie's -- third place. Also. -- -- -- until you drinking and Mary. So what -- should be. That the book has been getting all kind of -- It's a thing called. I'm -- 202 point oh. Sort of like the next. Staff that you know following -- Michael Collins direction. Really talking about a revolutionary new way we should consider eating which is based on. The fact that this -- competitive for oil and what I did so well you don't get to see it tells us we need to be thinking about eating everything that you need to grow in the -- to make. Make this -- healthy. So for example. Organic farmers -- -- plant any cover crops like close -- peace and various screens Barley know it. In order to keep the soil. Demetrius -- needs in order to grow those beautiful heirloom tomatoes that you love so much and as heirloom. Let mrs. greens and it's really about crop rotation quite a bit. And so. Can't really want to have to be aware of that and and eaters all of us to be aware. That we should be eating a lot more variety of crops that go into making healthy soil. So he's got on his menu asked them aren't. -- -- it would help at Dunbar and he's got the dish called up rotation ready Soto. Can give it made with whatever the rotation -- -- from the farm that he -- solid organic stuff from Perkins restaurant that if he's baby you know. Appease them as if that's different kinds of Kool green cities and in that sense. This is a great way of thinking about cooking and eating and ask what he has to share it. Lot of great stories in the book called the bears played I'm about halfway through right now and it really enjoying it. But it's Bastille vote on the future of food. -- -- it -- Long -- -- decide would be. About a -- so we don't get third place. -- -- It's -- it's -- if that -- -- tentative -- they get to read and it's he's also done an op Ed in the New York Times that -- us. So are still lose is to re talking discreet act. -- lash out at. I hated person and I'm not and there's more. We're gonna have Michael for processes. And -- -- musician and songwriter is Tourtelot has recorded quite a bit and his wonderful. We also have. To be out. He's got to play a musical that before -- talk so it'll be a truly entertaining evening. I'm -- duties he's very good. -- and oh yeah. That it looks. Up. Have a story about Michael Picasso and this issue it -- -- We have a holster I am I'm Michael -- because this home. And then you have usually a -- is -- about all these guys -- -- The person I respect for you. Is that what Dick -- issue is it doubters it more about their thoughts on things. It's both the -- -- this year I like to describe it as a cross between a city People Magazine. And -- street. So it got stories that got people like what are these people could critics can. But its staff and others welcome people hostage. But it also has. Period -- this -- called cooking -- So ecstatic covers them -- -- ground on and on how to cook things. Basic things. As well as it's just chock full of recipes and all the stories and recipes with have been pretty much in officiating. -- What is this exciting. Diary -- pirate territory on now I'm just rule it has IO ranch this land grant Atlanta branch. And stories about how you can make your own jerky. How to make -- hard for kids. Kind discussion efficient just great issue. Always good issue. We go because we gotta run here but Paramount box offices where you cameras these. Asked and is seeking to go too often theater. That Billiton -- oxygen -- dot org is this the Paramount. -- -- com or call them. And done and then you know just search for can't barber -- -- not until December but he can't go and look at it very events leading up to December you'll find it. Or go to -- -- Or a bar around and -- can't clear again so that the issue will come out and be available all the stores including people's. That okay great talent that. It is so quickly we can do his thing -- clean up. We have a subplot in which is instead of sitting -- outside mr. -- important thing. -- eat drink local week is trading money for sustainable city center and nervous that's because the other thing about this event is that the huge fundraising reports. Generate a lot of study for -- -- -- better and urban roots and that it also gives somebody at Paramount theatre. For that Dan Barber test but coming up better on October 9 us Thursday October 9. We have to at a velocity just options and that it's also. Fundraisers 100% hundred your first sustainable -- center in urban roots. And we're auctioning off that a live auction. Nine. Amazing and -- -- and including. Just Griffiths and I do -- Elephant sickened and killed but today I'm lucky. Debt it'll Olivea some are a lot of because that's due out -- right to go my check Joseph Hart and Bryant still our fathers and sons. I couldn't come into your home into the Q and amazing dinner for their auction item. Would get him buyers from Dallas he has a restaurant called smoke. And and kitchen don't think he's he's got to smoke and chickens scratch but anyway he's gonna do either a pig roast or Barbara policy to. For -- auction item and then we've got attacked it. Robin guys back again this year they were very popular better option last year and -- baker from inter process. This spot. And that's -- really prepackaged for talent still. -- and -- -- caucus and Justine. So. Just blunt says -- -- gracious that you can bid on outlook to have a round auction this year which is news at this event. That is they're sick overnight. He could find out all about it after the -- -- -- comment also in this position in the event. Full page at about. We'll also on September 15 through sixteenth. It is less Monday and Tuesday. For a -- freedom organization will be our guest astronaut. Teachers here are. It leadership conference. -- it backfire that's. Department granted freedom alliance that I'm not aware of majors under advisement major major sponsors it conference we've got every year since it started. And I'll be moderating a panel on food labeling. On Tuesday had that confident. -- -- out will be there. That the great opportunity to learn a lot about your kids understand. Not that I can be an activist not a foreign reserves for a lot of ranchers -- -- honest and let's zoom out. The web site is sworn into ranch -- and dot org. So just -- It on our web site at a Boston. -- was some whose -- website just a little lost temperatures and discuss drinking I can't market in central Texas what what our you're the center of gravity Rich's oldest opt for food on the local revealed -- -- real tiger. OK and I was always a pleasure. Thank you you have a great weekend. Looking -- about. My -- take a break can. It's. The CI AC for a pretty minutes after the hour that's appropriate Russian -- shortly for portrait for the -- This is for twenty analysts on could have -- clock so all right let's take a break and we'll hear about it. Let's get healthy is coming up after these messages in my talk. Get healthy with the -- -- Welcome welcome back to show folks and by the way the phone number if you wanna call him. It is through -- thirteen 70000 to. -- I don't Turkey's seventy a lot of us we wouldn't have time for you feel -- -- what you want to let you. But just just so don't let you know that you -- -- question. We can. Return to move through is so here's. We got doctors -- know. Doctor friend scheduling at all. Is that right. Yeah -- look at all the effort to surrender. Eyebrows right -- an -- you know they are fully known and verbally abuse here Mr. President those two months they were kind of people's. -- how well we talked before beyond that great hockey. -- you do want to bash your remarks you talked to. Had a cohosts from last year on the show when he does I don't know assured that. And you know. Well you know and so but it's always a pleasure I just Amar your best I admire. Which which you're doing all of these people that are there and Richard pass I would darkroom to day that's an easy day but two. He got fed up with some of these these pieces acupuncture is now and which you do objected to occupy you know thank you -- -- -- I -- I chairman it does acupuncture button. But I always say he was he was put -- asleep and I -- about. -- -- actually -- some other way alert a wake up here. Acupuncture is very powerful -- In a great Greg modality to use. You know. There had to -- -- Arctic. Well we're talked about to move. And her condition -- disease so mosquito. Condition. Right. So I got here west Nile where. West Nile Virus yeah. Is yeah it's become a real real problem I come here in Florida. An eerie ear that's all well whatever there is now one of the big -- order big -- with the transmission. What of our students notes. Send. You know they found that people that you know are in more air -- Atlantic's. On don't don't don't get a quote -- -- -- senator who did the results on its OS the at all excellent Nile virus since. Is starting an editor and right now it's. Yeah reaction immediate concern shortly our country. And now one of the things that we shot vowed