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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy and now here's bill -- Bill -- -- where they cold allergy possibly. Well emotions are high you know has. They had thought out and figures must be model substance and all the time is here round the -- -- But a few good news they'll look really good you look great highways every -- do you look at bush and -- TV -- -- -- Cuba US soccer -- with -- chipped. Really -- you become a way to monitor the movements. And make sure to to my sure there were about to spasm of my sparks. And to wash your movements and how great a brother and how well they're playing really. Right most interest -- also to make sure that they were healthy you know entries written. In testing how can I tell that comic Christian. Whether there's some -- due -- to diagnose. You can sort of I don't know where we are not. Promptly brought me good luck to British and I employees. Just assure their -- yeah I can -- the same here. And it's not only grown -- sooner than. That's insisting -- do it I'm trying to imagine what kind of -- -- you can get. Until months health status to make which -- I was -- -- as a tracking device not a market. You don't like HS choices it's really of no more more than coming out ways to measure blood pressure all kinds of six. You know with an Indian blood glucose -- -- -- to ferret diabetics road cores and in turn soon. It is coming. -- -- GAO. Journeys to you know. It's pronounced. All right great -- some people say down low -- just last month down until we probably should say -- didn't actually. Because you sure -- T. That's we're gonna -- so are we got a book we're gonna talk to the author -- out soon. The Dow of feeling you know. My mini book but he does have and go back to take. So that's going to be good. There's two -- Jason go Bergen -- -- also Obama. I don't got Maryland -- crazy. She's altered canning tickling Friesen. Was warm hearted action here were horrific multiple. There's a book people event that's going to be up. Seeker coming up and moved to -- believe. -- July 10 which is Thursday as senators do -- haven't right at book people enough to dig a little beer there. The associate -- drink company as well as pickled Berry shortcake with a screen -- that sounds good. There's gonna be -- Blackberry easy. And taken -- Stephen beard. Has got all go to the other -- No doughnuts so that is -- -- -- ten layers to him for who. -- publicity also Barbara roar of cheers. Cheers and -- to good morning. That is an important topic a lot of parents who are struggling with. There. So we choose to see what tips and tricks he has a lot of parents that there. When it's that it's a touchy subject because you don't wanna make a child's feels scenes. You know but it's also completely trusting every -- have to be no change in the -- Not journalists seven days a lot of people percent this year he's just -- a bit when we don't have that problem yet but I always thought if it is and I got married man child he has. Become cheaper because and we can share the same product. Hit a pretty big child's OS that you should I told you so. Anyways so bed wetting and if you interest in the -- -- -- her New York loft you love we're -- a clinical posted Bluetooth. Light sea breeze coming up in about ten minutes. And we're gonna talk and lots of things about this with new -- -- and her favorite local doctors and Niedermayer who by the way I have had to have a few times he's wonderful but lucky to have them. Right here and will wind really slow slash option actually Clinton is close enough that it still part of the creature. -- -- When he's usually good humor and lots of good things to do it. The essence of -- now. -- -- And -- Lori I think he's globe she's. Chiropractor. -- tricks he cares more about that about previously accused -- of that yes he has an upcoming talk about fertility challenges in July night which is Wednesday at 710 and Allen took. People self Lamar. We are going to give you what we have coming up spoken in the events section. Tim ignorance is us -- okay so we just mentioned once again. Doctor -- blew -- the health of pets in any race a chiropractor. And -- be giving a talk and fertility chances to Illini which is a Wednesday's 7 PM at the peoples on south Lamar. There's also the sounds really and she -- well. And doctor Robin tauzin who's an inch perfect actor it's on the tail of her presentation is beauty does lie. The untold stories of autoimmune diseases. So Celtics will be talking about people who are suffering. That would mean I know someone might look. Greek team -- -- never think they have a problem in the world that they may be stuffed into a very severe and debilitating disease. -- -- inside that -- fifty so people some essential wellness center. July 9 Saddam again Wednesday 7 PM that's at the central people's the new wellness center. And at the Norris. Well. This has people's wellness center in Norris candidates they mean they Klein. I think they don't really Claudia and they they claim. To Barbara -- -- a nurse and Barbara stand sealed another Hairston going to be. Giving a talk and gluten free and dairy treat easily so tips and tricks for people to follow that what can be challenging diets them to make you feel more digestible. July 14 that's Monday at 6 PM. That same night at seven to him Brenda young who's the massage therapists to. And I think -- -- console I'm not -- ACC stands for. It's going to do a talk on building and improving relationships. And sounds coming up a little bit will be talking to Marilyn McRae of about her book canning Pickering and freezing and she's also. The equipment before -- couldn't do the talk. With food and beard -- Out of people's pharmacy but at book people July -- there's dissident camp. -- by the way they'll note too that they want you to buy you can bring a book disclosure about from the people I think -- to assess where they. Chemical and bright spring it should be their sound books and there were so yes I think that people on lots of fun way to get a clear and -- -- for things like that so that they didn't. Yet if anyone missed any of that for a we have those all on our website at people's RX dot com. The tournament there was so you wanna go to check it out yet to create green resource there's a news that he consent foreign. That information. To. Star Trek here are people listening just like -- you say sorry can we tracked you know what I. GPS went and the argue with -- just makers have come over here. We heard him just. Got a pregnant person children. You mean united in that. Well it -- and just was always. We're you know those health benefits to blueberries. And they -- agree they're really good fair. The bad blood vessels for strengthening blood vessels also really good friends I aids. Who they are entry into seriously the top three fruits or blueberries grapes. Raises and per inch of their -- and brought -- basically. The -- to. And open about prudently -- him. Their bigotry is keeping things with -- Burlington reversed I would as a new settlement. You cooked we varies. Celery parsley scallions. Lemon juice. Oil of course to go to all -- can. It won't notes and in terms and decorated club members about a this is really Good Charlotte -- that's and one would put this summer -- and so people who read about it you can do that sounds delicious. You liked to like good -- for your patient which. Yes students medicine and I think. Food as one of the most important determinant of health so. Sometimes if we can get people eating the right things then and then you know again. Some people think that if they want to improve their late stale they have to make him. You know complete underneath decree transition but a lot of times to -- Small incremental changes can. Have a huge impact on their health and so I was tied. Extreme things and a way that mixes. Doable for people where you know has -- people even if 80% of the time you're eating the way that. You you know quote unquote should be eating there's a rumor maybe 85% there's still room for. Not always eating perfectly well that's the issuance of bodies that can balance. Exactly you know we're gonna have some -- coach here from. Because this is labor whether she's she's what would you do this and Tuesday for the July break we can't. -- -- -- says she said. Used to love emotional celebrations -- depends every day. Every July the fourth nor the praise of guns tanks and soldiers. Who filed by the White House senate shall strengthen muscles what to do another country for urgent need but with family. Picnics where kids through Frist he's the -- other news. The protests like this -- feet. And the flies out from happiness. To you thank you Rory but it's really patriotism. That's -- this remove -- but so. I'd like to quote me yet. And the justice -- birthday with a new -- million of them really historic repertory. Of the country doesn't really come out. We essentially -- and house in England and a traveling through Italy England who have trained him in fourth of July weekend. -- -- except for a few yards in the -- -- -- you see you behind the flag or something you may also -- communal sort of refer to you won't hear a hot. Similar you know commit robbery goes on -- the conditions affect. And I realized well likens no -- got us a little assure us that Cindy. A funeral prescription written we talk too -- you talked to them. Doctor. She bring about -- us. But you know we have an issue that the -- Long term won't give prescriptions the citizens are really serious and we're -- -- -- -- more prescriptions and his biggest problem. It's mind. -- -- -- -- Under way. Plainly and what do your question I'll guarantee you they'll be jump through most people -- -- CNN is it away sort of prescriptions they -- the vote. Painkillers so you -- in India it's a big we're October live this is a big problem in this country and then more more so than anything else. You place more in the sun -- about. Going to support him soon because your guess some vitamin. People first timers usually don't know about this horse was taken what can they do -- about the sun and. Well I think it's always you know release just everything -- saying everything's individuals so. In general we make recommendations that someone that has a personal history here a strong family history of melanoma may have to follow different guidelines. That my a recommendation from those people is. We don't wanna get a little bit of sun especially. Not the theories -- photo sensitive like the face and and the next in the hands they're more sensitive to photo -- and that's a good idea to protect them from the sun that. And in general even spending ten or fifteen minutes. Having your arms and lake's exposed -- laying on your bathing suit. You'll get so good amount of vitamin. And it is important to have adequate vitamin. As a former research indicating. It's important -- our -- system that it could be the factor with cancer prevention. Autoimmune diseases Issa has had a lot of rules in the by the and it's not easy to get him on diet so what a lot of people don't realize it's still just in -- milk as they add vitamin. The amount that they -- and food they have added in its very little to drop in the bucket so it wouldn't really correct the vitamin. All the time there's a ton of people walking around Austin with vitamin. Because they're not they're not Allen the senator that's an American offices there and going home or going to the gym and going home. Oh where they are protecting them over protecting from the -- so there always southern sunscreen and so I think there's a happy medium we have to protect tourists skin we don't wanna go out and -- On the beach all day long but the same time it's for so filled with of the sun. And you can actually end up. Having other problems in developing a vitamin. But also you want to -- but -- -- -- -- you know -- just -- that you have settled -- debate. You'd ever day you can some elementary protection to right. Exactly so just gradual lead getting a little more sun every day's pick in the spring starting in spring I think it's a Greeley did accept your skin actually. Adapts to it and so it's not and the -- -- have any problems with getting a little. Little bit of sun but again if someone's gonna suddenly BO exposed her for hours in the mildest day -- I need to. These in a Chris there -- issues we want people -- Educate themselves about the quality of the soundscan using -- a lot of sunscreens that you made just. Ryan didn't you know readily available are pretty toxic end. There's so the web say that Al -- refer people to cosmetics database Scott Boras gets that create consumer. Site that lists the healthier sunscreens the ones that aren't going to be toxic. Because it's kind of ironic to protect yourself from Redskins. And answers zinc oxide is the best of men titanium actually assume you've yet to teens and then there. And so oxy -- slowness of the chemicals that. And they -- actually have some zinc oxide and how it's normally -- -- You have enlighten those made in heaven now -- -- pretty well so the there's several that you still in my experience he's Egypt to -- but it's not. A big deal that just takes a minute the president apparently don't notice it. So Bryant -- when I would just does for the way you. Protect yourself -- him so Tyrone talk about during the show is. How to avoid sickness and premature death. About what to do that gets the big topic. It was some guys for a four ways to do it. I cut him a theater very broad but they're good sounds good -- -- is 21. After 42 after a ticket brick group quick your good doctor -- on the phone so. You'll seem to be right back. That's a whole. Gloria morrow and let's get healthy is coming up after these messages are much -- on thirteen seventy. Alone it is. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the bills whales find tall. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the show us free doctor she removed. Will be joining us your momentarily. She is refreshing to tell you work. We'll run them so. Devices and it doesn't say -- little -- plus plus plus the lakers -- Little over Norton hit -- mouth -- this field. -- -- They are you don't we're just talking about the the US say soccer team had GPS devices older players. The conversion or the other measure how they play in that can measure room with hunt. I recommend you some some of some. I just took over to Obama assured taken measures comes secret about where they can measure certain health conditions other doing. Haven't device have all the way that you put in your near my office itself is not really government component within the gun down or they can measure concussions. Did you really look at your wife your concussions to let's rush to accuse of hitting -- allows a certain -- there that monitors us. It forces or something he has grown so this interest while you. Let it. Well that judges expect -- little problem I was just talking what someone error here and there are coalesce. Certainly had a history like 27 different concussions he's got to mention -- So tell us. Yeah. That's awful it. So they they can -- way it is there's fired -- religious teachers so -- Richard today does say. Mental disorder. And obviously can't teach but that's from the other sports are just. He's -- -- good for us -- so many ways that you just got to be careful there's certain sports and a lot more concussions and others. What I hear it's a younger ages there -- the coaches are teaching. These young kids out of out of Clark and how to tackle with their head up and you know -- a budding news right. So -- it. I have a patient that got who played pretty cheated and got. Again that -- are trying to tackle Earl Campbell -- for the scrimmage isn't it got knocked out Zynga that's understandable to those -- to remember Earl Campbell. Gloria -- Have I can't imagine there's a distant drum beating I want to. I walked across the floor with him and how my goodness aegis. Is a wooden floor. I think the whole building was -- He says those medals plaza and uncertain exactly right now retired CEO and custom -- Want to ask you about this this is the Euro American College of Physicians -- send -- a -- example I'll leave -- to screened for cervical cancer. So -- are used to I -- error they say they generally detection part diseases does not reduce mortality and social discomfort. False positives and negatives. I thought that was intriguing to say the -- will say -- sure you can hear more about that. Let's start yeah that's pretty entry saying. You know one -- -- -- -- that's what made -- I did do a lot more primary care and I and I still do a lot of bad. -- and it's one of the stated that women came to the doctor every year government to lose -- -- down the other thing. That was sort of a bit and and the -- You know it's good that just very little time to do that that's part of the exam such. You know to me a little out of bio identical hormones and that exam was very helpful -- made it to determine how well. Media the hormones were working and they need more than they have plenty even if there was too much you -- -- Nevada up pelvic exams. So. It's I'm. Idea I think the tired and so they think they're not. Do away with the exam assessment -- by menial part where their feelings. Like those reasons looking tubes at Florida say that part of it. -- and -- really had a -- the other thing I think instead they haven't changed just doing. You know the general public examine the had a. Yes exactly and could do that particular exact might. I guess at the Jupiter -- there aren't very many doctors that do it right. And the reason for that is usually end up hurting a woman. Especially if shoots she is a large woman and all the way Maine you to try and do that exam. People don't realize this but stay that generation. She wore -- I can have the district's own ads are the same for men and women. And so. Do you I heard a woman. A lot of -- and I was in in medical school. I was so I -- them on I'm a woman who had a little bump on her over and I think it's like a checkered shirt like I've ever done. And then that the residents came in behind me and did and examine them attending -- is getting in the damn water. And shuttle would what do we all came back into the room. She pointed at me and she shouldn't detonated started off she pointed to the -- today and she -- -- marriage. As you reported to be attending physician and can't eliminate. And the need to know what what you remember him very very they actually regulate -- nutritious so I'm. Did you find -- well actually can't sell globally I'm not real sure. And the EST resident. Didn't -- I think it felt something on her left over. And the kid that delicious said what you felt was a fairly regular nondurable about. One centimeter by one -- perhaps senator here on the bottom slider left over. -- okay. All right and I didn't I mean I didn't want to porno what do we met that woman that she had that response -- that give -- I don't wanna do that -- and a lot. Yeah in a vicious not I think ultrasound that much better way to go you get a lot better information. And and unless you're just extremely experienced in doing it. If you don't get a lot of regulations aren't I'm not so -- and this agreement good tips. This change. Garage he had no I think I think that's what they found out and primarily it was false positives and false negatives and very clear a false positives. That's serious William and