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The Wellness Connection Podcast 06/22/2014

Jun 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Harder insert projects the wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist and run the ugliest and certified traditional natural -- Peter McCarthy. Rocked by Martin's come pounding and wellness centers with three convenient Boston relocations. Since you're tired of searching -- for help from. And that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Now here are Rania and -- your. Well good morning and happy Sunday to you all -- welcome to the wellness connection brought to you by Martin's -- and wellness centers. We three Austin area locations at Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy on your co host -- -- And I'm your cohost Peter McCarthy this week on the wellness connection we're delighted to have -- our featured guest doctor -- cool let's. Who will be discussing the important topic of meth elation and wind knowing about that is vital for your good health. And later in the show will have a return visit from attorney rich Jaffe who will be sharing some important information about an issue called. The food fight. Plus so we'll have more usual in new information on our regular showing the segments -- supplement of the week. The burning question and drug induced nutrient deficiencies but first Friday you've got a new story that comes just in time for this summer season doesn't. Well that's right Peter while the temperatures. -- rise with the summer season -- your blood pressure doesn't have to do this kid. I keep Habib Malik and colleagues from Griffin hospital in Connecticut. Completed a literature review of twelve studies with a total of over 400000. Participants. Involving sugar sweetened beverages and put pressure. The data showed a positive association between increased consumption of sugar sweetened beverages an elevated blood pressure in all twelve studies. And was statistically significant in ten of those studies. The group states quote our assist just. Get it out. Our systematic review shows that the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is associated with higher blood pressure. Leading to increased incidences of hypertension and quote. The study -- this study's author urges that quote restriction on sugar sweetened beverages consumption should be incorporated in the recommendations of lifestyle modification for the treatment of hypertension. And quote well here's just one more example as standard of how sugar can have a detrimental impact on your health. I -- right where we're just seeing more and more evidence and just to remind you guys if you haven't seen the movie fed up. Go see it because it's it's really. I opening. So Peter you have some promising news for people who are suffering from depression yes I do -- via a breakthrough clinical study recently published and fight -- therapy research. Should be welcome news to anyone afflicted with depression which by the year 20/20. Is expected to become a word the world's second leading cause of disability. Scientists have been seeking safer and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical. Medications and the antidepressant -- any of Kirk -- and was initially suggested by various. Animal models of depression but no evidence had been found on the clinical effectiveness of -- human against depression in people. So researchers designed -- clinical experiment that was randomized an observer masked. -- that means the observers were not told what treatment had been allotted to the patients. And the patients were instructed not to discuss their treatment regiments with the observers. In this 2013. Study of depressed human subjects Kirk humans attractiveness was similar to that of a standard and -- and I depression medication. These results are in keeping with earlier research showing that current commander increases levels of feel good news neural transmitters. Such as -- toner and to open main. The study team concluded that this quote is the first randomized clinical trial. That clearly highlights the current human may be an effective and Sharif agent when used as a modalities of treatment in patients with major depressive disorder on quote. And it just goes to show you and I'm always trying to encourage my client to basically try. The natural route before they immediately jumped into drugs and antidepressants -- well there you go I know we'll be right back with our feature gassed after this message from our sponsor. -- you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen separate. We're. -- -- -- Wellness connection with an accurate health information you can trust and once again here are -- Elise and Peter McCarthy. Well folks you. We know what cash -- means it's time for the burning question and this week's boring question. Where we have for that Ryan. Well the burning question is I'm from jam and from Austin and she asks. -- what she can do for hyper Hydro assist. And just just to let you know what hyper Hydro assist it is it's defined in medical terms as excessive sweating. It most commonly affects the palms of your hands and soles of your feet and your -- kids. Well and hyper Hydro assist can significantly affect your quality of life and can cause. Considerable embarrassment or anxiety can