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3 Guys Sports Show Podcast 07/25/14

Jul 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- thirteen seven these three guys sport show. Join the conversation now one based blue -- surging three guys -- show. Normally I'd say we're in trouble when we turn on ESPN and we see says they're tough green training camp 24/7. And being in trouble being that oh boy dog days of summer. This is all we have to talk about his NFL training camp with the fact that I mean that's all it isn't like Alabama yesterday and loses and gets gets on one thing and just over desert like LeBron James thing we go back to Tim Tebow. And then now Johnny -- -- I mean not so much about the Cleveland Browns -- and this is how much cover their fight tall man's else things is not and Johnny football point 47 hours. And that's what's going to be totally anti colonial or through it's still as its fifth it's it's still has my friend by the way italics here out from the three escorts along with Patrick Davis and Casey Johns push our buttons in the other studio and -- and -- -- third person yeah well -- like that that's US there. -- -- -- with anything you want on FaceBook got type in three -- sports show. In the search posthumous alike and one issue I terminating going on sports and had to be joining hands are related could be yes it could be NFL related that -- training camp of course mentioned we mention that that's going on right now -- start up on Wednesday. -- teams are all in and actually we're really get in there Houston Texans training camp because under Johnson's return it is actually showed up and now I know Texans fans in Austin. Texas I and in were in the room got a big news in Texas -- what -- we talk about what that reasons also and the sort of come to jesus' whole lot -- Johnson SEC and the white walls retirement the MBA. And now we have to get in this giant football thing -- we just -- like press conference around greater Tampa where are the real thing -- Riyadh. That was entertaining we'll talk about that and eleven minutes from now and now of course the big story I mean you -- yeah you know it's slow. When there you see even on that the national now USA today you see it on front Yahoo! talking longhorns and I'm not a good way I mean met them -- -- excuse me one article. That was from Forbes I've weighs half has a really great write up and Sarah from that the central to our morning show our sister station actually shared that. With that me yesterday and it was very cool I'll write about trying to coach strong and I'll I'll show that on the three guys. A sports show -- the page but pageant in a big longhorn fan -- -- tonight in the room -- Bridal tossed riches and stews and Austin, Texas thanks so much lieutenant but a lot of stuff going Kansas at the last 24 hours Patrick for longhorns. Oh yeah there's a lot you know the news came out yesterday. That they were suspending two players and definitely. Following being arrested for felony sexual assault charges by Kindle Sanders to really is the big name there. -- played a lot of forest last season did the best chance but played above forest did some good stuff showed a lot of potential is suspended indefinitely now. For the longhorns. And then the big news dismissing players today. Four players so far have been dismissed today. Josh turns into just turner running back -- over street defensive back to bust. Which is the name there was by the most familiar with. All being dismissed from the team not suspended many -- dismissed. That's up pretty hard core I mean this is the most players dismissed at least -- -- no -- -- and hasn't been it's been awhile and he got. I've been awesome since 1999 and it's and remember this many enamored. And there were players put aside even last year a ball it was a class and he before with the case the -- And his body armor and Santana got kind of pulled aside and they got pulled aside -- -- -- this year bella is two years OK but I mean not that they're still on the roster. Closing date case has graduated now we have they they got to stay on the team they they got to keep their position because they -- the fans to come out in this is with the suspensions. Those are basically years since they are proving guilty in America. And so until all the facts come out about. This the sexual assault case then they're going to be allowed to stay on the team. Bill basically keep their scholarship Intel it's found. If they're found guilty or innocent -- and from there are yes. All the news longhorns rank him and I mean -- bad news for a lot of these for these players six players have been dismissed so far. Right we have got four kids who earlier this year and then for today and -- the good news I mean there's some -- in the -- but there's a great article about share on our three guys sports show -- FaceBook page from from early as we -- about it's I'm not good strong there's one thing that Sara from Marshall from -- -- for Baltimore's -- products meet. There it was very -- -- and jogs five miles every day. Everyday there are jobs since. Baltimore as a single people John that he's kind of he's is he runs he runs. He runs on CBS he's 55 some years also my path but I'd been running five days a week. -- every day to run five miles this is craze that's awesome but I mean that and he just doesn't do goes runs down red river into the capitol and back up the means he's at 5 in the morning. We should -- mean for Iran. I mean I'll do the first -- the first. But I don't fifty yards. Does it handle