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He Said She Said 06/21/14

Jun 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She said. Radio on its -- Hey everybody welcome to the show you said she's at radio show. You know this is going to be an extra special show because our normal host here and medicines need. It is out of town for the week out in the northeast have a great time of the family. Hey you -- this -- would be how the cat is out -- -- play and that's the reviews. This is Daniel C to a California closets and I'm gonna stand in our fearless leader. And I've been blessed with the with a co host tonight on the she says side so like welcome Betty Jackson no Hawaiian. Thank you very much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moving my design guess this just every party all -- We have a lot of wind people here including people here in the -- do little quick introduction from republic distributing we have Rob Reynolds -- talk about why isn't. Spears still racists of course tornado -- spirits. Spear headed the US -- -- -- about -- -- -- okay anything liquid you can head back. Time all right -- had a -- and then we have a big representation from new even. Uneasy Cambridge side we've got our -- the best man. Hello hello. Should come down wouldn't do much. Yeah and then also on the defense side -- at the Bruins center. What I met big buildings are when senator and the UT football stadium we have two lovely ladies Lindsay Parker. And Megan. Worse you know I look the gift bag can broaden its like course all life and -- orange. You guys have there's Eminem's like Jimmy Simmons it runs every those remnants that that Korea. Can't protect us -- -- -- that has happened. Yeah. Actually hand painted on the imminence of a plane that's OK guys you just take out your local like you know manager chuck and yeah. I'm Canadian up oriented and it's dark hole and everything board hasn't finally have a lot of fund Rebecca -- Great food for us and of course we've -- people out there wants to hear that win. Should be an injury and then there's -- -- shots. Which is generally shop I mean in my industry construction is gonna shop and your -- -- party -- people before everything is a guardian online minister. Trying to -- -- guidance counselors growing. Three decision so absolutely it's like got hit in the summertime what days and again I don't know what David what's writing and every morning is sending things. Behind -- he's doing okay awesome so we'll have a good time and it was time to get too little week in review those guys -- You brought to you by life being dropped in for some light conversation at 10401 burning -- more on the web that light meaning dot com. OK awesome -- over here you are we review the media World Cup this kind of copper -- are. For years we've got to get crazy I woke up watching. It's crazy for the elephant -- You guys anybody -- -- -- -- -- flop all over the place if flop and a cry and they roll around for a long time until elected child they noticed no one's really watching. Yeah and edit and immediately they are back like you know making plays there's always like. For us great it's a lot of drama but you know and none of it's really -- it's -- reality television. Does that -- Donovan did make it seem like he did make the cut as an actor so they got cinemas in fact that's totally anti Indian great lineup there. -- -- -- -- There's some of that there yeah for sure as well and that was great too and I'm I'm you don't on the spurs fan you know and on the transplant in the northwest we've lost -- Supersonics. I hate the thunder but -- -- -- -- stand there and that was really great to watch two sets face an active and find out of the bronze to fly back. Well it exported abroad and you'll be okay being LeBron can't be that bad that they know. Very true it's really what's -- what's I was. Besides what's in the USA games which show just like you as a good American I do once every four years yeah I couldn't tell you I. What happened with the USA soccer team in between that -- hours yeah but yeah red white and blue all over the place. -- -- -- His death in wagons from the chaos and -- have a -- -- weekend. Then three guys who are kind of ushering in the rose revolution season here in the wine industry and in the hundred degree Texas summer so that's been that's been fun for -- they got a couple of -- here today and actually just this past Wednesday it was it was a big day for anybody you know why Israel -- the late Robert -- 101 birthday. One alienate me so I'm kind of the man who started. Napa Valley on Grayson lost hands so exciting the last human and in the really big back it was really miss you yes right after we didn't know what sale was first solid two weeks. Consider that -- -- still. Thinking about. Rose and his point -- you can invest capital raise -- to call it just didn't happen last weekend Toledo college that the -- now. A little bit north of town I guess not able to attend unfortunately. You heard of it was 100% -- -- zone no white zinfandel to be found yeah yeah -- And down okay white paint the. Anybody and that's that's our way but it's an oxymoron an -- Marlins and oh yes that was for life you know ladies and in the -- Waiting in any way -- thanks guys. You can't something -- OK you've seen the lazy -- tell us about -- week what's new and have to be off. Boy I just got back from a few days up north and the called. That you guys the baseball tradition that she's in the college World Series actually playing right now -- game just started. Fox okay -- watching that on the mobile apps well yeah certainly not guys. It happened for another big win tonight and then -- -- -- for sport season -- summer he's tough enough for special events for the ball hits. -- football basketball soccer everything out so great though -- mean if it's June you must usually gearing up for the Packers. I am I know you are now I have cousins friends. Their -- and polishing that she's had. But I like toilet foot from -- the -- can be a good place they go back up pretty good. -- because you do. -- the same is meg and we're just sort paragraph -- up and the end of the semester environmental rules this season and get ready and just have really no wind tonight. You'll remember. So baseball betting on these it seems our hands on masters this weekend. It's very deep down there and and didn't aren't -- but it was dead end you know I can't play nice and where slower now now I'm going on on campus just a -- Taking a breather and then the Arab foreign banks on -- on again. Very good -- go forward and take a quick break and pay some bills -- how we come back we're gonna need a little -- student -- some -- and get this party started with what. Tonight he said she said radio show to -- seventy. -- and malls here. Drop in for some lame conversation 10401 Vernon road or on the weather. The lighting named -- It's and he said she says my radio. I'm -- thirteen seventy. Thinking of building a new home I don't know where it starts. Do you find yourself asking questions like that how I choose the right -- for my project. My style MI -- check. I don't find the best line in the right community and what about financings. These are just some of the questions I hear over and over again as I work with -- Just like you who wanna build their dream home. But don't wanna have to quit their job or put their life on hold to do. I am parent magazine skiing and my -- I designed custom home concierge and was created just for people like do you want to build their dream home. Don't wanna have to put their life on -- to do it. Using my extensive experience working with -- builders and architects and interior designers lenders and all the other service providers involved in the construction of your dream home we can say to -- time frustration and money so if you're thinking of building a new -- call us at 51200. And 91726. Five series and don't -- fielding your dream -- turn into a nightmare. I need a leader in all kinds of lighting solutions for your home or business means -- -- clear leader in the world that recessed lighting including architectural -- lanes while in accidentally noble -- -- me and calls -- and energy efficient and leave Eli needs of these. Clinton last -- you for your budget doesn't like Cheney has you covered between good better and ask -- nuclear options to fit every -- -- -- didn't try to introduce since 1959. On the -- for some like conversations at -- meaning locating and 10 point 01 -- -- -- an online at lady weak dot com. Family owned and operated for 75 years where -- has locations all over central that's. When offers an extensive selection of wine and -- walking in here do a little and certified wine experts. Lexington carries for -- You know more about your favorite wines and spirits of more than 40101 class held every weekend when the lakers locations. Is afraid for more information. And other events and visit us at when -- dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to she says she says radios. I'm so good team. Seven. All right welcome back he says he's at radio show and I love our friends when their car and -- hook us up big time. And the stuff that -- Roberts brought down as -- -- Pacific time to let's talk a little bit about the dude ET. Catering with the best man so you brought us four courses road starts tonight -- Wings yes these are -- sweet -- -- they're on our sleeves and Indiana are in naming is for football player most popular it's. Of course. Like just went -- not a chicken wings and -- -- and we were just talking on the -- to about. -- wings and fried food in general you know on the wind side so wine experts. Share your thoughts with the with the audience on that. Obviously as like just as she said sweet chili wings right size or shut your coming up with you have the -- it's gonna give you heat to leave the spice they had a little sweetness there in the -- well the kind of counterbalance. What's the same thing you wanna do with more and so if you have a spice and -- You don't wanna go for a high alcohol high octane. Big Ten in red wine that is mainly as it's going to sound because all it's going to do is basically take a match to write a little thing of gasoline interface is just gonna set on fire let's -- is gonna explode so in all honesty was and it's a little bit less than ten and so it's sometimes got a little bit of sweetness to come through and what we chose today. -- too -- rose -- and that's not an accident or an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there's there's no need for -- rose is to -- -- -- are essentially an impatient bread lines like I am not patient enough to wait for -- blind date for twenty years because -- you know character -- but these guys they -- on their -- for twelve hours and then they have that nice red color and they're delicious and you can drink -- -- -- thirteen not in 225 when -- -- about it -- you know drinking -- so. And I. And I am relieved actually -- veterans -- yeah even when it comes to -- -- -- -- -- -- champagnes are actually really -- rose and I think for a lot of guys who don't totally understand that's like you know you don't they might have this bias against drinking might even -- right. And so you know that would just like what you're saying the rose gives them like this lightness in you know in this kind of weather they still -- structure the -- structure to go with -- food right right they would want him out of red. It's like it's an extraordinary and delicious cop out if you're ever -- -- got the -- element even the -- -- element especially if you go with a rose sparkling -- like we have here -- the -- element -- can really hit all the high points -- cheat your way through a five course meal and -- really. -- dominant just shut that down on myself yeah like hello this -- is just so this is a perfect pop out the list yeah. You're into business so easily just might reveal that it. Anyway today the winds are are really fantastic and so. You guys you -- it that it catering and you're you're how many how many venues would you be operating and obviously we have to reps here tonight you know these -- it better when and they did their stadium but are there other venues that your you you guys covers well -- -- I'm not necessarily on campus we can't -- -- -- not exclusive to the camp also look like they're skating union has run by different companies that aren't so great indicator there but some in the football stadium on game day we have on the functions in the explorers and then occurrence are we have a function space plus the twenty suites and then the baseball stadium we have the money -- there as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just in general you know where a full -- -- banning the box lunch dinner so -- you know we have -- and actually some related events since you know dinner or courses down and then we are delivering 500 box -- on Friday so. We do everything driver 7360 time. You're standing you you know you have an -- some experience in radio did you use producer. I -- -- share get a share that that Aurelio I mean I guess that's okay you're in radio was this like -- and -- knowledge and school re. At the other schooled on the around the time I can be a news. If she goes on but territories yeah I mean yes so I wasn't involved already know my whole family iridium has grown up and I was already a team dinner there and so when we would put on our radios I got them -- them on the radio station on their -- -- and -- states. That's true funny and I it was funeral services business yeah you know. It. I spend that's been totally quirky people and in -- says that policy this year in and policy is pretty strong here it's not like frank. You know it and there's not representation here Carlos when he represented Shia -- you're watching on Maggie in Austin aren't night I have no idea nine from not from I'm not running and it called false so I was. How life that I can tell you -- that was my friend Phil do yeah fantastic. So do you guys you know obviously we have -- here who you -- on the weaker side of things but what's that look like you know bird for the catering where you've. -- so we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good deal and so like how would that -- look do you think that maybe just had to -- ball market you know -- talking earlier relic for sports is like hey it's Peter Bergen basically if things went kind of reroute all of that and lets you really wanna give -- man -- there yeah. -- drinkers and that's I don't regret it thank you for putting not your Rosa -- so we've do you have any sense I mean is is it is his spirits that much more or biggest Beers really be in 1980. OK as did not I think beer and then liquor whiskey InBoxer -- I'm not the ladies of the latest iPod and a great man like that was -- Now this is she said she says it's okay -- -- sort of the fortieth what's your sense more more sales on the on the on the female side offer for the for the drinks -- the man found Amanda telling just checking out there that could affect. Give my finger on the pulse what's happened around here. -- talk a little bit about the that is you know the events. Areas themselves and we you know we're talking a little bit about what she did. You have the at the stadium you have a number of the venues -- people I'm not sure that many people really knows you have them shop. He had thinks so so we we actually have a nine ending years total gun to a Hummer outside and then their arrests are all indoors and there'll be an allocated all throughout -- -- and some we have -- -- -- an arsenal honesty can have a small meetings -- you know 1520 people and we had -- basic -- analyst at twelve. Thought 2000 people's rights sounds as it is a good variety in the outer space is big bigger -- it is yet every -- says actually that upper deck of the stadium -- son Stephen -- an anonymous there and and that touchdown club as the other billboard space. But in any -- that size two thousands guys really -- that. Right well I think. The US diet can -- -- -- the other big news and costs and you know there's not a lot of -- as they can hold a huge amount -- there are a number of of really large venues in town that's not surprising you guys accommodate for obviously the sporting events but also for kind of the you know concerts and whatever comes Maryland senator you do -- catering just in the same way that you would you know the basketball game we -- often we get to be the backstage catering gravitas that -- mechanical -- Atlanta this. I I have got to meet you people that never I never thought I would get there. You have to share like a worse story -- Breast and worse the element to the right Qaeda but certainly works I don't immediately got on orders you to share that with -- who was who was the biggest day on -- OK so bad educational linked. Okay. Someone could say things and get. I think today he was not real pleasant when they were here for the country music that's our hearts and your music and sound and a -- I was given a bad just the one bad -- -- it was more just people oh yeah I -- also I don't know that came from him -- his people they weren't so good yeah I think they're very demanding and one of the things that weren't on the writer when you just are supposed to produce a -- Bryant record as the good -- but it's yeah it's gonna hit again and Stephen from a really large rock -- friends -- -- He did not have any special candles that I had that will read Google to see who sold them -- -- we could get them and they were 65 bucks apiece. You know I know someone who used to do some publicity for Stephen from the drillers have these rocket and yeah. -- literally have one request one night that he was very very late to an event in hero. He's in infantry was -- of death -- like. He needed the son brought back it's -- -- -- reality is a little bit different I met him years and years and years Allen and any scandals have hurt like nonexistent but if I would have had him Germans are to get them yeah I had to -- to them yet and they burn them to the it's an end okay. The deal what else you -- to meet people though that you you thought you'd never meet before items and clapping net personally sorry. -- -- No I don't know that's not my handle and I got bit slower and they got some marketing code. And that was that was also that he's on my yeah most favorites ever. And then get -- -- Paul McCartney last year just to -- to see him win and beat him visionaries begin the end brings us some caterer but it was just incredible we have very cool. Good point how often do you run into. Begin vegetarian gluten issues and in a food centric kind of catering business such delicate every yet exploded. -- -- you don't have a gluten menu like get out of Austin I don't round. So I'm in our game day Don when we did as large the large functions for the 2300 on one floor we have -- every station we just we just added is to begin been -- -- items and it's done very well -- we always have to have done delivery options and -- vegetarian if not always being in perfect here guys hippies are welcome back -- Any -- since it was like you know obviously there's always -- there's we -- we cycle through. Food trends you know diet fads and those sorts of things -- people feel pretty confident that gluten free is here for a long time. It encompasses those boats aren't necessarily -- that they don't have sea land as they didn't they just juice and honey -- Friend I think there's a lot of that awesome was Sampras to take another break I think we're -- wine -- of the plate of food in here and have reported on our line all right. This and he said she said radio show and AM thirteen seven lead you not go away in fact. Invite all your friends and family members here on Saturday -- come party with us. Morrison these truce brought to you by twin lakers celebrating 75 years with the twenty Austin area locations for on the -- at twin -- stuff -- It's he said she says radio I'm -- thirteen seven. From home is where my cap -- it's the Hamas this we are not supreme viewers can watch over her business and a mother can watch over her son and -- -- room -- and I like scared away monsters granddaughter and now on granddaughter. It's just cells that hold the final album and brings generations face to face for the first time. -- California closets we understand what home means in the center more than three decades we've been enhancing home and thank creating custom storage deletions from people like you. Really help and re imagine spaces discover hidden potential and most of all find balance. See how California closet skin where we need to create a valid solution that fits your home and your life. 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Using my extensive experience working with builders and architects interior designers lenders and all the other service providers involved in the construction of your dream home we can say -- -- time frustration and money so if you're thinking of building a new -- call us at 51200. And 91726. I series. And don't -- building your dream homes turn into a nightmare. Living by design. Brought to you by skyline floor skating song get designer -- wood -- at a fraction of the cost call -- had 866609. Would more visits and its guidelines floor skates dot com. Welcome back to -- said she said radio I'm so good team. Seven. -- -- -- welcome back do we you know we're just talking. I'll hear about great pairings and we experts course and talk about about wine specifically and and and then also spurts Cuba. Yes it did it was time to talk about a little news rose and sparkling rose's we. Then move into some of the -- right that's right a right to his take the lead. -- -- Well -- -- off their lawyer talking about there's a few questions going around like world. How did you find your way into the one industry for how does one go about doing it and got back password right after. Charismatic put it best -- I had an English degree. Had it -- so yeah. What LC -- -- but the great thing about line it's it's not just about what's on the glass it's there's so much more going on there's history there's geography there's stories behind it and blind producers and so you really do get entrenched just in one -- won -- state one winery one region -- -- -- children so you really develop a passion for it so what it's like a little about some of the -- that we had before the end. -- look at why call more manly roses and give you a few different justifications for it so. On the history side so this line here. Has made from an agro -- tonight Romario has been around 68. Century BC so can anybody naming anything that's been around since the eighth century BC to give you perspective the Olympic Games just started -- homer -- -- did and Romulus and not defeated realm yet so those things -- like. Like volcanoes and voted. It probably dinosaurs yet I don't know but they get in the district but -- of those winds but around -- moral it's right there and if you wanna know a portion of Italy. Not gonna go to the regions but it's the heels of the -- we don't know that Italy looks like -- puts -- right there at the -- and basically this rose was never produced them to -- been around -- -- century the first time this was ever produced was in 1943. So in 1943 was -- the in the World War II. And so base of the Americans were going up through Italy to go and fight the Germans now in order to restore Italy basically what we wanted to his bring them back on our side after the dictatorship rather -- the way you get to an Italian hard -- ways. Wine and -- It's -- pretty much are you gonna do it so as we talked about rose. Producing a rose while you're waiting for the red -- the same thing the masturbation the the cost of production is gonna be lower right so the general whose name is general politely he came over there as the American ambassador and he basis in order to fulfill the need of the Italians during the war rations and everything else let's produces -- So what we're drinking today is -- -- because streets from Celine don't which was actually the estate Dick created it's the first rose ever produced an Italian more in Italy and it's become world famous after -- and so. Little bit of history in the glass. And under fifteen bucks when you -- -- children twins for your favorite restaurant. Yes as price point -- still in that region and that grave they were growing if there really is making him strictly red line strictly red ones crates yeah. Very cool -- where I think a lot of times you know and and I knew people you know that -- on the one issue that I talk too -- don't understand how -- -- and get a great bottom line you know you gotta tell you give them you know and of course it's easier than whites then rose's and then -- some of the reds. But people don't realize you don't spend fifty bucks a gift -- Tuesday night drinking -- Not trying to spend fifty -- secret bottle. If you talk disarming is I say it 10% of what they actually study and Celtic guesses what they really treat it like right. Some kids do not drink -- Burgundy is on Tuesday much less ever you know and part of part of the thing about tree -- is not being afraid to ask not being afraid asked the salesperson not being afraid asked the sommelier and not being afraid to honestly consult -- really vast. Web full of educators online there's all sorts of blogs. They dominate do you know feature lines of that and Osama select as one that's run by one of the most recent masters army is that I like and typically -- 120 dollars and right. Part of that is. It. Regional at least from my understanding in my education is that there are certain regions -- Spain for example southern Italy for example. Where you can get really really good quality wine for those and really great value prices just because they're not the big brand name again frankly other people don't know to go look there. And here's the thing -- we talk about marketing and and -- we brought up a little bit before Ehrlich who do we think shops more -- wonder buys more -- men or women. I'm telling you yeah women women Bob when exactly and women a day I also buy houses so to have. So on and and homes 89 times out of ten so if you look at it I'm one of the cool experiments he's -- panacea -- the world of what has taken over go into a retail shop and then walked down the California I'll break and what they're gonna -- -- received more colorful labels -- You're gonna see more things that are attracting mainly to the female I mean they gonna come out on the shelves and that ten to fifteen dollar price point and then you walked on the type and section there's nothing on this one this is -- tell you where it's from that it's rose and the producer -- and so the jams are really. Sometimes just appear behind the label eat at times and so well and that's going to be true would you agree that California wines means flavor wise are going to be more fruity emboldened in the in that way for American ballads and so he then you transfers to label marketing. Where cold -- winds are going to be much more understated traditional. Historic right right and I kind of say complex yet. OK -- more sales. It's like an old school library book for our read it on your Kendall I mean you're gonna get the same information got married same story but it's just kind of the tradition and the experience is different and it's it's not being afraid and not feeling like you're gonna be bored with the wind that you've -- can't read the label which is a little intimidating bright. And was something that has been produced that -- centuries -- been a century or you know for a generation -- and family. Making you know -- percent go out of the -- Blake. -- -- -- -- about the other thing about spending fifty dollars or more or less on a bottle of wine yeah those weird thing is that women will buy eight out of the 101001 -- men are the ones you -- nine out of ten of the bottles of -- over fifty bucks so when men by a bottle -- It's they have to buy big they have to buy a certain label they have to buy a brand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and that's a point I like to make to people is that it can be detrimental to get hung up on producers on IE -- again it's a personal opinion I tend to focus more on content regions that I like and when you get more -- you do you have to know certain producers do certain things certain ways but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Say fifty dollars a bottle. Right and then you can go I love the Loire Valley in France and you can get somebody along you saw sayers police amazed. That have so much more character that you know might be twelve blocks down and the fantastic. So here's the thing with the price -- and if we look at it when I tell people to kind of -- a little digging for producers to find the value -- that's what people want they want the value for the money. When you look at it like -- in -- Produce a wind that is less expensive than -- one out of Napa -- comes on the very simple economics real estate. Go try to buy an acre of land right now in Napa -- 300 -- 33000. 30000000. Dollars an acre in Russia. By time you actually produce the graves get them going you've buyer and the seller you have the -- regiments come three pay for all the new French -- You have to charge right 67 dollars now what if you're one of those pioneers have been there since the forties and thirties. And you don't own Bank of America any money for buying up property didn't take any loans out your grandparents settled there. Well then all of a sudden that bottled cabernet is now it's 45 dollars -- so which bottles better the 25 dollar bottle. -- the seventy dollar bottle well the only difference in price. Is it checked -- as a go to Bank of America or JPMorgan. There's no difference in the quality of the winds but people we perceive that because they see different price tag right. And if so you -- the one. One key to why you better check is going to make America has the hole right exactly you -- -- we didn't really break it down though about how you two got into the wine business. Exactly. Exactly how how does that. There's people out there warning -- like okay how -- -- around with two countries drink and party time -- cover half his story is collect OK okay don't keep. -- watching -- Ideology trumped and now rob said it is a big joke a -- and a white and shoot -- -- English degree. But I moved to Austin. Kind of on -- went after Colin not a when -- were to go some place else and like everyone else fell into this all figure my life out you know and didn't weird city in Texas. But now after college I took a trip through Italy which is very. Very much a foundation for me now that I work with primarily timeline. Com. But I was telling girls you know on break. I remember sitting there at 21 years old and in my college roommates and we went through Tuscany is -- -- wineries and they are just you know live ended up enjoying the whole thing like. Stumbling out of wineries and higher ever sitting there and asking the tour had questions and borrowing their pamphlets to take further notes on domino like OK I actually really have a bug for -- and but the cool thing to me -- Thought it was when I got here especially. Austin is a very food and beverage centric place and even within the food industry I would say it's a very tight knit community and people are very willing to help because. Food in line especially the very social and fishery. It's a friendship which was always very appealing to me because that. -- -- sort of occupation it is almost obsolete. Now been. Bum that you find your passion you find somebody who remembers having that same passion and no idea about how to go about pursuing it right and they just genuinely want to help viewing new. He's studying you taste and you learn how to translate five different languages. And to make sense of something that's. A beverage and a store really crop was saying and and a history of -- family in an art and a and a business and he kind of just decipher all together and bottom line is people of wind is. The reason we are honoring our sharing it the other telling stories here and torture -- just kind of get into it and learn. Where your strengths lie in -- is it hospitality is on the floor resident production president sales and making sure that your. Your wines fit with the people and in the program that are gonna give it the most exposure nominally the producer would want you you make your own way. So what was your first one job. My first wind job. I guess I I started actually sold -- steak house downtown here themselves. It wasn't you know person a 100% strictly a wind job but it steakhouse comment are Sami at times mutual friend of -- eyes and he gets a good learning -- and I and he let me pepper him with questions I get to the poor lady of the winery in Tuscany and you know it could have a big focus on tasting in training staff. And I just kind of got hooked on it and -- pursuing in reading and tasting and we do spit from time to time we don't always swallow all the wind so it's not a continuous all day party right. And that's where everyone else that -- like Crimea river yeah I. -- -- -- is still a really good stories right tell me that his stories like just the mean -- better have you ever -- Cosby show. Yeah you're anything like cousin yeah no doubt about how he does a dance like that at Bethpage that's their nose so. -- to get in the wanna -- was actually on this is post for turning house -- -- military service so it probably one Alaska is you know to go into a wind type career bit. I found myself doing no public relations for the Ritz Carlton you know Saint Louis and so. Doing public relations like she was saying going backstage and different guess you get to meet. A lot of different celebrities and high profile guest coming in and to the Ritz Carlton to me is this pretty much the beat the number one the diamonds but hospitality yet worldwide and they they don't produce at the standards so. -- -- -- Mr. guys who becomes -- Saint Louis his -- in Saint Louis and his stays in the same suite. Many always drinks a certain bottle of tequila. And has a fresh chocolate chip cookie come up from the executive chef and now to this day I don't remember I always had to ask this question ways to kill wasn't. I don't remember is at that point in my life I was 23 years old. And to me -- tequila was the same record that makes any sense and a shot assault exactly so but I knew it was important for this one reason is that the sommelier at the time came down and asked me if I can help him. Go ahead and get the tequila. To make sure that it was coming up to the -- we didn't carry the sprints and so finally called the refined wine shops liquor shop. Restaurant anything I can view it was seconds away from calling Mexico itself. To try to get this to kill I finally found it. To me about four hours -- carrier out -- carrier comes back and throughout this entire time I'd spent more than two hours passed you know a ton of supposed to be there to get just kill -- and -- gonna do that's to mr. flexible like you grew at those guys you know -- -- -- so. For my service and assuming it looks -- -- do you wanna go -- clock. Think to go openly mr. costing you you've gotta be kidding me yes of course I wanna go up and so I go to the sweet. -- me the Somalia and and mr. Cosby. He's done a few jokes and and stuff like that but you would think in a room like that Baltimore. Jaws would drop me and the Somalia and we would be speechless and we're just waiting for mr. 'cause -- to make a movement or or anything. In fact it was mr. Cosby just talking over and over again and asking questions and -- in the summer -- about tequila. -- -- they plan to -- island and all this information that he wanted to know about -- brand and I just kind of looked at and went. That's the coolest job in the entire world. So I don't literally took my somebody out I went home to think about it for the week and asked my father around. You can make his career change -- to too weird one of your dad given nice job the Ritz Carlton were in a suit every day I don't public relations and they go to amend going I think wind is where it when -- got -- -- so. He gave me advice ago listen if you want something. -- find out how to get there and so I went up to him and has set up to about the lunch look across the table and decided I don't want you to take the -- way but I think. You -- that creep out that I really wanna get into. Ottawa take your job Dan Patrick yeah. Okay what -- until there was -- take off that -- -- learn how to serve that table go learn how to. Beat it and the best person hospitality that you can pin and from there just kind of got into it. That -- centric universe with hospital economy extend with the food elements in Africa and everything so awesome what's good story related story. Does not you know necessarily. Well let me know actors and cookies -- my story but at Italy and it didn't quite. All right anyway we're gonna come back with some more news more this one we're talking about some great news needs either Rebecca man and talk more appealing. We come back on the he said she said radio show at thirteen 70 AM. 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On the web at home is by design done this. Welcome back to she said she said radio I'm so thirteen seventy. We are back definitely is kind of talk about some more to do yeah. We talked about wind we got there was something -- -- like -- -- down economy -- via campers face down you know and they emblem can go saving ground. If you -- -- there is an -- for your wine consumption I don't these ladies we disaster course number three and I wish there were seven. That's right exactly I'll let myself now yeah right and how many would be deserves. That's an even gotten there now I know. That's it you know the didn't because you're you know you're Erwin center it's like Peter based I drink the area food it's it's great it's party night in his Saturday night so you join us. There isn't football games or four quarters for courses keep that in mind these ladies can get back. That's that's certainly the united network for -- -- works for basketball court order to embrace a wedding receptions like that but I. Maybe maybe what they are really hungry get on signing baseball game. -- all right Rebecca -- just take us through what the two courses than that we have here that you've got this great wanna stick you like this because -- -- fried food on a stick okay. Coming here in Texas Jerry I don't I don't wanna stick that -- -- -- who got Don it is a shiner a batter. Monte Cristo sandwich when -- black current jam. And it's pretty anonymously it is it is really good sits on a verdict sellers -- America should doctors there is our executive chef. When his signature sound bites mainly it was so little a lot of regular catering like normal functions for a reception. So so would there obviously there's a -- computer to you right there spicy going on so I doubt it because there's the dipping sauce here are some spice to attend the death -- and -- I had a party in -- -- I can't comment on -- okay now it's got to be Weiner told us you know Townsend Bell but couldn't get -- Well that wasn't why aren't we as we have this it was in an -- that we have that you were drinking with live with -- spicier stuff. -- with the spicier stuff we started out with a first. First course with the wings we had both rose's between disgusting and hang -- -- -- -- diablo -- we -- -- switch. Is and I don't bulb indigenous white wine to northwestern Italy. Piedmont as a region but. There's basically two whites from up there that I really really love is as really awesome to very wise one as our niece. What is called Cortez easy -- hobby but they're both. Get a -- Ones that around enough to stand up to something that has the bacon -- sausage whatever but it also has a really nice fruit and refreshing kind of clean finish that cleans up that spice and just want you. To take another right. Sure so it's kind of like go a little bit like that was hobby at sushi. -- the most obvious are the ginger Andrea -- injures -- how well bred a culture so you have to tell us Rebecca I mean give it. You have a cool job because you know in the I thought that was -- it better when senator do you guys could see a lot of great shows us that started out to get into this game. So my company Sodexo aware that the contract is a response provider at UT for athletics. I didn't want them almost fifteen years well and now before coming back to Texas I was in Boston pursuits than her thumb so lankans Alston and I needed to come home so this dog company opened and I. These science skills to get -- yeah. You know it's funny. We -- talking about like where where people from and you know I work with some people who are from from bought the Boston area. And when they come down here. -- about a little bit of a hard time assimilating sometimes because they're very. Like -- you know direct and you know I was like I was have to tell like you know you can sort like -- edges a little bit I know what you're trying to do what you want you -- from people hope that. He got to kind of take the edge off a little bit but it -- from Fort Worth. And when there are so was it like cultural. Totally challenger there as well not very country on camera western and a rodeo thanks so I kind of like my tells goals and not pick ups Canada on there done that and I had it. For a while I was teaching them at Texas a word every week. We started it all and then market right Dixon and Italy is getting a -- Texas that's near the end and they got to of course they let their own language and how much they don't have an honor and their language that's right. But it sure makes everything more to the right things -- -- So. That seat. Wouldn't veto in terms of in terms of what's going on at the the the at the stadium and that -- senator I know Beck was talking about. Things got a really slowing down for them a little bit -- -- and when school's out is that is that the case for the facilities as well or because you've got the events remains -- -- -- -- weddings can be anything an -- up. I think it's a little bit of us. And with school being out you know definitely then the traffic congestion and whatnot does sound a little bit there but as far as the event side you know we we have events. Throughout the entire year even through the season. So typically slows down a little bit and that's summertime event and there's a wedding you know it's a big season and her wedding receptions and and so are you know where definitely track and this summer and and content. In July of burgers from the -- -- who writes that's like it it's almost always it's always almost upon you today right now feels like well yeah. It's coming it's I know it's coming up. I'll definitely be out funny and I did things stay pretty consistent at her when setup. Did he do it kind of comes in waves and and a tennis player we had a lot of career fairs or job here is taking place. It just busy and then we do a lot of -- a lot of the UC dimensions and high school graduation and okay Karen Austin. We just -- those about a week ago and so that keeps us busy and then it has kind of they do coming to us at the summit got on -- -- -- bad parents out there. That we do have our special event that started -- two -- the business meaning there are some reception our. The -- of some sort you know taking place in the Arenas Sonya live a little bit of felt like his quiet but without an act it's talent. Does it say in these ladies I asked him on break they did you off premise catering has while cell -- -- you're just not feeling like the game -- setting called up the -- bring this stuff out you'll be as happy and keeps like wherever you are. Death. Fantastic so when I needed to -- the break but we come -- commander you guys have done this he has ever heard heard it on the show their duty Mars vs Venus. Trivia. I can right yeah don't tell the new mayor Ed should. Now that doesn't always got my I can quality not quantity -- Tied to a sort of do that when we come back and it's going to be a total wrote down I'll have to check it was producer -- -- where we are in the standings. I just know that my record -- pretty strong lately. I'm telling -- get out of car was the last time I was on yeah and victories slaughtered slaughtered -- water and got a pretty good idea have you seen Braveheart. -- OK that's a challenge. OK anyway you listen he said -- -- radio show he will be back in just a few minutes for that yeah. Challenge. Living by design. Brought you five by design custom home -- a year from your dreams your home or mission -- -- -- building your dream home turn into a nightmare. Cold -- and at 51291726534. On the web at homes by design does business. It's he said she says radio on talk thirteen seventy. -- -- -- -- And now it's time to. -- -- We have a pretty existing set up I think tonight good you've got three people in the studio who have done this before. Green who have not -- Right and and we and we all have our mobile devices now -- turned off. I'm no one was good -- -- are not coming. But they don't we know how we also oftentimes have this game show and wave favorite on the men's side in terms of a number of people. So tonight we don't very it's actually the option right so for -- foreign to. So Robin I have you know it's it's -- you know like have minor challenge was -- it's a week of the underdogs. The United States is not supposed to advance we beat John I mean you know. So yes and -- also by the way Spain who who was supposed to -- -- like they're the defending champions they're apparently they just -- today. So he gave me you know maybe guys are like Spain who please explain to -- let's go to the producer and the then ask what I don't know what happened last week. Where we. Well interestingly enough ladies. Lost unfortunately -- -- the -- and did win and the way we play the game is the police. Question we have six questions and -- -- -- -- -- person going rotation. If we need to go to a tiebreaker at the end of the six questions I have one of those again this is all about having fun and talking you know -- teammates. You can eliminate one of the right answers you've got -- you can -- shot and it's nice gentleman if you wanted to -- question we can talk about. -- points to the ladies. However you want to play well you really mix it up when they may now we I will -- I'm not gonna ask a question about his veteran of these -- all being sort of a derby. True or false questions do you hearsay element 81. That is 55 jazz are always three. And I always -- a -- in this particular case we do have a 5050 yard. -- installer which is. OK there's an idea if you have proportional the final answer comes up and it sounds like this when you've got questions related pay me. Tennessee all right I'll read over at. And if you don't get it right it will be responded to -- my. True. The only true and we heard that at the heart I mean at the and enjoy a couple of times plus. Okay so ladies you have you are. -- to believe -- you get people from one to six. It's random enjoys. They're very collectible questions. Manuel indicated no group doing away that's why I try to give hundred references. It's terrific. -- went through sixth pick your question the divorce. I defer to the guests -- number. -- Yeah before this is probably do the other kids in -- -- gentlemen we'll have spent. Four and the question is which country and help the largest outdoor music concert. Visit Brazil the United Kingdom. For the united. Never seems ambiguous I just like to her out there. You can -- And just test and you can't. I guess I you lose they'll say oh really got nothing right it's. How. Take -- back yards and assess the all right our rush ahead of us who didn't outside of production -- I -- he -- things on my initial got businesses feeling and you us then yeah I think and I think you can't. Yeah. Alison. You're all in for the UK. Where Roland so this is this should ring a bell. -- if it's Brazil last presumably after in his -- -- In addition crazy there and Brazilian know they've got to be the big guy out to -- -- the headlines and three million people dance on the beach. Only now -- now I know Woodstock entitled why do all those other things I remember when I was amazed by this. Not score an original three million people and England don't ban it's. Three million people absolutely -- I don't think they ever stop dancing in Brazil now. You know these -- laid -- for that all right gentlemen you're. Okay. We think -- we have 12356. Pilots can be even numbers -- to. We're number two number two it's staying in the same. Remains a risk this question was in reference to what's going on in the World Cup. Sarah Palin holds a record for the youngest player in the World Cup soccer league. And how old was he when his Brazil team won the world come back in nineteen. What's your seventeenth eighteenth and witches were both going so he's the youngest player -- champions ever. And so the great thing is you know getting into the World Cup and -- like I -- I watch it once every four years yeah so -- prepared for because I am that bigamy -- -- Before the game started at her watch three different -- documentaries on YouTube. Well. We had a really good shot -- -- I don't understand you know was going on so Ahmed Ramadan and say seventeen days when he went in there and actually. Didn't start the first game. -- -- actually scored two goals in the second game went on to win. Championships -- a bonus points -- That's the ancillary issues I was. No really it's. Okay. That can even be true. But I -- trust him. That was so comedy and it was like Ali just. He had a wire harness your honor I'm now I think now the question before we played a later -- you have. Married again. -- -- -- And the gentleman -- wrong. To a flying start and by the way there's there's a player out there -- is nineteen minutes of playing unbelievable one of those teams and their communities government. OK ladies you are now. Number one. Number uno. Right so this is the real house of the people who are in the studio. Your college football history has truly big stadiums on the world -- And all of these -- over a 100000 people Richard these top ten college. You're Williams is the largest. Michigan Ohio or Texas memorial. Michigan Ohio. For any of Michigan you aren't tomorrow Wisconsin for -- for -- -- -- form today. You're right let me. I can only tell you that you know she's just behind them. 09000. People let me out. And Ohio is just there in the middle of the resolution usually does better universities are facilitating enhanced sound they need. I senator gentlemen you are now on. Okay we have one through six then let's see we have three okay we'll find themselves. I'd say let's go back to pales in -- Moussaoui was number six. Yeah. It's so much like -- time -- -- -- it was going to be out of business yeah. -- at the hands again well this would be in the ladies -- house. What's important gentleman in the world of luxury private suites which it was first to offer this guy on. The astrodome. Boston College. Record Indianapolis British home. It's. He's not on the list. How did he wasn't on the list -- artistic and his -- people personally beat. Don't you Graham got his own sky above. Semi Demi YouTube videos to watch a little right exactly so Boston Dallas and Indianapolis raceway and Mozilla. Asterisk. Pastors -- don't ask you don't. And I think so oil money down and everything else but you can make more revenue I would think -- the raceway when -- the long stretch of true. Would be more economical and real estate wise and how to do it you know you have more people in the stands you sir I do and talk -- Ultimately the answer. What happened in Washington wine bottle okay. And -- gonna figure you know through the raceway is luxury suites I think it's a trick question is trying to trick -- see what they're trying to do. Since then both groups are unique restaurants have to and I don't wanna fall for -- -- -- -- okay well again you're you're my guest tonight we'll defer your answer I'm just very -- -- the Astros. -- It's all writing on your children get -- yeah. Why -- I know I'm gonna go with a race like the dominant he's go to Indy yeah. And only true now was it Boston or was it Castro is is yes you know how can use that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah I what was that it was the eighth wonder of the world and yeah. It was so anything you want to know that a parent and that was done in the sixties and you want to know the reason why rebuild skyboxes Texas ladies going in the sun. What was already and don't always -- my thing. Wait a minute what was it according to this is box revenue is not shared on sky -- -- with the guests the -- -- revenue soon make -- whole month the revenue and boxes they don't have the sheriff with the all right I got a big thing NRA and around we still have a 121 race we do so ladies have their work -- Yeah I have court to really. Pick your poison. The attack. Membership -- the hell are we on technology. Okay. Yeah I. Not primarily a lot and -- and I'm all right ladies here we go. Your cloud or not to work well that is the question. Do you store on your PC and deal with the cyber locker room assuming your computer we usually cloud where -- available to all the time. With the without a warrant. My goal is a new player in Smartphone technology with a cloud storage which company is their latest acquisition in this area. Dropped him the best protect third. Smart technology company industry so you know. -- very long introduction to that question I have is so basically -- when you theology is now up for grabs to the. So what supplementary cloud didn't Google I rank you down actually Middleton smack you gotta. And the options horror dropped him who missed the integrity of. Did you really did get her this question. Soon I think I think this one's going to be all yours and I. The fuel anyway then maybe give a good Daniel yeah -- we -- we get this we get to -- -- don't if they wanna go and see if they wanted to it's. Does -- why we we don't write and I'm I'm. Intimate got decisions that's an online and I'll -- -- -- it -- doing download the well we'll get an answer the first one out. Dropped comment yeah -- -- it's particularly. We can I try him -- sounds like a better exactly title -- -- -- You can see them and taking -- this -- kill bill is a business. Not personal but we -- -- the -- unnecessarily -- and it's not as they are. Yeah that is the. That was obvious answer apparently knew that's why I wanna. This hand -- -- gentlemen it is too when you need to come