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The Wellness Connection Podcast 6/8/2014

Jun 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- okay. Aren't considered -- the wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist and run the police and certified traditional natural Peter McCarthy. -- -- By Martin's confounding and wellness centers with three convenient cost -- relocations. Since you're tired of searching endlessly for health information that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Now here are -- and injured. Hello and welcome to do wellness connection we brought you five Martin's compound in wellness centers. Quick three Austin locations at Lamar plaza drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy. I'm your co host -- ugliest. Stand on your cohost Peter McCarthy were very excited to have two special guests on our show today. Our first interview was with doctor Lindsay Burks and are renowned international expert on the subject to the effect of the got on health. And its relationship with the brain with hormones and of course with weight. Later in the show speaking with us all the way from niece France from scares me will be the president of the national health federation. Scott chips on the subject of the United Nations codecs talks and once again will be discussing important information on our regular segments. Starting off with this week's natural health news -- you have a new story that ties the onset of diabetes to cognitive problems in later life don't -- Yes I do Peter you know on number of previous studies suggest that type two diabetes may precipitate. Other medical conditions. Rosebud O Roberts from the Mayo Clinic and colleagues studied 14137. Men and women at the age. About eighty years old. The participants had either no thinking or memory issues or mild memory and thinking problems known as mild cognitive impairment. Subjects underwent brain scans to look for markers of brain damage that can be a precursor to dementieva. Participants medical records were reviewed to determine whether they had been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure in middle -- later. For diabetes. The researchers observed that 72. People. Developed it in middle age and a 142. In old age and 11192. Did not have diabetes. Compared to people who did not have diabetes those subjects who developed diabetes in middle age. Had total brain volume an average of two point 9% smaller. In the hippocampus area of the brain the volume was 4% smaller. There are also twice as likely to have thinking and memory problems. This study's author reports that quote midlife onset diabetes may affect all late life -- cognition. Through loss of brain volume. And you know our expert later on today is iron excuse me who is now going to be talking more about the brain science and its affect on. Or how it's affected by hormones and so I I think that's going to be a really interesting thing that we all look forward to hearing about. Yeah -- and and you have a very interesting story care about the effect of chemotherapy on aging that's right oncologists from the University of North Carolina have directly measured the impact of chemotherapy treatment on biological aging. -- sawn off MD MPH the -- assistant professor with the UNC school of medicine and member of the UNC Weinberger comprehensive cancer center. And her colleagues measured the level of peace sixteen a protein that causes cellular aging in the blood of 33 women aged fifteen year greater. Who had undergone chemotherapy for curable breast cancer. Samples were taken for analysis of molecular age from patients before chemotherapy. Immediately following chemotherapy in a year after therapy finished. The results showed that key purity of chemotherapy. Caused an increase in molecular age that was equivalent to fifteen years of chronological aging. And doctor Sam -- says quote. Our theory is that if you have an advanced molecular age to begin with it will be harder for you to tolerate chemo therapy on quote. You know Peter this might have something to do with the problem that Keno can impair destroy your DNA is tell -- Which is a region of competitive. And on and repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome so these Chalmers protect the end from deterioration. Like Agilent sort tips on the ends of shoelaces that keep them from being sprayed. Yeah so you know this is really important information for both the doctors and patients -- half. Will be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor then you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen several rules. Okay. Welcome back to the wellness connection with the accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are -- and Elise and Peter McCarthy and. -- welcome back to the wellness connection card featured guest today is doctor Lindsay Burks and -- thought leader nutrition digestion and hormones. She's been a best selling author for decades hormone scholar at beat Tulane University think tank car radio personality and as speaker widely appreciated for making complex concepts. She's been a pioneer in the integrative medical arena for almost four decades doctor Lindsay has trained lectured -- co authored and