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The Retirement Planning Show 07/05/2014

Jul 6, 2014|

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Welcome to this save money retirement planning show with Steve stress esteem -- resources to prepare you for retirement and allow you to lose in retirement. Restaurant just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to insure your hard -- is 100% sure. Any and -- market -- what your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising health care inflation. And market volatility does -- save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal appointment 804571298. And now. Dear Steve stress escape. -- -- as well. Answers to save money and retirement plan -- show this is speedster assess your post then thanks return and an on this glorious weekend. You know I'm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas. Then didn't I want to thank all of our local listeners were calling them over the last week in. To be taken advantage of our free millions in our free book coffers and our. Just for -- listeners and have some questions and in this man church. So I appreciate your dog -- taken the time the called swisher was well you know we're located right here in round rock and have been for over thirty years. You know -- thirteen seventy -- We're on Saturdays at noon and -- on Sunday mornings at 82 were on every weekend so please make sure you're listening in the lose one or show us. -- and -- you know we've been on thirteen seventy you know for over five years. So grab a piece of paper and a pan you're gonna need this number that's 1804571298. That's 180457129. And of course your website it is safe money taxes dot com it's safe money taxes all right talk dot com. You know I'm licensed by the state of Texas I'm an independent agent. No work for any specific companies -- running large corporations and tell their representatives what to offer or what not to offer. I'm independent I work for you to bring you the very best service and financial advice it's available today. Ensuring USA. Financial future. -- give us a call that 1804. Pars 71298. You know -- core philosophy is as I believe that all wealth comes from god. It's my responsibility. To be a good Stewart what god entrusted me. And a good Stewart should first protect his wealth from loss and second make sure works as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base hallmark clients recommendations. She give me a call at 1804. Far 71298. And attention -- my cohost Greece are concerned grace are you have a great weekend. Really super we begin Steve say you know I understand this past week Steve. When your mom you had a really it really scary situation what happened there. You know with my family. Unfortunately the strokes are pretty common foreign and my dad -- is 67. Died from -- actually his chairman his heart surgery in this surgery went. Wrong so this very room died from a massive stroke and -- is only 67 a -- time in my brother Jim. About five years ago -- 59. Had a massive stroke this well. In his Jimmie has a Ph.D. in education. He works for the fire institute in Illinois and wrote numerous manuals on parent put -- fighters and for the fire department what have you and Jim was actually up from Wisconsin you gonna do some ice fishing in my mother Russia from -- laying next to the -- -- upstairs and chewing up the -- them in their stability -- a massive stroke risk completely paralyzed on the right side -- to this day whose rights are -- still paralyzed which has been coming up from six shooters. And can really only say -- -- tour through words and -- -- that -- And this is an individual donors to QX stream we educated in. This just new sister heard my -- reduced. And unbelievably. To be in -- find him yeah. Then over this last week or I don't know what happened last weekend roses. My brother called in my mother had a massive stroke. Hands. Mom's -- completely paralyzed turn on the right side fortunately she can talk. So there's hope there -- -- with therapy and what have you that you real live you don't get out of rehab and believe me and to get home. Would Jermaine what happened was as you spent a year and a nursing home and that fortunately his wife who's able to take Carol -- With mom of course parents deceased oh my brother have salute most parents -- real close to our. So he's able to help -- but again she's gonna need nursing care and what have you until she recuperates completely. And the cost is just there astronomical. Who. For mosque here right now this is without any extra -- -- how's this for her room and board and their various therapies 250 dollars and only tennis. So it's 7500 dollars a month then she takes an accelerant or anything else to figure that's all added on to the bill. So the cost is just tremendous history and they're truly devastated and wants the states and our pursuit and you start having all these expenses up and saying nothing about the expenses of coming home being able to have there. Her house renovated to be able so that you can live in an appropriately. Hopefully it comes to that. But it's just two terms terribly expensive -- so. When it comes down to a you really only get in the open three choices and so how to pay for us in the room one of courses you spending on your savings and hoping that your savings is enough to have. Take care of these expenses and tell your balloon take care of yourself -- -- tell you know. Yeah and then of course the second thing is which is devastating to them happened so many times is that. People end up wiping altered states spending everything down so they can get on medical assistance. I don't think anybody really wants to go on and on medical assistance or spend the remaining days of their life in nursing home turned. And the third thing of course whose long term care insurance or some form of insurance to help take care of this burden. And at least this way you can have the ability either choose facilities and choose to care whether it be at home -- What we're might be am ambivalent haven't. You know that expense from somebody else is American are your Barack. So it's really extremely new and important to to think about these areas. It's not it's an area that no one really wants to talk about the -- or talk or gone to a nursing home or needing skilled care convalescent care. It never -- it's good he bring it up and am as tragic as this you know as Sudan. You know