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The Wellness Connection, 8/24/14

Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Considering -- and wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist can run the police and certified traditional natural path Peter McCarthy. Brought to. By Martin's come pounding in Oklahoma Sooners with three convenient Austin area locations thief you're tired of searching endlessly. Health information that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need now here are Rania and -- And greetings and good Sunday morning to you welcome to -- wellness connection brought to you by Martin's compound in wellness centers. With three Austin area location set Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy I'm your co host -- eagle. You stand on your cohost Peter McCarthy and good morning and returning as our special guest today is doctor Lindsay Burks and are renowned international expert on the subject to the effect of the got on health and its relationship with the brain with hormones and of course with weight. And today she'll be talking to us about the intriguing subject of busting myths from hormones to fiber. In our on our health freedom segment joining us again will be attorney Rick Jaffe updating us on the latest on pioneering cancer doctor Stanislav version ski. And the goings on at the Texas medical board and -- with our -- news story you have more exciting information about vitamin. Now that's right Peter once again vitamin. I -- previous studies suggest that low plasma levels of vitamin. Five 25 hydroxy vitamin. -- high potent in and colleagues from the university of South Australia. Completed a study using genetic data from more than 146000. Men and women of European ancestry. The team used to common genetic variants that affected circulating plasma vitamin. Whether there was a causal effect between vitamin. -- 10% increase in plasma vitamin. The researchers observed a drop in both diastolic and systolic blood pressures as well as. An eight point 1% decreased risk of developing hypertension. The study authors and concluded that quote. Increased plasma concentrations of 25 hydroxy vitamin. Yes and once again I see I do so many vitamin. And I am constantly icing on saint Peter about 90%. Are vitamin. May have a negative effect. Time cognitive functions and older adults but measurement of an objective marker for this relationship has not been consistently measure to date. -- -- and colleagues from duke and US graduate medical school in Singapore. -- examined the data of 66 older Chinese adults from the Singapore longitudinal changing brain study. Participants underwent structural MRI brain scans measuring brain volume and neuro psychological assessments testing cognitive function. Every two years additionally your sleep duration was recorded through questionnaire. Those who slept fewer hours showed evidence of faster ventricle then -- ventricle enlargement excuse me a marker for cognitive decline. And the development of nerve degenerative diseases such as alzheimer's. As well as the declining cognitive performance. The study authors concluded that quote. -- healthy older adults short sleep duration is associated with greater age related brain atrophy and cognitive decline on quote. And I see so many of my clients you know usually women that -- between 45 and 65. And insomnia is a major problem absolutely it's it's an epidemic and we will be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor. You're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. At Martin's confounding and wellness centers we bring you accessed a highly skilled compound environments as. Traditionally trained physicians preventative care specialists and experience nutritional medicine professionals. Our top -- -- is here to help you overcome just about any help us to believe in integrity of multi disciplinary approach. Come -- custom prescription medications provides many more options for those who experienced talent is taking medications than conventional ways. We also bring you access to professional great interest vehicles not found a health food stores or conventional pharmacies. Which compliment your medications or in some cases may even be an alternative solution. The goal of Martin is to assist units receiving optimal wellness. -- confounding and wellness centers with three convenient Austin area locations. Starting your journey to better help with Martin's today. -- -- Welcome them to the wellness connection with accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are run the ugliest and Peter McCarthy. So welcome back to the wellness connection joining us again is our featured guest for today is doctor -- per -- a thought leader in nutrition digestion and hormones. She's a best selling author for decades a hormone scholar at the Tulane University think tank. Radio personality and a speaker widely appreciated for making complex concepts easy to understand an enjoyable time to learn she's been a pioneer in the integrative medical arena for almost four decades. Doctor -- and is known as one of the world's recognized experts in the role of the -- in human health and disease and the use of natural protocols to heal diverse intestinal conditions her book healthy digestion the natural way is used by the American academy of anti aging medicine and the fastest and largest growing institution. That trains MD's from 120 different countries in master's and Ph.D. programs. As the basis for their gastroenterology. Module to train integrated MD's on how to treat -- diseases naturally. Doctor Lindsay welcome back to the wellness connection. Well so good to be back with you we had dinner the other evening and we have a lot of hot week I think we pocket outlook. Or Halliburton we we sure do we do it last. Three people who are radio personalities together and it could go oh and. I thought actually I -- Well it was great fun and I hope we can do that again doctor Lindsay you said your mission today on the wellness connection was to be a myth buster from hormones to fiber. So let's start with hormones what are some prevailing myths