collaborated with other thought leaders in this field such as doctor Jonathan Wright and doctor Alan Gaby her work is published in peer reviewed journals such as her original dialysis research with the university of Texas medical school at Houston published June 23 -- And doctor -- and is known as one of the world's recognized experts in the role the god in human health and disease in the use of natural protocols to -- diverse international conditions her book healthy digestion in the natural -- used by the American academy of anti aging medicine as the basis for their gastroenterology. Module to train -- -- -- how to treat you -- diseases naturally performer a forum president doctor Pam Smith says quote doctor Lindsay Burks and -- one of the world's leading experts on the integrative treatment of gastrointestinal. Diseases. Leading the way in natural effective protocols and quote doctor Lindsay Burks and welcome to the wellness connection. Thank you for having me welcome -- you blow. I want to ask your doctor Lindsay you keep yourself extraordinarily. Busy with your research teaching and seeing patients. What are you working on male. I have -- three books that I have just been working on for the last half the year one of the book. Just came out a month ago and it was good collaborative effort with huge positions you're not just one of the surge and then once the urologist. And the booklet content. Correct how this function they called me up -- make that we hear that you read a lot of books I'm hormones and we are opening up many clinics around the country. -- -- how to function the first the Milwaukee in the second and often. So we'd like you to collaborate with a book -- -- Act book came out a few weeks ago it is called it's on TV. But it's called to leave citing mr. happy. I have to tell us how do well there's so many you know -- population have gentlemen that are you know getting up in years and testosterone and everything is starting to become a problem so that should be an exciting read how. Really haven't dear gentleman and I think would appreciate that book. What would -- really shocking because they've opened up several of EB. Clinic now and much -- Shockey -- that men getting up and here is everyone would have -- TV is mainly an issue with men that are aging. Right it's -- game that they weren't really shocked when meteorologist discovered that the number one demographics where men and their 20 has 37 o'clock -- -- -- he's -- -- While what does that say about the state of our society right now on the environmental ten US food influences -- to create -- while now. All feedback editorial you know I -- wanted to be original breakthrough book on hormonal pollutants that can mimic hormones. I've got published its 2000 with McGraw-Hill called hormone defections so. There's a lot of extra shadow of an anti energetic pollutants in the environments and their. Corn in the environments. And they are -- the environment but the bottom line is we are seeing. Sexual dysfunction. Earlier and earlier you know getting to actually I'm working on the what I wrote that book for that which it was a very fun project and they were very fun people to work with very fun. I was really taken aback by the research that I bumped into the work and that book. For example the Women's Health Initiative is considered it. Studies that came out the 2000 debut in July that was. The group effort at. Clay -- government institutions to look at hormones in the second winning in three fatalities. The government knew that we have a large aging demographic of women and they wanted to know how -- we keep our Asian women April we don't paralyzed Medicare and they thought that you know the first kind of men having heart disease did. Lots of libido and they wondered if this was also the issue would Clinton. They created a huge observation of trial. Within the umbrella of the Women's Health Initiative. How driven thousands of women and dad's relationship to their health quick -- And on into the riding the heat these books and inept steady -- discovered that if a woman. It looked it looked into this country church out how are heard and not have -- to -- Chicago's very very elegantly bronze. Repurchased if a woman could look back over your lifetime. And -- herself I have had really -- if -- back. Missed somebody that I cared for she had it typically less plaque in your arteries -- heart disease. Why oh. Yeah. Apple really did fit physically less use of anti depressants and attempted suicide -- that's believable. And I think overall greater appreciation for the quality of her life who she was walking through her path. Wow that's amazing you know we could stand a whole show on this subject. That's good medicine that's that's the big guys like -- little Peter -- I don't like I can -- a -- another book on how effective up there with -- the next -- bad. Well there you go absolutely well you know you just came back from the Orlando symposium in the American academy and anti aging medicine and course we know that is today's forum would you briefly tell our listeners here we about two minutes shall we have to go to break how -- is what is it what is a for an and why does -- suggest. Eight sport and that -- -- teaching