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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to living well you radio with your -- to recent -- Good afternoon you're listening to living well -- radio heard every Sunday afternoon here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Streaming live in the top thirteen -- dot com I'm Teresa -- helping you live wealthier. Resources are available for you living -- radio dot com. You're. This. Do you have concerns about common core -- -- some of the bizarre material contained. In this -- educational system. -- one hand educators are arguing that it upsets all the norms and standard methods of education. On the other hand others say that it's one size fits all approach to education across the fifty US states. Is -- -- are really a mechanism to dumb down our children. And remove the discretion of the local school board from the equation. Let me do about this and how we make a difference and our children's education. Well our guest today Charlotte. Is -- beach as a whistle -- our former Department of Education policy advisor. And an expert on common car. Charlotte you have immense insights on land where -- court came from what the agenda is. And what we can do to stop that and so I really welcomed me into the Saturday's Charlotte 'cause there's so much misinformation out there about common core. Out -- yes yes. Three a thank you so much for having me on. I suppose it does help. And I am. I've I've been around a long long time I've been watching this since there early seventies and and I became very angry very had a cabinet sat in the mid seventies. But local school board member and what I was seeing now in which came out of the Elementary and Secondary Education act 1965. With hitting our schools from the seventy. Where no parent is that I got out of -- with the school board that you grow at an interested parents are with. -- I got elected this school board. You point out later that's why I have very strong feelings about giving up. Collective form of government as is this at the school level. Always charter schools and totally opposed to tax underscored Troy said charter schools. Having been elected board member I know. That that's a very interesting quote I have from not. They writer doctor. Have members at the moment but he wrote a book called of river -- pollution. In the ninety's so what people remember this. He they could be Decision -- doctor Jacobs B -- But doctor chairman of the school board in California. In the early seventies. And people may think that. Present United States is the most important job in the world -- and all itself and but he said the most important. Elected official in the United States of America. -- score board director. Last. A lot of this interview is going to deal with. My views on the efforts of the neo conservative movement. And what can understand. People out there who do not understand what the neo conservative movement is all about all the do. I can understand why their side you into the neo con. Support for. School choice proposals. Rarely did they point out it's all tax. Condit school choice proposal. This as the -- can of course. I'm just listen -- -- starting this up this way because as far as I'm concerned. The most serious issue facing our country right now. As the loss of elected officials. Starting with school choice. -- -- They common core issue. To promote that. -- in other words. And if you have these talking that flag you know little at the deliberate dumbing down of America to have these. Coming out coming down on this side rather than supporting people. Who were talking about school choice. Charter schools. -- that are out. If it's really I'm sure to accept some enormously. That Charles. It's certainly the publisher of the about our writer of the 700 page -- documented after the hills. In regard to the deliberate dumbing down America where becoming. In favor of holding on to what I do consider to be an absolutely atrocious. Public education system. Because supported software. But I have to come down on that side. Think that's that's the only side it has elected officials left. And we're paying taxes into that system. We must not allow that system. He can be destroyed and taken over by corporations. You know like at the moment everybody thinks so -- anything anything anything I don't blame -- anything. Is better. And I don't blame them but that's. This far this tremendous push towards charter schools and school so it came along. I might have you know been willing to to help them a -- on this one. I would all I have always news that they would be looking at school choice. To control a whole education agenda and our country all the way down through home schoolers because it's the international system schools so. -- and so anyway are that simple I -- -- start without. I hope that parents understand what I'm talking about. A -- -- -- out of it I can't wait for one for one moment your position as I just want to make clear on a few things. You wrote the book in the late ninety's I think it's an updated you know then death a couple of years. The deliberate dumbing down of America right educational system right out and so we are totally in agreement. That there is an agenda. Behind. Keeping our children's defense. We I don't act and I'd totally destroying every bit of laws and values that they say how'd they came to school where it. Yeah I mean it's I think atrocious. What they're draw their brain research itself fighting. -- -- -- the agreement that brought -- inside listen for the child and Carnegie is solidly the academy of science Russian Soviet. The brand research