then like they're -- said there's so many. I think it's also natives would be a big issue just because so many women there overly in this country and it's hard to. The -- anything appropriately if there's a lot of tissue in between. You know your -- so. -- you're just out via -- sounds. And hopefully they'll finally over to Ben Ali yeah asks. Well the it is a problem because we don't have those screening test for ovarian cancer ovarian cancer is. This tricky that way we don't know it's not recommended that every year a -- it's not a sound just -- screen for it that's been so. Right that this may want Torre but guesses as well very -- did you actually -- a lot of false positives -- so we wanted to do it analysts you know contributors got all the work out trying to find out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can't find -- they do an exchange normal. And they shouldn't Canadians are now you're still stopped trying to find -- -- -- they want to get fired. I didn't that's coming from and that's a dirty -- extension work out so yeah I can disappear -- like I don't want -- and that she has -- -- he should follow the insulation up. Category. Where she's she's at high risk and you think she had a lot of symptoms that made it cooperating with ovarian cancer -- something wrong that quiet you don't want to give it a routine screening and again you get -- -- many false positives. The exactly so -- that I guess a conundrum as we don't. As of now there's not targeted screening tests the general population for detecting ovarian cancer. I sometimes wondered you know maybe it's just too expensive I guess to meal to sound seems like such an inexpensive easy noninvasive. Procedures quite the way isn't that season might just be that they don't find that there's enough. Just financially it might be you know they don't plan that it would be helpful enough but to me it seems that that would catch them. A lot of -- they got sick. In Turkey. And she gets swept around. An independent got killed -- air. And so. But forget exactly the problems -- -- towards many years ago. Editor of the primary care Doctor Who -- independence. Over the -- and he had an ultrasound machine pulled out an ultrasound as college examination how old build like 45 dollars to. And he -- the and -- -- to -- desperate. Should beat LA. -- they admit it you know where it's going to be away here and all the extra costs and expenses that they're everybody goes to our society. Am. You know I don't I'm glad I tell people what -- my -- and it cost me per hour. And they're almost all over you know just to look at it and so. They don't have any idea that there is that kind of an overhead. So. On the since -- got system. Got a question here this -- the -- so the FDA says just testosterone curious of the ET EU restrictions. As you know -- -- embolism. Another song that they can call center so. Just a -- more impressions about to thank her. I don't think I believe that study. You asked. I'm -- I'm just 22 days ago so yeah I'm status and I and I have -- ready yet but I'm sorry I just don't believe it. I know it's I don't see that sort of increase your risk in patients that are overdosing on just Castro you know sometime lecture -- people -- command. And and they're they're taken way too much testosterone levels -- you know. Just 3000. That are sort of shot administered -- and the shots on this streak whatever. And when I first learned about testosterone shopping. The explosion that anti aging group and the and carry a child is a fourth generation and the chronology which we were told that testosterone culture so you have costs. I remember that when I was in medical school. That testosterone itself can cause. But if you take orally and that has an effect on the -- and the version on makes the clotting factors and can increase set OK if you do -- that nobody gives alternate -- -- I mean vicious shot is that people were. What what -- that firmer and they had no one more than a little testosterone and it and that that was not a good idea and I know doctors prescribe them. Yes that's -- test to whatever it is. -- structure so yes I am so. I'm I don't think that we need to lower the testosterone on people that haven't actually high testosterone and I just probably. Three -- -- -- -- shown that yeah they are married and I've been doing it almost twenty years I don't -- clocks -- that first. That this testosterone runs high and that's god does not make sense to -- their. Two legends of our own all of a long and there's so much variability. From person to person who won without error and I have made an increase lists. So I didn't administration out of the way they're doing it something along that line. I I'm I'm not following this be a vicious cycle estrogen can increase squats. That was true then we would see a huge number of parks and women but that was pregnant because there astronaut out level can go -- You know higher maybe 400 -- the initial cycle tuned in 35000. During pregnancy. And you just don't see that boy and an increase itself. I really question this very this. But it's clear that short little reward the person to come on we're gonna know the answer to inflict. So you have to -- these studies or something. But who had an agenda here I'm sorry I'm and I get shipped just way too -- And -- -- being asked as you know once you start I'm really -- of the listing Adidas to investigate tips as you can. There's a tremendous amount of thousands information on the validity of that was searched -- published today where it's coming from who's paying for it. And the agenda that's behind it. And look we're finding more and more people coming out that -- for long researchers. And all the kids that are Helen what's going on -- that former editor appreciation of the British medical journal of the former managing -- it's been doing and Joseph Madison they're telling these people that these changes mistress search has been pregnant today. It was in and out. They -- not legitimate just. This one agenda die another position essentially a sale ideal but it's a fact and and -- no please don't take my word for I'm alternative medicine doctor that's my opinion but. You people need to do their research on Obama and they will be well educated soon. -- being the first to tell you that what was said on the -- not -- the approval -- -- -- GA writes. I don't care and I don't know -- just -- a -- if you wanted to know that globe just -- -- -- -- -- little -- via Skype we have our freedoms in this country. That would that would his -- that took years to do this weekend. Let's say like. Hello art -- I think one of the things that bothers me is -- you'll see a headline in the news and at some just like a snapshot of a study and doesn't go into. How big was the cities like you're saying who funded the study was there any. You know conflict of interest in terms of -- Who was funding it and so there's Susan you get this one headline that comes at a study that often is very far from the two analysis of what. The study showed it didn't show and it's some fixed that problem because people then run with the headline. Who -- and it's promoted as the absolute tooth and really it is often just a part of the puzzle order. For hence there's them at the major concern over the ethics behind the study so. So I guess it's actually GT complicated -- people I mean Q question of these stories. -- it actually was a lot of skepticism and it's what. Tends to get maligned and -- -- more than any changes to our own chemistry but molecules that we somehow are the worst thing in the world for us back. That second source since bringing throughout the -- search. Growth hormone are just -- -- that lets start there you didn't go far along now and year to treat captured. Testosterone I was prostate cancer are often have we heard that. That's it that's absurd -- before the low testosterone level they have a much greater national prostate cancer she asked and I'll Jane thank god bless skeptics. But what we can talk about this forever but the women were low estrogen or no question general -- -- not possible. Are higher risk six times later this afternoon -- in support. On the reason for that is because the beta receptors for estrogen Preston dial. Cause of cancer showed some self destructed. Right and it's so bright you -- -- this. Forward given too much -- longest season. You know what Franken -- -- equities said by the way he said. And this applies to this weekend with the children -- freedoms in the -- -- freedom cannot be bestowed it must be achieved. In this Richard you the FB bold and just to have to maintain our freedoms. Unless we're talking about. Absolutely -- and ams and the cabinet sat back and letting you need to investigate. Structure -- the -- quite capable of understanding. You know you take a risk to children. Who -- yeah I think it's just they include you iron it. It. Here's the headlines load docents are won't have reduced heart disease risk and I did -- diabetics. Now -- giving your thyroid where does that help the reduce our risk and you know -- isn't. -- Authorities is -- is a big problem in this country did. Big problems Aaron that the mideast. Well I think there's a lot of things about thyroid that we really are recognized artists read an article that it actually published in 2005 went back and look at pushed and -- -- group clothes and the colleges got together and -- It's completely -- shouts about looking a -- employed outraged father and I treat most Bayreuth what constitutional. Battle it. And then saying that same when you got to look at that she SH a Bob -- well well look I look. And then the large number of people square feet eleven where's the TSA agent not association indicator. Of what's going -- what