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Jun 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief Boston's food and -- radio group. Of presentation of specs wines spirits and -- news and now he's the guy who loves to talk with a -- -- Your host Jon -- mirrors. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of delicious mystery of the -- my radio program board Texas. As always delicious mischief is a presentation of specs wines spirits and finer foods. Where in Dallas this week and visiting as -- chef friend who never ceases to amaze and never ceases to have some kind of exciting thing going on and will be chatting with Stephen piles about his brand new concept called some -- by eight. And out which is here of course in Dallas where a lot of his best work has been done over the years a place that you know -- is a culinary hot -- of -- idol also good if you will just one election a little bit later in today's show will be having our great ingrained tasting segment from the -- suspects must always a favorite of mine. Get it try some new wine -- -- new spirit new cocktail even sometimes but right now we are sitting in a restaurant called sons all -- and down singer Stephen piles. One of that one of those Texas chefs who sort of signed his name across the last few decades of food in this state and and really an ambassador to the world for all things. That are about the elements of Texas and certainly. You know Latin cuisine is an element of Texas so it it it does fit but Stephen. How did it come to pass that you opened a place and then called it's on solved by heading. Well it's the. Older so Mars base which which we've talked about you've been to and I loved dearly but when the building that tomorrow was in was purchased by. New owners in and we were told we're going to be closed for six to eight months they said we don't want you to leave so -- -- give your new concept. If you would like -- a button. I like Latin America spent a lot of time there -- so that's how sends a -- he was born. So so when you say Latin America I mean I'm sure there are people in Texas and you'd use fed them a lot over the last few years who automatically think yeah I love Mexican food and or even Tex mex food and and I think we're only now coming to realize just this year. Grand -- in the sheer diversity of foods from the many many many cultures of Latin meaning south from central and South America. How do you go about kind defining what Latin food even Israel. Well in in in the short term manages it's everything sounds of Arlington Texas. Well that got a wire access -- I think -- to go far enough you start having penguin and things bad -- but for now I think we can we can count on some really rich cultures. In and so I mean. How did you what cultures did you choose to focus on because there -- -- -- every country in the in South America Francis has some kind of culture and therefore some kind of food but there are some that just leap out and grab most of us including you. That's right and I you know it really is is the countries and cultures. I know well that I love that I have spent a lot of time. So. You know it's it's hard to do it. I've been -- based on all of Latin America's so I had to pick and choose what I thought would work well together the dishes the cultures of cuisines. So there's there's a a touch of Mexico you can do you know panel address without including Mexico -- why would you jump over it anyway. Exactly with all those great tortillas you know could we make our own needs them all and we do. Our our own tortillas and -- so it got a category Turkey isn't -- but also. You know what works that well. Tacos and talk we talk whose witches Peruvian potato rice cake. And what -- who is not a top though is that what -- can tell me and saying it talk who twice talk we talk who is not a taco wants taco. Well that that is -- and and a little bit later I wanna ask you about some of these food types here because they really really are. Interest staying in and you know yes there are still say it's an impact not as send and end tacos and tamales and those words are used. But a lot of the words that you use on your menu here it's -- -- why they are not not repeat as familiar in Texas as those are. First off why sons of I mean what what does that even mean in most importantly what does it mean you. I was really greatly inspired years and years ago and continue to celebrated little holiday called he would -- -- And that is a perfect example where the name sounds a lot it came from. It's the union or some would say the conflict between paganism that existent in that culture and religion specifically catholicism. In this culture we've obliterated dollar indigenous culture we just killed. They're they're more incorporated so there's this wonderful union between the two so every little town in Mexico and South America has their own little saint. The special -- so this is this is the while saying to represent the union of the pagan in the religious. There's at some wild saying no that was something else but that. Tell me -- let's talk decor a little bit because you know I I do it calls tomorrow and it had a