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The Wellness Connection Podcast 07/06/2014

Jul 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For all. Our -- -- -- -- and wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist and run the police and certified traditional natural Peter McCarthy. Rocked by Martin's confounding and -- -- with three convenient cost and relocation since you're tired of Suu Kyi and emotional health and human. And that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Now here are -- and feed your. And good morning happy Sunday morning to you and welcome to the wellness connection brought T five Martin's compound and wellness centers. -- three Austin area locations -- Lamar closet drug store dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy on your co host Roddy glee. It's good morning and I'm your co host Peter McCarthy this week on the wellness connection our special guest is doctor Kendall Stewart. We'll be talking about the exciting field of mural immune health. And why it's a very important for you to know more about. And our health freedom segment attorney and activist Peter Kennedy will discuss with us. The ongoing battles to ensure your access to the fresh farm grown food of your choice. And as always on our weekly features will be discussing some of the latest health information. During the supplement of the week the burning question and drug induced nutrient deficiencies -- Let's start off with the wellness news and Roddy has a long time practitioner of meditation. You have a new story that offers more strong evidence of meditations health benefits structure. Good trade Peter and -- there's a number of types of meditative techniques. All seek to reduce stress improve concentration of promotes self awareness and boost the process of thoughts and feelings. What type of concentrated meditation. Where that meditating person focuses attention on his or her breathing and on specific thoughts and in doing so suppresses other thoughts. The other -- it may be called non directive meditation where the person who is meditating effortlessly focuses on his or her breath. But on a minute or on a meditative sound but beyond that the mind is allowed to wander as it pleases. One -- and colleagues from the Norwegian your university of science and technology explored how the brain works during different kinds of meditation. Fourteen people who had extensive experience with the Norwegian technique that can meditation. Or tested in an MRI machine. In addition to simple resting very undertook two different mental meditation activities. Non directive meditation. And a more concentrated meditation task. The researchers observed. This non directive meditation led to higher activity than during arrest in the part of the brain dedicated to processing self. -- the self related thoughts and feelings. -- test subjects perform concentrated meditation activity in this part of the brain was almost the same as when they were just resting. The study authors report that. Quote non directive meditation which permits mind wandering involves more extensive activation of the brain areas. Associated with episodic memories and emotional processing. Then during concentrated practicing or regular rest well. So here you go read this as -- some preliminary evidence in any way that shows that allowing your mind to wander really has some more benefits than trying to do that focused concentrated meditation does Netanyahu that's great because some people really swept over that -- -- -- they do it right exactly that's right. So Peter you have a story that ties right into the subject and our special guest. Will be kept talking more about it today yes I do indeed Friday an article published online on August 5 2013. In the journal of affective disorders reports an association between higher levels of plasma homocysteine. In an increased risk of cognitive impairment in older adults. Researchers from the university western Australia and royal Perth hospital. Recruited 358. Individuals aged fifty and older. With depressive symptoms among whom 70% met met the criteria for major depression. Fasting blood samples were analyzed for total plasma homocysteine. Serum vitamin B twelve and red blood cell folate levels. A number of cognitive tests were also administer. 71 participants had high homocysteine levels in subjects with and without major depression. Those with higher homocysteine levels also had lower median folate and vitamin B twelve levels. And authors Andrew H Ford and his colleagues reported quote the results of this cross sectional study show that in this sample of older adults. Elevated total homocysteine. Was associated with weaker performance and cognitive tests when compared to those with normal total homocysteine unquote. The authors went on to say quote the finding that high total homocysteine is associated. With cognitive inefficiency and later in life. Independent of depression status has potential public health implications. Almost Sistine can be reliably lowered my daily supplementation. With vitamin B twelve and folic acid. Making it a potential modify a bold risk factor for cognitive impairment in depressed older adults don't quote. Gas and of course remember