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Jun 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to living well you radio with your -- -- com. Good afternoon you're listening to living well on radio heard every Sunday afternoon here on talk radio thirteen 70 AM. Streaming live in the top thirteen sanity dot com I'm -- -- helping -- live wealthier. Resources are available for you living well -- radio dot com. It's. Today's show is for all you men out there are also for the ladies who have met and then in your life that you love. So are you man over the age of 35. Did you know that -- 5%. The men over the age of 35 are played with heart disease and diabetes and back pain muscle weakness arthritis. You're also likely to die five years younger than women and develop cancer more frequent -- On the other hand -- more than likely are more likely than women to stay lean due to hormones and muscle mass and metabolic profile. Sorry ladies and now it's it's not fun. So why is it that so many men suffer from obesity. And higher risk of disease and low testosterone levels and decreased -- wanna. Consisted of pharmaceutical -- or sterilize aides are are these the aunt Sarah or is there something more effective and simple. Doctor Jonathan -- an expert at high paying new. Men and women but especially man regains control of their health. Through proper diet and fitness practices without relying on drugs and hormones. Welcome to the -- doctor. -- it's great to be with you thank you south dare what you doing today your your background GR eight in medical doctor. I am -- -- your focus is staying away from pharmaceuticals. And regaining health username. Nutrition and. As much -- top possible I think. But you describe it that conventional medication as well but I copyrighted many recipes that Vista -- -- that they do actual pharmaceutical. Cost them and there are certainly has been. A direction and and for for medical doctors are certainly going towards that direction today and so what's your background what caused you. To. Balance -- your practice with writing prescriptions. For recipes and set a draft. Tom I -- to cooking school about fifteen years ago and get. I did so because I was of the way overweight and out of shape myself I had a pretty high stress job -- Loved it but it really got to meet and I realize that they needed to. I'll learn more about food because I was telling myself but it. So I liked cooking school when I went back to medical practice side and helped Michael -- and start their real age. -- I'm insight and thought that we were at the village dieting could you relate to weight together. And it that I moved to California where I live now and began. Integrating food and medicine together. -- -- that type -- crazy about both. And started second. PBS for a number of years so. It's been a personal transformation and the personal. Goal of mine to help men. Become healthy and I noticed this about ten years ago when the Washington Post interviewed me about my medical practice which as you. -- -- And it. Because I think he's so many more men. Then most physicians who -- so much talent nutrition. It has to be something special. About how I was approaching it that men were responding to limit. Turn that that -- really needed different and very specific gender specific approach. To lifestyle management into getting healthy and strong and buildings dammit that's quite different than any person women need. Which in general is more process oriented more nutritious nor any more recipe intense war. Diet centered but the approach that leverages -- native metabolic advantage -- -- you -- -- here opening statement. And it allows -- to take advantage of the muscles so that we build. -- easier than women of course that isn't fair but it is genetics. So Powell I am a little confused how is -- difference. How has your approach differently at 151000 and then you said females are more process oriented. And men require something a little bit more specific that leverages on and how their bodies are designed to. Can -- be a little bit more specific on man. Yet the great these are big generalizations street there in general and men really liked. I'd do it focused pragmatic. At least do this pretty Hamburg days and in my -- 24 days so the first three days -- -- fit -- depart today you. -- -- -- -- You'd drink citrus water and not -- And it at the end of 83 you measure. And very prescriptive approach that direct. And it tangible. And tactical. Is like that many men respond to almost intuitively. As a way to say okay -- this is but I need to do that let me do it. And did not. And whereas women more often are interested in many of the reasons behind it. Doing it all of those things that I just mentioned there that are are really curious about. The ingredients and often. How their -- system where they're from. Obviously these are big broad general and they send you know but men and -- like that tactical. Approach that uses. Their whole metabolic advantages than and that that we provide in for fuel and it's why men have been so successful with it. And -- is your New York Times best selling product. Yes -- I'm hadn't quite different has it that kind of desolate yet bet with your help quite a bit well. Because men really needed that you played out in the opening. And men. -- -- eyesight -- that are there and get more cancer than women. But I get diabetes earlier had 92% of the workplace that -- time to suicide rate. It's really remarkable. That men's health hasn't gotten much attention but. Here in June. This is men's health month and and Father's Day makes us think about. All the things that are important to us as men but that we had children or not. And I think that it's -- exactly right time to say look. You or help matters it matters not just to that you can preserve and build well. But also because that you can take care of family and others. Better that you can be kinder and more compassionate and stronger they have more stamina he can become more of a man if you will in fact are healthy. If you're not healthy you can't do anything. I'm sure most of us have seen the advertisements either on lying on the airplane magazines. A before and after picture of of a man before our. Hormones. After hormones. And the advertising is for our. Hormone therapy. That your advocating. Becoming healthier are. Increase your stamina. What through fit. And not hormone replacement therapy -- cracked. That is correct right read that New York Times out there this year that. That. Is entitled. Don't ask your doctor about low key and it -- that capitalize this discussion. About low testosterone and that really aggressive marketing that pharmaceutical manufacturers have. Put on television then everywhere from ES PNC with NBC to online. That make men feel inadequate. If they have some of the normal signs and symptoms -- Beijing and I just think that's wrong. And you know men testosterone levels are declining over time but the primary reason for that is that the belly fat that most men half of the is not just the muffin top for a beer belly it's actually an estrogen factory. Men just sort fact convert the testosterone that they're captives make into estrogen. So they both have a lower testosterone level. And -- higher test and level but they don't have low key because they have hormone deficiency. They have a lower testosterone level because they're overweight. But there's a way out of that. And the way out of that. Is to begin to eat foods separate your testosterone. Naturally to do exercises that greater testosterone naturally. And -- And manage stress since we've been away. That are believed optimal functioning not to. -- drive didn't like a lump like too many men do. In my a lot of folks don't know that testosterone medication is that it -- and shut up your own supplies for good. And strengths testicles into little marbles. And it is something that can rub off -- women and other partners certainly a lot of and that affects them and very negative way isn't so much so that they're black box warnings about it. Not to mention the recent FDA investigation which is still -- going into heart attacks -- strokes. Cut prematurely -- men and apparently by these medications so. Men can do better than this. And don't have to rely on drugs mentioned. -- like doing things themselves and food and fitness and getting stronger and building stamina. Having the good sex drive than having sex. Period are part of being a man. And when men were and how food works in their body when they learned how to do. How they conduct themselves so that they eat for for energy and fuel not just -- it's there and it's time. It really makes a war. Little bit different and I have such great stories of men. Who it. Called me from the bottom of the Grand Canyon with that never stepped up their commoner who have no longer needs seatbelt Extenders on an airplane or in a have that now Crist there car's seat forward because they lost their belly and they need to. Be able to get close to the ceiling with steering wheel it's just really amazing the kind of congressmen can make in the do this not just for themselves but for their families and for the idea that they really want to be good men and it. And that this is part of being a good man being healthy and -- So. Well for women and -- many different types of body it's. Styles -- bodied. Profiles you know you've got women. Who carry their fatten their ballets and women who carry their fat in the Arab -- is ends. Others more top heavy shoulders brass. For math and is it. Typically they carry most of their weight in their ballet. Yes men carry their weight in their belly at the minute you put that carry their weight everywhere they don't want to do it. But men only carry their weight in their belly that's excellent biologically determined. And that's why. That mountaintop is actually estrogen factory because all that visceral fat his side. Take that has stopped and the -- making expert and estrogen as I mentioned. But you can do things to counteract that. That doesn't have to be you could actually lose that belly fat that is working as a form -- producing organic -- have to let that. Actors sugar