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Welcome to relax get healthy with bill she -- on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's the real story. Nor -- the show look. Folks and this is bill -- and then with the news now. The C. And -- Toronto's. Lone -- no meats I'll tell you long range. -- -- -- You go first you know if you Cuba -- -- they don't say dude he's selling widgets for domain and but you know let's Navajo -- -- memo they didn't know what that meant when news remove serious going on what's -- what's not what's what's just setting it. -- -- -- -- -- I don't she legally give us so it was soft and it's never over gluten free right now always have a hold the floor. Trusted friend and trusted for a saloon where you say he was -- You're saying trust to preempt. I don't like -- is very difficult you know they used -- -- or two and two to trick to jeopardy because English language and more. And so there were six million of the -- -- six -- that we do as a have to set up the C I think unless you do just that -- I read about it like reform we should. I did I did -- I only had a wrong no I think I think what they need to was issued just filled the dissident she's Texans. Because there's so many other people and parts the United States that -- Texas straight talk to -- like I'm circuitry people I don't quite understand that. Obviously it's a Texan accent to all the well official UC a -- -- go -- alone. Are you go to your agreement on the Golston you know they don't know what that might well doctor -- made some interesting communication World War II. We have to show that -- out of it and you know what. Doctor Richard -- -- -- doctor. I tried to doctor nutritional. You room you know a lot of you good -- it's just some are coming out by the way. -- did I will just say I finished up -- on on cleric last week this coming week and being well not this week for the week after -- -- talk on. On natural parenting and natural options and parenting. -- from basically prenatal care all the way up throughout the first six months because my wife actually giving the idea for the -- she's like court can others like people under the don't realize there -- There -- natural home remedies for things like college can. You know what if you're not sleeping through the night are you worried about you know the -- orally or they've passed their -- a way to do that there that's the way they're supposed to reduce a probe by -- You know what if one more natural delivery in the hospital you know things like that I'm dealt -- through know what. What what prenatal should -- be focused on as their -- are there things are dangerous taken excess levels mean bush you know some basic things and there's a lot of questions were decided -- talk about. To try out -- Diamond -- could prove prove. Per preview -- Sudanese lost about twenty billion you know. Well yes that's coming actually wanted is that because on this can be next week I guess I'm not not a lot of that this coming Monday but the Monday after Shawn -- -- just ten days. So what do about it because you're great -- -- And nothing can you see you start charging and I'm like I'm competitive before -- -- -- legacy -- sooners. We got. June 23. Ergonomics for pain relief. Or -- the massage services talked about that actually -- are actually fun stroke. And that people's assets the wellness center open to -- -- store at the corners extraordinary three and those that don't know we actually have to listeners now there's one there's one at sixteen when he three -- her first film center in the cycle and that's. And the more central location of north Lamar. This actually owned medical parkway drive -- sure about north yet but I Norman parkway as a sort of muscle -- all right so. Wait a minute. There's that there's a beer -- across street I don't know you know. And -- your your. You're Saturday afternoon I'm not advocating that yet sorry -- at people's self what she's not a beer -- it's a very they do -- -- but it's. Pretty nice place mindful meditation. -- -- summer. June 20 fifths. This coming Wednesday. Is that right. The other -- up her third run that. -- this Wednesday at 8 PM on homes and follow economics the from a silenced or is she going to be 7 PM. To a -- emotion ups. Percent of our recovery alliance of Austin and I believe we got them coming to show that we do we do. Usually when Sanchez looks like a little bit more about that public. And then transfer the heart. Love yourself through my full awareness and forgiving. And that's going to be June 26 Thursday at 6:30 PM. So meditation is so critical element so nice -- it's Maryland Minnesota affect. There's a pharmacist -- should say that because. You know people. Will quit buying drugs wouldn't be terrible thing I don't I don't they were in danger that anytime soon will. I hope so but we're we're we're gonna we're trying to -- we're trying to do the best we can't. Well speaking of the this was in the -- -- and new York and the Wall Street Journal. Owned. Couple days ago large health when you set to rabies rates. And she's a race Scola helped plants. Out here. Now we have one of our guest today -- and don't ask some questions she's a he's a doctor own. Of Andre. Dude she's from. Poland if you over here very young. And I'm almost talked to about it and he he's concerned about our medical system. We're -- he's he's a -- -- you on the Japan families of the Ph.D. in physics got superb job so he's a very bright. Jim. Silver because he talked to a number ten becomes only the second -- first to the second our economy and about it's tough to fight just after 5 o'clock. And then doctor Nancy symptom board certified internist she's talking about 440. And then fellow that was so shot in the neck issues paralyzed and children's. Got a great wife to support him. Gabby and Romney. -- or Marco and they are going to be -- and just shipments yet he's due to talk about something courage and hope for spinal injuries everywhere. They're gonna do what they're doing spinal injury so. You know some astrologers are you going yourself for you whatever won't stay -- Prevent. This isn't sure what information. So we try to get information visual. This you'll pick up -- the places. Do you have the fifa is ordering of water breaks and on during hot temperatures are disorderly degrees. For over soccer for the soccer players over ninety degrees up. That they realize that a lot of those -- a lot of those people competing are from countries were never gets below ninety degrees right. But they're not out there stretching you doing. Which are doing just -- see you see those guys surgeons. We ought to -- ocean just. I'm either it's either -- or her -- she swept in this way and there's a really really working hard and ignorant and well you know there -- some there's a magician things you can not take advantage of this summer. -- surprise surprise -- reason behind dehydration. And the reason is about to -- the wrong food. So -- the best resources for how water content. To rehydrate her. You know this injury have -- this. They can caused at least we're dehydration comes diabetes accounts PMS stress. And body fruits and vegetables and told us against you actually were there were some studies a couple of years ago could drop as little as 3% of the total water. Actually give you that kind of brain fog and decreased metal content compact best. Which apparently meaning today Clinton's old it's. Watermelons course where you can you imagine watermelon mascot is a wait and tomatoes are also good. Own can't Lopes. Good cabbage squash strawberries so description vegetables -- sure you eat eat those there's the government containers now -- can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's much better treat the fruits. And Ashcroft think Gergen is a better too because. Which is so organic strawberries we don't buy into an organic. Was there a few years ago that. If there were your game as -- In the water. To make -- kill -- not getting its conditional traverse tweaked trader can't tell you where you eat organic strawberries they rush reader. NASA will you know what I don't know they may have stopped that I don't care I'm just saying that I would take a chance. So well we never again and strawberries have topped the dirty dozen list of contaminated. Prodi's for the last at least five or six years. Com and isn't usually enough debrief of dehydration a lot of people think that -- at that well I'm I'm drinking enough in all I'm drinking -- -- drinking soda. But Diaz my potential of those really don't -- to absorb as much as much fluid from some when you're trying to rehydrate. You know it's not a Gator you need to be -- unforgiving get a little here and there is signed it. You really do need legal trawler it's not he would certainly not mere guys meaning to be make sure that you get adequate water in there. Tom and the interesting part is that dehydration could -- and bolts on the glued to the microscopic level and turn your entire body. It also happens on the cellular level your your souls themselves can become dehydrated. One of the BI or bio bio impedance analysis. Can actually see if your cells themselves or dehydrated. The loss of interest sailor water when they become dehydrated on the -- -- level actually is one of the first signs of a loss of total health and vitality. They're treated obviously of the promised to exactly -- some -- direction like water is so good for your good clean water. Usually filtered. -- it's right -- -- I want to let that causes -- US and other talk we talk about like. You really when you're when your authority. Is slow couples -- and you get depressed Brent if you can't you can talk from this time. -- he'll he'll lead poisoning caused by like stings like four -- doesn't recognize my European agencies for years that ball chloride chloride. I'm chlorine and chloride can display site and from the body and cause I and I efficiency and moderate problems I was in California with Margaret -- about. Two weeks ago we were about the pool there thrown -- -- And they had to make had a Coke machine tell us what you wish I have -- or I had four quarters she must sit -- go over myself for -- my my daughter we can make. That's how -- mr. return trip comes that was sun kissed. So it just sounds like a really. Unhealthy tablets expression California right. So it has senate we looked on the bottle of tequila has set to two grams. Of sugar. Which is not unusual by the way. And I got to sugar but Sanchez how can that be bad for you just an okay device for causes for. -- milligrams. In a teaspoon of sugar. OK so devout foreigners and to what you got it took almost 28. Teaspoons of sugar so if you had twenty S and okay what she's sick imagine if you can only twenty attached teaspoons of sugar right here. Imagine having to create teaspoons of sugar. You know expressed to your -- just imagine that. Would you do I should do go to coffee -- people would have. Even have sent to a cup of coffee or something. So we we wonder why restrict country on diabetes rates continue to rise and we're ruled last in the world not on the whole world but a little. Other top countries eleven. Countries that are that are keep track of their health and let you know like so why are we gonna ordinances doctor from Poland. To do -- Mikey came over here. Expecting the best -- lot of freedoms and he's upset now because the government. Getting involved too much and he he. He really receptive to a published Alfonso there was so we gotta we he's he's got some really good -- central talk to about it. The big thing is why why are we solo. In the world it's been -- anybody. Shooters sure now they say easily cause the leading cause of heart conditions now sugar and how fast so you say -- trident and most. We'll -- you Odeo they used to say they used to save fat. And that doesn't say that I don't you do bigotry to produce about three seconds and your brother -- me -- -- give me your -- did they just took this trip let's let's look at -- we have a war on fat. And we had a -- -- -- -- in the early 1960s and what we've done we've increased her rates of cardiovascular disease increase her rates of alzheimer's disease. All these chronic degree in different conditions OK these low fat diet -- low fat and put -- -- that war doesn't work. What we've done is generated diabetes 'cause now we generate we know we need more herbs instead of more traps. -- we don't the war we had on salt clean start -- shall study in 1986 -- we've proven that doesn't work as well can also mean that. These these bad ideas about. These bad -- is -- -- fat and fat and salt out of her diet is just it's it's ludicrous that doesn't work doesn't hold up and that's quite 80% of for altered oldest and uncollected. Conditions are good fats which -- -- defensemen who had access your -- too far -- you Colin. We talk about where we get used to it we just hit the surface to be a treat Cuba tomorrow and jumped and the pull up front on the -- just. Our -- our production meant but Matheson Jack I got a question -- got something we talk about -- we talk about it. To tell you right down human numbers were pretty about. I want to three and I know thirteen -- and -- College street and a thirteen seventy -- you've traveled to your temperature. -- -- Now we're coming down a little now like Houston now get a plug in another three -- it straight extra. So we're real figure how many how many minutes today or did it takes to do that -- -- to your time. It just takes time -- your -- didn't -- every opponent either traveling to. That's come to proceed. We're listening to break a story after the hour before the end. Today is sort of six to one -- show does not record -- pre recorded we do love shows. Can they be allowed so you'll slide just like sushi we'll be back right after -- More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages I'm tall. 1870. Welcome back to -- let's get healthy would. -- -- -- 187. Welcome back to the show we'll -- to show you. He's just lovely couple Debian running. -- -- Romney is it is short for a room tomorrow or something. Does -- -- -- -- low rumble world okay Romeo like -- that are being being nice to us for from Texas we can't pronounce that. No word -- Florida what a pleasure talking you guys because of the -- have gotten our youth. So much to you first you think Eric you know in my view -- -- -- we conducted. -- are very right he was overseas so yeah certainly let you know and in that he is I was in the army. The national National Guard most of thirteen years sue Yahoo! can we choose to go through in Charlotte Houston. I don't think Secret Service you know what thank you and I used to work -- a horseshoe with a the service I guess with some injuries and. It'll still active duty and -- and I'm an advocate for her arms flow of wounded veteran who thought. -- reported injury. We'll take you there I think stem cells. Just from your own body the other work through that nothing to contribute to all things to themselves with. -- spinal cord injuries so. Yes you are almost all of the I was I received. And every generation surgery in Portugal elderly person activity. Service members to received this type of surgery saw a Broadway in the United States. You know that technically is called the olfactory Nikos auto graft. I'm tells a little bit a little bit about that procedure because it sounds did it sounds vaguely science fiction sort of what exactly did they do know. Well pictures filmed all factory. Owned -- strong broad based on roads. And age scrapped it along. To the injured portion of my spinal cord. And then drew. Contention rehabilitation. There wouldn't have been able to -- -- -- be getting -- here on. An -- wouldn't. Didn't. Really matter. To sleep better. From a lot want to Giuliani stronger regulating -- -- insurer. Saw him you know small -- -- -- It won't make any negative step forward toward you covered us. Up there and in this cells the -- is a fairly infrequent things like a lot of people are getting it led to but the number people who possibly could benefit from this huge -- right. Yeah yeah seriously yeah. I mean the up the steps we've got you didn't say that. What about two -- 50000 Americans have very -- kinds of spinal cord injuries. -- the yeah yeah. -- then so it's -- so what does the worked up pretty well for you in conjunction with with therapy is your obviously trying to bring this then. Are you trying to dedicate this more worse for a armed services to leave those few who have who have had entries like York's. Well Roger had found no more trying to do is focused more towards being intense rehabilitation needed to. To recover from the spinal cord injury taxed. It's -- acts indeed what we're -- familiar and probably need to get -- -- op. We're going to be providing the -- hardly need to carry community into the end community people community that's what I ancient. -- -- -- -- -- -- got it -- it also needs to which are doing. If you learn about that to you which are doing because I think it's sort of it's so necessary. For our soldiers we've learn how they've been treated by the via a lot and so -- -- that's still talked the government can help these people help you guys. And who really we're trying to how. We're trying to complement the that they're being that the NBA does and launch launch the what should -- in the war there's -- million -- solution hospitals. And -- calculations the memorial -- -- Goldman. Continued we -- rehabilitation. -- Gears -- there -- additional aid for the hospital. It is not this is our program rehab program is chosen your facility you're setting up their history anybody that is for strong according enters a room. -- I was not just for some nutritional and you're riding him about I don't know how -- something that a sniper's bullet pitcher and America's right. We're we're we're doing -- -- -- and Afghanistan. On September 16 2008 and I might need to actually saw four ambushed. And I receive -- gunshot wounds. To the back of the -- Paralyzed immediate yeah can certainly problematic came to my aid -- an emergency change geometry and were able to stabilize didn't get gathered battlefield. Well yeah. What what would you say and a -- I can just I can't imagine I've never been in a position that's that's anywhere near that come what would you say is somebody who's been through that that's come back to the states in this kind of in that position because I know that. So many of horror it's me or veterans right now who are suffering from PT SD are kind of there are looking for something to be able to give them done array of hope. You've obviously managed to obtain to get yourself to position than most people would love to get till. What's the first thing you say to somebody who's in that position where you were right after you weren't were paralyzed. I think they. You know what my message is always to get back. To get back in the game start doing they'll keep keep doomed -- occasionally -- explore -- It -- I used to work out -- I don't believe. Uses its -- didn't. We -- excited that happened back. Get back into the game have to meet you sort of strangely it is an important base and not. You know complement that -- and it's been family and control and did not believe that being you can get on the -- The green on the right path to recovery. God please just say though you wanna shifts to game physically and mentally by helping shift. -- said of these soldiers and other individuals. Through adversity to opportunity. Hero's better yeah there's and I -- That's -- good -- to get in trouble you know protect you -- to tell you. Continued to patrol actually. Right there's so many people who have those more than people know have this conditions. So -- -- shoot through creatures turn 50000. A quarter million Americans has been recruiters. 111000 -- occur per year. You know can be more -- could be thanks. And that our bus that goes unanimous so. We're car were. -- she is pretty common. The initial possession Collison for a thousand dollars for -- -- injured the truth have a lot to our culture average fourth and one half million dollar conflict are. Army informed guess -- please yourself. So is it the other VA's take care UK. Yes -- the NBA has been excellent. As an actual -- period -- ball. I'm that yeah. Yeah. James -- how little hearing loss. Game console and there -- data have been excellent they've just got a brand a brand new hobby troubles -- -- about. Although lying equipment and how long stay at. Well didn't -- say they'd been excellent yeah. Great to see your your center of the true opening up things isn't there in Tampa. Earlier took. So if you got somebody that's that's already going through through Karo hum either civilian and one of the facilities Saddam. Anywhere that are listeners may be out or Bob May be somebody is open to. You know Dell announced -- -- sand and in San Antonio or somebody that saudis into rehab right now come. And they are Anderson and kind of going beyond and -- -- more about your program Hadley getting contact with you and find out more about the kind of services you offer. Well you can you can go to our website at www. Stay in step dot org. And on the information -- dare ask questions. Then -- model number is 813. 9907729. And he moved to act. You know take phone calls and and and -- kill me. UST and two are staying steps -- are when you open. And destroy unit here and caviar actually building that the students take a step program. Yeah there -- then we have Omaha. But medical writer. Involved. Doctor John Merrick you want to. He's been asked him VA hospital La de Mayo Clinic in the past forty years old. You know SCI. Doctors. Special I didn't ask you guys are Real Madrid. So the first five years they say that's from the suicide rate is the highest. And then at some point if you're if you're got what you understand and you're getting some lot of good support too from your wife congratulations to you for heavy thanks so much change. But but -- That is the key is in which every -- I'm sure is that we're giving people hope. My two cents. Turning adversity into opportunity and -- Richard during years and I'll continue to help some of the other people. And when you when you love somebody extent do you give them the attention. This question because you killed them push you yourself. Yes yeah isn't it. You know that's that's. That's where your -- family and friends come there and yeah you know he's he's after remember you. He stabbed in the I was born used to have to be -- the father used to have to be a brother he stopped and -- someone -- then you know complement with just strong brand. Family values you you know you can overcome all fall in any adversity. Right exactly so. So well how can people deserve real ticket donations or how to houses being built by the government or you are his private. What we're reward ticket round. We're taking donations were holding fundraisers. We just told fund raiser where com. That was Jose Biopharma. Global got a court and -- We weren't so great it would raise 200000 dollars for a forward mistake that fertility your guests. We couldn't and for those those people that are Anderson -- day I see you also he can you give us some kind of an auction going on and people that want to you can either. Did on things that auction where they can they can donate things to be auctioned off to help this process long. Yes -- that they can donate. Thank you donate items or they can auction off hot items they are there on the web site in order to -- to raise so important change -- actually. Well I'm sure he got some great doctors and you know all although. All the best to -- of news. Technology news in all that is just increasing -- year what we're trying to you know. The things they can do I think it's just a matter time before. They can start rebuilding. Smaller cars and see people going back to form Cameroon who put. So that. Yes -- where -- you -- -- you know. Strength and conditioning workouts and using an actual moment -- -- the body. We're gonna have functional electrical stimulation machine and -- could support and -- groups -- breakout sessions. Community involved won't language and a church and help those it didn't look just. You know spinal cord injuries. You know for a chance to get back in the game get back to -- Get back to -- what are we what are -- -- to do yeah I'm. -- Concerned. When they're channeling or the family well I don't a lot of heroic for a daughter by his family that's the one problem my future and to Hampshire. So important we won't be here that this group. This -- stay stay a step -- now that's a working what size it up and running a deficit being built. Yeah okay right okay well they won three of -- so anywhere so I'm sure they want three not 0772. Didn't. And thanks to establish just remember that we'll consumer web -- so. You -- outcome but if you -- want to learn more about it. Keep that in mind because over somebody. In your life this don't need this this attention. Can run. Was against every thank you so much for -- -- -- both that you don't you know welcome. Sharing Russo. You confront an interview I guess serheo talk going on them. International. It's just yeah. Yes and anybody that must learn more about the kind of things are doing to got you got a series of really good videos on the web site that actually showed the same sort of things -- -- to be doing right. -- -- We'll push off fortunate and the issue because its -- good program and send them. But we Rick are you about in another few much so just see things are going. To -- yeah okay Eric. Thanks again we'll talk to -- -- start thinking about. Gift card this. We took a break his nuclear Gregory it is so for twenty nobody has worked with or score forty or forty. Wow time flies. By the way that was beautiful court for forty. Stand -- dot org is he has the website if you wanna go and take a look at the -- bill what are going to be -- it well or her break we'll be accurate back after these short messages. Being. Moreover let's get -- years coming up after these messages I'm tall. -- seven. Welcome back to let's get help with -- -- remind us all thirteen seventy. What doctor Nancy Simpson's. Are you put us. Al having me so thank you for being honest just a pleasure I don't always -- -- because. A week apart -- -- about an hour because. You're going look at your credentials -- when you're involved with this -- you're not involved and. You listen -- I thank you very much for that I appreciate the F earthquake if they. Sought out speaker Wall Street Journal live FOX & Friends Huffington Post -- you you certainly makes around. And a wide variety of tough subjects he's talked about total Lyme Disease you talked about. Autism and seasonal allergies and just got to do a little bit of everything and apparently you're you're quite the -- must -- and you can you can pretty much -- just that and thank. We're here for Ari -- Euribor certified internist. Medical advisor for the state of New Jersey -- us. That's a lot to you so. What you wanna talk about who -- her about a -- patients can do to get that to get it to -- ready to see a doctor and reduced distress for the doctrine appreciative. There's certain things they can do. That. Your values UC precious -- I knew I didn't see a large part of practiced. What we hear from doctors. And so to begin to discuss your medicine because a mistake. They'll talk to the patient -- close to the time you know for whatever reason. Usually known to ensure a short ever. And so of their seven minutes or ten minutes or whatever. And they'll talk depression they think they're ready as a patient get straight to leave the office. And they and they grab the door handle myself on the other way doctor. My wife be sure to what -- what do Ronald something stupid national exec but they think of something you guys just might be surprised -- the doctor says hold off. -- don't sit back down we talk some more. Source -- they come prepared -- With with all the things that couldn't -- affecting their -- anything stress freshmen who stressed that the goodwill and so what would you suggest people do to get ready to. -- the doctor. Well first of all the things I hate to Jack for my own patient formal education in general. Only come equipped with a list of questions. Both about its physical -- and your mental health meeting that you want you have achieved by the end of your yearly cynically playing around. Make sure you have covered. But to and from the doctor's point of view play a week into my patience is. Let me ask the questions first let me -- you and whatever I didn't cover. It will be your turn -- -- to cover your question. That. This regard I covered all of my needs physical questions. I covered my mental -- -- than anything that situation and I might have forgotten. They then can -- yeah yeah. So you want to -- on a pharmacist -- -- you say your -- bring elicit your current medications. That you take. It's very important because what happens with people of medication this. People can fifteen. Different doctors for different reasons that we all out not only medical specialists but people well see. The diet -- people have seen a chiropractor or people will have gone on medication from their candidate that they had a root canal so. People forget about all of their prescription medication that they're getting from other people. -- -- -- -- People forget about all over the counter medications which are very important to me the -- state and really interact with some of the prescriptions that I will be giving war. I didn't even some of the vitamins herbs that people think there's a lot of those dooming them to make big differences. Tom I can't agree more that you need to make sure that that that list is up to -- because a lot of people as the blind men and the altered approach -- -- one doctor for one thing and kind of forget that the other doctors need to know what he's -- Right now it's very important I think that current medications. That patients are taking -- Really make a difference in terms of their overall health and it's something that spring and did they also come up blood and I and other by another doctor and they failed to tell me and then they take vitamin -- patron homeopathic preparation. It really can be potentially like threatening so -- like you know everything. Taxes for. Yeah. So well also. I -- you you should allow the doctor to do a really good history. Like you said and don't interrupt just you know go through that and and find out what so what the doctor can can determine the problem I was a problem where you story. And break up a lot of the doctor to do -- -- could do the history. Let an eruption you can do more through urgent public. -- I think also wearing -- to cal vote doctor that I teach you any indication that they teach you eating their relationship. And like any other relationship that you have been line. Both parties need to be hurt. So what I'm taking history. I cannot monopolize the conversations and you -- not -- likely have to kind of giving speeches in order for you to get the most out of and I think that's the most important thing I'll ask a question I allowed you the answer it but if you. King -- and go on and on and on about unrelated things I look actual -- -- -- I have to keep everyone's focus as to what will -- effect for your diagnosis in your house. Well as you point out too -- The doctor pressure Alicia does is really critical for good and also the patients and irrational country but ships is a former cornerstones of good health. Moon. -- the pillars of good things and what you think. Roger -- let your Bremerton in the duration it was good for your health. I agree I think that. People stress levels tend to go down run -- and happy healthy relationship. That means their personal relationship with fierce about their significant other their partner whatever their relationship is with their children with their parents. With the boss at work with the people who work for that network so 400 different relationship flu can contribute short -- trouble so. The happier that we can see those relationships and the more harmonious they are the less stress and the listing these states we will pass. I got a question about preparing for word for. Traditionally your patience. And then this is kind of like one of those and I haven't found a good consensus among among doctors on this. What do you how do you feel locations bringing in past medical -- medical tester diagnostic test. -- I personally am of the opinion that. Patients should keep that keep collection -- get their hard copies of their medical records. When we go to a new position like yourself they need to supply those so you have some back information on that. Well making an educated patient that the best patient. Lying I never threatened by patients smelling. So much it takes about themselves. Still I always encouraged not only did for them to bring things to me but I don't mean turns gives -- copies of everything that I haven't. A lot of patient -- emailed and a copy of their most recent lab work or any court. Give them a laminated copy of their electrocardiogram to carry with fans. He could. At face today -- the more they are educated the better it is for those of us. -- Yeah I agree sue some elements go to the the next thing what we'll talk about it that is that when you're traveling you're curious from -- with you like. Please just talk past history whatever. Domestic international order which -- you which should you carry in your carry -- that would give your health experts. Jamar. -- the most important thing is it you. Our patient that has any types of chronic medical history. You need to have a list that -- in your wallet which your current medications. It is a life threatening conditions such as diabetes unique hat that I had to fight on your body is -- -- -- -- expressed or racially. So that eat you words you can't out an airport on an airplane in this strange place people would know that you are diabetic very important piece. He also important if you have. Any device in your body -- has -- knee replacement for a replacement or pacemaker hurt the stripper later. Although things have to be usually identifiable. -- -- for your own seats. When you are traveling in Europe we only paid to put forward your prescription medications in your carry on bag. Never in your checked luggage. The problem occurred as people are liquid medication. Because of the FAA standards so we try to do is that pharmacy will prepare you. Small announced a New York liquid in a bottle that's -- -- regulated to the agency can it be collect. If your check luggage gets lost obviously your prescription medications that block. We clearly taking your medication and any over the counter medications that you'd think you might eat at. Especially traveling internationally because you can only picture -- on things such as. A headache medication and a fever medications a stomach medication. -- any of the medication that you might need. Or any -- disasters while traveling you should carry blue -- Now you're applying. And and your breathing with something called that the worst -- degrees you know it's recycled clear whatever. And this loss of flu going owner would also what are you worried about. Oh what people do to have -- to overcome that fear. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's really no medical studies that are very good to say exactly what works so. -- the one that is back in order to rent other passengers. We hate seeing such as. Need to into your elbow. You know don't leave situation that you -- -- don't light your hands on the people's. You just saw those preparations such as pure -- and all of those other -- that tiger if they really do work according to the New England Journal medical need to get to study they're all very good. -- You're the one trying to prevent getting what other people arguing. There's really nothing -- Do short of washing your hands the -- you come off the airplane. Open water on your hand in the airport is decreasing GQ. And obviously. BP's cap and make sure it's a big east prior to travel that you're getting and I actually. He's good Jeremy in particular will then be at a maximum. And where did this study recently to about two bacteria. On the scene supply needs and the board you like to move. Honolulu table that you put your stuff that's so. I think which is saying is just so wash your hands and when you get to the airport especially. You just this they claim the -- you can. You know I I am a firm believer that everything we touch everywhere in this well is loaded with bacteria. Let our bodies our designed. Fight them off these -- blog that we keep our body -- as shape as we can -- eating right sleeping right exercising. Do all the things can maximize our own immune systems -- body is designed to play awful that's bacteria. So I I don't think people should really panicked when they read a study treacherous. -- -- I agree and young children especially. Are actually be exposed to doctor. I have an and just a minute we have left I guess when I -- one has this one and it's a totally silly question but it's but it's one thing that we've been debating about an hour. That went over other whenever other pharmacists three Salina and I've had this conversation going on for what weeks at this point. Com about what the current health threats or what what are opinions are on. With -- major health risks are knows that you know you've seen used to talk to you about this before. There's a lot of people other and other safer than normal cigarettes like well okay let's talk to saudis an expert what are you sick. Well I would not agree with people that ducks are. -- good study they appear to be safer than regular cigarettes. Having said that. We really do not know I'm not exactly cigarettes and all that they are you know exactly where this guy is gonna come around five or ten years it's really delicate begin meals and personal rain. I would prefer that people did not smoke can get anything you do it be accurate either. If the option and -- smoking. -- figurehead. Virtually. But I don't think there's something that I would say it could go to alternative I'd rather use the old. Tried and true alternatives argued they like the anti smoking patches the anti smoking. Maybe -- medication tricky off label use of stopping smoking I think they are safer in the long run and I think that -- Wind -- seeing some studies in the near future that we're not gonna like too much about each cigarette. Doctor sent his -- you come back. Any time thank you I don't tell you come back to that that we we need to talk about the sort of take a corporate credit now let's. This has been a pleasure and thanks so much or act that would directly okay you to -- gigabytes. I listened to break. By the way through -- -- seven George Collins -- I don't know -- you -- you hear about. Moreover let's get Hilton is coming young man. Welcome to let's get healthy would still she -- on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy and now here's the real story. Hey -- welcome back to show. Additional assistance as we just don't know what jump right in your word doctor commissioner doctor cushion. Yes I mean you're waiting -- -- OK now you're vendor has -- right answer. Yeah well actually I am and I'm not -- in general I think you'll (%expletive) out of conviction they'll come on you as much yeah. But I know laws they used to have a my dad grew up there and these have a lot of places you go and status on the weekend to ride horses and all that you know. Yes quite pure (%expletive) is that we still. -- NATO and the good that's very healthy or not. I can tell you do it here and I don't like you feel like you lost and -- just -- was huge group in Poland and you. Yeah I have I have a great group -- in Poland told me German polish immigrant. -- -- -- -- -- When that I'm sure they were born giving it a little more patrol the you know I was -- I was born 1942. Were you born. I really important to our sport it's. So that -- more mature than you because those ones where you. Yeah yeah there are many achievements she knows for -- thought. -- your physicists then you're you're extremely intelligent and you've got some pads out -- you you're also oil. The big thing the resort talking today. We ought to we can talk next time about your your physical. Attributes but but your -- Parametric testing -- Inside the emotional I couldn't tell you shouldn't be quite a number of years. So a lot of diplomatic relations but it appears a little. And it's true predict specific mathematical modeling found all of that should retain if you lose -- -- -- -- -- -- their -- -- They do your show are you don't hold orders like put in Detroit based. And then you lost following mare mathematical modeling can make -- I'll -- actually do it's much more to handle them and that they hold all. I just trade action that -- experimental blood when it comes to acute conditions but when it comes to chronic situations. Natural substances do much better. Yeah I think we're there everything that's from proper time and place can have doctor Richard cross through today he's a -- -- issues primarily but he's a chiropractor also so. He's a true friend wants it to be just like your -- I'm I'm I'm actually do here though because if you -- if you start out in Poland and you moved here. They I'm Anderson to find out you -- that obviously had the experience of seeing multiple different. How many health care models and place on what what your current -- Mecca where we're going with America right now on our model. Well I had I had just gotten a statement additional to destroy America and hopefully model what should carry a moderate Letterman and moderate advocates condemned the war. I'm -- you just a few years ago. And okay what happened just that the -- -- model like I was small lake British model. -- dedicated shade mentioned formed by eight. Organization called nice emotional issue to sort out and actually there's a British organization that actually that little area a little -- them but that certainly don't XP -- how much total law. And interest to get beat pretty good shot and -- local -- just came back from day action community called my old -- on -- yeah. What are -- Obama can't. -- just to -- -- -- mullah -- -- -- Discussing something extraordinary can do a lot of people put to improve I'm gonna. What do you think's going to be the biggest steps to make that happen. Are you mean due to -- has got to get conclude Obama. To improve health care goes back up just do a bit -- you -- -- spend -- Poland. With their health care system. OK I expect intend pollutant and Q nineteenth at any -- and total period. Their public social history shall accept -- -- little weight control two months to see a doctor when they saw the doctor ordered most popular that much yeah. Albeit much of a -- -- if you minutes. The point mentally to get a prescription and move on as -- can actually didn't commit true dolls. So you can't do this country for a reason though and that was to want it. Because -- better medical system you so -- They have better medical from Islamabad knows what he's cheek column I you or how they kind of -- -- -- I got a credit a lot of that -- business with -- let's join in and I commute and share. I can hear the liberal legally. -- -- Well I'm glad you cleared that up. Half Whitaker reports you know what it what we're here you can over what what -- did you come over here in 19881980. Okay. So you've solved or you came over because you have more freedom. To invent things to work can can heal people and all that right do you find that. All -- look there -- some truth to that might -- had given outcomes here in the United States. And from the sort of in the United States' interest probably about a -- Did you just -- that you start losing some -- your freedoms to help people. With medics and all. Know here when you have to go over your -- So he's -- big big security here -- paying their. Their idea that people shook provincial and collecting bookstore in Australia Dietrich. Medical procedure. And to the extent. What to do how much you can won't accept or accept this medical procedure remarked yeah. Right now we have a government in the middle and I never have been felt clearly got -- -- have to play. But government official between developed an invitation to. Okay so I -- -- feel that support your -- achievement. We have fuel to supermodel I would Portugal kind -- -- administration or or Indian the Indian -- promote a culture. There's a -- and pork. Right now our last consent like so -- they just did so while ranking of other countries and other countries in efficiency and equity. A healthcare system and then measure quality access efficiency equity and health like healthy lives. I guess why we came in last. Last. I -- she is much money for health care. So -- let me. Let me let me comment on the you know they're different and it's albeit a right -- -- and what was your -- had a political persuasion has an excellent -- -- That is special edition of the four which lied to -- lunch and stuff they take. You know why did you get people from other countries so commute could be your night actually help -- get. -- -- The vote drive top by the way a physical physical medicine physics -- merchandise has always been good. We're aware we're gone wrong is depending only on chemistry even. -- -- else you know was just give the pills you know don't worry about counselor who's given pills. And now there's a doctor payments you as a psychiatrist has -- can MRIs she's just a brain. Have a pretty sick people in the brain changes. And so he's he's prescribing based on the brain changes not a natural ways of appealing. You can go to YouTube and found out this are very very adjusting. -- -- -- -- -- what the brains. How good do you just look at the brain and somebody that's got a serious problems the press to tell you. And MRIs. And so a lot of people oh we we we're giving kids drugs you know and and if there's if there's that we don't look at you the other -- -- in and sometimes they do they consultation. And so. But I think that. If you look at the quality access. Efficiency equity and healthy lives. You know there's a lot of talk since it is almost Carlson assuming projects like the toxins and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- interesting that you brought straight to the culture Billy -- international consultation. Not an automatic patient share from the United States mostly action promote try to that are coming -- my. To my office but the there may take care of hole probably about eight it may be ninety autistic children not on the war. Thanks a lot of -- that yes indeed structure so they create a lot of problems. But could be able to address the most ancient just below the process called -- relation. And it may create some very very substantial improvement from the show them and they. I have to tell you I mean I -- 22 weeks ago our execution really -- -- -- -- they have functional management type issue and shall mount up how on the imagination and play. I think that -- I've got a lot of people in more remote and patent is bad it's bad to good -- and more people understand that. Oh -- most Charlotte bunch of credibility is important but the bigger problem that she is dead -- did not tradition of nutritional consultation. -- that it poor understanding. How to Michael genetics smoking and and get better control and competing a lot of geology and the emotional dictation. They cooked at very literal and collecting much economist told local compliment help looking into what treatment and could at least gave them a single molecule. Or no education and KH. Complex -- -- so important to look tradition. That they'll endorse in the commission shall be much more effective and -- people available on the problem. Who that's for sure they're here because you're consult people on nutrition. Could -- do well actually it shouldn't eat right do about it but particularly in colonial stage. They had chronic inflammatory conditions and -- participate. You know you're book book. There -- real basis for a wipe out life actual. This struggle so what are you species element of okay Madison elemental urology and administering a lot neurological -- -- -- -- England. Not just about to say I didn't protecting great now. And -- woke up all met behavior not participate. And people don't -- manipulation and increased mental autistic children. All the distinction that is that the more we can call man pitch. Probably my -- would be pushing the duration doubt that might help -- booster ignition and about six months. Good good good -- it does not pushing you know that a lot of other way you're Don van -- Texas you're not too far from Austin are you. And are not actual electric completions from what I appreciate your -- and they are. So they've long contact -- -- are your mobility -- -- -- -- utility which seemed to be here again you know what deals as this thing wouldn't screw the people that you can. Very idea of how a little com don't miss and can probably at your local Cineplex what's this army. Now on view. You you believe in we talk about mental issue just to measure but. I want us who are brushing down to Texas. Well they're beautiful girl pregnant and that -- -- older medical compliment business medalist producing gotten comfortable all guns. I got a potential and I'm comfortable Augusta I would get tonight he called mark to market a modest than looks like cheap. Yeah I can pure in 1994. Total control and Christiane how. Are you know I didn't I didn't trust them biblical literature and they came in and -- used to being in. I can control and yes I should initial validation error code and they don't look at some more. I don't believe you certainly gone to the opposite extreme if you moved to center to access. If your daughter Durbin Robert. You know sixty minutes or whatever but -- -- -- too controversial. -- You know I think that are -- yeah. Alone and hope that I could play it like to talk about diablo kinks in the -- that is not gone to anybody editorials. And it's only a report. So let's just. And I'll show frustration critics -- particularly my plan to deal. There would constrain ourselves -- a bit. -- total liabilities feel your ultimate. Question I was I was gonna say because -- ventilation is actually one of those big buzz words right now because a lot of people heard about an escalation but not a lot of people know what it is. Or why it's important to -- kind of summarize fur -- listeners with a with a big concert terrorists. Okay and the manipulation that from the social welfare and that got -- that controls actually purist it. DNA transcription. That's basically that it and that's probably the most important element about it in the process. Control or participation. A number of other functions -- also genealogy. But basically what I don't say that this escalation hail fellow little bunch and -- And not amount daily life. -- -- -- escalation -- and a mother board of moderate to beat. And we actually your own children to attract and China. I just you know if you dad and his -- -- -- that tracks -- -- -- and the constant failure of an escalation mention a little. That hasn't been exposed to a major -- -- it. -- then and -- -- create traffic and this substantial little pressure of the production and they and did you notice a little mantra which as you know basically brain and the -- And the children kind of develop intellectual and -- -- legal. -- -- you know destruction that just probably they have they have data. And turned the -- to your question. Democratic so basically met -- and the reason that a lot of that and they seem to be very busy right now is is there is here a lot of activity or a lot of promise using conventional methods to try to approach and is telepathic what is new approaches her sister. Predominantly one were you find it most the research being done are mostly for progress in in nutrition or natural Patrick purchase. I would be allowed big bet this situation -- a manipulation of them Amal. And actual and that children little -- hockey. And they -- it and they had a poor infrastructure automatic process and the couple bad. A Augusta -- -- -- -- deficient of that but club I just buckled up sort of and does not detoxify day and it showed that mobile. A security -- human -- you. Then this escalation literally not been audible out of Belgium political credit Ledbetter who got a little metro girl. That can actually be released today at the -- theology as you can you can hear because. Difficult on the beloved development -- -- -- connection. By the social and considered -- million nation best bid but also create being built little. So late or so lower on the I would note -- that pipe burst. -- -- extra Jumbo mean I'm taking meal and it did. It's true professional on -- and so from my old Jeep general rhetorically -- switched. It's gonna tell mom could you all man -- them all such noted that regulation or another well demo record cheap shot doesn't alternative revenue weekend. If she didn't call that we have Jim -- This post to think. It's brilliant very adamant twentieth century concept. Of people that. That's good tour major structural investigate more. And more and more all the -- or -- they want a little bit and most in -- escalation. And they can. This year they're excited about doing it. That most people responded better -- I sort of different -- the air credit crunch location a lot of those people paying -- -- manipulation of the credibility important that we basically. But under the -- is total a little like skull and -- the tradition. Until -- basically luckily. We're -- tiebreaker just a little bit but it can you say don't just a bit more after the break out OK so. This you Russia's Ural two defects and I just read -- this -- today that that's a real common problem now with a lot of Hispanics and you're near a big Hispanic cup population. Yeah I like to prevent so what can we do. To educate people first are yet to determine the math English and art is -- needed. Our work that we do to help but a lot of Hispanic people overcome that problem that dude maybe new genetic recoverable. Okay lowly -- there may have been that we we have to completely -- some sort that I spoke a -- population. Are. Everywhere there's -- -- bullish. Traditional go to notation. Drug actually -- permission -- use that -- and it does not all of them they are not getting the treatment they need but you're sort of -- and don't try and sort of managed. By process towards that even if they get I don't think they don't. Sort of but they don't they just couldn't they don't only nuclear buildup ordered the military has -- -- -- that they -- -- -- -- me. You see -- -- little impatient as we need to Scott affirmed purposeful target should be coach you wanna start of the as I know I need to try to go to. I beg I eat good stick at this time -- -- these. Guys graduate -- the track and its -- People can lead to double goal. So to speak action and they -- -- be starting to become a little bit and auto club sort of regulation probably magician and smoking and and then ten. -- torture and they. On the other and don't talk so. I'd get syndication in no just basically it and expanding -- that that organization -- deals. And the process life. All that I don't mean much multiple in the and then getting a bit of B twelve and try and look at Obama mean ultimately I don't -- it. But I bought a -- should make it -- at all. Do we need to change from cold so I have met except I heard that much more like them you know. You can well what do we tell after the break won't talk about this mural manipulation cream. He's quite -- -- I -- in your practice right don't we and then of PRP. This -- respond pepto right. Oh yeah I -- quite a bit over just briefly we're to talk about that because and how people can reach you and you're just done. And Serbian national visit wouldn't spend the weekend down there. Actually that's you have been great focus -- let's take a break can you do that -- this. You don't want to speak at ya OK let's take Briscoe folks so you called international thirteen 739 -- conservative problem too obviously. We will be right back. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on so -- -- seven. Let's get healthy. Kills whales -- all thirteen seven. Welcome back in the show. Doctor Andre Bruce Bruce. Can you tell yes easy. You know it. Like like to follow along and -- -- more about a -- so you can get to actually go to his lips let it cool it's dot com QLYUSC. Dot com. -- -- -- Thank you. You know what we do -- don't -- out again to you know we're just stood just out of curiosity. You and you do a lot of patience here's here's something interest and I -- across so just a couple of days ago. There's a century old therapy for Africa's sleeping sickness. And the use of therapy not to reverse. Messing quote reverse. Autism. In children. So they don't tell the name of the drug environment -- -- that would be to -- people jumping on that so this is just have to deal this is your -- you know. California. School of medicine. Published in translational psychiatrists and it was just firm about it so I'm following don't try to find out what they're doing what screwed her so isn't -- isn't -- problem. Isn't it an odd thing doctor coolest that they consider alternative medicine the stuff so we've been using for two or 3000 years. Early and hope bill I guess I'm the audio remember that show the big initiative toward this in the troops. Yeah and and the potential and you know our culture and get slain during eat this -- again after we -- all the you know the date that we are experiencing right now at an unused days. All instead all of all this we have never had this before you know one got shot to boys sort or something like this shouldn't be authentic. And -- that we need to do something about it -- that's why that is such an incredible. Amount to war. Moments totally into the mud they trouble about that just come in Europe European Union a little odd -- got the look education. That I had become an expert of the European commission and the charity golf short little Cheshire cat that just that I am sure look a little bit in these European Union to practitioner but tradition came mentioned -- kind of surprise. Yeah it didn't it just how many people are looking into if so -- it nascent at that point. They have big great gift big debate doesn't bookstore is the one that is not the purest. Do want to dictate the -- bit -- it doesn't matter where delegates should it. I'm gay I'm that's basically ordination. It. Yeah I can -- a lot of conduct additional audit additions particularly -- -- -- conditions. Taylor might get out of tackle played a little at all or order a stroke or something like that you want to retreat at -- I don't think I -- -- And then -- -- country. But when it comes dual chronic conditions audit public I would go national but abortion because from little experience -- -- that it works real well. -- rush so just so much -- would that help a lot with Lewis a pregnant somebody. Before -- -- in order to prevent so autism weren't -- some disputes chemicals like Mercury -- everything and maybe cause you have so. So is is that something mental issues upwards. I can't reveal my -- -- only don't you'll probably not but it won't be able to eat -- -- he would not be able to read about it and purity of your children well. My point of VOA that left and Jessica that is so great lull there at all I didn't -- mr. -- -- -- -- -- some people can get there yeah that that have been -- but also susceptible to acquire it before the traction but -- moderate by other. All the all the local global elements may actually cause disruption. And in the process of manipulation and and you know luckily geek culture change and will definitely impact -- dead you -- development. Shelby calling me a little bit agitated talking regulation at a Linux or shorten it's going to be manipulation. And -- before they beat him before conception and that social stigma escalation or no more. And LA option from reputable bailout served ice sheet that might practiced. That. Children have been done between two and bought this shirt to wish you sort kind of -- that bad there. Alteration fish today our diagonal. After children between 24 probably a big great just great to pay our -- official called that then becoming quote unquote Moammar. And in my practice normal and we -- means that child to get Quebec today appeared a girl -- would ultimately mutation so that's basically it. That's basically my point of view conditioned -- sort of -- relations. Now did the only problem that I see and I'm gonna got. I I literally have hands on -- this about a two year old home and sometimes. You know I'd sure you know I'll put the good food -- because you said the search of the good diet and put to good food down in front of them. And I very rapidly find out dumb you know not only has culinary take on it but how aerodynamic it is as well -- -- sometimes dinner. Sometimes getting to eat the right thing isn't the isn't necessarily easy and with a two year old if you do have to supplement them with some Clinton dome and it it's it's very difficult to actually get them to take -- -- which leads us in kind of a quandary if she got a child with bombed something on the spectrum disorders like autism is going to be can even worse because they're even more picky about what it. So. Initially let me put this race was born giving (%expletive) load times getting not a time and are you an incredible -- situation because I lost. Between polish and -- model enjoyment and muttered -- and so -- each other felony and has been my opponent -- me and my increasingly. Our immediate issue at this point. Children were always eat what you tell them to eat -- that would be and that I should not so. Usually -- in the -- and the mother liberals not they got available on the album but chuck. And guess what. We exchange and broccoli because there's not can go to get them to there was knowledge conditional. All a bunch about a change from what I've -- in the proper and that. Actually create some chicken broccoli because that's what shall have tabled and equal to get. You know you need to contend -- -- and some other things badly faded late father and wanted mostly. Godmother -- -- a -- simple -- to know if you -- eat at auto loan package get into New York matter which and pure. I had two choices girl particularly that. Just right. So so literally gotta just one minute left so I had to do this -- -- -- manipulation occurring you. What your resolution could be like. Well I you. Are you are your medical and admit -- you -- you know from a escalation prematurely and they -- given the lunch -- might label on that how much -- just noted are really works well. Oh aggregate -- got a great but particularly -- little children Metrix. It is unbelievable -- -- attitude and you don't have to fight with children you have to try to publicly appealed to that trump them all absorption and it was a little -- -- take some time to -- and so to speak. Abduction but able to attract. And -- At -- this side effect of that is that some that mother discovered a mystery to be better Saturday and called. -- so it's called the -- trying to speculation. Folks -- directorial hundred. Yeah just some older. That means and I foolish I can't wait to meet you so that we -- we -- European. That's really good for young children or adults -- when you have a some kind of immune problem right. Well if you are beautiful and total protein rich body style and -- built a particular funny but I thought I looked at trump lost from the transient yeah. I can do a better shot that child -- actually confident this particular guy. And the -- phenomenally great. Except soccer star OP unity on -- daughter really got a little -- too -- to -- all let me small child that child get a -- and inspiration actually -- should -- hello -- my contract and the new upstage can look at the last and most. Right they they like it took kind of like I scream if you put the military may go to as this and I can think yeah and -- it helps the -- -- Every child and then I have another country -- -- -- -- Pete also made by nomadic and don't try to post -- -- label label on it. That Tibet Tibet -- And I'm a little all credit detrimental try to -- production meeting and let me Jean Karl Malone can't -- there. -- school district in Bremen and germinate. When we discussed most -- and -- they she'd been controlled speak a couple of children that did that that I attend this school district. And they reported to me from the fact that -- she got a substantial progress and improvement comparing to other children other other other autistic children show. And it really doesn't really just from some phenomenal things for the immune system. Talking with -- with a researcher at number coup helped produce it. From these actually gonna study showing HIV positive patients in Africa. Showing that deep here piece Frey will boost CD four cell populations that is part of the insistent that it better than me drug known to man. Read it correctly -- under the -- another thing. Irritated. A -- some sort function of the gastrointestinal tract and PR appeal somebody's gonna appreciate all the he'll go postal actual. The ball well I'm told punch so to speak and especially rich between PRP IMP and cream especially in this -- dead mutilation cream. And Colorado. It'll help thanks to social portal children and I didn't get back out. Got to go to so we have to run your bus -- to joke some percussion. OK so what we're gonna do all the little Puerto teacher right for how can people get older you. Yeah off this year and they called me sort of different territory to go to my web site you analyze -- that he helped calm you are you actually lead up com. Or call me at -- 91 day at 39 day has little to try extra. Now point 8398025. To June 2002. Great book it was a couple of supplement much easier. Because it's a pleasure to dawson's tying. Them to Austin would like to visit with you. But there is no commander -- a sponge I don't I don't know just -- supposed to go to magical start is at eleven million to book okay. I got a little all right look -- it -- but I talked about the fact that he life. Realistically can movie. Moreover let's skip Hilton is coming up after these messages -- tall. -- seven. Welcome back to let's get healthy with bills -- I'm -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the show this just goes well on my sidekick. And you must sobbing -- softly -- and McGillis albeit by the way music they should leave people remember. For more ranger and his sidekick Tonto will be column she was solvent and a couple of episodes actually -- to call you -- consultant. We trusted friend probably so we've got some like he was sorely missed a couple of hundred. I hope so Felicia didn't you better be don't let them try to figure how this hard if -- -- to leave by the way to keep yourself. -- -- always do. No language in a real calm. Can -- -- And it's hard to learn -- went -- alternative but. -- -- so Eric know just another project on your lengthy list of things to do or -- or -- -- contribution to do we need to support discount possibly I don't know. There's a lot of people rally outside the courthouse in Austin about this team despite jitters over resident. Because he may get life in prison sentence because he was may -- some. Marijuana brownies. In his house. Now they enter without a warrant so I don't know if -- -- I think they're gonna do something about maternal. Recession and much more -- -- Listen to the moon restrictions and in other states to your brother or any phone oil -- compression. Russian force of the plant extract. They they're usually you have to for medicines somewhere that it's. 160. Kevin always discovered marijuana. So there they're using -- so much for children like -- suffered from severe seizures. So there's there's a medical use out but the general should be good to get brownies would only -- so. A lot of people -- understand the value and good for him to say he was doing this for the American tradition present an -- can be you know. -- -- -- in this in this state the point is that's illegal and the reason he's in such troubles because he was taking it end. As opposed to charging him -- the way to the oil what they're doing -- -- charged him with possession with intent to distribute. Four and I'm trying to get this right because basically the way to the entire brownie -- he was making. So it's not just doing -- which which actually kind of makes sense because you're talking about the distribution of a concentrated well. So it's not as as much as much trolls are trying to make about it is equivalent to basically to selling that much in pounds of actual marijuana marijuana only. Well what do it served their -- to -- case on Tuesday night to nearly zero SP ticket. It's really clean he's out of his own semi isn't that much thought I don't think speeding anywhere. -- don't know how much -- -- Hamas supporting him. But I think that he. I might just in the storm I don't know but I'm just setting the -- Did you compare somebody that you used your short term rapist or -- something you know put him in jail for her to life whatever but a guy goes back years ago. So I think there will lead us is this is lower your resume. Then truly Bruce Chandler his friends are people trying to. There's emotion -- Packers and from the courthouse across a young people out there tranda. Make sure that tone. And I think -- -- -- an awful lot because they they came in without a warrant. When the well and that's and that's and that's a breach on their part time will say that there is there's a danger on the other side they haven't had a case in Colorado -- I credit they've legalized that. -- they had day they had some marijuana brownies -- show up at an elementary school. So I mean then that to be distributed so why is there a bigger risk factors going on I do I do think that he interviewed intended to distribute that much. He needs to be tried ethical life in prison may be a good -- -- -- Several -- mean -- several pals like 225 pounds worth of stuff -- -- one immune -- brownies yes can I will but at a much appoint your your point is well made -- some additional missile uses this -- don't I don't think I was prudent. Probably not. Now there's -- work. -- okay that's so weakened I don't throw terms around too much I don't get through get older section next guest went. Jose Sanchez would talk about Joseph's. -- -- but there's a new -- new drugs to treat skin infection. -- -- -- -- beat you next to your -- it just it -- just approved for MRSA skins from MRSA vs confections. Our New -- here's my concern. You can always do just go. Mean here's my concern over -- we know we know that there is we know that there is a limited window of opportunity for any kind of an -- -- actions. They talked about what's called the red queen hypothesis since the early eighties and actually. Com. Good and a guy that discovered -- intelligent penicillin the first place when he. But when he's accepting a wood and a war he kind of said look we know there's a limited amount of time these things going to be useful. The more we use these antibiotic agents the faster they start developing resistance -- and I remember when I was a kid to recycling stick out anything that hasn't got any thing. -- -- redid which from bacteria horror. Developing resistance becomes faster and faster and breed out all susceptible forms of -- and now we've got. Even stronger forms of Emerson now -- go after -- com I'm not I'm not discounting the idea that they're gonna be lives are saved on using this but I would say. As with all things don't look at my my concern is that when they've got these these antibiotics are typically used to over used and very quickly dom I would say it is. My my hesitation would be that the medical salesman typically. Will use these things at such and such amount they're not gonna they're not gonna see an efficacy for very long before they have to develop something else. -- remember that there are several things that natural -- that will help us not -- basis to put on here is to say that -- but. There are several things he -- that'll help reduce those infections and certainly helped along including things like grapefruit seed extract the cool thing about the natural path -- They don't develop resistance against them. Unarmed man doctor news all users regularly I use this regularly inning. If you got on a chilly pretty committed to each year due to go from -- on him. We're room to hold -- indictment asserts her medical grade clay and mix it with mix it with that draws -- Yeah which act as a drying agent you mix of adjustable with a degree -- extract me put that on for. -- somewhere between half hour 45 minutes and I usually recommend my patients -- that twice today beating out a veritable lot of those pretty quickly and this is the -- it doesn't develop those kind of resist -- So I guess I'd say yay congratulations to build another antibiotic but remember that they are natural alternatives to this to at least -- it down that road. Threaten. Sorry bills and -- back -- Bacteria. Temple. It's this raw chicken. -- in England they're telling people not to Warshaw. Six they're actually worsened -- -- -- -- not -- -- -- wash your question if you do your chicken. Get your hands on everything because of this bacteria. She's not specialists of portions and don't wash your shooter and not just you just -- can destroy a chicken. This or this -- To a doctor gives no. Don't you draw draw for sure so very disciplined. If you wanna know more about you can tell by the way you tell you remission they were kind of run through things you're. Are you culture and Turkey seven that we can give you more details about that. About this desk from prescribe painkillers. Is higher than heroin and cocaine combined. So we talk about these this -- gun Miramar one and all that -- brownies. But we're through we're through problem drugs or drugs. Whether or not just drugs Ambien talk about a pair wanted to know which in my pain medication. Why is -- such a big problem. Well because we feel a bit. And when we talked about this on the year before we got this that we got this exponential increase and end in the use these per of these from typical pain that's. And a lot of cases -- given I'm not saying they're being given for the wrong reasons -- upset. I would say that sometimes they're not given will come as much oversight -- to and the patients are being able to given. Are given no opportunities try to -- off them so they get dependence. And unfortunately the more dependent they get more than an addicted to them in the more of the more that seems to escalate the -- -- portions of -- country they're showing just huge. Huge rates of pharmaceuticals. Painkiller -- cleaning things like Patrick Cote on. I'm so yeah. And against her natural alternatives are supportive therapies for these. But I think these people need to look into -- -- -- you're right just because just because it's a pharmaceutical drug doesn't make it any safer for you than the illicit ones that we don't want. We have a doctor's room show -- remind doctor doctor -- -- excitedly and yes nice guy and he is -- here are gonna we're trying to worker program through. To encourage people. To go off week we can has a program to encourage people he can get people lawful. These medications and I don't work out -- a free over the years it's anybody's -- and but he's -- addiction issues I strongly suggest talking -- then as he's got to create programs worked so the other the other thing we go to our district talk about Jose Sanchez Lugar's decision nutritional momentum. He's -- to his ears are burning someplace recovery alliance of Austin recovered last August of tortuous week. I don't think it has to resist this to true weekly talk. Jose Sanchez. Rick co-founder musical trying to recover the loss of Boston so I was suggests that tones. You go to the web site and end. Then RA Austin dot org or hey Austin dollar won't talk to won't talk commercially. Educational -- to support services. Beautify the community is greater collaboration as. So to a physical program wouldn't talk about veterans of I suffer male doctor. Of course truth always on the -- them how they -- shoot 52. If you wanna get all the meeting to be called the Lakeland -- set -- -- at 2198600. That's 512219. He 600 -- breed more about me at people's RX dot com recovered to -- we can for sure. And we'll be all right okay thanks a -- and don't buy your great weekend love you all about yeah.