our conversation with doctor Andre college on -- elation. A few weeks ago. It's very important if you're -- -- later let myself. Then you need to meth related B twelve now escalated full of gas and otherwise it's not gonna work that. That homocysteine is a byproduct of that -- should and will be here a lot more about that subject coming up with our guest interview will be right back with our featured guest. After this message from our sponsor you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen seven. I. And then to go wellness connection with inaccurate health information you can trust him once again here are -- Gleason and Peter McCarthy. Welcome back to the wellness connection -- it may seem -- orthodox are highly trained surgeon to go into the business of finding. Medical therapeutics to Alter the course of -- nervous. An immune system disorders. Doctor Kendall Stewart has spent years making his previous surgical expertise. Blasts out of necessity or -- is another doctor's patients even nationally renowned expert in early in the -- syndrome news and information. The board certified auto glaring -- just. And head and meant surgery camera seemed fellowship training -- oncology and dermatology. Skull base surgery. When he was only twenty years old he began medical school at the university of Texas medical school of Houston he completed his formal medical education in ear nose and throat and head and neck surgery. At the university of Texas at Houston MD Anderson hospital system and continued his fellowship training from Baylor university medical center in Dallas his medical focuses on providing diagnostic testing and protocols for altering or reversing the progression of -- -- drums -- modern medicine and genetically targeted nutrition doctor Stuart also serves as lead formula expert for -- -- -- -- supplements. And he strives for scientists welcome to the wellness connection doctor Stuart. Commentary much appreciated his. Hello so doctor Stuart -- -- so many medical issues in your practice but in a nutshell what are the neuro immune syndrome is that so many people are suffering from today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- you you know you do you refer to symptoms that are associated now with neuro immune syndrome so what are some of those doctor -- are they due to genetics environmental factors what's really involved there. Well you just you just can't ultimately -- -- She. Got. -- that we really are typically air control and worst and most of these -- -- -- or something new things cognitive disorder. Cultural memory concentration and focus. Chronic contractions incumbent William Walsh. Terrible system of them coming from so we concentration. Or slower really interest in the black this year there are some comes coordinate them underneath we're trying to do. Essentially goes around comes around bio -- and pummel them back control commonality. Where we can talk about that there's something actually messing that we can work on -- -- And by us being able to do that com. We essentially don't understand the foundation and the problem for instance opening what is there shouldn't matter to most -- -- golf. Small promotional focus concentration or installation short term memory. And it's also responsible socially also -- motor still. -- threshold and crucial hormone regulation and even things like almost truly global compliance and so clearly when you start to understand about chemistry that's going on underneath completion gradually start to realize that. -- By altering specific nutritional or functional elements from the source when you really and broad spectrum of some conference or use. You -- we're gonna lose in the position trying to just keep treating symptoms administration's echoes. Ultimately if you can't address the recent unnatural and addressed compilation -- the -- to. So would it be fair to say than that today you know you're you're actually taking a big picture perspective when you treating patients suspected would that be correct. So you have to you know a bit fragmented care model. Most of these days where you go to see one doctor one particular area there's just created a big problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And which tells our listeners what he is an escalation this is very very popular this terminology floating around right now on we know it. Pet Martin's. We I have a lot of clients that come and. And their doctor has told them in Europe pour -- later and you need to -- so would you please explain the function. Have messed elation and and what that means in our Bonnie. -- coalition won't tell them -- not at all it is basically -- way that we -- -- water soluble. Nutritional elements like B vitamins. And we -- actually knuckle -- on them each and actually make some sort of a body is made -- -- water got trapped could not. You know and so I was oils and water and oil don't mix very well -- blog Monday flight school at just under B twelve which is a water soluble vitamin. No ability to enter an oil saw him go near him mostly converted and some form -- action. How much isolation there's just a permanent employees describe station or an alum what a bunch of hydrogen. Atoms attached towards the solves all understand