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3 Guys Sports Show Podcast 6/8/2014

Jun 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now one based blue -- surging three guys -- show. Yeah every guy's sports show here on -- he's talking they're. Along with Patrick Davis gets there next to me in my life safety John across from Iran on the board. No I am Brandon worked normally we have Alex Franco here -- this -- studio he has power today however. I don't wedding to attend to -- -- -- weird I don't know what he's not trying to -- maybe more people are doing nowadays I don't schools have struggled toward -- So what we have a special treat it feels. Because Alex is our like hey you know what the -- a great time to bring in a young man that I met. I guess holes and was about a month ago it was actually the data Kentucky Derby. I met him. Then you give you'll Bagram before I fully introduce him. -- month and a half ago there was a fundraisers. Brazil until her elementary here in Austin. And we've put up a spot to come an end and be honored with us we army because it's it's such -- it's a great thing to do right I will say I'm so glad Alex is gone because it was going to be my spot yet -- -- -- That meant that it probably about that's a so we we put across and help raise money -- -- are still still dressed she's going to be easy to say. Booker elementary. Stand. Someone that I know actually want. Bid and won a spot and she elected to give this box. Two or not -- -- young man by the name of -- who's here with us in studio even. Dazed and I am from Miami Miller school but I just left these -- two years ago I -- did not know you're actually what does Oprah that's cool. Yes and so I guess they're really towards yes. Yes so when when I first met you know we had a as the NBA playoffs were also going on not the same -- particularly obviously they're going on -- -- and we were watching the game together and had a great conversation and instantly I thought I was like -- it's still be very cool. For you to be the person that comes in because I knew that when she bought it when the unnamed source bought it. The issue is not going to be the first in the Cayman. And so we know we came to an agreement Sunday that hey you know what you're gonna be the guy you're gonna come -- and what better time to commend. Then right now for an NBA -- NBA finals going on these spurs game one last night. Really quick though before we start talking about the heat's first I see you brought your your posse with you tonight Q you got your crew out there who -- you bring with you. My mom my step dad and my dad what are their names Carlos. Amy and Matt. Carlos -- imagine so glad to do that they came up here sitting outside the studio with scenery is going on hopefully they're not making you nervous or not and it. Not mission because there's no one listening except. -- it's not true. All right let's jump into this game one last night -- spurs. Look I'm more like let's just get all the tons out of the way right now -- day you know the heat is on. But there -- obviously they're -- -- wasn't working we handle heat's 11 no one can say that stop saying it it's over we're. Terrible -- we are not going to play any of that -- this you know vehicle and Fries the heat is on our hot hot hot might buster I do like a little bit there before we came in was cold as I cited just. Come on Casey told his -- or trying to sneak it in so we got to -- obviously the biggest thing from last night that the air conditioning. LeBron going out cramp. The biggest thing is spurs won game one of the NBA finals talk about air conditioning all you want is not -- in the record books spurs up one elderly and hopefully. I know for you Patrick -- -- this Lisa bigger America banks bought. First question right out of box is the air conditioning the reason. The spurs won this game. No no it's not I mean you can say what everyone I don't know how the spurs won that game they shouldn't have. Their turnovers in the first effort -- is how -- -- leading up to the first corner and then the first half of my mind. How bad the spurs were playing I mean money just came in -- to couple three drew quick idea change momentum. A Miami didn't play exceptionally offensively but I don't know how would they were in that game going into the point where LeBron came out. And on the -- when -- yes it did it wasn't the air conditioning at that point he was. Did he just got deflated. And couldn't play anymore and they didn't try to Danny Green got open -- ended. And within what thirty seconds of LeBron and going off camera now so it's not the air conditioning aid it helped but Bo is rod thorn said both teams play with that. Yes they -- now -- you watch the same game. This is the great thing about sports talk radio your first time in here we all have different opinions. With the air conditioning in the reason. Tiger is -- think it was I think the turnovers spurred both teams are bad. I -- And Santonio had thirty assists says you know that doesn't happen every night -- Passing was great for them -- showed up -- need to gaining green showed up. Collide showed up and barely at the end but the -- foul trouble became man and not down some threes and splitter surprisingly. -- BN and I had like. What like eleven assist I think. And he had that huge run. It in the third quarter to keep the -- in the game when Miami was trying to pull away. That was huge -- everybody dispersed all your