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Aug 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time for coming pocket and your husband Michael Cargill brought to you by Texas -- -- Over the last decade Michael is champion and supported the rights of law abiding Texans don't own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas gun works. A veteran of the united states army and has -- national exposure and such prestigious media outlets. Such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money AOL and BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defend the lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics here. You can join the conversation by calling 51239. And thirteen seventy. And now here's Michael kargil. Lord and pass the ammunition. Our topic today is the ABC that Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission making an attempt to shut down the Texas gun -- news. And as the former mayor Michael Bloomberg behind it all. But first my question for you. Ferguson Missouri what is your stance on the state of emergency that governor Nixon declared in the city of Ferguson. New information emerges every day but first listen to this recording from the police dispatched two hours after the shooting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We heard that they don't know anything about it. OK so that's big dispatcher. I invest two hours and that's a condensed version came next two hours. After the shooting and it wasn't called him. No officer involved shooting at all so little lady found out was through the media call 911 to ask questions about it. Now our guess for today but before we get right guess I wanna hear from you. Call us 51239013. Cindy and let me know. What are your thoughts are about what's going on Ferguson that's gonna talk. Now I guess for today we have -- Holcomb on the phone Jerry are you doing today sir. I am doing wonderful -- always good to talk to you and of course shocked at my hat do you view all the hard work that you did or database. Thank you. No sir thank you do everything you deal. And then also we have Jim riches should -- is also joined by John and they are from the Republican concealed carry globe. Jim and John are you doing today -- Where are you. Outstanding. In and also I have Michael's been yak cock in his studio Dana how you do insurance and excellent they're excellent and then always Michaels just and -- -- -- -- -- how you doing today sir I'm doing great because a good weekend. All right so let's get right into it Terry -- Tell us about -- us a little bit about yourself and what are your thoughts about Ferguson Missouri. Capture or the ball lie and the executive director of treacherous Kerry Wood is a gun advocacy group there will be lobbying in the 25 thing section for all the structure second member right. I'm Bob Bennett activist now for a couple of years and we're just recently decided to go ahead and incorporate Texas period making Pablo -- -- -- immigration service. We simply do not feel that we -- -- legitimate voice representing. Inspections in Iraq themselves. Myself and my co director of from Florida period actually. Remove the Texas had decided we are going to. Begin working in the churches like electron almost all of the regular rushed. Our advice should we are directly wanna get impeached. Against register a close association because we just do not believe that they represent. Texans -- Iraq and so that's a little bit about playing. I have been an activist not for a couple of years many people know me -- -- -- perjured because I was arrested back in September of last year for -- return embark on a revolver. At the capitol. And so now we're worker real horror trying to watch the Texas legislature try to watch all -- -- leash that continue to might be unconstitutional. Roles that he will not even walls. Other roles and agencies are making that are following the preemption off on the violating our rights. And they continue to make it very very difficult on gun auction. So when it comes to create a city. This is an article for what it is on this as nothing more than an underhanded flying. You try and eliminate or at least road get rid of some of the gunshot. What you look at all reports on a when you look at the tax you only have to conclusion that you can come get Warren. There either incompetent which I don't believe that it that -- or go wobbly but they would agree with me on the or trader there is like consort or effort. To try and eliminate the gunship. So the reason -- say that's very important. Occurred when you look at what the communication. Director for CA BC stated to grow our -- She stated term -- That Lehman obligatory are intentionally trying to shut down the gun shows -- bringing alcohol to the Gonchar the more talk more about what that means to them and. Right in let me let me bring in Jim and then I'm gonna come back TE -- on that the Ferguson stuff. Well let me go to let me go to Jim real quick generation from a Republican concealed carry club that I get the name the organization correct. Yeah how we worked so I'm not formative stages of it but that that's good enough. Okay Jim. Tell me about yourself in in your take on this TVC situation. Well. John and I started -- this sort of concealed carry club poor or firearm and -- -- club in Williamson