chemistry there while it's just the way -- -- -- hurt us. Certain elements. -- transmitters -- By the moon's. It's. Some laps in -- attempt to. Can never be utilized in other parts of the body -- -- not water soluble and the only hope I answered questions. How well ya and I understand what an escalation is a lot of people don't and the. Of course you. What you know what we're seeing with. What's called -- -- -- and how a lot of this is genetic isn't it. There's going to be the most common -- in the most -- Obama does not mean that a crucial infrastructure is too much -- -- -- parkinson's. So I'm actually had a poem actually there's currently unknown genetic or interpret that to rumor. So are fairly significant and one -- called Miami 88 -- and and I want scholarship programs are completely now. Coming on these culturally conditioned at London's tunes they can affect your ability if you just take all the absurd comments water soluble and I'm. And converted into what we call reduced to allay questions I'm metal country -- -- -- and why that's important muscle structure or you're always is the only formal collection estimates can be used on the nervous system the immune system and Monaco and you can see. Well we'll continue our interview with doctor Kendall Stewart after this brief message from our sponsors you're listening to the wellness connection on talk. Thirteen cents. Welcome back to the wellness connection. Who -- accurate health information you can trust who once again -- here are -- Elise and Peter -- cartoon well welcome back to the wellness connection and are fascinating interview with doctor Kendall Stewart. Doctor Stuart how can we tell someone has some appellation deficiency or neuter your own immune disorder what kind of diagnostics. Are you using. Little moment I do not you're Columbus girl -- -- -- -- I really customer service -- so. We have got tomorrow they can actually see inflammation in the mirror -- -- and actually measured don't mean functionality and we do it reflects questioning. And -- all the inner ear and tricky balance. But many different. You know little old Russian and us. -- -- -- can actually evaluate all sorts of curly curly. Probably an emotion -- easy to accomplish -- is actually from 23 and needs to look as good western united auto. All they can now only trashed your -- took it can't actually important to use your signature flair can plug -- into another web site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your bio chemical all options and make a resolution militia. Well candles -- they can be stricken actually. You know distinguish you from other members of your memorial from anybody else and maybe we'll get a very good idea. Your genetic makeup there's not a complicated -- -- -- congratulation the owners and we also know chemicals can an -- we also know. Marshall moms. And bodies should in Ottawa media phenomenon can handle up to that delivery or actually beat all the money -- A little more complicated than just seeing your genes can. Fortunately got a legitimate metric encouraging -- -- -- -- -- any other nutritional. Factors can be involved and how we express -- In general wanna know are you good -- later are you Monica and -- not a good match later what you need to do is overcome how much do you like nutritional for much secondary. So -- regards to hormones how important is an escalation in regards to that. Well military huge question -- the -- hormones -- -- isolation even these duties shall we all escalated and you know most hormones culture club in the most people just can't stop trying to tradition most of steroid hormone -- we need those hormones we know collection minority could produce -- -- -- promote outdoor billboard goes on this all the way I would hormone or progesterone hormone goes to this -- and want to I well it also helped actually materiel or execute and biochemical crushed -- ball the problem is if you don't have an escalation you can't accuse -- -- -- your hormones can look perfectly normal. What -- you have an escalation -- -- -- you can feel I thought borrow it or you can make an actuality behind them are already. Or you can be deficient in the -- Know -- -- mention in your mouth like nutrition you can't actually see what your hormones really want the others. Why how well do you know that that's that's fascinating information and the military and the the Martin Short pharmacy chain we see a lot of a female clients and it seems like. They are disproportionately. Having the hormone related issues she tied -- meth revelation issues as they get older. Could you to shed some light on that why does that seem to have them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stand unfortunately Lieberman commercial sure longtime Russian officials warn the world we usually more. Or -- problems in people in general slamming him so little in the unlikeliest options and environments. How people who have -- -- social restrictions they don't introduced. Glued on what you are chemical engineer in control of body and they don't tradition and -- proteins which helped -- -- -- heavy metals. Are you basing this accumulating. Burden of these shots. Auction them their body and then there's much more should merely acted and other