have been eighteen. And it's never been -- -- you look at who's playing best Tony clearly still a little bit hindered was employing full throttle. You you gotta like affected the team came through and throughout the game no one carried 48 minutes to disperse -- had a great beginning to end. But a lot of guys played their six minutes and it put together 48 minutes that let the spurs win. -- say -- you're both wrong. Beer and Justine is is what affected this game LeBron James is not come out a game from cramping -- -- the air conditioning is off. He would have been perfectly fine as soon as he got as soon as he left that game. What happened Danny Green goes offer all eleven of his points its first -- like if if LeBron James is in that game to the end. This is a different game you're right 29 year old guy. And played I'm not saying -- just look I know they were they all had the same conditions that they were dealing with but if he's in that game until the end. This I think it's a different. Turn out an entity I think he'd win that game if he isn't there I'm not saying that. So let's put them but he training staff from nineteen hydrated and blame it on they just wanna blame some poor maintenance worker at the at AT&T senator. But -- the -- -- the point is is that if that doesn't happen if he doesn't go off from cramping. Then this is a difference -- -- different game particularly getting closer and I don't think but he wouldn't want. To see this is where disagrees is Danny Green did nothing. Until LeBron James and out again if -- -- if he doesn't show up there after LeBron exits this in the there's no way to spurs when this either way. It's over spurs went -- when game point now the next question before we go to break. Views do you you guys see the -- -- in a serious note they're up 10 of course adds version six the spurs -- six factor tonight spurs plus. Wow. I'm I'm I'm -- the county spurs fans what do you expect. Idea I actually don't see Germany and the opposite -- Davis spurs in seven. But. Basically it's going to be tight the whole way -- last night was it was tied up until LeBron went out it's not gonna happen again I mean. I don't know I just I just don't see the -- being able to to pull us out this year which is -- and we're gonna get more of that in the next segment when we come back from break -- back. When we come back we are gonna touch on. The effects on a lot if they heat win how does that. Related history with -- -- there with a creepy you know how to matchup against the bulls and their three -- the lakers. And it dispersed when. Isn't really a dynasty and if it is how does it compare to some of the other dynasties in NBA history we're also gonna talk about a case of -- came on ESPN this week. Listing some of the -- Fans' favorite teams and players and I think a couple of these are gonna surprise you and we're gonna give you our own Ross got talks a Major League Baseball. And of course our new segment you know to show the three guys mail -- we are now last week some great questions for that. Be right back here in the three got a sports show. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys report -- -- -- That's when -- all songs like keep going just compare quarterback that three guys -- Don't forget you can always go to our FaceBook page. Chime in on anything that we're posting their we love your -- we will read your comments on here. If you're not already a fan page from the search box back in the number 33 guys for a show like the stage I says chime in at any time. We will read your comments we have a couple of veteran there we're gonna read her a little bit. But before we view that we wanna continue on with beat beat NBA finals talk and not so much about breaking down again but it's a topic -- that I think gives. Is worth touching on as. The effect of who's going to win this this series of wanna say the effect of it. If the heat when they were three people and that's only happened. A handful of times in NBA history you're looking at the Celtics in the sixties that the bulls that -- -- ninety's in the lakers did it in the early 2000. So that they would join an elite crew did Tom if the spurs when mess this will be their fifth title in sixteen years -- that's true so. You know some people are pollinated that it may be a dynasty because yeah they have been so good for that sixteen year run. They've been in the finals of this -- this is their sixth sixth time -- a sixteen -- experience they've won the naval obviously Formula One in their other five appearances. Which is what do you think is is. More historical. If -- heat pulled us off. And they three peat this year and they've been their four years in a row now which in itself is is a big accomplishment to be there for years and oral. Is that a is that a bigger deal historically at three. I really think it has less to do with what. In what the two teams have done more rather who the two teams have on them. I think because LeBron James is on the heat this heat team. It's more historically throughout history. The spurs have been under -- for so many years. I just think day -- they don't win this. If you'll go -- they were good for sixteen years but you know they they kind of peaked in 2007. And they can never get to that level again I don't think he'll be. In -- they win that dual command go well you know they they got another one they were good at the end but they you know they kind of just rebuilt that team. LeBron