and starch that's killing a man with heart attack and penalty kill you. And and you don't have to wait to duty there that you can make significant differences in just 24 days to just start to doubt that. In our program that we presented at Stanford 62% of men lost. Ten pounds or more at 67% picked up greater energy and three quarters increased muscle mass and got bittersweet quality. -- stand in this and we didn't do anything except. Stay here for 24 days we want to -- It decrypt the -- -- for two days and rattle that it. And then eat sensibly. Make that some of the bigger part of your life. Don't deep fried -- bread and disguise them. Just. And I eat simply eat lower car that's a movie called sorry properly eat Brussels sprouts spinach. And we give recipes in fact that's I think teriyaki broccoli is making 8080 minutes I talk to you. And there's a wonderful -- target with grilled. Sterling stayed with grilled asparagus there is the only guacamole you'll ever need there's that -- our popcorn which is often that people are eating like pop. Of course I understand. So roasting calls -- until it's sweet. And -- -- horrible lies for less than twenty minutes. The little bit of also -- -- salt pepper and parmesan ridge Colorado. There's a great rest chicken. -- that I succeed. Modified from -- say with the -- here restaurant. I would lemon and garlic juices with that just six ingredients including the -- And black pepper it's just awesome and very easy to do even if you don't cut it to hold chapter. On how to decode a menu so that acceptance speech you in the language that you understand -- categories they understands that you can. We employ mine eleven strategies -- restaurant survival cuisine like Indian Chinese and American and Mexican and Italian and so on. This is really a lot simpler than most people think against the magic terrific -- that make you feel better right away. That you can -- testosterone what you eat and how you live if you believe that the idea that -- fuel. And that you don't have to be dragged. This is a waved her and to become better men. It sounds so simple. It is simple but men haven't really been detonating given this kind of information for almost all. Diet books are written for women and and with good reason women everything -- artistic generally speaking that men are men and often. Had not principle with the idea that -- really make a difference in their energy level understand. In their strains in their sleep quality. -- how they manage stress. So I asked Mindy more precipitous sensible exit blunt estrogen in their body. Happened to get enough vitamin. You increase your testosterone level ten to 15% and that helps you burn calories as well. In fact losing. Eight -- percent of your body weight. Which in turner about 200 pound guys seventeen pound losing eight and a half percent of your body weight rate -- your testosterone level about 15%. Avoiding that toxins that are on the -- gas station -- certain other kinds of thermal paper receipts that are impregnated that kind of called. Chemical called bisphenol A which is now being taken at a big vote in that state it has been taken at a baby -- contaminated and in some parts of Europe. Is also really important because that acts as an estrogen in your body not something you want the same -- for the linings of -- so. I show you -- to look for BP A free vegetables and that. Think that -- -- and pull it up and to make sure that it doesn't touch any surfaces. And you know try to proceed instead of getting a paper receive whatever you can't. Yeah I there there's an estrogen. Epidemic. Really if you look for for men and women right I. I agree and edit it and it's. It's in the water and which is why it's another reason it's so important to so Kinderwater. I personally have a reverse osmosis system and I think. They're the best kinds of systems to take the -- out of water but even if you don't have and our assistant. Good shelter for water and -- that makes good filters and take out a lot of that. Estrogen like chemical and even pharmaceuticals that are in the water they can change. The sensitive people. Metabolism. They're really easy simple things to do in the way to do this is -- to start at the beginning take one step and then taken out of the. A man lives that's. A cent to having high estrogen. Lute Rick lives Friday. And if -- right -- around DC more and at least I've noticed more and more men. You know -- -- -- militants and you guys can get away with. Carrying a lot more fat than women and I think that's why. Women and as a society bright women and our bodies you know we're more fixated on. You know fat our bodies in the Howell men respond us more heavy and and men can get away with a lot more weight which I think also. Creates part of that problem were -- aren't as motivated. To lose waits because. It's not as much Vinicius on his matches it as a body issued that really your your whole program is about. The health aspect of it not necessarily the did static with the static concern certainly about that if you look at it you're gonna be better. Absolutely and I