surrounding hormones and how would you best -- or bust dismissed. The goat but I don't -- that's really great and that might back. -- Hormone all of the while and on your mind to see the parents well her smile when I was at the 8:4 -- the American he's anti aging parent in this summer in Orlando. Not -- and and that would mean to one of the speaker on hormone replacement. And they were saying the party line it would have been a much machine that they were saying if you had a history of cancer you pardon her after a candidate for hormone replacement being caught in the non college you may get too high risk. Women accused mr. had breast cancer your mom or even if you had a lot of the hoosiers had endometriosis. And other -- dependent illnesses. There isn't. Huge shift that has been happening that it hasn't made its way into the association that download information the clinicians should go to day and -- candidate copper HRP. You might breast cancer fifteen years ago or maybe even I'm battling it now well I didn't talking in bringing about an end product that the body metabolize this. Hormone all day long so we make in the week we make an -- end. And we break and then get rid of them so we don't become a huge hormone blocking sandwich back breaking them down into the have a life in the final. Good aggregation arm tackle by a factor again which had interestingly enough estrogen in nickname because it came rob. The parent molecule -- I'll. Go to the nickname is to let me and if the whole name the two -- -- after diet it came from estrogen. But the literature for the last ten years had been strongly saying. This acted the body's protective mechanism that mr. Specter cannot issues -- it happens we -- bio accumulate. It prevent the growth of cancer out of control it. Stop cancer are immortal they don't do what we call eight -- code could it prevent cancer cells from driving -- not I'm. It prevent the fuel and food going to camp to show which is called -- -- that the it prevent that it is an anti collaborator. So that's what you don't like you we make how do we make -- you -- cancer that -- grow out of control in the UT TBD. The light of actors and content that. Having patient order added to their HR can you're taking it separately I was just for the conference with doctor Jonathan Wright when a woman in the -- -- -- -- -- Can't hear you now hit three milligram. This to red knee which many on how different they heard this would go because they think we're getting urgent the patient we don't know now. It only had record in a nickname because -- -- originally. Came from act again so there's ways of treating women to help and I -- owner -- help of our work -- talked with the compound pharmacist and they have a very well just recently an article came out hormones and cancer which is the major. Peer reviewed journal and it said we used to think -- little itty -- finally get irrigation product in the cap -- the -- kitchen with kind of a give me a lot to gut it had them get to it. But now we're seeing and they look at it. It can't -- -- in the general anti Ahmadinejad against -- liquidity into India jet touched it with it -- anti estrogen -- protect can shoot again accept. Estrogen signaling. Don't think dead. The literature it very clear that this -- like the new -- around. We're gonna be looking at this for the treatment and funny an appetite of eight patient I put on the the one of the conditions with my medical team. And we're awaiting that. -- get help. It now being used IP. Edged forward thinking -- -- if you actor got it would need to know with a lot of it now being used to treat. Creek -- yeah infertility. Endometriosis and -- a -- relating -- -- surgery which usually every current. -- surgical intervention any way then the final big big big deal it is being used to treat cancer. -- -- second so so that we don't get too far out there without. A -- So I understand it is my understanding meant that went so went estrogen metabolize is it metabolize is -- that to hydroxy restaurant you are talking about something different are you not. It still hyped rock me actor -- I'll go to step further. It goes down to two Mac oxy. So are you don't pan -- are you talking about to actually. Formulating. That -- foxy as an HR TT. Now quarter it as an eight Turkey you know. Healthy body will make a lot of this on its own right but. Most likely -- -- genetic how -- market and the people who are prone to cancer that you don't make it should have been in the estrogen only arm of the Women's Health Initiative when it didn't re a lot yet not yet now and you can only are the younger women who are still have a lot better at 33%. Less cancer and one of the puck hit they'd made to. They pay more to me you know I think the explosion that they got its replacement because. Apparently we make a lot more to let me heal adequately placed hormone replacement action. And many back because the different issues or food or tactics ever make out of our own -- So now of course and we need to differentiate here. Fists to any all this -- is extremely. Different than say V sixteen hydroxy gesture on the comes from -- urine or primary and or the other synthetic estrogen replacements. -- good point you're bringing them -- you think you could get -- the -- -- either bio identical just like you get -- you dial bio mechanical more you can get into synthetic and then doctor Jonathan -- -- night outside here to -- we're trying to make a bio identical hormone patents -- -- -- -- -- -- all women would have been available because politically aged beyond Chester protection and we couldn't get back. Time get the patent because another big pharma company -- getting a patent on that synthetic. Analog version of this Connecticut the drug to treat breast cancer. And they made it true state one that you see H trial and then because it was synthetic not exactly what you're saying bio identical women didn't Holloway did so well but you can get it -- -- -- -- exact and molecule of Iowa identical -- and the old molecules I've been on myself -- or five years. Well doctor Lindsay we're gonna go to break here -- and we want to continue this