james' legacy is the Miami Heat legacy at this point it's his team and so. What he does with this. Is going to be looked down is he going to be -- compared to Michael Jordan is he going to be compared to the Kobe Bryant and the guys who have won the three pizza and had done that. And really base is huge for his legacy and his space on the Rushmore mount Rushmore of best vessel players all time. By the way if they win this and it three feet they'll have just as many titles in that same span and an alert and a smaller span as the spurs begin because the heat 11 -- Dwyane Wade and Shaq. Even what do you think about it before you answer how old are you. -- twelve you're twelve so you aren't even alive when they won their first one. Is the -- And that's an arrest him out of this is gonna be great to hear them they. The perspective from -- from someone your age instead someone who's such a huge NBA fan are you think it is it it it is in regards to -- historical. Aspect but I think give the spurs are winning your shell like you don't need LeBron to one of -- you don't need I mean technically you don't need -- -- enormous superstar that in its prime. To win this two finals. Like off the bat -- you can get cute role players to plan. Right so so which one do you think if the heat three -- here is that does that mean more than the spurs winning. Yet because it would mean more for LeBron. Comparing himself to Michael Jordan it probably mean more for him staying in Miami. Sure all the victory stand in Miami and I think that mean more for the franchise. Actually I think Jerry Remy -- you looking looking towards the future really does because if if if he loses there's a chance really now Patrick I have to. And I just want -- and I set this up because I want to it. -- -- -- attack you wanted to smack at this person man and any entire book lakers fans. As one of the things I found out about -- in the so I set the segment because I really wanted to commend you -- to -- team -- a bad -- here I. Now I -- yes no matter what -- -- -- -- got to attack me about it but. But this time frame that these burst supposedly dynasty has been going on politics senior claimed he isn't that air quotes -- use -- the lakers. Have won five titles and they did that an eleven year period in that there which is in the middle of this. Dynasty but what I'm saying is if were gonna remember the spurs for being so great over this time. I really have to look at the lakers say not. Water. Better but did they won five and they did it in eleven years. And then they collapsed because they couldn't keep the team together they overpaid everybody. You have to look at what they did data about the spurs which makes so impressive part is being above 500 is winning fifty games time and time again. It's by not getting bad point it's not rings and and now I'm not saying that there are two different they're two very different things. I think affected you when you go okay we got Shaquille O'Neal. We gut you know Dallas three brings when Shaq era and then -- -- many got to remind you to do more when a great team but I don't think that you can go. They're a better team because they won five quicker and they they weren't as good before and they weren't as good after. A typical spurs fan right there -- -- -- -- -- man I'm right back I don't think so how I saw all day everyday to meet the lakers are it. I don't know I think -- I think the lakers of this of this era. -- will be thought of it in and out and -- -- -- -- -- higher lighter. Bigger they're bigger team and they were more impressive. Then what the spurs have been in my opinion now the spurs have been great I mean look I know reality will look at it since. Diocese visits this is gone is the sixth in his sixteen year period it's been the spurs or lakers and every single finals with the exception of what Oklahoma City. And Dallas. I mean you're gonna tell you the biggest thing you have to look at the way it makes the spurs so amazing compared to the lakers if they -- -- -- a small market. They've done it without going over the cap they've been within five million of the cap pretty much all the years and -- that they -- it just you would you just the mid level exception. -- is it has its own merits of being run as a basketball team as a model for what basketball team should be. When you talk about how there is not as much parity in the NBA and you wanna talk about that and then go. We have with the spurs are really -- they are because they made a small market work and viable for sixteen years and it's not over yet. I'm glad you brought -- -- -- -- so they don't want to get sooner in this segment humanoid and put it on our on our notes here is parity in the NBA. I've heard a lot of talk recently about how the NBA is water it was watered down now and has. Mother has a deal with the fact it. You have guys did that we're jumping straight from high schooler now now there you know the one year one your collagen Don. Going on moving on a whatever it may be -- here this. And so it's easier of course we should expect the spurs in the heat to be in the championship and that and that's it there's only a handful of teams that can win this. It was different in the eighties it was different in the ninety's are a lot of seems a complaint is talent all over we'll tell you what we went ahead and looked up since 1980. The number of teams that of one championships in the four major sports time. There that nine