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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's Bill -- Okay folks welcome to the show -- to show and a it's my pleasure today goodwill women together on the show for -- blitzer for much. Media I think extend auriemma and I'll probably be buying now you know hopefully that's a good excuse -- thanks so much youth you avoid. Obama Girl little -- time yet have that the boy is now two and a half and I have a baby girl you know so we're just talking about. The fact that three were kind of bears a full house in poker you three were kind of turn to Richard I just felt that's -- -- it. So pull hosts busy and fun there's a similar components it says yes and a cat -- -- three boys and two girls. Most of -- the -- via entertainment news broke his pockets allow those who helped us from parents. So that's a full house you guys in this can be fun. Via the charity fund does or does he allow feeling -- they have it seems some equate. Amazing that people. Juggle four and five kids her aunt -- and when it went in notes to it amazes me and I meet people who have big big feeling success. Where we have employees are single parents. And they. Haven't got his Toronto stop dreaming -- crazy. Music is by yourself. -- and I agree it's the Toronto where and a lot of people don't have their nuclear families nearby anymore you know there parents and Brothers and sisters so it makes it harder to be spread out. Does that. Well we're about -- -- disparities in general I'm getting me pregnant or some. Some always always look at true you know literature don't -- a pregnancy -- -- some things that I think the biggest increase of nominal will be a concern you -- and they start at distressed mothers are left entities assistant. Say again stressed smokers have left -- did he just. -- -- insisting -- so the court a colorful somehow mechanisms affecting you know. While learning more and more about how. What they called in during pregnancy and even some of the free conception period which is before pregnancy happens the health of the mother and a father how to can affect the outcome of the -- than. It's really fascinating and also. Stressful thing for parents and parents to be who -- realizing. What a huge impact. What they're doing. And even to steer public he said -- stressful how that can affect the baby. It's that is interesting. Well we know vitamin. Could doses of comedy and sunshine but the good wouldn't. Via highly recommend that women wouldn't be even before again ideally women will start paying -- to the health before they get pregnant rather than when they are pregnant so the three to four months prior to conception is a good time to. Even longer six months to start to sound really optimizing your health than getting your levels tested making sure you have enough iron in -- DNB twelve then. They're going into the -- C. You know I really healthy condition and on the cities are saying that -- fully status doesn't only matter when you're pregnant to prevent neural tube defects that even the steal from a prior to getting pregnant. So it's really. A fascinating area who. -- clamps you know with magnesium you know if you have -- you know which is surrounded report -- nostalgic -- sexy. Can kill some mothers and -- because it can be very serious and which you guitars and time. Where they give you my resume. I believe so that there are you an AP -- -- we cannot -- magnesium and diesel is so critical. And we're so depleted my knees and assault depleted bank so I say get so good my -- and reminding some oxide which is. Which is good to prevent some constipation. Guess that's another benefit a lot of -- get their progesterone makes the a little slower so there are more prone to constipation. Giving these teams important and you know again I was encouraged people to eat those foods said there. Rich and those nutrients like he said a lot of times even if you're in the right things the soils have become depleted and the -- have as much -- -- it did. You know if you're a hundred years ago so. Well the doctors are warning now if you have headaches you're going to see him -- can mask serious conditions. -- conditions neurological problems. Neurological conditions -- third most common cause of death among pregnant when his neurological. Interest so they're suggesting that -- manager commonly feel a lot of headaches or -- pregnant. They're suing the town center could be seriously wrong. So which you I -- -- -- and all are aware of the signs and symptoms and so you need to you know have have never checked out. Yeah it was some women are aware that they have a clotting disorder until they get pregnant there's some inherited blood clotting disorders that. Hormones can exacerbate which is way they say. If you know you have inherited colliding issued don't take the birth control pill or don't you know smoke. -- things so sometimes settlement gets pregnant and then develops public climate for first time she learns that she has. One of these cutting issues. Right and try your very. You're British marching. And those are all works and tried saying you know I didn't play as a mother in the lane as you have to land doctor -- Tyler is a doctor. The nature of the -- -- go to medical school. To learn about natural ways let's say a few well and you can take huge cushion to have three to an altitude. We do -- then there's a good manager little that the school claimants who it was best year in Seattle just a small emphasis on acupuncture but other schools have more of an emphasis but. -- we learn and we know we basically. Learn the same basic sciences those medical doctors -- we also learn nutrition home empathy and botanical medicine and to penniless steadier and we may or may not have licensing privileges in the state of Texas we do not so we can't describe. Prescription drug -- whereas in other states we can't so it's very -- -- state pasty. -- well someday we hopes that you can't because that that would nurtured. -- used to be able to I think that's the critical thing we always say they set that tone in