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Financial Wi$e with Suzette Blackburn, 8/23/14

Aug 24, 2014|

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Broadcasting from the top thirteen seventy studios you're listening to a financial wise with your host Suze that -- -- -- -- One of the three things you look for this -- utility buys. Blackburn and her financial why specialty has also been featured weekly on -- view. So stay tuned and she brings the same healthful life changing information don't talk radios listening audience. Here is your host and Suzanne. Blackburn. How this is going to be a great show but first I really wanted to tell you guys this weekend. We had a great time came here in the office with me and I'll tell you what we had our client appreciation party ahead it was so. Fun we had a bunch of our people there -- you know close to a hundred folks were in the room. And we had. Instead of a photographer we had a character artist. We had dance saying any great meal. It was just a lot of fun I -- next year you can be a part of that kind appreciation part because it was amazing. Everybody's talking about it we just sent an email. To get their feedback to make sure that we're on track and that we're given and the best client experience that we possibly can't. It capstar. Is just fun summer is always an interesting time. Because you know the markets kind of slowdown. There's a lot of things that are building. For September and October like elections that are coming up earnings reports will be coming outs and and you know one of the things that we send out every week to our clients is this thing called spot for the week and what the thought for the week is just gives you kind of your finger on the pulse of what's happening. In the world in the stock market because they cancer financial were really not fitting in fear of what's happening in the market are we -- just. We're just not because we're nimble because we're able to do things. That other planners can't you know -- fi base so we can get out of the market. In a pretty fast way. And protect your money in and really do some things that won't cause harm. To the principal investments that you give us -- to -- and so this week the -- for the week was really interesting and it says the Fed does not manage money because one of the things that. Affects our stock market. You know is when they start talking and and the Federal Reserve I'll just read this you know Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen. With her fellow policy makers raised concerns about the substantial -- he stretched valuation of stretched valuations. In some sectors the small cap stocks in the social media the Biotech sectors. They talked about. -- those were stretched well guess what both of those sectors hit a 20%. -- crease and value just from her telling that you know in the past federal chairman Alan Greenspan. East argued its stock from becoming irrationally exuberant and he layered on the extensive critiques about you know they're overvalued well obviously that caused a sharp sell off. So again that has nothing to do with the value of that company. Has nothing to do with the value -- -- goods and services they provide -- simply because he's -- fed -- it caused an emotional reaction now what -- emotional -- studio here's -- question I'll ask -- -- retirement dollars are very important how much of your retirement dollars can you afford to -- and you know every time we -- -- seminar every time we do a lunch -- -- -- -- -- of questions and I've never had anybody -- up 20% -- five -- at least five everybody says even -- so you know when -- in the stock market it's really really important that you understand. How you -- are allocated a -- financial -- phone numbers five -- 2215. 9030. And the thing that -- sets us apart is that we're absolutely transparent. With all of our investment choices some of them. Are going to be absolutely risk free and generating really wonderful income streams some of them will have a layer of risk because of my license saying I can do risky investments with my series 65 we're also an independent insurance agency so we can do risk free investments -- really nice returns for you -- we build a portfolio based on purpose not on chasing the stock market with growth at all costs -- -- -- back to a model that's going to be more purposeful for used to go to the grocery store and by milk and -- next I just think that's a much better. Model and following the market so back to the question I asked whenever. We led into this segment it's really really important when you have your first meeting when you're looking for financial advisor folks. I cannot stress Steve you forget everything I've said in this segment you have to make sure your financial advisor is going to deal on your first meeting ask. Really really good questions about. What is the purpose of your money what are your plans with your retirement. You know how long. You know what are the different aspects to your retirement life are you planning to travel how many cars you buying your life where you live what's your budgeting number is another word chemistry spending. These are much much more important than your risk tolerance because of the only thing they