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The Wellness Connection Podcast 08/10/14

Aug 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Consider increasing the wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist and run the police and certified traditional natural -- Peter McCarthy. Brought to you by Martin's confounding and wellness centers with three convenient Austin relocations. If you're tired of searching -- for health information that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Here are Rania and Peter. Hello I'm happy Sunday morning feel welcome to the wellness connection brought to you by Martin's compound and wellness centers. At -- Austin area locations at Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy on your co host runny Gleason and good morning I'm. Cohost Peter McCarthy our special guest today on the wellness connection is Karen Stewart. -- share with us why it's so important on so many levels to ensure the supplements you're taking -- of the highest quality. And we're thrilled today to have as our health freedom guess -- current chair of citizens for health. One of the country's most influential advocacy groups for national health. Excuse me and our regular segments will feature the latest information on the supplement of the week the burning question and drug induced nutrient deficiencies. And this morning -- our -- news story sheds new light on the connection between heart health and brain health doesn't it. Boy it sure does Peter there's a wealth of evidence that suggests that cardiovascular health plays a critical role in brain health. Evan -- factor and colleagues from Brigham Young University studies data collected up on over 171000. People ages 45 and older. At the onset who had normal cognitive function and no history of stroke. -- function was evaluated for years later. Researchers used data from their reasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke study. To determine cardiovascular health status based on. This approach the American heart association's life's simple seven score. A simple. It's -- skinheads as system. Aiming to measure the benefits of modified -- health behaviors and risk factors in cardiovascular health. Cognitive impairment was identified in six point. Or four point 6%. Of people with their worst cardiovascular health scores. Two point 7% of those with intermediate health profiles and two point 6% of those at the at best cardiovascular health category. This study authors concluded that quote compared with a low cardiovascular health intermediate and high cardiovascular health. We're both associated with substantially lower incidences of cognitive impairment. Well this just reinforces doesn't know what we've been saying for quite -- time in the national health community that you can't treat the body like it just -- of a pieces pieces and parts perspective you've got to really look at the whole person and the whole body absolutely system oriented we've been saying that for years -- so Peter your story is another important one on magnesium -- the importance of levels of magnesium for good health. That's right writing an article published in July 9 2014 in the American journal of clinical nutrition reported findings. From a trial involving healthy older women who was with which associated improvements in physical performance with magnesium supplementation. The study included a 139 women age 65 and older who attended -- twice per week fitness program. 62 participants were assigned to 300 milligrams magnesium per day and 77 were given a placebo for twelve weeks. Gait speed chair stands and standing balance of valuations as well as strengths assessments were conducted at the beginning in the end of the treatment period. At the end of the trial women who received magnesium experienced significant higher significantly higher serum and urinary magnesium levels. And greater improvement in walking speed and chair stand times in comparison with the control subjects. The study is the first of its kind to the author's knowledge to analyze the effect of magnesium supplementation on physical performance and strength. In a population of restricted to older individuals. The authors say quote. These findings suggest a role for magnesium supplementation. In preventing or delaying the age related decline in physical performance particularly in magnesium deficient individuals unquote of course I take magnesium every day and I know you do too. And I good reason and the more we talked about it on the show the more convinced on every turn of how important magnesium is for sure absolutely you know we'll be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. Welcome back to the wellness connection with accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are run the ugliest and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection -- delighted to have in the studio with this is our special guest today speaking of neural biologics. Karen Stewart she's the Chief Executive Officer of -- biologic supplements. And mr. Stewart served as director of sales and operations -- biologics. When they opened their viewers in 2009. And then was appointed as CEO in 2010. To build the brand along with a team of professionals to serve. A specific market they felt was lacking support. With products first designed for the arches and community they have now expanded their product line to help those of all ages who suffer from appellation issues. And other -- munition rooms with over twenty years experience in sales marketing and product development mr. Stewart is now excited to say. That she has finally found her purpose in life providing