think looking better and feeling better to -- at the same court. But I think it's under estimated. Men have body image ideal body image is under estimated -- in importance to men and then acting like looking better. All even. Probably more than they like feeling better because they don't know how good they can appeal if there's saddled with -- body fat. And I guess used to carrying it around. I think men can get away with it aesthetically because men are judged on their appearances looked as women are as unfair that is in our society. But they can't get a waiver that in this. Their forties and fifties and sixties but what happens is that. Part of tax catch up with that dikes catches up with them strokes catch up with them early cancer get catches up with them. And that way that they're being hindered now is that their energy level is not quite what east city. There and that's because they're pipes generally are stiffening. Atherosclerosis. Is that indeed that allowed arteries to become inflexible. Can give you heart attack and stroke it up and get direct held assumption that your man. It's the same process except that penile artery is about the size of that drinks terror. And and it coronary artery for your heart that this side of the pencils so. That correct -- defensive -- not a testosterone program problem it's. Hardening of the arteries program problem. And that. Also can be reversed. That what you leak and how you lived. If you eat more plant if you stop the soda and the sugary drinks in the sweet -- if you. Get the starch out of your diet as much as you can. If you if you don't buy food that lied to you. That promise you didn't have a -- you benefits that can't be realized. It if you cook something yourself just once a week. That's a start toward. Getting better food in your body because almost whatever -- cut is going to be better than almost whenever you box. And it's powerful women can help with this of course women can. Can offer to -- any any recipe and rip fuel or any help you recipe that a man wants to try. They can operatives to do let's get healthy program together you don't have to call it went on. Because it meant cared deeply about. About their partners than women. Care that they have a partner that can be as energetic as they art can be is in -- -- in. And that being active with the kids that they are. And I can can do that -- that things that couples want to do together because you have the energy to do it. And it. When men and women do this kind of program together it's even more success also for women who want to help the matter -- -- make -- healthy. Grieving disrupt and help in the kitchen this is the kind of program that -- is specifically. Created as -- nightstand guests. And another benefit might be dead reduction. A wrecked out dysfunction ads that we are constantly being bombarded -- prayed that this problem is. Is solved then we won't have to. How -- it says America. As they mark good commercials over and over again and the same thing -- -- -- -- drive which is why don't -- Euros net commercials have been so prevalent I think. Yeah it. You you would think this problem is so epidemic does based on. The number of commercials that come on over and over and over again we are going to take a quick break. You do not want to mess today shout we're learning how to improve with. You are health. Especially men's health group nutrition. Doctor Thomas and. Living wealthy radio visit Teresa's team online -- living wealthy radio dot com 1800. 3820830. Now call 1803820830. Welcome back -- season. Well security you know -- Teresa com. -- -- -- -- Now joining us to speak with the physician staff and health desperate yes you heard that correctly position and shaft. Doctor John the -- -- about improving stamina Howell and hormone levels through proper diet and exercise. And doctor I'm so impressed that you know -- you Wear a medical doctor had your practice and you went to chef school because you had an interest. And a big connection between the nutrition and and health. How many other medical doctors have you met and to have taken a break from their practice to finish chefs well. Four or five -- like it -- yes I loved that line in the Chicago a couple of mumbo. I'm Rick Davis this trip take Mexican restaurant order. Four years. And then I met another guy in Philadelphia and -- know they're pretty. Another woman in the in the Bay Area. So about -- probably at least half a -- nonetheless and I know. And it's such a wonderful. Peer group because they're cooking and medicine have so much in common really. Well I believe health begins with the fifth right the big that you -- that what's interesting from. The medical school perspective. I've heard over and never again. Medical schools medical school many medical schools don't teach nutrition are if they do it's in our three hours of the whole entire curriculum. That's -- I only got four hours that nutrition and medical school. And it -- microwave -- -- the first cooking and nutrition course to medical teams that tinian. Your kids. It would. That was about twenty hours but that