care about. If it's suitable for -- -- your investment choices suitable for your risk and guess what folks when it's time to buy that car and we need to withdraw 101000 dollars or when you're going to take that next cruise to Alaska and you're gonna spend another five if that hasn't been budgeted for -- planned for in your total life plan. It's gonna come off on the backside also. That's the first thing that we need to address is the so security issue that is a stalwart you know there's three things that we can pretty will count on. In your retirement is Social Security. Your private. Investments that you saved your savings and your 401K in your IRA -- guess what every single one of those investments has a different purpose. Different tax treatment a different way of withdrawal patterns all that has to be addressed. And he should be discussed in your first meeting at least if not your first and second meeting so be wary please -- you -- if a hoax. If you -- lucky enough financial planners office our stock broker's office or an investment specialist it only does annuities one trick pony. With just insurance products the weary folks that's a red flag. Because you want them to ask good questions. We'll know I don't want to know any thing about. We're gonna put the money until about the second or third meeting because we've got to create the -- I need to know how much you have which has spanned all of it. And truly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't stress enough TU folks finding a financial advisor that is going to meet your needs for retirement not just accumulation you've got to address the big big issues of tax of -- drop patterns of how we get -- pay for your lifestyle. What are the variables that are in your lifestyle like me my particular life. I've got a daughter in college she just started you know playing volleyball for west Florida and I've got to come up with money. If I have an -- say they got they did to pay for that well if I'm doing accumulation accumulation and humiliation but I haven't earmark funds specifically to pay for these college educations I get a junior we just signed up you know for cop or high school guess what in two years I've got to have the money to pay for her college education and she's not a volleyball player. A -- say let's go do something and please you do something and but the point is is that you've got to have a plan. Nobody goes on a road trip without a map you're gonna end up in a very dark will he say if you don't have road map on a long trip right we don't know where to by the gas we don't know the hotels to stay and it's the same analogy with -- financial plan so any -- you go visit with a financial planner it's all about you. It's never about the financial planner. Your first meeting should be like a doctor and a nurse you go -- they take blood work when you go to the doctor. They're looking for your inner workings. To see what kind of medications you need what's the diagnosis. They wanna know what symptoms you have. The whole meeting is entirely about you when you go to the doctor the actors not stand there saying well I went to -- you know this medical school and let me today about my nurse and let me say how great we are. -- you know. If you -- doctor like that you need to run out of there with your hair on fire. You -- -- -- hot air that's going to focus on you know. Correct. So today this delicate this. Radio show is all about that first meeting what are you looking for with a financial planner. So on the next segment join me and I'm going to go into three very specific things. That you need to look for. When you're finding your retirement planner and remember. Some folks are and its allies in the restaurant. I'm season left. Are you ready because the new normal and -- complicated financial world may confuse you and financial -- -- -- Blackburn wants to talk with you about -- it's coming Tuesday -- Thursday September 16 or eighteenth starting at 630 -- -- -- -- is -- -- she'll discuss your social security and retirement income and how the ballooning national -- in federal deficit can play a -- and lower -- strategies to help your money last don't bury your head in the -- because -- confused it's time to see clearly what the future could have waiting for you and a new -- will involve view whether you're prepared for it. Or not go to capstar financial dot com and register now or call 5122159. B thirty. Remember the exhibit hours are offered Tuesday or Thursday September 16 or eighteenth at 630. Golf -- in -- 2159030. To reserve your seat. That's 5122159. B thirty. No individual tax or legal business devices -- investment advisory services offered through global financial private double LC in SEC registered. Welcome back to financial -- -- your hosts who said Blackburn. How effective planning to life. Listen I'm gonna give you some of the best information you can have you know that thing that's neat. Is that whenever you are looking for retirement planner it. It's crucial that they are asking you questions at their total focus is on you know. I mean if it's not just on you and it's on them. You need to run out of that room with your hair on fire I mean it's just it's not good. Because. You know many many times they've got -- that got a cookie cutter approach. Or they've got some proprietary product on it kind of show -- into because their management team told them to sell it to -- Well -- -- orphanage we don't do that. All right call our office at 512. 