quality and clean nutrition to consumers and practitioners. Is what she's most proud of welcome to the Wallace collection for. -- know how are you guys today just great great great to have anger could get yes. So -- you're a veteran of the supplement world I guess you becoming better and on on the cheers so I. -- these supplements. New pursuit -- this is what we refer to it current market changed over the last five years and what you've been seeing firsthand. Well you know when I when you're asking that question the main thing that kept pops into mind immediately is the education of the people buying the product. These people. Even and be -- starting with autism community we call them warrior moms who they are out there researching themselves. Till they go blind to try to find something for their child to bring him back you know. And just people in general they want something that's gonna work everybody's looking for that overnight cure and not gonna happen but. They are so educated on the deep purity in their educated on where they come from we get that question all the time to these come from China to these come from other and other countries. They wanna know when manufacturing thirty you're using they wanna know who's the doctors behind it and that's where it's changed so much because. Adding to these kind of questions five years ago and I started and now this is like -- and every day. Phone call of mom's wanting to know what products are best for their child they've already tried so many supplements out there. And I think we have a pretty good education and you know. Facility within our our company when doctor Stuart -- my. Everybody -- as the Serb who might know this is doctor can answer to my older brother. He's -- dermatologists. School based surgeon. He's in a brilliant biochemist and that Saddam. Where are supplements come from his his his mind as bio chemical background with some help of his colleagues and that's how we come up with a lot of these formulas. And we have to be able to tell people. You know we didn't just come up with these blindly you know there's a lot of lot of science behind them. I can't imagine two. Did you have such. Such a challenging. Patient base because of these autistic children whatever that are so sensitive. And so unique unions in -- various challenges that. You know you've really got to be on top of the neural chemistry on -- biology to really make a superior product to be effective instead of just taken a one a day well. It goes back to the the autistic children you know that was a blessing in itself we considered ourselves we we consider ourselves a boutique. The woman company and you know we don't have to just 300 products on airline we have 54. And the reason being is first we don't wanna overwhelm the families that are trying to fix themselves -- their children. But the autistic children brought us clarity on what products we can spurring greedy hands we can and cannot use. These kids cannot handle synthetics they have to have natural sources of clean sources. So when we're talking about different types equality nutrition. We've tried to take it to a whole different level because what will happen this will cause. Major adverse reactions in these kids because they are allergic to everything you. Once we start to get them on the healing path the doctor -- help and other doctors out there. They get a lot better you know with the processed foods and everything but the nutrition you have to have a clean. Well you know he brought up a favorite subject to mine because that's something that I talk to our customers have Martin's almost every day is gonna get questions about it you know. Is anything in this synthetic -- and you know that really kind of -- flies in the face of course have. Think standard. Mindset that you find in and done medical community and of course -- big -- You know they see absolutely no distinction between the synthetic and the natural there's a huge golf course is absolutely and you know you -- -- You're biologics as a pharmaceutical grade and CG MP company and Ferraro audience's benefit we know what that means what what does that what does -- what does terms mean and why is that important to a consumer. I I have to explain -- doctors. And the people in the professional world all the way down into -- -- There's three categories that you have to remember the first one is your feed grade that's where it's safe for animal consumption and your dogs -- cats any animals out there. Then there's food grade and that's what we can -- an -- cursory stores not safe for human consumption. -- that can be all your processed foods everything out there that has all these sent panicked and artificial colors and flavorings. And they say that it's safe for us that we take it to a pharmaceutical grade level -- manufacturers are. Pharmaceutical grade. Manufacturers that means at their seat GM peek -- scenes for certified good manufacturing practices. And those practices are driven down by the FDA. The food and drug administration. And our manufacturers have to follow them we do not use any other types of manufacturers that are not certified GMP. Because we have to have purity in the raw materials before it's even blended into the final product. And the pharmaceutical grade is often called medical grade and you'll be surprised how many medical practitioners out there don't even know the difference. This is a difference between going down to a big box store you know vs going into a pharmacy like your calls or coming into the nerve biologics -- website. I give a perfect example. My hope it's a perfect example an easy to understand your -- OK everybody's out