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Jul 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for your -- pocket and your husband Michael -- brought to you by Texas colosio's. Over the last decade Michael is champion and supported the rights of law abiding Texans don't own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas gun -- A veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure in such prestigious media outlets. But just Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money -- and BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defend the lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics here. You can join the conversation by calling 51239. And thirteen seventies and now here's -- Michael kargil. Every Sunday -- we opened today with a story out of California in the Golden State. Tom Green an eighty year old homeowner walked in on two burglars attempting to break into a safe it is. Upon this surprised the intruders beat the elderly man breaking his collarbone. Now they thought that Greer was incapacitated. But Greer turned up a few minutes later with a handgun. The suspects fled but while doing so the female intruder pleaded with -- claiming that she was pregnant. Great shot there anyway as they fled a way. Now but there was an autopsy autopsy later on that prove that she was not pregnant. Now this story is provocative. Not because it is a defensive gun use but because in California this defensive shooting enters a legal gray area. You see technically speaking bunker hit it right to use deadly force in this whole or in the immediate vicinity. But his own accounts -- actually pursued the people who beat him outside of his house. So now these events all happened within a matter of split seconds but it is likely that technically speaking Greer was outside of his legal protection. Now -- has not been charged yet. But the possibility remains. So we have common target want to know what you think is -- justified. Having just survived a vicious beating him burglary. And then ship we have he was shooting the even he shot the woman claimed that she was pregnant. While he -- that such a bad thing. And then also -- must respect that ever important rule of law in charge -- even if his circumstance or questionable. Still free to call in do in the show and voice your opinion 51239013. Said. Today's -- -- we have the president of gun rights across America. Eric Green on the phone ever agreed welcome to come and talk it. -- outstanding -- and just you know I'm excited to have you on the show we have so many different questions for you. Soul man this is just gonna be in Austin Sheila and also. Later on in the hour we're gonna talk about choosing your first firearm we actually have but Jeremy Parse is my favorite destructive -- on target in the house you don't Jeremy are doomed well thanks for government. -- also salute to talk about all we have a lot of things to discuss here gun rights across America and shoes and at first firearms. I and then also Michael's data that -- David that was your week this week. Spectacular other than summer came to Austin and I you know early we're talking about you know who was -- that. Is Superman and Spiderman a little left Batman -- I don't as a starter man Ben Affleck thoughts of outrageous. Well I'd like you know why didn't play badly and OK Warren he's terrible actor yes I said it I don't care Colin if you disagree. He sucks. Soon. To you can't be too superheroes. It's not -- your daredevil. Deploring how do you suddenly combatant and go against Superman I'm just I'm sorry but you know like -- seed Venus it's just draw heroes it's just did it in there right now look at her as. Married and also we have Justin how are you doing just from their -- extra -- Paris you week this week Obama who was great you do anything exciting. -- some of our land around this weekend last month wants to movie last night when wants and we Lucy was pretty good moving. Okay cool you know I I did try to deal cobble things this week I went to true looks. And just last night at least attempt to go it sure looks like I wish I could -- the outfits and you know I heard it was a very nice to play caller had a I heard it was a nice place -- you know went down in you know week. We Parti valley then I talked to the valley you're like yeah this is a great restaurants looking awesome you talked about it. We went inside and tried to attempt to sit down and they. They said you know we couldn't get in you know even though we had reservations they were all full so we actually had to go find another place so got a very disappointed true Latina. I'm just not happy with tree looks at all so I wouldn't go there for you change as a -- senator. An awesome. And so -- Online one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- an Olympic aluminum and all all the credentials are actually. Two times before in this case I mean I am confident we look it's good big man. Kinda limited right to -- himself a lot of outside his -- I mean there's probably initially people to -- two times before that of course is -- is criminal solutions -- open Internet quotient really. And although you won't mention it -- The Bard she was pregnant she goes no -- should be op -- She lives and yeah. So I didn't to be -- -- you know no solution grandpa. An indication. If -- people who -- -- longer