this article that. This research article. There were they want their women who experience migraines have a two sold increasing risk to -- pre pre claps yeah. Insisting they've also linked to my greens this certain types of strokes as well let me be their starting to kind of link there. Just in to -- with some sort of a vessel abnormality. The small blood vessels. Near the epicenter of the south of the center of the room protects the girl who more than the Boris game in what way. What do I guess his system. -- emotion attic you know there -- just have more protection you own. It grows to more girls. -- they have no problem when they're born then borrowings. I am I don't know -- the biggest its mystical. Different saying oboe and childhood is regarding our terrorism obviously which affects more mail sent emails. And did you say. Who is more protected but then with the girls okay will mania that has some role and 'cause we do see more of to some spectrum. Issues and -- -- The girls are winning the battle for survival. You know in many cases so. So that's something they're looking into who I -- what happens. Conceivably that exposure therapy like babies exposed to dirt and germs before Rachel -- -- -- investment and risk. Oh yes that's a well proven yet sets that balance and the immune system and hygiene hypothesis so that's. Way where learning and -- my parents are realizing that the other study of -- says having pets and having kids that are in this completely. Hygienic bubble actually fair better in terms of asthma and eczema and all those who bully -- topic diseases so. Dead interacting with some of these microbes probably helps they're immune system not overreact to things that are denying Michael -- And pet dander and so. What they say also that -- we know dirt has -- the good bacteria to. And I there what they say is -- you get your kid to get out on the dirt you know feelings -- about to address sort of serving as a whole they have the and Punto -- a garden garden type dirt or whatever you know via. And then they count and put on their fingers on -- in the mouth and fingers your full observe whatever you know. -- kids it'll lead it -- alone and they will consume. It's -- there -- debate and. Just as there is a says sister crawling date their hands making dirty and in -- hands on him also at times so what if I almost -- there -- -- -- like his ordeal. Who are actually pretty aware of what's the doctor and never do you know asthma or allergies. General I'm not sure what it did under one years -- I was on my camera with -- again. Although -- -- -- -- do have some hypnosis. I don't affect. But but as entrusting them you know were trying to Bora Bora that did bacteria. Is not bad for you. That's very and that way I want to look at -- I think it was Minnesota. Recently been cycle sandwiches. On the ingredient antimicrobial -- so. Where senator relay is that you know especially these every day so sad people using. To kill all the bacteria on your hands is not necessarily a good thing in. Comments though in Minnesota I think is the first tee to. To -- them. Which is interesting. By the way -- if you have a baby grew quickly. You're increase your chance -- probably be. There are you know one day and another were quickly as your producer researching this is just you know observations here it to the second baby coming early. So if you. -- would you don't have enough time and space institute on Tuesday saying that they say was there's that different theories about the optimal speaks sing in a chorus of so many actors. Agilent for families in the way they're cleaning or not claiming that. What do they say was optimal. 02 years and you know have having a baby at least two years -- Soviet -- you can you can have a baby -- in the first year I guess some people get pregnant when there. You know when their baby is between two and -- told that they called that Irish twins they have to -- -- -- may be. And they're just the lesson here apparently it hurts Irish twins -- -- that's what they can't that's the main menu Aniston has been there and -- it. Well there's been cases where prolonged his pregnant pushing you saw the hospital. So hopefully he can spun out. Well thank goodness let's -- to mention so you you can use your experience that exposing newborns to border and germs that's what you -- here maybe a little bit -- -- -- really in superior so what am more cautious about as if we're in a public place and there's someone who is actively hacking and coughing I try to steer my kid away from them obviously but. When it comes to their credit Jim it is not to germs all way down his hands before a home and is playing outside. I'm not really. You know I'm not trying to get every Specter often amazed I know that it's good for him to have some exposure ten. The -- microbial. Environments so and I definitely don't I'm not overly. I guess fanatical boat trying to kill the bacteria everything comes in contact with soft on. But Christiane -- centers. A lot of com. Hygiene is a way of preventing things like the flu in. I'm so let's just -- through the washing with regular so it doesn't have to be anti microbial so. -- if you watch for long enough with warm soapy water that will kill a lot of germs and so just common sense middle. Wrote the actual -- -- taken off the market boom years ago and you just a few years ago in I don't know why they didn't. Except that I think it was cocaine headed your toothpaste. And if you remember coming goodness well her Christian about a one of them -- -- Tomorrow they were right advertising how how good it is but it was haven't truck -- because it is just kill all the factories your mouth and joy of victory human touch it. Yes of course the good victory in this is some you know sound like their. There well what they're worried about is that these antibacterial soaps could increase. Bechtel resistance on another way it's pre super books that are hard to kill -- we wouldn't have a means of telling if we needed to. In the event of more serious infections and so. I'm worried and possibly hormonal impacts