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Jun 22, 2014|

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It's time for. Meantime get -- your husband Michael Cargill brought to you by Texas claw shield. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans -- my own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works. A veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as sports magazine. Fox Business news CNN money I AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics. You can join the conversation by calling 51239. Out thirteen seventy and now here's Michael's car deals. -- -- -- When the second round fourteen what -- come and talk it's how we have on the phones -- when walker my attorney welcome to the show it went. Hello my carry during droughts and -- and also in the studio we have Justin to launch from come and take it Austin. Are you doing just from their very thanks Trevor who Louis and then my co host even at -- welcome to show -- did I do and today it is another great day here in Austin all right our topic for two days behind -- -- -- lions. So how I mean new lines what do you guys do when you leave the great state of Texas and you're traveling to what do those unfriendly -- -- going to California you're going to New Jersey you're going to. -- New York. Do you know what you need to do that far -- gonna talk about that today so definitely calling in polian what's that numbered David. -- of war -- 39013. Seventy. Everyone call and 5123 and I don't know thirteen seventy easy that's right this time wanna make sure we get to everyone because last time week. We active I hate up on that quite a few people so when makes it easy we get gym it is time to get to give us a call. So highly annualized first let's talk about you know the state of Texas and what we -- feel about the state of Texas how -- How old do you travel with their farm in the state of Texas wolf for instance that he India. Everyone should know that a handgun and that is legal we have here loaded handgun. In your vehicle it must be concealed in Libya from the state of Texas so you don't need a license for Barack. Actually you can drive around the state of Texas with a handgun it must be concealed in your vehicle. You're okay with that handgun when you're traveling from your whole inside the inside your home betting that is legal so you're going from home to your vehicle. -- inside your vehicle is a -- and your control. Your place to visit she could have that he had been without a license. Guess what you can have that -- done without a license on a watercress. That is of both. You can have that handgun without a license. Any Trevor Charlie can't truly truck camper or motor home and a horse -- living quarters -- like to make Soledad. So those at a place that you could have been handgun without a license in the state of Texas -- And also if its use in that activity. So if I need that he and -- I'm gonna go to the ranger I need that you know social order something like that I'm gonna clean -- will times. You know I can have those things. And it also has talk about those places where -- you know where weapons are prohibited. And that falls under section 4603. To Texas who still -- -- law -- there. And and I actually I have a couple questions of it a -- when when I get into this whole section here. Sure so some of the places that weapons are prohibited because I don't know that that first paragraph -- says. This is on the fiscal princes of the school and then -- look at all the other sections they -- they just say on the premises. But it number one -- his physical -- so we know in this section here 46 out of three this is places weapons or prohibiting it talks about. A firearm. Now. When we talk about that he and -- In another section of the text -- go there -- -- seen him get. But in 4603. We're gonna tell you where you cannot take -- in that illegal -- Gonna tell you where you can -- goes. Also club and then prohibited weapons. But -- there's something that we took off of the list of prohibited weapons this year and that was a swiftly. So as of September the first 2013. It became legal we have switched late in the state of Texas. So listeners but numbers yet but never won here so. Look at that so physical premises of the school that means that. I you cannot have any weapons at all in the visible princes of the schools were talking about -- which school middle school high school. -- finishes educational institution that talk about a college university no weapons are allowed period inside that college university. But my question Fred when is that the physical premises what does that mean because it's a little different in the rest this section here at a nursing physical did you see -- Well it is a little different and there are -- okay this is defined this is a distinction -- may just be a situation where provision was artfully drafted. The important part of that section -- this is the definition -- premise is that given to us from 46035. Which is limited to building -- portions of buildings. And then specifically exempt out. Parking lot of sidewalks walkway driveway parking garages. Except for a. Frank and I didn't know that because we know the physical premises it does not mean these streets sidewalks parking -- walkway grudges you know so. You're fine beard which you know you cannot go into the bill. Correct and -- school corporation