that. Issue we have. You know way. The mortality rate overall is actually pretty -- 10% so what does not matter. They're writers more dramatically in the elderly and the you know uncle my. Sectors of our private donations so this year -- and adopt a little bit. You know would be doing well well you did -- something she strengthening and even if you think -- as -- -- -- well you do want to make sure that China optimal. OK well let's talk to think let's talk about think we can do to prevent it like up Heidi how you do what you can do to prevent mosquitoes from buy your. You know because there's pleasure naturally things you can do talk about that and also we'll talk about you know how you can possibly treason to. Yeah well. We could do that and not here in in the pretty good mosquitoes territory well. You know -- and I don't want a screen you know we'll eat eat eat eat Shia and sometimes I do let. Mostly what I users. When I went and you know out there. Then I may be in a grassy area around the association national -- should get a little larger bag is essential oils. Then. You know you can you -- -- there continues. Teaching your -- It seemed like the mosquitoes do not like essential -- but. One of the things that people do that -- crosses not unless they're kind of -- prevention is. They don't understand that you got to cut those loyal and -- of oil. You know if you just put financial strength you can actually burn your skin. So you know I've got people who -- historic battle that -- teacher eucalyptus oil. You know real fragrant. Bomb attack -- I felt nearly got by acting like it's more like almond joy Taylor whole bowl Baylor even you now -- now. Only like 1015 drops of each essential oil in about an ounce -- well I think you'd better. -- The number -- it can't attract mainly what will lead you. Around here he is essential oil to eat eat eat eat -- to try and down. We keep the mosquitoes -- that's of course you know he is -- that might be well ventilated like every hour or you're late. I -- position. Reuters that they kept their oil is the card to one study I was ten times were -- hasn't -- Cabinet. Just no -- you know you learn something every day. Returns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you need. Did you. And also -- -- -- at all so Italy's oil reserves ineffective you know this sector but in the in the latest issue of alternate the June issue. I just monopolies is that through the June issue of alternate they -- reform award given out. Four -- as you can combined. And perform mosquitoes -- triggers takes the body insects. This citronella. This citronella and -- -- -- -- -- -- peoples are -- I won't put on our web site or departments would. Those citronella. Lemon grass oil from an all -- They'll leonidas and his right. So you mix those together and discussed for almost everything. Went to a spoke to be the -- Now one. And one is you know that they think Simon are to be one of those guys like. They they say you know -- an -- stick to mosquitos. I think that's only animal has. Do you make citizen thanks millionaire and the sooner girls so this girl's -- connected. That they like -- look at -- journalist and I. I never saw their work that. So that's sort of really well they really can't sound you you know the mosquito -- their -- detection system is and. Are you -- members to you -- he's two dogs and that bush for the -- one. Yeah there's only one that was good because so it's. It does support it is not a is effective -- -- because -- -- Some of the royals and I agree -- do not agree with you as as a carrier have you tried coconut. We can try coconuts -- in -- long. I would probably because. I'm obamacare that's a -- -- is that it's good lord this task is to lose yet. -- saying I got you essential oil and you know he used skin and news and then you know your -- circulation -- that they're always looked slow from the he has led by the books. You -- I ask about their coconut 'cause everybody tends to use coconut for a lot of things I don't know which has coconut attract mosquitoes and I'm not sure. Sorry I didn't slow around. I think it's carbon dioxide actually towards -- Well that's true yes they do personally to do our due to some popcorn politicize these mosquitoes can get -- -- -- -- -- -- we're we're gonna go here because among some of the things in a website about. About how to avoid bites -- -- clothing that you but but what about tone. Treatment. This -- -- just like having -- -- in the top your head or something for some people let's. You know it. Did -- the big thing is is that. Yeah out here -- -- is not working properly -- a lot of people not like people don't realize you have allergies. Your intention is not working properly when you can't I don't. A lot of inflammation. Yeah yeah definitely not working properly you know you -- -- from Indonesia is not looking outward rather muscular big. I'm a compromised immune system and being one that just can't -- -- -- but. You know being you continue to be imbalances he -- actor -- can be under wraps and invoke it and it can cause problems salt. What I look at is yes. In and I'm really compromised immune system my wife wanted to bring cheap so levels -- -- -- Certain components of the white blood cell level let and it showed -- cells each day it stirs the parent. Then -- sells Internet client sends when you when you get slows to a virus and that answer. And down. -- So I -- I I do want to bring up populations but the first thing I wanted to do it or whatnot modulation. Systems. Hourly earnings -- Bledsoe returns. They've turned out that there is little switches little biochemical. Switches. And it has it that -- right which is very. Switched on your immune system works out -- And it's so and that's. It's a right which is actually sat near -- is that the little sluggish response. Now. One of the things that they thought about the west not the irises. It is actually uses some very sophisticated biochemical. Methods to evade detection by -- -- -- I'll just put out one little name of one of alleged NHC national law. Here's your wave at a virus or bacteria. Can pay attention. From our natural killer cell or achieve shall. So what we want to do it. -- -- real good critical strategy here. We want to stimulate at circular very near pristine -- 200 moderates they're anxious they're working very well slaughtered we -- -- -- now. Because they've they've come a little later -- an entirely -- -- and attacking from the national carousel. And we want to remove any sort of nastiness can't Viagra might get a bus. And they found that complicated that you -- -- because -- -- -- you know. So there we -- one of the ways that I do that is I don't use. You know most moving -- based. Not immune stimulants on the market higher beta and -- hands. Yeah Bob Fredette and didn't look at. There's another Buchanan and racquet in such an Al club boot camp. And how will candlelight and molecular weight that made -- -- chance so negative as our catcher they actually asked her. And a little left and on a piece of the lead and we'll get started with the legal can't actually strip and eight. Not only the white blood got that they actually -- company that called -- -- Which is something you don't really want the body Carter he bearish. Local community. And alcohol canceled it and they just comment. They act quicker. That you're absorbed character and stimulate all the way 1000 calorie conscious bought you're. It's the apple -- man I want track we were also looking a little. It well you got carried out blue canyon we took 88 year period power HTC. There are. -- I I just don't work so what you'll get -- so I also. American American bio sciences says net. Something called in power which is -- they -- more popular supplements. And earlier in the week a market but it's also very popular with the professional doctors. There's a professional version of it as well. And it had an and it's an eighteen Q it's called exit -- correlated. Compound big name but it basically means it's a lighter weight chapter acting. Mushroom derived out of boot camp. Cool so you're saying in power is what's that is and -- I am now our MI MF and you know 200. Our. American biosciences hardware more popular opinions and that's in the country. Well mostly added I just beat the pants and I don't I don't ever use those critical. You know we love the mushy stories that we didn't -- bottom under. Who he saw -- our would be good to prevent cancer and how many things right. Marty and West Nile Virus and this you know it's been shown at least there's a cut. If you get a viral infection. Include shorter winters that cut code violation of the faction collect actual quickly. We're going to be -- can't take a while to -- So he's gonna get this. Concluded that he thought he might not get it if you take it right there a particular plan that you know when you're gonna get the whole course of the disease. Well not to argue about cat didn't you tell me about an -- That's the picture yet. This -- the front there's another cancer product now