cause. Social isolation and psychological distress cannot. Yeah -- according to the international -- Hydro assist society believe it or not there is one. About eight million Americans. Or 3% of the population have an uncontrollable -- disorder. So that doesn't even considered the number of people who just have active sweat glands and you know -- during this hot summer months. A lot of people can just easily sweat more. So there's many possible causes of piper -- Yes that's right and certain medications hot flashes associated with menopause low blood glucose levels overactive thyroid gland leukemia lymphoma heart attack. And certain types of infectious disease. It's some of the most obvious signs of hyper Hydro assist include frequent sweating it soaks through clothing and abnormal excessive sweat droplets on the face. -- and feet. Yes and fungal nail infections bacterial infections and social anxiety are also possible. Complications. That are associated with this condition. There are so herbs that are natural treatment methods used to help reduce or eliminate excessive and unwanted perspiration -- That's right two righty or black cold harsh and red clover may be helpful for treating menopausal symptoms. Which may include hot flashes. And spontaneous wedding. Other herbs that may be helpful for hyper Hydro assist especially night sweats includes should Sandra. Sage and white peony. But remember if you have this condition other herbs like -- burying. Lyndon flower his step. Peppermint. And currency route encourage sweating and should be avoided. Especially should Sandra which is a popular herbal remedy for hyper Hydro -- should Sandra. Encourages the production of body fluid and -- spontaneous person for ration including night sweats and should Sandra is all she'll pay a calming sedatives that reduces caffeine stimulant effects. Yeah I views she is under us for that and four. Just relaxation people who have anxiety. Expert herbalist and nurtured Catholic physician doctor Cheryl children are. Our state stitches Sondra Harris and a bacterial. Anti ulcer antioxidant and adapted genetic action as well. Yes and witch hazel -- and a strange and extracted from the bark and leaves of the plan. It is commonly used and after shave lotion and and first aid kits for bruises and insect bites. Witch hazel works by shrinking and contracting blood vessels as -- a stranger and it is also drying. -- which officials often used as a deodorant or are in an anti purse for. So ordinary witch hazel can be applied to the face using a cotton ball. Also -- very rowdy or for people who suffer from hyper Hydro assist. Jabbing Aliph -- juice on the face can temporarily stop press perspiration. Aloe Vera juice can also help cool warm skin making it a good product for those who sweating it's triggered by heat. Well I hope that helps Jan and remember you can find these products at any one of our three -- locations. And don't forget to submit your burning question by a art by -- you go to our our web site which is Martin's compound in in wellness dot com. Or go dropping into any of our three stores. Tuning in every week to hear if your question is being answered on the year. Yes that's right and our next section is our drug induced nutrient depletion update in our drug of the week is anti convulsed cents. Such as you don't want antenna and see -- senate -- on. Yeah on the nutrients that may be depleted our calcium magnesium vitamin. These six B twelve and folic acid calcium deficiency may decrease the formation of bone and teeth. Blood clotting cell membrane -- army ability neural muscular activity heart rhythm nerve tranquil as nation nerve transmission muscle growth and contraction. Don't forget magnesia deficiencies may cause weakness confusion muscle tremors technique muscle twitches like you never noticed in your RA. You know you're eyelid when we ask you are are on -- armed -- and my -- my wild card the only crow sits right vitamin. And also vitamin K. Which makes -- protein that allows blood to clot. And mixed approaching it controls calcium and vitamin B six deficiency may cause Anemia. Depression learning disabilities and -- metabolism of protein carbohydrates and -- So be sure when you get your prescription filled at any of the Martin's current pending in wellness pharmacy locations that you check in with one of the wellness consultants. To be sure to get the appropriate supplement -- complement your drugs prescription that's right will be right back after this message from our sponsors you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen sentimental. -- -- -- Former home. Welcome back to the wellness connection. Accurate health information you can trust once again are here are run the ugliest and Peter McCarthy. And welcome back to the wellness connection. Of course thrilled to have as our guest for today doctor -- cooler it's he's a season to multi specialty expert. And executive in the field of biomedical and health industry. Over the last thirty years he's been active in natural health and application of physics and mathematics and the development of noninvasive treatments and in the development and management of biomedical enterprises. In 1985. He established -- -- ink in Minneapolis Minnesota. To investigate opportunities of new treatments through mathematical modeling of absent or