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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills wail on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's bill's way. Well good afternoon folks this is -- -- with me today. I'm very fortunate to have doctor. Marianne Calvin Pace. But I. And you doctor wrote an atrocity I am so again you know all things natural -- -- models. I don't know what I know that I don't know that I don't capacity. Michigan politics. That yeah and so soon. We don't know hours and it doubles -- Internet years information girls Malia sort of recent by the has all the knowledge and an enormous and -- you know the way the be suspicious. -- -- -- -- -- As you know a lot that the dealers. Sometimes you know more than doctors -- to medical school and obviously. While they are doing drugs and lots of them are saying you took gross anatomy as soon as things -- of its last -- years. You spent just doesn't seem to -- Very diligently read about natural ways of feeling is that people have a choice and sorrento. Ten of its business center puts them. Among. -- -- the signature of this campaign make that trip -- -- -- -- -- anyway you Linus is just fine it's like tomato to motto -- -- -- -- this is at thirty dollars and there are some sort of want to. Now if you are there are a lot of implants here and leading me into an area else's place and we've got a lot of voters say you say to want to we tried to -- to honor that's right. Walked alone from. We have to show today don't Kelly turner a radical remission. -- -- Catcher pleasure to have permission of the court permission. You know she's she's tortured now why -- you know like with the competition. Now. Lecture. -- just so she says some people go into remission. So she has a book about it called medical offshore radical. Radical and apple into remission in -- positioned -- -- there and a constant progression. While this is the chains like there's not one thing but she is distilled it down into denying. Commonalities. That she observed. And in all of these people that she interviewed correct because it's you know we know that you know one alternative therapy. Or conventional therapy is not going to work for every one. And says she has kind of you know come to this. You know these are nine basic. Fundamental. Quality. Use this to go through around and couldn't Muster up for him in Tulsa -- Which will be on Mark Anderson recently. Patrick -- empty since -- Jews -- like issues. The wife for something to -- -- to Walter. -- -- -- -- aged to perfection. And aged how to throw a 200. Happy healthy and wives. And who would like to does that. I'm because what people say well brochure that -- hundred. I don't Rossi too many people there and he's here -- or her religious. But these bullet they interview some ladies that literally a hundred. And they were doing great to. So what they do themselves -- talk about things you can do. You know we have a saying in our companies that will give you 200. -- to do when you get there you can get there are -- or her own right. Because they're -- to do a lot of things right so if you heard and a couple I don't know Beirut helping. Yeah I. We must seventies double talk and lost seventies who don't you talent how can we see the dollar market. -- Amy anything to say that full disclosure. So we're gonna do. There's a whole list of things in the headlines and you talk about some things which is thrown out there if you are calling them. Don't yet -- clearly she's a wanna be three and a thirteen seventy 1239 ultra conservative. Use one more information about it or whatever. That you just do that. And we can actually do you talk some more about it but if you just talked to him -- Three panel Turkey's seventy just say look -- I like to information on this particular thing we can give you all kinds of information if you won't do there's a three drug. That now prosper rheumatoid arthritis that -- a -- that are here. Your hair on your head band. Here's here's a chance to do that possibly. It's. XEL. Zell -- JUNC. So let's -- could determine you know -- Know about it doesn't sound pictures. There has some side effects to them -- you know about. And don't. It and we can talk about it that side effects for instance and how about two increased cholesterol levels headaches diarrhea sore throat runny nose infections such as your -- confections. Nasal for a job this upper respiratory infections. And there's a black box warning this those. You can hear -- your risk of developing touches. Lightly toss position our -- line. So if you hang it rather be bald pizza so aha okay if -- -- in this. Your ticket I don't know or you Arctic. -- -- -- About two years ago answer to fine -- 2000. Now and the people just the other area can let the other approaches -- her hair. -- and hormones factory and a towel and should -- and most likely useless and relieving or backpack. As for the researchers showed. There's a couple of herbs and we have a nervous as can be emotional letter we can talk about this later but -- Grossman oregano. Have type two diabetes Friday partly due to fight type two diabetes with with those tumors. And look at Rose -- -- news. She really while you're not an easy easy -- in your backyard. That's University of Michigan Health System study that it sort -- -- -- to -- -- that later. -- ideas about how salt diet doubles the risk of heart disease. -- Settlement what's did you look at it. Have a little I think that if he's put his views on. It was so I think that's true true corrupt defuse the reconcile witches. Seasonal. You know Himalayan so yeah I think that's I think it's excessive Salt -- and processed foods is a problem because we need song I think -- two teams this time. We're gonna run through these pretty quickly your -- case against you two were just give you headlines so you can just call them the -- headlines in the paper probably so. Others is based on research. Slight decrease in brain -- -- with anti psychotic drugs and so you can -- brain volume push for a little bit they don't know of a problem. With a except. What did -- talk about. The larger the buying masks to looks like he's -- Irish. So this was finished another study -- But it is just a personal I don't anybody -- trojans because. FDA approved an -- Painkiller that can't be appeased they cannot be abused. Its RG ET RGI and a clergy can't -- at least I was completely done. Okay what is it -- from. Well it has -- -- got elected -- -- but on our resident Jessica I want to shoot to give -- some two. And you know there's no -- they were trying to put out but it Etan has. It didn't like it. Is so oxy code on. An election combined and used introduced them and so. We don't know more about some sort of doctors and so to loosen the shows they want no more tree just. Just let us know what would keep -- information and the research on. So let's see -- they're combining neuroscience and psychology. Treatments. Do and that is to do discipline. We had a neuro psychiatrist on the show last week it was so good. We talk about drug treatment effects and I called him there weren't true freshman drugs. And he just wouldn't answer because you don't get into trucks which is where researcher and you know assists in the -- of his commitment. Who's -- this interest in vitamin. You know Norma just -- This year. How about blacks stress molasses that is so good for you right lawsuit lawsuit on. Natural things natural minerals excellent film iron where they thought they can prepare growth in color. John Terry Jones safer and then drive for a paragraph. Tea and. Appreciate your impression I get pregnancies linked to raised asthma risk and keeps them centrist and if your piece of -- and that's -- -- -- pretty having robotics and prove put pressure. Robot and his personal tuition up. If you but once again official was so good and to reduce his risk tobacco related. No damage at Givenchy and so if if you tend to drink a lot of -- call visual helping. -- -- -- -- Maybe reduce its emissions of the problems junior -- I mean it doesn't matter just take -- done much for your brain if you did you take anti depressants -- you have to take drugs you used official who helped. -- This is not a brand new possible cancerous associate with third hand smoke. It -- when you crush you. Yankees are gnashing you crusty. On the cigarette or cigar and advanced users portions that I can be a problem. They present. All the Sonia -- still in the marriage you can -- I can't believe there's another reason to local Barton creek. Greener surroundings help -- dementia symptoms. Time so if you -- hotel to hotel owner -- Are he -- downtown. It was green grass and if you go to do you know -- The trailer him down in -- you know. Under cross pollinated super food. There's a -- like it was is called personal -- Not that chip to a decent Russell -- Brussels Iran -- -- -- prosecute it looks high interest to. Sister almost instantly itself proliferation and wound healing. He used he recommends essential or very much. Not too much. I think they're great. But I don't recommend them much because I -- a lot of coming -- and then. Well say they still they just don't. They don't appear in your -- condition is like a drug problems but they will signature. Briefing her -- department. -- save time energy in your backyard with no kill the -- -- ball growing -- Don't know about time you come back. You halts progression of parkinson's assists in -- park. Has been shown to do that. -- -- mentioned senator -- and we can talk professional content. So what gruesome footage you can eat for asthma relief. A whole list -- juvenile about Dubuque and could Colin took -- avocado partially leave Chris Carlin. And Adam's Adam's -- Continued. And we see these Chinese now are going to. Healthier diets he would have the last change so this content. Sure you want that you -- -- business -- pleasure from across. Asset here's something interesting. By the way if you wanna call back on anything we talk about. Who's your show we can talk a lot of things but. We have you know we talking about hormone to some solution a so if you don't enjoy trauma -- three channel thirteen seven -- -- article -- -- ultra conservative. And I just just leave a message or you don't hear what you want to. So yeah so this is interesting -- yeah they found that there's some behavioral problems. Into babies. Aren't children this link to