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Retirement Planning Show Podcast 07/12/14

Jul 13, 2014|

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Welcome to the safe money retirement planning show with Steve stress -- -- -- resources to prepare you forward. Retirement and allow you to lose in retirement. That's what I just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to insure your harmonious 100% sure. And you know market -- what your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising healthcare inflation. And market volatility does -- save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal appointment 804571298. And now. Fierstein stress escape. Hello and welcome to save money retirement plan and show this is -- -- -- your host. And thanks for turnaround on this glorious weekend. And I'm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas and I have been -- helping people in the area now for over thirty years. Helping you to prepare for retirement to live in retirement. And I've been on thirteen seventy for over five years and were on every Saturday at noon. And on Sunday mornings at eight. Or take a second to thank the people that call them last week to the show and took advantage of our free book offers from our free educational millions. And thanks again for taken advantage of that. So grab a piece of paper you're an apparent you're gonna need this number that's 1804. -- 71298. And of course her website is www. Safe money taxes dot com that's safe money taxes all right now. The outcome. So give us a call 1804571298. Newton called point 47 you can call any time my team a receptionist -- standing by. If you happen to have just question needs some answers. Give us a call take advantage of our free medium or educational means there's no obligation to future poke it home. On the my officer and in round rock core -- come to your place of business or your residence in the Austin area whichever you prefer. So -- non licensed by the state of Texas I'm an independent agent. And I'll work. Form I don't work for any specific companies or large corporations that tell the represented as what to offer what not to offer. I'm independent I work for you to bring you the very best financial some advice and financial services that are available today. Insuring you a safe financial future give me a call at 1804. -- 71298. No my core philosophy is and I believe that all wealth comes from Prague. It is my responsibility. To be a good Steward -- what god and trust in me. And first of all I should protect your wealth from loss and second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base hallmark clients recommendations. She give us a call at 1804. -- 71298. That's 1804571298. That's your mark our host grace elegance and grace I think we got an exciting show today are you done. I'm doing great or so delighted about the show stayed and you've got a lot of helpful retirement information and tips and news to share. With everyone today and you all so have some folks can gamble away so. Everyone's gonna wanna stay tuned because of course Patrick Kelly we've got his books do you weigh in you might just mind. We got some exceptional reads so to say with the stress free retirement and we've got some social security and Medicare -- close to hand out as well also. For our listeners wanna take conventional -- offers just give us a call an 800. For -- 712 ideally. Most of us have long term view on aren't esteem -- what -- wanna take a portion of your money and take more of a shorter term trader stance. We talk to trader -- Victor -- Indio is the Wall Street for over 45 years. It's something that requires a lot of time. And focus and reading. And -- do you willing to do that usually the odds -- a pretty poor against you trading is a very difficult business. And it is something that requires a lot of focus. Steve should people stay away from having a trader mentality well and that's really -- advantages of our program assessment create advantages of these indexes. Is that what the index offered you don't have to worry about. Do you know -- the reading in the -- and watching of the market and then instant trading and what have you because that's -- -- great way to lose money quickly. Well you know with our index accounts would guarantee the principal. We guarantee that the principles protected -- all terms. The investment itself on never going down because of a decline in the market. And I don't know of any other investment that you consider that -- there's no fee users know commissions that come out your money on your account. -- of course I have to be paid but -- paid for by the companies and stood out your chart or. And of course your money's available when you do tomorrow we have exit strategies. We have income streams. We have -- some -- and lifetime income options. And of course the key today wanted to major things is this tax deferral. Do you decide when to pay in taxes. -- and are qualified accounts should you control completely. If you don't need the -- at this time the estate tax deferred. And I think everybody realizes and knows that the longer you can defer those taxes the more money you're gonna have to spend later. So you wanna take advantage of the -- Russian and are qualified counselors at the advantage of the tax deferment. And the good thing is as simple -- -- complicated at all that the companies have all the taxation forms whenever you need. On those basis that are sent to you anyway. And of course you know image thing that you locking your gains. You know it's on like your mutual funds or your stocks if you can't keep your gains do you really don't have them that's the key is now the markets are now. If you don't take advantage of some of those gains at this time in a market turns down -- -- did you ever really have to gains. You're you don't have to worry about because who would lock in those gains for you. Once ruin your accountants are credited your camera through yours they never can be taken away from you know even if the market charts next day. And of course pro rated there's no Coleman it disposed correctly on your beneficiaries who of course on efficiently and effectively do here. Beneficiaries without having to go through probate process and of course what does that mean and means more money goes on to your beneficiaries and onto your loved ones. And of course it keeps to the creditors in predators away who protects you against lawsuits and that's something happens. These are funds that you can always count on the going to be there when you need them the most. So in addition of that where we've of course when you -- talk a little bit later on about lifetime income options. Here we have those options to page. He used the owner whoever set up in their name for as long as who have and then we'll go ahead and continue to pay their -- for as long as well. -- income options that are just exceptional through the index accounts that we're talking about. So referred clients have any interest what's her just give us -- call 1804. Pars 71298. And why you have that number handy we've got three of Patrick Kelly stress free retirement books to give away right now the next three callers call 80457. 