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Jun 10, 2014|

Tim & Liz Plachta discuss Ruby's Rainbowl event and Susan Rankin from the Trail Foundation shares Maudie's Moonlight Margarita Run.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Sunday and already the first of June and you're listening to inside Austin. And speaking with Tim and list accessed through the founder of britney's rainbow an organization that provides scholarships to adults with Down syndrome. They got a fund raiser coming up that's a lot of fun it's called -- rainfall. Here's how you all about it season -- -- from the trail foundation is also here -- moonlight Marguerite Iran is coming up later this month it's a wonderful fund -- and it's unique opportunity to get in a little exercise and still not miss out on some fun Margarita time. And finally speaking with Scott Bennett from the muscular dystrophy association he's got an important call to action for you. If you're male sixteen years of age or older and would like to volunteer for the muscular dystrophy association's one week's summer camp this summer. You could do a world of good for some special children. That's all coming up next on inside Austin. It's estimated that the average American spends 100 in one minute to date in a car. And that can add up to serious skin damage that's because UV a rays can damage your skin right through windows of your car. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using window film -- tent on your car's windows to protect yourself and your family while driving. Even clearer window film will block you VA -- all day long for more tips visit the website -- skin cancer dot org. Did you know there's approximately two million veterans throughout the state of Texas. And 40000 in the Austin area alone till when are you described extracts to support each one of them and their families are conducting their -- retreat holiday dinners. H -- which he believes a whole family serves and the best way to support the troops is not supported family. We support all veterans and active duty soldiers from all branches for more information on our services visit us at -- -- H project that war. Again -- HOH project done. The court. Turned -- Iran sometimes things happen like him he's changed he can't take back in the nineties. Sometimes it seems that there's no way to prevent our passed through volunteer teacher. Saturday in sending 187 beneath it hit a branch on jolly Belgrade as a pre event called turn it around. If you ever thought of working for yourself getting into cells -- wonder what skills you may have that it never been -- in turn it around his free visit turnaround conference dot com. And RS EP for this free event. Turn it around conference dot com. Do. This isn't the big event this is a big fundraisers this your biggest fundraiser here this is our biggest under is the air Mahdi is as opt. -- hours every year. That was an April. And then we have our rock and -- he's on our so it's freebies rainbow rock can bring people. I kind of love and how likely take you to think that -- Well I decided on the bowling tournament and lead. -- Well and it's kind of hard to think of fund raiser I think that's fine that draws people and that maybe hasn't been done before it's at a bit challenging Tom I was asked who wanted to incorporate as and a rock and -- on the -- on it incorporate music and it. The rock and Campbell has -- music. In between. Them. I also think we wanted to that would drop families and although we loved him golf tournaments. I'm sure you ventured off Alex Lindsay our. It's part of the event so we -- a lot of ideas we around a softball turn men and other sporting events volleyball tournaments we just realize that polling is probably the most accessible -- too wide range -- individuals regardless skill age. So and so -- And it's on to this you're right everyone can do it and it's I'm not if -- Balkan you know consistently doesn't matter. And their mom but I know that thirty use last year's. Avid horse ambulance. Berserk and the whole idea is just you have now decent and he can do with people that you. Enjoyed being around and benefit repeats rainbow at the same time said the rocket -- bowl. Is an rates are -- rain that tell us a little bout released now. These -- started shortly after our youngest daughter was born ruby. And reaches out really inspired in town and community. And we realize that -- is of and so lacking them are at a secondary at each round. Although there's all these programs over in the country. And played. It. If you're just on joining us on and -- costs and I'm speaking with him and list plaque that they are the founders of -- rainbow. We're talking about their big fund -- coming up on Sunday June 22. Rock and rain able to where is this taking place and what can someone expects. When they -- Oh is it and they are all. And -- on -- avenue at north central. It's bowling tournament at live music her all ages and -- anybody really we use this term tournament very loosely and lightly it's more or less Ellen bowling event and it. We have live music -- in between the bowlers. This year we have a DJ. It to be fun that I'm going to be -- records throughout the whole. Tournament a couple of MCs that are gonna panic. The ball rolling as. And it cannot and it -- or. Can buy and -- things get started at 1 o'clock is great it is started at 1 o'clock. There there's a 1 o'clock start time and at 4 o'clock AM. So when you go to register on the web -- There were okay and the web sites again -- is freebies rainbow dot mines that dot com. And that's rallying the nation and terrible I believe it's at it to 700 Grover avenues that that is very sent -- and yet. To people -- in teams -- as families or how -- how does it hasn't worked in the past though it's five lanes at teams that I have but if you know one single persons and are you worried you don't have enough. We will Matthew with. Well that -- Goal and -- You don't have Abbott in the and a -- that is it important to register in advance or Tunisia on that day. We pat we pat yourself on the day. Last year actually pulled -- we felt that there were about returned when people out at event and we felt that too. Two entire flights 32 teams each -- see her granddad and Mexico. Although it up people that -- still be part of the event. They're probably won't be spaced pages so the data on its highly encouraged. It registers earliest possible impact or 1 o'clock flight is two thirds full already. It's. They're in about 2 thirds full and am. You know we're certain to promote -- cents or 