the next hundred yards -- an associate coach good -- case you'll -- him for breakfast to pass afterwards I I have a feeling that doesn't get a coach strong and have breakfast artists they've Casey by the way -- -- our engineer slash ITS slash everything in building here at intercom -- Who -- ass who the Mike from using who's sitting in uses my front smells very fantastic is quite a scene eloquent perfume I do believe there was a a a -- lady sitting in their last was there and suddenly -- Tonight and I just can't -- -- -- -- huge fun things in covering you assess this sorry it smells fantastic wherever was Casey let and let them now. And let them know we need to have them more and more off Tony you know they'll get that person isn't their seventies and now it's okay but. Of course this militant pretty smelling breath. -- -- you know let I mean we that we can get the joining himself in a little bit here you know reboot and -- the Kevin someone the other side of that EM CNN. It's really I mean it's not even just Kevin someone needs it's a lot of these teams you know when you have a new coach come in. And they have to make an impact this is the birdies implement team that was completely out of control when Matt brown left was I mean was it that bad. I mean -- -- you we didn't see the insides of anything of the longhorn nation and now we're seeing all -- -- -- -- six players getting to double -- -- that I I heard you know there's a lot of players coming out that a graduate the past couple years saying. There is players on this team in the leadership position and that did not care. -- you can't. Have that and win and Charlie Strong basically in this is they're the rumor is dead this is a failed drug test. If you aren't -- to -- this way. If you're so dumb. Did you can not not smoke weed. And get a full ride to college and play through the biggest programs and school good but I don't care I don't care how good you are. I don't care how important you are -- team if you are that stupid of a person. To not be able to go pay. I just can't do this for another year. And then after that I go in the pros now -- the president. The rest of my life like in the -- moved to Colorado or Washington where it's legal in smoke the rest of my life away but -- what are -- stuff. The BF and he seriously I -- and it's a very quick moment treaty just -- -- -- -- my guy in all of it when I was younger so we'd like quits. And I could no reason. I work for abandoned the time -- compare to -- -- -- it's you guys still is like you know when it's time for me to put this aside if I put aside. Yet you're getting a full ride to college begin politicize. And needs definitely definitely the idea. Core values is taking may take shape in the -- DT locker -- -- Arianna I like Charlie Strong like we do and I'm really excited for the season definitely season started I was at north Texas their first game I love it's I love these games now run out of -- -- and you can start losing more of these players -- heroes while -- Grey's back and healthy David -- is back and healthy. We ignored Texas we should be good. -- a 78 we got to start looking Africa analysts again as cigarette and I we got a -- coming apparently escorts are just because dog is summer doesn't mean that we have we a lot of talk about. It's Imad Johnny Salameh a little mention of them here with Doug -- can someone. Dead sexy and am -- timeouts coach strong and just the discipline that -- when it lacks discipline. Think Johnny football -- Maybe maybe we're just really too hard on him we'll talk about that connects on three escort just -- ground. We'll be back with four minutes and by the way they're not formats when she was like on FaceBook type in three guys torture and chime in anytime you want. Guys trying to and they'll talk coming up next. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. That's -- gonna go ahead of us. Relax a little bit -- feel like a little tight you know last week we had. So lifetime longhorn Cory Redding we just started training camp this past week with the colts who -- Wednesday I saw a lot of as far as we share and is out page you can like his page court. -- Cory -- on FaceBook cannot. And -- you know last week just a little nervous when you have an NFL you know a player in studio with -- hanging. I'm more nervous anytime someone could just late and we beat me up because a lot of stupid stuff it out and he is. He could he could beat me up like take a break come back and beat me up again. Yeah so. But you know I just feel kind of -- like veterans ransoms to loosen up -- -- -- -- in the -- studio here at -- Austin I always forget -- show here on talk thirteen seventy Ab broadcast not out of Austin, Texas thank you so much chain and if you're here in Austin scene on thirty -- renowned if you're out and if you're like my family that listens from El Paso thank you and wherever -- listening from. It was a wanna talk -- -- dot com thank you so much religion and now Patrick Davis along now myself out Franklin Casey Johns. Pushing the buttons KC RIT guys slash. Slash pro who -- when you're everything I mean you have what you eat -- that you like the movie Fletcher and he holds as Carter has -- his badge out it's like you're just Rolodex of everything you do chief cook bottle -- the chief everything her -- you do everything -- Casey including that you you you're on a show called -- that transcend -- -- be firing up here. Soon and -- -- -- not to sign this because. You have access to our computer are -- email and his stuff like that but