people supply reestablishing. Relations. And being aware of it or not only able to make -- hormones work there were able to master new interest and function better. We're able to make them clear their own options were technically. We're able to help -- to reestablish normal function. I have to charter a troublemaker and not a hundred or better and really just it's just come back to normal -- original -- trying to get more short little unfortunately one and I'm. You know obviously on a daily mantra lot of men -- nation and culture here here essential question. And so inflammation in -- creates a lot of bigger problem of people in general and immunological neurological problems and social disruption and we don't. -- a commercial culture and controls like all this nonsense to get pushed a little bit more problems and women. Control there are probably many cancer usually limited to this question to ask but it's got a lot of won't have to do it should be tracked -- when he's around eight. Ongoing Balanchine Condit should not -- and -- hormones and we -- so -- -- -- disrupt or summer environment it's it's truly hard to Wall Street. Creating normal situation on the money -- woman in the slide in the marks. Well we'll be right back with more from our special guest doctor Kendall Stewart after this brief message from our sponsors -- listening to the wellness connection upon talking. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the wellness connection with the accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are running in Elise and Peter McCarthy. Welcome back to wellness connection are continuing her conversation. With -- doctor Kendall Stewart. So you know and doctor Stuart you ahead of you mentioned before the break you know if you can get this -- elation back on track. Then you can eliminate some of -- and I'm really curious com. When dealing with their immune issues what treatment is available and how do you get that revelation back on track especially if you have that and -- FR. Genome how do you do that flow. What are -- -- so much you really know what they're doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that god does not use one bottom of how one could eat so -- I've already futures 250 you're welcome reaction from the body. What are being we also used other linemen you can now which -- biochemical functions were getting these. You assess yeah. Everybody in the new image problem so that's what I trauma and control them really trouble -- mix recipes. For a good condition extreme one document to -- Now the problem then you're not a mystery -- -- Who you really don't speak got a recipe. -- -- Can't control what he's been able to accomplish our emotional the -- biologics and introduced a good sign that I do this site. I think essentially the -- and you belong together and it's going to -- there and Jewish angle or. So what happened in the kind of funny stories around my life actually they could orchestrate my little daughter. Control of course a lot of relief pantry open entry open got a lot agnico bunker in the bowl. Connection open and I realized it got going timeout I'll show people. Trochmann patient should be. Solution and everything together that belongs together to make it functional and easier for people to overcome their problems when your mom logic behind what we've actually do you designed. It is specific trucking mantra belong together don't hold -- compilation evil -- by having each station and diagnostic tools control of politics -- we -- are. We can't help it when we're -- -- commercial hit bottom and the only truly a short -- school. Provide them Patricia Lee Jeter trendy term solutions or troubling look around you can help or agents subjecting it to inject. Control a little early monopoly -- -- ball shall come to deliver gets a ball is it really doesn't like to let congratulated. Such interest -- -- -- well because we really should just absorb most emotional -- -- and -- Little -- because it used calculated formula potential calm composed and wanna move on shall we come out you weren't years social or -- situation you'll cringe turmoil lush so we created a lotion called Euro reached stabilize him. And that lotion the combined commercial B twelve and I'd -- can be coal and natural that your electric Kool Aid and special format -- and vitamin. So in order to accomplish. These overcoming and salacious. Some excellent. Aren't sure Maris and that's that's a really great product and it's something that's very popular with our customers and Martin's. I question that comes up for -- some of those same customers is. You may is -- appellation insufficiency. A permanent condition or can on the body actually become better at math colliding ultimately. Slower fluid out of course and more experience more than likely it is not a public should understand their offense and they screwed or I tell people is if you wind up being low and firewall and you're probably going to be on -- -- -- -- -- I'm currently know it today. Global problem -- that you've been genetically coded to not use some help from my sort of bottom and you probably don't want supplement them -- under -- other other forms -- not -- of you know what there's there's -- blocking in Somalia has