it is written a little awkwardly get mad. If it's basically that's in that one little provision mayor it prohibits. They've driven basically firearms and schools and three capacities. Supremacist which we know the buildings. They're not bad educational activities. There are actively sponsored by a school -- educational decisions and live on school of vehicles school transportation. So that one little section we got three prohibitions. And he beat produces a pretty easy because we know what is building and feel -- in proportion to buildings. Three vehicle prohibition is pretty straightforward I mean if you're in a car that's third scorer school bus -- Still owned by the school district just pretty much know when that occurs. It's the educational activities. And school activities part that is to have the awkward ones. Does show what winds -- we really haven't even experienced any cases where somebody has been charged with this specific provision. Here because they did just simply you know it doesn't really happen that much. Brett and I know I don't yet have we got to deal that we try to get passed last session at 2013. And that still basically an example that we use was like -- years and I like Jesus in class as well. Let's see you are sitting inside a mcdonalds and you have your concealing a license. And yet your handgun on you sit inside McDonald's there. And let's -- school bus pulls up. And their kids in my school bus people into the parking lot they are those kids get off that school busing go inside McDonald's to eat lunch. And -- field trip a school sponsored activity. That means that you know technically. On that little sentence -- that -- you know you should -- and put that can -- -- in the vehicle. Yeah and that's been that's been hypothesized to listen we've looked at data then you know people come -- -- -- examples of you know what about -- museum art theater or something like that. I was there are to a school actually educational activity just just materializing in pro have you are there you are in the middle of it. And yeah I think sort of the proper way he is you have to championship. Because you know it is beautiful already had intentionally knowingly or recklessly. And so if you didn't intend sort of if if school activity changed TU and you can go to it I think that's a good defense with regard to intense. Show. So for example the way would do that a -- trillion McDonald's. If he was caring did not manifest intense period even though however let's say that one of the parental chaperones. That had volunteered to go along with -- bad they would beat intending to attend that event. And therefore they would be prohibited so we don't care to people substantially in the spring physical place. But depending upon -- bear situation and referenced to -- after the event. They could either be a participant can be covered worry not -- a -- and not to be intent to go to the Purdue BBA participant in the educational experience that but it is kind of unusual -- and which regards to a grand columns. It's one thing that I. Bit I think a lot of people are questions about people who like to coaching schools. And -- they're they're a lot from mayor playgrounds and -- -- Tracks. -- school is not happening so your question will -- illegal curious that time. And again there's no cases strictly on point with regard to this black. I would trade all you know -- peer to peer to school playground on a Sunday afternoon and you're the only one mayor -- they -- -- shot in your -- -- -- -- whatever. I think you're a okay because there's no school activities happening on background at that time. Red X -- Lira that's over the last few -- -- -- school hours and when there's a school actually see there's a these schools have any you know little softball practice or something like that. You know correct you and basically the rule I think you should go -- -- if you're how far it was schooling. And Europe played for school children are present in their mayor -- capacity of school children model is just. Children a large secure control map. But it's better that they're under the -- under the authority under the direction of a teacher or school personnel. Fair and that it's pretty safe to say that the school activity and -- would be prohibited there. That the last part of that I love you know it's the written regulations are written authorization. So meaning that he needs any school education institution can he be written permission to carry inside the building they give you written permission to carry. You know they can give deep principle written permission to carry didn't give BP you know this. The teachers written permission to carry so they Acura that are already in they've always had that authority. Yes that was one thing I think took a lot of people by surprise after extremely good. That they were you know they are -- -- -- are there different ideas about how perhaps they give schools and actually had to guess and the only school that I know that actually took advantage of it was that little school district outside switched off. All of which was -- highest. CHO holders certainty -- -- there's certain you know employees of the school. To carry -- in -- Terrell dynasty ever since. 