and continue to take -- bit of practice but now wanna be integrated dot com security to go from telepathic medicine integrative medicine and they have all these different modules kept her grouchy cardiology. And the chronology I tell you how to do it -- different tweaking it and instead of -- just drives him differential diagnosis of us. Straight community now you look at it from a global integrated perspective that he -- physical than interventions for the more global look that they are the largest trading arms are spanning a 120 countries -- looking at how you take that. ER dock connector just an act whatever and take them and make him can choose -- The protocols of the program the modules into an integrated got kind of like what we do it. The whiteman family practice to what I've been doing for forty years of practice how do you become a doctor they use -- nutrition and food and lifestyle too fat fat cure patients who. Suffering and put them on a path of healing rather than just flat -- -- drug on their symptoms that but that's about. So you what are your rule with a -- them. -- how many seconds we have left we have about thirty seconds yeah. I would rewriting my second after -- relative to -- after the exact -- that are right after the each book and I. I got a call from the front of -- -- an anesthesiologist taking me for an certification course. He's that I got a positive and a negative for years before I was kind of shocked because I was taking the -- turn around -- module and they copied the -- invited your book healthy digestion of the natural ways and it put your name up on each side but the whole entire court would be inside -- -- until I actually. -- -- And the Florida at the top PDA -- group and see what we could do Vatican that was the first I heard about it. How or how and why I'll I -- not only. Can your anybody with a doctor Lindsay burgers and after a brief message. You're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen seventy. And. Welcome back to the wellness connection with -- accurate health information you can trust. Once again here are Iranian police and Peter McCarthy. Welcome back to wellness connection we're delighted to continue our conversation with doctor Lindsay person. I dare -- you sort start losing most of our customers are unaware of their relationship -- they got to the functioning of their hormonal system could you explain a little what their relationship is for us. We know that got turns out could be an unexpected sexy. Organs and just this -- makes the world go round effects. Even -- -- Castro didn't happen in the world around that part of the function of that got beside the absorption as they can move food through years. And a lot of that contraction to do that it's all based on -- hormones also you have got wall. That word now is they're -- The loading literature about the importance of healthy -- while keeping the bad stuff about them allowing that could pick up again. And if you have holes and that while and developed leaky gut syndrome you let too much at the bad stuff in or even good bacteria that you stay inside your gut. Shouldn't really get in meaning get your bloodstream. It turns out. And I write about this for the very first time in my brand new book which is not out yet I just finished this week's calls digested freedom. Keep your way to intestinal wellness and had a chapter on sex hormones in the got and I -- -- -- this. Absolutely. Fascinating connections with the estrogens signal called estrogen receptor beta. Images turned on by every doll which is. There's sixty different estrogen like compound got -- victory and it's one of the estrogen. And if you're on hormone replacement therapy and if your unbiased or I guess you're probably on every well at three all -- And get an email your signals to a specialized estrogen that line that got wall and help. Tighten up any talent up like you're going to -- this time during exercise class and prevent support he'll leaky gut syndrome. -- -- very exciting new link between C action affects hormones. And the other hormones and that helped -- your -- if the chronic -- issue here hormones too much speed. Evaluate. Wow that's that's fascinating in and what exciting new information thank you for bringing that to work to the world force. You know those of us in the natural health world doctor Lindsay sometimes referred to the -- there's our second brain can you share with us the relationship between the -- in the brain. We know when your first step master cells developing your mom's belly. Has repeated that felt that make up your brain. And your spinal cord in your -- -- Exactly the same outfit just went take the road here brain and the other one takes the roads here and got cancer there really. You have a second brain in your gut that is connected by the -- it scared the -- cranial nerves between the brain. In the head and the brain and the -- and the things that make the brain in the head happier that the bureau transmitters. You morihiro transmitters that make your god -- fears that. Right inside your captain Jack we're now looking at some intestinal illnesses like durable child syndrome or inflammatory bowel disorder and it. Action or anxiety -- cuts because. Of this eruption