to economic engine can make everyday brain -- -- I support. And that's a great thing but let's say you know I hear people on the way down to the big box store and I got a 180 capsules. For nine dollars and you know what that is contaminated with heavy metals is coming from dirty -- meaning has been pressed. And then all of a sudden your body is going into a major overhaul trying to get rid of these toxins and -- coming end. If you start with the pharmaceutical grade product that we've already done the job for you we found the cleanest purest ingredients that you can find out there. Tested it with a fifteen point quality control so there are heavy metals and that there are things are bacteria or antibiotics and that's why a lot of recalls happen out there. So if people understand the difference and yes the price is a little bit different but big it's not always better as we know -- -- April you get that I -- glad you name it that is still true in -- long game. Will continue our interview with -- -- after this brief message from our sponsors you're listening to the wellness connection on top thirteen seventeen. Welcome back to the wellness connection with accurate health information you can trucks. Once again here are run the ugliest and Peter McCarthy. Welcome back to the wellness connection and are continuing the interview with the new biologic CEO Karen Stewart. OK -- picking up where we left off many supplement companies out there they mention that -- in Iowa availability. With their nutritional product what exactly does that mean to a person -- supplements. I have they have their availability is kind of a catch determine you know on the supplement industry. So by available means it has to mean natural means your body can and just it doesn't take it as a foreign challenge. And it roll. Have activate a certain amount of timing go to where -- ago even it if you went she is a lot of synthetics and products and things like that embodied in just says and sees it as a foreign attack. And doesn't know what to do with it. So you sit there and you're like oh I take can only supplements every day I take my multi vitamin but if you got things and it's amazing what they use his -- and product you know beef they use cork trees titanium dioxide these. A -- I mean it's shellac it's yeah and even jealous tennis not really great trio you know all the dummies out there in your dislike. In the capsules are made out of gelatin and a lot of people can't digest those types of ingredients so Basra we arguments trouble so a lot of people I've. Found over the course of the years that have come to -- says. I'm taken on those but I don't feel any better well then you look at the products they're taking and there's a reason because. They have a lot of synthetic from their so the body is student and the job of trying to get rid of the synthetics and it's actually not getting the nutrition. And you know that's one of the things that we do we have to and Martin's really spent a lot of time educating our customers on. When you look at in -- mine and my favorite example is calcium carbonate is filter. And how much energy it takes in the body to be able break that down practicing nothing of what it how it impacts your cardiovascular system and the other. Major organs in the body and people just don't realize that you don't -- the -- But you know I think one that won the the the benefits. Of working with the some of -- personal friends who have talked to autistic children. -- really kind of up big game for everybody else how I totally -- because you know now. You're have an answer some pretty direct and very informed questions from these consumers because they have an intense personal interest in track gas. And when you're dealing with an autistic child that's a genetic. You know -- some genetics that go on without and it goes. But they say an apple doesn't fall far from the tree again and very true and I community and it's not saying that the parents have autism but. You know when you start to talk to the mom suffers from migraines -- the dad that suffers from depression or anxiety. Union and these are on the era mean issues and the child just happened against the worsens. Why you know so we have to treat the family is a home doctor -- eventually minimizing an autistic child this clinic and then the next thing you know the next appointment is for. The other two siblings that aren't autistic maybe they have some issues you know they might have some issues with school with focus concentration. And -- ADD category news. Same with the parents so. We we kind of start gathering the genetics of the whole family -- accordingly you know with supplementation. And one other thing I want it to mention here -- You know doctors -- talks a lot about his. There's so many people -- a gut issues especially in our line. As customers you know you can absorb in the gut if he can't maintain your immune system. You know we be immune system is what it is gonna keep us healthy and keep everything working appropriately in keeping those foreign challenges out of -- body. So that the nervous system can maintain itself. And then the nervous system is what -- the brain so if you can't even started the immune system you're going to be a lot of trouble. That's a lot of people get caught up so. -- we focused a lot on immune health and we will use a lot of top locals and liquids and mumbling rules because they will. Be more potent so the body so to speak thirty broken down for you and you don't have to sit there and break the capsule open if you've got some GI issues I like that the product that I use a lot is that your name either oh yeah yeah yeah we Shas