county. To provide support for people that are new to guns and -- -- to conceal carry and do encourage and support that effort and and perhaps even you know some audio interior which later when legislation gets enacted to allow that. And we got involved with this GA BC issue when I was -- by Asia -- -- with a girl -- a gun club. And thus she had there been contacted by eight. The -- -- show people. Who were kind of concerned when they are they read about this proposed rule 36 point one. There's been in effect just completely. Would eliminate the the benefits for the vendors at gun shows were showing their orders and then not being able to us at all. Okay and then thinking introduce us to John I don't know John's last name. John Julie John Julie tell -- loaded by yourself and your take on the TBC. The -- I've been a party activist ever since she moved to actually sit down now. We just started this club both relief -- political organization moral. -- Both learning are assuring reduce. -- -- our training club. And that's a lot broader than just a concealed carry so we're we're in the process of changing names. That. Looking at zero but the GA BC was doing I think that they. The they want the approval for people who want and gun shows and they haven't thought about the consequences of what they're doing. OK so let's go back just a little bit sold basically to TA BC came out a few weeks ago. And they said lol actually someone actually sent a request is CBC requesting. To have a gun show and to also to be able to sell alcohol had begun show correct. Right in and I told that that was the safari. Hunting club in Dallas that meet that request. -- -- Hey -- Jim this is just an -- regarding that email. From TV CEO we as one of the represented us from there. I don't believe the safari club requested. Top alcohol I think they called to see if they -- within. Always in the long whether they were they were doing everything correctly and a and a quarter that email their representatives says that at that point they've started reviewing the rules so it doesn't sound. I feel like they're trying to pawn it off on this club vs what -- what it really is. -- -- They wanted to do was be able to sell at a convention that they have so alcoholic convention. -- wanted to find out if they were within the rules of GA BC to be able to do that mess started this show. Got you okay. All right so as we understand it so that started by an emailed initiated by the organization. For particular event. Now in the basically the TV TA BC came out and they said OK well if you're gonna have alcohol at an event and you're going to sell firearms. You know also watch the gun show. Then you're gonna have to follow these rules here. What they -- Jim what would those rules. Well the -- there's three new rules essentially you can't have MO -- -- show. You. The farms mostly disabled and not be readily able -- be. Users firearms in the the longer dictate steps an eight -- effort to put a gun to act together to make it usable. Best -- typical standard. Ejected by that definition. Focus a little back so no ammunition that means that. About I don't know 20% of your your vendors at gun shows actually. So -- ammunition so that means that you would not appear to be able to sell any ammunition had been -- Right and that would that first came out whether or not you re going to have alcohol or not these we're going to be the new rules correct. Yeah what is their own rules. The other get away with the old rule completely so there was no differentiation. Between having alcohol or not every alcohol. If if you're gonna ever gonna show you're gonna have to follow these rules then click the rules were having alcohol. Okay and in the second thing was. Disabling the firearm. What would you have to do in order disabled farm. Well they're ambiguous about that statement. But what's clear in the statement is that it cannot be functional. So one would envision removing the barrel removing the firing -- removing the trigger assembly. Something that makes that weapons completely and operative and down those parts not being available or or near Barak. So the -- can be made. -- -- -- That would have to take the farm apart and then not have the other pieces with it so that it can't be put back together at all. That is a taught us a little little with talk muscled a little more in detail in just -- any zip tied to the farm like we did gunships. Okay Brendan was the -- thing. The third thing would be -- you can't transfer the sale of firearm at a gun show. So that means that Agassi are seeing you have to do it outside the parking lot. Well rounded and had a sister I don't I do not believe that I -- allow that. Right that was going to be my point. Correct and we -- -- we actually went back. Last week we actually -- actually contacted myself the ATF. And what was -- an -- these questions I want to know can I you know transferred on to someone in the parking lot. Obstacles the arm and if a film and I can sold at farm inside my gun store I canceled a farm decide to go and show. But didn't can I do get out in the parking lot. And they were dumbfounded. -- no one knew the answer to that and I told you know -- you know my interpretation of that is -- when I look at the rules and I read that. I as I understand -- the answer is no you cannot do that