you do a fantastic job snoop Daniels in yourself. And the best coverage of high school football -- Texas hands and the guys knock them apart you're starting up and you got a big event commits Intel's about it. Yeah of course you know the season starts August 29 that's the first week this year but August 22 we're actually gonna do a pre season kick off. This here for fans stand bush is chicken has come on board there are out there are title sponsor and we're gonna do kind of a pre season kick off remote from their brand new location the just. I believe just opened up or is soon to open up in Cedar Park. More details on that coming soon but Friday night August 22 we're gonna have a lot of the area teams and players out. Kids you need to watch for the season coming up and -- Just kick the -- is also -- that's awesome that's. I went out there will be post in our three guys courtship FaceBook page all the mature and just the greatest group of kids man that and it's good to have them on -- of their passionate about the show on a Friday night fans stand and dad two point to have them all back and that say what. -- kid's maturity of these high school kids play football a little more mature I think been one Johnny man's well. Yeah I think there's a lot of elementary school kids that may be -- yeah this guy -- know it'll look. You don't we can be parents here and Casey please jump in anytime you want but when third person other guys portraits you out there it's a -- and you can -- -- anytime you want her FaceBook -- against had been three guys sports show. And get in on this conversation the guys let's think about this. Maybe let's let's let's let's have an open mind about Johnny man's -- -- You know we see. We've seen imparting we see is crude rose as we see self -- with John was just was it dense than Justin Bieber. Yeah -- collar guys he rolls rest we see amount floating in a duck him in a bar here Austin and -- rooftop I mean you see some dumb stuff but. Are we being too hard on is that what between 120 year olds do. Not now when you're getting paid millions of dollars to not do that and not be in the public spotlight argue I mean but here's the deal -- are we just -- it's you know it's the product of BS can't just keep in -- you out amendment ending move you do. I I mean I want him the benefit that maybe he's a you know he's not the only guy in the NFL doing the stuff. Not until this is. -- we watch that interview before agrees like he's doing little press conference dated to -- -- when he minutes don't we caught all of it is for the conference in. It -- our town -- addresses everything you know the press talk to the coaches have -- the majors. Talked to everybody and and you know we figured it all out everything's good and things -- says. Third question. So are you still gonna do it. Does go get a triple its. I mean it in retirement to going out and has been Johnny you know and anything as I mean. It is amazing that press conference was he's never played -- down in the NFL now here's another thing it's just blows my mind of this attention when you report to training camp. In the first to get to say is I'm Marty made some rookie mistakes yes hello. Yeah a bit on the field yet. Audio on the field and throwing an interception. Taking a sack what -- those are rookie mistakes. Nothing if not I mean I shouldn't take that filthy with 48 strippers and in Vegas and. I mean. Uh huh I mean I just say you know I don't know guys I mean and you know here's the deal and today you we saw him reported a -- were reports that report to training camp. And they showed a lot of photos and there's a lot of footage of of him. With the team. But he's not wearing any Cleveland -- have these -- he's wearing a zipper the USA soccer Nike Jersey dyed jacket. With night with a ninety dad Tiger Woods like golf hat and golf capital and the nothing to do with the browns on -- he he looks and look I'm not know I can now analyze body language and I of that but the way he looks with the team. Looks like a guide it has no friends no wants to talk to on the team because he's walks around with a nervous got that I'm here and oh my god no one really likes me maybe. He has the look on his face and maybe I should have been a little more humble. I was gonna -- an example but OK you know the guy and every sports movie who gets traded halfway through he tries to big time everybody. Johnny -- this guys it doesn't look good it really doesn't mean I got -- ball well all fault put these stills aren't aren't three I sports just about FaceBook page that. It just looks really bad that there's no interaction whatsoever with them with some veterans they're aware of what the rookies just looks. The ice is not good guy is not good at all. You know honestly what I think it's on the field he's gonna get to do what he gets to do yet you know dance that's where we get to see everything. You just know that they told him in this -- pony Johnny slowdown tell you hit the field. Just to stop. The -- tell you tell you play it down. When Johnny goes on the field if he threw three touchdowns -- -- -- gonna care that he's got party you know you -- -- you learned he threw three -- But you can tell me that you learned it. Wind basically all you've done is been your parents' money you did a great day at Texas a and M you did very well you you took him to zero national championships. Which we all know is the only important thing coming out at Canada it's you know he did good over there he's -- music do a great college player. He's not prove himself in the