very kind of you know caused by sort of Middle Eastern need mystery about even though it was cooking Mediterranean by way of the Middle East -- -- to India -- course I loved it but but you have rather than you know fill the place full of -- -- -- -- sombrero is an end over that guitarist. You know you really picked and chosen some really interesting aspects of that again the culture. Of of of Latin America tell me about what you were trying for and how some elements that you specially liked. Well again -- such a broad canvas to paint on you know when you when you incorporate so many cultures but. But but one is that that the commonality is is the Spanish you know influence so. So we have copper -- copper roof you know sort of that the Spanish ceiling. The you know the different different elements that that would appear to be. From Day of The Dead Mexico you know. Little figures but also there's and there's the tones would whips me to me say. You know large city South America when Cyrus Santiago you know it's it's it's the feel of a restaurant that you have there. The -- that there's also this that this this. Very lively news that exists in that culture was color you know everything is paints or you'll see we have four different. Really one big dining room but for different areas there. Two tables that are yellow that are close. Some tables -- purple some tables or read the kind of zone that way in the bars orange. So it's it's it's a beautiful wood grain. Oak wood that is staying these different colors there's lots of flashes of colors but. That is still has that that car sort of classic south American field if you. You know -- here we -- in the middle -- of Dallas in general and the Dallas arts district in particular which is just about my favorite neighborhood here -- and down and I can't help but -- you have out and kind of outdoor existence as part of the restaurant here I mean -- it for dining and drinking are -- are playing around particularly -- but but where -- where is Al -- -- certainly it fits very well -- a lot of the places that -- -- inspired by whether -- -- -- particularly great -- in Texas is anybody's guess what are -- trying to do outdoors. Well that's that's a good point it's very much a part of the scene in in more temperate cultures which most of South America it's. You know the the building before head form major columns that. Were removed to open it up to the arts district so you're looking right into the beautiful buildings now in the nineteen of one cathedrals. That the Catholic Church across the street. So is the you know what kind of appropriate that if we just like a page in church on the other side we'll have felt they had somebody covered. I'm looking. So but that we have outside dining and in and you know roughly about a half the year is good in Dallas you know you never know when that -- going to be marcher January bit. There's there's -- about 50% of the time you concede outside and we do and it's a great. It's a great it's a great feeling it's all. And the thing about how America's it's it's indoor -- it's sort of one big thing you just open the doors and there you are so that's the kind of feeling here with with all the windows. You know with the indoor out expected it it sort of makes me wonder I mean what. If somebody has never been two Latin America you know not even Mexico and and I do love Mexico too but what. What do you want to tell them about these places I mean you know obviously you love the menu you're sharing that love and some sort of fashion by having this restaurant. Well if they come here what you want them to take away that would be true to what you know and love about South America. Just. The spirit the spirit which is you know. They love to party they're very happy people love to drink and eat and eat and eat and drink and drink and party and stay up -- four you know it's it's it's a wonderful. Celebratory of life celebration of life in the very celebratory. And so I want to I want that if I want the energy to be like that here through the music through the food through that. Through the armed beyond the big course so I want him to walk away thinking well off feel like I was in. In a great restaurant or someone's it's someone's party in South America. You know I was surprised when I learned that you chose the music that that was important part of almost like a painter showed choosing colors I mean it certainly is like that. On what styles -- new. Capture you -- captures some somebody best in terms of you know things people here tango or -- whatever I mean what what works best here as far as you're concerned. Yes. All that and more iron into. That we can tango we have cells that we have old school I've got some mud Desi are now as you know Ricky Ricardo stuff I've got. Modern day you know got some. And you know just you name it any kind of -- there are. Some are merengue here tango or. -- does it all these wonderful this music out there and got Placido Domingo -- some beautiful. Spanish opera's. Arias. So it's it's you know on it up retail for Mexico Louise Mikhail it's just. -- some really wonderful stuff you know -- term -- music and when I enjoy