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Real Estate Investor Power Hour Podcast 07/10/14

Jul 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the real estate investor power hour with Danny Weber. If you -- deal turns your revenue producer Danny has completed over. The real estate transactions in the years he is a licensed real estate and mortgage brokered. Loan originators -- insurance brokerage in Texas and enjoyed the conversation by calling -- now 51239. Miles thirteen seventy. Now here's Danny. Everybody welcomed. Really -- investors power hour we are having sounds great and -- and then played today by Matt -- we wanted to thank you for your mixing funny and shows. And that CBS -- operated plane with the that we love him. We love them to forget Jack radio today Jack Taylor. Paying -- good to have you back Danny that was long vacation there that was them but the good to have you back it's it's different to sits. On that side of the desk for sure and as the host as opposed to co hosts I'm glad you backed -- -- I enjoyed it I had I was in and many news I was in Greece for a couple weeks and a book that trip about a week before I laughed so that Steiner ranch steakhouse strength in. Like this Father's Day or something Lauderdale was I was drink -- London at a few drinks are looking at pictures of the beach in a minute transient need to go there. So that that was pretty spontaneous and funny the funny thing is it a one way ticket to Greece is the same as a round trip ticket. Yes same same price sounds like I was going to be vocal when we -- have more freedom to come out. You know country opera whatever not a -- I think inside his book around chip and stayed there -- atomic. -- where we're glad you looked around Trey Burton heads it's good good to have you back in fact dead today we kinda. You know little snafus here. I thought you had everything prepared -- dot I had everything prepared so we're just gonna kind of wing -- today in net go over some topics. We've got some -- we decided to wing it enough in a positive -- there. We have got it all shows can be dedicated home plus or minus to talk about mistakes in any mistakes that cost us money and we want. When a lot of audience participation so called on at 39013 setting it's 5123 and a thirteen seventy because -- -- your mistakes we want everybody sharing mistakes at a cost. Their money to everybody else on the air and I've got. I try to get a couple 100000 dollars and mistakes on a regular week you know week of -- radio broadcast on our mistakes I've made. As well Lamar is listening and now he has some -- he. A march in how are you better car -- and I regret the -- of the -- we actually decided to. Today to do one better tonight and I know a lot of folks have been attorney. Tickets to the class that we're holding on July 19 at cover three. It says Jack had a wonderful idea with that which is like Jack's not worthless content area and looking good night game with a great idea. He said oh why don't we give away tickets -- by the causing with a good mistake and we we can have a mistake thank you forgot to leave the door blocked or locked the doors on them but what a good substantial mistake. On this cost you some money in and then hopefully you've got a way that that won't occur again and so we can pass that along and so we decided to. To give -- some tickets for the for the class well and those. That class is going to be an exceptional class and Danny you're one of the premier investors and Austin need do a lot of deals but -- you think outside the box and those are some things that you gonna bring to that class I'm excited about going -- nominal learned. And those tickets cost about 500 dollars a piece so that this is a big -- guys. So yeah no we don't you know not in my tip for the class is not to make her class my tennis to get the serious investors in a room and and that's that's plow ahead -- -- I don't want to guys a stern talk with guys that actually wanted to use an action indecent -- and and get out there and and you know make money the -- gonna get -- to prolong your newest eighty there's nobody in real estate in any with a comment hasn't lost at some point. -- well and you know they'll want one of the biggest mistakes that I made -- has made me lose a lot of money is. Not networking. Right and I mean I really am not yet I'm not a big networker use you can find me on FaceBook but. I got an issue for I can't even find your pace but not okay. -- And I even know my access code instilling dinner I said yeah yeah ice. I don't do that but I started networking now actually getting you know and do meet a group and do some other things. And it already is bringing in revenue it's changed. It's changed my listing I know how many houses I list it's brought in deals. It's just a great thing to get out network one of one of the big ways to make many in this business because she used. You know you you'll find folks who have houses that you don't have too much on their plate are they don't see the full potential. And they turned that house over to yet so it's it's a great way to find deals. I know one of my when my buddies -- Regis. Regis into the issue may be listeners I mean not. The last I think to deal isn't Regis has got has been for me anyway he's he's done -- -- is he's been sitting next to me. We've been having a beer talking and I bringing up that you don't want that any made money on on both of and he's like -- -- -- -- -- you have to be with you I would have known about -- is like as someone follow -- just not -- -- I cannot you know I'm just I'm so focused on on on -- you know my my mailing -- and and and that client said I don't think about you know the people -- -- to all the time. -- -- what you that's how I got the last deal through networking I happened to be in the guy's office the contract and literally. Was placed on his desk I looked at it it's at 78748. NASA hey. What's gone on -- this one is that