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Friday Night Fanstand, 8/22/14 (Season Preview Show)

Aug 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Jonathan's -- Daniel alongside Casey Johnson market fears his second relief. Side together Casey absolutely thanks so much and -- and it comes from the bottom -- hard not to joining us tonight telling -- -- now Louis aficionado and also -- very quickly becoming one the Austin area is at top voices in. Football six day five day this is brought in advance in this is the player's -- broadcast and outcomes are dismal season name a voice from bullied in the -- cell phones because he's so loyal. And I knew as it does not payload. That's not pass out cold -- will be -- they're going to be -- first player guests coming up look what we're gonna do first is an element and a break -- the districts as it is a lot of changes this year Alan. So let's talk about our fourth biggest story lines and -- -- -- imagine 955 and then in the top thirteen seven need to follow along -- -- via Twitter. Everybody can't stand it don't taste good. It's Friday -- -- are the four biggest stories L I guess the biggest changes Ellis would Georgetown back to their area schools -- -- already really have to wait about five days. Yeah it's going to be it makes -- strong district even stronger. I think they're gonna move in and make the playoffs actually but it's going to be. It's going to be really tough battle throughout this whole season -- -- remember where it was easy to partly in areas that is basically Tony top 58 countries are careful what I say be careful of what you say also another big -- one of the 400 NASCAR area schools moving and it's 465 -- -- Not so they're gonna move Al from the what we used to call since six west do some more outing these central -- -- -- -- and so again it's gonna make this the district stronger I think -- gonna come in vehicles. Come on throw their weight around a little bit and cedar creek is going to be able to. You know. Compete a little better news that one of the major publications and we'll talk about anything that shot to win 26 finally out right so we'll see -- their hands up right -- it was just one -- two years in a row they don't wanna hear mandated LBJ. Earlier it seems that a working harder but hey this is the other third about -- big stories of any changes this year 146 days. Both -- and -- Are moving into the district but yet again Hayes is coming back to the biggest. -- there you know the classification they've been in this district before. -- -- well. They were one of the first teams to upset Wesley when they have -- long district winning streak going. So they're coming back in your first time for women appear in the south because health classes are there are fourth biggest story that's 175 day which is what we're now referring to his super district. Of course teams that we love. I don't know what's gonna show later Maynor. Billion Connelly -- general today if you don't win simple Waco -- you and it makes it does something about anomaly of anomalies and yet we welcome in temple -- Today area and this district is going to be. Full of athletes can be very athletic and be -- it's the right. So we've basically Geisel said he'd seen it again with an -- follow along on Twitter. At Friday's CS and of course will be updating you all night long course privileges that are going on this afternoon today. Kind of -- -- we thought maybe even 2015 and got this is saying what we'll do this broadcast on Thursday night because today. Home Friday you have half buried -- plays privileges in the morning afternoon and in the other half of employees evening. All right so let's go ahead and just seven of 146 -- college talk about some schools that we're going to be covering we have 268 districts in the Austin area now I notable then that nothing really changes. Only five days is now 68 and we start what 146 days and -- it -- in his district Allen and not in the playoffs. But yes this -- moves up and now they're gonna I think they're gonna take a spot from somebody who was already there. -- quality team -- -- thirteen six days before -- -- -- over to our -- Whitman isn't making those are not that there's no -- -- 146 -- get a get so big it's a little tougher with today's hearing. He got you know three headed monster of Lake Travis movie Wesley and I. They're the ones that are going to be you know penciled in by everybody in the playoffs and -- -- everybody saying they're gonna movement in take that last spot. OK we -- -- -- 146 an -- let's quickly talk about the bigger schools. In the history it is a small -- now when you talk about playoff implications of course you wanna be one of the four schools. That makes it tough for him once the playoffs but people underestimate the importance and enrollment. Because -- really determines whether you're gonna get a easier or not as easy route as far as division 1 AM 01 into the right yes it pays makes the playoffs they're going deep too long Lake Travis and that's gonna push Westlake. Into. The tougher and tougher road usually do you want to know -- of course the largest school itself constantly that was listed under the -- -- -- 2897. Ellis talk about these four biggest goals of course in here and -- is coming here in the area of expertise quickly I'm not del Valle. Didn't make his stake is of course they do lose. -- Larry Cisco did with the question as far as he's going to be to be children carrying there but from a Toronto does return gets into sales last year. How to get a young men they Jermaine Thomas on the outside 2016 might be able to -- a wide receiver. And if you talk to take this thing is there really excited about a sophomore we talk about 2017. Is going to be a lot like 2015 was. When they first -- as sophomores -- impacting immediately. And make it their teens make the playoffs for the had a young man by the name of the markets -- as. He's going to be scrimmage tonight and they think he could possibly be the next city Larry. Slash drain -- dale because -- your darling last year yeah right I was one of the I was the only person -- and having a decent season made the playoffs. -- -- -- carefully and the they've got nine starters coming back on defense so that something they can hang their at all. Story also an -- move quickly about the O'Malley of course -- hadn't had the greatest record in the past patrol Burton is now entering his second year before being delisted. He's put his mark on bad they didn't right now I expected their bellies are emerging trend as. -- beginning update from our reporter later today but of course you do have changed over a quarter -- for Joan is now gone. David Gutierrez who's gonna take that spot there was talk of -- -- about halting the Willis Carlson Wilson thank you -- is a young man who but generally -- last year -- yardage basically you knew he was a big player for what he nearly attractive. Yeah he got second district behind. Help me who was a 300000. Against unrelated. Yeah sorry he got sick in the it's 200 meter. And he's he's asking -- and I really expect to do big things here during -- Wesley go before we let you talk about Louis a little bit of course had them just naming. San Dillinger deserve Russell and -- who -- passed away earlier this year. A big time -- -- here in the little league football arena but now his son yeah. -- Killinger will be taken to starting quarterback we'll just -- last week that coach Todd Dodge begins as a young man of the keys is such a prestigious program. How do you think that's the last thing you do get a chance -- a picture just someone so young yes I do mean. Here they're gonna have lost this year you know they got growing pains coming up we'll learn -- new offense they've got. No starters returning on offense he might as well hand the -- -- -- kid is going to be here for three years under coach you know ten in the keys let them learn. They'll be better for later. Are you listening to the players Maher Friday -- is still labs rank this right here -- British chicken in Singapore -- 1431 in Whitestone boulevard will be handed players. Trouble is starting at 730 would -- and a couple more 618 is the right now we're going over 146 day. At thirteen sixteen and Allen were running long so what I was trying to newspapers try to run to these last 234 classic in nineteen. It's a 146 say only fourteen to go into the post season clear meantime -- dolce Hayes -- and Anderson and Austin them. What are your thoughts as. We'll -- guilty obviously they're gonna have a really strong defense. That's what they're gonna. They're gonna control games when they got a lot of young guys on offense. Very strong receiving core stronger offensive linemen last year. Their fans and parents are expecting big things are expected to be run this year. There right now as far as -- Chavis is concerned Michael brewer has to be -- were no relation to Michael brewer is -- Charlie -- relation to Michael brewer could also see some playing time. This year also may have been no -- that she questionable to start the beginning of the season. And and James Bailey is another piece that they're using. He's the one FT Judy want to make and they have a running for safety to linebacker obviously -- defense of -- thing I think the unknown factor for the cavaliers is wicked heart seems important success. Yeah that's right I mean they they're very personal you're gonna have a lot of players moving around. Safety -- -- linebacker linebackers on the nose guard in there they're gonna be moving around -- you know. You know mix and match what the current us is we're gonna have Hayes and Anderson represented here tonight at the players Mullins gave them an -- going -- -- -- and and so this is my. We get a lot of football talk about folks and only three hours and a lot of players are becoming a quick -- -- -- -- about thirteen 66 146 of course we like to call since except. Others -- the -- you know -- -- when 83 that would go a little nuts and if Lugar bill in round rock period he got the dragons a ramrod cedar ridge -- -- in Westwood. McNeal stony point Libreville and -- felony -- Morales yeah I mean like I said earlier when I thought we were talking about this district. Rouse is gonna make this district even stronger. Ralph's only team I think -- can make the playoffs and that's gonna push another really good round rock team out. -- -- -- Theoretically speaking if all of the biggest schools from thirteen six say make it is the biggest from top to bottom what do for the round rock. Cedar ridge. Hendrickson and -- Yet to figure out what to the other fourteen today -- team is gonna you know provide for a position up in the air but this is topping Michigan -- -- and think it's going. -- -- -- Kids who find a season as they continue to have something to prove it a lot of experts are well we wanted to know coach Dave Campbell says the finishing third this year -- -- -- -- -- I think that's. Crazy how they're really -- they don't rebuild any more time. They've got a good running back in the -- coming back they're they're basically you know dvd you -- -- you know with the then a sore and Somerville. They just three -- that I think you're gonna fight for distribution once again. I -- minister -- and bandits are recently verbally committed to Oklahoma he shot Somerville will be Todd joining former Hixon caught -- stand a chance to watch it may learn. -- season when it kicks not playing days. So we talk about the top -- at thirteen six day as a running Annie get your comments and we'll read them online via Twitter that Friday fancy annual rate among landing beaches Sox. -- -- -- -- -- Lugar bill and Morales now let's -- the chemical is sometimes about a mile and Ralph because a life she has stony point in here later today how they scrimmage and Leander earlier today. If Lugar bill which has a myriad about selling his positions that we you know think quickly. I -- Zach Miller will be the starting quarterback for flu reveal. -- Powell on the back of Corretja Norman McLean exceed transfer to liberty hill earlier this summer but I am getting thing on the mile and and Libreville. Just me -- excited right now they got the new coaching regime coming in they're gonna try to turn things around on the used to be pretty good team had -- -- Williams in my mind. So they were playoff team back then it's over there trying to get good chip right it. Actually -- -- a plot because the the fans in our reporter for -- she's actually headed our way out so nice to meet the memories and -- kudos to coach caromed in my hand. Who made the move over from Connolly to take the McNeill John now he's really senator turned things around -- -- didn't look. No you know coach. From oh lead penguins with the -- -- just couldn't really get the program together to gel correctly and that's because man has been bought into do hopefully for McNeal. -- right there -- thirteen 618 is gonna go to break here in about three minutes so let's quickly this. Recap what we just talked about 146 today thirteen six say from 2013 Lake Travis Westlake -- week in eight games made the post season. Loans. If you had to pick a new team does that guilty was played who we are Reagan's who do you think would be OK Davis. They can and drawn out it's gonna be Hayes. I think also kind of valuables and improved. So they're gonna be -- for the last -- but I think cases can be two strong. All right what -- -- the movie players here around 730 about what they think about what the experts figure that their team and what they think about how coach able -- which we had an incredible summer they'll never forget we'll talk more about that unless we talked about thirteen six days. Ground Roxy to reach index in west would make meals stony point Lugar bill. Endless discount -- now because they were 418 last year. But these thirteen playoff teams -- 2013 playoff teams had to sit around Iraq. Westwood. -- cedar ridge. Getting nicotine is not there last year who has the best chance attempted post season. I believe Rouse is gonna take Westwood spot I think was was gonna have a little bit of trouble this year replacing a lot of starters. And I think some another team might be jumping into so. Okay we'll see -- later. -- to be continued once again we're out here and Bush's ticket folks in the attitudes -- o'clock. Seven to ten Joseph mention any -- not in top thirteen seventy this Friday night they assume we're going into our fifth year of coverage to Wisconsin area high school football like no one else of course tonight is portable night plus a scrimmage is -- crossing area including hit Dixon vs pays a little -- -- that would tonight. Thought before Neil fancy mole which creates a -- -- is -- that -- a lot of folks headed out there right now listen to the broadcast. And of course senior partners is Westlake high two teams that met up and we zero of last year tonight scrimmage -- run across the street for a studio wheezing -- itself. We're gonna give it to get the fanfare so much denied that we're gonna look back OK we'll -- -- what our reporters and -- also -- on. 146 safe will go over our fans can be seeing how we are really hard along about this im really filled our are. Howard Tim holy it is the likely the most accurate -- say inside the Bible but we've got pretty hard and now. Yahoo! should be in the top -- and it won't -- a lot of the other area I attach himself stay tuned for that Casey does selling -- read do we board our own dad was shaken as he department's new Daniel. Like no one else this Friday night instead. Brian. Brian I'd -- -- -- Howard I. -- his jacket and. Sorry spreading into this program players Obama absolutely bulldogs up next if you -- an imaginative stuff out until thirteen seventy its new Daniel Allen gal friend Casey Johnson will do a typo should school board here momentarily as. And we have our Twitter vols are scrimmage is tonight the week once. There's really what we're looking for -- -- as far as agreement lets you can't in a week away from us if there's -- -- -- with the -- check on their health insurance. I can't wait for that I always go out to talk to -- the whole world. Hit a it's happened before handing -- over the house floor plus football hazing which got four weeks. Or. That. All right so we're going to do it also will look just coming out of their proximity eight point classified being 265 -- As -- their dishes are concerned of course everything I've made a few traditions we speak gently -- by making. Last year's powerhouse sleeve for 52548. Tease me gets confusing. And then of course the Boston patriots -- 648. Turning into the news 2658. Right Casey doesn't have a check scoreboard. -- -- -- -- That's what we always -- All right we want size Eagles football season you know next week's Thursday night from Anderson's economic jealous and that's in the soccer ball that only helps -- New Braunfels canyon making the trip -- takes on cedar ridge. Friday night stony point six on Connelly who -- -- faces off against aliens. Because of the cedar creek pays taking on birdies champion rockets faces off against a against. Vista -- making the trip down to sixteen cost -- -- taking on -- Reagan's taking unlocked car to their place. We face an audience Lugar bill Westlake and making the trip to south ladies Carol. Westwood taking on Georgetown -- drawn at -- Rouse taking on San Antonio Brennan del Valle faces off against her -- springs -- at least you've taken on Travis. Round rock business temple at beside memorial face now guess -- near Waco midway facing off against Lake Travis. He'll leave taken on Leander how Leno taking -- Cedar Park in Waco Baylor is new stadiums. Delta and it's his face now I guess we -- universities converse Judson is that Hendrick sends Vernon taken on marble falls. And three games on this Saturday's late Fort Worth Y and taking on LBJ's Marlins and Sam Houston -- not