NFL and tell you have. Stop stop post just you put a picture of him with a rolled up dollar bill I know at the time because you've probably pretty -- he thought it was hilarious. That stuff is done I I know people who who do a lot of cocaine and very don't post that. Right yes. Has shown -- is dumb just show a little discretion. And they're naming go to anywhere at any site any -- reporting you know Yahoo! Sports or singer Dinah has is -- you know it is nonstop antics are alarming the browns of course you know yeah I hope you're alarmed about it but it's of that. She's taken down a notch early days Heidi what he's. Do we didn't know I had the back of that like when he's going there goes yeah still have a night like there's a guy in the back through the room just like the -- to -- you'll. We just had a conversation about this. And I I feel it's like that if the deal work with a guy and and he did he gets caught drinking at the job and they're like hey man you you know you can't be like we can't catch you drink and he's like all right -- just don't care if we know more. We'll see guys we will see would have been trying and he looks so out of place he's -- he's doing no favors from some I staying -- like -- -- Because he just -- a child the next these NFL -- he looks like a big USA soccer fan who got -- that the the world really US Eagles at an intern for -- for the browns and they do their first stage trying to find every place -- he lost -- like in a bad or some is just like he got -- -- -- like you like I don't need this browns get out here you know what -- it's the browns is really wanna screw them they can't stand and say it was -- street clothes. I just love that that I hope that and Johnny comes in street clothes and -- on the and Brian Hoyer did that Iman -- -- -- by the way I think Brian where you get that you added I know that they did say he's due -- the week one starter but I believe that you got your get -- the job if he does stuff like -- and hasn't played down. To be all right we have some Cleveland every quarterback gets the playing Cleveland had a -- twelfth. -- mccoys and friend and we didn't. They gave Mayo played until they did they didn't -- until attention to -- stop they got ridiculed for a break and come back. The other -- sports show along with Patrick Davis myself out Franklin case John stockings and MBA and a -- the lakers got their coach. You know what class would receive a lakers look horrible on not only -- that was Brandon -- you know the former third three I was here this is like -- team by that. They don't look so bad I was kind of embarrassed and they did they do I'll get in the exam and -- simply guess -- informants and. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. You -- just love on FaceBook I administered by the second three -- sport show give us a life shame on you you have been already. -- severe -- near the show it to three escort show it's -- myself out Franco. And at Patrick Davis the third person you're out there listening my friend you can now before the show anytime you want. Again these leaders on FaceBook common -- thing you want to get that's party started you on FaceBook. Type in the number three guy scorcher out and that activists like in the boost up pushing the buttons mr. Casey Johns RIT iron engineer error everything guy. Helping us out this afternoon and now with the setup for the ride for the next at the 33 minutes. Did NBA man I mean I'm Tonya I think you know. There has been dust finally settle them Patrick because last wasn't last week and we before that boy. You know the whole LeBron everything went down and then every sting started falling in place and I think today I think I don't know is it all wrapped up and ready for delivery my lakers in their man. I I think we're. We're at a point right now or any kind of a standstill there's a couple restricted free agents that are their names are still out there in Dallas and yet to catch -- ever want real quick looks like is the biggest name out there that was supposed to go to Cleveland Cavaliers and any kind of just died out and we didn't hear much all the big news there's a couple guys first before that Eric Bledsoe and and Greg -- Monroe. Who are both really good young players who want big deals and their cars have not given until but the restricted free agents. So that's gonna kind of play out over the next few weeks so month of where who's gonna all operate in who has money that they can afford to sit and wait. But the big one than there was when talking about is -- above. Everybody you know the big talk with a Kevin Love that -- Sunnis and the broad Kevin Love said he would sign long term. With the Kaz that they got -- and they haven't gotten yet. Bill originally they -- to they didn't wanna put in hander wigand's. And they said they would put Andrew Higgins but then they just signed Andrew -- so they can't trade him for thirty days. Which isn't the biggest. You know hurdle in the world of these -- casually want that trade. Which Jimenez in Minnesota stores entry which it's it's a great trade for Minnesota basically take it. Then. You know they can wait thirty days is not going to be for the season starts it won't really hurt him too bad. I mean and honestly and now and the bulls are trying to get on trade talks I don't think the bulls have enough. Spare parts and to get Kevin Love make it huge impact. I think you're kind of taking Kevin Love and and filling in the holes because you didn't get -- in the -- -- to get -- white guys on the team you know I mean