teams in the NBA have won in thirty years that's right you know what. That's the lowest percentage of the very recent sports 30%. Major -- video it was a what was an. Next was. NFL. The NFL has had. Sixteen different sumo champions a 32 teams that it's 50%. Anderson and baseball is even I've NHL 53%. Of teams have one and 63. Percent of teams in Major League Baseball have won a World Series since 1980. For those of you that think the NBA is watered down right now now now now. It's spend like this for thirty years at least and most likely even longer we have we wanna go back and look at the sixties. When the Celtics dominated the NBA has always been like there's there's always been a handful of teams that dominate this league. And you don't -- because there's no punishment for bad ownership in the NBA. In MLB they will take your team away from you if you cannot be a good owner and an NFL they will take your team away if you are not a good donor. In the NBA you can be Donald sterling and keep the team for thirty years. Just trying to pay the bills and purposely purposely losing there's no regulations on ownership there needs to be that's why there's no parity in the NBA. I also think it has do with the fact that you know when you when you're on record and -- it's five on five it's a lot different then. Then did it all you have eleven guys and feel there's there's there's less people to. Add to make things go well one guy going to be huge exactly 11 would you have 20% your team is LeBron James or attempt on her -- let's be -- -- let's be honest LeBron James like 35 -- -- chorus sanity personnel you know the -- Really quick one message on FaceBook -- we got this is from a British show -- summary says the lakers have been they're relevant since November quit talking about them. -- suns. -- -- to talk about sex -- very entertaining and right now that's. I'll talk about all they -- for the lakers this the suns have done they've done nothing since November Carter mark tomorrow I don't know I really did -- I like deep -- it's I found out the lakers and I don't -- -- don't have enough. And that's that's why that's why we're on the council -- we -- -- take a break when we come back we're gonna talk -- ESP employed him out this week. Fans' favorite pro teams and their fans players and -- I think you're gonna be shocked. -- how this comes out even I also can't wait to hear. What it is the guy you know sports and what with a teams of players are you root for we come back -- great to hear this from someone much younger than us this here. You hear a lot about eighty years eighties references for myself when you're back here -- three guys tortured -- go to FaceBook page time and all you want. But for the number 33 guys for showing that in -- search -- It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. -- -- -- We really you know -- some new music. Yeah. -- -- -- That's just getting out of control I mean I just I guess we'll update you as -- play music isn't what I thought was. Now I know. And anyway I'd I'd take -- but did you know be all the music -- -- Galveston and people in the we want to know they are until aluminum although I do like the Tennessee stiff she introduced me to them got a couple weeks ago and only great grant -- there was a -- us your fundraising event and big fund -- birthday party really good time mentally absolutely the back here -- three guys sports that's gorgeous -- Patrick Davis sheltered Casey Johnson. And in studio with us today are Freddie event. What's Julio it's Iran announced an -- Henry where's a Henry. It's not far from -- it's Diana. A deep Betty okay down yes between that and where that golf. Senator is right next indeed Benitez their. OK perfect. Do you know you're familiar and I am I -- more familiar deep -- the bar yes and I thought yeah that's what he said that's what I thought about any where else. -- Reverend schools but what are they were closed and really learn. -- actually there are -- -- it. Takes a look exactly the crap gonna happen at well so we talked about -- files in one. All I wanna move on here is something that big it that I thought was cool -- came out yesterday. And it was a ESPN head to -- asked fans -- it took to. Basically say who the teams -- you root for the most who do you love and also professional players. Tend to mean. When I look at this list. I was I was shocked. At number one on both lists and mainly because. This one is not really. I mean I know that there -- mean there's there's the team they're just not as relevant now as they as they used to be. -- and relevant in terms of achieving ships are from playoffs. For years and the player number one. Let's look at its latest on the top ten players everyone on that list is currently. An active professional athlete with the exception of number one. Which kind of shocks you probably guess who I'm talking about but. Before we get to that. I wanna see you here Ethan I want -- way to tell me who your. Favorite player. In any sport of all time. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant that's like to hear lakers fan right there. And I knew we talked about obviously we talked about this before acumen Miss America continue you're gonna say Kobe which that's why it number one on this list. Is the guidance. That everyone tries to compare you know Kobe Bryant or -- for awhile as Vince Carter announced LeBron James -- wanna compare. Michael Jordan number one on this list -- -- Unbelievable. -- states talking to me. But there's a double checking things in the -- us edit it but I'll just go through real quick players Payton Manning number two LeBron James number three Kobe Bryant is number or. Now Kobe Bryant had been ahead LeBron they did the same poll last year he had been had LeBron moved -- that's cussing every it also. Tom Brady Tiger Woods -- Jeter. -- Lionel Messi the really surprise me soccer player -- On the list are surprised are still do that I -- -- -- you know what you know what though if you ran a list of most hated professional athletes he'd be on -- No enemies and though Kobe and also let's put this way to know what -- they. I mean I know he's on the Yankees but he's getting older -- ballot this is his last year he's he's on his retirement -- also Aaron Rodgers -- Drew Brees now the team. The top this list and the usual first -- you can tell that that this country straight up NFL and in. We just yet whether 1234567. Of the top ten -- NFL teams. But not on this list still to this day. The Dallas Cowboys. America's premiere they're still America's team -- You know they're fun to watch Jerry Jones-Drew a barrier I think -- what is I think that's what it is is that people love. You're either like me you've been a cowboys fan her whole life you remember the glory days when when we were younger and you still you're still going to root for them. Or you're on the opposite side and you just hate them so much so you can revel in watching them list. They even hit him anymore I can laugh about it I just had a laugh every year. Exists like well OK remains good job guys. A great job here yeah. All right so a lot of playoff this idiot I think I'm I'm hoping that we have some new blisters tonight because because -- studio with a seat and so. We're gonna go through our our favorite teams and players as well just kinda. I don't you're gonna start tell us your favorite days you can have a handful beat three or four but if there's a reason why I wanna hear that. Bill lakers -- climate they're -- in any sport because them. The first -- game I ever watched. Was that she doesn't Nate I think and I think the DNA NBA finals he. The lakers vs the Celtics and the lakers won here aren't that -- -- -- and I did. I just watching them and then I just decided. That I liked Kobe because he's playing really -- like 31 points at being in the thirties and then I just Syrian farm. And then Houston the Texans. Because there in Texas sporting a Texas shirt tonight then -- and then the Yankees because. My mom like some -- district. -- a lawyer and have to leave now because he's got all our Yankee fans in his suit follows I don't know of an electricity and about -- Patrick tell -- two years are the other Texas boy I like my Texas team -- -- -- of course. Diehard would actually born in San Antonio is much like -- Mossad is my home. Especially more incentives I love the spurs grew up watching him my dad used to have season tickets -- -- to go to all the games that was amazing. Houston Texans and an offense is beginning of that franchise was Oilers fan before that. The Houston Astros sad to say she got a real oil I tell what she's -- oil and you'll be happy and a couple of years that team is up and coming -- Houston sports franchise they're big key Putin there acute -- -- -- -- Still free you can always go to our FaceBook case and chime in on this we would love to hear from your favorite teams and players are all -- on air for me. I mean -- -- if you listen to the show on a regular basis you know I'm lakers fan I'm a cowboys fan I just kind of told you all that and a baseball McConnell. In a Red Sox -- Let's also let's not go -- either which I'm a die hard longhorns fan and you're a die hard as I walk us through through back. I like Iowa Hawkeyes more than any other team any professional team I mean I'm a die hard you know you grew up in Iowa Hawkeye State you're black and gold. He didn't Yani Yani -- Alleged ties I probably like the longhorns -- the Yankees. Yeah I did cheese that's again that's a good pick lakers Houston and long arms. And be you know of the longhorns they also won there their first game of the -- resulted legacy support to that finished up about a half hour ago. Grasso longhorns hopefully hopefully moving on -- cultural seriously. I'm. For players Fermi. Magic Johnson. I mean I've said this -- -- over on the show. Our group a Magic Johnson fan I had the life sized posters on the wall I mean that was he was my guy and I loved watching him play. Because he talked about a the extreme of the best facilitator in my mind. Of all time in basketball it's Magic Johnson he knew would -- basketball's all about even though he he loved that glory. You knew it was all about teams that he did the team that team game and he wanted to get everyone involved and that to me is is a guy that did. Just he is second to -- -- could guard all five positions to play all five positions offensively but Anthony's in LA you know radio anyone else like that display name in artist. Not really Netanyahu and LeBron James got. AC I don't I don't I don't I don't LeBron and that edwards' car. I don't think he is as an effective point guard is Magic Johnson could be if you played point guard I really believe I don't think you can do whatever you want. He could he's insanely talented that's worth 200 laughing earlier about watching him flop because he's so physically gifted. Any time he flops NEC display