against Maynard and Parker heights taking on Waco high. Tucker check scoreboard every fifteen minutes we'll do it all season long last Friday -- seven to elevens right here on Friday night advanced empowered by Bush's should return to competitive golf is so to mr. Casey Johnson never broke Quaid Ellen ports -- by -- go to one of those games and he's gonna go to -- week. No one is that the move on -- with tickle your -- create a closer look in his. Definitely midway at Lake Travis I just wanna see. He's -- always got the athletes they always do don't -- Lake Travis can overcomes adversity early in the season. All right now that time is getting short so manage these statements -- -- -- we're gonna try to cover the redistricting. -- It's ten minutes and analyst Glenn Starr was seventeenth time -- fascination -- -- -- -- over -- this year because we have seen we haven't traditionally head. In the Austin area of course says -- failed against -- -- and -- but also some new additions. That's right temple is I think going to be the class of this district -- -- -- the new kid on the block. They had a great game in the first round your cereal last year they almost one night game materials the one who. And they did he did so well under -- in the state championships so. Yeah I'm looking at don't concede they can overcome loosen the the Simmons Brothers. I think -- is gonna be the sleeper I think they're gonna make the playoffs this year. -- right and we actually -- I don't oppose it will be seen in years. And British chicken feet apart location 1431 Whitestone boulevard later on the -- -- so -- my top stories from these teams Connolly cougars of course embryonic. Take coach Jason Cecil Phillip MacCallum after winning consecutive district championships here places coach mainly hand who moves -- -- -- Conley he's gonna have to start young quarterback and they're probably gonna roll with -- Mormon. To start they lost a lot of talent collection level leaders over the past few years as it may be a good opportunity for a new head coach even there to shake out with six Cy Young brand of players. It's anything on this -- is looking at their roster and they've got a lot of speed but. They're little undersized at the skill positions on offense is there will have to rely on quick fast story you storyline for the -- wildcats of course injuring storybook season last year to win twelve games -- heartbreaker against George ranks was it almost came at him one unbeaten Allan mediation witness that was our own eyes. Big stories in his brother's Al still Brothers in next. Yeah I mean that's just got a new staff. There they are returning seven and called district players so I think that's really gonna help the transitions -- -- nipple still finally -- -- -- who will probably take double he will take quarterback rolls. For the entire 2014 season ahead of pieces in place and Elena huddle without a doubt one of the most exciting stories -- -- our coverage and have the pleasure of you know coasting for our wit -- during the -- but civil servants. Yeah I mean I don't know how to that they created a lot of momentum this summer when they went to the quarterfinals. A state seven on seven so. We're gonna see if they can carry that over into the real season in the basket strong right Brendon de -- -- white star -- committees and hope to make some noise and cup final we are attacked not simple but before we want to 758. Almighty when -- nation when nations coach says Jackson makes shadow man slipped out last year first round exit. After making this state quarterfinals did the year before -- Rollercoaster ride last two years so what do you expect from -- this year. Well things they're mostly juniors starting on defense and Woody's what do we expect from that in his -- -- ready to take an extra quarter that's. Iran maybe we'll see it is little pizza tonight maybe we -- we'll -- -- -- -- -- the players well this is Friday night stand stairs a left right gas plays ball right here. -- Bush's -- and Cedar Park location -- don't boulevard. At 1430 wants to jail Casey just telling Galbraith does not look quite flat flat -- one of the more exciting districts and all of Texas. And then we eat when you add it to Georgetown schools. It's going to be some controversy no matter who we -- up everybody's gonna think they're better than fifteen -- before yeah we're gonna send somebody tonight for the playoff teams in this one. Can I mean even the teams they are you don't think you can make the playoffs like marble falls -- my school work. -- -- Absolutely and it kudos tomorrow -- quarterback. Bring in movies. Who recently verbally committed to TCU and got to watch out for his little brother -- -- movie we think he's going to be one of the best sophomores and a half an area. -- -- 2014 season solicitous. Kind of go vivid -- I'll I'll briefly -- Cedar Park of course a perennial powerhouse won a state championship two years back a -- time in my life you've got to watch. Coach -- Willis with a championship behind me grin and if you can try this new day new time. I -- -- down on New Mexico State actually believe -- camp is now. But they have a lot cutting back on defense and it's still suitable. Yeah I mean Grimm was the dual threat he had 3700 total yards of like forty touchdowns combined so who are they gonna have room to step up from replacing. Premier -- or is there. Whole full -- replacing the right now he's still trying to get to a 100% next it didn't notice any baseball player also hoping to get his finest turns you. -- deceit of Markoff visit his senior year president -- springs tigers okay they are picked last but Dave Campbell's handled coached good. We think a little. -- -- -- well I mean they're gonna have they're gonna have growing -- like -- -- with Wesley because they've got this new coach McBride comes from compelled. Couples equality VFW program they are strong and so it's it may take a couple years to get turned around -- -- is gonna. They're going to be on the uptake here for easy patriots another team that -- -- during summer was 707 this year -- George Kennedy's view I think this is where the most I itself. I think this is where there are rivalry where it really gets better this year it's gonna be here. He knows he's he's got a lot coming back you know we've done Garcia and -- and Hester never really strong -- -- But is that going to be an issue. Right same deal -- George. I think ally telling returning other quarterback remodeling -- I think if you hold -- community of Georgetown and ask them who they love Morgan Molly Yard Josh Scobee. We had a split right down the middle but Georgetown you know they -- lose some key pieces like Jason Kyle. I've been to bring Max Allen a lot of extra -- and I think -- -- there's gonna continue on what they've always been doing. Yeah meaning they built a program the last couple years it's. -- wrong. Okay Leander lions' second year and it takes socially bridges -- conference's first start your quarterback quick thoughts on the line. They're just looking to rebound from you know a lot of lot of hard hardship last season they came off the rails. They got in the -- Hawkins and I -- you know doctor receiver likely to have some playmakers -- Ray ray gates and also will be Emily Lyons in time which is -- later today to talk about marble falls vinegar might resist when my darlings last year they lost Alamo heights. In the second round. But I wouldn't nineties and last year during the end the regular season and really of probably one of the underdogs even though they're so good you know my question for them is they're gonna have 2000 yard rushers with Hudson and Brandon. Can they develop a passing attack to copy it right last but not least mr. ridge Rangers coach Randy densities that once again amid diesel engine failure next quarterback flip the layers -- questionable is start the season. Plus the -- error that the Huskies lead the Rangers do have some questions answered. There here pretty young across the borders -- -- To grow up. OK we get two minutes you know Alyssa was going to hold off between six classmates -- -- -- brain gets -- I thought it was more before we go to us a break. How quickly OK so as far as teams are concerned I didn't make the playoffs last year. We talk about sleep fast sports or they would just ask point 558 that's probably your star musician when he had seen reportedly injured. -- -- Make the playoffs Rouse moves now would -- you bring into teams to make the playoffs and it's just seventeen foray into this district as well. Car Paulino had had a poses a question who. Who drops out madrassa Gephardt playoff teams coming back for -- basically he I think Leander me. Missed the playoffs is you're okay got a gun related today -- -- so you Cali down -- Seattle young Nestle Emanuel. Friday night visit -- -- players while we're gonna do -- to get a -- possibly causing these guys set the scene over at Michigan -- -- mark. 1431 Whitestone boulevard will have a lot of brackets of 10 o'clock. Does it seems exceeded -- of course you know how kids are there there's a very flaky there's no damage tentatively. Leander failed in Westwood cracking. Anderson stony point LB JJ can springs Georgetown pays all here tonight we'll get believable enough. Coming up next in establishing school board we Casey Johnson and one more thing to you know we're out here -- we wanna emphasize that you know. Bush is is our title sponsor this year they're empowering hands and it can all you have to do they got a special going tonight. Show that you -- fans stand on social media and FaceBook Twitter show it to the cashier. Coming up -- Bush's here's Cedar Park 1431 and 183. And get some good chicken we had some earlier -- very good. And we'll be right back spreading I can stand on talk thirteen said he messed -- 95 point five. Right right and I'd -- dance yeah Howard I Bush's jacket. Yeah. Nights and days. Howard I -- his jacket. Currently -- locations -- -- -- players follow him Daniel Kelly Galbraith Casey does -- shadow smuggled payloads for helping build this thing you'll see it all here success -- -- and Twitter and FaceBook and Friday campaign. And a little further -- I'd like to welcome the first team that we had here and I say that the bully bulldogs really meant a lot to lose this summer also last year to nine win season and we get -- seek the next town mealy. We got cold Myers Phyllis thanks to show them they appreciated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's start would have listened with half that he was that the calamity we got him dancing anyone in my videos hitting it in the can't video showing at his moves -- what -- someone like of course -- them value do you place answer -- -- -- -- seventeen Mikhail what was -- December like for the linemen to -- -- all blows really big blessing just almost double -- together. We have four returning starters and just you know the ability to have that kind of crew coming back. We'll do a lot of your first decisions are paid off dividends. Just two weeks I was better off this summer just for working hard while lifting got a lot of culture to. You know just get your name out there now. -- -- say lol I was at practice and and I actually didn't see a lot more closely you know he's gonna talk about the chemistry and poet Julia we go yeah. -- is no wonder you know we've been together since freshman year for -- now returning -- Sixty years are persons who were really looking forward to working together in the moon finishing up his senior season begins. Okay now you can get somebody to be shut out money off -- -- burden of his politics women got a he was still being quarterback -- -- that it would Mohammed can play baseball he might potentially play quarterback. Get along well became -- like initiative be the first team all district player and talk about. Preston the Preston -- now. He's seniors you know we treated out the other days and tell you that awaits you -- but he did you get your chance and we honestly can be -- present I'm getting this shot this year again. Not much quarterback. Well I mean he's a great guy he's a hard workers -- the best putter that we have -- -- He's gonna run right -- you he's not sure that she's gonna it's gonna go -- I don't know you know that's that's what they do have an undersized. And you know he's bridges over the summer he's been fantastic -- he's really taken you know the team by the -- just ran with -- song. Yeah even last season he got a lot of first team reps. Just in games and also practices and so he has a lot of experience is he's almost like returning starter -- it's my shoes off to kind of well you know home. Proceeds from the rose this year of -- of those -- from -- and proven it's really looking forward to what he does this series going to be of those great impact on our team and you know he's a big role that we needed but now. Right now we're gonna ask you get about relief just jealous going head to head with the military does practice in a moment Phyllis play until the coal miners out when we get -- here and they have pre season. 146 AB CNBC side salad -- -- hearing at tigers are here I don't know what he does not -- before you. Just. Looking forward business. Come on our own country -- vulnerable we -- last year you know nine winds blew one and your daughter and I think. And -- Yet another call I think what impresses us the most value is a question just nosed runner -- -- -- man. You gonna fly around. -- -- -- He'd tell about your fellow receivers and got an assassin with a six under them. Okay it's going to be really good targets the news sounds really good. She's got a lot of talent a lot of talent. It's about us seven ultimately more haters is generals who like at a terrible mom -- clothing -- and whatever. Did you ever a good experience he comes out with Milosevic -- free all of a positive this has come. I think the biggest thing -- a lot of good chemistry. There's a lot of because. You don't -- that some teams aren't given they're not just been you know and last year really carried over and our offense -- we had our offense came out blazing my Sears our decision not -- I think a lot of it had to use all of all the -- -- play in the summer in the state tournament and all. So the same with the Charlotte and it's gonna carry over again. A lot of young guys prove themselves during the summer and I think it's the biggest thing is just. You can she really -- to carry over into the. The -- Right now before we let young do you have your shadow flag Caleb and copy dvds comes on Lafayette the defense and an -- has those new faces and that's hopefully bulldogs -- coming back. Well you know we have called Mercer culminated nose guard and he's speeches are great you know 64 big -- united pounds you know. He says she's gonna -- -- close those holes. He's he's a hard workers a big guy and we're glad to have -- put -- on those engines that we have a front office and -- -- the house which are. You know judge has probably one of passengers only thing you do is he's a monster he's crazy at all. Those guys really hard workers and -- -- get out. -- until. We generally don't because slowly Omar and -- there's -- -- would they were harder than any other guys on our team they really don't push for those fathers are responses here. They're gonna get great impact and I think a lot of people are gonna underestimate them when they get out there is no fun though they're more concerned nonsense people are factors. We don't have great size up -- but you know they're really -- and they're -- -- the ball and that's the greatest thing that we -- on the team resumes -- changed and evolved into the players. I think the biggest things I need these they're young but their fears and I was the other again not as big as we had last year but I think they're all still there trade and -- -- -- the make employees dominant force in related news. Get ready Dickey little -- magic he may run into Israeli leftist in original write -- -- draft about a -- nationals turn up. Anyway OK so we will not used to schedule coming up maybe flew to realize your 4214 a replay of the -- feels so therefore the bill one week from today. -- -- San Antonio Madison. In -- districts please start to them home quickly put forth on all his -- do you think that means a lot more team -- comments on that and these are issues we three. I'm a little bummed out there and I can play around rocking in this year. The match TT. I mean it's an exciting new -- you horny teens have a newly issued a lot of -- -- Yeah I agree with -- -- we won't run our front -- casino out of fort appliances you know one of our big rivalries. That's not history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know W composition well you know we're really amateur we're not looking over anyone or really ever fully -- the -- like political after. They. Sit -- thing you know welcome home the news teams into the district and really -- more. We give them a good game and let -- know woods he says all about Mo Miller this is about they're going to be business until the season they're in for rude awakening. Right -- to believe bulldogs right there. All right we got gas shout out Politico one thanks for showing up trying to get anybody can give us that we -- -- -- You will top threes that's a big craze the American before stratus in the -- Our big shot that's my dad started finish today that old geezer but. Check out senator John sammon Craig and show off. All the coaches you know be hit in his you know these -- guys so we love him hum Johnson got. He's very -- Sun also present among quarterbacks are schools out of a mole on you know we wouldn't be anything without them in those shots -- still real new -- that's a team captain that -- -- really you know. We're here it's amazing talent talent may not hit a month putting guys who look -- -- first players small team now participate -- we appreciate you so much these trees on. God's -- -- and now we -- Buffy shut up keep looking and it's going to be she's gonna send via our reporter mark to a new level couldn't believe bulldogs are looking forward to next Friday. Absolutely real effect -- -- are going to be here I think I thought you know it's opportunism no. We'll be talking about their game coming up moving thanks guys that I think yeah all right god bless you got myself to. David shout out to -- station that was -- really have to when he -- -- -- out Jesus Christ what a great savior of Al late Ali's old nice. They're nice guys and now they're talented athletes so. We thanks guys we'll talk -- would have. I'm gonna take a quick possibly cosmic if they are quick recap -- ram ram which is chicken Whitestone boulevard fourteenth 31. We don't figure we'll have the quote of bill Panthers have as well some of the -- I don't stony point etc. Stay tuned to go to where. What no one else this Friday night dance dance. Friday night dance dance. Powered by Bush's -- Right Friday night. Howard -- Bush's chicken. Brightest players -- -- bush -- -- Whitestone boulevard fourteenth 31 location -- shadow -- shaken up our title sponsor this year. Helping us cover up -- high school football like no one else. You've been Neil Fallon Galbraith Casey Johnson we just -- bulldogs are here in the shadow of itself off and of course count nearly came -- -- Nicole Myers just broke them put their expectations are for 2014. Came when they open up week one of next week. They'll be playing against the blogger bill Panthers okay and that -- -- -- doesn't make -- is half expect. Talk about that added that the -- terribly -- pictures of it what do what's. -- and don't feel right now man our lives good -- we've just got it. We're I think we're reserve strikes on the next week okay. Looks a lot better though last -- -- Harness was so very so that's that's the most news OK let's returning home district actually my team almost doesn't evolve where now reported trend. It doesn't desert sun is just the victim got triplets it's -- you real quick guys ever flew real this year. You broke the news that does that meal there will be taking little probably the full roll this year this -- -- -- -- season can't. He I think that says Zach is clearly the number one starter I think it's his job -- lose it's it's. From my days. Personal thing I think -- in his job who is no longer around they have we have a decent guy and then just meriwether is sophomore coming -- Which teachers that helped him get his shot next seven years -- for right now it's definitely Zacks -- came. Okay you -- doesn't know what she did talk about last year neutrality simulations even though another hammer. Great to us what season that don't not so -- -- I was still exceeds the available to make the playoffs going TE one when he had two continents I don't know what you -- 2013 -- -- -- Would mostly last year we a lot of injuries and who knows they noticed that goes back. We had a lot of young guys but now we have a lot of veterans and this is a very excited we have a lot of leaders a lot of vocal leaders but leaders by example. Oh the sykora they weren't you really good this -- Okay actually Ramos and analysis of what's it only measures -- right now -- Norman Mailer was eventually got to change taking over their role. What he's seeing from up from the disease shares of portraying these kids you can't set you cover. This collective once I mean basically I really shut out chase very real plans because when we say that we would possibly making trade as the Arab quarter for -- drill -- originations. Saddam Hussein this man right here put the season. Our. I think it says. There's a big learning curve for a lot of it has I think -- A lot of guys still are -- trying to get comfortable and we have with their roles because a lot of guys that we have come back have a lot of experience from varsity then I think that said. It's all about. Getting acclimated with the that this system and because there's an offensive -- guys as. They they really need to do trying. He never did get acclimated with the system that -- writers and determine trying to run. I think it's all about buying into what the end messages about rebounding from way what happened last year and that's that's going to be -- for some of these guys. That. There always have to see how they rebound from it. Now I think that these -- is what's going to be Paramount for for flu though I think if you have a reserve is fighting Jesse you -- the last one of the -- -- safety. He can you talk about give playmakers on defense. Taxes don't play corner all over this where we have a lot of we have -- -- -- are really nice sir we have Lewis Kelly. Com Mark Williams Cameron very -- Drake Williams Chris and Jeremy we would really notice a lot of seniors a lot of things. He can't talk about -- here is one of our -- that guy that we follow on Twitter and also -- -- Terry Williams I gotta we gotta play running -- and he's another -- and in a position switches you to keep its -- there's a lot of because. -- very because of the size -- great corners fast first -- this is so well Gerri -- is the biggest. How would you wanna -- -- by the level since. Hello beyond that seems very motivated low life I just love the fire. -- Lewis Kelly well hopefully it is a -- that we move comes as he's a sophomore he can broke out last year on the street talk about this moose. He plays bigger than you soon. So he's very motivated and he's a hard hitter he'll come downhill and anyone who doesn't matter what size. He has the heart he's very motivated. OK now before we -- we literally and and you shadows eternity if you could of course. He try to put in layman's terms what Louisville done on offense with a multiple -- kind of but it might vote for somebody who barely knows the buyout. Please there is someone who watches are afoot wrong in asking -- on RNC and some that they ran for years and they use multi Max and -- me you see a lot of guys carrying the ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of guys can -- America's they have versatile backs and -- told Al. The offense not a line. It's it that's the key that drives that offense because -- Mexican only decent lies in -- and go as far as -- as -- takes and so the consistency upfront resources and can exchange penetration of friends he's doing T it's all sorts of that. -- out of reach out to Jonathan Wallace in -- Johnson may get beat Robert just last year -- keep talking kind of talk a little bit extra about -- Jones today -- race. Quincy actually came on last year -- He do you really show some things and he's definitely worked -- on this starring role he's he's he's definitely a well deserved a starting role running Mac and -- he's he's definitely come on strong especially this spring and -- this fall camp to. And that Darius he's very he's very he's an easy get flex player is -- multiple multiple positions of Famer receiver. In the slot zooming back he's very good athletes so. Having had having an athlete like that is it's a good problem to have -- as -- so we'll. Lugar bill and who we -- one week from tonight and say but by this time not -- already -- on the -- probably like a couple of -- about the first quarter actually had an idea now is what takes you faced -- how excited me as anything have you and honored to have a hug and you gonna be won the best this year I appreciate loans OK now we get Anderson went on -- -- -- Gabriel over there con yourself now to. Cars so so muscle -- -- in my family so tomorrow moment. So tomography and there are surrounds us. -- -- -- -- movies to get through them assess my dad and my mom and my brother Clayton animals and shout out to -- Miller is also help me with. Essentially it's all right Dave Campbell successful law has so we will finishing just outside playoff picture they gonna do everything in their power. To make sure -- in the top four vs Trulli Italy and it starts this season and at Georgetown at -- Homework is round -- -- cedar ridge homer -- -- -- and Westwood. Homer is McNeal at stony point so bad quarterback for the -- Daschle will help us cover the for the real fans is like no one else. Just maybe is gonna have another obvious succeeded I guess I would appreciate it happens when you and I thank you -- All right so the printers gases are of thirteen six days one of the many flew to build schools and of course -- -- short term and that's one of the longer seniors. Head coaches in the Austin area. In a political course and when their very best in big men who we just learned -- will will move from safety to cornerback and next year and they might need dead -- you -- headset. In -- we of course says better personnel as far as a wide receivers are concerned and they're gonna need big minutes it -- down on one of several people whether it's breaking Shaw's center quiz etc. But it is Alexis I deal with we -- Yes going to be a lot to deal with Ruiz got Nick Price sixty -- calling wide receivers. If they're all healthy we won which. They're trying to get healthy in time. But yes it's gonna they're gonna need his help a lot. There right. Simply he's traveled and it's been good the last time is here talking with our huddle hit balls another Seaman -- is a note reads a lot. We got these guys in the for the first segment because over the summer we gotta say like we love covering all of Ortiz the without a doubt. Closed up Louis and -- I gave a similar to highlight moments of our summer and right now we got we got to divert the tough running better than what I heard -- -- was running over people -- practice -- -- -- -- -- he's gonna do his thing -- of course we talked about Tyler earlier. In the broadcasts are about how will now hasn't constant needing a continuity. At quarterback in and -- legacy will go away is start with. -- it was pretty good on me right now hard halama unblock him real good. Run employs over. But I mean we still have a lot of the word economy. Didn't Stewart come forward to a big in my knees but it's like the easiest things then. They're trying to do polls find the holes. Using music more of reasons but. Does that -- that I'm ready for the season. Kimberly Smith guy justice that is running game no of course Intel has proven it can -- them all around and we don't know how good -- -- license. Spray the ball out talk about the running game. Com. I'll describe who are running game is go very. You got -- do another year no just. Hit a whole lot Somalia overnight in Helmand often. Need almost. Playing bad day trying to find a hole -- somebody out and doing my speed plays its overall I think our running game is -- -- Pretty nice because it. We're just want to. Kill the -- there is now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talent like these eleven Randi Kaye is back in the day. Talk about what the support for -- -- -- communities for use. Effective. I think you're living a -- you know we we come out and you are sure to have a whole lot of committees for us realize that we are producing -- so you -- Two you know how to please forward -- games and not -- us where we're gonna wasn't good this year. All right okay talk about the end some or all three if you were were major parts. That they I don't think a lot the first round game the entire time they have it just play he can talk about the end team chemistry -- It's gone fourteen talent. The office of a sudden it's daylight can help there can show us to lose the you know getting it can assure routes you know learn how to power to run around -- running back on the road this. In -- open -- and obviously the line not going to be there as they were there but awareness of this summer. Okay that's a set all right so we got to open this season as cedar creek is seen as a gonna be born on the road. You know -- van -- is in his -- a second year what's the biggest difference and we talked to the rim that's about this about between you know his rookie season. And now this year. So we just. I've seen from. Continues first season he was more around. Try scaring like star in trying to get more tradition started and now this year I mean we've learned the system better and we just -- eight. Where they were on the same page as he is so we're just follow his lead analyst and do it every nieces and you do win football games. Anybody but when he came hand. I think really like he just went Bob's voice coach coach bill to the UK began life as like this season progressed he started like a no win. He started like no wind right what everybody capability was. -- so that's life without us like one this year like everybody -- more speed more power. And everything play. Being this this season -- be pretty good. Okay what what we're gonna you're gonna present the shadow city -- -- at 8 -- as you've got to take a quick news brings you an administrative OK I -- oh okay talk about let's see. All right this talk about keeping its identity thing is I guess is and Ali offensive guys but -- you'll go visit the defense of practicing keep -- -- what vehicles -- bringing on the side of the ball. We have Tony you're in a few you know ahead -- you know yeah yeah alignment extraordinaire -- he's he's -- he's so do we have a new ways you can Dixon. Some new guys in Ontario and no Ramos -- talk of rob is a real quick because we we we -- to his top sophomore yacht came -- Just to -- a Los Angeles today. He's -- a pretty day for easily 6325. Pounds and he's fast he's he's strongly can he do it I really he's gonna play decided that he visited the president okay. -- anything else would be this fast. The -- -- okay -- hard and we've done it makes some hits in seven also added another. And we have a decent Obama and Jeremiah. Yeah he's pretty he's a pretty hard hitting enough my helmet off and practice the day -- But I mean he's is an offensive line is. Pretty nice and they got a -- back -- safety and give Davidson their -- and then two corners Brandan and Tyler we'll Syria. Dan Matlock in Ambien and doesn't slam allowed dance Dennis and MLK. -- candles and an old coach had the old. Is -- right outside of go to the playoffs so again like they're video across the death probably as much proxies don't deserve. What's different together fourteen -- okay. You know -- acquittal or experience coming back we we're recording sixteen starters and and we knew that can that are coming back there aren't they -- start last year but they got a lot of playing time it's like they're pretty much returning starters so I think that's one. One thing he's overlooking. And but more like mentally ready and physically ready. Death is not alone. I think this Orioles team we're gonna eat. What's more teamwork. Just being on the same -- doesn't -- was gonna. Get better. Okay I got to be a shout out to me and dad don't get a bite of the Hilton tweets you. And we have open is at battle buddies on Twitter FaceBook later tonight -- -- mornings if he misses glass negatives that have more goods. China to -- we Olivier was going to thank god I didn't. A little tired senate tomorrow call. My family and -- look family revealed. Set up the fans stand set up. My teens. Could -- -- other coaches coached me for an embed code. Archos fans feel the need -- -- coach and to -- had a. And this I have a thousand people amid the UH I'd be shot out there is -- big -- -- daily. It's this disease and out. So they got most importantly you know it's just a moment to have my -- Sounds of the whole coaching staff photo home. Get a Santa tell you manage your -- All. The -- says. Songs. And Dave is very -- soon. Tabloid daily Tyler and Randy in Brazil holds a lot of -- has brought to come out this year and met some people's roles like Dave Campbell. Okay all right good to -- -- -- -- -- you know so much throughout investors -- -- just as some of the goal line and we wouldn't we can do well at all. So the god most importantly get us out of the way to design could face OK well let us see how. Those events and OK but play they've escalating into Joplin and its employees unjust decision -- Michael -- -- IE go. Davis is really turned the path and I'm handing him right now -- and David -- these orders are still. Yes okay. This is how big of a fan David Cole is not only if both -- out of Georgetown I -- -- though can't cover them like no one else has only had to say he's -- be our reporter -- -- you've really -- -- this year this summer and and we wanted to thank you for our commitment should sell the palace station and -- to -- this is why -- this is -- support other deserves and -- Davis who appreciate you bringing increased China to me. Tyler -- in June just is the holes because basically this every human being god of course my family. This was. Davis is going to be very excited so most are listening right now this time next week the huddle hit balls will be in -- drop at memorial stadium. Playing the city -- Eagles. Davis co will be there on the sideline calling able quarterly updates he'll become it would tally here at those touched down in detail literally just has breaks -- tackles. Goes on the outside and -- was -- -- -- although you know let's let the city -- night anyway I don't want they don't make no secret -- it's up next week I don't post. So Tyler digestive Jay Lynn Davis though got things he's done and we'll -- -- listen a week now. Thank you guys are in America right from cart Friday night vision as to how to hit those critics. I created gonna be rivers didn't in that big test issued they'll be playing here said the quickly the -- scheduled to go to break at cedar creek at Michael -- one point loss last year huddles say they will not -- -- alone make a walk away. We're bragging rights over one point loss McAllen San Antonio Holmes both at home there on the road Connolly for district. They host Waco high -- that simple wildcat stuff. At home for the final three games of diseases if you're -- hippos football fans -- thought that was point 431 to November 7. -- will close did you play with three games at home partisan battle that both Nazi Gail Allen -- Casey Johnson. Four -- Bush's chicken 1431. Flights. 