scandals political I could end up. -- -- -- That's right in the state of Texas he you should someone 65 years or older. You know that's -- higher higher fence. Here because of their age. And I'm so I'm not really my my grandparents are good problems -- I'm I'm certainly. Any action to improve. You actually I don't know most of them already here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry when it comes to cool let them do what good is there. Yet so if any team like I said he commit a crime it's a 16 values are older and yeah. The crazy crazy thought here was crazy stuff I mean way way out there. You are pregnant. Maybe you shouldn't go but burglarizing houses just got -- and crazy. -- -- -- I mean my ground and they don't you know the only guys just couldn't go to another potentially treacherous. And so I think you bark for Colin and appreciate that come. RA and now the president gun rights across America Eric read every car you do concern. Aren't you an excellent thanks for Mia -- also -- a little bit about gun rights across America you know what did you start disorganization you know when did you start why did you start -- Well actually. It was started shortly after. After the -- and the -- shooting and you out. And of course we all know that the president try to politicize the tragedy and I thought that you know we really needed to as Americans to get more active. Fighting for our gun rights so little gun rights prosecutor there's. Well essentially born after the -- and happened on January 19 2013. I didn't know intentions. I'm starting an organization I had no instances of you know this this grassroots movement I lose so I'm just just did -- man who had an idea just wanted to do the right thing. And it's just essentially took off and I think that that all Americans need to. Just more active. With. Our Second Amendment Rights because we've seen it time and time and again that we let. Yes a lot of the elected leaders that are -- get away with the ball stripped us of every right that we -- Know what Stacey Darren -- -- organization and is it just -- is or isn't in multiple states are all fifty. Where in all fifty states but in all honesty there's some statements champ. -- -- not -- there's others but we aren't we aren't there yet to been at this and we aren't all that they strike. Which he is stronger states. I have well excesses. Is obviously very strong as well. California. South Carolina. Illinois. -- They're they're all very strong very active. Missouri. In this -- -- and I have my -- this gentleman who is not my Missouri State coordinator. Is also on our board of directors and he's also. The liaison between. These elected officials in Jefferson City, Missouri. And and in their constituents. Missouri is a very funny they they they run things very differently there and and he's he is extremely active what GR eight so things. Seeing our problem you know it takes to all Americans -- more all Americans get them here are estimated GQ. I'll protect our rights. Some good spirit here. What is your kind of your main goal are you trying to push legislation. Mormon national level you're trying to know more state by state. Or how are you trying to approach things to get things done and we know what's your main goal and focus. Yes but I'm obviously with taxes that was a good thing every bit as very different issue. Obviously we know the issue at. There are. The the push for legalization of Oak Ridge area and -- Other states have other issues that. Are equally as important and are equally is fatal fight. So. The state coordinators I obviously can't. Do you all of that's -- state coordinators in each state that deals with those state specific issues. Okay I've got to. Hopefully. Hopefully would be big push that's happening here in taxes good things can happen in the next legislative session. And be awesome. Pay -- this is just in the Washington. Good on one of the talk a little about some of our relationship between commentary to Texas and donors across America I know while we've come on. Got our coalition going here we we help each other whenever we can and if you can talk a little bit more -- out about how -- -- helping empower other groups to you know. Well I think. I think the coalition that we have here in Texas essential -- commentary yet. Does a phenomenal job with they're. There walks that they do believe it's on a monthly basis right now Justin. Yeah we believe this -- 35 chapters now on every single chapter does at least one walk a month that's one of the requirements and many of them now more than more than one month. And that's that's a great thing for raising awareness. Or to be. The laws that we currently have in taxes as far as how restrictive we are -- I think one of the biggest Saddam problems. Initially at. Well that's a lot of the country had no idea that taxes gun laws are restrictive they are. Liberals are always looked -- taxes as a champion of conservatism. And Second Amendment right. And that's not necessarily the case needs and -- You think about the you know the kind of awareness we have on Saturday there and I thought. Failure to come up it could yeah I figured you knew it would incident I'm talking about there and of course I was enough to walk Saturday at a I had. Prior to another event going on had to go to vote. -- unfamiliar with the people that were