rhetoric. Then there is no reason in your life you ever really had to flail. You're just you what you get bumps and still -- what do basket perfect. The win that while falling backwards and then eat it's a little kind of touches arm you know go flying across -- -- in May we know here in control. You're dominant player dominant. I waited to give us your favorite player of all time serum. -- Seattle -- you can't go wrong guys brought a lot of from Arizona and also you can. Stephen you units at a game Olajuwon was was when -- very resumes are one thing I love about that I remember back in -- day Watson Olajuwon just -- Robinson up game after game I remembered too that's no I drank. They didn't even. Where we come back we're gonna talk some Major League Baseball we got to we have to have paid tribute to to -- Died it was in the majors for years passed away as we can also criticized the fund where we. Talk about. Teams that are that may make the playoffs he's -- may not failed it's going to be a fun cigarette and also the three guys mail sacks coming up at the end of the show we right -- -- -- -- show. It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. -- Bettered Vijay John. The mile -- -- course I love Eminem so it's just back here in the ring guys sport show. Got Casey Johnson on the board forced Davis to nonetheless even then -- -- -- in studio is tonight fill in for -- sorry go. Bring in the -- zoo tomorrow right and myself -- war. Let's talk a Major League Baseball before we get into. Picking ours our teams that we think may or may not make the playoffs guys gonna talk a little bit about them. Don Zimmer who died this week at the age of 83. And the reason I wanted to do not only because he's a great man and and you know it was great. For the sport for parents over sixty years. Saw a lot of things in his life he was there for all three. Perfect games that occurred in Yankee Stadium you know Don -- in 1956. And then the two more -- he was there when Bucky Dennis homered for the Yankees to beat the Red Sox his mental Red Sox at that time. He's done at all but for me the memory that I that I always have of him. Was in the issue when I was around -- you can I was just starting to get into baseball. Banned it. I grew up in in in Iowa and the Moines Iowa we have a triple A team for the Chicago Cubs and so I naturally you're a cubs fan and he was managing the Chicago Cubs at time. And the cubs you know they have they have won their division and in 84. But they had been a floundering team after that. Zimmer came men and and somehow. And got them here and got them deployment it may have been -- the worst record in baseball 87 and by 89 he turned them around they won -- National League east. Once the playoffs mean it was a team. There was it was just unbelievable and inform me indeed drew me in. To not only. Even more so the cubs fan but in some baseball and really loving the game. For war you this much as I do. -- -- I -- always give credit to to Don Zimmer a friend that team for that in fact I actually. There was a pity me. BC VHS tape and that they -- the other -- aggregate -- -- They came out after that season called the boys of Zimmer and I and I bought Benoit -- several times it. If you if you did you actually look you can find it on YouTube -- if cubs fans if you wanna see that you can. You're if you're as old as me and remember you wanna go back and watch it. But I area Don Zimmer just they got bitten there was that outstanding even I even Cisco. Area in 2003 and you know I -- or your December Red Sox spent 2003 in the ALCS. Against the Yankees game three. I'm sure we all remember him getting -- the -- by Pedro Martinez. And just what an ugly incident that was. And to see him. Come out after that in and apologized the way did and it was abuse a tearful apology that he was. -- after just what he had done -- to the game that he loved and respected for so many years and I just think that a guy like that is as a stand up guy and you have to you have to really does pay tribute to to someone like that. And for the -- talk let's. Move on to prepare for the things that -- that I we don't we don't talk baseball on the show so -- wanted to give. As these do something kind of fun and so when asked what ask -- would do is to. Pick a team that is leading their division right now that will not make the playoffs and pickets in that is. Outside the playoff picture now and -- a wild card team but we'll make the playoffs. So a team that did we think is gonna fall on a team is gonna arise if analysts are what do you what do you what do you think it was a team right now there's lead in their division. That will not make the playoffs and -- The Detroit Tigers because they're adding they're only like setting names about 500. And all the other teams -- almost twelve or fifteen so it seems like they're on the brink of almost collapsing and it's a few things go around for them. Patrick. I got the Milwaukee Brewers. I just you know. As they've they've put together good season they know central's always Holler and and but I just don't I don't see him carrying it through for that I don't think they'll be able to hold on the rest of the season. You know I was gonna say the Milwaukee Brewers until I just look at the standings ought to Miami is tied with Atlanta saw the -- liaison Monica what the Marlins. There's no way they're gonna make the playoffs. With Jose Fernandez off for the year -- they're there based