1431 -- -- report. So we hit a 10 o'clock flight no one else Friday night's dancing -- Hey JC will only one Austrian and Canadian JF then any -- one Austin and online anywhere at. Friday night fans stand dot. Howard I just check -- Okay plus we're down we get an European city joking coming up next he's -- one another Anderson showed his account and it's AT and we'll have a crappy cougars in the west would warriors. Coming up this hour fan. Which is chicken -- -- mark OK listen breaker. It's great to have probably seen it all man okay CS standings and I hate that I open my mouth. Are they can let this -- -- -- a nice job there -- thank you mad that they're working aboard man they got actually two. Who who's gonna imagine what Brian -- a little run as well. Hard to suvs and here's what things they say it is not like to do because we're so about the players we don't like to say anybody is better than anyone else everybody's got to win stake next year. Everybody's equal everybody has the same amount of money. Looks every -- and let. They stand beat him we were forced to make this list however who went over it now with -- -- this -- we did our due diligence. And this is not gonna -- like most -- -- -- in the Austin area are even people in Texas energizing the Austin area let's let's talk about it seems on the costs. First before we go to through one -- Who were some of the scenes that that we didn't you know make the top -- yet. Well actually. See we had Wesley and Georgetown were the low ones that word. They basically were tied for tenth but they were just outside we had to make a tiebreaker and out -- -- And Georgetown sorry but you're not in the top ten but you can prove it on the field located team that beat them out let's talk about them and know we need selected easy patriots. That's right I mean -- he's got so many returning starters they've got so much offensive firepower then I think that's -- that's always put in the top ten. They're strong teams expect a lot of them. Veggies and nothing has cedar ridge -- stony point and had a lot of -- -- -- has been Hayes then we'll go advancing its historic ETT number nine how we had a number nine there. -- We got vinegar but first. They had that many survivors returning first team all they should quarterback continues accident that detonator tonight they played in the Fiesta -- -- -- two great running -- Kristy -- radius and Travis branded and that's not even including the quarterback. Who's a dual threat they also get their Christensen for Christmas or play wide receiver for the Lake Travis -- last year he plays for maybe this season. And Dana makes the most dangerous is still team the next off Steve Cooley and wind. Ecstasy teen death penalty to gain a -- wanted to know more quarterbacks know what's going fast five makes so are -- standing -- Cheney's view. Number nine Danny Griffin comes in at number eight. May your mustang it's all right made a must stay the course of bringing back Jamaal Collins as the younger sibling -- former all world Austin area quarterback Darius college he's no remorse before -- since his freshman year and also bring -- -- -- -- the former del Valle standout. And running back to the last several -- displayed that day as far as I as far as just skilled positions are concerned how we were talking where our reporter -- hidden -- -- any one of several individuals out there to get the job done and we'll talk more in depth about them when they play on Saturday at next week. So we got Maynor and they eat these seats in -- -- nine Maynor aids he's come in -- sentence. It's your heart timberwolves right to -- symbols this is where is okay now this -- -- gets a little -- Rising because most you know a lot of places have a mom like number two number three in the area. I think we've moved the voters here and stand decided that. There are they got a lot of questions and answers played in the women unskilled positions on offense losing name Graham. There was a lot of starters on both sides of the ball so right. That thankfully they're playing Wesley can scrimmage right now so they wanna hear that how well rock the scrimmage right now and we had in the number six seek any counsel around us. Round rock is their big. They're big team they've got a lot of size they've got a lot of athletes. They've just got to put it all together they need to lose games are not supposed to happen. But then they came up with a big win in the playoffs so guys they can put it altogether I think it make a run. There right now because he's got to get today Anderson charges of Taliban have met McCain and whoever -- a way to make their way towards the table so we can get jump seat next thing. Car is a -- 215 we have Morales. Flu or -- week. Three Hendrickson. -- Will -- -- up to three earthquake. I'm Ralph Morales yeah again a lot of a lot of polls have them a little bit higher than five even. They have a lot of returning starters and -- the star quarterback coming back. -- it was a big deal Billy Graham McCrary -- verbal commit quarterbacks. Who we -- -- forward just -- within hit Dixon we had three and loosen my -- -- why still ranked so high. Just because they think is reloading they've got so many guys that are of greatest of them have been getting a lot of great talent defense. We got past one OK okay here. Never too. Typical yes I'm hit simple as number -- and offensively stimulus. The team that a lot of people around here don't really know much about so that's why it's kind of surprising that simple is it we're considering that in our coverage area. And that's why we get to recommend some of the please people don't. But there -- going to be very powerful they drop down classification they weren't fighting last year but now they stand by me that is now the lower class and now they're coming around. As far as late chances concern at the -- everyone's consensus number one is only because -- named Robert recognition meetings there there's more the FI. I think that helps but they do get a new offensive coordinator whose gonna help. Then they've got to go over a lot of returners on defense and press. All right so that's your fans stand -- before we tell our division showed its it's and we get these -- nine maybe Chris. Eight Maynor said in Cedar Park six round rock eyebrows for -- week. Three hitters in two examples. And number one of these late chance cavaliers. How we're still awaiting word as far as what the quarterback situation will be for the lake -- -- is of course that the official as of yet but apparently Charlie brewer. He saw more younger brother of Michael brewer the current Virginia Tech keys to beat Texas Tech quarterback. Will likely get the start we points. That condition is not fully known as -- yet but we'll keep you posted of course we got to take a quick break. It was breaking news right -- we were like kind of reluctant to give out but -- we did he sound more so much at least put that out. That's a fan standing Campbell come back with the gators and trojans. This Friday night instead. Friday night and dance. Howard I Bush's ticket. Taco Jack's books so it's. Just yeah. Try to advance -- -- -- scoreboard live from Bush's chicken in Cedar Park 1431 and 183. Come on out -- has great special story all you have to do show the -- you follow ANC and on social media. -- you get a free gallon of Bush's famous sweet tea and a dollar off an individual value meals ports to fifty all the family value -- that's good here is dine in only tonight seven at ten. Right here Bush's 1431 and one any -- the the tiger -- scoreboard is where we keep you up to date with everything going on across central sexist so we do it every fifteen minutes starting next Friday night -- 7-Eleven PM right here on talk thirteen seventy. Fabulously not magic 95 point five you can also listen to us -- lines at Friday night fans stand dot com. Two games on the Thursday night's sleep next week from Anderson taken on McCallum in the tiger Jack bull you've also got New Braunfels canyon -- cedar ridge. Friday night's action Stoney -- taking on Connelly -- -- that's -- -- facing off against cedar creek pays taking on birdie champion. Rockets is at weekends. Mr. ridge facing off against sixteen Boston tied taking on -- Reagan facing off against one -- really taking on Lugar bill Westlake making the trip to south lake Carol Westwood facing off against Georgetown. Best drop this -- labor and -- taking on San Antonio Brennan. Del Valle had dripping springs he's he's taking on Travis round rock facing off against temple seaside memorial badly Lanier to Waco midway taking on the Lake Travis. He'll -- face off against Leander. How -- and Cedar Park they're gonna break in -- new stadium up and Waco Zelda and taking on Waco university high converse Judson facing off against Hendrickson and -- is taking on marble balls that's the Friday games three games on the Saturday's late. Fort Worth why is taking on LBJ's -- and Sam Houston's. Houston facing off against Maynor and Parker heights taking on Waco high scores and more of all these games online at Friday night bandstand dot com. Tucker -- scoreboard right there waiting for you including on your Smartphone. No -- required just go to Friday night -- stands dot com from your mobile device -- back to -- Allen and Friday night stands stand live from Bush's -- 1431 in Cedar Park. Sorry there's a delta zones that mr. -- -- and we are here so we're gonna push Anderson back one also think that's not kinsey is easily and the west were warriors can be represented. So let's talk about their little scrimmage earlier today plus their week -- -- -- -- let. Not talk about my folks -- south Austin the nicest people in the world had a -- because movies into the new domain -- and actually John said. Stand I was -- grain up the nasty name correctly so that when they see in the school board -- -- because he is at its highest JA LE days. -- felt great and all of what you I think it was brilliant game. Customers are -- -- get in now I delay I got to come -- you don't mind if -- -- grain of course we've got Justin Miller of pose a widow went without -- -- earlier from Louis. -- -- -- -- but modulate talk about the the -- run game this year I know you're -- -- have you yourself. Had just did another great -- time which -- news. How soon be pretty numbers. We. A lot of guys know we lost very good. We -- they did because -- present a vanity -- -- a little rocking but he's also shaft goes okay. We had a double into the right you don't play Helio had a great quarterback play and we'll talk about that could tell us they get clear commitment to the running game is really gonna help -- BellSouth then I'll miss. Talk about July and have a -- level it's a -- Maybe a little improvement list and they didn't then it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've -- easily -- isn't as -- -- they don't know what agent that he loves. -- radio royalty so obviously we won't go into the reasons -- an agent cut but an out of the last the end of the great what do you yes. In our lives improved a lot luster off starting roster every guys know -- there. Now it's going to -- Vietnam this ticker coming -- there's a chances is for sure. -- -- -- actually Garcia's level how much they re TV employee superstar our report in an as yet and again level we've been. Thanking our ports are just what what particular person what you've done for crack if -- putting them on the map is invaluable coast. While those the -- because the football players know that and we hear this stimulus the thinking so much Ashley for everything that -- done and excited to have you back for a second year what does it mean to us over the because. I mean these boys we've been like really close since freshman and at all like a family there and it's just really a great team to -- because. I really feel -- tell them minutes is really good to show everybody what they can really game. Right and actually let Lucille like assassin and a pleasure last year of course great images and games and albums anyway actually on radio show does go to -- -- John Gonzales. There is John is a funny story because. May second I'm not allowed outside vintage John that Gonzales -- Garcia -- one of the older guys who made an impact can't let little do we know they young sophomore to do with Scott became injured and is -- would be one of the leaders going -- do you really raise your game story it was so proud you contact -- 2014 when these points. Yeah -- -- -- -- is it is firm my our freshman year we all played together and usually. A lot of right to seniors break out right immersed steer read -- A lot of us have a lot of experience so reduce traded. He's still -- German firm run and win district -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I sent an -- we -- San -- the last several face but no more assistants realized command center has is that there's another gathered at the dude is so big as a sophomore and a close watch it would when he first saw you you knew he could stretch you have there on -- feel content -- to death of fourteen euphoria. This year is really my breakout years since I'm a senior you know I'm really look John elite team and a lot of victories for this -- industry. And everybody really good out -- -- skirmishes were just playing fine out how and we can improve things and stuff like that terrain with a new. Could we talk about the scrimmage against -- Because the only guys did archetypal almost out of Boston obviously these -- is looking good news about this morning. It was definitely a learning this news coming. Louisa County man has sent teams from their visas we can mount a little slow Lou it is okay -- -- -- -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- those awards were bonded together reach us it's another reason we know that you think they're your responsibility on the -- for those -- things. Lawyers plan dale thanks. These guys are okay now here's how they're scheduled great debt how Canada have plenty of Thursday night -- of course Christie will be on the scene and can open up this season at eighteen. Of course he got a lot car -- -- view. You -- wrapped -- but not -- -- schedule talk about. -- -- runner ups last year because that these guys exceeded everybody's expectations is a hero because I think -- all knew that just today had a tennis center. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we. Really came together last year and we started out slow on the please remember we slowly. It's part of my name and you saw that over the district and even in the playoffs. The -- would have been together a little longer that. Where Nebraska level -- country not only -- district version. To get past that first -- rounds. This -- says. Yeah I would pretty much where he said could come this year we did our -- we come out. Really like kind of weird like coming out really really slow. This and we have shaped up three years but this year we got come out like an -- -- the -- -- right on the -- by him in the mouth you know. All right so let's try it it's somewhat big catch up and down -- -- was excited Danielle here OK so get an -- -- -- -- -- do you need to be sure writedowns -- cedar creek -- as -- -- LBJ -- drop. And -- not -- those final three games will be on Thursday night the one -- LBJ became what they host. Our best shot and in our -- cougars will be traveling to Nelson field caught the last game of the regular season on November the seventh. Not to take on Reagan's big game with C 14927. Last year. Talking about are enthusiastic he's so much of the showing on the idea Anderson and here come before we let you go we shot now -- and then we're gonna go to break we. So who envelope. Our. Doesn't dominate the best stolen and then players down there -- we did feel. That is how are okay okay this is. Saddam might go AK is that pat I think Hayes -- basically you know -- but that's -- they'll let Joseph Madison bout them -- -- -- says he does look. All right guys just ordered out of her help me and as shots of our parents and the team. John my parents again -- us -- to god he's he's great. Armed and also -- -- -- TVs there working real hard in group. And so tomorrow firmly the S and outs of offenses reported -- Percent of teens and it's. -- agent you know. There we go yes yes senator I believe they manage copies of liability be doing and what they've made big shots mom and baby milk can be denied that I'm glad -- -- of -- activity tonight. Crack it will we'll see all Friday night you then we hear Ashley Garces Colin with the updates. Says democratic it was will be taken on Akins Eagles to open week -- Listen must listen we -- out of Gaza we'll see you soon thanks so much effect. All right Melinda was take a quick break. This is a lot -- -- players while we're here and but she's she can we get at 10 o'clock custom Expos a -- to come through -- freebies will redo our fans stand makes it. But 1431 feet apart location of Bush's -- and we're doing it like no one else has this Friday night this thing. And -- fans danced there. Howard died Bush's jacket. -- -- -- -- -- Howard died and push his chicken yeah. All right big shout outs all of -- team -- -- Murray comes through all the players -- will be here to 10 o'clock lots more all the way the without further reduce the gators and trojans in the building. I don't make Christians. Jordan -- of course that's superstar -- reporters self you mechanic Gabriel -- we appreciate you sweep through -- from. You're right Jordan men talk about. He and his seven. They can -- last year when related returning tackles he you -- -- -- both sides of the ball and what is more it has established players and it seems