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The Wellness Connection Podcast 07/27/14

Jul 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Thirteen and cruising the wellness connection and we've certified clinical nutritionist and run you at least. And certified traditional natural path. Peter McCarthy. Brought to. By Martin's confounding and wellness centers with three convenient Austin relocations. Since you're tired of searching endlessly for health improvement. You mentioned that's trustworthy more accurate. The wellness connection as the answers you need. Here are Rania and -- Hello I'm happy Sunday morning to you and welcome to the wellness connection was brought to you by Martin's compound annual wellness centers. Where three Austin area locations at Lamar plus a drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy on your co host -- Gleason. Good morning and I'm your cohost Peter McCarthy this morning on the wellness collect connection are featured guest. Is men's and women's health expert doctor Tracy strand Hagan talking about how she is helping men and women improve their hormone -- health. Our health freedom segment nutritionist she Judy stone and -- Newton will tell us about their stunning health freedom's victory in Michigan. And why it's important to us from Texas. And as usual on our regular segments will be discussing the latest information. On a supplement the week the burning question and drug induced nutrient deficiencies. But Friday at the start things off this morning you have great news for all the chocolate lovers and our audience. Don't -- that's right Peter. -- mounting scientific evidence suggests that consuming dark chocolate confers therapeutic health effects most notably on cardiovascular parameters. I Swiss researchers revealed that dark chocolate -- 125 milligrams of at the -- a can't -- Name reduce elevation in stress hormones when consuming prior to a stressful event. The team enrolled 65 healthy men aged twenty to fifty years you received either fifty grams of dark chocolate or placebo. Two hours before a stress test. -- stress markers increased. Among both groups the dark chocolate group showed Blanche to do responses for cortisol and -- -- Observing that flip annoyed rich dark chocolate intake buffers and you can stress free activity. This study authors revealed that dark chocolate may exert inhibit her peripheral effects on the bio synthesis and secretions. Of cortisol and cat called mean. Well that really is good news for chocolate lovers say of course they do specified dark chocolate and isn't it interesting that it was the Swiss who actually did that three sir yeah I didn't I don't know I prefer dark chocolate well Barry go. The IRI. -- Peter you have a brand new information also on the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in life. That's right right he had previously researchers have shown that cynical distrust anger or hostility. Associate with heart disease and inflammation. Now and a Meyer told comment and colleagues from the university Finland. Had analyzed data collected on 15100 fans aged 65 to 79 years. In rolled in the cardiovascular. Risk factors aging and dementia study. Subjects first surveyed four attitudes and outlooks and assessed for dementia in 1997. And again eight to ten years later. The researchers measured cynical distrust using an eight question survey. The results showed that the most cynical group had a risk of developing dementia more than three times that of the least cynical group. And the study authors -- submit that quote. This novel findings suggest that -- psychosocial. And lifestyle related risk factors may be modified apple targets for intervention. Actually you know there's so much too bad and one of my favorite books by Bruce Lipton is the biology of belief yes that's right -- and it really he really shows how your thoughts and your attitude change your cellular. It messaging tears DNA and as I said in my own book adrenaline nation as the old adage if you are what you -- has a new partner you are what did you think exactly. What would be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor you're listening -- wellness connection. On talk thirteen cents. Welcome back to the wellness connection with accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are -- Elise and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection were thrilled to have as our guest our special guest today is doctor Tracy strand -- in -- She's a planned to honors graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. And attended medical school let Baylor College of Medicine in Houston she completed an internal medicine intern ship at the University of Washington in Seattle. And her anesthesiology. Residency at Baylor College of Medicine. After sixteen years of private practices and anesthesiology. Doctor -- -- decided to pursue her lifelong interest in preventative medicine. And began the transition from treating illness to promoting wellness. She completed an advanced fellowship through the American academy of anti aging medicine a four and the an anti aging -- generous and functional medicine. And is currently working on her master's degree in metabolic and nutritional medicine at the University of South Florida school of medicine. With this within the school of biomedical sciences welcome to wellness connection doctor Tracy. They