fascinating conversation because this is really cutting edge stuff. We'll continue our interview with doctor Lindsay -- and after this brief message from our sponsors you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen shepherding. Dripping springs pharmacy is part of the fabric of dripping springs the gateway to the hill country and has served the citizens of dripping springs Texas and northeast -- for over thirty years. Located at 100 common -- we won in dripping springs we're the only independent community pharmacy in the area. And offer compound and customized medications well the conservation animal online pharmaceutical grade -- supplements. In addition to fulfilling both prescription and nonprescription needs are patients. We provide home delivery immunizations for travel and her back to school as well as specialized services for assisted living in home help patients. We work closely -- your physicians to help find solutions your individual health care challenges. Our pharmacists specialize in a variety of areas and -- certifications in diabetes a disease state management. Immunizations confounding anti aging and cost -- of goals and medication therapy management. Martin's come pounding and wellness. -- pretty convenient Austin area locations start your journey to better health with Martin. Welcome to the wellness connection with the -- your health information you control. Once again. Here. Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection and are continuing interview with myth buster doctor Lindsay Bernsen. And and you certainly do you have your myth buster had gone and -- are are taking aim at some prevalent myths. How wanna jump in here for just a second doctor Lindsay you know speaking as a male. I have a question that I'm sure some of the male listeners and our audience I would like to have answered in this to end the whole. Hormone. Is this useful for males who were dealing with cancer. Actor really great question and and back position and -- are just -- to use this book and -- know that the jet activity. And then back. Many hormone that we use to think of the cabinet. Like project around there are a seventeen -- Head trauma studies going on. And there they know that projector and protect the brain and they've noticed that women who have had trauma. In the middle of the -- -- -- make -- just trying to collect complication than. He'll actor who brain injury and other giving I would be bio identical pro jet around which we think of the the -- are well. Two boys and girls and men and women of -- -- she. After head trauma on some doctors are using a little bit of that straight -- increase among men and women got the secret pact to get cancer. Some doctors are giving a tiny bit not that they may not get to a woman. But -- hundred a project drunken men who actually -- -- because it quiet the brain that night. So we're going to you revolution. In the application of hormone replacement very different from the old just give estrogen -- estrogen patch for a woman with hot laps in which it can really cutting edge. A lot of neurologists are using. Hormone along with it I'd be certain. Low inflammatory diet should reverse. Dementia and rain quote brain quote I'm by your actual men can take -- male -- This hormone no longer had any email -- to it and many have estrogen in their body and they should be making. Antonio -- and probably man. Is more susceptible genetically or the chance there beside. Tumor suppressor gene -- -- had to -- production defects so. You -- great question and we're going to. So I -- questioned so. For women who have had breast cancer in the past. And they're going through man upon us and they do want. Do you want some relief of some other menopausal symptoms. -- what do you recommend. Do you recommend bio identical hormone server or what do you recommend for that. Well you know I had breast cancer twenty years ago I did not my mother with. My mother was given the most powerful actor Janet pharmaceutical. That was given to tighten -- my -- for over thirty years to millions of women bridge and an epidemiological. Study out of Gartner. I'm Linda hi this to wrote a forward from my book -- -- -- Smart women with able to show that. Fetus could that -- -- to -- -- actually very patient data and very colorful and look. Had an almost 90%. Risk of getting breast cancer in men and particularly at the age I got to wipe -- twenty years ago. And -- I think -- -- Bio identical hormone replacement strategically individualized. Which I feel and there's no guarantee like that I feel that we do with my list. And we current and -- in actual money elsewhere. Almost five years. And that knowing what I know now I wish I would have -- -- it earlier what was first diagnosed it's not regular rate charged that you're taking hormone replacement therapy. But strategic we're. -- when you take them both together. Well I I'm in there. I'm really helped -- form in my opinion after spending the extra decade. Of the application that they church -- to cycle hormones can mimic mother nature. As much as possible but after dial it cycle projector on this cycle but to let me I would not a doctor is not. But I take my hormones. Column my mentor doctor Jonathan Wright who just European trip to -- -- a new book launching called it hormones which is believed by. Updated the old in -- that he has been out yesterday. And he was talking about how. You know the real -- future look at your how carcinogenic or jerk anti hurt an -- -- have a life. And can strategize and individual I think -- to a level. The way beyond what most most haven't been handing out -- Turkey scripture and hear. They just it's just come back in vogue and a lot of doctors don't know the information. I just interviewed. A very lovely gentleman with a big player PL -- doctor Stephen Goldstein and he asked. Invented the term caring medical. And he created this standard ultrasound evaluation. Of the line of tutors yet to be chain teaching web and -- I asked -- his thoughts on to a mile and a few other. After -- I won't get into those -- let me now he'd he'd never heard that. Should because this isn't the