1 o'clock time slot built. Probably fairly quickly and then -- for -- area. So if you wanna bowl that rabies -- bowl then decided that it and it. At -- rainbow dot my event dot com and if you just want to show up and hear music and maybe have some in now. -- -- It's right you -- to show up -- be part of the silent auction we have a lot of great silent auction items this year trip back to shiner brewery we have. Hill country house a little mini -- nation beginning get a way that's silent auction and one of arraf is that in last year's. It. Off. From. Photographer act that we're really excited about Alan and it shows it showcases. It out and capable. These individuals. Are better. Right sure it will tell you about your am -- recipients would mean. So -- grant scholarships fiddles with -- number polyps. And our rock and recipients are our -- in or. And -- out. With that when he or so are a little in the years in Indiana -- -- believed. As quickly as an idiotic. And a M and we're looking -- again and again this year. To the event is taking place Sunday June 22 at dark bowl cut it to 700 rover avenue. 1 o'clock is one of the start times to begin bowling or you can sign up for 4 o'clock at this moment there's ram in both start times by it. 1 o'clock is filling up fast have worked -- may be looking better for you lots more information. At ruby's -- dot mines that dot com. We're talking about ruby's rain bowl with him and lit class that I can't I can't say that name without the island. I really do think that so clever so roughly he -- -- target for how much money you're looking to you raised with this event. Our target goal or the event is 25000 dollars accidents now when you raise that. That -- somewhat act and -- last year weren't into it eat it absolutely. That is real meaningful money that you can kids to adults who have accounts entrant to go out in the world and accomplish and achieve and academy misses this is Heidi change people's lives -- This and this event by itself will on approximately eight. There's multiple ways we raise money at the event. When people sign up and register as a team -- They actually become and raising team on their own -- if they choose to in which case it got me in raise money their own networks -- on social media sites and all that money tallies. And becomes an accumulated -- that team name. -- we have Graham prize for which team actually -- raises the most their own networks. An and grand prize this year is a it weakens it and it ran out surrogate at 400 acre. Ranch. Adam -- this and get away others. Use that sounds and it's got a few events in Iran believes that -- It. It. Relates on the property NASA which ever team and raises must have a chance accounting get a little get away from town and gotten out of -- you know. In sharp appreciation there -- a great idea and what a clever way to raise money yeah and any other you know the other ways are kind of the more standard forms that the organization raise money which would be. I'm corporate sponsorships. Of around town with several organizations that I've stepped up and and bankrupt our organization -- -- -- -- so order I'm living cut on but has been in its order several others as well and so we did you corporate sponsorships we have available. Before the end of actually this week is out of our cut off our sponsorship availability because we start turning our shirts. I'm in and some of our materials that splash it's logos and that's about marketing but also silent auctions. Wrap all. Donations. -- Have somebody wanted to become a corporate sponsor or maybe had an item for yourself an option and what's the best way for them to get in touch -- -- -- rainbow dot lower. -- yes and then they in -- it on eight. -- makes -- some news and there's only about a week and various. And actually -- are silent auction this rubio line the first time we're we're excited about it asks. Where are really good friends and trees and you know actually -- the set up then -- a silent auction page. And so all our items will be available to be bid on throughout the community to make it to the event got so Smart and now be. Actually launching approximately two weeks where the event to give people the opportunity to preview this on auction items. -- -- and that. And that -- launch exit. OK so right down -- rainbow dot org that handy. And then a couple weeks before June 22 he can get a look at those silent auction items I love that you're able to preview that and you can actually bid on the items as well yet to -- and that fund has you know. Especially during the summer people do tend to travel and they wanna get involved and want to participate that it can be kind of difficult if not in town to get some nice -- participated in them to be and I below online shopping. There. -- in the attic. It's a better teams of iron at eight. Well sat up and batteries and -- and shop online. If you're just now joining us on inside ascent speaking with Tim and let's plaque that they are the founders of freebies rainbow. That's an organization that benefits adults with Down syndrome they found that after their daughter Levy was born. Is there anything else that you want people in either about read these rainbows and organization or about the honorees are coming up on June 22 -- bowl. You know as an organization were expanding we're always trying to another opportunities were always looking more low up and it's. It applicants nationwide are attending some major universities UCLA Vanderbilt George Mason. All sorts of great universities we would love to see. In -- Smart participation here in central Texas as well and -- You know provides more local support so if anybody knows any adult -- Johnson and typically be between ages. About 825 give or take. Depending on their participation difference programs and we'd love the chance to be able to meet them and hopefully -- it would buy them a scholarship to as well. Also you know where I was with a partner with the organizations. That aren't you know look to anchor with a great organization. And so you know we're growing and we're expanding our. You know -- -- impact. I think that's. Fantastic that's really the most you can do. If you wanna support -- rainbow June 22 as the data mark on your calendar that is their fund raising event -- rain bowl. Taking place at artful at 700 current avenue things get started at 1 o'clock there will be live music a silent auction. Lots of fun things to do as a family. Register online at ruby's rainbow dot my of that dot com if you wanna sign up as a team -- as a family able to start at 1 