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3 Guys Sports Show Podcast 06/22/2014

Jun 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So follow it's a special presentation of my awesome sagging poll I -- Seven. Seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now one -- blue -- surging three guys sport show. -- -- -- second. It's the here. Alan -- the director of media relations. Respectively and a map like department to join -- Allan thank you so much for being here direct guy at the level let me. First place thank you because they -- all carrying the -- in games. Makes a lot of Aggies and also very happy didn't play it it's very funny because who -- -- last year as you know luck. The Aggies have been here in this town has been -- only longhorns but. Now we have a lot I keep coming out and proud and -- open crowd but they have a home now not only on our station blocker been -- but problem -- and waited watching parties that are smarter they're great sports bar here I mean it. Meeting just seen all -- and supporting thank you get sort of product you get put on well. It was tough to read this is keeping it in the morning -- -- brands and call them. -- war for -- and -- you know what I call for better or more from their medical center. There's a little bit so basically -- all -- -- another natural beauty and you can you can. There are or how I want has done not only for the university you know really any days around the country but really in -- in malls and general well. Underground -- frank and I remember him. I think it'll cool off a little bit faster I don't think it -- options and we really are subject. He -- deadly C six special -- football allies is strongest conference in the in the country. Look at the number of draft picks first round picks and soul or -- -- is high school student athlete. He got options but he -- also -- the old American conference always -- there's little if you really are top level you wanna look at this usually yet sport show brought it to -- -- Travis County expo center her coach is not an anti at night. And -- something -- -- -- -- here seven and I believe in their dinner interpret that as well but you get the bottom line because they'll come out here -- and Samantha or your act. As you might -- at the door with a Burnett director of media relations. Allen and then they keep trying to -- combined. We are honored I mean I think Brandon and Ryan Patrick wanted to be here to do the cool thing and we feel like. I think we're trying to tomorrow does that. We feel welcome and -- and we even know we are negative I tell my wife I like -- Wal-Mart -- the funny thing that you don't people like you guilt that I did it. And I and I -- you know I didn't and I'm like hey. Why aren't welcome being you know there I don't know I don't know I don't know a whole identity and the air ball every time we do it Maggie watched mortgage they're just the greatest fans of okay well we are very fortunate in the former students and -- Aggies fans in general are really nice -- And that's good news you come on the campus immediate -- and it's Smart cover and here -- exposed that are -- folks review and a lot of friendships I can't get a better way to put that every now and so what are the transplant amount of data from the midwest. No way we have a strong pride in our school -- be included into how we recruit them. I've never felt more welcome than where there's an enemy -- going to have a I don't know from where because every forgot. I do your seat and so bro went to school every broadcast we do so what I'm glad out of order from I'm from Iowa mile walk out and I don't -- all right did you all the the band -- that -- remind you what it's like the root. Or that -- water -- back back home well it's been in need for media outlets are meeting in Orlando Florida Ed Randall our lord Gator fan Tuesday as they they really. We're treated so well one or Oakland -- SEC play for a can't all work I'll deal. And I think gave him they have Aggie fans take great pride in that. Welcoming shelves I -- great rivalries LSU game on Thanksgiving let's -- -- big huge. You know -- lot you're still -- the tailgate parties go welcome home -- -- -- don't have a during -- beverage of choice. Good to brisket here and then enjoy yourself. And then we're all try to picture bail out almost double the data we mentioned are former school -- got out a way I thought I will mention. You know I'm not so much so in November when you also played -- like. Well let you mill shell urged or quarterback out there who wish to ask mr. mills put this guy's porch right here the traffic. County epicenter -- coach Knight along with Patrick Davis brand work myself out trying to we have Alexander record. Media. Did that university today thanks -- -- record you -- Taliban's because Natalie Wood or we haven't opened here they're meant to be wanna get out do -- Aggies to not be that the well just -- Does support that we always received from Austin -- and I go back to 1980 and all the time. This they're very special because videos you get. Shall immediately with the media. We appreciate any coverage we get all American statesman or any other TV station or radio stations here and now. But that's why it's so important for you all to charity they have broadcasts could -- you can't always -- -- that piece. And then Andrea I've got Brian Oakley younger kids can you get out we've got -- plus -- well I'm going to be let's say that the -- or elation. Actually I hey look at data we have a walking around here IBM people -- -- -- -- Maggie reports that he's -- secret around the -- and talk a little bit actually enact. It's great to hear it again on the radio just a bit rate it always what I played may be I think. The picture absolutely what you did I got it does that you know you'd think that there's nothing better than looking at -- -- called Brady moderated up. How we kill bill without that did okay and what do you think of the upcoming -- and how do you begin playing -- Let -- -- exciting and very exciting of course bill that -- asking about his quarterback Jimmy hill or -- island. Or guilt or whoever steps or but I guarantee it would go some old -- this -- called -- explosive and exciting. Speaking of coach someone -- we are here at coach -- Aggie coach as you can might try to get better I think. Think the poor. -- -- -- -- it is 7 o'clock doors are now already open. And -- a great. Great. Just great being I'm looking at the crowd and I mean just -- mean they are good -- something it would never -- -- party the paranoia and I'm -- about it. They had the great idea to lead the great great people out here is that what you mean -- we've been here for the doors opened up guys -- break and it reiterate that comment around can you talk about the upcoming read everything. And plus W revered Aggie fan at all anywhere -- your -- -- out here because. You're to get inside information. But not any longer anything else out there I mean someone will break down about the track here or anywhere else that you get we wanna come out here because someone I was just -- -- Indy 500 -- that it may and had a go to someone try to get in there under the radar they're just normal golf. All sorts of Paula would just. What does she didn't exactly Anna beside him and yet -- that are -- -- Alabama -- that -- I don't subscribe to get -- Indianapolis. Yeah Clinton the last -- you expect. Someone -- happily ever let our -- well inlet just parents live in Indianapolis. Right loves. It's all on his calendar just perfect for in the lake Indy 500. I didn't I don't like yeah. I I got shot -- a quick -- here and a brother governor picked up thank you so much for joining us and they go deeper birdie and a maddening and he got on the money -- you want -- -- or does -- you're not -- in order finest. Butler seventy dot com look guys we appreciate so very much thanks so much much we got a fortunate we got here coach Knight. Come on out there are gonna get brought -- the Aggie band who replaced really. See here and that's why everything you know -- seven. Talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. Yeah. It's better forget sport show along with a -- Lawrence. David then myself out Franco -- by the way coach -- It's still have a chance here not here because they're on sale at the door that's good things and that was great -- hundred calorie so far. I mean it's. Still early to collect. It's a good time your -- in Austin yeah. The flag down out here and -- just walking around 800 billion -- here and there to guide it says it's at neverland has ordered to avoid especially Aggie nation. We are blessed with a presence. Avoid all beat Texas -- are -- on -- way to read all of regular. The yellow -- city earlier where you know it's a happy you actually monitor that Israel is -- -- -- -- -- where you tell -- where you know work but I think we're all used to have -- 90% up maybe you know I don't literally like a good quality -- -- all they're good but all the related -- Kennedy experiment and in the but I don't think they're they're apparently -- so do you make -- the -- the -- better. In all we're not really you know since Lamar February and a big twelve and so of course Robert took over her whole lot that. During the -- and I don't think I've been -- -- with the SEC a make. Our first trip over here coaches -- you. The lowly -- one -- don't -- what you are here ally America and be a little bit down here to not -- produce -- summoned -- it is ready to talk in -- Also to be -- auction that's gonna come up a little bit later on got got just what to do list of the auction items ploy or -- -- you. Don't don't give Argentina. I -- you you're running an auction. -- trauma unit there I don't know I'm not a market near personally but I will get -- -- more about this a lot of here's -- other former players. Aren't that he wants to -- I don't I don't right now. Yes it -- it and it -- very -- -- playwright