who's -- -- -- cut and polish off. Apparently so is on the team by not telling him is. -- well -- also I don't wanna steal any of his thunder well let's say that's I have to say this stuff they don't look at each other and our what I ovals and yeah when I was in San Antonio covering the spurs I -- referred to motto is light. Because and then at every single not like Mexican. All it does nothing on. I take days that he's glad he knows it. And it got you got you huh. Say that these bandits may be an Hispanic guy -- -- you know OK okay these guys are realize though we don't bulls nation and you know on the three guys torture and Renault one. You know you don't want to hit -- 180. K is you always kind of have that thing about white people that. You do you don't expect him to come up Muehlegg I hate mails -- money -- -- the media. What happens is first. The other side of us the other side of so little will -- and retirement bulls here and then we can we you know the bull's -- and we we saw there and their pieces in the puzzle while leave over the lakers. And I can't tell Carlos Boozer. Carlos Boozer did amnesty going to lakers and really they're filling out this roster that they've got a couple of hole I mean there is the other small forward positions a little bit lacking they've got Nick Young in the air but -- -- got a lot of 23 swing guys. I'm looking I'm looking at the roster from LA lakers shared -- for the break we know we went -- and I I said paid the lakers don't look so bad and Patrick like yes they do. And you know the reason why even -- on the Blake is does against the guy Byron Scott today yeah well they -- they're saying that they lobbied the -- is -- made an offer but I mean it's just taken so long. Once the deal if I'm Byron Scott and now I -- hell you know and you've been passing you -- from whatever but I mean of course he played the lakers -- ten years Smart bats he's CoBiz guy. I'd be curious to see how this team has with Kobe with a guided he likes on there. And that's not the biggest problem is you look at it and he's in a losing battle he's got a bunch of peace players though he doesn't have anybody I mean you look at Kobe Kobe can still be great as long as they rational. And Kobe doesn't wanna be rationed. If they don't overuse Kobe because. Once you've been hurt is many times he has. You can you can't just play forty minutes a game. I'm look at the roster here at eleven players on their and a break him down by their salaries. -- -- -- get to -- it's like we're cool you know really got eight we see a thirty million in the other players are learned there Ryan Kelly. Power forward at duke. Making 490000. -- on the season's rookie country right but it's just funny seeing that number Mexico oh lord it's like it's like Toby scrap. It's what you see is no -- roster. Who's told that Russert got a very small roster there's a lot of power forwards. There's a lot of power forwards and then there's a lot of shooting guards and then a -- point guards. Damn I'm an ambulance Carl Carl's users of power -- however they just drafted a power forward they've got a couple other powerful a robber Kelly just engine power forward. I I heard I heard a great interview would Jeremy Lin. Platonic. But look say -- -- about the guy but the guy sounds really excited to be playing with Kobe because you know what what's that about German -- as he said I can't wait to work with colleagues I wanna learn as much sickened from around. What a great attitude so I mean. I don't know -- the lakers had bad. That's pretty good names rarely -- Boozer Mickey movie and inland is. Think it would be terrible if the west. Look at these rosters in the west how good these teams are. Ahead of them you look at Oklahoma city's enemy even Houston who missed everybody they wanted close Chandler Parsons. And still -- they way better roster than LA. And I mean you just. Look at how good it. This this Western Conference is and you can't compete when you're trotting out. And injured Kobe we know Kobe Bryant who's not a 100% and is is age. And isn't ideal to put the same force on Steve Nash he's like gonna play twenty games this year be indeed even shows up Arafat. -- Jeremy Lin who had. Fifteen games in New York two years ago. 34 years ago -- is -- the rookie who's gonna have some rookie growing pains. I'd -- Eddie Jordan Hill -- can't stay on the court because of off court problems. I mean it's just this. Hodgepodge of players that. All have talent. But you can't really expect big things from so -- win games they'll beat teams that they're not supposed to be. And they'll be around but there when you realize that the Phoenix Suns. We're real good team last year and they didn't make the playoffs it's tough to get they're not making the playoffs -- just not. I -- street escorts are talking -- MBA. And you know they when that we mentioned you know we mentioned earlier to have a lot you know -- I'm not making the switch yet. I mean hasn't sunken in to the timberwolves that this -- not coming back and they're gonna just lose out on I mean is still time to get rid of entry and get something we want you wanna get something -- Right now they cavs have offered -- and that is a huge deal for Minnesota because that brings you a marquee talent. It brings to a guy who could be really good that you can build around with Ricky Rubio. We you know with the pieces that you have there they were trying to build around love. You can bring in this guy kind of restart quickly with a top talent from a really good draft. Then number one pick