not been applied -- -- smoking or -- there -- other reforms its overall culture can transport no question and gradually get better how I'm -- in order to make sure your body you know country in the world wanted to -- -- -- -- -- have very significant escalation efficiency you'll probably don't want continued over the -- collateralized. How well how long does it take to get the bodies neuro immune system functioning properly. A little bit you know because come off the front page and I am not hard to return to normal -- -- on the monster to its problem a motor home. No matter what should start looking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't want to change very quickly and like I -- actually trying to calm and news. What what would be -- -- the average time frame it's from what -- saying Dennis for the nine months for the nervous system to. To do that. Hard to recover. -- what could cause somebody to. Perhaps you can relapse she if they were on a protocol and you know looks like they were making progress. What are some of the things that people should be aware of perhaps a void in lifestyle or environmental factors to. Let me back up now on I'm talking about cobra commercial -- problem -- significantly Alter the foundation mental. Problems. When you start revelation there's not treated fairly quickly looks a little wager traditionally older cult -- field there. Eight because you can Alter your opening with a paltry your -- -- you're gonna -- surely not a country only energy it's unlike certain good gas. And good or. Else. So what typically alters the need -- -- collective bottom and her body is accustomed to and made all the major and there's. Generating relapse. And we -- on the triggering -- -- -- that actually create a lot of inflammation in the body art typically introductions. -- emotions and contributions. Allergies. And and I'm not typically hormonal imbalance salute for a moment -- -- -- those three situations. Or halt or injuries or even stressful life those things tend to create. A quiet greater bit of demand on the male relationships from an actual much more of them are additions to enjoy all. I'm tired I saw you fall I don't know several months ago I was over visiting you -- -- for the pharmacy and you had given me just a few of the test that you do in your office one of them was a hearing test. And my hearing was. Right off actually and so was my balance. Are you -- you're actually knew nothing about me as far as my history or whatever and you came in and it was stunning what you may or justify those two tests. If you ask me if I was dyslexic as soon as a child yes. If you ask me if I you know just all of these various things as it is it difficult to dinner conversation with more than three people talking. You know on and on and on and I really was fascinated in what you conceive from just. These two simple tests. Com can you elaborate a little bit on on how you. Well my whole life and the whole idea is good. Arm and the principles of neurological medicines and the only way that we -- a computer. To your brain and then we have these countries systems are touching PL -- and -- career. Essentially are supposed to work better can be good programs for our our computers or can work together. Everything's great my computer -- stories that he's welcome to sports and malfunctioned or -- on law -- not deliberate and customer information. Administration could and have a stronger too long on the -- more clearly he could protect filmmaker I do not track as well it'll make our anxiety go up and -- -- the police to complain of some listeners transmitted. This. We actually get caught somewhere else or more homes eruption will we have chocolate and just sort of disorders. I'm Dutch soprano commendation -- problems. That we're really we're Willie Mays could be worse you know if you're not even live in the high altitudes and have all the people who believe. In the -- in the mood and you don't get a whole lot of these and their homes and when you look like a baby B and 88 PM I'm residing in the election. Column -- the actual compensation that are body. -- -- Somewhere in situations like -- yeah. You'll mention does something in regards to me about her retro viruses and that happened that's how it's sort of started at an early age without what what did you see because this is all how obviously this neuro immune issue is. Are nervous system as well as our immune. And you had said to me that some people. From chicken pox or other kinds of retro viruses in their body can affect this. Prior wolf what happened that is the way we we all get exposed to viruses throughout our life -- -- -- -- perfect example. How that virus -- and are nervous system and it will actually stay dormant until it's easy immune system functioning well so long and maintaining normal my immune function and I Marshall stay normal and not bother. I -- it is nourishing your footwork and mr. extremely cluttered that if they see a situation where millions of many not -- -- Or is out of balance -- under trying. And -- will decide to come -- do their own and what it is like all the information menu cause inflammation in the nervous come. You're creating also the complexities where your brain yeah. It's not true