you know he really does look at the what's very cool -- out here at Fiat and Aggies coach is not here or or I had to connect listeners that you know gave up a double play I play a voice of Aggies -- here. Getting people to combine just take Canada's. On the back in your very humble you very it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah injecting -- but it can -- ever wanted to remember development -- what he had a cigarette democracies and they had him. And I'd already old conventions that are. You know Minnesota river I don't -- you know a little while Murray Head are worried about it again like -- -- and later yeah the soul I have. What about all the memories back of the room socialism nobody -- going to say they got a moderate or injuries but he should get by the need help up front that ought to. And I don't know what I was gonna competitive -- back into permanent stage. They don't -- I had a lot of the world -- sort of developed a and a lot of the coaches like sort of semantic it's really an opportunity for a lot of the -- to come together with people that the sort of in the same -- But -- -- just don't -- -- -- -- -- -- and you know already grossed a minute ago just one after another. People seat and a long long time and Roger just played Texans remember -- regional and yeah. Particularly in the short run available I don't know I don't level regional and want to put a good you are correct it -- already back -- what -- -- -- question no matter what and out of it. How do you deal yesterday when the longhorns law and he's begun now and I don't I don't know why I put an unpredictable and urban and they'll. You know it's been remarkable. And I'm not saying anything about any other league about the -- about -- what conference. Are about the big oil. But it's been a remarkable to me. The way we -- And accepted over there I mean it's just open arms and people coming up but it started but all we ever play the game I was in New York -- the -- all these. And we heard on an area and -- DC into next season. In Kentucky was playing basketball Madison square garden -- played the night before regret it later that night but the Kentucky fans coming over our table had some minimal overall -- doesn't disable the oil on our -- kept coming over and saying well we're glad you guys are what are. You're gonna be a part of our family and that's continued all about we start yes. Speed up the rivalry is gonna try to try to get out of credit to continue but it gives them it's been unbelievable water. And they -- you look at everybody killing these super conferences now. -- a class act like an -- and when everybody kind of grabbing -- He guarded barrier on the same level that I think everyone that did he realize they've got a steal getting a Democrat state debt and -- Damascus have done a lot of these radio or did you simply remember the FCC haven't gone over a hundred different from coast and he did believe the number stations would call. I'm Bob and altered from Seattle to New York I'm in Miami there's one after another and said the same thing believed that he had BC. It made perfect but it. -- Texans -- imminent. Because we are a whole lot of little -- the schools that we've played against their spam base has a lot like ours needed. And get and can give all the stories that are remarkable talk a little bit about not just a couple agent has introduced. Introduce coach. -- yeah how these engines are out there that I never saw many dominoes -- this conference are in the big twelve. They just wanted to talk to people about it golf courses in Hoover Alabama. After the tournament finished -- him I'm element driving origin you're amidst all the animal old dome again. It was two guys from Alabama one guy from Portland -- from Georgia. Came over and -- we want to you continue to act you know to the gas via. The -- desperate to -- it ultimately a lot of saying that -- -- and I wanted to talk Aggie football I stood there for thirty minutes -- you don't call. It's triggered by the way the voice at their very familiar -- -- -- lately. I'd be -- or all sports news mentioned baseball bill let me ask you one thing that it is. It is going to be you know let's say you're just out and come documents -- is that they -- -- -- highlight. Have been that you're really looking or just -- ball is wanting what say you need each had one of what this person and just. Top of the head is what one thing you're excited outlook or well include -- you know the base civilian input. A bold change -- -- the real revenue -- commands felt like going to be critical. Urged a minimum ten years that we played a million so -- I don't pay that first game it's going to be interesting and I don't know what's love got to start that might encourage some animal make bad -- sometime in August -- ready. Only the beginning killer because I'll I'll. I don't report that moment missionary nurse Dana -- problem not going to be very up on the road Carolina and our government won't blow a record of a good job well yeah yeah yeah yeah -- -- that's what the -- you are reported -- you been calling games for a lot of years. Well what is he builds one I like that stand out you all your years of calling it an important. -- extraordinary -- -- one in particular that really stands out like -- -- billion dollars gets the most recent disturbance stands out sort of brought. And a bit -- -- a long story a -- so. Going into it first here. Yeah a bird and Australia Monday about a -- because meets. We meet every Friday we got lucky. We got a guy that gives a big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's gonna happen we're gonna let him know you're the sort of simmered on women's committee is mine games the only thing I was in giving us that at times. The winner column a symbol we're gonna win tonight it is. These are you crazy and I said no but it just stay better. And he said you're all remember another guy from sorting and I'll take that same bad. I'd never had it appears that bailed out the -- -- the winner teacher anywhere at all. Well he goes up nearly got started against Florida but it first and got delayed because of the current average income is particularly here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And again at the BL -- game -- things started rolling porous any -- shell inoperable object. -- okay -- it's going to be a battle ready on Monday and I -- and we come to the Alabama game and probably able to go to lunch that they would call it -- its shows that they need heroes are geared towards America. But little marker of Johnny would ultimately take away from that tomorrow they're gonna kill you guys -- Speech you look like you -- -- -- it. About another state dinner to the party won a war. And democratic you know probably gonna do to deserve -- -- you're wrong there's gonna get killed borrowed -- So in that game and it started out texted him and so what a great game that's a lot ahead of the Alabama did. And it took awhile but about six months later the pilot also better. I. Haven't how would they -- dead -- Alabama game all things ordered about the number one team in the country. They don't lose at home. Theaters. Powder over a 100000 different -- and -- media blows that was magical it really wanted to magical moment I just tell you that bad actually Philip -- a highlight of all all all that thing we've done with a golf and I am in the watch party. Beat -- outlawed party here and all don't know the third base ports are about art medical. -- -- Doctor brain implant and outplayed woods you not I've never never -- -- bump. Like I had that you know -- designate a minimum amount about it and in order a minimum literacy. Against a great. We'll replay it must highlight a member -- the right side. I had people I've heard from -- you -- almost -- call me don't I didn't know -- didn't earn a -- you know -- -- -- -- -- best all that cover her identity saying that a lot of got but we will what I -- to do my allies and and I enjoyed my association was excellent and and tell people all the time -- Smart titles are always told us and I can remember who we're playing I'll continue to reject patriot -- -- -- very -- we're talking about -- on the -- -- -- -- -- just. -- into the game on the radio. Just what skill and Powell. Or you can get a good -- -- I mean everybody you know great job at eastern -- -- public before you -- we it's your honor. Really great story -- you -- while -- 170 -- now that there are a lot of Edward RW our ability -- -- we don't you get -- -- that he's still hopeful they are going to be amber and I appreciate you guys -- American -- and and that they're very important especially here in Austin but I don't know until we have a lot these little bit and miracle out of college football fans at all I didn't actual patient and pull the money together that we cannot. And I a year and now we can happily and get a big dinner and I you I don't care about her door and they are -- They well Margaret I got married -- Doctor Edward I'm going to -- -- they get all the updates released plug darling O'Donnell later he couldn't get on each candidate all the stories make you heard so much that I let out. -- -- -- Tied for NASDAQ system and how important it is obvious -- think he's a much brake coach whose body is still on the ice. Tickets available at the door sport and it was very escort ships. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. Dinner here not -- taxes -- yes yes. After Dana it's got here obviously think Texas CNN an awesome spectacles like glad that they've been doing that for years and now it's you know you -- -- -- -- You know let's get killed Patrick Davis and -- with a brother had three guys unfortunately I don't I don't Dole's I thought I don't apply the credit or myself Alex -- we are -- coach Knight in -- -- he did so come on out here. Tickets available at the door come right now the plates back box but never -- certainly when you guys broke coach's -- and speaking of serving coaches -- under my board my. I just hate coming would you of course president but I didn't think you know -- more professional Burke president my track record a couple of -- President decapitated and -- correct. That's correct yes thanks for coming out your guys thank you are perhaps in the event that group. I'd like I think you get an -- guys over the mainly -- to the people that come Oreo and and you take over its peak. He's been great I mean he had been disagreeing -- -- we can't thank you governor and we were joking with the decision -- itself earlier in the voice of that experience sports. That by the year ago we're outside in the parking lot of exposure and and ask -- -- people walkman and we've worked our way little by little and we got you -- credit and they repeat. We're finally let you on the door you let it and that they are not have a lot at the -- on adrenaline and nor are. Not get any yet again get it done thank you Brad and us and that's thank you -- what a great event and it. He wanted to uncle that -- -- and yes sure the breakdown and you thought about a lot of it already. I would get a life -- out here we got -- educated about the sex barbecue and market. -- everybody's -- -- -- favorite Casey led away apparently from Denmark at eleven I mean when he heard you like. I think -- normally be back in the studio we brought them oh well what you get out there but you're done and I'd. But I -- but they don't people give people the web site I mean of course they can might think that the door would normally not. You would you invited but in the web -- credit at our web site de de de de -- the next -- or you can sign up or email list you can -- our FaceBook page. They put that complex also an act. We don't think it's all our fans like it but you -- Ellis cannot. Are happy hours we do -- partied with thirteen W well you handle all those literally could not come join us this event at all or call strike faster -- harder to do. We're here to raise money for scholarships last year I think we raise about 80000 dollar to -- that. We don't have the numbers this year course -- plenty album why Allah you're the very clear that he's being look around and act that that was about -- that -- -- and well hope and help you out suitable -- if you could talk -- -- they also are stationed the building midnight or point seven magic night but I had. Nice sixty army were to try to get the word out and -- up because bottom line weren't AuthenTec Merrill that -- do not expect to spend. Now you have a home here you have on the -- so -- -- -- considering and we get home at third base ports are watching games all season long and they are donating making a medical education as well. They help out not so bad -- -- time we're not great either and again that's right we look forward to a window -- happy hours out of cigarettes are around our watch party Eric. But that your support and airwaves you know deliberation everything -- don't look back when it freedom advocate picture right now of this. Brazilian it'll play and often I'm not sure I mean you legal reception at the table with a cup. Couple things out here you know -- -- Milan -- the -- may be able level items or option and hopefully. They'll be gaining a lot of money and going at it because there's scholarships on my girl Democrat but I had -- -- or. We're glad Rappaport and how you'd be via computer and are you be -- part it did not cause pelvic area you know looking at the Oilers Johnny. I'm you know I'm gonna go with a title and the more marriage but lol what the thing Alcan Al Kevin a hospital works without without Johnny Anderson uttered. It -- I did the big question do going to be a quarterback aria but I'm not a political public domain OS but -- the common thing and we can't throw masses just. Excited because they don't know what's gonna happen. But I don't think about it wouldn't be watching just focused on that first what are. And two years ago you didn't know the appellate gonna be what it turned into do we go into the cup or court after the beleaguered tech index it'll. Little new rules. I don't need or we're not happy with what the complexion -- character quite sure what it started to know who knows what happened and I'm cured going to be great thing because. -- coach coach -- someone added that the candidate and it built or it's worked very well he continued to record better than almost anyone in the country. I hadn't added dot org is the weather that we can join the apple did and what. Think contribution or donation and you -- the -- you know you cannot take it anymore because you get the door here to track -- those that are coaches like going on right now coach someone. -- be in the building and had a great human -- brief stop every year to get involved. We mentioned earlier Ed Brennan mention that I insiders -- -- You can't read on the boards can find here so -- and united parent and expose their yard and not exactly where we broadcast. Till 7 o'clock in making giving a lot of what you -- I think he might occur at any event. Thank you for having us and think -- Marino is great speakers and thank -- are bringing respect our engineers -- I don't look at I. Coming up next that we're here. I feel bad actually all bridges and hanging out all my -- since we started actually there about 439 dollars an engine you -- -- -- got your charges. Here's breaks. Start scholarship skewed these dollars to close. I'm we're gonna talk do you after the commercial breaks or might just push till 7 o'clock like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hanging around hanging out the battle to -- that where's -- -- quick break life but does an excellent senator. Free export series for coaches -- Yeah. Talk thirteen seven these three guys sports show you join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- fortunate. June may change what it over -- the -- her -- Finds. This week in Texas history and I'll tell any other -- -- -- in the agency's history program of the general land office. June 22 1824. A true story accounting -- around a boy and injured her show no mercy. Following covered -- debris -- toward Obama's team is like fight when spears a mad men -- and there is an. After several from trade zone is pollination Stephen F -- orders show Emanuel Jones retaliate my. It's own nose and his man catch up my end of morning problems along every week west of the brands and no matter -- -- And only five Indians survive Washington wins this one but the problem continues to harass him for years. Stephen F Austin -- 190. Years ago this week in Texas history yeah Lawrence -- Texas history dot org or call 809984. GL over. Can't keep a secret now you don't have to remember and Dan Miller on business. Secret is a new app that allows people to share anonymous messages within their circle of friends its creators say the idea behind the free app. You sort of public confessional after joining secret users can instantly connect to contact in your address books. The -- the secrets coming through could be from someone you know. The creators say it makes her a more compelling and gives users a way to confess things to their friends. This is the only have to allows people are still what's on their mind that such as he TX snap -- and whisper. -- capitalized on people's hidden desire to reveal something. The sun seekers are not meant to be shared. The creators of secret say they have a small staff -- reach the messages coming across and filter out anything disturbing hateful or threatening. The company now looking for ways to cash in in five years in hopes to have the apple and everyone's favorite device does actually putting -- price tag on gossip. Brian -- Miller CBS news. Traffic in Austin is a I don't have to tell you that's why you need sky watch traffic reports with Janet Taylor each weekday morning and afternoon on top of their genes and any message or -- -- and what you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as -- -- as well as anyone will -- -- -- the biggest problems -- -- tell -- the best alternate -- to avoid getting -- They also it -- tailor make sure you travel with me and myself I want our reports each weekday morning and afternoon only on -- thirteen seventy. Last time. From a Dennis Miller show Chris Christie in the middle of what political analysts are calling -- cross country revival tour looking to recover from the British -- -- -- clean this place. Promising Republican presidential prospect that he will be the strategy worked closely we invented the club. It was your right foot and you'll see that Max opens. Cracker Barrel restaurant the United States. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And no one should ever sign up for overdraft protection within your bank and thanks content it's actually over draft extortion. Massive fees and former over drawing your accountant go ahead. It's better to be told you don't have money in Europe you know and have them say yes -- -- kill you we usually just. Listen each. Weeknight at eleventh on talk thirteen seventy. -- -- -- -- Northbound on the I've already started to build up the hill break -- and north of one bird and it's your daily dose of -- -- every morning reminding. Back I didn't have a Alter and Brad I would use that tomorrow. I'm Jim Taylor. Scott watched traffic on -- thirteen seventy. Hack your way should listen to the Dave Ramsey show almost all of you can afford to go to an in state school if you work -- your school. Hours to change how do you you don't. News he said Rattner here's a college student that word around all of them have to work but the ones don't have any money have to work that's what I did I work closer and are freaking live through it so shut up. Dave Ramsey each weekday afternoon at 10 -- -- all thirteen seven. Thirteen seven these three guys sport show. Join the conversation now one -- blue -- surging three guys sport show. It's -- ally and from the -- -- have a hand because apparently. Did it bring yet more of doctor -- remedy how. Or coaches tonight. You know our brands in the capital city am -- that. Our friends for a long time and others but they're very easily one guy on the -- and -- famous -- -- -- admitted -- -- they like to have sponsors your friend. It's really not. -- call -- not yet there really are friends -- absolutely and immediately be executed as they are ever had -- they are branded on Thursday you don't know which states it doesn't get any better than -- capital. The NN Colombo or at Olympic got -- -- got -- -- you know Brandon -- NN here. The only big dirt and got pretty great going on right now coach Knight announced that -- -- but he picket at the door. And I wanted to say coaches and I welcome coach -- W yadier to bid yet but not great -- you from Boucher actually get -- live music. And that I got to -- -- auction going on right now there's a lot of these amazing stuff like say from your analog blessing and I make my contribution. And that contribution to the capital city and -- -- run all -- actually Aldridge. It's good to have you finally on the show thank you and I think we're -- -- -- -- you bottom line I mean we've had lunch -- -- -- hundred countries who don't watch party at third base. And you've been in new -- -- -- -- but if you want you know for a person listening right now on the radio you know how can they help out and reset page down and our goal. Well I wouldn't think -- in -- -- Don -- at www. -- that we're seeing each end. I can't remember it was 25 dollars. Another thing you can hear it you don't even have to join -- to come to our Benton. I there are an event that argue that the diet and eat -- off -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and get an anti abducted outside. I we -- beat the event that we -- happy hour we have little kids we have some wonderful professional programmes. I we've got our annual tonight how much here we have a whole bunch of it and that appealed to all. Eight years. And there's never a -- at any ideas. Dobrynin charges scholarship. Obviously there's one side that you just talked about money coming and -- the problem. The color simply given how are under way or of course people block these scholarships or even told about the decision making process bigger group that. Every year on January -- and -- are -- about what he did it okay and you all I -- a year depending on the area. And you have been expected and AM -- -- thought into -- eighth. You hear -- doesn't know our clients. Speed -- -- get hurt exports could Packard Canon. I need to go to school it's hard to come bank admitted their rigorous application -- re paint you have to -- -- score. Financial and Ernie and neck they also have you had a letter recommending his diet and then more or somebody close -- -- It and it we -- liquidity every year about remarks. Do you guys Israel and called -- Ali opera he do that very -- that's very typical. -- ended. Without the Indy and all and meet DL I can hurricane. And at all from the off the winner -- yet. I'll have not area are you guys fortunately I had to try to enact specific per coaches I -- -- -- their lovely voice is that we're waiting to talk all all evening long Aldridge. I ask you better pearl open our identity and charges scholarships and you -- climb out and actually have come at a great -- Britain and -- ridiculous. And have fun at the -- and -- opener against the coaches like to get through the door. Come on -- -- -- web site again to help out. Is now off the match. Dot org and you can sign up what you mentioned and he can also make donations are just political figures aren't you remember there are several members of several -- But this is like being one you wanna be a part of the viewer and Aggie you're not a fact that stratus county into the wind Ostertag dot org. Thank you so much rain has actually and I -- I didn't they got around decent but it's very very hectic party paranoia but they -- Eric yet not a party. Feel free to come back we're here until seven. Our primary don't -- to see your data and it even accuse appreciate -- thank you very guy's sports show here -- talk there'd been -- we will take a quick break we will be back. And we'll give -- -- -- that I USA Soccer City and I need it now and how news jobs. -- we're back. -- -- It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. 2014. We I had the president has clothes dinners. Forget sport show a -- -- catcher David Brit award myself I'll bring them you can come on out here. You -- -- as -- upstairs thanks -- matter athletic bigger fan it's kind of lapse. And got a coach summit here Canada and I'd say just anything in general football Packers come on out here because the Aggies the -- your party and that'll bring Democrats and Agassi bicycle. Stanley moment out of this it's taking pictures. You know it's. What was this -- -- -- here Saturday against these. He hurts your social title head yell leader the correct that's correct that's correct did the funny thing -- that you guys that you would think that. Just look what that real pleasant but yeah all good outing like -- of you know Don I don't forget how other gal. Do you think that he did. Patrick pretending McGinty -- -- get rid pit them against any directly elect would get all the people friendly -- now or a year Patrick Patrick godly life. 11 thing that's a lot of out of blown away when when when we -- we're setting up you got a walk around. And -- You have thought Mickey Mouse here or did he landed kids babies target on it they can make sure the -- -- multiple -- everything -- the reaction everywhere -- -- he pretty -- College -- -- speaking -- humiliated. Oh -- and I hit it off and. It did this earlier -- the -- -- represented a university got a lot of great tradition drowned and yell leader in those things like. Everywhere we go out there there have been anywhere around like they can make. I have an idea of what he yell leaders are what they represent which is the twelfth man -- -- they -- and so I think it led the uniform what we represented that. Graduate corrupted you know because it could start the -- throughout -- -- I don't. An experiment that recent all of them but I don't want it and that's that they -- -- I. Think we're ready to drop everything we're -- -- reported that it had to. And I had -- -- that are in there that out. What did you what did it take to get to where you are -- and they had yell leader agreed to be a rock that the region just didn't think you'd get your. Well so it it's a collection did by the election and -- -- the way it worked some in the court is dead but the main MM. The court now. -- spot do you think that represented corn election for yellow there we go around campaign we try and talked about twenty -- thirty -- normalization and I'd just. Get our name out there get our breakdown there and go we're lucky enough today and get elected all I -- from -- corn. Happy that it should kind of interview process and they go ahead and like -- -- yell leader but I just really glad to be able work that. I got from a -- be able that represented explain them. It's funny because Ellis unit -- but good luck the gotten ahead because there are they don't look at near the -- back up happily married straight yeah I didn't mean these guys are as good cheer and all just something -- -- I don't -- what I'm doing -- they're -- -- really warm and Barbara and her look you know the -- work I -- -- a little. I'd just like I usually. We're gonna -- recruiter and I think god I'll work out I mean really I can't quite Derrek Lee I don't know deprived at bat I haven't valued -- Baird you know holed out on my golf pro already undergone you'll ask man. Well Natalie thank you for talking minutes because of how we look first -- all. I don't need any argument but I do great stuff and they get their -- to abide by the way he doesn't from a friend bassist Patrick you know head to head yell leader. We just -- -- update good score we're talking about that Al very you're clearly you did that Portugal that. We're soccer got here on that -- well I I didn't really grow up what is. As the older we get bit but then every one -- soccer game winning -- and became a bit and -- enough. Walked up on what America got way out of your -- and literally just look at the USA and turnaround and almost one out -- unfortunately down 10 at this point it's -- forty it. Right now we're proud to have them well thank you so much coming out I mean I -- -- -- what -- you from College Station -- Antonio -- -- -- has -- off. And I were you go to mr. -- I'm on radio right up already or anything getting paid special -- you wanted to send anyone right now. It did not think we can -- in MP3 units will be made which replicates a lot of free stuff -- they're able what -- Hey touting -- -- And that I need more money. I I. I look -- thank you could have a more aggregate net about them again right here go to tonight. Bought thirteen 783. Exports along with that Patrick David brand work myself I don't Franco got -- -- -- -- put away your right away and it's absolutely come by the Google. Yet if you were given away a pair of -- like ally and general Nortek. Aggies DD DIE dad I know we all know how ballot that briefed on the ninth pick one of the Winterthur group. I'd like to get here Patrick got one more exciting moment -- that -- south along those that would got a couple. I -- yet come on and we were out if you don't nutshell what they hear on an elevator as someone -- He quickly what's gonna be what are you looking forward to it. This'll all be mechanical one little thing that he could answer in less than a minute how old Republican -- did you did you get the travel South Carolina and all around -- is the blade is that might not be familiar with that they can make. Archbishop did the -- all around and -- spread that gospel like on just. So people got an employee leave the Aggies are all about did you get to represent our university throughout. Southeastern Conference really you're really looking or any -- you wanna come on the radio man in the stock market but we got from all -- long love the -- when did you got it. I think we are bound up out of date maybe it obviously you know you. You're not nervous to go up on the -- I'm never without a doubt the and I thought it might. -- I think it's demagoguery Doug -- all they would get into your guy doesn't reveal how I got that I corporate -- get -- Saturday -- David Gerber brand tonight of course blogger aren't and arguably at Danica and got back. -- gap that the bindle top form but it dog and I got great great Britain and yet he can't go -- when we get very narrow minded like several people announced a and it's very very different ideas valid and how about it -- great grandfather that you get you can. I would grade loving both teams I love the rivalry I loved -- fan base. I don't have a -- well I got a lot of respect for talking that'll be taught in the matter NBA hoops here in the next hour of course now we are -- coach Knight task and it doesn't get poetic to the door. Come on out and hang out go to someone in the building bombarded stake this'll be it listed the parties started to get and there's a bunch of great auction items. Hundreds of them I'm looking at that point there's some good stuff. If you want anyone help out -- capital being glad. And make a donation that's why I wanted to auction items as that goes there's scholarships that's pretty cool things. Patrick thank you so much -- perhaps not be all that spectacular did you have a healthy amount accredited outdoor ready to make it feel like crap and now they aren't going to be -- Oh dear guys yeah we're gonna get three guys sports show and actually coming up here I would mention drive NBA. Some rumors you straight talk now we're getting some NBA also as a -- and we'll talk to our friends and be a -- -- largely over -- over in the back areas these Foster switched. Which perhaps it's. Some people in Austin literally as an it's funny because like every time -- -- at a different college dirt on senator Barack I -- an amateur so. Ga -- out past several mastered that we'll talk to him becoming a -- that next hour. Spring -- there and doctors in revenues. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. He's fourteen years it has the edge closer I'm not -- -- -- -- Ford -- -- thirteen seventy. That's Patrick Davis -- award myself Alex Franklin several guests coming through here and excited. And -- they have -- that your your -- and -- -- you wanna come out here tonight and the like the back. It was great time to wait friendly tickets on sale at the door and senate. -- -- -- -- -- What is this auction is great deals that -- you wanna get -- -- Kevin someone's -- -- -- to be speaking here very shortly -- Great -- great barbecue at your decision acts. But he entrance and necessary conjoined go to night. -- -- Think Don -- the door they and one other thing that we are doing here tonight we are given away at her broad -- and general store. All due respect Aggies -- three -- 96 to one to win me. But mentioning that the you know -- several famous people stop -- -- and daddy I had. I guess you need to know exactly were -- -- only mentioned the names like big sell them good and I play by play guy metadata doesn't stop. I have the at the end Blentwell -- stand amnesty -- in the building. Are glad -- render an LA home loyalists. A great -- it -- very funny is that advertisements in that -- he beat Australia now he's. He's eight got on a different college you're an LP and -- mean -- -- In union history yes it's not somebody that applied opponents say they're -- that these -- your master and an hammers them I couldn't -- But at Nebraska. I thought about executed Manhattan apartment that -- editors are what's in your hands but I hadn't been. Right that's correct I got our principles in Iraq that also -- -- people clearly were in the San Antonio's. -- income taxes here I'd be your game actually. In the long horn call Obama -- absolutely like ads they're not like looking regret it SRI I don't like and there and I don't doubt doubt and -- -- -- good speed -- speed -- -- -- programmatic I didn't -- we grew -- our great -- -- cornerstone. You know running no -- several times he's like my main momentum and along our economic delicately I don't like -- -- double -- to six. And out MIT umbrella fell upon them like a man it's really there it's brilliant it's certainly aren't able -- -- the greatest thing you don't acquire. Definitely a great place back any statement -- and would not. Clark didn't do this -- yeah I credit I appeal to women that are out there you're gonna aren't and a deputy there I'm tired and I people here -- and every coach Knight. Out here where he got Aggies background -- to get to the door coach WB talking here very early. But of course we are here to talk about the -- do. And more the bigger question marks going to disputed the going to be quarterback and I know -- -- sports fans are culpable -- -- -- -- I know you don't get -- -- -- to look into it now of course -- no way chemical gonna go but do you have a feeling either way. -- wanted to quarterbacks. I think it's going to be this summer that that nice thing about. The Aggies had a had a great offensive line. He could turn around and be very playing at the quarterback actual episode of law secretary that the the guy at the road blurted I'm Jason Garrett. -- looked at a roadblock I would try to convince them and Arnold and in the locker room at all but we know the state -- running backs are. -- that absolutely you can you can massage your quarterback into your system. Whichever one you just recorded talking about straight parts adrenaline the -- and running back out here is that. And it just didn't immediately going to be a competition to -- -- why are you right now animist and it looks like -- -- what -- what their starters. At wide receiver but. -- can record and I know -- -- there's not a ball. The question marks. And they do anything this year and that's gonna make deadbeat dad Kirk and what it out then. Especially last year that's really where what -- they were let me a lot of our attention he knock. You can you can I totally committed by an adult over the top. You can also alleged. Here and there and that puts pressure on the back steal the quarterback in particular and then you can always rely on that start or artillery I like 45. Comedy but this guy and I think and it has. I'll -- you have to give people used to their system over the summer. Forget sport here broadcasting live to address an epicenter coaches like to point -- -- go to someone. Going to be speaking here very shortly and get a bring the family that's embarking on -- an awesome mom I silent auction items out there and that's that they are pretty. Capital city NM -- went on a fantastic show. Be a mystery he thought or units from San Antonio the at the end well look at Diaz Antonio you're the expert and oh yeah absolute always and that's David crossed the big bird and of course jump from San Antonio and popped -- -- what year are all -- I was at that there are reverberating bad. Got a chance to wave to everybody at RC Buford and then got. Actually like -- and he knows Dmitry targeted any particular about. The -- -- know right who don't know I didn't I didn't hear that and that he didn't look. They didn't don't that's all I'm not the number one -- back into it Belichick it's great proceed with the greatest -- -- team win an additional one. Last year to -- it very interesting because they don't dispersal fundamental. However. But on the middle free throws the -- only -- -- -- -- -- we -- -- -- absolutely -- when he beat back -- -- rhetoric that means that you just mentioned the general manager Antonio spurs. How poorly you need to doubt your doubt that would Reynolds -- yep I used mention cheap compared earlier. -- I -- the cowboys what are your ties to the -- wars and religious. Don't know like who just -- -- got an -- in the world. Marlboro made. Purple ball a teammate who started in the backfield at school and values rhetoric got sent up an eighteen years old -- sort out your company's culture that -- -- -- every -- Google ultimate bridge and on that many -- allowed to stay here this week. -- it is -- you know I thought that I can get -- they had -- the ball but -- -- I thought about that at -- did -- show anyone how to actually run the ball. A lot of haven't and I only did he owe him because he didn't anybody get hurt and the bright -- -- the -- -- -- -- that everybody's -- great play. -- DeMarco Murray -- -- -- -- -- -- rated guy and did Bryant. Mo Claiborne and safer for three stars without I was very standup good guys. A very personable interacted well with over 300 get it. First let me ask you this I would -- -- there that was deep buster credit coaches and I. By the way it as a sponsor on yet we and that's Antonio ESPN pulpit it's so you mentioned the tabloid about -- so you mention this first. How much he's the dispute is not a -- predicate here but this you have the cowboys and problem when you see like Antonio spurs when there's a general manager that -- clearly not what they're doing and and all the Jerome and -- Malcolm date the cowboys -- boys. Don't how can the owner just that -- general manager clearly was -- -- immigrant does when he got an -- stayed away. It looks like it -- strike and then -- cowboys -- an owner wanted to general manager and it shows. It's like that the model but it would content he could -- that BP -- -- all conference that this note -- wonder what he'd look at that and -- walked away -- bat and it very well and heard about it don't be burial marriage do you ever your mortgage guarantee any great bet that you -- that -- an -- conversation kind of all the you don't talk about how we're -- all talk about that and it and I recognize that you know it is much more typical if you look at. Bill Polian and NFL if you look at Charlie can actually don't see GM. -- -- The way that owners want a -- Robert Kraft. They do well Ewing and as well yeah you don't you don't see that really good that they're a great area through it big you can pay me three million dollars. I wanna have questioned two -- BC a meet and I know. I got them. But no longer want to thank you mayor may not our -- you're okay and how do you. Do you broach the subject of a logic output when they have an opportunity in the first round of musical draft this year. Why did decide to pass on joining me and don't let him work and I'm not -- very good. I didn't expect him. Adam did you pick and a better. Are you definitely don't expect. Do know that the Smart pick what what they did I would look to see Johnny red zone and a cowboy -- and protect John lead and then -- -- -- -- -- I'd. Tell you added -- gold -- there and probably -- it and I got linebacker but that's been up. Bring guys -- erratic -- to that we had -- quick break dad beat. Even boxers he bought certain. Thank you for coming coming out of the court to hear them in ESPN's at Antonio's 1250 and you could rise in my over a top -- he had -- hammer out a news. Clearly at school -- -- here and like wait no I was gonna come when you're not gonna -- I got do you quake could be you have to wait in line -- -- adult gassing -- we're going anywhere you're -- I'd like you don't like the week the week for -- I mean I don't remember Rudolph's. We always lie but it when I. I don't got -- a way to spend Zoe Conway plus. Don't know if there is yours is looking early break up my back -- coaches and I here's a soccer team -- -- president of -- -- -- you get sick to the dark -- out Aggies. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- fortune. -- -- broadcasting live the -- and it hasn't -- cool going on right now coaches -- doesn't fourteenth coach Knight and coach Kevin someone in my house. That's very cool event when I'm from -- by the capital city NN plus your strategy and it -- and it's available but dork I'm gonna bring the damage it's certainly. Money donations are all going to -- scholarships. Very people saying -- -- the lazy right now. We've been lucky enough to have a lot of people join us tonight fitted out I'll avoid the. The -- that -- either Alan -- director merely to bring in MS Clark apartment. And now we are blessed with lucky lamb who is from Rory Altman and run that bad and what they -- their -- that's going to be going on March 14 to 28 of next year but -- great your. Well I'm excited this year and -- like generally look you already did didn't I'll Bryant. You bet that the -- breast we're really excited ever -- Al. You know up for a coach someone already kick -- football season for a but -- expect that -- deploy -- an Aggie and that we can't. Had never won one thing that you're just look at all or to ensure an elevator. And someone stopped -- restraint but -- ain't what you look at -- it was 2014 season -- 21 thing that just popped up in it yet why a certain but the minute. Well -- despaired at an am best is really special and I think that we got some tremendous -- -- you know or at least they now it's big -- and -- pleaded no result -- and elect sort of your coach someone comment here. And -- they look but had you know it was this year. How do you think you gonna do to ensure that the big course. Absorbent now we've got -- marijuana coming -- What it'll be admitted they get -- -- go to the portal -- what are -- Aggies so we're a little plaster -- did -- -- and I did get too excited at being like you know I think that it was exciting for us a break and I. Patrick would look at the time but it when we are so -- we started you know going out of the block parties at third base. But first what party when the person neighbors are joining and it was on ESPN million Florida. We saw the -- doors opened to coach someone walked out. Where he beat and bound and the player behind him and it was. Somebody -- never seen. Like you know -- happened at this university universality -- former coach that didn't get burned by it won't even know they lost a game it really set the the precedent for how that's going to going to lead throughout the course would -- the well I think coach someone loves his players that obviously and -- He's got an energy a bad thing you've got a way of -- but motivating young man and obviously the person the results you could say what they've accomplished last couple of years. And they got some good folks don't start this year is going to be exciting thing what happened. Story exports are hanging out here -- coach -- of course coach Kevin someone's going to be speaking here shortly. Aggie -- you can get tickets to the -- and the kids on our you know what -- but you land a broad Austin. How lucky can you reveal anything that's coming up next year with Maria and you have you always out block the -- musical -- It is too early to reveal any of that. -- -- -- Starbucks entertainment. I can't tell you that there are gonna have a band Perry ticket I'll put our gala. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- where a lot in common the rodeo and the capital city and cause I love little rodeo a lot coming out the last couple hundred come out I was very fortunate to mechanical point seven assists station. I'm a morning show to come out and Andy's at I would -- and what -- judging -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the great what do. But the fact that thing I think it -- think if we heard it all in Seattle and it got blood but you're walking around that the billions and you're apple and shotgun. You have to do all of Columbia and just add to that the you know. -- -- guy holed the shot and the bite I think grapple later on as a -- -- just -- just act that was bid up oil -- they have barbecue cook -- remark yeah actually I get to have some of the best barbecue in the country. But I did they have physical strength and all the proceeds all the donations go back and -- young people. Stand that's that's again why did the rodeo does bode well thank you so much -- -- thank you for all you do with the rodeo. -- love you on any time throughout the year -- and it's -- during the egg didn't talk sport that would -- -- guy but im loving care more about the -- and got what every got the you know we got our. Presentations we -- talked thirteen seventy of course we have army unite the army we have magic night -- at five an example point seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It before we go to break it's got breaking news that the US has now I think game -- or -- one won -- golden ticket for a minute deranged. Keep it up with -- world else. I'm sure there must tell you whether it's a great action earlier today I was watching and part of our branch from my Korea and end algerians had just been quiet US -- World Cup's. It just had good stuff and now reality at this funny out. Well look I don't know how you feel that but I don't but first kind of van Wagoner speaking and I us. The last time they immediately goers and it's offered a lot limited business soccer or four years ago I got out and out I think got on had a horrible -- I think guys but they're like country communicator and nothing better -- there's nothing that brings to this country together more -- flyers. And I think the World Cup more so than the Olympics because. I am afraid of it happening on Thursday gonna watch your neighbors Germany going in that sports bar where we go to third base -- and the guy next the other way more about soccer looks to me Nacional Mike's. Sides. You know what are all you were a year ago are you really got those who have widely believed that actually made it appeared don't particularly look like Ivan -- to be good if I. Lucky lamb had already gotten that you so much every data -- record time they brought a dip. The -- guys portray here again you're not you don't grab any exposed they're such nice coach Kevin -- you think you're surely want to get barbecue wanna help I think you know. Seattle dance clubs they got as they ask us a great great options -- announced -- money proceeds go towards. Scholarships against Palestinians deserve great and it's it's tickets right now. He got -- to look back. Talk thirteen 73 guys sport show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys report -- There -- -- show broadcast deal why is only Travis County -- those banner. For coach -- Aggies look like going to be right Yankee -- at the start coach someone yet. Rice coach someone going to be -- here very shortly Stanley principal thing that's what I bet you thought protective. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Status and that -- -- might have been just as bad capital city and club a great sponsor that's great items. -- go toward scholarships that's cool thanks items would like. On it about a hundred yards. I'm just awesome items per option and we know you'll walk through here shortly -- -- to get to the door again -- is like going on right now to try to -- epicenter. I don't know why I'm whispering community event going on as we speak up we got Omar an elevator now and -- yes. Several -- cells have been coming out of the dark wouldn't boot Bennett and a great -- we've got a ton of debt we start -- storyteller talent in the -- Serbia relations but in and audit department. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are all looking up you have big corporate commander for the -- core cadets. Which were radiates so in charge that it yell leader and all yell where you look like you're out I don't tell not political player and a great big. It could have been -- -- you political gave David David David. David didn't -- of all -- be counted and even hand to stop people taking pictures and again you know it is. They love being here and it's great that the I think what thank -- We didn't drop in sports person soccer but play it cool to keep you around you dug a little more on the show or you are talking about them going on Mike. -- -- -- to break the one line I courtside at USA imports actually Jermaine Jones scoring in the picnic or even wanna be. Are you think even a little World -- are our natural course he knew that of course we all -- but it didn't summit that I'm here like every American Idol. Every sport jerk react to attack. Apple like every American -- sort of band every four years -- -- he -- the truth I know I know I feel bad that uneducated dope you're you know you're not exactly. Let's say that he's had -- someone that not that he may even ask you what do you do for the school what how would you describe -- would you tell them. Well -- -- an employee -- is key military colleges in the entire nation we commission more alters the united military than any other senior military college. But just look at and say I'm in charge of the senior military culture that sent him call the corporate debt. The oldest Aggie tradition and history and a -- and everything we absolutely tradition depicts saint anniversary. Awesome I'll like it but I went solo career after nuclear that you did that every time while the -- -- yeah I would have been Tampa -- clearly need to match you know immediate look no let me hold a major non College Station. You know that -- -- people see anything so when he teed it up fairly -- a very powerful. I don't I got everything but what what are shocker in another another coworker got out here with a -- looks like keep in shape you like human worked out of all I don't think they'll look terribly you know what we're associated ourselves now what people that are in today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everybody has or bad well I -- -- great either knocked out of the right now the driver I felt all right I mean I. I'm an important part of -- there is giving up at Indiana turtle -- meant that particular public board -- -- I don't every let stand a I don't know how do you know what we've got great you know they were to support our power at their base yards Panamanian side. NBA free agency each aid coming along I mean there -- rumors -- what happens to your standard has further that I look at -- guys who are you good to go forward you know of the don't put that -- I mean I'm a much in the same -- birds and -- -- -- history here for the last seventeen year Portugal and the greatest player to play the game and it really low salary. Its worst players Tom not for the money and a couple of championships we -- to prevent. I think I emailed note for the trade rumors there -- dignity. And they come for the family to me that there's not another there's not a network that franchise in the NBA. Where did. They have been oriented like it was the first when you watch that when you watch the final when you -- guys like Sean Elliott. -- like. Avery Johnson -- probably from the -- got and it can actually cause maybe that doesn't have. Think anywhere I don't think that I -- -- ready built got to leave it I'll be you because you'd be silly not ignoring -- -- a lot of money to the morale because part days. Bernard have a backup point collegial it has played well on American he's been there you know ignore what chipping and get every point here. -- to get a little bit more raiders shut Cory Joseph will probably still in it or what can be guilty this year die hard but the hard political could take it so well spreading cordial people say several. Here's the question I had for use first friends. There are blocked the rumors going around right now toward Carmelo Anthony -- -- -- on new units at all the debate murmured a problem on it. The question that bad. Did did Carmelo Anthony guilty you'd been -- -- go to the LA clippers which is being murmured but it pairs up with Chris Paul what -- How does that affect the -- chances. The win not only the world championship with the -- check out -- flat out Natalie and that belt that belt and it's sort of temperament well you gonna play also well. So there they -- What is happening in -- less diligent and he kept a lot of traffic Allred don't beat them don't sort of temper your expectations -- that. But the lesser -- -- always steadily increased in strength I mean last year but -- -- portrayed Chicago that I have any problem you got Laura Laura mean. Sulzberger was told washout in the finals. I believe -- still compete and make if you -- -- what college file that sure won't be surprised if they don't make the finals. I wouldn't be that surprised but they're always going to be people playoffs are always immediate competing like before the final and now let's get get this straight. You know wait until they have basically rewarding Carmelo. You know -- because everyone knows -- -- -- -- -- winner. That I will not league finals because he did not bet I would look pretty quickly you can because you have Dwight Howard well played forty -- -- and because he had to play defense. Or three people now got -- power -- Carmelo Anthony don't lady. Well I admit there's one if there's one superstar NBA that I think that doesn't mind it. Playing defense it's getting dirty -- did you get the point that way flights -- but that doesn't make up or. The lack of defense from the dead but I can tell you know what happened very -- -- embryo that shortens careers of guys who don't play defense. Are you export your bracket to lie about it coach Knight to only fourteen go to someone. Any talk very surely Aggie -- but -- out here try to enhance those parent where at where we are at -- -- -- that the door where we're at -- commander. -- -- -- Anyway that's and that I -- -- Portland and met bill I got it we should look pretty. Please feel free in right now is that the plot -- anything I did you know yet but yet divide about Boris you're gonna get anymore out besides that and need to tackle -- club. A great money for scholarships that there's anything you like to say hello to anyone out -- earlier we master regulator aggregate these rivers burst monitor. It's been introduced the first -- -- -- on air you know tonight guys but anyone you wanna you wanna they are very -- anything special you wanna -- blue island Salem my grandmother now and she -- Antonio Texas dad -- -- as well on a great idea. In my humble thank you -- hit a gorgeous. On dogs they're saying as great university and the country to go to the leadership program like the core -- the drivers come back -- like professionally. They continue to build leaders they're played the station up there -- challenges of the 21 century. And it's only guys that I've been so proud. With the professionalism not I hope every yet that we had on the I'm every single one -- -- -- -- -- the matter what an amateur -- you have a professional Downey junior I think our credit at this stage dad go to I. I went and I bet -- -- -- gonna -- -- -- ability to play like that it I mean Erica I cannot thank -- we're not getting tech data and -- Out of date -- -- -- -- and finally -- -- first player of all absolutely Tim Duncan I mean. -- Donny didn't play in the bird dog -- only been aligned along pretty much he is really great that team up he's been a really inspirational leader in the sport respect. Ultimate character -- district opportunity here probably care about values and we support in your brother are you still had a shot at him will be kids -- -- -- winner here. Very good I just -- the courts in Israel reliable but you. All Rushmore. NBA coaches and Gregg Popovich on death not only elite modeling project and pat Bradley and Red Auerbach it's not even accomplish that the -- one order -- order. Yeah they are already laughed at -- pop out of -- you know I go to a lot of pop pop opera. -- might -- thought about it and I don't let the record companies particularly. Got a quick break at three guys fortunate look back finances coaches and I got it going are Travis and it looked better. Aggies you wanna come -- have heard someone give me speaking here very shortly family friendly ticket for the Norris Hall not -- stagnant for the security capital city in clubs. Scholarship fund so seniors president of the center. So yes fortunately that's. All thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys -- Live up from the lovely Travis County -- coach -- is obvious signs. An Aggie fans. Aggies in Austin simply speak once and coaches my seven ceremony to be talking here very shortly. And as the cool thing in this there's a lot of cool stuff going on here staggered -- and there's a lot of great auction items that are benefiting. Scholarships for the capital city NM plus you can get tickets the door just -- -- lot of great -- -- great Bhutto left -- here barbecue from Matsushita axis. And some cold beverages -- just get help families -- come on out. -- now be played like they got the voice. I'm bands sort bad dog ran on the podium -- guy we had him on earlier this morning had a lot of great -- brought this morning. -- this morning amateur and ask that you think it'll probably. At but. Of course -- being here means we're missing out on US based soccer. -- update for the of their order Carter haven't anti US state I have double the -- -- -- -- from a typical totally he'd do it one with a goal from Clint Dempsey in the 81 minute. I believe right now we're about the 86 minutes to look -- one. I Charlotte Vermont they're a little bit boy and there's only our product and now I know I didn't know what I know I BI and the scenario we like single artist and he adds I mean single -- period. Yeah that bullet move on to not have been USA open knowing what a great event that has -- tonight they block the people honored world are you going through -- I auction live ought to look at happened there's going to be auctioneer that. -- did a great event amazing event -- apple and you can all the all the proceeded analogous but it all along going to color should salute Betty and look. Wonderful update our building and especially the capital and clubs and on and now also our friends from there based -- -- -- -- block -- list and I think I think. We targeted south we're -- we might impact Lulu might. Have them on more -- scenes buried just. Unearthed just you know we always hear voices Colin plays what type player but you know you are you heard a great story tomorrow or -- everything about a place. Indigenous and -- earlier on our talk thirteen seventy. Dot com on the web site. But a great thing going on here a lot of -- is a lot we will back at the station and and breeders are listening -- let umbrella we have limited yet but I look at it the big shot tolerance back and are. Back at our studio nobody on our producer on bite -- care Robert thank -- we had a couple. Troubled what you normally might be technical difficulties fervor people that are not a what is but -- beat her other caromed in there without bidding. Of course we have -- will be a big thank the my tracker who the president of the Japanese and -- Balkan by. It only candidate -- media relations -- my target but -- whatever word you often. Patrick -- an ideal leader and David -- corps commander of the cork the bet. We're just the last segment outstanding out -- we had you know it's an -- -- -- mentioned you know the the Mike Brown. It's just so weird I -- guys that are. They don't need to be talking to us on the microphone or operation to guard and happier. Give us the -- -- -- to keep in touch with what everyone that we talking head and neck until 1 o'clock -- because. We kind of just let -- -- -- a -- what a great thing in the world we do you have a three exports are at work and we're not like you're steady guys who -- to get a steady long lining what -- -- get anything you read about it. But what you can't do it you can't go online and it sure you can read on the message board but hearing of standard reaction to stop what you're thinking that we don't agree that -- here on property company. And that's what these people love W that they love their like again you know it's it's it's a couple of. I would say there's I it's double I -- big did it and now they have they can't shake what do one glass. But never completed -- jerk so nobody can neighborhood and every one of over Tibet horror must write him at a bigot but didn't wanna have turnout. It -- they come up our advantage India and and also when they come on oil oil is not I would think not. BS and earlier every one extremely professional. Came on -- and they didn't work I'm on the -- to go to Barbara almost all of them obviously not Big Apple another of their first part of it all got her a couple bogeys out our political pornographer -- and I look out here tonight and I believe that the grand am and what do you hear. From the -- -- girl in the the blue jumper things he's done that roaring wraps it slowed compared to the other several vendors over here. Ali and where we are the -- can get closer and there's there's one that's open nets got a back seat from marked as -- perhaps I have like yet. We found out it got to be greeted -- and it went -- to do -- ring -- about. But there's burritos are Forbes I am now gorgeous girls -- single -- -- name of the place creature was an accident or buy your ticket that value at the door. Beyond that no one -- will it. -- question every single person to get up or -- that bit. What are you looking forward to -- beat -- and how do you think this team it's going to finish this year what are your chances are warning yet beat Pete. Maybe you know are they gonna go to -- and he didn't know where beat people can then make the playoffs. ESPN has -- Franken would seem to get possibly make it make -- play on Ron. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll say that you continually do the really cool thing with Kevin someone being here tonight to would be Aggies. And the fact that it is beard so many questions I think one thing you can question -- don't because he's proven he's a recruiter. That may be an American made the right play call. You could tell you tonight -- strategy is going and it is here with the players we have now I mean. I 88 hits it deep dark operated rebuilding here what I'd say that I don't that I think they're gonna have eight leaders here have done a shot. I think -- very good for them and I think coming up next year -- the year after. It is a letter to -- twelve -- beaten. Path Bullock. I think bit. Kyle Alan the term freshman who'll get it will win the starting quarterback. It's going to be -- -- legal and thought Carolina that person him -- Carolina eighty dollar grant permanent out there I mean it it's it's going to be tough. They go through his feet and now they do -- -- cup picks on the schedule yet but what you in the conference boy it's gonna be helping or what but happy college football on Thanksgiving and the big deal. I don't I don't think they're going to be able to win at all or or at Alabama. What I think -- barely -- time winning team possibly get an Olympian. Because of the system and in the school period and more on an honest team they've got they've got off -- weapons at wide receiver. I think they can -- it still outscored opponents really -- like the I believe I mean look here's the deal I mean I don't know where they're -- and and I don't have a religion prediction but one thing architecture that. You. When you all believe when you all are buying into something you know. You're going to end with no -- no locked right now if you buy into -- coach you coach is not just haven't somebody everyone else's and the people around you review all future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even even the score of the ultra instilled in the can win because you're all one the other isn't on that you have distraction to -- don't have guys on the sideline it's. Walking away due to don't think that you all have each other backbone -- brotherhood and -- You'll be sure to be reached for the start you're going to be great. Commitment that went on a team of scrub that you'll not be another one Bobby in the future that they've already got the number you're critical I think right now we're now here they just sign it -- or purported sixteen it could be a program but it. Community -- but. Meeting these guys that we ought to imagine how folks -- how great I just Turks are just the way the people we talked to were earlier. Do you imagine have a player card they are like that in just a lightning focus boom. Think if they can win every -- that nowadays you know I don't think I think it here will be a bit more rebuilding it it's easier to be really hard conference. Counted one day you can litigate and still be the national championship. But it is the game wears big -- conference where. You look at it again this could be a national championship game. Now we've been talking to -- much more than four or military does what it produced here it's good to. What are do you have an update on big seniority based boxer we're worried they'll lower -- -- over where employees -- order I believe we have. Where do I admitted it I haven't gotten it finally had its -- you'll find it. USA five minutes of extra time you are not OK view. I'll bandwagon. I thought they let me it can't believe I can -- we -- here and it goes black and everything after party -- -- I'm not I'm -- and I want a better. And that we get it yet I watched it -- Malone. Agree guide sports show broadcast all angle I have got an update hello all onboard -- time -- you do is that correct PP -- that -- -- -- -- -- on. Or I don't look at all what the US they needed to -- to win this game to move on. Germany what did I yesterday that would that would certainly the popular opinion in. Not good for the USA cannot let the beat -- auto insurer. And advancement in the World Cup bouquets -- -- commercials played for paper radio time to get replaced -- can just stay on an. And that I'll get rid of them may do we can beat them breaking news and how much I'm a lot for the eight at. I think we're we're about your work -- -- according word for -- over already out there are a lot of credit report their overtime circuit Arnold I'm absolutely not be a law to Germany on Thursday that at the very least they're ready to hide them in her ability to move on and even many. It's Portugal able to beat John -- don't medical doughnut hole that aren't so what's. USA at this point would have or Portugal they would move on but Josh I'd like to go to an hour that could well mark and even -- -- I feel more and I want you abnormal. -- Ellie -- and you're not watching it by any. You know but again. -- exports are getting denied that or add to the candidate. But there's they're going on someone but yet they can pox so yeah blank and unite here in the area of the senior nagging but come on out yet not by the way. The ticket price the benefits capital -- and quad NM quad it's. There -- scholarship fund and we just have a final days final too soon cost you between Europe and Portugal not at all we needed it. But there's still it's still good I mean at the Intersil dot -- keep an area Brian McKnight not rhetoric that there you know that means Europe and I do we leave here we go out to dinner. Political dignity. Pretty funny I mean -- -- -- an eleven ambassadors. Basically Germany does one need something straight guys it's going to create crazy games. Where you're going to watches and rhetoric -- going up because there's so much more on what drugs. It barely I recommend that third base that's -- Mazar groundhog Lauren they're not location I Adrian -- matter wanted to make -- a -- till Friday night and it has been a lot of fun. Street John's done a great job I've got a lot of fun palace fractured -- this is great. Good stuff guys following all season long battle -- -- -- every dot com Aggie football we got you covered here on pocketed that he would bring back porch.