keep them much I really appreciate the invitation to come mentality this morning. Yes it's good to hear from you. So tell us why the change for me anesthesiology to functional medicine. Well I think I might change probably reflects a lot of what's going on in society in traditional medicine and I think more and more about parallel I think that. Instead of just treating symptoms we really need to look for causes. Because if we addressed causes a lot of times we don't think that we can fix things naturally. I have an anesthesiologist. You know every day I evaluated patients from head to -- their complete. Body systems and their complete with the medications and it's incredible how many medications patients and then Don and every time -- medication you're adding potential. Interactions among them as well as depletion and the body of natural substances that we need. And so after. Looking at that time and time again I just decided that it was they can do really was that future of Madison to look for causes entry into try to prevent. Diseases because we know we can safely intervene early. From what a novel idea well yeah there you go and not yet as she we rarity in your bio well you attended the 8:4 am. Fellowship program in writing and I both I attended an 84 am symposium. A couple of years ago very impressive but what kind of training did you do when you were doing or completing that fellowship. And what what they for an there's not actual planning on going into the game clinical training like when you get a traditional fellowship for residency. It's a lot of very intense. Learning modules. In person online. And each module deals with a specific topic whether it be and a chronology. Nutrient supplement my Condo energy scandal. Wednesday for an I actually did I can module. All focused each module about 25 hours of lecture and learning and -- so it's very intense. Very advanced with all of the latest research. To back up what they're teaching every module has. Hundreds actually thousands of references and so. They were there really keeping up with the cutting edge of what the researchers shelling. His backup appliance that we're now learning is so important for our bodies. -- -- But what kind of patients DC now. I really see all kinds of patients the only patient I don't really see much other children. I see young people college students that are incredibly stressed things that led to a series of problems within their body I see older patients here who are maybe. Declining tormented her are causing a lot of contempt for them. I see a lot of men and women in their forties and fifties his stressful lifestyles are causing issues whether it be thyroid hormones or even cardiac risk factors that are starting to manifest -- so really my my practices fairly buried. The constipation -- -- patient to realize that they're just not feeling. The way they -- they know that something is not quite right they know that they've lost some of their vitality. And they're looking to restore that balance. Restored their energy levels and to feel well again. -- food and what kind of you know like when a patient comes to you what what can a patient expect when they walk into your office because most. You know unfortunately with the medical paradigm today. You walk into a doctor's office you wait for ever and then you get in -- -- ten minutes it's a prescription mail. Are they don't really spend too much time which you and they write your prescription your out the door. Tell us a little bit about what a patient can expect when they come to see you. And I basically when you can keep seeming to purchase that we're gonna sit down for about an hour we're gonna go we're gonna talk about everything you know I'm all body systems we're gonna talk about symptoms are gonna review it sentence we're gonna talk about lifestyle. We're gonna get complete. An evaluation. Of where you want what's going on and and we're gonna look for patterns as well that may have led us to the current situation. The other thing we're gonna do come to draw full panel of last. Well we look at all of the body system as we look at cardiac markers there's a couple of genetic markers that are very important to look for the fact our quality of life. We'll look at Iowa it will look a quiet man. We'll look at some vitamin levels that are critical and we'll talk about what we do to optimize our house and maintain one moment and so. That's first visit is a very complete evaluation. After Q leaked -- said the lab results actually sit down again and now are that the that the little more focused on what we found him collapsed putting it together with what we talked about during the first that this. And we'll come up with a plan of what we feel like is going to. I restore the -- systems where they need to be and then three man we're gonna sit down and evaluate where we are are things in praised. What happened in creative way to we need to be we're gonna find team that plans for a consultation with the Israeli. A three to -- process of evaluation. And putting them. They moved and replaced him creative quality of life. Well that that's really great to hear as you know idea -- -- my own book on stress adrenaline nation and now one of the fifth. Points of emphasis there was. The holistic aspect of stress that it's notched just something that occurs in your head and it sounds to me like. I hear you and