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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills -- on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. Now here's -- way. You know they're really soon because you're here today area and all -- so sweet if -- bill. Well no they don't just that was louder than normal. I think more people to. Marion doctor Marion companies right that's right and what I like you're here too which is that before looking to end his mission looks so young. In New York control. Us you know it says something you -- a compliment and people say was I mean a little before. No. I don't. Well like I guess is and his little little. Cherry tomatoes. Little flutes and and there are organic -- -- -- -- -- during the show -- Francisco -- After a last second from a garden but I don't have a garden this year. Let's look at the weather just briefly here high of one -- what we think is there already. Low tonight 74. 76. Tomorrow's going to be -- same thing -- -- -- little chance -- country showers. Was only country shareholders. On the countries including -- -- only in the country. OK we got to go to the country to get when a gas tank behind. Who -- our soliciting mostly sunny on Monday saying it's the same rules same. Analysts look at some allergies if you're allergic to on. Grass. -- your luck. If you're allergic to ragweed. You're -- -- -- today low tomorrow. If -- -- to -- as usual this time iTunes news. Yeah I've been seeing a lot of people. That is struggling with mauled a little. -- a little burning to today. Because there's so -- this -- usually. And you also have to travel to where you're uranium Richard production. And we could just discuss exactly what is. A lot of people. We don't know who you go to medical school went -- a -- for mr. Andre made it's a four year. Medical school for nature Catholic positions. And to. -- see you know the first two years or. Mostly had basic sciences just like. What an MD would learn you know physiology. Anatomy -- college she. Only allergies. All the specialties. And then. The last two years are primarily clinical. Where you begin to practice in the clinic under supervision. And. See. Patients. Android and treat them with naturalness and so so yeah we we different a lot of ways though from -- Whose whose time was because I've talked to engage -- three days ago yes specialist time because it Lisa in fifteen minutes a solid lead. You can't stand that too much but he can -- is -- and fifty minutes I disagree -- You know while it you know. It depends on what the person is coming in -- but generally -- even for something cute like a cold or allergies. You need more time in fifteen minutes to really understand what's going on but. But really you know -- week because we're holistic. Doctors we really look at the whole person and that takes time it takes time to get to know a person their history their tendencies. And and understand what's underlying. What's going on with them you know even if it's allergies. And that's true in an immediate I remembered. Doctor -- only show vision to meet him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Life sure but noise so he'll say that of the patient. -- talked him new Spitzer fifteen minutes whatever it is. Or maybe war and old ladies and and people they've grabbed the door handle to leave and all the sudden they say. Oh by the way I think constipated for a week but you know -- whatever the problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The bowel movements and -- a weaker ones from the putter and and and then he says well we talked to so they sit back and talk about -- But if you thought -- that -- I thought about it. And in the show was talked about ways people can prepare for the doctor accused of all the drugs are taking its so. So you know -- a body -- yourself. Right you know head to -- And and then be ready to to share that with the doctor. Didn't. Well before we get to. It was in the news a lot lately on the course. Some historians will -- move you Robin Williams couldn't talk about that little bit too but first of all and talked to my. My -- Production and if you can hear me. Can you -- that added to see if you have. These are songs. That will make you wanna work and energize you so one of them if we were rock Cuba acquaintance. That they pay that we who comes from two games also limited to a limited is get ready for this tunnel and maybe eruption I don't know what are. Perhaps I don't know what that is for sure if you don't play -- that's OK I don't know. Is that good I don't know and a physicist says end a club in DNA CL UB. You refer those okay great okay and then we'll see you if people like that. Thank you take energy get energy effective he's got a good energy there to back today they'll look at -- -- you know there -- given -- -- -- energy. Maybe too much so. Affect -- with Jonathan swift's. Two years ago pieces. We all like each other recovery share the same ailments. Am I think we Suisse we share the same Elvis that Robin Williams and and in some ways that -- -- to extend obviously because he was he was under the gun -- who but he and I know. The anti depressants and -- research showing that there were very well. The -- on an entity that was it determined wells who had depression our -- what you don't -- they don't. Was it like for you applause little people they keep on them. But they've onerous someplace. And he was hit depressed country wants to leave anybody else is tapes -- -- -- use them. You know there. Recreational drugs to -- understanding. But the big thing is that the his wife Kim -- as -- -- -- -- parkinson's nanny early stages of parkinson's right. So. You're out of partial -- I don't think -- you know. By expect him by acupuncture is so thank -- -- Bush's order her just diminishing destitute but. And we end and -- -- age do you the NH was she does is phenomenal. He reached churches and you know she's tell me to from a my accident over a little over a year ago but and so I'm Obama -- was a -- culture but don't you know she don't. -- pastor when I was having acupuncture Friday morning and said what what would you do far. Could you help a person. -- had had to have the derailment in parkas and she's as well -- have Foreman Foreman. There roaming around and she says that he isn't one guy just took a couple weeks. And he sort of tremors and lung association a great look Wear them so when models say -- if someone losing -- they they won't try here. Do enterprises if there's if she charges of first visit while emotional yeah. Turn into Bush's terms that much an argument does -- think she's just put away it's -- Page. EU while in nature those other two politicians and expert -- listen you want to call them so I can do the same thing in this country Elektra. 5127313363. She's self often been right -- Ronald intellectual. So it it's easy to find than I was -- and could help you possibly assume that that's enough of that. So there earlier warring sides of Parkinson's disease carried. Tremors shaking -- you know I don't filler had it. And if his left hand drawn when there was shake them and so we always have to hit it took it. It's like to decode video of him from behind unit behind his. Back -- Pressing you but I guess and so it was shaking a logic -- they -- You're going -- -- he had to be perfect channel one. And so we don't. Know. He hit it from -- people here receive -- as a recent pictures of the genre of movies if you really you can see you residing. Always -- him with -- -- -- as -- go about with him. The -- a lot of reasons for him possibly because he was on amphetamines a lot of things can -- to -- and trying to do a lot of introduce him. Rule. Small handwriting. Is another way if you if you write real small and sometimes -- borrowers US -- oh my gosh I don't organs because a list of things here. We also -- Swaddled people lose -- losses -- ultimately prove you right. Trouble sleeping. And well in fact -- Chelsea Clinton and -- does that mean you did. It that could be the cause of it it could be a side effect on me says. Trouble moving and what are walking. And by the way if you wash -- towards the end he was. Use our shoulders and other things to -- your marching over to two and he walks slow Bruton. Is better sometimes you have put pressure you -- -- Constipation. Softer low voice. Unmasked face like you may be happy but looks like her hand. And dizziness or fainting. So if you're experiencing. This I have to go you know you got to be aware that. Maybe your cardiovascular problem there could be something else going on those kinds of things they say now people are friendly dimension. Where did you think. They're just they moved if you ever have to live with the person. -- additional -- -- where those dates that's just a big terribly worried. So the -- depresses we found that people come back after a few months. Maybe a year and then the anti depression are working. It was originally designed -- does a lot of people there you're right want to get off anti depressants. Right. Well as an example side effects. The attention printers and oracle Cisco took depressions don't just change your sex drive. They can affect your feelings of love toward Germany and literally. -- do you think deadly year in notions and put a cap on. So there's some to think about -- if you're articulate and you found that your age you know his. It. There's been recent -- whatever them. So optimistic about and there are so many natural. Approaches for depression and anxiety boom began to seek someone seminal alternative practitioner talk about a few things really his cup and is here but let's talk about him. Treat depression without drugs so this is. A doctrine that you probably know him. There was a lot of the Hutus who just a second mark mark kind of Detroit in -- and count them -- It's if you've greeted as it is anti inflammatory illumination doesn't. I can help them out that you basically healthy diet exactly yeah we don't meet low grain written. Check for -- artists and -- -- absolutely no current mentally vanity. Seemed like