in the parking lot. And in what you're trying to do to me is trying to trick RF until dealers and trying to make him do something illegal. So Terry. We go back to user. Yeah and and at this early didn't look under handed it to get a basic communications director Caroline -- -- this period and I would approach for roles this particular contract Smart gun show and ballots that wanted to sell alcohol while we're -- learned that that's not exactly Parker. But the thing record determine the most about what you -- it was we being instigating some great feedback and I'm quoting. We've been getting some very feedback although much of the public response has been positive. There was quick to -- we've also bring getting lots of feedback from people who think alcohol shouldn't be so potential at all I think it's a bad idea. -- but it got no good street back on this every one is not posted it she cannot had ignorant shadow would the usual rule. And and I thought that a for an -- figure Gresham had a good post. But a good comment today. That only intentions. Only in Texas trip we. Stop gun owner for going where alcohol is and that's the same time I'm bring alcohol toward gun owner all. After it and who is married to an awesome now on. Justin just -- Is four GE U understanding. Yeah. After a couple weeks ago and you know they basically went back and he says okay -- now we're not talking about. You know if you know we're not gonna separate entities only gonna be if alcohol is going to be prison and -- gunship. Would these new rules actually built into well I haven't I haven't seen handwriting yet so I guess they're gonna have -- there after hearing on the in the nineteenth. -- encourage him. Her in nineteen that we -- 1:30 PM. I'm hoping at that point they have some new amendments to either -- -- this or they just go back to the old rules well I'm hoping. Insulin product from our secretary detector martyrs were absolutely opposing any rule changes. Yeah good luck John Mark Wilson the assistant took. I'm attorney involved -- those 58 PC and -- they have not put together any rule change yes. And they're gonna be very cautious about how they do that and to meet that until that happens you were floating in limbo. OK so this this thing and that's gonna happen on August 19 he said. Yes I was -- words this is gonna wearers it's gonna take place and at what time this is going to be -- TBC headquarters. And that's going to be. 5806 Mason drive Austin, Texas 78731. And I believe it's on the first floor for a second floor. Our first four okay. And once again that address again is. 5806. Mesa drive Austin, Texas 78731. And it's going to be on the nineteenth at 1:30 PM. OK so definitely get in there and let them know what your thoughts on -- new rules of near imposing. On our Texas gun shows in trying to shut down again show. And I'm gonna go back to my losers and ask you this question again before we go to break. What is your stance on -- state of emergency that is going on -- and Ferguson Missouri and there's new information and emerges from that every single day. And we've heard the dispatch. The police dispatch and there's you know more like -- and more information coming out that every game we've heard those police dispatch. Recordings and how old. The police apparently. What we're hearing did not report this information as a police officer involved in the shooting. And will be right back after just looking for. More come and talk it is coming up right after these messages. Here on top thirteen -- Clemens obviously. Michael Tar Heels we're talking all things firearm. Join the conversation now by calling 51 -- 39 and thirteen seventy now here's Michael Cargill. Now it's time for GG in global Gandhi's. Global Guyanese sponsored by GDS. -- -- -- GPS the largest supplier of air fifteen parts and accessories fall under air fifteen -- accessory knees go to GE DS enterprise located at 321 what's Ben White boulevard suite 20 to you in Austin, Texas. Right next door to central Texas got works. India news. Old Big Brother the city of New York begin its process of gun confiscation this week. Richard rifles or shotguns and ammunition capacity. -- five rounds are no longer legal to possess in this city limits. Residents have the following options surrender your gun to your local police chief. Permanently remove your gun from the CD and provide proof. Or calling take up the matter with the city. Think the New Yorkers are affected by this ridiculous law should give -- Lawmakers only one choice. All we turned the law immediately. In New Jersey this week in marine veteran who served in the Iraq War was denied access to Six Flags. Why. Well because his shirt read keep calm and return fire. With an air fifteen style rifle pictured on the front. His shirt is from the -- better an organization that supports the military and veterans. The park officials told the man to buy gift shops shirt or leave the park. So while New York apologizes to the Second Amendment New Jersey is busy trying to get rid of the first. When did free speech become a crime. From the other side of the nation we hear that Los Angeles melted nearly 5000. Handguns rifles and other weapons. -- foreign steel rebar. To be used for construction of freeways and bridges and area. These weapons were confiscated then Los Angeles -- prior to being destroyed this seems like a waste of perfectly good firearms. And we have to wonder why LA needed -- highway ramp so badly that they had to destroy these guns. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed into law of the infamous gun control bill that's been working its way through the legislature for months now. As we've reported previously the bill essentially allows local law enforcement officials to deny anyone the right to carry a firearm. With little or no guidelines or oversight. The law also adds a statewide database for background checks the good news pepper spray is no longer. Ammunition. Pepper spraying the stuff -- you know deep down won't stop any serious terminal. Indiana residents could secure your wireless router. Or get raided by the swat team. 868 year old woman and her adopted daughter filed a lawsuit for property damages against the Evansville Indiana PD and swat team. The law enforcement on site use flash -- in the house enforce the mother and daughter to the ground at gunpoint. Despite the absence of any threatening suspects. It was later found that the household wireless router was unsecured and that -- local gang member was. The target of the raids but thankfully the Evansville PD has paid for damages done to their home. And finally we have some good news this week gun control activists sneaky Watson collecting guns boy buyback program in Georgia. But didn't achieve -- true goal of destroying the guns. In fact sheriff Richard Roundtree auction off over 14100. Of these weapons to an -- filled dealer. While the winner of the auction doesn't get the -- immediately. Having to undergo a background check before the transfer can occurred. We must note that the law states that they collected guns had to either be auctioned or kept for inventory. So we have big -- gun control -- injury that he shares followed the letter of the law. Will nothing else they do makes insider. And that is your global -- news report for August 17 2014. OK let's go to -- Does not ask the question what is your stance on the state of emergency that governor Nixon in Missouri has declared on the city of Ferguson. And we have a response from Jason wrestler because we want to prevent you know we wanna actually. Produce here's some mothers size of that story I don't wanna be one side and all in Jason's and I actually like Jason's response. He said. Too bad there were no questionable circumstances. It was a clean sheet suspect was fighting for the officer's side arm and he also defended himself in court. As for the police reaction in the aftermath a small town turns into a magnet for every kind of -- from across the country. Racism militant groups like the new black Panthers and others hit the streets demanding the murder of an innocent police officer. Racists like Jesse Jackson coming in to fan the flame of hate. Been mentioned mainstream media rolls in with the big truck of gasoline. The police were under attack and backed into a corner. But he did what any human would didn't they prepared for the coming assault and did everything they wouldn't they could do peacefully stop it from happening. Now wasn't an overreaction. -- sure we can sit here and second guessing every decision every -- ever made in the comfort of our own home we are not under siege. No I fully support the men and women in the thin blue line that are trapped in this town -- -- for their safety and that's statement from Jason Drexler. What are your thoughts. -- 51239013. Symphony and now we're talking about the TBC shutting down the gunship. All right so I -- -- What we gotta do it was planned this meeting. Well I was playing well we have a very you know well grounded well educated group of folks going caddie pictures is going to be their church -- security going to be there are black our our other Second Amendment folk hero Mario whether you're going to be there just aren't as well. And basically we're gonna go and put out -- what the media won't that no gun shows and or gun owners do not want alcohol being sold show. Now here's something I'm here a little bit then I'm Michael Bloomberg and I shinning watch has something to do this because I I've seen little Twitter -- would be going back and forth week. She NYT NT BC have a conversation on Twitter. And I. And it's it's a -- role play a working strategy ABC. Church or church position will be good they're operating outside of they're courting. They do not have the authority to regulate the trader turned arsenal in are our interpreter to create a situation. And which mandates they and to regulate such things within the mandate itself. Balls outside. The powers that they're granted by the legislature so off already -- -- -- you the attorney general's office. It is something it is -- reach they continued to press forward with -- with this that we will be asking. Auditor general's office complacent injunction on the minute they want our go to -- -- intends to fully do that honor. All right and in what you know. Now so we go to the capital that one certainly goes to this meeting with CDC now in the capital and at the TBC headquarters. -- basically you want to tell them what's. Took things one. Gun owners and -- surely do not want an alcoholic I'm sure that is that you absolutely ludicrous. That this is an intentional ploy to showdown gunshot there's no