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Real Estate Investor Power Hour Podcast 08/14/14

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the real estate investor power hour with Danny Weber. If you needed deal turns your revenue producer Danny has completed over. Real estate transactions. Years he is a licensed real estate and mortgage broker -- right. Loan originators and insurance brokerage in Texas and join the conversation by calling getting now 51239. Miles thirteen seventy. Now here's Danny. Hi everybody loved -- -- vacation -- real estate investors powerhouse. I have used gaining leverage we have Jack great -- K you need to have read bowlers -- -- I Lulu career -- the usually a happy sound bad -- -- -- well -- I know you had a hard day today EU EU where command and it was it was -- container around this morning and in a couple hours' work and there have got past -- come on. I've got a few hours a day committed to work in only contain around just to get it finished is if not gonna drag on for Munson. My weekends have been tied up with other stuff I -- to and I should finish I shouldn't you know legitimately be be finished with a container room probably in. You know ten days by if I can commit -- hours a day it next ten days I should be done and I'm only on plumbing has just into the kitchen cabinet today and in the sink in and stuff tomorrow and then. Finishing the the drains on the -- hours. And does this -- -- the bathroom so. It's -- essentially exciting on doing it by myself at the radio blasting. Let's go and you know it's it's it's not a huge project a -- and some on square feet three Tony. Oh wow so so even less -- if so how many captaincy chameleon but like one cabinet -- -- -- -- I hope I had to get an idea I'm reading I'm doing custom Canas and putting myself. Oh really and again there. Not an -- -- custom cameras before that sounds impressive it has sound impressive and get them some some good plywood united -- rounded edges and you know do something cool. OK okay or what was going owning your -- tell us about would see Annie get some rehab is going and I do I do I have I have and and nice three have gone on down south and area tennis and you know it's 1 of those where am I mainly negative from. That was through networking. -- got that got that deals through one of the big investors in town I just happen to be in his office. Keep them a contract came in it was sitting on his desk are got plopped down on his desk while stand in there and I looked NN Nassau the zip code 774 right now is like are you kidding wow ascending you know I'm I'm really I'm interested noticeable to take a look. So -- -- ran out there and took a peek at it call them back and say day you know I don't -- put an offer on the and it was a 120 or. And now offered in 130 as sick no 135. And he didn't mean he was Macon you know -- -- -- it was listed at what's the he had it under contract for 124 and I got -- for 130 -- for 136. 121000 dollars and 88 and he did it and I mean it was great it was it was a quick clothes for him he had some things going on. And for me. That was awesome because on the absolute. Rock bottom low in that house comes out 200. I think it's going to be 255. Because there's another house the same square footage that was kinda decked out on almost the same street the -- to 55. And I am gonna push that bad boy and I'm winning get to 85. I'm gonna do it I'm gonna damage the backyard is awesome and accepted this creek which could be an eyesore. But we're doing and kind of a tiered deck. And you know I've got inexpensive labor out there is -- need to tear -- -- the landscape -- in the back that's gonna make the house we're putting -- -- lamb that floor that looks like Hickory. I you know kind of that dark light things on on guns. Got cabinets at half price which normally -- like 8000 dollar cabinets got him for four grand. Went and got granite not granite quartz. I was looking at Home Depot you know -- again that turn -- a baby you know let's let's do a turn -- operation here and some guys offering granite. And it was like 58 dollars at them like three out of your mind offering words of but I went and and the same almost the same exact thing at warned a core and this is -- high and cut a deal. 26 bucks a foot which I never pay but for this house for what I'm trying to do I decided hey I'm gonna give it give it world but have race. And you know you gotta find somebody to put any M 67800. Dollars they'll install is not a lot of you know. Footage we learning and I earning his pay for granted and -- papers think installs but I granite even if she even if I mean. I think -- and saw granite but it's very easy to do what scares people -- -- on grant themselves or even avenue in a guy with this goes on diamond they do it. Is that they -- -- you can't marry seems good and you can't you I mean really that takes some tools it gets the -- thank automatic suction machine actually sucks Iran together you know and you cannot epoxy and stuff. But you don't need all that stuff speaking you can do you know raised -- seeking -- -- did you take one Carrot -- he -- -- half inch plywood underneath there are you know three quarters plywood is leasing one piece of the granite that's a cutting -- underneath the other one you know it connects to the stoves. Vicious economic and explaining it -- that you gonna -- your grand -- goes on and diamond blade. Really play well in a week. Well then that you know what I know year year kind of burn out on the whole construction thing but this other house senate -- -- Hilton. Maniac compete and you can I say daddy just show my guy had a good and then we will we'll do it forever yet. You get me Home Depot gift card. Absolutely. Oh I who worked for Home Depot gift for okay Al gets here and good -- anybody listening in the -- area I would come near project in and insane you. You know thousands of dollars probably if you just give me -- Home Depot gift card so that I can. Now for