you're spotlight. And that's what that everybody is gold standard well not everybody we know better than that after Lester let's. For most people that's that's the gold standard yet it was by a few days. Has satellite. And so what Barney and I don't. There are there's so listen to it and a lot more people are hard fought battle like -- I. That's really understand I really understood and really that's what is so what went wrong and that -- and make -- -- -- yeah. Additional probably haven't noticed it's for couple authorities results impaired driving east and -- drunk driving to sustain it didn't. I don't know -- you know that's a big impact on the brain 50 PM to dig dug out -- we talk about later about how fatigue is causing some accidental death sentence -- tell us what it. -- -- -- Remain. I aimed at I AM agreed to just keeping that yeah I had put -- -- -- vastly under diagnosed and I was encouraged anyone who has any suspicions that the as a third issue there it's their doctor does to do complete. Married panel including the antibodies they -- it's often the only thing that comes back positive. Right and so the auto immune antibodies that they're just each of their TAT and T firm man a normal thing. When we looked to see Iranian system is technically amnesty -- it is. Like suddenly you recognize doctor and -- I'm -- -- introduce you to her but I'm sure you recognize you -- yes I mean I guess that's just you know. This is our pleasure to abolish you know Giuliani can't play -- this and dollar on the show it's. Well thanks a lot -- -- not my pleasure enjoy your dollar -- yeah okay existing agenda but I must act. Currently in I'll tell you can't just say who resent this website -- yes but we got to go we got -- another guess coming up here. But we're always got to put enough time doing. And knows all lower 46 PM -- what is the solution is for a six FER should say that for a successfully or your community lunar. Germany or wherever. Watches soccer. Games and what hasn't been the same time all over the world but for a six after her listing of -- bureau of February through -- 013 7512. Throughout Turkey seven if you want it any information about we're talking about you know information. More -- this -- we can take her let's take a break we'll be right back. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on -- 1870. Let's get -- Welcome back to the show you. -- -- In this -- she you know. To see that -- about what to say tell -- Williams. This of this -- very important you see that quite a bit today. Because this is the essence of failure right. Doctors and so are we almost doctors are you just. Jason go burdened -- the Lugar bill how are you don't -- -- -- viewers are all right thanks to you both here. Well thankfully it actually an attorney I'm okay mediator where you are now and are -- to publish some years ago. And actually bill I'm about an airline pilot so how are you really yes there. Well on the question your -- Renaissance man. Conservative. Yeah that's this -- What once there's lot of podiobooks so what makes this -- really different and I -- I guess this gods are due to the. I hope and I care about really you know -- you know armed Q&A half years ago low end. My friend attempt recommending it recommending it recommending it. By the time I had attention deficit disorder and I had to take Tom about a hundred dollars and workload problem medication every month -- You need 400 also medication reminds basically it would problems stimulus. They lose subscribers means in order to maintain my little practice and maintain my focus. And I ended up just jumping in the -- -- taken the plunge and three weeks later I had a big project that we choose tonight I'm that I could think. Better than ever and I had no idea why I finished a project to connect thoughts thank goodness I took my medication or else it would not have been able to do that. And then I thought. Wait I didn't take my medication today at all. Disrupted in my diet and I'm never taking messed up ever again I don't since -- my practice is that exploded and you know I think I'm a born again and I had to get. I've gotten probably hundreds of people now it's best to calm because. -- -- -- -- And yet the media is not a big fans. Of these diets are they -- just a lot of touching as ways there's got to McCann feel better. I I think come the mainstream media is and mainstream medicine is beginning to catch up. -- with what the -- -- practitioners of kind of bleed -- walked. -- you've seen some huge mega studied one particularly publish. In the I don't internal medicine. A very very well regarded world famous -- epidemiologist by the name of doctor Regina Chaudhry literally it would Oxford's. You know what a big Gene Lamont. Of doctors and scientists would get. I had a million -- -- and an eighty individual studies for metastatic. And what they found was let down a lot of things but -- practitioners believe like conscious it's saturated -- healthy but the problem. You know without scoring heart disease and stroke or are actually yeah actually issued regarding the -- consumption carbohydrates in the there's no correlation between most types of cholesterol heart disease and stroke. And he's found in the study and he couldn't come at this was the case so you know this crude on the front page of the health section -- aren't -- their most. Most email article on their web urgent about three weeks so I think we're we're just stays true yeah I think mainstream medicine the mainstream media really can't believe -- that this is really a life changing calculated list. Well thanks you start out oh my you can do really good definition pay you -- Because I think a lot to thank you displease you to meet. I come. I would say that it is. You cut out all the processed foods from all the chemicals blew all the additives nothing that you can't eat without the benefit of the machine -- can pick up the tree. They get up or kill it. Then generally speaking 99% I -- on the menu arm. So. You know it. We obviously also word came from and you know it correlated -- having to without having no processed foods and are tired. And while it is always it is you know have since come to fruition since we've been waiting process it's. Does it also -- does that also mean that you could have a lot of wheat gluten. Yeah absolutely. -- like we got to remember what any -- that. I think that's where there's some lobbyist control without. Because people equity wheat which is subsidized. You know that's gonna hurt a lot of lot of recently I guess then insulate. Pain in my headline maybe just at a mommy would be allowed an -- -- day event. Other affairs were front and sort of be OK then don't. There's some issues with -- you know -- agriculture and lobbying. Are produced -- but they're you know that we believe are apparently not healthy for humans to eat and it would cut back a couple other you know point that we got that you know people talk about the -- -- diet. And for -- alliance for many practitioners say it's not a -- it is really incorporates so many other things you know as far as lifestyle -- play. And stated it's early it's an overall passed. And I think that is the -- misunderstanding about what we do it is looking at it just in terms of the food you eat. It's really just one piece of the public. Well our board boot it up if you know what a fearsome you'll you'll be reading about or read some. Particles that tourism you know. There were disparaging to people that. Greeted either really up to the gluten free likened Hollywood Juno -- his -- where there's just not very bright. You know military doing. You know societal whatever but there's not a citizen. No it's not I mean just because a lot of celebrities are doing it. Unfortunately people within the -- as a result of that that's you know. I have talked to hundreds of people who have certain cities -- that they thought they have to manage for the rest of their lives are doing it. Our continued high blood pressure Crohn's Disease. Autism. Bomb different degrees of autism. I don't think clearly Al Horford and immediately but no you know -- -- you're going to be better in a wheelchair in ten years because you have multiple sclerosis. And six months later -- leaves and debris on the medication. I think something's wrong. Well I'm a -- have some form she's you are very holistic here in Austin and Omniture -- across from the abductor and try to think. We have never seen anybody. -- pay you got -- had a bad reaction to what. He's no community generally extremely well tolerated it but basically eat a diet that you're -- your program to -- by two point six million years of evolution and not. You know there's some fine tuning -- back and forth in the -- community. Certain kind of foods that may -- here are borderline boxed what do you get to that point it's. -- -- -- -- -- to reviewed annually about human beating the finger they're out of genetically program. I don't you know it's hard to imagine a bad reaction to that -- and you know Arab backing up on what Joseph said you know people are how they couldn't believe it or else they. -- have been substantially increased levels of how I mean you know turn back the clock and in terms of flexibility and -- ability to corner you don't know what it kind of -- and just feeling and looking better so you know it's not ridicule people fail but -- -- make you feel better you know even if you consider yourself -- that. Can you ought to. Have your background to the -- real hard virtually -- to -- bring Cuba. -- come right back. Yes I don't wanna die -- arsenal and a few hundred it is look at all of this you know so sure so yeah you know this very in ten dollar or two militants. And tried wrote a book yeah. Right so let's take