I kind of share that same philosophy in terms of approaching health in general but also. And and I understand you you focus on. A great deal on hormone -- health. From a holistic standpoint. When you're talking to patients what -- typically what kind of patient do you see. You know are are these people. Who are your -- would be your typical conventional medical. Patient -- or doctor tell me what to do. Or do you in contrast do you see patients that. Perhaps have done some of their own homework and really are rather you know ready to make a change in and take charge of their own health that talk a little bit about that. You know I think probably the latter is more the type of patient IC patients who do have added that the police -- -- -- about her looking to connect the pieces they've been reading they've. We learned bits and pieces but they're trying to put that picture together although that's not always the case I have it's another patient is. Clearly that there and can let their body and they know that they are quite where they need to be that they need to. House trying to figure out why. I expected they younger patients that I see that are very draft you know college age types students young professionals. And down they know that something is missing I think. I wanted to reinforce the point you made Peter that cortisol. I've got when I mention my evaluation I did not mention that that's absolutely something I look at it cortisol levels because quarter dollars a huge driver. Health and disease more so disease and I body. And so it's very important evaluate what's going on with patience and stress levels and cortisol I think. And I modern day lifestyle we've sort of accepted that stresses the norm. Well. Stress may be the norm but it's not the norm for our body and aimed stressed that our bodies is absolutely probably one of the main re confident that this fees. Because star athlete inflammation inflammation leads to disease and -- it's critical to look at what's going on with cortisol levels within the body. And she used to look for a balance. Cortisol is. Is one of the energy -- -- body but it's really designed for that fight or flight response from him back in the day when that you know the lion like chasing -- in the jungle. Recorded solid designed to allow a few. Days. And then goat you know the next thing we did -- we they went to cave and they they didn't -- -- looking for the next -- immediately they were in their pay for it they're cute relaxing and and -- recovering from the court of all insults. In our modern day and age. We jump from one -- and that. And staying cortisol levels are just they're damaging to every system and our bodies they're damaging term brain. They affect our memory -- And though the cortisol too long and eventually the body's gonna turn it down because it's just too damaging it goes from -- -- and anti inflammatory when we need to run as fast as possible. -- pro inflammatory and that fact that inflammation at the beginning of the disease and the body. Absolutely. -- -- on the court doctor -- around let's let's come back we'll continue our interview with doctor Tracy after briefly word from our sponsor. -- you're listening to the wellness connection on talks. Thirteen seventy. Too little wellness connection with accurate health information you can trust him. Once again here are -- police and Peter McCarthy. Well welcome back to the wellness connection are continuing interview with men's and women's hormonal expert doctor Tracy strand Hagan. -- doctor Tracy you're making a point there are we I needed to interrupt to go to our commercial break guy wanted to give you the opportunity to finish the thought of future if you desire. Absolutely so the point -- is talking about with cortisol and and you know the same level recorded on the damage to the body. Probably the biggest effect from quarter Collins and high cortisol levels. -- that we're gonna drop chloroform and can look at and it was low hormone levels. And I think Manny and I are suffering from low hormone levels and -- really -- aware. The reason Ford is that cholesterol is not just bad bad guy in your body that's causing heart disease. Cholesterol is actually used to make all of our hormones. Estrogen and testosterone progesterone but it's also used to make cortisol. And what happens is when we end up under these times of lemon extract continued -- -- stressed. Our Bonnie always makes scored at all because -- the survival want to so we ended up eating up all of our cholesterol can make. Cortisol and we don't have enough. Last can make all of -- warm hands properly. And the first round match ends up dropping as testosterone was. It ends up being very susceptible to those high stress levels and testosterone levels -- -- and that is not just a problem for men but for women and twelve. We all need our testosterone for men it's important obviously for maintaining memories -- strength. For women and it's important for maintaining a sense of wellbeing and for maintaining strength as well obviously the levels for women are not nearly as famous for men but nonetheless. It's very important that we all have a balance of -- performance and so that's where putting -- you have to think the pictures -- gathered strength in the body and what's going on with cortisol. And then look at -- on -- A lot of time with menopause for women -- or end upon her