there. Com and I I don't know that you use been Maryland before but I mean what you what's your take on on that type of vote protest. You know I'll be honest with yes I don't know what provokes a a middle aged so burner. You're being on there -- the Middle East do. So walk down the streets of downtown Austin topless protest being. Against gun rights I really don't draw that connection. That exist between sexuality and guns. Obviously but he. The company bet most rational citizens don't. Technically from what I understand it's legal to -- back in the state taxes so they did violate any laws. Not a person's legal. So I mean page it's their right now do I think it completely ridiculous and ludicrous of course. Are. I think note from the connection that they were reaching for what's best. Yeah and if anything I think it -- more Lester shows he shows a good contrast between us and not our opposition. Yes oh yeah most definitely I mean is. It's your children type of people that we're -- list and these these ladies from what I understand. Brought up the incidents -- target and chipotle several times the even mention. -- moms demand action petition. So. There there appears that they were bombs may have actually supporters at the very least. And I just I just don't understand. The connection between the sexuality and it didn't I just don't get. -- on the same page as the on the island under our current -- -- cool we come back I'm gonna ask you need to explain to everyone. About what do what are your plans for legislative session here in 2015 and Texas you know would you like to see change in Texas some things you wanna see -- focus on. We come back definitely tell us about that. More to come and talk it is coming up right after these messages. Here on top thirteen. Welcome back to. And socket with Michael -- we're talking all things firearms -- join the conversation now by calling five point 639 and thirteen seventy. Now here's Michael's car deals. And now it was time for GG EN. Global gonna need these global good news sponsored by GPS enterprise GD yes. The largest supplier -- fifteen parts and accessories in the state of Texas for all your air fifteen parts neat -- GDS -- -- located at 321 what's been wide boulevard suite 202. In Austin, Texas right next door to central Texas -- works in the knees to the Associated Press reported this week. But he knew Colorado law that expands the background check requirements for Colorado gun sales vastly over estimated the necessary budget. The budget reports that Colorado Democrats provided. Doing the legislative push projected over 400. Thousand new background checks. All of the first two years when in fact the first year has yielded approximately thirteen 1600 new checks and probably less than that due to some political. -- -- The original budget projections were based on data nearly twenty years old. Now this law has only prevented 260 people with college and or criminal history from obtaining firearms. The -- -- fine Texas wasting that much money on these so called public safety measure you'll find me living in another state. But in other news I want to renamed Iowa the state of coincidences. A man called -- word assisted ended ended appreciation his backyard. As he cornered five fleeing suspects no wasn't Clint Eastwood to. Those same stuff you sort of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was doing his best to channel and has been -- dirty Harry. We not only like to thank Scott for using his -- responsibly. And triggered purpose but congratulate him on his newborn baby girl we went to see after saving today. Also in Philadelphia. Richard plots throughout the history of mental illness and violence shot and killed his caseworker. And attempted to kill other people in the suburban Philadelphia hospital. Fortunately hospital psychiatrist Leigh Silverman drew his own weapon and fired back hitting -- three times in the chest. Plus is currently in stable condition after surgery and will be charged with murder. Silverman showed great bravery and proper training and that he exemplifies. What responsible gun owners can and should do if necessary. I got one more front throwback team might. Got an update on the target stories for all your listeners. As you recall. Target issued a public request to all its customers to leave the guns -- home went shopping in their stores since that request. There's been a spike in crimes occurring at target parking lots. This week -- number was Iron Man pressure washing -- store in California was shot and killed just outside the store's entrance. The man responsible was in custody and believed to have gang ties. This brings me to an important point. The people who commit -- gun violence. And the people that give guns a bad name are the gang members who live outside the rule of law. Gun control is a nasty word in my book but if anyone needs to be controlled it's the consistent and persistent violence. Of gang members like this California man not the rights of law abiding citizens. -- ride this week. Michael Bloomberg. A key player in the campaign to control everything about everyone else's lives. Told CNN. If you don't feel safe here I don't know where you feel safe and I think the State Department has just overreacting and typical bureaucratic fashion political reasons for that. That's why would you think that what