was that much support that they'll then it almost any other school on average. Schools only off for about 22 hours and you can succeed to graduate from medical school in the United States six medical schools and those states without any -- and nutrition. So why do you think that is. The curriculum in medical school put it doesn't really political document. It's. It's kind of like either making the top insurer and legislation. It's really hard to get basic net then it's a very competitive. To try to prove the -- that one disciplined or another and I think nutritious simply hasn't been taken seriously. In medical cricket four. At a craps and it's certainly for decades. So I think. Now that the public is so much more interested and the situation. I think. I certainly hope that we'll see more positions become interested in nutrition and actually keep their patients about it in their hands on personal way. I have a little different perspective I think it has to do with the money from the pharmaceutical industries. And the funding of the -- Q. Five the pharmaceutical industry. That's not sure if you agree with that. I think there it it there's no doubt that there's a great deal of pharmaceutical might -- it influences the practice medicine I think actually we're. We're actually pretty close in position. It is the political process you're probably just more insightful about what goes on that in those -- political meetings tonight Vietnam. Hi I have a philosophy which is follow the money. Without. At it and I look at and say OK who's benefiting and you know unfortunately. Out for the pharmaceutical industry from their perspective. You know then is Madison. Right and Ed but it's medicine they don't make any money died and so if if people get healthy based on nutrition and what you're advocating. I'm sure as a doctor your writing a lot less prescriptions then your hot links. I am absolutely. But you know what you're hosting the right show. But after nine I now and end what we what we do on the show living while they actually work the money and is that it when I started my radio show it was about. Offering information to people. From an alternative perspective my -- happens in medical doctor. But his paradigm -- a little bit different you know we grew up not eating processed foods and we grew up with a lot of I mean no pop. No sugar no processed foods I mean we grew up very very differently than the average American and try it and so I I know well the so much more than money and if you don't have your Howell. It doesn't matter how much money you have and we look at Steve Jobs is a perfect example that. Right and lord knows why he developed cancer and and died from cancer but. Nutrition is just so I mean it's I think the bedrock of a health. And you figured that out and you've got some really good strategies. Starting -- Ed. You know most us -- this is that -- we should beats. But what foods should we avoid like absolutely without a doubt if you've got a list of the thing is we should stay away from what what would you say is on that last. Well let me -- about the crews who have waited a moment but at first I'm so I'm really impressed that your dad. So all the way. So early and before so many conventional physicians and undoubtedly it's contributed a great help now. I believe Sally -- in you know his this is information actually came from. His on two. Migrate out who was a a Ph.D. in chemistry she taught at Georgia tech university. Follow wave before you get out. Women and sciences was great Q is a maverick. And she had a great influence on on my parents and our families and what we -- in. The food choices. By my parents made and so. You know we believe there. The result of that is. It you know my father still being engaged and being healthy enough to work at 77 and and all three of us kids are very involved with health and really focus on. Living well. Threw a fit and not processed foods and so we eat different and we are different but today we're not so different I think there's more and more. Awareness. As to good food choices and processed food and GM now in organic and what I mean so the way people eating are eating today and the recognition of how to eat well is how we were raids. -- -- Powerful because the food that men should avoid are ones that are for many men that I didn't get in quality there once served very high sugar. But I'm one country can meet growing up on a regular basis. Almost every. Soda every street choose. Every. Anything with -- -- court eighty get candidate. And sweet he. Anything with that you're eating sugar -- here for high fructose corn syrup -- Any kind of processor period that it triggered in your brains in the same reactions that narcotics trigger. And so people are too susceptible to it in the same. Addictive fashion. The easiest thing for most men is to stop drinking calories. Don't drink it if it's got calories. Don't drink at. And that by itself. Helped to take pounds off and that few ways. First. -- it. That sugar doesn't get stored as fat by the way second. Because there's no it's high eighty to