the more we learn about chemicals the more. We find that there's hormone mimic yours which are chemicals that have a hormone like effects on the body and are suspected to contribute to different types of cancers. And so -- term. They're really good -- say Environmental Working Group cosmetics database where people can go and plug in. Any products -- using on the bodies whether it's chimp who are so her. Lotion and see. Whether or not it contains toxic ingredients and if that does that -- you -- -- more suitable alternative. And yes. There's a lot of people have to be informed consumers these days that so many different. Chemical -- come into contact with all the time. My prayers Blake -- says the chemical engineers so it's. Insisting. Well I've grown up barely -- -- chemistry that was that not true re exactly better living through chemistry is as whatever I believed him. How can forcibly -- You know and then you assume you can learn after all who will talk about some of the drugs so there -- -- -- -- that are causing some -- fix it. Well don't. Keep people xanax can cause some problems. No class that's very serious medication and I think you and I both agree that there's a time and a place for just about everything so it's nothing short term I think most drug should be. Via short term those lessons -- some -- threatening condition that it's preventing you know so I think every -- -- to -- Individually evaluated but. Found that class of drugs have been and so dance routines of me. Addictive than me. There one of the classes including alcohol that someone has a serious. Dixon to them and stops cold Turkey they can actually. It's it can be lethal to go to that would tell process suddenly so they're grown up there and sometimes people aren't given -- information they need to put them before their prescribing. Exactly this is so good right to take a break I got take a break out of the -- who could actually Larry the Politico aren't so let's -- think doctor C Bridgestone Jonas after the break his. But I've got here so let's take. The cigarette patrolling Sebring will join us music is attempting. -- which if there was you're guaranteed by the way and so. Let's take a break if you are calling them through and an ultra conservative -- and an ultra conservative. And we'll be right back. Moreover let's get healthiest coming up after these messages crime at all. Thirteen seven. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the bills -- prime salt thirteen seven. Doctor savoring go to receiver. And you didn't know how are you OK okay hi guys just keeping the I assure you this is Amy Taylor how you hi Amy get what I would have said yes please -- -- on the show over pretty much is -- -- babies are. -- -- regulation and. You. Can't just -- we had baby girl so we have a toddler in Allen of little girls. A little boy -- the -- or should go for help you through kind of -- now. And that's and that's a full house and see your -- -- Sharon decided that would amount to yes but at the. And weren't so busy. There will which problem we're trauma of having babies here routes change to the occasion -- there was. Pregnant women to be much. Well I I do on occasion I asked the women completely sometimes when they're having trouble getting pregnant. And so. It's real simple for me you know easily the most of the work's been done unless they've made sure that their fallopian tubes are open and then and -- stuff. There are mutilating and and sometimes you're not and so. What I do is put on the patio diet Omega three -- so -- -- carefully gotten and it's been nice exercise program. And these women using very motivated. So they were -- very strict on the diet. And that has an amazing. Success rate. Has been nice -- on it during their pregnancy and have these incredibly healthy babies. And the women that have bad days -- used for that is that aliens guys and that regiment that I described. We'll tell it's a very different experienced. They -- just for much better a lot more endorphins are released during contractions that sort. -- insisting to -- and I wish that we could do a study says to Sam can't compare and yeah have an interest available to speculate how important -- preconceptions. And here is this does Willis during the pregnancy and it's so important so it's great to able to do that do you see. An addition to obviously seeing these outcomes than you know the pregnancy in the healthy babies do you. Sees some of their numbers -- -- and a lot of women there's this kind of agree. Area of premature. You know -- to claim their -- teach -- how I. And they're but they're still. Young and you know wanna become pregnant do you see the protocol actually changed their. -- -- I've not really monitors that match I'm I'm I'm I'm real simple I can do that then send them back over there they're saying or not they're you know usually they don't they're kind of damage that's a match. But -- -- is that they're using pregnant within three to four months. Indiana and it's I think it's more. Plastic and then -- me to -- have seen some -- -- -- change and I like is -- it'd be nice if someone did you study to send basic things like you're saying eating well and exercising and just changing the late stale. Exactly what -- and I tell my city and you come from a very long long long long line of very fertile women is what's wrong with you. Z and so it's been we try to highest statistics so that it may put them in the same. Category examined and have them live closer to the lifestyle since. It's that they're designed to live and and that technicals women's. Lived. Maine -- You know I was sort of doctor this last week Yamaguchi is an irony here he and other doctors. Had a parting of the ways not because of any problems in their practice in this doctor was. We -- doctor was and charged really a lot of patience that. It is natural treatment he's doing great great joke. Please Ochoa getting penetration -- -- I OK so so. Moved. No -- partition streets and so they were doing is having trouble getting paid to register and Fordham basically what happened so he came. And