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Financial Wise Podcast 06/21/14

Jun 22, 2014|

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Broadcasting from the top thirteen seventy studios you're listening to -- its alliance with fewer post season like. I imagine they care free retirement. Here -- my name but you must do have. Blackburn and her financial life specialty has also been featured weekly on -- -- so stay tuned. -- she brings that same healthful life changing information and talk radios listening audience. Here's your okay Suzanne Blackburn. Welcome to financial life I'm Suzanne Blackburn. And guest today is can be more -- Tammy how are you and crazies at -- -- we aren't going to talk about vary very important issues you have to remember. A -- financial we have over twenty years of experience. A sitting down with families just like viewers. Over time. We have that developed a lot of good information that you can use to protect yourself. And today. I want issue of the top five things that will give you would care free retirement. Now in my practice. I've got some folks that walking and better blissful. And they see a bright shiny future they're enjoying their lives they have beautiful families. And so what I did is -- kind of put together today's segment with hand me. On how we get there how we help create that for yield. Because everybody knows that. There's a lot of negative stuff that's out there and you're gonna listen to radio shows that highlight. They hit the headlines and the horrible stuff that's happening right now and this -- I mean really there's plenty of bad news. But today we wanna say. Here's something you can do. That are key factors. To give you a blissful. And really a wonderful. Second childhood without adult supervision. Right Tammy asked. Well you know I I can talk about Franken Sylvia. And many just like this couple but I've been taking care of them for goodness gracious I took care of their parents. And her mother died and I take care of them their financial planning and now -- take care of their children's. Financial planning. And so over these years I have observed at this particular family. And what they've done now they're not them poster child they're just one of many. And you guys have heard about all different looks like. Rich dad -- dead the millionaire next door the millionaire woman next in all these different things and and I gonna speak to that and the SP -- the secrets. That these people walking and to have a beautiful retirement. The number one thing this is number one of five. Is they have a plan. Now -- you and I you're a client before you were an employee at caps are financial we put a plan together for you. And I want to share you know when I see a couple come in before I ever make any recommendations. About. Assets to move for what you have or should we you know what's your risk tolerance or any of that before we ever talk about money. I wanna put together -- plan. I mean how can you go on a cross country. Trip without a map. But many -- you guys can you don't you take the map. When you go cross country have seen -- we Google it we know Arenas today we know all is what it costs and the Mike -- that's what we use of these wonderful tools. It will use us as a tool because you don't want to go thirty years plus into retirement. Without a play and right -- Have to -- right I mean it's just it's it's a Kremlin these days T a tired of your eye at kicks and and retirement ally on the color living. Now tell me about when I sat down with few remarks because you guys didn't have a plan. And we did not. Am I just -- outlying as. A whole experience from start. Start of the green and win him he's getting to -- -- day. And -- actually rolling out this is what it's Angela Knight the sound insightful. And no number one how much you know much we didn't know -- when we -- Number two is and how much we didn't you know out to -- and utilize RBI. And I'm on how to protect my right and so it's just at. Actually have dreamy and Justine sneaking assets I went to see on paper you can. Imagine -- in your hand Albany long. Actually writing team know what you're in pending news watcher outcome Thailand's. And how that translates to the number of years at that -- to keep airing the U. And it is something that in my wildest imagination couldn't come up but those numbers eights and it's really asked and he. Well let me explain to you exactly what that looks like for the listener. We before again before it ever talk about money or anything that you have or are suggestions on investments. We have to know where you are because I'm looking for clues. I wanna know about your lifestyle I asked Tammy and mark dream with me you know marks a fisherman he likes to take trips. Well -- wanna take trips early in retirement when you're near eighties. Does he wanted to take an early but so he's got a budget for that right and he's so you know it. If we're gonna spend 101000. A year on travel at 833 dollars a month for ten years. You don't just you know pulled out of then it -- -- -- got to play on. Are right I've got one -- that she loves to have people over and she's very social so we budgeted in a 400. Dollar wine budget. There's nothing wrong with that that's in order for her to be able to be social and have a great life we had a budget that things that -- expensive or that or unusual. If you guys are are into any hobbies. Fishing is expensive if you're traveling -- have a vote in you know wallet kind of stuff. I've got one guy that loves to go home. -- takes one trip the year any stargazers he wants to see. Does northern lights and all that stuff so we budgeted. For that planned that's not -- and I'm not trying to move your money I'm not trying to. Figure out which mutual fund you need to buy I wanna know from that data in the come out -- Budgeted trips what you spend every month on your life part time work if you've got that we also need to look at inflation. Taxes. And market risk. So -- boil all that together in a very detailed plan. And then we get back together and some things -- revealed that you don't know about. That you had no idea. Good