1298. That's 804571298. Steve is going to give you a free copy of a bookie can -- This is exclusive. And it's offered to professionals on Steve's level and he wants to give -- TU 8045712. And 98. And we're gonna take a quick break but when we come back how prepared for retirement are you -- gonna hear from a professional. All star. Frank Luntz when the save money retirement planning show with Steve stress ST on talk radio thirteen seven EAM returns after this. You on a plan to ensure your retirement you can't count on Social Security alone Steve's first asking in the save money retirement planning -- He helped start you on the right track call 804571298. To set up a free personal consultation that's 804571298. Or -- save money Texas dot com for over thirty years Steve has helped clients just like you develop a focused plan that -- your retirement with a stable income for the rest of your line the stock market does not -- safety but insurance does call 804571298. To learn how to participate in the market without risk and enjoy guaranteed growth. Steve takes pride in educating you about your financial options for retirement enabling you to make informed decisions about your retirement savings as one of the top financial advisors in Texas -- -- says he can help you with 401K rollovers life insurance wealth transfer and long term care call today 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com for a free personal consultation. I welcome back. This is still used to assess the area and you're listening to Gladys Knight. And my spirits also go about it how she's decided to save for retirement herself to make sure she was taken care -- golden years. Well my mom was very astute you know she kept us in a certain places for -- so businesses concerned you know. And I and between my mom and my dad didn't bus as that entertainers. My brother bubble was really into that kind of thing -- so he insisted this is so we need to do so we started. Back then. And so now we're pretty much okay. That's credible stuff is indistinct. It certainly does it certainly certain and it all has to do with. Planning for your future that's all right let us what she didn't. And Steve can help you plan for your future for those that -- then in the last segment congratulations. We gave away all three bugs. But not to worry. We've got some more giveaways and keep that phone handy because the number to call is 804571. To nominate. That's 804571298. And -- check out our web site safe money Texas dot com we would love to hear from media have questions about your retirement. Maybe you wanna learn how to lower your tax bill at the 50%. Steve can help you eliminate taxes on your Social Security income. What ever your financial and retirement planning needs are Steve is your go to guy 804571298. Woolsey about retirement how optimistic are you about your -- years. Pollster and political strategist Frank Luntz who recently visited us discuss his research among baby boomers and here's what he found. It's fascinating to me to find the difference between optimists and pessimists. You're most likely to be optimistic at the age of sixty if you have who won a retirement yes stake. Number two and understanding correct understanding. Of your relationship to financial services. And number three a plan of action that takes you right into retirement and beyond. If you've done those three things he -- the most optimistic about the future. If you haven't done any of those your pessimistic. As you should be. That's exactly right what frank just talking about me and it's pretty simple if you've taken the time to make sure that your future yours your retirement years that you have adequate savings. And an adequate -- state. Basically everything's fine and dandy if you haven't taken the time to at least sit down and look at. The funds that you have and how they're going to be paid -- field and how long they're gonna last. Are you pessimistic about at all so the good thing that would when we talk about your retirement -- -- existed when. What happened so many times and most financial planners is they specialize in other areas of growth of your investment. And this is what happens from and in terms of certain now you're getting into retirement -- close to retirement. And we have the same environs are doing the same thing you those for you and everybody else which was good during your working years but no that your upped the retirement. And you're coming into retirement or close to retirement. Your life is completely different at that stage of the game and you have to adjust you know -- accordingly to make sure that it is gonna last you. For the rest your life. And you need to have a good understanding of your advisor to make sure that he is gonna do that for you that he has -- tools that are necessary. To make sure that you don't -- your savings. And make sure that you have the -- sir that you knew when your crisis arise in the future that. You have adequate resources that you can go to to be able to take care of the science. And all this takes a plan of action. You have to be over the tape to time. The setup a plan for you that is going to take you through year retirement years and not only you know your -- probably as well. So through our office we have for you our retirement analyzer program that is just exceptional. This plan will allow you and allow us to show you exactly. How long you in this -- in the last. We can show you review if we need to make adjustments in that we can show import into all the things have happened to you when you get up retirement. Health care whether we what's going on there or when you're gonna have the mortgage paid off. -- -- the income changes when the draw Social Security. Hard to take advantage of the match Ramona Social Security. Showing you get in on the Medicare -- maybe changing things changed at that time yours and especially with major medical cost vs Medicare cost. All of these different things all the