incomplete. Among other medical patents hit his company developed an -- you -- -- bladder control device. Over the last decade he advanced his interest in natural -- -- Treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions and -- toxicity. And their effects on children. He's -- known international consultant in this. Area and doctor cool what's holds thirteen medical patents in the United States and over thirty in other countries he's a graduate of the maritime academy in Poland the aviation institute in Russia. And the night bridge in university EU with a doctorate in applications of technology and economics in Madison. He received his nature path think degree from Arkansas college of natural health partially by examination. And advance standing in recognition of his quote high expertise in advanced medical were searched. And the development of -- only minimally invasive procedures. Doctor coaches are registered natural provider borrowed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. An accredited to practice in the European Union. Welcome to the wellness connection doctor Andre. -- good morning zero my mother would be very very happy. Also you're talking about people go to much. Yeah well where we're happy to have you with us this morning and I'm really excited to talk to you about -- elation because. This is a big issue my -- and ths as far as is a double plots and. I am myself struggling with Matt -- a poor -- later so. I I can't wait to get into this conversation so tell tell our our listeners what exactly is an appellation. Well pat hit it. In America has to give -- -- social commercial potential trump social are made here. Exploration until process and an actual -- lunch hours and urology. Hug big primary function of speculation. Among many others it's huge infrastructure networks -- -- Gardening column and all about your genes to make a little like okay. For example tell -- -- I'm seventeen so long gorging at all why in terms -- that. -- a multi fold page compared me at all. Oh I'm so essential things. But they're all so I could command military involvement in. They have other things like. And then -- in the east. -- -- bought me lunch human regulation. Social pressure -- -- by LG can't quite a number of -- including cognition and -- -- more so it's quite -- quite an army -- and process. Why how well he obviously you've also answered the question I was going to ask doctor ray of how important is -- nation in the body in the end I think yet that's pretty self explanatory. But to put it into layman's terms. You don't know that if somebody were to have just stayed. A one sentence. Description of the importance of math coalition what do you think that would be. -- I thought were very go talk variety show what happens when someone has a defects in their bodies and appellation mechanism. Say well most people -- video from day they think that got to look at the immediate ridge and probably a poor remote. So little you don't Eugene. And it pregnant woman -- -- you're not -- of the track which out of Milano say which results and matters you know she'd. A number of other certain extra Jumbo -- won't -- this -- -- young men I would grow reading. Gmail address and actually it's quite a number of results. Wow well you know on one of the things that of course we see in. How're. Discussion of methyl nation with the customers that we have but Martin's. -- to do worth its impact on chronic illness and how can manipulation defects lead to -- the onset of a chronic illness doctor Andre. Well they're very big until the minute potential committee Election Day but let's assume that most ultimate structure and our forums some sort of multi. Inflammatory condition Peter -- because not clearly a little ball. Or just how tight money trusting that -- still paying -- page -- grinding -- -- a bit sort. That that will be -- -- trying to teach theology is not torching caught actually -- and trade ideology being got triple crosses trench. I'll bet comptroller I wouldn't -- be a little I quality of how little I -- longevity of our life. Hugged me and it will probably be introduced to indicate terrorism probably quite a lot you can Decatur. That that company is not working but I don't excitement relations. -- and you know one of the things that -- or one of the common. Problems that we side deal with when we're working. With our customers should think in our capacity as well almost consultants. Is the whole issue of auto immune. How does an inflation play in two. At what is this relationship to an auto -- illness in particular. One an escalation place that is quite substantial role in this case in production of Baltimore it's. It won't solve that you leaking shops and -- it's 000 I humanly being ostracized. And they're looking up until that if they should think about a war game. You may get a pet wrench into. Some form of apology. Process that have been shot blocking its own. I hadn't that hadn't had potential that a result certain and thinks that didn't quite get some major medical medical treatments. We'll look at it until Russia. No I don't know I hit it absolutely helps a lot but we'll continue our interview with doctor Andre Coolidge. After this brief message from our sponsor you're listening to the wellness connection. On talk thirteen seventy. Do. Welcome back to the