is so frightening it's it's actually just great the brain. I know nobody can understand that that this excuse me I don't tiger. But that's what they're doing it. It's Russian psychology. Lauria as Skinner though it's hot lava but god allowed this is really irrelevant at this point. If he -- scary. Research to expect the brain. -- anything our children have been talked -- -- -- anything it's so that they will be able to implant. They're new and they are able to with a second bill with a computer -- -- the new philosophy of the new used toward world the world's first step. Sovereign vehicle factions. The constitution doesn't matter anymore. Mom and dad is error our bad. We've all got to go along -- economy you know cooperative system which is communism. -- the total agreement -- right there I I wanna make sure that -- down alienates. We wanna educate and not alienate and I think a lot of people will agree -- -- exactly what you're saying. That I want to I want to make sure we bring. What what most of us already are thinking or feeling. 700 page treatise. -- why it is a deliberate dumbing down of America. -- and -- in a conspiracy theories who cares what people -- right this is that this is. Yeah because I mean sure that they don't like you know what I want I really think it's important frank. It's sad that Barack 700 pages it's now free download for all your listeners which is great that could just go type in deliberate dumbing down dot com. As they can download that book. They can cut and paste anything they want I do it all the time a lot to do that some yacht and the index go to the index it is -- -- Find deployed. Does that take. Cut copy paste. Go to an email. Send the proof -- superintendent. -- -- -- oh whatever group says it's telling you that we've got to go for school choice go look for this -- fiscal Troy cadres. Yet in there. Find out who's really behind you UNESCO. The UN is behind school choice still are but the book. Is so vital and you can use it -- like now the updated version. We did that and in 2011 we published an updated version. Which covers 2000 to 2011. Not. -- -- covers the school choice issue. It covers all. UN agenda 21 on. It covers. Carnegie Corp. most important 1934. Document. In which the Carnegie Corp. Quote I've got -- little blue little book. It's -- American deception dot com that little book American deception dot com. The little book Carnegie. Splendid it was written by some major. American leftists. And Communists. In 1934 -- and it calls for using the schools. Two. Change America's capitalist economic system to a planned economy. That's verbatim. And it calls for taking our land. So what do what we're doing what do we get these the updated version was -- talks a lot on that although that's also in the older -- But we talked with a lot of that because of UN agenda to anyone and the kicking up Ryland. -- -- -- Many people have no idea what agenda 21 as can you very briefly summarize. All right how good OK I know diagonal. That's true someone over the weekend told me that is safe -- what his position of most people have no idea. I UN agenda 21. They really like to call it. World government. 101. That didn't let if you planned agenda -- look at the United Nations such is world government. And it has been ever since 1940. Following. But it goes much further back. And so. It all over the country now. You are hot. On unelected boards. You know -- them a lot of people listening know they see that you'll all call locally elected. Officials have far less. Say. Then there there -- duties have been taken over -- task force is planning group. The borders through your -- your county have been merged with other borders. -- you're losing your say. On just about everything are this is not the -- still it's consolidation are doing the same thing the school's. Now it's called regionalism. Now resource them. It's sound so if that doesn't. Well let's let's make it sound like in this -- Regionalism of communism. And I have a document but I have such geologists you know this California Los Angeles. -- this -- line and you could look him up in my date book deliberate dumbing down go to C when you go and download the -- -- -- -- alliance. He read an article for the Communist daily world in the mid seventies. And he's that the United States is moving fast to not torture regionalism. And then he got a lot more -- but the only but probably not come on the program committee don't know about but you can read the article in my -- -- come. But -- said. It works so well in the Soviet Union. You have so I don't try to get that information out prolong top. Because that that it's very well. With what President Reagan did in 1985. When he signed the agreement with president Gorbachev to merge the two education system. So that was essential. To implement the Carnegie plan. That I just read from right 9034. We had emerged the true to country's education systems. In order to have a that was Carnegie shut really uses schools. To change America's capitalist. Economic system to a planned economy. So the merger took place under Reagan and under Carnegie in 1985. And I tried to we all tried to expose that we put an ad in The Washington Times 5000 dollar -- I'm on the agreement. And that that's all we can probably read that money it's what we used to do see. Before the computer are activists get all sorts of wonderful things. We thought we stop the horrible -- said in Maine. Our organization I started here. Cited by the -- Kellogg foundation. Got flagged it as well believe it or not for people who are working against common core. One of their quality. Standards that we