ten dollars I need something substantial. Ride yeah I have got this guy who's really my next -- to purchase in Maine isn't it a little fanatic -- speak to purchases -- One of those big big big table -- -- stands. Except those cheap when will right -- and I don't -- that any any debate and cleaning the big one trillion a year year and you two by sixes two banks to -- too easy convenient and as I sit here and yelling early role as it. Well you you like did to get in and be your own thing only like say you're you're doing that container home. You bought a what did you buy like an RV frank -- I think money twenty foot arm trailer that's 88 and a half feet wide so -- a hundred. In two inches lie in -- that a tiny house aren't as funny project and it sit in my house -- You know in in its gonna be really close and every bill one of those that have been you know grew lending YouTube and everything in inability. We're roughly 160 square foot. House but usually in any of portable workshop you know kind of little -- and I -- with tools and stuff inside and a little patience. There's gonna have a bathroom a -- is gonna have a queen size bed and lost area. To contractors. Can sleep. At the project you're going to be able to plug his house and who you know -- really want to end. And run opposed to it just like my MI container -- I -- -- Idaho's really which which runs -- -- and I had a 50 -- breaker. Her campaign on the on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That cheese to clamp the tax and it's really shark bites in packs it's all interchangeable and that the name brand really. -- -- -- to plumbing in we use it. Alan every project we do not -- property must really forcing. And you know you can even use dance for your what do they call that -- that pressure safety valve on the hot water -- yeah music -- you have to have a six inch galvanized. Even out yet they -- TP about six inches -- galvanized -- are our copper the probably is galvanized and unique and -- -- -- -- area. And that's also because then. Again you don't have to sweat all that you can get in there and just running out you know does decide on the house I'll I'll tell you -- get a get Ellis and hole drilling problems on wall and stick that out -- -- -- -- yeah yeah it really really makes a huge difference and another. Mike the plumber he's getting a lot of traffic golf this show I really like Mike. You know as he uses picks and he was in -- renowned gone down -- -- -- it's quick it's quick and he built this time at least in half if you more. And as an end their frustration and everything that's in what I've found. Was like -- do is this guy Mike KG. He saving a lot of times so he's doing a lot of little extra stuff you know he was -- and some -- -- Indians say he's not been charged me I mean he's just doing it because he's got a little extra time which is pretty cool I mean it's it's nice so what are we talking about tonight -- -- -- -- -- quite a -- things have a couple things -- and I -- get out -- out. Well you know I or right now one of the things that I -- I'm seeing in the market I don't know if you are there is a slow down in the market and I don't know if he's seen matters -- that if you look on the available homes on the MLS. You know daily there was you know a 1520098. Now there's a 113 95 -- and the activity out there. When I'm talking to agents for the first time in almost a year. They're taken -- duty again and they're like where did all the customers go where did all the clients go -- so all these red flags go on -- people are starting to panic. I've noticed. Plus I think get a fair investors and -- -- on a retail slump anymore -- an axiom we got some retail deals gone Fidelity's two. But -- but I think the investor market's been you know. Horrible for the last six months to a year -- I think they do is extremely hard to come by people are jumping on mediocre deals and breaking even and you know -- they've got that. That house corny thing going only just have to buy a house and I course and have to buy a house who -- so what condition in general and money they're gonna make him. There and that the deal is and that's one of the thing you want to talk about tonight is. You know there's a difference between -- You know having a high risk tolerance which I think I do a real high response and just being come you know complete moron. There's. I have a hard time differentiating new investors when it comes that because I see him doing crazy stuff. Well I -- crazy stuff. And here here's what I was explaining it to somebody the other day and this is just Jack Brady's take on you go to these classes and and it. The there's a ton of great information in these big courses that you -- and I about spent a lot of money on I'm an ally come. But. These guys are -- an 819 and five houses a month. And and so there on a whole different plane than we are they have to be on a turn key. Type. You know rehab going on they're not gonna spend the time would Mike the plumber like we are but instead it Dylan. Twelve houses a month I'll be twelve to fifteen a year. And so. I can't of board. To do that turn key like they knew I don't have the massive marketing machine that they have. And so what happens these new investors get in there they've been schooled on all of this stuff. And they try to do a turn -- operation and they lose their tail when they really don't have to have they would suggest. Pull back a little bit in use some common sense like you said there's a lot of craziness going on out there. Let in in in you know one of the things as Giuliani -- this week because I keep hearing about this and and I don't know win the message is gonna get out and win. You know these guys any car that car did you get these organizations like network through teen text aren't there are there -- use -- a fear of loss. As a sales tactics for these new investors that are. You know and they they can argue the point with -- -- they want to that that's not what they're to a