a break and -- and -- yeah so this Houston time after the hour we'll take a quick. There and can always go to -- Internet I don't Turkey's seventy sovereignty through nano Turkey's seventy. We will be right back and. Welcome to let's get healthy would still -- -- on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's bill -- Welcome back to the show we're going to show and I. Jason Goldberg. And Joseph -- Obama. Tomorrow I'm so my parents yeah area like salami but for the I definitely a lot of -- right now they're getting therapy Leo yeah who -- professor here at the was fishing because. You you got the -- from -- professor somewhere. The idea. Because of toys for Fisher talks and they uses statistics -- you -- Artillery and so was shot dead in the book is try to make something that people don't understand enjoy. Because it's the way you say things this problem more important which you say. -- -- Edition gives everybody remembers 2 o'clock it and I'll participate but they're gonna be so amazing our actual debate not gonna be so maybe just because of the subject masters and -- had to. Seemed most boring teacher ever. And everyone saw wilder in that class would be most boring subject matter in the world. Where you had a professor that just made it fly and made it so captivating and so engrossing and -- entertainment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is a horrible idea -- and I and then he says hello. I'll just write out a couple pages and I'll -- that you need coming what you think. And I got potatoes and I read them and they were hilarious. And I said you know that does it mean anything that is going to be a great idea for about this is a wonderful idea Jason thank you. You're welcome we -- yeah. Don't let the offense you know I assume you were weren't you wrong. How can do get to vote by the way. Well the best way to get the book is if you can't go to war website which is WWW. -- -- gal that's Caylee -- -- -- Dot com. And -- -- the noble and whole electronic and most paper format and of all the major marketplace. And not I just wanted to point out as a Euro higher. I'm very fond of this organization. After the property in the book goes to be informed consumer legal to -- and sparked a great organization dedicated to protect. Small farmers and so allow them to keep bringing. Olson as fresh and healthy boost the American public. Well we know where to post this because they don't get subsidies. Hello this affirmed that these subsidies so we can trust and. The democratic. -- -- -- -- that could change the world on an individual level all the fans you know if we can change the world on the back -- and give a lot of the profits to charity golf tournament. -- -- And as Clinton has -- brief questions can you explain because most people are familiar with thinking of Helio in terms of the diet but just what are a couple of the other aspects that you discussed in your book so. You might -- well what else is there to Helio. Besides the food to eat. Well -- -- I think it is we got to accept before -- considerate. A holistic lifestyle. So crude as a very important piece but people who just kind of -- the food don't understand that exercise and movement that is huge -- And it actually -- -- -- artists on the recovering there's dozens of plays a huge artist. And and that you don't even supplementation can be a part of that in your mind says -- huge artist so -- and I go through all these issues kind of step by step. Chapter by chapter in the book and and we also provide -- expert guidance going forward with some professional do we know personally and we really trust. So it's it's everything it's really a complete lifestyle not just decide. It people who. Do it often do it -- minute doesn't last so we try to give you the tools that you need. It and maintain -- and -- it. -- it easier that is easy to -- in today's world. If there's anybody like flexible low power than these probably -- also they I didn't want to be interviewed ridiculous wouldn't be doing. Sanctions and you'll write this book together. Putting out everybody enjoyed reading it much like writing do you -- all right. So there's a hard copy yours and so off topic this. Yet you don't -- -- can you are just some just want to get the book. -- name Iran until you can downloaded it you want that little bit less if you downloaded I think. They're different pricing in different areas but it's a very tough to convert it same blanket being market cap on the most expensive. And you can actually get a paper copy upstairs and had conducted a background. But it -- -- -- -- property back. With -- number -- -- well I can tell you one thing this upon her real movies so you're not do much for money. I can just say you're doing it to help people because Joseph or help but this doesn't. It's just it's -- that this lifestyle -- Right. That's kind of where we're converting people all over the place is in our personal lives -- now -- -- -- comes. To sound corny but -- you know we really kind of -- -- change. You know worst what you're doing that usually -- the -- -- attend the name of the organization you're supporting with a third of the profits it was. A tired arm. Consumer legal and parents -- -- yeah. So they did defend some farmers' ability their right to sell raw milk. -- keep them from legislation's has made the as a result of the big agricultural lobby but designs dinner there with their ability to make money and sustain them out of the arm. -- More than you do -- -- date. Well -- not take all those. Lawyer jokes back and all the -- that I. Did so why I don't watch. Everything and more -- a path that I can only imagine. Let's listen oxy -- which are doing and I appreciate that ultimately you an apology. I respect Hollister yeah we're really apologize again. So -- -- -- start serving this scenario shoot on the airlines. The idea rated romantic I would Israeli troops. Liberals that's well I think he had -- -- enjoyed -- thank you very much -- -- -- grew out of -- didn't doubt that he was TIL. Hey Sam studied any debt W debt Helio -- dot com PA LE OTO. Not content correct I -- success against LS. I started writing it slowed walker this historic blue would let you about in with a -- agreement. All right thanks again. -- -- You ready to join -- yeah we're just a little bit late railroad. -- McCrery did you listen what we're just talking about. No I didn't mean to you about Brad McRae and pray. What do saying mccreery yet -- as our weather isn't they we had a recent column or queries so. You can really not running against. Those last week when the I'm still living in the past like this way about Maryland a year you're going to be at the book people. We will be picked it and I'm gonna Ortega effect on the try to come myself that's music to our room. Old don't average to a welcome current. -- are going to be as good of the people 'cause they don't of staters. And editor in -- like the other concede I just think she's fifty people they had. We're gonna have heard the last sooner than drinks. Drinks. This sounds severely. And pacing. And -- the title of your book canning -- in freezing with -- hurting him who's -- Is that need fictitious spokesperson. That international -- developed she. And the late forties that they rolled out their refrigerators and freezers should change their version of Betty Crocker. You know kind of the characters who is in -- would embody all the great project quality. And get the housewives to want screeners and should also very. Firm alleged. Which. Overarching. Identity for the army -- but it's -- we're teaching just streaming. OK so it makes this international harvester detractors. And there are a lot of farmers goes out of reform anonymous seventy's remember. There are pretty big back can backlog grew. That in its lower tractors. But I brought in a moderate Harding whenever her in her -- is that she's a fictitious. My medical Barcelona okay. If persona and they they shoulder refrigerators entry here. I -- detractors source sun. And the need what would happen managed to being part economist would come and do demonstrations. No because no one it has homes home freezers prior to -- The idea was to -- They're housewives -- -- them. Well that's good because what you're gonna farming in and we found more more people -- students and performing. And does the tractor so. We do any -- I'm allowed to always in this Richard during. Well well that's the company and doing -- and and have brought karma back. We just aren't coming there from the red peril our roundup which is an international harvester. Collectors and -- -- see how we rolled out Jeremiah. The construction at this event like 22000. Structure and memorabilia collector. Camera -- you know journalist and if I can tell that schools a -- We'll agree to do the person within two days of -- doctor natural -- -- You know what Richard Preston. Because there are very much into any tissue out include continuing and is prepared foods so that this is great. It is screen it's very interesting -- -- still stuck on the -- -- who have never heard of so that owned the -- too fast say they've never heard of her before I just found images of this fictitious woman so. Telling what Joseph did no -- -- can -- A look tell us what got you into the slip with -- path that -- you. To be so interested in food preservation. I have -- -- I insistent upon which my great grandparents in western Colorado and my great grandfather grew wonderful sinking regardless. And granny out preserved them -- Felt from absurdly -- interest in the Internet and then I had the opportunity teacher's editions book. So let's just everything came together I'd already been entrusted intrude and in fact first seven years -- -- to capture -- -- creek farm