wellness connection for which accurate health information you can trust the once again here are -- leagues and Peter McCarthy. To the wellness connection and our interview with never about meth -- with expert doctor -- coolest. A doctor Andre -- used a term at the beginning of our discussion with you that I think really needs some clarification. What does the term MTH. Gas farm and actually mean. Are -- -- I presume that you are asking for America that I don't all. Yes. -- if it didn't escalate its formal forty gosh district there's bio available. Our form of -- watch -- that -- don't -- -- -- all I'm aware of another. My immediate forum. That is called mister Colombian. We're just normal vitamin B 12 o'clock AM odd I -- today. Not -- -- it -- -- pragmatic manipulation -- it's tea all day LB human physiology. Sort of like -- ghost -- and you called a major major problem. Blue -- so full gas in Reno that folic acid and B twelve for a lot of people they do not metabolize it through the -- very well. And yeah and what -- saying is that the -- -- is the more bio available of those supplements correct it. Hey go to Scotland and America -- for a different deformed by available. Aha so when taking -- ths supplements what are the advantages of using a topical cream as opposed to taking an oral and ths. Well like caused them to wage 42 RPI. You can elevate our particular a lot of little children. Simply because they're ready and we're -- and the rich Maloney grade. Not go to break I mean -- and it and great conviction and it may delay could not speculate -- certain. And that I talked about a mile. I mean you put it fuel you object template to admit it if they get -- -- -- to the bloodstream. Doesn't go to digest extract which is definitely important number of trailer. It's not subject to digestion. -- -- -- And and most people and particularly most of children that are -- -- later. Are -- have gotten better quarterback just try to political accommodation in the bay just try not. -- they wouldn't leave even able tops total bit. -- -- -- plugged in my application not all bill Walsh school. Mitt MPH technical but I don't call -- -- and metal ball I mean -- Baltimore beat twelve. Extra extra -- go I mean are you available if it hadn't that hadn't been told it only get my practice regularly. I ain't got no social cultural and -- their shared medical cultural practice emotional article something practiced. And I -- a lot of -- -- ship a lot of it to other country. Then when you say you -- you know personally is a lot of and I use it to arm and when you say you use a lot how how many doses do you use today just out of curiosity. Okay well Independence Day and there would be little JavaScript like it would inevitably got stripped down a little children total forty -- probably one -- -- today got a bit tool. And they just cannot -- they would get where he held it hard and knock the eventual abduction of a lot more than we eat out more. When it comes start ball. But probably would be something about treat to force -- I don't ritual. Well I'll take it enough then there's things I thought. You know you'll be -- -- give that a little bit cheaper better and it's pretty cool muddy and a statement that actually he called it a lot. That's very flattering I'm not all that fifty doesn't just sort of normal average size. But but obviously because I'm always skating you know like my -- my blood work done and I'm always consistently low and in B twelve folic acid so I what I am taking this but I'm not taking enough obviously I should be taking much more so I would. What are you. No -- yourself and they did just that little. And the technical people that are not being scared or simply didn't database. Roundup among cream. But it actually go to federal or military and send it directly into the bloodstream -- people that are obese. I've dish gets propped on the target can assure us -- that's sort of doesn't do much. I seeks so -- -- acts in that brings up a good point doctor -- you know and beat these facts that. The trans thermal cream has to be applied correctly. Where where do you recommend that your patients and clients actually. Applied the cream. I usually tell them to apply it on this and that and most action trip that Tina -- in that -- -- crumpled. And that title before autumn or autumn ought to -- and Kenosha I don't types. I have heard that the bottom of the feet have the largest poor's on the on the body would you suggest the bottom of the feet at all. Big a -- I would never have and I have never done it can see that molecule or else those component and that that may -- decree -- better -- -- small assault. The additional problem tool and -- trade that Porsche and get into the bloodstream. I think some of the they're trying to stretch feet. Suddenly appeared little bit now the accent I'm I'm not a pure risk -- -- always -- a -- time. This is there a particular time of day that it matters because sometimes. B vitamins can be stimulating is there any. Particular day what time did you recommend or can you just do it. All -- -- Yeah yeah thank bill I'd prefer that people don't it in the morning good -- little children and -- end -- -- in the morning. They're great and that's your -- and -- You know reparation process and it's a battle it yeah it. Instrumental in the and energy -- -- and creation