called Andre ultra. You're saying. Fermented we -- -- record and a lot of research on that church can't. Is that the same resolve a mayor. -- me because I was already there this sentiment. Yeah Abbott you know the trade name I hear the trade names of people that are sick of it is in there and that we are -- ultra and I'll -- ultra -- that. Can't it's usually cancer prevention and his. When anything conventional treatment only litter -- network that are accused proposed treatment he pretty good lessen your chance of getting something again. The engine -- -- in west Nile viruses. At the abbey ultra clean moods and HC wanted disruption MHC -- it down regulates. So if you were really worried if you like. In an area where they're big let's now matter how great I would use a combination of the -- ultra and the impala. -- name is -- Clinton -- -- you know this you know. And you know and acupuncture. You get them you get ill. Optimistic changes and commuters -- and then what happened there. People can get in. -- -- -- And then he agreed how it goes right in compete in the winter well at it changes you -- -- lecture hall of going in that we feature. You know you wanna you wanna use the empowered just to make sure it is that this upper -- me. Apparently don't get an attractive in the personal. Factions. Though we know from Chinese medicine and all of this start after change -- -- And then peak. In the middle of the letter costly wanna start taking something like that right. When -- -- Balkan winter. So which is coming up. -- -- Well we've got hammered at colleges and other -- -- -- -- rules -- and -- so we have we have to -- -- which is probably -- Uncle mart is the same thing as as we have Al you know actually. Ended Eckerd same yeah. Actually I had the Hungarian probably as hunger and that was on the show years ago that developed -- -- I have to tell thank you can't tell you couldn't eat -- what do you think you're taking some phones using -- you -- there and there's just a. Our ground. There was a Hungarian very right. They're certainly in the production at Wisconsin -- Still are making that certainly more rigorous technological specifications that you guys you know they tell all or. I attitude that I work about. And the other ago. It goes out and real. Recently he customized news. Is always last leg loose -- -- church is some men gave some to keep working. Insolvent Marino is you there's a famous all over there. -- -- show I use all the debris as a -- music in the digital for football because it was Israel and there won't sleep a little. Yeah that I'm sorry I I worked on behalf of our. Jihad Jack Doleac -- good it's a good story with much alienated its founder. If you look at it there's -- version of the European version of their website -- MR. And the United States subversion because you got the European version. This is really open bond they're open minded about how they treat cancer and things that you can use Siewert on the United States version. No he can't compete and create dollars out their tail. You have to you have to keep let's keep -- -- what. Well you know I I really. Strong demand message about usually a good candidate so that they -- is being communicated the commander. It you know it cheaper to produce it -- more widely -- Well our second that I -- beyond we're gonna trickle that during the break actually. We're gonna take a break -- strategic -- You know we thought we just don't -- some time soon always enjoy talking to you. Happy shadows and do we always solutions and over from each other sometimes. Very Marion very dark and Ackerman are also -- that if it. I think a little right I've seen it stabilize those -- there you go. -- OK okay frank thanks again hopes -- you -- right until about. I would take a break through Turkey's 70000 to three and a -- seven he would do about it. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages. It's all thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get helping with the bills whale and -- sold out. Thirteen seventy. We'll Betsy -- They're selling your favorite songs. Real -- to make a quick announcement about. Thus losing that we haven't I -- -- diminishes had once -- you. It took him let me say -- about it because I just had one it was the Energizer sleazy and I I really enjoy that has some coffee -- it it has some. Organic to almond milk and banana and some local. Honey. And a little bit cinnamon in there and all mixed. Very good I thought as went together. Really well I just got it from the store right down here is brought forward came over here and it was excellent so as Betsy Johnson chief he had about zone. I did you. -- got out on news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are not terminate a follower. Dragging. And I'm -- somebody 08 Asian native finished at. -- right Betsy Ross. You got a great -- by the way -- illegal. -- -- in your grade teacher Tex is right. Granger -- it so we're back I'm not -- detained or kick. Right and now we've Bob we about the base from news it's only grass finished he's -- second time. Yeah so I think there's no holes there's a grocery store here and tell the world showing you but I just say it was hard for use it as a small producers have built to supply. Exactly do you what they want -- it might be tough to get tongues. You know. Adam you hit it and you -- at large issue ads that draft. You act kicked her -- all of our gas and electronics you know predation Buchanan gave eight. And grasping at least a year and -- and you know it speaks Arabic country -- just eloped from me momma -- Yeah you're in that trap so. And I -- gay are surprised her battle and so. Leg you'd certainly have -- I would say conventionally. It go flat box. So you wrapped box account -- -- -- and -- bounds every wrapped box of archer lord every year look at our. They can't. -- cars that. When they can restore. Well thank you and Betty it's kind of interest being an act act still wedged it -- And that is driving a lot has laid out a bit saddened everyone one dollar -- oh and humps. -- bet that without my lawn and of course shop RV all that that he college very healthy. It's. Barack is special and it's loaded with teaching. But -- lately -- share based -- energized. All of the meat should really just. That -- on Mars so is so original argument repulsed. And pentagon back but he he might just bone -- they were just get a businesses -- soon. Went on May be partly guilty for that because there until an awful lot of people America. Own Ross. Exclusive poll you take your -- one. It's good free booze or you know is really good for is a good starting saying to gauge your gut -- right so that you can reconditioned -- of it and reduce the leaky gut syndrome. -- -- -- is very good for that. The lady in the England that -- Campbell McBride that does the they've got and psychology syndrome gaps diet. She starts out a lot of times with a bone growth. To recondition the -- -- -- -- I'll Wear around where hoping they'll move on from Mary get your bad streak in addition -- and start back. And give more the other business value of that -- that is already. Would you guess the last night by the way. I. We've got a -- and then you hope you got some knows how important. Retention of an inch. How much that. -- it doesn't through the grass. This so you go to this Foreman rent -- freedom. Leadership conference and Castro. -- god sent to his -- through six. -- There. I'm actually having ran a -- to check in shopping list out all girls then I'm going to be cannot send Lance. Upgrade its -- eighteen. I'll air as they're sponsored. Just just that they we different times. Opera dark earlier this year let your -- and -- -- -- but today is called reinventing our through system was small form lieutenant. Because you know risk the world's about 75% of their food comes from small farms whose backyard arms in this country is just reversed. -- her through Turkish authorities. This -- this -- going you go to battle that you. Of course you'll get all these subsidies real do that -- eager for subsidies. Ari is there yeah 000. And at -- -- -- and her. Looks like you there you go out -- that -- and a bit out and you're you're in this can. I don't give you subsidies. So it's just we talked about it about grazing rotational grazing just a little bit. -- -- our -- do that then. Yes we did at every day yeah there are kind of -- Rotational great ganguly do -- our great great day holistic management institute found grazing on upgrading. We're gonna -- that we don't declare scholarly -- bottom. Yeah and in the ground -- -- -- they ordinarily see air taxpayer -- hacked at anything earmarks bridge earned break. Her -- is called testing it on me and she -- suppliers that day. And me. You want to get that bad situation that it's always the top. -- the scratch that we're convinced that you know and we have so much grass they don't know what to do it. Brad and I ended stronger -- the economy gets litigation it is great it is you know we don't end -- -- not especially it's my. So so are you still -- counts yeah. Well -- use an -- -- usage is so loosen up at rap once. I actually went for -- -- not as anti hunger and she's apparently an -- -- that spirit now is -- it about. You know party is -- a year. And I still Lee Selena Roberts sales Lou Holtz whose family would -- is that we can't step. And lately yet got at -- rain started coming never expect every backlit they're harder -- county area and yeah -- -- -- not built back up. And how whales. Yahoo! recharge your age act and say it looked forward to strap. Errol. You know and an excellent at bat. -- wrecked but not enough or -- you know it's a bigger library and had there to go on. And if water regulation. It actuary. Coming to an act and it's going to be -- air. Each situation. Right there really -- simply put into -- -- I think -- small farms if you like here you know we need to keep you going. Where I appreciate everything you know they're all eight -- -- not paid their -- learn learn and make your cursor. And on the fact that the odd logic Hillary will. We we're Craig Aaron are baseball people -- and -- it is all in track and trade fair help. And he and eating will not 88 and not hit as a whole -- Right well you know if you go to the EU while dot com you while dot com there's a gradually that is totally sure what happens when you see how cranky. You can grass. In America three's are his terrorist ties Fisher the most cold water fish. Don't you -- tells comic threes when -- -- cal -- percent. Interesting how they do and they -- there's toasty. Right unless. There's a -- were you gotta be another problem there so. Well in the -- currency in my career without perhaps and that's certainly care mileage -- and that's a terrible -- -- -- you know I actually affiliate a lot of products and dance who. Yes on sultry black -- but now each. -- terror are nice present comes. Out so that's part of what he badly -- -- -- my Blanchett though that's an avid travelers or Castro looked calm Angel down and -- -- that we can -- -- absolutely good lick our long term. And -- -- Cheney and Larry Larry I expect now aren't going to be piano and right network -- it you can't start out strong per year Kalin you're currently at night and then your parents pretty well making an outcrop. Credit Eric you're an opposite course -- -- -- That's why we're on the show LaSorda actually show you bend over the -- involved with this these form alliances and we -- -- some of that. Stop some of that explains letting all of that started -- oh yeah. It was OK -- American Heritage. I -- -- -- -- against. A -- and it alluded to learn well. What you are back on the show sometime soon. Are -- there always -- -- -- Weasley wartime our immigrant -- Okay but thank you aren't gonna take a break can. It is -- C. Not on the money front the money -- so whatever you whatever country you're NS top of the hour. I don't think they would be right back. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills wail on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's bill's way. Hey folks welcome back to show welcome back to show. Would give the warrior. Which you know I don't wanna do like you're alone don't -- anything else but his book and that is Christian witness. Night Christie's you're aware this has great Christian Horner you're on about 23 years ago -- -- -- -- this is the third edition run. Oh yeah you're you're so nice to -- of -- -- and because you got a great book. Is this different was your and I burst into. By the way only to give this rose undoubtedly does doctor DR. Christine. Sierra CH RI ST I made. Corner -- into your right. To talk to Chris to -- And you were surgeon. Iowa has asked on board certified in general surgery as well as plastic surgery and double Lotta breast reconstruction and became really alarmed when I watched my -- because younger younger and finally I was doing breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer in women in their twenties. You have to -- to -- to get that content insurance cover to cover that right reconstructive. There reconstructive surgery and thank that I met with President Clinton. And Hillary and it's worked out there for about five years that we've got a federal laws have to thank you thank you eight cents us. Absolutely mandatory that insurance companies pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. They should. The dissolution. Yes yes absolutely yeah. You know that's I think -- -- Real concern even through the process of working on that legislation that was really the breast cancer epidemic and and you know I think that was affecting women and younger and younger ages than what. -- hit twenty year old west side you know something is so wrong with just discuss these. Something it was a and it sisters is that the readers of seats you know what they can do it and literally found thousands. Studies that show. Exactly -- -- -- -- breast cancer epidemic all the things that we're doing to contribute to -- the things that we traditionally don't do this culture that are highly protected and they are all natural it's -- supplements. Yeah that's Richard Google isn't as this you talk about it if all of our post today is an -- also though he were to surgery. Also but previously he was an anesthesiologist -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you Wear gloves. Sometime Dolly said was we'd sit on a stool and pass gas from yeah. -- -- Right we've got out of it just for some reason you do as you know because. Are you you're retired from. -- did you. I guess you know twelve years ago because believe that and I a dedicated myself now full time to teaching people about how to avoid that -- is what -- say and -- you know really what what are the things -- research says -- the best ways to get and stay healthy because you know health and everything. Well you're exactly -- he's gotten into alternative. Russia's integrative. Medicine yeah -- acupuncture a little bit you're doing that. -- he's not turn pro therapy and nutrition and tax or size and I got to see you know brought back an old idea on the analyst treat the routine coaches try to let's try to stay healthy and avoid the disease rather than chasing it and trying to fix it all gone. Not only makes sense and I had traded iron they had you know the traditional Chinese medicine that's because you. -- -- what Deepak Chopra I you know talks about his judicial system from India but it's all about. Prevention and as you know creating balance of the body which enhances the bodies that are dealing intelligently and protect -- from getting any kind of. And or literature books about that's what you read about this book breaking the warrior the warrior goddess because you're really. A customized with people. Young women older women whatever because Arab ever woman. These to be need to get this book you read about it how they can prevent it. If they do get breast cancer was taken to it. Right in and you know what was interesting is when I was researching the book I found that everything that. Influence the risk of breast cancer meaning either we need to avoid it because that increases the risk things you need the favorite because it protects against it. All of those things were exactly the same thing as bad affecting every other kind of chronic disease Steve is an effort to evict her breast cancer. But you're from either -- really interesting us studies out there that are specific for breast cancer and you know that. We're getting close to have breast cancer awareness -- tonight. October and I thought you know this time what I really wanted to focus -- was talking about what -- young girls to do because actually we find that -- eighteen years pre pubescent pubescent adolescence -- so forth there's -- -- very special window during that time we're waiting for the -- your life actually -- -- significant impact on your rest. So my message really is about these special things you know that that parents and I can't help their teenaged daughters do it and pre pubescent in order to lower the risk for the rest of their life. Exactly. Well in your book your game that you talked about how you healthy foods. I give a good dose of certain supplements. And brutal right that rest and exercise. And stop smoking and boxes tell you right. Whom do you believe it or not thank you start plus this teenagers. 