prenatal cellphone exposure. So there was a study that found that pregnant women. Used mobile phones regularly which who doesn't. Have a greater risk of having children with behavioral problems. And children start using the phones early. Are slightly increased and that risk. So I think -- -- -- take away here is to keep the phone. At least you know 6109. Inches away from your belly when -- use it. And so that means even if it's in your -- you know you have to look conceit where how how far that is from your belly when you're pregnant so. I think that's an important piece of information that are pregnant ladies. We know one healthy children won't movement you know. This isn't just -- Thinking about eating a food today decreases. Appetite for. As an interest. Just thinking about it assistant has his -- that I just wanted to I know China so a study with significant implications for traditional -- wisdom has found that imagining the consumption of foods seen as desirable by Dieter. Reduces the eventual consumption of those who died -- -- that you imagine that you're eating it. And then that satisfies you. So maybe you can do that with junk food -- you and then you won't be so. You know. So likely to I just think about it and I can't take -- -- smaller but no so here's the next you have to think about eating at -- and you feel it pleasure to have. How has an addiction to -- -- something is authentic yeah yeah. Chocolate cake and ice cream all brownies and OK okay we got orders and console. Moon. So own low sugar cereals increased children's fruit consumption. Because they still crave sugar problem that you really aren't living room. -- at least have its load shook her. And the more likely to eat something holes running with shocker is that his -- Drink wine with meals with her new wine with a rich meals slows digestion. So. That's good to now home -- -- -- to lose him. -- sometimes if I have a little bit of indigestion. And it's almost like before a meal I have a little bit of wine in a totally go away. -- -- -- -- Excuse for a little -- -- -- -- does cheap it is vicious superffoods censorship issues that are -- and the answer some people say well. I can't afford the right and orders and here's four superffoods advertisements and means. Danger she preferred. Broccoli. And you can punch you properly. Broccoli -- disputes in this country exceptional. -- potatoes. He's the reason ethics. And also should document should not should -- he can be a little extension. If you buy -- the frozen area and through reading about it don't go rebound -- and as a fresh and frozen or are fresh and frozen fresh. There's because they last longer -- it yet to place or to polish rebound. There's seat does this prove to be as cheap. And efficient process. For purifying water. Usually she's -- -- to -- the seed extract. Franca. -- General whether. It's this -- tree actually so under them so can. We're up to -- you know we're we're gonna continue on with. Abolish Isa we talked about briefly today and very briefly you welcome to call that we can get more details. Right now we are going to take a break here Aguirre for doctor Kelly turner. Radical remission. While some people. Can have remission of capture. Some -- and we argue that you wanna try to artist take a break it's to see what can mrs. Three after the artistic break we'll be -- Yeah. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seventy and yeah. Yeah. Welcome back to let. Let's get healthy with the bills -- Look at the show's producers -- whales. Not coast is a nutritional and whole -- measurably. Doctor companies -- solution for you you're so welcome. -- don't you only composure. -- -- you with us. You can find it'll it'll hardly hear you but I'm here is. Can you hear it when you don't understand Texans talk. -- Now now now let's say that. I have -- my relatives they have set an accent I'm used to it. We'll continue here okay now is a better actor and I -- good at great. Well -- you prepare doctor Hans. Auctions every edge so your cure. Travis -- countries across the world must choose your sister your turn to theaters. And put erratic remission cancer she's Irish about her -- technique. And what's it -- to -- us that's that's so phenomenal. -- -- -- -- -- I actually -- -- -- over 200 grant permission to -- just as it's been ten years of research. That's great and well if you're thinking like a cancer year a friend has cancer you you wanna you wanna work on. We're grandma and most other factors involved in documented cases -- radical remission. We're gonna guarantee these all work can't do that. We do work a lot of people didn't. It kid you know I'm that you bring at a great point which is that these parents and Chris and yet these are just observations as -- And before I began to -- six to ten years ago nobody was looking at these people no one was even asking them what they did to turn around and state park cancer. I think it's really important to start looking at and that's the group and when I -- that I found that they had these nine things in common that they were all dealing. You -- -- more than seven is different factors in my pit road and radical revision. And your code that is so it's a book and -- -- 75 and -- what what can you lose I -- is that we the point. Well great great you know and I think the reason I publish these now these these are hypotheses right that we need to rent controlled child completely and Johnny firm conclusions but the people who wanted to publish that that findings of my mind that he now. -- that these things that anybody can do. There definitely can't hurt and might help protect things that we'll -- appears with him. And so you know we might find out you know in fifty years after. -- -- forty clinical trials that you know some of the nine are really make a difference -- the -- a one. Don't make it much different in terms of your health back in the meantime when -- -- you know six months Atlanta. These are things that anybody can start dealing you know tonight if they want to. So maybe we should decide radical remission so I think people know we're mission is radical remission the that almost got a hold them as they're under. What I -- trying to commission -- planning for months about cancer. Against the though because statistically unlikely cancer remission. I -- down into three categories the 1 December because he'll turn cancer without ever using any western at a certain that of course doctors wouldn't expect -- deleted -- and he's western medicine to be able to beat cancer that has to do. The second category are people who used western at ten to its -- they do everything they're doctors recommend. But unfortunately it doesn't work and their doctors say there's nothing more we can deal. Some people who -- told that still turn it around and I studied them. And then there's the third category would people who used western medicine and complementary methods at the same time. To overcome a very very serious prognosis that something like pancreatic cancer. They're really genuine beating the and I'm setting them I'm trying to study. And every case today they eventually are there will turn to us choose to receive these -- thank you talk about the book. To health and there's this -- caller turned her against her. Integrated. With the immigrant or something within it and there's been -- researcher for years no -- at least twenty years I heard about. That if you do chemotherapy. Plus you do some of those things it helps. Right you can greatly reduce your side effects and you can also increase your survival time because he'd been helping your body these strong sales. Exactly because things that you can do right alongside. Between the therapy in the church in the patient because they're really all kind of help can mean for them. Yeah because they're not really liked yeah. Specific things that you do it's more like an orientation. -- looks like -- -- radically changing your diet so heavily on -- one diet that works for everyone but it's Iraq changing your diet which most likely is toward a more healthy diet. You know. Exactly exactly and you know that there's no there's no magic bullet there's no one solution for every committee and in -- my research. They I've found over 75 different things that they were doing these radical mission survivors were doing to get better. But not all of them get off 75 of course -- what I did find is that the people that I studied were all doing these nine. And they are generally bring up the great point -- they're not you know taking. Take vitamin K12 race stick their little bit more general -- -- asked if he would program because it's farmland for example is beating last month and -- Well radically -- an attack and it's going to be particularly down at that somebody else. Is you know trained a lot of alcohol or a lot of caffeine. Got the diet change -- their bodies can meet and to make might be cut back on -- thanks. Guys we did he gets he's in general patterns and that was. Greatly increasing fruits and vegetables the reducing things like meet the weakest. Suites and dairy -- and then drinking lots of filtered water and whatever food they were cheating to eat and they tried to make sure they were cooked organic. Great and it just makes intuitive sense to. It's not rocket science something that. Yeah yeah it's refreshing to see that you know this is turning around. And that's the one gentleman that I mentioned in my book and we can count on hospice after trying. Surgery chemotherapy and radiation for his stage -- kidney cancer and and the first thing he did when he got home if he put charcoal. And -- water because tap water -- disgusting parents. Any credit -- that's critical test after realizing that. A little changed the need to feel better exact case can be encouragement to keep making changes. Is thing that can it can be very little I can be eating more national -- starting with that baby step. -- -- Do amazing. That it's just a small things you know can figure shelves until you finished are still look better -- more energy and then you just go forward with a son. And. Asks. That gentleman and -- talk about it munitions. He probably -- you know he made I think 89 changes. And within -- American approach for him changing his diet meant making lots and lots of little changes. So he took a lot of baby steps that after three years. You know his cancer was gone and that was more than 