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Jul 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- thirteen seven these three guys sport show. Join the conversation now one based blue eyes surging three guys -- show. I love doing shows like -- just kind of comes naturally he now where you have a show plan and and you know it's going to be doing before even starting to feel like it. It's along with Patrick Davis myself out Franklin -- about Casey Johnson's three guys sports show you out there the fans thank you so much for team in this evening at 6 o'clock Austin, Texas several times thank you very much -- to talk -- -- Very special guest this evening hang out listen normally you know. I'd be nervous I'd be purely screwed up by now but not the case because it's a very chilled room because of a lifetime longhorn in front of the show Indianapolis Colts defensive end at number ninety my man mr. Corey. -- hanging out since you got some good stuff -- he wants talk about -- -- thank you and welcome to three guys Porsche welcome back to Austin no. And it's AKA good citizens. Have reformists have. And yeah we're we're all excited you know -- -- Patrick in in -- in studio level of course Austin but which are they're very rare to come by death in a nominee on cites numerous big city now on cores that you know went to school here. From Houston to visit back on time and -- be here. A lot more in town you got something that we begin into a little bit more. Later but he gets me going on -- a side project years and it's called reds barbershop -- big Smart grant going on flight data which like the share of us. Yes sir yes sir tomorrow between 10 AM to 3 PM we will be having our. First annual customer appreciation day where there's. As of -- is not all customers are all loyal customers from day one. Thank you let them know thank you thank you for being a lawyer thank you for going through tough trials -- -- as -- between continue to grow this young company announced. -- -- with some amazing things tomorrow's going to be -- candidate is going to be balloon ties. The phrase meaning corn hole playing -- he just a good atmosphere is just a -- wasn't there about a sea world with -- -- Sounds very family friendly and very cool and talk a little Lamar that's later but by the way the web the you can -- on FaceBook right now you can get the invitation and RCP search reds barber -- and and I also a palm on Twitter at. Reds barber -- and by the way your Austin, Texas red barber shop on the corner of west six street in my OPEC where the old third base location was. Boom right there are plenty of park Tina and that will be getting -- -- into that. In a little bit McCourt wants just relax sit back in China is going to be one of these hours where normally you're put on the hot seat and you're asked to hardcore sports questions. Well this is the first time we can chime in and be a fan. About everything on the sports world like we're talking hoops here NBA hoops and and we will -- some we will get this some college for a while on of course when we have a long morning we -- top of longhorns and their upcoming season actually we're gonna -- little model game where he goes to their season -- -- -- -- gains in that predict wins vs losses you cannot say they're gonna win every game. All right you can't do that you have to give him some nuances he got to just go. Just go with charges boom -- I don't normally I controlled on the homer yeah -- you are now I'm like oh yeah so -- -- -- -- that mentally tough loss at Oklahoma games and we and we gotta say that out of nowhere in some ways it was on the and we also got -- NFL with -- here and we gotta talk about family life for a few more so -- like what was Cory -- do. On his own personal time I mean that's going to be to get stuff because we know a corner and as. Professional when you play for the colts in your -- different -- one know why you made the comeback this season and minuses the big season for yet. That's all coming up on three -- -- -- Larry definitely wanna stick around for burnout at the latest news that NBA updates with Patrick Davis. Yes updates Eric Bledsoe turning down a four year forty million dollar deal with the -- says he wants a five year eighty million dollar Max deal. Probably not gonna re sign him at this point they're very far apart -- they've already got a C a Thomas Interior Minister replace him. Also pal Gasol has signed with the lakers for three years and -- -- the -- sorry for three years between two million. And in that having happened they had to release Carlos Boozer via amnesty and he -- signed with the lakers they got him and a 3.2 five million dollar amnesty bid. Of course that's the latest news and MBA all weeklong obviously that's not going down now they're -- sports show we as fans give you everything went down during the week kind of week in review you're entering his Georgia. And that basically then that leads us to the Cleveland Cavaliers of course some might even say who went to the cavaliers because you bushels -- -- -- -- talk about LeBron going to -- we all know we got it but here's the deal. Are -- the new front runners not just for the -- the for the NBA title and are -- the home is this new Big Three now in Cleveland and we know Kevin Love pretty much on his way over there but we didn't think they're being given up an wigand's form right. You knew they had to go -- against because Minnesota just wasn't going to move him and must they got a star player in return. And I didn't feel Dion Waiters or entity than it was a star player and also -- Mike Miller they got Mike Miller coming in which is gonna be. It's huge because you need three point shooting to win championships this I mean that's. It's been shown over the past few championships. You need those three point -- to get it down and then Mike Miller