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Aug 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. A presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of delicious -- -- -- my radio program -- Texas. As always delicious mystery is a presentation expects wines spirits and finer foods. We are in Dallas this week and have a great for show for you or or show you whichever you like and will be a little bit later taking a break from where we are right now tell you about that second to do our great ingrained tasting from the -- respects because that's always a favorite -- the mind. In fact looking around the table in front and here there is not quite a lot of alcohol happening already and it is an even break and -- time. I've come here to Dallas did to check out a number of things an interest in hotel concept called night low in YLO yes that short I I now know for New York laughs at the loft concept hotel that has three properties here in the Dallas area. And finally even one in New York that's pretty cool to. Very very interesting very comfortable with a lot of unique aspects to it especially for those who like you know the architectural style that goes into lofts and lot of the big cities in America today. The course. Meeting me I'm not in my room I'm in the restaurant called the loft. And I'm sitting here with two guys who can tell me a lot about it one is executive chef Jeff love friendship and also lead bartender Andrew volunteer now I'm. Tell me -- I mean what do you kind of feel is your Europe commission here at the law to mean what kind of food are you trying to do for what kind of people to enjoy it. A trip try to cover that base for everyone for different flavors and profiles. That are its simplicity. In its finest it's. It's a player about building. And layering of food as she goes through different. Aspects of the -- by. Combining on the ingredients together. So so is there either in your own favorite flavor to flavor profile or in the restaurant itself is there any. Particular ethnicity is it French or Spanish or Italian or or is -- American. In the sense that you can kind of pick and choose whatever whatever suits you whatever looks great I think it. Morris at the American because it's a mixture and you've got a combination of different ingredients. Against him there with like one that make three that has passed only inside. So it's just a matter of mining and what liking for everybody's face. Well hang on their shaft is gonna take some of those things and a second that. Andrew tell me that I mean I -- one of the things I see going on here in the bar at Milo and and where battered in encountering any hotel but in in the bar. But you guys are sort of infusion craze -- care I mean there's so many things being infused with so many things mean. What is the excitement for you as a as a flavor guy as a drink driven play every guy just that the -- as -- sort of food driven flavor guy. What what do you do bartenders love about infusing things. Only -- to come up with their own creations like. -- since -- came up with the beef jerky infused with ski. The -- -- beef jerky infused with -- I mean is this like from a cattle drive a really lucky cattle drive. -- really like you cattle drive and fortunately people that like -- -- lucky as well. So I make infusion and these that make an old fashioned went -- there's a lot of Aiken -- around people do you. Like the fact that we can creator and things so I came up with beat -- so. So as it ask and asking you is this -- a guy who's never infuse any thing I mean. It seems like a kind of flavor pills that you -- you know -- -- you sort of getting more -- ran up front then you know you just do something else more on the fly later on. -- is that is that kind of what infusion does because you walk in the bars these days there's always that thing of vodka with pineapple or mangle or whatever it may be -- Rom with something else floating in it and it just seems like that has to be about being able to pop and deliver flavor sort of right away. It has to do that opinion outset to figure out which alcoholic brands that with an unnecessarily every. Alcohol take on every two guidance. -- down to molecular mixology. Understanding. The flavor profiles and how they'll work together -- that molecular level. So for for instance what which one you wanna talk about first here laughs though this is a really interesting one here that. I think ends up in a bloody Mary Wright mean to tell me about tell me about this. This is one and actually Tammy and I came up with it's a nickel and -- opinion in garlic infused vodka. Of course I drank it straight because it's got pickle and -- -- -- and garlic those are among my favorite food groups if there and I do have restaurants as well opinion and it. But it it goes during the bloody Mary or on the rocks. You can even during the martini. So bonds -- there in the the flavors on the bloody Mary we have a bloody Mary here I am. Tell us what makes this bloody Mary other than the infusion that we talked about