you can do all that with this guy. But if you wait. And you wait you're not yet and you're trying to get to the hat you're trying to get to. You know you're in the trade deadline this year and guess what it's Dion Waiters who's not a bad player but he's not -- and you know he's not going to be a star so. Minnesota I think because of how -- on the -- I mean why are they pulling off dump them I mean I I need I don't think I think that they're gonna hold off on a voluntary deadline and then at the trade deadline. They're just gonna get crap offers and those crap offers are gonna turn down and Kevin -- leaving next year. And going wherever -- -- and that's at a store the Minnesota Timberwolves summing wet I can't wait to revisit this tournament trade deadline wolf you know the whole won't watch I hope I don't think that's the good guys. This -- know you girl's uncle drew commercials yeah. You know who's in we've played -- -- crier serving for the 'cause I'm Kevin Love -- teammate that. Let's bring you know I know -- local drew. I'll tell you what I hate how teams hold their star I mean it just doesn't want to play for them anymore and you know the attitude is that he's like I'm not gonna come back guys what I mean it's it's it's pretty black and white. Those are not gonna win the NBA champions. How about the Houston Texans well yeah that's exit. Actually our own at this coming up next guy's -- is now -- talk about Andre Johnson. It's so weird last week I was so passionate about the week before I was so passions is upset that Texans are keeping this guy around and you wanna be there. Haven't it. Some may have an overnight because. He is there. -- wasn't -- -- let Patrick Houston Texans fan here and and you guys also please -- in Texan fans. You do it on -- face and -- -- in three guys Portugal's alike would -- I -- Texans have formats. It's talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. -- day kind of scared for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think so much CNN by the way Amanda I think you hear me here in Austin stuck in traffic or if you're listening online in the comfort of your own mind thank you to write. But. Yeah I wouldn't say hey I've just realized this like I said the C the TV in front of me I thought they got the good -- gas is turned around you get the view. -- skyline it was fantastic at least get all the breaking news colleague at the -- well -- -- you know you don't because -- we -- -- an analog -- connection -- not boxing -- we're watching -- as to not know the blessings -- some great coverage for -- -- -- staff itself in my company and -- yeah I guess is there's a better -- hey guys I'm not -- you want you can get on -- 73 -- sports on number -- give -- alike. And dad you can -- maybe it's obviously talk about this past hour and yet the longhorns in the news now the young guys getting kicked out he might try to get some -- positive stuff. Coach strong man making who's not afraid to do it and blocked a blood -- longhorn nation under attaching your. Hi I'm -- barely know and I you know I'm I'm telling you this stuff happening. You would normally not imagine render a pollutant is excited but does -- and I'm excited over. Clean house and it's nothing -- look mean personality thing against Coach Brown you know it's just something some sometimes when your Coach Brown you know you can't you trust your. Coordinators to be doing their job exactly anyway and me and man. I think today's happy days heard Coach Brown because either today or yesterday he finally signed the deal they announced. That he'll be a commentator and analyst for ES Stanford cultural policies awesome so you'll get easier -- brown break down these players and everything so good news for him. And it. He's doing well yes he'll be okay less work at the spend time with the family we just missed that we're trying to get him on three guys sports and he had -- can actually get NASA let's get so I spent underground will be talking to San. Speaking of football guys are we got bowl media we mentioned longhorns also mentioned Johnny football. Who who we would just press conference earlier which you'd think he was the first round -- -- -- Tom Brady should have the coverage that Tom and -- a giant football had. And not the case Chinese payments sniff the field yet and it's just amazing just how much coverage you get I mean it's it's Tim Tebow all over again yeah. And just since that does the funniest part of the funniest part is him not wearing the uniform yet -- a USA soccer light jacket. That's gray while almost teammates are in the browns NFL ninety oh look like eight and you hear DL Leslie -- -- and a guy not a good luck contenders did it looks like someone's. In the himself from the cellphone -- -- -- the shots we saw. Onstage and on TV will close and stuff one of the -- local post a stills on our street SS Porsche FaceBook page and talk about the MBA and moves in that. Kevin Love not making it making I -- -- with certainty they would use are now no big news and also a Byron Scott doesn't look like he's going to be the coach for the lakers and Andy made the lakers made the offer why would he take he was with -- for ten plus years and that's Kobe's guy so different -- -- begin -- That leads us to talk and SL and which I'm not Andre Johnson via wide receiver who. Want it out man from the Houston Texans and Patrick I'm glad you're here because I am. Your big Houston Texans guide and you Tom ignited since day one and that. And eat ice I like you would feel bad for -- Johnson and of course