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Jul 29, 2014|

Blood Center of Central Texas needs your donations this summer; Salvation Army's call to action during their Back to School Supply Drive; ABLA's Scholarship Golf Classic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday July 27 and you're listening to inside I stand my guests today include Cindy brown from the blood center of central Texas. Blood supplies during the summertime always -- low and this summer is no exception. So the blood -- central Texas and blue -- cream areas have teamed up this summer to boost donations during their annual pint for pint of blood donation promotion. That's coming up in August and we'll tell you all about it. You will read some of the development director of the Salvation Army is also here. With a call to action for you during the salvation army's back to school clothing and supply drive. I'm also speaking with Rudolph messier and breast cuffy. About the 32 annual virtual C a lot scholarship golf classic. If you'd like to have a great day at a golf tournament and pay it forward for students who need scholarship money. Then this is an opportunity you won't want to miss that's all coming up next on inside Austin. Yeah. It's it's. I heard on the news yeah I fearless has found his uncle's stand it's she didn't know it was loaded. I heard on the news about that fourteen year old girl who was bullied online for only a year she she -- she she got her dad's gun from his nightstick. Yeah he's not. Could -- on the tasks stolen country not -- fast. She accidentally shot his cousin in the hands she killed herself yeah. Under stress is trying to round. If you only done a beautiful full time responsibility. When you weren't using it -- sure can't get into the hands of curious children troubled teenagers thief or anyone else who might misuse. Your family friends and neighbors are all -- -- remember all the rockets for more information on firearm storage safety presidency PC dot or. This message brought to you by the national crime prevention council the bureau of justice assistance and -- council. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't miss the eighth annual health country -- for kids -- car and motorcycle show and rally ball proceeds benefit the -- center for you. The dripping springs kids on foundation for brings brings tiger -- program and the red arena -- joined live music a silent auction kids' activities -- -- barbecue -- off some really cool rides and lots more don't forget dinner for your chance to win a custom 1983 CJ 72. August 15 of the seventy they can't bill McCullough just across -- way. Give registration details schedule and more info at -- C rally dot com. Who do you. Blood supplies are always low during the summer and you've got to partnership with blue -- cream -- and I Philly this partnership goes way back from the is that right. This is the eighteen year the blood thinner central Texas and -- now Timorese have teamed up to this summer donation. So we really appreciate -- saying -- about primary. So that yeah I mean and that's important -- now I mean. I don't think people really think about blood supply very often. And Summers is always a really low supply time for the blood center of central Texas why is that Cindy. It's a time when donations. Fall because schools are out on holiday vacation and that busy summer schedules. And fortunately the need for but doesn't decrease during the summer months effected historically increases because. Increased travel and outdoor activities so. We try to make up for the decline in donations last three more promotions such as a pint for pint promotion. OK so let's talk about this pint for -- promotion which begins August 1 is that right. That's right. All donors to donate or attempt to donate at one of our two donors centers between on this first in the fourteenth. Will be offered a free pint of blue bell ice cream various flavors. Donors donating on a mobile blackjack. Blood. Between August 1 and fourteenth to receive a coupon. Redeemable for one -- of -- tree. Okay so either way where I have you're gonna get a pint of ice cream so that's why it's called pint for pint pint of blood and -- ice creams to attract even exchanged. So you have. One donor center at 4300 north Lamar boulevard that's the one that's kind of across the street from central market right just yet that aren't -- but not essential market so very central location and then there's another one in round rock 2132. North -- suite 900 is that right. That's right it's and I 835 exit. 254. Okay so if you're just joining us on inside Austin I'm speaking with Cindy row from the blood center of central Texas and we're talking about how low blood supply is right now. And we hope that you're feeling encouraged to get out and donate there's a wonderful program that begins August 1 pint for pint. Which means when you donate a pint of blood at one of their two donor centers you'll get a kind of ice cream. Or if you donate at a mobile location you'll get a coupon that's redeemable for one -- Cindy do do people need to make an appointment to command and give blood can they just show up. They. They can just come without an appointment appointments -- night that we can plan that -- and there are always welcome. And what are the basic requirements if somebody wants to give blood what should they know before walking into a stunner. Okay you have to be at least seventeen years old and you weigh at least a 115 pound. For whole blood donations. And a 110 for platelet donations yet to be in generally good health and we have to provide a photo ID. -- the time from the time you walk in the door to that time you leave takes approximately. 45 minutes you know he's saved two -- So that is not a big time commitment and all -- And is your need for blood pretty much the same as your need for platelets at this time. Right now we are particularly low for type a little blank. In particular O negative blood which is the universal blood type that can be given to anyone. Does say if someone's in an accident and we don't have time to -- the blood. They would be given -- negative and we are particularly low at this time we've been out on the appeal for road negative donors. We have back orders so we're encouraging anyone and with -- Positive or own negatives to please come manager earliest convenience in -- And O positive is that. Is that it's easy to utilizes an -- ever are not quiet. Now not quiet -- negative can be given to anyone. Positive. That they have population at about 10% thrown negative or positive is higher perceived need tree lines and it is because of at a higher rate. Is also. -- question a lot from the hospital. Sure now that makes sense is there a smaller and generally speaking in every yankees we don't now in Austin hit you know how many folks may have a negative but. But those are the folks that we we really hope come an end to give regularly. Yes every 56 days if your whole blood donor. We encourage you come in and be