man. We end up with these are hormone levels drop. And our cholesterol level. Climb in that that ages forty to fifty suddenly we have high cholesterol as a doctor once just had a panic -- or not a medication to treat cholesterol. Really what's happening at our body is trying to give. More of what it needs to try to bring hormone levels back up because again. Cholesterol that he can make the -- we need. Could suddenly land up on a drug to treat the high cholesterol. Retreating -- and then we haven't looked for the problem. The problem being that the cost strong ties to that everybody can make more performance that we really need. For overall health and wanna -- Well the the -- and that makes perfect sense and -- I you know that that's something that even when you when Ronnie and I think current total agreement on. Now you mentioned that you do evaluate cortisol you also do a number of tests that many physicians don't include besides that. -- talked just a feeling that Justin Leonard to about that about the that the additional testy get. You that one Crowley that I -- -- impatient because again -- senators on the body. Included not just quarter of all but also our thyroid and -- pancreas can diabetic markers and so I get very -- violate -- including -- -- and embodies many of us have hidden in a body and are filing that we're not aware of and that's gonna affect what's going on with energy levels with everybody. I also look at a full diabetes panel that has -- markers that show -- Where's the problem might be in blood sugar levels so that we can prevent going down that path of diabetes. The body needs nutrients and if we can give it the right nutrients that it needs. We can really reversed those markers of disease so that we never and that's what the actual full blown disease week we take -- -- -- house. Another marker that I thought sank his critical and I'd like to think that in ten or twenty years hopefully even -- we're checking it -- and it and -- and everybody. It's an appellation marker. DM ths. Math elation at body chemistry at at that chemical pathway that we used to get a number of things with and I body. -- can activate or deactivate. Compound. Current and when we may -- DNA when we're repairing and making it DNA without body. Math elation at the staff within the process so. Very important but that's a healthy steps -- -- that we -- not making an abnormal DNA in that we're able to repair while. The appellation is also part of -- to leopard detoxification. In the body it's a way that we eliminate toxins so that they don't remain in our body and cause problems. It's critical for estrogen metabolism and now we're talking about how we go down a half. Happy healthy pathway of eliminating those estrogen from our body as a parent -- At that the pathway that causes cancer. We know that that same pathway used with synthetic warm hand and that's why we -- bio identical hormones. An hour talking about and appellation is important firms. To decrease risk of breast and prostate cancer. Another very very critical part of -- -- is that we used it to make no I transmitters with an -- buying. It for not making. Full levels of merit transmitters we end up with chemical imbalances within the brain and now we can have symptoms of ADD. Memory issues depression is a very very big and staying very prevalent very common and an escalation. Is that he part of that as well because. We -- -- turned our transmitters simply by not being able to make. And ask her proper balance. -- -- a genetic markers that I have to -- All my patience -- that we know if we need added supplement with that bill. The fix for that attack supplement. To allow the body to perform the functions that it can't quite do on -- sound. Good for me that's one of the most important thing I'd look at. Well that's that's wonderful and now we'll be right back with more from our special guests could doctor Tracy strand -- after this brief message from our sponsors. You're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen -- Google will loose connection with an accurate health information you can trust and once again here are -- And and Peter McCarthy. And we're back to the wellness connection if you're just joining us were having a fascinating conversation with hormone expert doctor Tracy strand -- -- doctor you had described yourself as a functional medicine physician pitcher consultations covered by insurance. Unfortunately insurance. Is designed for that eight minutes. Give up restrictions and so my consultation doesn't really fit that mold that first hour that we tested -- that just doesn't. It fit into the conventional medicines structure. So my complication is not covered by insurance. My last however are covered by insurance and and that testing companies actually with patience for coverage for the attack. Well that's -- good scenario there you go well you know. As we all know those of us in the natural health community -- big believers in appropriate targeted nutritional supplementation. In your opinion why are supplements important to approach person's health. I think supplements are critical because basically they're giving her body what it needs -- that it can repair itself. Unfortunately. In this day and age even if you eat organic a 100%. -- in all the things has the right things quote unquote right thank you for your house. It's very difficult to get all the