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Retire, Set, Go - 8/24/14

Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Commentary contained opinions and analysis that are provided machines open for informational purposes only. And should not be used the primary basis for investment decision. Please consider your individual investment objectives and raced horses before making investment decisions Donald strategies discussed may be suitable for all. Securities advisory services offered through BS our financial services a registered investment advisor member advice -- RA MS IPC. Gentlemen and -- -- while they'll -- is not owned or controlled by ideas are financial services and -- our financial services think is not affiliated with -- -- -- -- you. And. It's time for retired -- go with your host certified financial -- Shane so all of -- Life doesn't stop at retirement change will guide you in making war. Own decisions about retirement investments maximizing Social Security in protecting your family and harder to this day. -- -- -- Guess -- folks if you change Shelvin welcome your listening to another episode of retired. Go as you know if you -- dedicated. Helping retirees. Prepare for what I believe is not the end of the race but I arguably the most exciting stages of your life. We finally have the time and hopefully with our help. A little bit more money to go pursue those things that matter most to you. Again I am sure you Sullivan on the certified. Financial planner professional. Here in Austin, Texas. And for nineteen wonderful years we've. -- teaching and helping individuals. I make better retirement decisions and overcome the unique challenges that come with this stage of life. Or go ahead while we're thinking about a Garnett to reach out and say thank you JoAnne in late quake that she's Reese who subscribes to our newsletter as lost Charles. Peak in temple. And that -- show and Austin all of them have reached out to our website or retire that go to dot com. Or call the show 512. 2984080. That's 2984080. The reason -- they remind you rapid top. That if you have a question may -- about this show but this episode or shows in the past. That is what drives this show we we've taken those those questions those comments those suggestions. And we love when people are reaching out and connect you with us because I do believe this is a big big topic there is a lot of people who are trying to retire. And they're number one fear is not running out of money. The good news is there's a lot of people who -- before you and that's exactly what we know how they show to bring those birthing class ideas. The -- show you how to maximize your income maybe picked a better investment. I argue picky there may be just avoiding for about a month. Of a lot of a lot of comments. Where around Social Security so security maximum they send. There are things that the you know I live in a neighborhood also so I get the same imitations that you get. I think hey come on the air to at this. The dime and learn that lesson learned -- Have a steak dinner learn how about Social Security strategies I get those fame imitations. And so of course it's on your mind and of course into each week we try to bring up ideas we're gonna cover some of those a little bit today possibly. And of course the most important thing I think is -- avoid. If not prepare. For those events that you just can't afford. On the can really force you take a pay cut and retirement. And undoubtedly there's some big ones though there's. Trying to avoid some Rivera talked about the investment decisions that you don't wanna make but there's the big ones I mean gosh. I know it's not a a fun topic it should -- -- life insurance is there for a reason obviously -- things can happen prematurely. And unquestionably one of those most devastating events that can happen. Later in life especially in retirement is divorce. Folks some very excite I retire now that is. Devastating if you if you think you're -- if you're worried about running out of money. Tried doing have to cut that in half is extremely hard to a lot of questions to come up maybe you know someone going through divorce maybe you yourself have gone through divorce. Maybe you're worried about and -- are what are you live on after divorce there's just a ton of things. From what's that many more. Health care. May be your age does play a factor into -- -- out that you do more attractive than others. All of these things matter how many encourages stick around this show. Because we're very excited that we have author as well as attorney Janice green to the board for a certified impairment law. The Texas board of legal socialization. She's also I think is really exciting she is a fellow. From the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers not to mention she is listed as one of the best lawyers in America. A Genesis is written a book called divorce after fifty. Your guide to the leaked the unique legal and financial -- challenges to restart your life. I'm encouraged folks if you know stomach this is affecting every single one of us know someone who's gone through divorce. But I argue just like investing investing when you're twenty. Is street is outrageously different than -- investing when you're sixty and I would argue -- I think -- is gonna go to prove the point that. Divorce for a young person is just different. Then divorce for someone who's a little older. And maybe even over at especially over fifty. As the stakes are higher and encourage -- stick around we're gonna go to commercial. In the meantime go to our website -- retire -- go if you have a question for the so. Where you're just go to our website retire -- -- -- give