he's about what that coach -- men coming into the program for you. Well -- to solve let's say overrule haven't have -- you come from Wesley got a big guy coming. And it is full of great inside. And I couldn't be happier note there's -- program around the 100% term. And this didn't really have -- Story now Chris hill school lets out here because obviously Jimenez is gonna have to says. This year's gonna have to start Brent thank you because I thought he had around -- -- you guys are bringing up front and drove. Art gallery got. -- -- mean. And we got three returning seniors mustard man thirtieth two. Does talk mark. And they're both really very good both really good. -- hope front over the people who -- doing right. President Karzai and let it keep busy the last out -- homeland with the design makes sense of big plays down the stretch in the religious a format this year talk about the. Yeah -- is there really solid even busier Jordan well I'm back here the royal Evan Williams. Even to tackle for. I just can't wait another eight years. Yes talk about and Williams I think he really broke out of course well Michael is really quick and at age. Between the outside so Little League ready for about different lines. Greens are ordered a front -- we have two very athletic and Michael can get to the quarterback almost every play is fast. Me and having gained control of the senator no guards stood him up linebackers they can play free frigid Ross Miller and the great another athletic end. Second quarter back all the time. Our guys yet. Now yellow our -- first seven I think I don't save the most pressure which you will be the most looked it seems. Pretty much stays at home on Thursday night to watch this type of -- -- game right what is means is doing. Well and this will be my third year and then -- tribal. Hopefully this'll be your first win. You know flight Mckelvin. I think with the -- new coach new judges. And it's news policy or fire we have -- us. I'm really on your -- W. Christian what do you are remember her collection -- -- McAllen definitely fast very -- -- they ran they ran around but. We is that the rec game got quicker and -- -- billion math -- -- right. Tell us your -- as a member we're really nervous going into is all of bunch of new. Does your beyond varsity we got a slow start second -- here. All right guys -- talk about WC Mason are here of course our Ryan and Chris Ortiz. Kirby hill we do nothing makes -- -- you had three albums sold but she's still briefly. Always say Gavin seven year old is helping us. Over the top you know how there's safety. -- of course because he's blown up this summer but well yeah he went from -- you might wire read aloud like turns his Big Brother like oh yeah is. Went about 195 right now 6263. And you know doesn't let let let's get a different player physically like young yet skills Lebanese democracy he got the news and of itself. Public breezy breezy Chris Christie's. He's definitely. -- the game got faster too. They hope to score a lot of downs you know running the ball and some pave the way of course -- -- Don't. I valued Evan Williams me and -- you -- make a big statement of pride just I was a season this year. We're gonna get mechanic and he gave Miller wrote quake our brother Conner one of the all time great trojans so honored to have you and can I got don't think he'd face I was so proud to have you know went hardest workers has so far this offseason he really is an example I -- -- -- -- year -- Seven annul all wars fans so you just really kicked tail and oversight -- yards -- How will be here in the CNN com Friday night says she's doing they so what does it mean it is easy to be able to I report for these guys. Yes they're right there and Mike mcginnis. It's just awesome chairs have been working really hard and I think it's going to be a season -- is that -- NFC and two -- -- tech this year -- so did you -- Martin was legally agree with you right thumb. You know see the new -- out there whatever the we're relentless why is this. Fight illegal supply vessels okay none -- OK I don't leisure and up to me. Let them and anomalous view balloons. I don't know why would you -- us getting them ready -- Okay word out all right Chris he's Jennifer. My family my -- pretty breezy. My brother. Man my girlfriend. -- join together. They govern the sawed off with the instructor Nixon. You really helped us develop over the summer and better players mentally and physically and but give us out of my father my mother's. Fans who owns the -- -- and gathered. Honestly as a OK is it OK so here's how the season will start out when he isn't charges quickly covers McCallum of course and talk a check smoke and -- two games on the road at Westwood at Westlake. Even start district that third week's opening up against coach rose's former team as the reminds. Louis they can say -- -- del -- Blaine and Austin -- kind of -- Anderson trojans -- Gabriel will be the voice behind the charges this and next you're so excited to have -- you really -- after this football fouled -- in new -- for -- the -- starting in 2014 -- we appreciate any last words -- as we go. To get anybody. -- regain the lead man tomorrow we c.'s -- out. We're gonna enter the mix as well on this is training you meet Jordan I was there this summer there was nothing -- nothing like it is. -- when these drains you mentally like more than physically just the thought that -- -- -- ever worry are they doing in. That's was all right Anderson showed as you'll see him Thursday night KB VL MacCallum Anderson showed his. To open up to 2014 season and Hal sparks dazzle see hear listen we appreciated our guys. And of course you'll be able to hear that interview that you just -- now he missed it of course here and here now but FaceBook and Twitter you'll find them later on this week in this instance charges fifteen to pop up in about coats roads but -- you were telling me how he's bring as the prestige of this program. As a former quarterback. That's right he was a quarterback gets the power house Katie high school down -- And I -- the stadium donors named after his dad so hopefully bring easily Katie magically -- -- Horizon as Anderson charges what we get used to it quick positive Gaza run in late when we come back of course we'll have the west were warriors -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- asylum in the building -- we got a lot of show defeated -- an hour and a half so. Hope you stick around how red delicious chicken or 1431 seat apart. We -- covering the Austin area high school football like no one else. This Friday night -- days. Right Friday night and day. Powered by bush is again. Friday night stands yeah. Powered by Bush's jacket. Are -- Al -- starts at 10 o'clock this is the first annual players ball wherever -- shaken up 1431 -- -- -- -- without further -- one of our favorite schools we've been covering Westwood since the inception -- -- it pretty intensely 2010 when we get a young man came up -- Johnson is a quarterback I may or may not -- -- my son -- the jobs of the status of Wasilla High School football and we get the little warriors -- represented thirteen -- say dad would appreciate it sounds like snow and a right to go round Robin what you say your name what position do you play when you graduate. Come on dinner Rossum the defensive linemen and I'm causes -- fifteen. I didn't McSorley I don't know offensive tackle and I'm also proud of sort of fifteenth. To excellence and I'm a quarterback. Who doesn't sixteen feet. You don't that's on my next nature's in the period Stephen demand -- linebacker clocked when he -- there radio wars -- And I AirTran pullback costs down fifteen for the business but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now it is easy or drainage at the latest Harry Smith talk about -- got fourteen what it means -- -- -- fourteen come into my senior year. And I just hope have a big year my boy is right guy. That's the stuff. Christian man anyway we okay -- everything's Christmas because he's so outspoken he's going to be one big place today that we see what we got -- the ball cover this in 2014 your thoughts on what Jimmy's team. This is a big year for me -- they're Miramar city hello last go around with my boy's room sorry for -- grays and greens. And that's why they ended strong. Okay we'll go to -- again just -- second was taught to hate hate men have been you know. He covered mayors -- -- -- -- I'm relative depth reporting these these well it's a big season for us we lost. But you guys last year but we're coming back we got. Some underdogs that I think are going to be really important to us isn't it behavior makes a much bigger and a big big events plus. And go okay I'm good to bear itself and went down. And it was much smaller like it's -- -- -- well finally doing and we policies in Iraq doesn't want to cool things about veins and as we get to see the faces of the -- you don't really see them behind in math for you might feel like this out of -- -- -- -- standards and quality that fourteen these humans around like everyone -- you know did you hear it's a senior here who's looking -- have a lot of -- make you can make playoff on this here. You know loosen up to guys that you know we're always reload themselves. Think he'll be fun today that my system to start an endowment -- -- club for a second because. Type jet was a little little -- on the interviewed with Atlanta not solve many. He's getting all the companies in order I think they get used to being the west with quarterback -- -- about what this year means for you you know his junior year. Did this I mean it's important no matter was junior school year also -- of the biggest academics here. You got a lot. Don't -- your mind you know especially football wise -- All these senior is that this season just means the world to them and I just want reveal the stuff of my junior year and deal that provided -- a good. Foundation. President. Team. All right that's -- that's a proper answer right there as underclassmen playing for his juniors and I can see how much does a kid he moment of our as strong as our quarters is somewhat selective as governor two -- seniors might still -- -- your college. A senior but I talked about it easier hourly workers west when. I mean I know these boys forever and there are grade I've grown up with them -- -- -- -- -- history and now in our whereas mrs. It's just great I love they're great you guys are very strong there very Smart with the ball they're very they know their daily and I. They're very strong close may give the boys they're all Brothers and they love each other and they treat everybody just amazingly it's -- -- -- really good team like New Zealand I. I'm going to senior -- I'm especially. When it does everybody here it's gonna be fun but it's also going to be tearful and emotional person so it's gonna be as well this year's. They knew we know they are now hoping you would do well we NBC anyway OK okay but clearly I love quickly coach woods. What do you say it -- be different about 2014 not opening the season at Georgetown as a tough measures start here. The story here and I had dissent doesn't he doesn't mean anything else because woods coaching staff. On and I do we know a -- like coaching staff they put us in the best positions -- our job done I give us an opportunity be successful. Personally be switched me over to pull back from Ryan back I just odd believing that I trust them I have all the faith in the world are coaching staff appreciate. 124 team could you came back his defense coordinator. Is my deal my coach freshman year's. It's great having him back. I usually. With him that will be stronger team with more intensity more and encouragement. Katie. Well we're focusing a lot of effort this year just making it. Heavy blow like it could be our last so all meg thrilled as the season. Just then it's going out there drop the ball didn't have enough standard. Didn't -- Yeah like Christians as you know we've got -- vacuum there are present near -- flavor last year and then. Coach Nelson knew before hand coach he's really infectious he's he's he pisses you off and didn't -- -- a -- it's. A so my dad he's we got us war mentality and so business is to me the big year for us on defense. All right this is OK apparently we -- -- -- warrior fans they're listening laps of practice now instead Philadelphia game body in the shadow so most successful part. Don't get anybody builds up tweet you or VNU with the finance chief -- do wanna start over to send out. I thought I'm OK to go ahead. All right set out to avoid her on -- Tomlinson -- his sat out staging Cody to -- -- to -- pretty Clemens. Amir's you know deal -- nations and sets in and our models. Hate each patient. -- tonight Stanley. My boys on the team my offensive line Buckley. Shout out to the other defense a lot of them are here. Fans are underclassmen that are coming up and kind of burdens of shot out to my whole life. Omar receivers no running backs presentation on some good underclassmen and we're definitely using more in the future. Shots of the -- in general. The -- Looking forward to our student section this year because shot out to all my friends and name a few Jack Clark President Carter. Causes side. He's a non football -- this was okay yeah it's good and they shut -- since Travis will be in the -- -- to ensure a full recovery from -- hopefully see in them that are on the issue. The tandem of voting. I did I get bursts out my parents their -- last time that they sound out. Also. There's a bunch people lower Marion argues -- -- our guys set out Kevin we set up similar Bill Self there's no Mac Gonzales. -- -- -- -- -- -- Palin because Sammy Paula teeth out today. Deal I nation in my linebackers dating -- Cody anything twining like he backs Mitchell -- was there. Thaksin's lawyers Diego's Jackson Maine. There's nothing visit. They -- you Christian it is a shadow change is trying to try to come credited with together not to shouting god god -- believe. Brian I've been extend -- just begin. All -- -- nickel we're -- this job telephone thirteen -- Andrea stratus will eat my whole offense line. Tayshaun Prince Riley and -- -- bartender -- more jobs bill. The commander. And Jackson once and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Wesley minutes as the county conviction have to cut into the wake is. He's really there one -- mother of one of our biggest supporters over the years and has always. Made his players available -- always for Texas quarterback he would let the top of there for a while while they -- still they will let -- off the deck while there was still there but now you may suit is out there ready to. I -- merge he's ready to let them go I don't know who we have next weekend they tell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quickly before we we we we hopped a long list talk about build enough. Briefly because of course you know -- it's and his Brothers are out this Lil Brothers are in they were there any way McConnell what a magical season twelve wins. -- they'll go wildcats know. Little watching yeah I mean I had a great season last year we read that last game we're out there mostly the miracle comeback. I think they got like fifteen onside -- in something like that but. Yes this year it's gonna be the fund district to watch they got temple coming in which is going to be a big match up. So I expect big things from him. Or otherwise can build an okay -- news -- -- -- comfortable with and he was happy to let him -- there -- Some might think that my clothes he's you say Stanley JQ what we're gonna do couldn't get to help a lot cancel courses and radio setting -- need to -- -- an ability to go round Robin so you name what. Position you play and you gradually. I thought that was very nice number -- -- serial bus that -- fifteen. How players' safety in receiver. Tom Gordon number six finally present -- -- -- Right guard. Just gins him as members NBA playoffs that's samurai it's. The. Right -- being talked about being a skill player on the outside of course you'll have have joined G you'll have -- -- -- -- you know absorb me that is the running game to kind of talk about what this club can't handle as far as passing game concern. Oh yes sir we're a big time threat on the passing game their running game -- Jordan running. And -- what does note Selanne and we have our young books coming up. The morning. Are you know we've heard your name in the past he kind of talk about lose -- bring -- so much going on the outside the intensity. This event -- we have like the lineup graduation took some new names and they'll -- -- -- -- How long we got -- were Peres says say he would muscles and want our corners thanks Dave rebuild and we have Jonathan so took another corner. Limited him wideout he's got Colin will be playing a little wide receivers because he's a big target and we'll check out we -- -- -- -- got there. So off course coming up Chris White -- a series begins its. Protect us to death of seventeen can't talent coming up need to invent I was -- -- -- lefty then we'll talk to you both about deadlines of course she hits you legendary -- Aminu who's in his -- -- gonna go down in history as some of the best -- -- ever played the game but you still got talent behind you talk about different -- -- -- well we got. We put hunter gorge which is that are left going -- put a Mecca of right tackle. And we salute Jesse James -- is here senator. Dunn Chris Rogers is now I left guard he was our back up we have just -- Chris -- you know what's offense -- but you know we had a field. The license in their right tackle million Garcia is you know he's had time left tackle for us. And we put Joshua -- and there at left tackle he was he played a lot of defense last year but this spring wheat. We decide to see what did you do at left tackle he's -- he's a big threat to us he's really