nutrients we need. Just either by virtue of the way that we farm and pretty. In the country and he and so it's very difficult to -- I have everything the body needs to assimilate -- and orbit and and how to be in its right -- finance and vitamin. The levels that that the ranges that are given for vitamin. And so. For whatever reason we are none of us are able to get enough vitamin. But that's just one example I think across the board it's just very that we were not able to get everything we needed especially because to repair sometimes -- A much larger amount of the nutrient than is available from what we can get and it dietary can dietary or. -- exactly well now to that not all supplements are created equal. So what's the difference between pharmaceutical grade supplements in the kind it can be bought the grocery store and chain or pharmacy were wholesale stores. Pharmaceutical -- supplement the biggest thing is that they are tested their tested by an outside company. That means that what you're reading on the bottle is absolutely what's in there and and what you're gonna gaps in terms of nutrients. The biggest thing about pharmaceutical grade is that there are a 100% bio available. When you take a multi vitamin that's -- pavlik forms. It has been practicing and then. May could take up a little space as possible and with a huge amount of pressure to compacted so they could have wandered to a day. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are that you're gonna end up taking for -- on a multivitamin for days the reason being is that it's -- gel capsule. And the -- at the gel capsule. Hits the stomach it dissolve and what you have is mental freely available immediately available for absorption. If you're ever looking at your -- you should be able to pull a capsule apart in immediately -- you have to kind of be a number of mineral. That's another very important distinction because that means that your body can immediately of north and east. Those minerals and doesn't have to work incredibly hard to try to break down that tablet the capsule is right there with ingredients that that your body can you. -- and the question I'm curious on what you're taking is on a lot of lot of people ask me in and I'm kind of interested in hearing what your take is on. The difference between a synthetic vitamin and a natural source vitamin. Well I think the biggest thing is. When I'm recommending vitamin my patients have done a lot of research on companies and and where they're sourcing their material from. And you know it is this sources it is also another critical part of vitamin and and how. What it's gonna do or even though I'm recommending pharmaceutical grade because I know these companies have. Attain the vitamin from your sources and I know that they're going to be distortion that your body can -- You know exactly -- that we shared on this. On this show several times some horror stories of where some of those vitamins. From ball palaces going to and it's these. Higher grade pharmaceutical. -- that spanned the extra dollar to test the quality. And the purity of the supplement where you know a regular big box store something like that. Doesn't go the extra mile to check for quality control and what have you -- -- frail regulated industry so. You know we need to. Trusts basically those. Supplement companies that. Well you know really go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar and unfortunately that's why there oftentimes more expensive. Then the the one pill a day kind of supplement. -- Absolutely right I think he's absolutely. We hit that the nail on the head that'd -- And unfortunately that that fact that the vitamin industry itself regulated is part of why. They'll be studies that come around failure wasting your money on vitamins for not getting anything for you -- And fortunately dentistry is not well regulated in -- yes. A lot of that can be the case to -- but pharmaceutical grade got the whole thing that's that makes them distinct. There is outside -- they. So this isn't just. Something where they put on the label and said this is what it is it's been happening guarantees that its PR and a 100% I was able. Doctor Tracy we've got about thirty seconds left on this SaaS segment to would you tell our audience please. How can they get hold of view to schedule an appointment and when you're available for that. Absolutely -- I'm available Monday through Friday at these patients from 830 to 530. My offices located in lake hills pharmacy. My web site is Austin health and wellness center dot com. And my email address is doctor DR Tracie Strahan don't. At gmail.com. The office phone number if I want she is cute victory. There anytime they feel as. And of course you are also office seeing out of you know these Martin's pharmacy which makes it very convenient. For especially people in the lake hills area. Well. We want to thank you for joining us today doctors Tracie -- Hagan. You've given us a wealth of information and I'm glad that the public is getting too. Had the opportunity to meet you and really hear which you're all about. I'm will be back or I know we're moving on actually I'm. You have no idea -- Time for our weekly -- this supplement of the week and what what is that this week you know supplement of choice this week is gluten sensitivity GR restore by new medica. So Peter you what cluster and is -- ash. Or do