a regular donor for it. Florida five times a year would be nice we would virtually have no. Shortages. Gosh can you imagine that and that's the trees if everybody just does their parts. It that's all it takes and then we wouldn't be in a situation. Where we're. You know at a low point and it's understandable that people get busy during the summer. Thumb that if those folks especially -- half the time to donate hearing this conversation and you can you can absolutely make a difference here in Austin by going to the Austin down or censure or the round rock donor center. And making sure -- Hugh do your part to give a pint and blue bell partnering. With the blood let's owner of central Texas eighteen years you mentioned Cindy that is. How that is a wonderful partnership -- -- flew down there very generous we appreciate it. And our donors appreciated. One of our. Most popular -- -- promotion we hands on here long. I can speak from experience. You know I think that the I've been to the cost and Anderson -- 4300 north Lamar and the whole experience of giving blood I if I find quite. Quick and easy and everyone is just lovely and then. -- now with some mint chocolate step you know that's just the seat and check it it's so from my own personal experience I can say that that it feels good to give blood. Any any time of the year any day of the week but when blue bell is also giving you on a pint of ice cream it does feel a little extra goods so. If you haven't donated this summer or if he donated 56 days ago or more. This is the time to do it again because the blood supply is quite -- especially if you have a negative or both positive. I hope you'll you'll be a person of action and -- stop by and make sure to give your donation entered donating. Between August 1 and August. Fifteenth. Or fourteen excuse me thank you -- blue bell is very generously gonna give you a pint of ice cream for that pint of blood donation and it's incredible that one pint can save two lines is that he said earlier Sunday -- correct. This this is literally the gift that keeps on giving and I and I your motto is life is in your hands but what an incredible way to fill powerful. Not trying we all have haven't we all need it. Why not share the gift of life. -- -- Now that's an important message so remember if you're at least seventeen years of age or older UA at least a 115 pounds and you're in generally good health. You are the perfect person. To you give blood and you can receive a pint of ice cream -- give out one of the to donor centers or. Whether you go to a mobile location and there you'll get a coupon that's redeemable for one pint of ice cream. What you really want a negative and -- positive he went really encouraged those donors really anyone. Who would like he -- any blood tend to be -- -- -- Operative types are important yet. For sure for shore. Will Cindy I thank you so much for your time today in sharing this with us it's an important call to action. It or else that you want folks -- -- either about this particular pint for pint promotion or anything in general you want folks know about the blood center of central Texas. Well we are the exclusive provider of blood in blood products to over 37 hospitals. And in -- -- county areas. Without our volunteer blood donors we would be able to help our patients. In our community. It's very important that everyone do their share you never know who might need it in might be someone you know our committee in the -- So please come in and Sony Pictures is convenient. That is a really good point I mean we walk around feeling healthy and a little memorial sometimes and things can change very quickly so. It is important to do just your part and if everybody does their part then the community can really come together and shore up the blood supply here in Austin and central to access. The website if you want more information is in your hands dot org again here on -- -- and speaking with Cindy -- from the blood center of central Texas. Blood supplies are low if you have a negative -- O positive blood. I hope you'll get out there and donate the Austin donor Saturn -- at 4300 north Lamar or round rock donor center at 2132. North -- And if you had any type of blood you'd like to donate that will be welcome to you he can make an appointment are just walking in the door. The play the point is to beat that person of action he says yes this is important to me in my community I'm gonna make sure to do my part and blue belt. Very generously during their pint for pint promotion August 1 to August 14 it's gonna give you a pint of ice cream your choice of flavors with your blood donation. Cindy thank you so very much tougher for being here and for reminding us how important it is to be sure that we give blood during the summer. And thank you for the opportunity we have really appreciated. In a moment with more insight Austin. The Salvation -- Austin area command will simply looking for a few good men and women -- service members of the -- disaster service -- team this team -- fifty will receive training to support and -- disasters -- first responders training is slated to begin in September and will be ongoing with -- disaster training -- in addition the -- command will need to -- 60000 dollars for the special disaster -- our volunteer team will depend -- to support our communities if and when disasters strike if your interest in getting involved supporting -- just learning more about the Salvation -- -- disaster services volunteer team please -- -- Salvation -- -- dot org and please join us on FaceBook to get updates as they become available. Don't miss the eighth annual health country -- for kids -- car and motorcycle show and rally -- proceeds benefit the birds that are for you. The dripping springs kids on foundation for brings brings tiger took program and the red arena -- joined live music. A silent auction kids' activities -- barbecue -- off some really cool rides and lots more. Don't forget dinner for your chance to win a custom 1983 CJ 72. August 15 of a seventy that can't bill McCullough just across from the Salt Lake. Give registration details schedule and more info at -- -- rally dot com. Do. The Salvation Army always has so much going on him right now in particular and I can believe this because to me it's still feels like the middle of summer but it's really like back to school season this year. And so I understand Jameel that. There's a big. Important community need right now because local homeless children -- school supplies yes and they're trying to get ready for. You know the upcoming school year. Can you talk to us about how the Salvation Army is involved with helping those children. Now wind so the Salvation Army. Is the primary provider services for women and children and Austin that are experiencing homelessness and so when they come to our doors. We eat. We worked to stabilize that situation and get them back on their feet whatever is needed at this time mere. A lot of that is heating and stabilized and ready