of agricultural site post played that match up well I restarted tour. Toward toward tomorrow frustrate and today what happened just that it this should really -- It's kind of like here jolt of genteel intraday. Yeah ha well that's different eight. Our right to you know doctor Andre let's switch subjects for a bit because I wanted to ask you about PRP. What exactly is PRP. It's PR PM British -- or protein enriched on the appetite. They introduced at a different I mean in -- bloody -- crummy until about a man many other explanation of failure so. But I think that this is what you're asking for. No disrespect extracts of a lost a a costume being a bit -- men got a bit better social to try out toward better -- -- in this particular case. -- -- incredibly. Close and promote -- in -- you -- -- sponsored -- immune response to infections. And also has great unique broke but -- got it and I just don't talk. Go to our paramedics think that I'm using them as you'll see PRP and it tore phenomenally good and helped topple -- that is abolished. Pace -- it kind of blood near La out of regulation. I didn't a few don't children a lot this square yet -- And create the ball all the usual allege -- and children Lovett and his development either have to keep them. Actually melted and played particularly in the final full full. Are paying certain -- -- the auto quote where there are some of that sort. So you you -- -- -- really kind of co -- one of my questions doctor Andre are used the on the you know pretty out PR pre PR he sprayed my myself and I found it to be very effective. It obviously you know you've just shared with us what you've seen in some -- your clinical -- or any other wrath benefits that you scenes from the PRP spring. Well they're they're gonna get a -- little -- when it comes stole too -- to do it needs to he wanted to talk to improve community. It cures all that -- almost always. And reflect on their mode of the patient. Salt pepper and think that if we kept its kind of a 123 punch that we are looking beyond repair and do we have booked yesterday on national -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- -- -- -- participate and can and inpatient -- all come upon Islamabad Altamont that is originally gastrointestinal tract. That that stimulation difference afforded -- -- -- They they had to go to school within a way beyond all I hadn't I hadn't cleared this court order that makes people being a break we'll put into play. I see a lot of in auto immune dysfunction there's a correlation between leaky gut syndrome down autoimmune. Do you see that the eight PRP's. Would be beneficial. In healing the gut. Ultimately. -- absolutely do it without hesitation. Are there any Contra indications for taking PRP spring. Well they had -- -- -- product from -- people on the title for most of got -- they've got no structure that you become energy from -- pharmacology -- kind of has a parent Beijing gave. I usually tell them. Let him try -- -- get a little bit overdone but they -- can't come find out how you are going to react because I can't let them at all. An adverse reactions and four -- -- liturgy UN CP out of that may be calm that -- but I just much CNET and I'm using -- quite a long shot. So somebody has a case seen allergy free example. You'd recommend a cautious approach there is that what you're saying. Well actually I couldn't see everything depends on how do you want somebody store and got entity. So we'll look at what I would suggest that some extra little -- -- on the talk. -- showing a man who took a minute to find out that better showed reductions. I have never seen that reaction about. Well you know. I shared commitment to a number of all people that they don't switch. Probably a vote might try to tell them so I I can all over the net debt that's contrition -- -- representatives of the population of the united. Ha -- sure sure well doctor Andre -- -- we certainly thank you for sharing your expertise with us today and the wellness connection we appreciated very much. Welcome thank you. Audio we know that sound means it's time for our weekly feature the supplement the -- what would that speaks well Peter didn't I know you shared with me that you have occasional -- challenges and I do on occasion as well last night was one of them. -- -- drink too much black tee but anyway. This supplement I really like for that is best rest by curing cancellations. You know some folks they come into this story and they'll buy melatonin and say it works like a charm but others don't -- same result. Some say gal about helps while others have success with sedated herbs such as. Malaria and or passion flower -- a meal -- women bomber -- A lot of times we just don't know what the magic formula will be for an individual that's why I like best rest because it has it. -- yeah that's right -- in this unique blend that contains the times tested support of these senators urge you mention which act to calm and relaxed the central nervous system. And double blind trials involved malaria and -- bond combinations and -- and hops comes -- combinations have indicated. The potential to support the onset of sleep as well as healthy sleep quality. Yes and her rocks and all five phosphate. Promotes a healthy functioning of the nervous and muscular skeletal systems while melatonin facilitates the