o'clock 4 o'clock. Or if you're not you know if I'm worried about getting -- -- -- when you show up on that day can do that as well. I thank you Tim and list for founding this organization and doing such great work for adults with Down syndrome and thanks for being here and soon. Something leaders they haven't spent this much. Back in a moment with more insight Austin. Did you know there's approximately two million veterans throughout the state of Texas. And 40000 in the Austin area alone -- -- are you described extracts to support each one of them and their families are conducting -- -- retreat holiday dinners. HO HP believes a whole family serves and the best way to support the troops is not supported the family. We support all veterans and active duty soldiers from all branches for more information on our services visit us at HOH project that war. Again that's HOH project done. The court. Turned in Iran sometimes things happen in life you can't change he can't take back into the nineties. Sometimes it seems that there's no way to prevent our -- -- continent's future. Saturday and -- 187 point eight patent infringement jolly Belgrade this free event called turn it around. If you ever thought of working for yourself getting into cells are wonder what skills you may have that it never been Taft didn't turn it around his -- visit turnaround conference dot com. An RS EP for this free event. Turning around conference dot com. And we can. The commodities. Moonlight remarkably Iraqis that the main. Fund raiser for the trial foundation. It's our main event it's our annual net and what's exciting about it this year is that it -- it's the tenth annual. Margarita closest thing -- ten years yes that is Greg congratulations. Thank you so what is the event like I -- newcomer to the of that myself. There's it's it's an evening race so that's on starts at eight. It runs along the streets near. Butler -- lady bird lake. It's really really -- special about it is that there's a party or 600 people afterwards at the Paul. And at the live oak trees outside Asia rate -- from the south east and various bodies. Tex mex and margaritas so that's your reward and or sent via the run part. Yes and you can do either the run or the party or both and what thing that's special this year is that. Iran and don't do the parties still get a Margarita. I don't know if -- -- a -- and it's not a lot of -- we're talking about at the fire came right it's a tough day anybody can get that's definitely manageable. So this is taking place on Thursday. June 12. If folks want more information about it that you had a child foundation dot org is that right. Right all in posts there on the web -- OK so let's talk about the trail foundation what exactly does the child foundation do you -- -- Austin. Our sole mission is to protect and enhance the Butler trail lady or play that's the ten mile loop trail that goes around it reflect that we all enjoy so much running and walking and -- -- and the rise there's thousands of people a day that used to. And it's really important to Austin in terms of connecting with nature. Health and fitness and building -- yeah I can imagine. So when you think -- what goes into maintaining that trail I mean I think it's easy for those of -- -- enjoy it to just -- now this is a trail and I love being here and and yet -- so much work on the back and it goes into making sure that there's a monopoly is -- into it right we'll work hand in hand with the city parks department that does a fabulous job with maintaining it and the -- -- nation goes the extra -- and we put in fabulously designed to restrooms. Gathering areas -- plant we plant trees sweet and spearheading that effort -- Or about eight years to complete the trail with the work -- which is an open June 7. Everyone's really excited about it so one mile partially Overland partially over water structure. It's been a complete -- ten moment like our exciting said June 7 is today it's have watch after that. It's going to be great opening ceremonies. There's going to be officials and everything and -- -- gonna have a over the top performance -- -- lap this aerial dance reformers under thirty and that's just around the corner that'll be here for you know vanish in less than two weeks -- that's so exciting. So lots of past projects that have been completed this isn't -- -- completing loop and then. You've got no doubt some some current project underway right. Now where I'm in the process of getting the permit the new restaurant that we're gonna build. Across on the town likewise it's to sign up now Lawrence architects. It's related to our. Little gem of a restaurant trail series we've had restroom is on a -- Rivera architects. As well as studio eight. Austin architectural firm. I mean definitely keep local yes that's important. It's really I mean we talked about how much we enjoy as -- -- been outdoors in the community. And this trail is just. One of the places that so central to you how we -- our lives outside. It's wonderful that the we've got the child foundation to really inks a strategically about how you're protecting and preserving -- And and really keeping it beautiful. Yeah that's really important to have a private nonprofit group. It can bring water resources to bear so that we can make Austin's most important public Spain it's even better than courteous to -- lot of natural beauty. Also that a lot of needs and we need to continue anti native trees. Building -- building gathering areas all of those things. So is there I think a larger sort of master plan for the trail you can share with -- This week did a vision plan in 2008. So it is murder and we're also in the process of doing master plan that area east -- the boardwalk South Shore master plan so it is part of a continuing series of parks planning yes. Comics and if you're just joining us on inside Austin I'm speaking with season frank and she is the executive director of the trail foundation. Here in Austin and we are talking about how important it is really to keep that beautiful trail that runs the -- around lady bird lake just as protected and preserved as it possibly be his and I imagine that. This takes an awful lot of resources to -- the stuff on -- You've got the fund raiser event coming up June 12. With money that money's moonlight Margarito run. If folks are not going to be in town about advance. They would really like to do their part. You hope all the projects that you guys have going on what are some of the ways that they can get a ball. This way that people support everything to -- nation does