scientific ground and it -- making -- toe in the water hopefully helping to do that. And the critical round because and there are a lot more powerful tool. The -- the next half of our life in the paper weight and lose out on Sunday Turkey even if we had. Hormone dependent on the finish. So -- -- -- or just over two minutes until we have a great and death. I'd like to I'd like to know who what other hormones do you see. That. Myths surround and that need to be -- -- every didn't have time to talk about but the but -- government or we get to focus on this I know how much unless you get my lord. Well we're we're gonna we're gonna touch on fiber during the next section but that. Okay. So there is for just pluralism missed a good. Amount. Get slumped in the position desk reference to project in which is a synthetic version with project around -- -- -- doctors. I've even had a doctor tell patient -- someone told me to take progesterone and he -- up there but but if you're an asthmatic version right. And they -- and say if you don't have the uterus you don't need it exactly -- time. But that completely wrong mate in the brain and treatment apocalypse and a good HR he would try to mimic what green not a popular youthful. Woman on mandate we -- -- intervention the seventeen. Could centered study that it protects the brain what many women are can't sleep they get anxious when they go -- and get life and -- -- Iraq and how I and I'd be mad and Tommy mad -- -- struggling with this if you give. Go right dosage and get -- -- right. Formed in the have a light in the liver that right. -- natural ambient and you sleep like a baby and you don't I think I mean you don't need to take. Pharmaceutical medication took all of those won't see -- side effect and you protect your nerve with them. They're urologists now who feel that -- works along with Biden and Kia which by the way -- -- How up regulate the doctor by the indeed they all work together. Just protect our line in Europe with them compartment -- kidneys and multiple well at that age going to be interesting that the cutting edge out a bar. Practitioners know we all need not just if we -- uterine. That's old information than. A woman goes after doctor after hearing on the radio like this when she's 80%. Of the current app to get the wrong info because they can go after it made it down. To the association and the doctors -- So that's why I love to thank you so much for the little radio time and I hope people look forward to write the book. They are mountain gone web site out of line are allowed -- currently you can get in on the information and not -- how. And get the wrong information -- prevention from being a back -- to. Yeah well this is just great information -- -- -- Who will be right back with more from our special guest doctor -- she Burks and after this brief message from our sponsors. You're listening to wellness connection on talk thirteen seventy. Lamar plus a confounding and wellness center has been a part of South Boston serving as -- our neighborhood and surrounding areas for nearly sixty years. Located at one by 09 south Lamar suite 1550 we are the only independent community pharmacies serving the silver Lamar area and -- compound and customized medications and wellness consultations -- a low -- pharmaceutical grade well the supplements. In addition to fulfilling both prescription and nonprescription needs for our patients. We provide home deliveries immunizations for travel and traditional back to school shots as well as specialized services for assisted living and home health patient. We work closely with your positions to help find solutions to your individual health care challenges. Our pharmacists specialize in a variety of areas -- have -- -- certifications in diabetes a disease state management. Immunizations confounding and phasing -- pharmaceuticals and medication therapy management. Martin's son founding in wellness senators the three convenient Austin area locations starting your journey to better help with Martin's today. Welcome back to the wellness connection with accurate health information you can trust once again here are -- police and Peter McCarthy. Welcome back to the wellness connection if you're just joining us were having a fascinating conversation with. Doctor Lindsay -- and and you know we could spend. A whole hour on talking about me busting the hormone -- But I think it's important for our audience to also hear about some of the myths surrounding. Fiber what's the what's the biggest myth that doctor Lindsay that. Thank you found surrounds fiber is she use its benefits etc. I'm a big fan but I've heard the very good thing to happen our diet and the and breakdown -- create little help to right beside your gut that feed the cells that lighten your gut who Iger is. Support that with your gut you didn't make it don't help would call computer tribute cheer act that. And future after he'd be immune system -- and got. And prevent cancer of the gotten even cancer of the whole god -- I do like I like I'm -- -- -- not in any way it condemnation. But it the -- -- And for many many years if you had what's called -- particular load change. Which -- little out how to. And your -- while they usually occur where you had a blood vessel go through the walk without your little weak pure and while. And then you have a bill but the pressure -- a while which we have got so many decade. With secondary to not -- -- Tried -- that he had -- if you look -- -- position to actually your gap neurologists with radio. Eat more fiber and a penny of those little patches. Got in that did. That would consider a life threatening situation that required big gun antibiotic. Heavy at a product like the route and the content at all and which completely disrupt the gut flora and and often people can get to a situation where they want action. After another which is called -- current -- to delight at. And you know I'm not with the more you have -- that your risk of dying it's just scary issue you better go get a portion -- -- -- and -- out. Well I'm in the practice with finishing up my brand new. After healthy digestion book to eat your