recruiting or ally itself like a year like ready to win now -- third. They wanna win I don't altered. Get ready to win this year I think you can next year I mean it's gonna be interesting to see it's going to be very interest and watch I. Turned to one Cory Redding is hanging in studio with us you've been in an Indianapolis Colts are you living in Indianapolis. You're pacers fan I. Yes Fiat ER a candidate -- but are you a fan of LeBron James the Muslim world the bronze hi how do you feel that his move. Going back into the Cleveland Cavaliers and not being all dramatic decision like you before that just put in a press release so I'm going on how to pat what about how did you react to New York that Friday morning. There was a bit of a -- to -- You know -- I didn't expect him to go back to Cleveland now was you know was in my opinion and home amongst my. My family won't be in my nephew son is sixteen year old aspiring B a basketball player in he's he's only through sports and thank -- Tony -- not going to he's not going to clean and I like yeah they are -- we don't. But you know what to do that a little drama that movie you saw the whole world and at most of composed. I'd say it's crazy I mean united it's it's amazing how they just took him back. You know insanity Canadian economy policy burn them but under the did and the fans in Cleveland but I mean just coming back that easy was kind of like. You know it's like -- -- all -- didn't take me back no matter what I can always championship somehow. Home grown boy I mean -- us enough Mayo and you know to his family friends and -- -- I -- -- his comfort -- of -- -- customers -- Robert Horry Robert -- played for the the rockets and killed -- for years he played the lakers killed us for years. He can aspire as well went. The Pasadena I. That settlement that is so you know you're so right I mean I forget about that it has built -- a things happen in sports on that -- you have the kind of letting go what is on your team. If you're a hardcore -- You can't hate on bills got is coming through you just have to be happy that you can possibly that good I I mean I've just like Kobe Bryant from day one. Beat the spurs man but if he's so I would has not been good today. You know what -- clear exactly what Thomas was sort of try you have a bad place you gotta have -- so to speak yet and yet simply don't. I think Fred is come I doubt that mentality as well you know eight. I don't care how many times I get beat by Kobe Bryant or whatever amount stadium but if he was the play for a team -- you know out of all of the Venice film gonna reform -- -- So the three guys torture you're talking about -- the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the new front runners not just in the east but they are saying. To win the NBA title this year because it's basically putting the Big Three together and also just -- -- -- old Geisel -- team now one thing that -- LeBron James -- you guys obviate NC Graham. And as social media was asking the fans hey. Can you help me out with a number should I Wear number 623. -- your professional. Biden LeBron doing now does that pretty cool of him I mean it is you really don't let the fans take that but it doesn't just reach now and doing some point that's what I think. Does a moment on them a ball. You know I just you know didn't didn't commit to begin with the fans. You know living there and kind of decide your fate as far as your number grows and and that number is bring him. You know revenue to the building so and franchise I think that's just a way of kind of getting back into agrees with the fans friends that are. So you're in a nice way your sanitary noses number he's just an excessive but of course I. I -- you're available on the rundown between -- think about that bill jerseys here is it some money as Gilbert wants it to be six. If you guys -- -- that -- definitely definitely is a very cool move on Dan Gilbert to apologize and it's very cool to see in this go back because. Look let's face is going back to Cleveland you know -- it's Cleveland. You know there's not been really sexy back Cleveland had there been there but I don't see them be going there anytime soon. And that there's a lot of the place I can visit to go -- no one's ever been like Maine and I got to get out of Miami get back to Cleveland and now I don't have and so now whenever -- I you know what I'm excited for the fans I saw a lot on FaceBook -- -- -- whole lot of cool stuff of fans -- up the -- did you send your back you know that's the thing and it's sport. Fans love the game they love it and made it this never happens is the first time ever something cool like this today that you said you know today. I'm leaving this big city going back home exactly. Record rains in studio with us in the three guys Porsche of course lifetime long harness slash Indianapolis Colts -- event. These are we talking about his and it has been -- -- say the rebrand in the -- shop via reds barber shop they got a nice. -- grand opening scene our open house customer appreciation tailgate going down tomorrow I'll wrapped in one very cool going to end at 10 AM. Now we'll give you more details about that here in Austin, Texas to be a part of that and we come back love to hear Torre will. Not just about the bubble what you're doing your personal life for your way from football including. -- you and your family your friends you charity's site try to solve that that's a lot of stuff that people don't yet and I wanna know who this Cory -- guy is. Who is a lifetime longhorn will come back and talk that here at three escort just stick around we're back in four minutes. It's told thirteen seven these three guys -- show. And join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. -- -- show -- broadcast live in Austin, Texas the top thirteen seventy steers along with Patrick