writing a column call Ostrom introduces in the you know -- the ones from the mother to the infant and turns on the child's immune system. Call Ostrom has incredible immune balancing benefits cholesterol also contains a rich array of nutrients including growth factors. Let critic and quit -- evolution should X factors Allegra sack per Ryan's. Antimicrobial. -- kinds and nuclear science and the substance introduces to the newborn. The all are all over 95 different compounds that balance and stabilize the immune system it also brings in. Eight growth factors that promote normal cell growth. DNA synthesis -- utilization and increased mental acuity and with this particular product it's not just for new -- -- for all of us and bovine clustered is. An identical structure to a natural clot from produced by humans and researchers attributed many health benefits to both mine collapsed. If these benefits include improved got stability and -- and that nutrient absorption. Russia also provides ideological balance increases energy and reduces inflammation and illness and researchers believe the microbial balance in the -- plays a role. In roughly 70%. Of our immunological. Control. The major player here is a special in you know go opulent protein called check for -- IG AR SIG day. Individuals with chronic gut problems like IDS and -- diocese. Crohn's Disease also altered -- -- is an autism typically have low SI GA is. And this is a sign of chronic stress in the body. That has drained the immune system in the dribbles. So chronic infections environmental toxins and poor lifestyle could all be contributing as the major cause behind this. Gluten sensitivity GI restore by new America has high amounts of 100%. Pure. Bovine call -- which is a rich or source -- -- GG NPR piece which are pro -- rich poly pep talk. -- these PRP's are tiny information caring proteins with amazing adaptability. In times of intense physical stress they enhance immune activity by promoting the production of -- kind. In the opposite situation when healthy immune system reacts to environmental factors through SATA kind production PRP's sends signals. Via specific cell receptor sites to decrease the production side to kinds in order to balance the immune system. And gluten sensitivity GR restore is available at 10% off for all Martin's VIP members this week. And all three markets locations dripping springs Lamar plaza and -- kills pharmacies. Will be right back with your burning question of the week after this brief message. You're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen separate from. -- -- Now it's time for the burning question -- we answered those important health questions that you delicious session -- it's important to note that any diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. None of the information we percentage intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. And this question is from Disney in dripping springs and she asked what can I do for my ten I guess. But this is an and an annoying ringing or buzzing in the ear and it's generally due to damage to the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve in the inner -- commonly from exposure to loud noise. Other causes include allergies high or low blood pressure a tumor diabetes thyroid problems -- head or neck injury well yeah and you. As you know -- IE extra have experienced tonight is from my exposure to high frequency jet noises. And during my career as a military and airline pilot that. But there are other things that can cause him some drugs including an inflammatory. Antibiotics. Sedatives. And -- -- depressions and aspirin can cause tonight if this is the case changing drugs or lowering the dilution she usually takes care of the problem. So recent research in the state -- university in New York in buffalo also found. They're that specific area of the brain involved in tonight is. That affects only one here at the researchers were able to detect changes in the auditory cortex. The part of the brain that processes sound. On the opposite side of the brain from the Canada so this six suggests that the tonight is may actually be initiated by brain activity. Rather then by the year doesn't prove -- well whatever the cause many people are plagued by it. And -- some say that two tablets of standardized extract of the natural herb ginkgo below the three times a day which meals may help by increasing blood circulation in the head and neck. I definitely got to give -- At least two at two months of trial before you can see any results and several controlled studies have shown acupuncture to improve to minus however. Just as many claim no benefit from acupuncture so I guess it depends on. Who you see initiator right in previous clinical trials are concluded to ascertain the effects. Of Ko wins on Q ten on patients with tonight. This chiropractor doctor James Fettig recommends taking -- tend to -- tonight symptoms. He discusses how the supplement generates energy in -- mitochondria. Helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as ringing in the ears by increasing overall blood flow. He recommends 200 milligrams of high potency highly absorb the -- co Q ten daily. And you can consult with your natural health practitioner for personalizing those -- And I'm getting that. Blood circulation is is related the big culprit here. Zinc and B twelve are known to be helpful