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The Wellness Connection Podcast 08/17/14

Aug 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Thirteen said he considered the wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist and run the police and certified traditional natural -- Peter McCarthy brought to. By Martin has come pounding in -- Sanders -- three convenient Austin relocations. Since you're tired of searching endlessly to help them from. -- that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Here are Rania and -- -- Greetings and good Sunday morning to you welcome to the wellness connection brought to you by Martin's compound in in wellness centers. -- three Austin area locations at Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy. I'm your co host. -- police and a good morning also on your cohost Peter McCarthy our special guest today on the wellness connection is certified nurse practitioner Selma velocity. Speaking with us about the important health issue of -- immune syndrome and how it impacts so many aspects of our lives. And on our health freedom segment joining us again will be the president of the national health federation Scott tips with an update on the United Nations codecs talks. And our regular segments will feature once again the latest information on our supplement of the week. The burning question and drug induced nutrient deficiencies in this morning brownie in our league news story there's more important news about vitamin. This indeed Peter in a study published in the current issue of neurology scientists have found. The older people who don't get enough vitamin. -- scientists examined more than 16100 people over the age of 65 who were dementieva free. The researchers tested the vitamin. After an average of six years -- 171 participants developed demand here and a 102 volunteers had alzheimer's disease. Those with lower blood levels of vitamin. 7% more likely to develop alzheimer's disease. Those with a severe deficiency were over a 120%. More likely to develop the disease. The research levels that it's critical for those who -- older to get sufficient vitamin. Doctor -- -- one of the researchers said quote we. We expected to find an association between low vitamin. We're surprising. We actually found that the association was twice as strong as we anticipated and -- Well there you go one more -- And are the piece of evidence that shows the value of vitamin. I would say over 90%. Our vitamin. So Peter your story provides some new information about how routine physical activity can actually lower health care costs. Don't turn it certainly does right here researchers from the United Kingdom reports of 25 minutes of moderate. To vigorous exercise. Every day may reduce prescription usage and hospital admissions among men and women ages seventy and older -- Simmons and colleagues from the university of bath. Assessed data collected on 213. People average age 78 years those subjects who completed more than 25 minutes of moderate to very vigorous physical activity per day such as walking quickly cycling or swimming received 50% fewer prescriptions. The team also observed that very little exercise was associated with a higher risk of unplanned hospital admissions participants who engaged in three minutes of moderate to for a vigorous physical activity were twice as likely to face hospital admissions as compared to those who had averaged 39 minutes. The study authors wrote that with regular physical exercise among seniors quote there is a potential for cost savings to health services through reduce reliance on prescriptions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor -- listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. To the wellness connection with an accurate health information you can try. -- and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection joining us today in our studio is our special guest Selma velocity. She's a certified nurse practitioner who received a bachelor's degree in nursing from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. And her master's of science in nursing from the University of Texas at Austin. With postgraduate certification. By the Texas board of nursing as a nurse practitioner specializing in family care. With over ten years nursing experience in women's health as well as chronic disease management and prevention. This lassie has a keen interest in preventative medicine women's health bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Integrative medicine and neuro immune health. Care across the lifespan. She's the newest addition to doctor Kendall Stewart's practice at the neuro sensory center in Austin and she spent the last six months working with doctor -- to treat children and adults with severe to moderate neural means syndrome such as autism ADD. Sensory processing migraines hormone regulation autoimmune diseases among many other -- drums that affect the -- nervous and immune system Selma welcome to the wellness connection. I think you think yes thank you for being here thanks for having me so so good you know recently you made a. Pretty dramatic change in your medical career and now you're at the owner of century center in Boston with doctor Kimmel Stewart what did you go from general medicine to such a specialty medical clinic. -- you know. Am it's not as drastic it was just a changes you would think I was actually out practicing integrative medicine and we Madison. So I actually heard about -- search for my my patience and you had a child with 8080. I am an ADHD and was telling me about his Doctor Who was treating her child latest. Basically special vitamins and I was very very puzzled and intrigued and I thought who is this guy who's treating kids with -- do we know with. 8080 DNA east -- you know have some learning disabilities. With vitamins because you know my experience has been that there's just. Nothing after it's been really really effective. I -- so I started to check it out for myself and you know start to learn about -- out more about what he does and met him actually -- I took my daughter to see him and it made huge huge difference in her piece. So I don't I -- I was a believer I wanted to learn more and just sort of became hungry for that knowledge and that's kind of kind of upstairs to to learn more about what he does. You mentioned just earlier just a second ago about you were really are ready in functional medicine tell our listeners a little bit about the difference between quote unquote functional medicine. And just regular practice to functional medicine I'm you know is more concerned about talk of finding the root cause some and disorder dis ease. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- utilizes -- nutrition and and Allen Patrick Madison and and utilizes you know evidence based approaches from both. With the goal of sealing a patient and also. Are providing them with the treatment with the most benefit and the least risk -- side effects and I was really impressed to hear you guys are talking about. You know nutrient depletion and with medications because that's only one layer -- my -- and -- his use of pharmaceutical medications and most of our listeners knew that's our upcoming segment so yeah it's true very exciting to. We'll have some -- you know you are when I was reading your bio is I think your introduction. Is he used cover such a -- -- wide array of conditions that have to do with the whole arena. Out of -- immune syndrome you know what what is the price if is your primary focus over doctor Stewart's clinic -- and if so what is. Well the primary focus and that's why I said it's not as different as you would think because it's very hard to isolate. And they're nervous and -- -- system the immune system from that whole person. Which is again -- functional medicine does is it looks at the whole human being in the whole patient and figures out what's going on so. -- with doctors sure we do focus mostly near immune syndrome switch our. And a set of disorders are diseases that. Are rooted in net just regulation or dysfunction of the nervous system and the immune system. But you know we also look at the whole person and so we have to look at their hormones that we have to look at their nutrition and it's very hard to just isolate those two systems without looking for -- -- and shut so if it's effective. -- a fair statement I would think than to say that in contrast to Alan -- Panasik medicine practice where they want to compartmentalize. Treating the endocrine system the gastrointestinal. System etc. You really look at all of the inter relationships. Among those systems do you not. Absolutely and -- the risk of you know being politically correct here I would -- -- a step further to say. The day look act treating each -- jam as aid. You know act as a disease. When you know most of the diseases that telepathic Madison are just a symptom of a deeper problem from. Which is what I feel like our nutritionist or natural pass our -- -- -- you know are integrated medicine practitioners and functional medicine practitioners are really trying to get -- in which is the only way to -- the person. So yes I would agree with that. Do you find that your your your client base your patient base. Harris -- in most cases bin. Down a pretty long past prior to coming to see doctor Stuart. Absolutely you know we have sort of a mix of our patients one sad is that very savvy and well informed patient too is not even gonna go down that road of just being told which dropped to take for which exempts him. Because they know that's not gonna leave them anywhere and then we have another. Type of patient and that's the patient it's basically at the end of aero and they have been to see every specialist and every. Doctor and for the most part have been dismissed because a lot of these things cannot really be identified ways -- traditional -- passed its testing their imaging. So yeah we we get a little bit of both actually more in the second group. -- so we we get some people who are pretty disillusioned and frustrated. Well we understand that there's been some amazing things that you see now that you're treating. Such complicated cases and you know in the last minute we've got I wanna hear. I wanna hear a little bit about some of these cases so can you tell us about one. -- interest thing or two. That's a really difficult one because they've been so many honestly and I I started to intimate summit are to -- protocols in my -- Stanley practice before I even went to work with him. I'm so specifically want patient I can remember Adam was a patient had been working with for you know three years trying to figure out her migraines and her fatigue and how many other symptoms she was having and we just could not get anywhere we made little to no progress and I think figuring out -- escalation problem when -- you know we're not gonna get into right now but you know that this is really in their immune syndrome once he started to get out of dressed in in the right -- it was just within four weeks it was amazing really. So is -- an adult -- child this is an adult and I jammed with children I mean actually go on and on I can give you probably fifty cases. Wow wow what are you know like who I we'd love to hear some more of that and I know our audience would show will will continue with that once we come back. We'll continue our interview with -- velocity after this brief message from our sponsors and you're listening to the wireless connections on talk thirteen -- Back to the wellness connection. With accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are. Run the -- and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection and are