having what makes a great bloody -- That's just the next that you do with it at -- communities and Tabasco sources here peppers. Everything like that with us that's the -- and side next pop. -- inside and that's the infused vodka with the pickles -- -- -- them all right and and the garlic yes don't let me forget garlic. And breath strips that's her that's for cities I'm not -- -- let's talk about -- you mentioned your baked bring your three on crude you know three -- a pastry if you will -- crude -- It's just great kind of take us through what's what's special about that because it's it's really delicious. Well what makes it quite unique is it's not your traditional and has normal apples or caramel sauce there. It's has today Angel pesto -- side. So once that he -- keep that up to certain temperature and think that he the Filo -- That's around there to cure rates and a it opens achieves up to where you get this. Sweet but heart. Like it's sweet flavor you know passed on them smells inside there that -- really is a pleasing to the -- I'm it's certainly pleasing their mind now now you also gate you know set out a salad here -- -- collar salad because had a lot of greens but it also has a lot of tuna. And so you can call it whatever you want right but what's going on this plate because this is. This was like answered to a craving today for me. Well what you had there was the -- -- eat tuna salad that as a sole control of ginger dressing. With candied pecans Mandarin oranges and Roma tomatoes. So this is where like we mentioned earlier trying to figure out. Regions it's a combination of everything from the of them tonight -- its weakness of the Roma tomatoes. The bitterness. Mandarin orange and in the canyon becomes them when you makes it what I'd eat tuna is very light and refreshing. Says so tell me the shaft. I hear that -- from Ohio but that's a long way from Texas on how did -- happen that you came to use it to. Dallas in particular and Texas in general because I think we're glad to have you. Well I'll that I came about was when house on the culinary school. Where is that that was in Atlanta Georgia. I -- moved from the north and I got tired of the cold weather. And long term of office -- that was constantly. From October 2 April. And when -- -- graduating. One of the fellow culinary students I was thrown his bachelor party arm and I was taken to the wedding we're we're very good friends and I -- on the meaning his assists -- at that time and our. All out of town romance blossomed to where she was from taxes and we got married and we wound up moving here. We are glad to have you and and particularly if you bring good stuff like this you're welcome here anytime -- Now now Andrew let's let's get back to one of these infusions what what is in the one with the beef -- Okay what is the infusion that's in that and and tell us about you know the all the pieces and parts. Well -- basically just a certain type of beef jerky and you let it soak in whiskey for about a week. Now that's not what I think beef -- has always been missing from is of spinning the weakened whiskey. Exactly so I'm glad we got that together. And then so we just make -- fashion with a just a regular classical fashions and throw pizza -- is -- real fat and a regular old fashioned old fashioned. It's a model cherry orange with a sugar cute and dash bidders -- the analysts or others. And box it with -- classic upset on top. So so you know one of the things I I sense talking with with bartenders and the occasional mixology instant. You know all these are these different people with -- all these different titles is it seems to be kind of a crowd that's. Three prohibition that there really classic driven and that's their deal. And then other people are a little bit while we are a lot. Wilder kind of like the while creative shafts that are just going and going haywire half the time I mean and doing things with -- all kinds of things nobody ever heard out basically making up totally new cocktails what do you kind of sense feel or belong on that spectrum because it certainly seems that. That in the cocktail world the classics have always have a place of honor. Maybe -- more like an eight collision cocktail. Live nation maker. We use some of the old school. And like you said pre prohibition mixology and in use their own current new ideas ways of doing things with them molecular mixology. And -- and it's so maybe everything together so collision of all the cocktails. Well I think it's a good collision like come from and these are amazing cocktails and -- some great food we're gonna. Take some more than -- -- closing segment here on that was dismissed but we -- take a break right now so will be back a little bit later with executive Jeff Jeff lab forensic and I'm also thanks to lead bartender Andrew -- -- May contain confusing things they can be like really few. And not at all it comes down to. So delicious -- we'll return with more right after this. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John the birds and now from the shelves next wines spirits and finer foods this is raving brain. We are in France this week well I wish we've been friends this week but where -- traveling to friends by way of wind. And traveling to a very special place in France and. A place it's a little different even though it's hardly a new discovery and that is the Loire Valley I mean you know every week we goat to you know Burgundy -- we sometimes go to the Rhone valley. Which is there are certainly places I love but you know one of the things that we discovered here and our warm weather of course is that. The lighter refreshing out with a tendency to be white lines or even rose's. Have a lot more of of an appeal in a lot of parts of the year here in Texas and I'm here with a guy who represents a lot of those lines which do include one red wine at the very and let's see what that's all about how are no -- Jay is here he's a proprietary. -- winery. That the card says shines it (%expletive) -- -- PX the wine label says Pierre are sham bow now. Now now tell me this are no you know -- about. Here are symbol what's the story of this winery what do we need to note to fully appreciate what it's all about in the Loire Valley. Hi everyone I'm really happy to be to be yet to that we humans and on the -- for me to to talk -- debate about my lines and and then from the company's so. Just to be quake about our companies so we are at a -- -- on the engine to ration. Nine generations of your family okay you guys haven't haven't beaten each other up yet. No no not yet not yet right get it can happen in the future but tonight is yeah yeah exactly. So I'll have been that doing line in that walk but it forming generation but they're the companion -- -- I took off and that the management of my parents for the process ideas and it. He cited two to make acquisition of the states. So from dead and the small base in the seventies we have no seeks to states covering almost all the major region of the while but it. Making our company one of the especially east of these these -- region. So playoffs although is one of our major Brandon. And other such -- up yet company. And was designed exclusively prospects in US market. That's really really interesting and and you know what intrigues me in any in this opening segment I definitely wanna get a feeling for Loire Valley is the place -- -- wine region. But Tom what the first thing I noticed when I look at these 123456. Bottles of wine facing here. Is thanks to the wonders of French nomenclature of the way French people name wines not -- say shark made European -- necessarily but as things like. Missed today do we fume silence there. Move re Sheen on I mean. -- -- these are names whatever else they are these are names and -- brands in the American thing these are mythology is that Americans love they love these -- I mean people in French restaurants or even not French restaurants know enough to say I'll have the boy for the may well have this unfair that's real good. Tell me about the Loire Valley as a wine place and how these names that are so so so familiar and so beloved -- and it. So that the oil companies that bear interest in the region for its diversity. You can find as you say all the sight lines and as a perfect example of what we have today -- that -- them that white -- because it's mostly like one bit of the rose also read. -- all the names you mentioned before aren't most of them aren't names off. Villages so -- and as of -- we have viewed it as well. So most of the of the winds in France and specifically aimed at a while but it out out named after the BH what -- grown so it's it's it's a region. And for example we with talk of the debate about this census process as a village but made option under some -- -- something -- -- 100% so people don't know most of the time what's what's the grade behind and able. But this sends a 100% of annual. I'm willing to bet there's a great behind every single label we're -- here today out now -- note let's let's give I sometimes jokingly call it that terror watch talk and I know with these different regions different villages may be there may may be there are different micro climates -- soils involved but in general. What is a lot wire valley like as a place to grow wine you can compare it to others in terms of hot or cold there are cloudy or seaside breezes are. Whatever it is you guys got going on. And it's very difficult to make a general statement dumped out that I was afraid of that. Other climate condition in the wallet because it's -- spread out I mean from salsa and we commit. Which is the eastern part of the law but it took him is getting which is the closest to yield almost Atlantic Ocean -- will -- militarily and most -- -- my cock. To go from one point to another. So you can divide the love and 824 beat box and each of each of them is -- difference -- climate conditions so why you have them Austin contingencies and to mr. area and -- -- The further you go on the eastern up at continental climate so we -- America and very cold winter air which