of course -- ideally in -- and -- eight form 9250. Milligrams daily for. About three to six months may help especially zinc is low and you can tell -- zinc is low if zinc laws injures taste really yucky. You probably don't need seem -- have the -- of zinc seems to have little or no tastier deficient. So studies on zinc and tonight is generally indicate that zinc is helpful in age related tonight this and hearing loss. Zinc can also help with age related loss of taste. While that's good news also -- vitamin B twelve deficiency has been reported to be common in people exposed to loud noises. And who have developed occupational tonight show and hearing loss like many airline pilots. And intra muscular G injections of vitamin B twelve in the dose of a thousand micrograms weekly can reduce tonight as she and her severity. And then of course high salt intake can raise blood pressure. We've seen that blood pressure seems to be the issue. Causing tonight -- and hypertension so if you're susceptible to the effects of sodium reducing your salt intake is an important step in helping to lower not only your blood pressure possibly reducing the intensity of the ringing in your -- well -- you can also try other natural therapies such as cranial -- therapy. Excuse me -- therapy. Tonight it's retraining therapy biofeedback. And homey -- that's the end they've all been used to treat tonight as I hope that helps you. Well you can submit your own burning question by going to Martin's come pounding in wellness dot com and go to the wellness connection page. Tune in every week to hear if your question is being answered on the air and Friday it looks like it's time now for the drug induced nutrient depletion segment. And this week's drug is atypical. Anti Psycho six such as -- -- president down and cheated on. On and -- nutrients that this drug or these drugs may deplete our. Vitamin B six C and. And that also -- that category also includes a very popular anti depressant effects or doesn't it. 90% of women and 71% of men in western countries obtain less than the current RDA for vitamin B six. Approximately 25%. Of adults. In western countries have been found to be deficient in vitamin B six approximately 80% of independently -- elderly people. Independently living elderly people on western nations are. Deficient in vitamin C and. -- you may already be deficient in vitamin C and then if you're taking this medication that can compound the problem. And of course -- a vitamin. Vitamin B six deficiency may cause acne Anemia ADD regeneration of the peripheral nerves depression. -- hair loss irritability learning disabilities. Week. Or -- metabolism of protein carbohydrate and perhaps. And among other things vitamin C deficiency may cause Anemia bleeding glut -- guns and capital area well wall rupture and vitamin. So when you pick up your prescription at Martin's com panning and -- be sure that you talk to one of the wellness consultants in order to help you get. The right nutrients to compliment your prescription. And once again it's time for our health freedom segment and we are thrilled today. To have with us two women from Michigan who can only be described as health freedom heroes Judy stone is the executive director of Michigan nutrition. Association. And the legislative policy director for the center for nutrition advocacy. She's the author of Take Two apples and call me in the -- a nutritionist. And is the owner of the center for functional nutrition in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And -- Newton is a registered dietitian and certified clinical nutritionist. She has a private practice and functional nutrition medicine lifetime nutrition LLC in Plymouth Michigan. She served on the board of dietetic -- nutrition from 2007. Until 2013. Judy in -- welcome to the wellness connection. And everybody there how are you don't. Oh good to talk to you well -- EU and cocoa were instrumental in the recent stunning. Health. Freedom's victory. The repeal of the Michigan dietitians licensing law. Do you think the repeal of outlaw will have effect on other states with exclusionary laws that were put in place by state dietetic association's. -- -- -- appears this is just the latest push back against -- guys had a monopoly we're there really is there. Trying to calm and organized opposition as these types of bills and it incorporates a wide range of professionals who. -- have nutrition training and utilize nutrition school within their practice. And it also of course includes consumers to. You do not want the ability to choose that they can't soft partition. To be taken away from them the men's. One more point is that. A clear trend over the last forty years that says that I'd been working on these type of bill. Is that legislators like they understand the issues at that that they've rejected these turf protecting lives and occupational regulation in general is coming under more scrutiny on the on the phone with the increase -- yeah. While -- that's great news and that Coco as our. Why would you choose to work towards a repeal of a license for law that benefits you and all our peace. Well you know. A lot of people exactly that question. And it seemed like not being more on that on these kids like pension and others thought I dietitians think Garnett -- elusive insurance reimbursements. And to monopolize the professions like keeping out