50% increased risk for breast cancer after your life. One of the main things that we found that increases arrested mr. girl goes through puberty at an early age and a phenomenon that we're seeing -- essentially right now is that the age of puberty is getting younger -- And now is the average age appropriate security at age. Tents and around the world -- average ages sixteen to seventeen years salt. So with each menstrual period there's actually a surge of a strong type of estrogen which is the one that's most associated with breast cancer -- so. The result of starting period that -- handwritten aged sixteen or seventeen as -- -- risk of breast cancer is increased by 50% for the rest. Of their life and what can you do it well the really interesting research I came out showing ads if -- -- eats. -- So organic because we sprayed the heck out of it and has testified on have been organic tofu. Before -- -- -- period so that's going to be you know what their eighth ninth and kind of injury that period of time. It actually will delay the onset of puberty so that in truth you know the rest and then and. Think that it does -- when she got through puberty they find that the breast tissue is immature and it's much more sensitive to environmental toxins cents. That's quite smoking increases this alleged eating red meat a lot of red meat is actually show an increase a lot of -- you know you a lot of that is his nature. Many you know if you exercise you actually have more protective effect if you're exercising is as teenagers that if you start exercising when -- way for the rest of your life and it's just very special window that they found it if you can hand -- so when your right after. After it started going through puberty it will mature than breast cells and make them more resistance. To environmental toxins. OK and I hope I see. Right that's right because there's nothing estrogens initiatives -- calls. The early pretty -- Xena wishers and try to take institutions. You talk to her. The different kinds of gestures as it definitely would find it grows fast. Masters. The US judges that he says that we find in various different things like plastic thing. He's apartments and so forth and what they want to mention -- -- further city got to do organic because we just sprayed the heck out of -- like 97 this site yourself. I recommend and I brand which is called more more and not go which is from Japan and it's organic and it doesn't have -- CMOs. Those and they. Packaged this actually is a package and so it's kind of hermetically sealed and. You don't have a very very long shelf life -- -- any dangers conservatives that and it's available everywhere I mean I can't -- it and it cost scope but that's one thing you've really got to pay attention to the -- it's getting because again you don't wanna take tennis is it's not organic stuff or more not as -- -- -- -- -- -- you should know that. -- MO RIA. And age eat cake. Those contemplate. Cars weren't looking at Elkhart and things like is that -- that's just really want to help fight it out. Yeah. An issue is that. On his death eaters word you know recommending -- been recommended that they take the vaccine for the H. PV virus you know to prevent cervical cancer and one of the most alarming things I found when I was researching that is like it if you really look in depth and and the research on it I mean it's thought he would never ever give it your daughter because there's more to -- This side effects and problems associated with this particular vaccine -- any vaccine is ever been. You know prettiest in recorded history in attacked. There's been like. Hundred incest you want a little bit of sky after they've been given the vaccine is like I ever heard about that you don't spell it intelligently started researching -- -- permanent disability is that these 30000 average event that's unbelievable. And and it only last -- -- sensitivity twelve year old it doesn't do it again after seventy. And and they need it in it to people after that because it actually increases the risk. So what thing that I. Am I counted I actually recommended for breast cancer prevention that there are studies that retirement MD Anderson you know in Houston. On international formula called eight H these appear active -- Those correlated compound. So HTT they test and they against the HPV virus and they found that it's still. The virus and prevented infections from recurring. Now ACC offices where -- every single cell type convenience systems and so it's been shown to lower their risk of many different kinds of cancers that -- Actually prescribe it in his hand in the hospitals because it improves survival statistics so much. So for me it's like. Well I think it in my teenage daughter aged sixteen and pet of the HPV virus in any attention to that it really strengthens that means the other diseases arrest her. You know -- and facts and as well as you know various different kinds of cancer. So this ACC is a mushroom farm in Missouri. Correct -- is that medicinal mushrooms have -- -- an additional measures against from Japan in our in as the number sixteen most. Prescribes complementary and alternative medicine techniques they're so very very widely used there we haven't. Had heard of its selection of country that the restrictions are really great in over a hundred studies it has. That have been done that says that's again and support every single cell type in your immune system to keep it strong but. Even more encouraging you know from from MD Anderson a bit because that HTC isn't it's going to be effective against HPV virus which it would lower the risk of cervical cancer as well. Well you know I -- direct you to your web -- good 'cause we don't carry this I don't believe. And -- I think. Mean if one of those things we wanted to Google it up it's available -- very different products. And companies but that one that I recommend is. Quality of life. -- lab they make up here HTC product. But there's other ones that are available to his feet and you know -- -- him. -- quality of the product is really critical. You know I really doesn't have been kind of you know area controversy where it is you know where we look at supplements sometimes once they've done testing on the and they found that they don't have any of what they've said is on the -- solid and doesn't think he's really do you need to make sure that you don't lose it policy company need to get. You know make sure you're getting the tests -- -- possible. -- go about broccoli and Christopher's first of Mosul that. I want people but just about -- green to see this come out. -- he -- absolutely excellent and you know term break which -- -- -- said it has yet again and MD Anderson doesn't of their research found out they found that there's about 7000 studies in the medical research on and it says that it inhibits the growth of seventeen different kinds of cancers and green team to another standout that -- eleven different kinds of cancers as you can find -- he's. -- they have synergistic effects -- each one makes the other large extent that they found that's. Agreed to -- enhance the anti cancer effect that's correct but three times as. And Tareq enhances the anti cancer effects as crazy by any time so he can really take advantage of some of the these combining intense and you. Yes they combine it with the term -- they have synergistic. You know aspects of each other as well. Resisted the organic -- tells you. Let us. Maybe that's and finally you know pro life I think that a lot to research and provide addicts and media on -- that's -- because what we found that the -- is so important amount of those. Type of bug that we have there are crucial for health effects we have more bacteria by awaited her body that we do humans self -- really -- -- popular later calling with a healthy types of pro bionic. And that affects certain means this and even our hero transmitters that are brain it can help with the depression and -- -- -- thinks -- -- That they're really good things you start taking probably in your thirties or so I'd say and other times he doesn't just take it if he'd been on antibiotics and. And specialty situations like that. Against you know profile chaotic -- you know come in various different drinks and tight since the fourth and one that I like is is. No one is called the BB as simple -- 536. And it's a a particular type that they human bacteria most of them. Or animal bacteria that -- with these. I'm proud about it and it's also extremely stable the only after refrigerator which you know many the other was after refrigerated as unstable -- -- like -- this particular. One. Have you run into any thing. With iodine and breast cancer I keep hearing a lot of fans about iodine. Yeah you know -- -- many different things that you know have to -- full of facts and definitely iodine is one of them so. They found that up -- that breast cancer cells. Absorb iodine and that -- citizens irate that universally notification in our inner body absorb iodine to its significance and and so in Japan they did some studies using iodine against breast cancer cells and they found that killed -- more effectively. And chemotherapy does does. That'll and then one thing that we noticed that -- that there really is an association between virus disease and breast cancer as well so we've seen increased incidence of it and it seems that Lewis -- low iodine levels you know play a role. So it was definitely an excellent things he's taken the supplement an idea that is. Well you you can -- the counter to those business news. -- really -- I mean there's -- -- that is not as critical part of you know he -- yeah. And the biggest problem that I see -- -- is there's so much confusion about how much do you need to you know cannot -- there are some sources more government all types horses that are talking less than 300 micrograms but other sources you know Brownstein -- -- him. Those guys do a lot of research shows that you know -- levels of upwards of twelve milligrams. That's when you really starts greeting me iodine indicating that your saturated and your -- -- us. At the lower levels you don't but I right there are some confusion about it I. Myself take twelve milligrams a day. Yeah yeah. Who else so wouldn't do -- -- -- I should've seen it. Pray that that's another -- or there's just an explosion that research on it is -- to be you know -- like I don't there's a hundred different theaters just doesn't really involved in most disease states face fines as vitamin. There's been a couple of prospective studies really -- vitamin. After the incidence of breast prostate cancer. So you know also very very important. You're here struggling not even a vitamin you know probably a hormone it is right vitamin C. He's definitely say it is much more like over alone now. And act and it's made from cholesterol. Interest -- past yeah. As usual cholesterol. Yeah it's made out of that in the news and doing mr. thinking abandonment -- are not well add up very. Pro for the man listening on the and the ones in the studio here by the -- this is it not true that many of the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer and breast cancer of the same thing. Yes in fact. Breast prostate and colon cancer. -- that are all very similar tumors are considered for a little humor is mean that hormones cause and to grow and they're very much insulin despite diet and lifestyle. So basically everything that increases your risk of one increases the risk of also create what protects against one you know protect against -- there are yeah. You know -- variations here and there about certain specific supplements but is general. You know diet lifestyle has huge influence. And it's all the same you know thing. Whether it's a -- this is because in this just this week a study comes after a prostate cancer. There's four point is that fight cancer. And this is the American Society of Clinical Oncology. ESCO and the four plants are abruptly withdrawn at that green tea which are about termer but also pomegranate. And pomegranate. What's and -- high heat he did that. You know I get my agent -- problem is. So are hotter it is you know I really like -- and about like really would only get candidate cities things you know he. Each -- has his own pharmacy. Black constituents -- -- and what we find is that he is he. It is fine and do a lot of diversity that's the thing that's really the healthiest -- You know the lions he's 12100 different kinds of plans and I always just you know we won French Fries so. There are really hurt the game and you know broccoli is that they family of Chris different vegetables and there's about eight. Eighteen different vegetables and that families -- are not limited to broccoli cauliflower KLA and watercress. You know -- Radishes are so forth so those are important ones simply your diet. You know I'm because they actually have rather potent. Anti cancer effects to other types of vegetables are really important to keep that Christopher is stealing headlines. Look she not know you have to jumping on the shoulders so. -- you're -- always enjoyed talking to you and wish you know warrior or can the warrior goddess. This is a great book. Just came out when he went after the first new addition. If I can in the first last year you know in the third edition and then actually one of the best health that severe weather is came out so it's pretty easy reading and I tried to make it easier to do differently and that's. Wanted to save your life and prevent cancer. The superintendent. Without having to lose your breast cancer that -- national public that this conflict. Hello I was thanks again Christine and I can't stand there -- -- thank you can write a gigabyte K I. Or I were to take a break it is so -- can look at my computer to see which I'm -- -- to look. We just -- seventeen hour let's take a break we'll be -- Let's get healthy is coming up. -- seven. Welcome back to let's get guilty would. Which bills -- I'm tall thirteen seven. Format we've missed you last week and missed his music this good music is what good company she got. -- ave Maria just didn't do it myself. Well we have this house -- -- because as part of my goodness I guess. We have in your own hands -- for people with chronic medical conditions. The author of the book is -- -- to do right. -- I'll get through this time Larry -- hammer you know Tyler is Larry what a pleasure having you issue. Thanks for having a great -- muscle this -- -- practices for mastery and well being. Yeah I wrote the book because I ain't had previously. I'm a retired psychologist. Having worked in mind body medicine. Wins people with chronic medical conditions and I found that you know there were a lot of people out there who are heating. And nutrient dense -- they were exercising. They were getting enough sleep. They were getting good medical care they were doing everything right she's. And they were still sick so I begin to ask the questions. Is it possible. That there's more we can do involving the mine because as we all know that. We get headaches and or affiliates are back weeks depending on our particular -- When we feel upset -- would we feel stressed so I begin to wonder well is there something we can do. To improve our state of mind to train the mind. In such a way that it could improve our actual helped us. So that's what's motivated motivated me to write the book in your own hands. Doctor -- primer I'll tell you we have -- played doctor with -- Who's who's Jewish charities said an agreement Arturo Jimenez and and he. If you live just for you -- don't he says there's three things you need to do. -- Resistance exercise and meditation. -- -- -- You know I consider those to be the three components of exercise. Everybody forgets to look the motorized -- It's interesting I never thought of meditation -- Part of the exercise. Yeah it has to be you know I'm not myself on my Tai -- person so I do a lot of Tai chi. Which is mine meditative exercise. You know it's been said before you know the Triad there's pulse. Is what you eat number one. How you move number two. And how do you think number three. -- and then number three parties often overlook us also and part of it is because it's it's it's. Relatively easy at least compared to just. Trying to change the way we think it's relatively easy to improve our diet and improved the way we exercised. But to change the way we think it is. Extremely difficult its most challenging. Yeah us. Even Steven people who meditate slur. Get good psychotherapy. Tiny -- goods and compare them because. It's hard to find goods like that every -- it is out there. But even doing all that it still. Hard to change that we we think and part of that is because. We need to develop habits. We just learned most of us have learned a certain thinking patterns. That yes practicing. Unconsciously practicing. Unhealthy. Ways of thinking negative thinking. And we need to change them that we not only need to learn how to change it. We then need to learn skills suppress dissent healthier ways of thinking. Throughout the day every day. So true nine -- a lot of people with adrenal problems. And I tell them all the time -- -- you know we king. Do a lot of things with supplements and foods in things like that Richard Pringles will not get better futures keeps stepping on them. If you created drama out of every situation you run into that pattern that. That Larry's talking about here that kind of practice pattern. Of going into firefly with every single situation your dreams just will never get better. And when he got to be able to as. To look at this and say there's a different way to sit down and think about the decision different way to respond rather than a fight or flight response and that's when people start getting better and very often it's when we get him to learn something. That's meditative whatever turns they're in particular crank. When I was growing up there was a -- called nervous breakdown yet. It's a mental breakdown he you know and but they just crashed. That there were sure was about what we know not always. Well. And back then they weren't even good medications. Today we have some better medications but even with the medications -- is my motto is. Skills not pills if we can learn the skills. Then we can get beyond the pills. The problem is finding the right skills. And as you mentioned to -- that's a wonderful skill is Oca is a wonderful -- might influence meditation is a wonderful skill. There are many many wonderful skills you can learn. Cognitive restructuring learning how to challenger believe seeing if it is this an actual. Helping belief that it isn't it and we need to challenge the police. So there are many many different ways of doing it. One of the things I explain to people -- -- emotional