somebody at present well in only if -- yeah. They can't make a three make a three cents thanked these Kenya for the brain because actually I find doctors and other prescribe. The anti depressant with with official. And if that works better and that's -- take had a -- B twelve B six and told -- There -- referral from a technological system in which to play a big factor in depression. I -- -- from Mercury. AFL. Heavy metals in general and yeah well this film will be a lot of them platoon of canned tuna shall talk to him him behind her and you can check the Mercury. Yeah I usually doing urine test -- have provoked intense but. You know we're at war most of us are filled all kinds of heavy metals it you know. And and not necessarily because we're eating paint chips from the 1950s. It's just ubiquitous all of these heavy metals. -- our water in -- food. In the products that we use some new products have all kinds of things in them. You know chemicals as well as heavy metals so we have that and our -- So there's urgent things I tell you can take two others are -- on their -- leaders there's you know Carell something we -- that. Talk about in the letter to you if you Colin. If you call him by the way 390 Turkey's 75123. And thirteen seventy. And we can go over these again. -- has vigorously figures -- Five times for thirty minutes after we got -- a week and splat. Swing and he gets Russians and awaited detox -- it increases the levels of BD NF. A natural anti depressant you bring him. So there's another word for serotonin and the word for. That was runner's high and enjoy beating and so -- I was last reveals that there's a Intel is where -- they -- where we'll divide objected to a if you can -- To detect if you have a central issue a fine. Parkinson's. And sort all these devices that we weren't I don't see which you just don't know about -- iTunes in the news. We got -- don't we -- gonna take a break and let's do that right now. By the way through it once again throughout Turkey's 73 nano thirteen seventy. And you feel -- you can just tell you the question we will. -- -- -- -- -- Our only your -- two for 421 portal and after the hour let's take a break we'll be about. Let's get healthy is coming up after these messages aren't tall. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get Hilton with the bills -- on talk thirteen seventy. -- There you go. And yes she she doesn't work the other doctors she does it yourself and to. But she doesn't practice medicine she's a therapist played piano you with a shot I am aren't I yeah. They welcome our show with Tyson -- I ran across as a medical. It is this is. These are the three songs so increased productivity this was -- first on the case. Now that we go we are we rule the world or something doesn't olympians it's essential. We just played. No play it was natural -- and Clinton. We are the -- the world should -- gotten through it. We are the champions of the world restaurant he in this assumption. Were champions. Have a two shot -- champion to attrition. But I do what I can't. So we can do. It really has an up and commit to anything but I'll commit to trying. That's all you can do -- -- more -- -- welcome to the show. I doctor doctor companies who -- me she isn't nature pence and shares of office themselves a warm. As you know and she's very well known to us and beautiful practice. So let's talk about. Your -- to a year we will just checked and think you know you have doctor -- -- working often -- tremendous. I -- completion what I look at often McCain associates which is a medical practice of pain. That integrates. Psychotherapy. Medical practice. And physical therapy for. Stronger results. In helped. Us cultural work in a clinical practice where I'm -- -- So that's good to know because a lot of times so what this pain medication today and is getting a bad rap because. He's tough to get these pain medication they so long -- I don't know it you know say they didn't give money for a good money -- They can be can it actually because I'm pretty pretty well regulated which. And it was -- Yet you know that's all I did what we have added. The best we can't tell people sometimes get around the system but a lot of the times. It is caught and people are treated for any sort of backed -- -- peace for the secretary. Growth and what you do is what's called integrated counseling. You you know masters in counseling. IQ I have a masters in counseling. You. And what integrated. Schooling is. Is a combination in a tanker therapy narrowed psychology or Biotech ecology and holistic practice cash. So what we're doing is we're looking at how old physical systems of the body. Inter act which. The emotional systems and also through memory. They're trying out some more Mora tape about a brain and how -- -- -- have -- with -- -- emotions who -- two. -- -- is actually just. Yeah we actually quite a bit of information that really -- command the last ten or twenty years a -- true hero imaging he can actually track. What people are experiencing. And -- formally understand our experience and curry. I get our temptations. Get combine. In the middle brain and illegally camp at -- elements. Don't paint only faster and sensory information the it's actually merging and blending with -- emotional interpretations. Speaks for where even conscious about it. -- we have any experience. That is step -- From our interpretation. Of that XP the good news. And -- Ministry and it got so if we found that -- and it's a loss a reason why that's why things were discovers. When people -- don't serious pain medication aggressors -- he's. Over a period of time they will start up. And losing to start strong as some hormones. There will also affect them so so these these -- to be measured. But -- directional. And -- do you treat your worth at Hampshire. -- -- -- Yeah so. We are treating a number of different type of pain I think. Two days and get we're gonna talk about headache and my trainer or -- -- let's ask. And I sheriff Leo all right just hasten to perished here because she there's so there's so many people we see him in the stores all the time looking for. Some kind of hold me up Theres something further my -- and as soon as a big problem doesn't he is more prominent. I was season goes you know the bottom mold in the technical backgrounds. -- -- -- Had to protect ability that and get. His contractual point with migraines are a lot of different things that can treat it. The one of the things we are doing his we are. There with a study that came out of kayaker California though it looked kind of Permanente northern California. Kiosks medical interventions -- incompatible. -- any sort of migraine medication. But there about forty million people in the United States -- suffering from chronic migraine and sure what you're saying there are it's a pretty big issue. And -- as the -- we're arguing is starting to teach people how to -- who in addition to any sort of medical management is to regulate their own. -- Q we do the impact does that migraine when it -- -- -- or -- you and how do you do that do you do that. What. I mean. It is a combined processed and -- Acupressure or compression and then EM BR or bilateral stimulation so EM BER. Is. And torched just Psycho therapeutic process that was a religion only did -- -- -- decent. The impact traumatic experience. One of them main component Caribbean TRE bilateral stimulation and such a big word to mean going back and forth between the left and right hemisphere. So that they are working together -- unit. And right -- -- here is Reid is engaged with the Helm of the body church cathedral memory. And when does someone have my green. And restart with -- work and moving in Q acupressure cranial compression and then engagements bilateral stimulation. There is evidence -- -- -- we re search. That came out of this study and then we have been replicating it here in Austin. -- -- -- can be stopped. While it's happening. In either thirty minute or last going from a subject is pain level of nine or ten down three year old -- one. But it sort of extraordinary when you when you actually can actually let to all of niner -- Yeah done extraordinary that's wonderful. Hello. Is pretty XP so we are -- providing the actual treatment and at all is teaching people. How to do this treatment on the -- -- you know here. Get a migraine and you're Turkish and next third and halfway across town because -- so much. So you can actually teach them to do -- DR themselves. You already are and a required a master's level training is. Yet it's added that can't be taught to them but bilateral stimulation one of the component. It doesn't necessarily have the school attractive PM PR but it has the ability to reduce. Stretch of the nervous system. Through capping. And through anything that activates. The sensory motor experience that makes the left and right brain go back and forth to work together. And that they can. And a great. So let's just leverage to -- -- a fine line. Because a migraine. Is this really serious -- headaches with that they think of the kind of migrant. But you're here to get noses sometimes you really vomit tortured if you migrant. -- -- -- So let's Campbell. Ozzie is one of the symptoms did not Parker -- on that's a shame so that was you know you migrants. We will. We'll see you. You -- -- -- are usually people come in and say I have had -- peppers in them this amount of time I think often smoke I had I'm sorry yeah so yeah I would easier. The qualifications of -- Via -- distinguish migraines. I don't know that I can answer that him. I you know that migraines. Is -- neurological syndrome but that treatment -- -- migraine or headaches. -- for our from our point of view it doesn't matter that much. Yeah okay and they disrupt those conditions like that you can tell some lies tacklers trawler. A lot of conditions it's even hard to. Diagnose they're getting better tennis up out of Geneva. You know. The -- laws and sometimes but. We're -- we're desertion dimensional tremors -- it was a levels from hundreds so we're getting better and better and