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Inside Austin, 06.08.14

Jun 10, 2014|

Janice Shepherd from African American Youth Harvest Foundation shares the Aspire to be Me event and Dr. Edward Fox discusses new treatments for MS.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's. Sunday June 8 and you're listening to -- inside us and today I'm speaking with Janice in separate from the African American you are this foundation to. Shall share with you how they strive to provide culturally relevant family centered programs to help African American youth and other at risk populations. They put together some extraordinary programs in this community. And shall share with you how you can get involved and help out. In June 14 aspired to be meeting next factor -- event. I'm also speaking with Austin neurologist at Porsche Foxx who specializes in his practice in multiple sclerosis. He'll share with us some of the newest research and treatments and if you or someone you love has been living with multiple sclerosis risk -- newly diagnosed you won't want to miss it. That's not coming up next on inside Austin. For America's wounded warriors. Coming home can sometimes in the battle itself. 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It's also important to discuss hearing loss with your family and take steps to encourage treatment. Hearing loss isn't harmless he can cause social isolation and make it more difficult for families to connect. Hearing loss is also linked to lower earnings depression dementia and higher risk of falls. If you were loved ones experiencing hearing loss now at the time to take action talk do you hearing health care provider or your position and scheduled a hearing test. For more information about hearing loss please go to www. Hearing loss dot org. It's been a public service message from the hearing loss association of America hi health innovations and the station. Do. Tell little bit about the African American -- harvest foundation. I'm literally familiar with it and I am so curious to know how it got started and and what commission that's. Well they're executive director Michael lost and then. Several years ago while he had eight television show he was out. Kate rule any day in work so protestors from UT in -- we're talking about the statistics. -- that African American used -- in particular African American males. And they did not that good and you know Michael. After walking away from -- it he would act you know they've brought out in August information and shared it with community -- doing anything about it. And I am anti you know -- -- -- every night not not seen any services in the unity. -- led him you know basically watched. Our first signature program which was African American Indian boy -- And pilgrims. Really -- and he partnered with Austin independent school district and we were delivering about eight conference it's. In. -- XP schools. To make the community -- air you know committed these proportionality. Issues. Surrounding African American used. In bid -- mayor you know there were a lot of community people coming to have conversations with these used. Employer you know were coming through that original text -- wanted to bring their African American -- you know actually -- Our community conversation where they can -- adults. You know basically looked like vehement you know understood their story in. You know actually had successes that they -- announced an accomplice in to speak to. Are in the last would be. That's really important to be able to look at somebody and they have -- I'm impressed with what you're doing and someday I'd like to do that and if you don't have that kind of visual than -- reach for it is likely it. So that's a wonderful idea I'm in the kudos to Michael often for saying hey you know this needs to be done nobody's doing it I think -- do it. Yes exactly. And -- -- hair you know. -- later bring in their daughter and they were saying well hey you know it's not only accented needs linkage and you know we need food -- directed you know services to our our young ladies in our our girl you know and so. From the -- voice conference we we began doing women and girls conferences you know along. The same time and you know we're trying to meet the whole need to existed in in their you know urban minority community family. But -- lord an African Americans were apparently so you know like that would give the illusion that we don't share. You know other races. We actually do it and you know because of the demographics here to protect you know we have a lot of Hispanics in you know -- that we share and are glad -- We did say that we're intentional about focusing on -- in you know at least it used. -- -- Okay okay that's good to now so how long ago did the foundation gets started Janice. -- Q captaincy is when we got -- non profit incorporation and you know street -- Gary screen. Received -- the city of Austin Travis can -- The conference you know platform began to grow because -- -- needs existed in that environment. Then we actually meet in a one time you know conference situation so. We begin developing programs to address a lot of you know articulated speech to the community