have our requirements. Outcomes. Performance than it was because of those that did not talk graders at least upgrade. I don't understand the three types of sexual intercourse including more than animals. And the reason I say that. It's just all comes out of yes go. -- talent any help education. And the people who are spending all their time fighting common core. Did not realize. That we have worst standards back then. Are we didn't have any help from all these conservative organizations. That are now involved in helping parents. And then we say why. We -- thousand dollars a month phone bills. Are -- -- of people activists in the seventies and eighties and -- Finding. Common core. Fighting OBE. Fighting sex addict and until then. Fighting global. Fighting a freshman Derrick -- assessment testing Carnegie again over over over. Not -- in education today. As not being touched. And influence and funded by the Carnegie corporation of New York. Carnegie Foundation think that's sort of teaching. Nothing. Carnegie -- United Nations. Alliger can't defend it it was Carnegie. The metal health initiatives are all Carnegie. The diet destroying program as a parent out there fighting now under common core whatever they want -- -- are commonly eat. The US Department of Education is Carnegie. Carnegie wanted to change America through the colts. Plays well -- right you start with you you know you educate the onion and you've got. I take several generations that you -- them. That's actually yes I know what we're looking. I -- And that's just for those marvelous parent out there who are fighting common core and I agree let me tell you common -- It's Marxist education. There's no question about it okay why. But it's more than techniques. If if the methodology. More than the standard that they are fighting. It's how their people. -- -- into the computer. And that could -- because everything will be computers that computer has the ability to stick change values completely. As sort of local -- all the original documents found that. It's the democratic questioning. Yet to find out first for the child I use our. And that is why. It's so much is not really paper and pencil. If if on the computer. Its portfolio work its group work. It's discussion and its social justice. As senator knowing that your social justice. And we -- your critical thinking that's communism. And that's what these parents are dealing list. That's what they're getting -- And what I want them to understand it says. He'll probably not had this and the the huge portion on. Multi millions billions of dollars from core prices. Going into the school choice agenda. Charter schools. And then all -- Gloria does public schools are falling -- speak. Because the money's being drained out of them and put into the charter schools who. And the charter schools aren't the workforce training and they're international. They had them all over the world there in Russia. They have no elected. -- -- So the parents who are fighting the common Cornell. Exclusion are fighting school choice. I'm making one big mistake. But this does think that they killed this dragon called common core. And it may even be told they are then even pass legislation like an Oklahoma and all the other states. I don't know that -- you know if you know biology. With a warmup piece of glass -- cut off goes right back. And it will come back works. And they're gonna get it in the charter school which they didn't fight to kill. They're going to get it in the tax find a private school. That they didn't fight to kill underscored twice. Home schoolers won't get it when the portfolio charters are now coming out of Louisiana. Doesn't hold school on. When the host course has sucked them. There won't get it and let me point out as people understand look if you want a global. Go to work system. And that's lifelong. Nationalized investors -- go to work from kindergarten at age eighteen. That's what they want to. Now look. They can't -- without every heartbeat on -- parliament being in the global com teamster. Otherwise we might -- hole like -- they can leave a few groups felt like home schoolers and private -- now we know they can't know. This is the global workforce. That we're looking. -- our profits for the global elite that's why you have all the corporate -- charters school people you have all the corporations. You know playing going and. Taking over the public schools. And we are allowing that to happen instead. Insisting on. Getting rid of the -- -- and education and community services because that's where Paula community service to -- They're gonna run all the -- services help. -- grandmother is believed in the -- School to work. Apprentice ship. -- are actually sure. Abortion clinics. Everything is going to come under the umbrella are the -- elected school council life long. Now. They can't get that through without school choice with the school's choice allows for our elected. Council. That's why we have to -- school choice. Now. -- victorious U Charlotte we are going to have to take a quick break up but this is a fascinating. Discussion and we will continue though. On this. Common core are dumbing down of America had a deliberate dumbing down of our educational systems. Release her returns a quick break this this recent -- living wealthy radio. Living wealthy radio visit Teresa's team online -- living wealthy radio dot com 180382. 