you know people you want to work with us so rules we'll talk concealed a spent a couple of -- we -- re not talking to look up I think it's really difficult. To understand that you know you guys send you an angry in the doctors -- -- doing things the right way. Don't aren't unappreciated nor that you get in trouble sometimes. I -- I think I think something's got to change and I think one of the things you just mentioned study or Peru are looking at things -- but told his doctors that. You know one of the problems we have is we're not bragging about what we do. You know you you do something let's say you had of a woman comes in she could get pregnant you do something changer do certain things. -- Jews in drugs. Richard document. In the course of 2000 newsletters a good place to go sometimes that'll give you a few patients. But a lot of times. What we need to document and I'll be after the talk on the show about about people that -- Miraculously color -- commission on my god think we get hugs in the store I'm sure you a lot of push is coming years. And yet you know we we do all this but where were not bragging about what we're doing. You know what values without probably different things is just -- had a patient and had this problem that problem I'm not doing this or that diet. Play in via the most fundamental take their research is a case study and -- them publishing case studies if you get enough of those and sometimes at night. Right now doubled binary thing in just a case study. Do you agree doctor. Let's yeah I do I do agree and I simply that we we needed to document more of their sin and most of us who do this are are so -- They were frightened you know -- does -- -- -- -- -- history. Well yes say insanely busy at the liquidity of the problem I just managing you know managing and running. A practice most practicing. Doctors are so busy together patience that it's so hard to. We have a quote blank that we have people call on our compound prescriptions -- sure there -- problems you know the -- is due to whatever. And we love to your problems were don't worry we'll secure lower house of feedback so you know -- document. That we should because. Come -- beginning of a bad breath now -- -- you know we save money was content. -- -- you do without Bob political arms. Well you know I'm I'm waiting for them to be outlawed and to see how long congress can stand it. Access for the women march -- and private life whether religion what you -- familiar moon or do whatever it. Right. You can't take that away. I'm surprised we so progesterone cream over the counters coverage stronger at all. But if they stopped it now thing to realize that -- the bureau of Portugal or something. Could dissipate and that it's available. -- -- -- You know -- it. I'd say among all the different hormones praise for the is as big good safety profile but anything could be misused. Would you do these agencies have dealt with the you don't Wear them out there wasn't last year still not a completely out of it. -- the war is good but. There are so powerful. Well they're completely unregulated. -- listen -- -- but they're there they can do whatever they want but it is a problem as I guess is supposed to be regulated but -- You know right what so I know some of the prime minister didn't listen and then I'm dealing with these are. These are little laws that show up in a totally different legislation. She's just a few lines that they throw in there they get an incredible power. Over whomever they wish to talk to commandeer. And it's done and it's it's very difficult to. Make the public aware of that. Some of the congress people are aware best. But since it is you know even Dan. It's very very ability to affect or to you know -- -- this stuff so that test. Our freedom of the people here I've got to take it I'd say it is their ability to affect so the freedom of the people it is is given back to them -- You know I think about -- I think about what we pay for these giants I think for what -- we pay and other countries put their other people pay in other countries in them. Also to what we're able to do here. In terms of alternative medicine and integrative medicine natural approaches -- saying. It's it's really being shut down at an alarming rate. And so you know you just say -- now America. We have so much freedom. But. If we don't. People I think it's it's an illusion that is just stating extremely fast. And we need to become aware of it and we need to get together. About it and shows like. Yours and you know that I've been sort of shut I've been shut down now for any writing that I do because down. And I used to write 1900 word article each month and a couple of 350 word articles. Each month. And just trying to get the word out that people know -- sections. Blacked. -- somebody's been turning me into the Texas medical board. Because they don't like my articles and and the medical board even told me that someone doesn't like you -- receiving -- engineers -- them for one album. And they've they've found me guilty because I didn't say that I was a personal they try to argue. What I wrote was wrong and then night. Troops that. Very powerfully than it was right I had all the research in the world to support it. And then they switch their argument is as well we're not trying to take away your first amendment rights. -- right -- is you can you can say -- you can choose any color you want as long as black. And then. But what where we don't like -- -- you were saying this -- much sodium alternative medicine doctors so. My original plan was to reproduce that exact same article they didn't like it started out in my alternative medical opinion. -- this exact same article I think that would have really set the draw a line right else. But. I was sort of talked out of doing that so I didn't do it. And two weeks after a two year battle with this first article but it wasn't the first this is like the seventh time that come after me -- Two weeks after that was settled there's another one. That they get anywhere and they pulled it off my web site. Which is an