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The Wellness Connection Podcast 07/13/14

Jul 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Thirteen senate rejects the wellness connection and we've certified clinical nutritionist and run the ugliest and certified traditional natural path. Peter McCarthy. Prior to. By Martin's come pounding in Oklahoma Sooners with three convenient Austin relocations. If you're tired of -- -- in mostly for health information that's trustworthy -- accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Here are Rania and Peter. Brought under the wellness connection brought to you by Martin's confounding and wellness centers. Point three Austin area locations that Lamar -- drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy. I'm your co host. -- -- and I'm your co host Peter McCarthy good morning as well this week's wellness connection features weight management expert doctor Robert seek. We'll be telling us how to lose weight helpfully with just one thing. And our guest for health freedom segment is Andy Galati from dietitians for proposed professional integrity. Who will be discussing why it's important for health care professionals to offer patient advice not influenced by business interest. And is always on our weekly features will be discussing some of the latest health information during these supplement the week the burning question and drug induced nutrient deficiencies but -- let's start off with the exciting news story you have that will expand patient access. To truly professional nutritional. Advice me as Peter and as you know this is very close to my heart. In a landmark federal ruling the US Department of Health and Human Services center for Medicare and Medicaid. Ruled that all qualified nutrition professionals not. Just registered dietitians say order therapeutic diet and hospitals. This is leveled the playing field between nutrition professionals and registered dietitians. Board certified. Or board certification of nutrition specialist BC and as president Sudanese though. He's a Ph.D. He says this quote from ruling has vast implications for the nutrition profession. It embraces the right of a variety of highly qualified nutrition professionals. Such as certified clinical nutritionist or certified nutrition specialists to practice in hospitals. And rejects the assertion that registered dietitian should have an exclusive right to provide medical nutrition therapy. Most importantly this ruling as a victory for patients giving hospital flexibility in determining. Which type of nutrition providers will best serve its patients health. The board of certification of nutrition specialist BCN asked. Is one of several nationally recognized credentialing. Bodies -- advanced nutrition professionals. Well this is it really great news because it opens up the field to a number of qualified specialties to offer patients more options -- -- Well yeah on it's it's time that this monopoly be broken there -- -- hit. And Peter you have more good news for those people who eat. Fish and take fish oil supplements regularly don't think that's right to Zain -- from -- embolism or GTE which encompasses the conditions have deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Is the third most common cardiovascular illness after acute coronary syndrome and stroke. I. 23000. Men and women ages 25 to 97 years. Who were enrolled in the trial so study which followed subjects for an average of sixteen years. During this period there were 536. Documented cases of BTE. Through data analysis researchers ascertained that those participants who wait three or more servings of fish per week. Reduce their risk of VTE by 22%. Adding fish oil dietary supplements further reduce the risk of VT each by 48%. In the study authors conclude that quote. I -- weekly intake Arab more than three times per week of fish was associated with a slightly reduced risk of Danish rumble embolism. And the addition the fish oil supplements strengthened the inverse effect -- stop something that the national health community is known for quite some time and it is but again once again it's it's more evidence of -- -- studies that. Proved they. You know these things are important and healthy point. All right there it absolutely and we'll be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor here listening to the wellness connection on talk 13% and. Yes we didn't. -- Welcome back to the wellness connection joining us today is our featured guest doctor Robert seek. He holds a degree in -- from Duquesne university in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He's a principal owner and CEO of the Las Vegas based compound in pharmacy and specializes. In hormone replacement therapy. And functional medicine. Which pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. He's fellowship trained as a member of the academy the American academy of anti aging functional and. Rejuvenated at Madison -- for an. Through the University of South Florida school of medicine. Robert frequently lectures to medical practitioners on evidence based approaches to natural hormone replacement in age management medicine. As well as nutritional intervention for the treatment of chronic diseases. And doctor -- training and advanced pharmaceutical