doing that I on unfortunate here the other side of the story from the investors. Is that they're -- you don't get the property tonight's going to be -- by tomorrow we -- 5000 now it's nonrefundable no inspection no option -- can get an inspiration if you want to but uniting your money back. And so these investors that don't really know better. They're seeing they're seeing in this this net cheap at these guys put together which is -- completely all three have never -- happening this -- I was anywhere close to an outright. Their comps are typically the hiring Thompson never taken account the worst comps in and that's what you have to base your purchases aren't as the worst -- not the best. And so the rehab is off the the comps her off. The NH in the can't get out of the contract because it's 5000 dollars nonrefundable. And all these new investors think is so I could lose out on the 40000 net. Which is on their sheet not that they had time nearly that the project around. Or if I don't -- 5000 tonight and I get these guys coming after -- got how to you know this contract but I do what I do. Get on the 5000 you signed it. I'm trying to explain which you do you don't do that again you know I and I had a talk with the network through to -- got to find us and I think your business -- horrible. President and take anybody any consideration by yourself -- say well these guys should know with a look at how many come to them again if you're a seasoned investor may be but but I've probably tipped. Is many homes as anybody in the city of the state -- I still would never buy a house 5000 dollars nonrefundable first time seeing it. -- net I would neither I wouldn't consider -- -- now -- off the courthouse steps the least I've driven by it and I know I am done with but the clock as if you -- an investor that there's. There's a there's a way to get out. And there's at least you know -- you look at that but even I still in my house with 5000 down -- now not I wanted to meaning nonrefundable 5000 dollars known as crazy and you know there -- there's a of fiduciary responsibility on the on the part of those agents and lasting if there hasn't already been and some sort of losses they're probably will be but we're seeking even got ahead you've got to treat them the folks fairly and honestly end I know they're touting that they're doing that maybe they feel they army they are. What this is what happen is Antonio had a guy call me and again network through to deal. -- is -- -- needy qualified for a -- and I got a house on a contract. You know with these folks. An asset or tell a little bit about. SOK good that's good talent in itself employs three months. I said he stopped there from the united alone just based on -- with what you just only united financial -- And musical party given in my mind that for the deal and is on a -- -- it will and there's not much -- can do between now on the loan side but you know -- -- to -- seeking money back. But what they're gonna say is the guy should have been -- quad before we before and which is true absolutely true one you know not their fault but. If you're looking out for your client's best interest and at that point they're a client of of net worth of -- are these other guys they need to be asking these questions hate. You know are you pre qualified -- what your strategy for this only is emergency 5000 dollars in your -- is back I would never conceivably take 5000 for anybody with. You know not and I asked in a couple questions. Ranked at least right -- matter how folks who put themselves on that. Sound and 88 it's it's become pretty popular and why I think they've got these rookie wholesalers now doing the same thing. -- el Nino in the past let's say a year ago. This kind of stuff was okay because the market was on a huge upswing right now. If you bought a you know -- the markets appreciating that you do feels slow down I feel we. We got we got to jump into commercial equipment 51239013. Seven if you had a hard time with the wholesale I didn't jacked on a deal. Having the numbers different then what you're promised on the she'd read estimated and give us a call 51239013. Seventy. We take a quick commercial break the spirit back Sheen. So the Russian. -- It's. It's. Welcome back to -- The real estate investor power -- we. -- Danny Weber. The question for Danny don't be shy -- now at 51239. Out thirteen seventy. Hi everybody welcome back to the show we are on hot topic and I really think -- mind which is taking advantage of new investors. And you kind of a roller from last week we talked a little bit. About. There and certainly the investors have to take responsibility for their own actions right that's why I'm Tony if you listen to me right now and you go on if somebody 5000 dollars with no. Option period no inspections no appraisals know any thing. After here in this thing you know you deserve what you get the -- and I just think it's ridiculous I've never done in my life -- -- ever do in my life that's why I'm successful. I I'll walk away from -- in but I tell wholesalers out there these wholesalers and making 203040000. Dollars in some cases on this. I told just last week I tell wholesalers on TV 5000 over the whatever you bought of course show me your contract on 85000 that's -- -- wholesale. Well -- and giving in dime more if you don't want it can go find another -- him because I'm not I'm not Camille want. Well an and you know it. One good thing for a lot of education and goes around you know. Things that she would talk about things and other folks talk about the big big guys out there. At least -- little more insulated from things like. These company's Toledo they don't I've never seen I've never taken a course before they have never seen any course mature now that that that they should tell you to negotiate with wholesalers. They don't have a temperature of the dealers are negotiable wholesalers they don't want to take you deal then don't take the deal that's what we're investors were