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Retirement Planning Show Podcast 07/27/14

Jul 27, 2014|

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Welcome to the safe money retirement planning show with Steve stress -- -- for sisters to prepare you for retirement. And allow you to lose the retirements. That's -- just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to ensure your heart ceremony is 100% certain. And you know market lost what your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising health care inflation. And market volatility does it save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal appointment 804571298. And now. Fierstein stress escape. Hello and welcome to save money retired army Charles this is Steve's -- few euros. And thanks for -- is beautiful weekend. -- I'm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas they have been in the from Austin area now for over thirty years. So we've been helping people prepare for the retirement to live in retirement. And we've been on thirteen 70 AM now for over five years were on Saturday at noon and every Sunday morning and it it is you know. Sort of grab a piece of paper and a -- you're gonna need this number that's 1804. Pars 71298. I'd like to thank all the people they did call in last week and take advantage her free book coffers and our free consultation and they convention center at the time to come in and take a look at our retirement analyzer. Which springs to uses the latest software to bring you how long you can expect your money to last for you in the future. Should give us -- call 1804571298. If you have a question or two or you'd like to take advantage -- free meaning. Or -- -- of our free book coffers which we'll talk a little bit about a minute -- -- And of course her web site is safe money taxes dot com that's safe money Texas all talked to our dot com. So give us a call 1804. -- 71. To nominate my team in receptions for standing by. 24 sevenths he can call any time. Leave the appropriate information and I will give that you personally and answering those questions for you. So take advantage of our free meetings give us call 1804. -- 7129. Days. In armed licensed by the state of Texas I'm an independent nation. And a war for any specific companies or any large corporations. That tell the represented as walked off or what not to offer. I work for you to bring you the very best services from France food cars it's available today. Insuring USA. Financial future. Give me a call at 1804. Far 71298. You know -- core philosophy users. So -- that all wealth comes from. It's my responsibility. To be a good Steward with god and trust in me. And a good Stewart should first. Protect his wealth from loss and second -- and worked as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base all my clients recommendations. You know suit give us a call 1804. Pars from 129 DA. Early to determine if my cohost grace are concerned grace are you doing this weekend. I'll -- and fantastic stayed -- really excited about today's show I know you've got a lot of incredibly helpful retirement tips to share with us. As you do each week and as always some surprise giveaways coming up in the show so you have to stay tuned for that. Or nothing seems to rattle the markets for very long. The news of the Malaysia airlines crash in Ukraine in the ground offensive by Israel didn't have much of an effect on Wall Street. You know Steve what's it going to take this market correction. -- is of course as far as what is going on the mark but it's -- all the various things and we sit back and look at everything that's happening you think achievement there's got to be something notarized and soon and then we take. A look at the RS and all the scandals that are going on there would take a look at here in Texas of course with all the problems on the border. We take a look at what's going on in Israel. But it a look at what's going on and Ukrainian India and just throughout the Middle East itself. And then you look at all the financial province -- that are going on everywhere from. From -- you know all the way from Japan all the way back to Europe through Europe and of course -- news back here in the United States. Course we we do whatever problems -- blues and there is a lot of things going on as far as our depth in what's going on there and make our -- just continues to grow. And of course defense just wanna continue to learn more and more and more money. So with all that's said and mean it really becomes important to get yourself into position. So that when they correction happens which. You know nobody knows it. It could be next week it could be a year from now if I knew that answer you know ordinances they -- part will be doing radio show -- -- It is something that the key to the whole thing is to make sure that your in the position that you are diversified. And that you make sure that you have your. Your finances in the proper position. So that when the correction correction happens. You don't have to be concerned about it. And you know what our listeners hear -- talk about every week as news about these index for parents and that's what we do for them with through these index accounts. As the index