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Welcome to let's get healthy with -- -- on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's bill -- Welcome to the show folks welcome to the show this is -- royal and my co -- today is doctor Dan Freeman. -- he -- a free anybody's these inexpensive. To take care. You know if you do you think about if you're DO. -- -- crossed your path to -- so think about which you continued. Because if you can help somebody naturally -- my point do you say the government. The issue -- companies and the patient. Hundreds of thousands of our obviously not necessarily one person there. They'll only be one person a little present you can prevent a part part of bypass critics that test Tony 3040 years later. Right you know if you take out one chemical in the environment from that person horror author. System detox themselves. You know that now would help them you know 203040 years later. Right well here's here's our -- at all also have put pressure caused by nutrient deficiencies as a child. And so if you don't child's health and healthier. It's in nutritionally sound. You can help later in life to serve -- so much begins in the womb so much begins outside. The room you know early life courage from. You getting getting -- my -- differences -- she gave. Her grandchildren immigrant or her child migratory. In the soft drinks it was like separately. -- to the taste it. -- those are things you know we're really doing this with the developed taste for -- sharp credit. But -- ahead juice it was just a small amount of -- In class ocean water. Our commissioner -- -- -- rusher for China Nestle so please let that are partners are you you know getting used to eating vegetables and good -- ran right over let your choice your kids you vegetables com. Actually there are we cook with sometimes you mix the vegetables and like the spaghetti sauce even. And it's not so noticeable consult with some vessels and learn and you don't notice it. So and they need it to nutrition. And a trip up on me is that says skid which candidate of on any given decent vitamins that'll make up with a Tony that sometimes. This reality. So let's say that some positions say they've -- they're gonna have the pressure so they have a choice they can take. Drugs -- cause problems side effects. And lots of money. That's right. So what to eat the things you can -- two relief that pressure furnished potassium rich future given. You know you see so all residents from the current. -- National she's also much better. The fact you can lower blood pressure was -- You can -- A -- testament -- so church. So fresh fruits and vegetables -- good source protests and -- cigars which tests and but if you get them and that band you get a more prepared. You know this better than other things you are you very laid -- -- Smart about it and it jumped. Yes. It end a lot of sodium chloride specific type assault -- Arlen -- Cloris. So let's think of fruits that are rich in potassium and ends and Folgers Coffee or -- Folgers Coffee on 110 with the this Folgers coffee and I think he -- would be. Broadcast why is -- prepared to different side these I don't know decaffeinated which kept to pursue personal set up. I think in the -- off you know that might have been had -- that you probably -- altered. Right American culture or you move into its midseason he's Clinton's. Dates and Jews. Avocados I've got a really great and take -- mortem on this is good warm season. Music on with the get the water to grow and -- have they gotten some plays well the farmers are there really small right now orange juice. Vegetables like celery and celery just got everything done pretty it was a little salary salary or no calories and less fiber. In fact it takes more to digest these Hillary. That it -- and -- Initially destroys the calories right. They say if you that this is -- -- Jeanne 31. Council salary you disappear. Doesn't this take so much there is doing lose when -- served watercress watercress is that number one. My teacher and auctions. Watercress. And usually found -- -- has. It's good for sound it's -- about rock every time -- currency got broccoli in there in the in the mix with the conclusion of your your computers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's good for you. And so forth from the news. You know to prevent canceled practices Cecil forfeit is that that's when you sent us this thinking also -- assault -- attend church controlled sounds -- -- -- worries about the type delusional store -- Christian protection. I want to remedy for all the pressure we should probably share with your patients -- us from water -- such -- -- temperature. Also -- some of the things that you were not specific -- -- metric process has kale spinach keels over one to help connect that your crop circles. That is above it is an islander or a natural discipline that is really explode -- peace absolutely. Carter beat us at this -- these two you used to that water and drinking that what you were cannot use pattern repeats your Patrick Cox conserve. Would you say it said two things kale kale and spinach spinach but but not you -- over -- it. I believe you have to use lightly coated in oil -- -- -- You know that you could be one clove of garlic today at a school that would lower your pressure this. So close garlic and onions are good for. Broad -- problem -- -- garlic. Either way. You don't smelled it in the sort of stuff that way you don't you know around people that much in the lower your -- -- is your enemy and not deal tell. Us. The measures. Continue at least seven compounds including gamma -- -- her confession out of him which can we put pressure. I didn't know that Tampa and Hutchison just don't know chemistry I thought. We know what that it is his right that is to protect us tonight is particularly when you lay down you go to sleep -- got all this stuff aren't your. Your head you know you can get out of your -- -- capital and reduce that. A British arrogant way but his attitude right now tomatoes you're beautiful -- Tomatoes are also right now you there's a ton of tomatoes at the polish market until sunset valley we got a few -- -- and -- Anderson the good news. They're fresh evidence that's that's a. And also brought leaguer again broccoli contains at least six compound -- will bring down the pressure. And -- surveys such problems. So I don't use the pressure medication when you can try. Either run through -- to -- garlic. You know onions. Tomatoes. All thanks to -- farmers markets get a fresh to affect a much different. There -- some good earnings sneak into blue bottle bill and residents were were laying the you know she should use medication right now you know but I think that. But it can only use this and and get off the medication with her doctor's supervision. And that would be an excellent thing last week you it would trying to people. Easing it's their food in or nutrition in horror and nutritional Scotland's. To replace. Drugs and that will be your -- intruders or drug or non nutritional soldier -- She pretty complacent a hero quickly determined until about dish for use health care costs and -- on -- reason is because that we just talked about I reckon fruits. So let's see here if I -- -- we're gonna we're gonna play this is true Christians too and clip. About why we used this was own. The one American news network distribution. And electric stuff. Hello I'm Tim Robertson and I have two minutes to explain why US healthcare costs so astonishingly. High. OK to be fair this includes a good bit of oversimplification. However. There's no arguing that Americans pay more for health care per capita than anyone else in the world including countries that provide quote. Free health care like the UK Australia or Canada but this just more it's like. A lot more and why is that what about 15% is attributed to astronomical administration costs that the majority of it. Because unlike those other countries the US government doesn't negotiate aggressively with this health care providers for example ideally the government would reach out for the companies that make prosthetic legs and say to them. We need one -- you to make a ton of legs for those needing them who have health insurance in the US make him durable make them safe and make them cheap. And exchange for that huge contract the US would then have the opportunity to bid down the price however. That type of centralized negotiation doesn't happen here in America Elisabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times wrote that on average a hip replacement in Spain cost 7000 dollars while here in the United States. Over 40000 dollars the drug Lipitor cost over a hundred dollars if you live in the US if you live in New Zealand. Six dollars. By the way it's no coincidence that Medicare funded by the government is the only exception and it happens to get the best deals basically the providers here in the US can charge what ever they want because of what is called elastic demand of the medication that keeps you alive cost you ten dollars a month. You'll pay ten dollars a month if it suddenly goes up to a hundred dollars a month chancellor good you'll find a hundred dollars a month to pay because. They know it's very hard to put a price on the desire to stay alive. Until the United States can negotiate more effectively with its health care providers we will continue to outspend the rest of the developed world and worse yet. We will still not have better health outcomes to show report. You great. Yes I own -- you use of force is a little bit unusual because healthcare providers and usually engenders like doctors nurse practitioners PA's -- That's not what are you referring to referring to drug companies and or. -- hospitals prosthetics. Oh and so yes that that definitely out MRI