I just you know go take a look at it man and drove down there. Came back said hey you know what -- free a 130 some thousand dollars for that house. Almost 19100 square feet what -- score in 77483. Networking and that was you know that was a great. Great deal so make sure everybody knows and number jacking of the number of 512390. Thirteen 7013. -- We have got Nancy on the line in Apache -- Aren't there Iranian C news's Nancy Gonzales. -- Arab. We did -- -- talking about it. OK so you have a mistake that you wanna share with us. Yeah we're bringing him. I have. -- -- about Eric Eric coming up an independent and and they have a -- you really wanna partner with another not fair that kind of learn the pocket and -- no. In the beginning I -- there won't do it felt that I bet I would give my lead out. Think you're gonna not evil just just a partner with so he -- you did you done. -- And her why I'm what do you see any return back on it and I end up -- op at number -- we're getting completed but I don't let it hold about. -- -- -- -- -- -- OK Dan and look. You know also on that I have not I believe that it would kind of be on the back burner -- -- totally. And aren't really what they get anything done so I would think actress -- that are out there were a bit. Trying to get out there I would bet he put a mover and shaker that's incredible but make sure that you get. Career girl off -- -- -- given birth might lead right now beginning you're actually doing. I collect data on air that -- you got you're actually doing the construction work for a while the victim but that I -- told about how. That deal I won't block it accountability and another and after Hannity -- Can get it back but whenever I said on board I would be able to close Padilla and three days but in every hour that the work. That if I could control my only. -- -- that's important and I you know a lot of people know Casey out there Casey gave me some is -- like and we used case she's always got to -- leads. This is Casey don't give meaning these are not gonna take them serious if if if you wanted to charge me Feely type that came to me myself but. You need to charge for your lead to community that is it's like anything given free is not early respected. I -- and and I went to that same thing into believe they're not up that's why I rarely do we leave now or sell my leads because. If I give away number one half the time I don't know what's happening not like a -- the chase somebody went on given them leads. You know they should be reporting back to me an update her status. So you look Nancy -- you are going to be coming to the class and I don't know if there's an -- to get you back on the phone for anything I don't know. Managed to back on the phone Nancy thanks so moderated its average three later tonight if -- -- Significant other wanna come over to turn Arab land there are okay thanks Nancy financing. So much so you you know 100% -- mean I I've given me leads to people neither common -- brother what's going on with the -- -- gave peninsula I spent money on this. Well you know that that's interesting that today -- don't have so many leads I you know I get to I -- properties that I and I don't have an abundance of leads that I can land just get rid of them met Demi Mets. I know Casey has that problem and I know he gave Casey's friends a lot of money I think a month on -- which is why is -- good from half and it is it is and I know you do when you do well would you leads when your it's in the hunt. Yeah yeah I see you know I had a few leads come in -- -- -- out of town and they didn't really work and I caught all of them although once they're kind dollar leads and I get. I got at least one listing on it and I've got a home and going again in New Braunfels next -- get the keys -- from the sister. A while and I'm like almost nothing minus is I mean need to see if this price plans economize. -- it's at least it's cheaper than a car. Allow some I can come up are gonna get this 1 PM -- good that's been so. Keep in mind if you got some some some mistakes incredible mistakes. They made at a cost you some money. Nancy thanks for kicking that off. -- 5239013. Seven US five point 239013. Seventy. -- dumb to get as one. -- -- -- -- And here's my here's my famous one visit and I got it out I'm just -- going over my books my mind and is has been on me about. Getting my books is so we can do is this is this the official -- -- the great book no none of this is the official book -- official books and I actually thought I had made money in not lost any money but there was a house. That one of my clients. -- want to sell and they and they -- they had bought a new home in a needed to sell this one to close. And their deal fell apart so she called me. And -- is excited because that was in Miller. Now is like three bedroom two bats this price point are you kidding yeah I'm all over and I sold in the house are remembered it. Yeah well or sitting at the closing table. We -- -- to sign it and every one looked at it because -- remembered it. Signed the sign the papers and she looked Demi says I'm so glad to be out of that two bedroom house path I expect and I'm like god. I didn't flinch but I know I felt the heat all -- I think AJ Carey and yeah -- black I'm Middle -- 2530000. Dollars on this deal -- what did I just do I was freaking out. I actually only lost about 15100 on the deal which is. Really good considering -- EI you know go look at the properties. At least given the option -- You know man -- get things it'd go look at the properties -- a time that no matter what we've talked about this before and no matter what the day you close on that part you can go to you can live their property for a year. And the day you close on their property to buy it to rehab that you're gonna walk in that house and go oh my god I didn't see any this oh my god oh my god. And I really sleep even today even small -- I still lose sleep -- is paranoia and did I miss something