of Europe transmitter ballot. Many of the things that you do to protect your heart and your brain and your god are all the same -- eating well healthy -- avoiding shivers. Avoiding. After the -- -- stressed that good but too much is bad at the goldilocks theory everywhere you look. All of those things really. -- -- But that god is so instrumental. But if you cut the connection between the good. Got in the brain that got -- effort to keep working on its own it is safe. Powerful. Board game is meant to write you in space and give you the truth got a sense of what's right and wrong and when your back. Curiously out of balance or you have got illness like your old -- -- more. Cultured it collided it's very hard to have a stronger than the cool you are in your life really affect your sense of itself. I'm from tempo thing and gut feeling. You talked a lot about -- -- and while we're on the subject of the -- you talk a lot about their relationship between the -- and wage and body weight so most people understand you know with the bat on a basic level. But what's important thing that's less understood about the role of gut on weight. There -- -- inside that got now that's being recognized Coca micro bio equates anywhere from 46 pounds and it's the old. James Taylor -- Bernie churning heard of burning funk. Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- No I'm burning -- living on inside your it's affected area pat Reid urged that NIH the national institute helped start the human. Micro bio project a few years ago this study. -- -- -- Give -- an -- to feed their relationship and how it turns out that this org and we are now call it an organ that would decide that the renters that don't pay rent. These little bacteria -- microbes that are -- -- -- you can you have to give them with a microscope. The balance that so what we called it good -- the bad plays a big influence. On many ads that could help one of those that affected his weight. If you're good and bad. Gut microbes by illness often it. Almost impossible to lose 25 pound foolish to cut off an arm. And it's really hard beat in new area called cycle by addicts. Way to balance the good the bad gut bacteria and everything to do with how you perceive reality. An anxiety your column. Your discussion about rather than going to. Anti depressant and serotonin re uptake -- to go on balancing the goods to the bad microbe bio on film. Balancing the good with the bad Michael violet being looked at Waste Management control and mood disorders in cardiac disorders so many people are looking at this. Influential role of the got they're calling that got the mother of our health. While we can and it and it and you know eat it this really kind of invalidate some of the old. Folk sayings of you know going with your gut so to speak can. -- that kind of thing it really does have a a basis in fact. But you know many people are aware of the crucial role god plays in the are immune system in the minutes before we go to break can you share -- a couple of important to our points on that place. When you know everybody talks about how what you have to have a healthy immune system to deal with staying well. In your life. But most of -- don't appreciate. That the majority. Of our immune system is that different studies I've read many studies and they they anywhere. For brevity didn't 90% to. Depending on which study you read our immune systems living inside or got -- to -- what what exactly did it live. It -- most believe CNN. -- got the wall and what it does it's it has. Little -- -- time that you lick the bacteria. And the fact. Curious and the community messages can be immune systems telling it what -- something that fear we're helping to embrace the gut bacteria. Ended. -- directional. Conversations. To -- wall -- -- you can have communications. With pure white blood cells your killer cells that have everything to do with how well you move through your world. Without getting -- -- we'll be right back to continue our conversation with doctor Lindsay birds and then this is a fascinating conversation after this brief message from our sponsor your listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen seventeen and. -- you are ever plans to -- who wins. Welcome back to the wellness connection with -- accurate health information you can trust. Once again here on Friday Gleason and Peter McCarthy. Welcome back to the wellness connection for those and you just tuned in were having a discussion about the god can help with internationally renowned expert doctor Lindsay -- Hi how well my god this is just there's just so much I can just listen to you forever this is so great we have to get together and talk more this is. This is really excited yeah a lot of mixed up it's. Say we must. Do much. Yes I must know where you really must stick. Your book about the guy has some brand new information. Doesn't it so tell us about. I have so many new things in this book I have a brand new understanding. This spectrum -- -- Inflammatory about the -- Phillies can think if you I would take delight as well you haven't been eating it up five you need more fiber -- debunk. The fiber -- based on science and you know I prevented this data from my local -- turn around