and accurate or consistent information on this can only do all kinds of abnormal -- -- so the whole idea is the -- we actually cure Merrill movies and homes. You actually see in the body wouldn't need. -- -- This has been a fascinating conversation and we do thank you doctor Stuart for coming and sharing with us today your expertise. Hand. We are going to hopefully get you back on at another time real soon and that's Alford today. On the wellness connection that we will talk to you very very soon. Until you're much industry -- Well Friday there. What that sound it's. Time for our weekly feature to supplement of the weekend what -- that day. Well did you know Peter -- over 25 million Americans have diabetes and seven million have undiagnosed. Diabetes. An overt one point nine million Americans over the age of twenty Eric Holder our newly diagnosed. With diabetes each year that's over 5000. Cases a day. As well as a startling 2151000. People younger than twenty years. Of age have diabetes either type one or type two yeah we used to call type two diabetes adult onset diabetes but it certainly not anymore -- so this week's supplement of the week is called syndrome X by Simon -- Which features significant. Quantities of key ingredients that support insulin utilization and glucose metabolism. And -- and its main ingredient is cinnamon. Yeah the Marty it's as stated in the study published in diabetes care and title sentiment improves glucose. And let -- of people with type two diabetes it was very significant. Yeah the results. Of that study demonstrate that an intake of one. Three or six grams of cinnamon per day reduces serum glucose triglycerides. LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol in people with type two -- Again syndrome X main ingredient is she insulin which is a safe patented 100% water soluble tender one. Concentrated form of cinnamon the provides -- fetal polymers. Yeah syndrome X also includes Albion patented chromium. Which is added for its role in enhancing insulin activity. Chromium actually lubricate the researchers -- the -- to reduce insulin resistance which is the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome the precursor of type two diabetes. Stand syndrome Max is available on all three Martin's locations. We'll be right back with your burning questions in the week after this brief message your listening to the wellness connection not talked to -- Hellish time for the burning question squarely answer -- social health questions. -- militias -- to us. It's important to note that any diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. None of the information we present its intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease and. -- this week's burning question comes from Kevin in Austin and he asks how was complementary and alternative medicine defined. And how does it differ from the practice of medicine. Well Kevin let's first take a look at they word medicine and how it is defined. The -- dictionary definition of medicine defines it as quote the science of diagnosing and treating illness disease and injury. But notice. How the concept of prevention is not included. They've since the times of the Greeks conventional medicine has traditionally used the biomedical model the biomedical model is unequivocally reduction -- -- approach. Reduction is in this position which holds. That a complex system is nothing but the sum of its part so in other words a simplified example Kevin would be if you have a disease of an organ of biomedical model treats the disease -- rarely considers the person as a whole. The doctors function is to control the pathology repair the park and restore health and I always say when I'm teaching if you asked if I asked the question. -- when I say heart disease what's the first -- that comes to mind and usually the answer is the heart. But in reality heart disease involves the liver the kidneys the adrenal that I justice system the immune system and are consistent and we even take into consideration psychological state of the person. All of those systems involved heart disease in short medicine does not prevent anything other than more serious progression of existing disease states. And a handful of communicable diseases that are allegedly prevented by vaccination. The limitation of this model used to edit it excludes any nutritional psychological social or ecological factors. So the problem is with conventional medicine is that it's true prevent that true prevention clearly does not fit. In the bio medical model production isn't. So do this thing is is that prevention. According to medicine means detecting the man and -- managing your disease. While natural health context prevention means avoiding getting sick entirely that would be primary prevention now. A variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices. That do not follow generally accepted medical methods and many -- many -- not have a scientific explanation. For their ineffectiveness. On quote. It provides a non mainstream preventative health care related information about the normal fluctuations of life preventing degenerative diseases. And I think it's appropriate diet and lifestyle practices as well as a holistic approach through mind