accounts -- improvising what privacy improvise and how to bypass probity in -- stability. No current scheduling contacts diversification. Accessible hundred dollars market risk guaranteed interest rate depression prove. Protection against creditors and creditors -- you know we talk about. The -- look at all these sanctions -- issues -- looked -- just privacy itself. The purpose who ordered alarms or radio listeners to be -- him as an investment we're the interest -- -- -- legally. Not reported to the project norm in this -- for income tax returns. However man's personal cruisers -- the report does nothing to be reported until they decided to spend the money and at that time that -- taxes. So what it means for them and privacy aspect is or fewer people are aware of that you have this -- Because nothing's report mr. between you and accompanying picture invested -- It bypasses -- this expedited to transfer of the dollars two dollars capacity immediately on through your chosen beneficiary us. That award to legal fees court cards and of course not seeing anything about the considerable amount of time going through probate while that's eliminated. And of course in contest ability and -- -- short term solutions were called on and we are concerned about as far as. If they have one child that doesn't take care of money as well some of the trial than they wanna pay among different fashions. And that's the beauty of this contract -- it's in contest -- -- Our Michael will or trust no one may contest your decision as to who you want to receive these dollars and two time -- death. So it's gonna go -- aren't just as it was chiseled in stone. And of course no current tax. You're bureau -- interest or in your principal. -- -- interest darn near interest and you earn interest on those dollars that you wouldn't normally paid to -- development. So why pay attention and interest income are necessarily. -- you know it's induces the miracle of triple compound. -- tax deferral -- your legal right to choose win. Or -- during your lifetime you choose to pay those income tax on your interest income. You decide that you -- And of course we talk about the first diversification. The index -- of those views -- brings you IRS and that is income tax reduction system. It allows you lose you lose the right to choose when or if during your lifetime you wanna pay those taxes on that interest. You have accessibility to your state dollars she got free which for arms. Ability to create fixed monthly income streams for annual income streams -- harm -- or receive return. It even provide you with the Yankees lifetime income benefits which you're gonna talk announcement in terms. This just an exceptional tool and of course he which would start to talk about was no. Market risk. Notes unlike stocks and bonds -- The forums are limited partnerships through my muscles that fluctuated every day and look at the principle that you pressed closer risk at all times. Here it is not. It is guaranteed. The key to the whole thing is it your principles guarantees you don't have to worry about the market if it goes up down sideways or wherever it goes. It's not gonna have him on tour reflect on your principal. And that is the nature kitty. And of course because of the guaranteed interest to the that are under our current church. It is depression proof was well because of that guaranteed interest rate so. That helps to prove argue with an iron clad guarantee against recessions or retreated from repeat even of the Great Depression. Because of the guarantees of the contract. So I've been -- -- whole thing of course condition -- -- it was a protection against creditors from predators. So even in the event that you should become a loss lawsuits is to -- And conservative those are Bruce who crazy excited. You don't have to worry about loosen these phones as well. So it's just really an exceptional -- all the way around the index accounts will of course provide you. One other key thing his hands and no we're coming up to a break. Is that who we considered up in the zone and are all part of character in our opinion of taxes. And it's building test occurred in the past this ever happen is those contracts that stayed the same as the origin and it. Knew people were affected. So right now you can take advantage of those tax. Benefits and and I think everybody thinks or believes that taxes will probably increase in the papers. So it give us a call 1804. Pars 71 to nominate. And take advantage and become educated on these exceptional parents. Very well said Steve and we're just getting started on today's safe money retirement complaining -- stay when this when we come back we're gonna talk about. 