it's like -- asked him he was there what do you like most about the restaurant business -- -- it's the creation it's the it is it's the actual development of the the -- you know that the music the food the -- the architecture the lighting the graphics. Then you open and after run the damn thing. At -- -- I do hate it when that happens that's even piles they Wear this we're gonna take a break here or malicious mischief when we come back we'll be doing a great great tasting segment. You can show respect and then more. From sun belt I think in Dallas. -- -- -- Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious this just with your host John the murders. And now from the show the specs wines spirits and finer -- this is rape in -- anyway. This segment this tasting segment we're talking about why it's it's kind of hard to our part GA as somebody once put it out let's say. Then we started last week called women in line because it's a there's a very special wine dinner here that we jumped we kind of you know broke into here at -- restaurant the wonderful Indian restaurant here in Houston this week. And and curious is kind of famous for being a restaurant that really loves wine really promotes wind really showcases lying she even though a lot of people still don't think that Indian food goes the -- well forget it it does it's great you know but it's a wonderful place to discover that. Is here it appearance and we have. Three women in -- with this people who are wineries people who either our work will winemakers and people who can. Really really talk about the winds we're gonna taste in this great ingrained segment. We have Amy -- here from meander sellers I Stacy Pressler is here from wrestler vineyards. And also I love the fact that you all have the name on the vineyard that keeps things easier right Diane ever us I'm a morose and vineyards it sounds like for us except it's not. But not not now tell me Amy I mean you know here we are sitting with women. -- people if you well I mean it's a while back there would have bid seems that there wouldn't have been that many women in -- as we have now. Is this is this kind of a real evolution that we we've seen in recent years that a lot of people are kind of pointing it out. I think keep. Alert noticing and now I think there's been a pretty -- a flat lined -- percent of women my makers in the industry for a very long time. Flat line that that that doesn't sound good. Well there really hasn't been an increase in limit -- makers I think has been increased and knowing about us and knowing about. The love and the work that we put into the wind. But there really has not been an increase the percentage of women winemakers in the business wow -- All right I'm just I feel lucky to have you all here with me now now what about wrestler vineyards itself -- you know sorry I meander sellers. Tell me about meander sellers selling what's the story yet meander it says here you guys are in Saint Helena which of course is sort of you know the whole Napa Valley thing what's what's the story. Right well I am -- seem to lean and meandering is mine. Expression of cavern is having on May first job in the wind -- a -- just have some singers and I had a terrific timing got a great education and learning how to make and blend insignia. That means he'll learn a lot about -- wonderful -- -- -- any opinions and locations in Napa Valley I happen to follow him over the couple of them and get some street instead of project. -- is -- for my son's. Mitchell and hander. Baby wow wow so so it's not about meandering around the vineyards. Well I shamelessly use it to promote the label me and of course and -- a means to take a pleasant pass and I certainly hope that you do that more than once or twice. But it is a reflection of a love for my son's. That that's a good love to have back I'm I'm for that now now Stacy wrestler what's what's the story I mean also Saint Helena by the way. Brett wrestler vineyards what -- what's the story of how you guys came to be wind people because my understanding is this was not for ordained or as long as we can all remember now I didn't grow up you know from the time I was a little -- saying when I go up on the planet you know own -- -- make line. I actually I had to plan. Eat your eighty year career in high tech 2030 I like that. I -- I by the way -- in my very late thirties in case you hadn't noticed. But I'm in my husband and I had looked -- it going to Saint Helena as a place to re tired. We did not think that we are -- haven't vineyard -- -- make a lot. We thought our role in the wine -- industry he was -- Which is a very important and debate. So we bought a house in -- that that we loved. And a friend of ours. Who is now I've -- your manager David April. Came already see the house he grew up the saintly -- -- -- the -- and then he just came offered CNN some body. That was on Sunday. And he walked in and said do you know where you are. And we looked at one another instead we not sell but obviously you're about to tell us something else he's viewer on what used to be the old creek and you are on the best area. For growing great -- that greatly drainage is