fast soft ball and we. -- daily -- solid offense line right now all right now time welcome -- Feel good you know you made you lose. -- -- a new regime coming in advance how has the continuity in them as far as the new camp that was different -- got -- spring ball was -- of great things happening you know we came from a pistol to the spread -- and I think. Nothing really changed that much to the spread but you know. Defense was we put a 34743. And done you know today's scrimmage I think it showed. You know what when you work on and you know I think. I'm really pretty solid this year talk about there's scrimmage well we. Got this tremendous brain we learned a lot of things that are weaknesses are and -- restraints. And we have a lot to learn right now we. There was a lot of learning as a learning process -- now. Tennis is so well bill the wildcats OK here's how their season home less then we'll talk about staying here in just a moment before we -- go but we -- shout out to out there and again like if you miss is my chance you'll hear on Twitter and FaceBook -- this week. We have some. I'm set out to wildcat nation and set up to my coaches my team -- the linemen linebackers. And. Let's itself Jamal from law law and secure the whole train coaches have a family and powerful want glared at your springs that's that is half of coaches. That -- didn't give way to doing good things that I did my parents and outs and offensive -- machinery here Connor cruise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Diseases and I know he would look good script I was you know now home and I'm -- a great move however it has sauce and everything we've themselves. Here's oh is that right getting an open the season gets Amanda Griffin thank deadly vipers are -- Lake Travis tonight fancy volts caught in their advanced drop. Condescending and that's all districts most of the game doesn't weigh as heavily as he did in the past histories in College Station and you'll start. Varsity are -- plague is -- university and Maynor. Vs Connally and putt though. Vs -- go high in the closing the season and it's simple which will probably be their biggest says they are all these gays Maynard. And simple held -- to be ready to do what they had TJ Campbell he's expecting other fillies against colts coach expect the other finished fourth I think that the -- area expects -- the wildcats Argentina playoff run that. We appreciate you we'll see here in a week -- are they -- as crazy idea everything's all right assailed the Marquez welcome to get the hell you look at for the twenty cooking world Twitter and FaceBook right now if you're here. You play at Freddie fans stand of course he's seen on the teams and it has to have. Filtered in throughout here -- it's time is now get three minutes you -- turn. And let's see here. But -- wanted to try to do here I guess you could try to squeeze in -- -- go to break here. Starting point. So the point to build on -- but guiding the okay they -- What will go ahead OK so let's I guess shelling when a good tough for a second that -- also about three minutes and then now as it's on Wednesday's meeting of course they had the -- officials here from Bush's chicken if you come back. Free gallon exceed 250 off a meal or -- are facing the value meal. All right do you wanna talk to mix in now or. Everything all right let's go ahead and subject to any. That -- us. C. Reserved grandstand seats in on the past we will talk about -- -- death but we Westlake Georgetown -- cedar ridge stony point all teams that can make some big noise but how well we felt he initially. But -- Through seven here he's viewed it. And it -- Maynard Cedar Park mailing your thoughts. -- the biggest surprise there's probably see your part. Being down a number seven luckily a lot of love polls and have them up around -- 3 so. I think they -- Then you know that high ground but they had a lot of questions for pushing me around. So we'll see other people. Our rates let's see six through two we have gram -- sixth round by who -- for. I -- -- -- three and a simple to tell you about some things and then when you think standout yet accessible medium -- simple -- -- You're a lot of polls have -- pretty low or not in their -- and that's partly because they have a lot they have really young defense how many starters coming back they have a strong. Offense with the offensive line returns four starters. Coal miners coming back a lot of receivers got a lot of veteran wide receiver. -- and Hendrix and I mean. Some people have been coming and going you know dropping pretty far with -- losing if you run then. I think that he's gonna remove it and make another run. Can't get their defense is actually pretty interesting we've talked about team division one down. Defensive measure PGA and data services one Oklahoma of course he shot Somerville whistles when former pages -- not chance laws. Campaign mailer when he finishes. His high school playing career and of course Lake Travis we got and number one we give us now from the news earlier days not quite possible that a quarterback Iowa State verbally committed John Lear will not be starting that first game opener against Jackson. Could very will be out Charlie Rohr who is a sophomore member -- younger brother like. I say opener midway anyways he's not just excuse yes yes yes yes thank you thank you thank Alan and -- Startling trends this. Lake Travis always strong on defense coach Carter. They've got. The real strong real strong defense wins and then a safety position and I think they're gonna. Run right that defense to another long playoff run. OK we're just about to do -- -- a -- scoreboard and coming up before and it's in a club we'll have alien lions. So Detroit Tigers LBJ jaguars dripping springs tigers Georgetown Eagles -- rebels -- -- and B seventeens alike and our -- -- But -- -- -- yeah and without further -- Casey Johnson and the time those. -- scoreboard. Look -- -- -- up to 9 o'clock Friday night -- empowered by Bush's chicken live from the bushes in 1431 and 183 is this what would help Tony fourteen players ball you can think of it as -- fourteen season preview. Of course if you don't know Friday fans -- had been saying you're listening on magic 95 point five right now. -- every night. Friday night seven to 11 PM will be on talk thirteen seventy will also be online at Friday night's fiesta in dot com what we do we take you all across central Texas. Covers central Texas high school football like no one else next week week one the first week high school football season these are the games will be covering. Thursday night action we'll have recaps Anderson taking on McCallum in the talk -- -- -- -- also have New Braunfels canyon taking on cedar ridge. Friday night's sleep we'll have live look -- all these games throughout the night. Stony point taking on -- standing -- is it LB and I don't facing off against cedar creek pays taking on Bernie champions -- facing off against a against. Vista ridge travels to sixteen Austin -- taking on -- Reagan facing off against Lockhart. Do we take on Lugar bill -- taken a trip to south lake Carol Westwood facing off against Georgetown. -- drop taking on -- Rouse taking on San Antonio Brennan. Del -- faces off against dripping springs east view is that Travis round rock that temple. Beside memorial battling -- Waco midway taking on Lake Travis and he'll -- facing off against Leander Leo at Cedar Park they're gonna break in Taylor's new stadium in Waco. Delta and taking on Waco university -- Converse Judson facing off against Hendrickson and burning it taking on marble falls. He also got three games on the Saturday slate we'll have complete coverage of these online Friday night -- dot com also on Twitter at Friday bandstand with talk of sex scoreboard for -- why you're taking on LBJ Arlington Sam Houston facing off against Maynard. Parker heights taking on Waco high. You get instant score updates all these games online Friday night fans stand dot com. Also on your mobile device no app required just pull up on your web browser it's all right therefore he can also follow us on Twitter. -- Friday -- stands right up top of the hour this is Friday night -- covering central Texas high school football like no one else. Right right guys dance dance dance Howard -- bushes -- who submersible. Hey JC -- what Austin and kids. Indian JS stamina tasty one Austin and online anywhere -- Friday night fans stand doctor. I just -- Six Casey Johns I think needs to run at stake to Mets. Compilation of that is in making this -- -- as seamlessly as possible list I'm missing you know. We are live in the city of 1431. We do have seems that was scheduled to go early but they are actually enjoying the pushing his so we're gonna get the chance they enjoyed it drove. That domino would up for the bill -- -- welcome constantly because. I have been heavily involved with your -- what we -- RP a great team over there were Ryan she knew. And of course the O'Neal family which owns in of course every likely shield is -- -- according cobble everyone has had to deal with dripping springs. Tigers football covered through Friday night things stand now happily having the team it's got more than they do is we're gonna go round Robin and what -- what to -- -- to -- you name. What year you graduated position you know so the folks at home know who'd had his -- on the radio from energy to springs tigers which he loves -- myself geeky enough are. Jeff Shepard. -- doesn't sixteenth here. Quarterback -- Come on George chief of -- he doesn't fifteen -- the. I'm especially Garcia. Doesn't she doesn't fifteen have played nose guard and it. Yeah he's there when they need Garrett. -- -- and you guys. Clause two of the fifteen -- the line -- Joseph thanks -- -- -- seventeen running -- a team. Will weigh in very got toys -- very classic Tony sixteen. OK again when we're gonna do until there's an out it is willow about fancy receivers see the faces of plays and of course ship when we will -- -- before allows -- they wanna congratulate you want also sticking it out we really think this year here year -- talk about 714 what it means for you here. Means a lot I mean this is my first year starting and we just. I mean we're the underdogs this year and artistry we got a lot of proof. We just got a new coaches SN and we're looking to make a big run. Hasn't -- you know. For me for you know from cultural suicide according coaching now you know Yemen new regime and there -- guys kind of talk about that continuity is an easy or. Same. I mean there's a little -- a little something different but. It's really just. -- -- the same stuff it was a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ninety there are maybe he'll be of these on line this kind of talk about what will be visible onscreen. Well I mean we got the new coach -- who were completely different life -- defensive style of play. Last year is more like shooting gaps now it's just knock everyone else get about the way the case so we should -- tough. A lot of experience which means bashing the seniors and then Mac and Julie O'Neill I had done the left in the it's more -- asses and actually get any better. He has completely different sacred. Can expect says. His -- make. Allow DI defensive players and each uses defensive players so it's -- didn't enjoy Johnny muse aloud to us. And like he says is most people are seeing fifteen -- He's dominant positions in just thought that would fall. -- -- you have to -- -- -- the cold weather because today it did look pretty -- you give us first -- -- -- the line and it's not about bad spot. And the defense is looking real great. I was a bunch under class who's stepping up this year's general took time have -- musician to block Sebastien all of them. I mean is looking great young talent spunky offense is better watch out you know. Culminated out delighted and yell yell at tight group -- all seniors -- majority Ellis -- -- -- and look forward of the finalists are seniors in this cause of about five. Caller on the biggest offensive line central Texas and 25 they class. Words -- also looking to take get anyone expects that no one's gonna get there and so yeah. Okay I -- birds are about their we're receiving corps possession jet black goes to afternoon in we got -- receiving corps -- -- we need to be very. On the outside he's. We are subject of -- -- Brady Quinn tied in ponder threw it. Com. It's a lot different it's more balanced offense and. Joseph come and NN no. You're really broke out as a sophomore last year into Dallas city sixty you know running advancing now they got another super sophomore do you Joseph talk about their running game and. -- down opens. Also -- Bobby come out the sophomore season and so between me and Bobby I'd say we have a pretty lethal backfield in a hole. It's not just the backfield as a whole offense goal line can do without them receiving -- open up holes. Except throwing Enron and it's all hold bounces Agassi on this -- body. Are exactly new head coach of course. It's a lot more intense as it flashes. Of -- tonight. He's to drive the -- -- to win. Would you like dummy when it's -- I -- -- that question -- -- that it wasn't there but I can just tell -- -- we've gone through this. -- offseason and ball and summer -- just how much more into every morning isn't how much more hard and dedication beyond. Imagine. Slightly because who runs said. Says he's not finishing this year finishing. -- plays and make sure running up the ball so does this rank is last here you are really. About that we -- I guess lazy and out this year were ready did it's boggling. I think the main difference I see is everyone actually believes like in our coaches and here we believe in ourselves because I mean that's a big difference from last year because. -- this season I felt like some of the guys. Started like. I mean given up a little bit but I mean this -- like really we feel like we can actually do some this year -- our team. Right dead. I mean this year where a lot more disciplined. Word alive more hungry. I mean we we really wanna make this playoff run we all believe that we can. We use. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess just the whole -- springs community for all support and love living given us do everything all the time and how great of community is. It's you talk about it. Quarterbacks have a good look good in the tournament but NGOs and the infection Carrera daughter go to Rivera and -- poultry. Really not a shot quarterback Jeff Shepard hate Joseph thanks student section. And -- rounds on tiger volleyball. There. Of facility shuts down my mom and dad. And now hundred drew is vanity she goes out there semi Xbox. Life remain there and if anybody wants us and domination move beyond god the -- it's the only top -- what. I -- -- -- -- shut the thought they -- makes no one's heard this year. I don't smile lines on. Joke body and they beaver will. Defense I mean he really stepped it up this off season it's keep -- going. Just if you can anybody. He's the U is the united this busy this set up so much denizens are mother sat out due to sorry to hear about it it was that the imam. It's a ball club off. Hug your -- and all authority guy all right two to three factors. -- -- our -- and thankfully these will be when the teams that we cover probably the deepest. This year with the help of Ryan -- clip -- and a team over Acadia -- -- Scorsese Jerry corny Costello according Koppel's using corn -- Phillips anyway got to give his appraisal CR makes Kleenex writing music for you -- appreciate it guys. All right time it is 9/11 is okay we don't go study slightly in jail these days don't come on in me colonias. All right so -- we're moving right along here of course to once again where bush is -- this is our title sponsor this year so much thanks to the whole team of pushing him for supporting Texas cuts took full Monty comes to his feet apart location you'll see. -- in there and mr. -- -- of parking -- -- mr. paraphernalia everywhere but right now we -- -- around rock's finest right now about the starting point tigers in the bill is also to have -- -- go to -- don't go round -- cause you to -- you name you graduate in position so people know -- listened to on the radio he what did you think of the -- -- -- -- Princess -- a look at mustangs and headphones and is. And knew what this guy needs some ways you may already know just other people what -- -- they -- -- to get off me. Williams class Tony fifteen play larceny -- Ten -- class 316 quarterback. -- -- Cornerback class that we succeed. Yeah I was. -- it does -- -- us plus -- fifteen Marcy was slash slash slash safety slash. Well you played maybe you and probably votes or go get a look Georgian government guarantee on that but. Right here that he gave. Jordan talk instant classic Clinton today. I'm -- -- I'm back. And everything else to -- let's keep -- you make -- I think is well documented days. You have different then the adults eighteen men on the obviously coasters and -- you interest is that you'll feel wherever you play so many different positions that close to death of fourteen before you run. He's -- bearing number seven as of right now and that would come out to prove even more. Tell you it's a tough spot he's talk about the defense free briefly join a movement to bring this year. The -- of the lie on the policy is home -- -- experience. Couple are about the scene is so we have he would have played before a couple new guys like chairs and who should be done right you know. Scared me and other personal we wanted to make his sister Brandi first kick in the tail alleged here as our reporter really. Is it more so odd bit lousy life not -- -- -- I think it really doesn't reach out to Brady the F family man Kyle what does it doesn't fourteen before you. -- especially being ranked number one for -- and tackles. And I know I have a number