us a call. 298 4089. A 4080. Remember commercial we come back right back into history. Retiring soon I think you have a number of critical decisions to make double affect the rest of your life. Pension choices health insurance Social Security income strategies kick your answers and -- started today. This of switching Sullivan at Belle haven well dot com. And tune in every weekend for retire said go here on talk thirteen seventy. Lots of money. Welcome back to retire should go. Would change Sullivan. You're Shannon. Welcome back off -- this again this machine fell over and you're looking to retire that go. This just shows you know dedicated healthy individuals make better decisions. When it comes to retirement retirement one of the biggest transitions. They can happen in someone's life in each week. Based on your comments your questions we try to bring ideas to help individuals maximize their income. I can just be something as simple as making a better decision with your Social Security there's over 81 different strategies and it comes to Social Security. And most people know about one or two. -- what I worry about most of those folks who don't know about. The strategies that might affect them. I especially if they've had certain changes in their life. Perhaps you have someone in your life passed away or maybe you've gone through divorce a lot of those questions come up where my so secure. What Social Security were like for me. If one of those things happened. Course that's what the big go to become -- talk about today is divorce after fifty were very excited we've -- -- -- this dream. Chemistry is a board certified family law attorney. She's a fellow with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers issue voted one of the best lawyers in America -- there. Yes I have downhill and. Great I'm great I when I congratulate you on the success of your book divorce after fifteen your guide. To the unique legal and financial challenges. Restarting your life. -- What what caused you to write this book. Well. Around Pete fountain -- like started noticing things. The eighteenth at my client and at first I thought it was just. Yeah I aching and attracting older clients. And then I often mattered so tightly. Researching and having to think about different topic. And he's used with the elder client and started I started fighting some professional papers on the side kick in -- battle. A lot of the other thing and we layer or experiencing the same thing. And the war interested as well and all these different issues that come up. So that would sort of say to -- and then I decided you know there there wasn't any kind. The book. Or died out there -- huge. Trying to protect them -- by the hand and lead them through what they might expect in the later life -- -- -- and once they -- -- the other Eric. The book got published originally in twenty -- and more endorse second additions. And twenty Eric K and that's it's certainly has met a demand in and -- out there so. -- instead. Jerry plays that it. Helping the number of people and not have been able to be a part of it. While also. I do I think we see the thing thing on the investment side and I do what I do appreciate your approach. That this is not just. A legal issue this is a financial issue. Com and then we Boies argue that you know of course this so we focus on helping retirees whose laws and our practice. I also appreciate that your practice this is not just for the present the point of view of an author but a practitioner. That you've done this for awhile. -- -- You know like what are the current statistics on divorce generally are particularly those of folks over fifty. Well ID number. Divorces. It can roll out of the 1990. Has almost doubled in the area. Those later in line. It's increasing. And some of that may be -- is certainly his age. It could be bubble -- the baby boom and an -- lead then why -- this war. It's becoming more frequent later in life you know we yet. -- -- Longevity. And we have. I'm in much greater acceptance and divorce to stick my hand. Certainly minimized. And you know there doesn't some of the factors of why they're more of them that call and people are Jack. Viewing it as an option when and certain situations arrive later and -- You know I think it's important and which are dug up this -- show when it comes to retirement I think so many people. Underestimate. You know we argue that retired investing and retirement is harder cap and and we think that because look at that the stakes are higher you wanna make your money last. You really can't afford to lose it and surely. You can and yes less time to recover if you make some activity. Yet. I am a but I did think it was really interesting I was reading your book talk about some of those key reasons. Including even may -- say a mother may be -- -- your mother didn't have proof of divorce. With help costing. Some people may take this as an opportunity to make a change in their own life. What are some of the other teams what are some of the other big reason that you see kind of pushing folks in to making this kind of decision. I think that there is -- -- that in there and confront my generation is well. That he you know we are living longer are there. We. Able to. I have a lot of activities look toward an active. Life and beat these 70s80s. On top. No there is this recognition. At some point. That my goodness I have I have a lot of years ahead of me. I'm maybe not as many as I have behind me that I -- I have it you know this desire for. Happy and yet there is discontent. And they can't find. There is along with that at designer -- -- could just change and is. Perhaps get out what his man and I'm happy. And