not retail buyers. In -- I negotiate everything I'm just not given these guys they don't earn that money on these deals. Yeah I need do negotiate this trying to poll watchers dryers cars are gonna patio furniture right up until about my -- and I got a -- five sets a patio furniture have negotiated the deal isn't. I'm until patio furniture -- stage and I don't you know they'll be going to be gone by -- well -- when you get rid of money now got dead and how's this going to be union backed -- the creek and I'll need some how. Concert orchestra and the only got I think three sets of patio furniture aside from the ones are known like sit and sit in my between my garage and a couple of my -- is and I actually got three patios that my house on any furniture and I never go there awhile. I've been so. So so your your pet -- there and and and one of the things I was mentioning earlier is with the with the rise of the market you know for the last year we've seen in just go crazy. A lot of the folks that bought. From d.s. High pressure wholesalers. Managed to do all right -- right now all. The market is is is slowing down now you know a lot of people are you know then the skies on sky's falling really this is a great time. Foreign investors. Do it is that he's so down with I mean we're still gonna see there Ryan oh yeah we're we're we still wish on an upward trend within your butts. Oh no no doubt about it -- -- everything takes a little -- usually when my group of investors when I when I dealt with on the retail side from September through January was the time to bind the deals. Especially on the Hud foreclosures especially on the MLS because what you have -- spoke start to prepare for the holidays then they get into the holidays. They there there's been in the 500 dollars on the Turkey are on the big dinner on the president's not on earnest money. Not on option many end you know people are gone for the weekend a perfect time to pick up those Hud foreclosures that popped back on the market a perfect time to get in the MLS. Folks are so used to the houses selling in 5101520. Days they put -- John -- on the air and it's on -- for thirty days the -- we're getting into this holiday season. You're able to get a better deal so foreign investors right now this law all that I steel. And see in the retail market is the perfect signal for us to jump to get out daring to get those deals now it's not a cool time to be selling in December. But you know what she combine our Ryan will be you'll do okay it's a great time to be buying our. I've had homes that I bought during the summer. Or maybe August September that have gone on the market in December and it's a scary time I mean I had one home. Again one -- sit through the month of December and I was like you know petrified that I was gonna sit on tell you know. We are seriously scared cleanly out around but but they always outsold you know knock on wood a -- everything made money on everything minus one in an east Austin on. Deadwood lane I think it was entering his street name apparently isn't likely to be used when he -- when he did when -- -- and I -- I remember the emotional trauma I want to. In Internet hours and hours. I think I lost a thousand or 2000 dollars in about a paid ten grand -- -- -- they just ten pounds on your -- and think that house and just give me whenever gimme my money and minus ten grand. You know understand yeah yeah sometimes just wanting -- just wanna get out known fact chance my son. One of my sons have a bunch of times. Eighty got a contract today any. Little a little miffed because he's hauling in -- may just under 30000 dollars on this blip -- that was the one where he sent an email and -- went -- this Tokyo dot com seeing guys that are looking for phone numbers and emails to all those houses on the pre foreclosure -- look up their name. Go to Tokyo dot com you're gonna pay 35 bucks. And a chance got the email address and his gal starting email her about the fourth email he got the deal. But it's in Georgetown and Georgetown to different market. It's a little slower over there and you know. This is about the third house that I have sold over there recently. And it's. Starting to it did become a trend over there where you have a few people that offer -- first. And in it sits there for awhile. Unlike you know the rest of the rest there is assist their for a while and then you have another little barrage wanna say a while. It could be two or three weeks I had -- one house dissent over there's through the month of December and showed wants. In net and that's a scary thing when the markets really hot -- last December and one showing in thirty days gas sold and made money. But yet. Chance to took this had to offer and you know I -- For his very first all on his own flip make in just under 30000. That's not bad at the bottom end and human most of the realizes that's that that's that's a mid level flip that's that's actually. Better Dini should expect on most your flips I mean. Yet understand that -- You're not if you wait around for the 40506080000. Are flinching with a long time is it just not there's not a lot out there what you're gonna see if you're an active flipper in this market. Here to see consistent returns between. They should say ten to thirty Asia consistent return on every property that you have -- we should be expecting him in every -- -- -- and you know. A minute and 50607080000. -- But it it's better to make ten or fifteen and thirty to 45 days in -- wait three to six months to make forty or fifty absolutely out I think the short term cashing in on every time. -- every 11 of the things you do have to -- to watch out for is seeing you know what -- which deals you picked. It is fear if you're gonna make 101000 dollars on a dealer 151000 dollars on and deal done don't pump honor thousand -- prepares -- Now he's got he's got it's got to be equitable and I asked and then the time I mean if I make ten or fifteen on a flip it's it's got to be at