acts from the air so. That's how we're trying to -- the nonprofit -- mr. is that we have. Very organic. If you're just now joining us on inside Austin I'm speaking with it Janice -- she's the vice president of program operations for the African American youth harvest foundation. -- can you share with us some of the programs and services on that are available at the foundation. Well absolutely. We we -- -- years service is and I were made most of their art directed toward made it harder to Serbs used. For example we have -- contracts with AI XV. We at a table with him for several years and it asked for an opportunity for those. You that would be at a school suspended. We ask -- they can be sustained a -- -- -- assistant it to home. -- -- program that operate in. And -- those kids that would. You know typically have to be -- home in in maybe their parents are not at home is to provide them. They're now in -- care while appearing this will be gearing their suspension date. That's actually program. We also have a that a program with Travis care money for kids they're just eating out. Gardner bat and still have maybe 46. Lights on their -- itself being a juvenile used. And we're always looking for major you know they can work with these kids. We basically get referrals from Travis -- to provide mentoring services. And that's about ninety minutes a week -- The Fujita EX -- G -- used. We air we'd take him on educational field trips and you know they have one on one mentoring sessions with their main tour. And they also make school visits to try to make sure that they're staying on top of their grade educated in behavior. What other programs. We realized it in the urban minority communities they're what the digital divide -- existed. -- technology was concerned themselves. -- was cheer and giving mr. grant so that we can open up pretty technology -- And now we have so it's coming around local schools and that you need HEQ. Do you feel related curriculum. We Dele my craft program review literally complications patient in the states. And we teach into the entrepreneurial urge and hunger that's a very active program and that in the afternoons and on Saturday. One -- at the program is called Stanley academy and that is -- preaching court still. You captured NT Casey will have to -- rejects. We now are -- referral or that those families don't have to pay. What could amount to a 500 dollar fee for their children not being in school. And now that when they're referred because our sailing academy. We helped -- understand. -- La. Not not in the legal sea of slop that you know. What is required for them to give excuses schooling and pennies support and be in the driving seat of your children's education. You know how to use. -- about US hope for education so they're doing their homework until they're going to school interpreting -- that bright futures -- they work at it. -- -- -- -- -- In addition we have a urban university coming up which is our summer camps here is we have about six different camps. In that scenario where we provide. -- We want to forget summer learning loss among the -- in in the community especially urban minority communities that we offered at sixteen X number Alfre. Will launch -- June 9 street July -- -- it. I. This is a lot of services. -- you're talking about -- outlined how much. You expected that there and in all of this exist within the context of what we call our huge resource center. And so we saw the programming that we were doing in a lot of our programs since his deep ball because. Community was -- in mayors in -- way you know do you ever mentoring program have a you know after school program via the -- Kroger will elect yeah we didn't. Act. That. So really borne the born out of the need in the community and I would I mean that I can't think of a better way to create a more targeted service but not. Actually this is really I'm I have to say I am so impressed. If you're just now joining us on inside -- on and your feelings impressed design and know that I'm speaking with Janice -- she's the vice president of program operations for the African American youth harvest foundation. And Genesee you all have at an event coming up on June 14 can you tell us about that. Yes absolutely yeah it's not aspire to be mean we expect there. It's one of -- annual fund -- that we view and basically it's kind of black American Idol. But urban style is what -- day. Where we still plays his multi talented artist and performer. There are around our community. They need a little celebrating you know in better platform that exposure. Basically. We cannot the issue and and did he get it hailed at these states side of the Paramount theatre. -- will have ATP an -- and the community income currency and vote we're gonna have a community vote. We have to object is they're gonna you know just like American Idol and expected object -- to beat up on stage and as each contestant performed. They'll get -- back in Latino in real time. You know their talent on what they can -- -- that needed. You know and get them at that level of inspiration to keep doing what you're doing because they want to be celebrated. You know flow for the -- to AT and often