two Dick command isn't -- and have been fewest since the last two years and it just means a lot burn after your turn is seeing is coming to the office of long. That's a big time shot out right now manage it as much love to win this gadget guy -- actually does is doing everything has been a superstar since. For every day that we know -- -- just his senior year was in the -- Cummings alive I just want finished the season finish my career starting point on top so. It's. And -- is also short for words you just got so much way you're lonely. Gerry did this with that there's no room to -- This is ready for the season around here when my team is ready for she's got a great time. I spent a lot of these years on this team and fans who my best of them. Tennis -- now Damian is as seniors this year so obviously you know I -- issues don't want to let you know at another quarterback the southern Guerrero or when -- 'cause I voted down -- -- fourteen news. Means a lot to me means my junior got a break out so. New school for me everything so we thought we -- news -- we ended. Thought it was okay I'll play if all else. Soledad good hey enjoy the good news that he had sort of fourteen -- last week you know being a senior and he's trying to do a little further than we -- last year we get to the playoffs this year. There's unemployment -- up all the gains -- close -- -- so close every one of them what's different about downforce seems so what you -- We go through there mentality that sounded right okay. Did right they might enjoy -- they go. -- must say you on the you know. My game every game itself played the last digit loss -- closing made -- -- -- he visited Wilmington you know is is whatever tell what was different this year. Hello this is put a lot of work in the off season. We gotta be hungry this year it's -- and me. This year we own we have a lot of targets our backs and so the other teams so we had better watch out. Firstly I just feel -- the team's mentality pulverize changed in. Tests are most proud about my everybody's working together over the off season you know go to school. Lift -- over the summer. You know you tell people is in my system contains -- -- like the biggest improvement in our nose. No we also on the Sears last series but often energy instead of -- Simoneau who threw an exit. I don't know a lot about this team last year but I know that we play fast and intense and we can't -- July. Do you get. How no I just say you know we're hungry this year we have a lot of young talent that's on the line you know we actually -- it I see a lot of people committed mean we -- shows an offseason who worked out and putting a lot of work. All right now this man right here pick stony point is is that Cinderella dark horse Jews disapprove all haters are wrong right here's a lesson plans a lot of plays this year Kabul -- -- -- -- shout out to me. Slow start. I set out to god my family and everybody here would -- rest don't -- could be here and you can't. Sounds -- god my friendly everybody here -- my own mind and my girlfriend lives. So tomorrow from the government there. TJ -- going out home TV nation. Always that's you know everybody here on the set out to my girlfriend. I would just got back from barbecues how I met a couple right now it's. I'm here. You could hear the news how that goes out all the players here though no one comes judgment Voyager -- -- governments and as. And on the deep snapper -- from the floor with a. How -- has yet yeah doesn't tell normalize goalies. This doesn't -- this disease does my teammates poses the girl from Australia. Okay sliding down an all right so stony point tigers -- -- -- thirteen sixth day of course we're gonna be covering this these are that are just our reporters here. The sun -- show us. We'll show him awhile you know video Pena went public. It is inquirer reported Sheila tell us how do I went all right so when we look outside ma'am I do business on the -- thank you so much free time what we'll see Ellis Friday. All right all right -- this is an okay let's go ahead and take a break. How when we come back while we still got so much to do that we're gonna try to fitted -- live let's see here Lee in there. Still he's constantly LBJ chipping -- of the season did. George tenant pays now we are live -- wishes she can Cedar Park 1430 -- This is a first annual players ball this season starts six days from now -- we're previewing this season and like no one else by the way Friday night dance dance. Friday night dance dance -- Howard I was just -- Right right and -- grandstands okay Howard died pushes you get. Our national. Friday night there's daylight no one else knew Danny okay she's John -- -- -- MI people may ya know how we look -- community is also. -- -- alliance in the building right here at play as Bob was just chicken feet apart location -- put -- -- round Robin so people listen on radio know whose talk right now from Disney name. When you graduate in your position friend. -- -- -- -- Game McClatchy is funny fifteen virus news Jonathan -- third tornado fifteen cornerback. Michael Dawkins -- -- fifteen slot receiver. Jacob and wolf when he fifteen linebacker. Robert Bell -- -- fifteen defensive tackle its. I know many of them. -- you. Hello I'm Naomi asked if I. I put you hit -- there we go quickly and it. Yeah -- talk about you who -- into lions fan outward demeanor there -- reports from -- into the. Well that's really exciting getting to all the boys they're pretty full of sound asleep right to the Stevens. All right let's go to -- bring it to tie as the years it seems like yesterday. You know you were making this start for Leander against Vander grandstand and ever since similarly he says Ukrainian and thank you -- decipher. -- in December studio video lifetime about 2014 when musical. We're seen near will be huge here just getting out here one last time represented fairly handy. And the name of the city -- how much says since they mean something. All right Dana -- is being -- into that game with another guy like 2015 plus I don't think he was killed on the move on Twitter we feel like -- Publicly until McCrary and it probably got like 6000 briefly on what a crazy and I haven't. All the things -- we have the McClatchy papers -- was skill level like 2012 when every month. 'cause I got fourteen when -- -- yeah. It's a lot in this maneuver my friends my last time CA you know. It's my job being -- strong and do we do. Right. Talk real excited for -- great team. I just hope we have a great season tickets I just can't wait for what goes on my friend. -- -- -- -- -- Probably hold I'll play. As -- this event did an Israeli rhetoric he's got he's got he's got it out of our. I'm committee didn't know I know you did not very study adds -- of the -- -- well. I'm excited about this -- I mean we there's one last time they should get on the videos together with my -- like -- -- like I'm very excited. One more year -- there with all the seniors in. Hopefully does this. Do really well this year dropped like some comments about it -- fairways. All right how -- the doctors may wish we value senior anytime the last you know what we take the classification stealing minutes guys coming back. My one of the fastest receivers then I he had a great year last year as well Michael us. Title in 2014 these Koreans. Thumbs in the utilize claim LSU and the Brenda had. You know on a senior status now so just let it look this year. Right this was a fight Jake again out plus. You can get that I would get to a camera -- I doubt readily welcome them into a good idea myself and I got a -- really looking forward to this season. He's got a great team and I just can't wait to spend more must do all my friends. And my family and and it's going to be great -- really took good. For -- this is okay. All right we have anyone who's going to be is going to be a major part of an alien -- there's -- about what 2014 for. The. Even going to be -- Gundy says defense of coaches that are really teaching -- a lot of new things new techniques and going to be great season for us. Right cliff can you read about what. -- different about this year compared to last year it was our. While the -- coaching staff has completely different it's really good things and new traditions that. Helping us bring together as a family -- just having -- of their friends from home. Tom. As athletes were a lot faster a lot stronger and a lot better and we're a lot faster to the ball and I know that for a lot more. -- -- Maggie on camera. That in my DV over here and now we're about to hold down this year and the personnel Brothers all right doctor. Thumb -- -- -- vessel were last year and we know I -- defense and offense now and more a couple of the coaches those looking alive then last year until fifty. All the new -- let him -- and I'm really excited for the they're full of energy. Not mark quiet and our other religion. They've got very Smart. Best -- large say in the state of Texas and I feel like we're doing that you really rosy with them and I'm so excited that you have to have a version here. Though a lot faster stronger and more physical. I mean no offense very well and no defense there through every dish is definitely. He has full glass here we're learning and this year we didn't go out and play. -- throughout day and feel comfortable known the reason -- -- We we have to do. So -- should be good news right all right guys that we we get everybody's that we executive sort of we shout out to me. Idealistic right now so don't you know -- yeah. I'd give a shout out to everybody who is then we ended down. -- shut up to -- out of my girlfriend Judith. That's my families and it's silly in the nation in south to be hot shots of -- sounds -- Dorsey is out and -- Sons and my parents out to my brother's drug in my numbers numbers from the problem Tom Horner who put a little Lyons. Thought out artists -- Leander. On your coaching coach -- who has preserved. -- and and murderer from Hollywood. Comes out -- my parents my siblings. Nathan Moore again Blake and Jacob they've been. Give a shout out to my friends here at this table right now my Brothers my defense. My family my girlfriend Ashley Weaver. And last and always my brother -- I want to Vietnam without him. -- regular. Fully assess tonight's friendly -- there is already coaches my girlfriend Elizabeth and Leander family. And I knew daddy is not always -- at the table there may be into -- -- and if gambling. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're gonna be -- did no good news -- -- good breaks down home game gets -- will be hearing and I the only do live updates next Friday. For our show laugh from the sideline is that the winner Lance opened their season and Bible and they don't have to away games at Lugar bill. At -- and while Georgetown all the road start District of Columbia crazy 2014. They can we become really an alliance that is your dad thinks we tapped for CIA unit Jamie thank you -- -- -- -- All right nearly and it's good people right there. People's head up the coast we've reduced our realistic the clock. Have got to -- on Twitter FaceBook break back at Friday -- stand. On Twitter FaceBook -- -- that before we get out of here we got about thirty more minutes we'll have LBJ jaguars. As well as -- dead Georgetown Eagles a -- Robles are tentative but also listen brain food jealous game break and we'll talk source cedar -- -- reporters here. Turning some breaks for six games. 1431 location C report -- cameras Casey Johnson of scandal like no one else Friday night dance dance. Right Friday night fans dance okay empowered by Bush's jet hit. Okay. And guides and games. Howard I Bush's -- Very light no one else Friday night stand stand in big shout out to -- -- Westwood still in the building and we go talk to LBJ. Here's just a moment to talk about what you gonna do in 26 make. But whatever they do this is our reporter only interview right here and these are the heart and soul stuff -- cameras because these are these young ladies the young man who actually get on the field. Cheating videos that you watch on FaceBook and Twitter over the weekend. They're updating you on the score and let's first start with the ladies there will be here from first start the season with cedar ridge opens up on Thursday night I -- myself I got -- market -- -- of okay -- OK okay we're a little bit muted in the city came and that's about its originality stand rolled shall ask but I tell -- what covering the raiders this summer was able ask. And they just been making history -- like with every turn -- talk about individually and -- -- supremacy theories. Well -- is definitely impair a whole lot every single year and so it's really fun to see them you know -- Especially like the coaching staff and us. Yeah I and they definitely yeah began its alive this summer and really proved. That they can do well this season. Yet they went all ways you've come a station in the first half never let fully fit competing -- -- -- a couple of years ago but they made Tuesday cut turned him in College Station now. What how -- other fans perceived as is basically a new program and he got lonely middle -- for a two or three years talk about the same section of our greatest football. Well my main concerns. Very positive. Way is a full Monty. We're very excited for this yeah. And you really want that he really wanted to go to playoffs. Hey maybe like seven mccandless that I did in the Cayman island Oklahoma State you know look folks whenever -- -- -- about what would have me sent to follow your sister are reporting. Well they definitely really really big shoes to ask you an amazing job last year and I can only hope and the next three years I didn't. Kansas the senate cardinal is -- to Caleb lately as you know we have -- -- -- -- tonight which I heard. Palin that your team. Gave it to Cedar Park tonight and an apartment -- you know -- -- all move around a few weeks we'll all her -- shows few moving around to -- -- parts and stole five. -- thought okay that's with uptight about Vista ridge this you know what -- with the bombings and not the greatest season last year missed a lot of pride there. Hmmm I -- we set it up this evening we have a lot of newcomers in a lot of returning. Players this year and a lot of juniors actually this is so I think will be entirely -- down rounds and that's one of our biggest competitors so. Yeah absolutely bombs okay talk about. OK I guess who you'd hate to be short because of them that we do have faced him because it would not ethical gonna give consideration to our report showed up players didn't but that's all right is -- -- Lou Michel and make sure yes -- the. I had so I'm not sought out -- tear. Dan royalty color guard and tired the baltics and sad. My hair really thinks that's my thing Michaela. Advertising got the series and teens didn't sex and the training is it periods and -- -- He has cost us lives shout outs that cain's chances decline reach out to those coaches that in this series. OK so this came away really you know this race and various other teams across decision takes area and -- shall -- -- of course became chief currency re estimation they covered like no one -- policy -- so -- we'll talk -- Thursday -- we'll talk -- video anyway. We elect to do with -- cedar -- is going to be ample authority ship but we're excited to -- -- samples so anyway thank you and that killed -- this -- Rangers still be open in the season. And we'll continue to follow those as course. Comes by the almighty now wanna call almighty even tougher -- district. That's when he class five a was just steady both Georgetown schools both these view and George -- The Eagles and patriots are scrimmage in tonight's -- possibility that the Eagles stuff while later but that remains to be seen. So keep you post so I naturally now as a town ladies thank you so much look sexy -- -- thanks very tough. All right. C. All right stay tuned for the LBJ jet -- to gonna wrap up our brackets and we don't get this -- -- extra time -- -- -- -- Davis you know then there's going to be good -- car right yeah amazing just how right they stand big in these are attacks in schools again what they're saying we we never like to say somebody is better than the other but almost from peer pressure we had to pick a top ten. Really die hard along the ballot. Who were going to be the top two schools and a couple words just on the customer and we keep talk about those that those few schools that were just on the edge of the -- -- the other ones -- just missed out Westlake Georgetown pays cedar ridge in stony point. I guess the biggest surprises of probably Wesley -- Wesley has always in the top ten but they're replacing a lot they get a new regime and everything so up. This could be some growing pains there in Georgetown they've been strong the last two or three years so they should by the end of the season work your way back up. All right so we can talk a little in debt which is go to at a time here analysts thought he's viewed -- -- if those are number ten number nine schools I need your thoughts of briefly -- the patriots in the vipers. Well the patriots. Number ten I think in my head a little higher I'm not sure but. They're gonna do big things with all that offensive guys coming back they just got to make sure they're just as good vinegar and you know they got the rushing attack gonna have probably 2000 yard rushers he's getting into passing attack and to -- Yeah we talk about easy of course just Kobe coming back -- quarter of both those teams have returning quarterbacks both called additionally a last year relief for the patriots and Dan Hudson. For the vipers and of course both TV and video probably leaving their scrimmage tonight a man group was damaging in a fancy -- vs vs only Travis he's human. -- a 100% sure who they were commuting nightmare cut their main you'll still be at Travis. That's