medicine and in the -- immunology moved his professional career to the Biotech industry where he managed clinical trials for anti Harold biologics in the western US for over ten years. Doctor seeks research background also helped -- study nutrition depletion and athletes. Robert has lecture to medical practitioners on diagnosing and treating overreaching and over training syndrome is an athletes of all levels. Doctor Sheikh has consulted many athletes on proper nutritional replacement. As well as natural strategies using diet and supplementation for the enhancement of sports performance welcome to the wellness connection doctor sheep led to -- her today. Salaries nor a minute -- not -- hang time. So we're getting a message from our tech that we have lost doctor sheets so you know what. And while we're waiting for a more that we just talked about post time okay you know Peter. -- Really what we do at this particular section and we're tapping into two to wait for our dear doctor seeks a while we are we will just move on for a moment. And let's just talk about. The -- is a weight losses on the board today let's just talk about our supplement of the week. Our supplement of the week. As you know everybody is struggling with with -- now a day and we have found in in my personal opinion. One of my favorites is a very comprehensive and effective. Program called healthy composition support program by -- medica. On this lifestyle cut program the it's called HC three lifestyle program is a comprehensive thirty day supply. Designed to help the body burned storage fat. As its primary energy source. Without decreasing muscle mass. This program is shuttered around a triple approach is healthy body composition which incorporates diet exercise and nutrition. Included in the kid is a comprehensive program guide featuring sample menus. And progress chart. As well as the supplements you need all in one kid in order to maximize your results. Yes that's right righty and one of the key ingredients included in the kit is the HC three trim active complex. Which provides a synergistic proprietary blend of unique ingredient shone -- dramatically support. Healthy body composition. And the complex contains. Essential vitamins minerals and antioxidants as well as detoxification. Support and medium change -- glad bless her marriage to support optimal metabolic management with the course. We know Peter how important as we. Talked about a few weeks ago how important detox it is as we lose weight. That's right we talked about that a few weeks ago about the importance of face to detox. And dual talks DP -- supports phase one and two detoxification. Because during the fat burning process. Stored toxins and the tabloids are released into the bloodstream and if you don't get rid of the toxins. The body will hold onto the fattest of protection mechanism -- really sabotage is the way. Loss now and as you recall what the phase two detoxification. Liver -- vision is converting. The fat soluble that is gonna storing your fat cells to water soluble so can be excrete it out of the kidney which is very important. You know the -- also includes -- key oil which is really coming you know. Full face in in our industry at least. As being a very important nutrient. Generally it's derived from coconut oil. But it supplies medium chain triglycerides. A special type of fatty acids. Richard metabolize more fully for energy in the body. Well and -- The power greens that's part of this kit which is a great tasting. And the oxygen rich green food that will help to quench the free radicals that may be produced during the fat burning process and you know. New -- is going out of their way haven't -- to make this he really tasty. Meal replacement because a lot of people think of green foods and they just kind of ability I don't like even the color and night and thinking about the taste it's like blue let's not do it I don't wanna go there and sell interact as an out. Expect you know somebody came into the pharmacy the other day. This was a this was a nurse who was looking for. She is looking for something she could do in the morning as as a food supplement as a meal replacement. So I turned her onto these power greens and at first she was going all how is it how does it taste and I have to have my. Stash on my desk and so I'm gonna make you a little. A little taste -- so -- mix this up for -- -- and she tasted it one it wasn't green it was chocolate brown the. And she chases and said oh my god. This is really good so you know don't don't be shy don't don't shy away from Edward green and got a lot of clients have gone too because it's green. Putts no it's really really tasty. And also power greens don't forget it also assists in keeping you were PH. In the more alkaline range. Due to the increase of -- was caused by a burning fat as an energy source. We can we can usually. Are very often will go -- so what the power green stone does is it helps to maintain PH for more -- -- balance that's right so if you're meeting to lose -- be sure and do it right with healthy compositions support program by new America. Yeah if you and you can find healthy composition support program at any of the Martin's compound in Wallace three locations. Or you can also buy it online. Martin's compound