times we don't have a lot of opportunity indeed act. That's sounds fun what a great way to go out and and appreciate some local -- talent but also do a terrific thing in supporting the African American -- harvest foundation. So that's happening Friday June 14 from six to 10 PM stateside at the Paramount theater which is at 719 congress. -- what is the best way for folks to get tickets and to that event learn more. Aaron they can go to our web I. It's been a lot on CAA. YHF. Dot board. The rat cage will pull up and they are there a link that she can click on the air and purchased tickets. You can also go he would be Paramount theater web site and that -- to being lenient and you know click on and you can buy tickets online there oh lord keep you can't let this pitch -- we will bring -- -- or do you intend to -- And you compete and taking that leap we really. You approach this particular fund raiser in particular at this time because that proceeds sport is a great help but. Be able to prop provide that urban university. We're about -- by he would you know I think at no cost to go there early in the week you know whichever breakfast lunch you know in addition to the programming. For me to predict its ascent we're learning a lot so that's kind of what we're gonna push this right now so we can. You know stay in that opportunity to our community -- threatened acting school on Friday this week in -- starts today next week. Wow that's so it's crunch time so -- an important need for the funds to be raised unseen fourteenth if you wanna take the whole family out on Friday. Aspired to be me next factor is the name of the event. And I think it's very clever -- I love that you're gonna give the artist's real time feedback just like if they were on a television Celek American battle that we all of watching but hey it's a local Austin version. What's that again that having stateside at the Paramount theatre June 14 six to 10 PM I think a great event to take the whole family team. You can get tickets on their website AA YHF. Dot org. And Janice if somebody wants to help out and I I know that you need a lot of resources for all the programs to do especially the urban university coming up with your six different summer camps. Let's say folks are going to be at a town June 14 that they wanna get involved. They wanna help can name make a donation on the website and are there some other ways for people to get involved in volunteer. Yeah absolutely we are actually media engagement organization at our level. We Kate corporate volunteers or individuals -- is at our hearing today. Basically just caught the optics letters know what he had you know we have six different program then you know our camps and other areas of the organization and the weekend in gates you know highly skilled volunteers episodic volunteered a onetime volunteer -- against. Time continually. You know are we delist. Take an application we clear all of our volunteers through a background check. In -- immediate and -- -- -- it wherever they wanna work -- there aren't they are eager to accommodate them. And -- it could be. Yeah I mean I can imagine with everything that you're doing an extra pair of hands is always welcome so again that website is AA YHS. Dot org and they're seeking information about contacting the American and the African American youth harvest foundation. If you want to volunteer and probably there's a donate button on that website and think in Janice folks. As well as a volunteer but -- and. OK so great way to to give tee organization you think you're not going to be intent on the weekend of -- fourteenth. That's a Friday that's when the aspired to be me and there with a Saturday and says sorry I think for -- that Saturday June 14. The aspired to be me next factor then that's taking place at the stateside at the Paramount -- from six to 10 PM. Tennis is there anything else that you want folks to now either about this event coming up which is an important fund raiser. Or about the African American -- harvest foundation in general. When your very own on air personality. As -- ray and mr. Daniel they're going to be president Axel. -- -- -- -- me fund raise their ads and get jacket and in seats for the evening and so. We're very excited about. And yet that it and they get a whole lot of fun to Vietnam. -- some of the other judges we know -- Daniel insert your day are going to be and seeing in judge in the event and who else will be judging alongside them. -- also we have pretty deep he'd believed singer but that's value. And Lawrence Bill Blass. -- will Courtney can't. Hear -- kind of local community artist and have banned in. They're actually going to be doing a little special -- outs but that's that I won't say much about. -- -- -- -- -- CEOs. Okay system prices some surprises rather in store un Saturday June 14 at the aspired to be -- next factor event. And they you know this is son you know this is legit this is kind of hard -- you got some real talent judging real talent politics. Absolutely and and as -- added. Bonus the bus stops stallions are going to be playing. Gearing intermission so we're excited you know they have them on board. Unhappiness with -- keeping