that we get something that I now look at something that I you know whenever. Com and in the the second I closed -- a look at the -- -- -- only got into this track on like -- what does this -- only got you know and and and it's just it's I think it's natural. Yeah yeah what the rehab that I am I'm doing down south right now. I noticed at the sighting was kind of wavy after I purchased it and you know I didn't notice it right up front panel and a lot of times settled with these and impact bill Milburn. When he built houses -- a lot of corners were cut. I found two day we had 48 in sinners. And again and I like that I had no wonder this -- -- you know -- there are 48 is sinners on some of the on some of the Bill Self but still he announced my citing my citing job on the entire house is still gonna come in under 3000. And it's a two story. -- and hardy plank the F hard or not a pretty hardy board all the way or it's sheet yeah yeah and it sucker goes up about 125 feet so. Yeah could -- is still a good price even have an opinion some you know stood since -- Yes that's fifty dollars and eighty cents a pianist just a -- from five point 2313 75123. And a thirteen Sanofi to Colin. I I get a couple really gave. Secretly. Received a series. Welcome back to their real estate investor power hour we. Danny -- If you have a question for Danny don't these guys come on now at 51039. And thirteen seventy. Hi everybody welcome back to us investors our hours here with Jack Grady county came down. You know what I -- I -- -- this just that everything about it -- FaceBook mean if you're on nine here an investor in Austin to the post up for my FaceBook page don't Twitter. Retreat as they say and I and one Linkedin inject some link in a car and I think he can get to it -- on page on FaceBook and he's got a friend of these his dad's a friend is. -- had rightly in my life and I accidentally. Pushed the button for one of her friends and and that's the only difference I have -- friend me on FaceBook -- jacket you can find him if Jessica Alba is listening friend to me that's -- how out of -- for Shakira please bring me in as clear as he did not taking one of those friends and I'm not denying that -- -- even. Play those -- farm -- games if they invite me. Hey yeah you bet -- got to beat him inviting me Ingraham for so keep in mind today show is about mistakes at a cost us money regularly -- the other training class -- doing 9 July 19. And yeah just just call the mistake in in a bit. -- your own one net one of your good buddy investors or someone you know -- you know just call him of that. He says something -- am. For a lot of I don't -- I went to 313 751239013. Seventy attracting those phone number don't think they do know right now and open up you know he it. For the very first time. And this happened you know you you talk about how you go back into a house now it's freaking out and all the things. I went back in this little house and flew to build -- up and under contract. And I walked and now is just so surprised Alex I'm. More ecstatic about the house then how was. There is just. Nothing to deal except for one hole in one door. In the bathroom in the master texture and paint. I thought I was gonna have to redo that got a kitchen countertop stats are remembered. When I walked in they were great I thought I was gonna have to. It's perfect the carpet she cleaned it it looks awesome. One of the very first times I have been back in the house and got excited so I'll probably go back in a freak out. Now -- -- couple weeks I should I was like that in nine shirts and on and investors like a lot of guys I talk to -- They're like oh lonely wanna invest and you know lost into the round rock and you know maybe see your partner and there but -- like every deal every not every -- If you're syndicate is on hand have been burning county pastor counting Guadalupe county Kamal carry. I mean a lot of money in those counties in -- had to drive a little bit fort. But that issue with investing only in this through central Austin Aries are so many investors. And there are a lot of -- -- -- terminate the -- -- -- mark if you look at the market views that you get 1010 guys tend to investors and manner under investors event. In an -- harassing each with a guy actually one of the the meat of Greece's. Unless you're the stupidest person in her room you're probably not going to Indianapolis. -- room -- you try to get the deal but but you're stupid for doing it. Leno and Nancy. Gonzales the gal that was on the on the -- just a minute ago had a had a really good point probably one of the biggest mistakes investors make is they don't. Continue to negotiate. As she talked about a house that she put under contract. -- being you know. And talk to the a person initially at a 150000. Put it under a 140. Talked down 230. And by the title -- all over due out after -- remember right it was 120 you know she just kept saying well this is wrong with it and she just negotiated negotiated I negotiated down a lot of times. We we get a price and more happy but in no way she just kept at it. So that could be you know one of those big mistakes investors make is not to continue to net negotiation. During option period. I'm not so now I'm I'm actually soccer and com -- whose -- to mean you know and she's you know license and she went to. -- listing agreement with me this is even just a retail listeria may not you know only two listing agreement were signing papers. Put nothing dishonest reorganized to that's he said he wanted to leave all the furniture -- those of us hasn't would do it in and include and the Contra I want. You know just get on up I mean I don't need patio furniture but I'll take it I don't understand that I take it -- some I'm always asking for other -- mentally Illinois. Game. -- Apache do gate there. Yeah ask how did -- say oh yeah they all. Made her record keeping it of course IVRoots. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Up. -- thank you day is on your confidence up in -- that's right. -- Gotta match the buy you dinner now we can't even imagine person in one conversation that I love you already does that cover three after the show I see -- she misty Farley -- -- -- -- how can you can't he just caught in the sailor gained. Yet acknowledge that want to tell us what. Well it isn't it you're in Egypt are great. But things debut brought him there it is just he soon. I'll bank my thinks it's always getting -- cause like that now we get out the power stations use. She's actually really good position she's done in that position anyway she performed just a little bit of a bad strategy yours -- to read Judy is -- and investment deal -- him but she's dealing with with an agent that doesn't have the strategies are home until we talked. And I you know her agent -- is not any agent's fault that they if you're a city to -- they'll be insulted but most hated to very -- -- -- retail retail retail on this is how. Keller Williams total bankers' interest and went taught me how to sell loneliness is doing I know what that is completely outdated. I mean you know fact is I completely -- David you know that you -- and said he -- 80% of the game -- And so when I talk details like what game that's that's no that's in a -- strategy it's something that you know we've done in a name for six months in real estate but. You know there's explains he that we can do now when she's like you know a tour I have I have a 100% track record on homes. You know that ever got had a home kick my butt more guys near couldn't -- and do something rather. And she said well I don't want this house to be the first one I -- -- -- -- home is not that we don't -- -- her and her she's got a beautiful home nice they arrested this -- the one. They're I'm I'm fighting to be the the corporate find the house that -- at some point just over the consultant and so keeping in mind the mistakes I've got a really good when you share 51239013. Seven yet I want to 313 said he regularly tickets to the class -- were teaching July 19. Now which is an a very lengthy course yet a couple of attorneys coming in to speak I'm going to be speaking about -- -- -- in. I get a mistake that I just recently made it cost me 101000. Dollars I'm talking with in the last. 45 to sixty days. In and I preached this and I did not listen in my own advice -- -- never. Never not do that again that's right English -- from. I bought a house and did not get the current owners to -- insurance claim on the roof. NC I haven't heard very many people. -- every house by now a check it out for sure I get to one just because I was now I'm happy go lucky treasured in time to media is going on in just didn't pay attention to it. -- -- I have a plan to replace the roof after after a fixed and that the thing. Our you know -- -- -- over. For whatever reason I was negligent about it -- for -- felt like Africa and World War -- would happen owners -- there's -- image and hail damaging -- -- all jacked up in. It was horrible and so I was expecting to hit on there if I had no idea what was gonna cost. And dom right at ten grand I had to pay out of pocket on why the roof fixed. You know that's a big now I still made money on the deal estimated a good profit on the deal with committee could profit minus ten K yeah yeah yeah 101000 dollars a lot of money rather. I mean how does does that I agree on occasion yes. That's right there was agreeing vacation wow so so -- sign you get them to sign. No I didn't call out my -- -- the call and filed a claim. In the end and I -- assigned. I mean I did this a long time ago on a deal and I just had them. I don't remember what I did I -- -- a sign that did did. Routes -- are returning for the two I don't remember what I. I never had to get that deep that's the safest way to do for sure and if you talk to you announced yesterday cash returnees -- tea will -- -- lock it up -- But what I do is -- -- such a good relationship with the folks and again not a 100% -- and Tony did you get some and unification or some type of you know. Are returning something for the check. -- When I'm only do they get in the fall and I get the adjusters named in number who they're signing to that to the file and I'll call the adjust their. Com and parred all this up to that we have somebody in the roofing business get up on the roof and tell me -- -- I am talking like. You know down the square inch check for check for damage. In a check for damage and find out what what's going on and then. Iowa law I'll present that to be just into a -- is adjusters. Unless there's some glaring obvious they announced they're gonna do a well yes their job not to. So but that I do that -- -- Nellie there's no there's no knock against buddy this is a spot will be and I rationing our root for spray paint it in. So they really -- sit on the phone Syria are either said -- They say thanks sure for tuning you get gaining Jack quandary you reducing investor are you -- idea -- a mistake to share with us. Inside them aren't there any doubt what all welcome back communication. Management retention ma'am actually all -- -- FaceBook and I enjoyed your pictures. Yeah also -- do you remember that you're sharing. And and there are real ugly in -- increase I would. I'm never wanna -- -- if you are looking for pretty women. And let me. All the way it here in Dallas actually and you know I hear a lot situated some extremists from two years I'm I'm trying to -- -- -- a computer myself with a rookie. And I just have pageantry app on my first project -- back and use our dads are installed that's thank you. Did you make money or not said. Yes I did it -- but I just wanted to share their rookie mistake I was supposed to make actually I'm thirty grand on that recap but ended up making only twenty. Just because that way and debit or forward. -- in the recap there was like a brilliant and the -- on the property and you know I'm I'm crazy