in -- dot com just go there -- and. And we'll be right back with more on the wellness connection after this brief message your listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. Welcome back to the wellness connection and are continuing well we just found out what happened -- doctor Robert seat and he's with us finally. Apparently there was just. Warm where he is and all the phones were knocked out so he. Did get in touch with us and gave us another number to call and we got him on the line so I. I'm happy to have this interview with the weight management expert doctor Robert -- The name totals Eagan obviously. Is what we're gonna talk about numerous things when we had mentioned earlier about weight loss -- Etc. so doctors -- are you very. Yes I'm here yeah. And army bank had Leon. Not a problem is everything okay where you are. Yeah I'm in Pennsylvania who really paralyzed really from -- -- live in Las Vegas and we're having. -- bit of a storm today and that was the cellphone tower nearest my dad's arms was knocked out so that's the mobile phone number usually used at the landline is working. And what we're talking on right now I'll thank god you know I did -- some so there's some real tough storms over there on the East Coast and end in the in the eastern region. So here and we're -- limited under today wow we can hear in the background well good I'm glad that you got your phone in here with us today. So let's just get started you know you had mentioned and birds are. They had mentioned to us that you have a lot to do with total begin. Obviously it says its peak in friendly that's. Tell me about the sources. -- vitamin. As we know a lot of begins out there are deficient in vitamin. He -- with regard to using the product. Totally into one of the first things that I recommend to somebody who actually about what they continue to get healthier and and lose weight. In the source of that total league in which is a protein powder supplement is actually five different plant based. Proteins and the reason why I really like that is to -- a very broad spectrum of amino acid. So with as -- -- protein cheers Pete pro team brown rice. Yellow T actually cranberry. Protein I can offer patients something to give -- -- amino -- spectrum and I used total begins. Whether the recommendation is for -- and or or none of -- just because I think it's such a great product and there's other. I'm greedy and in the product that actually help detoxification. And it's a low allergens. Proteins that but I -- you're right about people who are arms are begin and they have some common. Nutritional deficiencies. Such as B twelve vitamin B twelve specifically that you mentioned and also milk. -- and we typically yes supplement them with that as well. And that I think he had some questions for -- just on the -- that total begin product and I can expand on that anyway that you like can I do you recommend it quite often. Well it's great doctor -- cannot again thank you for being with us today in overcoming the challenges that. That she's had to contend with. Glad to have you now. Why is a low carbohydrate low -- -- scenic. Index protein powder important and how can that benefit weight loss. Well as one of the main things we need to consider about food. It's what I body's responses to food just like when we take the medication we expect the response we use the hormone we expect the body to have a certain response. Depending on the make up of a -- our body will have a hormone all responsibly. All the way of thinking with diet is that. Wait a lot has nothing more to do with and the hormone all affected food it's all about how many calories in and how many calories out there. Taking less calories and burn more you lose weight and we found that can be. Wrong they'll hormone a response to food primarily when I talk about weight loss is my number one concern -- insulin. And anything that derived insulin very high or keep insulin high for a long time. I'd like -- Nikkei index for hi glad he made a load foods often think that alone with sugar. Or very easily absorb starches like -- bread and cereals. Those are the thing I'm concerned about because as long as insulin is high and it can beat. Elevated quite high for a long time 346. Hours depending on the meal. I have a person who's just created a metabolic state where -- historic energy and restore excess energy a fact. And they cannot simultaneously mobilize sanity or burn fat. So the better job I can do with recommendations to keep someone's. Overall food intake low. During the day -- -- -- -- Nikkei index. -- -- -- -- -- -- If I feel good that he -- -- on low and where are used to Little League in the mouth. That I have found typically when I do that standard complications. A lot of people have very carbohydrate. -- breakfast. And you think about that this job the Grocery Manufacturers Association has done telling me you're sold and even oatmeal can. And understanding that what this is what breakfast there's been bagels and waffles. If I can get people to wake up in the morning can change just one meal a day. To disregard these -- I'd like to make hydraulic unit load data in excess hydrogen include foods. And switch them out for say a protein shake made with total begin which has a lot of protein and very