2159030. And you'll get a fresh approach to financial planning or not. Trying to sell you anything. If we can't help you we'll send you on your way pat on the head and say good luck. I mean we are really wine to serve view. Now back to that analogy -- shared of the doctor. And the nurse taking the blood to find out what's wrong with you and give you good diagnosis. When you go to the doctor you've got symptoms of the flu you don't care about. How many degrees they have and how much -- they don't hear about that right after that you needed find out if they're good in their license and all that. You want the focus to be on yield. You want them to check your pulse look in the back of your throat take blood. You know find that your temperature. All that is very very important to finding your diagnosis so they can given the right medication. I mean you don't want to give you some weird medications are gonna solve your problem. Well it's exactly the same. Folks when you're going to financial planner. And you know Tammy and I have talked to you on the show many times about how important it is to have my hand and that's what we're talking about today so. The whole meeting on your first meeting needs to be about you. We really really wanna make sure that you you know that now. Because it's on you there and there is going to be a whole lot of questions asked. Those questions that are asked are going to be things like. You know you have an IRA -- before -- K what's the purpose of this -- haven't allocated. Did you experience anything in 20081. Of the big questions I ask when you come in in my offices. When you set down with your former financial planner or your former stockbroker. What was there. Plan of action to help you achieve your goals to get teacher retirement. And folks I I bet there's 90% of you out there that said. Noelle we never had that conversation ever. We just simply knew the names of the special little financial planning got it you know the proprietary products that we were sold. But we have no ideal was and it. I am only the most of you luck in my office with your statements and you don't even know how to read on. Some of the you have -- opened -- many years. Which is fine but it's not fine when we need to certain -- on that money. It's not okay whenever you get to retirement age I'm -- scolding -- little bit -- and I. But it's really really important that we if we have another time in our economy like 2008. Or 2000 in 2001 and 2002. When when the markets are flat or declining. How much can you afford to lose in your retirement account. No I've never had anybody say a number 5% 10% I -- Ford -- is not old they don't want to lose a dime in the because you know lying. -- on how long were gonna live. We don't know how long our assets are -- last. Are we gonna run out of money before we stopped breathing. That's a big big deal. Healthy. You know we wanna be healthy. And the other thing is when your with a really good financial planning firm and you come decline appreciation parties like we had last weekend when we're Danson doing the twist. OK I have burned in my mind right now. Eighty people doing the twist who. It. We had a and we had eight dance contest it was lots of fun and are a client appreciation party. And you know what the same lines of our client appreciation party. It was the second child's head with no adult supervision. -- listen to my show you know that that's what I want for you. I want that special place for your life in retirement. We're not worried about money. We -- not looking at the stock market in what did you know what did they say. Janet Yellen in her concerns about substantially stretched dollars. I just you know if we've planned correctly and we're doing our job correctly as financial planners are clients are worried about that. They're out enjoying life they're playing golf to play with green kids are playing in the next trips. They're look at an RVs divide to travel across country or look at it the cruise line's credit account switched crews are gonna go on. Isn't that would retirement supposed to be folks. So if you're sitting here in your scared and you really don't know what to do call my office. 512215. 9030. And will help you navigate that there is absolutely. No obligation. Just come in my office who can have a cup that he and look at -- situation will have a private conversation about you and your money issues. And we'll give you really really good information that we can army list. To protect yourself. There's financial products out there that are good and there are some that are horrible. And so will give you the good the bad and the fine print okay because that's that you need to make good decisions. Now. You know we use money -- is that we she used to work with because we have a choice with any manager we choose -- we -- Is global financial private capital and they have and so dynamic. That they've actually won the top fifty war with Forbes. And those of the managers that we choose to help US. So we need go back