event because it was not source properties. And you know respect that I -- them Internet content -- some. Besides that not ready to commit an ever present and you know what Syria whatever -- characters on the -- into the air as to meet their. And this -- Random numbers Palestinian property are estimated 30000. -- -- our commitment from putting out some not so bad press he's an assist or regret -- -- that. I could have not Michael Gordon on or flowers. -- -- first -- Yeah I can tell you brother that that is the number one mistake that is that it means you you're not alone when you do that and ground so that that's on -- I mean a -- when did you used to lay money on India on not -- company ten grand to not do that again you need him alliance. -- -- yet you know a lot a lot of investors. That have been -- you know I had that that go to these classes. Eight and are excited and make LLC and they're they're a lot like either very excited. Mean there there's been in five dollars on a light switch plate there's been in seven dollars on the socket outlet plate and in Europe really just don't. Need to do that are -- you spend four dollars on 4000 square foot on trial yeah I don't actually you know I don't test a perfect yeah I just just get to 69 cents. That's good stuff from Florida court or. -- -- petty theft which got paid a CD that that the positive point though as he got a good look in house out of the deal I'm sure -- indeed so quicker because of that. I haven't told exit -- there that said there was actually also. Very quickly on our reports say I mean of course the people ought to unite and that's been in memory you know I look at the -- or bears prices aren't compatible and you consider themselves is through the senate since -- -- -- If you weren't that bad I hate to say it is much of -- you think that was. -- -- anybody in the world to spend a little bit textures to sell -- home quicker if you get home a week in spend you know and you 23000 dollars. Come -- a -- hilarious to me that's a cake is under the spend that money insulin a week into knots and the money and take 3045 days. So there's there's some positives to that in and I don't and I biggest positive is 20000 dollars that I -- and that's a pretty good positive. What looks at who I'm gonna put that back on the phone with he's gonna get your information with CA alien enemy to class and couple weeks. So you don't -- -- ought to make them soon but I know all. Trying to effort under that. -- if he can't we'll get to the next and Fisher brother I appreciate you listening and certainly you know -- young FaceBook. -- Thanks thanks for consumers and all right so yes that's I mean any there any of the guys out there that haven't that the home before that's going to be the mistake you -- -- in what's gonna happen is you're going to think -- oh this looks good but it did a better. Are you get. You know I went into a house -- Lugar bill in the subdivision I was -- comp and things out. After this acquisition remained. And the base boards on this house is sold for a 107 DT thousand. We're still primer -- they were cut they were not call they were nailed. You could see the male -- -- -- -- -- -- but I mean it was it was that. It looked. It looked terrible they put down the 49 cent com laminate flooring. They did not do a good job they re hung the cabinets in the kitchen and their even with the with the crown molding are the molding finish molding. There was about ground. Not quite half an inch maybe three -- of an inch gap up there and you know what is sold in fifteen days sometimes folks get to. Particular. About all the little things I mean it's good to do a good job and you wanna do a good job but sometimes you can go overboard -- I'd. Just trying to get a walk away anybody in at least at the rehab a home. I mean I've never finished a rehab in my life I would tell you that point blank I'm like I'm just -- I'm walking out party's over we're not doing it. -- an -- then there is how it is because you never. I mean period detail freak you're never gonna walk into rooms and done is always -- the -- you could be better oh this is off this is a perfectly you know level this -- in right. It's and some point I just walk at a house is he really even -- That's it we're done really really memoirs going on the market if it's done is done it's not -- can -- an inspection. But but there's a high price to pay for perfection and you and you don't need to bring house -- not -- not -- you know anything under you know. Senator DK brown you know I mean I sort happening nine pounds and and done this at the same strategy. I sort half million dollar of that happening on homes and used. God 69 and is perfect car being re use the pad that was in the room. I love to reuse the -- I had today there's about a quick little -- quick. Quick little dollars Avery is reuse that carpet -- when you doing these flips it with the exception of you know. Davis asked again nasty stains and don't use it but even nasty stains isolated nasty things -- at the -- pretty new and that area there you know -- looks new and nobody knows when when when they're walking those. A few hundred dollars can on the on the economy and and new file then you know what a deal we Kevin on the line. Matt. Patch can please -- telling you there. Are they Kevin thanks for calling any -- -- we caller from. Our program. Austin we don't think Kevin was on the show last week is -- -- just -- this is Gary and they yeah. It gave me Kevin Kevin is a huge investor -- -- I mean he was number five agent now Boston working -- is that investors. On on the buy side he is a big time. He probably hit he'd probably. Still the show would mistakes that he scene are. Participated and create each on the show I think I'm coming into just in touch with -- -- show each -- when we can you come and hang out with this and could -- covered three after a fetus -- reviews barbecue. On the show. Yeah our out of their land where you are