this. Too embarrassed to be -- 1001 place usually typically hospitals and maybe 2000 or last tournament in this country in this country true right is it different in different places that's why some insurance is full so you can't do that possibly the unity its freestanding facility the cylinders full plate trial because there are negotiating a little bit. On a free market works. It inspected cash price for some of the numerous suggestions or less than a 1010. Because those places we'll do the cash for artists. It and his separate from insurance does that is if if insurance council draft contract with the insurance company you can't cash prize plus house. But it says is -- cash -- there's lots of Morrison a lot cheaper yeah. So I think all these are important you know finally -- the gumption for the best price if your people use drugs but little else -- -- -- -- recent money is. Health care which -- about. These were brought pressure right try that first these two. Affect your diabetes and you know you do stupid guys -- -- -- you have got these two. Let's and we could talk about later in the show us what you can do and not -- -- certain. That's cheapest home because of free -- -- seeking are anyway eating food anyway Sony Taurus is Todd has been we talk about that later too. The Lipitor. -- emotional effect to only tempers are the people really need it right so what we need to look at is is. Is when we check their genetics to see it -- -- side effects. Work. Don't take credit cards are working her body and -- side effects. Our -- -- fatigue symptoms so you take that you take computer and that goes way. So -- -- that the the deal is that we need to work on health care how things such permission to vote will ensure that. Prosthetics healthcare person's disease care. Right just right get our groups -- absolutely brought it to engender health don't -- or disease or just couldn't keep the disease barely. That day up the body cure ladies are prevented. Exactly my -- today's doctor -- for him to serve he's a DO and you work you can manipulate people and you can. You can that left them to into that's -- right thing on rock well what I assess how are you what you -- tell people is not indeed close DC Eackles via. I can do everything covered business and indeed does. And that's that I think the combination I think what is your votes. You're very much into nutrition to search for extra period and for you -- to -- where your we don't turn of the got a she's getting yeah -- off all right your take a break even built by the way I went to -- Luther. Considerably short -- within questions. We -- sometimes assist the highlights and so if you got a call back to normal this -- -- and we just play again or whatever you can do that what do -- think. If you want to see your show hustle is calling for got a question bodies they protect themselves. Realistically it would be another. Let's get -- news coming up at. These messages I'm tall. -- -- With the bill's way. -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the show. -- doctor bunker in line with the expert and then jump into this. Doctor Parker yes we'll give you that any time because this is this is something that is pretty common in today's world it. Certainly there -- constraints and you do great -- This lesson all of us I think you are took my daughter with her husband as -- those things tend. You know a place soccer in the most men don't -- don't bother them at all. It's there but it's still possess something that he needs to check and make sure -- and it's it's not harmful. Yeah you're absolutely going in this. Condition and yeah I think you also sold to worker. To cut out the -- And so annually give it myself. Oh you know -- -- Erica we're trying to push -- little. I can yeah let me give myself and instead. You know when when there's a problem we can go back to attack it. This is very MI okay now. And -- women or two to three times more likely to get this condition but it is chronic and it's slow smoldering. Progressive process that's related to the failure one -- now we have -- things we Danes are used to conduct these stale blood out of our legs frequently against gravity. So the risk factors are in order genetics. Female gender. Lashed out where he's been prolonged period of time on your feet. Overweight under exercise. Trauma that the territory Lex may be remote. From certain prior surgery -- thanks so where. So will we try to tell people is there's poignant even homeopathic and some of herbal medication is -- taken to help protect your legs when they're at risk. But once they start getting more -- manifestations such as prominent names on this again. Aches and pains that are you know pretty pretty typical progressive -- restless leg type symptoms that night. Then they should really come in and get evaluated ultrasound is what we used to. Evaluate the flow of planner pain it's no radiation. Insurance companies -- campuses for the diagnosis and that's relatively noninvasive treatment now which. Please do not capable of returning your normal activities with an entire -- So. You guys are probably aware some of these herbal and homeopathic remedies. Yes well but probably I have thought doctor. Resentment and free and with me today he's DO. Outing I was like so he's he's a little actually -- usually refers to talk to cancel the tow horse chestnut took the marginal. And out. Pitchers threw. Some people the other thing about. All of those medications as as usual discussion occasions to. Be sure to review things -- liver and kidney function especially with the horse chestnut. Undertaken -- flag on premises. You know cannot add to that fact. I'm butcher's broom you know that's -- can reducing effectiveness -- an anti hypertensive sickened. Increasing effects and things like students and that's so's you know as good medical history and checking with your position as long -- -- here she is. Is fastow with these kinds of remedies come involves important. But what you have 'cause that wasn't me about leakage from the brilliance. Well what happens is -- that there one way -- that when we squeeze these things that the mosque on the skin. The blood really doesn't know which way to go it's not like arteries where the pressure is driven from the heart. But by the time now -- -- of course understand that to divert the pressure's pretty much -- So now on the blood comes up the names that doesn't know which way to go when when the skin and the muscles squeezed the larger superficial things. The only way that -- let those which way to go is by way of one way check valves that occur about every six sanctions thereby pals like we have an arrest her body. And they open and close but they opening clothes and only after the second normally. So when -- deal to close properly related to those eight different risk categories I mention then what happens as the blood moves up and leaped backward and stressed the tunnel with gravity and increases pressure. Into that sort of tributary of things to collect on -- trying to conduct the stale contaminants. Lactic acid carbon dioxide. Out of the tissues and her legs that you know -- already can't do the normal metabolism from -- arterial supply. Now I gotta get -- that contaminated blood out and when the balance fail particularly fix themselves anymore so. Thankfully. Mother nature provided us with an extensive backup system called -- for your hands and there's at least 63 and some people we think have over a hundred of these which. Quite short chip that can take at an area of muscle and skin. It's tough to Charlotte again instead of conducting this still blood. Over into this sort of highway. Longer superficial -- is that. It is now and are now failing. The blood bypasses this goes right into the deep vein system which is what ultimately conducted back to the heart and down -- our circulation improves -- -- just forced to -- to go through this backup system. So that appealed vein stripping dead. But the recovery time from that surgical procedure was up to six weeks or more and it was the right idea but. 21 century has pretty much the plan and it went what we call endovascular. Pleases the legislation you know these lasers and -- have to catheters which is what I prefer. So now let's patients walk in their -- the whole time 35 minutes later they walk out they can drive. And usually return to their normal activities within their kid. Do you says ties ties eyes closed circuit since I was her. Heard you know that's the other thing I mean there's some there's some simple things that can be done also prior columnist and one of them of course is to control our way. He's wearing compression stockings to elevate her legs to stand -- over elect as much as possible. Even called compress of the witch hazel very useful for you know painful paying Saddam and which has been around since I was little -- so -- -- kind of available almost like a product in stores consultants. Since. So but you know. The compression stockings the idea there is when you squeeze relate to squeeze the veins. Which pushes -- out leaflets that have maybe pulled apart bit and pushes them to get it makes it work better. So now you've got. You know you're helping your brain's function better but of course when you take the stockings. And the valve problem returned and -- worse during the hot summer months. Because they're being involved I laid up with a hot weather they get a free source of energy that way. Into the bloodstream so symptoms. -- restructured the operator incompetent Charles forestry and hot summer months. So what you're saying is as you can just walk in and in thirty minutes you walk out. And that the bulging bank or call her. Now not always think. So -- it. Its interest thing there are things occur as bluish and then greenish prominent names in