that information I can find out exactly what your interest rate is on the -- she'd saved. And accumulated. So that you never run out of money now I don't know about you that that's a very powerful number. -- able to give you that it's much if you've done a good job and you save -- And you've been a saver or any of accumulated. Assets. It's going to be much lower than you anticipate. If you haven't saved we got to -- -- catch up. And you know that you don't want everything correlated to the stock market with a growth at all costs model. Because you're gonna start withdrawing that money. And so if we're withdrawing money from an account. And its growth at all cost and we're losing it in the stock market -- going through all kind of volatility. You're not gonna have enough money last when your eighty and ninety years old. Are you guys follow me on that it's really really important that's the first thing is to put together the plan. The other team is at. Noon. Hope people are talking and customer. Every single person in every single couple that sits in front and he -- and has -- wing and one -- she's been ten things that are different about him. And the last person -- And so putting these planes together to -- that year customized just -- thank you -- your own personal interest Ernie. Is so important when mark nineteen tier I was actually -- Without a job at that time and I had in high -- -- against him and -- and I put my life. And this plane actually showed me. In this last chapter of my life what I picked them out. And -- on -- -- -- as to manner that I didn't have to replace every single -- and look at. Actually owning my own life insurance had attended indigenous I mean everything like a set and start to finish this test match. Just cracks and I and that we really love. Paul both call -- financial five point 2215. 90305122159030. Now you know the next thing we disconnect touch on and then we'll carry that into the next segment. Is taking care of your health that would be number two on the list because if you're gonna live thirty years in retirement. Not healthy. That's not fun that's whenever you're spending most of her time. You know budgeting time for doctors' offices constantly and I've got many many many clients that that's pretty much all they do. Is go back and forth to doctors' offices. And so we're gonna give you some great tips on Matt. I can share personally in my own life. That in the last four years I've made a decision to eat -- salad. Every day -- -- -- -- call -- the rabbit hiatus salad every day. Something alive something clean you know clean meaning organic. Not fried foods you know I'm really. It's really hard for me when I can look at families and remember we've got 400 plus families that we're look at that. When I see people come in and they're exercising and their healthy and they. They're spending time with others -- turned off the television they're getting involved with people. And you've got an active lifestyle. That means that when you go ten years into the future. You're going to have a beautiful experience not involving turning your life over to doctors. So on this next segment. Join me and we're gonna be some incredible tips that from my experience of twenty years and working their very simple simple things that we can teach you. So yeah. Come on back to financial life and remember. Some of their financial lives in the rest your otherwise I'm sees it much. If you're planning for retirement you have lots of questions how long moment -- What do you need to support long term here I don't I avoid unnecessary taxes but the most important question is dance where can I get retirement planning advice I can trust. Is that -- -- financial is the answer to all these questions and more you see her on TV TV and listen to her -- financial -- -- talk radio -- lantern is more than a financial advisor she's your unbiased financial and they can't because she's independent -- that's -- corporations don't influence -- suggestions about what to buy sell or doctor you -- in -- our financial specialize in personal conservative retirement plans that provide delightful and security he -- and a personal -- you when your money deserved. It's isn't lanterns and -- to -- I'm your retirement planning to dean can't -- Financial -- Come investor advisory services offered to global financial broad Capitol Hill seem SEC registered investment advisor and. And welcome back to financial lives. Would you host Suzanne Blackburn. Welcome back financially wise we're talking about. I care for your retirement I want you to imagine. Bliss in your retirement I want you to imagine. You know having a second child ended with no adult supervision and enjoying life not worried about the market not worried about the Talking Heads on television how we create that. With twenty years of experience of working with. As an asset manager I've gotten a bird's eye view into people's lives -- and it's been wonderful. I've learned so much and I'm sharing with you today my wisdom on that. Now we talked about putting a plan together with talked about taking care of your health. And Stephen my producer I said I was like a rabbit he said no -- it's and any black marriages it. Because I wanna talk about healthy choices and retirement. That can aid -- having a successful time and not spending your life and doctors' offices. Now this is gonna help focus radio show it's a financial focused. But you know what we're living longer and their I read articles after articles about the advancement in technologies. And there are some technologies that are available today. Where they're literally going to be able to reproduce are organs overtime I think the biggest. Advancements are going to be in the health industry in Biotech in nano tech in that specific to health care. And what I'm reading right now. Is all these magnificent. Advancements and I mean we should in our lifetime and eradicate type one diabetes we should be able to. Come up with cures and being able to really stopped things like parkinson's and lower you know with with some wonderful tools. We're going to be able to improve. Our stamina and our