continuing interview with nurse practitioners Selma plastic. So -- -- you were telling beginning to tell us some. Incredible stories about some of the patients that you've been working with -- some of their. Success stories. But it sure a couple of more of those if you would please. Also carrying into you know since I've actually been working with with stocks -- -- in the past 6 months I am I really anticipated that it would take longer for me to have these stories to share because I figured that it -- taking at least nine to twelve months to really see progress. In a lot of patients receive that I've actually found it to be quite the opposite so. My main. Surprise -- and -- surprised but that's just going to be blown away. By our artistic kids who do command at a young age gender non fur ball and you know he did I just very sort of -- in the spectrum and you know you put the right nutrients in them in the right forms and boy -- those kids Boston enemy within. Three months they're coming back in there. You know making more eye contact and that the parents are just -- reporting such amazing progress dads don't think I've been blown away by because that's not something I. Really had experience with in my family practice. Arms. And that's really blown me away ahead. To say -- such a short period of time room that's that's pretty awesome well you know. This really kind of begs the question Selma what do you see on the horizon for medicine today in the treatment of neuro immune separatists. Well what I fear what I hope. To see now why don't why don't we answer it both ways so what I hoped to see him when it won't you know just. Based on what I've learned with structure -- in the past you know several months. What I hope to -- more of a focus on hey you know I need to genomics and at the genetics at which is basically an area of medicine that is just beginning to. To develop. As well as the nearing news specials teach -- when I do consider to specialty. Where we focus on finding out to root causes pertaining to how we metabolize certain nutrients as well as power immune system is functioning. And focusing on those. Again on about a chemical in cellular level. In order to heal people as a poster just you know. I call it the slash and burn method which means you're cut and you burn them are you give him some drugs. I am so that's my hope and I think it's it's going to have to move in that direction because our patients are becoming more informed and are asking for it. India yet you know that's one of the things that I've I've noticed a shift in west. People that we actually see it markets. You know one -- -- coming in and still have really done their homework apps followed around by different studies. And in some cases you know they'll they'll have more than one that they'll talk about or they'll ask a question. What is the research say about what it is that you're -- you're telling me because they wanna learn they want they're they're hungry for knowledge is is that pretty much a given with the patient base that you see. Not always but the majority of our patients yes and actually doctor Stewart's calls his patients because she sees patients from all all over the country and all over the world even he calls and despised himself. He -- his patients when they hear about something they find out something very emailing him and asking him hey what's going on with this. What does this new research. So he has to really stay on top of his his knowledge base and and what's out there what's new -- and what's valid and what's not valid and and to be able to to sort of consult his patience on. Still I think that that is of value the one thing about the Internet -- although you know it's like the wild wild -- anyone complaining on Garnett you know. But I do think that it really is supporting. Practitioners and doctors feet to the fire you know it is time not to hide behind you know that there's. White coat as it -- but it's show time for people to become proactive in their health and their families health. And on that you know I'm I'm a nutritionist but I really interest in hearing what -- nutrition plays in the healing process in your practice and how you Yoo Liza with these kids. So you know there a couple of different aspects of that so there's one nutrition doubt weird. Taking and usually it and supplements and then there's also the later on how do we come -- are we able to actually process those nutrients and and a way that's accessible -- system are immune systems specifically I'm talking about B vitamins and folic acid here. I am so you know did and without getting into big fire chemistry lecture that's -- that's sort of delay or that we focus on as well on their as under what patients are eating and do. Whether they're deficient in something we have to focus you have to take it a step further and focus on our day. Due to some genetic. Glitches and mutations not converting those properly and then and then address that as well. Yeah exactly I mean actually adjusted lecture last Tuesday and I'm gonna do another one at the -- -- On I believe the ninth and it's how the body works basically and what it is an in in my opinion it is so critical for all of us to know it. It's you know for. Processes -- phases of metabolism and digestion and absorption utilization on the cell and elimination of metabolic waste. So if you're you know you're only as strong as your weakest link you can you all the good -- in the world but if you do not digested well or observe it up absorbent because you're you know either having a disruptive guy or you don't have enough -- by onyx or things like that it doesn't really matter -- what you -- that's a great -- sort of rapid acting and nice bow because it is so there's so many different things are coming to play. That's a great way to sort of compartmentalize. It and -- -- to wind down I was I have to -- is that if you don't mind no but I'm gonna I'm gonna invite you actually to my lecture if you wanna count and and get a little bit more and and pass it on its -- portion -- important. Message. Well you know we've got just just over a minute left before we go to break can he I -- -- some more of those amazing stories that you've experienced just in the short time that you've been there. You know this this is I think what is so meaningful to our listeners is to hear people who have problems but have obtained results and you know I -- do you have a a short one which can give us just like -- in one minute. Why I have sort of a typical one. Vaccine just over the past six months and it's a child that comes and he's been sort of developmentally delayed -- stalled. And -- within. 