distress. Leads to physiological. Stress you can't. Emotional distress without. It affecting about his it's impossible. So seems emotional distress. Caused this trivializes stress and physiological stress becomes chronic. That causes disease whatever disease where predispose to. Chronic physiological stress will make it more likely for the disease to manifest. The insurer Zurich I couldn't agree with you more you know. There was a lady -- Hi Sophia witches say acupuncture school over on the East Coast. And her name was Diane Connolly and she said that. The mind the body in the spirit is one word. You cannot separate. And you know what's interesting is these ancient Greeks knew this. Is. In fact many positions new this. Down through a century since it's it's only. Maybe. A hundred years ago roughly around the turn of the twentieth century. When new surgical techniques and medications started coming hands in the pharmaceutical industry started to grow. That's when we started getting away. From that but. The ancient Greek positions new disease. That if you can't separated mind from body. And it's nice to separated for the purposes of talking but in reality it doesn't work. Because now I get to consider -- -- together. Right it's all one yes if we feel upset our body is going to be incident is. And the bodies of -- and -- we are gonna feel opposite. Why didn't she think of a lot of doctors today as a sources we don't see many people coming -- was adrenal fatigue. Her prescriptions that go would you give encouragement to reflect now there is no prescription for reprisals is a drug -- -- the camera to talk to doctors now in fact it doesn't even exist in the world of western medicine it's either a failure which is Addison's disease or your normal or you're hyper which is pushing us. And right in between there's nothing else but. You know if you look at all physiological functions and nobody goes from good pulmonary function to end stage CO PD overnight. There's always a continuum and that's what adrenal fatigue I think Brett presents I think even now we've got terms like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue those sort of inconsistent during a fatigued. In it is kind of -- yeah yeah. Yeah and then like you say these things do not develop overnight. So if we're practicing my little looser and -- here yoga is or is some type of practice. Where we're tuning in. To our emotional temperature. If we're aware. How we're feeling. Feeling mentally physically. How we're feeling then. We can manage. Our help for mental health physical Capital One. But we can manage that put in order to manage it we have to first be aware of what's going on in most people today. Are so dependent upon. Taking medications who are. Just just relying on whatever their doctors just. Thinking that's all I'll just do what my doctor says. But I don't need to tune into my body uses and nothing could be further from the truth they we have -- to an end. India where. How we're doing. Yeah so true -- -- remind us has got his senate practice around chronic pain. Chronic. And and you -- in your book that a lot of fitness is good for chronic pain and cancer. It is I had a number of patience and who all had chronic pain. And typically they would come into recession. Hunched over. Looking stupid their face to be scratched up. Suffering and I would ask them on -- scale of one to ten and your pain and it was a fair and I would ask them again at the end of the recession. And they would say well you know they would say with a smile on their -- standings fully relaxed operates. They -- -- you know my pain hasn't changed is still there but this is not bothering me anymore. So we live with pain pain doesn't cause suffering suffering is caused by the contributions. That we assigned to the -- Yeah it's like somebody said it is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Do you believe that it right to the script. Since this a good book and people need to get them because. You know if you don't have a problem you know which would be hard to believe and why they want to decide to do that just wants to lose and see what happens. But home. You know it's this prepares June and maybe if you -- of other people with with their problems learning about us. So -- -- the -- that you should yourself through it you'll pass. Because doctor minuses and -- -- himself in the passing. He can't sell well we don't know -- -- diseases in the what are the consequences are things I don't know because -- a lesson I've. Latin for I don't know. It is just like you can write prescriptions through your mind rademan in a language and that people can -- which means I just you're just as good as mine. -- courses so we give prescriptions in Latin. I'm just teasing but if you're -- -- days I don't -- Jessica's mind you but anyways so you're saying that that you shouldn't -- Except -- -- pretty much yeah. What is and in the you know I camera which captured just -- near the end of the book I have a chapter. And getting good medical. So these three stories three I can tell you -- just another chapter you have to let this pass into the Atlantic City is where news -- and -- that. And so. You know I tell people it. I used to have patience all the time who were getting well. NIC you know you've only been seeing a local doctors here you need to go to one of the big academic medical centers. And they are always resistant and I tell them that. The big tertiary care centers for big academic business centers attached to a large medical school. That's where people come from all around. That's where the doctors. Are more likely to diagnose you because. They've seen at all if you only go to the doctors in -- small town. Those factors don't see the unusual things you're not. It's likely to get diagnosed and let you have one of the more common diseases. So I always recommended that. If you have to go to Mayo Clinic are one of those places that most people don't have to go to those places. They can just go to be the large academics and medical center tertiary care center in their region. Well you know we just lost a great entertainer. Recently was suicide who. Now we think the he did it because she was diagnosed prison parkinson's. So I was asked among active pitchers about it which could you dressing with parkinson's patients. She says I've done for precious and and did wonders that I mean just in the couple Richardson. But she loves challenges she -- really difficult there's nothing you apparently were there at all. Not -- the the Toshiba. Robin Williams Robin Williams lived in my area in -- county California and all of us who -- live here would occasionally see him around. Around town to hand. He apparently had been. Quite depressed even before he was diagnosed as is and this is whose company is very upsetting because. People don't realize there's so much help out there. Not everyone -- helped -- anti depressants. But there is some form of health and apparently you mentioned. -- acupuncture and if -- is just. The you know it is it's unfortunate that. Even -- a lot of famous people movies certain indicators aren't aware of all health is available. I don't look. It's difficult to you know because -- was somebody like him you know obviously we always wanna sit back and sort of arm -- quarter -- he could've gotten help because if you know it is very difficult when somebody's depressed they don't want to go get help in many cases movement and their very resistant to it in that doesn't make it right or wrong we'll make sure what it is because they're different markets and who's usually people might say something you -- and friends and family may -- could could maybe do something to help encourage people to get help then that sort of thing is we can't rely on. When people are depressed to get helped themselves always many times they do it. -- The best thing is to prevent to avoid every giving them. This year's date is major depression. And people who live well people who eat great you sleep get enough daily exercise. And have some form of mind training. Well there's my iPhone is practiced Tai chi yoga is like that's. Those people tend to be less likely. Don't ever go into that this girl is he's assigned someone who's lived with depression all my life I was born and depressed. My mother was done some type of miss some type of treatment of when violence in Europe has. I was affected by that. Is ineffective in early childhood behind her behavior and yet I've never been on antidepressants. Because I have managed to use through the things I mentioned next. Management like really well I'm. I believe we need to be in charge of her own lives meaning you -- urged her own -- I don't mean we go to don't go to doctor's fees do we need doctors but his. That's not enough we need to take charge. And make sure we cannot exercise every day in and asleep in the ranks food and especially. Have some form of training our minds since practicing. Coming our minds and developing resiliency. Every single day and if we do that. It's not likely that