other practitioners. So for me my valuable education. And expertise that I have today. Was it painted by eight nutrition professionals. Better and mostly not registered dietitians say are. Natural pass chiropractic. Physicians pharmacists and other credentials nutrition -- And so even that's it. So here you have like until -- -- that restrict. Public and they were just an education profession how could support a law. At this credit qualified educational professionals that I've been so much knowledge from. And of course. Of all your fellow CC NN. An articulate your colleague of mine and I am a CC and so you -- you've gone the extra mile. How how how -- I except -- and -- in Michigan for myself from my own insurance reimbursement. I'm literally turned my back on -- professional. And it's really. Maybe into a much more valuable nutrition today. It's very admirable -- And you know -- there's a lot of media coverage about the academy of nutrition dietetic accepting corporate sponsorship from junk food companies. And many are days -- that policy. Do you think there's a similar dissatisfaction among some RD's with the organization's pursuit of licensing laws. That are written to effectively keep non RD's from being able to practice. Well I think that fact is if you got the tortoise and the hare here you've got that that's happening at a lower level -- the corporate food sponsorship which everybody can kind of wrap there. On the lineup around look vacations don't even know they're -- month they don't know what their lives really stay -- don't they don't really know their impact. I'm ultimately never read them and most expectations aren't even familiar with -- other credentials such is that certified. Clinical nutrition -- by nutrition specialists than others. And they don't really know what an action helped -- they don't know functional medicine is. You know in the media. Definitely that -- food corporate food has been a huge. -- had a huge presence and you wait so does this monopoly stick graph of life -- effort by the dietitians know you won't see that happening in waves. So they're probably the two main issues that it should that have shown up in the media. -- most people don't realize that they dietetic association has taken or outlawed in 35 states. That's a big chunk of this country well and we're happy to say that that's now 34. Bank of England revolution -- I guess I I should mention to our audience that it was I believe July 15 that the governor of Michigan did sign that repeal act. And -- again kudos to it to you -- all the work with you to be able to make that happen. Judy turning to you -- what do you suggest for trained nutrition practitioners. Who lives in states that don't allow them to practice if they wanna try and change along that state how would they start that now. Well. Things. You know it's got four years in that game and it takes a lot of time in a lot of -- that they're so that's the first thing as. Be prepared for fox and -- and that takes a lot the -- I know them and people felt like an idea but. A lobbyist parent relationship with legislators and a lobbyists to work. We have people on the ground -- really understand the issues and organized it's like. Can be very powerful Muslim I'm. I encourage people familiar with. -- the web site at the center for nutrition efficacy end at web site is nutrition and let the C dot or. I'm -- with a group that in Michigan we partnered with. And Atlanta that provides a lot of information about a lot. Gate and also if any bills are coming up to change the data while. But that's the first. That's that is individuals could Kate would be one I think it's very familiar with -- -- -- your date and you know what you can and cannot do. I'm connect with other people who -- into it and potentially changing a lot. At that you have some kind of network -- line is -- here's the -- and getting a bill proposed. And that third is -- -- around legislators and talk to them about what it is that you're trained to do in that situation -- And specifically how the current -- limits you or keep you from working in the field. And here's asked him enough people are you -- I don't read the later. Really you're willing to take up the car. Well that's really and the work. Beyond we and it and Peter and I of course have been playing in the legislative game I have this you know for about almost fifteen years. And -- we just really admire you and thank you for all of your work. And all of your encouragement and I do hope that this this gets out to the rest of the nation you guys are. Eight a beacon of hope for that -- the country we want to thank you both Judy in cocoa for joining us on the wellness connection. And it's time to wrap up our show for today. Join us next week when our featured guest will be certified clinical nutritionist Marty when it came talking about heartburn and how it can be conquered naturally. And our and our health freedom segment homeopathic Manfred Mueller who will tell us how the new American society of home if passed help protect. Your health freedom of choice has always hear us discuss the next burning question which we'll be yours on your co host. -- -- On your cohost Peter McCarthy so long now from the Willis connection rock -- by Martin compound in wellness centers with three Austin locations. At Lamar closet drugstore dripping springs pharmacy handling kills functions.