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Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's -- NY radio group. -- presentation. Of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of delicious missed the food and -- radio program for Texas. As always delicious -- is a presentation aspects wines spirits and finer foods. We have a terrific it is somewhat Italian flavored show for you that's of course my favorite kind of flavor just about any time -- coming you from Houston this week a little bit later will be doing a great ingrained tasting segment tasting talking learning trying. And generally expanding our knowledge of wine spirits and beer. But actually in its opening segment and in the closing segment as well we did some of that as well because we come to a brand new restaurant. In Houston that's where we are this week called -- without -- And the sub title you might say is pizza and Barton and believe me I'm okay with a garden but I am really in the pizza so happy to be here at cult of RA and I have two guys here. The make a lot of these things happen one way or another in the kitchen behind the bar and probably few other places. Jeff Ryan O'Hara is here and and also Morgan Webber with a lot of rolls around the restaurant. But but today Morgan is sort of a -- solid just extraordinaire with some some new flavors that I have never tried before. So so because I always you know talk about food and then proceed to get drunk in that order. Ryan what's story here I mean I've known you and several of your places over the years that seventeen downtown and of course the grove at the discovery green. A beautiful beautiful restaurant in the middle of a lot of nature as that we are. And then of course and you are in Europe rediscovered revived revival market days where you guys worked together. I'm doing a lot of foods from scratch that well people don't usually do from scratch anymore. So how does this day in your personal narrative your personal vision what are you doing here and why does that make sense. Well it makes a lot of sense and cents from the I've always wanted to have a small neighborhood restaurant where we can really focus on. On the flavors of the food and at the same time be -- unpretentious and -- and friendly. And really have regulars who can come in and in no way it what we're all about and they they really feel like coming to a place that they until confluence. And I think my partner Morgan feels the same way about the style in which we wanted to do and revival here this is the perfect template to jump into that we were -- producing all these from scratch goods and we wanted to take -- such as. Of all the jams jellies -- that local artisans bring us we -- salute these things like the shoot Dolan and salami and pat Hayes and all kinds of cool to Marines so it. With that -- am I correct at all salami is still gloomy but not also Lumia salami. That is correct you're tiger so to define that a little better salute me as the family you know and -- rich history and an Italian system and it. And then a salami is. Hey so -- so that's correct. I'm happy to meet that stuff anywhere any time. Now now now Morgan how about you that the the progression in the evolution in the expansion from. Revival market which you know was very is very very popular as a place to go by kind of in a retail adding I would say a lot of these products -- to kind of what did it take to convince you guys stick. Kind of revisit the idea of doing and and restaurants -- restaurant and bar and garden right. We'll process started you know our ranch in -- two hours south of Houston. Raising our pigs and then. That we saw the need. To kind of want and and want to do our own stuff. -- revival. And then we saw a need here to kind of move that to restaurants and so we really. Everything we've done it's kind of in need based we when we found -- in my life right right so we've. We built the kitchen revival when we built in mind that -- -- function. Somewhat as the commissary for other concepts that we would do and it doesn't it's not totally commissary for cult of -- right now. Which you know a lot of so limited we make over there on this -- pizzas here it's -- -- this is a cult of ours is a natural extension. You know the stuff that run and I both like and enjoy. That's good when that happens now. Now been talking about the comfort level here in the restaurant I mean we're here in the in a neighborhood called the heights and Houston if you don't know -- it's it's a wonderful neighborhood with a lot of history as Houston goes. And and one of the things. Morgan that gives this place the comfort feeling is. The kinds pipes and uses of wood in the dining room and I take it you have a lot to do with that tell me a little bit about the how the wood came together I just about all of they had previous flights somewhere else. Well kind of like revival and a lot of artisans that. Tend to really focus on that one thing they do and do it well this is -- the desire -- fire while. A lot of it was thrown around in my head is just a result of having great craftsman and artisans on board. To execute these Eunice weird crazy visions that we might have had. How does that work OK so you perhaps we used collectively are you separately have a