unproductive kind of relationship. Are there other reasons. I think what people react to illness -- whether it be. It for themselves or. With that found. There's a lot of research out there about rural -- can. Bark divorce but it could spark. He used in the relationship. That you have and we say it certainly time. Chances. Facing. Serious illness increase yen to back Canadian -- that leap from one and that direction at divorce. Didn't have and you have people. And -- and in the young folks you know where you lose them. Common purpose that and the narrator common interest. And a lot of current plan that the kids have black and that -- when one or bad bounces three -- They find themselves looking at each other realizing that they don't really have anything in common anymore. And if they think that sometimes that that's our. That believed they were again into the divorced -- Yeah either you know I think that factor could afford the later -- -- force -- It is certainly looking at all the social and cultural changes that you know laughs -- decade. From. Women becoming more activity workforce. Issues that -- balance coming out of the closet and being. Different guys in England that you know whether it be -- is. -- -- abuse or physical talent. There is their ticket number. In the the when you know all the board. Yes it is if prevalent and exists in all states that have been out of social changes that I think contributes. -- see it hit the increase divorce. And you know we have. What you've made reference to keep this motivating locked. He mentioned the parents and their consent for. Lindsay years -- lazy health and that sometimes. -- people into making drastic changes in their life. And this issue. It's gonna cut interest staying with the questions that -- aren't -- Potential clients who -- chatting with for the first time is. Have there been any death -- the family -- whether a parent or other family members are close friends. Because sometimes when and that occurred and it -- close to these start reevaluating. Your life. And the way what's important and maybe what king do you want debris and all of that even when you have got someone who is. In their sixties and their parents. Die from Peru and daddy then. Well birth ban in two into considering. All of reconsidering their marital situation. Where before it that when that parent with the lines. They may not have considered divorce because they didn't wanna say that judgment of their parents and but later not that exists even when the child is in the fixed in her sixties or his sick if he does hope they're eighteen I think that a lot. Whether it today. And family member right for iron to a war are looking at it from the angle. I want could help. And you don't do things that can bring people to a point. Reevaluating. Their degree of happiness and reevaluating their capitulation and cold front is certainly one of the big ones that's reevaluated. You know what I hear you really pointing out of the that we talked about this whole lot is. You know -- -- you think. There's a lot of resources out there that would might suggest say investing his. That's what you have to do your -- successfully this look you know this is how you divorce this is the basic and say yeah you get out to judge and put the assets right. Have you go your way I go my way but that's not that's not really true and I think what's really important especially for folks who are. Fifty or older may be in early retirement is the real realize that there is they a lot of emotional. A motion are emotional trigger points that we should try to be aware of and our own life and start to prepare. -- there's no question you mentioned retirement that's something we talked about every single day in our in my life. Him but I worry so much about people who just think okay retirements can be that easy. Mom and not recognize that it can be. A very challenging moment as you try to refocus your life as far as purpose. And on the -- and if you're not aware of what you're retiring to vs just returned from. I'm back can lead to depression that could lead to a lot of mistakes you may regret even may be if the divorce. If you just had you have in some kind of crisis here that we could have prepared for. But that folks I'm encouraged folks if you have a question go to our website -- retire or so ago we're so excited we're talking to. -- green board certified family law him into an author of divorce after fifty your guide to the unique legal and financial challenges. To restart your life. And occurs we're gonna go to commercial we come right back with a double little deeper on the reality that. When you get a divorce. Things are gonna be different as we move to plan -- and again the Seinfeld and you looking to retire. Retiring soon I think you have a number of critical decisions to make double affect the rest of your life. Pension choices health insurance Social Security income strategies kick your answers and -- started today. This is switching Sullivan at Belle haven well dot com. And tune in every weekend for retire said go. Here on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to retire said go with -- Sullivan. Once again here's -- Welcome back folks again mr. Seinfeld you're looking to retire that go. And we are on we -- here which in this school room chemistry is now just attorney with that is on the best lawyers in America. She's the author of divorce after fifteen your guide to unique illegal it's a financial challenges to restart your life Janice welcome back. Before the break we are talking about. Some of these emotional trigger points while means it could be a loss you shared that. Mom. You know what I so I would say just a -- they're doing is it's in the book ever occurs in the gonna retire -- we also -- only do we how the book fair. How this -- this interview we also found some promotional. Arm discounts via your publisher know low the summit by use those are time sensitive. I'm encourage everyone to go to retire or go through listening. Com or one of circle back into the website to listen to again America like Minneapolis and things two or three times to really catch it. But before the break we're talking about some of these emotional trigger points that might cause. Some some do you believe in your observation. That could lead to someone making a decision like divorce that are unique to someone maybe fifty or older. Yeah. Some of those you mentioned of course were maybe the loss or maybe the fear of loss for the B health retirement. To really tell like the step as far as retirement I'll tell you from our perspective now we talk about retirement planning all the time here on the show. And without question. Over and over and over the number one question we get asked of the number one fear. Still remains. Running out of money that is the number one and fear of anyone facing retirement. Is part of your process to kind of help people walk through the financial reality. That may be their plan -- Whatever the envision the retirement or their life from back up to that point with a look like in the future has now taken a turn towards B plan B. Yeah heavy economic and maybe walk us through some of those those factors. Well that's the first thing that I try to get people to do is. Because one you have to start dealing with the man who -- -- You that you can and -- divorce process. And the first thing is that you have to do is identify. What you've got you've got to know. What you have and it. Still very common that perhaps one and a lot of them. In control. My -- in the they're relevant period with his manager. They're finances. In their assets in debt and whatnot. And the important thing is that. Both people need to have. -- base of knowledge about what they hand that that's the first step to. I did a -- all they have that. And all of the liabilities. And then the second step is. And I -- spent a lot of time on this debt. Intact if we have completely all right community property day. And not all community property states are defending operates. No thanks kind of assumptions. And I think you'd have to -- now. What -- separate property. Because -- community property is divided in the divorce can affect our property is any property. -- the body inherit. Or -- feed by yes. Or inherited. More had been. At the beginning of the marriage that they had acquired prior to the marriage. The second step is TV out. The effect of property the third step which I'm sure we'll spend time on is valuation. -- what you have what is the fair market value. Your -- says. And then the final step of talking about their body. What you've -- And it's very important not to get in the event -- because. Everybody is going to eat and now what there and what are the characteristics. Of the aunt said. And what -- the tax consequences that factor but that isn't that very important that people down. Begin negotiating. Try and immediately before everybody is on the same page with the -- knowledge. You know I can imagine I can imagine you see this a lot even an amicable. Divorces. Sometimes. You know you have a giver -- somebody who just wants to be. I don't know how peaceful. Maybe -- feels guilty. I don't know and he can see where somebody might also. I think in an amicable. Divorce. May not recognize. The true value may -- the after tax value may be. I think of the term one man's junk is another man's treasure each each of us may value things differently not just fine as they looked out a financial. Or over. Remember remarks remind everyone to go to our website retires or go where they can reach out with their questions. For me it won't make sure that we include those with less than those -- -- green. Is -- board certified family law attorney. He's also listen to a best lawyers in America. I'm very impressed with she's a fellow American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The most important -- she's written a book called divorce after fifty -- guide to unique legal and financial challenges to restart a -- folks we have. But this podcast on our web site. And occurred due if you know someone who's gone through divorce if you yourself are considering resort were divorced or maybe selling -- family. This may be a great opportunity go to our website to retire -- ago. We can find this interview you can find additional material that might be a helpful as well as links to how to find her book. And we've added some promotional discounts from her publisher to help you get that booking your hand -- you get the answers that you need folks I want -- thank you -- into the show. When reminded that we're here every Sunday talk about thirteen 70 at 1 o'clock. -- we'll do next week to sustain themselves. Commentary contained opinions and analysis that are provided machines open for informational purposes only. And should not be used the primary basis for investment decision. Please consider your individual investment objectives and results as before making investment decisions Donald strategies discussed may be suitable for all. Securities advisory services offered through BS are financial service is a registered investment advisor member -- UN RA MS IPC. Gentlemen and fell in while -- -- is not owned or controlled by -- our financial services and he has our financial services think is not affiliated with -- total of 37 -- and yeah.

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