any of us we go into that kind of downward spiral. -- doctor Burkle hammered you know you're just -- -- with the book is called in your own hands. New hope for people with chronic medical conditions and the keyword is hope because people -- hope. And because you've been to the far -- you know what is likely to be in the position. You overcome it. Just as much fullness and did you like you said he is the way you eat when you lose in the we think. Is important in our pharmacists I -- -- lot of medication Dobson did two years old I don't -- you know I don't he's done he's a doctor Richard Branson doctor. And I don't I go to the hospital they say were you taking I don't think he's so they can't believe that you don't actually wrong and we have such a. He's a big thing is that we make. -- a body in perfect health I mean keyword is America's most of us there. Rarely in particular -- in perfect health we make all the drugs we need just referred to as the intelligent and start. Right along. The -- that you've got to and that's -- Spokane distributor doesn't mean. Well you know keep know that tricky -- -- mentioning include wells don't forget exercise -- yeah you know there's study after study after study that came out of dude with I believe it was Blumenthal that did the studies it's in John Brady's book called sparked -- Lee Solomon everything. Showing how they outperformed the low level SS our eyes every single time was actually sides. Because because that side exercise. Is didn't help us. It also scandalized the union sympathizers -- The drugs we most need and when when we uses drugs that are prescribed by our braves. Those drugs are prescribed in the exact formula for our our own bodies in the exact right dose. In the in the right schedule. So there there. Released. Throughout system it's just the right times. There's no drug made by a pharmaceutical company but it can be that good at. Beautifully said. And you know that they the vaccination. I use a term solution that we need to today. The transparency. In this book is about transparency so people can read his broken. And help -- help other people and help themselves like you encourage you to doctor -- remember. Yeah I'm glad you mentioned transparency because actually one of the things I found in all my literature review this is that. People who suppress their emotions. Tend to have worse health welcomes people who. Allow themselves to feel whatever their feeling is then. To actually share. What you're feeling wind up with trusted friends or colleagues family. Often is not simply doing. And -- same things social support the emotional support. And people who who share what they're going to share their feelings openly and honestly authentically. With another human being. Who practiced transparency. Those people tend to be much much healthier in fact some of the least healthy people. Are the people who. Women out of step. How do you feel they say on -- meanwhile there are feeling very upset. Very angry. Says. The people who pound on the desk and I'm not angry what are you kidding me this is those people tend to -- how much higher rate of cardiovascular disease. That's right but Roger Burkle -- we just gotta run because I'm already in trouble. So I don't -- -- they control all the time that's okay I'm used to it but that's the target chick if we can get are going to be transparent have been good weather. And I think. -- transparency promised in rare rarely delivered for it's okay thanks again. I was just her body weight in your own hands get -- -- folks disarray and we're going to disarm stores to return. In your own hands. Have a great holiday where thank you for having -- thank you learn what it's about for. All right let's take a break we'll -- -- I'm told. He's seven. Let's get healthy. -- -- We'll folks hope you're enjoying the show goes to pursue those people. -- neighborhood loses they enjoy the show was good so we myself. And I hope you enjoy -- if you can't that's okay we know you're out there. Three and Reynolds are too soon rejoin Conan but we were running out of time your initial Lucy would need to get to our next guest don't we have over here. More conventional yeah there we -- -- her children sorry. Yes Jerry your summer series. Saudis something of -- -- -- -- Ultimately it's -- skeletons. Thank you so you talk about growing local when -- -- -- gardening. Today and you know I don't know articles coming out sustainable gardening is. And small gardens is the future of our country. So your yeah. Thank you -- don't like it like it's annoying yeah so with terrorism there's a program that's out there yeah you're working -- Susan cardinals this. You try to teach kids and teach adults to have a garden. No matter what to do. -- -- -- -- Sure as though. I let the attainable within their -- -- a nonprofit organization here in town. Last week Jenkins he was aren't talking about happy kitchen and and at this delicate than we actually have skate program -- -- -- that you talked about. Try to direct we should all about connecting local content management local pretty potential of -- I'm a farmer's market another term programming term like that. And then goes well as my program -- We are all about helping people go to anxiously to. So. We have confidence term we hope people start community and school -- And then we also give away completely cherishes so it about lending category actually but it also about kind of I'm inspiring people to think outlet actually comes from. Just have so -- -- important that we got to be careful because Greece last thought he was saying grow local doesn't let go local -- discount card it's a good car but it's all. Grow local grown local copy sources -- -- whole -- centered -- or is the web site to go to. To find out about this -- change. But we provide for the public now for -- you provide programs for kids to teach him how to grow gardens. So -- -- put kids and adults most of our doctors are right and so would thinking you know interest and just teachers. That the people who can and can't -- kids we also arms get kind of our. I mean programming to catch right now do you -- is that we're having a chat at a teaching garden. We've been in and you can't look at that are have you ventured we have separate hammer come home and we -- or a year now -- We're going Marilyn demonstration guard and the Carter teaching and those. Leary is biting cold to come picture attempts and it's kind of a wake -- Look around at -- two different techniques are going to food and -- you know. How -- -- asked questions about it actually comes from the start thinking about political system. And running at a cooking and gardening. And then we also -- help people stressful and it -- That's. Those popular for teachers and parents and on -- to want to start aren't at their own schools and we talk a lot of our. It's not just a college. Teaching kids have a good traditions -- important. Because it has its. And present a -- eating healthy I'm from an early age like there's nothing like going to carry it to make a kid wanna eat it carry it. But it's also a great academic. Learning and I meant so I'm really come -- act but. Our programming developed is. His daughter we've actually this year were rolling out. Really exciting -- asked that active teaching -- and -- focused on different specific. So we have actually a class coming up on September at very. And organic gardening -- -- We're going to be talking now about -- -- withstand her on the eighteenth that got that -- all about -- building Lane's bed later we'll talk about. -- -- And how to control them organically it still a lot of different -- at a teaching again on the ball on the -- -- -- you understand what you march. We've also if you kind of a began and you really let me get emerged and firm. Figure out how to get your garden started currently have art -- hitting partner car. I'm definitely our experience and am actually real hands on and I'll about how you -- and -- it took us. -- -- -- Let out all right listen sustainable food center dot org and so was sent to go to folks today Georgia they're free training for -- children. He's accused of are you put your hand your dirt is -- -- I think is so important to you know what would. Sorry risk has been saying and what they're doing because when kids begin to see where food comes from I think they begin to develop a respect for their food what's going on -- we're got a runner but there's been so great talking to you. We come back some time. Everything with the attitude all right okay sustainable food center dot org is a web site. Well thanks for being you know we're gonna we're gonna do it again OK -- and I'm sorry can you -- I can thank you and I we're gonna take a break here for a week. Obsolete like uranium is thanks prevail -- will thank you bill you know I always appreciate you all here chose a better show now. Are realistic breakthrough we can you know have -- to go again tonight or listen to it or watch it would have resulted. Yes that's what -- I see this week about the issue.