25 years ago. It's I would like to tell people I don't call it on containing commission that's what it's known as in the medical field. I don't college that because the people that I was saying they don't like that -- Think that it wasn't time to -- and yeah you know it took me two years to get well yes and it wasn't by accident I worked my time. So I think it's important to realize that. These people who are turning around that stage for cancer it's not just happening by lack they're making. Change after change after change -- democratic change their body needed and technique. And you know that's managed -- -- because in in what we've -- a field of medicine your field especially doctor companies everywhere and natural cures -- natural. Process is to you people. You know it is not over its radical. Socialist prime -- news. If you took the quick people turn to drugs for their quick -- arms as some people they turned a drug because it just gives -- relief whatever but that does specialty instrument cases. -- you really opened up a whole new conversation and I just want to acknowledge that. Because all of these things that you distilled unidentified. Is opening up a conversation for people with cancer you know like like -- you know taking control of your health this one you're nine. -- following your intuition deepening your spiritual connection I mean these things are. You know they're so simple but yet they're so profound and it's someone. Shifts they're they're conversation. Instead of you know I have cancer and only you know I mean there's no hope then you know but it but it but these things are all. Aspects of found in Powell arm itself and power arm and hand them and potentially leading to this radical. Young radical or mission. And a good example take control of your health to people -- doctor's note this sort of got cancer. You took -- quit smoking. Lot of times they will may be too late but they will quit smoking. To read that in doing what they re trying to and they do equipped to juror crossover like that. When you. No no absolutely. You know -- -- link to cancer diagnosis it's. If they're extremely tough call and it says it feels like at potential death sentence itself. The changes that people were waiting their whole life to make big suddenly make them. You know what one person that I studied. Did the diagnosis gave her -- that courage that she needed to find leaves. Her job which in her words were with killing her yeah. And down it it kept it can't protect innocent verdict you know what I mr. -- I'm gonna find a way to make this work. And by quitting her job and then taking control for healing and making all sorts of changes. You know both emotionally but also physically with her guidance that's. She overcame pancreatic. Stage four pancreatic cancer it's really incredible and he's he's back to work now that she's doing it a totally different. -- line of work that brings her a lot more -- Doom. And well -- just keep them and I had -- -- say what these issues to you were talking to Kelly and turner Ph.D. Radical remission and I key factors that can make a real difference. For surviving pitcher against all odds. True I think catcher against all odds and so he lets you just don't give up give people that they just tested out tonight. Think kids they did and and yet there's certainly people who and you know tough it out and and have a really strong attitude. You know not going to get that and then unfortunately don't make it and that's -- actually went into -- that's a good friend of -- passed -- when we were sixteen and he was trying everything he was trying out different things competed -- -- -- and -- and that. Am I always I would -- -- of people that the decision about trying to blame people who don't survive it's about. Not ignoring. You and me -- prevention because they've been ignored Dennis. They did you know doctors can really. Silent and the anyways it's the people I talked to economic I'm the first person and ask them what they did to get well. And who -- their friends and family that doctors doctors just said -- that's OK don't need to hear it I'm glad -- well that's got to. Move on and ask you that because that's actually not being a good doctor has not been good researcher. Yeah exactly okay where you're you're researcher that's great. Every picture I'm not a medical doctor now he's added that if you're not medical thank -- it's just observations and this is very unique and special group of people that. That I think really we have a lot to learn from. Exactly you know I think says do no harm that it did help her a lot of people. There's so you sound different factors you could enter in your book that may play a role radical remission. We only have tougher and I and so on the major and tried. So let's run through those pretty quickly each time you you want to jumped in. You know and -- -- thing about. We talk about tickets or your health -- got tickets or your health. Call your intuition. I want to what you -- That would interest you want from me I wasn't expecting it to come up in every single interview I did yeah. But what that means to me from our -- -- researchers standpoint is that. Integration and expand brands the very base of our brains Olympic. Brain -- for the reptiles Rainsy is that this is the older older party your brain and it what was around back quickly hunters and gatherers. And this is a part of the brain that. It's very immediate and it's very instinctual and it says there's a hurricane coming pack up rates. And no -- when you hear the words you have cancer. Which is in our society and got -- the -- part of the brain like that that we were to put these these cancer patients under FMR -- machines. We would see that limbic brain lighting -- And that's I think is why it came up and everything in our field. And it's not something that people you know a lot of people thankfully. Have to land they don't experience that very often right where. Many that's in the United States thankfully aren't living in a life and death situation everyday. And so. You know what -- -- women that I quote in and that's captured during air -- -- said that doctor can you gonna think I'm crazy. But when I got my diagnosis at stage pancreatic cancer comfortably in my head. -- you that I to try to you know I promise you don't hear voices. Typically I'm not crazy. But I heard a blade and it was very you know consistent and it said. You know not this way not -- time -- another path but yeah I heard doctors were recommending immediate. Chemotherapy and radiation and be postponed it for a little while and you know that's actually postponing it forever yeah -- does not need months. That Catholic intuition means it means when not part of your brain might happen can tell you where danger is and went the path to safety at. And zoom in addition there's so you don't well we're gonna go to -- -- -- -- little bit but they always have completion but. That that would duo put her did you find the paper where most mostly taken prisoner. I wish I just its plans that would have been fantastic it's yeah I would it started telling everybody and you to take it. That nineteen people from ten different countries and they were taking herbs that weren't -- to their country -- In Hawaii they're taken -- -- -- in Tikrit the and a ticket to Paris opera in Japan they're eating a lot of my insurance. That the general categories of herbs and supplements for three and the retreat at first -- herbs and supplements. That detoxify. Your body that getting rid of things like. Parent site and fungus and bacteria and -- The second group work herbs and supplements that help boost your immune system. And the third category were -- department for help he -- gesture food and all the things. That's and street credit but the -- says you know in in the world as you know and natural healing Matt Benson and pharmaceutical. He he needs that you -- kind of and he -- and you can eat off the image you want but if you're got. Cannot absorb that you can go right through you yeah and that's where we're seeing all these headlines about the importance as in my crew Brian home. And yeah that -- -- -- and people panic and don't. I wouldn't surprised yeah came. -- And the next island resume -- this pretty quickly about a minute left -- expressed emotions wasn't as pretty GAAP. -- -- and there's many ways to do that and -- -- anyway Kosher anti Christian -- emotion she. Great what -- -- quick to say doesn't mean have to be positive all the time yeah the people that I study. They they had terrible days they had terrible month -- eczema that you know fear filled you know very fast that even in those tough months. They told me that they made it and that. It meant to try to feel happiness for five minutes today that it acted themselves from -- here Z. And it's just sort of -- night for five minutes. And take your body out of what's called and the sympathetic nervous system and into the -- sympathetic nervous system. The twenty out of fighter plane and into question repair and that's really important when you want your immune system to prepare your. Who now chairman mr. -- decline of social support. -- -- -- -- -- So just where it was you know letting letting themselves receive love and help from others with a big run. And -- spirituality. Now that was really deepening spiritual cracked. There wouldn't -- much about what you believe then is that if they had a practice. That allowed them sorted. You don't get their brain into fade away really fast yet -- your breathing combing your mind and -- -- be prayers packeting medication and then there could be going for a walk. And then 91 point haven't -- recent relating. And for that natural medicine aren't contract as the standpoint. But the Steelers that I interviewed talked about Cheney think that when you no longer have -- recently I think. You don't poll cheese or what it could play for energy and your body anymore. And the people at a steady state -- and -- them actually not afraid of gas they edit personal religious police estimates and unafraid. That they said. Didn't realize that there's things that wanna do it loses and who knows when that's going to be until that -- happens. I've got into this disconnect that I want and you -- that they were really motivated to keep -- thanks. No good purpose this opportunity and so so folks -- radical remission great -- Kelly attorney you do a great job. His recent reading by the -- it's its -- Very doubters so why would chip Castro does everybody questioned wanted to do this -- thank. Why do every day deepest and anybody can do it if they can help so -- -- -- stage four cancer is and I'm I'm hoping that now. They'll help me prevent cancer in the first place. -- -- -- We'll -- to -- about ten years we'll see who. OK with them around like a plan. A great book Hillary radical mission you concern yourself. Surviving cancer against all laws and also prevent cancer is to allow us to -- we got a very toxic environment this country run -- the -- and it. Pray so important take steps to make sure your detox -- every day has moved to thank you very much thank you so much -- The man that had been weakened. -- public that I. But we could put him in the store wouldn't definitely you know Diana. Yeah I think it's a really just ever done everything that you look at -- so let's take a break go through no Turkey's 73 -- -- Doctor -- we today. Who don't like your heart to. -- -- you share your book if you have written yet so I'm sure you have a couple books unwritten thing. Food and stages I -- I didn't -- something that's realistic break we'll be right back. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages prime tall. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to -- let's get healthy with bills we'll find tall. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to show folks -- -- show. Structure companies with the today and -- isn't that your parents. Nodule in the field naturally. -- natural things you know arguably are going to continue alarms one of our basic principles him different are Christian. Well we got some by the doesn't want. The term. I'm probably just causing pain with people like most of the right thing to sit. Here that we're dealing with people's anxiety about about pain. He's averages to English. Did -- to doctor Mathews Steinberg doctors convert. Yes thank you for having me bill and I clarified that I have never caused pain to people. That's -- have people come in -- aimed at an -- relieved it was the best day can't okay you know. Well I know. As you I think yes and so it doesn't -- You had much anymore you know and we'll talk about that you know. Yes so it's not supposed to talk a little sleep to I think that's is okay. -- identity -- stars will start tomorrow -- occasional bout will be here all afternoon and you're not until a couple of days. For a but you can nominate three -- right by your peers for owner of Texas distance here. That's correct so he distinguished scholar ships and accountant in industry is taught in schools like the arcade. Sparky Anderson is it going to take -- institute -- yeah thank Houston so you're you're just. A mover shaker and. Sounds -- I did just have a real passion for keeping people healthy and tell him as a new opportunities open up I jump on them and we do with our staff first and see how things work and everything we've. Entered into -- I really look at things I really. -- turn things -- before we do them and and so we're really developing a total wellness. Practice. And it's really you know dentistry now which is really going to be called integrated dental medicine that's kind of going to be the new word it's going to be corn in the next ten years. And that's really a new wellness frontier because dentist who were first and do it and you know we -- patients. Or people shouldn't think that patients we -- people more regular than positions do people got to positions when they're sick. Yes people go to the dentist when they're well you know we recall people you know every three months six months a year -- so we get to see people who are healthy. So we can we have an incredible. Ability to influence people's behaviors. When they're healthy before they get sick. Which really excites me. Well that's what I think if you can referendum cleaning up concealed first ablaze. -- got a plan to send -- good to see you but -- I'm looking forward to -- but you also she first and so you she you do -- you check for oral cancer torture which is really a problem today. You know cancer is now an end -- -- epidemic. And the reason for that is that. Very few dentists do you head and neck exam in other words checking inside the -- injecting. The lumps and bumps. Looking in the throat -- And dentists don't do -- and people really don't get screened. And so that's why would cancer cancer of the powerful cancer of the larynx cancer of the cons packages saw women with cancer of the times. Things you don't really think about it like this 60% mortality rate to a death rates. Because it's diagnosed late and. Lose lose yet my mother personally my personal experience my mother. Was was not correctly diagnosed by -- by a dentist and her oral cancer progressed and then I think she she had a you know have more radical therapy because that's a lot later now. So you know MD Anderson has come out with this sound. -- life to take its case fluorescent light and he's not harmful at all I mean actually it looks like it very intense blue light. And they're -- they've been mutilated MD Anderson for us cervical cancer exams and they found out -- the same you can -- Is in the mouth. -- cell types that in the service acts. So we're now using disliked in them now and it's just a screening device at the hunt to me that that is the screening device when you put on these special glasses. If there is any in fifty and are beginning lesions and cancer you can pick them up -- disliked. -- the -- that routinely on every single patient revenue estimate typically you do that he'll get it he'll take -- yet. Let's talk about sentence. This -- big and our country. 30% of US workers don't get no sleep. -- see a picture of lenders because in his head on the desk. -- -- -- and the -- for students learn I don't know what to act. Let me tell you how I got -- started and sleep I had and we do our when people come and we had some a lot of health questions. And I was talking to a lot of my patients and their saying I'm white guy that I am so tired I -- have time to I mean that we even had energy to brush my teeth at night. This could really tell me more about the and they said we I didn't come -- -- instead they're so tired like two or three in the afternoon. We're argued disclosing. And -- haven't told me that every time we -- stoplight to fall asleep and people have to -- -- And so I started looking up a secondary interest of the net and I found out that one person is who happens to be accused and his name is Gerald Simmons is an MD he's asleep position. He was putting on a course. On flea medicine and it was it 22 and a half day course and it happened to be about a month. After I saw this one patient. And so I took it and that just opened my eyes to how serious this problem really -- And so what we do in the offices we do a lot of screens for people. Besides the oral cancer for sleep disorders. -- -- people think of sleep disorders they think of sleep -- DNC pap machine. That there's a lot more to sleep disorders and Matt they're insomnia is where people can't fall asleep zero insomnia is what people can't stay asleep. They're people that snore heavily and wake themselves up constantly every hour or more. There is a Canadian rhythm which is the bodies but the body clock disorders. And so you know -- eighty million people now -- sleep disorders in this country. Which is huge it's. It's huge and and nobody is really addressed that. On the health. And I really get how well the basis nobody's really doing anything about tests. And really what you think about sleep disorders -- deprived -- oxygen deprivation that deprived the brain of oxygen. And we needed to act. What happens is that he electrical impulses that are sent to different organs in the body get reduced. And so a year your ability to have disease -- degenerative diseases is increased. Astronomically because of that. You have to get rid you have to find out what the problem is what the sleep disorder is you have to work with the person on that. Sometimes it's just losing weight to. Sometimes it's just meditation sometimes you know to be very I mean all the talk about all natural things. It's how would you know not looking -- -- iPhone or watching TV right before you go to -- are not watching TV while you're in bad. When you go to bed -- should be pure -- and so you have to really look at people and see what the problem here. Because the main thing is -- -- looking for its quality restorative sleep. It's not the amount of hours you put him in the amount of quality restored this week that you get at night because that's when you replace hormones. That's when you get the rest of vital organs. Because sleep is critical. Which the company is left here we won't talk but this program you have called new Cologne. -- people. Can't tell us about -- I don't condom is basically it's an all natural stress integration system that has proven to re mediate stressed that the mid brain level. And it was developed. For treating soldiers that are coming back from Afghanistan. With PT EST. And it uses to natural ingredients that uses. Dab I need to -- -- catheter which is called -- GA BA eighth and it usually is elf DNA. And both of those things you can buy and -- had a and I hope it's got meaning by and hopefully it's. I think with the way they process they -- two different it's achievable. That gets dissolved in the mouth and goes under the concept legally into the bloodstream. And what it does that relax since the mid brain basically picture down met alpha and beta. Wait wait we just Q what you have just before you go to sleep so just by chewing the gap and TLC -- you feel more relaxed. Then it happened you're accused -- software Catholic classical music on headphones. And what videos that they get to visit different hurt a different speed coming out of each year you can't really pick it up pick your brain does. And what happens is when it tries to equalize the -- It opens up the neurons in the brain and allowed the gab and the LP ending to fill those particles in the mid grade. So worked like that next step. Except it's natural organic to the pharmaceutical product but it worked on the same receptor sites Hispanic. And it's like meditation in a box you do this for 45 minutes and you feel incredible. -- you do it like twice a week. But where you can get in the opposite now