your family you -- were prepared -- stand and no one's prepared emotionally for their their mom going to a stroke. But it brings up the point you've got to think ahead -- you sheared off fear how incredibly active your mommy says she's. Volunteering -- surge she's always on the go. She was working in our yard recently very vibrant active woman and then you know this happens so. It's this -- things that -- don't want to think about that you've got to think about them and planned for them nail. So that when they have thing you're already making -- tough decisions in makes so much easier when you're not scrambling to figure around the finances. And a financial professional. Like Steve Stricker says he's going through this in his own cleanly so he knows firsthand what it's like. To have an unexpected. Expanse. Of illness in the Stanley come up. He can help you and he considered gambling deal -- now and you can come up with an incredible playing and and it's free. Do it today 804 of 571298. That's 804 or 57129. Aid. For your free one on one when Steve. We're just getting started and today show on his Father's Day weekend and we come back Clinton talk about some good news related to the job numbers. The safe money retirement planning show and Steve stress ST on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Back right after this. Do you have a plan to ensure your retirement you can't count on Social Security alone Steve's first -- in the -- money retirement planning -- he helped start you on the right -- call 804571298. To set up a free personal consultation that's 804571298. Or -- save money Texas dot com for over thirty years Steve has helped clients just like you develop a -- plan and insurers your retirement with a stable income. For the rest of your line the stock market does not offer safety but insurance does call 804571298. To learn how to participate in the market without risk and enjoyed guaranteed -- Steve takes pride in educating you about your financial options for retirement enabling you to make informed decisions about your retirement savings as one of the top financial advisors in Texas -- -- -- he can help you with 401K rollovers and life insurance wealth transfer and long term care call today 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com for a free personal consultation. Welcome back this is -- -- Q and you're listening to save money retirement plan and show. And thanks again for tuning in on this glorious week. Then the dinner warm -- move follows up there are happy Father's Day as well. We've been on thirteen seven -- now for over five years firm right here in the round rock area so we're close Fareed if you can hear my voice sure close enough to come in and take advantage of our free consultation no obligation. Leave your checkbook at home just come in and become educated on the products and services that we offer. We have a free retirement analyzer service for you which we can sure youth. Sit down and talk about income if that's pitcher's needs are and explains how long the funds that you have currently are gonna lasting. Go through your whole retirement portfolio and bring you up to do you know Waterloo for your warrior out and the end I give all services that would provide so if you like give us a call 1804. -- seven warned to Narnia. And take advantage of the free consultation. In addition of that if you just -- -- questions you need some answers give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. I will call you back personally. And answer those questions for you know. So give us a call -- 204 pars 7129. In addition of that I do know about ten copies. Of stress free retirement. Consistent. The authors of body -- -- her name Patrick Caroline. -- put together just an exceptional book really it's a must read if you come enough to retirement over. Close to retirement or just tuned in retirement. The book we'll talk Cuba and him bringing to bring you up to date on protecting your life savings against loss. Careening income streams that you never can -- will. Receive ARM Ltd upside gain potential zero risk of loss. And stopped in those annual management fees you're stockbroker in your money managers. Vicious and exceptional read it is a book -- 130 pages long so it isn't just a little. Pamper her brochure and I would get her out to you person doing so give us -- call 1804. -- 71298. If you -- -- take advantage of this free book from Patrick -- again a buddy of mine and the book is stress free retirement. Then in addition to all the stress and everything else it's going on that we talked about the first segment. You're talking about long term care and what happened in my family personally and all the different expenses and everything else that comes in the play with that. I do have an exceptional book for you as well if you like -- talks about Social Security. In understanding Social Security atomic -- -- for your benefits and your decisions in time lines and taxation issues and -- also benefits from family and disability benefits and special pension rules and in addition of that the talks of artists per person Medicare itself. What you can expect on -- Medicare ordered to pay for instance through for a long term care or for skilled care is also ties to the basics about Medicaid. The end of basics about long term care itself. This book is for anybody that is on Medicare now. Are coming up to Medicare this is really a must read. For you because again the it'll bring you up today than what you can expect as far as benefits warrants and what not to expect. If you'd like to take advantage of the free offer. Give me a call at 180457129. B eight BD appropriate information with our team receptionist. I'll call you back personally in answer those questions where you can also make sure you received social security and Medicare book if you like. Or the stress -- retirement book as well. Should give us a call 1804. -- 71298. And in addition to getting two free books if you hurry and call right away I'm a more good news. There was good news last week when the job numbers came out -- -- the moment he reports -- Employers added another 2171000. Jobs last month about as expected and the Labor Department says the unemployment rate held steady at six point 3% which economists had expected to tick higher metro financial chief economist fans want says that would not have been a bad thing. More people should be telling -- pandering and looking for