401K. -- come in record highs. Steve we'll discuss that when the save money retirement planning show returns after this. Many members have been to a casino in a lot of fun if you're winning. Investing your hard earned money in the stock market can many times feel losing hate it doesn't have to. What's -- says he show you how to -- achieve the financial freedom and dessert called balance people view your free copy of the national bestselling stress free retirement by Patrick Kelly. See how you can protect your retirement savings during the volatile stock market. Call 8045712985804571298. Or is it safe money Texas dot com. Welcome back to secede mistress rescue and you're listening to use this they wanted to retire requirement Charl. And thanks again for turner in this great weekend. And -- located right here in round rock area and hopefully you're in the Austin area. And -- were on thirteen seventy here on thirteen 7 AM every Saturday at noon and Sunday morning that it. So take advantage listen -- showing me being picked a few ideas. In addition to act if he got some questions give me a call at 1804. Pars 712 marinade. That's 1804. -- 71298. My team a receptionist for standing by 2417. Call any time. We've been appropriate information with Thurman I will call you back personally and answered those questions for you. Sort of give us a call 1804. Pars 7129. And eight. And of course who and there are few. Let's take advantage of our premium interpret consultation. We have a retirement income analyzed for which is an exceptional tool. Which for breakdown curl your budget and how it is in order to be in the future. What looks like argues ten years from now and look at your investments and different routes to return. To show you exactly. Where you're going to be in it and Harlan -- different. If things such as inflation or have your you have no called either current retirement plans and always different. Items can be adjusted into their retirement and come analyzer and show you exactly. Where you're going to be in the future. So give us a coffee let's take advantage of that repeat just like to learn about the -- duty. There chaos that you -- talks so much of just pick up the phone and give us -- call 804 pars 712 India you. And of course in addition of that I have about ten copies from the book from liability Patrick Caroline. And his stress free retirement. This is who marched if you are coming up -- determine the next ten years or if you are in retirement. You really need to have this book in your hand it issues an exceptional -- and exceptional tool. It is a book it's not a little two page pamphlet so reported third pages long. But again in the same breath it breaks everything down to -- -- it's easy to read it easy to understand. It's just an exceptional book. There's just a couple paragraphs here registered to read you quick and Estrich writes and chapter thirteen right so what is it you want. And goes on to say Suez are retiring. What is that you want you want the ability to -- your money safe. Secure without ridiculous fees and expenses. In great I don't know what more powerful tool in the fixed indexed and -- You want to secure an income is guaranteed. To last your entire lifetime. Perfect that's exactly what an authority it is designed to provide. Where do you wanna pass to monitor next generation without the hassle of going to probe awesome. He warned of this rare ideas capture interest them and encourage you to do one important thing. And that's take action. Now. Today. Nothing is going to happen if you simply look this information set passively on the page and -- lot more right. To improve your current circumstances. To eliminate the fear of volatility. And to remove the pain in the market losses. You must do something. And if you're not. Getting the investment results that you've been hoping for. That seems pretty obvious that you much to something different. However the ball is in your court to -- call. Take the next step check it out you'll never know how bright your future indeed and tell you do so. So give us a call 1804. Cars from 1298. There's tremendous value in what Steve is sharing with us today and the retirement income analyzer. This software is exclusive to professionals. At Steve -- -- skis level. He is going to use this software to sit -- viewing your spouse -- -- your family. And really just spell it out what can you expect to need. To maintain your current lifestyle better. In retirement and it's it's exciting because once you find that now he can set more goals. Steve can work with you to build and really flesh out and say around safe. Financial portfolio. Andy's gonna give you a copy of Patrick Kelly's books until win wins he cares about you he cares about your. Retirement being fine and carefree. Got a 401K. And it's been sitting around a while we'll fidelity says the bull market has set 401K balances to record highs. They look at balances from the second quarter of 2013. To the second quarter of this year and they're up nearly 13%. To an average of 91000 dollars. Steve what do you need to be doing with these plans especially if you're approaching their retirement red zone. The key to all things through his replicas. It's called which everybody's heard a million times and that's called diversification. You know the market is up now's the time to take advantage of those canes get him into a position where you don't have to worry about losing and home. When the market makes -- decline. And that's akin -- -- whole thing is who is to have good diversification. His at this time spent on May be taken some of those gains and get them into a position where you don't have to worry about losing. Because when we look at losing money in the market it's more than just the value of the fund. It's also the element