bad -- you're doing electric. Yeah I came on talked about -- for closure he he does a lot of foreclosure defense stuff. OK yeah yeah I saw some sort of station got forced tonight. Ridiculous when that went in any type of. Actually let it go through a column on the state that -- -- Jackets. And they indicated to me there's you got made. Notre monarchy may lead going. No doc well. I know from the illegal in the dark -- Yet there's there's some stated income stated assets programs out of California that I have access to. If he if you shoot Jack -- for it to me I can -- it -- -- the guidelines form but there's. There are -- stated income stated NASA programs that you get that are in place that are you credit score you know irrelevant. -- interest rates 789% but it's it's a doable program. Yeah and better and there aren't many so they can't think San. Hello everybody I articulated some. The mistake. You just give -- one that went is that we get rid of other folks calling -- He was. Mistake that people do and that's. If you buy a home with a converted garage. That you should always always always converted back to -- Yet. You can never keep -- -- I've I let them as to where this goes somewhere. He would then suddenly you Peter -- grandparents and -- look at the main thing on. And I -- -- exact same thing and had this wonderful wide bear -- and do a good job but it's still angers the sale. We can't -- to produce CDs came when a so we get a cut to commercial break on Kevin I'm gonna be -- to Q after the show. Thanks so much for calling Brothers thanks for being here. They're real estate investor power our -- Danny Weber if you have a question for Danny don't be shy Colin now at 51 C 39 -- thirteen seventy. All right everybody welcome back from the last. Basically fifteen ministry showed that just means ever gonna get down 3 PM brass tacks here and start. Talking mustn't say stuff remember the numbers 51239013. Seventy. I went to three and a thirteen said he already got an email about a new doc loan program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is Christian -- brand at. -- live stream unlimited these guys are amazing Lincoln do weddings they can do year reality show TV show. We use it in a music studios he if you have any aspirations to become a rap artists like -- Mikey did you know like I do -- you're going to be this music studio and they get a green screen. Palmer going to be send some so or shooting some some comedy skits over -- on a green screen. Really cool guys really nice guys Christians a salsa dancer -- dance with them a few times before he's pretty good. Yet danced with embargo with Kenya -- -- I don't team because -- -- lessons -- I was I was leading though so it's OK okay -- it was not -- he was not leading we got Chris -- Chris welcome here. Felicia we've gone from Chris. And I'm calling from our hero and Austin paid any hate jacket and willingness to show you guys do great job. I just wanted to idea experience I had that I wanna share with everybody the most important thing is don't wait to get started in your real estate investing career. Get out start studying. Attending training -- network are creature -- market yeah. It's awesome Manning I that's actually -- echo all the time was on these classes and are these events I go to that so that's what I see -- -- -- -- -- which you keep in over trainers like analysis paralysis. You gotta get your hands that you got that you can be free to lose he used to get dirty. You gotta get out there you got to take that action and so many people want to stand on the sidelines they wanna I wanna study I wanna learn and -- a couple years combined they don't take any action what happened in my particular case this happened first thing out. Is that I had a great opportunity to to buy property it was a run down estate -- property will be vacant I look at it I looked a week later I didn't follow through on it it didn't need much work at all. A friend of mine bought this property in eighteen days he had picked it up and slipped it made 38000. Dollars. And -- and eighteen days that was my house to do and I lost out because I didn't take action. That that's a lesson you paid for yeah so. Well now we're gonna give back you're gonna get to free ticket she's the back into the class it's not 38000 but I'm gonna get a probably -- -- actually value -- taken at thirty -- -- that's good yeah every -- we're gonna get Tito breakeven point on Saturday that you present the so we're gonna catch you back to man and I really appreciate you call analyses see the classic he can make it Fisher. And I'll definitely be their welcome back from your trip in that you guys people to go work. Thanks very much and -- Hey you know a couple things real quick I had Kevin had mentioned and always to converted garage I think when you're downtown are closer to you central. -- still -- you can get away without gaining Kevin and I do a lot in the suburbs. It's just a big no no in the suburbs. -- expect garages yet he had an -- -- him that -- had -- not only that but an appraiser will not edu armed dollar for dollar square -- is like a lot of I don't know it's. I'm and I Gaza's Griffey -- convert -- square foot you know double -- that the two car garage -- another 36000 value. That's not the way to San -- is the appraisers and communion -- guess what every other -- has a garage you don't have a crush -- gained for this but we are gonna give you some value fort but not for value. And -- that slope in in the last. In the -- their because it was a garage candy you know just I've got a ways around slow but I am on that and I we -- know I got a slope a soap worked around a slow -- but down. Good Jackie when -- I was gonna say not firing you or contractors. -- you know and you know why -- -- -- -- do in the sighting over on this house in exactly yeah end in Austin just the last week. And I went out there. And he didn't even adjust the pressure on the nail guns so we had