weird crazy vision. Com how do you describe that to some artists and in the and it happens shirt. Right away you know we won at this place to feel used and worn and and comfortable the second we opened and knew that we. Can achieve that if we didn't start with relief. Old comfortable materials. Using our top that was in a restaurant North Carolina that Ryan. Used to work out. Being able to procure that I mean that's become somewhat of his vocal piece of the whole of the whole restaurant. And then we've got. A guy and the sides is an architectural salvage guy. Who can tell us every little bit of material. Story on it the material that he's. Found for us he's just passionate about what he does as we are about the food and injuring X here. So being able to you know it's happened is resources. And then are metal guys do it helped us from revival to hear our. Would guys to purchase and incredible people who work with it's as it was is coming together all those things and we could have done an -- for share. Well -- And and certainly it's a great great look now now Ryan you're one of the chaps who who taught me a lot over the years about. Farm to table cooking so I mean with the way I understood that that men get -- a bunch of farmers but I didn't know you're gonna like become one. You have this humongous garden it doesn't just pretty is not just a few leaves the basal hanging from a window somewhere. Mean tell me about the extent of what you're trying to do garden lies because that's the farm is right outside that door. It is in its. You know it we always work -- close as possible and and we really wanted to bring home that point. I think I have food too close too often look anatomy. Well it's a lot of fun I'm not a gardener and I'm learn. 3000 square foot garden right next to us and do restaurant itself actually 23 -- reference of the garden is bigger than the whole building. And we actually have an on board Gardiner who is one of our prep cooks who is working out there every day. And I've been working with him and we've been design mean how are planned rotation of basically a crop rotation what we need when we wanna pull it out. And it's been somewhat of -- challenge young novice at that. But to be able to go outside clip here salad for the evening bringing an end and serve it an hour later it's pretty amazing and we can see -- in our customers' faces. We can design in the menu OK we have you know -- -- coming up in this bed. And we wanna use that we have Raddatz is coming in this bed at a we won't use it repeats coming in this bed and we when -- -- And that's just an incredible feeling as a -- because we know we're giving the freshest. Most local food -- -- -- it must change a lot -- and down. So so one of the things -- I just -- takes a couple things here while we got you in the -- -- while I'm in the mood. I'm respect that now everybody seems to know what that is that's the sort of -- dinner grilled or whatever. Italian crusty bread. But this is amazing it's like a trio of tell me about each of these Bruce get. Well as you said it is very commonplace in Italy especially and I -- -- fortunes of living Toski when I was a younger. And we've got these for -- all the time right when you sit down so wanted to do play on that that was locally driven so the first one we have is. Texas 1015 onions which is special Texas -- Nice and sweet and we -- those down to the very soft and even more sweet. We put a little Texas coach he's underneath and then as you said the -- Brett. Then we have second when it's paired with is caught it she'll repeat which is kind of -- pinkish candy straight beat. Then we have some butternut squash appearing underneath that and then a little packed -- cheese topping off. And then the last one you know -- a huge answering fan is that kind of controversial whether some people like them and some people don't. I love and terrorism needs of those nice like white media and cities that. Very very suck -- and I think you know we put that with a little more of Garden Show -- book culture -- which has a sour tang to it and in the crispy bread so. I think it's a nice to verse pairing and a play off of a very classic -- Tuscan approach to food. Well all Ryan -- Morgan levers they witnessed here I have to tell you guys in in my time in Texas there have men that many restaurants that I've been around are known that it generated as much excitement as as as much kind of like. Got to get in the air like now as as -- to Bahrain has here in the heights. So that of course is why I'm here why am I talked to you why am. Stuffing my face with a wonderful things and wouldn't do that a whole lot more when delicious this -- returns. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John the murders. And now from the shelves of suspect wines spirits and -- good list. It's great and bring it out today on great brain with a flying experience. -- love -- here -- let me just cut the chase here -- wood grain that's what we're doing we're. Raining today and that's always a nice twist because we do a lot of great things here I'm great and grain and probably griping to you for that matter. Outward looking ahead to a terrific festival coming up in Galveston and moody gardens in fact. And it's it's actually the largest craft beer festival in Texas and I've just been told that it it's one of the best -- -- the top ten beer festivals in America it's called brew masters craft beer festivals so -- -- -- segment into different parts we're -- of course paste some craft -- from where in Houston so imitates craft -- from Houston which is near Galveston after all. And then also talk about the wise and where fours of the craft -- movement which as you know if you listen and take notes and record the shows and listen -- them in your sleep is a major theme here on the great great segment just what is this craft -- thing -- two guys here in this opening half of -- -- -- -- good deal about this -- with Joey Williams aspects is that -- department manager and also frank -- -- who's -- looks at -- -- with special -- merchandising and just all -- man about beer frank over here now. Now Joey lets me from my perspective the -- where you hang out and where we we buy a good deal these Beers ourselves. What is the fascination because I didn't see it coming I have to admit I mean I thought the world always drink nothing but light flavor -- corporate PR. And be damned happy about it. But instead we have all of these breweries all these micro -- to this that the other breweries all of the making very very specific unique. And and labor driven -- what has happened to our taste but that we love craft beer now. I don't think it's anything that's happened or taste buds I think what it is and there's a realization that beer can tastes. More than and the like something other than what we were offered initially if you talk to burst. That's what got them into to have that epiphany beer you still talk to craft beer drinkers and I didn't realize that beer can tastes wrestle talked wine drinkers come our department. And a spear sensitive that we I had no idea appeared -- -- -- -- I'm gonna take this and -- convinced one drinkers to drink beer and sort of line at the table so it's just a realization that there's better things out there. Kind of a spy at some you know saying hey -- come -- up here. Now now about this festival Brooke masters happening in in Galveston moody gardens Labor Day weekend I mean I've been to several days this is the fifth annual I may have been all -- I don't know who's counting. But I love this festival and this year I'm told there will be 400. Maybe more than 400 Beers for the tasting as the specs guy around here. I mean. I'm guessing this must be a real boon to to getting people interested sort of getting them curious when like my dad -- the same beer for like 65 years I mean and that's so not what this is about going to a festival like this. Must be really good for your customers come in and try things. It's incredible for us and it's incredible for the -- try things -- -- Fordham and 400 different Beers. The mid Atlantic and I hope so. The majority of those art imitates the sentiment that well you'll have many people have that realization a beer -- tastes like something other than what -- -- it -- And don't have that epiphany yes we actually grow the community through this. I you gotta like a guy used the word epiphany that's one of my philosophy is now speaking of -- is frank -- murders here. And you're from -- Arnold's and -- here based in Houston has been one of the real leaders -- the older guys on the block if you will when it comes to that sort of grasping with this craft beer thing is all about from your perspective it's and -- mean what do you think what you guys trying to do that in you know 152030. Years ago. People that's just didn't know about beer at all and now it's happening all around. True what we learned over the years we've been around for twenty years now is that. Craft -- is really about our community and part of letting our community grow it is. Focusing on and making people really come to us often and regularly and try new things and it's not a one and done sort of deal for them they keep coming back to keep trying new things they grow with us they follow you know when we expand the brewery when we change things we have things. And they feel like they own part of the period that way it's it's the we're giving back to the community in the essence. It's really interesting that both you and Joseph used the word community I mean you know in another time we -- -- set like fan club -- or lovers of this that -- the other. But you guys see this as kind of a community and that's really really interesting how does that what do you think of how does that come to be how -- craft beer lovers become Walla community. It's interesting it's almost like a natural. Having fun and tasting enjoying it and talking about it communicating. What with what your drinking on a different level where. We're chatting we're we're talking about things are tasting what it's pairing with how that's. Of holding for us and it's it's it's environmental too you know you equate. A particular beer taster flavor with you know that one time that you had a great experience by the pool with their friends or the other time that. You know you have a life changing moments celebrated with a special really pulled out of the cellar it's been it's kinda connects with the out of visceral. So we got beer here from saint Arnold and one that Joey brought us from