46 weeks or not there at the age where they should be speaking sentences and making eye contact and communicating and they're not. And with -- you know we see their first follow up in three months and they're using words there. Really started to communicate they're not as frustrated -- BC their moods just completely changed. That as a mother that has been really does doesn't. -- very gratifying part of what I've been able to do with doctor Stuart because again as a mother that that's that's so so devastating. -- our family means her mother and a father aren't so that's sort of the typical thing that I've seen with these little ones to come and you know not being able to speak can not being able senate -- basically you know developed a certain stage and and -- regression and I and then we see them to start just takeoffs and blossom it's very gratifying to -- I'm so rewarding well be right back from I'm speaking with our special guest Selma classic after this brief message from our sponsor. You're listening to the wellness connection on talks for thirteen seventy. Connection with -- accurate health information you can trust. Here are run the -- and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to wellness connection if you just joining us we're having a fascinating conversation. With nurse practitioner Selma philosophy. Oh Selma I assume you stay up to date on new research coming out and advances in medicine. But you find most frustrating about some of the things you see in medicine today are they over complicating things are under complicating things. -- really good question I am I think that. They're basically. Come part two men and tough and compartmentalizing. -- The fact aren't they aren't I I am sick for a comparison my brain -- an -- here. But you know the whole. The whole -- toxic approach to sort of treat each symptom as a disease and treated with the medication and again that is beginning to change that's very encouraging. Stats that's kind of what I'm finding but I guess I'm hoping that it's gonna change and I I see -- changing so it's very encouraging isn't there one of the things they say. It -- my lectures. If you're standing on a hot coal. This conventional medicine gives you an aspirin and. History is not giving you more -- and the answer is fix the problem get off of the whole you know it and I just there it's just that that. That school of telepathic medicine is not taught. Any -- they're taught to diagnose and to treat with medication surgery etc. and it it's just not a holistic approach that's the way I was tied and that's why I love working with our people practitioners like yourself. Because that gives me. More knowledge and I'm. Which is not the way I was trained to do so again. Well and you know. And I think it's really important to understand. You know sometimes. When when people don't receive the outcome that they would like to receive from alum -- Catholic menace and they throw the baby out with the bath water and basically just say well these guys don't know what they're talking about. Ronnie brought up the very good point just now. That's how they're trained. -- doesn't mean they're not dedicated her they don't have the best interest of the patient at -- they just don't have the knowledge and the -- the means of being able to apply that knowledge. Absolutely and you know that's the other seeing an and that's a really great point I respect telepathic Madison and there's definitely you know if there's a huge tumor I don't -- treated with. You know nutrients and vitamins we need to go have that removed. So there's definitely plays and that's why I love integrated Madison because I get -- both approaches are referred to specialists all the time. Because there is a place. Where it that's very appropriate but I think that rather then Adam. Starting out with -- we need to be starting out with nutrition and and nutritional deficiencies and deficiencies in utilizing that nutrition before we move on to you know specialist in surgery and things like. There prevention should be. That's first and primary care capsule and an -- traffic is secondary care well and they should come together they should work together instead of being exclusive and shed that -- passing -- should encourage credentialed first and an elaborate on it more. And utilized practitioners such as yourself. Who really can take that to the next level for making. Did you know the thing is there is so much you know the human body is so complicated it is not you can't specialize. In. In surgery for example and then worry about nutrition like this is why we really do need to work together as a team you know absolutely complimentary absolutely and -- so what can you say so much to our listeners out there who themselves or someone may know may be suffering from a -- immune syndrome he is their hope for recovery or. Just feeling better overall absolutely and that's what we see and -- the majority are patients Adam is that over time. There's great improvement in how they feel how healthy they are. And as