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Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to snap radio we've got Smart way. The weekly show that empowers families of special needs children with -- to cover ongoing care costs. And keep current on new therapies supplements and local resources. Just as the father of a six year old son who has been touched by -- so he has personal experience and caring for a special needs child. Now here's -- Smart way. Good afternoon Austin we're so excited to be here today on -- radio. It's not radio is a dedicate issue to empower families that have been touched by special needs child. With the knowledge to leverage their existing resources. To fully or partially cover ongoing cost up here today. Without breaking their bank what do you really in that you -- to a retirement. While also keeping you our audience current on new therapies treatments supplemental options a local provider resources. Our program today segmented into three segments. Insect one we way explored this process in new paradigm shifting special needs plan. Insect went to we will feature our guest interviews and discussions around meaningful insightful issues. You packed into special needs community our discussion series to deal will be centered on financial assistance for special needs families. Resources to be more particular. In segment three we will share -- resource -- for financial assistance. -- treating autism and later we'll post at least on our FaceBook page while listeners should you have any questions -- an -- show please visit our website at WWW. Dot SS and eight. WWW. Dot SS and AP radio dot com and post your questions -- you can also reach us directly via phone at 855. 9128005. Once again that's 8559128005. We will be delighted to answer any of your questions today is guess is and heart. From the autism society of central taxes and is the board president artists in society of central Texas and she will be speaking about her organization. And a resource is the offer families seeking financial and other assistance for the special needs children. And welcome to the show I'm thrilled to be here got. Q it's a pleasure to have you here with us today we have a lot in store for you today so stay tuned as we ticket commercial break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to snap radio once again here's got Smart way. Welcome back to snap. Radio last week we discussed the difference between the traditional special needs planning -- vs snaps sustainable special needs advisory -- -- model. To do we will expand this into why special -- planning. Need a paradigm shift for those of you just -- in this is -- Maher went on snap radio. Iridium program dedicated to empowering special needs -- for a better future what is snapped. -- snapping context. It's not it's a claim processed are greatly expands the financial options -- families touched by a special needs chart in matching with -- parents would not only be able to address their loved ones legacy needs. In case -- are no longer around. But more importantly. It provides them the capacity to partially or fully covered the ongoing costs of care today without the need to use disposable income. Think about it. What what do you mean to a mom -- -- up -- special needs child. Do know that you can now pay for the extra therapy special droughts or supplement. Well thank you can now if -- to switch to an organic diet without having to worry about the additional cost coming from -- already stretched. To the Max disposable income. This is a game changer for families the assisted valued -- just -- process brings to the table for families. Not empowering choice through financial freedom. So as a parent of a special needs child one -- I think -- -- process -- shares -- it paradigm she is special needs planning in terms. Are providing a more effective plan for parents. We will be exploring it took part segment -- this discussion part one will focus on identifying the problem. The current approach to special he's planning which -- term old school focuses primarily on -- in life insurance. It means to fully fund trust wants to primary caregivers. The parents have passed away. The proceeds from the life insurance policy a pass on to the beneficiary in this case is special needs -- Is true usually is set up in a manner that it will not. Reduce or eliminate any public benefit programs such a socialistic supplement Social Security income. Government source disability is such tests Social Security Medicaid rehabilitative care -- transportation has its systems. But it child may be receiving now or in the future. While this in of itself is important. If falls woefully short in addressing all the key issues especially in these families have to deal with on a day to day basis. Among some of the key shortcomings of today's plants are. One not addressing immediate financial needs how to partially offset all fully covered ongoing costs up here. Two days. Especially from early diagnosis. To age eighteen without depleting all of you financial resources to. Money from a special needs trust me not be useful support services. In other words these phones are used to provide for the things that are not covered by public benefits or entitlement programs. So you can double date if you have public benefit programs and you have a special needs -- you can are combing the what people did both pay for. There resource is usually to pay for any additional service support services not cover on a public benefit programs. -- will be covered through disposable income savings retire and retirement accounts. How ever -- is usually not a sustainable process for most families. The other key aspect of this is that special needs plans to. Which inherently prevents trust access from paying for services -- otherwise