little net carbohydrate effective. I know that I can modulate that insulin level and just by making that recommendation change out your standard breakfast that you have right now. -- is good serving of total -- every -- I've seen people steadily lose five to eight pounds a month. And had a profound effect and that he does. -- you know I always sit in my class I teach nutrition. And I think there's an article in the Austin statesman. Awhile back and assist scientists are baffled. People can eat more food and lose weight and I always say scientists are not baffled maybe the author of this article was baffled. But I always used the analogy of if you if you have a a candle. Com or you have a furnace blazing in a thousand degrees Fahrenheit it -- few blogs both the same size and same -- how many. Com blogs you think you can go through by putting it in the furnace vs holding it over the candle this isn't baffling sciences is called metabolism. And you're absolutely spot on as far as this is not an issue of calories in calories out is is an issue of how your body. Metabolic and we spawn said it it primarily form only as you said responds to the food you eat. And we know that carbohydrates are insulin stimulating. Which is a fat storing hormone and -- Golan is eight is a fat burning hormone and that stimulated by protein shake your point about the greens is right on the panda. We've got a continuing concern of customers who purchase whole foods supplements. And their their haste. You know they think they. Kind of early don't like the way a lot of these whole foods supplements are what is power green's case like I I sort of mentioned it while we were waiting for you but aren't you. Give us your. Point about it. So how green is. I think fifty servings of different. Power plant based foods that are being. Pulverize him paralyzed and it comes in several different flavors of three I think there's a kiwi strawberry. Berry flavor and my favorite. Which is chocolate flavors so there's also usually putting and don't forget yeah and all that rain. But I've gotten so accustomed to using the chocolate flavor because they decide it was so amazing and brilliant and at a company like dramatic go wish carrying. They're -- green in chocolate at. If I want to again add on to that one thing that I want. People to change to their morning -- threat to this group's total begins protein shake and at one scoop of the -- greens. Well I -- fifty servings of fruits and vegetables. Taste great actually enhances the flavor no matter which. Flavor of the total eating protein -- you used and and I can tell you it's really a favorite amongst all in my household I have a four year old son. And he art mourning ritual is to make the protein shake together so we make it he helps with all the scoops and it also helps Mexico. And I usually make an extra half serving. Because what a deal with the protein shake -- like poured into popsicle -- humble little he has that great flavored popsicle that I make. Chocolate flavor that he really -- and that is after dinner treat or dessert I'm sneaking in another healthy serving. Of pro team and the power greens because they just taste that good. I lie and I it's awesome what a great idea and I I'm sure our listeners with children will really benefit from that as well -- take a short break for a message from our sponsors but will be right back with our continuing interview with doctor Robert C. You're listening to the wellness connection on talk 13%. Well and then -- wellness connection. It was accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are run the ugliest and Peter McCarthy. Well welcome back to the wellness connection. If you're just tuning in we're having a very educational conversation with the weight management expert doctor Robert seek. Doctor -- the greens label says a it contains high historic value can you explain what the term or it means. So the the or -- Radical. Absorption. Capacity so very simply put one of the theories. Of how we age. Is that free electrons -- on paired electrons. Are left to cause damage. And the kind of damage to ourselves and our our DNA. So the reason why anti oxidant become important is because anti oxidant actually neutralize if they absorb. These. Free electrons so when I use an analogy that tells you one of the ways we agent we essentially we essentially rest -- So what we do is we use these nutritional co factors these anti -- to reduce. Our roster. Rate solely or act values is a way that we actually measure. The anti oxidant capacity of different foods are different products and this is actually developed by. The national institute. On aging and it's part of the national institute held. So it's something that I think is very important for all of us to consider and our diets is to make sure that we take in as many anti accidents -- we can't. Absolutely I think the more were exposed to toxins in our environment it's center. The more free radical exposure we have an antioxidants are the only saving grace for that. I think. That's exactly right ten million or doctors seek out. The regardless of that information which of course is very important Annette and and two people being able to maintain their long term health. Many of our customers shy away from a product like power