Davis. Casey Johnson pushed nobody myself -- Franco NCR gas. Lifetime longhorn Annapolis called defensive end Cory Redding hanging out in Austin, Texas a lot let's just call it home. Let's call Austin, Texas home or you are not -- -- pretty much you were born you -- from Houston but he came to school here. And you come on timing you do bunch cool stuff here for the city of Austin, Texas and for the school the University of Texas. These are down because he's got seeing cool going on -- the the grand open house slash customer appreciation day -- appreciation day slash. Tailgate going on his barber shop it's reds barbershop what's on six. West extreme and -- -- at the corner where the old third base is being that shopping center boom it's right there in the place looks amazing it's awesome and you just set. You're throwing it down at 10 -- for customers and and people have never been the shot to come by and say I'm -- direct. Yes yes I noticed and that's pretty much where there's a lot of folks are coming to this up because. A myself and agent Jackson had a problem was is that the bombs that hit the ground every single day pass them out. Cards. Complimentary car cause we're walking into businesses would meet people mysteries -- shaken hands kissing babies taken to each his own stuff and these folks are coming there with the -- so is working. And when they get there they get there at the complementary services. They get through steps of our serves as well week alone therapy saw us. How how will you -- to some free use hair washed get the cut. -- -- -- the door they hold to love it it's a product that the city of Boston has not -- phonies you know -- customers is awesome and has also. It's awesome I've been there a couple times and funny thing is a dynamic every to Miley like I always said don't deserve that. I'm really -- and you listen to a man I you know I do an end but that's the treatment that I got as a treatment at every once and again it's his call to Europe inviting everyone to see it tomorrow you're not tell them when they have to get anything that is why don't you wanna the year there. Want them know we exist where there and we're there to offer that service to any man. Buoyed by a child like okay you one point 99 years old you're getting the special services and you need to be treated like a king you work so hard. You know you go to the ground there today some some -- go to Obama suffered just take your mama if you work off the job pay off the streets and just relax get -- for thirty minutes and golf. The ladies can do why can't we are watching and we you know we deserved it doesn't he could find him on -- -- -- type in red. And that's our EDD. Dash S a barbershop and also -- on Twitter our follow on Twitter like my FaceBook at. Red barber shop and and I hate you know it and one -- one great thing you know we're tarmac you do stuff for Austin, Texas. -- year here here here until training camp -- the calls fires back up but. You're also a big sponsor mention kids to your big sponsor here on talk thirteen seven with fright night fans and that's coming up here less than that I have to hands down Casey Johnson pushed the buttons. And -- Daniel who's a person -- and gamer ever -- -- home on 963 RV right now. And they're the host and he's innocent and they have such a huge following and and and you know you want to get behind that. And with -- of youth sports and you know hate. These kids can come in there at his high school kids go get a haircut insulating and give blown away I -- that's a great thing that I did -- like oh here can have a have a -- popping here's you're now you're -- feel like a man. That's a result about a -- for any local high school in the city government -- -- just a mile proximity Westlake high schools Austin has schools. Any high school around. -- you know children -- the -- Eight to seventeen below gonna comment and get treated like he came hum also the office is -- service for -- college kids any act of college student in the city of Boston come through the bomb assault with a valid. -- -- -- -- We'll get the same kind of treat him with the same price. That the high school kids who get anybody anyone whose goal is takes on the good thing your school to get taken care to read Barbara you know what this is this for the moms -- -- advanced -- -- cares there's. Well did you get to Q did you get the -- -- the moms of multiples -- best I can't you know and and and -- walked out of -- they noticed a safe environment as family friendly I mean we -- products out there Paul Mitchell -- alive -- we have Mauricio we have a lot of things. We beer floats. Started here Casey Jon and order -- We all went together to get to Obama. With the kids love them to grow their love and I read it I actually got to say me you wanna -- floating out there about how that's gonna -- and I will only -- won't I won't. -- just grown man turned to diet and that's I guess they like I know I'm thirty years old. I still don't have a barber that like I go to. Just because I'm a guy and you don't think about is who's to -- opportunity for everybody like myself -- -- -- -- place or anything or go. Fun and hung there the government trying to out -- get a -- I'd like protect open house tomorrow and Diana and looking forward to having you as a big sponsor for Friday night fans fans -- coming back coming and he got August is right -- on the road. Now argument CNET that in the schools a big deal CU pass for the kids in the states or Libya and you know -- the end and -- you don't realize you know you give back and that's one thing that I love about -- man and now you know. Do you do so is doing something for someone. And for the University of Texas and that charities man I mean is it anything out of the topic had right now you'd like mention. Guys that did you have going on there that you know you