the public trail. It's to join as a member that way you're supporting everything that we're doing the Butler trio. Okay and having to that. It's easy just go online you can sign up or a one time donation and or recurring donation every year there's levels everybody there's also ways for businesses to support us financially and through our ships. So on the trail foundation dot org is the web -- about making dedicate more information yes and then if these folks do you wanna come to the of them on June 12 which sounds like. I mean sexy unique -- that. My buddies me and my Margarita round and party. It's the tenth anniversary and then you know nice -- -- -- -- film like breaking a sweat he can still go to a party and at home and -- betrayal and patient. Where can I get more information about that if you go to our website trail foundation dot org and on the -- -- next unlike Margarita run there don't forget that the music shares of the past soundtrack mind it's going to be a fun group there. A blend of sixties and seventies. Era soul music -- blended with jazz and blues an adult a great dance for them to. And sounds so offensive if this isn't it must be an interesting makes people can you have some people who ran and her in their running close. And they stay for the dinner and a party and other people that just said hey I'm gonna show the dinner and a party and so obviously they wouldn't be in Iran Clinton must be quite a festive looking -- right. It's really fun because normally when people go to galas have to dress up. This is different if and where your favorite running short she can be sweaty or not sweaty and everyone's welcome and it's very casual as Carrie Austin cool. It's it's somewhat by the Butler trail is the center of Austin keeps -- handling and half Ian health comics on offense. The child foundation hook up with bodies and them and create this event you know -- breaker who owns -- is really big on giving back to the immunity he loves the trail and a lot of people. Use our betrayal -- -- text -- took all those really well together and and it's a sound area off some things to do. Susan is there and health that you want folks and now -- -- about the child foundation in general or about this event that's coming up on June 12 and communities named -- right well it's going to be the most money ever -- the -- here and another thing in my tell people as it. You can have corporate running teams we have teams from Freescale and Google and about a dozen other companies that makes a lot more on. That doesn't make it more fun or imagine you could just get a group of friends together and say hey let's do this and in the you know he kick off the weekend a little early on Thursday with margaritas and -- Max lethal and knowing that you're doing something. The trail that maybe you run every single week or that you enjoy taking part and right it's a fun way to give back to trail that everyone loves. I couldn't agree more -- Susan thank you so much for being here and sharing with us all the good work. That you dealing with the trial foundation on protecting the Butler trial and keeping that area around me -- beautiful and how exciting the boardwalk will be opening. On June 7 just -- it's. Thank you thanks for having me it was so looking to be here and have the trauma patient. Lots more coming up on inside out. Turned in Iran sometimes things happen in life it can't change we can't take back into the nineties sometimes seems that there's no way to prevent our past -- continent's future. Saturday in sending 187 Anthony patent infringement -- Belgrade as a free event called turn it around. If you ever thought of working for yourself getting into cells are wonder what -- you may have that it never been -- -- turn it around his -- visit turnaround conference dot com. And RS EP for this free event turning around conference dot com. So there you are got a few bills in your pocket and -- -- is shared on. And you could happier with your friends. Here recently he has a long week tears road blocks the last the few scandalous stories. Notes did. Now fast forward. Jumping your car and head home well all you just -- DW I -- -- you wanna hear what's next. Time in jail and then. Left the trips to court up to 171000. Dollars in fees and fines. And months and months of hassles so you wanna keep good times from going all bad let's rewind. Plan ahead when you party with friends lineup the sober driver before you go out for a safe ride home because if you get a DW -- There's no going back drink drive go to jail David asks a message from -- save a life. And my -- very pleased. It breaks my heart to tell my cleaned up her now. But I had to give them books last year because -- age related macular degeneration. Or OEMT. It's an eye disease that can lead to blindness and affects lots of baby boomers like me as we get older. I wish I know on their own ways to help prevent -- to eat and about the warning signs like blind spots are blurry vision. I regret not seeing my and I doctor sooner because early detection is seeking your site. And -- clinically approved treatment for its advanced form. If you think you may have -- in. -- the foundation fighting blindness -- at 1800 blindness for free packet on preventing and managing and team. Series turn just isn't the same without him -- green to me. -- just breaks my heart. That number again he's 1800. Finance. Don't wait -- Do. Mean it's a muscular dystrophy association. And it doesn't summer camp every year for kids that -- are afflicted with some form of muscular disease. Yeah that's right. The rookie of the does Burton which is over near Brigham and its for a week every summer -- and it's the highlight of these kids. Years some of the kids that are completely mobile and wheelchairs some of the kids just need to wearable ankle braces com. Depend on their level of affliction of the most -- diseases. Because there are budget diseases that are. In compass in their umbrella so you've got kids that can walk around and have a good time mum and swim and due date -- swings in the rope swings and things that you get also the kids that are complete wheelchairs come. He's saying. And so the the problem is is they have to have a one counselor assigned to every child at the -- some these kids need all what are percent to help. And the problem this year. Is -- got a 115 kids. Registered for camp and they don't have near enough counselors. Right now they're looking for counselors sixteen and up. And if you're treated you could notify 12691. Years or 65. That -- BA officers central taxes. And volunteered