it. I think it's going to be a terrific event more information for you on their website AA YH asp dot org you can buy tickets right there and again we're talking about the aspired to be me next factor event June 14. Starts at 6 o'clock stateside at the Paramount theatre. And you're gonna have done I think he -- about eight to ten different acts that are gonna go at our -- it sort of real time judges' feedback as well as the audience being able to participate and vote. That's exactly right it we're gonna have a cell phone code. You know have they do on TV when our district and K dial bigger wider approach you know my number. So the the audience will constitute one boat you know for that you -- -- -- In the -- get is will take that into consideration when making the final. Decisions but the first prize would be 500 dollars. The second prize for the night it 300 in their prices she migrate so it is pretty big deal. Okay. It is a big deal that's serious business that you Monica mountains support the African American -- harvest foundation this is your chance to do it on June 14. At 6 o'clock at this stateside at the Paramount theatre. You can join its new Daniel and Sugar Ray from 963 R&B they will both be there participating in and seeing. And it'll be a fun event for the entire family and a wonderful opportunity. To support the vary important work that the African American -- harvest foundation is doing. -- I wanna thank you. First for your involvement with such a great organization and second for making time. To really share with us all of that can work that you're doing and the mission of the African American -- harvest foundation. And folks if if you wanna get involved as a mentor as a volunteer their website is. AK YH ask dot org and again -- I can't thank you enough. Thank you hear it can't let him through this morning. Back in a moment with more inside Austin. So there you are got a few bills and your pocketing a cool -- on. And you could have -- with your friends. Here and so plenty -- -- long week cheers road blocks the last the few scandalous stories affect knows -- Now fast forward. Jumping your car and head home 00. -- just got to DW I -- -- you wanna hear what's next. Time in jail and then. Left the trips to court up to 171000. Dollars in fees and fines. And months and months of hassles so you wanna keep good times from going all bad let's rewind. Plan ahead when you party with friends lineup the sober driver before you go out for a safe ride home because if you get a DWY. 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I can go back to college -- change careers and I can make a difference. -- Federal Student Aid and proud sponsor of the American mind yeah learn more about money for college student got up. Do. So you are practicing neurologist here in Austin how long have you been in the community. I moved here her hard training my residency program in 1990 cheese I've been continuously. And as a neurologist doctor fox I'm curious to know why did you decide to focus on multiple sclerosis. When I was in training -- who learned about the field immunology at this was about the time that a became known as -- it -- the others. Sure under tremendous amount of public interest in the immune system at that time. But the -- interest and in multiple sclerosis when I'm met the head of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. And you let you know about all of a registered that was going on in order to try and take. The disease state that had no treatments whatsoever. And to turn and it's something that would be much more mobile and I learned what the future was going to be for the treatment have been -- It really seemed to be quite the opportunity and that's exactly what turned out -- started in 19920. Madison. They could be used as preventative medicine. To prevent worsening of their -- and now we have ten on the market. Well that is incredible growth because he used to be if you were diagnosed with MS. They said well you've got a mask and and and and good luck. There was really a lot that can be done. Every once in -- still they're out of patience a just heard that any years ago it never went back to see a neurologist because of that so. I'm I'm very happy that are over the past several years. Public knowledge of the disease so what it is and how treatable it is is become much more evident. Did you share with us what are some of the symptoms. And that's early on that folks might think from -- doesn't feel quite right. -- those purchases. Complicated disease because they're and -- call mom. -- some people it change in condition and one not happens early suddenly were released another patient and I are hole in the vision blurred vision and want hot. Some people -- numbness of one area of the body. So it can be from the waist down on one side of the body -- can be a change and walk. -- -- or weakness in one of the body that. Neurological symptoms generally come down to that weakness numbness. Balance problems or vision problem. Homes and who would you say is at greatest risk for the disease is there a particular age group perhaps that you see more Moore diagnoses. In that can occur in the young and old they typically