liquid. That is just passed right through you they don't really silly. -- trigger any this tidy mechanisms in the stomach or brain. And so. When you're drinking you're just satisfying there's. Third. Instead of drinking it sweetened drink if you drink for example might citrus slaughter which is a quarter cup of -- decent three liters of filtered water. You gain the advantages says. The the vitamin C and the -- which helped to make growth hormone that night. It's the only time you make good -- monetary mandate they would have stopped it by the way it's only made at night. You gotta get enough sleep. And and that this statistic act contains a little bit but since that train which is that. Chemical that increases metabolism. In that it helps you burn calories even while you're asleep but the statistics it is good. Did you plotters what you ought to be drinking don't drink -- -- -- that by itself is gonna make -- -- as part of that difference for most it. What about the diet sodas but you can argue they don't have any calories. Diet drinks have some of the same effects. Has full calorie sodas in that day. Cause the pancreas. To release insulin in your body influenced his -- the fat storage hormone. Andy. Cuomo and that helps to use sugar in your bloodstream for energy. It hasn't been shown before that diet drinks cause insulin release but recently it has. And that that's one of the reasons that people may not lose weight. -- when they'd drink diet drink instead of regular soda because that body thinks that it's sweet and therefore release insulin which. For many guys just means that -- storm -- fact is that the other function of insulin to store fat. And so. I prefer to use the regular water. Bubbling water and sparkling water. Or -- water and -- the great easy recipe and it looked at every guy can make quarter cup of citrus preferably this placed. Aren't your lemon -- -- just so filtered water a lot of guys are actually. Thirsty and they think they're hungry that's the other candidates making sure you get your three leaders in the first 5 o'clock. And that takes shook her. So you talk about limiting sugar in general but the fake sugar. Which is in the diet sodas that is -- diet -- that's also it in so many processed foods. Along -- -- a lot of fake sugar and prostitutes a lot of extra sodium in processed to put extra gluten and process food. But the real culprit for most guys. Is too much bigger and two starts in what you're drinking or eating and that's -- had this simple rule if you can crusher crumple it. Don't need it. So hamburger -- for example or white bread. The French Fries but that is because squish. And that means it's got really no nutrition left and it had not been it's gonna make you hungrier because a lot of starchy sugary foods do that -- But it's harder pressure -- -- stock abruptly. Or actually zucchini. Or are. That chicken breast. And it felt if you can aggressor copilot -- it drink three leaders is that just water before 5 o'clock every day. And he'll start. It's a great way to get this -- -- -- Greece Turkey addictive food that your body. And with your 24 day. Nutrition guideline the first 23 days you're limiting your sugar. Which should Lowery your cravings overall but the first couple days could be tough for somebody who's used to drinking a lot of a lot of sugary type of drinks. It is -- for somebody is these -- drinking a lot of sugary drinks because it's brand new and it's tough for the first three days. But guys can do anything for the first two days in fact in my opinion that community under 24 days. The guys that are steady did and they last you know ten pounds or more on average. Had better energy level boosted their muscle mass and got better sleep -- sleep quality. So did anything that's worth doing takes a little effort. But this is really very little effort because say. Wanted to make it is easy as possible for guys sit. To be successful and I'm really so happy that so many guys have been successful just in the first six look at the book without. What about the stress. Had a stress the fact. The ability to lose weight and to raise it to -- from Apple's. I'm stressed that actually blood testosterone levels. And it makes it harder to lose weight a lot of guys don't really recognize that there are stress they just know that they got to keep going. And there are a lot of reasons for that. They helped impact is just a pretty significant as you probably know that. It's not something that guys want to live -- that it ought to interrupt sleep make it more difficult to concentrate. It increases inflammation in the body. Which is that primary cause of heart disease. And it is something that we want to try to tone down. I mean the problem is that just could be killing you -- not costly but slowly and sabotaging your work and your family. So. What we try to do it gives guys easy breeding techniques and it. And show guys had to use. Exercises. And that even fact. To help alleviate stress and away that is healthy. Instead of drinking their way out of -- punching their way out of it are doing have been really destructive. What