to be camp counselor and mrs. -- a lifetime -- these folks come I know several of them that are doing it this year. And it's need to see these kids what they can do and see their faces light up and it's it's wonderful and it's an experience to deliver forget and -- campus center Saturday June 7. Or Sunday June 15. And again it's and Burton taxes we're simply is. Not near Brigham it's. It's about an hour and a half from Austin. And they give to this the same camp it's called camp for all in the camp is specially built. Or special needs kids. In India uses other other. Charity's use and also but they've got everything you could possibly need. For a special needs child whether they're in a wheelchair whether walking or what it. Very safe and it is the highlight that would keep your I have two daughters. Bit have a form of India -- called GMT. And it is not near is debilitating has -- CDs. Other India diseases. Like Lou Gehrig's disease things like that. They are right on -- were little ankle braces. They can get around locate one and had surgery that they get together in the summer camp every year. And it is the highlight of the year for them and more my daughter's she's seventeen it'll be her last year to do it by the daughter's twelve. It again they've got a 150 kids just first from central Texas going into this camp. And this year for the first time ever they don't have enough volunteers to help. And it you know looking for males sixteen plus. To help would be great kids. Which sounds like the one time a year that these kids can really get together and just be themselves because they're with other kids who are exactly lake and and they get it on a very personal level and what an important occasion for them just really let go and have some fun right. Absolutely it is. It's a time where they get to spend time with other kids that they -- they hadn't met them and they need -- -- there it -- -- -- -- -- Developed lifelong friendships out of my daughters both have. For -- counselors that they've had throughout the years and it's. It's something that they will never forget and they've developed lifelong friends and solicited they don't get to go to regular camp. So these kids can't even with the wheelchair. And to be able piece of the like this away from home. For a week. Every summer is amazing plus you don't think about this aspect but the parents. Get a week to do other things where they've been taken care these kids all -- long. And they get a week to do something they can do. Armed for one week every year in this is very important these kids and we don't wanna have to be the first year that they say we can't take this -- is that not enough counselors. Because again it's one counselor per kid. And it makes it very great state. Experience sir I mean because. As you mentioned Scott all these kids are and varying. Varying situations of ability so you wanna make sure that -- somebody always looking out for them. So the volunteers. That. The most registry association here in central Texas is looking for are all males right. I -- -- what and so they they need to be a guide it's at least sixteen years old. Round any key thinks that you're that guy for this one week summer camp that starts June 7 in Burton Texas. Call 5126910065. To sign up. Like Scotty said a 115. Kids are looking forward to come to camp the summer but if there's not enough counselors. It just doesn't happen right got. Right develop deterrence and these children away and that would be heartbreaking because I know that the drive home from camp every year just leaving camp. Is both kids are crying because they enjoyed so much I can't imagine would be like if -- think they too were were told they could go at all. So you know India for a lot from folks here at central Texas and the people total taxes. Support in BA more than any other city in the country we get the numbers to back that up. And again were we HD just for asking for help if your -- sixteen plus. You'd like to help out with the in the summer camp. Meet some great kids and have a good time yourself. Let us go against 69 war and yours -- 65. And we would sure appreciate it. If you're just now joining us on inside ascent on speaking with Scott Bennett he is one of the board members of the central Texas chapter of the muscular dystrophy association. Scott so this summer camp that we're talking about. It's for children that are in what age range obviously not older than sixteen but how young they start. Six to 7067. Told. And for those who are not very familiar with the family of diseases that come under the umbrella of the muscular dystrophy association. Could you give a little a little enlightenment there. There is the major diseases. Deal less Lou Gehrig's disease is Warren hum muscular which itself then there's SMA spinal muscular atrophy. There is C and C and does sort circle Marie tooth disease which my daughters are afflicted with. And then there's a bunch of smaller diseases there's different variations of each disease. So when somebody says have indeed. You may -- age you may not know what they're talking about 'cause there's so many different ones now that they're covering. And this is a 115 kids just from the Austin area they do what these camps incident all over the country so there's a lot of families -- affected. India central Texas has been great we do Maria a muscle walk every year and February and Austin. Out of all the cities in the country did the second most money raised. So we know folks and Austin released -- -- to the plate and were talking about beating cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. In New York so. There's a lot of support for this here Austin and again we're coming to the well that's for more help. And if you know friend or. A child did it is sixteen plus. Would look to help I I know some camp counselors were sixteen years old last couple years and they had the title their lives in these kids. Far and they have like music out there they have deejay music. They have parties every night. And it's just like a normal camp issues made for kids that have certain challenges. And I think a very special opportunity for these kids with challenges to enjoy something. That I a lot of parents and and children who don't have physical challenges maybe take for granted everybody. Gears up for summer camp you know almost from the beginning of the year they start talking about it. So. It this is a really important event for these children to be able to. Go to a place that outfitted for them that camp for all that you were talking about Burton