appears in and people who were in the early when he is -- -- -- forties. So it's it's more rate in midlife adults disease. They had exceptions exist about. Also a more prominent females and males it's it's. Two thirds of the patients are are female and we don't fully understand why that is but there. Some autoimmune diseases are more common men and women and some are more common man -- -- at Buick is that it's women more frequently. Has the research found any correlation between a lack of vitamin. -- an -- resurgence very interesting it may help explain and number like why it's more common in women and men and why it's always been more common in the northern climates the western United States and its other aren't. There is a time where. There really weren't that many cases in Texas compared to Minnesota for example but this is changing now and we think possibly one of the history residences that. Are we don't get as much sun as we used to and -- vitamin. And that a lot vitamin C did it appears that the more likely it is that somebody's going to get an autoimmune disease in that Spain one of. It's interesting because we've been very well educated about protecting her skin and southern on that sunscreen. And not really thinking about it you know. What the -- provides us naturally that we might need. And I gather it's a little bit difficult from what I've read T even get your vitamin. That is correct -- he you know it's big yet the UV rays from the sun. It does pitchers you're Skinner -- And so there and am -- number foods now are that have been fortified with vitamin DA started putting it in. They'll. Back in the 1960. Because they recognize that people who had vitamin. -- -- -- the calcium and end they don't density and so to prevent osteoporosis later in life -- Or adding vitamin. Now are realized that it vitamin. Involved in the system and your ability church. Regulate any attack that's going on in your body. So they now you know -- ideas. Their consideration of getting -- vitamin. By taking an actual I don't -- or by having concludes that it had vitamin. That's an interesting point I have noticed a degree or shoe store when I look at mushrooms quite often there's a sticker on there that says something about vitamin. Full dose of vitamin. And they are probably going to be adding it to more overtime so we each are. More guaranteed to get an adequate amount of vitamin. If you're just now joining us on inside Austin I'm speaking with doctor Edward fox he is a neurologist here in Austin that's -- that focuses on multiple sclerosis. Doctor fox what would be the adequate dosage of vitamin. That's not a problem that we really don't know what state minimum daily or mortgages are government that this standards a long time ago. And we now think that's probably an adequate. And so I have some patients who need many thousands of unit. Whereas others opt outs and buried in the last should be sufficient based on the way -- body handles. Some people. And it can depend on your weight -- -- level and muscle density banditry it several other factors. Go into what is not so. It's really impossible for me just say on any one individual what is sufficient are well I -- hours since there's been a struggle a lot of research as to what it straight. You certainly don't want to take too much vitamin. And what's been found is that people who take 2000 units of vitamin. Are not -- ousted toxicity. And so I think there are have what I would consider to be a -- -- that people can take but whether sufficient sometimes it really requires a blood test now. Well it makes sense because everyone is in fact an individual. Doctor fox can you share with us some of the recent progress some of the recent developments on in the field of multiple sclerosis particularly with some emphasis on new treatment. As I mentioned we have no treatments for in 1992 and I started in practice here or bad you know now we have we have -- and there are more on the way. They do a considerable amount of our clinical research so I have. A trial that are going on my site or people are on medications that have not yet been nasty groups and are we had some real bright colors were trying -- -- different kinds of medicine's not just. Variations on the things being -- but it newer medicines are coming out. And an exciting times still to be and in -- now that we not only have medicines but we're out here. Here are a number of have the potential of being a few groups which could be changing injures. And our most of these medications injected into the body and my -- understand there are no pill form treatment for multiple sclerosis. Well fortunately we do you have pills now they're really three categories of medicines when it comes to how were administered. The original medicines that came out where injectable and that meant. And much like a diabetic and inject insulin these were medicines and had injected into a range from. 81 shot at a date she once shot a week. -- I only have three different oral medicines that are on the market available for amass so these are pills that people say. Are they all have their different side effects and the concerns regarding safety. The third category here are ones