just had your big a golf tournament in Houston and you had to -- camps for the kid knows. I'm you know you'd be back here in Austin next year and you know -- and -- and stay as still -- you know help out the schools much disease -- -- Yes yes and you know Cory -- foundation dot org as well my foundation -- connector. And we do a lot of things in the community one used just tossed on the Obama camp now we have 200 plus Q has come out every year. Ages eight to seventeen boys and girls -- -- give 101 instructions from one all in the -- greats past and and -- present players. But also we do Christmas shopping give like Christmas giveaway -- sound where we would porno where a lot of McDonald house and a -- with shelters are women about a children and you. They sit down until they kids are having wanted to give you -- -- for Christmas so. You know. Those kinds of stories really touched me and we call those families and we -- console store. At this particular time we give them a gift -- -- my grocery baskets on the gulf south we -- of Christmas and the tears that come down Arnold's federations. Justice it's his heart warming up meals on wheels have done it here in the city my foundation is changing lives one person at a time and entertainment website if they don't worry reading foundation dot org this -- -- foundation -- -- -- How do you balance everything by the way Cory -- in Syria lifetime long morning Indianapolis Colts defense offense. And Cory -- in town for is that it is and his customer appreciation day slash Taylor guitar red barber shop on sixth and -- -- but Corey had they eat yearning you know Muslims gonna get that just like this I think natural green -- you're one of the few that can balance your life. You can be a star and Jennifer Howell and not get in trouble and be a family man. And have your stuff altogether -- -- -- -- tell -- store I don't -- -- and their -- -- like that but. But out when we talk when we come when you come and its ally uniting and your wife my wife get together. And asked him we have fun when I'm mean mean we have fun just super -- -- stuffed it at any couple would do. And net every time we've gone out we've always split the bills yeah. And you've always laugh every time -- -- my card act its like a best -- or some like we're reward card and he's like man I really am employing some effect now but but that's one thing you've never you know be in that guy were I got this covered you you know you handle your money right you handle your family life -- yet that awesome balanced. And that's why they're successful how do you do -- if you had any advice to give some up up up and coming kids right now in a nutshell. Does one little thing that you can get you've learned Troy New Year's NFL lit up just it's kept her head on straight and I mean I know there's. First and foremost. I have Gaza and Ramallah. And I know my life has come home and not a draw strength from him because I'm motivated so hold more based motivate. Don't say I gotta have missiles struck the ball and secondly I have a strong life. And I would not be able to do any of these things in the community or the football world. If I didn't have a strong woman behind me beckon me support new and everything you know do even nor does get tough senior -- there won't cut out right now you are going to do soon enough but she give me their supporters intimidated and -- you doing before. I don't accountancy hardly do wonderful people go on impact glass and hold on before. Obama wants to kids and we'll keep this thing rolling and that allows me to do so many great things in the community if I have. -- must and then now -- strong woman web SI mean I wouldn't be able to be. The kind of quarter and you know. Austin and you know it is too we're gonna have a lot more of you here in Austin, Texas you know you decide you know you came back today and to the colts. Given another year and -- last year you -- lot of people that your down with the that was that. You come back in your feeling stronger than never I'd love -- talk about that mask if here -- this commercial break whites come back and wide this coal -- in net. How far can you go and you know we just heard happened where he -- motivation from. Love to hear about your teammates they you know let's talk about that coming up here -- three guys sports again Cory -- lifetime longhorns slash Indianapolis said colts defensive end in dealing with three guys sports' Jeff. That's equal going to at a red barber shop that's his barber shops in the corner sixth in Mo -- tomorrow morning 10 AM. It's is that grand -- open house slash customer appreciation day tailgate. 10 AM come on out anyone just to check out the place and you'll love -- I guarantee them right back we'll find out a little more about mr. core red and white decided to come back to the colts in this is they're year. That's up and three S -- It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. -- and studio. In the top 37 ECB is they're -- in Texas three guys sport show along with Patrick Davis. Casey Johnson -- and embodies myself Alex Franklin our special guest and you know what does. For the rest the hours lifetime longhorn Annapolis colts defensive and it's number ninety my man mr. Cory Redding hanging out Saturday and tomorrow that's -- -- going on. 10 AM here in Austin Texas at the corner of west Essex street and the most -- And he has reds barbershop it's their grand open house slash customer appreciation day. Tailgate come on by -- it's no -- and check out the place -- look for a great place in America. That is your place come one come all kids parents moms you come out there because you know what. I'd be a great guests to get a gift card for your loved one amendment and the house and hey come check our reds and -- to -- category of course very longhorn fan you'll -- out hanging out. And