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Retirement Planning Show Podcast 08/16/14

Aug 17, 2014|

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Welcome to the retirement planning Joseph would -- assist you. Call Steve now at 18045712. Uniting and now here's -- recessed deep. Leo and welcomed Tuesday morning retirement plan and show this is Steve's -- the -- Thanks for tuning in on -- -- weekend. The second thing over listeners last week to all of you took advantage of our free book offers and and you of the call and just had some questions and needed some answers and of course we're all those viewed humans and had a meeting with those who took advantage over free educational meetings as well -- again that is thank you for listening and make him an opportunity and time -- -- -- -- -- you know I'm located. Right here in round rock. Right here in the Austin area I've been in the round rock or over thirty years we've been. On thirteen seventy now my goodness Christians a couple cents choose from over five years -- -- Were on every Saturday at noon and Sunday -- day the am so grab a piece of paper you're gonna need this whole number of it is 1804. Pars 7129. Days. That's 180457129. DA to. And of course don't forget our web site which news save money taxes. Dot com. It's safe money taxes all time ago dot com so give us -- call 1804. Pars seven. 1298. And of course our team receptionists are standing by 2417. Call any time you need to do just get some questions answered. Or get a few -- particular units of -- obligations. No -- moon. No nonsense meeting just. -- future -- home and come in and it's from let's discuss your portfolio and let me answer your questions. Sort of free that we offer a free consultation to a radio listeners. So just give us a call at 1804. Pars 71 to -- in a you know on licensed by. -- taxes I'm an independent agent I don't work for any specific companies or for any large corporation the tolls are represented as well offer one knocked off in addition a fiduciary. Responsibility. To you. And what that means is really replace the words suitable. Risk in your best interest which raises of course the level of integrity and so it's. The big differences as he talks suitability there's a lot of things -- a lot of investments and be offered that would be suitable than -- Improve your position a little bit but. I'm responsible to make sure that we do with the best known it was we provide you the best service that's available the best options -- available for you sort of put you first in a sector that's sticky. So give us a call at 1804. Plus -- one to nominate in addition mark core philosophy is and I believe that all wealth comes from god my responsibility. Distribute goods Stewart what god and trust immunity and the good Stewart should first protect his wealth from loss -- second. Make it work as hard as possible this philosophy. Is what I base all of my clients recommendations. Should give me a call -- 1804. Pars 7129. Nate that's 1800. Fourth -- 7129. DA to. There was a recent article. In. Yeah and well MarketWatch which is a Wall Street Journal -- -- this article came in the talks about. Five high risk behaviors harmful to. -- retirement and the question you have to ask yourself who's. Are used to speaking. Risk. That you don't understand with your retirement. And question -- five high profile. Risk than investors behavior. Of risky investment mr. creator. And even if you're doing one of these it's probably time to reconsider your return report. Within the first deuces. If you ever go on to cash in a hurry. You know if you have a diversified portfolio. That matches you risk tolerance. You'd never be prompt to. Takes -- rash. Action. Moreover. -- into cash itself is very risky the market might instead had to hire. Still leaving you behind you know via an all in cash isn't investing. It's react in the future in of course the second is easy if you check your balances daily and you take your blood pressure daily. Your cholesterol level -- Of course now it's could do -- status of your basic health indicators to a rumored to have bases but. May be you know you check it once or twice a year you know if you have a -- of -- condition maybe monthly. But like plays with your long term investing. It shouldn't be allocated in -- -- that are of pressures you to review them constantly. That's not investing. It's a slow motion -- -- panic third you don't open your statements are off the back in 2008. 2009 to clutch of community of people would come in. Talked to for first time in the beautifully due to open -- their statements from -- past and investments. If that's happening you know it's it's time to reconsider your and your investments for sure. Because ignoring your investments can be a good finger along long term approach. But of your will you have a well design portfolio that. We balance is itself over time and adjust to an accurate basis schools. Otherwise. You're likely to be that -- investors. Who only checks and things. Well after market turns sour so you know the that's not a good thing. It's not a good thing at all so. It would be time obviously do it's let's reduce your pro. Let's review where you are more you go on and of course if you have no clue what fees you -- is not a good thing you there. You know actively managed mutual fund fees were injured you know 11 point 31 point two who went up to 2%. Financials ours was also along often take another one and -- to 2% on top of that -- opposed -- problem news fund fees alone. Will consume nearly a thirty -- potential return in just ten years. You take on the financial risk -- the money managers get aid. Whenever whenever clear that the outcome. Do you know how much your senior financial advice you know