is going to be a two to three week flip meaning. You know lipstick paint carpet maybe I. -- there and that's the deal in Flickr deal that I have right now I have any now -- close to house -- been 45 days and you walked in yet but. We will start next Monday and and that's a ten to twelve day project we're gonna turn around and we're gonna do wanna teachings and did an owner financing it. I bought -- and as a substitute. So amusing and turn -- and owner finance and I'll cash -- 400 to 500 dollars a month are I'm gonna just split the economic 120 -- I would I would owner fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two homes and I think five blocks in granite shoals. Obama -- all the same time from one guy. And we did a we did -- you know annoyance that like 2% interest. That's crazy that's so -- and I negotiated -- you know my thanks to my son was it just it was there with mean he's like I can't leave you offer the guy that need to get an idea you know I. I mean donated -- it offered -- last accession national. Like the Smith bill houses in you know 5000 apiece or 101000 Purdue houses some liked them in crazy did. Yeah yeah and then as that said let's say a valid the thing to talk about right now Austin is such a hot market. In other outlying areas are not as hot and there's some really bad. This drop does Mae and Beth -- I've seen great for like yes bill from others there's like six very little towns -- -- little areas that are you know five miles apart. And I brown -- the Hud homes so website and in. Most people don't look at this site and look at it the right way Amy I'm looking at this thing I first thing I -- was a sort -- that a Texas tonight so by price. Is some of their property are now in Dennison Texas increasing Carey -- knowing that is based 181400. Dollars. Three bedroom one that they need to work but you know what I would do if that was it -- those within an hour of where I live and it could be. I would buy it for cash and off from 1516. Pay for it and and -- knocking on banging on doors on that street are in that area Shanahan got a house for 25000. 5000 down 400 a month for act whatever. And now which is cash for the thing that somebody coming there repair that so -- coming there -- 88 image so -- is that it. Even better I mean you're you are talking David buttress language right now enemy it's all all over the ML as -- see him doing man and. -- It's cheap Manning had that's that's a shed some -- and that's an 181000 dollar real property shed that somebody industry would pay for if for nothing else to store stuff and well. And it's list added eighteen but if you apply as a parent homes low bid formulas. You can get that property for less and you know depending on on the suit has at least it is that Matt Martin T -- or Pimco. Does formulas will change a little bit but still there you know there's opportunity there to pick that -- better really low price depending on how many days it's been on the market and you know analyzing and put in the form. List together like like if you go to Hud homes torn on -- mean Jack has power station before we got on the -- I'm not a big high foreclosure purchase guy just you know I think. Number one I think there's too much I hate being in any competitive situation and on my property. But there I think there are seventy homes on this thing under 50000 dollars there's like two or three in San Antonio that are like thirty and 40000. And you're -- you know all over the place corpus Tyler from gun barrel city where that is. I'll pass -- -- piracy -- -- -- on -- can think of these homes for cash or eight even if you had to put 20% down the singing some bank to finance some. I mean you still out of pocket so little. That there's no we can't make money on this you know don't say no so why when you run by two treaties Hershey's find one around rocker Tuberville home. You know for the ten year note on this thing instant cash flow. I mean then that is dead that's really the formula is if you go Indian MLS right now -- to -- and I mean dad to Austin net anymore and look and MLS. And look at all of the little -- sold homes and and pull it up under owner finance Jesse's name is there. David Petraeus yet his motto eat -- -- he does and I think he does it well I don't know I don't know to what degree. You know with the cash -- with the numbers army does so much it's got to be good well yeah he's got a forty million dollars and accounts receivables so he's a he's done something right -- and that you know he cut his teeth on all this on our finance stuff that you're talking about. Lol purchase acquisition price and in turn around get some cash and dad you know -- you don't. Now on our finance and and and have cash flow on the property. And I had I had another investor that I talked to turn in three weeks ago. And she asked -- what I do with his properties kind of release and I said to want you just. Owners finances rabbit. He and instead of carrying at least -- note and you know she she ended up not doing and I can't believe it because. There's no way it makes sense to do anything but that if you look at the numbers and a -- right now there are how many properties 44 properties. They have sold in the Austin in my last in the last ninety days under 50000 dollars. -- under an amazing union would never staying. That possible in the Austin area right in and so we EST so why aren't people buying this like -- there's 24 homes under 50000 dollars in the Austin -- -- That's some of these -- going to be in different areas. Sure but I promise you that there's going to be a junker what what I like to do is go after homes and other people think retired -- if it's a tier I love to hear there were ten dollars -- tear down the value only Atlanta Michael yellow that. Keep talking my language -- -- to get angle and make it's not any turnaround on frank how many when they're finally make sure that it's not in them and make some cash on it. But they've got homes in Taylor under 50000 part