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Jul 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. Our presentation. Of specs wines spirits and -- news and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- John -- mirrors. Everybody welcome to another edition of delicious mystery of the food -- my radio program hard Texas. As always delicious -- is a presentation aspects wine spirits and finer foods. Well I hope you can hear they're being wonderful sounds in the background people laughing nobody crying but people shouting screaming. And yes this is the magical sound of people eating and drinking which really kind of works on the shell right because we are in New Orleans this week and that we're not just -- new Marlins. But we -- at in New Orleans wine and food experience also known as now feet you know in -- the FB. A festival a week week long a weekend long law. Long weekend like any good weekend new -- festival devoted to the joys of food and drink and and I'm sitting here with a guy is the president of this festival they now feed this particular year and no friend of mine Christie -- that. Now general manager of the historic Broussard restaurant so course. Restaurants in New Orleans Chris tend to be historic and if even if they're not they say they are but but let's talk about now -- mean. It seems like two people particularly in Texas who visit Louisiana lot New Orleans as often as possible means so many fans of this city. They probably think New Orleans is always a wide and very best of all and yet here right now feet things really get concentrated -- things really get. Kind of wild crazy and fun I mean. What do you as a as a restaurant guy here what do you love about this festival and why do you think it. Matters. Well obviously it's important to me as a long time board member and the current president of the event. It's more than just a fastball it's a charitable event a lot of people don't realize but. It's all about eating drinking for a good cause we're raising money for charities that range from. -- handful about a half dozen educational. -- charities that we've always kept in a stable itself to this very important to us we like to get back we. Had everybody from the John full cycle and -- school to the New Orleans not Academy of Fine Arts culinary school. The Louisiana restaurant association -- star programs. -- Anibal schoolyard New Orleans. The you know HRT program and Delgado -- program. As recipients. -- this charity. And we do as we have a major beneficiary that we partner with each year this year that major beneficiary is reconciled New Orleans so. Not only is -- a whole heck of a lot of fun but it's going to really really good stable of charitable. Causes having established a terrible causes let's talk a lot of fun OK Chris. What what makes it fun because I wanna ask you a bit about you know some of the specific key events that have become really important parts I don't know if you know this Chris but. One of the interesting kind of pride making things I feel as -- -- -- in Texas. Is that several of the best known wine and food festivals in Texas hill country line include the Sugar Land line include affair. I'm all in all invited met with consulted with people from this New Orleans festival. So I feel when I go to those vessels which I -- I would still slightly really weirdly at home because they say they are my in my hometown festival are so so obviously this works what makes it fun for you and and for all the other people to -- -- people come from -- literally miles around to -- -- now be you know come to New Orleans during this wine and food experience. Well number one John and not told this before as a friend in New Orleans it's it's never weird it feels good but still. Always sharing the now. Well the average -- it's it's very flattered to hear that -- this is -- 22 year old event. I'm so it got a little bit of time on our belt we may not be as historic as some of the the venerable neighborhoods and restaurants that were taken this event. But this support is what makes us such a special event obviously we've just come to date from. Something that's a little bit Newark's been going on for several years that the -- event which is a much smaller boutique. Very high -- wine tasting but it was something that was necessitated. Not because we all these great wine makers these great importers is great houses. But couldn't really afford the force of these really expensive wines for 2000 plus people the grand tasting. So there's usually they only play them just for me -- I'm OK with that right this this time you had 249 to be close friends. But the idea was to create an -- to something that we saw a need for. I'm what's about to come up next in which you -- about -- were taken I hope as the royal street stroll. And now we're looking at the other side of it we're talking about something that's been around for the whole 22 years and that. It's something that is as unique is she could yet. You can't create royal street anywhere else she can't create that kind of backdrop so you're looking at. One of the best street parties in the nation and one of the most beautiful European looking. Time retail shop streets the whole country it's really a lot of fun. You know that that kind of makes me smile because because the stroll is one of those things that has made the crossover and all these other New Orleans inspired festivals. The only thing they don't have his royal street. And and describe that for