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Retire, Set, Go! Podcast 07/13/14

Jul 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Commentary contains opinions and analysis that are provided machines open for informational purposes only. And should not be used the primary basis for investment decision. Please consider your individual investment objectives and results -- before making investment decisions -- Donald strategies discussed may be suitable for all. Securities advisory services offered through BS our financial services are registered investment advisor member advice in RA MSNBC. James Coleman and tell him while Pelosi is not owned or controlled ideas are financial services it. -- our financial services think is not affiliated with -- 37 -- and yeah. And. It's time for retired -- go with your host certified financial planners chains sold. Life doesn't stop at retirement. Change will guide you in making informed decisions about retirement investments maximizing Social Security field. Protecting your family and harder -- -- day. Shame. James television you're looking to retire should go to the show. Dedicated to helping investors after we retired. Prepare well I think the best out there and alive but that's -- retirement date which is not the end but rather beginning. When you finally have the time and open with our help the money. Go do those things you are meant to do -- studio here with Westin keying in -- -- out there Austin, Texas you hear from -- -- -- then. I'm glad -- -- -- -- happy -- each week where I went to north try to come up with ideas that help. -- hope all our listeners maximize your income. As you know the things that we do every day and maybe avoid the mistakes that there -- and out there right mistakes of course. I'm fine about the make sense there's a lot of people out there are a lot of questions -- off Lewis yup belated -- -- -- -- Oh absolutely ever on happy it's America's birthday once again did you do anything -- You know just typical hot dogs hamburgers out on the lake with some some family and friends so no complaints on mine and how -- yourself here are you hadn't Dallas strips -- right. Throw a lot of a lot of listeners know I'm. A doctor -- one fairway and thought about trying to find them analogies and my sister -- got married finally start this if you get very. Attitude no objections. And now we like this guy I winner votes this year I like him he's a day -- we're keeping them around. Of course we -- I think you're a liberal think think our remind you we hear on talk thirteen -- every. Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock and this shows a different course we're -- what investments absolutely you've noticed though Weston there is the thought markets. Pretty -- It's high. I think every time I opened newspaper the Dallas hit an all time high -- and I continue to see that so. You know what scares me about that it also rewrote the view work on this kind of a perfect storm. Elliott -- George Clooney navy in the stock market. I don't know that duplicate but. The the think you hit that I. Alan no and you get and -- that -- there is that there the problem there's a lot of our clients are retired. And they do need income. Right and so of course with -- for the -- the perfect storm because interest rates are also historically low yeah. So yeah you're Katherine Dunn in the spot where you we will look I'd like to go by on. Alert what are CDs -- -- actually looked. Add up the other day and five year CD. A whopping 1% -- percent yes it just kind of think about how many gum balls that's gonna buy yet. That on not a lot out that I'm a little worried that it. If you know I -- I -- the grocery shopping in my office for example to talk with the cost of living a lot of that my groceries -- continues to say that the -- -- -- up. But the boxer has gotten smaller that I mean collegiate season smaller cereal bowl so you can make those bulls last longer if I get that -- Alice and wonderland. Fifth set up here but that's what period as I can few a lot of people cotton is perfect storm chair trying to make money they can. If they cannot keep up because the right to call off the retirement right up about the living. If all are making is one. Yeah well I know I know we see on on a day to day basis is perspective clients come and us and telling us how do we generate income in this market. And it's it's kind of hard you know there's not necessarily an easy answer there are always solutions out there. But I've been Taloqan and current trends on where our people. Putting their money you know where. Stocks are high bonds are are pricey meaning they you know that they're older now yields are left. So where people putting their money I looked up and found an interesting fact that this first quarter this year. A beauty sales were through there. -- and I notices something we've never really talked about but new reseller have a couple numbers here 56 billion dollars in the first quarter so far this year well. To be clear folks the new. We're -- we're doctors recommend regardless of their community investments today with the stocks bonds or annuities. At the big disclosure of course but. You know that stuff scares me ultimately I'm not necessarily. I think you know these are ripe for some two people in the wrong for others. Well I worry about it than a lot of people are moving towards annuities McCarthy a record number of -- like yeah I know they're not all right. I mean this that's my fear my -- Mike my concern that a lot of people frustrated. With not a planner. Listen to maybe some of those -- we might put together chair but they're what they're doing -- thing look I don't I'm worried. Can go to our markets to -- -- can afford interest rates to that you low. Its commitment to do when you you know you when you put your money anonymity it's a commitment so it's something you do want to think through before you even start looking into that matter. Not because the good topic so for the