colts fans as well Corey thank you so much for having you in the studio and before against you and why you chose to come back for the season let's get the latest NFL updates my man mr. Patrick David. -- -- NFL updates the NFL draft it will not be in New York City last year we notoriously musical is no longer able to hold it in April or may. So they're going to be moving be too tough choices right now LA and Chicago are the two front runners to get the draft in 2015. Also Bon Jovi leading a group are part of a group. Two by the Buffalo Bills this submitted all the paperwork the big news out of that is that they're done is done with the Toronto. Group and there now finds -- that he could be the Buffalo Bills could be headed to Toronto is just right. -- the river I think right. Just right across the belief outside are they let us say -- and one got a super seven as our afternoon got an excited four point seven yes -- -- because he loves the Buffalo Bills and -- loves Jon Bon Jovi. There's going well and he loves candidate to any he's marrying a girl from Canada has so well. Now let's trifecta there you go and -- and finally Johnny football has had signed on with Snickers. Snickers as he played -- down and info Barney's loan is just Reagan and the endorsements ninety mcdonalds now Snickers you know because Noah makes a great NFL player. -- -- -- -- -- formulas for success. As Korea -- if I always -- I -- he's just earlier off area was funny people of his thought I. I've been trying to ask that I've been trying to get an even blue -- -- blue bell ice cream they came in earlier in the week and I know he -- blue bell that's that's your weak spot feel like non and I I get at the training camp and now I can I can't and house that's fine. Should we picture of him on the treadmill is totally -- treadmill and I and he's like is like eleven going on twelve. Miles brown like oh my gosh what am I do -- -- -- fly out but that what we probably won't forget is that your 64. 310 pounds and you're just flying on a treadmill and you -- it's in great shape you look fantastic it sounds like you sound like that. I mean it's it's crazy you know you played in the NFL's 2003. And it's it ends two dozen fourteen and it sounds like this is like time your life is it is the best time even haven't and are your career oriented feeling great. You know what I feel great considering being immature answers for the last you know going -- views now. You know gives nor is it on there I can't take a play off you know -- -- Susan BBs can pick and choose negated if they can hit the ground you know boycotts I can avoid contact so. With this I do feel great I'm strong I'm conditioned enough to go to training camp because there's no shape like the Boston you can run all day. For the first literature all feel like that correct. I thought that you know what I do feel good men met at the agent. I have to stay strong because he's -- that come and -- stronger faster and bigger and I got to be able to maintain monster is the most speed -- -- Continue to hang with these kids let -- -- -- -- all -- you know. And definitely I -- year he what you 33 starters so those two years I don't I mean -- say and that's just an unbelievable and -- -- -- is such young age you're sending these kids come in and and there's a lot of kids he came in like one Andrew logic quarterback yes and I had man I so I've seen I've seen and heard several interviews. He talked about just. How highly of them coming -- the real deal is that your guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a tear it became mayor and they want to making throws like a ten year vet. -- -- look at my coach and Syria we got a trigger man like I'm no matter that you remember for my whole career. -- good you know at such a young age so that really just be justified even more just so you know what defense. We've got a guy that can put the ball. In our receivers hands the Indians don't any given time let's do our job. And get the ball back and engine looks hands so we can be successful and feel the more we sort of bench the better we on the team. And I'm just sold just. I guess we'll try to watch and guy because he's so humble. And first -- because I came there was no -- is told there by the kiss kiss you can note you know go -- but he didn't he came in horrible deal would have of that told the do. K and and that's just makes those prospective members more and supporter members more. Court ready to hang with a -- and three guys Porsche of course last time -- in Indianapolis Colts defensive end. Back again for another year last year you were taught people that you know I this is that said man I'm Don and you know it is not a not a bad thing you you know but you're just like eight you know we had fun. Did your thing but then that -- man you now all of a sudden that. How we were -- ready for the Cory -- retirement party here Austin Texas at the at a young age of 33. And then that the party got scrapped why did the party gets -- who talked out of besides eleven you why I'm right supports what percent on every if you wanna stay ago. My wife today -- look at me like you may meet Paul's all of the ultimate invited to a vote. -- I had tears blood up ahead there's rough but you know what I am Toyota says she's a trooper and you know she -- world news. You don't want your opinion you miles we'll do it there knowing Donaldson and make two years from now immigrant personal. You don't is going to do. But who. -- has been terrific guy who brought you over us of course memos avoid them to a Ferrari were applicable please call analysts -- -- everyone passes -- misses his brother Malibu brought my phone every than my. -- more serious dirty dozen has -- dirty dozen -- glad Canada did and I got to do together we came in 03 we got to leave together so. He's been campaigning took -- big -- -- so