greens and say they don't -- it because they quote eat a lot of vegetables on quote. And of course I think those of us in the natural health community realize that sometimes people overestimate what they actually consume but. You know what if a customer reach a lot of vegetables can they still benefit from drinking power greens and if so how. Well absolutely they can benefit particularly fruits and vegetables with an incidentally when they educate people on the statistics -- well. If you consider a serving. Of vegetables beef safe. The one cup. And the US Department of Agriculture says that we should be getting nine serving that they are typically recommend seven servings of vegetables -- fruits. And the US Department of Agriculture also know that the best 20% of us Americans. Are lucky you were getting fired from so just over half. And but let's say you are getting an excellent amounts. Very nutrient dense fruits and vegetables can you still benefit from these. Power green product thought. Absolutely because it's not just the only option capacity not just the extra vitamin nutrient there are also plant based. And -- that would help enhance our detoxification systems there's a number of of benefits I I don't think you can necessarily overdosed. Some good -- is too many good things. -- into your body so I don't recommend. Exactly I mean I I think I eat very well in comparison to a lot of -- The public and I steal I I take Howard greens put him in my shaken morning. And I actually put him on my desk in the afternoon when I have an afternoon lol and I wanna snack. And I make myself a little mini -- I do it's so you know I think it's great. You know we we talked a little bit. Before you got on we talked about the importance of PH. And you know as health care practitioners. We all know the value of maintaining an alkaline constitution. But exploit our listeners how power greens will affect their PH and why that's important. Well as you probably know the primary way that we keep our bodies out Poland's it would fruit and vegetable consumption. So not only the nutrients that are important meaning that B vitamins and all these great mineral Pittston minerals that help keep us. Alkaline and so our bodies are not. An -- and again if we -- enough of the fruits and vegetables we could make sure that we're staying alkaline but the problem is as you pointed out earlier. We live in 21 century America there's so many toxins in our environment and that I just mentioned that even the best of it still are not getting enough fruits and vegetables. Using the power greens will help us out the lies the -- get concentrated. Dose of a lot of different types of vegetables that helped keep the body. -- and so anyone has begun to read articles on health and wellness and understand -- keeping the body -- Probably helps this fight out bacterial or viral infections. It makes -- less prone to starting cancers within our bodies it's easier to declassify if nasty chemicals that are -- environmental. What I wanna do it I wanna make sure I give my body every resource that I have to make sure that it is alkaline. So great easy to use great tasting and -- resource in that regard would be just discuss the parrot green and you mentioned in any shape. This is what I do. I don't necessarily want to have say a protein shake in the in the evening or before I go to bed sometimes they do in fact have a hard work out that day I feel like if need be extra protein. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just some water -- -- -- keep it cool one -- of the power green and I usually put in. Some holes Chia seeds into the blender to blended up because in the GOP's health and connector -- fire -- In the diet and they're very rich in Omega threes so I don't wanna make a full on protein shake I can make it -- anyone with a -- -- greens to make sure that I'm. Stating alkaline and detoxify. -- like well there you go that's it see there's some great techniques that our listeners can benefit from from an. You know one of the others that I know you advocated using totals -- empower greens combined and that creates that. Just one thing that we talked about with the -- top of the show that people can use for effective weight loss and could you explain to our audience how can that serve as a meal replacement and what are the benefits of that particular combination. Yeah and I'm glad you asked about that because my my just one thing philosophy and -- should be given a lot of help console for let's say you haven't. Overweight person -- And I exposed to a lot of toxins and same hairdresser her out of mechanic for example you have somebody who. He's a very nutrient poor diet nothing that is green. Or nothing that isn't quite true example in their diet and and you know that they have a long way to go to get healthy. And we tell them all the things leading dvd like found it to be pretty daunting sometimes an intimidating so I just say. What should start with you know this one thing can you swapped out one meal a day. I usually prefer the morning meal with this recipe and that's where to start the use typically Batiste who serving -- the total -- One scoop of the power greens. And that's the beginning of a meal replacement now what do you make sure wish to keep the calories below