our skin and sometimes flesh colored. That flesh colored ones are usually larger games that are pushing up from underneath the skin layers. And those who want to tend to be directly connected to these larger -- called tropical bands known as the great Afghanistan in the small sample of Spain in particular. When those are the problem bands which is the ones where I was looking -- They pack -- and this sort of -- on perhaps those of the larger -- coast cities that. Just tend to be sort of flesh colored and pushing up under the skin they tend to disappear almost immediately the patient gets up -- table and some of those are already gone. The other ones. Its interest in the insurance companies pay for most of this by the way including Medicare -- and what's happening to me is that they have figured out that they will -- For -- to three to clear out there Pete Sessions per leg over a year. After we duties being disclosures which of course is actually documented that there's reflex. But other words if I went to an interest coming announce that I wanted to square therapy I'm patient it's just not medically necessary it cosmetic problem -- But if we do this in the proper order. Eight and recognize that -- even some of these tighter and which can be inflamed. Are secondary to a medical conditions then they'll pay for that to be done. And then and basically went three treatments over a year. After I've done the closure of of the problematic for him. We can usually make is residual their capacities which -- sometimes be symptomatic. But also the sort of a cosmetic appearance we can usually -- I'll let out. Go to select a winner because any dollar -- lost to Richard. Yes we have one officer right there on became Israel general England and another one up and around Iraq. Same phone number and remember I think we have a couple of different programs in this is that proposed here and doctor guess there as well. Look take patience. Who just -- have a free screen they don't just need. They get to meet with Miami and we take pictures and related to medical and drug history support. But then there's a fast track program which we used her doctor referrals and also partitions to. Basically wanna get everything done I think they're already looking at her -- yeah they got a problem so. With that when we do that screening -- that we get them right into ultrasound which is seen on the radiation we mapped out your hands. And then they get a consultation with mainly talked about treatment options. Let me ask you -- doctor. What most people don't know -- -- can you explain it real quickly and I know it's not something and it's typically known. Yeah yeah I think it's but it's amazing that more well known that it had anticipated that. Basically this is what patients -- at the very seemed that are around town where. They have a little spider things that you see what we -- the technical -- which is a -- occasion but. In this little burst blood vessels most of these are a female issue because of estrogen progesterone stimulation on the -- And that's strictly due to underlying pressure from some of these Stanford backup plan he's. Fast and the things we mentioned the longer superficial things are health problems -- -- So let had been done historically for the cosmetic side is an injection of little detergent chemical. That causes the -- to be -- that's inside surface and it displaces the blood from the name and they get injected so that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So those things can be done for the little capillaries and then for the larger audience in -- remain on the skin after closure that we perform in our office. And we used to we make up the -- -- substance which is here and best -- -- Center detergent chemical. I'm mixed very rapidly to make sort of foam which expands the surface area of course in the volume. And then we inject fat and watching what ultrasound or near infrared light that allows us to monitor the pain. And we can cause those larger than two you know there are surgical alternatives to all of us there's lumpectomy is -- things residents can be pulled out of the leg -- and I. Yes I severe cases -- And I can do some of that but I prefer to try to do all of these less invasive techniques and that they usually get really really outstanding results. You -- -- you know side knows that you you do your closest undervalues. I went -- the web site bunker -- -- again we're gonna that are pretty quickly bunker -- Dot com situation on the right track right so deep vein thrombosis Dartmouth. And his skin care anesthetics are precious. Yes sometimes -- me and I myself I don't have a chip target these things on the southern. Knows -- this other place for something Brett can do that. Yes we have a laser light that is used to kind of happening from the skin surface if you will and that's what -- a little. Fans around and knows his stuff we at least for the top class that comment by using the proper way to run some -- -- we get pretty good result there as well. As great. You have a you have an office of the case. Or seven Toby -- road. And also 301 testers crossing right up in Northern Iraq so it's very convenient. -- audience and the nice thing is like Jesus said just come -- for consultations free right. Look at it and as you can -- -- with insurers to cover. Is there a dangerous and don't everything in some cases. Well it doesn't progress to more complications can happen -- left and -- cute. Contaminants were precipitated this skin usually on the in the gators section of the ankle which is the media circus. And that. Pigmentation and occurs can become permanent and then. Appears progress in this came just can't handle that type system anymore breakdown on alterations and becomes more of a medical management problems so. It's best to get that soon and an excellent feel better and combat troops from progressing to that level. Did have you seen Venus -- sufficiency improved facilities treatments -- actually have one knows with Tressel we'll call that selects. Which has a bunch of homeopathic senate including bush pushed just not there -- things. I have one got it actually has six months later complete river city CNET -- or -- just north. Well I think it different ethnic studies that show that some of these compounds that I think there's something called. Pure Serb capture or something like that does that was stated in Germany had a horse chestnut plus. With the other. That cute chemicals that any and I had steered and I think which is that Clinton's plan and when it comes from citrus fruit and then now vitamin C that could that's available on a combo in some areas and there have been some result I I don't know that. The diagnostic ultrasound would really. You know recorder complete reversal that we've seen response times diminish that and that's because some of these compounds we just mentioned some of these -- will actually. -- constriction of the pain which of course -- without we've put together and make some marketers. I think patients at risk but without a lot of symptoms it's not a bad idea that. To actually do that now it is. Trying to strengthen the -- law and constrict it isn't. Yeah. Thank you you know Iraq. Well this is great which is is great by the -- I'll let you know this is not a commercial owner -- -- you're not Longoria. But yeah. That's it and we're just wanna educate people about what they can do absolutely not I Stewart Parker because like you can have a hundred bunker if you have these things tough very long. -- undervalued -- doctors don't forget to realize just accept that I could -- -- I didn't know that people know that's reference but yeah. Well we're just it would do things like that we remember bunker bunker barker based on communism would send you to what go well by the insurance. My parents used to send out Christmas cards and talking to -- from -- Bunker Hill until they get. You're not that -- -- mr. and oh yeah it's been an analyst -- All of the local I didn't think of that I think a first name bunker -- hills set up. A ups miscues. -- yeah you bet thanks thanks again we're gonna did you actually did not cause this is a pretty common problem it is. That we think have the US population now has some problems and it is more prevalent than we have ever had. Especially its obesity I mean obesity is epidemic and that's a secondary complications a lot of folks. Are exactly so if -- earth if you prefer phone number. You know you don't have a computer which is arguably but let's say you -- those five point 27260599. Right. That record of offices and work. And bunkers based are current with -- again doctor Parker for being on. That you okay. -- we take a break let's take a break and. And then we'll be back with -- -- sort of perished in the can -- and Jenny thanked them. Entrepreneurs Barbara price or did. The book -- don't receive and I think -- -- broadcasters to listen it was shifts. The papers ritualistic -- -- it. The -- and -- you more of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages are all there. -- seventy. Back into let's get healthy with the bills wail on -- -- thirteen seventy. Well that was good like a good enough job. -- circles -- is our problem. Upon -- -- cosmetic thing but also health problems community it is a health problems and hip people legs you can trust which isn't he accomplished was to ask -- They're trying to is that such losers -- -- was once known on saint for my patients via. -- -- poster -- -- -- Royce is a portion of that which is a good to have her house. Well I I use a vessel -- for both of -- -- in their restraints -- release him or server goes into the rectum. And a slew of those who -- a year treating the same condition in a different place. You know four -- are different conclusion at least. Vessel masks -- so much -- -- I had a vision that was sort of molecular. Comes as the -- fruit. All hazel what which just all what I forgot for Chester. All the other things that are in there -- are for different parts of the Spain and for different reasons. And homeopathic I mean just follow the Bettis is completely. But -- ninety. I I want something from the -- doctor he can news I didn't realize they interacted with other drugs. Which you know we should know that the a lot of times. I don't have that complicated facing the music for scientifically it's not going to be an issue think and which cranky people off drugs anyway. So most people we have two weeks we try to have no prescriptions. Is possible you know. The -- officials have on his personal let's see if Chinese Brothers. Jenny Putin. I am I'm here and thank you -- for having me on. -- loans is so great to have you surely you have an Austin and I'm not I mean Seattle Washington well there's a cougars are. He's not at -- and let's discuss. How we kind of wish it -- But now it's about ninety degrees here -- well. Yet alone aren't. Well that's okay you lose the leases that we. Thankfully the so don't tell anyone yeah -- -- -- -- -- Austin. The event also before I have an -- I was sent an aunt and I'm not too long ago. Six months ago or so what did you these missions today and I am delighted Eric and I had a great channel and as is is growing up. Yeah so -- -- at an audio. Right so. Your cancer driver use and they must -- Robert reprise her. And this issue though that term -- because that means that you are thriving. You're doing because you -- so much criticism has it become a problem. And and then there's security much stronger than initially -- and -- -- up. Isn't that the truth -- I certainly don't want it to define me and who I am. Right but you're into helps only people you know. With your book tennis really -- right. It is it's called meeting either totality Thirtysomething. Woman -- woman who is. Trying to keep struggling. To find a work life balance. While working with the eccentric -- Anderson carriers. They save laughter of that's not the kind of already. Well there's no questions are front and plus there's I'm in the seventies and I'll say do not electorate each. You know I I think that's the in the united there you go ahead. All without feeling on being -- and into I'm getting now they're being stepped on it thank. Would just don't take life too seriously because you're not going to love and one at Ferrari and everybody by the gets talked about until I. -- years or so whatever. Artificial intelligence might you know at least have your mind didn't service that's not your body in a body on in the back again robot myself a -- it's -- which account that you got to make room for the people -- look to this world who went out he's going to be. He -- this is really make time for too many other people basically your friends are you know anyone she works as the candidate. Asked which he's trying to. You know -- you. Actually discuss her -- -- not herself because she just working. You know. And that her adventure -- all over the world -- he's trying to figure out who she really isn't any. I think that's something that we all deal -- -- and that you're lucky and probably feel plant when they're very -- as well. -- So your basically your thirties now -- -- who go without you sound like yeah. We don't want to discuss that just don't -- -- there you sound young and radio. We remember seventy -- brag about it to protect Enron -- younger how about satellite I don't ideological and -- So -- younger so. Is this a book. The launch of the start with the marchers the Politico -- -- -- purpose on Friday it would Watson was -- beef about. It's it's a book about grow to love and attend church and can't stand it any humorous way. Lou and those are basically. It's a the three different things I would love for people to go away when it was immediately after that everything -- -- -- that they. It is inspired them somehow and you know I have had a few I don't stand right knee and -- -- -- You know I Cheney I can relate to. The main character appear pact because I'm going through the exact same thing right now aren't going through can't -- going through. Any type -- And a pleasant situation. And it's helping them get through it at that it's warmed my heart after going through cancer myself settled. Right now so this should be a great book for anybody has its own as a policy a president birthday present whatever. For some by this this bid through it are about to go through whatever are for anybody you know through. Understand that. That you becomes you come out stronger at the end we have to happen. Yes exactly yet you come out stronger you might come out Eric. Yeah after reading that you may find it you know you're inspired to do something or heard you know help someone in order. Do you take on a new career. Right well let's talk about adventure I like that growth and love -- great to it would result in these things about it but I think that when you look at something. As an adventure. As he's done this. Then you you grow he's do you look at life on. May be you can -- limited to limited. By a by looking at that -- -- pitcher. Islamic sense. It doesn't. Is it that the and that I think in that he's fine she has given one of the biggest challenges of her career and she have to. -- to decide whether to take it on or not and she's traveling all over the world she used. Working twenty hour days and she doesn't have a -- out -- and her work so all of a sudden it just stay up. Does she have to figure out what the phone means and how she's going to turn it around. And this and that and if you -- and that's why should work forty hours. Forty hours a week and traveling around the world. Well twenty hours a day today a day and it happened to us this morning and our -- four hours of sleep that. Basically the rest of her life support. This -- they look -- it exactly definitely the solution is growing she's loved and lessons that your. Yes since she struggled through best to try and find it out work twice talents. And -- has had failed. They'll cancel the current. It's as tough pitches our recently has a -- forty workweek and but I was saying well. I -- if you want some money thirty wanted to workflow history has some work well the. Inventories in order to this yeah. He wants to retire like a case this is the slow way we do in your forties and maybe a couple of years three and half days and by news announced two days. You know and well and just enjoy it and enjoy when you're there -- I think it more practitioners in my clinic so that we need to diversify. In LA and do the appropriate thing for my folks because I own those folks are my stations so I'm trying to you know be there at the -- help them. In you know not just get. When a comic adequate menaces like McDonald's medicine where is click click click click you know there -- five minutes Tennessee based industry can make the money. And in on trying to make -- so that you diversified business aspect of the seat and actually practiced medicine. You know it sounded like -- right after a trick question. Half half after. An explicit and you know about the marys or is it. Oh. Well let's hope not. It was nice clear or more clueless of that you know those types of things honestly I'm out I'll admit it I think this he was to -- opens up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a member on the house -- your office that degree but those lady -- These -- out of you know I think yeah I know Elizabeth. -- never stopped you know that this tour so he's definitely just get harder I say though he were you have humorous book and pitcher about it. Growth and -- on how to overcome. Concern you have cancer right. Again that's had cancer three times. To go out and practice thirteen I used it was really it's flat how the diplomat but actually one -- Those amazing tricks and we have to come up with the alarm on you -- into. I'm heal ourselves. This -- and your attitude is so important we have cancer right. It really does need and anyone going through any particular unpleasant situation we really need. Yeah from the stomach and he's had laughter -- had to just keep moving on and you have to have something to get to you know. It's something in the future to look forward tail end. It's. This project was that for me. I think is great -- so I think we're -- you get. Amazing -- where where is it available. That tunnel. Or horizontal bowlers and -- It is is can actually just at my web site and Cheney Pennington dot com. Or used could go to get any bookstore either portrait or find it -- -- And I didn't Amazon Barnes & Noble iTunes. Online and store was curious as well. Would I go to the website this JA NEE. -- You know I don't. He can eat and they -- ING TO NN dot com. Forget what just says Google. He has your name and only had an analytical product immediately thank us for Google's. Was published -- in the company is a somebody else exists of a snow. Now I'm into -- And it actually Newton Crockett have a chance -- As to which side we got -- a few seconds left her so who would you give to -- to grow where you can buy for yourself I've begun to maybe read it and give somebody -- Don't just -- I think anyone who has ever created dead anytime anyone who's attempted to leave and -- couldn't -- anyone who wants a good laugh at anyone who needs that my. And you know their spirits up -- and it's. I think. Anyone who wants a great summer read it. I'm definitely hearing from. I'm good -- dot com and Amazon com that. The people that are re feeling that I have to and that thankfully and I could just review it and this next week I'm actually at -- Nancy pearl award of the next Friday to. Especially schools -- congratulations -- I think it well meetings meetings meetings. Jamie thank you so much for that you -- insurance. Having these -- and I. I think what you're doing there and often -- rampant just. To keep people healthy and energized an activity it is amazing. 12% to Gholston let -- know our elected I will all right I don't know I would definitely. Let me candidate that right now okay sounds great. Right you take care again at a great day -- you to okay thank you that I. But I would take a break here it is exactly. The 5 PM. OK let's take a break we'll be right back. Welcome to -- let's get healthy with bills wail on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy. Salmonella -- real sway. Right folks this is -- way -- Talk. What holes to play and here I know we don't enjoy my here you're coming distorted totally. We sure enjoyed by the hour you're calling him got to be on the show it -- you want to. 51239013. 7512390. And of course 37 -- issue and listened to talker it is thirteen seventy that's right. You are too so that's. I got an up and probably chronology. -- purchase everywhere you -- because a little up and you're you're ghost. They used to some cast Brett and if you don't think that it. So. -- you are. I don't wish like I was like Blake went. Aren't liquid was circles let's look at this -- between us from -- depending on traffic at. And government should still flawlessly you know probably five pursuant practices tool company for Wesley -- the best way to describe repurchase integrated. But if you integrate well on different groups or functional crucially different names targeted you know elective. Pigeon hole. And I would say it's crustaceans socialist and greatest. All the -- -- truly im proud as Americans. Academy of elements and -- in a forum I'm not through the front of them and actually can call he supports her five because this incident practice sect in Texas. But there's some doctors that dude gets the training for reform and I'm not the forum. I'd do co -- a bunch of stuff from them from other practitioners from view. From other folks have formed from but I'm not a forum and -- tell -- patients that innocent look casual anti -- I'm not your guy. There is other doctors that -- anti aging do very well if one disagrees some of the things they do two but it is professional not not this relatives are doing wrong it's just. We just don't -- studies. We need some real studies that studies say hi -- just transfer. I don't go for high dose testosterone. There movies and Austin into. And some of the females I have come in with higher rated -- -- a side effect of -- this distrust from -- to feel great otherwise you'll be it is really up and other things. It's it's at with test of testosterone calls for females I think signal over fort. It in I don't think is wrong this is technically not wrong. It's just we don't have a studies we don't have enough real data. On and that's why I really want. In the future. And we -- some of that I mean in some of the data of the -- Madison slash integrative medicine. That we're not getting real that's where I want is this true studies. That Shillue. Functionality and -- who has -- autumn morning and you don't tell me that's the problem and we got Thomas doctor Thomas carper of Cleveland's own doctor harper. Yeah every British chat away here -- you and listen to it. I. Don't we do jittery things -- -- no such as you're underdogs didn't. We hand out by hand out maps now your honor I would -- you know both Kazaa I don't you know. A doctor for -- and then freely and other equities is DO. I am I OK -- pick whoever and so thanks to rehearse. There's usually known. Article back like he does is this just came out two days ago -- -- -- that okay. Steroid -- might not help. I just steroids along the -- British article then and they -- Yeah you know what they do and they're finding out that this side effects of the steroids and at times it is too much. Yeah yeah so that it. You know I think that there's multiple ways to you know to take care sparse. Haitians go you know steroids in themselves and and an -- it's not resulting in the dirt -- artificial -- Always not think it would use medication should be integrated and our country -- As you know beat. It had a case are right to life as a resolving them. Of course there -- -- epidural injection would be -- appropriate. Note to take that patient to the next. Well hope it -- get their governor of course not all right now. So. But you know and and that's going to be getting you know it you're just going right at all -- bat. I just don't know you know and readers sound like it would break it it would back and let up. Yes well what they did for those things four patients is that they found out there compared to over six weeks. Other groups -- working worth showed no significant difference and apparently asked. Minarets and local anesthetic were better. But historically we just had to -- sound effects. And it didn't seem to work with lieutenant general. And that's why have I get my patients a choice already -- points of us to -- there was plus liking it or Latina only. And to -- to Big Brother visit India in Missouri and that he does doesn't do steroids with this trigger points I do because sometimes. It really does work -- -- But but that's trigger point specifically not interest fecal or in this foreign. Type the steroids as what you're referring to dock is that that's that's very important for some folks just give you six Fossett almost three -- really severe pain cases. When I talk about average folks. In and out of view that -- knows that it was. Yet again with the distillation or something like that it's not a -- -- definitely some of those intervention there appropriate. -- cases you know chiropractic lies -- -- medicine realization just are not permitting -- now so. Bringing that into the mix it really really release some of that paint. And make -- able to better facilitate some rehabilitation patients. Brett and what on your little bio it says something about a lot of folks are under protein does that we're trying to say later. We have you know. I've got the media that she's straight somewhere background you know haven't looked -- were 20/20 five years -- -- -- I really -- -- bet. If we we all know that they're protein is pretty much the backbone of the L every step on our bodies. You know so. I think and I barely believe -- -- individuals who do not take another and a protein into their bodies I don't think they feel as well. On I can tell a noticeable difference between those individuals at that. Protein rich diet my -- -- -- Podemus died. And then not connotation to -- it's amazing. So well I always encourage people to really watch nutrition. And how they eat and what they take him whenever we're trying to take care patient hit it directly affects their alcohol. Well -- citizenry shares recently showing that tone. You you can actually the I hope your blood sugar level is a great for. For diabetic trip by washing your pusher but by taking some late rotating. Before you read to -- that first to just take a couple of whatever you know -- -- out of a mix but we're approaching talk to whatever -- do that before you reach you know if -- pressure. It well it every two problems that. Yet yet it erect it it is slower release of blood sugar -- -- -- it's it's a lower court scenic replies to -- so what did that do it doesn't have massive spikes of insulin and so you're right. So those patients they're the only blood sugar issues. I mean proteins the way to go because it dramatically slows down on the insulin response. Well it is the you take you old blue pill afterwards that's not gonna help -- -- -- out. Not at all -- under -- that there is a motion and a -- it enterprise with the fifth that's. So so -- They're not very original I deeply believe what I just. There's some bad alternatives. So we're talking earlier we just aren't doctor barker who were -- -- It's. I need serious things -- and -- so we're talking about these things spotter parents and his -- as -- -- Japan South Korea logic. There will deliver his better friends. Did this mostly have you -- that was your questions. Have you doctor that's our present. -- know you want to. Win. -- noses vessel -- by or celestial aren't thinking that yeah there's something to -- has a personal progress a lot of holy path X. That helped the one helps the main wall from one hopes -- circulation itself with the main leaders number different things it does that. And hit it it will help the overall -- health tactically. And also -- of prevention if you have -- -- -- family to support that like my wife says her mom has been so horrible. Circumstance. And if she had started this type of homeopathic product Tony years ago thirty years ago to -- I have a because of -- some people -- like this one gentleman hadn't been suspiciously the real thing this is actually called incurable. In I had one gentlemen this is anecdotal force. Any such the of this type of product since it -- Max is six holes later your shoulders like us that look you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he said to -- assistance to see was gone is completely dark and that's cold. They are irreversible. So I've seen stuff like this actually work now is that everybody techno. And NN don't doctor harper and I both would say look this is just something you tried to -- a work. It protein would be great for health and generals all those -- prevention. I would like harper you have some private label. Products uses language in public for your. Which usually tells me that you had great success. With these products. You mentioned a couple of them that you found that really works. Yeah be on opposite of whey protein well we're well you know I doubt it but Medicare and proteins work really well. You know these -- syndicate I like those product because there natural you know our budget example look. You know what. The other -- grandma's apple pie he knows he can make it that you know everything in it was natural naturally occurring and take a -- and everything. With the way god made it at. You know and or -- conversely compared to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not twenty at all you know -- though you're -- -- get out of your body what you put into it. So I really really liked proteins -- now because everything is natural. And -- -- -- -- 90%. 80%. Eat any really can't beat that. Good sources. You know and -- process all out of that. Don't think call -- medical foods I mean I was outages and some of the other worries -- that they're making medical food because it's really. Mean if organic. I mean pea protein and a lot of different approach the potato priceless sentence like that they're they're not. Over. Processing and they're actually making a true medical food -- would she say. Yes I know you know and proteins for example that date they can extract approaching you it's simple water extraction well which is really neat. Com because you're not chemically straighten it. You know and you gain approaching now that it would make it more are available its rights to make it you know medical and basically it was really cool. So to treat tying him a lot of time. And say it's as a pharmacist I can take that one as director for -- people about his face any killers can actually cause irregular heartbeat. As a side effect -- front. You know especially you get older. So isn't something you'd recommend. As in addition to -- might -- two to go with that -- If you have some -- -- Enemy since. I'm -- aren't that are completely off the precise. I'll take you know -- -- and I mean I use BitTorrent you know not baby girl she's seven you know little tiny things little it's really you know. Something that is safe and natural and and and work well I -- every case of course but you know you definitely not couldn't get done. It's -- good -- it is good for you heard it Egypt's do you like topical or oral that. I mean it it it I think it is the case by case basis you know so it is. Topical and it would be on the presentation. Right into where you -- your Avery ranch right. Is that we -- off since it there. On the score and give people -- I think into the front of about your. Absolutely bombed it -- pro Cairo dot com. Yeah see children that it isn't at another one building up -- but he's witty candidate -- pro Cairo dot com and out of she'd meet she Jupiter acre ranch. Web site that tells about me in us and my crew. -- all about. This picture. Wrote the -- CH -- -- -- BA pro. Cairo. Albeit BA BA pro. -- dot com okay. And doctor harper if you don't mind me asking got a -- -- carper from my McClintock have learned so much about. District Arctic methods what does it here mean it is a constant is Demi was to me interpreting method. I use a variety of methods I'll sign up for one. One method because we have so many methods and each one. Is a case by case basis you know so I don't. I can universe I can do Thompson I can do not understand. You know it it is based upon what the individual needs. So that's my personal. -- I because I've had some Al's car crackers that it. And I love the technique -- -- had cell -- that it it it's that may phils won 2% of time and I'll get those folks. That's one trying to ask is you know that type of vote approach to surgical approaches of -- fractured right. Oh yeah absolutely yeah. Absolutely now I hate seeds I hope I mean for example low back pain that had better result look at it. You know gone -- an adjustment in the lower back as opposed an upper cervical or lower back issues so that would that would would be able. It. The so Garth says popping -- it -- you got to be you've done enough for me just. He still tries it to explain Syria like OK what is our we have our our names for different stuff to it. I had to have fallen on the basics as the constant like a popping technique. I can't hurt you know poppy is just like that it's a manipulative techniques -- -- an adjustment and I guess you get the -- to your response that they released area. As opposed to the upper circle or -- activated it has really no popping course today. But yet it never Manuel Manuel manipulation by far away you well we will get that stuff popping sound. Well the big thing you're into nutrition as we like. I love and you bet your life. Angles they have. I -- that separate operation called it Croat training nutrition lot personal trainers who work for me and I don't. Teachers and a lot you know things like that so awesome -- you know your person isn't to -- I can't say I'm a doctor now Qaeda I was personal trainer and he did dapper on my -- decade -- but I didn't. Went to waste 20/20 -- fierce competitive bodybuilder power -- there. Yeah are constantly with the money. This is your neck as well -- in your head. You may be lifting too much for something or I'm. Not -- -- -- I was you don't that's so I and you got a -- you disorder. Right path and you know they're they're telling people today especially even older people -- I think they'd be careful what. Two to three actually when you work and out you know. Trust yourself a little bit you know you don't just walk. When she gets -- to get past the walking point a little jogging in weightlifting. We have got -- yet you know you have to take your body to -- you know. To an overload basically took principled aware. You know you're sitting there lifting -- -- -- bells and you can get -- five -- dumb bells a hundred times well that's probably not gonna be as productive. And let you know -- putting it 25 compound -- -- one week. You know -- it account and that the same thing let Judy you're partly right doing interval training. There there's different ways and different capacities of the human body in the gap they got early in my president -- got to train within each one goes. In order to get the best and strongest body edit your efforts. Doctor harper let's say that dumped Thomas harper isn't we're character and how doctor Thomas -- Avery ranch show. BA pro Cairo dot com for a close here surmised listing -- -- -- that coordinate their mailbox. They come see you you could help them. I don't know specialist -- a -- I thought I got a camera. -- No skateboarding. Skateboarding just -- -- -- by a little. You know that's who disappoint they need -- professional help. Because they listen listen okay when I got to do is. You know this -- remember their fallen down doing pushups and all that well you know you can do that -- -- you can -- -- yeah. The -- of Belcher sentiment that was -- -- -- -- a river there's one thing you'd jump up milieu we had to have the program that talked about it. Herpes -- inconsistent. So don't you as he -- we don't do that. At Daytona and doctors that there was no that's right they make you miss your closest to them and and that's important and -- There goal allowed thrown at -- that's that's -- This movie advanced and it's all right doctor or pursue pleasure -- to -- sometime. Amanda and you the approach -- dot com. I don't UT's it gave -- -- about it we're gonna take a break would be brought back -- channel thirteen 75123. Military chain of culture. Three through -- we'll -- -- filter it through he's a third and a Entergy said nuclear weapons. Moreover let's get Hilton is coming up after these messages on -- thirteen seventy. Let's get healthy. Kills whales are tall thirteen seventy. Mr. Leo theme song I'm driving in my car listen to radio and their cars driving your car -- -- and enjoy the show. And by the way. We're judge or starting a man about sunglasses and you know not using too much sun screen because you won't sound so lights right now. Thermos today you know -- -- for your vitamin. But also there's so you can -- Sunburned her diet to. You know the first -- so make threes. You know if you every carefully in -- prepared for news because I have a lot of Jamaica's sixes and you know we're and that ratio like 260 threes is really important. Right as you know this sort of free art Brothers took a social protection from the sun. And I don't know that either but that it consists of studies efficiently. -- against -- positive signs from them but just basically know that fish seafood coarse grass fed beef. Grass finished I should say all Cal's -- and -- -- -- finished. And licensees. Of the Kia. Our justice achieved some music UT and products containing. A larger or achievements without. Sorvino all all canola oil -- you know we've -- all. And others are very kind of -- the six yes -- so you avoid those aren't numbers they have shown to decrease. -- -- -- -- Total carcinogens and skim. Through your diet can make a big difference. Probably as much as soon as the -- screen and choose. -- -- -- Publisher and decrease the anti Russian rich figures that you should -- -- -- this Vista to Vista we'll talk about that before gravity is committed. You can take the supplements were also. A food of course if you operations mission is to post a student privacy. Tourniquet as it is helpful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Especially the bottom -- topical creams to you but I think he's missed just. If -- injured Marie carrier. You know have this whatever vitamin -- All of these items. They hate bad news all the -- bottoms. Thank the payroll and human skin photo protection. Solution that is okay. Care to Norris it was also very good. Terrorists and in cares but apparently it. Which also reduced so. -- Vegetables -- course and actually leafy green vegetables cares Starker and -- -- potential soon have a lot of them. This is this situation protector skin. If Gergen the sun and Richard don't argue about the way is to resume alcohol consumption. Because I can actually. I was gonna get worse or dehydration of those things to yourself who. And then -- -- rich fruits such as soon beat if you can dude. I'll be stock chicken stock -- sector -- from -- Can actually help teachers can. So clients he's in or near. As it -- to -- OS device interest usually entails and assuming things. It helps joints and then also to know offices specific part of the horrors it looks -- -- Merrill the skin of Belichick and things like that that is one -- so. Even though K were you say well a lot of penalties and a -- -- -- fat. Actually it increases your room you're endurance you you wanna work -- -- -- -- So so that's the way you protect your skin. From. And a little bit and he's still you do just doing that there's not gonna protect abuse took a -- -- December actual friend charges to all those can thanks to help them. -- -- Did you know that vinegar -- -- -- the use of the skin conditions also. So you can take take vinegar and -- -- can we even on the side. And they have done research element. Of people woke up with no redness and itching tingling. Actually. I've been out in the sun. Used to -- and oh my goodness and consume too much while so just Snedeker. Us if you can't you use at your food you're eating different. -- -- The conditions to the generals and a mixture of vinegar -- water can -- people that need. This -- -- stringent. -- excess morals. Is also effective retrieved they'll fungus infections. If she's cute. Dog dirt from the orange. -- I'm not McKinley -- connector. So this is not a promotion for. A reflection of a commitment. Document. -- a lot of folks especially. On this -- foot. -- the museum. Took bets. With vinegar. Are quite good program. Let's talk about seven heart healthy through thick and if you lower your risk for heart disease in -- people loosening their young herself to rebut that. Do you. Because there are problems with young people with partly -- -- it about a fish in the cell and all that all real. You can you can liberal bill that raises and let them I don't. -- it's also great for. Or the want the best motion can -- Hartman yes Newbury Street team needs tomatoes. It was again -- which -- -- farmer's market. Yes which would you go to. So so Dallas. And in the centavos initial boot to the one of the case physicals for -- it. So -- is a lot of good stuff. -- My wife at the conclusion. I scold him Richard. Who could provide extra than -- Talk about things you can do for the scale and we're trying to discount and Iowa so much talk about. -- actually perhaps. -- you know you pick up ice and Ascot. As you wanna you know reduce that he's quick as you can. Also raw honey. You can lives to declare wrongly that will help. Susan happens does that affect your properties were Cubans can hydrated. You can remove. Here with without a racer. You know like he's got -- there on your. Had career legs whatever. -- is one part abide down 2% what went comfortably -- I wrote on the Jared. Period that you are losing your -- Unisys for five minutes without water. And then gently wiped away with that wealth. And the mixture will come out here we'll come out without a lot of ignorance right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She -- worker to worker so one tablespoon. Of I've -- 2%. You can by the over the counter. With what -- comfortably BO. We'll tell it was sort of a big deal. And you were due to you with us your back -- people as they get all of them -- back your legs whatever you do this refusing to hear what your. He's ourselves don't shoot the. I do every time it's -- -- And -- ignorant thing you know because every time we learn something is very. This city. If you get if you gift is so. The self tenor. -- thick in New -- to remove it because it looks streaky whatever. What do you do with that -- watermelon juice and baking soda. And then you get used his -- to exfoliate. If you have too much and you know self tanning. Emotions about it see you don't want anymore whatever. So you can use all natural bush from -- sea water and lemon juice and baking soda. And usually brush to pressure on her back -- a particular. So listen you look at the border with policy as a suit beauty this is about natural -- to be right. My sister industries and -- before in the morning Holdren the under on the top of the -- is to decrease of this information. How about cucumbers. Are too Ebanks who works as well. Ethnic issues to blood vessels and went about two under the area decrease finish. Here I've heard them. -- -- -- -- So let's say you want -- it's a skin. Are you just assault. I'll put that your bath. You're working you used to work you Susan muscles. And a half a teaspoon to your favorite cleansing cream or lotion and gently massage in the face and small circles which are tries to week. The minerals. Compound of solo fight and magnesium. And Felicia auctions and column information. You can actually -- he -- to -- -- you can do your own. Publisher owns a maternal. You can use Salo. -- -- I was there aggravated us into -- -- exactly. So you can use as -- -- -- -- yellow -- and apply directly to the polymers. For natural tightening fix our squeeze. He took ice cube trays Jefferies and -- on execution to scan for version easy cleanup application. We're so if you blossoming right now cancel it up -- -- okay you can regulator. About two bugged by bouts. Even now -- condemned the guard right now there's other bush has threatened me. Taken half a couple of baking soda like -- memory and not -- suits and silk. You neutralize -- and skin irritants such as sunburn -- -- -- Making so you can also take. Lower -- barely tickled to -- the -- put that in your best. You know foreign. Is that he would never have so little cute -- What about -- dark under -- circles. Not McKay found in pairs overcome those problems are gonna have because again. He recruited doctor -- the damage Kepler is an Immersion in the thin. Skin layer around the. This have to be careful with limited. The settle the telescope was in that it's important -- the other is true but if you're flying atop the collegiate properly yesterday I had just wanna ensure that people okay about a case now. And my development and their bread is so much for us. For uneven pigmentation you've seen that was turned vicious and Accenture. We've already found fishing garlic and help to combat the rumors about the ocean circulation in the body. -- about it radiant complexion. It is topic -- Does that orally oral advocate -- -- -- and -- if you could become proficient when -- -- you don't want to be able. Well you don't know the best. Product to a draw. Your your touches on your face -- is considered. Oracle's -- and -- 8000 darkness and leafy green vegetables and Kellen as the key to rejuvenate the skin soothing and -- -- An uneven skin tone. The script for the of that magnitude. For dull skin carrots and keep lively aberrant. The trust in -- and he's trying to -- -- proper Spanish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another who's got up at a parent sun damaged skin about receive phone or registrar version kiwi can help reverse. Some skin temperature. From the sun. There's wrinkles sagging is really brightened. The overall skin tone due to the fact that the stimulus collagen production. And that covers most of them. So America three's insurer American threes from your food so valuable in three capsules capsule to protect the skin. If you bail and soon you're going to be some. Sometime today as we hope you'll vitamin. -- take a break here three and a thirteen seventy about traveling to three out of -- seven -- -- questions you with repeats and -- that today you can welcome come embassy it's. It is exactly. Which gives -- -- About 45 -- Gregg would be right back. Get -- These messages on -- Let's get healthy and -- -- on hole thirteen seventy. Ridiculous as I. Because like you can build -- -- what. Look at it for you only can you. You can build a relationship hooking up with any kind of -- the army that was -- Greenland what did you write anybody. I think that's -- problem is he's he's it's hard -- out. Well okay knocking people and their relationship completely quickly and easily when they didn't have to think again the kind of -- Peeping -- the other person's perspective which is often America. Right we looking at its own when it's okay. -- I think that here you're during the summer on this coming up. On Sunday. And Monday at the liquor store rhetorical. When -- three. So well it's always again every shift to a -- If you wanna get well and it's really tough I mean you can you can texts. In fact we know will you please just say. Hey Paul side pocket that -- over the game is over. You know if -- play it cool yeah I wrote this down -- You know units. There it is way of looking at that usually people know what their relationship is coming to an end because they they did it doesn't seem like there's anything salvageable luck. Right do much good at water under the bridge. What I come in handy -- kind of helping people recognize. What is going on in the relationship and I am Taliban to do something about it. -- -- and there is a way things are you know -- -- in relation -- the way you're being away you automatically -- -- someone. Especially if you have you know that that person -- I know I fully expect when I come home they're gonna have -- for the Alabama how often dirty facts on the -- whatever. And sometimes you're lucky and almost fully expecting to be angry about it. And then of course you're right you know there's the dirty socks on the fly and you. In a blackout and -- I feel I'm respected I -- none -- -- loved and appreciated because I can't get a clean up is nothing new did frankly that the plaque. Well what I come in handy that the people can recognize what kept them off what triggered them and I provide them with tools that help them really get clear and present so they don't have those emotional trigger anymore. And they can really be fully empowered in a relationship -- in their life. And the information is applicable whether it's an -- in a really close loving relationship like in your partner -- -- solid friendship with neighbors and colleagues they'll work it doesn't matter to applicable whether it's personal or professional. Exactly. So we're just saying this is -- -- to weather the next day. And proudly as you said hidden monsters behind me out but we talked about the Sox. It's just okay we're you know I think the suction part dirty socks don't. What does a missile like it might be me I don't. So you know everybody's got different comfort -- And you're like communication and compete you know is that the other person not get enough here that if you don't tell them. But if you tell them while you're really out of that and you know triggered. They're not gonna you you because they can tell your triggered you're emotionally tired she may even be yelling at them are using. And choice of where that. Comes you know like at a certain point you can't get fed up to announce the -- it was long in the -- word cranky and you know you're hot you come home -- hungry. Doesn't take much to do that to luck. But you know the -- where you can compassion only communicate your request and really make a difference and how the communication goes. Because you know -- people can be heard your -- powerfully you're speaking powerfully you can hear each other. But what I do like teach people how to release period tethered to communicate better and to recognize what their love languages are so many candidates. -- though -- likely gifted people and up. Well we know a lot of things are contagious in this world and all of these -- you know you walk in the targets and you got these these I'll call. A cleansing agent before it even the even the poorest of -- you know you've got him. Take your hands because invitation. So we know that contagion as there is a real problem is rural but as I have done studies showing now so is stress. -- stressed out. Listen you you just talk some about the dirty socks okay. And the smell as pretty bad -- So so you're stressed out anyway and so you you take guys you're stress on that person. That any kind mistress. Or you are you're doing is if you're just it's contagious. I could be spreading it out. And you know what I like to beat people and I don't even get catapulting themselves and how to make it different over there even when someone and overbearing in the -- how you can. Help them food and these captain -- you know because it's. You know -- they -- they -- something they have to be very mindful you know how are you preventing yourself. Are you coming and let you know compassion love and forgiveness -- gratitude are you coming and you've on your bag and you should be punished. Hillary Clinton elegantly yelling at the punishment type. Exactly. And -- if you let somebody. If you're involved distressed carrier. And guys that can be bad -- that though because you'd be stressed out. We all know that the dangers of stress. Clinic -- -- two even alzheimer's and dementia. Welcome our problems. It's -- time as a whole body absolutely. So you just work on the stress. And then. It if you can't work it out in some countries that are do able -- parkinson's. Man. You can't you try other things before you drifting and -- -- capital. -- -- -- -- And inherit you can argue because it's so Brenda John. What is AMC's tenth -- I don't see and it it they think I'm a certified that -- Now I think I mean 25 years -- -- -- -- got dampened recognizing patterns and people because I'm working doctors' offices in pain clinic bench. I could see how that don't manifested into something very physical and read -- In their body. And -- -- that was my job to help them to get past it what I noted that in the -- apparently a lot of people could only get so far. Because they couldn't necessarily wrap their mind about it I let go of some of that frustration anger haven't whatever they were holding in the heart. -- -- So I hate people how to let go look I give them you know a little bit toolbox public -- technique -- modalities and conferences. That they can do and I empower them and show them how. So that they can actually learn how to -- it can't be -- themselves. Let go of some of that animosity anger and it's whatever that is that you've been making it mean. And did -- take responsibility -- you're like showing up at a much more powerful way you can really cool way to approach life and I happen that. I've been happily married for twenty years now and I tried everything that I teach in my relationship and we still feel like you're relaxed it's. Just as bad. As it is here I think you. It feels scared I was that a -- had you know these kind of loving relationships went so that's why I'm. Can help kinda helped spread the word about that night fortunately I didn't even get. Which -- well so. I didn't have a -- content to live like one week. And available on my website Betty and dot com. And it it's kind of an information manually all that goes with a lot of my coaching programs and I thank him for the people kind of have company can -- coming up. Oh my god yes this is all that information to talk about that I couldn't take -- that connect captured all but here it is that a block. So the book is collective notes. And it is yeah okay so like that -- and Chicago -- for -- -- got a. A good time. And I -- it look like management group is like 101 now mean that kick in and simple understanding -- that that anybody can get I don't share that with you know some of the younger. Generation I -- a lot of teenagers and well. And both grown adult and they even the elderly. Yes it is not a particularly younger they don't get access. That's a massacre of British life and happiness in life is having -- -- -- Really captures a medical is a matter of fact is that with the voters are really good health. That I was if your doctor your forms. That's that he hasn't shown that people are happier when they have a lot of good relationship -- good. -- -- hugs the days do we need to have this maintain emotional health. A number as our power crucial. Release is -- loans and leases they don't know -- of the main reason that it wasn't orphans it's a good feeling hormones -- about it. I could point think. And I think Peta technique that it kind of like don't hug and that I do it all the time -- good -- I don't know about although I'm getting your -- -- I -- feel that I can feel the -- let me let somebody like we gotta gotta go to this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It can increases Solio. Yeah the wrist -- -- are really bad because stress just is worse is just it just. It pictures increases exponentially. And they know that if you if you have insomnia. If you don't sleep well at night you know you were -- -- for compromise too much marketable. It is you get you know you don't industry gets this deep -- deterrence programs currently. Yeah and then technique that said you know I can help people who readjust or recalibrate count of what's going on inside they had so they can get -- -- The masses even though they may be something -- like you know what I can be happy regardless of this situation condition and Evander whenever. I and it really. It's really cool that you can you know really -- how your world shelling out you can be at the kinds of lecturer. -- -- Look at the -- you're gonna bring this vote Tuesday to the seminar. -- But you know I actually do have a a printed that an -- printed copy -- -- manual for in the indictment. -- It is really to enlighten people on how to have a good relationship as well as. You know how to -- the -- how to approach different projects tab -- issues and situations circumstances so that you can feel good about what you're doing I can really making -- difference. -- What the cost my email. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes they do me just because down I absolutely and I do have a credit -- I can bring along with a lot of other wonderful reference manual and that children country that I used to. What have you charged with this someone we can do for you which is part of this I would do because I'm the owner I can do this. We will pay a -- since a bill you buy that most of us out they can come and the infamous shall be free the book or to -- what are you were originally charged affair. Yeah when I wonder proper idea of Cambridge who asked -- this is so critical. For -- -- -- it meant -- this crucial you know. Well they didn't I think than you know your your emotions follow you are content and your physical Bible story though he motion somewhere. And it only take 172 anchor and thought into any motion. And with your emotion being so powerful and until magnetic and radiating out is your computer -- You can be very mindful of what you're thinking and what you're feeling and how your behavior because you can pick that up -- I hit a lot about how you can manage your energy and actually have a Latin solid be healthy here. Right we'll bring that we have to run here but I gotta say the electron. -- -- where you're having it is just a corner southwest corner of when -- three and 620. I don't know -- -- is -- right. Branches of people's. So people in Canada people aren't there was again that's going to be seven. Yeah delighted to deny that -- yeah this great. And Brent thank you so much. All right have a good enough job won't try to make it. Amateur video of different and have a good but it. That I aren't without. We doesn't give -- It is 6 PM we're done all right guys thanks for the sick folks -- and want to thank you for your thank you -- yeah. Anyway all right. Yeah initially. Yeah.