you -- what he's supposed to be making you know on the thirty millions the next two years or so but. It's like the value tension still had bad for the guy and I does that I'd want to got to have a chance to place -- it's not rebuilding he's got two good years left and -- But then all of a sudden. Training camp starts and Andre Johnson is talking sane ladies glad to be back he's put all beside and behind them. And eyes he wants to retire a Houston Texans he wants to do whatever -- What happened. I mean really in the slightest change of heart -- big thing you saw way is he did not feel he was being listened to is what he said -- -- I think was he would not being listened to what I can understand when you tell them for three seasons 34 seasons. Hey man this cornerback is not that good today. You know this the right change hey this I don't like the office or running hey this is why it's not working and -- listens to you and I think the big disconnect. And you saw in the game where he walked off the field before the rest yeah. I mean I very -- very disconnected and you know what he I -- you know. I understand that kind of now when you bring down that he's having listened to because. You know when you make a change and it do its job or whatever you do whether or not an NFL player if you work at. And I'm birds join us might that mean you may change in -- the veteran on the air they don't know. You know and I think what happened you had -- escalated is -- probably Gary Kubiak. He's not you know him in Gary Kubiak just didn't CIT IE Gary infield Gary Kubiak was listening to. Well they get ready Gary Kubiak. And they hired bill O'Brien. And they didn't ask him that in talked about or anything else so now he sees their take in the draft -- and asking the -- coaching didn't ask him. He had a problem with with the coach before. -- I didn't listen to. So he's coming it is going to look if you don't care what I think if if I played here. -- IU want me to be a part of this process where were rebuilding but we're not rebuilding like most teams are where. You know we don't have anything we still have a really good defense. So we've got ports to rebuild around. Don't had to blow the whole thing up yet if you don't -- if you don't wanna listen to what I think why am I here. You know really the bad thing by the -- three I sports or -- Davis on myself out trying to talk about the Texans are now Houston Texans Andre Johnson officer and wind to be back in not being a team player. Where last week he -- -- the hell out of there. You really great -- -- what happened at the depth chart on the offense and the defense you mentioned -- a lot of the defense looks fantastic. And at the offense isn't that bad -- set in the quarterback position it's not a complete blow up and rebuild from scratch. No it's not it's not no I mean we start area Foster who is hurt last year part of the season going so bad. We still -- an -- who two years ago was the best running back in the NB in the NFL the year Adrian Peterson was hurt. It's there's guys there's players on this team that I have a ton of talent and have a lot of ability and it just kind of went downhill Gary Kubiak losses. Effective -- have and it's very it's almost very. Long morning -- I mean I Gary Kubiak there for a long time great and did great stuff it but just you know you need to bring some new blood. And you saw it they gave Gary Kubiak the extra time he'd gone and so is for -- get them. In the end it just kind of fell apart that last year and he couldn't maintain it by aides say India you said longhorns it's very similar to Matt Bradley took him that 2010 national championship game. They lost to Alabama after Colt McCoy got hurt and from that point on it was over. And I am I mean you know remember last year the big run on those -- Hopkins. The the other the on line up on the edit the other wide receiver slot and -- good guy I mean -- -- good -- good -- does -- let me ask you this Patrick conspiracy -- time. Where you've been reading on blogs and people talk about the Texans. That. You think that a hundred Johnson had to sit down -- on my -- and you think -- the -- -- -- -- -- Johnson had to sit down with management finally and they -- much put -- like hey we're gonna do something -- gonna bring the quarterback makes a reasonable got -- out and wait -- people are available. And he's been a good sport about it you know sure I mean -- -- you think -- gotten good news. I think they set down and they actually listen to him in May because here's the deal if you we've all had this in and even radio. Where will sit there and meeting you in Casey will sit in a room. And we'll just complaining complain about how stuff is not going right the station -- and all of a sudden we don't know meeting with like cat Thomas are programmed it and kept tells us. Everything here is complaining about we -- about and we're fixing to right and we they've never heard our side of the resources we have that meeting we don't feel so much better I know. Well let's go to the Applebee's after another -- and that's I think what this is he was so far out right -- You know until you go in you know Youkilis is eight because he had Matt -- he had a coach who said we can win with a less than stellar quarterback and he went. Please for just one near my career someone who came in the numbers just. Here yeah I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick the mean -- I'm look I mean -- case it was a case Tina Bynum. I can't give him a chance savage the young guy needs a couple years and