eleven or number one seller has -- salacious -- Cutaneous and so -- our people like me which I'm. Who moves that homo Genesis in his Yates and the army conditions are so I just don't handle. Any of the B twelve folic acid at all and happened -- and so I have to do either injectable or. This of kicking -- out -- doctors are always talks about us lectures he knows for potency value and injectable it's topical sub lingual. Then capsules have been tablets and not feel order it's gonna gallons that we were kind of known as the topical cream company we've got ten tumble cranes and airline. First because most children can't swallow pills. And so rubbing it in -- -- the stand you know it has a nice and we work on our delivery system I mean we have -- a product called calming crane which I actually put on this morning because nothing. And on a upon -- just to kind of relax myself and you know we worked on the delivery so some probably ten -- just to get it right Tino and -- -- comes up with -- formulas because he knows the appropriate kind of factors and ratios that he needs to put into a product that. A lot of common opponent says says the cutting room floor because they -- working when he wanted them to deal with the and Selanne you know we we limit our products -- to conditions and syndrome so that we can be successful and have the patient may be -- to bottles verses six bottles and I -- compress everything together. So that the kind of factors make the product work. Well there you go and you know you mentioned that today your brother doctor Kendall Stewart is the lead formulate her for the insurance your project products. And your discussion there really led into our next question you know how can you tell us a product works and we wanted to show. Guidelines that your company follows me about two minutes before okay for. Well we called the compression model you know he puts a formula together I make sure that he gets to fruition you know week so we test we get test batches for everything Kendall. Doctor Stuart. Has a great testing suite in his office come to some three -- system he contest the health of the nervous system. Is blood work up as a very extensive -- has thousands of patients who are willing to try any nutritional products they -- but still -- because. You know they just let them so much and so. Well we do is we take a formula that were willing to it to fit together and get a test that's on hand he releases it to certain patients who feels the need to most. If it works and that's great and he gets the results are that are needed that product will go to market. If it doesn't work then we just trash it and we move onto the next one and so we have that. An inside ability -- the century -- system and his offense that he uses on all his patients to tree on. And the ability -- to see if it actually does work for different types of some drums and I don't think there's very many supplement companies out there. That have a testing so we like like we have been not so we use them all this clinic before we bring a product markets. And that's that's really impressive well we'll be right back with more from our special guest -- Stewart after this brief message from our sponsors. You're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. Welcome back to the wellness connection with accurate health information you can trust once again here are run the ugliest and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection if you're just joining us we're having a fascinating conversation with new biologic CEO Carol Stuart. And -- You also worked in doctor Stewart's clinic many years ago -- -- and what kind of difference do you do you see with different patients who took supplements vs those who did not end. Do you really feel it's a necessary part of the doctors protocol today. You know the world has changed and it's slam of course some big pharma is -- and prescription medicine helps myself and everybody out there but. You know at the missing parts and nutrition part is what we're missing now -- days over years of genetic mutations and things changing. We just don't get it from feud or we can't process all the nutrition from food. And that's for nutrition is so important so when I was in his office. You know I would see people that that which come men and never very you know. Adamant about their nutritional program very she's very ticket every day at same time. And they were feeling so much better and they need to have the people -- Manning and -- does not appealing and getting -- now I'm back down. And then you find out -- I think totally stopped taking their their nutritional products. And that's not just saying it's hours and I'm talking about with a lot of different things that are out there. It can make a world of difference you know even them with myself you know I'm on the Portman escalator I am almost I guess that mutation found in ths are. And if I stop and appellation crane that we -- I've become extremely arthritic. I can't focus as well and on the Guinea pig of myself I was -- really worked better than our line and I'm now on the bulletin this is what it does hurt me. I quit for about three days I'm I'm right back down -- was an and I start back up again and it's just proof and heading to myself to that and it's absolutely necessary for me and I was -- tagline it's. You know pharmacy school grade nutrition treated by experts I wish it was. But back in the body by god intended to be there because that's really what it is about -- we just aren't getting it from Murphy anymore. Well early which really kind of begs the question you know and and and you've I think. Help to overcome this objection. By virtue of how many of these -- thermal creams that today your product line offers. But I hear it's often even people that I know very well. I just don't like taking pills track and you know how how do you how did you when you were working and doctor Stewart's clinic overcome that objection. You know we knew -- look at the blood work a lot of it has to do and that's not where everybody can going get you know but it. Glover is a lot more common saliva test you know muscle testing there's always different kinds of tests. But when you when you pulled out out in front of a patient and they can actually visualize it and see oh my gosh you know my vitamin. 