we use it on dental patients member of the beginning at that we're not using nitrous system not to. Where you can emit more than we are nitrous oxide are the people on the headphones. And see you come and they just kind of zone out. Training greatly by -- under the news comes in you. CA LA -- And you -- to go on its use CA LM dot com you'll find out all about the product to forty minutes. -- forty minutes to do it and then you kind of come out of it and you feel energized and relaxed and but aren't happy feel ready to take on the world. And every event and it's been used on 200000 people so far -- -- it's a major side effects. -- website for your practice. -- went back to my practice is. -- -- course WWW designer dentist dot com. And they are in there's information on there about new common shares of sleep -- -- have a lot of things about sleep on their teams of people -- learn about me by going to designer Dennis dot com. You -- Austin. Yeah I am I wish there was interest. It's 3818. Spikes which springs road suite 100 blow right between. -- -- and mesa and northwest hills. Yeah well mostly in a couple of weeks Kazaa -- and -- this. And they don't Treo be your only real good drive and we can talk about what -- it's a fact we do this and you are not just come back and we just switches and it gives an -- problems. Thank you this at least here you need to get to -- time that yeah. But I love me and I'm allowed to educate people and that the goal is to get people healthy and actually. Over -- I can tell your real he's a real deal. Think today you -- you back quickly to back on soon okay thank you don't have nice things you can apply about it. -- breaking -- It kills -- is coming out there. These messages on tall yeah. Welcome to let's get healthy with bills wail on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy and now here's -- way. After the show -- perfect show -- Doctor. Marianne. Calvin Pace of the show was consistent minutes of pleasure to have you go to the technology and pleasure being here you know you are. Poor curvature of the -- natural ways to. An aging your -- -- different if you look at vicious little redemption and I sure hope sells it. It was always hope it's going to. Do we can. We Judas on the line with a -- that we have with this. You -- thanks for having you began here. Each yeah to Walter camp I on your -- and I am that her sister and leisure so when it. This. Is a good thing I look so yeah I was -- shot I did. We get that speed down. Tennis while supporters and I -- -- 00. Yeah well look at the picture now. Which you know what's interesting is that this is a great -- by the way because these are your empties doctors who wrote the book. You know. There's another doctor Mark Peterson his -- So the three events -- -- on terror around several but the very latest. The one thing we were funny scene -- clear -- -- being asked about you know how people could. Prevent. Aging and really prevent. The chronic disease process so that's kind of why is this book came about. Well -- in the heart disease diabetes cancer infections stress all these things you just tackle those. -- detox your body you know. It -- it exactly I mean -- -- do you. You know it for doing healthy things and I'm sure that. Started cal needs would agree for doing healthy things database step by step. That's when the week preventing things from coming on what but -- happening as people wake up and they you know go to the doctor and they've got to. I can go anywhere and see if that's seven point you know which means that they -- and diabetes bench and they like what happened. To introduce. It's been many they -- have no clue as to how they -- Because they're a bit quicker they have an easy -- predicting that they've eaten up the lack of exercise all the things that they've done to their body. They just don't remember that and killed. It's too late. -- birds do it more difficult to. To backtrack. -- yeah. It can be done and and -- we want to offer hope to people that yeah fewer listeners find themselves. In that position work gosh they've come up with one of these same -- and they've been diagnosed. ELE can be done you can. It helped turn back the clock sunlight you know you. You can you can do a lot of great things matter what age you are no matter what danger and of course we always want to prevent him from half. Happening but. You don't give up if you find out -- actually do have diabetes or yes she did her duties. About the time for sure. Didn't you know all cars off now you got to get serious. They -- tell us more about your programs that you offer. Yeah so we are -- and executive medicine at -- is also. Known as executives -- -- of America. And got people flying in from from all over the world. And see if perhaps -- physical exams because what's happening it's in. In our country is people go to the doctor. And they're -- minutes via the doctors are all having to accommodate especially even now. More and more people so they never get to act. -- important questions. On May never get to the bottom of things or maybe they do -- one -- -- blood tests but it got one hand on the door and there you nodding your head Yang Yang Yang and then they at least. And then come leaves with all the eight. -- bald. And since security only litter doctor he could everything's fine. Died when you look at it what would examine what would even half of the patient how can that determination be made. So what we did -- and they have to date with people before we even PM at the 24 page questionnaire. We wanted to know -- house but the only life. You know even things like do you rear seat belt get hooked on how a liquor diet look like how many times did you actually study -- stressed out or you know work. Because it's important to know be staying even prior to the examinations and and I think that's something that that we're really missing and it's twofold it's not the doctors -- -- -- the patient's fault it's that we don't have. The structure. Really neat yeah he's a little too much we can spend that kind that we really wanted to spend with everybody. Well I don't issue gut as is the book is really nice to read about these people who I. Like Lucille Fleming. Thousands of her yeah she's house. 202. Now. He says and I get -- -- -- -- yesterday. Every Friday we go to lunch. I've had such that. A wonderful time since meeting her that I'm actually writing a book about her her life. Which is there any stretch from usually Alan -- her health and wellness center. And does she just with such an inspiration. And she's she went out on the tour is several times and believe or not and -- cheese find -- jumped on an airplane and can the -- should have a ball going around meeting people. But he's -- story -- tactic and I see it's not to deter I think Eric. Are a lot of individuals like this feel that you dare to hope these people have lived through things that we can't. Imagine it we think we had a bad day. Bad day he lived here a couple world war in a depression and it -- all of these other things are good days. Really -- compared -- -- are anything like with these people with very few cents. She you are a -- interviewing and shoot well perverted or -- for April and she added we -- know report. In domestic then opened for breakfast and strawberries. Cottage -- that was it. Yes she you know she looked her child head hit in perpetual loving the way you know Britney and Madonna harm her. They potato farmers. And if everybody worked everybody had a job and she said she had to get the newspapers and cleaned up the -- times because everything else but they have electricity back and and everybody had -- saying he had to be cleaned because security was blocking them. And yet he had different jobs he talked about the per -- I was ten and that was when I did and reminded me sharply can be. But the -- about being poor and it what did you turn this panel of people over a hundred that we interviewed. They did they ate that oatmeal baby eight farmed food they didn't eat it date that things that maybe. Other people were eating especially true -- you know those years because they grew up eating at their own cable night eating now. -- they weren't buying a lot of packaged air processed items everything's coming straight from the grit and I into the cable. Ran. Where she issue the -- issues to Elizabeth for Texas. CN NC is that I understood what this is get arrested and what I refer treasure that people who. And yet so every day at 2 o'clock she takes a hair and she said you know I found that that's just the best time for me that. -- native and has told her -- to -- we were doing an interview actually I'm down in Houston in the end we were there. She said and they -- time fear and Kathy Burris should know what I'm gonna do what I do you. It is you you know -- it it's really it's really great and inspirational. Good to see people in their ninety's in their hundreds. How the battle and not a complaint that's wed -- so. Ironic about it all they -- -- -- issued. But they don't focus on the issues. I. Well and also when she shows of the protections. Right. She isn't she has her own. It's still -- and and he has your living room bedroom bathroom closet it's fast and retirement community but she didn't -- -- -- her own -- her own apartment there actually go down the dining room. We were out trying to because she redecorating she's decided she's -- new couch and she -- paint the wall lime green to accept. It and. It's kind of re -- cute but the. She's very religious and she says. If you ever. You go to church. Extra possessions those people -- -- as you get back -- it's as important so. It is you know she will openly cheer her faith and says it doesn't biggest issue for the same thing that we found in the research shows that it doesn't matter what religion -- -- -- if you have that. That sense of being that bad news. Belief that you're you don't have to control everything. NYPD can come back control up to a higher power and then. Of course just the pig and -- time to -- it can pray meditate we know when they're in the research. Crews. -- it it improved longevity and so this is a common theme all the people we interviewed. They look kinda have the same answer. You know we had a and author of the book no radical. Remission on just a while ago and she. You she went to cancer patients that. -- -- revisions and how they did it. And there was a time she went