to 20082001. He think about who is managing your money. You know -- move failed Goldman Sachs failed Lehman Brothers Lisa stalwarts. Of our economy these are financial managers that are you know they do a lot of advertising anyway we know woman and they failed. Why did they fail why do these big big institutions fail. Because they're green they're basing their models on growth at all costs. They're basing their models on we want the stock market to be growing our money at all cost. And so when you look at how retirement should be. It should be a wonderful mix of diversified. Things that are not correlated to the stock market core elation means. That everything he's doing exactly the same. So you wanna be in different industries that are doing all different things one of my favorites things that we do for our clients. In a risky investment pool. Is we look at the consumables of life. So if we have another crash and we have another downturn. Are you gonna stop taking medications I don't think so. You stop pumping gas known. You know those are things like energy are we gonna stop turning our lights and the air conditioning going to stop on that not all. We're gonna continue to use those things. So those are wonderful places for income streams. For oil and gas pipeline. Energy it'll. Big huge energy companies we wanted to try to. Fill your portfolio with things that are sustainable. But yet not correlated. To whatever it is it Janet Yellen is saying or like -- said would chairman Alan Greenspan if he's arguing about that the stock market is over. Overpriced. And we have a a dotcom bubble that bursts. Like it did in 2001. We want to make sure your insulated from that right on that first meeting. Really and truly it's all about you and finding out what it is that you need to achieve your goals. Now the investment side. Can be both risk based and risk free based and there are some fantastic things you can do in the risk free market. That. Well not correlated to -- market but yet still give you really nice return the -- shouldn't be talked about the first meeting. That should be talked about after. You establish a plan. So once we've really established what you wanna do in your life. You know think about it right now if you're in your fifties. Or sixties. You probably have thirty more years of life left. Now I don't know about you but if -- go back thirty years. I just got to college. I'm just beginning my family. That's over common -- accountable look at it. And few gray hairs and some wrinkles now -- -- well imagine how you're gonna be in thirty years from now. And you know I'm managing a fantastic as far as my health. And the way that I cognitively understand things I'm not having senior moments yet all that still working great but if I go -- word. Into my thirty years of retirement. What do you think starts to Wayne. My health. And if you're wringing your hands now about your financial plan what's gonna happen when you're in your late seventies. If you haven't adjusted for inflation if you haven't protected the money. So there has to be. Other things debtor in your portfolio that are not risky that are not. Growth at all costs. And if you're only looking at risk tolerance you missed it folks you've missed it. You've missed talking about inflation you miss talking about taxes you've missed talking about all the things. That are going to be coming up at a special like Social Security heavy maximize that. -- come on back folks who will talk about. What does that look like to maximize. Your retirement years come back to me and we'll talk further about that and remember. Some folks their financial life. -- and the rest are. I'm season. Contrary to what you've heard. There is such thing as complimentary lunch mixers that invaluable financial advice for you. It's a lunch and learn hosted by Suzanne Blackburn we can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition you've seen on TV TV and heard on the talk radio thirteen seven mediums financial -- show. Susan Blackburn is -- specialist retirement planning on doing her complimentary lunch. You learn wind managing money is harder speaks to the economy can keep more money you volatile times -- -- strategies are low risk and high return. How to avoid probate and attorneys' fees and how to create income streams that you. Reserve your. Place today for the complimentary lunch and learn Monday September -- register by calling 512215930. That's five point 22159. B thirty. For online -- to our financial dot com. It's your money projected investment advisory services offered to global financial -- capital Pelosi in SEC registered investment advisor and. Welcome back to financial wise with your hosts who said Blackburn. Now welcome back the financial lives you know when we talk about maximizing. Your retirement. You want to make sure that you get a teen. Behind you. Just like when you -- wind. To the doctor's office and you want them to ask good questions to find out your symptoms. So they can give you the right medicine to solve the problem. -- cancer financial we have thirteen. Approach. And our team. Really really tackles that with good analytics. We're looking at good investment choices were trying to help you with they've really. Far and plan