2007. You know Harold dynasty. Yes now wondering if I keep I'm a bit we wanna get -- -- story doubting the river interest electorally to your listeners just. There has to do with the disingenuousness of the media. Hearing in Houston taxes last year there was a little -- and she would not detectable shall be members shall -- say that we didn't have any involvement in this case. She was arrested. Her -- her name her job due to tutor the school. Would blasted across the news media as saying oh my god this school employee brought a gun to school horror horse they showed -- getting arrested and everything else. Well what happened was she told somebody she got a -- sushi always carried a -- in her car legal error. Well I guess she got -- -- with the person she told what to forcibly overheard they turned her in the school came down search your car karma guy and had HR -- HPD arrestor cutter -- Curb this happened on Friday are very very first court appearance will be the next Monday. In which the case would immediately dismissed because it was in her car and -- parking lot and and and I wouldn't pull the actual dismissal form and it actually did the prosecutor had noted on the air. Cheering our school parking lot does not is not prohibited is not a prohibited premises right on the dismissal form it happened. -- that habit that actually have the loss you know I'll get. Well you know a little while continuing to show an immediate what I want to point out with tradition Jerusalem media and out of the meeting going on television and telling the people of the city of Houston and going to -- -- That they -- for it's not against the law to have regarding your car out of school parking lot. They could go to carry -- dismissed because it turns out she wasn't parked on a school parking lot. You don't tell them I had I -- toll to Calvert and I didn't tell you what it looks like -- -- joke in my class I told people that is its gold in it has diamonds on it. And I a lot of you know in America tell you what it looked like so that way no one can never say you'll know Michael -- -- this particular gun out and point yet mean it looks just like this. You know yeah. So my mind my guns or golden -- have diamonds on the so each and every year. And David had a question we would get eight. -- always just kind of clarification. About. The school premises. Sosa I'm going to -- the state finals football game at Texas Stadium. I'm not allowed to carry mining. Concealed handgun on me that Texas Stadium when there's a high school that are going on is that correct. The -- recruit her deteriorating getting an -- part yet that's that's gonna be on the 46 -- 35 and that's going to be your CH a holder. It talks about you'll sporting events so it's a high school sporting event high school full blog anymore. It's college football game what -- forty of these you cannot -- yet the lead in the vehicle. -- actually bring actually wind up charging under either provision them to enact in that instance. He's absolutely right and in. And when we come back we're gonna talk about behind enemy lines gonna talk about -- media including gold in Boise sold three we're gonna we gonna do that and another show we're gonna talk about when we come back. I traveling from the great state of Texas in traveling into other states those. Unfriendly states will be right back after the third thing. I have shot. You. -- Okay. Welcome back I haven't caught him with -- Michael -- We're talking all things firearms. Join the conversation now by calling 51239. And 1870s. Now here's Michael Cargill. Now it's time for GG in global venues. We'll start our news today with a report from Jackson Mississippi the scene with sold. An unidentified man Julie what -- -- -- local contractor said he mold 'til six in turn the contract a -- his own weapon and fired. Yet another instance -- begun saving new life and for many crime. All right I got another one Florida over and Georgia. The state of wisdom justice and moderation. Anti gun radio host Mike Malloy came up with a scheme to kill all pro gun opened -- demonstrators. Here's what he said. I guess what I'll do if -- if if I'm never in that situation. And I see one of these -- Half witted -- who's walking in with with a weapon high caliber. -- -- -- -- I'll geologist and our numbers -- Jack I would just start screaming gun gun shy guy and watch out everybody at the deck guns guns -- -- and then -- 911 and I will say shots fired which will bring every damn cop within fifteen miles. And then the half -- with the long guns you're gonna panic and they're gonna round out of the store. And if that were rigel is in shouldered properly the -- is gonna take a look at that and put a bullet right -- forehead. Barring the employer's ability of the scheme itself which involves committing two crimes costs ignorant -- one call. And inciting irrational panic we see here that the anti gun movement has truly moved to embody wisdom justice and moderation. We got another one for Mike and reminds of Vietnam vet Don pitino. Was work out his convenience store when a robber came in with a five inch blade two and -- you know reminding. You said nope you pulled out just creating handgun pointed in the conversation robbery and make -- stunned and no well what happened there was the company has a policy where the -- Employees are not allowed to carry handguns. So you were suspended and therefore -- set I am as firm believer in having a gun. And not needing it rather than the other way around I can always find another job. Breaking news out of Florida the