founders wanna hear about that too bad for starters here's one called weed -- which is is interest staying in and what what is I'm I'm -- say you're talking I tell me about it frank what is weed wacker. So we -- -- it's the around here for us it is -- -- half price and style beer it's. It uses the very happy now way you around here for me as well by the excellent. It's a use of the very FC east so you get a lot of demand a lot of cloak notes it's on filtered view that east the and to finesse to it. The reason it's called we lakers' very popular vehicle lawn -- in this is actually the exact same -- lawnmower but with a different east Lama or use the -- seize the -- And we did -- to showcase. To people what used to actually due to a -- because a lot of people don't realize. How big of a component that can. While an end and then the next being the -- next -- Arnold peers called bishop's bishops what bishops barrel Texas craft brewed -- This is of course not of course this is much darker then then the the weed -- what's the story on this one. So all of our bishops barrels series of Beers are would aged -- and they all make it into a barrel of some sort via -- order line rum tequila. All kinds of different like a live in the has barrels to battle groups we try to as often as -- The one that your drinking now is vicious spiral for -- of fights and -- aged in wood reserve Burton barrels with coconut so. My best way of explaining that spears it's like sitting down in the morning to -- cocoa puffs button pushing the milk aside capital permanence that. -- that's the plan I hadn't really heard that a thought at all in my town but it's a good idea -- that now Joey I mean one of the things we hearing craft your -- is you know craft -- happening all over America and so this craft -- in Boise Idaho or or firm Burlington Vermont but but I mean people who -- craft -- have a special theme for local mean here at specs mean. To people coming in with a kind of mindset like that it's almost like farm to table beer or something mean to people coming and wanna try our very own Beers. Absolutely people wanna see what is what is made their backyard where is offered their bank are for supper reasons thirst most certainly -- the -- -- concerned with Korean. To the transportation for shorter distance. It is beneficial like during mine in the parking lot absolutely that's I would do that it's well. But. Again it's it's a -- a community you feel tied to those people they support your community many of many -- like -- and like -- wonder and many locals have community outreach they do things for the community support and so our community supports him in response. And that's really super now before you have to take a break here and malicious mischief I -- you brought something called -- -- founders dissent there. And is that says imperial. What what what is this all about what are we what are we tasting your right now so what I was told. Initially was just brings something that is excited about. In the craft beer we -- what you'll see at the debris masters festival. There will be many special release be yours that you may not have a chance to have again this is one of those such spears. It's a large. I PA promoted as a blocker like frank said -- it says I PL ride and how -- I didn't even bring that up to that but I don't know what that means. Generally it's an IPA from it is and nailed it here it's firm it's a locker elect frank said the impacted the yeast is tremendous. In this sphere you get a cleaner fermentation so it's more hop forward -- flavors are more honest you don't get that interaction with the yeast. So I'd like it because. Crisp clean. Hot forward it's exactly what I want out of the spear and like this it's literally so. Just like just like you said go to pre masters -- -- -- things you can get otherwise let's -- -- I have to say thanks to guys like you I'm becoming more hop forward everyday life I think that's the new me. You know I things like I PA isn't just such wonderful eye openers then in several senses of the word that such wonderful lessons in what beer can be that may -- we didn't used to know that beer can be well. Thanks Joey Williams who's the -- department manager here at specs and also frank crack and ever. Of saint Arnold brewing company here in Houston we got two more guys and what is happening now how many more tears taste here on the list is also celebrating the looking ahead to -- -- masters -- your best. Labor Day moody gardens in Galveston all that and more delicious -- there. Still hungry. Here's another helping a delicious mischief which are host John Denver just. Welcome back everybody to a. Breaking -- segment from the shelves of specs wines spirits and finer foods we're looking ahead to something right now and event coming up Labor Day weekend an amazing event. The largest craft beer festival in the entire state of Texas which as we know consumes a lot of beer more and more and more of it being what. Called itself for what I would call craft beer. The suspect's fifth annual brew master scrapped their best to coming up moody gardens that being in Galveston on the island of Galveston. 