terrific you really need to plan a vineyard a live -- tenants and yellow maybe we'll talk about it. -- that was a Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening my husband and I went back to Silicon Valley to go to -- real jobs on Monday and while we came up the following weekend the entire backyard was torn up and state. Obviously David had decided we needed to plant didn't. Well that that that's the most involuntary blending of a vineyard I think I've ever heard not how about you -- -- us out. I just realized Saint Helena is the deal here I mean any year the year there to -- so see we have a theme it all makes cents. What's the story of morose and vineyards what's the you know how did you become this this woman in line. -- -- -- -- -- And my husband's family has owned this Spaniard since 1913. So he was born and raised there we live in has grandparents' -- we grow. -- and Farai titles and we've lived it we live right in the middle of 48 -- can we. Morning noon and 98 are taking care vineyard sent me running on saying. Make him lineman who thirst. Perfect life what. We'll tell me I mean he's starting in 1913 that that has a huge river across and that's -- river was prohibition any. Any famous stories coming down from from that we are where you all like moonshine or is that that at the time I don't count them. There are some great stories but now and I can repeat at this point. What about getting myself in trouble but most of the wine women and people back to the East Coast. But the family has allowed two key they get portion of the hot and they drink all of it. I think that was legal Farrah called but damn this is America you know and and so I am so let's let's talk to any of of of meander here this is. This is yours correct this conspired and what what are we conspiring you're just you're just you know conspiring here on something what's the story on this line which is so beyond blond 2011. Wilkins. Fire is -- anything McCarron a label and you'll notice my labels are verbs they're not announce. Meander means to take a pleasant -- conspired means to be a little bit with -- artists command. And so I'm sure we're dealing with women in -- well that's a good thing and I am conspired is actually illegal term it's not. Now within the luck to date there are conspiracy charges and one might ask customers is a lawyer who works and that's our law and she gives it away to her friends for Christmas which I think is really fun. But it is my wave best expression of something -- it is the flowers -- -- him on and I created as a little bit of a -- thought. Announce a little. Well I think -- and I certainly feel that right now and speaking of a little bit not a shift your environment has just about ten year. Got out of the kitchen. Now now now -- and we have some amazing food here this evening with these amazing wines -- Princeton's what are we having right now with this conspired so when you oblong. But to college let's tell. Easy to -- anything video for the city easy drinking wine that creates some online. Good Indian food wine and spices the discos silhouette like good -- paired this with every course. And we did little -- -- of Scalia -- and lemon grass soup because I felt like -- had a little bit of -- Venus. So I did lemon grass soup but had the citrus. And it's and the strategists is you know -- CNI just cut. All of these things at that mine meant that it felt so it was very easy but it's a grade to lined to barely any foods. But that my -- I was very happy to do it. Chef Karen isn't isn't asparagus one of the. Of those weird things that people say don't go with flying or is that just another active of craziness out there it's craziness of Americans to think that. I -- just patted his looks beautiful it's not seeing. And it goes did everything I AEA to be in my menu put almost did everything grilled asparagus. Well that that is really really super. Now now let's get down Stacy wrestler in here let's talk about this particular line it says press cleric. And that's about it I guess so we're dealing with a cabernet -- you always have a couple minutes left in fact. Let's just get started tell me about this cabernet it's Pressler -- Okay well as you already know it's grown in my backyard. I think that's where the I'm tired. And I like Amy we weren't very creative with our name on Presley is my husband's last name and I ticket when he -- item forty -- years without. I am and to meet decided. That we wanted to make a wine that was -- food line. That would be easy to change. It's a style that who reviewers sometimes call famine and it's not they hit yell -- ahead. And you know Mickey plead for mercy kind of lying it's just a really nice moon. It's good food -- -- drink you're taking the 2010 vintage. That would send as Amy remembers that was a tough he -- That was a year where we had rain how god I wish we had rain this year but here we had a lot of rain and we had a very cool spring. We -- very lucky because our vineyard. I used in an area that's kind of -- hot spot. You are one of the warmest areas areas that year or so we were able to make. Really bitch cabernet. Well that's that's really I'm enjoying