me because of our listeners really because borderline now with royal street is this. Graceful it if people who've only seen pictures are movies that saved urban street. And they don't even have a clue -- grocery might as well beyond Mars immediate that it's a quiet often pedestrian eyes sweep streets filled with graceful architecture beautiful upscale antique shops. And for this one time only lots and lots of good in wind. You know it's 188 I. I've often said that royal street -- my favored the now the events I mean of course I love all the ones I'm -- and when I'm Adam. But but what do you love best about the royal street -- because it is certainly a signature portion now. Well as -- I think it it speaks to the first two initials of the -- and it's the most New Orleans bars it's. And it shows something that's really special and it probably that makes this event such a success it shows that. In essence -- kind of a small town European. City you know for a big city we are very very Euro centric. We're very very different com. But in a special kind of -- from as you mentioned the architecture. To our I love love food -- -- breaking bread with each other so I think it's a natural fit. Again there's some interesting juxtaposition between a big street party with tents and people drinking wander the streets and food trucks and entertainment. And these beautiful beautiful ornate antique shops and this gorgeous. Their European looking street. But I think it's a natural fit. Because when you think about the basis of -- both they really are. Is that the -- book we are as a culture our our love of food and -- and friends. Breaking bread of raising glasses to toast to gather so it makes a natural fit for our best. Kind of feel like we're gonna be drinking with you know Louis the fourteenth Louis the fifteenth Louie the sixteenth -- don't even -- those guys aren't bad but after he -- the line I won't care. Action now now Chris last night I was lucky you have to be it and they wind dinner at your restaurant had Broussard. And it was really amazing and it was read a reminder that. At restaurants all over new Marlins and I don't know if they're all over the city or only the French Quarter wherever back. But I mean oftentimes when he thirty restaurants will have these wonderful wine dinners tell me what you know. As a guy who probably does wine dinner separately many restaurants with good wine list do. Com. It's it's really kind of a special part of the wine and -- experience to have like one winery almost always -- and then some great food from one restaurant. Instead of the usual catch as catch can. Absolutely and actually to correct job. We are generally over thirty these days that's that's how many participants we had not correcting me is making me feel old days. 32 this year 32 I believe was -- bottle cap. But generally were right -- Thirty to 35 range as far as participating restaurants. And absolutely they are all over the city from uptown to downtown the suburbs to the French border. And that's what's so fun about you know it's. We're all breaking bread. Raising glasses toasting in unison with the principles the wind makers the owners he borders all the folks that. These their babies that they're they're showcasing so it really is a special night and the toughest part I think is is choosing which -- to go to out of cement. I think I think so Chris we only have about a minute or so left but one of the things that people always want me to mention about Mel B and any of the festival that it has inspired -- -- that the seminars because that he you know it's so easy does that thing drink drink drink you know. And yet while there is a lot of that but but there are a lot of fascinating seminars about food issues -- issues farm to table things to me a lot of the things that we hear about. And read about wherever we let you know we read food magazines are a lot of that area that is -- -- -- covered in seminars panels moderated this that the others. I mean so it is worth noting just that the fact that this that charitable event at heart that is also an information sharing event even though it's -- Why I think part of our job in keeping it fun. And making a worthwhile charitable event is to provide a little something for everybody all levels of enjoyment. All levels of engagement as we said there's a big difference let's say between the grand tastings and then all of and you also have that. -- wonderful camaraderie. Of all these people coming in to share information I think the seminars also offer something for everybody. They offer some very detailed trade orient seminars they all offer some. More fun but hey let's talk about bubbles in general. We have a sake seminar this year we've -- cherry seminars. It's fun to see that. They are so why did so broad that I think they really do offer a little something for everyone -- get to pick and choose. -- placing Gaza thanks for joining us here in this opening segment of -- mischief from New Orleans and not just army you know your grandmother's new Marlins but from the New Orleans wine and food experience this whole show is coming you from now -- as it's called we'll have wine will have a beer we'll have to we'll take everything -- eat everything and we'll talk some great people were added though. What have you got on your mind right now don't go ahead. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious mischief with your host John demur now for Michelle's expects wines spirits at. And finer foods this is great couldn't write this the very special edition of braving rain and part of a very special edition of delicious -- -- sound special eleven it. And because of course where in New Orleans this weekend meanwhile. And wine and food experience also known as now -- we're we're celebrating a lot of things in our next door neighbor next door to Texas that is in New Orleans, Louisiana. And and this is the the 22 annual edition of now we -- very exciting thing it's it's. Kind of a warm day here in New Orleans and because of that we have some really really cool lines with a incredibly cool -- I gen Wallace here winemaker for four a a winery a wine brand if you will that I really discovered in a lot of different you know senses for a lot of different occasions. Called barefoot I don't know maybe I'm just sort of a beach -- the whole idea of barefoot wines. Appeals to make now that -- for those who maybe don't know is what we've got some great stuff to taste today of course this being breaking -- a lot of it involving infect all of involving some sort of bubbly mask if you will. But be -- forests and tell us about. What you see barefoot as being -- -- what place does it occupy. In the market place. That's a trick question John so barefoot actually is a brand has something for everyone and we nick went that a brightly cracked. Food friendly and fruitful -- -- so we have brains we have champagne that we now have the refresh -- that we're going to be talking about today so we really have something for everyone. What about. I know we've talked before about barefoot and and and so you are barefoot to me I don't know I can't see your shoes very you have some. But but I mean what's the general history of -- I mean hey you know and because I know sometimes you guys in the past at least have done. Various things involving beaches involving kind of the imagery of barefoot for instance on the label there's. It looks like a barefoot in the sand -- in overlook. On how did this whole thing come about. Well actually has a beautiful long history it was. I was started in -- chateau barefoot yeah I have stayed there yeah exactly exactly does that it was started in his sixties by a gentleman named Davis Bynum in Alameda which is just east of San Francisco. In -- named bear but an honor the wake graves were originally stumped -- winds were originally made but today we kind of be used that term bear but. More as a lifestyle image. Enjoyment of life. You know agenda now that it's it's it's summertime in Texas. You know nothing is better than. You know they have they Tommy -- specs for instance talk about wine that's great by the pool you know that's sort of like a category apparently why -- -- for by the pool. I can't think of better wines -- by the pool than the 12345. We're gonna talk about here today what do these winds kind of having common they're different from each other bit but they all are kind of refreshing I mean they're not kind of their super refreshing. They're all kind of cold right now -- chill thumbing -- name is not that kind of you know Syria is -- raised kind of wine drinking thing. What you see is the theme of today because then we'll start talking about what we're what we got in front of us. Well that's perfect you're right the theme of today is refreshing and it's also a little bit of the CO2 light body winds winds that you serve either -- are. Are over IAS. We -- recommends some of Arlington so you're not you're not gonna kill me if I put one over ice idol get the -- Florio. That's a full service line every day you know so it's still I'm so one of the intriguing things one of the surprising things about today is lying there barefoot wines that we're tasting here is one called for a sec ago. DOC. Productivity in LA now I know you're -- -- a lot of -- California. But here's what how does this come to pass and in terms of being a -- -- I I DOC says what that. Gentlemen that's the only your agent Ali come through a lot that may be in Italy. What's the story on this which apparently does not come from California. Now it doesn't it absolutely comes from Italy and barefoot bubbly line of -- since 1998 we actually originated at. And started making barefoot bubbly is when you heard of all the scare about the millennium celebration there wasn't going to be enough champagne and bubbles to satisfy the millennium need. But I -- -- -- for me I can't speak for the last. But now all what we did it was we have added to the -- from portfolio we start with X or try we have route we have three the Scott goes up pink a YE a rat. And we have a -- -- you know champagne. And we just like sea off her different types to our bare foot -- BM doesn't like to call them and we know all. That people love Chris that go just recently they announced that has set a sales outnumbered champagne sales in 2003 for the first time ever. So we know people like bubbles we know people have a thirst for sparkling wine but they don't want to pay up an arm and a leg -- you well. So barefoot bubbly release are barefoot bubbly Chris that go just a may first of 2014 just this month. And it's. It affordable it's less than twelve dollars nationally it's delicious has really lovely flavors -- apple. Hair it has a hint of -- -- Cephalon announced it has a crisp lemon finish it's beautiful. -- so so you educate me a little bit because I think most people who who love sparkling wine noticed that the careful use there I'm whether we call it champagne or not. Think of champagne