of all the north and northeast section land passes clean koppers goof. We want to folks go after these. We night and it'll what was interesting when you said and turning into an owner finance I was talking to a guy today and asked. PAU is is he met with the number two and number three shareholder of Microsoft and one of their friends. And this guy owns like 200 homes in San Diego. And she said it sounds really great but I'm not making very much money -- steel broke. Well today and he went on to say wells because of all the repairs all of I -- under the headaches. Associated with that there's no 200 homes they headaches -- answer right now all CS do is turn those around and owner finance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The big headaches so -- we're going to be armored -- -- -- they -- nice calm after the show if anybody wants to come running out this and and get a cocktail or something we always hang out for an hour -- so at least after the show what will be about 830. We've got to take another commercial break when we get back we're gonna talk about some marketing and how to act and find some deals yeah just the perfect candidate. The real estate investor how or hourly Danny Weber -- -- -- -- question for Danny don't be shy in college now as. At 51 -- -- -- know thirteen seventy. Our guys welcome back I wanted to chime in real quick we've got commercial -- thermodynamics. Insulation you've heard a couple of times and numbers 5129650. TT to. Those are the guys that did beyond insulation might contain our -- we -- four inches. -- -- I believe the close sells more expensive heal themselves less expensive we -- four inches and a son Jack before they show that you know if it's ninety something degrees outside 969798. My container with snowy scene running or anything is an -- in the eighties which. And this is a metal box yeah that we OK this is a metal box you know -- in the sun and and number you know try to get ten to fifteen degrees lower. Then than it is outside with the installation. Yeah well worth it college guys the guy Levi who was my contact there -- he cannot get the site survey these guys came out nearly thirty minutes after that and set up and and and and get it. Great company is great service I had nothing bad to say about a menu that they were supposed to do in the time they were supposed to -- can ask these days. That's tracks and turn it sounds good in any mention some scenario where and gaining Cindy go knocking on doors you know when you found -- -- -- finance. Com and one of the things that I find dad a lot of investors and just don't. Utilize. Is the email lists. You know what you've just got T utilized in -- if you don't have access to even got to get it. These guys let's say you buy a house -- -- trying to owner financing. Are you trying to find a buyer you know -- -- there -- there's no reason why you don't go in and search under cash buyers in that general area. Our search for folks -- owner financed other homes and you're gonna get a list of 15100. A 125 folks right there. They need click the real list button and you got their name and address the need to spoke deal and you got their phone number in their email. Here's your list I know there I and it's right Daryn MLS since it's so under utilized. You've got to be an assistant in -- and I have a program that we're going to be rolling out to help folks -- dad. We're just trying to get clearance from print any attorney right now but it's it's and it's. Are you -- classic example why you need to be an assistant on guy. Raymond -- who things he's been you know really make a name from south there's nothing coming investors out there really awesome work odd. He actually sends me comps now he does on finds properties and he sent me constancy amazed now whereas before. I had to do this for him now he's -- nothing he can send me this stuff and I don't have to call you my first question is say what the concept -- gave people the tax data eightieth. Have you put any in any capacity taxes you know what's the issue the property. In between you know catches 232 they sign -- as my assistant and now he's -- -- himself and and send it to me which I don't I'd still have time to do it for guys I just don't. You know what -- and that's the deal as an investor. Do you Wear the real estate agents out that's why they hate investors you're gonna pull a hundred -- seniors still haven't bought a home and then when you Dubai home. It's not on the MLS. Agents hate -- they don't I -- a -- wanna do the work series. The same reason that bid contractors don't wanna work with investors and -- -- we had this conversation before now I'm guilty on his duties any investor nor has been -- beat up on my contractors. But the good contract is gonna come to work for me because I'm not paying what they want and you know what they're worth it. There 100% worth typically what they want because -- do the job well I won't have to babysit him and you know it's it's a turnkey operation. But I'm not paying their pricing in Armenia. I mean I've got to construction company and I do in ninety somewhere for investors but. I don't do a lot because I can't I don't want the pressure these guys put me under for less money. Like you know makes it much more money in the retail market and in the invest short in the in the headaches -- half. Did there really is a a science to finding the right contractors to use as -- you know investors. To use. And there's a science to it and you've got to have a knowledge base and -- you get these young investor caught our young contractors. They wanna work they want to create a name for themselves and you help them you train them. I have one guy living at the house. I mean it's it's incredible and -- he's working for not a whole lot of money but you know what he's getting a lot of good training going -- they're saying hey gotta be this idea and you know what the -- is -- good for me it's good for him when he's -- -- mother house and