about alcohol. Sadly alcohol lowers testosterone levels so. It's it's the first seventeen days the president we don't drink. And then you go back to drinking a couple glasses of wine a week if you want. And that -- sound like much for guys series and drinking a couple of night or or even seven on Friday night at the same thing of course. But. It really does a clear your mind in a way that you don't expect. If you get if you skip the boos before. This seventeen day period in our twenty credit program. The -- surprised by how much more energy we have permits queries think. I was better you're sleeping. How how much stronger you feel. Through the amazing yeah. I'd love wine I think the wind is part of life -- made quite an effort. Twenty years it's really important part of my eighties social circle in the and they have formalized but. It also. For guys who need to get healthy and really get in the way. So for seventeen days you're thinking you're not drinking your calories after that I think you can go back to it. And see how it make you feel. How many glasses of wine do you drink in a week. I mean this week I'm stopping drinking so I'm. -- not drinking more than one or two I think on average they probably have. Four or five in a week. But even that much as they get older fifteen more than I can handle. And be as sharp and bright and clear and crisp and helpful -- wannabe. It's really surprising to me and disappointing in some ways because I -- wind and I loved. Fear and I think the flavors are remarkable -- -- looked at people who make it then and drink it in the committee Alley behind it. But if you're trying to get healthy you're being deliberate. And you're saying that staying at this for field work for other guys. I'm gonna give it a shot -- you gotta do it. And so you skip that first seventeen days and then you go back. To date and an telecommute did -- clearly. And you don't -- it but instead accept it whether it's beer wine or spirits. -- cider for that matter. You you could develop a greater appreciation you can say hey it is quality instead of quantity. And that's a great a great bad journalists by. I personally don't train and I haven't for for many decades and I have friends at the time to time we'll stop drinking based on. My own unspoken influence because I'm not I'm not advocating that they stop drinking and advocates do what's helping rain and they record back. This feeling of of clarity and focus that they haven't had for years. And even though they might go back to drinking because that day they're stopping for just a limited period of time. They they talk about how they felt when they were -- drink tang. And and those who know me -- That many times they suggested a seven class alive and -- I I kind of am fine with that idea I -- -- made and they play with that. Did you -- it is caught -- way too much -- -- I would encourage it I think you wind the great part of life and that how wonderful every trivial. And I think of what. Many guys do is simply re think -- drink. Instead of pounding Beers they have -- just water and they have one beer which they accept. Instead. Instead of draining half a bottle of wine that is a five dollar bottle up itself. It by twenty dollar bottle and eighth -- it you know passcodes -- have announced at a time more or less. And it. And they re think that it brings a unique not considered -- see that apple and so the the government. You do five minutes of high intensity interval training. Every day instead of jogging for two miles. We get some high intensity interval training -- mr. testosterone level. A little better then they'll then the -- -- -- got its good interlocutor flat 10-Q -- from food. But -- that the aerial training builds muscle and stamina faster and increases testosterone and well. I'm so guys can that take control in ways they think. It just haven't been pot and that's so we try to do in refuted. That -- in the -- to -- as a drug. And make overweight men hungrier you don't have to do that. Your body is meant to be high efficiency machine. Is it. Well I love your message I loved your book refuel -- on Amazon. Your web sites can you share with our listeners your website and how they can get a warrant ratio. Your job look in the dark continent my web site and your fuel men not comment that. Scientifically based look at pastor and quiz as close links to free recipes and other treaties. And as always found living while their radio dot com we will post. The recording of this show and also have links to your web sites. Doctor thank you so much for joining us today I'm living -- -- radio. Again love your message for all the men out there that we love and adore our -- want some help me. And living great long life. Thanks for joining us doctor. Great to be repeated that thank you. You've been listening to living -- radio on top teams sanity and certainly -- top thirteen insanity dot com. I'm free to Canada and I hope you'll join me again next week as I should -- ways to live wealthier. Resources are available for you on our web site. At the living wealthy radio. Dot com. This.