0830. Now call 1803820830. Welcome back Austin to. Welcome you Rio -- Teresa com. If you are just now joining us. Former Department of Education policy advisor and common core whistle blower. Charlotte is to be about how America is being systematically -- down and what we can do about it. Now Charlotte your message is is very interesting because. Both conservatives and liberals of both sides of the aisle rejects your message. Why do you think that is. Well because. Did a lot the truth out there. And you know if that if I didn't have all the documentation. And research on it probably wouldn't bother to boycotted because people could say -- -- that's her opinion. But everything I've ever written from my first little 39 page book back to basics reforms. Forested area that are national curriculum and quote and -- -- necessary for a one world social assistance. Scheduled for their early years of the 21 century. Well got a little box a little dynamite brought 39 pages. And states like that what kind of that first. And then when reconcile differences Soviet Union that boycotted my fire Soviets that crop from America face such as that this is -- got out. Then they boycotted the big baby. Ben know that they boycotted this wonderful -- that we -- that. We've finally made it available at all you all have a price on YouTube it's called people thought today and it followed saying. The global road to ruin your education. Stupid conference territory -- although researchers and some public school teachers. And writers and researchers over a period of forty years. Came in this -- that's a great state disks that the people suspected that job they boycotted dot. Then they boycotted my updated version of deliver them and tell America. And nothing on the of that you know I'll be beyond. That's that's the seller Amazon I haven't yet made that it's free everything else it's. Offering you what does -- So. And it isn't a bottom line. And it comes to common -- and the educational system and actually every every system. That we got out there right from health medicine. Or education it's about centralizing. Power are taking the control out of the local. Elected officials. Are essential power so people -- local level. Don't have a say and everything is homogenized everything is the same. It's absolutely it goes back to the Communist principles which people posting to the answer our pride -- -- Oh come on and write really kind of some but. What is -- as them it's about having this. Man my name. Education having central power. Right if I collected collective miss them everything -- cooperate bad. No individual has done nobody is allowed to be confirmed that the whole outcome based all the performance based education. Skinner not. -- the whole goal was as to what to -- -- centralized. Collected by education and to dumb down their very very fine. The leaders and the outcome based bad movement. They have built stating he'd block. And the tragedy that they use that piloted the system first with a minorities. Across the country the good article but my web site called. Experimentation on minorities. This is another story and I'm not going to go into it right now but it's so tragic story of how they use the minority. Two to -- fact the new. Non academic. Skinner. Computer system. With no elected board. And no grades. No competition. As disinfect. Communist system of education. Sound familiar bright everybody gets award for showing up. Protect the self esteem. Yet. Yes absolutely had. I'm not just you can have yet they -- they boycotted may well first -- on this particular issue. We have. Our research comes from the educators themselves. And we have a report out of the Soviet Union in 1950 knowing where American educators. -- the Soviet Union it minister of education. -- tick. Sent them over there. And they decided that Communist education system. And we got the report. It's like on web site actually and now there are quotes from that report in the deliberate dumbing down America. And that report calls for exactly what's been put in now. No great no competition. Science math focused Darwin and padlock. In the exact extent. Now target for the -- to understand what I'm talking about they can go tour web site. Which. We'll show them the programme going in across the country now. And the other programs that are very similar but this one is is an interesting example. It's called reinventing schools coalition. Yes -- RI SC. And it used to be called. Risk -- school coalition but for some reason that they're now calling Marciano. Which really is a stupid thing for them to -- but -- Marciano. It's very unpopular. Within the top researchers parents and all who know. How if that is the beginning I think. You know that he is involved in the brain research. Had no access. It's great the brain critical thinking. You know credit that will remain clear out any old fashioned whatever you've learned at school or church or who -- -- grab -- -- So they -- Marciano now but it's still it's called risk on the Internet. And it's very important it is exactly what I sat. Children can graduate because they -- -- with certain graduate of fifteen for 21. Or workforce training. It's the -- -- that says. No competition. Okay contrived anymore. You know edit these safety is. All group think. And -- and there's maybe sit guys out there who I had because there's a whole horrible total quality management training. If for no particular lab systems management out. These pilot school from the original work done on this program that's going all over the world now. Received -- -- full Aldrich award. As a total quality management award. -- -- -- -- -- Are like children cars. You know while not note that people out there isn't Jewish she's talking felt badly about public schools the -- support if you support them no. I don't but now let me give you an example of. -- like you know. -- two