that you walk out with when we're done. Putting the whole thing together. You have a roadmap in your hand. It's bound they tell you exactly how the money will come out. And when you run out if you run out how that tax dollars going to be spent. How inappropriate for long term care what if you get too sick to take care of yourself that's a huge. Issue folks. I mean the inflation rate on health care alone is four and a half percent. That's another two points higher than inflation right now. So you know is if you are going to need it long term care to near eighty. Would just calculate what that's can look like and it's probably get a quadruple the costs -- in right now. So you'd have to appropriate money for that. Or you're going to be in dire straits and if you don't remember anything I said remember this. If you want to lose control of your life lose control of your financial life. And in here in your late seventies and eighties and you're losing control of your financial life. It causes a tremendous. -- amount of stress on your body on your on your mind. It in your family. In I've met with many families didn't plan properly. And we're in the twilight of someone's life and they literally have four or five years and money left. And sitting with a mom and a couple of kids and we're trying to figure out how we're not gonna run out of money that's really really scary. With that if we had done this same work in our fifties and may be forties and early sixties. So please come and office at 512. 215. 9030. And let's do some blood work some financial. Blood work OK now what -- -- a couple of meetings we've got coming up. These are retirement gay contagious and -- going to great -- tale. Of the different things that we do it -- to help you so to give you get information to arm you with facts you can protect yourself. September 16. Or the eighteenth there's a dinner presentation at the Texas and a cattle that's at lake line. Location at 630 you've got to sign up were filling that up fast and I promise there will not. Be room for you if you wait so call us now 512. 2159030. And the first five -- I will also give you. These Social Security book this is a booklet that will give you everything you need. To get you started on planning for -- your retirement dollars was so security. Tammy and I have calculated there's over 2000. Choices. With so security it's mind boggling and you're supposed to be ill do that by yourself freely I don't think so so give the book Connie right now 512. 2159030. Get that book. And it'll help you with that and sign up for that dinner presentation. Also in September. The very first meeting that we have a -- first Monday's. September the eight it's at new an alibi is sandwiched. Glass of iced tea have lunch at the -- learned. And it's wonderful at that -- north office location. And there's also on October the six that we fill up on that until October the sixth. Same time same bat channel twelve to one -- -- first Monday. Is what we call that it's the lunch and learn and I'd love to see we really Taylor that for you. I mean I just I don't I don't have a canned. Speech I don't have anything can I really just find out what your concerns are in an address and we have lunch together. It's a wonderful time feature questions answered with no obligations. And a complimentary lunch. So I really look forward to meeting you and you know financial -- we really try to give you great information and if you don't remember anything remember what I said if you want to lose control of your life. Lose controlling your financial life and in retirement. It is so easy to do that if you're not working with the right planner. For retirement age issues. There's still much -- tale you've got to look at that is not involved. When you're in the accumulation phase. I know I sound like -- scolding at -- like -- school alarm okay shaking my finger at you but it is so critical. And I wanna help you and they're such good resources that capstar so call my office 512215. 9030. And remember. And folks are financial eyes. And the rest. Our other lines and season Blackburn. No individual tax legal more investment advice is given investment advisory services offered through global financial private capital LLC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Contrary to what you've hurt. There is such thing as a complimentary lunch mixers that invaluable financial advice for you. It's a lunch and learn hosted by Suzanne Blackburn we can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition you've seen on KG TV and heard on the talk radio thirteen seven medium financial -- show. Susan Blackburn is a specialist retirement planning. During her complimentary lunch you can learn wind managing money is harder -- -- how to -- and keep more money -- volatile times public strategies are low risk and high return. How to avoid probate and attorney fees and how to create income streams that you. Reserve your. -- today for the complimentary lunch and learn Monday September -- register by calling I went 2215930. That's five point 22159. B thirty. For online -- to our financial dot com. It's your money projected investment advisory services offered through global financial -- capital OC in SEC registered investment advisor.