being covered to supplement her Social Security income or disability. Medicaid -- -- ability to -- transportation etc. The lack of -- comprehensive scheme plan to address these issues in today's session these plans is problematic at best. Especially. In light of the fact that most families with special needs children. Mean I have their resources to fully fund this special needs trust from the get go. Instead you in lock it in life insurance contract is funded with a monthly premium making it affordable for parent's. For you larger cash payout when he parent passes away. How ever doing their parents live in years do we have to struggle with the day to day need to pay for the care of their child out of pocket. Outside of what public benefit programs with cover. Remembered most families are now well -- that how special needs children. And house are resolved he can't fund the special needs trust from the initial start. And so they always do it there is an odd GAAP. That exist. When it comes to people certain services. Because public benefit programs do not 100% covered everything. More spam has had immediate ongoing cost can easily last -- lifetime of them problems perhaps even through their retirement years of a parent. If fairly up to -- plans on a fundamental level to address these issue leaves the majority of parents with special needs children in a position of leader -- no control. Well vitro but what these choices and quality of care. Their loved ones actually receive now will receive in the future. Parents too -- now have to will allow for the fact that there's special needs children are living longer and full lives due to advances in medical signs. This trend even the welcome has created significant financial challenges for some parents. Requiring them to not only plan pulled their individual retirement needs. Well also. Now having to plan for the retirement needs of their children their special needs child. In the event. That child never become self sufficient I know from a personal note this is something that I'm concerned with having a special needs child. Because if he doesn't become self sufficient. Will gladly -- responsibility to carry him. I have to assume that and apple I need to stop play any more effectively to cover not only. My retirement but -- also. Public benefit programs -- tested a previously. Doesn't always cover. All didn't necessary costs for caring for your child a specific example is ABA therapy in some cases it may be covered in others it's not. So parents of them left with the responsibilities -- to pay for days where they gonna get the money usually is from the disposable income. Understanding these issues and addressing them within a context a special needs plans to day how their design. Is difficult if not impossible for the majority of parents of special needs children don't know not wealthy. I think stands to big my interpretation is this parents have two choices. If apparently comes discouraged and overwhelming and never create a plan that the government happens yes Uncle Sam and your favor state governor. Have their own plan for your loved one. And it's not one. You mean most likely like. Was both primary caregivers a deceased big government plan goes into effect. Parents could implement what I termed it traditional special needs plan with all the restrictions in place and hope. That -- paso -- their child can be fully taking care off from the proceeds of the lack insurance contract. However. If both parent and child are blessed with long lives. Which is very likely introduce each of medical advances. This school stressed the financial resources off parents to breaking point should do you have to continue to pay for the services of their child. Throughout their personal retirement years. This -- drastically impact indeed great equality of all all of the lives of -- party's concern. They're like who are parents paying for the care of this special needs it's horrible while they are working and doing their retirement years. Is quite high on -- circumstances. How ever there is a -- there is enough option that most families -- not even know where up today. We just now require funding of a special needs plan frank Perez disposable income. Stay tuned to learn more about this unknown option next week inspection he's planning the need for a paradigm shift the solution. Once again. The real power in value of the -- process is daddy -- his family's control by empowering choice to financial freedom. Without the need to tap in until -- disposable income breaking their bank or do you really digging in -- retirement to cover any spending gap needed. If you have a special needs child and are listening today are strongly encourage you to explode -- value of the snapped process could bring to your family. Are calling us at 8559128005. While visiting our website at www. Snapped. SS and EP rebuke dot com. Stay tuned for a message from our sponsors you'll be read backing continue into segment to the guest interviews and discussions school. Or San Iranians -- do you buy more -- advisory services every time in and special needs planning services firm providing wealth creation acceleration and preservation using what you already have let us help you take the confusion and uncertainty and financial anxiety out of your investment retirement insurance and special needs -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 7300871. That's 5127300871. Or visit us at more wind advisory services LLC dot com that's and they are -- -- -- and advisory services LLC. Dot com. Welcome back to -- radio once again here's got Smart way. Welcome back to snap radio we are not discussing guess interviewing discussions for those -- you just joining in this discuss Mario on snapped radio. Iridium program dedicated to impart any special needs