alternative medicine web sites that -- no idea what sort of argument -- I gave my argument to them is why it was correct. And and I was following the guidelines that they had six force. Next thing I know they're proceeding with the next step. So. Look it's just it's a scary world I don't know what's gonna happen here but. I'm looking for another doctor to come more quickly. And teach them what I do because I really don't want this to be lost in all my patients are. Concerned and they're afraid it's going to be a loss of my colleagues that you need to -- someone. What you know have a physician assistants and have been it's usually. Been. A godsend here. Very well trained to begin with so we're just -- -- -- are just he has -- hormones and a few of the ways of thinking about. Let's discordant mentioned noted you're done normally Texas. Right. Playing the CEOs Sebring your web site. Sebring climate dot com Telecom and it does so -- -- normally. And -- you can you can go to Sebring dot com the phone number we don't give your phone number -- you read that. 847. -- area code 5128475618. I think they'll just have -- there's a -- there's some ice. -- -- -- -- -- Well an extra security and I've been helped by modern medicine you're tired of taken all the medications. If you wanna find that there's a different way. If you wanna become more in control of your own health that's what we're all about teaching you to do that. So that you -- not so subject to be a medical industrial complex. You're subject to your own understanding and I think what we teach people makes perfect sense to them finally this makes sense of the way to. To have -- I -- level you've never had before. Who. Some of them started chemists or hear about that that seething because it's. I'm not the only line has been several of my colleagues there have gone down in flames. Board was. Was sued by Indian American association of physicians and surgeons were systematically going around. And going after doctors to practice integrative medicine and taking their life. Well I'm in yet achieved if you go to mainstream. News. I just -- today you know there's a shortage of doctors -- rather be is in trouble the camp. You know whether -- trouble could they can't get enough -- doctors to help. So you know I don't know well now let's go to something that's so now we could have done this car a couple of years ago. Because lung disease -- recognized. Right a lot of cases. Turned fifteen and 2012. 502013. The agencies -- -- -- predicts its 181000 cases by 2020. A year right well we're looking for right there don't exactly. So they're trying to get our -- to the people what to do to prevent ticks. In the course Dietz. Is his par four but it's also not safe to use anxious and miscues saying thanks so. What's what's this say physically moral and citronella combined together. And also a lot you don't know soon at all. Is better for coming miscues and to -- I didn't and I guess I don't know when I was in the army -- there was a little but deet sprays there was really concentrated. For the soldiers. -- a good -- -- so delusional cosponsor so I got to -- just a lot of cans of -- We couldn't pass it out until that this soldier educated on how to use and what did did they sprayed there there fatigues with -- before they went out. -- published on that to two opportunities you. But they spray agent so use you use your regular your skin is not as much as you could afford to -- you sprayed his fatigues. So possibly want people to do is just. Just put on the clothing somehow content try to -- -- the -- but. But I what I would do is is something that. There is safer. While they were get in trouble but there's no prescription for days -- secrecy from talking about alternatives for -- right. I even announced that the killer tomatoes and all they want and can't tell you if you let -- So mom do you know of any. Any commercial products that use cinnamon oil since it would be easy to apply collect anything that Duluth city. And -- nine. You know I don't try to avoid trade names on the show lets you know we get somebody. Thing I would caution people that you're going to be -- -- you really need to diluted. -- has its president had to learn little blister your skin if you try to put it on American brewing. And them directly. -- essentially ill served. Nixon -- there. You -- amounts they can be toxic so with anything applied to learn each series of the by the can be toxic that that's I'm curious is there anything out there where -- Put in some kind of clearly ill. Or made it commercially. Is easy for people to apply to get rid of him. I'm sure we and so on and so you always say if you if you give if you get it to citronella. Current cinema and be sure and and and read the precautions on the bottle. Because of the precautions from it but I think that itself. What you do you turn to something that is safe. You're pretty used to be B vitamins were sentenced expression -- wants. To do a mosquito bites and are used for your dog career ticks ticks. Takes -- for tablets. So for terms and feed itself atop Seymour. I think they I think they'll love -- so so for crematory attempt to remember that. That's a good and Jessica -- gesture Sox went there understood -- cherish susteren -- How has probably is -- -- couldn't charter. The -- go get dim as so that's the station -- Because you get you give advice for your animals. And I'm not so good to go do that that. Boots and you know I saw I think can what we think about those sunscreens. We told my vitamin. Some sunscreens are not as safe as others. Well there is that and then I think -- paranoia with the sun is as part of the problem here you know that's. The one group of people where melanoma is increasing Zanardi is that people who are working endorse -- people working outdoors is no increase in. In the melanoma at some moment increasing that is so different -- people. Its interest to us that the I think that. You know. -- That the problem we have is we don't acclimate to this time. And -- As did gets higher and higher in the sky you know -- in the early spring we're not out in it. You know we typically are indoors a lot of and we get a lot of sun all at once we're not. We don't have this assigned to handle that could help protect us and so we just burn. And so I think decided screens. When you're no you're going to be out playing -- innocent three day week and a Memorial Day weekend or whatever in and year. You're going to be out assigning or do you gonna do a float trip. I think it's I think you need to do something. Because you can really get burned and that's what you really want to avoid. But I think he did general overall use for some screen is a mistake because. Making them vitamin. No we don't -- -- enough vitamin. Outside all day. Here in this time you wouldn't make amount vitamin. And what I'm telling my patients as I'd like a vitamin. 