body healing therapy. And complementary medicine is generally defined as quote. A non mainstream health care provided in addition to standard medical practice unquote. Well I hope that helps define the modalities a little better -- thanks for your question and you can submit your own burning question by going to Martin's compound annual wellness dot com. And or going into. One of our. Three stores. Ten different tuning in next week. To hear if your questions being answered on the year. That's -- and Peter it looks like it's time now. The drug induced nutrient depletion -- that's right Ramirez and the Matt Foreman or glucose Josh. And the nutrient depletion -- co Q ten. Vitamin B twelve and folic -- well co Q ten deficiency can lead to cardiovascular. Issues loss of energy. Since the hardest particularly rich in co Q ten hungry mitochondria. The energy factory of the -- the end result can be heart failure. And you know the co Q ten is really the fuel that that that energizes the -- it's kind of like the battery if you will of of the -- of the cell. They're at the fuel to the battery in the shallow and vitamin B twelve deficiency may cause pernicious or mega blaster can media. Swollen tong degenerate degeneration of the spinal cord. Numbness tingling. Eight tax year which is a lack of coordination. Moody this confusion. Agitation. And -- vision just to name a few. Yeah -- don't forget folic acid deficiencies may lead to Anemia as well. And irritability weakness sort -- headache palpitations. Forgetfulness. Hostility paranoid behavior GI disturbances and diarrhea just mentioned. Meanwhile -- you know you really do see how -- -- you know EU EU have. There's so many roles that are fully cas in place in the body count so many functions that are full chills and you know we will stick and it's not just. Nervous system which is what most people associated with with with folic acid supplementation it's more. He really more comprehensive than that he and yes it has those those kinds of neurological. And psychological. Effects but also. Everything that happens junior junior digest of tracking Jiri in your gastrointestinal. -- right. It will of course and doctor Kendall Stewart who we just talked -- Basically pretty much showed how it's vital for. Bob B twelve folic acid you know on these these supplements for your entire -- new system. That's right and any you know is this just really brings up a good points. It looks like our health freedom gas was unable to -- to join us today. So you know I really think it's important for our listeners to understand that's. You know our. What what we do when we council. And with -- drug drug induced nutrient deficient once you talk a little bit about that what the audience. You know this is a program here that I -- Recommended to the Martins because. So our -- I don't know many pharmacy right now and that is really. Even talking about that and I think the startling thing is. People who are on liquid medicine this is a known fact that lit the medicines such as -- or or Lipitor. Deplete your co -- -- and a doctor's. Rarely. Do they recommended that their patients that they put that prescription non. Take an adjunct co Q ten and it it it's was startling to me stunning. Very often you I would get to clients who come in and they get their prescription for an antibiotic to your doctor doesn't Helen put him on a -- ironic either. So this was just saying that sort of -- inspired me to say you know let's work as wellness practitioners with the pharmacists here. And that's what makes compounding our. We really decided to collaborate. With our pharmacist practitioners. So we. We wrote Emanuel. And it was for the -- drug induced nutrient depletion manual. And we did all of the research on what nutrients were depleted from these drugs and I think the pharmacists are getting very excited about working with the wellness team and vice Versa. Well you know I. And I really think it also drives home the point it's true customer. That simply because you're taking a drug prescription. Doesn't mean that the problem is solved all you're doing really is suppressing the symptoms. And it's really been surprising to a lot of customers that. Gee I didn't know that that's what was causing my side effects OK yeah now let's go ahead. And take a pro buyout act take -- day he had I think a -- a vitamin to fulfill that -- group. And that is the thing you know that's that's the most important thing is that oftentimes we see those side effects are do you -- the depletion. Well anyway we. Thank you and add and thank you for dropping by this Sunday morning that brings an end to our show today. With us next week is our featured guest doctor Robert siege. Crew will be with us to talk about losing weight and improving health would just one thing. In our health freedom segment and he Bellotti. Dietitians for professional integrity will be our guest. And of course here is discuss the next burning can't question which maybe you orders under co host. It really stand on your cohost Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by -- income coming in wellness centers. With three Austin locations and Omar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy. And lake hills pharmacy -- folks.