Texas. It's it's equipped for these kids with special needs who -- might be in a wheelchair -- other supports that are required so this is really. A call to action that Scott Bennett is bringing to our attention if you are male sixteen years. Old or older and you wanna help out have a great time and do something that these kids will remember for ever. The camp is June 7 to June 15 in Burton taxes and the number to call the MDA office here in Austin. Is 5126910065. Got to think it's a great opportunity. For kids who sometimes some of them have a volunteer requirement for their schools and I that it is. Likely -- gonna bring up because if you are still high school I know my daughter is a record certain time. Volunteer hours just to graduate in this count is. 24 hours in the daytime seven days and weeks that's the volunteer hours you'll get just by helping out. Nice nice. Credit for the volunteer hours and fun too because it's an event that volunteers enjoy just as much as the -- -- absolutely. Well I think this is I can't thank you enough for bringing a star attention Scott so. If you're sixteen years of age or older or you know somebody who is looking for some volunteer hours or who would just be inspired. To participate in the summer camp that starts June 7 again we're looking for male volunteers. Sixteen years of age or older. A 115 kids with varying. Physical challenges he'll have some form of muscular disagree are going to be at this camp something we look forward to all year long. Scott I can only imagine how special this time -- and for someone to volunteer their time to make it happen well we want to avoid here. Is a camp having to turn any kids away we want everybody be -- have the opportunity. Absolutely and we we know also will come through. We just need to let him know about it and now's perfect time to jump on board. Is there a deadline that we're working against your Scott so. If by a certain date there aren't enough volunteers we know -- the come off. We would like to see may thirtieth be the last day we can take volunteers just simply so we give them enough lead time to it. Did themselves setup for campus and what looked campers know that they can come from. But I do we hope to hear at least on May thirtieth. Okay our rights of the number to call. If you would like to become a volunteer or you went past this number along to a friend who you know would like to become a volunteer is 51269. -- 0065. That's the muscular industries dystrophy association office here in Austin. I've been talking with Scott Bennett he is on board member of the central Texas chapter. Of the muscular dystrophy association he knows all too well how important -- campus his daughters attend. Scott thank you so much for bringing this to our attention is there anything else if you want folks in. -- they're about the muscular district industry association or this particular event. No that's all we need we just need to fill those volunteers spaces and they guilt for supporting mustered just be in central Texas the development is really. Come up to the plate this year and knocked it out of work. Back in a moment with more inside Austin. Next question next what to look cooking a stick of gum and of French fry have a common. -- I don't you find them between capital. And they'll cost more than filing your taxes. It's higher risk free file it's free get a choice of branding software and helping he needed to join the forty million people who have already -- Three files it's fast it's safe it's free get started at free file the IRS dot Duff. It's estimated that the average American spends 100 in one minute today in a car. And that can add up to serious skin damage that's because you've VA rays can damage your skin right through windows of your car. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using window film -- tent on your car's windows to protect yourself and your family while driving. Even clearer window film will block you VA -- all day long for more tips visit the website -- skin cancer dot org. Turn it area sometimes things happen and like him he's changed he can't take back into the nineties sometimes it seems that there's no way to prevent our passed through continent's future. Saturday in sending 187 beneath it -- -- -- jolly Belgrade this free event called turn it around. If you ever thought of working for yourself getting into cells -- wonder what skills you may have that it never been Taft didn't turn it around his free visit turnaround conference dot com. And RS EP for this free event. Turn it around conference dot com. Do. So tell me about the sense foundation and I've never heard of it. And -- foundation that provides mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin musicians and their families. -- we work with. Musicians that collar confidential client line. And they. Immediately speak to one of our license clinicians. And they'll do send counseling with them on the phone and then match them -- and verse seven. Therapists counselors psychologists. Psychiatrists that are in our. Provider network user. Folks that are in our community. That work with sends. And provide -- Quality care -- scared TVs musicians. Lots of resources that sounds pretty crane touted how the since foundation come into being. In innocence foundation was. Our reaction to a tragedy at about nineteen years past so. And sends Allison was a -- musician in Austin community. And it's he took his own life after. Along bout with depression and and the music community. Was really. Wanting to do something more than. Hold a benefit concert tour and you know. Take donations for. Some sort of Memorial Day they really wanted to do something that would help other musicians that were out they're struggling. With depression anxiety. Performance anxiety. Relationship problems and -- and other serious mental health issues -- and is it harder for musicians. To get -- kind of help maybe because their incomes are not usually. Substantial time and you can make it really -- as a musician but also you can be a musician and it's very talented and works a lot. Doesn't necessarily. Make very high income. That's very true and musicians especially in Austin and have a lot of us dressers that. That affect their mental health and some of those are erratic tour schedules and low income and no support system when they're on the red and it's. These things contribute to. Mental health issues and addiction and that might be there. And in terms of addiction. And their their workplaces. Bars and clubs you know -- you have an addiction it's really difficult