400 featured -- -- that part two concerts all right. Fireworks I'm always end it. So it's a coming up the Labor Day weekend if you don't have Labor Day plans what you do cancel them because the brew masters craft beer festival is way more fun now. In the second half of our breaking -- segment we're gonna turn to two guys from a newer brewery here and in Houston called eight wonder. Right answer -- is here and I like I like your year title on the your business card it's called entree brand new war. -- -- Co-founder -- -- now now Aaron let's let's start with you mean. Let's talk about this festival and an end you know brew masters in general and craft beer in in you know all that stuff. I mean what's the excitement level of you guys -- -- wonder you know kind of one of the Newark kids on the block getting to put all your stuff in front of all these people who at least by association love beer. -- vessels like brew master one mile up masters and air -- vessels the world mice and indoors. With these first one my heart. With these vessels get to meet a lot of new people and have a lot of new people -- -- So we are kind of at Newbury so we get to broaden our horizons to a whole new market people but it never tasted it before. And and -- like these guys are making some really nice -- then they go down the block that -- what everyone else is making so it's a real community effort. Where everyone gets -- great -- and balls for the community. There we go bolstering community again I love that I didn't know that word as well as it relates to be here about I like it now now allow Ryan. Let's let's talk about eighth wonder I mean what's kind of the story can as a means that one of the beauties of craft craft Beers in general is there's always a store there's always like real people you know starting something men with a dream -- all that the -- like. Corporation which is. Okay but it does now and how much of a story and let's do they talk but eighteen point seven you guys you're 1847 was about a year and a half ago. What's the story of -- wonder how and why and how how did community. -- for support most all of us senate corner from peace and born and raised and we have the huge tie am proud to -- estonians. Were friends. Aaron and I we met in grad school at the university Houston Hilton college of hotel and restaurant management and you know we -- we just brewed -- together so little underground home brew club and one thing led to another in a business plan is for written. And we partnered up with some other friends and business partners Alex as the key to as a chef man Marcus that beastie boys and we launched. Eighth wonder in east downtown Houston to small craft brewery also known as ego in Ito. You know. We're a small craft three and we take a lot of pride in what we room we take a lot of pride in this great city. That is it's great at all kinds of levels but one of the things in the story that intrigued me that has come up again and again and again with craft brewers -- -- no matter how successful -- even slightly barge they sometimes can get is this home -- thing. I mean I. I don't know hot if I've ever met anybody brewing beer and a craft beer mindset. -- wasn't home -- first and in what how how does how does that. World figure out who's going pro -- looked at that. It's very in my humble opinion. I think a lot of great Thursday come from the marine background com. But to release dollar and operate eighty successful. In and justice rate brewery union a true -- you need that scientists need. In -- and that's kind of the next level from number two professional brewery. You know I call myself a home brewer and -- wasn't emperor but -- also sciences he's a professor at the university -- he teaches grooming winemaking in -- he's getting his Ph.D. at an -- basically -- and -- he calls it molecular and environmental plant sciences like politics greens and feel like that's on that. Ultimately like by -- you can drink and it's you know the brewing world this is perfect beautiful blend of business art and science. And -- got to have the passion which really does stand for that kind of home brewing introduction but to take it to the next level to go professional you've got to -- in. The true science element of it and you've got to kind of blend in the business as well. Absolutely and that's true of everybody on on the show because you know whether it's a restaurant with some chefs who has a grand idea I mean. If you can't really run -- business then no matter what your art is -- probably not going to be around for very long and that's going to be true craft beer. Not now not Aaron let's talk about some of the Beers you brought us to taste because I am the lucky guy who gets to take them. This this first one it's called the home foam which seems to have kind of a Houston bit of history attached to what what is that story and and what it what am I tasting for like the wind dies would thing. Don't -- is actually collaboration that we did with the local group. Hillary. Dome phone used to beating nicknamed forty. You're in the answer -- so we want it is light at that was first rate stuff. At that this is the craft -- version of that so what this is is a light easy drinking -- back email. So emails -- really popular for prohibition and so let's probation happened actually the Canadians went ahead and they started taking over that email has