of time. And no one can place a value on. The old -- week yet the more valuable that time -- simply. Because we just don't have the same amount of time left who have. That is where we are addressing our advance planning. And here's how we actress. If you're never in a position to lose money. You don't have to spend time trying to get back or breakeven. This is just one of the strategies we embrace for clients. My clients never lose any of the approachable. The savings are risk free and it can knock her down. The gains they may occur Lochte and did you hear that only gains from Iraq through. In your savings can never take a launch and they always protest occurred because taxes or another enemy of growth. Carson loss to steer Carol. No losses of any current -- not a loud and advanced -- With our save money plans you -- when the market gains but you don't lose when the market goes down. In fact I can show you how to make gains even when the markets and a downside so after dark market you never have to take. Even more risk. To try to get back to even pigeon never had to take those losses in the first course. No wants to market starts going up again begin large portion of those pains. So once again you make good money. It's not trying to get back to even. We have exit strategies. Rule over strategies who you can take the money from were reduced and maximize your gains. Again our numbers should whose views you remember and forestry and retirement strategy is give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. Maybe you've got a 401K dis city mayor let Steve show you your options in rolling over that money. Keep your money working for you and keep moving -- to smarter options. Steve has answers and he can sit dale what do you tell the county you may be don't get down about a -- her baby you know you don't have to deal with traffic. Steve star says he won't come to you can have a cup of tea cup of coffee he'll make it easy on you. To talk about what is sometimes touchy awkward son -- Finances. But you can tell but when you hear Steve on the year. He's easy going he's kind he is a big heart. And he wants to help you and you can Colin -- 804571298. And check the website really good stuff there. Safe money Texas dot com. Maybe you've got questions or feedback he'd like to share with Stephen we can shared on the show we left to hear from you for that as well. Or take a quick step away break. But when we come back he ever think and Elwood a kind of showed and what you would do differently if he knew they end what you know now. Wells -- gonna talk about that when the safe money retirement planning to show. On top radio thirteen seven EAM returns after this. In 1969 blood sweat and tears had a huge hit song with the opening line. What goes up must come down. Sounds like the stock market doesn't -- -- Does that sound like your retirement savings did you know that by sitting down with Steve's rucinsky you'll be safely on your way to the financial freedom you deserve. Full steam right now -- 804571298. Steve's recess he can ensure your retirement so that you have a guaranteed future income and ensure that you don't outlive your money. You ensure your car to ensure your home. And some of you even insure your chance to -- not ensure a retirement plans in the you can enjoy your golden years. Paul Allen Steve we'll give you a free copy of the national best seller stress free retirement by Patrick Kelly. See how you can protect your market savings when the market -- south again. Call 804571298. That's 804 by 71298. Or visit safe money Texas dot com. It's time for you to enjoy a stress free retirement. And. Welcome back -- -- listen I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend home during the show. And we're right here in the Austin area right here in so. If you can hear my Boris give us an opportunity were close enough to get together. Come into the office take advantage of our free consultation with no obligation. Itself -- my radio listeners. We also -- print or radio listeners -- retirement income analyzer. This is -- wanted to -- most sought after software programs in the country. Who provides all the things that you need to know provides everything from budget to. Income from life to exactly where every -- you have goes so. It's just an exceptional program that we make available to our car radio listeners mind you simply come and and and taken advantage of it. Come to our office here in round rock core I will come to you in the Austin area. Or better place investments from residents were close of business which are reports. So give us or call 1804. Pars 71298. And of course but I voted Patrick -- would have a few books left. And that's just an exceptional read. You know this spoke from Patrick is only offered through a preferred providers that. Are able to offer this book. -- and sort of it's not. But everyone can go to Amazon and get it. However did through a little. Cute story about that that was that somebody actually one of the people I -- that either picked up the book would ever reported on Amazon for cereal so there was one that was proceed on the Amazon. But that was it's if you watch your free copy. Just give me a call at 180457129. NBA this is just an exceptional