jobs and that's why they would want it to god that. -- a sign of more labor force participation because a better job prospects still job gains have now averaged 234000. In the past three months and the job market has reached a significant milestone regaining all of the jobs lost in the Great Recession David -- and -- Washington. If you look inside the numbers it seems that news is even better for boomers they seem to be employed at higher rates than millennial. Steve you think is as good big source of that news. It's news -- out of the defendant's behalf of those who sort of chuckle about this. You know we're back to the same job numbers that we were American and move. Are going to the six years ago so yes that's great news in the sense that we're we have the same number of jobs available that we had back then. But you know we -- to really be adding jobs over the last six years not just back to even. It's sort of like the stock market opened everyone's excited because this increase to what have you and that this great could and glad it's gone up but. When we look back -- started you know we're just bad luck. Basically back to where we -- 2000. And so that means if you -- -- funds in the markets since 2000. Your back to even. Well fourteen years when this happened. Inflation has you -- your your accounts. So you've actually lost money you're you're not -- to even your best this seemed power that you had. You know fourteen years ago and that's so what -- we -- look at the employment thing it's shoots you know we're not -- yet by no man's remorse to grow long long. Hard road ahead of us. -- Or new data finds that Americans as a whole have not saved enough for retirement. According to the employee benefits research institutes when he 8% have less than 1000 dollars. Hasn't advisor Steve how do you help your clients figure out how much. Is enough -- that most important thing is it we do with our clients system sit down. And analyzed for -- it and analyze how much money it's really gonna takes them to survive when they do good in the retirement. I think most people just -- that are can cut this and cut that and hopefully don't have enough money but. -- this is something that really you have to sit down we have to get chairman budget at least you review your budget. Make sure where you're spending your money now and then. Where you are stranded in the future. You know so many times people think croquet on the road he's spending less money when I retire because it won't be doing this -- that are what have you. And many times this exact opposite because not you retire. You're doing those vacations -- go on before you mormons and maybe go to Europe or do some elaborate vacations -- There are traveling or whatever the case may be your. Maybe now that you know you're retired that you wanted to do everything from remodel in the house to you name so. Many times you found people are spending more on an after the returns -- -- less money and especially in the first year which. And all this is going to be into the budget -- it can really raise Cain on the budget later years. Yes and that the B word budget scares a lot of people -- when you think about what you're talking about. Steve -- when it comes to planning for retirement complaining for the fun stuff. Like the trips like you said that you beef put off and you wanna take. You want to go ahead and sit damning come up with a budget with a professional. Like Steve street sense -- so that you can get to the good stuff and when you get to the good stuff of retirement. Playing goth scene grain kids scrapbooking what every year passion is. You can actually enjoy it but 'cause he's planned and Wheatley joke on the show alive we try and bring you retirement news -- -- way. But it's just this past week with what -- his family have faced. This is really serious complaining for retirement you know we joke about and I have have money and low gonna do -- Sunday. Today's a day has -- done -- -- your spouse today and make the call cost Steve. He'll come TU if if you can't get out about he will come TU. If you're -- in the round rock Austin area he'll come do you they'll sit -- do you and map out a plane and customized just for you. Starts with a phone call he can get two free bugs. You're getting get a retirement plan in the works. And it's not gonna cost you profane Steve stress SD is your man to call 804571298. I'll give beginning -- Sheehan and the pin handy 80457129. -- If you wanna read more about honesty can always go to the web site safe money Texas dot com. You wanna call quickly though because we have the tin stress free retirement books for this segment to give away plus. The additional Social Security book that Steve is -- lenient. Call now to take care of business 804571298. And we got more business still to come on today show. When the safe money retirement play any shows Steve stress test you right here on talk radio thirteen 78 -- returns after this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wind today and welcome back to assist Easter recess here and you're listening to save money retirement -- show. And thanks for tuning in on this glorious weekend. So I hope you're enjoying the show in her again thanks for two and then. There -- -- answer questions. Does your time to pick up the phone and give us a call. At 1804571298. But if you call in the my service and talk to my team receptionist -- you can do that 24/7. I will call you back personally and answer those questions for you know. So give us a call at 1804. Far 71298. You know my buddy Patrick Kelly wrote a great book called stress free retirement. And this book is -- -- you some exceptional knowledge the exceptional wide views of William in retirement and he talks about things like protecting your life savings against loss -- union comes strange and never can know -- I'm receiving are limited upside game potentials from zero risk of loss. And stop pin is Daniel managed refused to your stockbroker in your money managers. Bob trade route here read this book and uses a citizen simplest and most informant to retirement book ever. And a Steve Craig wrote that Patrick -- has a gift his or non financial author. An expert who can make a complex subjects simple and fun. You'll thoroughly enjoy this quick read. And it just might change your financial future. -- Karr wrote the financial services world can be so confusing intimidating. Captured -- healthy start to understand my