you can use water. If the calories aren't so much of a concern. I'd like to use milk alternatives. Like -- to milk. Or coconut milk. Typically what I do for mind if I used ten ounces of one of the -- milk and ten ounces of water. So that way it doesn't become too sick. I like -- little bit of cream and -- that the milk alternative add. And this is pretty low in carbohydrates. So it's a good thing and people can tolerable what I have found is that a couple hours after having the protein shake people are hungry. And and that's not my goal for a meal Michael with the morning realistic candidate three or four hours. Appetite. To -- And I know that the total begins at this high in protein low carbohydrate what it gives me room. To add more carbohydrates so how what I do that sometimes that we used. No more than one half from a frozen banana I think this makes all of my protein -- tastes great it cools them down to make -- nice and creamy but not more than half of banana. What I usually prefer is I get a nice Big Apple or a pair because for me in the morning I'm on the ground. I'm taking my kids to school and then I'm heading into work. So I make the protein shake for Charlie and I both of my son's name. And he has his protein shake and I have my protein shake and I'm in the car finishing my -- I have the apple in my hand that. Yeah I don't necessarily had to keep eating in the car but I'm in a hurry usually in the morning and -- apple with a parent my hand. And that kind of finishes off what I have for my morning meal and gives me a good career for hours and appetites a tidy. And we look at the number of calories and aren't all the that you are calorie counter. The calories are low and because it's only one. Servings of fruit and I like things that are very high in fiber and that's why I prefer the apple from the pair of it doesn't really -- your insulin very high at all. So by having a low calorie morning meal that he's -- -- level low I found that it maintains good focus in my brain because my body is woken up and started to burn fat. And I find find out that. Well I'm not storing fat for energy so it helps me maintain a lean body composition. Yeah now that's exactly that's a very similar to what I do I put in a half a banana and I put in a couple strawberry semi shape but that's. All right yeah well we're we're so glad that you were able to join us today doctors -- and I'm I'm so glad that you you've got you know two US. Please stay dry. And we want to thank you for sharing all your expertise with us we'll be back with in a few minutes after the -- Well -- shall leave -- now time for the funny question where we answer those pressing health questions that you listeners sent into us and it's important to note that any diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional none of the information we present is intended for the diagnosis. Or treatment of disease. So Michelle from dripping springs asks. Why does my key turn yellow when I take a multivitamin. And is it true that I'm just wasting the vitamins. Well so people worry that the vitamins are passing straight through there Obama and not being absorbed and this is not necessary this is not the case Michelle. Beat two otherwise known as rival -- is them is in most multi vitamins and B complex formulas. Regardless of how much your body has absorbed. On it will always make. Carrier and bright yet. The vitamin -- name actually gives you hit a -- at four love then comes from the word lavish which means yellow. And your body just -- what it doesn't mean it's perfectly harmless. The answer is simply how the body gets rid of excess. And -- the color bothers you simply drink more water to dilute your urine. Several studies have shown that approximately 50% of all excess rivals Lavin gets excrete it and he -- Those same studies show that the maximum amount that can be absorbed in the single doses of 27 milligram. Which half of that being absorbed in the first hour -- per hour and a half. So. All -- your body does flush out excess vitamins and -- -- you wouldn't know if you've actually lost. Any vitamins. Unless you have a year and analysis. He has been given that some common dosage of rival flavor and and multi vitamins should at least that I could find her 2550. And hundred milligrams. It's easy to see an excess amounts can be easily attained. You can submit your own burning question by going to Martin's compounding and Wallace dark -- going to the wellness connection PH. Tune and every week to hear if your question is being answered on the air and -- looks like it's time now for the drug induced nutrient depletion segment. Right Peter and the drug induced nutrient depletion this week is -- history means and the nutrient depletion can be. Vitamin C. So that's right the vitamin C deficiency can cause Anemia. Bleeding gums capital Larry wall rupture -- bruising easily dental cavities low infection resistance. I -- is believed poor digestion joint tenderness and swelling. Defects of skeletal -- for vacation. Blue loose teeth and spongy gums and if that isn't enough there's sure a lot a lot longer list isn't there. -- so be sure if you are taking an antihistamine that you also taken accompanied with vitamin C. When you pick up your prescriptions at Martin's compound in wellness