what you -- And in doing these phones that he or she buys for you -- your behalf. If not that's a major replied. And of course -- news -- -- phones during the boom and never looked back hack well this is not good either you know investment strategies often are. Flavor of the month -- home -- that month can run one or two or three resume for user role. Actual phones -- those -- dramatically larger. Drawing in more investors ammonium learn in terms of analysis. Well all the time of keeping the marquee name -- -- marketing our own purposes. But in time. When knows that even the most powerful invest in ideas is overwhelmed by copycats and eventually he had just gone even goal. The fees to remain. You know knowing the difference between trading and investing is the key to return on time. In with your savings not only Internet but having grown at a healthy sustainable rate -- term so. Give us -- call. You know -- Nazis do you have any of these concerns at all please give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. It's time to have a no nonsense meeting. You come to my office in round rock on come to your place of business from your residence which are rewards. Should give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. When you free known council known nonsense means. Not obligated -- and are obligated in any way issue performed so give us a call at 180447. 129 me this is Steve's for suggesting you listening to save money return. -- -- -- You know I'll hold you back. Thanks for listening to the retirement planning show with Steve should -- keep. If you're looking for indexed annuities with upside return potential links to the growth of stocks and 100%. Downside protection from stock market declines plus a guaranteed rate of return of the market under performance over the long term and ongoing access to a portion of your money with tax advantages and possibly lower taxes on Social Security income then Steve can help. Pick up the phone calls to Easter recess PM 1804571298. Working with Steve is hassle free and there's no sales pressure. Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for years and he can help you as well. Don't wait for more of your hard earned life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees or taken by Uncle Sam. Call Steve she says he now has 1800. 4571298. That's 1804571298. Well -- -- welcome back this -- to -- the -- loosely to lose a morning returns -- show. Hope you enjoy the show and hopefully have a great weekend. Didn't think I'd ever see that being ninety's from school terrible last summer. We've actually had a pretty nice summer so they have been this week to unit did sports Rebecca into the hundreds put. You know it's long overdue Argus. And I hope you enjoy the weekend and again I hope you enjoyed your summer as well yeah and elect to think over radio listeners who called in and took advantage for free book offers and no obligation and no pressure we -- Chuck Cook at home. Consultations that we offer as well. In a course of people who just -- two questions -- -- some answers. I appreciate your call them and taken advantage as a vote over services. We -- do again I have. And if you do those -- question you don't just give us a call pick up that phone and give us call 1800. Fourth -- 7129. Days that's 180457. Well nine DA. And of course don't forget our web site safe money texas' dot com. That's safe money taxes dot com all right don't. We offer newsletter as well to -- to take advantage of that newsletter. You can contact with the web site or just give us call for that matter. And again and that's save money Texas dot com it's probably the use use wages contact us through this review send us information and Europe permission -- would have you'll be happy to get journalist there are monthly. Newsletter. So on and again if you would just -- questions give us a caller I'd like to take advantage of our free consultation no obligation to the future broken home. This is free to my radio listeners in additional pressure -- council -- on says -- we're just discuss your situation. Let me answer your questions soon give us call 1804. Pars 712. And again at ten books here to give my buddy Patrick currently. Patrick has written -- numbered from books and this one is stress free retirement. Is very well known author. Financial planner and author and Patrick wrote in this book all about how to protect your life savings against walks. Create an income stream that you condemn -- How to receive. Limited upside gain potential was zero risk office. Stop -- in those annual management fees -- stock -- money managers no matter what happens in the market and of course Bob Trevor writes that this has to be the simplest and most of formative retirement book cover. In Steve Craig wrote catcher Kelly has a gift. He's -- known financial author. An expert who can make a complex subjects in -- in foreign and you will thoroughly enjoy this quick read. And it just might change your financial future. It is however it and support it isn't just a little. Sampler -- enters a 130 pages long. There's just an exceptional read his which you need to -- coming up to retirement of Cooper's union retirement. This book is it is a must. Sure O'Connor wrote that this financial services world can be so confusing and intimidating. Patrick book helped me start understanding my retirement. So of this news again and exceptional read -- church free for the asking. Am buying an Amazon -- you can't buy it in new world seuss' offered through preferred providers and so we have to be one of them that are able to offer you this book. Stress -- retirement. And -- and copies referred asking. So give me a call at 180457129821800. 