from behind and time. Tied up okay all right Rob Bironas numbers -- today -- the -- who's responsible for this famous world. To succeed you need to find something to hold onto the true subject to motivate you and something to inspires. Is it you rock the Tony your son will be tomorrow. To succeed you need to find something to hold -- -- -- Clearly this was not on YouTube. -- -- Sure I'm not sure that Tony -- that usually notice for quote told us was real football not soccer so he was enough and you can check out buffalo and we had to keep -- close to home so it's sort of uncomfortable. And listen to a little party quotes and Nicole in those good. We get out of my way. So it's so your ears and let's eliminate Lombardi and make endorse senator. -- -- This is the one we really need. Always value in continued to do whatever it another bonus cash -- survives and just a moment. Coming delegate I'd listen to a lot of Lombardi yeah speeches and -- I don't recall that certain quote but I do know that he's probably when most quotable people. You don't motivational speaking with success and everything else. Between all of those three so. -- -- go with an -- with the odds in Salem party. An illegal aliens. I'm I'm back -- that answer. You can log on okay. -- true you know it's Tony -- while Roy hall of Famer who knows how to overcome your. The man. Tough talk about Tim Shanahan and yeah my chest -- plus congratulations ladies. Ladies and -- -- is and so for that. And not. People -- -- over here on the. I'm. All right anyway that was always that's always -- little -- it's replied yeah. I think we've tried need to take a break and pay some bills I don't cut out here for a few minutes and you know reset reset the table and we'll come back -- talk about -- celebratory on eighth street and -- and right hopefully there won't revenue in two months. All right regularly he says she said radio show on thirteen. Seventy. The Mars vs in his game show sponsored by California closets in the Texas hill country isn't -- beautiful downtown show -- fifth -- market where there's a surprise behind every door. It's and he says she's there. The radio I'm not at all. Thinking of building a new home I don't know where it starts. 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And other events can visit us at when -- dot com. As far as these truce brought you my twin lakers celebrating 75 years with -- twenty Austin area locations for on the web -- -- lakers dot com. Welcome back to he says she said radio I'm so. -- seven. Okay I'm gonna try to rally and come back and that is that what things. All right ladies festive feel right taking energy back up a little bit you know we've what the moon's right up there already get back -- like sugar and alcohol. Okay they'll bring you up right I I don't know what we're doing now in the studio you guys can just picture we have like these beautiful little deserves -- better. Brought like the desserts again he has a lot of good stuff on stakes went down and this is like like. He's a look at cakes -- -- -- couple that I back right people saw it. So tell us about the trade you run out and the assortment of things yeah. Practices -- an assortment of French micro loans which are different than your regular cup and smacked around Louisiana friends spelled differently everything. Didn't think they're the same time there's definitely not the same they're much better. We've got nothing against the Poconos but -- background -- for the moment yeah there's other assorted flavors -- -- raspberry Vanilla. On an and we had a red velvet chocolate Vanilla cake box and we just had some assorted pastries on chocolate hearts many Claire's. -- -- Little brownie yeah. Just like finger more finger foods in -- -- -- mean there's like these in a small vice even Rex didn't mix up and a lot of -- flavors up. Which is great I mean and a lot and a lot of favors you personally could have a lot. She's being modest they're -- I Fareed I think you're right it's can't -- out there -- no -- -- -- there's no utilities no -- what's I don't know I don't know well and then -- so an -- wine experts have have heard this was -- -- really -- that was sure and that we have an event in my showroom tomorrow -- that's. Then and only drink and have as a strength so it -- and so I've obvious I believe and it's highly. To tell us about what were pairing with the dessert tonight. So it -- we have pared for suck -- sell. Basically what that is is that is the notable Italian style sparkling wine from what makes it different from say champagne or even the Spanish -- that we kind of visited earlier. It is. One that it's more free. And that is inherently in the way that it is made so. Now getting overly technical. Percent go is kind of what rob talked about it it's a little less expensive to make because you do it in. In a large tank rather than individually and models for. A meticulous and -- extended period of time to. It -- -- and prettier and more fun and basically. It's more. Against adversity told with things that are higher in sugar because if you go a champagne or -- You are gonna get that dryness which is kind of the appeal that but it's also gonna come across. It's a little harsh with things that are high in sugar witches. Kind of surprising for people who think that traditional. Pairing with wedding cake champagne and we kind of discussed before but you know when you go with the basics of food and wine pairing they don't really. Going hand in hand as much as you'd think you -- on someone's little more fruit a little wider. It's gonna lift that sugar off your -- and and Clinton that like we talked about with the gender seeking new format spicy -- City to the desert. Good CNN old little big golden rule we're talking about desserts and we'll do it wrong and I think it's because we have blizzard coming and we don't care if you have a chance as I don't come -- for -- -- -- -- don't bother me but -- the -- -- -- -- with one and her parents is the wind actually has to be sweeter than the desserts that -- -- less sweet while I'm committed to challenge sometimes that is spends so a lot of people we don't drink a lot of this and and the United States found sought terms of me and porous engineer and share this right. Now with due to monetary and there's rules and stuff like that different things happen there's only one main ruled everybody -- listen to. Drink would you like when you wanna drink it and how you wanna drink it I mean really that's your hair. What it is so. But I do say one thing is you know a lot of the times when you're you're playing -- -- weddings and of course you have the celebratory thing going on. How much I wish we are popping champagne after our victory but we lost so we -- yeah. We went to protect the -- -- so we went right through it back super Psycho. Now a bit late for Psycho this is gonna be lighter and because you get the fruit and fruit as a natural sweetness. We thought between the cubs -- the percent go to percent goes gonna have a sweeter tend to on the ballot. And it's gonna go a lot better with good desserts so for all the gentlemen out there who's spent a lot of money on the engagement ring and all the women out there are paid a lot of money for the wedding. -- regrets are together. Do not spend too much on that champagne you can actually say it was two dollars go out and get the second right it's the right choice it's the right choice and you start off. The marriage responsibly. Like that you know and they don't make good decisions right so on the other side of course -- -- -- the table got people who were like you know always heavily involved in the planning events and things like wedding receptions this is good has great advice to share with you people you know -- sound like more of an expert seniority are. -- costly and there's very few things up for Psycho that are going to be off putting to be culture high and champagne. Can be hard you know percent it was. The bachelor party and champagne is the letting you know -- I have a little fun of burial and for the serious stuff for long haul. And I don't think that this really -- your man card at all. Know that in that whatsoever none of them have spoken more -- good and right and yeah. All good here -- That's awesome but did these are some great sparkling. Options that you guys abroad that we haven't had a champagne tonight. But we had some great -- options you know from the from Italy and from Spain. And so there you go. I think perfectly okay pops I will say I will say that especially raspberry raspberry and the -- of cake pops yeah it's spectacular yeah. These are really good stops to attempt after they put her -- it. Yeah that's really really good. Okay cool so I don't know anyone else's idea doesn't mind anything. Not so much. Acquittal on we moral line over -- and bad side of the death of the roommate and I can -- I have absolutely. So. You know the that the dessert options I mean you don't summons when Tim was planning planning their menu out. -- is off and you're actually doing this words like who often times people would just you know have their -- brought in what could of should have you know America. In the community wedding being beaten anyway. -- we don't have a pastry -- so when people wanna bring -- obviously we -- them yeah. But we only have a book catering guy that has -- comment and so people and she's out or. If they'd just tell me that they want. A -- option then it that I try to here. That -- with what their -- boasts the -- a little bit. -- you know from the end it side of it Rebecca and her crew. They're really good if we add an event and a client victims and with a specific ideas. And you know -- -- seen her in the near that they really want that maybe is a little. Different or unique that Rebecca turned to her team really got about. They'll work at that time is milk bill and you know make it special and really. Essentially make them happy with what they're looking for person they have those capabilities tend to customize the median time to whatever to whatever that I'm looking for. Bryant -- so what we have Leo as we've talked about your exposure to famous people. Equally fair assessment is as mr. -- little yes right there but any any it is crazy food requests that you could share with -- with the with us a great. Grazing menu ideas. The other ever going to end. And -- -- -- the other glittery thing alien thing -- but you're pretty much keep him between the lines yeah I'm gonna let people load when they're gonna go to banquet. Credits that should dinner because she. What you're asking if they want it and I and it's just played a solid tight dresses up. Right well and she is mentally and just long enough I think you've really seen it all and that's my -- -- that I think I have seen little from the peanut butter and jelly makers estimate doesn't need any thing do you know fancy it airplay stuff -- something. Right it will you know we were living in the northeast where you do similar yeah similar occupation yes -- and -- -- less talent be news maybe in the -- the current. My house not so much of my serve and that's and they noticed like with the dessert you guys have opted not to go with this crises. -- -- -- spicy desserts we had a triple brownie -- does and manageable and it bit and I thank kept honestly this time we. This kid that was really good but I can I generally was rescinded at that -- at the peanut butter and jelly. The threat I relate to this does my parents always make fun of me and once I got into the hospitality career in the game until wine and food and to become iconic culture wine and food culture geek. There remind me of the story that I was such a -- growing up that. My parents would take me out to a restaurant but the only thing that really cared -- it was McDonald's hamburger then and so my stepmother. To give me out to play ST two and had not let me throw a temper tantrum when actually freeze McDonald's hamburgers. We'll put him in her purse. We would go out to the restaurant we would be sitting down white tablecloth restaurants. And the like and you look at the waiter poured and poured. Waitress portal and she would hand her these frozen hamburgers and go can you please just have the -- Now. -- this -- I'll try and put it on -- plates and the -- order after that and I don't know how I get away with it or have lived this long yeah she. Yeah what I was that person on the Salem how much they -- do you vs Vegas wanted to have an enjoyable meal brand and assure that -- for you yeah you know what -- -- leaders that are resources it right and the only thing I gather from that story by -- for the -- my father learned how to tip. Very very well I. Very very you know in my young adult life hopefully. Hospitality professional how you feel about that in hindsight. In hindsight you know I would it's while while now I'd be glad to do it of course you know fresh ideas that especially Florida. I think you know what in the hospitality industry and its good points -- hospitality and customer service. People always put him in the same kind of blanket greatly that they are completely different things. The customer service department when I call the cable company articles -- threat but at -- really exist. Yeah the best definition I ever discuss her service is something you call yourself hospitality is an emotion erupts -- It's it's truly an emotion that when somebody actually do something. You're not thinking of all five different reasons of how your daddy's gonna change and continue to put -- be bad and a bad mood. You go. How can -- make this work for you so I can see you -- So I always thought you know customer services we don't call ourselves as professionals but hospitality is actual treat an emotional -- That a few people have and do it very very well so when you're working with somebody. Who's got great food great wine and just that hospitality nature and emotional billion and you've got a winning combination that. Yeah it really all right we talk about in my business we talk about customer service alive and the reality is we're talking about what customer service used to be because now it's press one if you wanna speak English and yes -- really impress upon the you know and then how can we do issue Lofton and treat you like that like cattle. And -- is a great example he come from that background Brent. And now our company actually has a word -- that's based on the -- rich Carlton Credo from you know of ownership. That's pleasing people we are ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen right absolutely and so it it but that doesn't really exist much in the world at all anymore it's always great when you see that you know it does it. I was like there's that phrase that the customer's always right even when they're wrong right now and that's and that's what we we turn it features happen. And like you say no matter how it's gonna affect your Dayton they don't need to know it it'll governors must certainly don't even know what goes on. That the biggest the biggest say in an industry you know I sort nights on the floors of Somalia it was you know you worked so far as I clocked in at five so. You know you're coming out to relax and forget about today I can't bring my day -- right I just talked and might it doesn't matter now it's all about you. And yeah great point. So well you know -- in on the on that subject. Who has a great customer service I put them quotes right who has great hospitality. Experience -- can share. But a recent one we just wowed who who has been dazzled lately. Thank you mean next time and also are there. Bobby got his ticket to your heart. I don't have -- Yeah. What happens every day of the week I mean -- Yeah. Robbie how ironic I have one that I -- to remember those. The flyers have had about Sharpton got -- center and Jeff Barrett so. I was actually gets cool thing about hospitality -- -- he -- friends that way and done nicer than this only added that a steak house up on the hill there and Steiner. And on some of the good guys stay invited me over for barbecue so. We had it right down the road into the extent arrange residential area to go refer Barbeque and that's from the fire started so we had a clear out of the house and and everything else be. Lovely young woman I was with avenue -- house sitting on lake Austin that weekend so when we all got kicked out is that of new apartments there. We all had to get active evacuated some stayed at this house in lake Austin and thinking great time off work Steiner's feed the fire department were threatened fires. Hope everything's gonna go okay we ordered pizza that night and they lost the address. So they actually did not deliver food until about 22 and a half hours they finally got the through there they knew what was going on with -- of the -- fires -- -- that we are displaced. Hand written letter. I hand written letter from the owner and said we apologize or negative -- quicker. Please try this again here's a coupon on us and it wasn't just a letter was handwritten and I was a -- -- an entire world's. That's amazing. Yeah and it's so rare now in the it digital age we're someone penned something on a lot and it's still meaningful absolutely that's great story. And with that story we're gonna just take another quick break. Pay some bills -- come back to wrap things up let's talk about people get a hold you. 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Using my extensive experience working with builders and architects interior designers lenders and all the other service providers involved in the construction of your dream home we can say -- -- time frustration and money so if you're thinking of building a new -- -- call us at 5120. And 91726. 53 and don't -- building your dream homes turn into a nightmare. Things. You know. She's. Okay. Who's living by design Brian -- abide by design custom home concierge your dream you're home our mission a dual led building your dream home turn into a nightmare. Called Kerry and at 51291726534. On the web and Colmes by design Don bids. Welcome back to he says she says -- -- salt. Seven. Well welcome back I would like to give a shout out to our -- standard. Leading lady host care and -- -- DN you know I hope she's emigrate come on the East Coast. Here's a shout out to Karen he would normally talking about the -- we're talking about things like that nations inciting and and that's -- We which we can make pretty exciting yeah. Can't really really can't. -- tonight -- all been about food in and now hospitality and and and wine and they're really talk much about liquor but one thing that I wanted asking us about. Here's Robin mentioned this earlier that we drink percent -- deserve but there's also so whether this also do other -- options at that people. Maybe you guys are saying was outdated. And and but there's other user options out there like ports and structure and you mentioned. And so you would let's talk a little bit about that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The big thing you know being back at that restaurant side that was looked at those dessert -- numbers and go one of these self and I think the reason why they don't want people don't experiment enough with those lines -- By the end of the meal that is still guilty are ready. Yeah I mean yeah you know what it means that sometimes I'll go to the table and and does anybody care for dessert deceiving and somebody who decide that no I don't feel guilty and make everybody else at the table just kind of know what to what the dessert -- to be tempted party Cooper right exactly so but those who have experienced it before I think it was truly experienced how to design and I think this is something that everybody has to do at some point take a vacation when you go to the restaurant -- a lot cheaper. They go in the Napa which we'll talk about here a little while -- going out to a restaurant and saying you know what I'm an experiment with this menu and that's why must Obama spent the next three hours and just slowly enjoy the food and think about the food and think about the wind and think about the army announced they can take you -- a little journey -- in the world where there. And so when you're doing that please save a little bit room. For that desserts and that dessert wine because the first time you have that deserve -- first time because they can change a life Bryant get a sense. -- the -- let me know this is a -- -- because often times I'll just -- the actual physical -- and have -- -- -- -- -- support definitely -- -- -- medical -- I don't look at just make sure that's -- -- and you have some liquid calories -- write it it's actually -- less calories -- yes if you wanna be healthier for the I would say on the way go to myself OK right that's right so confident as self esteem rising OK perfect excellent and the end and then -- was talking I mean obviously have a passion for Italy and and we've been talking not about Spain as well so what what are. And for twelve obviously you know -- report but well in the -- who knows the history of either as I'm sure you both have history on these studios like. In terms of Spain at cherry cheery defiance -- -- man things are Ryan and then the funding -- Jerry actually talked a little both cared about it last time odds on here is that. Sherri it is because unfortunately like I said kinda like the old guy who just creeping up the prom like it's just lonely old people who that it got. The connotation that it's gotten. But it is so diverse. In terms of what you can do what we you can have an entire 45 course meal. -- -- -- because it can be really thick and viscous and you know they use that -- -- is different -- and you get that kind of -- kind of -- heat on the nature that goes really well in dark chocolates -- like this kind of -- was -- and -- and cakes and things like that or you know you can have a very fine -- polish -- alcohol Fino -- that is is really light and color and sexy and it's like a new piece of lingerie and it's just like new and an exciting and you know the loved -- sought dry and it's kind of like that kind of -- -- -- something that is is not to be -- terminated by at all because there's so much potential Flores. -- error or you can be a little bit more patriotic as a Washington yeah. -- USA. Portugal and I would say here's here's the thing when impress your friends be patriotic and just be unique necessary nominal leader do enough friends who beat you up for being too geeky. Bring home a bottle of Madeira and I -- -- and stuff here's outstanding stuff and it was in fact when we signed the declaration of independence we finally got our freedom and we -- those red coats right there are far our great land of ours. What were they tell us in with was a -- and the support those Madeira. And the reason why we tested at Madeira is port all went to England right. And the -- it was a one that was kind of what they thought was the leftovers. And that got shipped over to the colonies and the United States and kind of fun fact is that it wasn't a Tea Party. -- the first one -- wanna get all the publicity. But the the first big thing as far as taxes was actually attacks on the -- And Boston and some leaders -- huge huge thing in our culture and so special reporting it's cordial we can drink ports great. What we can do as we can have a nice cigar. And we injury can nice glass of Madeira and be very very patriotic and I I would sit there and always say you don't -- eagle but a bacon with the Madeira and and your American parade there. -- -- tell you -- in the Carolinas is not meant to be consumed. You know -- to three blasts kind of circumstances that there's a story behind -- -- wine that is -- -- or it's cherry or export and it its age for 1520 years don't you think that we're doing 15120. Years ago it. I don't know -- you yet now. Yeah I have no idea what is the story romantic. Not announced so. These things come in and they have a lot of of history behind them and if you wanna how to really full floods like rob said dining experience. -- Ford and smaller smaller portions and they're meant to complement either. The end of your dinner for the -- -- your having and then they're very circumstantially specific and they really have a purpose that if you ask the selling really get sad or just you know real of that about it or just say this is exactly the -- I wanted perfect you know. Can say they can be added that cherry on top so to speak. Right and was -- it's not only just at the end of the meal but with -- with a nice -- absolutely could very yeah right Dana and Tanzania -- out -- great designer I've I've hung out those old dudes in Spain in the they want -- any -- right in the afternoon and they want a glass of -- that's right area that's how you get the party started. -- I can expect that there's an -- in Hawaii you can open and close with -- everyone's asked how the two -- -- -- -- -- thing I always liked him to mentioning I don't know if you guys do this with people come -- when you're having discussions about -- it's like you have to remember people -- kind of freaked out -- and and an intimidated by it. And have to look I don't care who you are someone else knows a ton more about -- and then you do and you have to just let that go Diana there still be intimidated jump in. And like you -- both have done ask questions you know just ask a lot of questions are stupid questions -- This past. And here's your homework it's not wait I have homework Canada I don't know -- -- is when you're when you're asking questions and learning and wind played and. Don't be afraid of it cannot carry in the one -- at the new algebra equation you have to go -- gentler and what -- gonna do drink more wine -- asked questions drink more wine market eat more food. And here's they what's gonna happen when you more should -- more wind -- other people that wanna do the same thing. You're gonna make a lot more friends -- people around your community a lot more to very social thing yeah it's a lot better than and algebra book -- tell them what's so follow up question to -- getting into the the wine business story with you know with what Cosby's little bill right and hopefully you know what this guy. And did you end up going to tequila -- you know I and a quarter he quit if you don't let the here's the thing that I as I wish it would across the bridge as far as appreciation particulars order asking no no did you look like physically literally go to Cuba. No don't miss it have good skill yes it is just a bit just this would Demi -- we're not done yet. Yet but -- parting word of advice do you all we go to Cuba. I just I just as a follow up to that look at economy is 'cause we didn't go he should go to -- and I'm sure I'm straight guys here who knows and he. Yeah a lot of questions he he he was kind of a man of the world wasn't -- stuff Russia and let's -- certainly is -- the -- That that I don't know we're off the rails. What they do what is -- little bit about the need to get about trips and going on trips and stuff like that I think they were talking a little bit about Saddam -- you're taking your own trip like you don't if you enjoyed two -- had that kind of thing coated -- open. If you really like -- a little area in this country where you can go for the wind canceled a place called Napa and Sonoma valley mom and a. You gonna say the Texas hill country and there's the Texas hill country well and also -- -- -- you can also go to a -- just as a side note. Just keep him keep a -- amazes me how far. The Texas -- -- -- that people from the northeast when I was living there came to Texas to do once you're in I was like I'm sorry you're going where. Like in California -- written well you know there's there's a bonded winery in every country and every state so there's nothing you can make one if you want and while it's not going to be -- carcinoma are herb. Necessarily the Pacific northwest Texas -- some zone the national press Texas Virginia and Missouri we need New Mexico. And people have figured out what to girl and and how to cultivated and as Reno Texans are proud of what they do and by gosh they are gonna make the best line that can possibly make absolutely no matter where we have the violence grips. Yeah and oftentimes has -- this people are truly understand that where the grapes are grown is not facility where the winery is is Indian and Pacific northwest it's a great. Point to make I've lived there for a long time and they might have you know great winery on the west side of the mounds description off in the west side in the eyes of right up to keep that in mind. All right listen we are running low on time and it's time to say goodnight and and I appreciate you guys had this been a great every -- an analogy of -- picture of his chance to to let people know how. They would get a hold of you or your products. And you know that to drink your wine Robin and -- How would -- how would be search you out new products. Was -- surge in us out I mean you can go of course on the RE DC website -- get to know our brands but I would just say go out take my advice. Did you love one to -- -- any one of the best restaurants here in the city of Austin and I guarantee there's some republic products. There on the list -- free to enjoy it so cost of perfect demanding. Yeah in terms of the noble stuff I guess I and I due mostly Italian you can. Email me at the Mattie M a TT I. You're feeling just a little more off the beaten -- go to my blog at the voluptuous signs dot com. We give wanna personality and make it make it a little more fun and a little less intimidating as it is -- -- talking about before herself awesome always fun stuff on there. Very good Mae and Lindsay have achieved to -- -- people get a -- the UT to book good -- an event. Can they can or should they are insanity nationally check of Saudi -- tee fairway and senator dot com other -- and give me miles. -- direct number is 512471. 4713. And then for the stadium. The stage and you can -- just directly at I have 12471. And 989. I have. And if you ever want to check out any -- news we have our pricing information and in some pictures of all of big news that we have it's Texas sports dot com. Slash event rentals cool and that's where all of our information as. Awesome Rebecca thanks so much for bring in the food and this is great to see you. Good to see yeah how people contact you in and then that have you here take care of them on the -- side. Well once you book your space at either of these locations on you can reach us -- catering. That's -- athletic -- you Texas dot ED is some. OK guys I'm Daniel -- of California closets -- I'm leery she'll you can realize I thought I. -- -- blame business cards right you call me on my cell phone at 5129831544. -- always popping in my showroom at the corner of fifth on the Mario California closets showroom right there. You can always find me and what pop bottle line. Talk about dealers are -- out there and I tomorrow night. For stack up all right guys thanks for join us tune into he says she's a radio show after 2:30 AM. Have a good night and we'll see you next Saturday. Living by design. Brought to abide by design custom home concierge you -- your home or mission. Don't let building your dream home turn into a nightmare called care and at 51291726534. On the web at. At home by design does this. It's he said. She says radio. -- -- Thirteen seventy. Family owned and operated for 75 years where winters has locations all over central that's. When offers an extensive selection of wines spirits walking in here you. And certified one experts to help you selections -- carriers for me. You know more about your favorite wines and spirits of more than 40101 class held every weekend when the lakers locations. It's -- great for more information. And other events and visit us at -- -- dot com. I need a leader in all kinds of lighting solutions for your home or business breezy -- earlier a leader in the world it recessed lighting including architectural down lanes while in accidentally noble takes me and calls -- and energy efficient and Levy lighting solution. Clinton last night you for your budget doesn't like meaning have you covered between good better and -- like no clear options to fit every -- and I didn't try to entries since 1959. Sunrise for some like conversations at -- -- located at 10 Horace. 01 -- and an online at lady meet dot com come home is where I have friends who -- the Hamas this we are not supreme viewers can watch over her business and a mother can Elijah burstein who needs no room where and highlights steered away monsters granddaughter and now -- granddaughter. It's a cell that holds the final album and brings generations face to face for the first time. The California closets we understand what home means. 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