125. Because there's some really good studies that show you get some magnificent. Protection from various cancers you can decrease breast cancer by up to 84% by getting your vitamin. And so I think I don't think you're gonna get that here in the side whether that hunter gatherers did here. To get that extra vitamin. -- -- -- took deliver of the wild animals so they got a lot of vitamin. And their vitamin. 20250. And there's nothing wrong with them they're not toxic there's no problem. So I think we have we've been a little afraid of the vitamin. I think there's a place for so onscreen and you know we talked about the various. Toxicities that are found there in the sunscreens that they're not so. -- safe and so beautifully protective like recent. -- can't -- you know -- talks is one of the -- and it's a tiny guard says they'll return literally. Recognized as being safe. He knows we need more research on. Yeah and of the web so you mentioned earlier cosmetics database is a great resource for people they're trying to find. More suitable sunscreen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we'll talk about just -- second but there's Fuji committee to protect to scan from sunburn. There's there's sort of -- tomatoes. Red grapes strawberries green team. They'll have protectors camp this also an herb. Does later and listened to tailor their heads. Rain forest this is here. In Austin chip to move because it was I don't know additionally some -- -- something with chicken which you know distinct. But there is a nerve there would talk about that in the coming weeks the better you can take. There -- great by the way. He's that it works great for your tunes and it didn't take that Irvin did work twelve so we were we -- -- -- -- that. You know. -- I'd say OK understood said he did so -- after -- but so -- always so summer grilling. It can be dangerous for your health we go steak and you you get to -- very very well done Asian people do when there are grilling. They say you have almost 60% more likely get pancreatic cancer. Compared to those who rates take cholesterol drugs did not he -- So there's there's a danger of being staked this very well done when -- grilling. Look you don't know. Thanks the other other play with dolls you know I think rather realistic -- and so I think. Be careful about over grilling your steaks would you say that doctor savoring. I think that's really true. Young girl -- grilled -- I can -- won every day and it was a time when I did that. But. A lot of -- -- is you know big fat dripping off under the cold below the -- pistols and right price so there's there's there's a lot of different it's time. There's some things you can do to do is -- and drilled at stake and and decrease your risk. And I think we've been growing stage for a long time. Right but just watch what they're growing when you're doing -- To make sure that tone. You know you pay attention because. It is charge if you got a dog can't do you concede the direction for -- But I assure you ugly scrape off the the -- but so I didn't realize that could you have a higher chance of pancreatic cancer. That's in just think if there's it. They columns BGE. Senate doesn't do as they advanced education and products which is part of why they're saying now that. You know if you aren't but he said grilling. Outside of the chart part that it could. Interfere with things like you know even insulin. Regulation that sort of thing so it's sort of interesting. Because again we always thought of drilling is one of the health to your roots of preparing food but it may have some. Some its own problems legacy it has cut the -- off like he said. To take a cook will take you to take a break largest comeback or you'll take a break. And take a break now let's take a break we're take a quick break can you join receptors don't talk about almost a little bit I can't I can't talk to a tournament hormones. OK we go to Atlanta with -- listening to break go and and it is so it was -- time. For 48448. And tissues and your watches are working herself -- if you've got to you know. So let's take a break borrowers throughout Turkey so you have any questions for -- Sebring. If we have the national forestry no Turkey's seventy. -- -- -- Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages I'm -- Thirteen seven. Welcome back to. It helps you with the bills wailed my. Welcome back to the show folks where -- legacy even with a sense. There were imminent doctor and drew I don't know I'm. You -- you actually. Who have done so much tell people who let's say if you're doing you have people you try to get in trouble. Seemed like a. I think the more effective you are the higher your risk exists is that you're quiet little person not been very much then. I'm a little vociferous you know me I like I didn't speak up a little bit maybe to mention now. So but I have a lot of passion for what I do and I and I know what works and that and I know -- -- And patients really you know it's my employees. When they come they stay because they. They just love the atmosphere because of the effectiveness -- we have and the gratitude of patients and and it's just fun for me because their ideas -- to teach them how to do -- and other hormones are gonna need help from. From the distance of sorts because