tool to have to have an arsenal. If you are coming up to retirement next ten years or if you are in retirement. This is just a must read. So give us call 1804571298. In addition that again if you ask some questions just give us a call I'll call you back personally and answer those questions for Euro. Look back at your life what you wish you had done differently. Or a new USA today poll asked people sixty -- older what they regret the most. And it looks like most of the top oracle reds have to do with a lack of explaining her retirement no surprise they are Steve. What do you think made the list of the regrets. The list itself is not surprising but it really you know -- and of course and so much reduces the -- got to do with finance and not taking care of the finances and one more issue perform. For example there's 45%. Wished he would save more money. That probably expected matter what happens. But the key there of course -- it is no different with always is that is to take induce some planning obviously had a time. Make sure that you use a -- of your financial planner and and look at what you are saving and watchers can savoring this is just a crucial element that we do with all of our clients is. When we sit down with him this far and though -- we do some budgeting that's -- boils down to we sat down with them and we look at we urge you money -- and word you wanted to go in the future population for the future. It's really just being sixth but the key in the whole thing is that it has to be done. 36% regret not taking better care of their health you know -- sensory certified known I was gonna live this long -- -- -- -- myself. Merely changed it's the same thing Harris. Yes you do you have to take good care of yourself in my farewell Nationalists on there is a personal trainer and that's his wife's personal trainer and he -- -- Jones while and Newser say I hear about taking care of my headphones without a and through that this is something that you do have to do and it comes hand in hand with really taking care of your financial health and taking care of your personal health as well. 31% suited and wished -- make better investments from our -- that's something we can show you. Issue you have to make sure that some investments that you to make that -- gains that you do make that your gonna keep the make sure the money that you have you're gonna keep. But I didn't and into a safe harbor. And of course 22% which -- -- -- legal documents organized. This is something our office provides with through our state planning. Features that we have for our for our radio clients require it's his. To make sure that you do have through legal documents role in order. Will there be wills trust all these documents -- goal along with the weather being guardianship papers are. Whether it be tool called attorneys -- Whichever might be all -- legal documents need to be in order. All your insurance needs to be in order there was -- how to do this -- -- make sure that it is done properly. 21% say they regret that's been closer to the family. And there -- some insight there are my son works with many. So in these -- simple you're close to him. And my other son actually came up to where. His hosting duke built that time it was supposed to. I have -- -- loose with mean at this point NTELOS post it's finished he showed this to say we're pretty tight family and hit so we knew some ideas and thoughts there as well. And 15% so they wish to work longer. So working longer of course and we're clients whom -- your ideas and thoughts there too as well as. Working along with retirement maybe just working part time whatever the case going to be so give us a call 1804 pars 71298. And we want your list of regrets when you get to the retirement age to BM very very short list. Because we once you should be ready and Steve stress -- is the financial professional they can help PB ready. For retirement ready to be stress free. Ready to have fun complaining your goals and setting. Your dreams out there and ready to happen in retirement in east can meet with him it's free okay it's not gonna cost you a penny that's not. A joke. It's really -- it's all about -- set get in touch with your spouse. Get together and get a date on the calendar and call this number and set up your meeting with Steve. 804571298. That's 804571298. The web site safe money Texas dot com. Leanne for your retirement today -- what I tell you their stuff waiting get to a today show but what you covered was outstanding. Your final sponsor. I just want all or radio listeners. Real enjoyable weekend didn't take advantage of -- book offers and are free consultation. And in addition that we'll have an insurance -- financial future. Risk all of your life savings in the market it's true there are options for you beyond the market that can complement your investments -- -- ski in the sink money retirement planning show wants to make sure you are prepared as you enter the retirement zone. Stevens' experience helping retirees and soon to meet retirees with a wealth strategy based on your specific situation -- Call today for your personal appointment to. 804571298. Or visit save money Texas got a job to begin planning your roadmap to a stress free retirement.