they'll be public in the very near future they'll be able to diagnose it better as we -- more. -- -- -- -- We -- -- I didn't think -- I have a lot of ability should do when neural imaging but they can get. Actually you know I I don't know about that I was gonna I was gonna get but it is expensive and not everyone really need to have it done most. -- -- -- -- to know that I have my name and exact experience. Arianna and a include in some ways and tendon in your case when there is seeking. This kind of therapy it doesn't really matter it's just that they have headaches and problems with head eighteen. It sounds like this in a dress it down probably a lot of other things too that this kind of therapy can address because. We're -- beings and they emotions and the body are intimately and intricately connected -- It's like. It's very true very true does our experienced. Is replicating are going treat their experience so it's. Sensation and emotion integrating is -- experience and so -- stripper any sort of chronic pain. And it doesn't Q thank you just sent because this dished there's good freezer -- -- -- -- side of questions and sure do right. There's no -- side effects to it. There -- -- how to act and it also can be. Paired with any medical treatment that anyone is doing currently. I would not to replace any sort of pain management it's actually in his station -- to keep people. One what a way to stop -- while it's happening. Two different training to alleviate bigger stress and just stressed. Yeah. And then three -- captured control -- a lot of people want. They feel the migraine. Come -- you know they're -- -- -- -- really impacted missing -- existing at and that's extremely might be holding their a lot of guilt associated with migraine -- Pittsburgh haven't been able to a show up to a lot of different things across the board and that becomes part of their experience that's. -- Fear of -- paying it starts to get all rolled together with the actual physical situation. And it becomes -- and pretty large and scary or sort of breaking down a bit different pieces. -- that the actual lie green can be managed. I'm without Hammond ceiling looking out of control or like your machine your life. Something tells me you work -- doctors something tells me that you cannot we're tougher treatment you can lower the you know. The pain medication sometimes -- because your. Bureau of this as good a good add adjunct. I currently make and analyst Anthony doctor -- heart. Doctors -- -- And I know are pretty excited about any network she -- because I like to. Prescribed this medication is again think they get all kinds of the -- -- her office you know measuring what they're doing -- -- people just feel they say they they do a little paranoid because. There's a lot of people looking at you doctor -- the pain medication. Phillies how they can reduce a screen and the -- like you to New Hampshire. He had the epic about the pain medication term migraines had a Somali work. A lot of troops can go to the emergency room cooking medication and is able to take -- The whole track. How old is it was a really could protect him we probably wouldn't be looking for other types of treatment but the pain medication that I'm always knock out. What do -- regularly sought to Towson with this -- pressure. As you can acupressure to Chicago. You can measure release -- Towson and don't -- run. Exactly that's exactly what we're doing -- and open mean arch you have to -- -- Any shortage of the -- touch and it's pretty powerful those internal and orphans are very powerful. We're talking sanitized so to us -- about anti depressants can take -- -- sense -- loss for the people and you -- -- Towson. In two. So. So I'm curious though in your work with people. With this method. Do you find that in general in their alliance they begin to feel more relaxed and calm and peaceful. Yeah. It is definitely it has -- that I -- rates across the board. But what they're learning to do is basically. Start to regulate calmed themselves down -- yeah when they begin to feel stretched. As opposed to when there are -- you know level and it paints -- actually be applicable. Q any part of your life here -- -- -- Turkey get tense or you get to the -- a broad reach her to calm yourself down loses. So it is the way to train yourself to -- like that. Committee -- across the board. Craig Lewis tell people how their people excited you know if you Margaret -- supervisor can cause I know we have an -- there hasn't Wilson can you. But is how how can they -- give a phone numbers were but how about a web site. You bench for the two ways to get treatment for this are one to go to Constantine -- and that's just. Deb -- -- and paying attention its dot com speaking to her private session or we have a monthly clinic kept coming at September 18. And then the way to reach me if I'm -- -- dot com. And Sean I felt like Serena like that probably my parents for that one but it -- owners dot com and I helped retreated privately. And water is -- else. Didn't present I have wanna -- wanna whom she's here and had to neutral scientists hope. So W they'll spell the end ER is is that none of them. And Sean is that each day and -- and hopefully my Internet. Whenever they caught up customization I'll get better at a pretty replacement ballot so I think I'm not quite there yet. Roofs so the and office. What we're gonna give it because. You might want to try to do this is her home which is driving east institute mr. Ross and his associates are you go to people who are Telecom group. We'll have. There is -- talk about pretty much only on their website to bust Monte and -- But if you are -- if you go to Austin associates dot com. Our I have 51224350090. Yes that is my personal option number that they can reach me at. Or APA eight persona goes beyond the skies are a lot of different clinics to rate -- amnesty -- clinic. That -- done a previously stated they can reach me and it's going to work. For yourself number is 200 I won't do that. Zippy were listening and. What -- what a pleasure talking to you -- you you seem like yours it's your interest to have to get the person you've got. A good program for peoples and and I know we're gonna and we're dosage of patients. I appreciated as I hope they get to it it's Mike Green really stinks and -- always. Obviously yes very debilitating mental work really haven't. Yeah they do you there's a lot of statistics that people either are coming to work with a lot of pain -- that can work. Who. Lives less useful bush you tortured during this is great. Thank you appreciate -- -- I would end up just talk more about your ear your general practice to some time. Which is about to do them. A Christian OK talk to send a -- much -- -- thank you Shannon. Just take a break. We're gonna take a break for components. That I should disarm the news. But it I think. They'll just take a break -- no Turkey's seventy traveling to -- -- -- -- -- you -- Colin -- just calling. Police they were talking about in we'll be able to. Talk with us. -- bring with her about. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up at. After these messages on -- thirteen seventy. Aimed at an angle that he's the he's -- -- It's gonna happen movements before today I didn't -- to. I think it's. Painfully -- Again oh yeah and thanks and welcome back to you let's get -- with -- -- crimes at all. In 1970 yeah. I really use it. These are pleased to Suzanne -- song this is an article. And oracle -- poor showing this is. So you -- to decrease productivity. So let your boss' children -- play tennis in other words if you become more productive so. -- Washington DC OC you're kind of movie -- -- in her first. You know it. -- in his song and high schools did you really act like 1000 high school over ten years ago. And his that two limited to a limited gear ready for this Clinton it's no this is fifty -- -- Yeah it's sentencing details. That being hungry political institutions to. But I think people in my opinion listen to them -- them. Anyways so we have -- Christopher -- doctor Christopher. When -- on the show with us and. I don't know pay resident I can does that count into that kind of motivates you don't like if you're working out or something without. But you can listen to them then. Yeah it a little group in my chair here listeners yeah this is the. I just just says like you're just usher would really strongly it was goes for it yeah there you go it is immunized as -- so we had to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dozens -- smaller version you know there saying well if you took just not true when you're having problems you know but -- was -- call. Legacy that I can overdo it remove. The tennis tour or whatever but. This is safe if you use them. The about a nickel or good just not true. Absolutely bill and and you hit the -- they have their same bio identical you know is that a lot of controversies in the attorney has -- TP and all that lately and it's based on the study that a very poor study that was done a year or two ago a lot of those patients in this -- work even on that testosterone continues to stop this. Diabetes and heart problems already this. And actually just release a new study here. And she published India actually that doesn't UT. I Galveston there they took about 26000 Medicare patients. It was published in the annals of comical -- And actually showed that. Men who took -- testosterone. Of course it has to be done safely under position supervision it's actually had a 30% less cheese. Heart disease. And that totally contradicts the study that was out published you know that we saw the end of last year. Kind of it's kind of debunk it they don't -- before that study's. Results. Another study that was done -- -- acknowledged journal. Initial that -- susteren is healthy and it did reduce. Heart disease ridden and help here. So like you sit by identical that's important part and I think most is the attorneys they're mention about a quarter after the the big pharma the people using the creams they got to put on every day those smelly gels