there. The ball then. We can be OK this year at the farmers market there has to reform act -- creek farm after farm but really the school need any opinions to. So can you tell us a little bit about the book in terms of how was it -- is that the sort of book where someone who's a complete novice can pick it up and have enough instruction to start canning and tackling him. Absolutely -- the idea was to go back to those very simple instructions that. Our -- and her on the condoms -- brought. Choose to where dozens and we in -- went a step further where we have got a lot illustration -- and we had to step by step instructions. Straight into the -- a little skinny so -- so water bath can -- -- exactly how did you asked pressure campaigns. Think things. You all the district think we featured in the book but there's. Our line trying to -- quite a -- period they were quite old harvester brochures. And don't we have very detailed instructions. And everything is divided up. You know all around. The -- therapy or just something unique quite and they don't. Tomatoes require a lot of the special attention depending on what you're going to do it some I had to pull chapter on the so. Well. The sounds really interesting and none are you. As everything that you using in the -- difference. Procedures and naturally you're not using preservatives for instance are sympathetic conservatives. Absolutely never worked. That's just so foreign to me and the idea listen to preserve what good does so those are the messages say many early. Harvester publications and I completely agree with that he spells. If we teach we had some recipes then their true making terra. Because sometimes that's the best way to preserve current but that would be would sugar it will not be -- any artificial ingredients. Who they listed so basically do. Oh what he was is -- -- -- is that -- -- the -- Why you condition our crowd QA if you can preserve it in a -- and it takes a long time to do that. Or you can use lactose fermentation. Which is. A process with choosing Korea and lots of other -- Israeli -- way. And with that when it's all and the way. And you loud and. Have to -- -- Have edged just get the vegetables to release their own moisture. And that can even be done by leaving. Covered jar with direct proportion them. Vegetables and wait and all. On the -- for two days and then you put it in the refrigerator and it'll keep go to -- last. The -- that sometimes street a four week. -- So you started 7 PM and you try and he's an -- have to do don't -- Not -- -- staying and ask you questions to 9 o'clock. Because this that this is this a great because our preparers are out there you know on -- people wonder what can they do. To get ready in case we we -- with all the -- and all you know or whatever is going home in the world we may be short of fruit and some points. It's really I think -- -- understand a lot of the techniques because they're better or some boots on techniques are better for some food. And some are better for others they think that what we've tried to do give. People are really good over you know. Wage should do. -- -- Five what's the old statement used to be you gotta put something buyer put it out we've been. Included instructions first smoking truths exist. We have a smoke dried tomato recipes. That came from by decree -- And that's really good you can stop at first we also have recipes for drying. And you know the most you can drive ate garlic and number eight extra we have instruction like that is -- if you have a good crop of garlic. And you make a garlic bread double up quite a long columns. Into staying threes are good crop if you're a former -- it's a lot times there's certain time of the year you'll have access. And so that they wouldn't have better crisis. In America and so -- candidate. The main test does it better like we -- something isn't it more nutritious for you to read it. Definitely -- -- so fermentation. Things are better but that's an actual -- by chaotic. And it's a really good way to. You know give your digestive system a little old -- -- Who remained. This is really and sting Andy any of -- does stepson which techniques are best for the most common foods that people would want to preserve. Absolutely this is to make recommendations. We even included the green thing instructions because. There are a lot of things I didn't know about -- principal are disposed. The -- I have recently. Some realize that that's a much more complicated aren't there's a lot of things that I could trees said he didn't think of freezing because there's I didn't know the instructions for doing so. It's. It sounds silly and -- I want the book. Well who says she said that I knew that we -- that you know the people -- independent and they you know they need the money tucked in the independent company. And so this recommended -- you by the book. In fact I think to do you should if you wanna get it -- photographs of the book may be bought it both -- people aren't. I'm not sure delta -- don't I know that the people houses available and they won't continue to have it available. The publishers were also located in Austin. And -- that this event is sitting -- I think it actually went out of Boston magazines. Oh. Cleo which only he could really local term social. Bringing this knowledge to our community. Well congratulations -- -- this is great because. And Austin -- support this because I think this is for your support to farmers markets you support. Good eating. Your diet nutrition. And your own. Longevity and also I think Sony PeopleSoft Christian because they end up wasting food so this'll give people tools to make sure that there's really. Make -- most that it with their buying and growing themselves. Absolutely I had a bumper crop -- cabbage this year so I made -- That's great to you have your garden. I don't -- a great. -- wonderful. So -- -- -- and those so July 10. This there's a 7 PM have -- people in this kind of the -- from seeing Arnold's tickled to -- sirte could face cream a stat alone is reason to go into. Yes -- content euros just doing trickling -- berries and shield local. Stephanie Courtney and hatch. And well I hope that'll slow you floors is a second floor of Arthur foreigners especially for. -- the hope they don't have enough room for -- They can't go to an attack but you know would be a nice problem to have -- we're gonna work and yeah. Our thanks again Maryland for being with us about things you. Just two weeks is just think you're okay. -- -- sorry we're not take a break it is. You see here which I'm sure. On hideous name 25 after the hour nationalistic break your column always traveling -- -- -- thirteen seven -- he will be revenue to. And I. They want more of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages you are -- all of your team's seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the bills -- crime assault -- thirteen seventy. Barbara more. Par for more Republican have you show with us today. Barbara -- you -- this -- and I can hear you know good good good girls. We talked Carlo you know we don't like since they're by the you're. But it ways it's a pleasure having you on the show and they can't just introduce you have got to. Some bills wailed and have the people's farms and -- you know an awesome by the way. You demanded an action to adjust the numbers -- oh no no we're headquartered in Michigan this is -- that the accelerator. My eldest son. -- often credited for the music. Oh yeah they'll let you go that's the music every corner -- -- To much music they say we're not we're we do more drinking and Austin police in the country to go low and maybe actually -- -- -- -- like if -- probably you watch him publisher moved. You have your idea -- hit it right there are some pharmacists in my -- today is doctors and -- Tyler. Okay and did you return she's a doctor drew -- with the and she's version hearing about what -- -- you're doing with this condition because she's she's his patience and seventies. Now we sell a singer in the show you know one thing about when I was in tradition he. The person show. So about how -- thought what do -- kids at my age. You may need to -- be cheaper to like about the diapers for the baby and the two. I think they're just yeah. -- Is -- problem. This has been letting. Yes -- little late at night and we're gonna do this but what if someone wants to learn more about it. How would they do them the results to cover all the people driving moment to. I web -- address this is no bad wedding that comes. And her phone number is on the web site which at 1800. Driver and one. To six in the -- 100 drive this who has a great future right here at one. And I didn't want. And then no battling his disease event they know that doing putting that. Rice -- and compassionately and they're driving they can remember those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- PH -- to here's a vote you're approach and even years assessment of play. Causes it has been simpler that we have here -- dimensions it's actually -- to consider it to be asleep disorder. Right that they sleep so deeply that can't wake up and night. Did you look at the web can now claiming. Yes I'm on every now also can't chat and I am honored to Hillary she doesn't show as a baby. This how does that they do know that he's learned I have a four -- and a -- -- -- and I. So this can be very valuable birthday baby kids. Can what do you specialized and Tammy I -- And a little bit of the biggest general practitioner right they do it -- left kids since this is something and -- seen before and I think everyone sees that so aren't. And and I work with a lot of digestive issues allergies hormone announcer so a little bit of everything. -- but adding it's a different topic because it can really affect the self esteem most. Person experiencing it but also. It can be challenging for parents because parents don't want their kids to feel ashamed that they gets frustrating because they. Yes crazy aren't they don't understand why it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This sounds like you got into this because of your experience with your daughter -- Yes exactly. Acting and and night I was told like. You know all the same reason I'll parents that don't worry about it shall grow it. And should I then. People wait wait wait economic activity can and fifteen. Eighteen graduating from high school kids going to college no one -- when there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- that's why it's so challenging. Instead of waiting for them to outgrow it just personally happened and -- -- -- culturally in the meantime passed on social issues. Sounds appealing -- different. The feeling ashamed. And more importantly it's not ever getting quality actually. And you know how we feel you certainly you know and then at four months from the -- Gerald. -- when we -- to a -- couldn't actually generals who knows where we're kind of on the edge when credit Shaq -- press release here. And then to sleep. People collect it -- experiences every day. They could take twelve hours and be more tired. And that -- an update is he says that it's not the amount of sleep quality actually. And some day plunge into the deep sleep. And they're not getting enough green -- And -- we're continuing -- have today and that they actually picketing is truly an oxygen deprived of sleep and it's like people that actually pay everything. Insisting. There's always hope is that by older people sometimes have been when problems. Because of Nelson lead and that. Japan and and we don't work couldn't have -- we work checklist. To not to turn in your patience. And at times. We find that it's just it's morale global problem these children's act plunge into the -- athletes Laurence teenagers or adults. And that the brain can not be around. Because -- that he slept OK so what we do. If you start with the consultations. And -- the entire treatment can be conducted by phone and it's. Because we're headquartered in Michigan app I marriages and am making a large number of families to come from Texas to -- didn't. And -- second -- California. In the past -- but can work with people all over the world. But you know that I -- -- -- Internet. And -- ninety cents and one contractual period held regardless of where they live and the entire treatment protocol. Can be conducted by phone but should be very nice certainly. And we have so many different time zones that we have enough cash to work and you know -- -- know this sounds to help everyone's. And oftentimes as you know lost the tax troops will offer to drug test for that -- And they don't treat the problem. And the children to you know maybe dry when they're taking a drug. Because it just elevated to sleep wander out -- have another one -- to cut down on the production -- -- and night. The DD BP that have been quite frequently. So it just the band aid if and when your go to those checks. And to letting cat and they're very discouraged the city and test some nights of wedding after being dry and package. Then they can't wedding but there is extremely discouraged. And and electric. You know when they become adolescents teenagers. And necessity appears to the most important things to and they want to spend time overnight camps. And they're afraid that fear of discovery just italics. And from one that's find out -- -- Support them since it spreads. DNA and emotionally but can -- be emotionally devastating. Can you tell us a little bit about the program turns those and so how many financially this. There's. Different situations for different people but in general how many sessions alluded to speak for someone to get to the point where. They're no longer wetting the bed. -- well we. We kinda -- this treatment from beginning to end it. It's generally have six months to collaborate with two teenagers. That's what to -- sometimes it takes longer time. Once we start working with the family our commitment to work with them until we have all the evidence. That's actually disorder at times and the catch them they're dry every morning. And and we don't want to start winning again because. A lot of boys and girls had had many many -- extension to get your hopes up. They try and learn -- -- still worked actually right through them. -- -- -- -- came -- expecting them all irons and that wedding -- -- is like expecting smoke -- attract a higher halftime. Speech at. It's there. The alarm beeps from mainland and now what it takes a trained skilled professional which is what we aren't sure. Don't -- guided them through support them educate them. And -- single appointment. And gone to meet -- treatment different. -- every two weeks. And they worked to change you know -- interest from beginning to -- test that they build relationships with that person's. The debt to directing them. And it's so important to have to get the titans and fat person you know you can -- at this question and so that. The apparent technical. -- Do not -- picture -- picture of something in between your apartment. Where available but it it's a commitment on our part you know to stay with them from the beginning and. And and continue to -- so little about the technique in terms of that sounds like it's geared towards -- turning to sleep pattern of not falling into this. Too much -- this deep sleep so they're more aroused little. Yes absolutely unless you get to that core problem. And rid them of sleep disorders and he kinda like that -- it's gonna continue. Depending on family history. If both parents have been bad weather has been historians. I'll treat balking at that wedding actually happened the other wedding and contained. Moody's who lost your computer and well let's assume. But that's a good program and it sounds really interesting NS daddy Diddy -- no dead letting dot com and she. They do adults too by the media says so children and teens adults many -- America's problem and sound like they're really good approach actions something like it's down to the root of the problem Lexus had not just masking it with that in medication that actually. Changing the physiology of the -- percent really curious to see. How they do that but that may be. If we get a -- -- may learn more about it but there's a lot of information on their website no bed -- dot com. And you know I've I've seen this affects people. In pretty chance to -- like -- said normal things they've gone to a slumber party going way to camp -- child may be. Severely stressful because they're worried about the so Hulk -- Ayman. It you know can cause a lot of social issues. And so and so I think it's that's an important topic. What really is and then you wanted to you know -- argue she does all this comes -- about phone. As some exit -- skate it and it sounds like as a team of of advisors so it's. Okay so someone who they went with the same person every two weeks is that she mentioned. Hello there welcome back thought he had something apartment should be and then I -- -- the toughest thing if you can yeah that's. I'm sticking a big issue I just say they do this Skype for. Aptly -- We have a lot of people internationally that we work with but I kind of at the end and activists make cities here for everyone from other countries and kind of -- we I'm -- No really very proud it's 39 years of experience we have a 97%. Success rate. And that's because. We do work so closely with every one. And then and it and you were. I'm mentioning. The actor. Don't we -- or teaching the children. One on one child go to treatment consists. I'm bound to I'm -- training exercises muscle exercises and because generally. People who do went to bed tax have an underdeveloped -- Not county Nevada -- African regional -- that's what they said it's their teams and their Blatter. Almighty -- every night -- -- once a week or once a month whatever their patterns of winning at. After bladder cancer developed appropriately and -- campaign. -- what parents -- -- restrict includes kicking into the match and they're really doing the opposite of what should be done yeah and act -- it. You know common sense to think what you don't drink so much debut won't -- That they let the catalyst of course to resist kidney to constantly producing liquid. So at least I'll work in a wake up. And approached depending on Platt a person he's tough task if they're winning 12 months after the wedding treachery can tonight. We know we have a different approach as terrorists you know it's totally individualized program for everyone's children teenagers can tilt. It's just to complete. I have been doing that along -- a different kind of hard hat and that's why techno we'd have to successfully we haven't he's not a very happy people. Content planners say there's a doctor Lyle. Don't -- off the worst review. He's just such an interest or -- -- Clinton couldn't teach B clinical psychologist. Books and down pat he gets input on the patience and a it there's I. A situation where we think that's a child a son and too many medication that might be affecting their sleep in addition to go to sleep disorder. We you know take a look at its case and that's why we do they comfort patients first. To make sure that at you can leave that we can work -- And then if we do run into issues in a week has him and I came to consult list. So every two weeks. And is about our consultations opponent takes. -- the confrontation and an hour and then the treatment benefits for about a half hour each content over a period of months depending on