sunshine state. The governor of Florida has signed house bill 89 otherwise known as the warning shots bill. It will allow border residents to display weapons and fire a warning shot. Any proper self defense situation that complies with the state stand your ground law. The governor also signed up pop tart bill permitting schools from punishing students for playing with simulating guns. The deal comes after an elementary school student was punished for crafting a pop -- into the shape of a gun. And then finally in Chicago Illinois the land of Lincoln and the City Council has all banned gun store operators in the city. In only 5% of the land within city limits could be used for establishments that sell guns. So while the law abiding citizens are further deterred from legal gun purchases the law does nothing to hindered the violence caused by criminals swat team guns. He illegally and that's your global good news for June 26 2000. All right let's get back into impact on media highs in any lions. -- so it when we're gonna talk about traveling from the great state of Texas and going oh no virtue. Other states those unfriendly states like California like New Jersey and who gets -- one on the phone. Caller you're on come in talking which got forced. -- -- Cheery hello to you what's -- are you doing that's very Arnold -- like all right all right what's your question. Well my question is somehow as a pastor. -- -- cheer open series. Are my church which obviously I'm in Florida but I happened also have control to borrow. Discourse okay yeah well you as the pastor yes you can open Gary it's your church. Yeah every -- property under your property owned by or under your control the word luncheon earlier control I think that's Australia -- not really turn remarked this didn't specifically defined to mean. To exclude certain brochure and so. The pastor being like a manager Lou nobody scorer grand juror Charlotte -- think Tibetan. It definitely would be considered purposes under his control. Now horrific and also reconsider your place of employment. There are. You hear Albert president doesn't give it protection that I needed exemption under 460 do. That just gives you me right to. That just gives you the presumption that you would be justified in using deadly -- secure somebody who attempted to forcibly injure or remove you from those -- America. -- your questions. Right after our question of good years younger than air quality -- I'll read you very. All right -- -- question for you you're wearing what about I live in apartment complex and I want to use. You know open carry my handgun. In my apartment complex. -- a -- that will -- and an apartment complex. You would be limited to those pressures that were -- -- if you were part of your -- told. And so like a patio or balcony or thin -- patio where you have the right to exclude others. That would be that would be safe to do. In the area that's been a common area though it would not being it's -- to do as that would be a common area and not exclusive to your control. She wouldn't be able to open -- they're -- There's the argument as well you know -- -- premier apartment to your car which yes theoretically could do that. Also last year there was security and unfortunately the state of taxes in real. Indomitable wisdom has decided to appeal this case. But it was actually a pro gun case you know a lot of these criminal cases they always almost always go against a guy and older. But -- here in case cold dead she should careening Churchill weenie. -- never came pronouncing correctly. Vs state. The police arrested a man who has openly sharing has stolen -- condominium complex where he owns one of the units. And he claimed that the common areas. We're permissions under is controllable codes as part of his would be to produce condominium. He actually purchased and I'm divided interest in the common areas therefore is part of scroll. And the courts agreed putting the courts throughout his conviction. And says yes this is proper. In a condominium complex that provides that you not only -- own your Condo which you also own and I'm divided interest in the common areas. That can be considered permission that you own. And they throughout his convictions about what Israel I've heard that the state -- lose -- to appeal that. You record for mobile I guess the state attraction just can't seem to. Wrap their head around the fact that sometimes sometimes defendant's guilt do we have a right to win cases. -- -- And ninth and indeed I think we got another call right yeah we Jack on the line what's going on Jack. They get that -- RS are. Not a question arm. I would be tallied the Las Vegas I'm gonna be gonna -- California. Owners involved you'll take my suppressor wispy. And we're we're you we started off from Jack. Are often. -- starting an Austin, Texas a year traveling there through California. And giggle until Las Vegas aren't. Will that line -- you don't stay in California you will you may be. You may be okay and which got sort of but the thing about it is is that but we have just this law this federal law. Firearms owner traveler's protection act it was part of the farm's -- frustration -- 96. And it's that that basically travelers came here either firearms within -- long and they are unloaded and locked it may get a law that -- -- -- -- that would prove otherwise prohibited firearms possession. But the key is