to that she didn't they were gonna revisions or not but it did and what what it took and lots of your religion you know the house. Yes she's saying the same thing wearing that -- and in that nurturing and spiritual connection. Is just fundamental to our health. And it doesn't matter what you know it doesn't matter why you know but that there is a hot you know that there's some kind of spiritual connection. And that we nurture that. Right right and what are you telling me that she she had to annually very heavy on her hard ones. And she says she did I think I think I forgot that the message is typically I'll -- desk. But she had it it was very worried about something she is went to church and then based out of the topic -- have something to lean on near. Your heart you need to get off your Harden and and kind of give it over and she said you know the next day I felt so much -- my blood pressure was down. I didn't feel stressed. Yeah I think everywhere actually forget to do that we have to be reminded money different that message forever. And to eat every might be reminded sometimes. And it's my data sources duel ahead of a -- hundred teachers though. And just opens tour and I'm since the seventies now so that's pretty good didn't. So. Anyway so you were -- for alfalfa tablets as a first question surrealistic approach to live disarm. That's what we're very worst -- changes and so on. -- proceed bratwurst -- -- systems to them. But you know it's interesting because that's always the crucial -- 102 years olds. And -- -- -- has been worked -- it was a good you know that we do a lot of measures but I think talent is so as you can get some things that. But he. He drove his own car 102 years so that's all it took from us off after I've never gonna -- -- -- -- I think that. Learn how to avoid any kind of chemicals and their weekly prescriptions is not a that I do not saying that Joni prescription sometimes it's so necessary. Right sometimes you do but yeah is going on and I'm sure. Don't -- vehicle and green with excessive that. Where have been bush -- to medication and you have a side effect of the band. You get another medication and then he pretending you're taking medication to cover the side effects from medications. The your cyber something else. And if you know and now he's spending fortunes. But it also all highly over McCain and he's had and it should cause all kind of things we weren't. We weren't designed to be chemistry project. Yup from the -- of the -- that we can pick is so bad that I'm real problem because there aren't medication like you mentioned that. We need to cake you know there are times when it can be a life or death. Situation. Dies it. That's not to keep a lot of times in a lot of over used to having anti depressants -- a lot of overuse of antibiotics. I mean he met. These people that we interviewed in the book community -- -- if you like I you mentioned that bed just the end it got. And her from you. It it's the same kind of thing. It's that they -- they didn't ever buying into the pharmaceutical let me take this money taken that earned another guard had behaved itself. Rain. Fell through chemistry. Let's nuclear medicine as with a park consent. -- he also says that he's talked to you he really. The -- walking. It just using the coast another -- that that's the best exercise you can walking. And it'll they'll help consumers to fairways. Especially throughout the -- -- for something you know where you can take conventional it to. Good tone she walked. Ms. -- walked six miles a guy who she's going. Ash. He's just now we -- -- gripping Canada. And you know they won't appear around Scioscia said she would walk through -- no that was you know world. -- -- And just walk and -- looks as a cold but it could no other way to get there and I didn't eat too. It's really cannot alone be a lot of people had that sense that you do what you gotta do and -- through it. Today you'll you'll -- we need you read in the book about different people over a hundred there's one lady that still goes to the genome. Every day she doesn't have to wait time but she still does the circuits. You know her big thing -- -- they're talking your should act to keep my machine oil to attack and especially if we keep my machine oil has been moved it and act like you're. That's exactly right. Long. Well which it did -- should be okay you -- to a Dutch 200. Now when you don't do. You don't you know we have -- saying it out in our stores which -- 200 but -- yarder with her what to -- issued 200. I'm just totally -- obviously. Well yeah if you don't let the market fired because the number of people are looking over a hundred Islam is really something we couldn't have imagined. A longtime -- I mean now. We have people that are living past the primary and now we have 2% married so that the people paths went 10 feet and am. Hate I know that the people and just it's not to my knowledge bed and research has. And everything leading to that the kids that are born today. 100 is not going to be a big deal. Because there's going to be the only people that lived to be a 110 so it changes everything changes you know do we really retire at sixty years 65 because. Well you know he obviously financially that's nation but not to that we are younger. Sixty and seven he Ben we have our work and for the stomach to lighten up and people are taking thinking careers and meaning that. By just an additional show that I talked to before. So and he's an integrated industry and more -- that's that's a return more district as he entered integrated industry because they're filing out to people. When they go to do is to distance problem thank you taking charge for. For cancer of the mouth with every patient. It really easy to do that we've mentioned that sensitivities that I didn't know who might be your turn to for your next book that stem cells are really becoming a big thing now. And he aims to bring us the best source first to themselves they found out. Was risen to use. Yeah you have reason to -- save them if I listen if you ever took issuers trees don't thrown out. That's of this source first himself to. Or. All pretty out they're going. Yeah it is the only news is that the. Well that the next best is that supposed to shoot petition and hand him or not this really do the best of social and so there's glossary search if you look at the next. Five to ten years you've got to go a long time ago. Oh yeah Julia you know I you today act. A facial cream called lifeline. And it -- stem cell extract green and it's really funny -- -- -- and I love your skin and it does when we first met and so I had gotten her some lifeline and sees it. Even at a hundred million seats are given a 101 even hit a hundred lining made a huge difference on her face and to which you went through dermatology said. No wait -- had a little skin cancer placed before she held a prearranged he would do. You tell him. And if he would just amazing you know he said I can't believe your skin looks and this could it looks better than most sixty year old tunes and it really is. We're gonna see more and more. And a -- something really of the future and it's just the -- ethical -- -- confirmed. For the life points and -- is. It's actually -- president so it was never -- need to get all competed. Almost networked content to get it -- put. The is gonna get to secure web -- space to earth based fiction book. Yeah everything get -- -- young skin dot com. Can study on this system so. A suggestion that. The -- stay young skin dot com. And it's it's great I mean I is I've used it and we have that nationally syndicated radio show -- staying young show. And this is how I argued that we had and dermatologist in very rural and mr. Mittal dysfunction that will be -- coming your show went and his staff. After we get stop all the time which I'm -- easy -- -- and death. -- -- -- -- And this doctrine never looking at the -- how different you're like wow. We need or that by the -- that. That's kind of like how bad between -- daily were were really using an end. It right because that's behind it is amazing. And international stem -- to steal back our international stem cell corporation is doing research with stem cells. For corneal transplants at all kinds of great stuff diabetes you name actors like -- it's different areas. And be accidentally. Realized that it could make here is getting better they were testing on this big rabbit on the back of one of their hands. And they noticed at one another hand carried carried him and stay around and I'm back -- left hand and it looked way younger than the other and they that we need to bottle -- to help fund it are weak sisters those they did they developed around some skin creams. And bottles that does sound stem cell extract in that money eat egg goes back and and friend says to bigger research -- likely -- -- And -- dot -- you will she get off the year so -- to do that one more time because I'm not pay you for this you know apparently I want to talk what you put primarily of a pack of tickets is so. Was this console was economy. Kathleen good -- -- and ski NN dot com stay young skin dot com. I love hearing that story because it sounds. I love that their money from the company goes back into researching that it's it's a great product. The parts is called. Apple likes wine and train. Look at that. Great so people that drive the car that can write down. -- you know. Okay well this pleasure talking to you and a great book aged to perfection. How to get 200 how to thrive 200 front. Straight -- happy -- it wasn't like that. So that is right we all we all need to be. Did get a get a hundred at least field. For Haitian. And you can pick up on YouTube. She's she's on YouTube you can pickup Lucille. Oh yeah there's a lot to -- And great interviews with who feel that you met with different income. One bit where it from different morning -- everything and -- -- also. I can't sit sit down with turned into their different advice he would give to people different decades of their life. She fascinating I really really like your listeners that take a minute just to look that up because she insists his plea deal Fleming won him. In the last name. -- -- -- -- -- Judith thank you so much -- -- on. Your mind you think down -- a great change you can actually I think you have that we can. Incapable. Right -- to break through that -- conservatives go to questions 123. It -- -- It -- good news coming up after the these messages and I'm too old or thirteen seven. Yeah. Hey the good old and I -- And lululemon. Okay. Welcome back to let's get healthy with -- -- on tall. Thirteen seventy. -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- who live there. Our next guests we have just a -- -- -- -- gonna talk -- -- rather urgent urgent general and so what. We're we're we're we could do with a but first of all let me say this American Red Cross. Issues urgent call for blood donations many good relationship pretty -- so. I don't want you don't get a little so across -- -- arm about. 