we address a different layers of dinner whatever their disease or disorder involves arms they do feel batter and what I've seen is that 90% of our patients when we look back. I -- as to how they were a year ago feel incredibly batter. And we just keep working at it until they're at a point where they're satisfied with how they feel and and how healthy they are. -- in this last minute we have you know I really an interest to -- in your opinion of what should people expect nowadays from a physician's visit and what are a few key questions. That they should ask to help them get the right care. So you know they should expect to have a conversation. With their health care provider. I should not be a one way conversation. Karma you know I have a lot of patients who come in as I know you guys hate it when you look up stuff on the Internet I have to sleep don't hate it I love it. Because I love to have a well informed patient. And -- there group informed. As they're misinformed then I can sort of reconcile us we examined and explain to them why but they should be they should inform your deep primary advocate for your own health. And your health care provider should be a consultant -- so you should ask the questions and as far as the key questions that really depends on the person and what issues they're having so the question should be. What I do to maintain and improve my health yeah if you have a specific problems what may be the root cause of my problem -- they can't answer that for you or help you. To find an answer. You know maybe should look elsewhere. Twelve. Settlement we can go on for our area talking about this subject but that's all the time we have today. Thank -- Selma classic for joining us today on the wellness connection -- for having me it's been gone back. Better. Well Friday and Saturday. Features a supplement of the week and what would that -- well Peter does supplement of the week. I Ed they're -- actually glued to file recycler and are caught and or oxy sell by apex energetics. Good to -- an -- SH is the body's own master antioxidant that was discovered Wayne back in 1889. However it was only about thirty years ago that the scientists began to understand its functions and discovered how to raise its level yes and Bluetooth -- plays a role in the regulation of cell growth and division DNA synthesis and repair protein synthesis and amino acid transport. Glued to -- as the key to the metabolism of toxins carcinogens and -- by -- which are chemical compounds like drugs and poisons that are foreign to the body. If I don't also joined swift and heavy metals to neutralize them and eliminate them from the body. And glued to fly on has a resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It decreases radiation damage and decreases their -- free radical damage and it plays a role in the enhancement of systemic and -- moral in -- immune function. Any new system and detoxification system cannot function without -- -- -- so here's the bottom line glued to fly on has been clinically researched and proven to optimize your immune system maximized the function of antioxidants. Support your detoxification. Process at the cellular level. Increase your energy levels and increase your strength and endurance and I like both there's two products that I really like and and both of them have slightly different usage -- I really like -- sell by apex energetic it actually includes live violent SOD. Which is it stands for super oxide -- -- With a complex and other nutrients and co factors and yeah it's cool because it's also trans journals so. It's a cream that has an excellent delivery says system for best bio availability and. Glued to find recycler is the first of its kind formula designed to support the synthesis and recycling of Duluth fire down. It's intended to support intra cellular group define an activity using key nutrients such as Tennessee it'll sit -- Sistine. And high quality standardized extracts of court as such and got a cola. It's a proprietary blend and it's also designed to support Bluetooth file an activity in related and somatic processors. And our supplement of the week is available at 10% off. For all Martin's VIP members that all three Martin's locations dripping springs Lamar plaza in lake hills pharmacy. We'll be right back with your burning question of the week after this brief message you're listening to do wellness connection on talk thirteen seventy. Max on the daytime. And and sun. Well now it's time for the -- question where we answer those health questions that you delicious and into us and it's important to note that any diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. None of the information we present is intended for the diagnosis or treatment. A disease well today this burning question this week is from Julie in Austin and she says she's on -- weight loss diet she's been recommended to eat -- high fiber diet. She asked why is important why is it why is it's important to eat fiber. What's the difference between soluble and insoluble and how much should she eat. Well -- not only does -- help ward off many diseases but it's been shown to aid in weight loss by reducing food intake get -- Eagles and this is because. Fiber rich foods take longer to digest and thus result in an increased feeling of fullness census since piety. In addition to a more gradual absorption slows the end. And some glucose into the bloodstream thereby preventing large blue blood glucose and insulin spike and soluble fiber it means that it's soluble in water when mixed with water it forms a gel like substance and it's swells soluble fiber has many benefits including moderating blood glucose levels and lowering cholesterol the scientific names for soluble fibers include pact -- -- Mutual lodges and some -- cellulose is good sources -- -- soluble fiber include votes and oatmeal -- such as peas beans and levels Barley fruits and vegetables especially oranges apples and carrots and. Soluble fiber does not absorb or dissolve in water it passes through our digestive system in. Close to its original form so that means it's sort of like mother nature's ballroom. Insoluble fiber offers many benefits to intestinal health including a reduction in the risk of the occurrence of hemorrhoids and constipation. The scientific name for inside able fibers includes cellulose league millions and also some other Henny -- cellular assists. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But so you you know obviously the best thing that we can recommend to you Julius choose whole fruits and vegetables with the appeals as possible make sure it's organic that would be important. Instead of chasing. And choose whole grain bread. She aerials and -- stay in place of their overly processed refine counterparts have replaced white flour at least portions of it you know with whole wheat flour and and baked goods. And -- replace white rice with brown rice can replace. Meet with beans and other league GeMS and meals bland tools are perfect for this. Well I hope that gives you some ideas about -- -- that you can use on your weight loss program you can always too if you can't get it in your diet Julie didn't make sure that you get it in -- supplementation. And there's lots of good -- supplementation so. If you go into Martin's -- panning in wellness just talked to any of the practitioners there and they'll help you out with a good -- circular supplement. You can submit your own burning question by going to Martin's compound annual wellness dot com. And going to the wellness connection page tune in every week to hear -- your question is being answered on the air and writing it looks like it's time now for the drug induced nutrient depletion segment we'll Peter. The drive of the week this week is drum roll that you can this -- and derived. Caffeine oh yes I do I have to cut and nutrients that may be depleted from caffeine consumption are zinc. B complex. Vitamin K and -- test. Well zinc deficiency may cause a number of there -- problems she decreased bone metabolism and structure decent increase protein digestion energy production decreased insulin activity. You know the list really goes on I'm now in and vitamin K makes the proteins that allow blood clots. And make. Proteins that control calcium. -- and vitamin B complex deficiency may cause a loss of appetite energy loss decreased metabolism of protein carbohydrates and fat. And -- -- deficiency may cause Anemia. Heart abnormalities. Slow cell growth and decrease in antibody lymphocytes formation. And -- dry here -- females so if you're drinking a lot of caffeine I would recommend -- to be indeed by premier -- a quarter teaspoon twice today the and if you're if you need -- vitamin K I recommend synergy. Cave by pure encapsulation one a day or super K by life extension that's one -- -- -- well. Well and you know there are other things that we can recommend as well but make sure that you don't remember zinc to -- that's true I -- zinc lice and a new genetic says the zinc -- and -- that's one day it's one of my favorite. And finally by attended by he had pure encapsulation. It's also one a day CO. When you pick up your prescription at Martin's compound annual wellness. Be sure you talk to one of the wellness consultant in order to help you get the right nutrients to compliment your prescription. That's right and now it's time for our health -- segment and we're delighted once again to have with us today and very special -- -- -- -- is the -- of health -- news and -- -- -- legal counsel for the national federation. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum -- from UCLA. And studied French -- history at the Sorbonne in Paris he's a graduate of the University of California Berkeley School of -- -- he was also managing editor of the California law review since 1989. Scott has -- the General Counsel for the national -- federation the world's oldest health freedom organization for consumers as well as the editor in chief of -- magazine health freedom that. It's now and 2007. He became the now -- natural national health freedom president. And has been a frequent speaker for the organization and for health freedom on several continents. Currently he's primarily occupied with health freedom issues arising from national governments and such international organizations. As the codecs. Alien in -- commission's. Attempt to limit. Individual freedom of choice in health matters. In that capacity he's compiled edited and published a book on the subject entitled codecs. Alien and -- is global food imperialism. He also attends codecs meetings worldwide and has attended more codecs meetings than all other health freedom activists combined. Scott. Welcome back to the wellness connection. Think your audio thank you Peter very much for that. Nice introduction. Well we're certainly glad to have you back Scott because you're always have such a valuable information to offer and you know prior to the show you brought up the dilemma that South Africa now finds itself thin and specifically what I mean is -- are struggling to harmonize. Their food supplement -- with the EU directives the European Union directives you mentioned that this is an example of the worldwide drive to suppress alternative therapies. How self. Well that's. Well put -- which you said Peter because that's exactly. What is happening when I went to South Africa at about four years ago for a codecs element serious meeting. That was being held in Capetown I noticed in the -- we chops there that they were. Just it's abundantly -- with supplements and and products alternative products as any I could find in America. I was really surprised. They were just in. We're better than in the