that are given serious pain I intravenously. And these are usually given much less frequently. It's a whole new category of medicines are now less frequent dosing but given by paying. I feel like I read not all that long ago that there were some clinical trial's under way for medication that can be administered through the nose like a nasal spray. Is it is that ongoing. There's been research that attempted that absorption of medicine by that -- this is somewhat is and it doesn't look like. Any of the major MS Madison they're going to be available. Are as preventative medicine and you know there are some that are pretty simple -- For for one specific symptom of the -- but in terms of overall treatment of the disease it's unlikely that we're gonna have a nasal spray any time soon. OK so when someone comes to your doctor fox and they have been diagnosed with and -- What is your focus is your focus let's get them on medication because we want to slow the progression continue in fact stop the progression how to these had these drugs work in the body. The ideal circumstance for patients -- figure on a proponent of medicine and they don't like Arabs or hack of the these so they don't develop news symptoms. And that the symptoms they are you may have don't get any works. And apparently that the MRI. The brain which shows the lesions that we've seen en -- That and develop new leash. So we have an abbreviation for that -- -- you know like the meter car we lapses oppression and MRI. And the idea about reading zero no active disease that's that's the goal for anybody who has amassed. -- have no act and did these going on unfortunately we're not at the point right now whole weekend he'll. -- lesions or take. You know. Send them to have been there for quite some time disappear. We really you know or as an overall target would love to be able to regroup and nervous system. But that doesn't exist not only for -- but I you know after strokes or any other condition or logically it's you know it's big carrier research. And we need to we were talking a little bit earlier about these medications on that are that are new and an effective in slowing the progression or preventing any new relapses. Are they costly are they affordable. All the medicines that are available right now for in maps are extraordinarily expensive. These are. Medicines that take many years to come to market and I'm no apologist for this for the cost pharmaceuticals. But. They're all about in the same range and they're all equally unaffordable. Should pay for in full. And so every single one of the drug companies -- has these medicines have support programs for those were uninsured. Really have very little difficulty getting them medication -- They yeah they work with the insurance companies and car insurance companies certainly an hour or more and more influence on which medicines are used. The out of pocket expenses by the individuals like he was in masks are usually affordable they're actually quite well they're off some lower. Then the Madison but they're getting -- her high blood pressure or. For high cholesterol or anything like that -- -- in the total cost the news extraordinarily high in the tens of thousands of dollars per year. But the out of pocket expenses is usually zero to last and to keep dollars a month. So that is good news for someone his newly diagnosed and thinking wow I am I'm about to break the budget on medication and for multiples when I. I would definitely emphasized that no -- should think more my insurance this course I I get treatment or have no insurance they're for. I'm untreatable that's not the case at all. So it sounds like your really quite optimistic about the future of -- lots of research has certainly been done -- progress from last fifteen years. And you're still working on still more new treatments is our doctor -- Overall I'm optimistic. I have been disappointed lightly by the FDA. Because the FDA says guidelines for how medicines come to market. And it's getting increasingly difficult to get to -- Madison's. Approved in in the region that. Is in the clinical trial but I do the XP they would prefer to see trials where. Medicine as compared to placebo. Which means no medicine at all. And I'm ethically Barry. Very hesitant to ever put somebody in the clinical trial where they might not receive the treatment further amounts. I I think that at this point in all the trials need to beat. Comparing one medicine to another we don't want him to be experimental tree in order determine whether the drug is is working or not. I and and the FDA is and fortunately. Really coming down on on some of the newer drugs that are being looked at as not being the high cost studies they want. And this may slow the research field down to -- Something that actively right now in specialists are trying to communicate. Which the FDA let them know the situation at hand and and we need it changed. Yeah definitely I commander's -- your frustration that is that's pretty disappointing. It is so we've we've got a couple of -- over the past several years but I think had tremendous potential but there were medicines that. Didn't have to be given very often. And the FDA. Does