I'm down here and also come over at the browser is -- forced you to look in that amount. A game plan and then you retired in part yeah -- can't -- all that how you read it was going to be in April and you know. We have Robert -- aside and said taxing you aren't sending messages and and coach -- and -- out. Does he can you call Xena and you've been hoarding animals on as possible. Because we are told to want a phone and car phenomenon you know we talk for awhile and what is Italian as a Italian Italian -- just say I'm -- what you told me -- during the season and then at the -- -- gained in the locker room I looked at night. This is you know I saw. And I told him there and they'll -- -- no she told me at the beginning burn come -- office we need to back and I was like OK so. I do go to Austin offload it in the I go to his office on Tuesday and sit down and we start talking. You know you just don't understand you know disease don't matter -- playing real well I mean just built up as you mic and please I doubt. For to have sex and slipped off for two with three innings just to be a force than a million leadership always think he's like talk talk talk. And it was like I gotta have unionized families you know the some for three years court. Just tell them even into like everything you start you finish -- lately you know you can't Buddhist and I was just like man. So so most of us so we you know we talk about different things and now. You know if there's been all work out he he respects my. No this -- -- come back then there's. War -- team my teammates. But ultimately I know we have a heck of a squad that can make some doors once in the playoffs and have a legitimate shot. A party on the -- to competitive opponent and Arizona stadium. In 2000 forcing yeah. You heard here first on three I sports show I love the love that result I would be awesome -- got. Everything and everyone to come back healthy manner mean deserve the sky's the limit I mean there's one thing you said on Jim Ramallah that well reach -- though was a reach for the stars are. Shoot for the -- if you miss you you know you -- your Marxist thought with two -- given a good -- from -- -- -- -- Cory -- and studio here at lifetime longhorn of course. Colts defensive end in that and got great start and that's his motivation itself for anyone who just wants to go kick ass and anything negative it's literally had no matter -- work gas fast food -- a matter of your teacher what everyone is here and that is mode. Pitching you don't have the good stuff right there. A quick break you have three guys sports were coming back -- Cory Redding and not in town in Austin, Texas because that he's got his barber shop red barber shop grand open house last customer appreciation day -- going on tomorrow. 10 AM it's on the corner of west sixth street and no fat left to see all combined and that don't forget also Cory Redding. And reds -- big sponsor of top thirteen seventies Friday night fancy answer of your high school. Love for you to -- on out there now and just check the place out retreats like skiing for a well I promise -- -- informants have three guys cordial and talk a little more football. Course with a long morning and got talks longhorn sports loads of their schedule for 2014. And -- got to be honest if they can win that -- -- live they're gonna lose that game and you go undefeated all right let's be honest here on this. Coming up next in the big guys boards. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship. Holding it down. Don't talk there is every studios here -- -- Texas it's a three guys sports show long. Alex and Patrick Davis across from me in the little -- and pushing all the buttons in a down thank you Casey Johnson. For -- -- a sad case Johns by the way ad Fiat chief engineers last Christopher -- Fred fans and a show. But our guests said mr. Cory Redding is going to be sponsoring the reds barbershop. Outcome football season now August 1 and his right around the corner yes -- junior stuff broadcast live and it's the best high school. Football sports show in central Texas by far did you generate jobs began on his push in the -- and on there right now on nice sixty and beat. He hosted on Friday night send it's announcements -- awesome that Cory Redding lifetime longhorns. Is that sponsoring it was red barber shops begin red barber shop even got a nice little thing going on -- grand open house customer appreciation day tailgate. At 10 AM read by the way -- barber -- is on the corner of west at six and him and ammo pack. It come out is is open ever won -- categories and yet hanging out there and has stated in the united ladies want people come and say -- -- Koran and that's an open house is like an open house in the. This -- house. I don't win and I want everybody in the whole city of Boston to see how -- -- house look it's nice Austria it's looking nice exists or you we have the -- -- -- products Sonoma so it's looking nice. We helped Paul Mitchell products one of the -- and the industries of you know there industry and recognize we have. Guess we will beer floats in the period and Alaska -- I know you love your blue belt that I think TVs everywhere everywhere music player it's good stuff saved our screen so you still snow cones. Corn hole boards -- it's barbecue is going to be a great time. It is definitely has a -- -- a month ago I guess -- -- and get -- which I'm due for by the way but it's funny we took our engineer Casey Johnson and he walked easily. Ice cream floats is all root beer floats if it's on and I and we took our boss mr. -- Thomas we take our -- but the -- of one of the original three guys Brennan worked. Guys shame deafening that the media defining as its -- Corey is just such a decision give this man that's why he's successful and everything does. The -- we all got charged what everyone else to get