52. Or you know might be twelve this is slower or things like that. I think that kind of makes their eyes trying to open a little bit wider. And also the topical cream seems to be more popular with the women you know we -- make it nice and -- engine. And that's going to yeah outlook on the -- B twelve and makes it kind of does orange red Keller who can't get around that I like the smell because you've got an orange -- it's unnatural enters the soils are acting anti viral properties so -- put that it not -- doctor -- bang he knows what's gonna help you know drive -- the appropriate ingredients in there and lot of people don't know we just so many people are coming and I TB twelve shots but I don't really feel much better and I heard -- amazing. It's awful on the gas that is the co factor for B twelve BC cannot survive without each other. So once you -- and that clinic acid peace wow their shots really work so it's the same with the creams ugly down dissembling rules and capsules. You have to have the right kind of factors and being -- he's there to figure all that out for a so we don't have to worry about it. And you know that's that's a favorite word minus co factors you know I encountered so many people who take. In some cases tons of supplements. And you look at what they're actually taking and there's not toast a -- absorb ability co factors those. Co factors that allow like hugest the example you just used to allow it to work more -- Aspect of the lately and you know that is such a huge thing that many people just don't understand they just look at. What they find out there on the web while I need more vitamin B twelve I need more magnesium I mean nor vitamin. Step and his doctors -- so little time one vitamin never works alone it requires different nutrients to it get it to the proper. Place and ours is gonna tell you know it by about working in his clinic I would. He people walk in with trash bags full supplement. Wanting him to review each wanna make sure it was OK that. They take it and he -- pull out like 3540 bottles of like how can one person actually take calls him one -- or child for you know the autistic children the moms forcing this down. In the kid's throat and making it swallow pills and I'm -- absorbent Garrity -- absorption issues. -- -- -- Basically -- that says. You know let's get two to six early in the -- even just tooth for now and let's get surpassed -- your -- relations Kathleen working which fixes. You know 250 -- he's in the body and then layer and some products that you really are deficient on -- and that's kind of let word got our goal -- -- biologics we're not here to sell you a million bottles. Wanna sell you the appropriate bottles that are gonna help picture. Anderson in the building block approach is really what you're talking about that lays the foundation and then add the other things that are appropriate -- called the layering effect yeah there you go I always say it's like and I see this all the time if you wanna save money by cheap ballpoint pens. Don't buy something that takes five metabolic processes to our actually use because I think it's already converted eight or actually you are now literally just -- an out if you if -- you cannot. If you cannot absorb and metabolize it -- I don't care how cheap it is it's not gonna work. I always -- he's kind of giggle to myself and he'll go high he's trying get out in the sun you know. Twenty minutes and paying my vitamin. You know if your torment the later you know you have absorption -- she's -- really isn't gonna do too much for -- -- and I doing the right to form as. Vitamin. The united look at as a foreign agent then you know and then giving them you really can't -- GM won't happen. That's a whole another topic here. They'll let our topic that. Our our. We're not easy amount we have just about one minute left here with you but you must get calls every day -- and on about your particular products and how to take this or how to take that and how do you go about I mean of course we have the advantage it Martins of having practitioners on the floor to answer those questions. But how do you go about educating your consumers on the products and what they need you know I don't have a medical background -- -- business background so we are very -- -- a -- we can say now we do have a -- on the side that can answer questions doctor Stuart answers a lot of Russians and what we found his. We have doctor search some videos for us you know when he we did she doesn't on our top products and explains the death sitting -- to shot -- yesterday -- -- restore our full focus. To explain in a layman's terms to consumers. How this product works and what it can do for you. You know and so what we do all days we email email on videos to customers and let him answer the questions for them. And so that we don't have to sit there and say I'm sorry you know we're not you know -- thank -- over regulated by the FDA and I don't wanna giving wrong information possibly not your blood work