04 EST 45 44. Is still Baltimore and -- Mercury across major promotional. -- free cookie. Completely cookers I don't know what they always do that to you atone. If you if you can't try to try to do is good for you. Traditional blood drive as you can kind of establish your body to produce. You know can -- -- -- So by the way warm temperatures for just a warm temperatures as you can tell. Increase your risk of developing kidney stones. So drew closer water you don't do what you don't know water. For the documentary. -- and watch it is so. Cancer is curable now. So we're just sort tomorrow cancer heroic. You can go to YouTube dot com. Thank you watch is there if you have trouble. We'll we'll put our web site up. Did you go to our website -- are stuck come funeral watch him. Other cancers curable thought come on. In -- that. Were sent to bring it up this free public. So -- you'll thank yourself for a long -- Let's talk about things you can do for a long hike here to get ready. How do you tell him out of the area is an accomplice if you're going for which thank you need to be held on. I also precious supplies of food and water. And what a pair from the water. We talked about it. Treatment here that you could use that we don't know yet startup. But there's also ways you can purify the water today if you have to. Picture closing sunscreen sunglasses and right here. Matches in her first heard of this is religion is to refer our current discernible this year but. You -- could component. You running for cooking or what you really want to bring you things -- -- -- -- something. That you need to cook. A flashlight and extra batteries. If you think you refused to condemn the militia leadership on arms agreement. A we'll start first aid -- And the most important things and small all purpose in life. When you go hiking blustery and -- -- just little little. It was going to -- got a car -- do you think the herbal. It was called them. And Lisa. -- -- I'm. I'm forty so. And -- to the birth of four employees and avalanche. Mears and they really stressful. And I haven't done. I'd I'd quit or you will we'll act is. And warrant at a I did have a couple of jobs weren't walked a lot. But it's it was sporadic bag or through my body hurt horribly in the morning and each. And I am taking western medication because it's cheaper I would like to go ballistic but it's expensive. And are you couldn't do it as simple. -- had to -- consciously or attract educate collapses -- actually a holistic doctor. Arun. We are encouraged the western countries they can't figure it out of course. And it can't I would I -- check or -- I didn't I peed -- for its cheers. And I I don't think that the polls show bad it -- and I have a window. And I take my -- issues. Currently I -- -- I think our window where -- -- do not pay -- but I'm I'm able to do things. The polish situation you know my body. New yeah I really. Feel for ulee's that's and so. 18%. There's no one simple answer. But I think reducing your stress. Can help. And detoxification. Can help. You know so simple things like increasing your fruits and vegetables. -- minimizing. Greens in your diet if not green tree. Eating organic if you can afford to. Or. At least isn't getting familiar with with and vegetables that are better too is that that are you know. That are OK to eat non organic if she can right order can't -- You know lemon water in the mornings. Lots of beats to. So yeah I mean there are a lot of natural things you can do for pain but I think it. You know dealing with the underlying issue uses is is what will really make a difference. And so that's a little more comprehensive. And in death than do you know them to go here. I start what you change and I had barely afford -- and I know a lot of garlic in every church. A lot of -- your -- can't -- everything and I love that. You don't want your Christian act and I do have a little judicious as to how long. I would have to do that before -- started C. Are the only difference. Yeah well you know let's get off and I heard like a week shouldn't stop. Yeah so you have to keep keep up with it because it will make a difference but. But the more toxic we are the longer it takes to -- -- Two. To detoxify so keep doing it and you know you should feel better. Orkut on my -- come back to normal DN -- our business and then -- -- You know you -- a live -- you know you can buying. You know. A liver detox or or -- product there's lots of announce their renewed life makes a really good one. You know you can get that a peoples or any kind of natural health food store you can start there and start -- -- you know. Did increase the detoxification processes in your body but I think that's probably key for you as well as decreasing the stress. -- -- -- -- And tried the lemon water and you want an Islamic I have to let me. Yeah that the perfect and some water little warm water in entering status as your first thing and then. And then. Okay yeah. Well I appreciate -- my car and all they called -- a combat situation where. OK and you know thank you so much for the call -- as religion is delicious and Lisa -- -- early on the circuit. You have to -- people you know today because. A lot you have this problems. -- You know a loss of a surprise me that can't sit. And I've -- around and happy new unleashing it did not are. -- and then they didn't get any better. Well it is kind of a catch all diagnosis when they can't figure out why somebody has so much. Muscular skeletal pain in particular the connective tissue. Brian Bryant. And so from a natural perspective for as a national -- -- position. IE I identify that is -- ice chest that is as often times being taught -- being being toxic. It's because we've gotten older and the auction was actually at the end. And now we feel. Well it's it's an acute -- it's an accumulation. -- -- violation of -- -- -- and and the body just can't handle it anymore you know you're Europe's premier cup has flown as has overflowed. Yeah and you know and if you want it to me look at my web site and and nice Austin nature -- that dot com. And and you can kind of get familiar with with what my approaches and you know if you feel inclined has to give me Colin schedule and we can go deeper with that in and I can support insurance. Carol I appreciate everything just felt like taking my call. It could well he's taking medication. Yeah she's such. Yes I do I take trying to aren't eight -- and. Yeah I can tell you what you do -- Michael lists of things -- taken go to the stores are people sort of talked a pharmacist about drug. Stipulations. There may have nutrients that your depleting. You could probably just ninety treasury hamster it's those -- true. You know I really -- I really think like I say. -- those rights Zulu I guess I just cabinet has ever used. And you weightlifting. -- and I'm saying -- election. I don't ride and you have children and it involves them and also you know if you change your diet and lifestyle so you really I eat this you -- you really need to surround yourself with support for the. Well and you get a decent cents each lecture hall and what can people be very yeah. Well thank you sound and I am active terrorist group and -- it I can do. Did OK -- well at least had good luck Aaron thank you should appreciate the call nothing -- take a break we go to a breakthrough. And -- -- mobile right. Yeah nutter took it we're gonna take a break. You don't -- by the way -- -- altitude 7523. Out of Turkey's seventy you'll be -- More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- thirteen seven. Get healthy with the bills -- Ron Paul thirteen seventy. Welcome welcome back to show folks this is -- -- My my coast today you can and was at best. I think best I can say that what's best pitcher -- in Austin thank you doctor Calvin Pace. It and you're on your website we want to. Let's say is Austin -- -- tactic dot com. We're doctor Marianne dot com doctor Maria is easier and easier Boston interest in -- We those are easy urged to not that right. That's there I tell you. And thank you thank you so much -- yeah. Sure but I know I have heard about you for years and I and I didn't want to meet you know I don't think do we know. Okay I'm and we need to do. She -- -- doesn't concern I have I think I ever accounts like Selanne line that you be -- in 98% of the time I think. I think you told he gave up only is that right. Passionate and that's our. Never felt good but it was this year is that you know you really can help people like you attitude you know sometimes you recognize -- they need help. They -- or talk about a couple things here Lanka to fight that he's now. I'm Rosemary and oregano have type two diabetes -- properties. In the air Reagan -- are Arabs are very common prickly pair at this. -- really good to regulate blood sugar just eating you simply don't see occasionally. They should be added impetus -- -- -- Well actually we're organ can -- would someone please tell her income was like tomatoes breakfast tacos. Decide whether I have I have that -- lead. Would -- once a week after my yoga class down the road from you guys but I loved. Yeah people's privacy breakfast tacos that the death. And found. Yes having -- no belief has to offer on the breakfast -- I didn't come as well and to my unit of analysis of that amount is great for sugar committee and talk to. Kelly had to act now to. -- Mayo acupuncture shoes from China and the Vietnam and she brought me some good balance she could continue to -- -- and O canal and they were taken better balance. What did you -- great things that are OK but I try to but I know how to cook and so it was very apparent very can't justify you can grow -- mother right here in Texas and. I know that I'm I'm gonna try you know I have had been spending too