seem to be very hesitant have medicines that are what would call. You're personable you know that once you get to Madison has a lifelong change that goes on. I as opposed to the medicines that. UK and take awhile and then acquitted or something else comes -- I can understand their hesitancy to. To approve medicine that are permanent bet he talked to my patients that's what they want they want medication. That would Alter the course of the disease -- -- not just holding in check. It actually changes. Shore and that's the answer the FDA. You know that's been something that the public has talked about for many years. To the FDA or the drug companies walked something that's permanent fix that there's something that temporary fixed where you have to keep taking matters and and David. Certainly the pharmaceutical companies want something the armed checks because there is a market for would be enormous. The the FDA actions to be much more hesitant and I understand why but I. It also in the frustration -- really -- that is at this point. We're looking for something that is really the game changer bracket you know medication in hand forever Alter the course of the disease knowing. You know we in some individuals taken and these would be very aggressive very developed just. Enters something much more benign. Well and that is one of the things that's so interesting about multiple sclerosis and I understand that people can have a more mild form and then some people -- had a very severe forms so. I think in any case you want your preference would be for drug that is going to Alter the course of the disease over your lifetime and be a permanent -- to enable you to live your life with all this water V began. I think that's my number one job quantitative basis is to identify the individuals who do you have regrets and will -- On the Madison that they are currently on or even before they've -- on opposite. It hard to be able to differentiate between them out to some severe cases. You know if you wait too long. Again your personal damages -- place he can't turn back the clock so. It's very important part of in that care is determining he's got mild amounts less severe amounts. Right Bryant doctor -- have you seen a change in your practice over the years. In terms of and getting more and more patients who are diagnosed with an Nasr do you find has your practice mostly -- Sort of stable are wondering if their periods of time -- seasons in which you see more instances or a spike in in folks have been problems. That's not so much despite now it's just steady growth. The Austin -- is growing by leaps and bounds as well now. And so a number of people have moved down from the south coup originally from the north who have MS already. And urban area you can imagine this winter air quality the ice and treacherous conditions they've had out there that people have difficulty walking. They're real difficult. Living up there and so there. Is not only a lot of people who have move for business reasons or -- to move down here for help trees. And I feel like. It's hard for me to know whether the number of cases is actually increasing. -- the Austin natives. But I think that it has over the years increase somewhat. Partly due to. The disease now being so much more treatable -- in the days when their relief work -- treatments for amassed. Dockers work all that aware of the disease in and certainly weren't inclined to make the diagnosis quickly. Because they'd be telling the patient they have untreatable disease. Out of rehab and treatable disease. Primary care doctors other specialists there. Recognizing the signs have been masters very quickly getting patients appropriate testing getting a look forward to -- -- -- today. It's a big difference now compared to what it was ten years ago and. Yes that is huge. If you're just now joining us on inside Austin I'm speaking to neurologist doctor Edward fox who focuses his practice on multiple sclerosis secure Austin. Doctor fox do you. Foresee that there will be a cure in the near or long term future. That depends on how he'd -- cheer cheer means that some people. That is just stock activity in the disease they just stay exactly where our. Which could mean MRI and much still show old scars from the past attacks have been amassed. But they're feeling all right they're not going to get any worse and I I would certainly. State that kind of scenario. He into Pittsburgh for many patients right now. But certainly that's going to be our goal for more and more patients in the future. But other people -- -- look at it here bringing -- well as -- and you know unfortunate patients who were in wheelchairs or. Canes walkers. That they're going to be able to throw those away because they're going to improve to the point of normal nervous system. And that is very very difficult. Have to accomplish from a research standpoint. Because being able to re growing nervous estimate something that is beyond our -- right now. I think those -- people out there and at -- -- spinal cord injuries due to our accident. Are here or something like that you know we're perhaps. Alison they would look at it exactly the same way that a cure program would be to