United States because -- never even band trip defense because he's -- tryptophan there. And it's very reasonable prices. On top of that. Did a very healthy African herbal. Market going as well for medicinal herbs and melodic. But now what's happened has just last year in November. Of last year and this is part and parcel of what's going on around the world we see it even here in America by the way. Is that there are department of health issued new regulations to control complementary -- Medicines in the same way or excuse me is pharmaceutical drugs. To know what I'm doing his spirit. Doing what I've always argued against it -- codecs and that is they are applying a toxicological. Model to products that are really inherently safe. Didn't factor amongst the safest consumer product you can consume in the world. And what they're trying to do is what viewers think Peter. There is they've decided unilaterally with no broad consultations. Big surprise there huh. With the industry or consumers and they just pass these regulations to conform. Well -- woke us up to now very. Really free. Markets system for supplements and and herbs in the -- I can general. And to have a conform to that you food supplements directive so what that will do it effectively removed and let's -- Engage in very expensive drug testing drug like testing. Studies. About 65%. At maybe even 85%. Of the products that are there at these include things like high dose vitamin C. Dose is higher than 500 international units of vitamin. Any product containing an extract like milk -- -- And services across -- range try to exploit him and so suddenly from being one of the freest. Countries in the world when it comes to supplements they'll become one of the most restrictive countries in the world and we. In America our next on the hit list is is -- -- good FDA's own food labeling guidelines that they pushed out. Last late February. And that call for us to harmonize to codecs levels on most. Of the vitamin and mineral levels for a recommended daily allowance. Wow now you used a term that I think the are some of our listeners may not be familiar with the toxicological. Model how would you just briefly being a minute or so give us what what that means so they have a better appreciation that. Yes it's so basically it's -- disease. Suffered by bureaucrats. In which they say. That or think and act upon. The fact that well we'd have -- -- spirit and they need to be tested for consumer safety to make sure there entirely safe. And so. And we have supplements to and I'm being quite generous to the bureaucrats by the way here because many of them are not so. Open minded they're not so. Well intentioned equipment so it but let's say these are the well intentioned ones and they -- supplement throughout there. And gosh. -- -- they are regulated they are you know the usual -- they are regulated they are controlled and anyway. They should be held to the same standard as drug products it is pharmaceutical products so. Why not it's subjective to the same rigorous standards you know accounts reasonable -- person who's never. Really thought it through but what they don't understand. So they're applying. The toxicological. Marble. Two. That is for drug model two natural substances that proven themselves safe in fact the US government. The Centers for Disease Control shown there's not been a single death. From vitamin and mineral supplements. In 35 years from one thing. And these are incredibly safe products are more likely to die from falling off of course being stung by would be. A lightning strikes and you're from taking a supplement you're more likely to -- Many told times more by eight eating foods every day. Then you are. From taking a supplement and yet they want to drive up the cost. They want to apply this talks ecological model of drug testing in the life. To drive up the cost to discourage customers. From buying those products because if you go into a store. Like I had that experience in Finland one year. Where I tried to get my usual 5000 international units of vitamin. Which would cost me here in the US about two dollars a month. But there. It would cost me about sixty dollars a month. So all in the name of consumer protection and lower quality by the way in Finland not a good qualities you find here. So all in the name of quote marks around these words protecting the consumer. They are driving up the cost and it really hurts the poor consumer the most because they're the ones who are least able to move towards. To buy these products and that and stave off. Prevent. Any of these of these diseases occurring in the future and yet this is what they are doing their. There's -- that they're driving away consumers from mr. even if the products stay on the market they will be so much more higher price so people. And at the same time there's subsidizing drugs. Now our news our news report this morning you you might have heard it found was on the benefits of vitamin. Well you know that's unfortunately. All the time we have today Scott and we love it when we talk to you you've got so much good information. And you are doing such good work out there on the planet forests we really appreciate it. And thank you for joining us again at the well action. Join us next week when our featured guest will be doctor Lindsay Burks and continuing her fascinating discussion. On the influence of hormones and overall health. And our health freedom segment will feature returning guests attorney rich Jaffe to update us on the pioneering cancer doctor Stanislaw -- -- -- And as always hear -- discuss that next burning question. And it may be yours. I near co host drive legally. And I'm your cohost Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by -- compelling and wellness centers with three Austin locations that Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy.