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Jul 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Times are coming -- get your husband Michael Cargill -- brought to you by Texas colosio's. Over the last decade Michael is champion and supported the rights of law abiding Texans don't own and use firearms. He is the owner of central Texas -- works. A veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money AOL and BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defend the lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics. You can join the conversation by calling 51239. -- thirteen seventies and now here's Michael Cargill. Happy Independence Day everyone today's July 6 2014. -- become a target they we're gonna talk about the castle doctrine. And stand your ground law schools some things we're gonna discuss a daylong when we have value in the studio here my whole host. -- Hancock -- the show David the Lulu Lulu. Also we have Justin to launch a candidate doesn't do great -- fourth. -- -- and then also on the phones we have Michelle I ten from Texas law she'll Heidi done Michelle. -- -- how was your fourth of July Michelle. I was in perfect absolutely perfect against. You know my family and friends. Oh -- did she tell me UN in Austin, Texas on sixth street enjoying all that. You know world going to the police station in billing people -- -- on this. Why aren't you stated this okay so yeah I guess you policing we're behaving themselves. But you really all that's right did you know why because willow by the citizens in the in the people that you. Have major clients actually. Thanks so we're gonna talk about the castle doctrine stand your ground law. -- and Michelle kind of tells a little bit about the Texas castle doctrine what that means. I yeah -- out of the premiere. To leave the -- I think being that we do everything actually called -- -- -- -- actually actually reasonably. And -- besides. Whether we actually you know they're not gonna judge or jury very. -- the -- is kind of -- not going to look bad guys. Yeah and and you reasonable. Presumption. The couldn't find herself whole situation last six point 19 mark of the capital are trolls need to feed. I'm -- sort that we actually -- well and you didn't get its course or -- issued against you it's actually cheaper. The what ends up happening is what you can -- very tough -- -- Score card secured to the job to show he's acted unreasonably in -- scenario. So it's a huge help in court and -- articles. So there's also a difference between the Texas castle doctrine in the stand your ground law because a lot of people get back to diss nobody being that the castle doctrine. He is the stand your ground you know -- it is not -- they're actually two different totally different things. But I think you discredit legal theory that we have on the books it's mind. And one half block I don't know what it was in the -- -- don't know -- -- -- as -- it's something that the median home. Create a little collapse onto it could to keep hope to have good Islamabad. But don't include -- reluctant. If somebody -- unlawfully. And of course the trail are occupied publication. Are occupied vehicle for our occupied -- Internet. Then it it is pretty him can you actually reasonably think even deadly force to. Are you. OK so here's a occupies my occupied. Habitation my occupied vehicle sold. If I'm sitting inside my hole and there. I look outside my window there and I see someone breaking into my vehicle. Does that mean it under the hood Texas castle rock that I can defend myself. You heard our Kodak is no link management area he got beat in the face and everybody you know how to -- in the -- they're breaking into how do you -- -- if you are not in your immediate call that a common burglary and it's not covered under the -- -- doctrine -- that we won't print function. So I -- -- so someone is -- your inside your home in someone is breaking into your car that is death. They're breaking in because you're not inside the vehicle your actions such a whole new look out the window they're committing theft. That it expected -- awesome awesome. Right in in in just like he said you know unlawfully with force interview -- to -- into. You're occupied -- -- -- -- occupied vehicle are about place -- -- maybe you're just fighting using force or. -- -- He had that protected the current content out peacefully places where. -- should -- have the -- states and it's kind of left. He just mr. -- -- -- -- just not articulated a laugh how important it is and how little. How important goals. Enough criminals to stand up during her home. Through to -- in the post in the world views. Fiscally -- so what do you actually believe in using that resource. I -- somebody who unlawfully in of course strike in July this series sacred spot. We'll check just credit question Michelle at any point if somebody is breaking into some your property like your vehicle -- are you allowed to -- -- weapon. To kind of fend them off for. For you bring you -- -- know winning a crime at that point. One you are kidding crimes. Probably won't happen more than crimes like -- New food -- hot you will be swept aside. Formal. Committing that crime it's going to be lobbying -- -- -- -- doing what you're getting along yeah that I would be very good decent look at. Somebody would -- -- -- somebody wrote a couple of the company or somebody because the issue car. I'm well funded. Our. What's my cut -- -- -- the good fight the fire arms to her. We need the -- all -- intended consequence. You know while one. I would definitely. Growing -- to follow -- for its own great. That that. Alina and at that point the other -- and Weezer or. Yeah -- -- you're talking about nine battle fortress justifiable force right shelves so. That it cracked even Biotech -- -- and I hope to have war. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you laugh. To create often went to another person free you know when you said before if it comes. And David what are what I call a number that. It's a -- 1239013. Seventy if anyone has a question or comment turns things jump in the conversation does. 51239013. Seventy wanna make sure we get to everyone this week you know this -- is -- Every every week it seems like there needs to get the gift every single call there also we're gonna talk about a couple different victories here we have got Groupon we had an awesome victory. This market -- Groupon. About a year and six months ago. Groupon decided they were going to suspend all deals everything that he has to do with that gun range is. Concealed handgun classes beginning handgun classes they suspended those deals. And about right around June. They actually started them back in in July this while they're in full fledged everything's that we've had an awesome victory. Tackles a year as six months ago B -- at their CEO. They also their stock dropped. So now we we've had a a huge victory we did a actual boycotts. And have people sign a petition and we actually boycotting Groupon and it worked. Salute the secondary community hands off to yeah I like to see a big congratulations to the second can mean second community keep me there good jobs. Current predicament there. As a parent and and also. And there's something going on with MSNBC. Where 80% of Americans support constitution Gary. Man I can you do. -- this NBC really knows thousands of people not. A couple hundred that were poll that was thousands and thousands of people I believe I was out of 90000 people here. Took the call eight -- -- -- -- I can't shut the door on their face a little why our -- me tell me NBA moms and an action you know where they talk about all the majority of Americans. Support. Universal background checks and supposedly they have for a thousand signatures for target I don't know where they were -- not during this cold but. Right path so 80% American support constitutional -- what a concept I guess they like Agassi one you know once Vermont. Had that we live and in TVC. We'll think about targeted in TVs he was a little statement saying that wolf target. -- -- Pretty much -- No moral interior inner source basically they've to have a band guns for disaster for the politely Lieberman there at Lehman their vehicles and I and in what what what is the -- decency. Tom Welty VCR and I know they've been training quite a few businesses in Texas senses opened your movement kind of started. And -- and threatening to take their licenses and stuff like. And -- Citing thirteen ABC go to some legal -- going to the store but it's it's they could have their license suspended as if somebody doesn't enter into their stores. Frank so we'll see we're gonna gonna turn that stuff over the Texas -- down the road and he's an investigation on that see you know. What legal grounds they -- they're standing on there because there's nothing in Texas penal code that says that you know. With a long gun you cannot gain inside it sure seems like got TVCs. Actually using their their power in Britain. These businesses. You may be telling him that he didn't take the license away from them if they don't. And it is. Depending how you feel about this or not just lets you know their Twitter is at Texas ABC if you wanna -- wish your opinion because I notice they do a lot of club back and forth with the NBA group and other people that don't mean to limit our state that are commenting on the issues here in Texas which doesn't make any sense to Maine so tell me the majority of people that are complain about this -- legalistic text that's correct. While Texas here that people they don't even live in this state are telling the state of Texas what we should deal with our gun laws I think you're. You know I actually the -- taxes low yet you still push treaty because it here in Travis County we have about a million -- -- -- one million. -- million residents say we have -- Travis County we have a little over 700000. Registered voters back him and I can't see this enough. We have a little over 700000 registered voters at the 700000 registered voters that we have here Travis County in our last election only 2% came off the -- So Texans if you want to let someone in another state. In new York and California tell you what you can do in your state you better get off your -- and tell you now going to be -- like they're living in California and they're gonna have you. If you let Grover -- -- -- doing what he wants to do what I do living like Chicago would only be living like New York. Are you gonna have people pushing you know people in front of you know trains and all of that kind of stuff -- but let people know that this is Texas the lone star state and this will not be Chicago this is not going to be New York. We're gonna do it the way we want to do it this is home of Gonzales this is home of the Alamo. Don't forget again that's that Texas ABC -- and wish her opinion. All right I'm -- So I'm Michelle I got a little tension there come right. I apologize. So -- TBS the Texas castle back there's always someone or laughing with forced into was attempting to enter a -- it would for sure occupied habitation. You're occupied people places is reforming the you'll be justified in using force or the elite force. And if someone unlawful with sports was trying to remove you. From year occupied habitation vehicle plays a visceral form you just by using force your daily force. Who actually actually -- -- and they are entering or they're getting into a country where many view or. Including an amazing I'm glad they -- a spot. And so as long as long as you did not provoke that person he cannot provoke them is long you know not otherwise engage in -- like TV you would not too many crime. McCain and they're not talking not classy misdemeanors are talking about anything is. That they're talking to some degree and a classy -- -- felony for -- Got a crack anything about a class C misdemeanor traffic -- basically. -- -- Very NN just after this we're gonna we're gonna come back we're gonna finish talking about Texas castle doctrine is finished talking about seeing your ground balls cross is gonna take some calls. -- Give us call 51239013. Seventy guys we'll be right back after this. Stay more come and talk it is coming up right after these messages. Here on top there. 1870. Coming socket -- With Michael Cargill. We're talking all things firearms join the conversation now by calling 51239. And thirteen seventy. Now here's Michael Cargill. And now it's time for GG -- global new. He was shocked to learn discrete -- politician got it right. Governor Chris Christie of the garden state vetoed a bill that would limit magazine capacity to ten rounds with no grandfather clause. Christian returned to build. Vowing not to criminalize law abiding citizens target issued a statement this week that it would be requesting that shoppers -- guns at home. While several anti gun and anti freedom -- solve this as a victory. Target clarified by saying that they were not banning guns and they would continue to follow local gun laws we like to think target for keeping in mind everyone's right. Okay. And who might quietly remind the anti gun movement to shut up and find something -- she's wont to do you. This week in Democrats get it wrong. Casino free -- Atlanta decides to ignore his state legislators -- Kerry lost the recently passed guns everywhere bill. Redeemed all of -- facilities to be gun free zones. With the exception of the few certain officials. Prior to the guns -- a law. -- had no particular stirrings about protecting his CD -- against criminal gun activity but now the lawful gun carriers can carry anywhere. Everyone is in danger no sir. Mr. Reid think again it's more guns less crime and maybe he should tune into the show well. Often. That's some. Speaking of the guns everywhere Iraq that's called the Georgia safe Kerry protection act. They went into effect on the first. And it also allows licensed carriers now known to schools bars government buildings and churches with their firearms. Idaho becomes the seventh state to pass a campus Kerry lost several bizarre stipulations attached to Islam -- that kind of make your little 58. One you gotta be Tony want to have the permanent most college students don't want anyone to cost 200 bucks to get the permanent most college students don't have -- -- -- bucks and carrying. Firearms are still in demand and all of the dormitories and large arena is sort of the what's the point you go to class in the hallways and that's about it. Also want to pile it on even more. Most colleges now are getting their officers that are police if they didn't have weapons they are now carrying firearms to protect against this threat. Of the concealed carriers. It seems that the lawful gun owners are more dangerous than the criminals themselves. Reported to defensive gun uses this -- sort of the first is not really gonna -- but he Pittsburg PA men. Was in his home when he was threatened by a burglar last Sunday morning in response that homeowner Julie video game guy and it detained trespass or until the police arrive in short. If you don't have a gun have something that looks like event. The cuts costs and also from a -- Quaker state. Neighbors in the Marlon -- township know how to look out for each other after a sixty year old man had been assaulted outside his home. The criminals returned to the scene for a second round this time though they were already. After warning to criminals the scenes in -- fired one shot and struck one of them in the chest Pennsylvania now knows that guns don't kill people. Guns save people and probably will like you can gradually Georgia Virginia and Mississippi Tennessee. -- Qaeda are there any Indiana on passing sensible and much needed -- pro gun reform bill this week. And that is your global good news for July 6 2014. Doctor stand your ground -- go back to that. Palpable bullying before I come back to you Michelle how also wanna talk about Shannon trough than AK watts. Ms. watch -- And her little property can't -- I've Mayor Bloomberg seemed that they did they can spend fifty million dollars in telling Texas what we can do and our state. So I'm telling you before I cannot stress enough the do not let this property -- Michael Goldberg tell us what we can do here in the state of Texas the lone star state don't mess with Texas. Guys let's go back to you -- Michelle there is so we're talking about the castle doctrine wanna make sure we wrap this up didn't people are really solid. Entitlement so if -- with force if someone's trying to. In your mind occupied have it habitation much occupied vehicle -- -- -- -- -- for me don't just by the use of force should be enforced. If they're trying to remove me from my occupied have a decent people -- this report made from just by the use of force -- -- force. His long is are not. -- that -- not provoke that person. As long as I'm not committing a crime. So look if they are committing aggravated kidnapping murder sexual assault aggravated sexual robbery aggravated robbery on just by the -- portion daily forceful. He knows a thing like them but -- you on the show and answer this from forming. So say you need of marijuana if anyone has a home at 2 o'clock in the afternoon someone breaks and in my house. Last week we're talking a five reasons be -- -- -- -- jail. One of those was saying that I had to be at night time criminal. You know mission to us at night time all the stuff at nighttime so what happens if it's during the daytime show for Mike. Well NA within a couple of our current scenario it doesn't matter that I would expect -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how laughter are spread -- merely -- vehicle replacement business. It doesn't matter what time today I you I appreciate it actually completely used up its course. How it all means is gonna come with a copy -- this that's a long time. But somebody who likes to run a bicycle out of your dry -- right that's a fact. You know when you -- -- force imaginary wall at nighttime the criminal lipstick at nighttime birds academic scandal Obama beat it out of mailbox. You've got a lot going against the property back. I mean I'm used to this course like I'm felony counts of capital market experience that little niche. The situation to be made public course today I'm more in my catalog that you not change. Okay cool. Well there's a dumb question for you can't I shoot someone in the back in my house. Yeah I'm pretty epic -- on walking around it would not matter that money sitting in the back or won't do you know exactly -- if I don't he. I don't DA prosecutor being able to successfully argue that you -- unbelievable shooting somebody that would you know how. -- no matter where they are now clear cool being humble humble illusion and LaMont we have a different scenario. Frightened they're no longer hang around there are no longer tricky when you're single me. -- agency couldn't -- that couldn't -- -- act and he didn't being -- -- it'll just unthinkable ultimately did you ask we've spoken to your home. It is very very careful and that's where else. Let's go to the FO Lawrence Mike let's go to a David from the Beaumont area what's going on David. Good good after 2000 column ask questions about. You know you're talking about a couple on -- -- -- -- the provincial about -- they'll upload your property. Someone it is what you you mentioned a couple of audio and or certain someone has now taken premier properties. And they're trying to learn what -- what your property. Do you have the right he's lethal force threat or -- -- I'm not too long ago their commencement where there was a neighbor that actually shot someone until someone because he was feeling some things from a neighbor and so what -- what it felt. -- When -- Carl thanks in order what do you think we shall. I told you prepared that are not under the Catholic doctrine because. You're not being around there are -- your hand navigate the car you're on the car and they say -- These are our taxes property laws that say -- I'm not aired their company -- -- we don't like food we won't leave open course. One of -- for comparison. The crime burglary and that it's a crazy little longer need to structure quickly without -- I would have gotten robbery and aggravated robbery to that is taking something called a person by the strike force so I would it take. For the first stop -- about the robbery. And then we've got that the nighttime launch vehicle that you gave and only god I'm used pashtuns. Our comments and I can just stop that play with somebody hits stealing your staff and a lot today. Check the clock back and we can we cannot be useful resource class area. However if they're you they're breaking want to know how -- individual could -- or bonds' stats in the execution of a burglary. Which is one of those crimes I was out earlier than expected in May be testified in New England because she -- acts. I will probably and original sort of regularly so what you need to keep in mind that within the -- -- you do not get a reasonable presumption. Right with the -- that issue -- you actually really shooting somebody that was breaking chitchat. We'll go to the jury and you better hope he gets -- people who think like you did. Did you had you read are scared eating. So let's do that in your question sir I don't follow what that is it wouldn't be prudent -- eighty years eighty escalating. I pay per view we call upon them and then you first tried to Africa and then condemn it back -- -- escalates from there. And you -- escalating force Serbs you have -- couple -- -- probable course but. Not easy come up to stop them them a bit late now they're coming out pretty good and attacking -- -- -- -- entry below -- that marked by. They are trying to track you've got. So yeah I definitely agree that I wonder because with that because. -- -- I can terms. -- knew we couldn't handle it he Powell made -- quite sinking an -- I can tell the -- You go out there to try to get old guy popular properties including you get a -- yeah. You know it's got to get -- help. Long -- the good guy. Came after another person would have gotten. What does that tell you the other person -- thinking that you need to take to get in -- that I guess it's good guy. Or he had something bigger batter that he was going to be able to have a talented guy that you can be a good guy actually got -- I'm quite what you -- there is I think a great strategy to use it. Cool thanks David for giving us a call and remember everybody give us -- call 51239013. Seven and ask Michelle reminds me any question of course I don't -- -- answers. Soda business but I. I pray so Michelle let's go over Judea and the stand your ground law I think and hopefully make sure we get covered everything with the cast of are thank you very. I'm the one thing well quite a bit and then format I'm cool Lotta years. Our big point of contention for a lot of people if you have a little -- Iran's. Yeah how is ours kids with your garage -- all under one roof. Trying to catch an actor because that is -- -- you keep it. AD cash go Irish. It's not part of the Catholic doctrine do not Curtis structurally earlier had tonight. What -- I know my daily news southern hills now so let's talk about the shared. So Biden -- then they're not iron we'll -- that's not part of the fact that cast about. Correct UK because occupying applications. All have been sold to find basically somewhere adapted for overnight accommodations -- hotel room will be covered. Major championship will be covered your home obviously. Which are strengthening your car -- to be seen as applications. But defending that is not used first and I actually bend it like Barnes. 48 detached garage will not fall under the protection of the Catholic doctrine of. What is they resentment remit about renovated it so like. One bedroom. Rental place like a lot of places are doing the world. Does that -- -- now I'm at home then right not a. Correction my parents have a barn a lot of aren't yet they're in the bar and it kind of living quarters upstairs she's got that they were in the living quarters -- yes. That would be considered how to -- fabrication at that point. -- I didn't know let's go over Q I'm the stand your ground law. And so. A lot of you know -- get those two things confused like a simple for the Texas has sparked -- stand your ground. This thing -- grounds is a person who is Iraqi president the location where the force -- daily -- -- Who is not provoke diversion against whom the force for daily Portia she's. And who is not engaging in criminal activity at the time on the porch were in the bush genes is not required to retreat before using fortune in the force. So I mean you -- a right to be here so long you're not. Committing a crime. Then you can stand your ground. On the correct emotionally it better. They need more accurate to say that -- ground really mean -- you you have no duty to retreat. The wall when that you're afraid to deadly force show. What good -- -- just like my caddie and while you are not committing a crime not a cocky traffic events. You are at pike street have a legal right feet stay between you gotta tread after I mean. Anywhere we have a legal right to beat Algeria Iraq charter school law it -- works you've got a legal right to -- there actually watch a lot of trash talker and then you cannot go looking for the strike you cannot be the initial -- -- -- in this scenario -- received. An Eddy -- retreat protection. But. -- admit stops. A prosecutor. From arguing injuries robbed right you shouldn't judge -- just keep you couldn't. Fled to safety. It flopped. Prosecutors from using that against seem to begin taxes and realizes and I like -- -- scenario. And the alignment can be very difficult to do we can make sure that split second decision on whether they're in Asia Asian way out. You are not expected it actually superhuman. And figure out if they play out if you -- -- Arnold