onset of sleep and sleep efficiency. You know our body has its own internal clock that controls are natural cycle sleeping and waking hours. In part our body clock controls how much melatonin our body makes. Normally melatonin levels begin to rise in the mid to late evening remain higher for most of the night and then drop in the early morning now. But you know rowdy a light affects how much melatonin -- body produces send. No during the shortened days in the winter months are body may produce melatonin either earlier or later in the days than usual. And it's always a good practice to make sure that we sleep and a dark room at night for that recent. Yeah I remember a few weeks ago we talked about some -- and how it promotes alpha wave production in the brain to promote relaxation. Well best dressed has both gal that and sons being mean in it to help fast. So if you're having trouble getting to sleep were staying asleep you can pick up a bottle of their stress by pure and cancellations. At any of our three store locations or by an online at Martin's compound in -- well almost got top dot com. And this product is available at all three Martin's locations Lamar plaza. Dripping springs and lake hills will be right back with your burning questions are actually we'll be right back with our special health freedom guest of the week. After this brief message. You're listening to wellness connection on talk thirteen cents. Okay. Well. And then to the wellness connection -- accurate health information you can trust and once. Here are running leaks and Peter RC. Well welcome back to the wellness connection and it's time now for our health freedom segment and we're delighted to have back with us today attorney Rick -- Author of Galileo is lawyer here is your health care litigator and counselor with the primary focus on cutting edge medical and legal issues. He represents practitioners companies and health related organizations. In complex health care matters throughout the United States. Especially legal cases brought by federal and state government agencies. He has extensive experience in Medicare and insurance fraud defense. FDA litigation professional license sure in criminal and civil scheduled drug prescribing problems including medical marijuana and OxyContin. He also was represented doctors and companies involved in the clinical use of stem cells and worked on matters involving nutritional supplements. Clients include that noted criminologist HH button bird. Cancer specialist Janice flowers Bruce Brzezinski and Emanuel Ricci and on the other of the country's leading cutting edge health care professionals. He's represented health organizations and civil litigation and provides General Counsel services to trade and other health related organizations. Welcome back to the wellness connection wreck. -- you all got a period. Great to have you here Rick -- You know wrecking your book galileo's lawyer you have an entire chapter entitled the food fight. Could you share with you you're all with our audience should know what you mean by that. Well for the last 3040 years we've been ongoing battle between the dietitians. And other purveyors of nutritional advice like yourself. -- capacity of certified clinical nutrition and whatnot -- And about what that politician you have done very successfully up until recently has been co opted the that this is the state laws -- -- to. Basically disallow other people from providing nutrition advice and as many as half the states in the country. So the food fights referred to the battles between. Dog off the nutritionist the actual nutritionists and dietitians. Bought -- -- talk about in the book. What's interesting though is my last two years. The pendulum started to swing the other way far more more states are. In effect. Do you. -- monopolizing. The field and allowing nutritionist. To practice saw me and so there have been a lot of good news lately -- and a truck. Yeah I actually that the course in Texas as you know Chris you've been on the forefront with us in Texas for. Many years. We almost we're almost lost Texas -- in 1999 where the dietitians had a bill in the house and the senate that was passed. And it was governor bush would veto that bill in the course. We were fighting along with Hugh and I am fighting against those bills every session and this is actually help Peter and I became friends. And we that are formed the coalition which was in your office in Houston in 2006. And we pulled you know the leaders of of individuals in. The industry to -- diet nutrition is up part of fair and I natural health practice. We pulled them together and we should you know united we stand divided we fall and so we now represented all 50000. Practitioners in the state of Texas that otherwise would have been put out of business if the dietitians. Had been successful with their bill here as they have banned in the last 35 states. So you've been very instrumental in helping us war that monopoly. Aaron does so is the coalition here and well I. Yeah -- that your coalition basically yeah. I'll tell -- are you -- yet computer act basically threatened to hold selfless. Well and but you know we we would be remiss in not saying thank you Rick for not having the foresight to bring all of the tribes if you will together. So Rick you've also been involved in several