Libreville. And we're gonna continue from there so it's it's it's. In -- process. Let me say we take a couple of quick -- Marshall quicken and jacks and a half on the marketing bandwagon to had to start getting some music out there looking is that truly. You know if you talk to ten investors and -- ten out of ten are gonna tea -- to finally DOC -- enemies and -- where you find it was Jackson knew when some details on that when I think you wanna make sure he's aware about there that if you're dealing with -- also going to be Mir or any other company had to do not trust their rehab estimate did not trust -- -- That's what's important he'd have your own axis -- honesty -- and can't and it certainly you always when he gave an independent. You really two to three independent data on the on the work out there that. More importantly than that you wanna have a a complete divorce everywhere he's been on the same thing apples apples apples because right now. -- anti union fatal -- for new investors investors in general even seasoned investors are skillful work is horrible and they'll get people out there walking around doing. A walk through and Allison all three contractors are looking and different things and different things and get. Three different data on really three -- go to work you may have some similar you know characteristics but not a lot. So so make sure you write your own simple words you him an out and if there's any modifications everybody gets a fair chance to be on the same work. When you needed detail out and mr. materialistic now let them choose your maturity you need -- X numbers of dollars per square foot on this and and you know. Level T grant and not to exceed X whatever is going to be you get you more details that you're investor germs are your contractors can be successful. That's one thing. A number two. Make sure you allocating funds for the landscaping in debris -- ruling trash I can't tell you the last 23 jobs and I'm guilty as myself right now. I under estimated how much debris we're gonna we were gonna need him removed from the houses. And I'm probably a 1015. And I was over on one job and I think I was like two random run on before that. Just for not asked to. Eating right and and debris it's hard. -- trip it's really hard but -- and what I've learned the last. 23 months I needed double whatever I'm thinking yeah and you know kind of rules -- I use on the debris removal if it's going to be more than two trailer loads and and get a container. If I can get away -- not getting a container I'm happy especially Williamson county because I can take a trailer. And dump it for seventy bucks. Two trailers at 240 bucks you -- -- guy -- -- go do guy that's not a bad deal but when you start getting into trailer number three number four. In the time that hassle anybody -- not where. They go by you're going if you if you're an investor and reinvest in the buy your own trash out of it is six by sixteen or six by Tony. Four foot for foot walls -- spends her money in your -- trick is Bellini after give me a 23 zone you're gonna have broken even on and is worth it up and that's a funny story just I saw project going on this week that. Com. Six straight contractor talks in the front yard electrician plumber HVAC. Tom you know foundation -- going on now -- turn on on. Dumpster in the yard this is city of Los now he -- no permits. And all I can think to myself was oh my god is is he not only not only is the crap gonna hit the fan but when the -- does hit the fan. You are still the creepy as they remove and walls and stuff and incident you get into architectural plans and structural engineers. And you wanna talk about a nightmare is not if they're gonna give Boston is just a matter of win. Maybe they help thinking get in and out with the war and I can get it don't matter in the front yard plateau you put it -- -- and why would you have I mean. You -- and a flare guns to the city of Boston this is east Austin you cannot be an exhausting you may be entity and north Austin South Boston. Brown Brock round rock -- -- but with cash not in central east Austin twelve. He's they had them and not on the windows they just made him stake in stacked on the inside the house are now -- -- that's -- etc. on and I think now what is exactly believe it was that was crazy it was a comedy for me as the only guys is really happening yet -- that there's something else. Investors out there it it time to ramp up your marking this is really the time to -- to go. It timed it to put the pedal to the metal. Don't worry about your holidays holidays -- for everybody else not for -- as an investor you're going to be buying houses not Christmas presents so what you do what you need to do is ramp up about that three or four different campaigns in the first forming an account is an MLS. I loved MLS it's a great a great way to buy properties but in five offers a week just put in five offers a week. It did there's a whole there's ways to find the deals you know quickest way is to go to your search -- look at the home page. And there they are back on the market news -- sort -- price and learn. -- learn how to thought the context is is no agent I was gonna -- five offers a week Korea Malaysia and try and put in my if you think if you Amy I'll get -- -- are you must sunny you're a season -- after -- -- -- pain to do that nobody's done it for free test track at five times a week. And in Jeanine learn how to do that you do -- the if you can do yourself in great. And especially if you're turning it into the selling agent. Because then there's no commission on the other side which means that aging is getting the full blown 6% commission. And guess what deal they're gonna push on years because they're making more money that's not true in all the cases but it isn't a lot of the cases and has certainly helps. You'll get two deals this year. By just doing I say within a twelve month period if you're consistent doing now you're gonna get to deals. Out of the