ability to us so slowed down the aging process. Because that's a focus are so many understand you've got the stats on. Aging and and how many people are getting older now he and number of. People over sixty I is set to double. I think just Tony I care or my gosh and lean and move right now 111000. People like me are men thinking. To retirement wow. 111000 people let me ask -- And in on the stats that we see on Medicare in the increases in the cost. Of Medicare are staggering. Just like you've got to take responsibility for your financial health. You've got to take responsibility for your physical health as well right in laurel and -- security always talk a tactile. And government winning beneath its planes it wasn't Steve and me when it was being mean. And spleen -- the security has developed. It -- -- pass went out at that -- companion yeah which means it's mandatory. It's named -- -- DT. The different parts of medics there on retirement correct but those are only -- of old are about 50%. Of all the medical costs that are can't keep. He projected and that time that -- -- how to eat me and TT. It was health costs may -- Laurel, Maryland status any and -- -- and number one concern. And -- east. I'll laugh and yet only 8%. Of the population has trained for. Health care costs to laugh so it's the number one concern. Only 8% of assets are actually putting that health care cost -- and each party. Now when you speak of health care costs you're talking about long life for long term care. Health care in old age help with that she's a daily living is that correct correct yeah and that's actually number five. On my list where we're at number two -- take care of your health but we're gonna get to that. Let's could talk about that though that because that is one of the components and it is preparing for long life. Folks it is no. Hidden secret. -- the medical profession has a focus laser focus on you. And making sure that they -- advancements in health care to prolong your life to keep you healthy. But it's going to take a collaborative relationship between you -- your health dislike you -- your money. You gonna have to take responsibility for what you putting your body. In the include two watching television and some of the components that I -- to healthy living. You know what again of looking at 400 plus clients. We manage at this at this point well over sixty plus million in assets. I have the bird's eye view of sitting with families and couples. That live healthy lives. And I'll tell you right now the number one thing. To preparing for -- long life is staying focused. On the important things you've got to be willing. To simplify your life these folks retire that have fifteen and twenty different -- going in thirty different bank accounts and brokerage accounts and and they're having to manage. All of this and keep up with all of this. I mean I don't let you -- but I think about when I was in my forties. I had a lot more energy and more stamina. Than I do now you know now that I'm older. And so it's gonna it's not gonna get better. It's just not getting better so. I've got to simplify. And get things are very clean that I understand what I have right -- So preparing for a long term care there and he doesn't mean we're not we're not suggesting buying long term care insurance were saying look at the options. If you call caps -- financial 5122159030. The advancements of the choices are staggering. And I really in -- too much to talk about this show but we need to have they a sit down conversation with few. The other thing that I wanted to talk about was. The where another big big thing too carefree retirement one of those top five things is. Police put in a state plan together. Okay that would be on the list -- number four on the list is in the state plan so. You know I hate when you're dealing with retirement we're dealing with the inevitability of death. None of it's getting out of this alive right -- nobody can really unfortunate that asked her. When we're all gonna take should their snapped -- sorry to say -- Can I say that I am radio the dirt nap again. Yes -- gonna take it so what do we do. Don't leave a message for your families. Are at let's talk about that real quick. In in in a nutshell. We have. Collaborated with very very good attorneys. That instead of gouging you like most of the attorneys and I met do. We've been dissed on a flat rate cost of cleaning up that mess and we created document for you to an estate planning document. That's got you wills possibly trust if needed. Your powers of attorney. Be living will that guardianship. All the documents that you need your hip all forms we actually had someone pass away. In our client base because he didn't transfer his documents to the new hospital that he was in a coma and got transferred. They didn't know he needed diabetic medicine Annie died of diabetic coma. Because there was no hit -- form. It was a tragic error the man's gone. You know you don't do that -- family. Just don't do that we all know the stories of Terri shy -- of a ball that you've got to have documents in place. Now. With that said. Again at 5122159030. Call my office will share with you are pricing structure. And everybody that calls in its interest in in a trust fund is gonna blurted out will give you 10% discount. On your estate planning if you call my office 5122159030. Schedule an appointment come and set up your state planning to give you a 10%. Discount. On anything that you do and set up through our office that kept our financial will take care view. It's just have such an important component. So we shared. So far forum will share later in the next segment put together -- plan. Take care of your health folks at number two number three prepare for a long life. And number four invest in a state planning documents it's so key now when you come back commissioned the last one. Is talking about the asset planning I'm not gonna give me give you a clue and has something to do with being nimble. Don't buy into the middle class lives it's been sold TU in your accumulation phase. It is a key component tier retirement and having carefree living. Come on back