and so he enters a lot of questions at their videos -- go to our website it's under product videos he -- several of us lectures. -- our web site's release are friendly because it's not when he's free -- said -- it's Nero biologic dot com with an act and feel and we've got it everything you can think category forgotten memory news to you know on the zombie down the line. And -- -- nervousness. -- support you know there's about fifteen categories and you can find the products very easily and then typically video and -- product by donors are. Also be sure to go to www. Neural biologics with an X dot com her and check out those videos will we could talk to you for hours on the subject -- But that's all the time we have today that we wanna thank you cure inning Julia I'm running day Atlanta has reaction like to let everybody know. There you go if you do a -- -- -- son Frankie will save you I appreciate it. Okay well you know we were supposed to have the sound of post time that was what the Silas was waiting for a I had a little bit of a glitch there and our production Booth but -- -- -- parent can't Eric Cantor after a campaign. And -- advantage of their identity instead donut. And we know what that sound means it's time for our weekly feature the supplement the weekend what would that -- Thank you for that cater to assist for this Sunday morning wake me up with that. Right -- theater are supplement of the week is DG LMRSD. Glider book -- It's been a long night. -- urinated on the courage by pure encapsulation. You know -- has been used in many forms throughout the centuries for many cultures traditionally. Lakers -- is used for hormonal issues gut and throat issues were -- Tory issues and fatigue issues. But what are the main reason why I used DGL with my clients. Is for gastrointestinal issues. In my clinical experience clients who have heart burn -- -- -- disease and guest -- Find great relief from DTL -- -- that's right in their. -- study published in the British Medical Journal comparing and over the counter medication for Patrick ulcer disease. And DGL for 82 patients who had and -- -- optically he'll -- the culture. Patients were given two tablets of DGL twice daily compared to a regular dosage of the over the counter medication for technicals are deceased. After two years on this -- the recurrence rate for gastric ulcers for the two groups was relatively similar. Go after that however after both groups went off the medication or DGL the recurrence of Patrick ulcers occur. When well the general dosage to use -- TGL is about one to three tablets of DGL happen dosage of 380 to 400 milligrams per tablet. You could take it about thirty minutes before each meal to help your stomach upset it is and we now know that the -- as -- in licorice -- can cause issues with hypertension and schema and possibly affect hormone component of our Reno regulation called. Valdosta around regulations so there's definitely a concern for long term use of look for sure. Now with the bush for nice ring proved to therefore it's a safer option for long term use as needed. -- on the bottle you should make sure that there is less than one to 2%. Glittering eyes and in the tablet to make sure that the majority of the concerning component is out of the tablet so that you can safely used DG a long term that's right in many people find it -- also helps with fatigue because it's traditionally been used for adrenal support as well. Some of the more important take away points -- that even though most of the glaciers and is out of the DGL you should still check your blood pressure daily at the start of using the supplement. And once you've been years in the DGL for a while and are being monitored by a practitioner for the long term usage of this. You should still check the blood pressure once or twice every week to make sure that it remains at a normal range so it's safe to say that I'm huge fan of supplements as alternative options for medications. When the safety profile is more favorable and when you do have an ailment such as fatigue or stomach -- upset DGL is a great option. And our supplement of the week is available at 10% off. For all Martin's VIP members at all free Martin's locations dripping springs Lamar plaza and lake hills pharmacies. We'll be right back with your burning question of the week after this brief message you were listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. And our economy. You defeat and so. Can you give them -- speed. Well we know what that's -- -- also it's time for the -- question where we answer those important health questions that you the listeners sent into us. It's important to note that any diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. None of the information we present is intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. And are burning question of the week comes from destiny in dripping springs she says she doesn't want you a lot of meat in the summertime and what's a good vegetarian protein sources. Well destiny protein plays a major role in all living cells in and animals and plants -- whereas carbohydrates and liquor ads are used mostly to give views sources of energy protein functions to build and maintain your body. Protein using your hair skin. Muscles blood -- actually in all of -- cells and protein breaks down into what's called amino -- That's right and you know there are things called essential amino acids that either can't be made in the body or can't be made in the quantities needed so you have to get them from your food. And then non essential amino acids these remained in the body. You can get all of your essential amino acids incomplete proteins