is slightly different -- what's up on the way. Inside. Interest and lets them. Let's talk about your family able to give me the around nine generations wow I mean that doesn't happen here very often even in Texas but you know what do you know about these ancestors and how they came may -- to this region or how they got into the wine business I mean it's just kind of always fascinated me when stories when well when stories include 5710. Generations of a family which happens in France anyway tell me about your family. So so yeah my my father actually -- the reception a few years back because we -- banks that yes thank you thank you that about. As so we we we know for sure about outcome he owns being out in -- in to put you through that area. And I see instead eighteenth century so it's been a lot that we add that we can do it did it pinata Indies area and I. And -- for a while sitting the winds to the people going to vacation. In to those of friends so he was very -- to these people from the gulf region people going through the village of we -- And buying some of -- We'd like it when that happens terroristic and the good thing him. Not now let's let's start we have a lot of wind tastier and I'm kind of excited. Com remember meeting as it were must get a years and years ago in my hometown of New Orleans -- missed today it was proposed if you will as a perfect wine for oysters and a lot of a lot of seafood dishes I'll I knew knew that noting all and down and I love missed today tell me about what makes missed today most of that. While the misgivings of very interesting area I'd say is that and I'll just. A deletions and I'll just -- of the walk and as a -- -- -- the -- party -- something -- specific quote Moodle double going so you can translated by militants from Burgundy. Because of the shape of the great and he was cultivated by the month in defeat in century. In Rogen yeah what's important in the -- but it of the time. So he's he's one as you say he's very very interesting -- that we all kind of -- and especially monsters it's I would say it's a perfect. Perfect match with oyster yet. We we like that here on the Gulf Coast and now we -- -- we like oysters particularly raw oysters but certainly anything that's -- history would go with -- today and be perfect now now you know the next wine are now is one. And maybe you can just help me out with education here I mean I see the words believe fume. A lot of people a lot of Americans have both enjoyed and giggled at the name to -- we say for instance. Let's let's start out with what the differences between those two wines both of which begin with week. While that's -- does that part of the magical friends but those so what makes it very difficult to understand I mean. Not the only American but I can act and I can tell you even French people don't know those up so don't be afraid of that I mean that's that's. That's my feeling about that so we yeah we use the name of the village. So both those lines may become from the same village well the same name of it is not necessarily at the same place thanks. So we've made we've and -- is cultivated in their walk about it very close to the appellation saucepan and he's made up option -- The Wii -- we say you mention is more -- -- Borbon can alignment to debated in -- and made a 100% shot and it so I doubt very leasing a name but very different points. Says though it does not like their neighbors or anything like that I thought I was on that something are now now now talk about -- in the week fume. I would think of smoke when I heard the word fume and enough that has anything to do with -- whatsoever and of course in this country the word has been tossed around just to confuse it even more what is this wine actually light from the acquired out. What I have deal what you need to try to -- food that many people think that's today means. Smoky or agent Byron -- but just to know that 95%. Of the producer in sub nation don't use any all into it in education process that we may never. And it's ten -- -- eight net earnings -- so we have three friends -- a story about that about the way through May. But I would say that the I would go for one of them which is the fog. But we got in the morning in dipping out due to the -- meet you with the -- so the way through -- come from from -- well the second one which is which is which could be -- to the right one. Is that. That -- we've remained at the soaking -- all joining artist I'm as a lethal dust around the scheme. And what an -- when Jarvis Sarah used to put that into being in there and he -- smoke came up so. That that I -- -- right fashion but -- to us we defend because stories about the -- I guess they're gonna be a French guy in the -- business a little bit of uncertainty is his men and the PE -- Jumbo wind that is. Really really great introducing many of -- are Alley and celebrating that. Region friends all that and more in villages and as you return. Still hungry. Here's another helping a delicious mischief which are host John Denver just. Welcome back