other conclusion that we -- counters and number true. We believed to registered believes that they are operating outside of bitter jurisdictional authority. And if they continue Democrats are instituting rules that we will probably have an injunction placed on the. Now Jim -- -- do you agree with that didn't -- the majority of the gun owners don't want alcohol at a gun show anyway. Now we don't want to call there's no need for it or not they're drinking their guns and I have a good perspective on this you'd like this year. The TPC as a holdover from prohibition. And I personally think that Texans are probably Smart enough to figure out whether or not this should be drinking. And we really don't need their rules and I would suggest that he would do see stick -- that -- ABC and and did have a firearm business. OK also. And what would you like for people to say when he goes to this at this meeting this week. Well basically. The it's so there's. It appears to be aware to. Didn't gun shows. It was sort of rules written by people who know absolutely nothing about gun shows and nothing about -- people and his they should just get out of the -- business. Okay -- awesome that's Jerry I'm gonna ask you something about this stuff going on in Ferguson what's your take on this. Well I'm really honest with you have a couple positions on that number you want Arnold thank you hear about social -- some of the world know in need of traction. Console are reserving my opinion about the actual incidents. Well until all the factual no what that being said I have a major problem. Well the curfew. But many thing that would infringe upon citizens some liberties and rights and freedom showed the number one to assemble a number -- -- -- -- how how are as -- as law enforcement screws and get some type of some type of control over what's going on with all the looting in the violence and induced destruction of town. Well I've got no problem of law enforcement being involved -- need to be governor arresting folks structure that are looting. The citizens should be rising up and and arming themselves and taking care of their property but. You start imposing. All on people's liberties and freedoms and a Marshall won't -- situation. You're really Carlson constitutional. Boundary that we need to be very careful. I I think the peaceful. Protest down there are acceptable even though I think they're protesting without knowing all the sparks. But as far as putting go to law enforcement would be out there are doing her job making -- it's not as if they can't do that because they -- and they've already shown they have the manpower or should be able to do that. I know we say they're protesting without knowing all the facts what do you mean by that. Well nobody introduced. The facts behind the shooting we don't know. And everybody's assuming. From those there's reports and -- or. That everybody initially usher and that this so. What an innocent individual that got shot on -- actually. Are hopefully shops. I do not have of the report other than what's been reported vote file law enforcement herself and the FBI apparently concluded their investigation we don't know what happened. And 800 approach. And Clark frankly does the one eyewitness. In my personal opinion is lacking credibility from the -- ago. I'm not saying the law enforcement didn't know dangerously sheet but we need to -- -- I think the people should be more upset. About the heavy handedness. Law enforcement all peaceful protest. No not so -- are you sharing. What we hear what would you suggest that people deal you know -- in order because they shouldn't you be -- -- town and things of that nature so what are you. I don't fully -- community just turned up -- trail. Probably those are folks that are coming from outside of their community screw everything that I've seen him all the action I can order from Orange City. So but it sure tear gas and and and and these bullets into people -- -- an -- Looting. And turned on the count. There's not really OK in my opinion possibly look somebody's urging him to score political restaurant reverberating -- -- to go arrest. Awesome I love I just. It's serious seems to me like I I do agree that a lot global faxing to come forward about the shooting in the actual incident leading up -- this but it seems to me like it was. Like work on a long overdue for riot. Here in the US because of anybody spends a few days on FaceBook you know being you can clearly see a lot of police brutality and stuff like that on the air. And I I think a lot of this just is just some of the tension through the US are now what do you think. Well again when we Sharon Ryder. Are greeted this or the citizens but they. Here. What I believe we live under which it straight a restart. Our constitutional right continue to about lady here now both experienced it personally. The Fourth Amendment had been obliterated. We no longer offer -- bylaw enforcement or afraid of law enforcement editors are countless people rise up -- -- -- about. Writing in pairing up. Other people's personal property property and things of that nature. That really are putting folks in the category that -- worse I have. But -- Law enforcement that continue to bobbled Iraq and I don't think we want our government and -- Make their voices heard and if they wanna push back against