says. The away from. That moment. Yet so he can say well I'm gonna pull myself back from that environment which isn't good for -- pathetic -- that the environment in which your livelihood is based on exactly exactly. That extra stuff and touring. Mean. -- the average person thinks about a musician on toward town so interesting and exciting performance piece and going in many different cities but the reality is. That's quite boring when you're going from place to place on the bus and that's a lot of time to fill and away from left. Exactly I think and you know people think it's a glamorous time on Iran and and hitting city after city I think the reality can be. That it's maybe 56 guys aren't ladies in and ban him they're traveling together. And and hours on end lots of time down time waiting for. Shares to begin you players Shannon head off to the next city. And it's you're away from -- Your support system that you know your loved ones and and you know your routine can keep you sane right now. So The Sims foundation is just under twenty years -- are exactly exactly and is this organization are the services a completely free of charge to musicians are they provided it is discount. I'm we were kind of sliding scale so -- like and musicians to contribute to their and mental health and -- And we assess their income in the first initial and intake and and depending on where. There are they're out we can help them. With support for payment. It you know we really like our musicians to take part in the work that is their -- themselves so there. So what is that process look like someone is a musician and can't say struggling with depression or an addiction and they reach out to The -- foundation health. What are some services on their failed them. Sue and when he reached out and they make that first cultists and -- and they they reach one of our licensed clinicians and this clinicians. Do an initial and assessment. Which takes about thirty minutes and during that assessment they can do some short term counseling if people are really in desperate need at that moment. And but the main point of that assessment is two. It's like a matchmaking service and we matched them with a counselor psychiatrists. In the city that they will go see on a regular basis it could be. Once a week once every two weeks and just depending on what they need is. And if they do need to medication. We work with this -- mines institute. They're residents. And see our clients and we're able to make appointments usually within a week for them to see a psychiatrist. -- that's fast it's really fast actually. We have a back door to getting a -- appointments and if you tried to do this on your an offense -- musician tried to do this on -- and it would be very difficult for them to get appointments on the yeah I was I mean I think I think about how difficult it is just immunity and to see a regular doctors sometimes I mean. Have terrorist you know get it's it's it's tough usually you know there's a long line usually exactly yeah and another. -- we offer at -- -- foundation is addiction recovery which and we work with. Austin recovery as her partner for that process of detox and counseling. And then we work with Hickory wind a ranch and other sober living house's where where musicians can. Take that next level of service and we also have a new service called intensive outpatient. And treatment and that allows and musician to continue. Working at their regular job and it's living at home. But going to have daily counseling. With with a licensed counselor -- sounds like it's really helpful because. Of course if you need to be taken out of your -- -- -- in their rehab program that's essential but nice to be able to get counseling in eat in your environment so that your time dealing with it. Altogether. Exactly exactly -- environment you're going to be living and it -- get the support. There and how to build it and it seems. Like it would be easier in the long run maybe longer lasting two and -- -- and that way not make sense yeah I think you've got it -- hit it right there. And I think also our counselors have a shorthand. With musicians they understand what it's like to be on tour they understand. What it's like. Have -- musician's life send musician can go in and immediately start working on the deeper issues they don't have to. Sort of explain themselves and what your lifestyle is like two piece there just because these therapists have worked with musicians for years. Some of our counselors have been with us from the very beginning -- And that's kind of along call her. Or these therapist. That is really important I didn't even think about that until just now but how imagine how much time you would have to spend to say. Hey this is what my daily life -- for my daily challenges and struggles are before you even get to you you feel about it. -- and get to end the chaos that causes emotionally and mentally and physically exactly I think there's. You know these these therapists can understand what it's like to be on tour and no this stresses and speak in a language that the musicians. Understand and and relate to as well so there's lot of trust there and you can get to the core much faster to get to the importance of why they're there and mining -- Exactly how quickly does it happen Heather if someone. Has an addiction problem let's say and they call in the ready to really do something about it. On how quickly can you get -- percent. Either you know into recovery or -- -- a person that they need to help -- it to the next level. I -- I've seen it work in a matter of hours since banking typically it's you know. Working with the client. For them to put it. Breaks on their life so that they can go into detox so. Making them. You know contact all their loved ones and then making appointment with our partner organizations. And getting them into detox program but it does happen very quickly within within a day -- -- Makes sense now because once someone's ready -- take advantage of that exactly so it sounds like. This is an organization with many moving parts and you can use a lot of support and resources as he -- the stand. What are some of the what are some of the things the sens foundation. Could use today is that volunteers. Is it to a nation and is it more providers perhaps counselors and have went and you have hit. All three is is. Exactly. What we need and we actually have plenty of providers in our network. At the current time. But were always. Looking for more providers to. You know the -- through our process and have at the ready when we need