if you're not it's -- great Smart. Night sky that he hadn't even seen it can't do it in the literature and it's very strong literature that motivate. Citing IBM about what I presented this brand new in this book didn't really do. Hormones and that god and it worked the -- published about four or five months ago lot of harbored and what they discovered at the is that when you're 5678. Years old. A boy and a girl are -- flora which we now call the microbe bio look at the -- no big -- Bad for the female -- male bit the same -- same gut flora. So let -- making lots of hormone. During puberty when the boys start getting hair on his chest and start getting breast side everything changes. Good god for a little microbe bio dome -- a woman get them at night in a man. Gets Matt Dillon night. And while you're just. Got more. Take a like you can if you like your good. Computer you can take a photo pick up what I guess green had some what but if your computer. They'd take a picture of those those those residents. But -- female or male hormones and then they keep playing it back -- -- grow as an adult. Reinforcing. Self help male or female -- helped pay zones and you've got incorporated part of you being feminine. And masculine. And that's when you've got Florida did compromise your antibiotics did. After bad diet through medications. Or yadda yadda yadda that's played no role in poor reinforcements hate being sent back here hormones. You go to see doctor wise men -- you could be one of the other. Bio identical hormone -- county gets put on a Cogent protocol for HR heat that you don't respond right. You can't figure out who they can't figure out what because you've got it playing well -- hormones. That didn't hit is good -- Wow wow well you know since we're on the subject of hormones doctor Lindsay you know I know you have a lot of new information in your new book about. The role of estrogen and testosterone. And I understand some of that really is especially applicable to -- hippocampus and what this means -- can you share a little bit about that for our audience. We know I love yeah. Seen the first -- club -- -- behind his running on the treadmill and -- -- like come on my best ideas on the treadmill -- working out but I would bet that Jim the other day is time. -- -- And I I spend hours every day writing and researching and I've got over. 25 books that are coming like that so. I loved to connect the dots not that it may be a millionaire but it. I really at. Love this aspect of how are you looking -- -- week. And I am grateful that I hepatitis -- deaths so I came upon an epiphany that I've never seen anywhere. We have an -- inside the brain that good shape for the little detours. And the Greek word that comes together and -- seahorse hippocampus so called hippocampus they've got a little state of the -- seahorse. -- where we have our sense of confidence. The Who we are in the world bill right before you get alzheimer's disease. This area really shrink the dearly everyone knows that a called hippocampus shrinkage which is the very severe issue. All right hit it I absolutely right. -- -- the hippocampus which a lot of people don't know. Barbara sectors which are looking at that take the pills -- after an attack -- around. You can have dot com literally feet -- will do -- -- -- campus. Maintain its value for you to maintain your sense of self. And that's a well proven now for example a lot of variety of research institutions like McGill University -- one -- huge. Her -- award -- 2008 proving it. But the deal is this when we -- seventeen years old and we have more harm than we've ever had in our entire life and they are. Fort FriendFeed beatings. At the camp over except Gary and we think we know more than we'll never know in the rest of our life seventeen. Yeah they you know the old digital lived our -- -- the times they are changing well it's -- hormones they are her rage and. -- -- -- -- -- worked on the goldilocks theory is that you know get more days out here hopefully. In your twenties and thirties but when you pick senior mid forties. And your hormones. Are waning. You have a greater incidence of anxiety of its security of overwhelm us. Well here's has provided -- perfect Helio if you wanna work anymore. That's what people will work for much but they get older because they just feel more fresh Giles my mind body that is their first starvation occurring. The F kitchen and kept up from receptive to the hippocampus that a lecture on hormone replacement. -- and the studies that show that you are on hormone replacement and you haven't shrunken hippocampus. They can really value my -- to a normal earlier useful apple really -- and I've just six weeks. Wow that's amazing that I. I've had every particular university well I'm happy to hear that because -- -- hormone replacement therapy I knew I knew it showed great -- now I know a little bit more. Listen the -- we go because she just got those charitable -- all of the information we can tap into. I want to know how do you work with your clients and other ducks. Well I am the kind of open at this point in my semi retired at this then. When people call me from all over the world handoff then my numbers 5120. 