way to -- how well that. And looking at the literature of the last year and two years all those -- to -- inducted. We don't think that position fiber. Caught that the more sluggish child had been out how should. We actually think now they're going to go back to work frequently and maybe even more -- put you read it hadn't hit that. But -- and certainly. Eating more -- or not the way to treat. Recurrent. Infections are recurrent direct to your lighted. What -- now open you very cutting edge plot. Is dat. One you need to figure out what you -- don't make enough purely you know the immune system that got to take -- -- great either buy supplements or by. The old doctors did it with adamant. But the big hill that happened multiple -- day which is bathroom. Ergonomics. How do you get on the pop. He'd earned. The modern you know in olden days people squat it. -- he's going to India now they'll be two feet they'll be -- pictured the heat and you put your left foot on the left. Picture the left -- In your right foot on a picture -- right -- you squat. And that the weight folders inside and did it need to think fatal older society has left. -- -- coaching or that particular that because they had more anger now applauded the way that they went to the bathroom with how amazingly different. Britain modern. Day and that -- put the last part of your colon. Which is at at shape so it's called -- Lloyd for the Latin terms act. It to a straight line -- things can shoot out with no buildup of pressure. But after we got these modern toilet. Look neat and they're easier to sit -- and get up from and they seem to be getting higher and higher. The modern toilet is really much higher than the older toilet. Create a -- support me. In the -- like Colin that built up pressure. All of round pick like Colin. And what you the most common place have. That particular within that particular lighter although you can happen anywhere sheet and even throughout the whole gut. Wow that that's that's fantastic what's that's great news -- or great information to have for people who have and -- You know what. But keep keep going on on these myths what what what else we won -- lost her. We know he can reap what you now all of here I -- -- went very near me. They're simply clicking noise with Q so then when the clicking stopped I thought used to opt for a. -- -- that's amazing you know they have those kinds of attachments that you can put. Around your toilet seat around the toilet bass sound better those little stools they're like little benches. No pun intended. Like they're called a lot of -- yeah yeah. And don't dispute that each person that pat Capello kept ordering put in and they look you know they pick up a little space they're great yeah but you're still the why on them and a lot of people who are older there need to later. I just -- people put up -- get a cool. Logan -- it from pure water target can turn it upside down keep it in the corner of the bathroom. And just put their feet up on it could chuck lifting your -- just licking your it felt like he put your feet on. But it turned overweight paper basket on the floor in front of the toilet like you're sitting. On the toilet. Make your stick like Cullen go into it straighter line if it's good. -- -- Why aren't that that's. Did you know yes it certainly is. We we got about two minutes left to what are there any other myths we should know about before. Before we let you go today you've given us. And lots and lots of great information. Where you can get all this in my new book that's coming out echoed that mourn each help want to and that is what we think that sitting at the news smoking. -- -- And we're all believing that you know we hit too much and that's really harmful are. But. I give a whole explanation in my new book. How fitting for more than an accelerated time. Actually. Carol I've been very specific felt like -- perky like -- that we used to think you climb the blood that hope that they all alignment I just to track. And it paralyzes them go to Egypt stand up to three times. During an hour you not only help your -- can help your circulation. But you promote better in capital circulation and prolonged sitting put you let -- it is gearing captain Albany's. -- It the first time that the first time that have been told the public knowing this is the first time put -- an iBook and I'm all excited about it. Am I don't really think that if we ask these early with our kids. And that turned overweight paper basket and get them. To not get for a whole hour but get up several times -- and that that -- well put that -- one I think we can start. Limiting certain. Issues that occur more naturally who are unhealthy population. While that is that's a great piece of information to. You are loaded with information. And and I wouldn't -- -- I just a lot of information on. Back -- got to Lindsay obviously there's so much more we could talk about with you on these subjects. That's all the time we do you have today I'm gonna stand up here for a minute. But I want to thank doctor Lindsay Burks and for joining us today on the wellness connection. -- Let's try to link list just please and please do okay. Please go to my body and mind hormone dot com. I also have hormone disruption dot com and stay into my new web site doctor Lindsey Burke and dot com. Many of which have all had -- -- get -- funding but if you go to sign up. From my membership just -- that -- -- you information about new book coming chatting. -- new book coming out he wanted to be in the athletic and she cannot hide the -- information. And that that is spelled BE RK SO land for you guys you were just listening all right. Well thank you again doctor Lindsay hoped to see you soon let's have another dinner sometime I'm gonna stand up. I have no doubt -- we'll have your next segment do you have a good afternoon. Thank you -- for having me -- valid and -- I'd make -- model and hot sport you would you then. I'm not only we know -- and it's time for our weekly feature to supplement the weekend what would that be. Well yeah Peter this supplement of the week this week is a drama calmed by apex energetics. And what are the key ingredients in a -- com is false what title searing. A -- title Syrian is a big word so we're gonna call it. And it's found in every cell in the body and is particularly vital for proper functioning of. Brain cell that's absolutely right PS enables your brain cells to metabolize glucose into release combined with neural transmitters. It especially increases a -- -- -- in the brain the neuro transmitter that is important to learning memory. And other Cochran to functions and regaining lost information in an aging brain. Also Peter PS increases communication between cells in your brain by increasing the number of membrane receptor sites for receiving messages. So Foster -- Syrian modulate the fluidity of cell membranes essentially to your brain cell's ability to send and receive chemical communication. 03000. Published research papers and more than sixty clinical trials have established that fossil title Syrian can rejuvenate your brain. Cell membranes and thereby strengthen your memory while increasing vigilance and intention. At the same time it boost learning mental acuity and intensifies your concentration. PS also has been known to relieve depression and improved -- It also -- all -- also helpful for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. -- and even improves cognitive functioning young people and don't forget -- athletes use PS for improving athletic performance by decreasing the stress response. And preventing exercise induced stress that's right Peter studies. Examining athletes involved in it and. Those who were doing cycling and weight training and endurance and running show that Foster title -- can speed recovery. Prevent muscle soreness and helped at least to feel their best during those are rigorous training is banned there are few foods rich in Pierre such as soybeans -- jokes chicken and beef liver. -- you know unfortunately even if sufficient quantities of these foods were consumed to supply the needs of the brain and the body. Normal aging and stress on the gastrointestinal -- in pierced the body's ability. To absorb sufficient amounts of Foster title -- from food sources well. A drama comedy is a multi use rejuvenating cream that includes PS and keys -- B vitamins. Complemented by ingredients such as malaria and and U one GE which is known to calm the spirit quiet the heart. Good for insomnia heart palpitations anxiety and restless and just you're com also has essential oils such as lavender and juniper Berry. There have been added so that they also have a very powerful calming effect. And our supplement of the week is available at 10% off for all Martin's VIP members at all three Martin's locations. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll be right back with your burning question of the week after this brief message your listening to the wellness connection on talk. Thirteen cents. Lake hills pharmacy is the newest member of the -- confounding and wellness group. Located at 121005. Bee caves road suite one day the pharmacy open in January 2014 to bring the lake -- case communities and the only independently locally owned pharmacy to the area we -- confounded customized medications wellness consultations in a full line of pharmaceutical grade wellness supplements. In addition to fulfilling both prescription and nonprescription needs are patients. We provide home delivery immunizations and specialized services for assisted living at home health patients we worked closely with your physicians to help find solutions. Individual health care challenges. Our pharmacists specialize in a variety of areas and have obtained certification in diabetes -- disease state management. Travel and traditional immunizations confounding anti aging and -- vehicles and medication therapy management. Martin's confounding and wellness centers hit three convenient option area locations. Are your journey to better health with Martin's today. Feel. And now it's time for the burning question where we answer those health questions that you the listeners sent into us. It's important to note that any diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. None of the information we present is intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. So Marvin from lake where I ask how I know if I need dietary supplements in if I'm deficient in a particular nutrient join need to take it for the rest of my life. Well that's a very good question Marvin and there's a lot of ways you can start to find out what your supplement needs are. But first I would suggest start with taking the white goes score. A white the score is like a fight can score for wellness. It's it it it says numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person's health markers. To indicate the general health index of that person. The white total Weickel advance online questionnaire features fifteen key markers and uses mathematics and statistical analysis that establishes. You worst scientific health index to identify unhealthy conditions. Assist in pinpointing nutritional deficiencies. And help identify disease conditions. There are providing base level health marker analytics for patients consultations. Yeah that's true and I was gonna say that they don't like -- as she usually. A 75 dollar value which you can go to Martin's compound in wellness dot com. And sign up as a VIP member at no cost and pitcher like -- score for free. Now if you wish to go further and I suggest that everybody at least once a year does a blood nutrition assessment. That's right a regular blood test can reveal significant information which can be used to guide are trained health practitioner. To plan an effective wellness program for your precise meats fish is known as science based nutrition. Which is guided by your own blood test. And is the new standard for developing a comprehensive and personalized health and wellness program what you do not need is to overload your system with inappropriate or unnecessary nutrients which can result in unwanted complications so what is -- nutrition. Well first what his blood chemistry it. Usually done every year at an annual fell out physical your doctor generally uses a blood test to look at cholesterol -- bits thyroid liver and kidney. White and red blood cells blood sugar and other values in this year and universally accepted. However the problem is the doctor uses very wide ranges pathological ranges based on the general population. These Rangers are -- by the lab the doctor uses so when they get the terror Specter Rangers are generally determined by the meaning of the population coming into the lap. But these people are either coming from doctors' offices or hospitals so you're being compared to arrange a sick people. -- if you know you what you're looking for you can identify nutritionally significant information. In what we call that healthy range of your blood test. This is called the nutritional range or functional -- If you could detect patterns which have nutritional significance such as deficiencies and excesses of nutrients electoral rights in Maryland balances at shatter. Once addressed one can optimize the metabolic processes and help maintain healthy performance of the body your. What tests may indicate the need for vitamins such as B six B twelve. -- electoral white balances minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Mineral balances tissue hydration antioxidants. Enzymes. Supporting absorption of nutrients nutritional support of key organs nutritional support of metabolic pathways. And certain biochemical activities and other nutrients. Now don't misunderstand Marvin most of the time there are exceptions but we are not testing specific nutrients in the blood. In other words the blood does not does whatever it takes to maintain home your station so for example calcium an important alkaline missing mayoral would show up within range most of the time. Because in order for the body to maintain that -- -- stations it will -- the bone to maintain PH balance. -- you'd be in a severe depletion of pathological crisis. For that to show up in the blood however by looking at certain markers and the blood we know that there are signs of deficiency. First sample of the MC BM CH is he -- -- high that's a clear marker for B twelve folic acid deficiency. Or if the alkaline -- taste is low that's a marker for zinc deficiency. On the other hand blood serum tests such as the 25 OH vitamin. Is quite accurate in determining. You can submit your own burning question by going to Martin's compound annual wellness dot com or going to the wellness connection page. On that site. And tuning in every week to hear your question is being answered on the air and I hope that answered it for you Marvin. Yes absolutely and writing it looks like it's time now for the drug induced nutrient depletion segment. And then drug this week is party he'll go like asides such as did jocks and. And the nutrients this drug may deplete our B one B six zinc. Calcium magnesium and vitamin K sort of address that I recommend for your B sixty activated these six. And stick collection is one of my favorite by new medica -- also taken once a day. Bone strength which is a plant based calcium by new chapter you should take three a day. In the middle of a meal. And I like these synergy K by pure encapsulation. Assists for your vitamin K you can take that one a day -- also like the super K by life extensions you can take that one day. And magnesium glistening from pure encapsulation. Won twice a day. So when you pick up your prescription at Martin's compound and wellness be sure that you talked to one of the wellness consultancy in order to help you get the right nutrients to compliment your prescription. -- are right and now it's time for health freedom segment we're delighted to have back with us today attorney Rick Jaffe. Author of Galileo is lawyer he's -- health care litigator and counselor. With the primary focus on cutting edge medical device issues. Our medical and legal issues excuse me he represents practitioners companies. And health related organizations in complex health care matters throughout the United States. Especially legal cases brought by federal and state governments. And their agencies she's also represented doctors and companies involved in the clinical use of stem cells. And works on matters involving nutritional supplements clients include the noted immunology is HH food and burned. Cancer specialist and a -- version ski and Emanuel review HE and other of the country's leading cutting edge health care professionals. Welcome back to the wellness connection -- Well thank you put -- revenue back. Great Rick you know for many years you've been the lead attorney defending pioneer cancer doctor Stanislaw version -- against the predation -- the FDA. And the Texas medical board what's the latest on doctor version -- Well the FDA is so basically -- And checked he's cooperative with the FDA command he's been given permission to restore clinical trials about -- good. The -- Texas medical board go we're deeply involved in litigation with them both doctor Brzezinski and all the doctors say this clinic and go. File this 200 page to 202 page complaint against him recently. And though we actually just kind of pre hearing conference call last week and go home. We're moving to dismiss all of the FDA charges. So I think that's so you know we're trying to would not not to help. Piece by piece is much of these complaints we cancel the first step is to mark felt the fifty pages. Well the FDA charges for a -- are right now. While okay do you see anything out coming down the line further as far as that goes that. There are the FDA or the TMB -- who concoct other. Charges do you think I know they've done many times before. Well yeah I think -- I think the word of 58 PMP is state followed many complain. That they can against presents to so they just all the complaints. You -- patience -- -- clinical trial and then you know people are clinical trials that are given these people are getting getting new experimental drug. -- pursuant to FDA approval and there's still -- complaints against them so I think go. It I mean I think they've decided well every dime they find out that he treats -- patients. -- -- there at the medical board itself