to you and add more into our our stable of of counselors. And we are always looking for volunteers. And we do a lot of events a lot of productions and music. And events ask -- to be in nonprofit partner and so we we do about twenty events a year and a our volunteers to come out to these really functions and help us. Pass out information about cents or spread the word about sends to you that the folks that are out there. And yes we are always seeking donations were a 501 C three nonprofit and and we seek. And funding from a lot of different sources and have a nice mix of funding from. Government and it's not he knew she. Stanley foundations and to individuals. You know it's it's expensive work to put someone through. You know detox program Candice anywhere between five and 7000 dollars and you -- So beat these things cost a lot they do indeed if you're just now joining us and speaking with Heather -- she is the managing director of the sens foundation. Mental health services -- Austin musicians. Other -- want to reach out to you to volunteer or to me financial gifts. What would be the best way identity that. And I think the best way is to go to our web site it's Debbie Debbie Debbie you would dot Sims foundation dot URG. They can also call our offense it's for seven and 21008. And the number for someone to call and speak to a licensed counselor is that I've won 249. Or 1007. That is right that's a number cure rate if you're a musician struggling with either depression -- addiction or really any kind of mental health issue and you -- reach out for sons or I've won two or 941007. Is the number of exactly. How many musicians had -- would you estimate. Since comes into contact with in any given year. You know in 2013. We had over 600 musicians and their families seek our services. Trial -- Send it's -- credit to -- and howdy how these musicians find out about you. I think mainly they they hear about us from other musicians I think there's a word of mouth network. And and it's. It's you know I think with mental health that sometimes necessary to. To feel like a trusted voice. Giving you good advice and that comes from your band mates or from someone that you now. We all sue and do a lot of outreach and in clubs and venues and and tried to reach out to musicians I. Tabling -- ACL lives and and different different -- music can use and I'm going to all the big festivals and trying ten reach out to. He added that greater Austin community. Her our idea is not just to help musicians we want to and work on reducing the stigma of mental health and Austin as well and this year we're gonna start some smaller educational. And events that will include the whole community. And really work on and educating folks about what are the warning signs to addiction when the warning signs to end to mental health issues. Like depression or anxiety that that. Eat when you see those in your friends and family you have some resources to help them -- I can be really tough at -- because as you were -- -- thinking about you know. Even today as much progress that's been made in terms of education about mental illness. There is still that stigma that you mentioned -- In in many different communities whether it's ethnic communities are just you know sort of an American general. I don't know a whole lot about a culture of musicians who but I think as individuals we have a hard time in general saying hey I need help. Exactly sort of it and you know that admission of I'm vulnerable I'm lost I'm not really sure what to do -- And just finding someone that you can trust to say that out loud to you. Can be tough -- I think this statistic right now is and the national institute of mental health. One in four people has. Diagnosed mental. Illness and that's incredible numbers in our community and in ink and we have to do everything we can to reduce the stigma out of this these diseases that are out there absolutely. I wish it were easier. Yeah I wish you were -- as simple as saying hey it's okay yeah you know if you if you have an issue -- -- need help -- yeah we do have a few of our musicians. He is speaking out publicly. About their -- and experiences and that's really beneficial. For us to to get in and the word out to other musicians as well it's it's hard you know we have very confidential. Process and you know. What it's hard pressed to tell the stories that are happening sore because of people's patience you know clients' confidentiality absolutely of course not early part of the reason that they're dealing. Like they can go forward as the casino confidentiality is honored and so important exactly. So the word of mouth network then becomes all that much more important in terms of somebody being willing to say hey look. I want to since foundation and they really help me out and I Anke my my check yourself. Exactly we also work with other partner organizations that support musicians like. Austin music foundation and and Austin music people and the health alliance for Austin musicians and and we do a lot with health alliance trust in musicians their clients. Always hear about. Sam's. And the services we offer when they go into their office and we reciprocate with and same. Same thing with. The health alliance we send our our folks have been there as well that's great it's so wonderful one nonprofit sir are symbiotic you know when their work together -- not off and in -- she can do so much more for people that way. Exactly and I think. And these nonprofits that support musicians really understand that this city is. Prominent because of the of the cultural. Ground work that musicians have have put it into Austin and built up. It's the live music capital of the world everybody says that all the time. Well that was built off. The sweat and blood of of musicians building our cities. Tagline basically. Yeah now it makes. Her -- cents -- Manhattan. -- is there anything else that you would like people now about -- foundation. You know I would like Clinton and that. We are here to help musicians and that first phone call. You are confidential client client. Is not a scary thing and we would love for people to reach out and contact us and for help and we're here at home. And that number is 5124941. And 007. If you're feeling inspired by this discussion and you wanna -- your part to help the sens foundation. And their mission to provide mental health services for Austin musicians you can find lots more information on their web site. -- -- foundation dot org thank you so much. Thanks for being here have been. Thanks for listening to inside Austin.