507379. And I take a look at you didn't happen. Get away that you don't often get with other -- they don't have the time they don't have the expertise that you know they have more of a huge -- overhead its upkeep. I really focused on you and hidden and detailed manner that hardly anyone else will put forty years of experience they had its greatest field. And I helped you see things you might not have -- -- make recommendations. To help. View this that it couldn't help but get yourself back on track. Is there an email address that people could email EU. Do you have actually given up to us. Sure it's easy for deer -- for Lindsay. Burke then BE ROK that's so saddened at gmail.com. CEO. BE RK -- old and at gmail.com. 51 issue. 507. Streak is 79. -- thank you so much we want to thank you doctor Lindsay merchants for joining us today on the wellness connection. That was fantastic. Thank you for having me I really appreciated and I'm so glad we have shows like this week we can't have a. Not that time right now we go to talk to you real soon. But I thought by. Sound means it's time for our weekly feature the supplement of the weekend know what would that be this week in over Peter in the last 25 years in my practice I have never before seen. Such a veritable epidemic. Of allergic. Asthmatic and autoimmune disorders estimated up to a 114. Million people in this country are suffering from these hyper immune symptoms. Yes I know writing an autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis lupus multiple sclerosis psoriasis silly act diseased thyroid disease. And the many other hard to classify syndrome such as fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Have become rampant in the 21 century so what do we do about. Well first of all hi I'm going to be getting a free lecture on Tuesday evening on the first of July. At the dripping springs pharmacy in titled auto immune for dummies. I will explain this in simple terms. How lenient system works why and how the body attacks itself and what is the deal would gluten. He's had a real problem or just in your mind how can you get to the root cause of your condition and how to fix it. So be sure to go to Martin's compound annual wellness dot com or call 512858. 7935. Again that number is 5128587935. And sign up because seats are limited. So while we're on the subject inflammation is the number one immune system of any disease immune conditions so what do you recommend your clients well you know I have a very. Effective protocol for any of these conditions and one part of the protocol is called to Merrill active by apex energetics. You know for thousands of years eastern medicine has used -- human the major component of to correct. -- wide range of health benefits but only in recent times has it. Has its biological action than ever understood. Did you -- their pick -- And I'll just and -- now get out there is that he had. There you go a little bit of -- fraud in the throat now there's a wealth of scientific data from the US National Institutes of Health the library of medicine's pub man or men -- database that -- thousands of scientific articles about term lyrics. Active ingredient -- human which has powerful anti inflammatory any tumor and antioxidant properties. Q how you know and unlike navy since non startling anti inflammatory. Which now have either. Bin withdrawn or survive the FDA's black box warnings -- acumen is proven safe and without adverse effects. -- the uniqueness of -- active it is. That it's it concentrated source of current humanoid it's designed to support the immune system and liver detoxification. Activity. Yeah and remember neither -- -- or term Eric taken orally as well absorbed unless it's taken with black pepper or pat pat green. But this pleasant tasting orange flavored formulas and and I'm also -- -- -- structure with oral syringe delivery to meet specific serving each. This product is available at all three Martin's locations Lamar plaza dripping springs and -- -- us. Well you're right back with the burning question of the week after this brief message you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen seven. And now it's time for the -- question where we answer those important health questions that you the listeners sent him to us it's important to note that any diagnosis of disease. Can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed health care professional. And none of the information we present is intended for the diagnosis diagnosis or treatment of disease. So today's burning question was submitted by Chris from Austin and he was told that -- products do not work because they're destroyed by stomach acid. And emotion of this is true. And this is appropriate because doctor Lindsay was talking about intestinal flora today. Well well you know well according to UK food microbiology -- Glenn Gibson. Only highly resistant bacteria such as lack of bacillus and different no bacteria can survive stomach acid. Other types of bacteria including many pro by onyx are likely to be destroyed by stomach -- said. There's also a chance that you may be -- dead bacteria -- shoe shop very carefully. So it's it's really an idea of taking more and then last so -- ten billion organisms are ingested not only 10% survive. The GI