is that you have to be traveling for a -- to Wear your lawfully allowed to carry. Jewish state that you're lawfully allowed to carry so -- -- starring placing your destination. Have to be -- where you're lawfully allowed to charity -- firearms. I'm -- obviously wondering do we recommend first is he at a CHL. Thanks -- -- -- know that most of the battle right. Now what they're wondering about that Nevada though he's going to Las Vegas, Nevada does not recognize text and so I think a lot. That is correct Nevada do not recognize objects concealed handgun now Nevada law in general. Doesn't allow somebody to carry a loaded handgun in their vehicle -- pressures. I don't think they distinguish between some stretchers there are shown yet to be careful because there are -- state. That that do not just followed the federal law brings oppressors. But can they actually have a law that prohibits the personal ownership -- pressures although stranger definitely in the minority I think there may only be a dozen or so of them. Show and I think most of those are removed in the central in the northeast part I don't think Nevada is one of them. Show you'd have to -- just by the general law. Of Nevada and if the general law Nevada I believe does say. That does somebody could trigger a lawful person allowed less of firearms. There's a -- persons allowed to -- there are much in the same way that -- -- picture -- picture. However wondering about it doesn't happen. Did they do not have eight preemption law. Errant throw that -- that -- -- -- -- -- municipalities can actually come up with a different -- sold correct Las Vegas Las Vegas is only different. You know yet plus they are in Australia. Does prohibit the carrying -- loaded and unlicensed loaded and getting your legal right. All right so let's say aren't so he's he's he's starting in Texas and he's going to Las Vegas he's done travel. I guess across I ten -- crossover into California Santa got fifteen and cut up. You know -- on up into Las Vegas there no. So with that and thank you for your call really appreciate that. So he's he's -- leaving Texas he's getting in New Mexico he's good traveling you know as long as you keep it. He's well. At New Mexico recognized six instilling a license Arizona -- plastics is still in -- licenses does he get there but California does not and I think -- -- -- actually. I got -- yeah I got a question for little and what a fun traveling with my they are fifteen. And I go through Californians -- same same same scenario Austin to Las Vegas when I'm gone -- Cali. What how can I travel through California with my AR fifteen that is not legal in California. Because the thirty round clip. -- -- -- -- Well at a minimum due to you have to unloaded and you have to each patient that you have to -- get in the trunk or place where you do not have access to -- -- -- And then tracking -- all you have to not a stop in California. The only style switcher permissible. Followed -- actually. I think -- big portrait even held steady fumes certainly peace stop overnight -- California has become your destination and a journal lab in California. -- you cannot. You cannot. Stay in hotels. I don't really have bios stuff that a target tomorrow some some snacks and she -- is a spill my drink on my shirt and -- your shirt. Well I get in trouble if a cop pulls me over our own well. -- that's a destination that's not you know I try. Know that -- that's correct the only -- Basically dark big named -- glacier -- -- wherever you're actually on the road stopping or something bad issuing traveling I leave. Going to the bathroom or getting -- Pure stuff to do shopping site cleaned -- -- eight. See a movie whatever then you're probably going to be considered that is going to be compared to your destination and you now have -- a wall because you know. Have had a destination state. That does not recognized or LA law against a firearm that your theory. OK so so we're talking about is -- lead in Texas. And where do the -- -- -- we hidden in Mexico would go to Bessie Jones hit Arizona. We'll look what we crossover into California grass you gonna spin a nine Arizona gonna stay the night -- And get some good -- doesn't wanna make sure we travels from room California we don't stop for anything like that and just when I did not stop for gas because when I don't give my much. That's -- crazy person. All right -- -- traveled through the state of California. The full week of all we crossover into California we need to separate getting ammunition from the firearm. But lets you separate cases in in his best of luck this sucker into the trucks. Correctly sure that the -- is certainly cannot be accessible. So it'll make the mistake of the globe -- still is constantly -- like that. Can't -- California. But California's got some weird all -- they do on delivering solutions allow you to carry a gun in your car. -- they sort of have. They they didn't support to have this traveling parisians. But -- specifically of hell that you -- -- -- -- -- local boring character here console you have to be in the trunk. And there was actually a weird case that are rare there's several years ago about a man who is a recreational legal. And he led he said that my RV I look at it is my home I can have one and they actually shared. It's that the vehicle was traveling it's only an army would average patient or be nice to. OK. Okay. And so