MLS. Just -- working net and -- what -- Acosta coming assists in Africa I think it I'm tournament is about 200 bucks but. Again what we're gonna go into on our little program on how to do this is there's a lot of litigation around that there's a lot of potential harm to agents. You've got to do things ride if you don't don't ride -- -- people can get in trouble one of the other things people don't realize too is when you become an assisting actually get an ET that allow you to get in the MLS access home -- key that you can gain -- the blue locks on the doors they need to CBS go forward but you can still do it that's right let's try and -- that access is everything and that MLS is gonna yield eight. If you get two deals in the next dead twelve months and you averaged 22000 dollars or 20000 dot sporting grand this year in your part time. Whenever you can't you can't argue with the numbers at LSU bottomed out at 101000 gain -- anxious when he granny you spent the so you spent. I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has sonar is an hour you're trying to make it that -- great job to attract and try to change the math is a lot of media that 800 hours a year. And make 80000. And there's a -- send down data I talked to you debt debt pulled over 51 deals out of the MLS last year passed it's it's as big numbers the numbers are very many years and they work. That's track your next deal direct mail if you guys will just buy into a you know we were talking about outlying areas and people know white LB you know spokes your secrets. Do absentee do absentee on the out of the you know central Austin area. And you're going to find some deals if you send out a hundred mail a week. That's. 5200 year the numbers between one and 3% return. You're gonna have won just three deals. Out of that. This year so now -- the MLS -- put out a hundred emails a week you're gonna end up with you -- two to five deals are are six deals this year. That's not bad. And you know putting out a hundred direct Mel's is not not a big deal not even including the worst -- -- going to you know give to agents are -- an -- yourself in a pick up his listening and that. Brings up one of the things you gotta you gotta have a partner and a real estate agent or -- -- -- -- you're gonna get deal is that our wholesale deals aren't that deals aren't any thing but they're going to be retail deals as he's got to have a week. To get something not a bad deal -- you see -- -- -- an -- here's a deal I can't work quote there's got to be some type of you know marketing there are some kind of way that the agent can say oh this is actually going to be a moneymaker for me let me do the next round of marketing for both of us is he can't he can't even when it -- and referral. TV estate lobby candy some marketing we got a phone call common not real quick who's who's online -- -- -- -- Are you there I'm here is -- dean Nancy. Amalia and inconvenient. And -- -- that are brought have been had dinner you re -- -- at the -- to be -- thank you for your apartment out the other day. Now well shoot me -- beat air lock up -- Yeah thank you I'm also we have a cable we're all -- around eight masters back brewer meant -- John patio any particular question her -- -- -- now out there. Yeah let it lead you back -- I think we've got the owner Aaron here we have a alleged heated that it has been here we bacteria after as. I agreed he had Kimberly it anyhow we have they'll be back. The S the us like I had a party or something and didn't invite anybody -- around -- Now we knew they all have to talk shows so I I we understand priority. -- -- Well it actually yet we actually have four minutes left but those are all good people you table. Per share and soon -- street Thomas hello lick Indiana a lot of the success Nancy with zero to email us. I only -- and act right now I've -- that's where my bread and butter battery out our -- they're -- America that people he -- online marketing you're doing great. I am -- right now that we're put -- being of people -- bandit I ain't bad. I just do -- Hillary's is bandit signs. Every -- I have master plan for -- and it back. -- actually and it -- at all. It Larry you know our college he'd had a marquis opera -- -- it could be mobile I. And I'll I'll let you know about it later. That I have edit -- and have been worked out. I call it a marketing attic operatic. All right sounds good Nancy -- Nancy got a couple minutes that's we Jack Benny show because he actually prepared for this time to tell anybody we sit on. OK we'll see Nancy. -- Jackie got a couple minutes left the glass that's more narrow cows carry out your pre foreclosure campaign that's my favorite. And and and that involves. And we talked about that on the air before. That involves direct mail that involves you getting really intuit in doing some door knocking. It involves door hangers and involves emails. There's a lot to their pre foreclosure campaign involves that you give for deals a year out of that pre foreclosure campaign any thought about the podcast. That we've we've we've run. You'll get their pre foreclosure campaign and that's a -- So now. We're at almost any -- brought anywhere from a few deals to almost six deals this year. Our our team deals this year in just at a three campaigns. And then there's the dreaded bandit sign that a lot of people just don't like -- you know -- there's money there if but but you have to you really have to be consistent individual Iran and Banda sign you know they. The obvious signs ever love is that there can be they're completely random meaning you could play you can put a hundred -- I've never done before -- -- anywhere -- -- -- one weekend. Did nothing and put five up next week in an exact same spot in that one person that's driving by and at the right time it has -- on their mind is gonna call you get a deal Nasrallah they're completely random. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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