retirement. Which there is so true -- terms and you know we're just contaminated from from the financial aspect of it. This book there cheap easy to understand easy to read. Clara -- so many different things for you. This just an exceptional read so give me or call 1804571298. If you let the copy of this book and artists who would get it out here free of charge. Call 804 -- 7129 VA ten. I'll make sure that happens for -- in addition to that -- you heard me talk about before we have an exceptional book of understanding. Source security and Medicare. Not only does he give you all the clear and precise information about Social Security. You'll also bring you up to date on Medicare. Medicaid. And long term care. And although serious an affect you everything about Medicare part -- part B part C and part. This just an exceptional read it clarifies everything for you sort of you're on Medicare coming up the -- terror. Or have questions -- Social Security or Medicare just give me a call 180457129. DA. And we'll make sure that you received these books don't. Give us -- call. You know it is Father's Day week in and aren't dads are famous for having all sorts of guidance for how we should handle our money. Here is Warren Buffett's son Howard talking about the influence he had on his life. The opportunity. To sit with someone over fifteen year period and eavesdrop on telephone call balls and I error are all these things of the conversations and and watched how he thought and now -- analyze and what were the things that were important in a decision and and I learned some that mean I learned. There it is much better to make a decision. Quickly. And I -- well informed decision but quickly -- not make a decision. Steve do you have any stories so about words of wisdom make your dad shared with you. Yes it not so much you are on the finance side as far as the investment. But on the perch inside and that would basically say that if you don't have the money to buy it to -- -- And they did that use credit cards. I don't think mommy actually had a crash occurred and so. Her with a 1015 years ago and she did some traveling and what have you needed a credit -- through their plane tickets from one area but. Other than that I know we never use credit cards to delay payments sort of says so. Dad's advice was real basically real straightforward and that's what if you don't have the money you don't buy it. It's pretty much that simple so it's kept me out of trouble for funeral last sixty years show Arthur was pretty good advice. Really minimized for all of us to this day. -- USA -- many are aiming for one million dollars as they are number. The ability investments -- Thompson recently weighed in on CNBC on the million dollar question ten million dollars it could be enough it might not be enough -- really depends upon. So what you anticipate your retirement to be amateur earnings. Before retirement. It's seem crazy to ask Steve but as a million dollars announced. Throughout the million dollars of course does not by -- used to. The problem worth two million dollar figure sort of -- is that. We used to use a 4% ratio meaning that -- -- million dollars you could take 40000 dollars a year. And did you do move normal life expectancy induct me -- when it was all over. Today unfortunately the 4% rule is really thrown out the window. With the recent history returns to have more banks are -- into day. For fixed investments. With returns is what was what they are. You cannot take 40000 dollars year 4% and expect to have any money for the rest your life. And most financial people who targeted new rule today is about two point six. So and stern take you 40000 dollars you are on -- million person in his 26000 dollars a year. Now fortunately. What has happened is with the companies that I work worth. They've been expecting this and working on this problem. And also be inflation problem for the last recent years. So what we have design enables you do. This to put together income plans. That'll give us even though higher pay -- forty files from. And do a true learn through your life -- no matter how long you'll note. And also in addition of that be able to put things in their -- inflation so inherent when we should perform either from an increased allocation. Or just a -- inflation rate or use in the -- some shorts so that when inflation does happen you're gonna get an increase in Paris. Because I think everybody knows said if you look back stormy years ago you look back into the eighty's and ninety's and you see where we bought then you take that same. Hundred dollar bill today it doesn't buy you nearly as much to visited -- -- it's inflation is an important part of it as well so is a million enough. For some people yes and for others know. But the big key there is that a million doesn't -- I would used to sit up and says. And that is the key questions Steve and the bottom line is do you want -- know how much you need to play Ian -- Enjoy your retirement it starts two day with a phone call stay Easter says he can help you it's free. You're gonna get two free books for calling in to meet with him. The number of -- 804571298800. 4571298. Colin nail and get on the way complaining for your retirement and be sure and check out the web site safe money Texas dot com. Steve that this show has gone by so fast today but. Before we say good -- just -- thank you again for sharing about your mom on her stroke in just and it will be keeping her in our prayers. And will be updating everyone saying you're in your final thoughts on today show -- I appreciate their prayers and our 13 call our listeners for -- and -- over this weekend and also to all of our radio listeners and take advantage to. Our advance planning and give us a call to let her pick events for retirement income and also sort of have to do that for years for you at no cost shall. Give us a call that 804 -- 71298. Then -- all of our listeners have a safe and ensured weekend. Don't risk all of your life savings in the market it's true there are options for you beyond the market they can complement your investments -- Steve stress tests in the -- money retirement planning show wants to make sure you are prepared as you better the retirement zone stevens' experience in helping retirees and -- retirees with a -- strategy based on your specific situation call today for your personal appointment 804571298. Or doesn't save money -- is not come to begin planning your roadmap to.