charged -- -- -- we have no -- that -- we have no problem with that whatsoever because we never asked for any type deal now might that look we are just like any other customer. And that being said when we're -- because -- got there and hanging out tomorrow we'd love to see out there it's etc. reds barber shops the corner of sixth and Lamar. Our -- on my skis B six and OPEC not to listen mark and that's going to outsmart 10 AM -- like Corey mentioned barbecue name is Stanley friendly come on out. Now -- before the break we mentioned that you're really going to longhorns' schedule. And -- predict we -- Patrick Davis and I would usually give our wins and losses predictions but you know and I didn't know what morial let you do discourse because you are daylight time longhorn I don't know your legend out Erica. No basically driving to Austin, Texas once non longhorn nation wants no you know. First -- and people who wouldn't do you see who didn't feel like this whole new directional longhorns are taken have you had any -- any conversations with the new. The new regime there means -- you know you're you're you're Matt Brown's -- And a lot of changes have happened ever since and an even back -- sense. Yes -- and our. American iron and you know we go way back when they -- classified as you know we hear -- if we have a good relationship. And it is like to change slow turnover and that's life being -- -- notable Communist. In uniform to see come soon enough we'll be a new person you know after this season the only thing is gonna change is mentioned about so. The deceased greatest thing so for them this -- in the -- new regime Charlie Strong and not a whole crew coach is down to the players that attitude direction. You know I like -- like that you know is is you know is bringing -- toughness cracking a whip. You know really in the know is this is a zero tolerance kind of doom and on getting back to just cardinals football and and yes that's that's what -- you know -- upon you know -- as -- you you know mad dog and Madonna takes a step so I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of w.s on this roster this isn't just a schedule here. You know it's -- we have the schedule pulled up -- oh you do well I did Patrick Davis I haven't pulled up now let me ask you so you know going through quick getting Casey -- you have an up there as well yes in the all right we'll Casey -- push all -- -- run through -- went to the games and that we will -- of -- I'm -- that. The senate with -- after you give -- first -- first -- has always that Casey please began. Parents are not with a two weeks at home first off north Texas on August 30. His thirtieth north Texas no way it happened. Obviously that is there when we -- the seasonal -- offensive and non athletically our Texas there right way and you know we got to start strong so I you have vessel went current moving on case. September 6 BYU at home you know -- Ganassi and through letters that (%expletive) me young and our -- about. 500 plus yards on burning underground when -- think I think there's over you know I think the defense is you know better a lot better and I'm going with they go beyond this one. Jerry world right -- Jerry world September 13 UCL. AW. -- -- basketball game. It does look good now doesn't he is still full blown. These -- isn't -- to 30 so far not bad not bad that we were going to Lawrence Kansas -- take a lot of work and then on the Lawrence. Don't like Kansas they're not a brilliant little like going there minister's life I don't know it's Lawrence -- As Lawrence but you know what the good news for and asked me enough I'll never lost a war so much is good for you mr. I know -- do you have nothing. There are thousands of years -- to go for now so far. All right moving on -- October 4 Baylor back at home. Nothing that's going to be tough foreign. Back at home because this could be a game where you come offering games from Kansas being in Lawrence. You know with a nice Victor -- back home. You can fall asleep a little bit the coach -- a guy who's a -- there are grounds are browsed he knows this Texas team in -- noses you know on. When he knows that there. The state of Texas so I believe he's going to them -- pumped up and -- -- coming -- beat the big bad Texas so. I'm going to say is going to be a knock down drag out fight but in the twelfth round with two minutes left third goal Texas go put. So that I'll play that -- that Baylor game last year takes Baylor a M and Baylor. Does the coldest game I've ever been through my life is outdoors -- there was ice on all the stands and at the end of the game losing. And I'm walking down I'm a big man and having to go we're in the second -- last throw -- -- -- there's a Mike I'm where almost burnt orange. And there's this is big fat guy and Alberto -- just slide down. Forty flights of stairs that the Clinton is in the bottom guy that's just isn't folks. I love Don Gomez and at least now and now up. Oklahoma Casey right -- one everyone looks forward to red river showdown and that they have there's bullets out there that has Oklahoma best critic when the big twelve. Nothing nothing to be fair. Do you care -- back on campus and you don't get this done there and trust -- out here tomorrow room for a few days and I lost against them so we got to -- to get a win -- this thing and -- -- of some -- about it. -- -- -- Back in Austin -- rednecks from Iowa State. Wind it's on the eighteenth of October the wind is W I know win well how Diana -- got you down amana the -- -- -- Kansas State in Manhattan. Chances you know work. Now my longhorn fans might hate me Imus but. I don't know we could potentially. Losers. Potentially. You know a little gold and and and Andrea I -- Manhattan is always offers a place -- may not -- coma last game there we want seventeen to fourteen also black. Brought field goal -- so -- and that was a fight and in fight to finish. Romans is they knew Jonas and I don't know I mean they can be -- We'll tally up the neutral at the end as a -- case you know be keeping score over their -- -- -- the -- -- -- parents -- -- and we have Texas -- after that and -- the first of November in Lubbock. Despite the frozen tortillas sales and better restore an accident I don't walk into the stadium because batteries many -- that they need your hands on the and the water food locker room when helmets on -- the bustle -- just so she you know I think there's a poll that came out publicly most boring city in America that. Okay nobody would throw batteries a football players here you know -- W. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's talk thirteen seven these three guys sports show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- fortune. And -- -- sports -- along with our guests -- mr. Cory Redding who is and of course like I'm -- Slash Indianapolis Colts offensive and day in town for an -- went on his barbershop red barber shop have their grandest. Open house slash customer appreciation day tailgate going on March NAM. And as you -- -- BP for they've energy shot for theology tells on FaceBook search reds barber shop that's our deep deep deep as. Glory thank you so much for coming and -- with us sad Patrick Davis score -- Casey -- and myself out Franco and OJ cells from the -- four point seven just -- Our sports guy he wishes he was when do in sports -- nearly -- you like me and I got to jump in the class I -- Francisco is is going have you and -- hanging -- -- did not just talking football he now on. But we're gonna talk about our record attendance I. On askew had been having you know you're a player in here I just read earlier this week that the New England Patriots head coach is saying that he's a fan of the Thursday night games and he wants more. That being said adding fans may be one more but you the player. Do you want more Thursday night games. I need to be honest not he's not listening. To us we got -- coaches and listening either. You know American and everybody who visits you know even though -- military forces opinion animal was mine. You know where -- It's hard enough playing on a game on Sunday. And didn't rated player of the game the following Sunday. Our bodies golden ring is meant a lot beyond me and end on a new. This as best fifty to seventy car crashes a day. You don't -- an excellent and if you really think about it. How fast are big -- of movement and the crescent had folks so are about his goal during his undertakes no one does as good read and I got rid of the game until kick off the following what he can only -- You go two weeks as. -- -- -- still got to practice still got to get you nowhere. I think it's too short of the week for. Your personality is like ourselves to just get -- the -- Sunday and then get ready to play against British and now your body has not -- up -- still feel amid injuries from the previous week. And it takes its hole. Yes we do have the weekend he'll look you know because you have a game that Sunday. But steal -- and get into the ground Monday Tuesday wins and to follow you really got two -- repair. So I'm really not a big fan of it but just like any other job you know you signed up and -- if your boss that you are -- he ought to work you know on the inner soul and go out there we. We Wingate we would give all energy we can and we just trying to -- that prior to setting a Sunday do you -- to follow it. That being said do you think guy you know Robert Kraft of course the owner of via a New England Patriots and says that at the NFL to possibly land -- team in London. By the end of the decade do you think that's gonna happen. Potentially -- -- do over the one under push pin you noted that the that they got -- -- in the -- to do and you know in -- failure was over there for awhile and you know -- -- -- down went. I don't know if I wanna go to London on the -- I did they make big big enough. Cars. They're. But there's no way you as soon as you know -- doses. And you know it if it happens this go for the leak you know is this is broadening beyond the stretch or so to speak to its. Big game there we so love and the whole world you have to see. But I played every Sunday now being put into the country given Knowles people just be fans of our of our product and has a part of the social. And now we have the world's best athletes in the world you know 19100 strong. So how can that be cool but also don't play. I'm guessing you know what do Thursday night game in London now know that memo there's I thought it was this little girl. Gloria thank you for coming in men and -- you -- I you do some very cool tomorrow now reds barbershop on ammo pack in less extreme that's for going to be yet open house comes Liguori did you see is now -- -- house -- basically reds is as house red barber -- And have -- -- come on -- hang -- with us and thank -- -- for hanging out with us this evening will continue conversation. We -- on FaceBook and search for yes foursome will continue actually tomorrow. We'll be out there hanging now a demand so appreciate and thank you for coming on man. It has been wonderful. Love your country so -- on the ground become -- and now Obama -- have more focused on Assad look at some of the year. -- nominated that did he -- all -- comments that you must feel pretty good bottled water and just -- of the off. And then not like you can usenet news much blue bell as you want -- yeah they're not going to. God given talent to come back through -- four guys -- -- in an ad that's course next rival Bakken three guys sports show. Here on talk thirteen said he likes on FaceBook search string guys fortune CNN reds on six than that Novak tomorrow. Thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys courtship.