4571298. And of course -- -- -- web sites if money taxes dot com. And something that you know rattle goes right along with action book and hamsters knows when to and this is an article on of the Wall Street Journal. It's about Jon Huntsman. In mr. Huntsman. Believes that this is a bubble. And it may be worse than 1929. And John Grossman's. Going who's going world view. Market watchers are willing to venture and he's calling this current trading environment a full fledged -- -- One that is in fleeting. Too extreme proportions. And -- mic moment state. This is inequitable. Highly advanced more bearish portfolio manager ruled in his weekly commentary. On the most historical reliable measures. It is easily beyond 1972. In 1987. BI in 1929. And 2007. It is now within about 15%. Of the 2000 extreme the main difference between now and 2000 these -- at the bubble which were. Was -- ranking -- obvious and technology in this one he contends is spread across many sectors. That makes valuation for more stocks actually worse than in 2000 service. Mr. -- -- economist whose portfolio manager -- phones -- Famously held skeptical stance throughout much -- the five year bull market as the market has gone -- and he's continually argued the scoring. To go in the other direction the reason the hasn't he supposes that the Fed to raise your news karma to policies have. Forced investors. In two star despite. Receive you nations. -- simple fact to loses at the primary driver of the marketers. Not evaluation. Or -- fundamentals. But perspective. Extra expenses as percentage. This perception syringes from now the Federal Reserve has the power to keep the stock market -- In suspended. And even today and we advance contamination. And that's zero interest rates offered no choice but to hold that these. The Herald poll here. Given the current perceptions of investors. The Federal Reserve and certainly postponed the collapse of this mobile. But only by making the eventual. -- -- home that much worse. Mr. hospital argues that the valuations are much more stretched and they appear. Investors who dismissed. President market valuations. -- reflexively. Mirroring. The freeze. Lower interest rates justify high valuations. Haven't thought carefully about the problem or -- a manner that the truth. The math is just basic -- arithmetic thesis. My sense is that the investors have indeed abandon basic arithmetic here. The -- debate has intensified in recent months. Although. A -- market war choose who will do to suggest. That's stocks are firmly entered the bubble territory. You know. One mark of torture. Who's been following in the mobile debate closely. It is Germany. Grantham a co-founder and chief investment officer Jim -- Boston based money management forum. Mr. growth and predicts the bull market is to those cuts from room and -- rally for a moral perhaps human you're. Put another move higher will be followed by -- in -- rash. One in which pain will be felt -- arrayed in far. He rolled through here this month the TS and he would climb to -- is 2250 about 14% above current levels and ash. You when you turn around you your Janet Yellen. That your woman. She's. She chimed on the bubble war -- by saying. Valuations -- small company stocks biotechnology. Firms social media companies appeared to be substantially stretched. In addition mr. Austin. He's cautioning that the market will essentially if you flat for the next decade. He's calling for zero or negative normal total returns for the S&P 500. On the horizon eight years through last. Animal one point nine annual total returns over the next period. Our best response at this point is simply maintain that defends stance without putting the markets were taken investment positions that. -- And he buoyancy. Of negative vote comes. Mr. Grossman says. So the question is is what do you believe. What should you do. And there's a number of things that have to be looked. And I'll talk about them when -- come back. This is the mistress asked do you listening to retirement or an intro. And all be back. Thanks for listening to the retirement plan in show with Steve's -- -- If you are looking for annual interest rates of seven to 8% guaranteed up to twenty years with income guaranteed for life income that can continue for the life of both spouses and start and stuff as he -- plus all -- left on your demise go to your errors then Steve can help. Pick up the phone and call Steve's just -- at 180457129. That's 180457129. Working at -- hassle free there's no sales pressure Steve has been helping those in or about to retire in the Austin area for you. So he can help -- was well. Don't wait for more of your hard -- life savings to be lost to the market gobbled up by broker fees were taken by uncle same. Call Steve she says he's now at 1804571298. That's 180457129. -- would welcome back this is pleased to assess the view was these two retirement plan and show. Thanks again to -- and explores weekend. Hope you enjoy and today -- open during the show. You know end and hope that you had a great summary -- -- -- believe that it's just about over with the kids -- religion and American school. Summer you know the rest of will be there shortly so. It's hard to believe the corner and coming out to September shall quirks. Going to a Labor -- you will be here in the in the houses and we're off to -- of the year so. Now's as -- as I'm presented to pick up their phone and give us a call 1804. Pars 1298. Let's future financial house in order for the issue passes. So you'd have some questions about your portfolio you have some questions about your investments for you haven't course and just about this state planning. Give us a call at 1804. Pars 1298. My team -- receptionist for standing by want to force Evans who you can call any time. -- -- -- some questions -- review appropriate information with them and I will call you back personally and answer those questions for -- room. In addition led to take advantage of our free consultation. No obligation leave future poker at home just come noon. We are sure anybody -- just come on in the office have a cup of coffee Europeans. And let me hear investors discuss your situation where you read more you -- ago. Soon that can happen just by calling 1804571298. And of course you liked that you mention this free book from Patrick -- Patrick wrote to this -- stressed through retirement. That's -- -- you mind just do this is just an exceptional read. Talks about protecting your life savings -- income streams receiving on limited upside gains. With -- and would return with no loss -- principal. Zero arrests and new -- as far as lost star pin is currently an annual management fees cheers star pool your money manager. Just a great read you need to have this book in your hand if you're -- to retirement. Weren't in retirement. -- Hughes to. Investing one -- on world war were up with this sport so. It's a must read. So give me a call 1804. Pars and 1298. That's 1804. Pars 7129. DA. Raid near in the last segment we're talking about Jon Huntsman. And -- predicting this boost mobile along with a number of other people. When you look at it and the investors grow with of them is -- we've gotten out of equities and Ireland. Even Warren Buffett has pulled back dramatically so. This this is something has to be a concern to everyone and if you -- if you are concerned what do you duo. Well the years you get yourself physicians and you just so into investments that. Are going to provide guarantees. On the guarantee your principal. So the matter what happens in the market you don't have to worry about losing money. -- principal was on. Say. And who with -- in the indexes as well you don't have to worry about fees and commissions come and RD European. You know yes our hands to be paid and unpaid for by the company. Out of their -- -- instead of your check book. In addition to that it doesn't make any sense to make money and a deal to keep that -- have to have something that locks in your gains. And with -- -- in their chicano that your genes are locked in once were in your account there yours they cannot be taken away. And of course with today with taxation and everything else to win it is. With. Texas with the with our national debt continuing to rise and where government is spending money you know I think everybody agrees that taxes are probably gonna go off. And not down. So units openness from these tax deferred so that you don't have to worry about paying those taxes -- your money accumulates. You know to a bright future. Suze and your money accumulates over the years you don't have to worry -- taken a chunk of that and senator rhetorical saying. It's stays in your county continues to build. It continues to make your money. You decide when to pull it out you decide when and how much. -- it's too. Justin and exceptional way too. Again -- your parents greater. An admission of that when we continue to reduce overdose taxes and who can help or statistical security -- for -- So there's there's just enormous ways that you can benefit from these index accounts. When you need your money you need it the most we have exit strategies income streams lumps alms. Lifetime income options. News numerous different ways and receive your phones. We begin lock in your -- traditional told me everything goes -- onto your beneficiaries. So you don't have to worry about deal with the courts and attorneys and everybody else. It's just Major League from the company you beneficiaries. Easily simply. No complications. And no. Goalies. Is just an exceptional tool -- listed -- in this well. In the course feel things -- protection from creditors and predators you don't have to. Who worried about lawsuits. If the picture phones in that fashion as well. So -- it in as this is just a great addition to your portfolio. It's something that you really need to look at it and -- need to take a few minutes you retirement. And guard give us -- call 1804. Pars 71298. Sort of on the come into the office in round rock or I will come to you. Are you close of business or resonance whichever warrants. So give us -- call 1804. Pars 71298. And like this -- sort of time to come in her home while we've come to you. So in addition of that take advantage true Patrick Kelley books stress free retirement. -- -- -- a call here in the you know make sure that you receive it again news just an exceptional read. The stress free retirement -- ability Patrick. And again you know taught that talks about how to particular savings Korean income streams. Shows you about it and then you eliminate those. Portfolio losses as well. In an effort do this if you decide to come into the office and statement of -- all -- -- have an exceptional. Another exceptional book called understandings -- security and Medicare so if you are coming -- On the Social Security retirement of on the Medicare and now I have a clear understanding of this again there's an exceptional readers wells. You stop -- into the office have a cup of coffee and the provide both these books deal just for you come and and and tomorrow. No cost -- you no obligation no. I mean no nothing just come on in -- spend a few minutes. You know in have a cup of coffee -- will discuss your situation. If these folks in your hands you can get on the right there. You give a call 1804. Stars have a 1298. That's 1804. Pars 71298. This is. You know all -- back. You've been listening to the retirement planning show with Steve stress a scheme. Call Steve at 1804571298. And tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning show.