is gonna -- complex and preserved in regard to the outrageous but that's what type of. But just unbelievable you know Rick we also understand your engage with the Texas medical board to get them to provide some guidance for Texas cam practitioners. Unacceptable advertising content or can you tell us more about the. Yes so lately what's happening as many cam practitioners in Texas are being hit quit poem. Complaints. I think bought generated in part by does Stephen Barrett offer false advertisement. All so even though the law protects Texas talks. -- giving cam treatments called the advertising rules are much murkier. So that's the new tactic by the board and by the quack -- to go after these stocks or talking about. All treatment they could give but. You know they don't like what's being said about about the latest and I'm trying to do is get approved some kind of look disclaimer. Ought to be effective what the camp practices and there's a lot and it may not be. Proven by a adequate controlled clinical studies to satisfy mainstream medicine. And my hope is that a fighter I have a couple of cases now ought to put get a couple more important -- this disclaimer approved federal -- Sort of various safe harbor for practitioners. About what they -- on the web site. Well that would certainly help out a lot as she I know you know what we've talked about it before it was in 2012 that. The Texas medical board filed over 3200. Complaints. How many of which were. Addressed to exactly that issue and most of war against unlicensed nurse practitioners. And you know having those guidelines I think would would certainly help. What do you think the likelihood is that they're gonna going to be willing to two to really -- define what those guidelines are. Well you know it's interesting you mention it to look just had a talk with both these guys. But the board but a couple weeks ago and I think for unlicensed practitioners. Especially not prepared to I think that that they have a model guideline employers say they're about to. I think -- home. In that it should come up a lot with people like yourself or gore have there -- -- some kind of training and consider yourself. Some kind of practitioner of -- all of the traditional -- put up or whatnot. So they've done a couple cases recently where they have a disclaimer which shows look I'm not a licensed medical practitioner what I'm doing is not diagnosing or treating the disease. But I'm giving other you know health care information. And you know the patient recognizes that so I think. That's kind of been in place and I think -- going to have that disclaimer you should be all right in terms of the unlicensed practice proposal. As some kind of like what they're doing California which I know you're aware of because from our help -- -- bit. Bryant the Algerian you know you've also floated an intriguing idea to further restrict the power of the Texas medical board with respect to levying sanctions. Or. What you have in mind. Well it's just historically what happens is. Many states. The medical board makes the final decision even if you go before administrative law judge. The judge issues what's called a proposal for decision. And then that's either accepted or rejected by the medical board and they have a lot of discretion. In 2012 that was changed I think in part because -- -- abused by the board. And what happened 2012 as the medical -- lost the ability to make findings of fact -- conclusions of law. Or at least they couldn't change the findings or conclusions by the judge. And the order of the board's only remedy was to go to state district court. So -- but in the mental pick the next and final step which is make the board the prosecutor. Make -- judge make that decision. And that clip of the board doesn't like it. They can go to state court because especially with regard to a -- and I compliment ducks a ball the battle these are just. You know outrageous and I think even the conventional -- would think that the penalties. Look at by the border are are unfair. I think it's time to just make. The board what it really is there the prosecutor and they need a new coal. Dispassionate judge to make that decision not only guess that the findings of fact and conclusions of law. But also to the sanctions. Now hoping that someone war has proposed that -- in the next legislative session. Do you have anybody in mind. I know a couple people might supported but you know maybe this is this where you guys comment. Well that's exactly right you know and and and we really do appreciate all the work that you do here in Texas that despite the fact that you. You -- deserted us to go live in California. And I you know I -- a good job -- as you move from right to UC Davis and see it now that we're what we're -- retro. I'm. So sorry did I actually -- to our decision yes ma'am. Oh there he liked California very this I want telephone and it's -- we're really happy. Well I'm either treat -- like spent half my diamond texas'. You know that I'm index's next -- did he even you know for board hearings also are mostly what I do is appear in Providence. Texas medical board -- cases around the country but by its bread and -- is really intact. Are you going to be in Austin. Where you'd better give us a call. I thought I hope so we hope to see you. Well listen that's all the time we have today Rick -- thanks so much for joining us again on the wellness connection. Join us next week when our featured guest will be natural path Carl Smith -- got discussing how herbal remedies can have a powerful. Positive influence on your health. And our health freedom segment will feature. Consumer advocate Tim -- he's the author of the nationally renowned Bolden reports. To update us on the latest health freedom issues around the country. And always hear us discuss your next burning questions which who knows it may be yours. I'm your co host Friday goalies and on your. Host Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by -- compound annual wellness senators. With -- awesome locations -- -- more pleasant drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and handling -- structure.