will not be used against you in court to prevent prosecution nutrient that. Okay won't go back and wanted to ask some tough stuff he had some tough questions Frank's old. Let's go back TV. That Texas cast about it in in in some reasons you would not be justified in using force -- daily force. -- one of those is in response to verbal provocation alone. -- we almost six installs or break my bones but talking would never hurt me. So you know just because someone says something he does not mean you're just -- music portion daily force. And you know let's correct the word alone and that's. Right and then also two written resisted arrest -- search that you know is being made by peace officer or by person I -- Ubisoft presence or at his direction. Even -- the arrest surgeons may be unlawful in a lesser resistance just Biden there and it it says something about such -- -- here. And and that's where it talks about the use of force to resist a race. Or search -- justified. -- before you offer any resistance that peace officer person -- in his direction. Uses her attempts to use greater forces necessary to make your risk of search so. So first the officers using greater force necessary to rationing. So the -- does that mean that I can fight an officer back. Deny you an idea and let's see what coon snapped back I caught right comes. I think you need ending scenario could you are between -- a little electric -- -- illegal search occurring. I'm not a new course -- -- stop their bad idea horrible idea to end badly for many people. Our -- this scenario would fit well. Evidence. It's called -- from the -- side and you have been prosecuted based off that evidence for whatever crime. Yeah. That -- -- be depressed because it was an unlawful torture and unlawful. Fear and that's what you have to let's get it she can write about it but big benefit. Here except that evidence be depressed. Now when you don't have any state -- under any sort of evidence for -- you. Well men who -- complaints in July its internal affairs I'd probably be out there. The cup series it could take a permanent. I bet. Practically speaking she and her views of course you've got absolutely not. That's what's gonna happen is you know he -- find an officer that he's a call back of this front to be a lose lose situation. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right we come back we're gonna talk about the little instant a little bit about little incidents and -- here where -- school teacher. And was stabbed by a parent in the classroom in branch. So it's not so we'll be right back. And more come and -- it is coming up right after these messages. Here on top thirteen seven -- Do that talent. Welcome back to common socket with Michael card deals we're talking all things firearms. They join the conversation now like Collins live once -- 39 and thirteen 78 now here's Michael card bill. And we're talking about the Texas Qassam rockets in the stay your ground -- -- guess they call eight end. This is back up those holes there the number is 51 -- 39013. Seventeen so give us a call. And -- we have on the phone -- bind to and from Texas -- show pinching your questions so call them and can ask those tough questions here. And also before we left the talked about this little saddened that we had in France. Where a parent doesn't to a classroom stamps the steps that teacher comes in saying yes to death in front of the classroom in France there. And end and they you know France they like to pride themselves on. They're low crime rate we're gonna we gonna decent stats on that later in the show about the crime -- In in France there so I guess should we ban knives now. So that will talk about that a little later as well. All right. Let's saying stubborn Syrian let's go to the phones say what's up -- inherited an -- Hey guys. A quick question. And problem is considering getting me -- shock over home defense. And what he's looking into his seat is he's got issues closest friend is ordering his skinny shocker and protect his good chicken -- chicken group up there. -- finishers in the past personal -- schools alone animals would break into was properly wondering if I he can do they use does this course could. Proper legal justifications of the protected animals back there. -- have to great question actually is. I am if a dog or coyote. Is attacking -- domestic and all their livestock so that you can -- covered. Owl Conan. Summer and got Talbot got covered it well. -- that you may use deadly force attacks. You war. Turkey vulture like unclear how. Trauma and apparently dog what I had to. But about you know there is nothing -- -- I'm cool not another war going on -- your question and. But I couldn't code could not have a specific law that all you won't believe that before as a god. It would have been a lot of personal. Could include -- the war and all fouled or my thoughts are more than one didn't -- -- war for a while. Look at Dave what do you mean that is used in Lebanon while -- -- -- of -- you can see that god who could not cool. Now there. Been concerned about who didn't actually my life. It's crazy this -- not left I don't know if I didn't believe what recourse against another person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd rather personal for animal photograph provided they do about it and that's it for those who could have caught it won't be included in the top. I'm not talking dog. The important moments or didn't he won't go to war of course Adamo hot spot on the -- -- you tell me if I'm taking a walk around my neighborhood and the dog comes up and attacks -- but Shalala. -- Give me did I can't use that force I can use deadly force to stop that Shalala. Got a -- actually to make sure that you got your dog which -- you can say you're protecting your domestic and off. That Powell Rick Perry didn't get any trouble right when he was huge jogging with his jogging and he shot coyote. Welcome to America and the story gadgets that -- -- attacking -- critically trying to attack the block our Porsche coyote was attacking him. Really -- story -- Can understand and now we know we're going to have to battle learned some every day and that's the story of the fatalities official this week. -- sleep and answer your questions there. -- -- also little on that day or night says it doesn't work there's no time period like there is live for criminal -- That opportunity to do and stare and I did -- not matter. But that's it for this -- part of the what I. I can't fish thank you leave you ever wonderful weekend and that's a tough break so we are talking about. That we've been talking a couple of different things here have talked about the MSNBC story 80% of Americans support constitutional Kerry. We talked little about TBC. And that little statement about target Bayern and what. Target actually came out and sit because of the pressure from the TBC. From people who are outside of the state of Texas not from the people from the state of Texas. You know see we have citizens in California in New York in New Jersey and Missouri. Pushing there way of life on Texas citizens telling target would be should be here in the state of Texas in the TV -- By way of machine and true often shaky watts who used to be what she's worked. Just would choose to be I believe the PR person from on -- so when non GA let's just PR person for on site until insult towards one Monsanto once until Monday that was that's the ones that are poisoning our food when there are known as Tyson's chicken I thought it was all about the children -- -- -- -- that -- -- for not being that -- that. That's chemicals and our foods and poisons absolutely now really. So it's really not about protecting children yeah and it's not -- just more Astroturf movement moved on demand action I guess -- you needed. Focus your attention on something else. The current static -- the -- -- did you but back home to Missouri where you belong. All right so Michelle so we're talking about stand your ground law. I got a question on the -- okay. The show there's. Fires so I met my house stand. I have my handgun on my coffee table that's perfectly legal. So is my truck is an extension of my home for one in my three sacred places. Why do I have to have my name handgun concealed in my truck why can't I had enormous center console or on my lap just sitting there. I don't I'm. And he has actually flop makes no sense that the sixty S and Mexico when you wouldn't we're trying to have a captain archer were talking about it. Ditch chance of ourselves -- not argue that -- -- -- it's an -- scary. But yet you are exactly right vehicle was seen as an extension of their capital. About the consistent a consistent inconsistency in -- a lot of -- Yeah I had to carry on your own property denied not a big issue at all with a handgun. I don't want yeah it was with -- yeah. Yeah exactly that's the self it's. -- -- that he -- you get your vehicle yeah I can feel and why they're the discrepancy in those jobs I can't tell you about I had no idea. Let's just -- because for me it's the same. They -- they're considered the same in the lawsuits like what I have to -- who won here and I don't know if I didn't hear so -- That is all I guess your car yes. And that in the Texas legislature and the people are -- a little how freak out obviously Ian I think he has got his. Let me ask you this Michelle Tom I know some people have asked you before they've been pulled over by an officer in the public -- governor vaccine how much -- covering it up. And I've heard. They've they've told me that officers have warned them that they can't do that now. Is there I mean as long as it's hidden from Plainview from my understanding that's all needs to be found -- I actually Vienna and a glove box or something with a lid on it. For the best friend and this is a long bullies bully my friends here. I'm afraid that this is an example of tough Blaine. Thinking he'll need to without a cold here except you've got it right there in the front seat with your jacket on top of that. That's good fields that are perfectly legal way to carry. -- -- Carlo what about trust us and we haven't touched trespassing really at all. Mean how does the castle doctrine apply to to trespassing if you are -- property -- section just to get off my property and shoot you. What what tell what kind of a step start have to take her however