taken a back and Canadians which we should. I thought I'd. I think so so we have another beer here and -- by the way are all from from eighth wonder brewery here in Houston and one of the -- well I mean -- like 400 Beers at the festival Brooke masters but one of the ones that is new enough exciting enough and and really going great guns enough that people are really going to be trying to try. -- second beer is called cops than now one of the things that seems like more and more new comers to craft beer and coming to get their -- around so to speak. Is hops I mean you know we all grew up watching beer commercials like multiple hops multiple hops. And that we knew there was some kind of relationship going on like on FaceBook but I am. Cops seem to be very popular and how does that embrace of the -- taste. Kind of get behind hops stand. Beer you know also very interesting to connect to things to appear primarily bitterness as -- I always try to avoid bitterness but except in there. So that's a little bit of bitterness as well as aromatic properties so this -- is actually in English IKEA so actually has a good amount of malt. To balance some of that top plate and give it a little bit of cleaner finish because hops Beers really really great -- one of my favorites. But we have a lot of hot summertime here in Houston you know he still wants -- means dry mouth so this'll kind of -- the mouth be ready for that next. And and then and the one after that so I am so so -- Ryan let's talk about in this is an interesting bunch of words here I mean rocket fuel. It's it's called Vietnamese coffee Porter. And I don't know what that's even bow Vietnamese coffee and then to be here and in order Nevada words what what are those words mean in terms of what's in my glass right now mr. rock. -- is a beautiful beer permits accorsi. Basically created a monster here you know in Houston we have a large Vietnamese population and I personally love going to Vietnamese sandwich shop getting you know -- -- may begin a boy -- his -- me you know and maybe -- -- nice steaming bowl five. You can compliment that at most the shots with what's called cafes to -- And that's of basically it Vietnamese as copy to -- robust coffee with a layered sweetened condensed milk -- strong coffee in India nice sweetness to it. Being from Houston team that grew up and he's been -- sandwich shops and such we wanted to to. Do -- take on this make Vietnamese copy Porter copy Porter is a pretty popular style. Across country we had never come across one that was. And of dialed in in this Vietnamese coffee style and now we again we love. The community here in -- -- kind of the buzzword -- and in my two cents at community in -- after this but basically we collaborated with the local premium coffee Brewster called cleanly copy company. And now we use a coffee entry to -- cafe in the that was a no brainer so they provide us delicious cold brew robust coffee. We blended in with the -- we had a little bit of milk sugar and that and it is giving this essence of the path AC dot beautiful thing about this beer. It supporter so a lot of people that person that's a nickel that's heavy and thick try that -- clocks in at this lightens minute four point 6%. We thought remember this once a year we got such great reviews we are brewing this year around and we came -- at. Now in its really that I'm not a big heavy artery kind of guy so I would be good test case and I like it a lot now now what you wanna say about community in terms of the craft -- movement got about a minute left there and let you know I'd like you -- You know it's this this is the buzz. -- today and it kind of has been through in the entire history of brewing. Communities performed around breweries and breweries performed around communities this is nothing new pieces actually centuries old and right now they're just a resurgence in kind of touching base with their neighbors and with with your surroundings and it's it's just goes hand and with beer. Well I'm I think now I'm gonna go hand in hand and -- thanks to eighth wonder thanks to -- Arnold thanks to. All of these wonderful -- breeze in and -- many many many in Texas I mean when I travel to Dallas Austin San Antonio even out to the big bend region now there's a craft brewing company your operation out there. And it's really really exciting to think that that you know this is happening it's exciting to think that we can enjoy it. And and that you know what it says about us as people as community and -- courses beer drinkers is really pretty cool. We do want to encourage people to to find out more about brew masters craft beer festival coming up layered Labor Day weekend presented by -- that moody gardens. Down in Galveston great take all the way around they you can go to brew masters beer fest dot com for more information and I think you -- that about. That in today's great Ukraine from the show suspect wines spirits and kind of -- delicious mastered I have one more day. Right after that. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. future host -- to murderers. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on the malicious mischief -- Eating a little bad and animal actually more than a little bit had called the -- and new restaurant here in Houston in the heights neighborhood. But I think it's time for a drink and Morgan leverage here one of the partners and cut in -- about it. And let's do a quickie little tasting -- in the first string Q1 immediate -- -- like an orange or something up top but it's got a whole lot more underneath that what's the story on this particular drink. Right so that's our crop across the crest as were very popular style of drink in the late eighteen hundreds. Predated the sour and kind of like when I was kid at a little before that it. Created this -- usually see him with brandy or whiskey. Fervent a lot of times that we wanted to lighten it up and you don't see a lot of cocktails focused on -- fact you'll see a lot of Italian. Cocktails and general. While Italy is created amazing news for a long time. They don't really have a craft cocktail culture like we do in America so what we wanted to do with all of our drinks. Lean heavily on that Kraft American console style. But also utilizes many of these delicious Italian products as we could. Crop of being one of them so that's silicon are lighter springtime take on a very old classic style attorneys got crop up -- -- The core. Women's use and then we threw in some seller bidders as we thought that interacted well with the proper. As you can now the next thing is is is short -- -- compared to the other win this tall -- here. But it's it's dark it's almost like chocolate coffee is looking them but I don't know what it is what -- you tell me -- I'll drink it. That's our eleventh and Hudson about a year ago -- -- in New York. Drinking and eating our way around the city and went to a -- and a place of Frankie -- you know and it happens to be at eleventh and Hudson. The street the street intersection so this is kind of are we had a drink there. That definitely inspire this cocktail. It's of burnout which is -- tomorrow from this from Sicily. -- arm which is. You usually see teen arts and arts at the core kind of used apologetically and cocktails are spins at a time mrs. But this one's an apologetic chain -- and it's equal parts of -- and Sheen are so. That set off some -- -- more Jupiter's it's a light on the breezy side but it's it's got a lot of -- and something that I don't think are -- are quite used to. Well my Palestinian get used to that when now now is particularly excited when for this third cocktail I heard my favorite word in the cocktail language. And that word is Negroni IA I don't know where I don't know how I don't know why it somewhere in my life I became a total -- the -- -- sprinkler. And and this is an amazing spin on which -- it touches all the classic notes but then goes a little farther. Right you know I think. We have to show Lotta restraint because we wanted to become Arian absolutely everything. It's one of those delicious. -- don't get better on me that -- it. It's what it's like the growing up of your palate to really enjoy that sort of that sort of drink and we all love Negroni is we've got another Negroni style rankled the receipts at which an old cocktail that utilizes tequila incidence and but we -- we couldn't open a restaurant and not have an -- of some sort on the menu. This is that. Our interpretation of it instead of using -- we use it when Briscoe -- so. Which you know typically remembers it was also that big gallon jug of wine on the on the shelf you know taste awful. But we're seeing a resurgence in and people importing really delicious sparking -- goes from. From Italy now on mrs. one by weenie. It's a -- 915 they're not an expensive bottle of wine. But they're great for cocktails were used in a minute and -- take conference semifinal as well loved the stuff -- bubbles are better. So that's that's pretty cool -- now -- got food here to talk about now a lot of places in all the cities we broadcast in. View past as something to update to modernize. To I don't know what to do fancy five. You have gone in the complete total opposite direction that this -- that is. I feel like I'm sort of like in the backyard at some Roman. Tenement almost the -- in a good way. What's the story on that. Well out -- this is my favorite -- in the world and always has been it is out cut chili -- which is you're right black pepper spaghetti I first had it when I was in room in. In early ninety's and and film -- and act like media for breakfast lunch and dinner so it only has four degrees we have a good black pepper which we toast. We have -- Romano cheese. The spaghetti and pasta water. And that pasta water kind of helps picking up and give it the sauce and then that spicy bursts of black pepper and then the cheese rounds everything out desist. Something so simple but so delicious and it's really it's really. I think captured a lot of people's hearts that are coming in. So my heart was captured when I saw on the subtitled the restaurant the word pizza and you guys I mean you have an oven that will not quit wood burning oven turning out these -- tell me about. How you look at -- -- if I mean if you've spent time in Italy which you have I mean you know that. The spectacularly special place that pizza has -- yes sometimes that's take out some time to grab -- -- on the way home are all in whatever. But for all of that Italians do do put a lot of their passion to making -- that and now you do too. They do and and I do as well and I do believe that pizza is 90% -- I mean that's what makes a great -- And so we really put our focus into the crust we do it long fermentation which builds the flavor. We use a starter naturally for minted starter in each in each batch of crust. Then we let it sit for two days and then we'd bring it out and then. We -- again and amateur days so if I just wanna whip up a pizza for like an hour from now that's not gonna work. This is what restaurants exist. We're able to do it where people can't do it comment and I -- -- speaking of whom I did develop to -- it moment and I must eat and you know -- hundred recipes that -- in the past year and a half knowing we would be opening cult of -- and you -- we -- it -- air -- bubbles inside the press when it lights delicate. Krispy soft on the inside and I think we achieved it done. I really loved how the press came out very proud of it and I really hope our customers are understand where we're coming from. You know it is an all. You know tomato sauce that is an all pepperoni I mean you you guys have some. Fairly interesting takes adds to the people in Italy -- Yet we we try to go simple natural some not HR pizza as Jesus not each -- -- -- has tomato sauce but if you want that would give it to you -- problem. But we're just really trying to go with the season stay light let the press stand out and did just enough toppings to make make it shine through just barely. That wonderful question I have now now I'm one at one of the main courses whatever you call the -- -- one that those things. There's some muscles here that that are amazing. And I kind of have an on again off again love affair with muscles but I think it's on again thanks to you Ryan. What happens to these things what makes them this -- Well we took in existing approach with muscles I find their Brian insult the and instead of countering the -- salty we tried to intensify the Brian -- to so we added economy and that's called -- which is this. Ancient Roman -- similar to like Thai fish sauce actually when I studied -- from a history in college I wrote a paper. Are on this old score remain in the PC uses the first through writer and he used it. Ethics hearing comes from is that derivative of that word yet and he wrote tons about it was how we saw this and -- knoller was I was cooking at the time. And so regardless on putting -- inside these muscles with a little capers also Brian -- we put fresh herbs and chili's and garlic. And I think that intensification really allows people. You brought some dessert to the table here and in some ways it seems simple in some ways it if it's a delicious now I'm sure it's really hard to make it. What what is this particular desired. So that is the -- got a which I I would say it's similar to a tart but it's so little more rustic a little more open. We do cook it in the pizza oven and -- we change the fruit season -- right now we're. You know we we have some strawberries on the table and -- come in from our our local farms to their delicately sweet we compare with fresh cream. And but it really -- that. Crosses where it comes from and that's just butter flour and ice water and it's all about the technique so it's nice and tender emotions. Certainly is not now before we -- to let you guys get back to workers -- we have about a minute and a half here. Market in terms of that the guest experience here at cult of IRA I'm come to. Bowl neighborhood. Great food great food beyond what most American neighborhoods typically have ever had. But how do you go about you know we have this look this feel of the room. I'm in terms of just general service how is it different from one of those fancy places or some of those tourist places or any other kind of place being in the neighborhood and wrong. Our number one goal is -- to be genuine and laid back so to -- then. Want to the guests to have an amazing experience to -- really for nothing. While they're here but also not just be hovering over this if you're gonna find English. You know we've got an amazing crew of regular cut customers revival. Who fortunately it just like this -- and the salami right and they just that kind of migrated down here so we see the same people. Over there that we see here we see him a couple times a week maybe three times a week. A lot of families. It's the reason we opened this restaurant in this neighborhood was because of the relationship are going model. We've enjoyed being able to see families you know grow and babies get bigger and grow up in its its it's an intimate thing for us to be able to serve our neighborhood and the man that we -- Just watch out you do this well enough long enough you see the babies have babies and then you'll know you're really -- -- -- -- credit bank got Morgan -- and and Jeff Ryan -- for joining us here. On behalf of their new restaurant in Houston called -- DeMarre. I seasonal American farm to table I can look at the garden right now and also with the real Italian thing that I really really really like a lot. So that about a dozen or another -- delicious is just. As always a presentation of expects wines spirits and finer foods. Until next time I'm your host John de merits and I will see you. And then next to me and.