all fortunate I support that wholeheartedly. And I don't think they rise up and in the manner of you know just like he said you know tearing up people's personal property thing like that when I think they should do. Is that. Vote and participate in our legislative process and let your elected officials know that they work for you. That is demanded they should you know ourselves and we don't we have a lot of things we do here in new in this cold you -- like in Texas we have conflict resolution. You know and we teach that in like -- -- license courses and things of that nature always try to sit down and try to talk you know issues out. That also participate a legislative process because I'm Italian that's -- like that. He I've I've pulled up some stats. You know in that little town you know the -- actually how many people actually vote in that area and you'll be shocked to find out how many people vote for the dissipate and in -- process there. So don't all of a sudden you know you shouldn't get upset when something happens you don't to speed that process for -- -- The problem I have trouble with you and your position on the ballot when there's just something lacking and it some 100. Number one umpire currently engaged in activated and much -- and just an incurable other Alicia parent or large -- being kidnapped. We've been treated like common criminal record you know almost. And Omar outrageous and dismissed that are no accountability. For being intentionally knowingly and willingly. Violating mark constitutional right. No accountability. And so. We can got a vote for the -- come home but until we have. Achieve justice system that law whole law enforcement accountable. For violating our rights then what are we to do it. They really angry you know you -- senator Ernie and you can't hold them accountable when you have a million people in Travis County in that event million only 22000 come out to vote. Dave your heart yet to question. Kind of goes back to viera TA BC so earlier years you made the comment that. Alcohol really wasn't clear of their ploy. So. A few weeks ago in the Cedar Park -- -- Show there is a man shot outside of the parking lot of wasn't anything to do with alcohol or anything like that. Do you think in some way. They're basically trying to use. Alcohol the stop firearms from being assembled. They have -- and disabled. Then no MO all that do you think that might be because of the cedar parks and shooting. Anyone if you. I very I don't believe so alarming even stop on the transfer of our -- it's just it's just. -- just ridiculously. Unacceptable I don't know Gonchar need to operate under those. Conditions bigger and surely -- just completely go out of business. Yeah listen I don't -- your response to that -- I think this is the only way it would affect Jim -- I just hope eliminating shows completely. Jim hold that thought when it come back -- after the break here we're talking about the TVC shutting down the gun show. -- 51239013. Seventy will be right back after. -- you know market solution. To the talent. Food is okay to run find me well. Now my. -- here's Michael. Our topic today is -- TA BC shutting down the Texas gun ship the and we left out I believe John was trying to say something name John which again. -- is just total. The big fan I was thinking instituted VCR did get out again control altogether stricter alcohol and politics and to be responsible Texans. Well if it. That a Safari Club International. Dinner. Maybe have forums there and auctioning them off. But it's not in the atmosphere. It is going to be ammunition. So I don't see any -- reason why -- safari club reference the NRA dinner. You'd have to worry about to have an alcohol there on the other hand have an alcohol at a gun show this village. Well I would respectfully suggest that they've -- the promoters make these decisions. And just worry about. The basic QBC rules. -- -- -- And I hate Terry I think which -- you get -- -- up and also before you we went out went to break there. Easily. I guess some start it's it's just important to understand and Texas jury verdict permanent -- -- position that. There's an assistant under -- intentional. Efforts cheerleaders and eliminate guns -- More of -- quotes. That's all protectionist PA BC website. Insisting everything expect to receive comment specifically that issue then we're aware examined it both -- finalizing any changes so. It -- it appears. There today fully intend on. Making these rule changes. And. Michael and not yet but they just go ahead. Don't give -- a good segue into what might be behind some of this kind of building on what -- just -- -- absolutely sure you know you mention Shannon walks and her organization -- demand action for gunshots in America. Moves and -- I don't know if Sarah Lipton -- build a suburb of Indianapolis Indiana. She's not even actually -- who live here you know are we -- what we do what makes mr. This stuff is gonna -- better outside the state of Texas. Yeah we don't we don't need help in in running our lives here and especially when they can't handle there's that are correct but I got a question. The question news. 500 black kids -- -- have been shot in Chicago. Murder in Chicago. -- last year the Valero and murder of 500 leprosy about jump in the last few years and and you don't hear Janet watched going to Chicago and protesting even talking about it new hero Obama even mention it. And you know where -- -- Jesse Jackson. -- this is insanity doesn't make sense of just ignoring it but what is important to them what's important to Shannon. What's important -- -- you pull away and target and Starbucks not have open period or not have concealed carry weapons. In their doors when there's never been a problem. We know he's doing with the left in this country. Police say she sees the drive just a few miles to herd you know two -- west here to Chicago. And and go do something where she can you know. Be good after that community. And -- what's interesting Michael as Republicans seem to be the only one of the here. We raised the issue we we bring it to Hawaii and then the Democrats. The -- they look at it goes so what what are we gonna do about it. Detroit take a look at Detroit another example in Detroit the elected officials are saying citizens arming themselves. We can't protect you. And that's right because that came from the Detroit police department correct in Great. Britain can. And and that was the police chief -- he said that and actually eat a report came out of that and it said that you know he was grateful. That citizens over the last you know. I guess last year this year actually since January. And actually been doing just that -- taken their own safety their own hands in crime is actually gone down since they've done. I also. Hey Jim we did get a chance to ask you about what your thoughts are on the situation -- Ferguson you care to comment. Well I have the same question where Shannon watched. This that this is just art and art history you know we we've done an awful lot of work to try to. To remove racial issues from our society and that -- it looks like we're not winning that fight. I don't see your comment about the and sarge MI IS LI -- are common in the about the guns that are being pointed to citizens are now calm down I don't see your making any comments about. -- For standing up for the law enforcement -- there -- got to play both sides of the -- yeah I don't someone's gonna call me and say something. And -- -- association stand up you know for you know and say hey let's solve this problem that we -- in Ferguson you know let's start a conversation listed down -- -- -- it's all the facts are out you know but let the people you know express themselves and let another upset about what's going on. An analyst -- outside people from coming inside and causing problems no good your -- like Terry said. Arrest the people that are burning down the C arrest those people. Better. You know committing crimes. I agree 12% -- -- That that that's absolutely right and and I would always auction people especially here in Texas right now. Well wolf sometime would get -- heavily focused on what's going on another study tomorrow -- need to keep them -- part of our minds -- it to keep it or part of our minds only because as we wanna stop that from happening and text. I don't give India -- the common today I make an inconsequential I'm not given them an expert perhaps. Our problem in Texas it is we are not the Second Amendment states that America. Makes it appear to be. And we -- and condiments aren't fresh water here in Texas. We have super majority in the house we have the majority in the senate and we've got no significant gun legislation. Or second in the legislation passed in nineteen -- but. Are you are -- -- -- that you -- Texas won the very -- the United States that do not have opened here because most states the United States have some form of -- -- And Texas a one of those things they do not understand that's. That's what are. Correct there's actually forty upstate approximately it has some form of open -- thirty stricter unlicensed. But on the opening period not the predominant. There's not the only predominant issues. Know what those people that you know don't wanna -- get -- you know I yeah I just don't want to see if it tears me you know I just don't wanna see that guy and I don't want my kids to see that don't want you know my children around that until I'm ready for them. Yeah and that good you know happening and -- an emotionally based discussion around god given rights it is I absolutely proposition. You know I tell them that they -- what don't -- see your friend and I happen to be somewhere where I'm out of her chair and then they're afraid oh lead but they're -- should not impose upon. My liberties and freedoms. As they may have the right to walk away your leverage do whatever just like I just like that marine that was wearing that shirt. That you know and there's plugs anyone -- that made him leave Six Flags are aware different shirt. You know feel like that shirt the shirt to shoot everyone knows little about guns can grow out of T shirts who might get this trying to. As our point all of this shouldn't and firmer but all your listeners and for your guests that are all on here is the problem isn't -- left intact. But the problem is Republican leadership the Republican leadership church failed with super majorities. To -- second amendment rights and the -- and well the answer is and we've got start putting pressure on him we have -- start showing up to testify. Of the open carry walks while many people do not agree with him. It'd -- a very active form a