picture of the guys -- stud I mean yes they are playing very well right now but that's a tough division with the Braves in and the national right behind him. I don't see I don't see the Marlins making the playoffs are. Who is the team outside the playoff picture right now that is going to make it the Dodgers the Dodgers and why why do you say. There -- only a half game behind and they have a lot of talent I think and Magic Johnson down in -- so I think he'll do. And they have great pitching and they pretty getting with. -- -- We again -- simply align Hanley Ramirez a -- you haven't -- a stack lineup and you when you look at that at that pitching staff with Clayton -- Josh Beckett when general you are neutered they're just instead of hockey forget Zacks -- used in their best pitcher this season. Barrels or four guys at the top of a rotation that can really lead a team Patrick. The governor Matt -- they're -- -- I thought -- you can ever can ever live up to what he is to be I guess still I mean that I -- do something he's come he can't think he's you know fully back from those injuries. I I've got to do -- Louis cardinals. -- all mine I I've got until I got to know. Like the St. Louis Cardinals are the spurs of Macy's called they are dead or you know it's always good so I'll -- impose my boy and similar big -- stance -- -- -- for them. Olympic hero of the Astros -- season. I love the -- -- they are the spurs a Major League fastball and he talked about an organization does things they do things the right way year and in Europe and they're consistently there. Always enough playoff picture don't overpay players now they don't. They get the delegate class guys in there they do great work every day they can let go Albert Pujols. Which nearly thousands sane and then came on the other side and clearly made the right decision. Yeah and then you can't argue that although he is having me they were -- year this year and is like what he's still are a lot of money for a lot of money didn't mind the cardinals the need to -- Are my team is gonna be the nationals I I think that. That when GO Gonzales -- just back off the DL you have him at the top of their American second rotation hi Stephen Strasburg you've also -- Jordan -- In memorization Ryan Zimmerman back he's no longer playing third because they've got Anthony ran down there. He's gonna go to the outfield animal -- have another good year first base. I mean I've I've been picking the nationals and now. This I think this is the third bureau and I've picked them hopefully that is here that they actually get there and make the playoffs and -- they could make a run looked out rotation is Strasburg. I can continue to get better I mean he's he's one of the best young pitchers in the game. My really -- I really like them to nationals on the hunt. On that. I know I know we both think the nationals to make it. Prior to the season beginning death itself. Let's go to nationals I don't like not -- -- Toobin really quick and the Detroit Tigers and you pick tomatoes I really think that they're gonna turn things around the second half. And visited death that risen -- that division I don't think they they can hang with them now -- -- Berliner and Anibal Sanchez is off what. You never know that's what you that's when you got a little about a 162 game season anything can happen temporary street and smarter than both of us so. Well I don't I know he's smarter than you. Well it's sure he'll -- Brit take a break we'll come back at the very guys male sex we're gonna go through some questions there were senate does this week. They're all really good we've got we've got a handful of women and hopefully we have time to get them. Red background -- -- It's -- thirteen seven these three guys -- show. Join the conversation now on FaceBook by searching three guys sports show. -- -- -- We have got some comments on our FaceBook MySpace page. About some of topics that we get on tonight after we'll -- Lisa. -- who's your favorite athlete team and scored -- Montoya. City loves LeBron James that's the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. Got to go at that and -- which teams dynasty will be more affected by the finals it's your Miami or San Antonio. -- we have John William willing. We're calling Miami dynasty now he was not aware. And -- survey from way I don't know you've got to listen from long distance. Miami's legacy for sure anything but a championship is considered a must if James wants to be compared in. I agree and elsewhere else. And in back to John I don't think that we were calling Miami a legacy quite yet it was more. But hey if you three game and you've been there for years in a row and if they all stay together they're gonna continue -- That that the decision is looking you know this statement that he made a decision 5678. Whatever it's looking a lot more realistic if they when this year well. Yet Dwyane Wade summit deliberately religious experts people are let's get to the male -- Casey Johnson what is question number one question number one if you just got to fourteen million dollar signing bonus like deviant -- he did. What's the first thing -- -- -- first thing -- buyer of the well the first thing I would do would be to quit my job. But the first thing I'd buy I I go by the hugest house like decline -- been fixed so that I would never have to leave it. Yeah people would come to me. I would buy I would buy a house -- but I would -- huge when I don't