things have happened -- In your future years. We can incorporate into this analyzer. And give you an exact and precise program to make sure that you don't have to worry about -- -- -- That is amazing in like Steve said these are just one of the many tools that he will placing your fingertips when he sits down with you. To map out your retirement plans you know like when you get through the tough part of Fino finally taking that -- making the phone call. Maybe Steve you haven't come Steve come to your place or your work may be taken down about you can hear -- speaking right now stable -- year. You can sit down with a hand and can through. The what you consider the hard part which is not hard at all Christine is gonna help you put your mind at ease. Once you have all this done -- can start thinking about the exciting fun things about retirement as. -- face it once you know that -- not gonna outlive your money. And you've done well and you've plane well that -- in the day dreaming can start and it starts. Nail 804571298. Call me out to setup your free no hassle no obligation will not cost you a penny. Meeting with Steve stress asking in his team members 804 by seven. 12 and 98. And stay tuned because we're gonna have some more books to give way to we have not forgotten about that read more about us save money Texas dot com. We -- -- time magazine recently described a long term care as the retirement crisis that nobody wants to talk about. The article points out that while some baby boomers are on track to retire Contra Blake. That often changes later in life as he paid huge amounts are nursing home care or home health aides. Steve how can retirees make sure they're prepared for this possibilities scary. It really -- and if anyone knows that it can happen to your family it's or someone in your family it's made. You've heard me talk about mr. recent weeks and my mother had a massive stroke. And ended up -- the nursing home because of the answers. Right now still basically in therapy but it unfortunately is gonna end up and nursing home. In the cost are just tremendous were just there -- -- in the process of sorting out of the different nursing homes in the midwest. And their cost and what they provide this for our services and what have you. And in the midwest itself who Woodward we run into there which is from what mark clients who have talked to me about here in Austin. Is right around the same and that's almost 8000 dollars a month. The fortune. It income white coats from misfortune move easily and very quickly when you start looking there an average stay -- two and a half years. And there -- more more talking and 8000 that's tonight in over 90096000. Dollars a year. Almost a 100000 -- a year. The white part a quarter of a million dollars doesn't take very long. And unfortunately if that Israel has been a wife and -- to both on your whereupon I -- million dollars and so it is an area that that. Asked to be looked has to be considered. And and the reason being and of course issues mourners. Why you have to look at is because of Medicare. If you're on Medicare if you're 65 or older and on Medicare. Medicare will not allow you to stand -- hospital for any length of time anymore. So if you're not well. Then you still need treatment where you can ago. And it's going to be unfortunately in the -- that rehab or -- long term care facility and arsenal facility. And that's -- this serious becomes so important is -- Porsche basically. And health care system the way it is to drive people into these facilities. And -- 'cause of this and of course the cost. And because in this. Course the cost had gone up dramatically as well. And people think OK well we got Medicare alone -- from Medicare. If you're an approved facility if you had to do in rehab and and -- proving you've got to my hundred tensions you bought a hundred days it's a match from 100 days and after that you're on your own. And when you look at being pushed in that area and you know what's gonna happen where you're gonna go we're aware of these funds going to come from his. In essence that how are you gonna pay for this. And the cost number one of course whose -- we look at long term care insurance. And then would normally think a long term care we think of Panama for Kramer annual premium. And pursue maximum dollar per day per benefits and national congress were you issued a choice of the ballpark most -- from a three year structure for summer for a longer period of time. But just this week. We have more carriers who -- that we worked with in the past that. That are seen in the past news on their policies are current policies. Are going to go up from anywhere from eighteen to 40%. It. Now how do you budget that he. -- in addition -- that what they have done this turnaround and said okay we're. New contracts or were offering new people in one of the insured for long term care. What they're doing is decreasing the benefits. Decrease in the length of time. And decrease in all the policies all the way throughout. So you can see what's happening with these cost. So the good news there is set there is other options and other Bobble alternatives it's she'd had enough of to pay for these expenses. So we can look at other types of protection along those laws whether some of murder even done through life insurance to. So they can be handled through annuities over a lifetime income interest -- reform we're gonna talk about that for a second that's. With a lifetime income what a lot of them are doing is doubling their benefits for doubling their income to help offset those costs. So there is always who compare. Tell you that area but it's something you have to take advantage of prior to get into the nursing home or having an illness or stroke or whatever the case -- be. And you look at other ways to really other options are not very excited and all sort of say and that's. Just basically going to the checkbook and write now to check -- -- broke my I don't think very many people -- going on that ruled no more. Unfortunately it happens all way too often. When we look at the veterans. -- course everybody knows what's going on there today. And what's happening and in that area and of course the cutbacks are tremendous and it is getting tougher to qualify for. Used in the veteran benefits firm for Euro long term care in skilled care. NN medical assistance from Medicaid. Which is better known as is really getting -- You know I mean you have to be destitute to get to qualify today from Medicaid they have just change dramatically and toughened up to the the approved lenders and everything else there for a qualified for. Medical assistance. So and that those areas -- if you spend everything that's an option that you know that you do have to -- -- But to get it basically you know you and are going to be able hide assets for anything culture. Give away assets were. Anything along those lines and include 510 years ago over twenty years ago especially. Today it's completely change so people really going to shock when they find out and actually what. Is available -- government programs because it's English your -- basically the charisma. So you do have to somehow. Set down make sure that that. Is somehow protected. Whether again you know we do -- through insurance for two or through other assets or whatever the case would be -- -- an area that does have to be addressed. In this book that I have understanding social security and Medicare. It is an exceptional read it gives you a lot of insight about the long term care and what cost term what have you also votes for security. Of course -- -- mention before. This is something that is available to a radio listeners just by calling 1804571298. In fact if you call me out -- gave you a copy of Patrick Kelly spoke stress free retirement in addition to. The book that Steve just mentioned nonsocial security. You com -- -- one of the next three -- 804571298. Call me out to win two books 80457. 129. -- when we return the Treasury Department is changing the rules on what some people refer to as longevity insurance. Steve discusses that when the safe money retirement planning shout returns after this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And. Welcome back this -- -- feeling you're listening to to save money recovered filings show. And yeah and thanks for tuning in on this glorious weekend. You know -- we -- just two or not just a couple of more books that we need to give away. Editors from my buddy Patrick Kelly stress free retirement. This is an exceptional Reid is just an exceptional book which I'm sure you heard me talk about before but it is a way. To show you how to protect your life savings against lost. How to cool rate in income stream you never cannot -- how received on limited upside gain potential was there a risk of loss. And of course stopped in those annual management fees you're stockbroker in your money manager. This book is just an exceptional educational tool. That you really need to have in your hands if you're coming up for retirement or near retirement. Or already in retirement. This book is for you and again this from a buddy Patrick Caroline stress free retirement. If you like to take advantage of this rate read just give us a call at 1804571298. My team a receptionist for standing by to take your call. 24 sevenths call any time leave the appropriate information. Did that you personally make sure that you receive. This exceptional read stress free retirement it'll change your financial future for sure so. Give us a call at 1804. Parred 71298. In addition of that if you just cuts from questions. Give me a call and I'll call you back personally answer those questions for you and make sure that you get the right answers. And besides we do have our free consultation no obligation the future book at home. Come in and take advantage of our retirement analyzer program which again will show you exactly. Where you're at today they were you'll be in the future we take all things in the consideration and analyze and not just incumbent. Changes have cost in the future and what have you and when your mortgage is paid out and walk in and in all the changes in effect -- in the future. Which which can put this into your retirement analyzer and make sure that you fully understand. How long you ring -- last and what we need to do to make sure that it will last forever for -- So call us at 1804. Pars 7129. It. Steve I love they use the retirement analyzer to help your client is just one of the many tools that you make available for your client. Oh what are you describe for us what what happens when you go over that analyzer with your clients what are what are you looking at. The analyzer -- I should be a snapshot of the show exactly. Where they are today. We put in future returns of more than going to be a year from now five years from the ten years from now. We can change to there was -- able to be able to change -- -- that what the expenses who have changed and altered in the future. Would possibly increasing. Incumbent -- have in the future with a B maybe were delaying social security and tell this seventy. -- -- -- -- -- Okay this what happens early seventies when we get to kick him income from Social Security will be able to show that OK we knew this is what we need to have four. You emergency funds and and soreness so -- It is she just an exceptional tool instead of having the set during guests about how much money and either what's gonna change or -- in the future. It shows -- all. Right now wondered is it socialists a year from now what is what we do with our clients is it is smarter. And and we mean all our clients at least twenty years from home court we depend upon what our clients like. When we sit down and go through at least once you're with them. We go through this retirement analyzer bring in all and all the current figures from what have you. So is this just an exceptional tool that they should use. The children come in the future. And he may be pleasantly surprised Steve has had numerous clients that maybe they come in just -- himself up thinking they haven't done enough explaining. And then he sits down and uses the analyzer with them and neither do white better than they try and at the same experience may have been you. You won't know until east start taking some steps today to plan for your retirement. -- right now 804571298. He's been helping folks just like you in the round rock. Austin area for over thirty years. He wants to help -- 80457129. Nate. And of course who gonna give you a free copy of Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement along when that very important Social Security book as well. And our web -- save money Texas dot com I tell you -- the show has flown Monday. Thank you for all this incredible information you shared with us your final thoughts are. Hello I want to thank all of our listeners who will soon and that's for sure those who view out there there -- no my daughter. Just -- -- -- -- going to be your -- hard. I don't about fat. It's no two a lot of our listeners want to wish for school wellstone. Number five right getting it's. I wanna listen to -- have a signature weekend.