you know -- have -- MTV's -- To prescribe that that we keep that pretty much as a minimum once we get people turned out. Who forego this so. The sun -- protection. It's important to do that because here's an article -- it is showing that. The collar white women who get serious sunburns before the age twenty. Decreased her risk of I don't know about 80%. So before this morning. Used to get some serious sunburns. And -- how many don't and I don't know that's. I would say the majority. I have had to at least where they say actually you results show the Caucasian women who. And at least five -- -- before the age of fifteen. And -- Had a 60% increased risk of basal cell carcinoma. And screamed so. Which yeah deserved much. I guess it's a melanoma obviously would be. Much more likely to spread and become. You know metastatic whereas diesel sold. And known. Say measles so onscreen is still carcinoma serve easily more readily treated before they would spread especially screamed so. I think melanoma as well at -- The most. Concerning. For the skin cancer foundations of the study for 2% of people polled admitted that. Do they got some -- -- here. Well so I think that's the key is if you're young person -- or you have young. Let's say yeah grand jury saying there shouldn't take. This on -- guarantee you would we're about vitamin. If things like that deceiving said gradual daily you know a little bit of daily explosions. Building out as the season especially progress makes a lot of sense but those times and it's not going to be. Natural cause you years if you -- against -- Reynolds said Nero. On the river served four hours that's not really. A good time to not protect yourself so just Kennedy's incumbents aren't. That's the vitamin. The evidence is there an apparent means that L sold melanoma right now Vista right now you get -- -- minister -- That was the brace yourself in my journals whatever. And maybe not at -- either you know maybe you know to -- clocked four car somewhere around in there. -- for the first time now. This gesture to him because if your skin is fair you probably produce more vitamin. That's why it's fair. President we need to vitamin. Who -- There you go. So. So let's talk about hormone used to have a great success wounds. It's Hillary so much about just are stronger value of testosterone. And years because of the -- -- race problem. -- they didn't conversed through so much of it can convert to a there should Jensen and that's a problem. It's a problem for a couple reasons. You know I tell my patients. I tell my women patients don't get your estrogen cream on your husband. Because he's gonna start complain about sore -- and crying at commercials. So let's and that's really true I mean that's the it's well not bad so you know -- Jen comes from testosterone. Even women get there estrogen from testosterone -- 25 year old female makes ten times more testosterone and estrogen. What happens is the that estrogen get displaces testosterone that's interceptor site. And so -- men are getting a lot of their testosterone that they're taking them. -- -- known -- -- gel -- -- to their skin around it appeared that we're getting it. But a lot of that estrogen get I mean that's just Castro to be stern didn't estrogen. And it's going to be just place to -- you're gonna get an estrogen it -- to act. And here and not the testosterone the fact that you're looking towards. So there's things that we do to try and keep that happening some men are not very very bad converters they don't convert -- and -- we do testing to find out you know who they are and how much is being converted. And so we give them saying they can take about fifteen milligrams of zinc to coordinate how things. -- -- -- -- and that worlds coming down regulates the inside and -- rotation just about as witches and calls pressed we needed. Men need estrogen that they don't have estrogen in the early alzheimer's osteoporosis. There will be -- -- down -- talked. But I do say that message and ask him. You know promotions and so the question is do reports. It's absolutely true -- -- you know women need testosterone and don't have testosterone that are in trouble they don't like it. And they can tell and so women are almost always put testosterone and their estrogen cream. Because women today something's going on and says -- as it would with -- men and especially postmenopausal women. I was eight years ago the average postmenopausal woman. Her testosterone level was about 55 now it's probably because -- closer -- December between fifteen and twenty. I have no idea what's going on that it's it's it's horrible. And it really puts him at risk for osteoporosis. And your skin gets standing you know -- little ladies of fallen district sheets of skin off their arms or whatever. Because their skin has more integrity and that's that's mainly due to low testosterone. But when we we we also occasionally put is something called samarra. Which is actually a drug in very small amounts in the in the testosterone cream. And that drug binds up data from the tapes have been doing this is probably about fifteen years now. And so I've got good experience with that and I know how much to put in there and of course we always tests to find out where each individual man is how much estrogen are making. Too much testosterone they have. And how much free testosterone -- because me and we only live up about 2% of our testosterone in 98% of its bound up by. Approaching. And tech troubled homeowners finding -- CEO we we started talking with his too quickly and this is subject that don't people like to hear about. But you re back to come back. A couple of the worst that you have sense out of sometimes you think. I've I've taken most of my articles operator because somebody huge turnaround. Access into. Edgar Rocha Amos called freedom and speech -- they can't get Charles theater Google can promote its American attack on this for sure about a licence or. They're not a you know you lose it's so. Politically it's business programs and any. Saying to to do lose in my life since -- there is