what they need and -- collective head out on -- working with them we want to make sure that we take care of everything. That is great it's a great Carolina there's -- my -- -- guarantees so much listening I don't have all right now she's only her late twenty's. He's an adult and she's had some problems and is very embarrassing do we sometimes they get almost suicidal and only guessing that. I have seen that and that's another reason we can -- the actress and your loved -- to take a look at the situation like that happened in a day. Have every reason to believe different kind of go on the rest of her life certainly can't. And it's it's difficult to wake up every morning zoo Atlanta at age thirteen or fifteen or twenty times. And we see that everyday this conference. Especially this time a year would get console. Graduating from medical physical way to college. And them. And -- the fundamentals are essential for the tournament and for mom and -- when you can't find help for your children and it's very frustrating. Oh yeah makes it -- socialists you know I'm -- I don't have this person. Contact you -- 800 drive bad. Right dad wanted to -- -- don't not don't want to destroy other forms and -- bed -- attack comes to take into super scary to me. Very happy they get a look take good care of them let's. Should brilliantly on our family protection well you're you're so it comes out in December calls call people's pharmacy. As for bill but I like to meet him. -- -- -- -- Well I can only -- oh yeah I lawyers and anyone in the Stanley says yeah Soledad thank. That's not my invitation and at least ten for a look at me to your honest person people need to -- we just it. Well thank you just meet nice people. That civilians are doing some Clinton went on very night I appreciate them am nearly your -- -- can -- you have labor of love in this -- support -- students it's. Look at our -- and definitely yes I'm we'll give myself on the weekend. Let's thank you certainly will beautiful day here and Michigan eighty degrees to listen. Low humidity which you don't Crowley pat and I are always -- Yeah yourself -- you do other portions most. You know probably have missed the and he had to come -- watch and -- our focus -- drilling of this girl's death was accidental and it was. And hello and send you clearly know battling dot com right there yeah -- -- -- thanks thank you very -- really nice weekend okay life. All right we're going to get another break here in the series the last break through for the week break. So let's take a break here at -- turkeys every few questions about the didn't talk about today if you don't that's OK you can email. W swell if she was or start congress you have any questions about these things. You don't show where there's so pitcher. Catcher Tyler. So let's take a break can you hear about. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up. -- -- -- -- Welcome back to you let's get healthy. Bills wail on -- thirteen seven. Welcome back to the show folks this is -- where -- people's social Trevor pharmacy. And we have might be one of Boston's favorite duck chiropractors conditional right now -- I don't -- anywhere this I hair he had a year and cost you practice -- most of -- should I do. Do merger purchase located. My practices -- -- kids its definition of four so it's kind of like Lamar and she's 9360 area. I'll -- Ferrell fan that I lived there -- worker restore their much -- for storage. I just -- soon assumed for. Okay great air act -- -- mortgages that causes of the bumpers to -- ashtray so were were his words of missiles were you. And then birdie -- product and to. -- Somewhere there's there's a doctor -- -- -- or shoot down to fuel that is a Shanahan had a contact him soon. You've moved couple doctors -- in the producers to think. You know I mean they in my and there and getting louder -- their. If you have a passion. Foreign -- -- your patients to make choices to make it chooses and we're in the same way we're realistic pharmacy or pretend. -- -- -- people's I have them on the side you're you're like who can. Oh yes and I can keep my patient -- -- times. We just let's just do whatever you can. Think. How did we get our our -- Richard has had to leave early to do they -- just had to leave she -- she wanted to talk to you. Shares of babies -- have liked to reform also also -- -- so. No problem with infertility. No I had no problem there it's. So there isn't much of incompetent fertility medical -- from going truly you are trying to get pregnant I think -- More of what my pocket in the Obama and and getting my patients involved and the process. Learning as much as you can and should have a child as far as. Immunizations. Can get it going the national relative of course you know my fellow patient the people. So it's July the night yeah. And it's a people's cells are called street from where your feet basically -- -- Spain and Austria. 7 PM. Fertility challenges people -- don't know actually knows somebody that these two come. Yeah that's -- good people the truth to deduct. The sales account problem that is so let's that would be good for them to do. Well I would love to have them to -- the united says -- I learned we learned so much of the couple going through it that. That's kind of why did you cannot let passions is to get information out there so that. You know I'm a doctor I think -- nothing but parenting that I don't even know I think in the -- I don't know what happened there. Assuming the person they have to trust your -- that act and not really I feel like it. Medicines such a business guy that you really have to do -- you really catching. Get some good reliable trustworthy source of the house. And hope in the meanwhile Lou. Is -- -- get rich at -- but I tell you it's a labor of love and. And it totally. Some argue is what you do. How ironic because you value your own child we have found that if you were here. Have. To my wife and I had me truly natural noise -- It's yes whose flamboyant Anderson and and he's the best thing that ever happened to us and me. Digital glory rocker pharmacists. I should do well you Gloria Carter has little shield. -- crashed -- -- -- Palestinians expected to exact situation and I think it's an imminent. You know while they had -- had one and then. Our partners didn't have much like a year later. I mean this is just a labor of love for them and. For the lord taught me a lot -- -- actually -- was the reason why. I'm doing that because she gave me a lot of really good information try to put the tickets are something that I think they did try to get pregnant and it's called like you know we need to get kicked out there sure people because. -- they don't have resources like Gloria here they just. Telling relatives that have been out there ourselves. We do as we didn't show the Christian nation and I'm -- go back to that they changed -- and so emotional toughness. -- -- in the morning Saturday mornings but. You know they're they're very much against abortion who isn't you know correct so what I think is more important is what to do with a -- Russians are born. Yeah work work on children because children today. For the first -- history of low pressure on the rich kids. Because of them because of toxicities. Didn't go to court and all the all the problems we have with kissed it and and just treating it with drugs and I don't know all the things. There's our indication that make it to election nations all these other things we don't know yet so we're just we're just they're gurus whose owner of. And they ended epidemiology of at all in the second week. How we change our bodies throughout the year that up at all at all of coming. She called -- to be on the rise enough figures to be on the rise because this. The epidemiology of what happened throughout the nation as far as. Because a lot of those chemicals and things that are there where we're exposed to more or less doesn't matter -- pediatrics and pediatric chiropractor also so. I gala what parents bring their kids then and you know a lot of work on them get -- by an alliance and the recession is working well and popular modernization and opening in Japan they didn't study. Four -- they didn't give kids in his relationship she years. To -- -- -- rate dropped by 50%. Yeah I -- today we should just come out right now practice. People who are listening it's called -- PA -- national pediatric carpet association is that kind of restriction on their. So what's going out there and what pleaded for kids and pediatrician and they deny immunizations or. You name up marine heritage really good for. -- you have kids you wanna try and the natural way you know I think one other thing that I love that I want to party and this little head my kids get sick person that can give us. A chiropractor. And that's what she needed things to look into that acupuncture homeopathy it's natural to Goosen chiropractor and you got to the kids. Ear infections. The American academy of pediatrics so there's no evidence to support. The use of antibiotics are treating him yet what they do this. And then they they make it may make current air protection -- engineers and they had to create this system work -- course more and more care vs letting me. By natural. -- just do -- yourself. I'm sure all right we're -- to run this -- just a pleasure but once again later today or how much can you be that's a sophomore store right next door. The 7 o'clock. We just -- jamaat alliance sodium all right I'll be there. Alex and different data out there and I okay thank you that I -- Both -- show have a great we gotta we gotta go right now we're going to have a second person. -- this 6 o'clock I got to go folks thank you very much you leave him back next week -- okay thanks again -- --