found in all animal proteins such as eggs dairy meat fish and chicken. And complete proteins actually contain all of the essential amino acids in the proportions needed by the body. But if you want to not eat meat and meat plant proteins than these are incomplete proteins. So you must combine them. You can combined soybeans and keen on dried beans and -- grains vegetables nuts seeds they're all low in one or more essential amino -- but you can actually make a complete protein by eating complimentary proteins which her two protein foods that make up for the lack of certain amino acids. In each other when eaten or -- the course of the day. So some good ideas of complementary proteins are lagoons and grains for example so say refined beans and tortillas. You mean re -- -- -- find. If anything needs -- that's that affect how long night -- an idea out there you go ahead but also corn bread and Pinto -- series not another example that's true or falafel -- whole wheat -- a one of the more popular ones is peanut broader butter on whole wheat bread or lagoons with nuts and seeds like commas or a -- -- walnut burger or the greens with Gary. So it like. Brains and Jerry would be like oatmeal and milk or whole week American cheese and even the -- with Gary can't hostages. Black beans and cheese burritos or Chile with cheese here's another one that was weird and kind of waxing Mexicans -- here is how well it infects -- -- Not to sit with Perry like yogurt toasted almonds or woman or a federal walnut -- tape well. Just say there isn't just a few of many examples and I hope that gives you some tasty ideas to help you fulfill your protein and amino -- needs and you can submit your burning question by going to. -- compound annual wellness dot com and going to the wellness connection page. Tune in every week to hear of you are questions being answered on the year. And writing it looks like it's time now for the drug induced nutrient depletion segment. Well Peter the drug of this week is bronco violators. Like Alan -- Terrell albuterol hello. -- and then nutrient. That it could easily won back. It's an important one guest has some absolutely and you know the effects of protein to pick -- excuse me potassium deficiency may be impaired growth. Bone fragility paralysis sterility muscle weakness dry skin constipation. Fatigue diminished heart rate. Week reflexes insomnia muscle damage acne and continued thirst quite a list down. So when you pick up your prescriptions of Martin's compound annual wellness be sure that you talked to one of the wellness consultants in order to help you. Get the right nutrients to compliment your prescription. Well and now it's time for our health freedom segment and our special guest for today is Jim Turner chair of the board of citizens for health he's a principal in the law firm swank and and turner representing businesses as well as individuals and consumer groups. In a wide variety of regulatory matters concerning food drug health environmental and product safety matters. Jim has served as special counsel to the senate select committee on food nutrition and health. And to the senate government operations subcommittee on government -- church. He was the lead attorney on a successful 1996. Petition to the FDA to reclassify. Acupuncture needles. From class three to class two medical devices. Permanent permeating their legal importation and distribution. He's a graduate of the Ohio state university School of Law Jim is the author of the chemical feast. -- Nader reports on the food protection and the FDA. Making your own baby food and voice of the people. The trance. Where my trans partisan thank you. On the trans partisan imperative in America isn't life and many professional and journalistic articles. He was an original Nader raider working for Ralph Nader on food policy issues for several years. Welcome are you very GM. Here fair LeRoy and welcome to -- and we we've got some technical issues here so thank you for joining us this morning. I Jerry you know well we're glad to have you Jim very much appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. -- citizens for health is active on a number of health related issues but you know more recently. What's the story on high fructose corn syrup. All high fructose -- serpent the highly processed. Unnatural. Food attitude. Which not -- sales with profile. Starting in roughly 1982 the president. Which tracks almost exactly the rise of obesity and the rise of diabetes in this country. And there is a significant amount of scientific literature that connectors of the two of them. That is -- to. Epidemic and agent I've I've heard there was corn syrups. So -- citizens for help this past week. Has petitioned the FDA we have I think traditionally demanded that asking if they specifically. Identify. The amount of -- -- in the high fructose corn Serb. Products that are using that attitude. So we would like people they would to. Go to the us citizens dot org site. And that's where we have the petition. Posted an opportunity to actually join their means. To the effort to like get high fructose corn syrup. The labeled properly so that we know how much -- extricated him carcasses is very. I'm very on negative. Component to be eating. And we've been working hard to -- get a -- it may very very clear so people can avoid it. A lot of companies are now taking other protection on we're continuing our campaign by filing institutions that's one of the things that we're doing. Well kudos kudos to you chairman the other big kind of begs the question for you get pushed back on this. We're getting heavy push back from the F corn processors association. Corn refiners association. And there. They're fascinating group because they have. -- huge investment in moving this product out even though it's only about. 