rest of the for the show I think that's what we're gonna do let's talk that's going to go to commercial we come back. A really want -- talk about the different kinds of the news which ones -- right is wrong and what's once people should really avoid. If you have a question are referred to go to retire effect go we'll take your questions. If you can't get on the show. We'll be right back. Retiring soon I think you have a number of critical decisions to make double affect the rest of your life. Pension choices health insurance Social Security income strategies kick your answers and -- started today. This is switching Sullivan at Belle haven well dot com. And tune in every weekend for retire said go here on talk thirteen seventy. Lots of money. Welcome back to retire should go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You do your request that you know hey the guy out there -- -- they were -- remind you we're -- retire -- go this is so dedicated every Sunday at 1 o'clock. Dedicated help retirees. Trying to come up with some solutions for what has been a really really tough. Top market trying to figure out. But we've talked to -- before the break a perfect storm -- I'll market the stock market prices are high. Interest rates are very low. You know and Imus say -- that a lot of people there's no question a lot of people are choosing annuities. And maybe that's a problem and admitted to right maybe it's wrong but I think it's important that we picked this up with the so. Chair talk about what the different kinds of annuities are yet so what's -- going ten. You know I mean we when you bring -- talking about different kinds of annuities we could literally sit here for two hours I'd rather not talk I I'm not a -- so. I'm really gonna try to keep this kind of short and sweet and just you know explain the different types that I've seen out there and and discount skim the surface here to really. On the concept is you know there's -- out there that are meant for accumulation. There's a new ideas out there that are meant for distribution or income producing nudity is now. I mean you and I know that where retirement planning firm week. We kind of tend to you focus more on the income releasing annuities. But there's also different types of the duties within these their -- fixed. Which are fixed rate generally funded by insurance companies bon -- players or whatnot. And then there's variables and it which all that is is essentially your your mutual funds and -- -- different portfolios that there are invested in the market. But with all of these you know I I think we talked about it's kind of like. Buying a new car you know first you gotta figure how what kind of -- on our sports card -- on -- -- can then. On the on SE VD have a soccer mom in the family. And then once you get there you know there's so many more that's just the first step. Right you know when's the last time he -- a car dealership they've brought gonna ask you about fifty questions before they start recommending some. Right out some ideas for reseller after you figure that out you've got to figure out wood off the leather don't want this bell and whistle don't want that Don Russell. And it all relates to the annuity world -- think there's some thing around 30000. Different annuity contracts out there. So so there's just a vast amount and frankly can be it can be a little bit confusing. So I think that is important for everyone to -- released just understand understand the just the basics of what each annuity does. Well I declare that we you know where we're even though real life is too. These annuities if that's appropriate or stocks -- -- off the room -- believe in stocks bonds I came from and my background. I came from a big brokerage. West and you kind of came out of the insurance out of a dental and -- dead and the problem wit and look where sin and -- it or not clashing heads I know that the human foot a little. It was right there -- that I had -- what I really think is important would a lot of retirees don't understand or maybe investors don't know. If there was a time where if you wanted to buy insurance you had to go to your insurance guy. OK and if you wanted baking products getting you know your pinkie your baker. And then if you wanted to investments mature investment advisor and all those rules were kept in silos there kept a partner kept separated from one another. And what happened then they changed the law that allowed. Your insurance guy that -- investments your best we've got to sell. You know he's baking products that so that's why you saw a lot of mergers over the last decade or two. The problem with the way the old model used to work is that you once -- your insurance guy. He can only sell insurance and so of course you know you know you got a guy he can always -- hammers. The whole world looks like a male right right and so there's still a lot of those kind of legacy. Advisors are still people out there share. It got out -- I would surely and I think things through the investments there are people who come in with an investment story first. And do very little when it comes through that is. Obviously you know that I think that. All these -- arguments in the cars. I would I feel like there's a lot of confusion when it comes to this whole subject on because the word annuity has confused right -- my mother with a teacher. For whatever reason they call she would call her retirement account. -- -- But it wasn't an annuity was more like -- it was a retirement account like what I would call for when -- have a fourth you'd be more than an annuity. Do you and I think about right and so immediately I can tell you -- that there are appropriate times for injuries the first thing is understand what they're for. So first of trying to accumulate wealth what he said. You combine these you but best of mutual funds or bonds. But most of my clients are most blitzes -- so. They're more concerned about income right and for that person I can definitely see where