cases where the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission have sanction natural product companies. What are the types of things that create trouble for natural product company dealing with the FDA NF TC. Well -- There alliance. -- basically. You know. With respect and apple products it's it's all about the claims and that's the fundamental issue and the problem on all this stuff. It's all about what you say about it because of the shape. Which was you know past twenty years ago you can't make any kind of disease claims about a natural product you're going to do what's called structure function quest. So despite whatever evidence is they're out there if there's not enough to prove split if it is it could be. Don't work like a drug you can't make any kind of clients. So that that the way the suppliers. Or the manufacturers get in trouble is by promoting their products. Beyond structure function -- by saying that they can -- sector might help. But disease condition MMO and -- like when that happens. Then either the FDA or the FTC. Will go after the company and some the more warning letter or whatnot you're saying that the product is a drug and try to pull off the market. Who do so with us. Quote unquote structure -- function. What what would you give an example of what they could say. Well you know. You know I saw -- -- -- Might help good urinary slow or something like but all you couldn't say. It did indicate it treats the symptoms of benign prostate specific would be disease quite. Right but all but you know promotes the -- helps the immune system though slightly. The FDA is taking a position you can even make code structure function claims about inflammation. So it's sort of a moving target. No but I think it -- I think that goes into a lot of issues but but. I think the main thing is that the all the war has to be changed domain. It's very paternalistic. It's done it was really gone door a bit too early before. The days of the Internet can help people have access to information and they have -- Just really a binary system either you have -- if you can only make claims about something that's been proven to be effective. And that's called a drug. -- you can't they essentially say anything about the properties relating to. The benefits towards a specific condition regardless of the evidence and so I think that's got Accenture -- and I think that people are. More sophisticated they were twenty years ago thirty years ago they have much greater access to information. And the whole system must hold dichotomy. They'd like to say it was done way before the Internet became so popular and it is knowledge is everything. Not college promoting and can get on a democracy what what you want. You want more information rather play some earlier post all we're really do appreciate everything they need a new structure. Yeah well -- you know Rick we got just over a minute left out what do you see is the most important issue facing the natural products. It -- street today. Well I mean I think that's really part of what we're talking about I think that what they did -- in general there are stymied. From putting out. Truthful and accurate information. Because from a regulatory point of view that bombs into being a draw. So what I think the next big thing ambition is great in the sense that. You can -- it doesn't regulate these products but I think the next big issue. Off for. This suppliers as well as for the practitioners. Is to loosen up what can be said about products as long as it's consistent with. The current state called and also this scientific research regardless of whether our. It meets the standards of the FDA to approve the drug so I would say that's the biggest challenge this supplement my -- manufacturers have right now. And that I think it's fair to say also world spills over into what. Alternative health care practitioners can also saved us and. All you have because what what's happened now this is really in the various part of what's going on the FDA primarily -- and -- TC regulates these manufacturers what's happening now this state boards. Are. Now going after the practitioners are saying things which the manufacturers. Could disable -- here before. Practitioners could. So so so I find that could be the most acerbic and things with regard to health practitioners are somewhat health care practitioners are gonna have to build an advertising case is not around the country and I think that's a new phenomenon. I don't know all saying things that supported by scientific evidence but not sufficient to get FDA approval and they're going after these guys -- sabotage -- throughout now very big and growing problem. Now while. Well thank you Rick for being back with this on the wellness connection today. That's all the time we have now before you win for us on this show and be sure to tune in next week. What are featured guest will be doctor mark -- an expert on women's health. And during our health freedom segment. We'll be joined by natural path radio show host Robert Scott bill and of course here is discuss the next burning questions I'm here Coho. Roddick I'm your cohost Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by Martin com coming -- -- listeners with three Austin locations -- plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy. -- -- -- -- --