have a normal functioning spinal cord after an injury. -- the same kind of issue you know when we can't 61 of those we may be able to fix all of we can't. Help who were here the damage nervous system and people that you would be cured but until then. All we really and then promises and we're working towards the ability to stop the progress of the disease. How significant is. Is diet in -- does anyone who has disease diet is more important that. I asked this question because not not long ago a friend of mine sent me a video of a doctor Terry wall. To -- to Ted talk that she gave. Talking about a very specific diet that she -- and how she felt it really healed her body in some important ways she was in a wheelchair and now is able to walk. Do you prescribe -- -- your patients rather. A specific anti inflammatory diet. Doctor Wallace as they've been very popular because. -- first statements and I think. Overall there's been a lot of it -- by by her being very visible assessed. I don't believe that there's one specific diet I will see three people in a row. One will be on mr. Egan one will be on strictly free diet -- will be Helio diet. And they all. Have much better since they started the diet the more. Active they are thinking more clearly they're sleeping better and I just over other level that is so much better. And they'll be delighted about it and we'll ask me why didn't tell me to get on this why didn't she -- so much however not to get on the stock. And dark -- might be one of those so. What they all have in common is that they're eating healthy couldn't. That they're not listening to what their body on into what the body needs and they're actually getting good nutrition without. That the types of processes that we all our helped force. And when they make that step which usually part of an entire lifestyle change and you know expect to get access they start eating right they start exercising more they start sweeping right. Stressful goes down. If they just searching a lot of progress. And so are encouraged all my patients to eat correctly I don't. State that there is one way and one way only treaty that it -- somebody has no idea what diet trees start I mean they don't. They can't imagine that there's one that they're going to be able stick to. I I just yet to start small you just have to start you know getting word of the process citizens are eating their. -- you know correct daily amount of our fruits and vegetables. You know I think that the common being for every diet is is just elected giving the body what. Yeah nothing can be -- nutrient dense food for sure. Doctor fox would is there anything you might -- listener to. Could be listening right now and maybe newly diagnosed with and NASA's feeling mean I'm devastated and and may be a little depressed. I think that the diagnosis and nmap is -- very bright. Scenario. Because of the unknown are in a masters is a disease yeah. I'm it -- otherwise healthy people quite often and so it is it's quite a shock when it takes place. You know people will look to see you know did I didn't make -- wrong anything to deserve this answer -- well. Autoimmune diseases the whole weather bee -- or try to assert a lupus or Crohn's Disease psoriasis there's just a slew of them. Are we don't at this moment -- times say there is one that. Pause for all of those I think -- the you know the words of reassurance that I get for patients are that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they you don't have to feel like you're alone on this because. Organizations like the -- for multiple sclerosis society the multiple sclerosis association of America and a number of others are out there. To provide additional education are both for the patients and their families. And that I think that wing when. Information guy is received about the disease. It takes a lot of the mystery away from that and start recognizing it as definitely -- -- and you know something that. Can be cope with and hand in it can't be surpassed in terms of its I'm alive so. I and coping strategies are different one person to another -- I just encourage everybody to get the information they need the support they need a big move on and feel like they're controlling it. Very hopeful words doctor fox thank you so much for making time to champ. Thank you. Thanks for listening. We have a stronger than we looked tight I've had type one diabetes since I was two and -- than you think -- I have to take insulin shots every single day and the type that sees beyond the incense and meant to be overcome. To researched -- era this funding it's like changing. Where the plans -- here tonight. I have ten point I mean he's listening and you still had the closer do you think tight. Things like the artificial pancreas they -- ideas and they're happening right now the type it'll stop at nothing. No more blood sugar tests and absolutely nothing no more insulin jacks until type one becomes tight none. Support GE RS the world's largest funder of type one and easy fix. So one day you can -- and I helped turn tiger wanting to tape tonight -- he's -- an easy act and Iraq. And spend your past and I can't. 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