that financial I can't remember them -- financial eyes and the rest. -- -- I'm season like. Contrary to what you heard there is such thing as a complimentary lunch mixers -- -- financial advice for you it's a lunch and learn hosted by Suzanne Blackburn we can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition you've seen on TV TV. And heard on the talk radio thirteen seven mediums financial -- show Susan Blackburn is -- specialist retirement planning. During her complimentary lunch you can learn -- managing money is harder these stands. How are making it even more money in volatile times what strategies are low risk and high return how to avoid probate attorney -- And how to create income streams that -- Preserve your. Please today for the complimentary lunch and learn Monday August or register like -- -- went 22159030. That's 5122159. B thirty. Or mining camps are financial dog com. It's your money protects it. Investment advisory services offered to global financial -- -- Pelosi and SEC registered investment advisor. And welcome back to financial lines. With your host who's at Blackburn. Welcome back financial wise. We're talking about -- top five things that you need for care free retirement. Blissful retirement. Number one putting together -- plan. Put together a plan. Number -- take care of your help we highlighted that in the segment before. Number three prepare for a long life. Number four invest in -- state planning and now drum roll. I have been nimble in your assets folks okay don't. IE into the rut of middle class -- of buy and hold. Many mutual funds or buy and hold assets that don't move you've got to be nimble. We are now in an age where the computer models are taken over 45%. Of Wall Street. So when you're watching the stock market had this crazy ups and downs and ups and downs. Don't leave your money just sitting there in that can be decimated through that volatility cycle. Are and how many of you all of lift your statement and it's like my god they're telling me it supposedly got 30% but I only got ten our only got eight. It's because of the volatility folks you've got to have independent advisors that are trans parent. Not retail you want institutional. Investment platforms. They give you an idea of exactly what you're paying for exactly what you have and they can pull you to cash when the markets crashed. Because if you go down like a -- up with the stock market like we didn't 2008. You're gonna have a very different retirement story and then my clients because we actively manage our clients' money. And we don't allow that we we don't allow people to drop like Iraq buy and hold mutual funds we just don't do that to people. And that's to me is the biggest middle class sly is that you can hold assets that you don't even know what's in there. Like right now look at your statements you've got to be so until mutual fund what the heck his hat. What's the underlying investment candy I mean it's it's just not good so to me that's number five as you've got to have. A lot of transparency. And understanding your investment choices. So now we are gonna talk about. The lunch and learn that's coming up can become a little bit about that. Well it is that some remnants and channeling every means vacations are gonna take a month ticking in July and will be contract. In day out as the board. Twelve to plan an hour north of expectation. He can sign and registered. I'm against and other dates available on the -- I registering -- tiny -- dot com or calling -- -- I twenty. -- -- -- Nine -- -- know what else can they see on the website capstar financial dot com. We have got are trying to radiation so maybe didn't intend. To get any shall I sat on to their weekend. Okay sounds good will listen folks we have had a great talk about the top five things an appeal call my office remember mile per. And state planning documents and 10% discounts. So if you call my office this week we will give you that and can be ready to hit down right now that we don't forget that. 10% off on all estate planning documents are right call my office and see if that's a good fit for you 512215. 9030. And remember. Some folks their financial lives and. And now rests in the -- otherwise. I'm season Blackburn. No individual tax only award best advice is get investment advisory services offered to global financial capital. SEC registered investment advice global financial trident capital has no affiliation with the news agencies represented here the views expressed not necessarily reflect the views of global financial private capital global financial private capital makes no representation or warranties about the accuracy and reliability. Completeness or timeliness on the content -- not recommend or endorse any specific information contained -- insurance services and products. Capstar financial LLC -- insurance. He's always subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company any comments regarding safe and secure investments in guaranteed income streams refer only to the sixty insurance product. They do not -- -- -- to securities or investment advisory products global financial private capital LLC and -- financial LLC or an affiliated companies. Contrary to what you heard there is such thing as -- complimentary lunch mixers have been valuable financial advice for you -- it's a lunch and learn some Suzanne Blackburn we can't start financial. As the unbiased financial condition you've seen on TV TV. And heard on the talk radio thirteen seven mediums financial -- show Susan Blackburn is specialist retirement planning. During her complimentary lunch you can learn -- managing money is harder -- stands how to make things even more money in volatile times what strategies are low risk and high return. How to avoid -- and attorneys' fees and how to create income streams that -- Reserve your. Police today for the complimentary lunch and learn Monday August -- register like -- I went 22159030. That's 5122159. B thirty. Or mining camps are financial dog com. It's your money protect its investment advisory services offered to global financial credit Kevin Lucy in SEC registered investment advisors.