that. Smear -- national army army captured -- touch your wife you touch your kid to your transcript a lot of hormones to them as well. To bio identical means it mimics the body's natural release of testosterone. I honestly think the best way to do that is if a patient tolerate ours is identical -- therapy. We actually surgically implanted a very mild minor procedure -- -- if you pellets under the skin to -- from -- -- you need to slow consistent release of testosterone. Over about 46 months. And you see the shots that are done at some of the other testosterone centers and all -- to got to go in every week you get to teach you get the trucks get the roller coaster fast. He. -- taken shots. So I think you know what we found is that the best response we've out of our patients -- healthiest way to go it's bio identical hormone replacement just. Food and just -- so so tell us a 12 PM the actual. Bio identical. Origins of the testosterone that you use. Yes a lot of them are played based it's made from a testosterone compound that -- -- -- that -- the the body contends that rejected its more natural. To the bodies. And I consider earlier -- keep pace at which means under the facts please see these pellets and there and we and we. Of course we've got to check a person's testosterone initial -- -- with Iraq to know how many testosterone to wanna put in there is eligible to put -- Once -- -- in there that the body begins to resort to this little pool. Testosterone that the body needs more it takes more. An idea that we force haven't released. I guess it mimics like what the body would do it's going to be in a normal day by consistently releasing a little bit of testosterone in the body. You know if it was gels and creams on you don't want every day to think about it you're gonna -- Probably a couple hours after an honest to gel. And then you drop again by the nighttime and you people feel well. Well thank you says something really important -- hope we've got a bit. But took the if you taken orally and have to have reform or some political -- which is always a lot of people used to do or anyway you know it's sort of you know whatever. Just looked away -- are released and body are they. That's correct him when you take something -- it's got to go to deliver a lot of those testosterone supplementary take. You first what you probably not absorbing much of it -- gets it has a lot of it is the tablets and mobile -- to become a harsh on the liver. Some people get out elevated liver as I'm so glad it's. It's candidates and it takes a beating a little bit when you do it orally is. So this just goes on the benefits of users to instantly women you know -- need to start crashing drums. Doctor Murray down -- with us today she's a doctor and -- trumpeting. And so I'm sure you see patients and their low in -- wasn't welcome -- yeah. Yeah sure sure yell at how so so tell us more about how you how you work up a new patient behind you assess whether or not this would be. The right approach them. Actually you know I think a lot the other low key senators say. That tree located attended just take a shotgun approach that you could to stop certain image at a process level and initiate therapies. -- goes deeper than he is if you understand how the hormone works. Couple a testosterone you know very and it can convert. Its execution. Each team which is from male pattern baldness -- So yes we check everybody right away we draw the blood we check your testosterone. We check -- PSA which is the process as well because if you have an elevated PSA is probably not a good idea to initiate therapy right away to a urologist -- some of any type of I prostate cancer we also check their glucose. Thanks hemoglobin because as you -- hemoglobin which is your blood cell count. Can rise once you start testosterone. And we got to monitor all that does make sure it doesn't rise to much if it does -- need to go donates blood. We also monitor the testosterone levels throughout their treatments to make sure they're not under don't seem. Or overdosing on the on the Medicaid of the the testosterone here the -- to find that sweet spot for everybody. Soft it was ritual normally come -- would you want to have people coming protesting. Usually probably initially when they come and for the initial consultation and then about six to eight weeks later when the polls got a peek out. There's kind of gauge where they're at. -- how they're gonna do what levels and stay out for the next three to four months. I would say probably have to that once every three months or so just this kind of see how they're doing. We have same so -- allows changed. From this there's as many older. You know it it just gives -- energy the -- are working out going to lose weight and they just do better. You know it has done properly you gotta make sure that you got doctor's supervision -- of the doctors you want journal to tortures of the clinical knew my illness or it. Yes certainly male medical centers and had I wanted to tell what you see is there any keywords doctor's supervision. This is something you've got to consistently monitor it's not you know here's a prescription for some yells and good luck. Please faster and can be beneficial that it's done right. And like -- commissioner of the benefits having that one of the first as my patients see when they come and once they start initiating discussion therapy is stock I -- my mind is clear again it's is meant to clear the I have focused. I motivation the kind of you know the things I'm blessed to be around my wife now she's not saying I'm irritable and people -- noticed a more productive. So -- page it's key just find out doctors trained of this and understand how that -- actually works not just know your lol here's some testosterone good luck. It. If a person or should they worry about prostate cancer and then -- being destroyed from at this. You know how they see that testosterone and apparently this is kind of old -- there's been this whole study that -- would directly between testosterone replacement therapy and prostate cancer now. Just on the safe side because there's still some old you know studies out there and journal urology center of the saves me increases may not. We tended to have a hike yesterday and a process those -- high. Go get checked up a urologist go to check of your doctor first. Once he clears you let's get you don't discussions she can -- feel good again. But it's one thing -- you know -- direct correlation there's never been a true direct correlation between it. But it still something that's it's kind of a gray area and when we don't want to take a chance for those gray areas. It. When you say about our goal this is exactly. The molecules mr. bought him I tried. -- similar to the exact. Molecule to stops -- the your body makes. That's important though because I love these hormones where they got in trouble. They -- they weren't they weren't exactly molecule run well but it on study exact molecules. Right that the tax. Persons molecule -- but it it been. This is this is I wouldn't be as this thing. The structure. Chemical structure similar structures infrastructure. He -- So how how you you can't get to -- molecule gives a person thinks. Well it's that's genetics I mean it's it's on the -- there are you expressed -- -- you know the hormones testosterone you have to be different just that once I happen to -- find a similar molecule that the body can actually absorbed. And utilized effectively. -- richer after. Actual right okay. So they can know what -- -- -- -- -- reach whether we cure the clinic -- you do work to clean secure most of her. I do I have worked there don't work it -- if you the other new male medical centers that we have around the nation. You know first and foremost checking our website www. New -- about Communists and the new. And the a LT dot com it's really easy to remember we have several locations throughout the midwest in -- -- -- Robert turkeys -- -- once. I'll just Austin won this look at 630 west 34 street and suite 301. Can you get a hold of us there at 5126077595. And you know we just call and let us know what's -- on here. We just treat erectile dysfunction and other male related issues so. In all this kind of tied together and that we wanna develop a place where a conference -- -- -- -- contacts and address all types issues in one place. I got is six zeros are traveling to 607. Mosul. -- -- 759. Side. Seven was known for. Are just best ways -- go to new mail in many billion UMILE dot com. And if -- -- -- -- you know may be. -- I'll send it to you so of course I need to. -- didn't checked and what do you have that's important to note I do feel better when I do so. But if someone is in their fifties or what would be a good place to start thinking about structural let. Well I. It's kind of hard to say -- at the age of thirty years you kind of -- about one -- 2% a year is a critical to find out the symptoms are you having the systems -- she could be so -- -- -- secure young diabetic receive lower testosterone levels that. I to have more stress in their lives they have more work demeaning jobs they've got probably lower levels and someone ten years -- -- those -- don't take it easy so I think its first the first. First and foremost you need to look at these. Symptoms of just stops and see if you're kind of matching that and if you noticed a change or your partner spouse whoever has also notice -- change you I think those are some of the first -- it's almost like health diagnosis firsts. Well right do you have by groups consulates -- that would be concerned but also talk -- earlier in the show about so big. He medication that you can expect Hillary to mr. -- Guessed -- social studies that yes actually that's very true bill you know people who -- OP UH or narcotics. Chronically tend to have lower testosterone level. -- or not on it and have a lot more erectile dysfunction is well. Doctors -- Pleasure talking to you gotta do to -- some time with tough. We got a heart -- to take him. I -- provide got something out this new my new did you MI LE dot com looked like you got a great great to production yourself. Last trap and OK you can't OK you've got to take care. All right yes take a break from this lesson. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills wail until all thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy. Now here's bill swearing. What we have from them it's a pleasure to Q -- please don't -- fear of doctor this is it shares with -- zero. And valujet and a precautionary Russia -- wouldn't. So I think oh my goodness this is also sure so are you doing what it was -- and you do that you're. She can because your your doctor -- a formal pharmacy right and and transformed -- -- pharmacists put. That's that's our our school. Then have the foreign -- you programs so. I don't need to be putter that meets. The console for the tournament and so. But anyway you're -- -- love what you do because you could come to work for us very easily and look to how are -- -- by the marina where you -- -- good -- And again early -- Michigan OK and I -- -- and welcome -- -- -- Craig Greg Greg orange and conference that. There was so it's. Yeah. You because you don't do this thing is you're into integrative pharmacy just like I didn't. Have forced torture and Austin. They actually own. Do so much which you do because you have -- dorm the first to have. Also Republicans sometimes because. They they do the same thing basically when you know you talked about nutrition depletion for instance. And you get doctors and the pressure is because some do a lot blunt trauma we could complete. Yeah hello I mean a lot of medication actually -- some nutritional depletion until. On -- a lot of different effect is very interesting if you -- is an additional depletion of the medications caused. -- almost -- the side effect that we he had people for example. The stats and such as medications like -- you know they lower collateral Lipitor. Zocor craft store and product. They can complete the idea of co Q ten and they actually can lower -- and leveled by as much as -- Percent which is very dramatic. Sometimes because -- -- how important every cell in the body. Because it's politically at third of the energy source for every cell in the body if from Cokie and they can cost some -- the -- effect we see what's the Lipitor like medications. Such -- sometimes achy muscles and joints. Some of the liver function and I'm elevations that we teach -- at their peak that we see you can actually. Decreased the likelihood of these side -- developing by giving people co Q ten. What that medication which will help them tolerate the medication is a lot better. -- met -- obviously a very common medication used in the treatment of diabetes. 'cause -- co Q ten depletion and also be vitamin depletion so very important for patients to be on the knowledge to replace that that I'm Matt Foreman. Every -- replacement mentality in the men. And women whether -- IU identical hormones and natural hormones or just the typical synthetic stuff that we have in the embassy they all lower. B vitamin levels are very important to -- place even people because B vitamins are very important. A lot of and then functions -- a lot of body functions are very important to look at that. The diuretic medications. Medications such as hydrochloric side -- that we used to lower blood pressure. Can -- magnesium. And calcium depletion. Because they basically try to eliminate health -- of your body but they also eliminate magnesium and calcium. And that's quite content people listen I'm not medications. Can experience can afford legs you know Charlie court for the few well. Muscle spasms and things like that. Feel very important -- prosecutor pharmacist because they're very Smart about the kind of stuff. You know find out what medications -- you want if you need medications. Is that it's like status vitamins that you could use to support your body can heal -- -- -- say. But Medicaid and they're great and if we need them. And a -- on the impact your pharmacist to see if they cut the nutritional depletion. Because it's very important to -- creep back. Which will help you calibrate your medicines a lot better and also give them back value out of your medication. We wish harmless if you're on birth control pills you can completely about a -- like any normal want to and then you can convert. The -- to -- tone of the and amino acid to serotonin. Tryptophan to serotonin so what happens then the issue that you get depressed and the doctor usually anti depressant content is registered the B vitamins. The residue left with -- Exactly. You know the B button at every every important for literally thousands and thousands have been dramatic -- talent and people. Think -- -- semi strapped vitamins everyone extract I need my B vitamins -- you're right when you're stressed he definitely needs to be vitamin. Also very important canal there is about basically one item to people haven't seen -- So it's called BM PHF five genes and if you have said -- pick up or say order wrong copy of the Indian. You are a person that can't convert your Foley Catholic in could be active form. Now if you can't convert it efficacy active form it basically slows down your body's ability. Can make certain proteins. Make certain you've got I antioxidant can also help your body. And -- where detoxify. And -- -- -- to your body uses an escalation. Which is basically chemical reaction in the body to get rid of from your body to read your body of a lot of toxins and also medications and dropped -- very important that he have his team -- And because it's very involved. If you can't convert these B vitamins and to be active form it can lead to. Inflammation. -- it helps your body not get rid of the hormone. And it can also called depression because you can't make you happy hormones is really important to take the active beat now or be tested for that -- Because. It actually record a buzzword we hear. Dad even small doses of medications make me get those people probably they can't actually. And get rid of the toxins. And also if we give -- active Beatles -- views may not need the antidepressants. Can -- Your body can -- make -- happy hormones and -- for leading the hormone about the you can calibrate against medications an arm around a lot better so very important either. Detect a critic gene or you know -- take be active form of these B vitamins. Yet -- we're gonna to we have a call from its own. -- -- -- Hello this -- is. That's Simon in premium content from round rock and I I've got ahead a couple of questions first -- a comment. I do get -- migraine sufferer. And -- I have found relief with the medication. And it it -- the better I need to -- last time ever need to take it exists. I had been reading about this kind of goes into my question I've been. -- -- -- -- And I've got three that confront me right now I I collect books and dozens of -- Doctor Perlmutter that crane being. A harder time and that the blood sugar solution and need to live by doctor Jill Furman and yet. And I read all about booked -- the value -- -- it's okay. And then doctor Perlmutter he's been on TV honestly and you know and and then the but I keep talked about houses. You know -- gluten sensitivity can lead to migraines and things. And I have been trying to cut back way back I currently have -- at all. And I have had -- -- But I'm confused as did adventure and hundreds of Americans are because doctor Heineman and doctor -- both are again. You know -- and stations. You know turn to the pro teams. You know an animal proteins. And I don't fuhrman's against the oil and fat. What doctor Perlmutter. Beijing need to oils and fats from the state and things to -- just praying in Mexico Canada and around. And that pigs and things like that. Do you have any thoughts on behalf -- Yeah I mean there's been a lot of literature now really linking to come. For the sensitivity to -- clinical food allergy -- you know these are not the type of -- is that basically you -- come. -- your control closer. It's so it's called ITT mediated food sensitivities -- -- we've seen -- and a lot of conditions. You know Crohn's Disease even features my greens. -- a degenerative disorder that math autoimmune disease and help clean enough that I get that you're dealing especially if you are a person's health. You know the week glue can people to have Celia disease obviously that's -- very. Bad allergy if you will and that's the ultimate in gluten allergy but sometimes people have greedy actions of that. And so when you clean that up you know it's very important a lot of times when you eliminate. The food that you are sensitive to. Kind of -- but got would -- by addicts coconut oil from come to -- -- it means. To heal the body or using it you know PRP's which -- a product by new Medicare we really can -- -- -- -- so you're mad at sensitive to these things. I think there's a lot of different thoughts and things out -- -- this -- is what you used to treat it what's the best diet and I think there's a lot of debate on that. I think the best thing is to go to our ancestors when they eat a lot cleaner and back to earth if you will. -- you know. I didn't think he hit on let's get a -- in are vegetarian and that's what you wanna choose you know eating some of the animal product not as much as what we do in the country. But eating you know organic grass fed meets which are very different than traditionally raised -- You know wild caught fish they don't have a lot of good caddie after the that the brain really needs and a lot of your body needs a lot of good caddie act so now you can get a prompt plant sources feel like flax seed in things like that. I think you know probably the paley a diet which is really a lot of ancestors -- Is probably trying to play the best diet for most of us -- follow what you eat. -- cleaning glean as they Carly you know lots of good you know fruits and vegetables green leafy stuff. You know. Definitely some of the animal proteins that are more organic and green grass -- -- things like that and says and then you know eating a little bit of grain and you know our