you think it's. Here's something ridiculous why would you think that apple is there outrage the you do accused of one of our agencies after that day by asking the question you're implying it. That our government does things for political reasons and maybe everyone's all they do but it's your job to prove it just think allegation against our government I personally I -- offense. I was asking if you thought there was a political -- Behind the travel and finally one more the FAS number one I wouldn't a lot of people in -- -- and I don't know you don't know and the other people don't know. Bloomberg a gun control -- feels safest in an area of the world where everyone Carrey's good and Latin. However since the irony and his hypocrisy escapes me. I think I'll send him a pocket dictionary this week with the words irony hypocrisy and jackass highlight it. This is this same man mind you that is trying to restrict gun rights and a country where criminals being an eighty year old man. That's Redding California man named Tom Greer shot and killed a home intruder and burglar. After the intruder in her accomplice beat and broke the collar bone of mr. Greer. According to the reports now so mr. Bloomberg in essence wants to increase crime in places where we beat our top gene variants. And vacation. To be safe part of the world where guns are less restrictive. The doctor she at its finest. And finally reports are surfacing this week that President Obama. Justice Department does have a -- low year prosecuting gun crimes in 2013. Prosecutions were down 42%. Compared to that of bush era gun prosecutions. In 2014. The Justice Department is on pace to prosecute the fewest number of gun crimes since 2000. This seems to -- that the Obama administration is intent on controlling lawful gun owners but doing very well to curb illegal gun use. Maybe President Obama should get a copy of that same pocket dictionary. And that is your global good news report for July 27 2014. -- -- -- And what what are your some -- your plans for the Texas legislative session in 2050. Well obviously the bigger pop but the issue is going to be open. And we are going to be working full force a lot of what they're pretty everybody else but coalition which includes. Caddie of course oh GT. Taxes scary pastor Terry holt and most probably the most active. Gun rights activist in the state right now -- lower taxes firearms freedoms. Who -- what are we're going to beat. What into the capital quite a bit. Not enough to Arnie and urging these legislators that they -- the path. -- That is going to allow law abiding Texans to be able to open carry very if that's -- that's their choice. Now the amnesty -- referee state senator that you working with. Well actually I'm gonna be -- wouldn't Steve -- Up next month August when he steps it and dom we're gonna -- Discuss some issues. But he actually I'm not my neck of the woods that I literally just very at ease ease from the same areas so. -- has always been a champion or are done right it's not so. That being said. You know would be really nice -- we get a constitutional. -- built group. That would be. That would be the ultimate goal. It's. You know. I understand that legislation sometimes takes time and even if we -- to get through the bill that allows. Permit it -- -- it would still be -- and it would still be a step in the right direction. Oh awesome awesome -- the -- Now it's time to kind of go into the the myths of guns. And how you can debunk himself kind of get the top five and knowledge -- kind of expand on the she can't so -- number one. A guy -- in the home is more likely to kill a family member than an intruder. Can you explain that one half. So that that obviously completely ridiculous -- amid a Spike Lee. What does this orchestrated around eighty false or any. Where daily. To a eat up. They only use the data where the criminal was killed they didn't use that data where the criminal held at -- point. Until the police arrive to where the criminal was wounded or whether criminal ran away. Well so that the data was the catalyst completely take. -- myth number two. Criminals obtained their weapons at gun should lose. Well well within the mini mini mini gun shows and I have. I have yet to get shot at a gun show RC one shot -- -- good sun so true. Criminals do not obtain their guns at gun shows that's that's completely -- -- may obtain illegal weapons there are background checks every single gunshot I didn't you. By the way -- another that's. So called gun show loophole that doesn't at this. All right missed three your gun is more likely to be used against you by an attacker. That's conclusion to prepare. -- Yeah that's. That's obviously completely also there's depends upon uses every single day. I wish the mainstream media would report on more from but they don't there are great. And there's several other web site that report on the defensive. End. And go to where guns are literally used. You know thousands and thousands and thousands of times every year to save lives -- stop. And no the rarity. Of somebody being killed with their own -- and it is nearly nonexistent. There aren't myth number of four. We can't trust people with concealed carry permits. Well it personally that I would ask why it. I have concealed carry permit I'm sure many of you do as well so we are not criminals. We've been background -- we've been fingerprinted. I personal even have a law enforcement background. There's many many other people who carry concealed. That just attacks but across the nation. We're we're good citizens and we do for one reason we do it because we ought to protect ourselves he wanted to protect those that we -- Paulson and the last one. Of the best one gun control prevents crime. Always. Well hopefully. -- yeah. I can't do that with one -- Chicago. Exactly July 4 maybe there -- a all right awesome hey hey Eric how can people find it gun rights across America I can we reach out Ian maybe even donate. Well we've got. Web site as gun rights across America dot or. And we're also on FaceBook and Twitter on up FaceBook yet. Are you can just search done right across America. And it. It'll show up to -- -- Mae West or to the main FaceBook page as well as interstate you -- gun rights across American whatever state you preside. And we're also on Twitter at GR eight America GR eight in the RI DA. Right. Awesome man -- I I really appreciate you come on the show and tell us a little bit about gun rights across America. And where we can find you can also donate and I you know hole dead. We're able to come together in -- great things in the Texas -- legislator for 2015. I'm sure we will Michael like I'm anticipating it to -- there's. -- Possibly -- it when it come January we gonna get you to come on the show and and kind of give us a date on what's going on in the legislative. Wanna make sure that we we gonna save a segment of the show to talk about hey this week in the legislation you know this happened. So be united -- Cost insurance thank you very much appreciated and then definitely hang around because that someone may call -- and have a question for you to deafening the rare event. Awesome next week we have my favorite instructor Jeremy Parsons from on target Austin. -- in the house and Jamie's gonna talk to us a little bit about a you know how we choose at first firearms Jeremy welcome -- -- -- talk of thank you think good things for government. Person so -- the world do we choose at first farm I just walked into the gun show and I'm sorry not gun show gun shop -- And spruce up against a large -- particular contributed and it does show. I'd give intention yeah Iowa annual my first thing and got a good young children get an end did you get a background check only us what did okay article I just checking. There is going to have more selection of a gun show two and a -- to this amendment and admitted gun show was a better place for first time except decision -- -- -- we'll talk about it yeah. I don't know that it had sold hot Jeremy how do I picked that first firearm. Parents of those -- considerations and he's taken place first from this year to shed some light on some common mistakes and I've seen as a pistol instructor and the gun owner. And out to all the -- out there that keep buying their wives the -- double action 380 going to stop doing that. I'm gonna cut that off my chest thank -- because you're on the verge of -- and -- you can listen up take a few notes. I'm gonna make this a simple as possible and how to make your decision a little more informed when you go to against mega insurer. To these. Out gun show where we wanna buy it. Tampa before getting thing again these -- his personal recommendations personal opinions. On the experience and I've had in the past present person you need to identify is 21 revolver -- wanna semiautomatic. Down one of those in the past so what you can't operates around thanks very well. Which usually by default to symptom or two revolver. Are going to work at against toward our own people discuss my -- way. But I don't want people to do that anymore when you seals revolvers -- chance they've got a lot of advantages. From one of them being you'll have a magazine load and would have notices over the years. A lot of people can't loaded magazine very efficiently to present a fire around the is very difficult. I saw my mother my grandmother exactly known in and they don't -- they had arthritis and their executives whatever little hands during arthritis so you don't hold it triggered camp culture we're -- you into that double. And it on the slide the -- back well dual front and very hard meditation technique it takes practice so are you invest some time. Into practicing -- professional instruction and techniques are or you just -- revolver reload the magazine with gravity. Just for the ball bullets in -- drop it you close that you're ready to go. It's domains Isabel as -- governor -- five to six rounds right to -- notify six rounds with you or is go get some personal instruction again and damaged aspirants count until the very user from a friend unthinkable that the things that people are looking for when -- get revolvers. Is it like you but you said. -- older adults younger don't have a hard time doing the things I said low in the magazine won't slide back. -- amendment want to don't have lunch and breakfast. -- semiautomatic indeed be just as reliable proactive. And the one more thing on revolvers and they still to fire just pull the trigger again and goes to the next bullet further steps you need to take in a semiautomatic when -- fails to fire. On the you don't have to do with a revolver. And so when I'm sure this in my -- and attacked and magazines full list slide back and I mean I have that net. That -- shrink the -- their slide back. But then with the revolvers. You just Pulitzer Ferguson down goes the next round there was a butcher -- emerged from. For awesome awesome. -- we come back we gonna get gonna have a couple more questions for you end and definitely -- if you listen to show when you have a question. Give us call at 51239013. Sudden. We'll be right back after this and. More common socket is coming up right after these messages here shot thirteen seventy. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm Dave welcome back to come in socket with Michael card bills so we're talking all the things firearms. Enjoy the conversation now by calling 51239. And thirteen seventy. Now here's Michael car deal. All right and we're talking with my favorite instructors Jeremy from on target Austin and we're talking not choosing your first firearm. You don't listen up husbands listen up dads listen not Brothers stop -- year. Your daughter stop telling your wife stop telling your sister -- bad habits are those just best suggestions for picking at first firearm. So Jeremy. We left off talking about the revolvers and you know for some people that could be a good win. Now have to be pretty a pretty easy to use granderson went out and I want people who take wishing that. Very easy to use -- they'll save for an operative malfunctioning does were very reliable and more in the ring. I clean you can open -- -- really need to take it apart to have a thorough cleaning that's another advantage of having a revolver. A lot of people take their -- apart because they -- can't put back together for their input in particular incorrectly. An -- calls you know that in the book printing like that -- revolvers that doesn't value on that does stress. And so the semiautomatic side of things people tend to gravitate towards those -- people talk about. The clocks of tools fifteen rounds holds a million rounds that's a great they do they do malfunction you do need to take a party do need to practice more they're more user intensive. I'm so that's what's if you have time to do it then cement American -- And then. Also -- can be a little more accessible for some random -- of forty to 45 of the nine million -- broke the rules are common covers a third it's social. The -- into this market and a lot -- -- get the three. As as the caliber when ET and that he had the Tony choose and stuff and you know the guys have to get the bid forty followed by a run not go learn -- -- to -- -- lift the caliber -- first first time buyer what what's a good caliber saga and I was city and. These incidents where you're doing -- -- do target pistols and -- beginner than it's only to his but if you wanna if you have one guy and you're -- -- for protection from learning burning thing. At least the nine millimeter it's gonna cycle -- it's gonna. Caused penetration and it's gonna have a great permanent cavity in the -- that's what you want. But found the whole -- through -- -- the caliber. And women tend to go three it is deserved their husbands this is bad advice mentioned your responses to it and you'll think. The so it's because of the recall rent the 380 a little bit recalled that does is not true. A lot of times its readers or compact pistols and they have short barrels their kind of light. That reach that equals more recoil have a little bodyguards. Came out of a lot of time there -- double action only which is what are touched on this a little bit. The -- -- -- those crystals are very hard to use it even as you know a street copper. Our professional shooters and don't Russians though they'll tell you the harder it is to hit the target -- -- the long draw lots of pounds of pressure we're talking twelve or more pounds of pressure. Or double action only pistol again that little hamstring. Older adults younger adults there's not going to be actor with -- which pleased to have more liability people -- elections are more safe. But when you can't hit the target how -- is that right. Yeah now that's say that you know we get people they come into class you understand that the range there initiating the other husband won't have that. You know like just -- nine millimeter 4045 and a wife and we'll have that 380. And so when I like. 380. They gave her the nine diluted 4045 initial hit you know on the sobering experience and she's in the and he standing there you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- heart disease at 380. -- -- Parents are ones so you would you have in front you wanna revolver you identified are you maybe you want to semiautomatic. For the advantages of either Warren. And then we didn't that is types of action to single -- -- -- only -- mean I'm. I would I would success in northwest -- -- or commission -- recommendation. And then what is your purpose food or is -- for home defense is that for target shooting is -- for competition. But the strong defense. Don't go to Tony too because the twenties not gonna stop the threat so that defeats the purpose of climbing -- in the first place. If you wanted to get a target shooting in US shoot inexpensively. And get those fundamentals down into the 22 but don't rely on -- for personal protection necessary considering tell you. That's -- he's gonna save her life because it's more likely not going to marketed well your need to be very -- many