these nails that are three eights of an inch deep. That's a no no city of Austin we'll look at -- -- it's over -- financed don't make you put another nail in there. This guy did not pull deciding off including new sinners there was nail holes everywhere it was it was. He was -- duties in a rush yet again he either Italy or -- in quick I used to not do that -- -- -- -- -- a little elements trying to work through this that's right we -- -- -- do we can do it together and -- -- let me let me show you -- to do your job secretaries -- that death you know what I still -- and Simon and my dad is like you know I had such. You should have paid him anything and he's right he's right -- should not a -- anything I'm still too softly you know it. Well here's the back -- back story to a a situation like that is if you don't have been writing if you don't have specific terms and out if you don't have a contract with your contractor. If you -- -- if they don't have liability insurance if they don't you -- -- their furloughs a lot of these things you can expect to happen to you when my buddies when he was named. When my -- how to paint contractor paid him upfront though I think I think keeping him from being tied -- for five grand the united about two days of work left -- guess what no contract no nothing. He got I don't pay him up front I mean I -- -- Italian and you know what I carry insurance so it's it's it's one of those things where I. I look for the dead the cost that the cost driving this guy old cost always -- I just had -- -- that on this place for 3800 dollars two layers. Three dimensional shingle had to be removed -- -- -- would any news 380 elimination goals put on. And this is house was you know at 1819 -- square feet 3800 dollar ticket price -- yes -- so I do look for price but what I've learned is I can't let them through the process if they do like this guy they're gone. And and you just you know you pick up this is the next guys. He can reduce almost -- and you can do a second layer of roof. -- the city of Austin he can't -- if the underlying roof is still serviceable when usable though I forgot the latest statutes exactly written. But I had to call when time is a unity always trying to avoid the terror off in us voluntarily expands always -- -- dollar in and they they referred to the statue net code and it was -- you can do put the the -- there has to be. I'm in good shape and. -- -- I talked to one guy who do. -- entry page. And under the first layers shingles so he didn't really see that's right he's -- second pleasant already hit it and I mean you can do that it's like put in a suburban on -- your house because they way you know those singles way. A lot. And so I CIA Abdullah. I guess what I recommended share Bryant but now but you can do it I -- it's legal and so you know your phone code during compliance. Five -- 239013 75239013. Seven if you -- -- mistake you can turn me out. A ticket to the class. And down and you -- We should call if you're hesitating right now and you are just scared he -- just make something up just call us -- I'd tax credit can't get enough food and a threat does that no I really just called his Danny's clan the reason I'm saying that is -- class is going to be amazing. You know I've had the opportunity to hang out with him appear at the radio show see the work that he does how he handles is leads tally monetizes. Any of those leads and what's what he does. It's amazing I mean he really is one of the leaders and in the Austin area and they in the real estate investment community. Thank you Jackie day that hang on and by you water tonight and -- hey thanks appreciate it -- Travis trim tower coverage street Lou we are going to be covered streets -- and after the after the show it like every week just have you know. Hour hour and a half happy -- just a network and talk with both have instant. Passed by congress three after the show and I got a really did I get one of the mistake that that cost me money for sure but it cost you more emotional. -- and then gain even I would pay to get out of this what was her name. -- -- -- -- that FF that this is a house off of east. Stastny. In cherry creek -- cherry on her cherry something neighborhood over there. Notorious area for bad foundation work notorious and so I got a house in their course -- and -- sure come look at that. I denies that the time that you don't necessarily want a foundation that's going in about ten different directions right to the -- -- -- one direction there's a different -- in the back there's you know -- in a different direction. Because that -- tell just the whole thing is shot yeah. Until would end up happening is I ended up fixing you know raising -- one side in the demand are raised up you know you're supposed to kind of -- own self yeah. -- one side and in five feet from the it would break -- and entries up try to fix that and then three feet from there would break and it was just a nightmare and so. I ended up nearly you know in in me in my crew and have -- fist fights with with the foundation come in -- like gang war -- -- over this thing because. They were -- it was fixed it obviously was not fixed and contained us we get to a big like a scuffle like an actual allow you bring your people let me bring my people's -- and let's get it on. And you're really intense about Dallas eight I was asked if I was confident it was not fixed and he wanted to get paid in LA was found working in -- -- -- -- I actually found out later was that you know the guys. -- he had in him. You know there's a streak like that in looked into ground rockets called Logan -- Logan street and there are several houses there where they did not. Tighten the post tension cables. And that's exactly what will happen when that foundation breaks it'll break in a million little pieces and it you just have to -- everything. One of my buddies gene Nelson now owned affordable foundation. He bought one of those houses said it was