helped him a chance that means we're gonna see savaging you know making magic with Andre Johnson in his career I don't -- but no I think what you're looking at is next year. Going in depending on where they sit with Fitzpatrick of how well how well they do either in free agency or in the draft. I trading now Andre Johnson to the Baltimore Ravens. I'm joking Gary Kubiak offense coordinator. That. You imagine what a nightmare -- well you know we'll -- you pay you guess where you're going to run the ravens until he loved Joseph Flacco has -- -- Joseph doesn't deep ball man he gets paid like it's obvious our data says yes he does he may not be easy it's popcorn -- publisher gets paid for basically SR PS the hardware at least to show all right. Hey we come back Jennifer yes course -- wrap up we got like ten more minutes with Jeff. And now we did -- go around the league in hits him with a lot of stuff going on in sports including announced. I have man -- trendy right now mantown of these soft but -- big news Cristiano Ronaldo as as a new -- assign a new agency. I was gonna make a reference to one of the songs but I don't know I don't know -- well it's all related -- -- -- I don't know city agency. The game. The guys entertainer and he's here in the states before and everything else that we messed everything else them from this past week do it a quick catch up with the three I sports that's coming up next. Please talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. I feel like I'm getting in the rhythm now relax and having fun last week little nerve -- that we handle it like president had -- we had our lifetime longhorn. Cory Redding and studio and he started training camp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that Casey -- pushing the buttons thank you also much -- in this afternoon and -- you're stuck in traffic in Austin after listening from not Gnostic -- it was now alliance there Tuesday dot com thank you so much -- -- and -- at least Shimon just because Roth there in five minutes doesn't mean you can't keep the conversation going he can do to FaceBook type and three guys sport show. The number three was so like on FaceBook and now a lot of stuff hey you know we do it is basically a week in review on sports done by fans for fans. Here in the three S fortunately either you can't get everything during the week uniquely gifted that -- knows a lot going on including you know Cristiano Cristiano Rinaldo the the sexiest giants played in soccer I think. -- you know -- I know David Beckham. I wouldn't know not because like I'm one of those guys like not -- straight to know until we know good luck I would know because I've seen Mike. The US soccer team now yeah and four guys we played against the World Cup -- Running down our US soccer team the nation's strong public Tim Howard the goalie it's all tied up -- the -- beard shaved. In good looking man you know good looking -- when we Witten Patrick any woman any woman has a good looking guy and sports we will own and we'll say that's good looking guy Christian -- incursion on already although good looking -- signed it with so little -- Agency. Very funny when I saw that and it's a big deal I mean you know. I don't know about signing with rappers agencies that didn't work out too well when Ricky Williams signed a -- groups back in the days to -- so when he was pure insanity that everywhere got to -- band -- today but they want you never know you're never really -- -- Jay-Z of course doing pretty well you know I think. Barkley and -- was. Other great I mean look. We are in Austin, Texas got to give level longhorns when they do great but when people screw up we got a good -- -- -- The idea and the media guy that there was release with the big twelve media days and everything else. So misspelled -- at the website. And they was -- Texas sports TA TX SA. Sports and and -- Oklahoma fans decided to have a little fun with it if you go to TE XSA sports dot com I if you go to that website he'll see. It's let's very crimson. It's Oklahoma they've got the Oklahoma fights on and a lot of upside down longhorn with. No use similar -- -- -- -- -- you is better than Texas learned to spell please I won't give it to the Aggies. That's very Smart of them other Aggies I'm sorry the sooners and it's the sooners a series Edmondson the morale off when -- -- the -- -- when he mentioned the that they bought that very Smart on their part to jump on that very quick. They have they they wanna hit the trail that I can't get -- and I did UN vote is a big Cory agreed last revert to be human again this year. You know this is the one they beat us that this is the one when they have against the longhorns -- finally -- prevent rivalry if they bought that went. Hey the big -- of course in the NBA Byron Scott offered the lakers coaching job we'll see how Kobe reacts to it and that is boy we'll talk about that of course next week and other guys force should be back next week. We'll see -- man's ally actually in camp doing something -- sniff from the field and actually planned with -- he has a browns Jersey years shows up and it's a mother just shows -- -- -- Nike black. That that certainly didn't use -- is that for is that college game day deal or whatever that the analysts doubt -- -- -- -- anyways three I sports -- were back next week. I keep lists to decide on your mind -- he became. Look on -- list type in three exports are on FaceBook dislike and that was back next week thank you so much in tune and for Casey Johnson Patrick Davis myself out Sankoh. Peace.