everybody we are tasting the winds of today's great -- -- segment from a French winery a French brand called Pierre -- Jumbo from the Loire Valley. I'm sitting here with -- Sanjay proprietor of said winery operation and our -- so far we've tapes that that -- missed today. Just -- -- which is that it's full name but missed today would be a good popular description on -- and the poorly fume. But now one that may be. I'm thinking maybe I'm looking up and down the list here. May be the best known word in these -- and that is songs there I I imagine that even some people who don't who never tasted silence there have heard of science there. What I eat what is it about -- that has made -- so popular and and that sort of drives its popularity once even you start tasting the line. While it's true that's -- -- became a brand from the past he has you know we have that many different appellation in India in France not only in the -- but it it's LaFrentz. And when you look at those all those up a nation some of them became brands it's the case -- -- and things you can pronounce you know south second be pronounced not so much like some other things. Yeah exactly and I think I think -- dias at the success of precipitation. -- come from. Axis of each of the one itself. I mean it's so we get to drink it's fresh aromatic and can be consuming different occasion as in the -- if we seafood. I mean it's it's so so easy to drink that that's I think people up that's kind of point that we refreshing line. So let's say you mentioned seafood I mean like give me your sort of allowed to ask is give me sort of your fantasy meal with songs there about that it -- a lot of different things as you say. But what if you could order anything on any menu in the world. What would it be to go with yourself there. I remember one of the best meet I had -- that we that one of our wholesale. Was a white fish I cannot remember the name -- knowing French but not in net net what incorrect actual vote. Tour -- people now that. The brits call -- that to -- guess it was a terrible with the but it means those with real bad month on the top and it was just fantastic with the -- of the -- -- was just delicious. Another one was. The past we scams which just perfect meal we've. -- -- I I love that idea now now are now we're gonna change coloration as just a little bit here because. I am I am kind of slowed to the rose party I mean it's a long story but in America we've had a lot of different rose's over the years and some of them weren't that good or some of them I didn't like let's put it that way. But but certainly in France in general then the southern portion of France a lot. People love rose's in this country we're kind of jumping on the bandwagon we're getting I would have to say. I'm hot weather. Chilled -- rose can be really really good this -- -- rose they've gone June now I think that and you as being errors that famous prepares apparently. But down and tell me about your -- rose in anything else we need to know about the region that apparently -- -- do that makes this rose. So yeah don't disclose income from -- -- -- of the -- also lets you say some pretty but to -- Gary two to produce these he's one. The most interesting thing about the -- is that. It's so easy drinking I -- we got that beat -- -- -- two guarantees one which combine quite literally the brightness of each of the great which keep the perfect line for the some time I mean it and a parakeet. He's just a wonderful line but the grades you scored portal. So it's of every look at great that you won't find -- up a meaning other one region of France they say it doesn't get out much yes yes it's it's it's captivated most in the walk and it. And it's is -- the society giving really good red lines and its multi contributed to make. And so what what happens to Europe pairing ideas or you're just you're drinking ideas I mean I I think over rose as -- often as an apparent he -- What -- -- they taught me to call great wind out by the pool you know super gel super refreshing. Think we you know all that stuff but what do you when you have rose at home what do you like to have it with -- -- -- Well with the outside of -- of having his one I've been a parakeet I wouldn't go for some is is the same for the next one -- I would say with some spicy dishes. Some some chicken at least carry his marching matching perfectly well and we that he -- -- doubt that we have -- why it can goes with some -- I -- strawberry -- things. It is very very nice as well. So I think where we're probably edging into that great pairing with Asian foods with spicy Asian foods I mean that was always whether we're talking -- like you mentioned curry or or perhaps you know some Thai -- Vietnamese thing. For a long time we were taught that -- beer was the only beverage for those things and then beer it's pretty good let them but the fact is that wind can be really good with them. And this is the great alternative to things like -- I don't know reasoning of art's demeanor to -- that sort of started selling really based on spicy foods now we have rose -- -- And also Blu-ray tell me about Blu-ray because that's another pretty popular name I mean people just love the concept of -- So -- apple loyalists a -- a pretty big name in the past and US market and -- -- -- -- for the bus yet but I think it's talking over and now. Because it's it's suffering I drink enough of it come on surely that showing up in the number. So it's it's offering a wide net that that is an as the -- who very very interesting because of the eighteenth appreciate what you got we had in it. So he's he's made -- 100% -- an underdog which is a very very -- great naturally. And when you -- -- it that -- with that need to be that particular sugar it tougher ones to tease me he went about it. And looking at both food and Indies was not yet they can go with a tight titles are our chicken and Julie I mean into an Indian food it's very very nice and of actually at Indian people and in a market of India is that their interest in forest with will. That's -- to -- kind of it kind of nailed it doesn't and I thought maybe it was just us who like it with Indian food it Indians like with Indian food that that says literally -- -- fall. Now now before he forty sign off here I am so happy to make the acquaintance of this wind this red wine -- -- -- quite frankly. I in my life don't know that I've ever tasted a red wine from the Loire Valley I mean you think about it amendments get a way from may -- there Blu-ray these are white lines and these are kind of I would have to say that calling cards that the Loire Valley. -- but here's the -- did this are all Sheen on thread tell me about this wine and and you know how much red wine is actually maybe in the war. So. Most of the wind from the largest -- whites and 52% of the total production of the -- -- White line. But we have the chance in east one region and -- the purpose of the adjustable wrench to specs is to promote -- diversity. All of these one region without rose -- red whipped sweet wines as well we have sparking lights so we have all kind of poignant and -- but it. I am especially very interesting because it's a 100% cap and -- most of American look up -- because of that. In the wineries in in the -- wineries. But these would author a very different kind of -- -- more fresh -- drinking and more light but it. And I always very smooth and it's very interesting -- -- that we would but can be rentals about itself. Because you know I think of cabernet -- as being a blending grape and Bordeaux for instance and and California that I mean that's what I always think the first. And then yes in recent years we've had kept Franck as. As the star of the show not just something in the background. But what happens to cabernet from when it's wrong when it's in when it's not cultivated in the Loire Valley this world that. Wonderful wonderful white lines how is it different and how is this wind different from the cab -- anywhere else. While and remained friends would be in that in the structure of the wind so the wind is more easy drinking with -- opinions and -- that we the freshness that we don't have in them more hot climates. But to be honest with you I think she know what not export that so much in the past because of their. Of the challenge we had to get the match and we keys into wine -- the past ten years we -- The better climate conditions to -- to -- the great and cabinet from become a very very serious competitor was as a red wine out out of the world. Well and what what change I mean are we saying it got warmer I'm not going political here I promise but I mean. What what have you observed in the in the climate or the the terror a lot of of your region that makes make -- all better now. Like city that warmer than than than in the past and that's what we got more maturities up front he's a very challenging great to get mature. But also I would say that -- progress in in the unification process is. Has put up -- -- in -- in in despite of the wind and two to have an access to -- these dial up upfront very easy drinking and very light and -- yet. That that's super welcome minute left -- bit. For people I mean we've been saying over and over how familiar how beloved these names are from from the lower valley but let's just. Other -- of course the chateau and everybody has on postcards calendars. If somebody's didn't know these lines and only knew otherwise everybody else's lines but yours. What do we need to know about the live -- what how can the Loire Valley make our -- life better. Well as I say it it. During its -- -- dream shall electing the Lebanese very interesting for its diversity. And what you can got injured in a net aspects with one with a possible wind is an access to to the diversity of the while but it. To a very accessible taste and price invested that he is the very the strength of the love -- it is being Ecstasy though not -- -- up. Spite of the wind the -- in terms of price and when you compare the star -- have to some of the -- -- line are I mean that's very accessible and and that's -- very decent what are you up for the price. That's April what I think -- Sanjay for joining us here from from here are some bell brand here -- -- that's really really super I'm so impressed with these lines and I I could see myself drinking them as long as it's hot in Texas and that's pretty much all the time. Well that about does for today's great grain from the -- Expects wines spirits and finer group delicious district will be back with -- one more case. Right after the end. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. future host -- to murderers. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious -- we -- in Dallas. The night -- hotel high -- that we actually and I will las colinas bullying that's. One of three night low -- concept properties in the Dallas area and. Amazing play. Group of people to stay with it next time you come to Dallas more -- you come to Dallas from. Be sure to look up and I love because I think it's it's it's a different and interesting and yet ultimately very satisfying way to to stay here in Dallas I mean with three guys who know a lot about the food and drink. Back again with this -- -- -- executive chef Jeff Lauren checked. And also his city shaft. From Hong who does I -- who does some amazing things with with sushi such Jeanine all that kind of good stuff and also the voice of all things wine -- -- -- -- a -- restaurant manager. I'm out -- -- W these guys have been talking enough right. It's never an interesting approach to line that went in a world in a world in which people love the big names the pre marketed brands and all that you guys here in the loft restaurant really kind of gone a little bit different different road tell me about that wrote. Well I -- we had -- amazing opportunity just. A -- to get to work with this group. But as soon as I found out that we were not bound by corporate specs or or mandates they allowed me to hit the run. The ground running excuse me. And the toll just Alter. The vision of the wine program here. As a practical matter there's probably some good reasons for going that corporate way I mean this stuff is easier to -- maybe easier to have it delivered may -- the price -- easier to control I don't know but but I mean it seems like that that it's it's it's more challenging in a way but obviously for you much more satisfying. To have more of the -- key approach to -- I mean from a day to day operational level. How is it different from the way we're talking about some of the other bigger guys are doing it. Well it is -- is and I can just imagine little guys and on his cubicle you know taste some lines. Taken off different boxes and you know appeasing the masses here. This is not what we do we we tend to see wine is as a complete. Extension. Hospitality. It they are fun and interactive. There there almost like a second handshake. It is you know for lack of better words. Like it I like get -- I may have a third before this this show is over that now let's get since Jeff Hong Kong in here I'm beauty. You brought some different you bring some different cultural influences to the menu that's for sure. I'm tell me about what you what you like to -- -- what how your culture in Europe you know that the -- it was a Beijing everybody loves now. I mean I mean everybody whether it's Japanese or Vietnamese or are you know a thousand regions of China eased. Tell me what you like to bring from from Europe sort of makeup that makes this place richer and more interesting -- I see -- the news infuse some of the ingredients and techniques from different culture. In Asia. I like to use my background -- means so I'd like to use a lot of we can go there anytime you want -- -- well. I am pleased -- this day and hit it like the Yankees a lot of that and used. Techniques that -- learn. The route the years. Eating in these dude having. Different layers of flavors and including it in sushi. I just want to kind of pull it away from your tip that goes. Americanized sushi or even -- traditional type SEC and just make it different. That's something well let's talk about a couple of things that you brought an end and then that chef Jeff I'll have to say that chef Jeff -- has some other stuff here press the tasty for instance. I'm more and more people are learning about -- should she tell peppers I mean and you do something really special with and tell me about what happens to those things that makes him so darn good. This sheet of peppers I actually put on to the -- at the -- spot of the -- kind of listeners in an -- ever met a pepper I didn't like the -- there. And then after that. I like -- and east soy sauce that I have is -- A bottle that I bought from prepared as age 400 years. Hundred years I mean what are what are we feel we run out I -- wait another hundred years well -- this kind of like you and your typical -- re weird. Ones via. Have. Certain every year at ABC -- a brand new ads so that they got a head start. Decade as a mother bear away they take out from that old -- and they make their own brand new ones. And a lot of that oils and allow the -- here other than -- does I make in house. So that all those -- and he's -- a lot of herbs or -- in like. Spices that that we have out there who actually can infuse it to the oil. So on this issue peppered his onion oil with that age soy sauce and NN the some sea salt. Like -- and some to -- you took the Russian space a year sevens. -- some spice to it used to be five spies now it's up to seven at the inflation now I I love that I'll have that well let's let's get chef Jeff in here too because some. You brought a burger now surely you researched me online and found that I would do I'm powerless to resist the -- under any circumstances. -- what makes this -- pretty special here at the loft at the Milo. What -- it's a blend of ground brisket and short ground short ribs so you get your combination of that two different meats. That keep it nice and moist but so if you -- that is the -- texture. And you get the love it is sweetness from the short -- though it. -- -- quite unique flavor than your traditional. Hers that everyone. En us to talk about not quite the traditional in lieu of Fries you know the traditional likes to. I prize you have a fried potato thing going here that's just a little bit different what's the story. What those are there sliced Yukon gold potatoes. We lightly roast those in the oven -- that are seasoned with salt and pepper and red pepper likes. And then just before the timer service we -- them back into the deep prior to give them a little more crispy that's my favorite -- Ali and everything Pryor's gonna go again. But. Then at that point it keep it takes on its complex flavor from the little star team is too limited his weakness in the potatoes. Amazing maybe give us a quick rundown on -- I guess lamb chops I mean if they're different from a lot that I've seen and but there at. The -- the fact that they're wrapped in bacon can't be a bad thing. This is a collaboration. Myself and -- upon something we're looking -- to putting on matter next menu changed and it's like bacon wrapped -- That's once again my favorite deep fried and then finished off than -- usually get along. Yeah and and it's finished up in the oven pizzas -- the temperature and we they mushroomed I mean who is a lemon and deal roasted potato. It's amazing amazing map now -- -- to you because I'm thirsty I'm tell tell us about this white wine here we have a white and red. And -- make sure we get to talk a little bit about both have a man in light of you know your philosophy if you will of wine. Jerry I mean it -- this understanding what we're trying to bring in as far as boutique arson lines if you can make. The parallel. Boutique wines were boutique hotel you know less name recognition. But so wonderfully handcrafted. This excellent winemakers in their own right. Sometimes self proclaimed but. This white -- for instance is the Danziger. A lot of people know it does have some name recognition. But these guys are the freaks and geeks this is the dungeons and dragons of winemaking. You understand. The bio dynamic wines. This is the ultimate certified organic. COLT this type of winemaking. You talk in. You know from -- crystals. You -- -- considering the Earth's gravitational pull the right alignment of the stars. Wind by Shirley -- basically exactly if you well. But again it's all it's all there's there's the method behind their madness and assault to produce wonderfully bankrupted arsenal won in everyone's. Should have on the list. It really is I mean it's it's been that her family winery Chardonnay 2011 from Sonoma county and it's just. It's really really really terrific so I'm and then because you know after the burger after the lamb chops -- that's I I need something read -- What this is called Petit -- kind of name is that. Well with the with it's it's considered a bland it's that it's wrong and -- -- and vehement that it's rob 85%. 50% on the petite -- We are gone from that that nerds. Winemaking to basically the hippies of -- these guys that crowd we hang out any. We'd love it. Everyone's welcome to the tables you can see. They're known these guys have been around the -- reason they they -- -- They've been farming since 1850s. And they took -- pretty much made it at the models reason to produce the fine wines that are coming out of there right. Now that where we actually are stuck panel Lodi again I've been waiting for that to happen. This is great out those thanks guys thanks ray Evans restaurant manager here at the loft at denial of hotel executive chef Jeff Lauren chick and also see chef. Fong Hong great guys great food any act and a great writing cocktails do I have to admit. So next time you come to Dallas not a low in YLO. They have a great website that'll tell you Paula there's three properties here in the Dallas area. And I think you should go to one or more of them that about does it for today's delicious mischief as always we're presentation expects winds periods and finer foods. Until next time I'm your host John de Mars and I'll see you. -- -- --