for school. And so that's every pain from helping the mothers. Get all the paperwork in and different. Aspects of eating their kids ready and one -- debate hurdles. Schools of its then I mean school's highest RX -- For all ages and so appear in a situation where you just had to. Decided paid utility bill or medical bill and on top of that you have school supplies. It's it this is where it ends aren't gonna -- So with the families that we have -- with us and shelter at this is one way that we can help them continue on the path to success. The thing that people have to remember. Is that the majority. Of the women and children our shelter the moms have jobs. There working -- it's just spend one unfortunate situation that put them in a place where they don't. Have a place to stay. And so when it comes to something to an average person person of the more of an annoyance expense of having to do school supplies. That can make a huge impact on the success of the family moving forward Al the -- Well it I'm marvel at how. Anyone and making minimum wage or somewhere in the neighborhood is able to live independently in this world I mean that's so. It -- you make a great point because I don't think everybody necessarily realizes that women and children and shelters. These are women that are just sit in back canine -- console -- -- are working women trying to make ends meet. And they need all the support that they can get to that they can get on their feet and live you know financially successful in independently. And school supplies. Are something that if you think back to it being head and getting everything ready. Having your finder and your pencil case I mean that was big deal stuff that's sets you up for success for the whole year or so I think. It's really important that that the Salvation Army is hoping so there's actually a school supply drive that is getting started July 28 right correct. -- so we are calling out to the community that we need school supplies and -- Juliette -- made reference when we were kids getting school supplies. And it was it was binders and Kleenex is and pens and pencils. Now it's -- giants and a calculators. And I mean the times contained so the school supply list has got into a completely different level -- I remember as a kid going to you know you can even go to the drugstore empires also rise so and it really is a big deal. To get these kids prepared and and so we are having a school drives and we are trying very hard to reach out to the community. So they can help us bridge this gap for these parents so what are some of the ways that that folks can get involved in helping out. Will we are and really blessed this year we have partnered. With the Men's Wearhouse cleaners and W cleaners and they have. Volunteer. And reached out to us to say you know we wanna help we care about women and children we care about our community we care about people that are helping themselves. And we believe with the Salvation Army is doing. Until they came to us they really were like what's that mean with the immediate need to make a difference. And we said. We really need help with the back to school drive we really need help. Getting the word out that we needed these items and we need help with drop off locations so it's convenient for the community. Two to get back to people are busy many it needs to be easy. So MW cleaners is going to have a drive for us and it all of their locations in the Austin area they'll be collecting school supplies. And that's a lot of locations there are seven locations. Just to -- the website Lincoln village Barton creek. Gateway shopping center homestead senator South Park meadows said this should be pretty convenient. You wanna get involved and drop off some supplies or the students. All seven locations of the Men's -- cleaners is except in -- -- -- Men's -- cleaners is actually. A subsidiary of Men's -- and implicated in the men's warehouse building right yes yes it's a new. And I didn't need to area and and we're excited to have them and just thrilled that they are. You know coming into the community in already giving back. Says some of the items that are needed. New or gently used clothes or kids. Really kind of all school age so five years old all the way to eighteen. And this is a great way to if you have an access kind of close that maybe your child never wore. Because sometimes we purchase things and they say no thank you. -- gently used things this is a great way to to really help some kids that are in need. But I love because love is set about USB flash drives it and even occurred to me how important that is preschool age children. I now it's it's a different world in as the so any kind of school supplies you can think of colored folders. Can't sanitize or of course Penn stinker racers pencil sharpener is. Crayons snow but paper all of those things that we -- kids are important too and so you can. Bring these items T Men's -- cleaners right correct Jameel won the things I'm curious about is how did you get connected with Men's -- cleaners to vigils calling you up or was there a connection to somebody that works at Salvation Army has tech connection has started. The Men's -- cleaners had done work in Houston and so when they decide to come to Austin to a news that the Salvation Army. Did a lot of good work and so they called us -- and why is needed now where can we help now we have some things that we can offer. But we don't know what the Anita -- and so it's just a very wonderful conversation we were able to say these are median meets we need help with this back to school time we have concerns that we need. More drop off locations and we need help getting. Gently used clothes so our kids can go to school feeling sharp and ready to start today and Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners said. We can get that. Yeah to the beauty is is that when the community knows. They can call us and say we have something offer we don't know how to do the most good with that. They can trust the Salvation Army and I think caused Salvation Army and say I wanna help how can I help this is where I'd like to help. And we have those needs where eat the things that you're offering and the community will immediately go to those people on our community that need it. Most if you're just not joining us on and -- Austin -- -- conversation with the Jameel read -- she is the development director of the Salvation Army sure Austin metropolitan area command and we're talking about their back to school drive. Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners has generously partnered with the Salvation Army. To enable all of their drop off locations. To be available so if you have some school supplies gently used clothing that you want to make available to. Kids in your community who are in need starting July 28 through August 18. Can go to any of the seven men's warehouse applications and those include Barton creek. Lincoln village homestead senator South Park meadows to gateway shopping square -- mall and of course round rock. And it's it's something I think is easy to forget as we're getting our kids Freddie there other kids that are growing about from their close. And like you said that you need that to start your day sharp and healing well. Oh absolutely and and -- cleaners has generously also offered if you bring gently -- closed in they will clean them. And then they will go directly to our shelter clothing closet so these are closed it will go to the families. That need them to get their kids ready for school that's great. Incredibly generous partner -- it -- it's a nominal and what feels better than having. And outfit the feel confident and line kids need that chilly there. Nothing better I mean I think. I think as. Individuals where there were children or adults when you put on a brand -- out there. Close you haven't warned before there is a different feeling and it does set you up that says okay the State's going to be special something's different about best. And every single child deserves to have that feeling on the first day of school. And deserves to walk in the door dealing prepared with their USB drives -- -- -- -- -- with their pencils and you know I just having the tools they need to set them up for success. Because education is the one thing that can change their lives and will affect how they're able to be financially independent and future. I couldn't agree more and we believe that it is our responsibility to. Set these kids up for that opportunity at success we wanna do everything we can possibly do BA it. A new outfit to them make sure they have a backpack and all the school supplies like their classmates so they walk in with confidence we don't want and a walk and five steps behind all the other classmates. We need to start them on that same starting line to these kids have those same opportunities that they -- of -- as our community that's our responsibility these are our kids. There really -- and I think when kids don't have everything they need. What's not number one they feel embarrassed because they see that other kids have it and so there are ready kind of hiding something. They're hiding this deficiency and on the path to self sufficiency. We all we all deserve to be able to say okay we have the basics Armenian and now we can focus to coming to get where we need to except. If you're feeling inspired there is something you can do you can take some action. You can still powerful. With the Salvation Army back to school drive it starts July 28 and runs through August 18 and there's a deadline involved here. Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners recently came to the Austin area just a march of 2014. And it got a long history of giving back to the community in Houston for quite awhile. All seven of their locations are drop off locations for school supplies. Be it colored folders -- pencils glue sticks safety scissors new or gently used clothing. Backpacks. Zip Loc -- if you if you think about it if you. You know they probably need it is their place -- online where folks can actually see a list of what's needed most yes. Salvation Army Austin dot board. There's a banner there and lots of information including drop off locations. Actual list of suggested items for the school supplies. It's all available on our website at Salvation Army Austin dot court. So this could be a good chance -- while you're out making purchases for your kids if you want. By a few things tax drag and drop them off that Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners. Or hear kids have outgrown clothes that they didn't have a chance to Wear very often it's a great way to. Purge would -- your access and really benefit these children and that are living in -- -- shelters with the Salvation Army who need your support. Absolutely I think a big thing at the close as it's going directly. To use the clothing cause that's in the shelters and how generous that -- Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners is cleaning these close. -- that's for the cancer they're gonna start out nice and brash yes wonderful. To -- this is a really important I mean. This is one of the important things Salvation Army does collier lying and it's we're so fortunate to have the Salvation Army in our community. Are there other ways on that folks can participate and support so let's say they don't have time to go shopping. And stop by that could be Men's -- cleaners can they do some gift giving online can and can mr. -- for financial support. Absolutely you can donate online at Salvation Army Austin dot or -- All donations made it from our community here in Austin state and Austin and so that's the best way to ensure that the funds are gonna go to support. The programs here in Austin. On our website -- also a number of volunteer opportunities. If someone has you know whatever their gift it is if it's a financial guest or they have to get to tie game and their many volunteer opportunities including. Volunteering for our disaster services helping out with birthday parties at the shelter. Helping with -- there's a lot of different opportunities. And -- remember this community our doors are open is someone hears a stirring in their hired that they wanna get involved they wanna help the kids -- community they're experiencing homelessness. -- -- -- Tennis I mean now go to our website and reach out. And we can connect you mean can -- connect you directly to these kids that really need our support where it's a great example. Will that some that. We're talking about race here with the Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners calling up the Salvation Army and saying hey how can we help what can we do. Certainly there's room for other business says. They can -- say we wanna get involved and help you out we just don't know what you need and here you needed help with his back to school drive and now Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners has seven locations are folks can drop off the staff -- It just it it can be really wonderful partnership. Yes and the wonderful thing about when you park north army and I think a lot of our. And folks like and -- cleaners are realizing is that they. Companies have assets. That are just part of their everyday. Process possibly like cleaning clothes that are just. Invaluable can make a huge impact on what we're trying to do and our community and so I can -- If there's that thought of how could I help how can I get my employees involved in something not just give monetary earlier give a service. We have a lot of different partners where. That sharing. And time and treasure is compiled to make a significant difference. That's a good point also -- you talked about. Volunteer opportunities. And salvation Austin Salvation Army Austin dot org is the website. And I think a lot of us feel guilty that we don't volunteer. And you know there's just so many hours in the day. So being able to make a financial contribution or being able to you pick up some extra supplies