body and again -- remember that greens. Nowadays could be very important to get grains that are. You know organic grape the old ways because everything is genetically modified now and that's why I have buddies are reacting so violently tried diet. Because everything the state to the body and it looked for into the body now because of how genetically modified gonna go to pay attack. You know -- you know sometimes I think. -- in this country because of the hormones and things like that again -- -- because of some of the allergy that we keen clinical practice. -- you know the big things are wheat gluten dairy corn. You know boy a lot of good stuff the kind of genetically modified you know. Always you know we know we're tiebreaker pretty quickly but bring change -- new book. He's been on the what are what are great -- he was your false impression maybe coming disaster on its own country's future to. But had lunch with -- lemon and he's a great. But he's he's told he's got. The effects of wheat sugar and carbohydrates she's not a big car 210. Because a lot of them were caused that you ADHD used to have a dimension -- emotional -- she's can't. I'll -- anxiety chronic headaches depression and much more so. What what what doctors are finally when they take when they give people away from gluten and the -- today because is different -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we still different somewhat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gluten free you know again -- bread that we used to -- a hundred years ago I just very different kinds bread to eat now his stats yeah. And that's like even I think organic or just take that hurt us you know obviously -- I think they added that could be weakened gluten free and don't try to do that in our house to. He's very free as much as possible. And -- did that adjust here you're a fan concerns around the royals and I. -- yeah pretty much I mean. Last year I got diagnosed with some high cholesterol. My doctor wanted to make a medication -- -- -- give me six months. -- left off Ali and I started eating -- and I started eating three cases and coconut -- at all and an amendment. And then allowed cut them and I by the candidates is cheaper. And my cholesterol dropped dramatically. And they go what did you do did you take medication I can now. You get any statement -- Much in the letter turned out -- selling it cannot collect correlate pleasing to the heart disease just sleeping inflammation as you know I mean. And that's very well publish some literature I mean. A lot of the -- the drug was it really don't think they lowered the risk of heart disease by. You know decreasing culturally it's because they're they're great anti inflammatory to actually he didn't. And that's how that really travels -- hard to these you know they low taxes be it but it's not going to collect -- uncertain as many studies that you know. The collateral is not a culprit it's the station that is leading. Snake in the cholesterol bad actors OK you know has moved well thank. Thank you so much for calling him it's so great news content but but well we we have to get to what we won't talk about her little bit I think it's the -- -- and -- fifty we've just got to what do we have -- to left. I was real time published under him. Two minutes of this self formula make about fifty and -- you come to a -- federal quick. So -- couple things holiday and make -- 950s so this is a great product by new Medicaid have a plea official -- You know -- -- whenever you want to replace the Australian that you have to make is that it's free pharmaceutical grade for child prefers dioxins PPP's. And Mercury. -- mature differently great first official oil and it felt you know it's one gram of eighteen Kiichi. Also you know just that they will officially will do you really want to -- the breakdown of eighteen TJ because there's very important. To make sure that it's good quality officially also that's really good. And important to look at and then they eat Turkey com. It's you there's a hundred pound of debt on -- few minutes probably everybody should be -- -- gimmick that's one of the best anti inflammatory and we have. Com and you don't show much of the diseases that we -- city is really due to inflammation. You know what that is diabetes hypertension north degenerative disorders. I don't mean disease you know heart disease it's all about inflammation. So very important because this is kind of a nice. Anti inflammatory. And also has some other ingredients that -- -- -- output brained comment thinks like that's the theory. I'm good for society and counted because we all have to be inflamed and strapped to look. You know honestly -- diet and everybody's like -- nowadays because what I'm -- the first seven days. What are the other ingredients in the and -- Turkey come. So they -- you com. That has you know the Turkey men and I wanted to say that's about it Graham. And then now and then it has. Some of the B vitamins. And -- has -- I think the healthy means. Let's just say -- the only. We don't take it that. Made amino -- from green he is as one of the best. Product that they used in Europe -- actually in Europe it is the drug -- that they use for that -- ahead. You know from B vitamins but -- human like command and -- a little bit of I mean no -- at the L lake scene I've rilya with typical -- anti inflammatory -- Moline. Which is an extract from pineapple again that the anti inflammatory. Tom -- -- Condo which really kind of an what was Cullen adapted can occurred that kind of helped put that. But he strapped with bombs. -- quick feet and didn't care. And -- -- lean and that it'll fifteenth so that calls. Just a bunch of different great anti inflammatory along with the curriculum and exam and -- we have yet to really decreased slip. By the inflammation. -- well thank you so Russia but you know doctors so harsh white -- our pleasure and you know about it is due to Augusta with -- -- okay. And I don't -- I need you to think about. All right we're gonna take a break here and you never know what -- -- we have to today so soon is -- -- motivate you like you just wanna grunt work out or something right is that we're doing. The Iraqis okay let's take a break him by the way it is. It was five after the hour does take a break -- -- Or of let's get help is coming up. -- Welcome back to let's get healthy with a -- -- on at all. Thirteen seventy. Does that do to motivate you look good so you. -- -- I know she wanted to get a conventional yeah I -- them can. We'll Linda Linda struggle -- spent -- Welcome to the show. Thank you so much I can say they can dance kids. You -- -- -- -- when these cameras don't read this is not fair. So. You've. You've got a great book here. Because people. Are afraid as the scale hunt and. Almighty is that the -- especially political struggle with their -- and I find in my coaching clients that a lot of them either avoid this scale. Or -- -- on the skill and their like own knowledge now fourteen. Can still wasn't broken and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- prism of the books too about weight loss a hundred days of weight loss. Let us sort through Artest who lives a -- food is easy. Yes that's a good -- good emotional eating it's been around a long time and a lot of people really have found that helpful. One thing. And also before -- call or go to a manager before we. -- more money sure is it that people know that you actually can do. Some long distance -- -- You know actually impact my -- coaching these days is entirely done virtually so I have clients all over the United States and Canada. And we just sport by phone and it's truly interesting because I had had really good success rate went from work I do. -- a lot of people who do when your program. And the gold at the end of the year there as their goal late in maintaining it and -- has been awesome I've had some really great success without. Scurrying parade hate we'll tell us about your approach. You know the biggest difference that I do I mean I don't support people of course getting healthy eating plan in a strong exercise program. I don't have a lot of cool so I eat I accepted you know where there's someone wants to be on a particular diet plan and long situations help these. I've people on franchise weight loss programs -- Weight Watchers and everything. But the biggest difference I do I help people look at -- know what's behind their eating struggled not just. What -- -- -- but don't why. So. We do a lot of looking at -- comfortable category be emotional eating which is basically anytime you lead when you're not really hungry. Like leading nutrition. And you know common things like you know that candy -- has this come in the middle of the afternoon -- -- -- Abbas. Or the bowl of ice cream every night at this time they just don't think it is at the time shall wait what school exit that -- stuff that I try to help. People can't I can say that those -- the cold comfort Susan mcginnis and I had to fight my -- is going to be great. With little. It was great news for the so listen -- so I like that because why and why do you -- this has her tell you to do. That there can be problems in the family can be with the marriage. And emotional. Yes sometimes the big things sometimes has little. Still people feeling emotionally eating -- it requires therapy it requires identifying your emotions and feelings still doing something. To -- push them instead of reaching for food to cover them up. What kind of emotional exit seat that. And what commotion do you see the -- -- I'm all kinds of things let's think of an example. A Lydia worked with -- said she would sit at home in the evenings and she was had broken up and help with your boyfriend's. She was you know feelings Cuba's lonely. She -- I would get a carton of ice cream out like a pint of ice treatment that credit TV and just eat the whole thing. And -- -- he doesn't know how to stop I just confirmed that. So we kind of take things apart and I -- a clue what's going on what I was pretty obvious she is as lonely and -- -- -- what