be sure that you talked to one of the wellness consultants in order to get. On the right nutrients to compliment your prescriptions that's right. Well now it's time once again for health freedom segment and our special guest today is Andy -- EMS RD. He's a Las Vegas based nutritionist with -- plants centric. And hold true focus who takes an interest in food politics deceptive food marketing and sustainability. And social justice. His work has been published in grist the Huffington Post today's dietitian and food safety news and civil each among others. He's also the creator and co-founder of dietitians for professional integrity. A group that advocates the un ethical and social responsibility. And partnership. Within the academy of nutrition and -- dietetic. You can read more about his work on his small bites blog. And can also follow him on Twitter and FaceBook and Andy are you there. All -- welcome to wellness connection good talking to you. Thank you so much. What Andy. The new York and eighty founder of an organization. Called dietitians for -- professional integrity. Would you explain a little bit to the audience so while the mission of your organization is police. Yeah. Diapers -- so for personal integrity is advocating for. -- organization that represented dietitian in the United States Obey the academy of nutrition and -- it. To cut its ties with its current big food sponsor currently the academy takes money from the life -- Coca-Cola PepsiCo. General Mills and Kellogg. And we think that present a huge conflict of interest -- -- -- way. Now. Messaging. Down well you know that's absolutely right and you know and the as we can the -- discussed earlier when we have had our conversation prior to -- interview this morning. You know there's some some actually some compelling medical evidence. Via a panel of very distinguished psychologist who did research on this whole issue of conflict of interest in health care. And you know I found it fascinating that. -- even the journal of the American Medical Association would publish this and show that. You know something along this scale does actually adversely impact. Op patient outcomes because of the intrusion. Of business interest into the health care arena. I definitely think. That this is a problem that we both Peter and I and our colleagues. Say kudos to you Andy for. Really standing up for what is right what led you to co create this group for other dietitians. -- for several years. We made our position have raised concerns about and I had better not writing about that issue for a few years as well. I had gone to the annual academy conference and how it. To be honest completely horrified. Some of the things that was not only seeing and hearing in the -- for example. -- -- you can go to conference. And you can occurred continuing education credit because our people need. 75 of those every fight here to maintain a credential but you could earn continuing education credit. By going to you at -- thirty minute -- -- I Frito-Lay. Talking about how the whole grains and bunch of are helpful for a diet and that we are seeing. Very troubling. What ended up happening is that -- early development thirteen. The -- -- men who -- great public health lawyer based in Oakland California. Published a report. Title and now a word from our sponsors -- you wanted to deep chill about these partnerships. -- got got quite a bit of national attention and I thought it really got the dialogue going. I've got when I reached out to a few my diapers and colleagues who are in no question are concerned about the partnership. And we decided to keep that particular ball rolling -- forming this group. While well that's good again we say kudos kudos to you I I will say you know Peter and I. Are. Part of the Texas health freedom coalition that that really it's been our battle with the dietitians ore -- for almost two decades now. Because what -- even a dietitians are not even aware of is that that big food sponsors. A lot of -- just -- at legislative farms in the states in order to monopolize. The industry so there's 35 states right now. Where it is illegal for anyone that are registered dietitian to speak of diet or nutrition in their practice. On and of course this is all backed by big food because big food doesn't really like as I lovingly refer to ourselves as. Airy fairy tree had internally and health freaks telling people not to eat those kinds of food. So they put a tremendous amount of legislative dollars in two. Keeping. You guys that dietitians. As their spokesman. And that's pretty dangerous and it's monopolize. The industry. Well you know speaking of money every what's your response to those who say that help organizations. Wouldn't be able to financially survive without taking money from soda and fast food -- giants like. Coke or Kellogg's. Well the -- is that there are organizations are able to you bets are able to a bit without people -- partnership. And you see -- on either extreme on the one hand you have a smaller group. Like the American cause -- nutrition which. Actually up until 2011. Was taking money from toxic military council. And then new leadership came and it and it is fighting to change that they no longer -- that. On the other hand you have the American Public Health