families for a better future. To -- our guest will be speaking on their resources for families in seeking financial and other assistance for this special needs children. In Sharon how her organization autism society of central Texas is positively. Impact and especially these communities through their work. We have -- heart in the studio with us today and and is the board president ought to since aside just central Texas. The mission off her organization is to improve the lives of all affect about ought to send. But connecting families and you need -- to -- to community resources and support services throughout central Texas. How does said that a lot to warmly welcomed and -- to snap radio I appreciate that chance to be here -- thank you. There is so much going on in the lights us up and is that have been touched by special needs child and principal amounts some of the mini. I would think speaking from in my experience as a father of an autistic child is a question of a -- financial and other assistance resources. What resources opposite assistants who qualifies. How do you apply how long does it take. Are among some of the questions that -- parents will like to know. That being said and Palestinian organization recently had a name change what prompted that. Well over the past ten years or so we've expanded our. Network are catchment area I guess you could say beyond the Austin metropolitan area. We connect with families as our north this cleaned by phone and Internet and we start sponsoring a support group in San Antonio. So basically we've become a regional organization and our new name reflects that. Excellent. Hot and windy and -- aside just undertakes its stock. Well we're an affiliate of the axis of society in America that's the nation's oldest. Autism organization -- righteous man is the organization. -- is the society of America was founded by a group appearance in the sixties almost fifty years ago. Our affiliates was established by parents here in Austin in 1980 so we're looking forward to our 25 anniversary. Next year. While. How was this society is set up as an organization. The -- and society's national office is in Bethesda Maryland. And it has affiliates all over the country. Local affiliates like ours have a set of standards. That we comply with to maintain. Professional. Conduct and make sure we're serving our constituents well. But we ever onset of bylaws we have our own volunteer board of directors and we're actually in the process of forming a panel professional advisors. Lately. We are set to part time employees now which is a fairly recent event for us which is very exciting Suzanne spots -- executive director and -- mountains our operations manager. What is -- society's mission. Bed shared mission which is what you you know you read earlier is to improve the lives of all affected by autism and that's the national mission that we all have. Locally we did some strategic planning and added this praise that the autism society central Texas changes slides by connecting families and individuals to community resources and support. -- and where you know that. Again it's we're trying to do our best -- so Singh played reflect what we do and that's not always that's not it was easy but we thought that captured. Our most important thing. Excellent. What does autism society do specifically do you offer services or function just as a resource. Nearly eight where. And information -- -- and parent support resource some. We have consistently. Identified those as our top priorities -- where we Steve -- the gaps. But we do sponsor recreational and educational programs we've had workshops we brought in guest speakers. We have provide appearance -- and -- conferences before. We collaborate with other disability organizations. And we have. Tremendous amount of autonomy of what we can do with enough resources. Do you sponsoring commuter related related activities that allow fans to enjoy. The community regardless of their physical social limitations. Absolutely. We have our movies Everyman. That and see we've been partnering with fancy theaters nationally since 2007. And our local theaters are ones that Barton creek mall in Austin and once -- percent her skin mall in San Antonio there's also some local theater chains who are offering sensory friendly movies and especially city -- theaters. That offers and screenings in Georgetown investor out. But we also do play dates with fabulous bull party yesterday thanks to some very generous sponsors out in the Lake Travis area. And again there's not a limit to what we can do in this area if we have enough. Money indoor volunteers. Honest and there's a wide range of resources that you have access to -- recommend doing special -- found this can you share a little while one or two of these key risk his sister you know my recommend while listeners today. I'm sure we have big resource guide that we do our best to maintain it's over fifty pages of listings of providers disability agencies. And professionals to deal with Benin and aspect of living with -- a living life with autism. And then we also have. Of big you know Yahoo! group that and I recommend people join and we have done I think we're gonna talk about financial resources we have lots of lists of of information that we can share with parents -- guide them in making their decisions. Excellent. And I -- -- you you mentioned something you brought something that's very important to point years -- underneath discussion and and that is about insurance and ended serious coverage is sad that allows. For parents to be able to offset OP for some of these cost for -- care for the children. That's something you can and it. Well as you've indicated the beginning paying for services and is a huge challenge her family's. Texas as a very strong. Insurance