it's an important part of proposal. But surely not all of your money. Yeah I am in absolute let I think that I I've always kind of had the opinion that it's always the clients number you know I will sit down will will walk through the process. And or get to the point -- were will pass and you know how do you feel about guaranteed in come do you feel that she do you wanna take these rides the roller cancer I'd sit. We've all take and -- in the stock market. Board -- do you want at least a portion of your account to be guaranteed. Or kind of that rainy day security. And so. You know I think our process involves a not just recommending one number but I really feeling out what the clients looking for. Come and then specifically going out in the market. And finding. One out of the 30000. Security contracts that we have access to right. So you know that that is one of the benefits that we have here about -- and well that it is. Totally an open architecture types are so we're not captive to any one idea or another but like he said we. When we -- look look into those. If they're appropriate now by the way. Which we are gonna it will cover this little bit more in the third segment so but it would we were talking ever. A lot of over talk about here assumes that we think annuities -- all right there's a lot of situations where that's my biggest fear right now -- -- -- our community so that. I can tell -- there's a lot of people who sell and ready yet right and has not and I worry that. -- not every need to car that is share I know possible ladies. We have a Cadillac that grudges there urban divot right so that's an expensive. I thought I drug churches there so -- -- I just was you know I'm excited about -- with -- show. There are some of the new unique features we talk about these types of events -- products. But there's also he has some things you worried about so now that we can understand. But there's some invest some annuities are really still. The road focused on investments you're trying to accumulate wealth would be in bonds or mutual. That also include the risk with that right or you're really focused on income. If that's what's really looking for in that much I can get. I'm not saying look like bonds too by the way I think bonds to secure income as well. So I look at both ideas. But when it comes to guarantee in comprise the minister of security. There's pensions. And then and a lot of those. I. There's very few pitches well though I do you understand why some people might start to look at using an annuity if so. I do let's go to break but I wanna encourage or the -- what's really delve a little deeper on who is right we're -- with -- -- Retired ago will be right back. Retiring soon I think you have a number of critical decisions to make double affect the rest of your life. Pension choices health insurance Social Security income strategies -- your answers and -- started today. This is switching Sullivan at Belle haven well dot com. And tune in every weekend for retire said go here on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to retire said. Go -- Jane Sullivan. Once again -- Shane. Welcome back folks the sustained cellular and fewer tires that -- I'm sitting in studio with Westin Keenan is here and happy to be here with them. We were Leo before the third when we're talking about -- what they. It. The different kinds of a new year you know fixed annuities and variable annuities. Immediate annuities. And of course the fixed indexed and yet those are those your big four. You don't really know how those work. Com it's I kind of want to ask you -- -- can explain how I'm an immediate annuity work. Yes so you know an immediate annuity and of course Dallas. Engraved in SPN back in the insurance world bit. Easiest way to describe it it's the exact opposite of life insurance policy yet yet life insurance policy -- a guy so. You play in those premiums each month I'm sure you love making that same manner and if anything happens to you then the year beneficiaries get that lump sum payment. Immediate annuities the exact opposite it is you make that lump sum payment. And they are gonna pay you back that is scored and quote premiums for the rest of your life and -- is kind of a morbid game it's a bet. It's insurance companies want you Ted guy and you wanna live to a year 130 years old if you live to a 130 years old that's the best investment you've ever made in your life. Right why no a lot of fuel Qaeda. There's got to get turned off by that kind of wager though right because you know who knows what's gonna happen tomorrow -- like the idea that your income for life. -- beneficiaries have to think about two and I do you know that's probably why a lot more people started entertaining ideas with these fixed indexed -- yet. And what that is is is it's essentially the same thing but she have what they call contract valued so. You have if if you have on used. Net premiums that they're paying you that's gonna go back to your beneficiaries possibility gets them your money so it's not -- -- caller nine you better -- earlier 122 way and there there are other benefits and I'm glad we're on the topic now because. I think the annuity market is somewhat confusing especially between different generations because it's changed so much rather just yesterday I've got to get in front of mind you is an internal wholesaler one of these big annuity companies you. And believe it or not as earlier this year all these insurance companies are doing a new. I know VA investment all main variable annuity suggest to act. -- little confusion to the mix like the hybrid that's like the tussle it's look like the hybrid hybrid are ten years ago and -- we're dealing with another hybrid so my -- yeah so I mean I can only imagine what we're gonna deal in five years. But so I guess where I'm getting that. -- it with this is. And it's changed a lot of the -- so will I know we're talking about having that expensive car in your garage in pain for insurance and never