much time in the garden lately because it's so hot. I just Thursday. Of marine goat is that this is -- is important that I had a marine and a trade or how this is simplified cheap and efficient process to prefer -- water. They're usually the season extracts -- -- -- courses -- -- used to it to where we're from more about it episode. Super food now I have a little baby when it about maybe about a foot tall now. Well yeah well -- you know someone gave me it's one of my students but I heard somebody in that struck. That actually raises them and held them. Just read a trade yeah it's. Was a little -- about this. I'm -- of -- their Persian as a people worry about than a dozen world will Farrell and we're at. Your card and -- how big is your garden. Oh -- if that's like 4000 square foot garden I'm located off of eighteen to when he got sick. -- often. Frequented the area. Yes -- all the way to because constrained but that's south of offensive if you know -- Salt lick barbecue is with the outlook boulevard we live off conference. Yes -- did that in that area -- pretty thing. Man this black which read on the property and let us -- very large garden. Manning started as you've got to leave class is coming up. In September I do yeah I didn't I didn't. September 3 nineteen I think -- been doing an air until women's health class yes that's him in nineteen. And I has had eight classes in the fall. And good cardiovascular system and skill to counsel her terrible first stayed. I'm gonna cosmetics class urinary system classes formulation. I get the whole bunch of wonderful. Terrible classes and one on complementary medicine and so. Do you think you can come out and talk at -- after practice yeah like to have two guests. About one disease. -- yes and I am registration is open now as. Yeah did early bird registration for a positive open people as go to my web site at ET Arab. That neck and get all the information that they needed help us army or email me with questions of life. Was your management is -- for -- American women out yeah that would be hormone problems and let's yeah. Everything you know kid comes -- -- from analysts tend -- childbearing is Perry met at times that a just didn't do a lot of things women can do just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a question all -- yeah and you know served intrude in lifestyle and camaraderie you know that's part of it -- he's getting together a group of the women are. -- people who loved women. In a class. And you know can really help people stay healthy just by being around other like minded people yeah yeah. Sense of camaraderie is something I really like to promote and and the classes killed yeah. Memphis is chilling effect that effect account but I think these -- You know -- guess creating a community and you know we need to belong that's one of our highest need in life to belong to something. Yeah I'm sure we'll. -- Well Rosemarie in -- though they're both these -- grown taxes or take. He's very easy it is growth but Rosemary thrived here could hit like that -- I think he's he doesn't like to get -- -- -- doesn't like. A lot of rain and the net -- couple years ago I lost. A big growth may plant could lose their real rainy time you know he is -- in mid July. -- and they get kind of the load the on the bottom when it's dry and hot like it usually is this summer here it's apples and rocks at this. And I like the up right Rosemary mostly that's what I used additionally but I also goes back. Profit. Straight to Rosemary I would have been -- that's slowly craft -- state -- frustrates. Don't want excuse -- -- we're -- we're joined as the best. We just. I'd like the -- right one of Rosemary and it official ballot is the one I like he used the definitely and they okay thank you think it's a lot. I really can you Rosemary and -- kitchen that I just dry and and I just could this man a whole bunch of different food could -- -- said it does have so many wonderful. The maternal and helpful. Property. Tijuana to have deeds the rules but it really has little flavor to Diego. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a -- you know to goes so he's really here I have that in bike part she aid that they think it. Cut off the girl and pretty much full of them might have been driving had kind of a part change area -- the years and years and years and years and it just. Keep growing at -- resident keeps growing. -- absolutely wonderful Rosemary him. Hi named Paul Greg announced those. But people think of it just culinary culinary herbs and their cooking are. Great for food and of course that's tremendous sense that there's a helmet didn't at all has twelve people kind of forget that they could they got tickets for cutting back. You're getting so much nutrition and how many health benefits by putting them. In -- food you know particularly rational thing. And I. I understood five billion dollars is what went on visas cost us. If you can if you can control withdrawals rhetoric and aware that the great. Yes good. -- -- buried there and exercise is sitcoms you have. And let's say there's a quick break and there's a Greek oregano and things. Question reckon. Right I have the Mexican oregano I have these are generated now. Listen -- still works as far as using these have. They're really happy with the. It didn't invent the Mexican record I see it's chilly night and it's really pretty cute as a beautiful purple flower and it. As -- in the summertime. Really inaccurate and -- Greek oregano I don't think I have to ask. Yeah what was accomplished that by good urged. Spoke action you know lost some of my favorite local nurseries and added to the National Guard and and done tropical place I love that place. But -- their Tuesday -- they have great served there. It's about time is another real nice -- and signs Amtrak comes my life I love the people that the owners there. And they have -- the inventor of the that's what I recommend it's to get Humphrey hit a lot of people like a girl come free in their garden is and that's what that is easy to get back. It's about time always has been -- supplier of concrete plants. It is like in me time to neutralize the PH YMA that I. Doesn't mention our hot cancer cells and -- check out there without passing every day you can I do it. These are. Living tiles are at best and I and -- offices and south Boston's OK street yeah. -- Yes they're great they're okay. This specialized weather the nice thing is that most of the better because this is just socialism at this it's about time and -- yeah. Attack first to -- the screws ahead. -- -- which is about toughness to close the show I. There's just a couple minutes at a couple yet. Amid attacks are limited plays it's one thing before you is close I went to. You went like storm Friday get a little in service to Vancouver now. They're carrying easier product well they always have carried easier strata that -- kind of and they need to do. There you know -- addition the shelves they're heading to stuff is so and I told him I would announces that people can go either way -- like Allen gets. Some -- season pictures and it has been. It made a couple of cosmetics that -- you do a couple of new product to them that they really have to tell the people found out about making a bidders to ensure now. Are contained serves the -- they really were interested -- that being right next Olympic high school for all the young. Teenagers who had come in there and did you really have anything you know natural for cramping thanks -- -- our local by -- work. Obsolete fabulously. Due to a -- yeah yeah. Group or the color ramp by. Putting your -- what's your biggest sellers. Might want to -- biggest dollars and bike pack my bags in case this -- is unique. I just finished actually harvesting this summer stepped. Have to adapt Alan in this fight take a picture. That is my biggest down fast and female Hamas out of her. -- Atalanta and Perry met up exit else. Even as hot flashes. We yes credibility CIA is it every day and it's helped me just lying -- -- -- that Thomas knee yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I have a video actually on the homepage of my web site at. How did you harvest by -- Food all sold out to the batteries off carefully you can they're just dry it out right. I so I. Yeah because it's it's really it's an article and it did just that particular time frame idyllic. Life. When you're when you're on the show is there's been a while back in the week it's Beckham. You as a co -- you -- T. This really very good to. Might try to keep -- tees added elements and I read I've threatened to -- like the other day to. And it's pretty delicious. And then on -- has so let's just courses more delicious if you about from accomplishments -- -- -- -- is this -- sugar. Yeah yeah that's like an unfortunate but we don't don't good charities before you -- It -- yeah. It really. It's commission metabolism it's great to digestion zionist. Called high energy -- I think gives you a little bit of that 4 o'clock may have an analyst at -- little bit of garage and it and the predictions they had credit. It's. -- And a little bit and it now its estimate let me. And reread it and -- there's aggression. There is an -- well. KH ATE a US -- -- ten -- age eight he it's really from trees I think the league choose to lose themselves. We should talk talk about we'll talk about next enrollment is causing. A loss of the problems in this country stronger -- -- it. And a side effects in his Carlson a downgrade of -- concludes. I'll tell you choose to take the case HTTP. OK okay cabinet had actually turned in HT. Of the -- account hacked possibly. -- We're gonna take a break here for a week national. -- could get back on the show some time. He has to come out and cohosts safety advantages at this. What is what is the once again you guys want to move for women coming up. -- for women and was that was a start. That's on September 19 to. And there's good schedule and on my web site and I have a hold period I have eight classes coming up in the fall. -- -- -- Dad yeah yeah do you versions are being home. -- -- reshaping our we have -- -- yes thank you was great game is taking and do you have a wonderful evening and also there thank you to -- -- K thanks. From all I don't know yet provide provide Petroleos system. We've got to go but thank you -- and companies bring home you certainly luckily my pleasure. -- -- --