protest. To bring this issue to the forefront. And my you know my message to the legislature is okay. We fought back we should we -- -- -- -- restaurants and we're going to your chain stores anymore aren't. We argue that you need to start -- second and legislation. And the house and the senate for the governor also aren't. I -- earlier you mentioned the Texas State rifle association you felt that they were ineffective organization. You can't expand on that. I don't believe they're just ineffective also believe the -- -- recommend. Oh my interest 1995. Which is when the concealed handgun law passed which by the way it extremely burdensome and had a terrible. Unconstitutional. Provisions within it itself. Nothing has been passed since that nothing of consequence but it just put standard here and fix their everybody got real excited about SP too many men. But the association is the only gun rights organization the state of Texas that has a a paid lobbyist angles of the capital. Credit and -- true that they have the only trade law blocked. There are other birds forming today that are going to be trouble once before organizations that are going to big rash -- -- We're not going to be enough political play each because that's what happened in Texas they -- post circulation -- just become a political machine if that's not getting anything done because I don't wanna rock the boat -- -- specifically told. By Alastair. That I should not say anything bad about Joseph Straus. Or else we won't get any get a legislation. That's where she told me and she also -- spotters need personally being called me childish. Or open carry my black I would offer this but it convention. We're probably it would just didn't help and Richard -- help we were able to actually keep it. A priority for legislation for the Second Amendment coming out of state convention and so. Extra rock association's leadership of the Schilling. Korea openly and brilliantly that they are not pro Second Amendment and that they oppose a picture. Are awesome and Terry thank you for for being on the show -- really appreciated. -- OK Jim Jim Richardson and also John Deere you as one and tell us anything real quick thirty seconds. Well we work I think we -- all the way securities and we appreciate the chance to be on the show. John feels the same way we're glad to be -- anytime you need us how can we ask -- a little -- are also much shout out to rinse and isolate Allison. A Allison now -- how can we get in touch if you -- you know the people out there get in -- your organization. -- We'll worry about that in and then on the nick -- -- how can people get into a few organization. Well I can go on to www. Texture to -- or Oksana for our email alerts. Appear pretty sure you'll be able to sop up to become a member. You can also look -- -- on FaceBook we have a like -- -- the Mercury just protection scared we would love to have. IRA and then we're gonna we're gonna pull some information on our aren't aren't we actually -- -- tweets and information what people do you take a look at doesn't want you to be here this week. I'd -- this guy at TBC headquarters in and let your voice be heard. -- -- -- -- They can reach religion and public go away at gmail.com. -- public related gmail.com. Thank you -- I appreciate everyone for being on the show today listeners you know what Amanda's -- and I listen in Austin for a while now and I -- -- that she'd lived here for awhile. And I just can't fathom what's going on with his CD. Everything is becoming more expensive water electricity. Property taxes even American meat. Grow more expensive as they get longer and longer it's all related to growth. We have more people but haven't adapted to secure than their share resources to provide for all of the people. So we heavy water shortage on top of the draft in our electricity costs are constantly on the rise traffic. Traffic traffic we have a congestion. A bus system that will really it it really only works if you want to go downtown. And a big beautiful told broad that no one uses -- are met his tail in I'm not going to take it anymore what blew the top off from me. Was when I learned -- our new teaching hospital -- -- system was supposed to receive. 2.5 million dollars in city fee waivers. This included water and wastewater costs now I'm all of all for this hospital and frankly I'm all for the growth in Austin if it's gonna help happen. Whether I want it or not because Austin's such a great place. But when we're giving away that much money while hundreds of people per day are having their power cut off by the energy monopoly here it makes me mad is hailed. Someone will you know with some sense between the -- needs to stand up. And with this City Council went to shape the growth is happening in fact it's happened. And it won't stop Austin predicted to double in population to four million over the next 25 years. Ignore the growth no Logan does us any good we've got to deal with it any way that encourages growth and protect our current residence listeners. I'm mad its tail and I've got to do something about it -- I'm going to run. Four City Council district one shall stand with me to stand with Austin so we can let. He's status quo fools running this city know that we're mad and we're not going to take anymore he did listen to come and talk at. -- -- --