and so he was arrested prosecuted and convicted for having a gun. In a drawer in his RB that was accessible obviously in the passenger compartment that would mark. -- -- -- -- Well I had another question for them. What if I get pulled over with my they are just seemed it's locked away in the trunk BMO separate -- that if I get pulled over because I'm going fifteen over. On nine California highway. What do I need to do what I do get pulled over to -- the option no I have the weapons. And know what kind of legal consequences what I suffered. Well I don't think you have an obligation to let -- -- -- that you have a weapon. And it may have to junior truck and he's not going to be able to see your reporting these search. To sort out search -- regard to come up with some sort of probable cause to search your trunk. That should be -- -- you know -- unfortunately in these days -- -- -- easier -- -- the only -- domination they get. Visit and it didn't seem that he has that Texas license plate near one knows that in Texas everyone's got guns so along those dresses -- licenses well not really I don't have to and it's no absolutely not a good. Carol and -- and I wouldn't I was just how was -- should not give TE one in every. Earlier in the NHL not recognized in California sort of zero effect whatsoever. You also shouldn't be cheering euros concealed handgun -- during the California there correct. That's correct because you don't have the same rights that you would have been another concealed handgun friendly state and therefore you would not have to do is I'll see you know. Right -- you're not carry -- -- in the truck they end. Put your head there's also come into play eat a lot of people worry about will negotiate -- I'd like our life and they bureaucrats actually -- -- -- -- -- The other certainly part of billion portion of the computer age. Most computers are hiding and the federal government has sort of made mistakes do this idea -- -- IE works and coaxing them and trying to Leah. It lets you -- and I'll let you finish that we come back off the break. I know we got some people Holden on the phone remember that soulful numbers 51239013. 751239013. Seven you were talking about behind you mean lines. Listen to come in talking. We'll be right. Muhammad saw this coming up right after these messages. Here on time thirteen seven. Do that talent. We'll just say welcome mat and I'm talking with Michael Cargill we're talking all things firearms. Join the conversation now by calling 51 C 39 and 1970. Now here's Michael card here. That topic. -- you know I traveled from the great state of Texas into those unfriendly density and how we have on the phone and walk right turn you inside the studio we have just in the loss and also my co host Stephen F Ed -- Pound and David and we got somebody aren't. Yeah no -- Robert on the line what's going on Robert. They might be. I just got a question about Tripoli. You on an airplane where it -- got. Thought I heard about a guy that's. You know check in the they have gone through luggage checked that pretty airplay -- both do a bigot whites got diverted. And bad make an emergency landing in New Jersey I think he got arrested. For having economic security burden to put but but haven't. Okay hurry and bigger and thank you for your call there are Robert but I I think David David had -- -- actually more similar that you want to ask would you would you honestly well. Our son Frontline from Texas to Florida and everything's good and I'm going to Pennsylvania which is my final destination. If I have a layover in New Jersey veteran how do I stay out of trouble. More keep myself from being arrested like. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- build -- case that I was referring to were the case actually from 2005. And and the guy was arrested -- spent several days in jail. -- case -- eventually dropped against him and what happened was. Clues that he was actually go from Utah Pennsylvania. He missed his connecting flight. -- airline was gonna take your body and about some partially used luggage got routed to new works trillion or -- -- today. These -- hotel hoping to catch a flight to Allentown next day. Showed up the airport -- check your bag. Goes through these proper TSA. And airline procedure -- regard to traveling -- main guy in which there are procedures. It's very straightforward it's set forth on most on many web sites especially besides -- this particular line you're going on. Get your bags checked by the ATF they can't get ready to market they put her way and then you have to open it up and show a -- here where you're going. But what happened here we could we got this -- in my bags they know why you're actually haven't -- your bag. -- says but I was the OR three -- story -- via Port Authority police still rationing. I -- -- case was dropped the key is is that if you push duck if you get stuck to a situation where your bag. It is it's your bags viewing your regular forces stay in a location a guy -- unfriendly. The key here is to not take progression of the bag. So you just you have to let the airline hold onto it. But there's still would custodian habits they still haven't and you know always this may sound unpleasant or little risky but. You're you only get in trouble if you actually take possession of that back with a gun and a. -- -- let's go back to the base is a little big. Talking about travelers