things up that story. On more. You attract actors we cannot use deadly force to instruct -- -- allowed -- player gets on your property. Not seeing any other sort of crime outside interests that he cannot eat -- course. You can't display your weapons you can you know I can assure that -- -- Gavin Graham property. Tell anybody you can point your dad and also find about it at least -- force. Under nine point here for which -- actual earlier. -- as opposed to he's a deadly force I want you pull that trigger he entered into -- deadly force. Got a lot of fans that he made pool or declare handgun to create apprehension any trespass there. Shelly did you go any further I'm really cute deadly force and that it completely reasonable now. Typically -- profit to be doing something I've got -- start to attacking you we've got more than a check after right we have to have possible attempted murder. War if they start. Pulling out a crowbar and running toward the house will look like they're about to break the window off. God I trust after the pop -- February and that situation -- no longer. Just struck acting mayor committing another criminal act where we may be justified leaving deadly force. -- I think alone you can do that you can display you've got to consider these of course. -- -- -- -- -- coming after you that you're afraid for your life or your eminent danger and if. You may use the question they're no longer is just trespass or -- nine all of that's going to be and that. Everything what I mean I didn't immediately happening. There's no like -- they cannot become academic or even two weeks. That's not and it frightened -- Jewish. It's got to be -- right then and there. And that is exactly right -- looks let's go to the phones one more time to at least one more -- and let's go to Jason and simple what's going on Jason. And then when Michael -- show. That's a good question for martial arts you know -- through this without Parker this question moral core producing award show the pretty -- phone which there. Not so different scenario assuming everything -- legal. The -- standpoint. Is there any other stipulation that malvo -- Harvey munition that you can use. I have great question -- Internet and the any ammunition and that is not lawful protection if you -- -- -- An armor piercing. Ammunition. But outside of that it doesn't matter what kind of -- years powers recommend that -- ammunition that you being. It's going to stop -- Iraq. Now what prosecutor try to bring that maybe. That is and that some technical legal system we have. We have these pretrial hearings. And if I believe that a prosecutor -- try to use this type of ammunition against. My client. I war and how I will conduct its called in motion and let me hearings which basically occurred outside. The presence of the jury right day. I want to eat prosecutions these doctrines. He any sort. -- suggestions or statements stats. Go to war to -- an -- by quite used to get it has absolutely nothing to do -- why my -- which forced to use deadly force schools. That means it's -- situation you kind of option and whether you were justified in that situation. So I know I usually thanks for calling Jason. I usually all load with hollow point Cisco's if you do Ericsson have the same issues someone. You know use your firearm in public history goes through then you are responsible for the person behind them so that's just my personal preference for the. All right thank you Michelle I appreciate you joining us this weekend. I think he gave it has more once again you're awesome co -- didn't think -- adjusted for being also an awesome coast as well. In my producer back there though the one that's missionary full knowledge streams there and one I think everyone for listening. This week in France it woman standing kindergarten teacher to death in front of the class now we sort through a lot of headlines for the show. -- the week and read the headlines stuck with -- It's one of those things you read and you just don't forget. As I mentioned this tragedy wasn't France. I looked at some quick statistics about French crime and preach violent crime. I found that roughly 44000. Violent attacks have been committed in October 2013 alone. Not crime went up 9% throughout the country from 20122013. And almost 25%. Enroll areas where -- this attack on the kindergarten teacher happen. Now it's also worth mentioning that in these rural areas school security is very minimal. Finally France has some pretty strict gun control laws. Now by contrast we reported last week that violent crime in this country has steadily dropped over the past two decades and we have a relatively. Limited gun control laws in this country now you think there's not a correlation between pro gun policies -- safety. Well I'm not seeing crime will disappear entirely. But does prevent crime. Furthermore Americans want guns in lawful -- A liberal poll from MSNBC reported that almost 90%. All the Americans supported legal -- policies. Groupon suffered when they got rid of guns they clearly sold as RC. I can't make any clear my solution. More guns. Less crime. Go out by yourself we'll get. You can listen to come in talking. With Michael --