opened the season next week which kinsey I usually will be there as our reports today CNN now surfaced in Big Ten at least you can address what's -- about -- Cedar Park. We get Maynor -- -- -- setting these two teams have met in the state semifinals a couple of years ago. Beating -- and -- -- is still up bragging rights say Utah's. Most teams yeah Maynor they -- They've got speed all over the field and you can make my name off a few of those guys -- missionaries obesity among colleagues. LaDainian broke Zenyatta doesn't talent. -- they've always got talent so they're gonna do well and Cedar Park maybe a little low in some people's minds don't in this homebody. They were they've got to replace a lot lost a lot of their senior leadership so. There have to prove themselves your -- Quickly kudos to Nader's Al the linebacker slash defensively and Eric Ballard high he's got an offer from every school in the country I gotta say UCLA Oklahoma Nebraska. The united you name he's been offered and so we're -- interesting maybe a minute two more years of a lot of play and is part of the team Cedar Park you know that I guess we didn't put them -- -- because they'll let me grimace really -- that program since taking over Brian Hogan what he did in those two years for absolutely outstanding. State championship in his first full season now gone to do New Mexico's Davis kotsay what is he departs gonna get in -- laboring -- Nothing to laugh at Thomas such as returns -- -- Joey Carter takes the role of my system and -- take Barbara on the line up front now see them another division one. The future he would commit an -- Solomon called the offensive glass was he departs. Hearty standing TNT and east view now and then agree to pay Maynard. Sit in Cedar Park next to ground rocket around -- we get around route six round sign in now that probably has its privileges probably listening sell your thoughts. Round -- They're always strong they've got a strong athletes and got these guys they've you know they've got the running game they've got the QBs you know they've got to findings running backs. To replace story but. We know they've got to put together they always lose real close games and I think can put it all together they could make it right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- always for. You know I think they're gonna they're office is gonna have to carry him this year -- Until the defense can get up to speed the only guys Henderson again they're powerhouse they've got the athletes we'll be able to remove. Right and they guess who do we -- -- -- Myers also -- -- -- -- -- -- merely for being our first -- which seems like eon ago earlier today at 730 and of course take XML we mention that he's he's got a mission Todd -- also another division one copy should be one player -- Daniels a wide receiver my main -- to break out as a -- -- them as young -- and trying to cause a detailed. I think he's gonna pop pop -- to do well and -- major question now is who's going to be playing quarterback for them of course Xavier -- leaves and so they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two guys which I don't think they'll actually name -- starting quarterback it's a week once. We'll keep you posted class and at least our top two schools which alienated he got a BJD already twenty names we don't tell -- what's okay so the final -- -- and they can't. Probably the most controversial of -- selections. Notwithstanding -- transit one we have simple to Lake Travis went. Yeah -- newcomers. They're state brings for a reason you know president QB. What's the name of the running back always got your card just Carty and they've got a backup -- and actually get the guys do great receivers. -- -- their defense is going to be a lot more aggressive this year's show up. I think they're gonna get deeper in the playoffs. And Lake Travis is Lake Travis -- strong defense -- and I think they've -- their offense this year to. To pick up where you know -- Nixon left off. Yet here's a victim in Lake Travis on the opposite side they willows. Expected to carry the load he's an injury and as a junior and why don't they do have some talent Colton Bailey will love -- -- -- -- -- Christmas and -- transfers to manuscript. Of course they'll have roundly returning now grand -- a minute -- a first -- may or may not and also they'll have a -- coats. As well as many anomaly Barkley indicate -- watched -- name a sophomore 2017. Could emerge as one of the areas Tyler flat receivers well without -- did SF fans standing -- -- recap there once more -- before we sign up plays college course let's go two point 65 day man my Hotmail and -- Jackson. I think his second year is going to be his strongest and LBJ is really gonna reach does -- -- -- it's -- wonderful years under resistance of -- do we go round Robin. Positive people on the radio nobody talking so. What's gonna easy namely when you graduate their position you play from -- LBJ jaguars because I would these days. Firemen there is a job. Played DV RC. Custody fifty. -- -- But name address day and night classes -- in that same RC. My name's Jordan -- classes 2017. Place lie and DV. -- very up that's going to see Obama backer pulled it. Fun my name of our cars left it's funny -- -- DB LRs either. My name a rejects it. President when he did seem a play quarterback in DV. The. I'm isn't necessarily class between sixteen and from the Arab corner that's was. Quietly and Isabel quickly talk about his dad can you win that meant the school's media. -- regardless talk about what it would mean that can really do you have football. Pretty well in the past years and it's really been able to get as close working with the football team and I really really like talking the boys and seeing coach Jackson last year and developing a really good relationship with him I'm really excited to be able. To work on new level and these guys I think are really gonna bring it this year they're really and have put some good coverage up and -- well -- This was up it will be here tonight is another person's ever Fort -- why don't Saturday. Chris I would go with the with Jackson -- quake did you pay my -- you let -- be bag I'm glad heavy bag by the way what does -- hear me for. This year -- -- near him as a means a lot. -- -- -- -- It is my hometown I get more alert but I'm Bret glad to be back in atx in my dad's son just clemency for him clothes from my buddies here. You can go to the baseball game so -- actually been there and I decided to host the also a bass players you. I feel -- right and we'll we'll get a -- important Williams. My I think this is a big year for us some makes me and make things -- -- loose and I'm just -- -- making big things out of his stop sneezing they give us rights Jose. You a man is as Omega here this is no. We all come together as a team as a unit and a -- -- real good defensively offensively. All around -- right which you are young but today I was seventeenth. I'm actually news to detain ahead. I came McCain and that's okay now what Dallas look at our guys that they support team. I have. I think we can make it -- did you run this year and will you already unity that you get the day only tell you right now so this that's. It's around what you got an eight its web album we've we've looked around the world was ran on us live we somewhere right in New Jersey not -- -- who got -- truth. What together what do you mean for me. And it would -- Hopefully this will do a closely review NAFTA a lot in practice we do is we -- up this morning and no. Gamble here I don't know I have -- How about day and admit I know we don't really did even dated they were put together and stuff to them what do you know connected throughout. 2014. The do you see -- you know good a look towards 2015. The good thing. Today nations. I'll raise so -- AJ are now talk about this scrimmage did this morning and -- against Maine is saying. Oh will start which you up positive you know -- -- little cemetery domain it was another day. The gentleman for. World came out there. His father who says -- -- China where about -- of fossil was just play our game another in the united. About it throughout not only team the scrimmage and this morning Agassi just can't in -- -- dream was I think he's sweet lord taught alive. The whole summer as a group. His -- -- so -- still needs Phillies didn't after the real early in real fast. And this we stuff political holds. I mean people who can really say humble lawyer -- a lot of news -- -- -- -- -- we did that are things were really. Hear shouts out to coach really given us -- Wal-Mart our reactors yeah I'm around. Such -- -- line they've stated that they today and they can avoid Avery Novak did say. You know it's so easy -- you -- today. No okay no I wouldn't get stuff that's doubtful. Com photos hard garden I guess his stream media day. This morning and they knew he did at staying out there this morning we already got meaning numbers and play and we come the blame on play hard no don't you understand. So this really how we can really do for the whole season too -- Yes yes yeah I had I agree you way he had to say yeah we don't got many numbers like. Maynor. Or any other team out there -- The starters we have is this is good as they need starters. In this -- in my opinion. Though -- can make. North oh right so what bullets and others in the -- but what he's got out. Will actually start that you -- and that he allowed bums I'm so glad he stayed up for system today LBJ their school that we love to have covered and wouldn't. You very much of the sport and the dad wasn't fit again and thank you Chloe and -- -- do this year so looking forward to the season we showed up to. Flush out my family -- -- -- -- now tell us up man -- yeah Holland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This feels so we shark name what do you get when I've just our reporters. The future a -- and -- Shout out tomorrow -- -- Shout outs my senator I music all you can shout outs. Martin marine. Just -- board majority -- it shot out. My tailback who. All these boys very years shot today you may see. And show the -- yeah. Sat out Saddam O line they doing today announced that indeed things you know from this season. And so that's my mom. -- is set out today of blitzer hello there how mistaken these things from him -- and senate to these places right next to me. Hey my my friends on the teams out so it's a sad day Vijay Singh today nations. It is. My goodness I don't Miami -- DJ set out to ask you lose out for us in nasty. Shot Robert and maybe the other. Shout out to coach better -- because that goes dad. And sell out today nation. I think. The whole coaching staff. Knowledge stagnate since the -- who couldn't be fearless. This everybody not news. Thank you fans and top. -- announced. Some of the. First of all it's on us all of them teammates. Everybody. He's been. There's been so we'll run the ball Jose C Jordan the room. Where rob everybody. The young guy he's like me get that that one of course Ashley Williams Robin -- away. Miss the music team -- your -- makes -- Hairston privacy Ahmadinejad Ortiz has got a great Danielle both -- -- and -- coach had LBJ making the playoffs both of them the project -- -- finished third in addition -- the other plays out to open this season gets poured -- quiet corner Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's when the district tilts RC over district postings Estrada's newly won the games of the year right there. September 19 on the road Reagan's first McCallum at cedar creek diluted masks dropped. Hosting Crockett at Lanier and many gamers travesty in the year those final three games of the season it's October 23 through the stakes are actually on Thursday night so will be out there are models and as I love up again everybody needs and now we don't see -- do what they do. Phone Thursdays and Friday nice guys appreciate you don't think you so much. W the FB PD interviews over the weekend we'll post them on Twitter or FaceBook so -- case you missed the reminisce. Remember the time that they read which -- ticket for the first annual players ball we'll take a quick break and come back to wrap things that Casey Johnson. Failing government is he gala Friday night dancing. I mean I advanced. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Howard -- Bush's chicken. Sorry Friday night -- stand players Mombasa Rapp loves new bailed Casey doesn't Ellen Galbraith first off I want to thank all the plays that made the drive down here to make this broadcast tonight something special. You know what went in -- in has been able to do successfully is allowed kids to be comfortable and -- You know without going overboard infrequent appearance today coaches out in if anything yellow outlets it is these these young men and women. The very well raise an inmate there here because sprouts name. Yeah I mean they. All outstanding gentleman but then again Ali -- an hour. -- yeah that they all that well. They represented themselves very well Soriano who becomes mistaken -- clubs or tennis scoring equipment. -- -- -- -- -- Of course tiger sex scoreboard is something we do every fifteen minutes during -- standards starting next week Friday night seven to eleven. On thirteen 78 -- if you're listening to us on magic 95 point five right now. Flip over there he can also listen to us anywhere in the world Friday night fans stand dot com also check out the tune infopath. These the games up for week one Thursday night action -- of course the talk of Jack bull at a house Sparky Anderson taking on McCallum will have complete recaps of that one. New Braunfels canyon is also taking on cedar ridge Thursday -- Friday night action will have live from all across central Texas stony point taken on -- advantage grifters and billion -- cedar creek pays taking on Bernie champion. Rocket taking on Akins mr. -- -- sixteen Austin -- taking on -- Reagan facing off against Flockhart. We taking on Lugar bill Wesley making the trip up to south lake Carol Westwood taking on Georgetown. -- drop is that Kyle -- -- taking off San Antonio Brennan. Del Valle facing off against dripping springs -- you've taken on Travis round rock is -- temple seaside memorial facing off against Lanier. Waco midway taking on Lake Travis. -- is that Leander Toledo and Cedar Park they're gonna have clubs -- Christen the new Baylor stadium and Waco. Delta and taking on Waco university -- converse Judson facing off against Hendrickson. Burning it taking on marble falls and we get three games on the Saturday slate for the opening weekend. Fort Worth why it's taking on LB JT Arlington Sam Houston facing off against Maynard and Parker heights taking on Waco hides that his weak ones. Next Friday night. 7-Eleven -- -- leaving Casey. All of us -- -- legal -- -- -- -- the first teams to play in the new realistic look and as a as an official game I do believe so that's incredible honey I guess I'm sure but I'm 99 presents pretty as pretty impressive I only know the places call I just noticed. Beautiful this is one of the most people say is I've ever seen have only seen pictures Allen -- is I know it was coming into Israel. Anyway I had that he can someone -- like a couple minutes maybe just wrap -- one minute we're already in goldeneye and all right well. Yeah -- the last cockpit disagree can't afford big story lines this year to Georgetown area schools TCU and Georgetown featuring two point fab five make quick thoughts on -- Yeah yeah like they're gonna move into a strong district you -- get stronger. Stephen even though. You know they're moving into the -- fills -- playoff teams I think these two. -- take some spots. Lal -- and everywhere in between top 58 countries so he's Allen feels very strongly that that the -- various schools mashup is cedar creek moving 126 lightning quick thoughts. Together and other removing enough either going to be able to compete really well point in this division championship right now I think Castro is gonna compete -- McAllen LBJ obviously for that title all right Hayes. Now both women and -- in a 146 day as a ninetieth street fat sadistic -- in six days get nine teams it doesn't give you much time for. For casino games before district start -- got to. Hayes I think is gonna be able to come in steal one of the spots are just after the rebels and had a scrimmage tonight it's Hendrickson can't wait to hear -- -- -- can make it become a slow sandy Jones and -- 75 basic -- beds. Temple Waco and Maynard to meet with Connolly. Maynor etc. right I mean a lot of people are saying wait goes gonna get that fourth spot. But. Like the like -- we said earlier my sleepers hopes. I think they're gonna make the playoffs this year. And now we'll see how it goes -- wanted to get quick shout out to Mike and now he said he just got to Georgetown no love lost -- tickets in studio suits just an elephant look on in the German twins. OK so for permanent is center gap who patiently waited to break down telling Galbraith thank you so much man I know -- if you love believe that. You know -- -- didn't pay as soon as pleasure thank you so much Elena. -- about -- your -- is right now because I appreciate so much. Casey doesn't enter you know -- now I've moved when I first started they stand before we even life knew what they used to what the white -- daddy Casey to make his word. Since he's -- the only people and those don't work hard and that's -- the biggest columnist I got paid was. Hewitt Casey does two peas and apply it felt like you know that's a huge company they keep getting them whenever that needs wow what a typical line wow that was from death without pay any case -- soldiers -- -- out -- the Boston those and in your thought they were gonna we promise you we're gonna cover. Cautionary football and 2014 like no one else can wait -- the -- Friday. Friday night Tuesday. Right right and I -- -- Howard died -- again.