times and -- -- -- -- -- concealed carry competition would in my mind is done for -- if I'm gonna buy it until it finally get a concealed handgun license later on. But I don't wanna by the to tell desert eagle can be pretty hard to stick to my pants. My purse and. -- a little funny. I guess we won't personnel like Dennis could be -- In your -- Because they don't Wear this imaging sort of battle the at. -- so early and then what do features of my class suit you're gonna buy new car. I would assume tourism features that you look -- -- -- -- well man I'm looking at you know what the extras you -- in a safety he won't that car but again you know right you know. -- -- -- Just he has a last nine or ten women. -- that we're really looking for an in car Thursday blind spot detection they're gonna city adjustable seats. Seriously rearview mirror fast ten guys within the first -- always to be read as -- -- out. Let's be manuals wouldn't -- that aspect quicker aren't so. When you Barnes -- you for your wife think about what what is she weren't in the gun has -- she's gonna want the safety. She's gonna want -- reliability of revolver. Chicago isn't gonna mess with the slider hand or the the magazine. As a does that impetus opener positioned for a little bit. And then if you attended an element in this whole world is right handed. Don't lefthanded yeah as he left into me. I election result there was -- -- -- imminent risk controls -- and that doesn't exist just did everything they want right sprint in the pistol range or around indicator let women like around indicator on top of the chamber. So they know when one cement in the chamber enough so I can look at this pistol. As one of the chamber there somewhere in the magazine -- on safer atrocities despite looking at the door and you can see what state mechanism. I just makes me feel that much more comfortable. It's been a withdrawal. Apple and some other considerations as caliber we Ernie -- can touch a limit on that. The caliber is the measurement of the four for the -- of the barrel or -- and millimeters or tenths of inches. Right that's all it is you know you all about size now that -- all of our -- Here in Texas or if -- And then decide the game itself can if you can't reach the trigger yet to manipulate your hands where you can reach the trigger the Madonna's no good for you. Which are -- it's -- relevant link to pull as instructors soldier got his behind your forearm your finger should be resting on the trigger. That you have to mentally you're dampen your hands to the side and you can't Pulitzer with your -- behind again the recalls going to be a lot of them not to handle even distributed them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the you're not having too much for your -- summon that pitcher and I go talk to her you know a credible gun store in Austin. I'm Mike can sit here and tell your heroes besides central Texas commercial enterprises -- But it really is great players are gonna sit down and a lucrative exit -- So again the letter the gun -- the barrel the more -- they keep that in mind. So when you go by your wife a little three inch enough probably not the best -- -- -- doing more six cents a barrel or so -- it just usually well liked him better is or exactly apparent FF FF at present we're gonna find a credible store credits their first step when you when you know what you want to make an informed decision you find her credible store. And then you buy from a credible manufacturer as this that's you don't wanna go chief all the time if it if money is an option. It's then we did -- -- from a credible manufacturer from a credible store so I can't get their human hands can do is one who -- what was another one is really big and bulky. On the high point are high point -- at a high point. To use it as a break for. Good paper weight the ruins stay away from the high point or Stanley and -- I'm -- a considers -- say stay away from around the high point it's one of the few American made guns we have is just. It's pretty -- beef in bags when I would think OK and if you wanna pitcher Roman a flashy revolver Q1 India shall Paronto rhinos are delighted that I think those are pretty expensive aren't they -- a revolver. You know -- that's an eighty year old 83 year old lady. To go 45 long cold and their seats don't -- a perfect score with a group about the side of the soda cans. One and one handed. Yeah this -- -- caliber yet only caliber of those other myths that draw you into it -- -- -- don't compromise -- honest and asked me to win in the meantime you can ask when and always outdo me and drink yeah I would of seen as a couple things is probably you know the ability to listen and actually practice what what's been talked. And their mother's natural cold blooded killers and on -- -- It's really do the fundamentals they image file there and every single shot their plan for them so they always seem to shoot for the -- anyone does that would that. You know women over for her retirement has been recoil of the men most mentioned a little too left. My first different reasons easily there and I'm not supporting the -- -- -- -- -- women's tennis -- and perhaps a little low. Because -- suspicion recalled his he's gonna get comfortable with the Dow ending April 2 with an explosion every coalescing is something else but I go with the Levys say