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CBS News Eye On Washington - 8/6/14

Aug 6, 2014|

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Ion Washington. I'm Howard Ireland's -- today it worked out 67 billion dollars in new financing to promote American exports to Africa President Obama also told a summit in Washington of dozens of African leaders. That American companies like Coca-Cola GE and marry out. Are joining him by announcing new business deals in the continent I want Africans buying more American products I want Americans buying more African products. To that's what you're doing here today. Vice President Biden put it this way. We wanna be your partners. We're gonna compete. For your business we wanna see you succeed. -- you succeed. The entire world succeed. And secretary of state Kerry told the group that militants like vocal Iran. Will never provide opportunity for young African we. Have to do more together. We have to partner to invest in the next generation -- on Washington on Howard Bernstein CBS news.