options out impaired. Both are lethal. One frustrate so then the other. Option one. Is go to school choice agenda and the charter schools would unelected boards. Now -- agenda is supported by the neo conservative movement. The Heritage Foundation. All the different conservative groups you'd be good news in the pioneer in the -- Harry chestnut filly and every state so. You can be sure says. You're involved OK so. Now Obama. Arne Duncan OK the president and the secretary of education supports school towards charter schools. Heritage Foundation does. David Rockefeller council on foreign relations support says. Reed Hastings said Netflix does he call for getting rid of all elected officials. Real gross error of IBM. Calls for -- he called for getting rid of all 161000. Public school districts. And the anyway at the top. Support that affect a lot that's that's not sure whether tribe called that. The most graceful. Option too little -- Sorry folks but this call at the end of now. That if the president horrible first you know what's good about the present horrible system it's taken twelve. It has. Still pictures are rebelling against being pro forma basis. Driven -- it because they hate after the seventies the test that -- teachers. The officials so traditional -- -- uses books. And not computers. It has grave. It focuses on academics. Basically that's what's led to do and I know you're saying Julio -- know it's supposed to have in great shape he's seeking etc. And your child. Is allowed to develop out. His own way for his own conscience -- into the future to do what he wants. Not have a determined through Pablo to an offer traditional vegetable -- actually it is salty Priscilla and talk about us there. -- -- -- -- -- It got wet -- corporations have nothing to deliver school. Now the good thing about option Warren is all those things that are basically the skeleton of the system. Wouldn't separate lead on it it's pretty stinky. I mean just some people -- -- that's good form must be restored. And it's static fighting all putting all of flooded the common core. It's never gonna Norway. Are never going to go away because when they get their charter schools they're going to have to upcoming court. The is that charter schools are federally fund it. And I -- school escalated Davis thinks says there have got -- Troy. The ticket can actually they don't have any choices -- That controls. What what pays -- what -- Texas tax money it controls. Tax money it took control. I don't care what I don't -- what effect that I know that and you know what that's proper. You have to have accountability. When you're spending people's money. So that if that is proper. It's that the group of responding. Whatever it was I don't care. Has the right. Who apply regulation. -- different because -- US government is meant to represent everybody. So that is properly architect a penny. Under the school -- agenda. Which is supported by all of people I mentioned and on an optional one. You are controls you won't have a freeze. Lot. Education system. That you got in the public schools. Might have. An elected official you could go to to complain. And I hope I'm making that clear. So that is why I say it is the most lethal. Step broken -- this same curriculum. But warlords have an elected board. And that is the option that's run by telephone correlation -- -- Obama -- its Gerstner and any day. And the UN of course when. Okay. So we're store I know that those long shots. But would make -- -- Limit punitive side and talk and say okay. The -- lifelong agenda. This workforce training lifelong you know like the nationalized business says kindergarten -- age eighty. We'll let. This lifelong community at -- now. I hope I've made this clear we have to get rid of the federal role in education. Which -- should've done he could have. We have to make sure that nothing. That comes that no department in Washington on me until about health. Human services. Labor they have no role whatsoever. In our local schools. And we have to make sure that happens and we start restoring. And you know what we would have a lot of people on our side with this what. Lot of good teachers are still out there they are suffering behind closed doors I'll tell you they are. They're dying on the -- they're leaving every day. They had -- what's going on. When I used school money it's part of very serious we are in rock we leave it rockaholic myself. Let me explain what this recently happened and the conservatives don't know what to do about this -- I have a wonderful blog I -- -- world lecturing my block over and over and over that's the easiest thing for people really got to. Is that the truth about education dot. -- -- Style yeah ABC's. Are dumb down Blogspot dot com is unbelievable. So they've been their three month. And we Beasley and how does that -- you repeat that. What -- repeat. OK okay BCS. First then. Look all I have. The armed in the UN DD ROW ban. Blogspot. Dot com. Well I think this has died after. It's ABC have done Dell dot. Blogspot dot com. Everything I'm talking about today is the air especially the latest. The latest part of the agenda. And that's the scariest part. Is that lifelong education under the unelected -- south Louisiana. Is a model. They're fighting beyond it that great they've got a couple women had enough this up on you know. Faceless nameless group that are fighting the neo conservatives down there and knock him down you know what was his name. We've got his radio station yelled -- that bill will -- gives me hope. Glenn -- get other people is still -- gone up against some. And they're pulling all that for a condition people. Former Tea Party into the air -- Which is that they have the real -- like I do. That is our army in Louisiana. You can go out there and there on FaceBook. And they're called -- that people. LLC. And they're fighting the battle for all of us. Down there. Now and then I'm really. It makes a lot of sense because now let me tell you. Get -- supported school choice across the country and around the world charter schools and the lifelong community education system. His name is John air. His last job was vice president of this war. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He's out of Chicago. Is close to bill heirs of course that's his brother. The weatherman bomber. The building bomber. I hope our listeners. You know really pay attention to that if it. You've ordered research. And cool look at Carnegie Foundation and not the propaganda that they put on mine but the truth behind the Carnegie Foundation and Johnny Harris and Bill Ayers and what their agenda is. I don't care if you're conservative or low draw if you care about your children you care about having a local voice in control of the educational system. Hopefully that research will. A lift the veil all from. Your eyes as to what the truth does when it comes to. The dumbing down. Of our children and it's not just about dumbing down the Charlotte it's about centralize. Control. Of every bank. Education is just very important. To those in this agenda because if we can control. The minds of our babies. They've got them. -- he -- absolutely and with a computer. And you know that the the project -- leak. You know to the press. Putts so much to do it as that's why did see what was coming with a technology. Is already out curriculum. We all that course where it was developed in Washington by the different education associations. And it was sent out to the states. And a plaque says people thought that common core this is believed it would have to stop. Then the northwest regional lab developed all of the goals the goals collections. In the early seventies. I think they've set out 181000. That the standards every mistake. So does the common court saying it just the diversion it's to keep this wonderful parents. Who had every reason to be up -- I'm not saying they don't mean I have two other upset about these standards says. Since Carnegie paid born to -- and started the national assessment. Which all of standards I was consent of the Carnegie Carnegie and the northwest -- lab so. You know and then mark Tucker the last one you know who wrote that famous letter to Hillary out. You tell us what -- Carnegie total. He went into Rochester new York and all the other states Iraq's history that's an actual alliance for education and the economy and a and if he's so this -- Carnegie Carnegie Carnegie so here we end up. And I keep I keep wondering I've I've I've ever going to hear. Romney's conservative groups like Eagle Forum -- me I still work hard with legal form adopt them I don't eagle form on on education long ago. I get. So why can't we learn from them well. Where are we hearing from. Said they are supportive quotes -- chartered yeah -- I don't know what to do whatever you know I'm sorry you know. I -- I've got a letter on my way like some web site just slightly and is serving softly. 1995. With the -- are very nice -- What exercise website you. Unbelievable and had 25 pages all of document. All about charter schools being in Russia or about the neo conservative thing working with them but anyway as I look -- I've said what do you do and so it. I've never gotten an answer no. I'm sorry to haunt you don't hear her but. You don't if -- children -- future more important than keeping -- outside about the conservative group. We have to play -- stocks to -- -- late. All -- and no one the boycotted -- -- -- you know what are they can't block it I would say you. I sure would boycott might stop. Well what's interesting Charlotte as to who wants to believe -- the bigger agenda is and whether you're on the right at the laughter liberal or conservative how ever you. And if you know your philosophies. On what what side of the I'll your philosophies are aligned to wed. The bottom line is do we wanna give up control of -- the education of our children right -- And elected officials do we wanna give up the control away from. You know the local. Government and that is Charlotte I think your message. Through and -- We will link up the do web sites and your information I encourage people to read it. Your fantastic treaties that the dumbing down of our children. Come and we thank you for being our guest today. And I'd very much I really appreciate. It. -- on -- and I hope that you know that it's not I just one little thing of -- of setup and it better than for folks like you got your listeners Dalton's. Two years we would have been done along time ago. We have a lot of a marvelous people summer long long gone who gets all the ground work. And kept this country along like we torment goes down in 1976. The Charlotte right into your prayers tireless efforts in protecting. Our children's local. Education. Right hand down so god bless -- and and the work you do in Basra that it. -- hill and definitely helps you know they know it's called me. We'll have -- will have the link on the web site living while the radio dot com. Thanks so much much. You've been listening to living -- radio on talk thirteen seventy and -- -- the top thirteen insanity. Dot com. I'm free to pin and I hope you'll join me again next week as I should -- ways to live for wealthier. Resources are available for you on our website. At the living wealthy radio. Dot com. And.