rights so old you know how I go from one state to another slogan before -- cross over into it like to say thank you for your call Robert. -- -- -- definitely keep listening to us. I travelled from you know from Texas to an unfriendly states before across our Internet unfriendly states keep in mind this we're traveling through that state. -- he's not going to be your destination you're not gonna spend the night I think you can even break down. Under this law the way I understand. Well yeah I think I think you could use your brain got me all the things that. Unavoidable are actually god I guess that would be -- he is not a situation was act of god. That's true in mind that demand would actually. Not eventually prosecuted. His case did make headlines recently because. He's been attempting to soon to write the port police for being arrested in the federal courts are not allowed it. And it went dead tradition courtroom appellate court actually petitioned the Supreme Court do -- turn down so. For those kids every recognize that he was put in an untenable situation one in this -- -- sure I get not a pretty criminal consequences forward to what he was looking for was to teach future deal elections -- station -- people like this unfortunately it federal courts were relying. Now wondering if the person should do when traveling -- like you could just -- HL gonna help a whole lot. And then check out the states that he'll be traveling to improve to see if they are -- crispy shell. Unfortunately the DPS website is going to be not a very good help. Because the DPS website only kill you if there's an agreement with the state it doesn't save the state recognizes the license for example Minnesota. Recognize who -- who likes them. Taxes does not recognized Minnesota who -- -- no agreement therefore according to GPS. I see -- shoulder would not be able to carry their guys in Minnesota but of course she can't. I would the same way there's no agreement there's unilateral agreement I would doesn't even bigger electric Iowa has universal reciprocity -- universal recognition. So I or can I do everybody likes -- according to DPS. It should unilateral agreement and taxes -- holder couldn't carry their. So just make sure you know what's great to see you Joseph Gideon and also. Got Shaq. Yeah we live in the information age and the Internet is great we're looking at. State attorney general's web sites and state police -- -- And they generally have all there are a lot of firearms laws very very highlighted in fact some states actually have created. Information to get specifically for travelers. Were coming through order in their state with a firearm okay. Let's say you know let's say you -- on an airplane before you go on an airplane air. Make sure that you check that -- -- party -- go to the ticket counter and for the ticket agent that you're traveling with a firearm make sure is -- loaded. Make sure he would be the animal is not in the you know put it I -- feel pretty and original box or carton. -- in separate it. -- even informed and if you're traveling with a firearm and -- -- hard case laughable case. I -- tools blocks to lock to -- three holes the last three -- hard case laughable case. And the big and heavy do you wanna keep being so have you either. Take it over to another area have to be checked that bill's wife -- outside the Nelson victory or they'll have you taken TSA. With TAC -- -- to make sure the guns are loaded everything's fine with it they'll have equals it -- and they will -- get through. -- you cannot go few demented metal detectors he cannot go for security you cannot go. You -- area with any weapons no firearms no ammunition now one full. Yes and make sure it just doesn't just add to that. Make sure that you know that the state you're going to allow you in some capacity to have that firearm. Either as a traveler. Oh poor. -- does what you said with CHL recognition so. Let me say this where the state if you're leaving from -- -- on the possess -- firearm -- your destination. You can legally on the possessed at par. Correct and even a person who trades type person traveling. Permit state protection doesn't recognize -- -- -- but they're coming here. They still get the benefit of the way our law is written and doctor traveler to taxes. They get off the airplane they pick up their luggage they don't get a rental car. They're good just fight they're good under forty should -- -- -- they can take that gun out of the luggage loaded up put it into their seats and they're good to go right now looks. Talk about what about. As they wanna take the train -- take Amtrak and I know what do I do need to do an Amtrak. -- Amtrak has its own traveling with a country -- Amtrak Euro is run by the red. As true as well you you have to comply with rare traveling regulates -- regulation and well. Jeter -- all those same rules -- where you store where you breed rapidly in to are the same do you really travel Amtrak train or you'll see. You can yes we do I get that question all the time league than not -- you I do I. I got a question -- and going. Let's go to the self defense situation let's say I ain't Valassis envoy -- South Florida. I'm grown up to Pennsylvania but I stopped through New Jersey. Let's say I stopped for gas. There and my wife goes and to use the restroom and also and I see some guy go and rob the store and puts a gun to my wife said. What if I go in there and I use my firearm. Them those are going to be the council direction for tomorrow going to go to jail. Or house are gonna work since I'm not in taxes. This is clearly you're going to cause -- immediately use to a firearm is going to be jumper and a bottle all of that day. Where the use of -- occurred. And so. Most states do have. Protections -- -- show them. Some state obviously have better protection than others. You'll be looked at you with regard to that state that's for sure crying about -- quote having the gun. Or using again you can always also argue necessity. And -- every state and the necessity defense and that basically recognizes because illegal blocks really principal. There's there's some time you're required to break the law to permit a greater harm. And goes surely you'll preventing a armed robbery proving a murderer operating your sexual assault. Here's a much greater harm then have been some random gun possession law is. Schools now one thing also but I'd like to make your caller you're you're you're wrapped just -- -- aware -- he is backed. He's the only wary about the ammunition. That you use as well or that you -- I have for example there are extremist New Jersey case about the guys traveling from Maine to Texas and stopped an injury -- now. Gets arrested convicted it's upheld on appeal everything else. I think he was convicted. Was the hollow point ammunition that he had. He was acquitted on his usually don't have this quote unquote assault rifles charge and is just a charge. But he was convicted for having hollow point ammunition. Because they basically the philosophy that there may -- an excuse why -- the rifle there may -- usually the pistol. But you have no used to hollow point ammunition here is illegal blow out outside your house and in the capacity in New Jersey. Solo traveler rice didn't work -- that. Now it didn't work because he's spent the night you know little -- he should have just driven a little further in particular -- in Pennsylvania today okay. New Jersey can -- -- and it was upheld on appeal which was the shocking part. -- which got just try to question and one say in the event the you do usual firearm. About how many times are no longer will you be going to jail his or her case where they come -- -- it's just clear. Cut and dry self defense them. You don't go to jail her pretty much every single time you're gonna take a ride to go to jail until they determine. You -- in general situation. They are our age is too difficult circumstances but yet they are their communications were people use are -- orange and don't go to jail. So basically Peter farm there's going to be one of three things happened. They're gonna either -- bout we got enough evidence to arrest you right now we're gonna take you again we drill -- cost or there are so they were right to separate -- to -- -- stance is so lobbyists and he probably won't have anything to. Give -- even charge superb trainer -- surprise with a crime. Or they're gonna say okay we're gonna turn this over to the detective you'll be investigating it. And then you won't know several months down the line whether -- are you ultimately -- charge. In which case you'll end -- going to corps moved. Yes -- they were determined. Correct and that's where it becomes very very important. With regard to the statement that show police. Any subsequent interviews which -- due to police and that ultimately. They may ask you come just to try before a grand jury. Because here in Texas grand -- have the ultimate say about who gets charged with a felony who doesn't. Yemen and in that case it's never it's never against your best interest to say too little. Correct. Correct. -- awesome awesome thank you very much and we appreciate that and we've been talking today about behind any new line each. What he and I do want to travel from the great state of Texas into a unfriendly -- state. You can find the -- -- -- -- handout little report here from Texas law Sheila it's on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. Slash common take come and talk -- as -- Go to our FaceBook page scared companies are -- to exaggerate the government target it's on there and there's a link also from the Texas law shield website as well. I would definitely got a FaceBook page -- FaceBook page. It's earlier this week Hillary Clinton. -- came on and actually made a little statement and she was actually asked why citizen do you think reinstating the ban on assault weapon. In banning high capacity magazines. Would do any good. Well -- she respond with the immediate yes. She went on to say however that the American people could not allowing a minority of people -- -- viewpoint -- terrorize the majority. UK won't you know. Hillary I just have you know 11 thing I wanna say to that. Is that just because you're having sex with the president it doesn't automatically qualify you to be depressed. Hard to -- system has been seen as an increase in background checks at -- high rates. The current president that we have right now he's become the number one -- -- of the century. -- crime rate is consistently it has consistently drops a huge by huge percent. -- -- Keep that in mind you know this is about our our first detection this is about our safety. So my solution is more guns less crime go -- -- done. Give -- listen to come in talking with your host Michael Cargill have a wonderful.