one day in organs organisms are still available to -- trends recently colonized the -- per day. So you know I should just probe by -- first of all our best ingested away for meals. When stomach acids violent digestive enzymes are not at their peak. While some -- in terror coated capsules or tablets will overcome such problems. You know increase processing time and and heat exposure and air and and and moisture it really notify us that advantage. Sure and are now on new generation delivery systems that are employed -- merit carbohydrates such as alternates pac -- But these aren't in terra coatings they're complex formulations that actually turn on. Once they contact just stomach gas and that's a big difference and Mike -- general -- pro bionic is by or for molecular. You can pick up. -- to molecular -- As one of -- three locations. And you can submit your own burning question by going to Martin's compounding and wellness dot com and going to the wellness connection page. Tune in every week to hear if your question is being answered on the air and now it's time for our drug induced nutrient depletion update and -- what is our drug this week. Well this week Peter it's -- -- assets otherwise known as history being two receptor antagonists or H two blockers. And proton pump inhibitors PPI switcher commonly prescribed for treating heartburn. Castro saw fit the -- the GO reflux disease otherwise known as herd. And hectic ulcers some examples are Tom's Maalox H two blockers and they Acxiom. Yeah Aaron these nutrients the nutrients these drugs -- include vitamin. These twelve folic acid calcium chromium iron Cink and phosphorus vitamin AB one and copper. Quite a list while it's important to note that PPI is an H two blockers. Significantly increased the risk of vitamin B twelve deficiency an elderly patients remember that B twelve requires adequate gastric juice for absorption. And the elderly population is already prone to deficiency in what's called the intrinsic factor which is necessary for the twelve absorption. So this lack of stomach acid also decreases the absorption of folic acid iron and zinc. I H two blockers such as tag Edmonton Pepsi and Zantac for example. Decrease -- its creation by blocking -- to me and this could also make people 2.5 more times susceptible to hip fracture. And of course there are other issues that you have here are. Chromium deficiency and iron deficiency which each have their own set of symptoms. So it's important for you to be taking these are supplements to be able to. Combat these nutrient deficiencies. More now it's time for our health freedom segment and we are delighted to have with us today are very special guest speaking with us. From across the Atlantic in niece France. Scott tips JD is the editor of health freedom news and president of the legal counsel. And legal legal counsel for the national health federation. He earned his actual march degree magna cum water from the University of California at Los Angeles. He subsequently graduated from the University of California Berkeley School of Law where he was the managing editor of the law review. And since 1989. He's been the General Counsel for the national health federation the world's oldest. Health freedom organization for consumers as well as the editor in chief of its magazine health freedom news. -- 2007. He became any -- president and has been a frequent speaker for the organization and for health freedom on several continents. Currently he is primarily occupied with health freedom. These are issues are arriving. Arising from. National governments such as the international organization -- They codecs alien interiors commission attempts. To limit individual freedom of choice in health matters. In that capacity he is compiled and edited and published a book on the subject entitled codecs alien and Terry is global food imperialism. He's also attends the codecs meetings worldwide. And has attended more codecs meetings than all other health freedom activists combined. Scott. Are you with us. I am curious and I -- a -- -- YouTube feeder all the way from France is that correct. Yes how they are becoming quite international arm yes we are well welcome to the well. Connection Scott you know these days the -- talks codecs talks we could spend a whole show on this of course spread. They are focusing on the issues of food contaminants food additives. And nutrient refuge in reference values what's the latest on the contaminants. Well it's funny. -- the maybe not so funny but we just went through about quarter in HF one. On a major issue with Melamine you remember Melamine contamination. In an infant formula and pet dog food especially in North America this is that. It's man made substance that they at the end because it mimics protein values. And they and manufacturers can edit them at least for the pound -- is actual promoting cost a lot of money so they try to trick people. But putting and it's yen infant formula. And didn't cut through its well that didn't work it only killed a whole bunch of pets know about -- other animals. And the NH Jeff was successful in getting an exemption for Melamine in infant formula believe it or not that Australia was pushing. Go to an exemption eliminated. So