it was horrific coming in Ned just had -- there's so many peers just. Get it to when I'm happy to got to pour concrete you can't -- thirty camp for the -- is back in with their typically he's got to put -- is is gonna break. I mean he you know -- prefix on -- matter what you know incident being you're talking about 85 million dollars a yard on concrete and you just. In on now lost so much sleep over that because I thought that the times has used I thought this is going to be the house that doesn't mean that's gonna make me just. Just basically doing this because it was so stressful. Yeah yeah that remind me is that you know probably one of the biggest mistakes. I remember this is this is careful when your first beginning as an investor in handling contractors. You know you'd think. You've got an under control. And a lot of times you burn your bridges in the KG get Mandy your contractors when the real problem as yourself are high and inside out I'd lost a great -- guy. Tom I mean he he installed a nice granite -- really inexpensive job and I got mad at him. The house ended up -- for full price and you know the granite job it and looking back. Was awesome. And now wish I had lost him and I have friends that have done the same thing may get all mad at these contractors there are great contractors the problem wasn't the contractor -- the problem was your inexperience and in my cases as well so if you're new and take it easy on the contractors and get some. There and it just what their -- get a referral I mean there are so many whack jobs out there doing contract worker and Marcus Austin she's such a hub of construction. Whether -- rehab to new construction and just to make cheer on their some some people in the groups have -- Not blacklist -- people -- have -- other people that honey can contact and to Haiti who's had a good experience with this kind of had a band -- We that is the most important thing you can do wing wing is for shipping news. In this business or even you know the experience -- like -- the list serves being in group someone. Hey you know EC's -- eight -- the screening I hate using it power I -- who's who did this and you really want that referral because. If you think Craig's this enough I hate to say if folks I still think Craig's -- for but for really for labor are only now because of how much -- at a construction coming so much on my tracer. Com. You gotta be careful man it is buyer be Wear on Craigslist 100%. You know I CCR these guys standing out front of my Home Depot I pulled in the other day and there's like I don't know fifteen or twenty on I was thinking why you know it. There's inexpensive labor if you confined to the key is finding one good guys. -- your hand if you find that one good guy they have a circle. Of friends. That there are able to pull from that bring in inexpensive labor they get things done in -- right. And you know that's just gonna. -- -- another good source another good source of -- college kids in high school kids. I mean if you if you got a job you know I give you for instance if you posted something on FaceBook are linked in or wherever whatever -- networking these days even just on any mobilized. Is it any high school Avery ten bucks an hour. For eight hours on stereo meaning I be inundated with people -- -- I'm behind trying to you know trying to put their kids on as a father. Mike hits point two years old he's in college I -- I got one more year college he he media with the car victory lap. You know you know that is not now acknowledging that his -- -- five years of a four year degree uh huh so anywhere. And I'm not beanie can't afford it's a victory lap he's had a match in their lap and as -- -- as a tennis. Com. He's easy could get in -- can you define and actually took me six years to -- on school part time up until it's not a big deal but. I was always pushing him to work really -- you can't work this weekend he'll find out what progress the bio wash and -- that whatever. And so. It cheap labor on there almost we only had a couple minutes that's just not let it's a mistake your quick couple more mistakes one. Mistake I I made was numb arm under pricing home. Now overpriced home. And so underpriced you know almost ten or fifteen cake is that in -- accompanying rerun -- -- realistic carrying comps and I started and did not run -- again. -- my fixed sales price. When I bought -- house -- this is an Alice on a four and so. You know on disorder and then -- You know oversold it's -- both ways. Yeah when you over listen it really is a band. Deal once she hit that thirty days on the market in deals and darn it I guess that's right people are looking at your house knowing page. That's exciting look at that house they're walking in their -- on what's wrong with -- why hasn't sold. Just don't just saying no don't overpriced -- house. And if you -- not selling it make price adjustments within the first couple weeks you need twelve to eighteen shillings to sell that house if it's not happening and make an adjustment yet. So don't forget if you're on FaceBook or enrolling in or not Twitter but FaceBook or Linkedin. FaceBook friend me always post up and I'm always in ninety stages trying to turn out to be -- those emotional roller -- people who has the best and worst airline every day yeah I know my dog is look at any meaner you know some -- and and you can you can take pictures of fitted but not every day not every day -- -- -- -- is -- got to play that does it every day in my vehicle wondering you know and sell these -- okay. Occasionally it is it does kind of look -- that's there's only join us around so I can do so -- a like a beautiful Russian ultranationalists and there. We gotta get out here we're going to be covered three -- Anderson mill right after the show everything and Anderson. Based focus. Think Dennis we will see you next weekend four tickets I think our. Later that night.

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