mandate. For related to autism so many of our families are able to use their private health insurance. Bork speech therapy occupational therapy and even ABA there it doesn't. The mandate doesn't. Offer all our families the chance to do that and obviously -- top notch private health insurance does cost a family. Money so that's that's not the solution for everyone but it certainly helps many of our families and it's been exciting to see that. That improved. And then the public resources are on. Available but it hard to navigate -- it's that so I think one of the biggest challenges our families is navigating the systems yet to get what they need on. Absolutely. -- -- one other thing just like to point -- like me out I'm also I using my private insurance to cover much much to my children's cost that. I'm the same time the insurance doesn't cover a 100% of -- there's always an offset all of war torn directors have to pay out of pocket. And this is one of the things that I was talking again able to. Not used out of pocket resources from your disposable ink right right it's an excellent. Excellent what what do you see. If you can make is really is brief the next ten years where -- you see your organization. I see -- growing in the areas that were serving now we'll continue to always do it parents support and information are -- But I'd love to see -- have a designated paid employee. To handle those functions as we can do a better job. We do recreational and social things for our families but again it would be nice set. At a monthly it be nice to have we could even have. Social opportunities or individuals with thought to some and in the sky's the limit of what we could do. And just with more financial resources. Mark you know which would allow us -- Kmart employee time and then also we always need volunteers with excellent. Well. Six stay tuned for an award from our sponsors and no we will be right back this week. Words next section segment we just questions and answers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to snap radio once again here's got Smart way. Welcome back to -- radio instead of carbonneau and usual questions and answers today we will be discussing any resource and -- a financial assistance for treating ought to send compiled. By members of the autism society of central Texas for those of you just joining in this is -- Maher went on snapped radio. -- radio program dedicated to impart when special needs them it's way better future. Thanks once again for tuning in to our show today we feature in heart from an artist in society of central Texas and now we will. Discuss the financial assistance. For treating are to same list compiled by the autism society of central Texas. Then there are about. 817. Different organizations on this list here and is a deal until list we will lit up -- this lease on our FaceBook page but. Well like to just read a couple of the organization names on here just a kind of -- some idea won't be our. We have financial assistance from the state of Texas and I think that's important you wanna get with the -- immediately and get on their list. We have thought talk about cure and artists and we just tack at. He also offers financial assistant man and financings -- families national artists in association. Generation rescue. Autism research institute. Johnson center for child health and development. -- -- retreat center for vision therapy may -- hope. Imagine you do it -- foundation UnitedHealth here children's foundation ink. Dar is EVE grant RCR. Deed we should center -- to seem related disorders. Children's special needs network. Act today. Ought to seem care's financial support and boards turn a wing foundation. Variety of Texas heart a variety fund Zacks voice. Antitrust tell us a little -- -- he's called on those something you have mentioned -- Well maybe so what might be interesting to people is that it was started by Arianna Hernandez switches there was a local. Fox News reporter and here in Austin for many years and Maggie is her niece with autism so -- on -- felt. Called says start a foundation to help you know children like her niece. Oh excellent excellent. From a friend that this is all the time we have for today and I would like to thank our listeners for joining us today and I hope you found the programming cycle and educational. I like to thank and hard once again from the office in society of central Texas for being here this year and about the amazing work you're doing -- community. You can follow the show onto WWW snapped radio dot com that's once again Debbie Debbie Debbie USS and AP radio dot com. Our show next who will continue our discussion series on financial assistance for special needs and is on August 31. Right here on talk radio thirteen 7:8 AM 3:30 PM. I just somehow also like to extend special thanks to our sponsors or T connection and -- advisory services. And did you have an announcement on anything you wanna share before we close. I'd love it if people look at our website us tonight as a society data ORG. And now find out all sorts of information that. You know will be -- help would help families living with -- Excellent and we also a full steam your company information on -- peaceful -- and on the website thank you very -- as well that's great. -- -- And connections networking group whose members were very instrument input in this program together. Until next week this is -- Mario on snapped radio -- sustainable special needs radio show dedicated to -- especially knees and is for a better future. On talk radio thirteen 7 AM you can reach out to learn more about the snap. Process by visiting. Debbie Debbie Debbie that's not radio dot com once again is Debbie Debbie Debbie that as as any -- radio dot com. Or you can call us to be at age five all right 912. H 00 by making it.