drinking it tasting as they say right now we need to take a break here on malicious mischief but will be back with more of our great thing -- -- celebrating women in line and in this case sort of sort of almost accidentally celebrating. Women in wines from Saint Helena California and Napa Valley it's an amazing amazing thing will be back with more delicious -- right after and yeah. Still hungry. Here's another helping of delicious mischief which are host John Denver us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on delicious mr. I am your host John the -- the guy that guy warned you about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom is is that the lady with the chocolate any -- Connie is here. And we wanna hear more about that too so so first off -- before the break we were tasting the wrestler. Cabernet so we know. And what I love anytime you do -- T bone rack of lamb I don't know maybe you know -- big toes for -- I -- you do itself. Who -- sure. What's the story on this dish here with this wind and the lamp for tonight's. From tonight's wind and I love this best at cabernet it was such a big -- to do with my big -- -- flavors of plan. And they had done and nationally would -- mixes then do. And I just then that caught this spices. As good as those median article gained it was charcoal men so -- that the wine and land is beautiful that this government. About the Blackberry Demi -- I think -- that I get like a bucket of that to drink out back. And bike in -- a bucket of his best level that I used his best ever had my damage that's. Yum well that's the way to do that Matt -- -- Amy Aiken let's talk about this wind -- you mentioned it in the in the opening tasting segment in addition a year conspire the other -- now as you know action step if you will she is meander tell me about this this side Napa cabernet. This is 90009. Napa Valley Californians from two historical vineyards in Napa Valley -- in as. Belittling vineyard in Saint Helena a stone's throw away from us. Press serving -- yes and I tell her right out -- -- now own a stone's throw away from Preston vineyards and then also more is silly vineyard in Rutherford so I combined the two equal portions -- make them separately but I combined this -- -- of course because. I love the expression of each of the camera is alone but when I put them together one plus one really -- three and a half. I love it you've obviously been helping with homework I and that's -- -- and meander sellers in Saint -- wonderful wonderful stuff and let's see what we. That that takes us back to the tandoori arrested Cornish and right -- Davis short version of that. Still as -- talking before that carnation and that is the wise game. And did Jolene that. Euros Mary saw -- -- that I just caught a big double those notes from the aligned an amazing amazing match. So so so as a chef how does this work for you -- DUD hideous taste wines for dinners -- do you -- lines all the time -- -- your restaurant here in Houston is one of the best known wine restaurants of any type I mean you know eighty people might not think -- necessarily Indian food but -- Indian Italian French you name it. I mean if you look great lines -- says certainly the place for you go and and Kieran is the -- radio. How how does that work is this an ongoing project of yours a never ending story. It is it says tasting wines is never ending project you enjoyed them but until it. It's a very very serious people are -- I'll listen to great -- today's the lines. It's a tedious job because at the end of the day you have to put it didn't you know wine cellar and be edited the food. I mean like some wind so amazing but I cannot be and then as a scored on -- did I can come of that dates. That's really really -- can you know during and after work or something like that. -- -- -- -- That's right so so let let's talk about the desert here this evening because you know there's a whole slew of dishes with a whole bunch of wines. And and and one of the things that intrigues me is. Is that any group -- has dropped Dan and she is of of something called the Cowell and cart among. That sounds like chocolate and a spice of some sort tell tell me any tell me tell me about how. How this this new place of viewers and what happens and it that may be a little different from the typical chocolate chocolate with more chocolate. Right so I put a lot of different spices and fruits and chocolate that we would normally wouldn't think that are part of the chocolate world that chocolate we -- -- Atlanta had a PC but and it's not let but I like kind of mom and slaughtered might not let. So I brought to different chocolates today one win it that's a darker with toasted black sesame seeds and ginger. And the second one is that mango panel at passion through and coconut milk so I just eat chocolate a little differently. So so just in terms of you know your your business plan here. I -- how much do you think we are already ready in Texas for these kinds of flavors and it's like a pairing going on -- chocolate truffle and get right down to it. I mean how much do you see it says ready for that and how much do you see -- is about to