use that insurance and never drive and -- well. At the same kind of happens with the duties in this world as well. Simply because some people. Aren't necessarily aware of the benefits that. Are in the guarantees that contract but also they're not aware of the peace that they're paying for that -- it. And if they're paying those fees and not planning on using the benefit they're paying for there's there's no purpose I think. Figure out there's a lot of it was on Thursday by the way ought to be very clear that week I'm also like -- that we re stuck in a month so. We're not necessarily promoting annuities someone that you -- listening now. We're saying that but I can tell you up with -- -- bond portfolios for client. I believe in bonds that the -- financial and lost a foundational piece. But when I do understand the interest rates so low and I will I have to admit it and I came -- a reformed. Broker I guess I had to come around and say look there is some merit to this idea that some of my money should be somewhere. Giving me into pro life and I do understand and let me say this. What I think about what's right for you know. Especially as I'm getting old I get older oh and I didn't -- the idea that stretches as we speak but I will admit that. I've had some opportunities. You know that I I -- taken out -- but you go back into it again there's certain about that that would have made differently. Certain decisions that you would have made differently. And as I get a little older I also realize. What -- and I can't afford to be messing things up -- -- certain things like I might not be able to recover from. And so I'd give it also the kind of bat. The kind of risks are used to take of the young much -- you're vs now and we. Kids and -- -- or obligation. All the abilities. I understand why somebody might say look. Select food and in this case if you had chunk of the money if your Bill Gates. I'm is that what you're gonna make it you don't probably need an annuity in my humble opinion yeah Bill Gates doesn't need one. But if you do you find yourself somewhere left the Bill Gates but you know not quite you're concerned that look at the stock market you've -- to 2002. 2008. You may were covered here recently and there's a lot of people who are saying look I just I'm kind of on the bubble. I'm now on that fine line where I'm not so wealthy I'm insulated from risk yeah. Arm and if you're in my situation where you remember all -- the view but I think gosh. I could see the benefit of taking a piece of this money putting it somewhere and know that I have income for life. Yeah I mean I think the -- guarantee is is he now holds lot of ground especially with some people over another. I know some of some of our clients like the -- guarantees Sabra and frankly some people don't like it they'd rather. Take their eyes and that's fine -- By the way folks we're talked about this we we I really mean is that. I think it's probably one out of three people leave me where and who is appropriate means by two out of three probably not -- side to make sure that you -- to show. I really want to make sure you get a sense that this that I am biased ideas -- he. We view of where I'm certified financial planner been helping. Individuals for over nineteen years. At the other structure planned did you get them that the confidence which I think is the most important thing. But that includes that is if it's -- of appropriate or maybe it maybe your problems more if they planning issue. Our stocks or bonds but I do you think everything starts with a plan. So you know I know we cannot. Touched on how annuities. Where their place says I'd like to bring up just one more thing about my personal fear with some annuities that are shelled out there especially with CN these numbers in front of us -- my fear is you know comment from the insurance for a like I -- there is definitely a little pressure to you. At least look and things like this when your walk him through that that client plan cut and some of these some of these agents I'm not pick on anyone you know on on happy where I came from a happy -- now but -- some people do you have this pressure to go out there. And you know at least talk about these type things. I'm happy where I am right now here with it Al haven wealth simply because we are open architecture. I think we can hang our hat on giving an unbiased opinion whether it's annuities whether it's stocks try to response whether it's mutual funds and so. You know I think the the biggest thing with annuities is that you need to get him reviewed. If you have a ten year old contract you need to get annuities reviewed on that's what we're here to do you know we encourage we have clients -- potential prize. Clients that will come in and just simply have them reviewed they'll learn some stuff they might find some other ideas that are out there that they've -- -- in prior years. You have -- some song that's that if you think about annuities are very deep familiarity how long -- to give us a call 5123. And 85. 9876. Or reach out to our website -- -- Psycho there's resources -- an opportunity to ask questions reach -- connect with our team. Lucky few questions and make sure you're in the right place folks who think you forget the lifting. -- we're here every day. The odds -- it's Sunday seventy when. Commentary contains opinions and analysis that are provided machines open for informational purposes only. And should not be used the primary basis for investment decision. Please consider your individual investment objectives and results -- before making investment decisions Donald strategies discussed may be suitable for all. Securities advisory services offered through BS our financial services are registered -- an advisor member advice in RA MS IPC. -- -- and tell him while Pelosi is not owned or controlled by ideas are financial services and -- our financial services think is not affiliated with -- 37 -- and yeah.

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