you. Hi can some things you can build your confidence with there are some staff caps per cent cups of big bullets that are made of aluminum and plastic. And what's with -- does is build your confidence loading magazines or chamber and around deeds came in around. And in that anticipation of the recall drive firing his life for you can actually squeezed the trigger on that naturally know without that threaten them and without the threat of using real bullets in your home. Awesome awesome. Boom we'll yelling as he got there we can -- get out there and shoot into meantime let's see people come to a class -- -- -- we put a lot of people to Parse. And they don't they just don't come back a lot of times those. Build the most the smartest ones we have in class come back and say I don't know everything about this done that's it's our class is not designed to teach you -- -- -- As is not if you feel uncomfortable around comes after your seats so classes because he took the wrong class. Were you haven't practiced enough it was an author who did offer beginners class to my wife with a brand new gun and you can go teachers are exactly right is this a place you can see him get away from you for one thing. You don't have to husband sensationalize. All the time and neither should the crazy uncle right. Disturbed there -- issues musician Matt -- every single time that'll help you and passed up anticipating the recoil. In all -- a lot of things for help your confidence. -- so get out there and take a simple beginner class don't let the CH a classmate at first class. Don't always go for that 381. -- you know Lauren or two when he tees are thrown into it can also -- some very good advice there. I had. -- definitely. You know go back and in and also taking private class that he's taken that CH a class. I assume from the very good advice there from Jeremy my favorite instructor I like to think. -- people I think -- agreed to president gun rights across America for coming on the show today. And definitely gives. Take a look -- gun rights across America see what they're doing. Get involved -- what's Conan. Take place -- legislative session here come January because it's not gonna happen on Facebook's gonna happen at Texas State capital so -- gas to get involved. In support gun rights across America. Com I like to think David Hancock Michaels for coming on the show today and yet here I like to think just Deloach. First you know keeping it real and talk less about our common take Texas I thank you arson and -- come and talk it we'd like to make our views plain. More guns. Less crime we believe in this Matra. And we'd like to find stories statistics in other evidence that is true it's the change. The narrative about guns and we think that the conversation about gun safety should not. -- how to further restrict our freedoms but rather how to allow as many people as possible to obtain safe access to firearms. As well as providing resources for citizens that in emphasized how to use them safely and responsibly. What we haven't given you yet is a celebrity endorsement of sorts now this week I'm pleased to say we have one -- very credible one event. Detroit police chief James Craig this week gave his arms citizens considerably credit with 37%. Drop in robberies. 22% drop in break ins of businesses and homes in 30% -- carjackings due in 2014. Now chief Craig also cited. The good work that his police force put in to maintain those lower crime rates in his CD that is notorious for its high crime. He thinks that criminals are taking into consideration. That citizens might. The armed and willing to use deadly force now of course there are. Always those naysayers and easier to whom I will not give the name or recognition. Who claim that the lord gun ownership. And the tighter the restrictions but lowered the gun violence of course there are no statistics. To back this up and recently we have the tragic case of Chicago. Were highly restrictive gun laws have resulted in far too many shootings and murders this year alone. We have to assume that the Detroit police chief knows what he's talking about and as the numbers to back it up. Chief Craig also acknowledge another simple fact and bulls down to criminals will be criminals. That is to say they gain war isn't prohibited by gun caring citizens and gun balance Harley rests with the law abiding citizen. Basically if the -- who wants to -- on the criminal is going to gift again regardless of consequences. Not win or governmental bodies focus on restricting. The rights of law abiding citizens instead of addressing the real problem there actions are little more than attempt to gain public favor. Our Second Amendment Rights. Rights but they are also in major responsibility. Our current and gun control activists want to stop the mass shootings like sandy hook in a -- column -- and we all can do that team. But to. Did you bet you don't restrict everyone's rights TD that we need to focus on middle health issues. In relation to gun ownership and we especially need to focus on violence caused by drugs and gangs chief Craig understands this concept. And I hope others begin to follow suit so -- he wants. The Detroit chief of police has -- it once and I'll see it again. My solution. More guns less crime and safety always go and -- yourself. You can listen to come and talk it. With Michael --