kind of like -- where began in what it is sort of you know so is is percent go to different from -- in terms of either what it is what graves what technique -- thug and you know whatever. I mean how does that what are we drinking that's different maybe from Champaign when we drink for stress echo. Well the only thing that the came -- ballots. Must -- -- and champagne is that there are two fermentation and it's bubbly. Sell everything else has pretty much different they're different grapes the grapes in the press that our glare of grapes from Italy that are running Italy that's the name of the varietal one of those 900 -- 50000. Grape varietal that nobody ever heard avenue LA Rite Aid and then the secondary fermentation is Don -- think vs Obama also in Champaign it's been a bottle. In Italy they do it and -- and that's help for Sacco is made. And what's great about secondary fermentation in the tank is that your entire lot of wine is consistent and you know and it's consistently good there's no bottle to bottle variation. So yes that's -- sat go is is that the only -- like a champagne but it's nowhere near the prize and it's absolutely is delicious. And it is because I'm drinking some now now now imagine a lot of this I think I mean I I can certainly say I first tasted something that was called for a sec ago. In the leaning you know maybe 1520 years ago when that whole thing happen in -- -- Harry's bar in chip free on me and all these great stories from Venice. Suddenly deposit themselves on our heads and in our on our ballots and the bill leaning with with peach stuff for me peach -- -- -- -- Have you have you you guys experience that that as well -- now there's like all kinds of versions of -- is out there that may -- is a different fruit friends censoring. Your your -- -- seems perfect. Yes absolutely we absolutely encourage lending on our website there but went dot com we have an ends and higher I was wondering -- he would be called yeah. It -- an entire recipe section where you can search my recipe ingredients by type of lying you wanna blend with says so we have a whole -- some recipes for a does that -- and our other barefoot bubbly is and we encourage people to look. Drink the wind the way they like to enjoy it and have been like enjoy them just what the -- or just what barefoot bubbly that's great if they like to enjoy them with a little bit of -- look a little bit orange -- -- -- the most that's. Whatever the way that they like it that's the way we encourage it so it's. Good either way. So so you know it's obvious from what you just said about cut the -- I made in the and the recipe collection and then you know have it your way basically that you guys are sort of -- I don't know I'm not necessarily again -- but sort of outside this realm of all this serious wine tasting wine drinking. All of that I mean what makes you happy -- says the person who makes barefoot wines. When you see acts happening out there I mean it almost seems like people having a great old time and they happen to be having your wind instead of well somebody else's. On the seems to be like he's the ultimate win. Absolutely will we are we like to see that we're fond of flavorful and affordable and that's really important ME -- I. It's especially to us because we know that people are choosing to get -- and have a great time. When they're having their family over -- friends over a Barbeque a picnic I -- baptism. What add graduation whatever the occasion as people are choosing to include us in the special occasions and has a -- that really makes me feel bad. But we just have about a minute left before we have to take our break -- -- but you know. How just as a winemaker I mean Dee -- how do you guys figure out what to try next because friends since we have a Chris -- add that I want I just am excited about. And then some really interesting fusion lines barefoot bubbly. I mean a how do you know what to what to do next in terms of new products and and that sort of thing. That's a fantastic question played but we do next. Always comes from the consumer we listen to our Twitter followers careful at their at -- the of the FaceBook followers. Found the people that we talked to a regular non profit offense they tell us what they want. For example before we made as we read people or blending must Scott Elkins a Roth 5050. All the her name in I was -- about that -- Aniston -- the -- the military bases across the country. So we knew though that people want it as we -- so we at a speed read to the portfolio so what comes next. Always comes from the consumer. Well that that that's not only very cool and interesting that it kind of shows in the wines that these are easily likable things they're not you know. Hugely stretchy and stretchy challenging like I don't know if I'm good enough for worthy or whatever I mean these are amazingly -- line -- you your favorite work. Jen lost they would that's going to take a break here on delicious visit and be back with more of our great great segment right after this. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John Denver us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here we're in New Orleans this week in New Orleans wine and food experience and this is the great ingrained segment meaning well. Actually it's the great segment because I'm here with that general all of barefoot wines and she brought some bubbles among other things here pressed -- days. And that's really good because we're sitting out in a courtyard in the French Quarter with a fountain dribbling and traveling in and all of whatever it is that mountain stage and it's doing it. And but what we do here on this show and of course what you do is taste and enjoy a fun with winds now. The next line is is called crisp red barefoot refresh another interesting -- barefoot refreshed. What what what kind of makes what's the definition of what you're trying to do in in this bottle because it's. Very very lightly red I don't know I mean it's just it's not a rose for instance at least in my eyes what is it. Okay well there but if brash as a light bodied. Slightly busy refreshing -- to have a little less alcohol than standard -- And it's perfect for -- special occasions. So we -- serve them after a ball game with. Bullseye aid when his warm inside when you having your friends up in the backyard. All these kind of date for special occasions are perfect for our refreshing with -- that you conserve over pace while. I love it for an -- who's won because you can with a straight face severed over ice which in the summer in Texas is actually a wonderful idea. And also it's if you have a daytime occasion that you really like wind and don't exactly have a nap schedule afterward it's it's it's a big big help when and it is refreshing so so what actually is in this bottle I mean is that a trade secrets yet to kill me I mean what can you tell me. It's actually a blend of -- Biggio you know Nomar and you know our Wednesday. It's absolutely delicious that has really nice flavors of pomegranate. Cranberry and is Chris -- and finished. And it is a little bit bubbly and is just absolutely refreshing and has all the serious Brett a red Wayne accuse -- while so it's a hundred is that line. Hundreds -- from California. And flavorful. I. I love then and since the pinot noir grape is my my personal favorite grave pits the fact it's been married you know kind of makes me feel better I feel like -- among friends somehow -- -- so let's let's turn to these these three bottles here. Barefoot bubbly is in a lot of things are tasting -- are barefoot bubbly but. Fusion I mean what that you opened the bottles because I don't know how you nom I'm embarrassed myself but. But let's talk a little bit if he can about about what it means to be a fusion because we have tropical fusion citrus fusion and -- fusion. Com and what's that all about. Well again we've listened to the consumers inept but fans that enjoyed here for alliance and we I'll always know. Went -- plant opened their -- -- but fans are blank put hands on my got to be saying you know feet to the left feet to the right I mean it's like this. This cult following whoever -- your fancy that's OK but. Really we know that people have been blending the juice is an other beings into barefoot bubbly is for years and years and years so they've been asking for more flavor they want you do that forum and and they look at the ends -- -- they've been asking us to create this product for us so we know people love flavor they left labor in the wind it looked like where their food we've seen it -- Spirits of all the different flavored vodka as. So we decided to give them what they wanted in give them flavor in these sparkling -- these are hundreds in California sparkling wine made it in the Sharma met that the same way. That we make all of our other barefoot bubbly is and the Passat golf. Thus those so would be fine for me in layman's terms hues in LA and in English but oh. Sharma aren't met that I think that in some way might mean charming but but what what the heck is the charm on method as opposed to maybe a traditional champagne method which I imagine is what it's not. Now it's it's it's different is secondary fermentation. That happens and -- in -- bottles so what happens is. We haven't I'm at Kobe which is a wind to pick from her primary -- patient. And is a little bit of sugar and a little these added an infinite enclosed paying that sealed up. And the secondary fermentation occurs and the byproduct is a little bit -- alcohol but the more important being a CO2 of which goes into solution it -- it's really eight cell that's exactly what it is so during that secondary fermentation process we -- natural flavors and romance. Says to get these. Amazing flavors and aromas that are absolutely lovely so that's when -- -- we -- it was called tropical fusion and I call it vacation and a bottle because I. Thinking it's like wind to have a Pena -- OF I can never quite delivers its own may be what what how would you describe that what the elements of the flavor is obviously very tropical. But I'm not quite putting my own finger on why. So it has -- fall there's an island Minggao a little high it's absolutely all the tropical fruits that you would imagine when you're in Hawaii or in the Caribbean. It just all of those flavors and aromas are just. Bottled up here in this tropical fusion and it's actually lovely and it's the same not affordable price than all the other barefoot bubbly is that we offer. While on this show it's not bottled up anymore Jan is that contentment and we -- I guess we have to finish it now so that's the tropical fusion. And then and also in the sense of marketing because you guys are so intrigued so fascinated by you know listening to your customers now that. -- citrus fusion what what kind of forces if you will market forces you know did you see out there with America -- say love affair with citrus that made you think hey. They wanna citrus fusion sparkling wine. Well the most that is the most popular mixed drink maiden -- -- a a bubbly. Well between 10 AM and 1 PM on Sunday -- yeah absolutely it's a great wrench time opportunity in -- case in cell. -- the -- just fusion is again and their aides say. -- agrees yell in Sydney based champagne. Sparkling wine I should say and it's infused with blood origins -- flavors and -- all natural all. During the secondary process of -- fermentation and it's absolutely lovely. Either you or somebody else must be kind of been a mad scientist modem just suddenly picturing people when you said blood orange I mean. You know somebody had the -- this thing up and say wouldn't it be cool we put blood orange or whatever. How how does that work I mean I I get the centrists say from the market. But how do you create your citrus and you were essentially your citrus -- -- -- -- extra actually wanna -- and in and we actually -- all of the natural flavors and aromas that we're interested and and we put them in our one reinmuth. To see which one tastes -- and and how they work together so it's not just one flavor and aroma there's multiple options. And when they've played together well in the bottle that's what we know we've done it right. On that I think I think you did it right I think -- they're playing together well not only in the bottle but now on my mouth so you know I really can't complain and I'm excited to try the next one because it has it has a different color it has that. Pinkish reddish purple ish tone -- going on but it too is barefoot bubbly and naturally if you win if you paid attention -- description you wouldn't be surprised but it's called Barry fusion what's the story on Barry fusion. -- very fusion is actually eat. A sparkling -- to have that Barbera base. Which is they -- angry that this is not a single sparkling wine nick takes and almost anyway it it is that's exactly right so that such a -- in the tropical Asian share the same base that says it's a symphony you know Greece -- blend. And then we have a different flavors and around with in each one of them but with a very we have the Barbera bland. And we have players of Obama. And command bury -- pomegranate and it's absolutely. Delicious has hinted to him -- you know it has that real -- care here. But then it's perfectly bounce at the same time. So so. At what level do you think of these wines as going with food I mean do you picture that I mean obviously. They're so good as I have. To taste during by the pool they're so good over ice in the summertime they're so good just to be so good. But it but I mean do you visit also happened that people have this with meals in the in these same warm summer months. Absolutely I kid I could -- lots of this with all of these joins us that disputed you could have a salad with Mandarin orange on and now Libya lovely varying. Learn tomorrow at our win mentioning gallon while we're gonna do tropical FISA with -- would -- -- and I'm suddenly liking this alive yeah. And with that theory any you can do. A summer -- out ahead you can do ate chocolate cake with a little raspberry drizzle. There's a lot of really the delicious options for all of these lanes what. We'll tell me this is really weird erratic winding down here on today's great thing -- segment and and general -- mean. It's it's always a pleasure to meet and -- meet UN and all the barefoot -- -- huge fan. And yes they are affordable which helps me be a huge fan even more often. What kind of most excites you talk about these being funny lines but every time here on the show I think they seem to be fun for you to mean. What about them is is I mean other than the tough business and the serious creation of wines and that distributor veins and all at blob blob logic goes into the wind business. Mean you seem to really enjoy a just. Waking up in the morning in making these terrific. Beverages for people. -- -- and like I said previously I see a love that people select their plant to be part of their families occasions. The -- barbecues. Hot lots. Any sort of -- holiday people choose spare but weddings that's really special we react we get these bubbles while bat -- we get the toast so a lot of people's marriages so I mean we get doesn't spend a lot of our our moments with their special moment so. That really is important and special to me a lot of fun. Well that is Cipro -- one thing -- -- winemaker Ed barefoot wines. -- for sharing with -- a number of things including -- crisp red which has just kind of of dizziness to -- and protect go from Italy which of course is the Italian version of of what we might -- champagne over and friends. And then these really wonderful and and I think kind of innovative things. The fusion wines of barefoot bubbly with citrus or with tropical fruit or with Barry is all good all fun drink. Well that about does it for today's great and grain. I'll always show suspects wind spirit and minor -- We have one more segment of delicious busy today so don't you dare go. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. future host Jon to -- us. Welcome back we have one more segment of today's delicious mixture of coming you from the New Orleans wine and food experience we've -- -- call it now feet by now. And indeed if we drink anymore Weiner perhaps he. More food now he's about the only word we can sort of get out at any given moment but I'm at a very special event one that if if you know that I've been coming over here I mean I used to live here back when that new Marlins -- include experience was born. And over the years in my -- since they've gone -- creative like an upper level because they knew they could they knew I wouldn't probably even show up for -- a wonderful event called then no less which is. To my mind that we're looking at and I'm looking at right now it's a more serious more focus more wind driven. And maybe slightly less party driven aspect of now -- I'm here with Sarah Cavanaugh board member of now -- and also a sommelier for many years at the Windsor court hotel which shot I had a little little wind there over the years Arab. Iron what do you see Ben -- as being an adding I think what nine years ago this was -- even though now he's now what 22. So so. It definitely adds something that wasn't exactly here before. Like this been knowledge kind of brought to the table -- nine years ago. We have a grand tastings what you really great and that's tons of different wineries that are involved in all of a little bit more special it's a smaller crowd. And talk to people as well as smaller different wineries it's kind of place where a lot of different hi in wineries can come -- -- to or less wind. It's less people but it's a showcase of a little bit more high end thing which is great in my opinion. You know one of the first things I noticed here at the bit no life event today if not Vanilla it's been. -- -- so lets you wonder is that whereas at the grand tasting -- like food -- food line all over the map and people eating and drinking and holding plates and -- glasses and all that I'm here -- -- like -- -- -- that looks like you know looks like some pretty serious wine lovers would be here and I'm -- are here today and then there there is broad but it's like way over there in case you get hungry or don't -- drink on an empty stomach. It it just -- for people who love wine whether they're from Texas or from New Orleans or anywhere else what it what is the main appeal it seems like you might be able to taste some things that you are either more expensive because of course the tickets to -- -- -- are. Or maybe even things that are hard to get -- in the wine world we know there are though. Yeah I mean I wish I'd give away from going to grade it -- going -- tasting if they have to provide a lot of wine with the knowledge he don't. At the wineries don't have to provide a lot of wind so its one -- two bottles say yes it's definitely a smaller amount of wineries smaller. Smaller but inventories -- for the wineries to give up and it to see more mysterious tasting we separate the food from the line. Because of it being a little bit more serious so it we really wanted that kind of the wind we get focused coming up -- we have some great. Restaurants that are here is always mean it's nor on every restaurant's really great if it did today. It's yes and really want to keep it separate but. Actually you'll definitely -- not recognize a lot of labels as well as recognize a lot of labels that are high and stabbed -- really really special when I. They say I I drink vertically until I end up pars Donald but it almost seems like a place here -- -- no -- You know those that the wine lovers the wine crowd if you will that wants to try you know this this in this from our -- maybe they read about something in some Robert Park where some wine spectator. -- to deal. I mean is this kind of an opportunity for them to get their hands on these lines and and perhaps decide how much -- if they wanna buy them whether arena in one of the restaurants or perhaps even and one of the wind shots. Yeah I'm -- it gives them an opportunity taste incredibly high and winds and really taste them and kind of go through maybe they wouldn't be able to afford on -- wine list. I mean here's one here that. I mean retail 65. Plus and that was that's kind of a requirement and then -- -- wine list seeking up to 150. You know. 200 dollars so for sure it -- it's an opportunity for guests to comment. Taste wines that are high in an extensive and really get to experience and see if they like it or not. Well I can't also I also can't help noticing that at least some of the wind folks are. A bit more dressed up in Maine they aren't they grand tasting -- everybody's got like some sort of Hawaiian shirt on while there's guys in suits and ties and look there's even a guy in a bow tie. Over there I'm not Botox vote die on the end end end and they represented there wineries and MRI I don't wanna say formal or even -- -- serious way but. There there are a little bit more into looking the part here today. -- as as a sommelier AME what's what do you look around the rooms are I mean. What kind of would grab you if you were just walking in here today and not a board member and not all that I -- what would you immediately -- what are two or three wind stops that you would want to make. Lou I'd -- -- -- which is right behind you. It's one of my favorites you know -- -- days. And you know me I. I always say why what do you love about it it's amazing my huge Sonoma and when it comes to cabernet -- and that's interesting because everybody doesn't happen again now gap now the cab and you go across that across the border. I like cooler climate -- so in Sonoma being cooler climate and that's Jordan cab and it had a little bit more structured -- little more active little bit more tan and so from meat that's one and definitely a highlight. I'm also a huge fan of Rosenthal which is an importer. They have several different winds at one of the lines were drinking today with his -- sparkling. Key Le -- DA sparkling wine that's amazing that. Only about that I noticed even though it has a friend sounding name you did not say that the dreaded C word are the famous keywords champagne. You know what is the story here on this sparkling -- epidemic may be isn't from Champaign it's an isolated so it is that. So deal him on the day he. Well it's good to quit the Rosenthal import which realistically anything neat scene with the Rosenthal label on it in my opinion -- amazing but it's super -- it's -- light it's clean it's pure it's really really bright. And it just a great way to kind of get started to have any wind today so I kind of definitely this is the first thing I wanted to get it. So so tell -- this -- I mean the UK as we've seen the evolution have now feel the wind could experience. You have been in the business via the Windsor court now you're going to be a pretty soon open your own restaurant. I mean what what do you see as the changes how over many years you've been doing that's. It seems to me that a lot of things have changed in different people have different things in mind what have you seen that most excites you about the food and wine world. Right now. Didn't like Carl I think -- big customer the online world if you like but yeah I think the customers getting more educated and the customer is asking more questions and is expecting more out of not only eat the winds that are served but the service style in the food. I mean it there expecting something that's a little bit more special and I think that they should be expected to show you. Getting out there are noticing things in tasting and you know. It's becoming head at that huge -- bigger industry and it's our responsibility my response really as. You know I -- me day or business owner in a restaurant operator June. Educate myself and to give the best product instead you know whether BN news service aspect your food aspect or one aspect of. You know one of the things that I saw happening when I ate before I moved to Texas when I was still here in New Orleans and definitely definitely have seen it in Texas. Is the kinds of people the kinds of attitude the kinds of of of of styles that you use sommelier is applied particularly at table side you know on stage if you will. Those things have changed in a way I never would have expected I mean when I first started going to restaurants have been zillion years ago. I mean all the -- had French accents and pretty big noses and and and basically look down on you he didn't spend a hell of a lot of money on their -- of course they wanted to tell you anyway. Whereas I don't want I can I can't really think of anybody who's a -- -- -- like that anymore I mean you dollar bond. You're right you're kind of a -- in the way in the way you talk about wines which which is kind of so different from the open radio -- sort of thing. I mean how do you see that happening because I'm sure that even at the Windsor court which is very esteemed property you probably got to have fun with some people along the way. Yeah I mean I I come mistakes are really just never take myself too seriously at the end of the day my mom drinks vodka and soda. And she has nothing about wind and when I am having and that's okay great if I. But when I am having conversations about wine you know you get scared you know it just in general I really try to relate to that none of my friends are in the wine business. So you know I I just don't don't think anybody's taking -- sincerely it's hitting it's news. Right I'm supposed to have fun with it and that's really the way that I look at and I I know a lot of my friends in the wind it is due to the same way. Yeah when their when their drinking beer are. Now now we just about a minute -- Arabic. Let's sort of try to get a handle on it won't what do you love about now be the New Orleans wine could experiencing. In this show we talk to people we visited a couple restaurants we sat down with shafts we've had a lot of fun. Certainly -- is what this is all about in addition to the fund raising aspect of now -- that we talked about. What that would sort of what do you think this does to some people would say that New Orleans is always a line and -- -- -- but really -- Tommy here it it becomes even more so. I think it's a really great opportunity at the customer to be able to comment and to taste so many different lines and to really get to know not only has some ways that are in the city that. You also the wine makers that are around it you really get such a broad span and also that all the food that is served. Not only have been all but also the grand tastings seminars are really great. To me it's all that you get an opportunity tastes so many restaurants that are in New Orleans as well as in so many great lines and I just think it's a really fun event. Yes I do believe it every day in New Orleans is -- food wine festival for shared but this is all crammed into one location you have to grade at. You can get there from here you can get here from there depending on how you go and look thanks to Sarah Cavanaugh for joining its board member of the New Orleans wine and -- experience. Sommelier manager -- to be restaurants are very very exciting stops -- and we're glad to be here glad about that for another -- malicious mischief as always a presentation inspects mines their bread and finer foods. Until next time. I'm your host John de merits and I'll see you. How about next meal.