get ready with your help. I think I'll I'll definitely -- bit but -- the Camry is actually the most popular flavors of people are scared when they hear a lot client camera and Melanie put -- in their mount their love and. I -- a lot of time in Jamaica guava and Cameron do not scare me when -- so so so but that also creates the idea if this is the dessert with these. Unexpected I whenever you know sounds so much better than we are right but when it when there are unexpected flavors involved suddenly. Tell me this -- you know. Diana I mean what happens to the whole pairing. With -- said because I'm looking here -- ground -- -- Napa Valley Saint Helena. Tell me about this particular line and how -- how it comes together with these particular and special chocolate -- well. These mines are our pride and joy at the -- it's -- is the reason that -- has been wanted to make flying these were planted by his grandfather. -- it's -- is a huge. In your face. Purple T. Over the top wine and it counts the fruity -- and the spice -- us to stand up. To spicy foods to -- lives to chocolates. It. It's intimidating old. And a lot of time games it needs a lot of extra time in the bottle a lot of extra time in the barrel. You have to be patient you have to love it you have to be ready to wait. Because you're gonna open a lot of bottles that are just you know wow it's not ready when it's ready. It is beautiful and it is a wonderful wonderful food wine. We have it as basically are our house wine that's what we drink and it's our prime drying up like that we love so so for people. Maybe you haven't tried it -- Iraq. I mean what what is the trajectory and a wind works like this I mean you like this then you moved that you like that for -- when you mean you know you you kind of grow in line. I mean what if people like what are they ready to fall madly in love with your recipe -- Iraq. Well it seems to. He. One of those lines where people are kind of afraid of that and surprised that you're surprise and they automatically thinking -- this is that they keep standing she ran. As is what they think. -- am but she so I have a beautiful. Routine this to it and basically. They're surprised and and it's been and basically. A really good the my eye opener and you know people get so tries something new and and say oh why don't -- like big lines and they tried listening oh my god loves us then. So it's it's. Of that wind that you just don't expect that he. What are your favorites and all of a sudden and it's you can't live without it. That's a good that's a good product have a hole. Hold out right so so Amy -- let's let's talk about. Saint Helena and general because I was sort of slow realizing -- looked at all your cards to feed it your all from saint -- in Napa. I mean is are there are there commonalities. In terms of wines from their -- or is that our -- that it's all micro climates -- what I mean what do you. What should we know about Saint Helena and we say that name what are we supposed to think about. Then it's extremely special. Now men and one other reasons I love fruit from -- is equality in the beauty of the free expression whether it's never name our teeth surround. -- armed well and loves to pieces. Equality an expression of the varieties is here and it's delicious and that's what I want people to know Bosnian Alina. And and is that a function of of your word Saint Helena -- Waller is that a function of each of these wonderful wine makers making -- of these wonderful wines because. I don't know how to make wind so I have to ask you that questioning is is this nature and nurture -- Well I can't take credit for all of -- double I would like to but the reason that I chose -- from -- is because it's so beautiful and to make a wonderful line you really need to start with one. Effort and so I -- like a -- like to take all the credit but I can't. That's that's where we'll give you sound okay we wanna thank Jeff Kearin Burma have Karen's restaurant here in Houston for welcoming us into her home restaurant. Her cuisine which always makes me very happy and also thanks to Stacy wrestler a Pressler vineyards Amy Aiken of -- sellers and Diana -- -- I'm a girl so vineyards all in Saint Helena California on making some wonderful wines. All being poured here at here -- for a wine dinner that just won't quit so anyway that about does it for today's great ingrained that presentation of -- And of course from the show -- wind spirit can find who's. Delicious mr. we're back with mark right after them. And now for one more bite of delicious missed your future host -- to -- us. Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here on malicious -- I am your host Jon Summers has promised. And we are here in Dallas this week for this week's show visiting with one of our best culinary friends ever Stephen -- -- here. And we're sitting in his newest restaurants unsolved like -- and a celebration of all things Latin -- -- saying earlier from obviously the food that to the culture. To the music to the colors to the -- mean you name it it's probably here somewhere particularly if Stephen likes it. Now now let's talk menus Stephen armed. You know -- when I look at things on the menu I see. Some words I don't necessarily know a whole lot about some I know absolutely others you know plate things like houses -- tacos are -- by as. Wanted to give us a little bit of a primer before we take some things which of course is always my favorite thing to do what the heck is that house is that cows and -- factor are amigo laughter. It could be counts benefit to hopefully effect is good. Accounts it is a group the end. Mashed potato puree potato snack often served in the summer but it served throughout the year as well. -- that is it a brick and mortar kind of voters that liked that have a street food existence is well it seems like it might. It does have a street -- defect which you have a little. And in some beach areas are little little just little restaurants and cafes that you have within you have and also in in more and more upscale cafes done in in in a sense of and -- opposed to its -- But typically cows to cows -- is is a cake that's a cylinder. Very pretty in it has something adorned on top usually. Option spicy shrimp or. I doubled a go or sometimes chickens smoked salmon. It's a little it's like it's like a canopy almost. So why. The things that I've noticed in and in the Peruvian restaurants -- were talking about Peru and in this particular case is that. They have a. They use sauces that I -- to joke and say that colors not found in nature and maybe that's not technically true maybe they are specifically found in nature but I mean. You know I'm not bright -- Lying green sauces bright yellow sauces almost purple I mean I've seen all these colors that they're definitely not found in restaurants and very often. Is this a function of those wonderful peppers that they used because it seems to be that the sauces and just the flavorings have a lot to do with things like I ER Mario -- and -- -- in these peppers. Well that's true and in in and the sort of maddening thing about spending time and Mexico as well that certainly South America in Peru particular. Is that you can't get these ingredients here I mean there's there's a whole rainbow. Potatoes that you find in. That part of the world that we just can't get here even though because the -- as a specific potato that is buttery yellow. And and we just can't get that are so -- have to fake it to make attack I hope I've made it taste very similar to what action -- like improve. But there's talk -- this Chile's the potatoes and and fruits and vegetables you know we do Luke -- Which is wonderful. Fruit in in in in Peru that we cannot get here have had to get the frozen -- so the colors really come from they are natural but we just don't have them here. Well and you know I remember years ago I think it would be National Geographic -- one of those but there's really only one National Geographic had -- a piece on on the birth of the potato in Peru that we're. It's a supposedly the original potato comes from Peru not from Ireland as proving people always tell you it's like they think it's all from Ireland but but I mean you look at this big photo in the National Geographic -- version of that and you see every possible shape. Every possible color of potato and and all in the same picture like -- Brazilians album essentially. On what he is as a guy who loves Peru mean. This -- probably means that they need a lot of potatoes and have a lot of different things mean how do you besides trying to get your potatoes right. What do you love about the Peruvian way with potatoes. Well I mean. You have to pay respect to the person who invented potato but that they didn't invent but they found at first. So. You know they've been working with a first centuries longer than most of us have. And the millennium really. And and so that that there's just natural. You know natural fondness it's like French -- the former you know it's like it's it's what they do well to what they. And so what they had for so I don't know I just -- it's hard to imagine eating Peruvian food without dictators and some at some point. I I from what I've had and I haven't been to Peru maybe someday that. But certainly in Peruvian restaurants you see a lot of potatoes now now I'm I'm huge fan of out -- has which I think her I first met them in Venezuela and then until like Colombia has them or somebody else also has a lot of these things have should have border disputes going on about -- and then in -- but. Tell me about your take on India and a great buy and what makes it's special. Well we've we've there's this particular kind of flower that's PA Ian and Florida and in and it makes the investor Reppas. And it's available on line but. But you know had a Reppas conservative you know Columbia certainly as you say has incredible -- but did you find him threw out you never know where you -- find a rep -- where you wouldn't expect it. You can find in certain cities and South America central -- Guatemala. There's -- versions of what they -- rep I can't remember in Mexico. So it really is like just it's it's akin to corn -- bit it's usually griddle and and slice and stuff with. Cheese and of course you mentioned the name game I mean that's always kind of summer between frustration in -- is that. You know a lot of these -- ideas have traveled I mean from one to the other one direction or the other and everybody disagrees on which direction. But then the fact is they often call things different as well also so it it makes the it makes it a lot lot more interest -- -- some. One of the things that in the in the modern American popular imagination set speaks to the heart of Latin America and and and particularly Perot is a whole city -- -- tour anti doping because. -- something about it in the world that loves say sushi and says -- me something about that just carries over and people just loves to Vijay -- and integrity test. Is there is there a technical difference how would you define the difference -- where have you kind of draw on your -- Vijay and Terry. Where Al farouq you know course I don't know anybody else that has cheered -- except through a lot of countries have some speeches. In their very different and there's nothing wrong with any of them but but to me this of the Peruvians have Vijay is superior. And why is that because it's done in its. The city curious were born on the docks so they only use the freshest seafood. That day when there were out there were out it's this slice thinly. Into the lime juice key lime juice very small lines very specific kind of sweet line. In the lime juice for three minutes only no more than five little seasoning and whatever else they're gonna ads in Chile some corn whatever. In -- -- it's not it's not soaked in the lime overnight which is. The way you find a lot of -- -- it's a very specific kinds of each day. This difference between some Vijay entered Ito is that the -- -- it it it comes time in my opinion. From that that the great Japanese. Exit influence that exist in Peru you know they had a and Japanese. Prime minister for want a long time. But there's a bit you know who got his start there that's where he was in Lima for many years. And so there's that influence so it's it's it's like so she -- that sense and slice thinly. There's usually olive oil involved which there is -- -- of each day and then the lime juice in the season just at the last second so it's not tossed in marinated. It it it has that kind of ultra super fresh thing going on that with a pop and that's really amazing let's talk about fatigue -- right here one is I guess this is is this like -- so we're talking that but don't tell me about the pieces that go into this because this is the specific one not a theoretical. Yeah well it is specific but I would be even added a little such that that you would necessarily get approached -- like in the middle but it's potato cake it's a cylinder. Stuffed with these potatoes in silver comes off so it it's this power. A small tower and inside is approach to lightly -- quail -- so you you know that's the surprise you by the end of that when you slice it. On top is a double -- eggs in -- on top of that is shrimp that have been cooked. Almost Amaechi style distance from lime juice but then not blended with they use a lot of mayonnaise and not just -- -- all over South America Mexico. They love their mandate. And so it's a record to a chilly. Mixed with mayonnaise and that's in this the -- were on top. The shrimp that are on Toppert dressed in that. Hi I am all about shrimp in mayonnaise I mean there's several parts of my life and love from New Orleans from a lot sauces on up. -- great so let's talk about this this incredible. I would call it a whole fish it certainly hole which presentation. That is sure to be one of the most dramatic success stories here at the new sense of hey what's going on and particularly what's poking out. Well we take a whole fish red snapper in this case about a pound pound and half. We slice it in the center and clipped the bone removed the bone in the and stand it as it was swimming. In the Fryer so that has a cavity in senator in the cavities filled in with the cold fried green beans. Better than French Fries. That's a stretch seat then because you're talking to mr. French fry mr. potato head here but and then also there's a nifty little kind of like -- -- -- at a guy a senior group involving mango. Yeah it's it's diced mango. It's a -- -- a malvo originates from the Canary Islands of Spain that found its way. In the Caribbean Cuba. Puerto Rico it's very popular there. Usually with a fruit always spicy. As olive oil. It's like it's like a room temperature vinaigrette as a little Spanish Sherry vinegar -- it. And big dose of openers for -- kicked. Wonderful stuff. That's even -- anytime I needed any year restaurants it's safe to say I always leave wanting mojo because it's just the way it works should thank you so much for letting -- come that is that you hear it sounds a -- hey -- new restaurant in Dallas right in the arts district and an amazing destination for I'm sure anyone who's had any -- Latin anything's south American. Anything that excites them with the cultures of that wonderful land so bad about that for days delicious and it's just has always a presentation is bags. Why -- beer isn't finer foods until next time. I'm your host John -- and I'll see you. And then next meal.