do you feel. So I I ask you to identify what are some of the feelings besides just the that's us. -- frustrated she was disappointed many things. And then we can't keep them. What else could you do accountability motions. And we came up with a variety of things she has some good music she was simply put Nat Turner on. And she would do instant where as you said somehow that cut her out of her funk and made her feel stronger again. -- he's supposed to -- to food is only one run of lots of different things that you continue to manage emotions. We'll listen to the turner with my play that as you leave. It. What's love got to do that maybe your -- -- -- so. The in. You you mentioned the book to have. The parents of middle -- scale. He knows the power to make you feel related one day and deficits and -- So and and you know we've still devastated that's when you say OK grab ahold gruesome and Taj or something you. And don't read on the screen to push it goes so that was the hope I use of the least -- Little -- yourself. That's of the -- to list to change the way that you are taking to you don't that you're having benefited. You can appreciate it more. You know I think the scale what I really teach people to do it the -- friends with the scale of the big piece that kind of explains all of this. But it. Treatment -- number is data. It's it's kind of like if you have an investment in the diocese. If you looked at 1 morning -- I don't know. Yep -- -- -- and sell it off you'd probably make a mistake. And you have to watch and see how it's -- over time right. -- this deal numbers the same thing one day -- reading. Doesn't really mean not much you can watch how would trending. And treated this data and just say okay today's information. Are -- looking information is tomorrow since -- Yes we're just teaching people to be an objective observer with the scale. Absolutely so get over it instead of letting the field. Kind of measure their self word. You by the radio worked with his face every day. I would get a that scale and I would mention my value and whether I was a successful person. Law is really one day I get so fed up with that she took bigger scale out to the driveway and she beat to death with a -- The strategy of how inaugural ball like a deer head drove. Somehow -- them. -- me a break from. Measuring my value with a number and it -- only a couple of years later she actually owned a scale again and have learned how to be healthier lives that you simply had to. To quit letting this scaled beside her value as a person. Hey well you -- will you go on our own program to lose weight you should feel better. And investors that's the key you can look at the scale says you know OK we'll have a loss to -- this week. Aren't we got an -- I've been on this -- three days a -- -- wait. You know yeah so let's check EOMR fit him better because you can reduce your sugar and you gave your just system arrest. Well and the problem is we want instant feedback. Like I did AS should get beat in all sizes or just diet treated her skills should be dumped I don't. Who's the most of the time though the skill really doesn't do that in effect if you're looking to the scale from motivation. To going to be disappointed a lot of times. I said but you know I teach people. Have a little plan for using your scale where they get away yourself one today or once a week -- once a -- doesn't matter. Here's a routine first thing in the morning. Before you eat or drink anything either no closer minimal close you step on the scale you know what the number. He's stepped up to leave the room. -- -- which don't go back and check it again later and you know your stuff in the evening because as the most inaccurate time to weigh yourself and you adjust to a one time. And -- -- -- data and you leave and go about today. Lose lose and just using his as a tool. So in France where the scale is available at -- -- a noble or. Yes this it's said that most bookstores as Amazon in on my web tightly bunched joy dot com. Weight -- joy dot com because there you can found out about it. Coaching all the resource as your -- -- cafe in the blogs and I'll. Show you Kazaa -- for the coaching. And it gives -- some proposals he took the should be. So I always do an initial free chat with someone that is interested because we like to make sure that we're kind of a good match for each other items. Most people find that very helpful to. You I actually have a referral for you on an all -- -- station about you because. She it. You know has -- she's changed your diet she's doing great -- diet she's doing great with exercise. And it's been three months and she's just flat lined with any kind of weight loss and you know supporting her and to consist -- thyroid neutrino plans and you know -- her and that way. But she's not seeing anything and sometimes I just don't have time to. To delve more deeply into the emotional aspect and I think that's where you can really come in and then have had a really strong impact. Yeah actually if you can complement a lot to work securely killing was felt exactly you know until just so frustrating exactly -- -- -- Happened to almost anyone and sometimes in spite of what it feels like perfect to stay on the red notice. So I think that deal at this scale there's a couple thought I would offer killed. Is there a few times that you should simply not get on the skill at all straight. Example any time you've been traveling. You know that being on an airplane or even in car for a few hours. Always seem to make you retain some fluids. The -- -- -- treatment the worst part of -- -- -- it takes -- with -- between 48 to 72 Morris for your body to get completely back into the one the so if you go to trip. Can you come home. The first thing you do it took until the next morning closed to see how bad and I moved here check this. And -- I see any kind of accurate information see how it might look -- always wait three days after you've been traveling. Before you get on the scale because you'll get a far more accurate numbers. So it's the -- Wait at least a week to ten. A portal longer depending on alleged in -- Well encrypted do you live. Which come and hit the skill of punishment. And see I knew I really was battle -- -- look at their ten pounds. I mean come on yeah on ten pounds of fat stores zero mile fluid changes -- body needs a little time to -- All right we have a lot of Mexican restaurants here in Austin. It's so we have a saying that -- probably the most too soon is about two days ago tiger again. -- playing out so this is doing -- that. Still yeah I'm a great and you can't have great restaurants movies is due to Doug Collins. I would do that we can do Dixon down SharePoint many years ago. Did you -- -- went to the scale panic as we should talk about your book can and scale panic listen. Well that's a problem how about the dark over quick so relieved because you don't panic for the scale on the doctor's office. So many people do they just dread going to the doctor's office because they know they're gonna have to get on the scale. Here's my advice is. Most of the time you do not have to be -- at the doctor's office. So here's your options you go -- what they say okay here's the skills that finally say I prefer not to sleep today. -- to turn yield -- OK that's fine. Recently I was told carried their policy you have to always get a skill and I said well what I'd like to meet with the doctor first discussed okay. Thank -- had a small injury wasn't related to my -- so if that's okay that's fine. -- -- -- never ever brought up this -- elegant and so I walked out did not get on it. -- there's ways to avoid it now in some cases there's medication doses but I have to be calculated. You know based on skill numbers but. Keep in mind even the hand or if she is a routine thing. You don't have to look at it asked the staff person should not say that number out loud. I'm -- backwards. I look at the feeling I just roll my -- to look at the feeling because the government actors guild doesn't matter. All of mattered -- your own number at home on your own scale in the morning. We we -- the show them a call from Johnson's we have to. The -- we like each other is because we share the same ailments. And I think we all share the same ailment of. Offers clues and you keep your weight down -- should get older is is just for some people my daughter and his future opponent on she's just. Jesus -- do you -- she's really thin. Note that this statistic I read once said only 4% of the population in America. Fits the category of doesn't have to worry about their way to the rest of us at least after age forty we do. We have some credit struggled with that read in my hand -- too. Yeah until you can't send it to -- here she -- for Boris and you know there's -- -- young but but as she's. -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- -- such a blessing for her -- and a lot of people don't get that blessing because. Right so we we share the same helmet while people listen the show today as they share this so once again let's give mr. website and how they can found out so. How they can do some coaching because I got a couple people to don't recommend to you. Absolutely. So. I do -- coaching into -- free visit for like 1520 minutes to see -- -- to -- a good match you can go to weight loss joy. Dot com to find out about -- and the book friends with the -- also appealable aren't that lets say. As well as in the bookstores and on Amazon. -- that's great congratulations. Before -- bring a lot of people. Tell which. Let me thank you and says it comes through when you -- Dalton you call us okay. Your credit. Thanks again have a great weekend. To help us by. And we didn't. I like -- After the -- before. Then we better go to breakfast in his system. And from the brink hasn't. So I want to mostly those -- You call back to a different. All right let's take a break your it is three in a Turkey sevens and number to call public to -- no Turkey's seventy. He will be right back. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills whales find -- thirteen seventy. Hi rock you with us. -- were were playing out just. Disagrees search and found out there's some songs -- really motivate people. -- -- -- -- that really -- a lot of people didn't want to get an exercise you. You see people running and working out they just they must have plans something on their -- because whether it is going after it. -- -- Started using it is sometimes. -- so wrong does sustenance. This year's -- and -- -- so this kind of -- real time. Welcome to the shuttle. Wrong -- here award winning journalist. Author. Commentator on network television. And where you just act contrary to return to New York Times magazine Esquire. Wall Street Journal global consumer. And by the way you can check. Wrong so this -- just dot -- news to web site to go to to find out more what is coming your. -- don't Austin right. -- -- -- I'm gonna condemn this ticket Easter seal. There are -- in Austin it's going to be a third -- A great day. The next chapter book club. Plans for North Korea's first from 11:32 PM. -- starts -- expensive you can launch an -- -- as a very good restaurants four seasons hotel affect thousands of tickets so might be -- If you're right there and you ate a lot you know shoot the right kind of through -- probably spend what is tickets cost. Why do you and your way to prosecute. You -- -- modern day accessible. Brington I'll try to bring some nourishment as well she. Yes I tell us about your book and and what that's about why you rooted on. So. The book is -- -- glacier animated. The subtitles storage site kicks purist. And autism. I. Over you know as much six Balkan many of them upset about national and an actual players that it should. Recent class America and the world but this little book that was behind all those books it's about the twenty year period in my family. It is -- which -- -- -- the oldest at 2320. Years abilities just shy of three years old. Was diagnosed with but ought to do with -- pressure -- -- and so it's about. It's about his journey is battled closely in many cities in regulation is trying. Also about how it changed the family there remember -- which even oldest son Walter is the student appears older than know just -- -- now. And -- some book it's better extraordinary journey and the twist of course which has made news here and around the world. Is -- unlike any strokes and not a suspect looks three million people an American and a are on the so called spectrum. And one out of every 42 boys in the United States to an -- percent. Of the male population which is quite extraordinary. Many of them have these powerful helped directed at Kennedy's passionate and call them impressions. Oh wins. Was which is really animated movies. The loss beach. Just -- as they're prepared. And we stand this year's law. To export start 67. -- that he memorized twenty. Of the great Disney animated -- As sound blunt. And then. Began to recite them so if you don't have a line from one of the movies straight back the next why. Only cash while. You know if it would the only way we communicate with -- because she lost all speech. Was by playing characters. In the classic. Is going to be a Little Mermaid beauty in the peaceful -- -- but also dumbo Pinocchio. Snow White. And that's clearly communicated we anticipate dialog for years. But during the day I'm out there in every presidential. But global leaders slow -- -- terrorism and god knows what and it's right near my family are in the basement. -- animated characters. And meditating on unmet Babel legend and the emergence. Ichiro which is one of lowlands favorite teams over here it's got a speech packed. And and built the powerful hands. Most. Of understanding. Really. Has our story. In sleeping -- -- -- This story. Well there's hundreds all of them. Well any time. Look at the book is being -- for example inspirational. For people on the ought to respect that many people -- not. But because Cingular revealed here about these -- looked. Kill their true and there is. Like someone. Our son who is very dramatically left behind by the World -- -- -- -- But the bush is -- there's. -- the confidence men. I'm about to follow the US economy and then in the presidency. Where -- -- World. Or just. Corporate America and the world -- and it's struggle to try to recapture moral energy. We just a source of power in the world more than army assembled on borders are bombers. It's about moral authority and moral energy unit that's what's -- -- We'll get this out again tries to -- -- people need to write this down because. Orchestra's first Hershey are the stories first from 1130 to 2 PM. It's when you're going to be in town doing the you know to talk front. -- -- More. To do great lunches and -- thousands every critic calls of any arts match so it has been remarkable what. -- So let's you you're you're just really don't. You just -- -- his -- that -- here. Well the changes when they make you better if not do you wish upon anybody. But then what you find what you give out. Earlier in the ocean off and had a six and had to make a more like you. Had a maybe in many cases they can Ryder nobody else. And you say -- Well maybe. And their parts that are relaxed parts that are challenged deficits that are often quite visible. And maybe that think separates them from a traditional -- -- but it's our -- and I think the evidence spears herself more and more that's for every. Deficits. There is an equal and opposing stretch somewhere. In the heat of the book it's finding that stretch. Ross and didn't struggle page. Hard to keep -- the hard to measure which is not a problem. This is so crazy about measuring everything comparing. He -- everybody else. To give. Up all of your notions of average or tags are what we needed it it's compelled to. Expand to move forward and became a musical chairs a -- It looks like. We're seeing the -- parts for powerful. And also an un credited him or invalidate its trance that many people -- challenges are. Another Easter seals and -- many cute about that over the years with Down syndrome. The -- enormous emotional acuity and -- is -- -- expert just part created. They went -- with a measurable IQ. An IQ I'm not a big fan of ICO -- to get measures must admit -- like to assembly. Which of course puts him in the discord ultralight here's a rumor -- who don't -- Elect to be trapped if that's what's really get with that had tutoring your -- that number. It bit. I agree totally know what. -- secret emotional language. That's twenty Disney animated movies creating your own emotional language -- a huge event. Businesses and -- Never writes the story which is in the book that has drawn interest documentary filmmakers whose culture is being. -- powerful insights. Yeah see that's that's part of the story here a story about. Flights it under the basket assess. Either your pastor or your rabbi Marc Cherry. About the -- so -- -- post. Discover very deep personality. A beautiful beautiful. -- out to you mentioned. You know Dallas syndrome and -- -- of seeing parents get so attached to. As their child. And of course they sometimes don't live too long. And when they lose a child is just devastating. This there's more love than anything they've ever had a good. You know if there was something about on this issue that we're talking about it. Of the way. They asked who they don't have the capacity that we all start to build pretty early on. It. The hard in plain sight for heart or feelings. I think we believe. To -- and away boldly for a truce that they can hold on to get what you say something to -- In -- players ever in the French that is eternal. -- beauty lies within. And he was featured yourself. Remember who you are from the line change and -- he doesn't throw it away is so precious so. -- -- -- -- Is like one and a political -- test whether these these prescription moral precepts. Our sorrow and true. In the world it's grace is that powerful. So tropical position. She's in our planet in school they need to people. Pour in for discard pile. In American around the world because. They can't player -- -- narrow -- Of getting hit beat the guy next here where the girl. Be the one that is -- It's gonna look forward. Seriously want to direct -- And -- and that's what. That's pretty -- such -- and -- and I'm a guy is achieved a lot of things I came up for the kind of motivational. Methodology. You know from my ferocious Brooklyn bred daughter who is being -- we will win at all -- yeah hold tight to their credentials. Put them in the bank you'll need a more -- Is that dog eat dog world out there and I put forward stressed you know winning a Pulitzer Prize. You know testing fellows in the workplace occurred. Writing these bestselling books. But the fact is that the the more internal tree is where it wants to talk to our whole family. Umpires Simon now he's out in public she's. He's. He's living a life beyond anything he could have imagined unity. The -- with extraordinarily. Fertile and actually patients. Well Roger does so much good for other people choose and I'm going to be there Thursday August 21. This coming real soon 1130 to 2 PM. And listen to foresees is downtown. By and I think most of -- -- that is. And is not a it's not expensive. -- is advice on my -- to go to. Other fusion goes that's a big -- because I've heard of you -- doesn't horse you put a traditional horse and I hope. Downhill Q so this this is instincts so I wanna learn to do so thanks again wrong. Well thank you who spoke and I thank you around fielder at your 21 does a great relationship. All right have a great week even have a great weekend it's okay. Aren't just some upcoming events that people's that we attend will attempt. The -- -- okay what was office it was your office address. 2003 self reliant. You can locate me through Austin nature of Catholic. If you're so popular science -- -- close practiced this and if you don't really. So let's take a break for a weekend will be back code. We've another. -- just sort of -- What are welcoming certainly welcome on my pleasure aren't. Let's all -- we can then see you next week. Would.