I don't yeah I know my really nice security system that tells you. I by -- run we will rub spew Bristol get rob dumplings and alumni here I guess security you know higher security for Daryl Hannah guy you policy. I'm kinda sent cheese dip kind of man -- a house and out probably by car. Mary Joseph marriage got a -- got out and I starting at that -- south are getting elected -- -- I think cattle record. Who that there was water earlier this year by one of the rookies. Yeah now I don't know what kind of car that's an interesting question I don't know what. I won't got to move on I don't know that I could actually move an -- -- -- California chrome actually pull off the Triple Crown. Well right now it's currently 44 of five favorites I mean that means you -- here you're really not it's not worth betting on really. I don't know I think it I -- -- I don't think it happens either is Patrick you and I talked about this guy out there who who was the horse that was gaining on him at the end it. -- -- -- in the previous there was a horse stamina had had the race spend the distance that the Belmont is this weekend you probably that probably a little lost caliakra -- lost. So I'm gonna say no mistake it keeps going say yes. I like it do you believe in miracles I gotta go to Lebanon ticket. Which -- -- -- won't happen but I'm thinking that propelled for the first time since 1978. -- -- live and know you are no only one here in this room that was alive then -- Mandarin Diane -- -- watched an -- three years old record but -- that's what you Casey -- adult -- Djokovic and when his fifth straight French Open title. That's Raphael Nadal facing off against Novak Djokovic. Absolutely well I mean did you see what he did Andy Murray today who is regarded as the third best player in the world. It was 636261. It wasn't even close adult on fire right now the students' best player in tennis right now the dollar may be the best player of all time clay court especially act begins again. I think he's colonists. Tennis player of time LCS. -- parents if you made the turn MLB pitcher for a must win game could be picked. And give me an interesting one here I think I go with Felix Hernandez. I love king Felix in Seattle I -- the big guy is he's been unreal for years ABB never seems to get hurt. I like him in it even though he's never been in that big game scenario I like him -- winning game forming. After even wanna I wanna -- of an odd space a little saying Matt Cain. Now that's an interesting announcement by the way coming off the DL pitching against the Mets tonight I'll go Verlander. Customer letter you can't dig around talk about a big game pitcher there at a funny none of us that Clayton Kershaw is regarded as the best pitcher in baseball -- an excellent Casey. As the excitement of the NHL playoffs convinced you to watch the Stanley Cup finals. Yes. I am not a hockey fan a -- you. I mean -- -- -- Willis is the show knows we are not -- -- -- -- -- -- what I have been trying to watch -- and and especially the -- point 37 game series and I don't think any team. That ever played 37 game series reforming into the finals. They've been pulled off game one against the Rangers. It's it's worth watching if you haven't checked it out yet. I'd you know I'd I'd I still can't I don't understand the strategy and it it's too hard big without what do you strategy like it's hard to watch sports. I still I'll I'll check to the recaps a watch highlights but I'm not watching games. I think I'll -- you know it's it's on I'll tell you -- one game especially with that when they're New York those fans are gonna be Knox and he'll be worth watching just from that. But the real story before that last question I heard the other day it costs more to give it to buy a ticket to see the game. In New York for the series that it would for new Yorker to fly to LA getting game ticket pay for your hotel and fly back. I knew that was the case in 99. When the spurs were playing the knicks in the finals is cheaper to go to San Antonio by a ticket stay for two games stay for two games and fly back then get one game ticket. Just not us that last question -- question with sixty seconds to go here does the US stand a chance to get out of the group of death. World Cup starting next Thursday. Yes they stand a chance but it's it's a very slim one they're gonna have to pull off something that the pull -- a -- when I guess the other German airports -- hope they tie the other one and then they're beat -- otherwise there's -- but there's no chance. No Landon Donovan knocked him -- this full. And they'll be guiding that we got and Portugal for now knows her and then multi Germany. You know what I would have been moving on if that happens. Steve and what to think first time on air just gone awesome status is great business. It has a lot of fun -- thank you so much for coming in what -- tonight. We had a blast factor would you think -- you do -- job they did they -- and he's gonna take my job people aren't saying what he talked a lot better -- Casey Johnson normally doesn't. Hodges driven -- Casey did a great job today and money he had he had -- takes that I think my rival Alex Ringo are definitely a more sports not just the save anybody needs to be worried it's -- I don't know if you can't get out of here -- the -- thanks a lot for -- -- Good thank you for listening to us 03 guys torture will be back here same time 6 o'clock next Friday here on talk thirteen seven.