Association. Which is even larger than the academy of you're just in the dietetic -- don't larger conference. And they aren't taking money from these kinds -- companies so what I hear the argument that it can be done. I point to vote for example you know how your health organization that is not relying. I'm -- big beverage it's not a pipe dream that can be done. How is it going to take that are absolutely it was going to happen overnight no. I think there are arguments well it's did you have begun to typical. It's simply not accurate. And too many times while we're here people. Which trying to sound -- they're going they're -- in the air saying well but where do you start you know what we're ready to start aren't aligned with what is. And ethical uncertain what is meant and to that I say well -- PI actually the rubric that we came up with that we think can help. But we also think back and let -- saying where can we start. It doesn't -- you start decent -- -- you work and you start and even if that's simple as an initial step. Real life thing about partnering with a company that makes soda. It's not outlining what helped values. Start there with a first step and they keep going. Yeah there is very go Andy and you know the EU you guys are really and and it's it's why Riley and I have such high respect for you and your colleagues. You really walk your talk in terms of not only being. Dedicated health care professionals but also taking an active role in making sure words that. The right message is getting out making sure that you know the conflicts of interest are minimized or eliminated. How important do you think it is for healthcare professionals like -- and your shelves. To be actively involved in these Arenas. I think it -- because. In order here I think certain public. In it that way actually see. A hell hole advocate for help. You need to be aware of industry optics and why it for concern. How. These are the company's funding help organizations I mean a large part of paid it back in a way -- partnership or BC PR. Because you have these companies like can point to say -- academy of it is and -- -- and say well we've partnered with which gives the illusion. That these companies are quote unquote part of the solution. But you have to look at what else is happening behind the scenes and you can't beat these companies hiding behind front groups hiding behind lobbying group. Pouring millions of dollars into battling public health policy at the federal level. And so I think that's why it's important to be aware. What these companies are doing and not just what they're saying at a health conference in an attempt to look good. The sounds pretty sneaky actually. How I'm and you know it's kind of interesting to me Andy because my organization. The I double AC -- international American association of clinical nutritionist. Doesn't use outside sponsors they're basically supported by their membership I'm really curious of you know I well I'm not curious week we all know when you just said it's it's a sneaky way of doing you know a little PR for themselves it's. So -- yeah. Well yeah and I think the other thing to it that that still might not realize is that these sponsorships from to a company's. Obviously the academy there's what really represent -- percent of the operating budget. It was not hot about something where you know these sponsorships for 80% of the budget is we take them away there's this huge gap. One thing that we uphold the academy leadership it. You know if you take out this sort of revenue completely. It would only pay about thirty more dollar remember to make up or at. If you find more ethical sponsors and you come up with 60% of it would only take sixteen dollars per member to make up with a guy. -- not bloodied it look into other areas we could actually strip in the budget well. And make money thought why we think it's completely doable and it's not I'm not extreme requests. Yeah I mean that would that would seem logical we've just got a few seconds I've got a quick question for you. And they were gonna have to sign now but what what do you suggest listeners do to support the DF PR. -- how they can join our FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com last dietitians will. Or professional integrity our web site it integrity dietitians dot org. And they can help but -- but it spreading the word about her efforts. All that's awesome what we want to have you back later on and so we really thank you Andy Bellotti for joining us today on the wellness connection. And that wraps up harsh yes thank you. And that wraps up our chauffeured day joining us next week when our special guest will be doctor Nathan -- bringing us the latest exciting info on the importance of nitrous oxide tour health. Heart health freedom guest will be Manfred Mueller. Of the north American society of homey author of the who will share the latest on political and legislative activity affecting your right to access -- off the -- And first hear us discuss the next burning question which maybe you owners find your co host -- ugliest. And I'm your cohost Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by -- compounding and wellness centers. With three Austin locations that Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy so -- folks.