they could not. -- in as much as they want those. Into the food because what they'll do with that they septic packaging and sprayed a little later a millimeter round because it's liquid in Birmingham bowl. And it makes a nice tight package but what happens is especially in acidic foods it will lead kin to. The Melamine will end it helps add to the contamination load of people that these days after victory. Couple years ago on that they're monitoring to make sure it doesn't resurface. We've been going with arsenic levels -- ice and that's not as sexy an issue but it's still an important -- -- so that's where it's. If there's some news I I heard something about also food additives as well can you tell us about about. You know it's kind of funny how that works because originally the codecs committee was called the -- committee on. Contaminants and food additives and then they shouldn't split it off because China wanted to have its own. Its own committee and that committee food additives deals with what you wouldn't Peter -- I would call contaminants. Aluminum include. Aspartame and food and the life that which the codecs people call. Food additives and we were quite successful last year at to have march 2013 meeting in Beijing. The NH -- was. And hoping to eliminate 50% of the food. -- forms of aluminum. And their food and the remaining 50% we -- there levels cut by 50% of the course framing for the elimination. But it's in such products is -- batter. And -- -- if you eat fish and chips usually there's aluminum there but we just had eliminated and to -- also -- Items such as common table salt because it's an anti taking nature. But we were encountered a lot of opposition from the trade industry groups because they were more interest stood. In pushing trade than they were you worried about your mind Nelson. Right and most people may not be aware that there's a lot of evidence showing that aluminum is connected to alzheimer's disease. Armed pedestal correct and we argued that it commuting to and while you know our customers Scott are used to being able to buy natural products and a wide variety of dosages and I know one of the focuses that you've had. In attending the codecs talks has been on those nutrient reference values. What would be the impact if the codecs. Who worked per share of codecs were to pursue. The agenda that you've been successfully opposing thus far. Well put it would do was it was lowered the benchmark -- vitamins across the board except for calcium in -- -- sit by the way for some reason -- Have the hots for those two items and chloride but it's all the others would be lowered to from already abysmally low levels. To even lower levels of power for example vitamin C daily dose sixty milligrams today ridiculous -- But they wanted to lower it down to 45 don't we stopped at. It did in its tracks in 2009 has to Dusseldorf codecs nutrition committee meeting. And we've been fighting it differs senate's now they sneaked a couple of them -- past us but we're still fighting on vitamin C vitamin. And some mothers that they wanna lower down so. What will happen is that the US FDA has already indicated its intentions. To poll. The guidelines. Codecs. And what it will do is it will lower everyone sorry -- -- -- -- lower level include and so it will drag down. Everyone's attention that these are the normal levels and -- ordinary people were ordinary people too who go out and shop. They don't necessarily know that sixty milligrams -- -- which -- to be taking or 45 his codecs -- Busts their going to see -- -- 100% of the argue he lets go party true man though. Both parties guardians and they will not. Be maintaining their health so it's going to dumb down everyone's nutritional level of the same time that the contamination. And food additive levels. Are increasing. So we've had some victories that aspartame is still there we still have aluminum to -- could still arsenic in rice they're still a whole bunch of things going on. Well oh my goodness you are just so fascinating to talk to and we have to get you back on their show. I -- where you were here. And they're so much to talk about and I we're running out of time today but I do you know having worked with you in 2011 and 2013. On the Texas legislative session. We're well aware that the NHS is very active across the country and to. We've got just a few minutes no actually actually we do need to get need to go to to sign off here folks so. We'd -- I'm. I don't know we'll have to get you back brought anyway that's the idea we'd love to have love to have you talk about that so. All right well anyway that's all the time we have for today so be sure to tune in next week. When our special guest will be key declined to nutritionist or five olympians. And Diane Miller the author of eight health freedom bail -- -- across the country and here is discussed the pick of the week. The next burning question and the drug induced nutrient depletion update on your co host -- goalie -- I'm your co host Peter McCarthy so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by Margaret come pounding and wellness centers. With three Austin locations that Lamar -- drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and only kill destruction.