5% of the about the money that's made off of corn in this country but boy they've been pushing hard really hard and it's and it's better -- percent. They post today that both the a FaceBook page and a and a Twitter page with the idea of like getting dialogue going in 100% of the comments ago -- negative. It took both of them down the interest that situation the public is very very alert to this which started dropping off. Using the product about 2008. And then the -- the F people petitioned the FDA -- this. Petitioned the FDA to change the name of high fructose corn syrup to corn sugar. That was the first thing that we opposed and that we sent in about. We got about 30000 names into the FDA that -- bad and it took about six months of the FDA rejected that petition. But they were they were so bold and any year to advance their economic interest. That they wanted to change the name the corn sugar completely misrepresenting the plan. They play that game all the time and it is important for the listeners to know this is not the natural for toast that you find in. A natural fruit but high fructose corn sir if you look at the Princeton study for example I mean there's. Lots of basic it's no different than regular sugar well this is absolutely false and the Princeton study showed the difference. The biological and and narrow. Biological. Difference of high fructose corn syrups and how it affects blood sugar. From normal from normal fruit sugar other things so you know it's it's really. For they're eating fruit is a good thing in the fortress and fruit is good it's important. Don't need to avoid that but what they do is they take it out. And and basically highly processing very very complicated industrial process and the reason that day and the reason they don't market. Just because it's liquid. And they sell it to the food industry it's easier to combined with state softer for example 95% of all soft drinks have high fructose corn served in the instead of instead of real sugar and that's because -- a liquid it can be easily put into the product and another one that is just mind going to me. They're they've the FDA has that if you have 55%. Or less they suffer -- -- for drew -- -- Attitude they're gonna consider that are right but anything above that. It's considered to be unproven and a food adultery. So there is a high fructose ninety. 90% truck -- product on the market which they sell because you can increase the sweetness without increasing McAlary. So you can put it in diet foods make them taste sweet. Without running -- result which are taking maybe 6070 or 80% proctor as an instructor of peace which even the FDA has that is not proven to be safe. Wow we'll be artificial sweeteners such as saccharine and aspartame and splendor are also being consumed and and what and what do you have to say about them. 55. We we started I started my activities with Nader back in my 1968. Attacking like for me. In the first because of this the data that show that it was a highly dangerous product. But he but he did it consume because it was sweet and so the -- upshot of that was that the FDA actually took that off the market and it's never been able to get back on the market. We fought about saccharine and in my are our position -- label it. So that people understood what they were consuming and ultimately in 1975 a label was adopted by congress which we helped push through which said that the us secretary of HHS is determined attacker causes cancer. You -- very animals. That remain on separate until 2000 when not in that flurry of pardoning that Clinton did. He basically signed a bill that pardoned saccharine and let it back on the market in -- -- the F. The the only warning away. We don't work very -- I'm splendid splendid the very misrepresented this. It is there it actually contains. That the pain the equivalent of sugar. End up but it doesn't it in a small enough amount. That you can take one teaspoon you won't get. So it doesn't go above the amount that requires labeling as a as a carbohydrates. But if you put two or three teaspoons of your coffee you're starting to get actual real sugar. Yet they kept it off as an alternative. NN NutraSweet I spent eleven years kicking off the market. And it is a very they're very serious. Under a -- three in your remarks you're talking exactly and should not be consumed people should just stay away from and it is it is no way. And -- -- this anything good that that you would want to know. And we've we've been very successful one -- that because it never did never got the market they intended. They are going for five to eight billion dollar market has never got above a billion dollars so we felt that we help them back from that. Well god Jim. There's so much to talk to you about and we wanna get you back on our show that's unfortunately all the time we have the -- we -- thank you for joining us on the wellness connection. Join us next week when our featured guest will be nurse practitioners mutton fast -- Discussing the important area of neuro immune health. Our health freedom segment will feature returning guest Scott tips. President of the national health federation. To update us on the UN codecs talks. And as always here's discussed the next burning question which. I -- your co. Post. -- glee fan I'm your cohost Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by -- compound in and wellness centers with three Austin their locations that Lamar pleasant drugstore. Dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy.