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The Retirement Planning Show week of 6-21-14

Jun 22, 2014|

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Welcome to the safe money retirement planning show with Steve stress asking where Christmas is to prepare you for retirement. And allow you to lose -- retired. Restaurant just Steve has over thirty years experience creating save money by using proven financial strategies that provide a stable income for the rest of your life to insure your -- ceremony is 100% sure. Any at all -- -- to put your retirement money to work for you. By avoiding taxes rising healthcare inflation. And market volatility does -- save money Texas dot com or call today for your personal -- 804571298. And now. Here's Steve stress escape. Welcome to the safe money retirement plan and show this sustain used to assess the Euro us. And thanks to turnover on this glorious weekend. -- take a second and thank all the people who call in last week -- no -- we're gonna grow pretty special stroller. Was concern about personal things have happened amaze. I do think the people that did call him and referenced that show. You know arm located right here in the Austin area in round rock Texas. And I've been helping people in the Austin area for over thirty years. Helping you to prepare for retirement to live in retirement. No I've been on thirteen 70 AM now for over five years were on Saturday at noon and Sunday at media room. So grab a piece of paper and counsel you're gonna need this number that's 1804571298. And of course -- down our website which is www. Safe. Money taxes. Dot com that's safe money taxes dot com. Give us a call at 1804571298. My team a receptionist who's standing by 24/7. -- call any time. If you have a question are true or just need some straightforward answers just give us a call at 1804. Pars 71298. And of course for that free meeting no obligation. He just like a review. And feel free does it take advantage of those with the no cost -- don't -- -- radio listeners to come in and and just take some time and sit down and have a meeting with you and and review your circumstances normally answer your questions and discuss what your concerns are. So give us a call at 1804571298. You know I'm licensed by the state at Texas I'm an independent agent. I don't work for any company or any. Large corporation that tells -- representatives want to offer what not to offer. I'm independent I work for you to bring to use the very best services and financial advice that's available today. So ensuring you a financial future. Give us a call at 1804. -- 71298. You know I believe that all wealth comes from god it's my responsibility to be a good Stewart -- god and trust in me. A good Steward should first protect his wealth from loss in second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base hallmark clients recommendations on. So to discover electing -- reduce our co host Chris that concern grace you are you have a great weekend. I certainly am Stephen I'm just so glad to be here on the save money retirement complaining show again today in a again I wanna thank all left the time people that called DNA and shared about last week show and we continue to pray for your mother and as she recovers tremors strokes Stephen we do appreciate you being so transparent and sharing it with your real life experiences. Unfortunately is something that we all go through someone ship performed so. You know I think we can do at this moment a moment stable and then -- pretty far and hope she gets well. Absolutely and we will. While on today show we've got a lot of fun topics to cover we're gonna talk about decisions related to the market. Talk about fears may. You've got fears when it comes to planning your retirement Steve's can address those and we're also gonna talk about. Retirement challenges so let's dig in and or stocks turned south last week taking in their worst hit in three weeks on Wednesday. Kaplan financial's Susan Kaplan tells Fox Business the market is volatile. But when you're planning for retirement you've got to have a steady course is part of your plan when people make. There allocations for their life. It really has nothing to do with how the markets are doing currently it has to do live. Big percentage that they have to keep absolutely safe or generate their retirement income live. And the percentage that they need in the market to protect them from inflation and you really can't change that allocation. With the market noise or you'll be jerking the money in an out in this you know ultimately hurting yourself. State what you think do you agree with Susan's assessment and what's your advice for someone in the retirement red zone. The question we have to ask ourselves is are you were ignoring history and therefore doomed to repeat it will we will miss another 40% drop in the stock prices. I bring you a warning and that is that money experts are calling for a large drop in the stock prices. And the question is is will you participate not destruction. No one year of 2000. To begin the first bear market in recent history many investors were caught off guard. Investors were included clear that opening celebrated in the 401K statements -- year 2000. To shredding the statements before they even opened -- And shredding everything in here because of it in the don't know bolted and they couldn't believe whichever because of all the disbelief. -- just from our clients coming in India and there were afraid to open up the statements. Simply consider than they realize that two losses were tremendous. So there are woman look forward to -- -- later to 2008. Many of the general market turn around their all time behind us. Again many investors were carted off guard again this market started to rapidly declined. And ultimately lose him again forty to 50% of their value. And investors have a harder and wealth that was lost in short order. In 2014. We are foreign themselves again. Many of the markets are all time highs seen. And of course many you attribute the rise in the level the markets to refer to reserve program pumping money into the system. But what happens when -- -- stop furthermore how much. The government continue to run the seventeen. Plus trillion dollar deficit. You know seventeen Trulli and know how many of them handle them tremendous amount. Saying nothing about rather the health care program that has come Obama -- we know what that is common to play. Well happen with the US dollar itself continues to fall -- thing again is you'd you'd do not want to be caught off guard this time. All of nobody knows to future for sure. There's no excuse to be caught off guard if the market starts decline. A select few -- took the lessons that they learned in 2000. And protected themselves in 2008. Now again another select group of investors have learned from 2008. And have taken actions to protect themselves from -- and protect themselves. You know. Give us a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804571298. You can't protect your -- and capital. There are multiple strategies to do so. What are the strategies that we can use is to build the personal pension plan that would guarantee you that you'll never lose depending. Better yet your pension can lock in stock market profits for the year. It is safe. Hit protection money. He gives you the opportunity for stock market gains. And you can't lose in your principal. Or any of the kings are locked down. You are the investor of this strategy technique -- is most says that people letter of interest and who can use this strategy. That they will not lose who's apparently in the upcoming market car crash regardless of the severity that's who wants to users. And if you are in the need of a personal pension plan if you need tax deferral. If you want better than she -- you rays put the same level of guarantees. If you want something that's predictable. Steady. And provides your future income in addition if you're an investor -- orchard teams locked in each year without exception and of course. If you still wore the opportunity for stock market potential returns. You know the bottom line assess disease investors are concerned return closer to retirement. And can't afford to lose large or ending. Good point percentage of the capital they want a lock up there in -- not worried about meddling with the stock market and they want income that they can rely on. To find out more to get a personal analysis give me a call at 1800. 4571298. And the save money or time complaining show is just getting warmed up today we've got a lot to cover when we come back. Are you afraid to just start explaining fear retirement. Steve -- and dressed as fears on the safe money retirement planning shell on top gradient thirteen seven the AM returns after this. Do you have a plan to ensure your retirement. You can't count on Social Security alone Steve's first ST in the safe money retirement planning -- he helped start you on the right track. Call 804571298. To set up a free personal consultation that's 8045712984. -- save money Texas dot com for over thirty years Steve has helped clients just like you develop a bogus plan that -- your retirement with a stable income for the rest of your line the stock market does not -- safety but insurance does call 804571298. To learn how to participate in the market without risk and enjoyed guaranteed growth. Steve takes pride in educating you about your financial options for retirement enabling you to make informed decisions about your retirement savings as one of the top financial advisors in Texas -- -- says he can help you with 401K rollovers and life insurance wealth transfer and long term care call today 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com for a free personal consultation. Welcome back and thanks for listening today. Appreciate you taking your time to -- there and then hope -- enjoying your weekend. This is speedster so rescue you and you're listening to the safe money retirement -- show. Now's the time to pick up the phone and give us a call at 1804571298. If you Yasser questions. This Hulu we've and the appropriate information admired your team a receptionist. And I will call you back personally and answer those questions for you. In addition of that review -- taking advantage of our free meeting. They're free consultation no obligation leave your chair spoke at home. Just give us a call at 1804571298. And take advantage of their free review. That caution enough and there's no pressure. Use common in my office and hidden in round rock or -- will come to your place of business or your residence whichever march. Should give us a call at 1804571298. And don't forget our web site safe money taxes dot com that's safe money taxes all typed out. Dot com so give us a call at 1804. Pars 71298. You know my buddy Patrick Caroline -- should provide agreeing with some books I got about ten books to parents are of stress free you retirement. This is an exceptional read if -- coming up through retirement or close to retirement you need to read this book. Stress -- retirement provides you with just numerous information. Different areas of retirement and coming up to retirement. Different chapters in the book -- poker chip mentality a whole home 17%. Another chapters mr. Beckman. Another's the magical -- dollar and others are everything from never underestimate the power is your role and what do fixed index annuity is not in what -- fixed index annuity units. It's just a tremendous trade and it is a book to 130 pages long. Then there are no more to -- which providers that can provide this book to view. This book resort -- star power or a handful of us providers and it is again an exceptional read. Showed if you like to take advantage of this book and Patrick is written numerous books in the past has been over a million of monster. So if you'd like to stress free retirement please give us a call at 1800. 4571298. In addition. If you come and in my office pickup distressed through retirement. Have a Social Security book that'll answer a question you might have votes Social Security. It'll also provide you all the information that you need about Medicare. It'll also provide you with information that you if you listen to the show last week a mile long term care what you can expect total Medicare. And even -- provides you information about medical assistance through its referred to -- Medicaid. If you'd like to have booked as well give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. -- suited you coming and you pick up to stress free give -- free copy of the Social Security book as well. So give us a call 1804. Pars 71298. And that Patrick Kelley book that Steve is talking about stress free retirement you can't go on Amazon and buy it in this is an exclusive offer. And Steve wants to put it in your hand to give your resource to help you play and wisely for your retirement. Read it come back to him ask questions he cares about really wants you to have this bug. And and like he just said if you meet with him he's gonna give you an additional book on Social Security so don't wanna take advantage of that. Are you putting off retirement because you're -- well we're gonna talk about and now a recent Fox Business article tackles the topic of why people. Are reluctant to seek financial advice. Licking at the six fears they list. Steve how do you help peer clients -- overcome those fears on the first visit. There's six fears are really that keep people from seeing a financial advisor. And no -- and number one is this. They're referring -- with the financial advisor -- -- with thank. They're afraid that they do not know enough about finances more -- to come and they might embarrass themselves. Dissolution of this of course -- one way of not having to worry about that of course is chairman of financial advisor this better all the while they're seeing numerous parts. In our -- and business for over thirty years show. I don't think there's too much of people who come to me that I haven't issued a -- This truck as far as mistakes and financial planner Sharon so the other fear of course deuce in his second yours. What friends -- -- will affect the hearing probably the conservatives -- -- at their concern to do you know what will affair with -- -- grocery this individual or whatever the case may be. And of course easy solution that is you're really don't have to tell anybody that you're going to see. Who. It's entirely interrupt you who'd tell him who not to tell all. I do believe however you -- my client solution to allow them so much parts are getting really up an agent and we do have the we actually and encourage your children to come in and and then know about their finances as well because. And their demise we don't want to children to be -- -- -- not have a clue what's happening with prominence it's very sudden. In that case we. Really that you prefer that they do have their family and -- of three who's your hiding in those financial truth. You're -- to -- -- look at the statements and balanced a checkbook because you're afraid with those bottom lines are going to be. And unfortunately here is you really you have to open up those statements. As we talked about this segment -- before us people who shredding their statements does -- open -- -- -- -- was -- -- -- -- you know 2002000. Married so. Here it's this basically doing the same thing is a lot of people are just saying you know well that the human -- on the -- call me yes and -- came to money in the bank. Narrow -- you old expression has Roy gotta have money and there are still got checks in hand me down but then there. But anyway you you do have to open up the statement stick to look at -- Belcher accountant. Come to realization that OK maybe you do have to make some changes submit them appropriately. And that's an extra year of course is changed people really just don't like change. And the reason you have to change this world a different out column. Though you're gonna get a different or comb -- would change so. What we have to focus on the solution is to focus on that changed the desired outcome what you want to happen. And with that in mind in a while most people can make to commit to correct changes to get what they want and of course for your five as you can't afford it. And -- a lot of people who think they can't afford a financial planner or people that'll help them in the event to. Maybe if they have made tremendous amounts of mistakes and they -- they're now having tremendous credit problems well. With that area. Credit counseling there is a lot of free services are available through non profit organizations. The national foundation for credit counselor and is an example or new solution -- new independent consumer credit counseling agencies. Those are really are you offering the chargers no cost to them whatsoever. And -- keep terrorists as far as cost is. His cars were talking of people mart business the end of it not -- -- and the there's you -- -- piece of card you learn those cost approach with a -- user permissions should charges for our consultation fees or whatever it might be. You become aware of whom are you immediately and I was from before you do anything you're gonna know what those -- star. And -- six of course is getting ripped off you know your stories of corruption. Such as Bernie Madoff scandal and it'll all that retaining and can you maravent they're making sure of course is. Doing some research and Nero and B four million about the financial planner. And of course to make sure that any potential financial are you work with that they have a fiduciary. A duty to their clients meaning that there are obligated to put the clients' needs ahead of their own. So. That you -- news -- -- an agenda with our clients from the economy and -- the first time in the and one of the first things it. Rather than we talk about a cynical look we just part of the open and honest. Standard and any time that you don't know right there we don't feel right we're just turned. We can stop all conversation and everybody's goal longer Wear for attention so we we weren't shouldn't feel good about dealing with us from working with us. If your -- doesn't feel right is they say. If you feel uneasy. Then missing do this pic of your bags and leave you know you don't wanna be doing business in that fashion. That's right you wanna meet winds and honest financial planner like Steve extra sense ski. He can help you he's gonna put two ladies. It's not gonna cost you a penny he skinny -- Patrick Kelly's -- he's gonna give -- the book on Social Security to help youth he cares about viewing your family. You can schedule your one on one with him right -- 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com and read more. We got more on the show today. Coming up we're gonna talk about some retirement challenges -- the safe money return complaining -- with Steve street sense -- returns after this. Did you know that if you take the money and run it may cost you dearly when it comes to your Social Security retirement benefits you might be making a 100000 dollar mistake or maybe even more -- safe and be sure that you make in the right Social Security decision. Calls these Rusedski in the -- money retirement planning -- and 80457298. To create a stable income for your retirement years -- define peace of mind when it comes to Social Security there are countless ways a couple of can take retirement benefits they can be confusing and overwhelming that's why it's important to speak with -- expert financial advisor to build a complete retirement plan before you apply for your Social Security benefits call 804571298. Don't leave thousands upon thousands of your Social Security dollars on the table that is your money -- Chris -- in the save money retirement -- -- will provide a personal one on -- attention you deserve. Call right now 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com. Welcome back this Easter recess ski and you're listening to save money retirement -- Charl. Thanks for -- and and and again on this glorious weekend and I hope you're enjoying the show and I hope you're enjoying your weekend. You know if you like to take -- very nature of her free consultation no obligation Levy Chuck Cook at home. Just give me a call at 1804571298. C'mon and in my office you're welcome to your close of business -- residents which over -- to discuss -- your concerns -- have your questions. We have a free income analysis for you if you like can take advantage of that. Everything from budget into your income analysis we can -- California. Should give us -- call 1804. -- 71298. To take advantage of the free review. And again do you like to take advantage of the free book offers to Patrick can only stress free retirement. The unit is a book it's an exceptional read it talks about and you're gonna read about protecting your life savings against loss. Korea and income stream you never can only. Receive unlimited upside game potential zero -- of lost and stop here and those annual management fees to your stockbroker in your money manager. So give us a call to learn to take advantage of their free book offer a stress free retirement at 1804. -- 7129. -- or how detention are you painted taxes in your retirement planning. Fox Business recently reported on a new survey of retirees the says 36%. Found taxes were high than they expected to. While Steve how can you avoid tax surprises. With -- retired inning come. Well this is such an important area because if you taken you have to tap into your portfolio with taxes in mind there's. Nokia and around it because incarcerate thousands and thousands of dollars and if you don't do so. So holding tax free tax deferred and taxable accounts. Gives you -- course to flexibility when you're trying to control the tax bill. You know when it comes into tapping into your portfolio during retirement. You have two major goals. Generating as much income that you can. While keeping a lid on your tax bill. And of course a general rule of thumb is to pull income from taxable brokerage accounts first. And then from tax deferred traditional IRAs next. While allowing you Roth IRAs. To compound to a tax free as long as possible. Boost your after -- investment returns for a typical retiree that's a good place to begin. Many studies show that their stakes often lasts longer. While we -- terrorists follow leveraging. When you Tampa tax deferred account. You'll pay ordinary income tax up to 39 point six this top dollar in our top tax rate. And every dollar that you would draw -- if you pull from a taxable account. You've already been -- that -- So if you sell stocks to raise cash you need. You're only gonna pay taxes on the profit and the probability then then of course attitude capital gains rate. Which unfortunately is up to 20% up. An increase from last year but. -- the tax deferred account first. Do studies do show that will accelerate the payment of income taxes while reducing your tax deferred growth. So big key again is virtually everything and there's exceptions to rule you know when you claim Social Security. And look at your state planning goals. To make the most out of tax efficient withdraw strategies. I suggest that investors open Roth account much. Either by converting their traditional Irish. Or contributed to a Roth. Which draws of course from a Roth our tax free now the dark side to the Ross is that's after tax money. So tax diversification. -- so long term strategy if your role dollars over we need some time for that to work is what it boils down to -- So holding money in taxable. Tax deferred and tax free accounts gives you retirees you view. More flexibility. When they attempt an estimated. While Steve -- I'm blown away your wealth of knowledge every week I'm learning from. What you're sharing -- us and I know the folks at home -- in their car. They are learning as well and if you don't remember exactly everything misty -- sharing don't worry. You can call PM with your questions 80457. 1298. This has been an incredible show Stevie shared so much when last. We wanna invite everyone back every week and Saturdays and noon and Sunday mornings at eight IBM. And don't miss out he's got until about eight AT&T and Patrick Kelley books a -- You can com -- gauge your free Patrick Kelley book 804571298. And be sure and ask how you can get the free second book on Social Security Steve your final thoughts for today sir. -- thank everybody for listening in -- out there and enjoyable weekend then. Again we think about taxes it's tremendous -- exceptional -- to be able to have reduced from an increase your income. So then the two listeners all have roads safer and -- weekend. Do you have a plan to ensure your retirement you can't count on Social Security alone Steve's first ST in the safe money retirement planning -- can -- start Q on the right track. Call 804571298. To set up a free personal consultation that's 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com for over thirty years Steve has helped clients just like you develop a -- plan and insurers your retirement with a stable income. For the rest of your line the stock market does not offer safety but insurance does call 804571298. To learn how to participate in the market without risk and enjoyed guaranteed -- Steve takes pride in educating you about your financial options for retirement enabling you to make informed decisions about your retirement savings as one of the top financial advisors in Texas -- -- says he can help you with 401K rollovers and life insurance. Wealth transfer and long term care call today 804571298. Or visit save money Texas dot com for a free personal consultation.