lawyer are yet target throw on some stuff in the basket and dropping it off to one knee and W cleaners locations the Men's -- complications. That's a gift for the kids that they really need but it also is a gift for yourself. Because he actually feel good I think -- humans we are hard wired to be givers and when we fulfilled that. It did there's no other feeling quite like it so it's. That I think that's one thing that really just helps to extend your life. Absolutely there's a mentor mine it told me once he said he known to me now people are getting. And -- -- people are dead and I think that if you tell people and what we've seen in Austin is only tell that can meaning that there's a need. They're there now they figure it out and tear -- if they can't volunteered different. Chapters of your life you have more or less kind of volunteer. They'll drop off the school supplies and they'll make that ten dollar donation online because in a situation like this every penny health. Yes every moment -- Every and its many hands coming the other to make light work -- -- ever doubt that I mean just look at what's happened with crowd funding -- and what people have accomplished you know with these in a five dollar -- tier and ten dollar donations hair went. When groups of people come together and just do what they can't. Just give generously as you can individually it's extraordinary what's. Can actually be accomplished. If you're just joining us on inside Austin I'm having a conversation with -- read -- she is the development director of the Salvation Army here in the Austin metropolitan area. And there is a wonderful opportunity for you to help the children -- -- army serves local children. 365 days out of every single year but they can't do it with out community support. Right now they're back to school clothing and supply drive is going on and Men's -- cleaners. Net and W cleaners on here in Austin has partnered with and so. If you would like to drop off some school supplies. And help the children get started for a wonderful year of school you can do that anyone of the MW cleaners locations there are seven of them. You wanna know where the center locations are go to Salvation Army Austin dot or -- This is an opportunity for you to really make a difference in the in the lives of children who are living in the Salvation Army Austin. Homeless shelters. And you know made a great point earlier that the mothers of these children are working mothers says this is really chests. We -- we think about how difficult it is for you to make your -- -- me. And that we're all working on a budget this is a wonderful way free to give a little bit to somebody -- -- are you maxed out more information at Salvation Army Austin dot org. -- is there anything else that you want folks to know either about the Salvation Army or this back to school closing and supply -- that's happening now. The deadline is August 18 starts July 28 so there's a finite amount time. Comments wanna emphasize that. Yeah I think I just one -- can mean noted you contrast the Salvation Army. We strive to truly do the most good in the community. You're extremely hard to be as efficient as possible with every dollar we received. And we will connect you to the greatest needs that are currently affecting. Our citizens. The Salvation Army here in Austin answers women and children 365 days a year. We could not do this without the support of the community. It's estimated that it costs more than a million dollars a year to serve the children. That we serve that come through our shelters and we humbly come -- the communion thank them because we couldn't do without them we can do it without. Donors fueled a drop off and a racer and I know that and we can do it without people like MW cleaners and so we are so grateful and I want to thank everyone in advance for -- Again hearing the cry of what we need right now and you know reaching out that they can do something in helping us out with a back to school drive. Thank you so much to Austin community. For all the you do to support our children that are experiencing homeless. -- to -- read some drug development director of the Salvation Army Austin metropolitan area command thank you for being here and for sharing the surpassed. Again we've been talking about the back to school clothing and supplies drive that's happening July 28 through August 18. Gently used clothes in new clothes all kinds of supplies are needed you keep a list at Salvation Army -- dot -- You can pick -- those supplies and then take them over to any Men's -- cleaners and W cleaners there are seven convenient locations all around Austin those locations are on the Salvation Army web site as well. I hope you are inspired to get involved. And decent get this back to school season to know the -- being here thanks so much for having us. -- a moment with more inside Austin. I heard on the news yeah I Israel's has found his uncle sky. She didn't know it was loaded. I heard on the news about that fourteen year old girl who was bullied don't mind really a year she she -- she she got her dad's gun from his nightstick. Yeah he's not. -- broken instruments. -- -- -- -- She accidentally shot his cousin in the hands she killed herself yeah. -- directions trying to round. If you own a gun you have a full time responsibility. When you weren't using it he sure can't get into the hands of curious children troubled teenagers thief or anyone else who might misuse. Your family friends and neighbors are all -- and remember all the markets for more information on firearm storage safety president CPC don't know. This message brought to you by the national crime prevention council the bureau of justice assistance and -- council. Do. Okay that coming up it's the 32 annual. Virgil CE -- scholarship golf classic. You don't see a lot of 32 annual anything. So I think this is pretty impressive that the to black lawyers organization has been doing this for 32 years. 31 you tell us a little bit about the scholarship golf classic and how I came into being in first place. I think the biggest thing that -- -- about to start off by talking about it is about the history. That the UT law school -- virtual C -- so many people particularly lawyers are familiar with us what the -- decision on decision that. Allowed four. People of -- go ahead and integrate at that higher and higher level if not for what -- pain or that would be brown V board which most people now. Is what led to integration in this country. -- you think that he means what himself is the first African American graduate from. He -- -- Texas school law Harvard wasn't actually in fact it was for seed lots. He means why it had to deal with -- a lot of -- -- right different things you know just to get to the foot hole of the school where there's loan. To say that we're proud and honored you know formed to go and -- so for allow people like myself to actually go ahead and it and the law school. It's put it mildly disabilities. -- additionally comes over to see a lot for him to go ahead and do the -- tribulations ago I mean for now the first African American graduate the team -- -- -- first. African American school court judge in the city of Austin is astounding to -- at least. We look at this you know our squash and generals to deal. With people who have to deal with diversity -- high school student to have. Different trials and tribulations that in fact you know many scholarships and certainly -- contemplate the force of who wanted to -- on those students because. Who believe not only is their necessity to him particularly. In -- act classroom but also to go ahead and excel outside of their and -- -- and reach out to your goals from there and down this scholarship. It is with the foundation for this tournament and the idea for this tournament was to go ahead and team to fund scholarship forced to go the go ahead. And usually give out those different recipients the amount of money they need you and me should they succeed at whatever school they got him. How many students benefit each year terms polished so that's good questions so. Today in every criterion is it is literally an interview. So we usually have about twenty to thirty applicants -- -- and from there we -- scholarship committee and we Whittle it down to you you know. Who we deem. -- it into specific criteria that were looking -- scholarships. Addition -- speaking from there. We go and -- Whittle that down to about. Maybe five to seven actual interviews and they have to do and in person in panel interview while and I spent on -- or -- -- -- -- at it I think I think it's interest -- particularly for com. Younger students of color to go ahead actually have to deal with attorneys because. You know one -- for him to join in the face face or shame to see who -- people are actually going and once sponsored you know. They're college creation extent. Two it also last for them to go ahead and deal professional. I think one of the biggest things that. However I'm remiss about them hoping to cruise on is that many. People of color to African Americans don't do professionals. Nearly to the extent that their counterparts -- and they see it as atypical. And for us we wanna make sure that they understand that this is just part of course I myself I have three daughters. Harper -- him to a variety different legal offense on a regular basis. Just for them to note this is normal this is -- index you know you can't be professionally concede wherever you want to do well at and yeah I want you to go and see other people looks owner there's not just that it's Friday it people died -- accidents. So you know the students themselves I know it's funny because there was equip themselves very well. They always stressing out it was dressed nicely and Potomac on where the church clothes are excellent as well but that conversations. Pretty astounding in in the in fact a lot away -- we learn. I'm just as much from them as a that's one of the reasons why -- and reached out to Parker's middle school and -- in flow of -- and we are. Pink dot school supplies and that's more rhetoric is people talk about you know. One Bayside and we can't dues at the start of the year stealing its schools us. We've partnered with the local Wal-Mart and down went our personal schooled me. And obtain materials we don't amount to low income families just to do that ended it was something that was said. In any guilt was speaking on the conversation when the students there and it made us think you know what we do a lot of work in Austin. But if we're gonna go and reach African American population these days. You're gonna have to -- -- Lugar you're not got to Maynard out of -- -- that's where it is right now efforts -- the only negative population growth. In this city strangely enough for you know EC and that it's a booming. Economy and and the union population African Americans are in -- of growth. And so we need to do a better job organization. To make sure recount where people in our community to -- went -- How important that the awesome black lawyers association. To -- to that is aware of that and you know something as simple -- school supplies that goes along way a little means a lot. And this is really important what you are saying -- about you know bringing your daughter's into the courtroom or into -- event. -- adult venues where they're gonna see how people interact because if you don't have that modeling. How to they begin to injury incensed if they don't experience it where it is -- -- planted. Three point -- that's important that you do that I'm really impressed with this scholarship golf tournament. If you're just joining us on inside us and having conversation with the Rudolph messier. He's the president of the Austin black lawyers association I'm also here with the rest cuffy. Now -- you are at the gulf consultants so I take it it is in large part at TU. To make sure that this events is is structured in the way that it should be -- goes off well this is taking place Monday August 11. What are some of the opportunities for people to get involved in the 32 annual virtual -- lot scholarship golf classic. Well first of all let me just say that it's really an honor and privilege to work with the Austin -- association with this particular event. I do obviously golf tournaments throughout the -- of Texas and really excited about the opportunity with. Turner to him on August 11 because. It does give back to the community like this for me that's also where were important. There's a lot of different levels and areas that support can be. Arrangements set up with -- people who play obviously individuals single players can do that. But more importantly what we're structured for our corporate sponsorships. And we have different -- different levels of corporate sponsorships. That people to participate in following from. Your title sponsor. Down to an individual corporate team. It wants to -- or if you're small business for example of that you don't have retained but you'd like to contribute to a -- sponsorship. And in -- -- sponsorship allows one person to play. On behalf of that organization on the company's well. A nice set up a lot of different ways for people to get involved. And so yeah if there's any questions that anybody needs our hands they could certainly contact me directly. On my cell phone to your code 2145331927. So this is taking place Monday August 11. At the hills country club it's the hills signature course. That sounds like it's a preacher for venue to have this. It is I was out there yesterday visit to with a golf pro in the general manager. On a couple of things and had an opportunity. To go through and look at the course and it's really structured so that. Very very well for a golf tournaments of this -- The entire venue as far as the clubhouse is concerned it's going to be very common accommodating as well so excited to have it there. So if you're thinking about participating in you're looking to sort of set up your team are you looking for sort of intermediate level of golf -- or can beginners take part in that as long as it got to folks on the team who can help move the ball through the course. Yeah usually you have in any kind of scramble golf terms such as this you're very easily have some people that are. You're a golfers are forever good golfers than those who might play three or four times a year in events like the X and that's it so. The real wide range of golfers and and talent there. And we certainly encourage everybody to come out and participate and have fun it's going to be great time for network in -- well. And that's what a lot of the companies that participate. We use this time for them they have marketing dollars set aside already so we utilize those marketing dollars to one. Participate in the of them but two to be able to give back help you back to the communities well those -- sponsorship. Right and that is so important to be able to do that here often how many folks typically turnout for this event. We usually target anywhere from 128244. Prof who's. 144 golfers means that. On every hole there's two teams that will be participating. Sometimes that allows for a pretty long day but usually we try to target about a 120. -- gives you. Two teams and every hole with the exception of the short on the par three holes which is used for bills. And we use that one group told clear that will participate so and how much money are you hoping to raise this year. Well the goal is to raise about 25000 dollars this year and take it to the next level. May actually continue to grow and we are still seeking out corporate sponsorships. We're certainly seeking me title sponsor as well. Not necessarily for this year only but moving forward as well and years ahead. Because we have a three year commitment at -- way. To participate. In the event their their review and certainly like to see his alarm obviously. Over the next three years. Absolutely. -- so what is the best place to send folks to get more information if they wanted to participate should they go to Austin black lawyers dot org and click on that events tab. Or is there another place for them to contact. That is one way to do that they can also contact me as a symbol for will be more than happy emailed the information out to them. The information is on the website as you mentioned already. As but again contact myself or you can just contact Rudy directly and he -- them directly to. How to get the information how to -- as well. -- to affect. This is quite quite an undertaking but I think that having done this you know the 32 annual emergency lot scholarship golf classic. You really know how to put on a good tournament. So this is something that both can participate and and feel good knowing that the money is going towards scholarships for students to become educated and fulfill their dreams and I would think. Pretty in many cases without the scholarship money. That would happen for for some of these students. Especially with what we see the the arms race the rising cost of higher education's country. I think that we also see at the same time -- -- assessing the need to go ahead and get a higher education degree that that day. How can we do that or how we feel. Good about pushing people were doing that if in fact we're gonna saddled them with numerous loans and bills and right different things right there as well there has to be a balance and you know. You mean if what weekend it is in just a monochrome toward that it's looking toward that and you know I think it's something that every which look at trying to see what they can -- to go ahead and help and students are trying to go ahead and achieve their dreams you know. With a coaster career you know or whatnot from there. To move forward and for us to do this and two seeded benefits and hear back from the instructors as well it's pretty amazing. You make a really good point about the cost of education should -- the rising cost of education in this country I don't have children but. Every now and then -- reminded I'm different of course who do. And I'm just astonished. At how much a college education costs let alone graduate school. So that but at times someone finishes their their higher education secondary victory. If they didn't go to a state school. The very an incredible amount in -- if they went to a state school they're still in debt they're just not an as much debt on and it's so real pretty. It's a huge challenge. I think in this country because we know. That the more education someone receipts. The more productive members of society they're gonna be that is the correlation to living at Phelps shot life. So if you're not able to get that higher education but his resources and funds and opportunities not available to you -- -- -- That's the hard part Juliette is that -- -- Wall Street Journal article probably over two months ago or so that was speaking in particular about whether or not. In reality. In all seriousness you know. Hired her four year degree is worth going as opposed to go ahead and just go straight to workforce. And -- think about that we would never be questioned in that you know. When he years ago I don't -- even ten years ago you know when I was going through school. And as well. And now we're in step one -- okay people or actually questioned that and we've got to do something to go held in alleviate that make sure we have people's -- side. Stay the course I understand that India and it'll pay off. It's not easy it's aliens are gonna be the the thing that's gonna go ahead and just be like how -- -- cakewalk walk through right there but at the same time it's your best path. In the treatment you're talking about -- -- American families that is the best path to go ahead and and break those cycles I mean it's good to see that particularly in my generational and people go and tried in the achieving. And being more demonstrative when it comes to education folks and education I -- and that's something that the black mean general. You know has seen as a necessity has done an excellent job responding to and -- look at a -- that's when the reasons why fact we have this golf tournament. But we need to make sure that with these rising costs -- -- certain issues that we go ahead and we reiterate those stinks too. Our kids at the same time we help those -- to go and do that because you know whenever we want and achieve success and around there somewhere on the line. When henin -- and down and help that person -- and you gotta remember that there's no such -- as one reason themselves but their own districts. That is don't really get points that you make -- and I'm reminded of an interview I thought earlier in the week Hillary Clinton did. I won't remember the statistics you cited but essentially. It's millions of young people that are. To having just graduated high school and who are college age. Two are not going to college or night in seeking out the opportunity. To get a higher education because they feel that opportunity isn't there for them they feel it's completely closed off. So they're looking at other ways of how they're gonna succeed in life and it must deal breaking and I think very limiting. And I'm fortunate because when anchor up there was never questioned. Wasn't going to go to college but it was -- there and you better study hard because the harder you studied the better the college can get entail. And we were gonna just figure out how to make it work united come from an affluent family but. But my parents weren't afraid of putting me into debt at the -- and that is certainly what happened -- and I emerged tonight and I paid off my debt would act in good credit in the process. Of course. -- you look at our young students today in the amount of debt that they're facing coming at school that can make it hard to pre Communist. Really really overwhelming so. I think it's it's it's shining a bright spotlight and how important this scholarship golf classic is. That the often black bowlers association. Has put on and wonderful that they have partnered with you brass and your company -- golf and it's and consulting. Says that she can really bring together. A wonderful event and raise the needed funds to support these students. What else would you like -- Chanel abound this day this golf classic it's taking place Monday August elect and at the hills country club in lake. Well number one as a -- force -- giving information you certainly not to me you know give my. Phone number again the minute Ross financial flyers on the east side of loss and over that mr. -- hair salon which is. But on the 27. 2917. Cherry wood in Austin. And then of course if you have questions you can also contact source of presently the only Rudy. Here as well and I'll let him give his phone number -- contact information for that as well. But again for media contact number again is area code 214. 5331927. And again we do have. A variety of different sponsorship levels. The people can participate. We're incursions seeking. Sponsorships and all levels the party get some of them sold out for example we. Triple layer of Texas. Who has stepped up and purchased the golf cart sponsorship so they're gonna be the sponsors of the all of golf carts out there and we're really excited for there. And again we're seeking other companies organizations law firms to participate in support the organization as well. So lots more information online at Austin black lawyers dot org and you can click on the events tab to get all the details. I'm pretty is there anything else that you would like folks in either. About what we've been talking about in terms of not to let lawyers association sponsoring this event. When the actual golf tournament taking place on Monday August 11. I just. Want to reiterate that you know who it's for a good cause and now I'm. A good. And he putted for -- term. A good opportunity to go ahead and meet a cross section of people that usually don't get to see. The Austin bar in general is when the matching -- in the country because it has. The biggest cross section of group regarding minority bar associations as well as different individual practice areas all having a seat on the board of directors. And with their support him with. You know frankly. It means to go ahead and helped and drive our focus and drive our information we want out there. We've done a very good job of reaching areas between that we haven't done before if it's from legal clinics. Given -- school supplies. Just holding different receptions for students to go ahead and get further information not only about. Undergraduate education but -- school for education. And this organization. You know I am so proud and humbled to be president of because of the people I've been here before me. Several judges and music's Federer right from people who have built it strictly. Step back and allow for me succeed because they've won had and they helped me on the way there all that. I'm trying to do in our recession trying to do now to go and pay that Ford is going to reach the next generation from the baseline you know or waiting waiting to see. Further because we've got it and you know the nearest attorneys who've been recipients of the scholarship -- -- you know. This look into the path to go ahead and become attorneys be wanna see the new generation of attorneys and we hope that the united not only skits and Chinese. This money to go ahead and get whatever higher education they wanna do but as a folk and you know what. Waged you do cut it you know I tell my my kids always ask her whenever it is that the school less than what do lawyers to. I mean don't people bring up they get people out of jail hourly scale and they see people. You know we all different -- a couple things and say you know what lawyers do. They help people. That's what our job as in if there's anything and reiterate in. For people understand not only about awesome -- association about what to scholarship does it helps people. And that's our focus now continue to be here for acoustic and if. Well sad and if you're feeling inspired and you wanna get involved in the event that as it re mention is going to be terrific networking I think a -- in general but also. Raising much needed funds for students to be able to get higher education. I hope you'll participate and that the 32 annual Virgil see a lot scholarship golf classic. Taking place Monday August 11 at the hills country club in lake way. More information all the details on sponsorships available he could play individually could get a team together whatever you'd like. But Austin black lawyers to dot org and click on the events tapped. Rudolph -- TA president of the Austin black lawyers association and rest cuffy. Our RLC golf an event consulting I wanna thank you both for being here and sharing this with us because I think it's an important way for people to give back -- here in the Austin community. -- wanna say thank you for having us because it means a great deal to -- you guys have us here to speak about this important event and in fact support us or measures thank you again Julian. And the same here can we really appreciate the opportunity and I utilize the station as it forced to get the information out and we'll see you on the links in my pleasure. Thanks for listening to inside Austin. Yeah. Certainly -- -- yeah. Yeah. -- The Salvation -- Austin area command will simply looking for a few good men and women -- service members of the -- disaster service -- team this -- -- fifty will receive training to support and -- disasters -- first responders training is slated to begin in September and will be ongoing with -- disaster training events in addition the -- command will need to -- 60000 dollars for the special disaster -- our volunteer team will depend -- to support our communities if and when disasters strike if -- -- in getting involved supporting -- just learning more about the Salvation -- -- disaster services volunteer team please -- -- Salvation -- -- dot org and please join us on FaceBook to get updates as they become available.