always -- it's just say at all like the way I announce the articles that right but does. I'm sure they're building a case I get that feeling. -- -- have some famous patients who -- this -- and notes bill so let's so let's take a break you were going to to back maybe sooner we're. Which is true sooner could cook but they have a RJ EL KK they are receiving if you have a great we can do about it. All right let's take a break we'll be -- back. Welcome to let's get healthy with bill -- -- on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call and 39013. Seventy. And now here's bill swearing. Hey welcome back to the show folks this is still spoil him have got to make your program today doctor. Hey beat tiger. Happy Saturday everybody just keep it going pretty much BS and just editors is just hereditary elite. Maternity leave disrupt. Wouldn't you know you've been through turn leader Richard yeah. We have to begin to -- the devil husband Tucson so you you have to. Could -- little bit didn't. Yes they did the other later so I just. I'd just stay home and then work at home so it sound like I have to -- an office. That's that's that's things that works well when you have a family. Although sometimes it's nice to -- -- -- straight at. And we're just we're just seeing her where she came in today. Because they have U three -- it's now. -- and a stepdaughter and I have a little toddler boy it's a step daughter's fifteen and then employee is two and a half an eighteen month old girl you know. Cinemanow -- until two males. And three daughters. Well and clinics have two daughters yeah that's OK but you know it's a should go for a three -- on a pair. That's a full house military. You have two parent coaching in. Perry asking -- yeah. I had -- -- yes. -- And here you have been actually you. You've -- Gourmet Magazine new Yorker. Economists. You're political writer for sure and masquerade. In this. Well an -- that hadn't been making much fire. Yeah newspapers and magazines because I spent the last. They almost a decade researching and writing this but that's. Dead because the big -- surprise which is. When I'm hoping we'll talk about that but yet so I've mainly been doing that for quite awhile now. Well listen this is a great time -- book in our country because their understanding now that obesity and it is is a great problem not just in this country worldwide. And you know you shouldn't where is your -- right now you can teach you mentioned your forehead. That you're fat you have problem right to visit to test. The problem of obesity and not -- diabetes and you know we haven't conquered heart disease -- that there are indicators that there is something wrong with. Nutritional advice that Americans are being given to try to solve these problems mean. That would that would send me out on this whole journey as CNET investigative reporter and and you just look at the worsening health trend in this country. And you. You -- is actually Americans have been working really hard to try to improve their health -- In the last thirty years we 17% more fruits and vegetables we. We 11% fewer that the less saturated fat so we have shifted our diet away from me into secondary we've we've. Most Americans have really been filing that dietary guidelines on the whole. But -- we've been cutting out meat and dairy and cheese and egg this. We have been shifting to -- -- -- to lead 25% more carbohydrates over the last thirty years. And that has. That it. Document in my book I really -- kill what had been the effect of shifting away from all these animal foods which we believe have been bad for help because they contain saturated fat. We have. Avoided those food we eat instead carbohydrates. Greens seem ready popped. And bad shift and -- now been really good decade of really good clinical trials that show that a diet higher in carbohydrates. Even -- status and refined supposedly really you know they're better -- and sugar and how -- -- -- but even if your diet. Too high in carbohydrates. Overall even if they're they're -- kind. You are at greater risk for obesity and diabetes and heart disease Denny if you haven't diet that is higher in fat and and pricking that means -- says. So how to we get into this does not true. Of both whom. -- me so bad for you and -- -- -- Yeah I mean it's such an amazing. Story I still cannot believe what I discovered -- that. In the 1950s. Didn't Americans where in a panic about did. This writing epidemic of heart disease that comes out of out of nowhere from the early 19100 become the nation's number one killer president Eisenhower would I. Out of the Oval Office at -- he had a heart attack in 1955 to. And researchers and experts were desperate -- -- -- and eased into that panic stepped. -- researcher who believed that what was causing heart disease was saturated fat idealist dot -- proud that we need to cholesterol and that would cut the heart attack. Well he got that idea implanted into the American Heart Association the very first anti actually attacked guidelines were in 1960 ones. American Heart Association those guidelines though like the gold standard that everybody follows the national institute of health Scott and involved an on board with that hypothesis. The USDA. Basically made the same recommendations starting in 1980. And the whole nation got behind this particular idea about what cost of heart disease but it. But evidence would. Nonexistent ones that American Heart Association first recommended. It subsequently have been very week that evidence it's been reexamined banked. Two prestigious groups of scientists now and they have concluded that's saturated fats in fact do not cause heart disease. So -- was never good and now it has crumbled away. It's the basis for our as the nation avoiding these foods that week it was. It it really is a huge mistake to have focused on fat and saturated fat in particular as the dietary culprit behind disease. And it resulted in at least a movie collection these animal food we eat more carbohydrates and a couple of hundred they're really drivers of obesity and diabetes. -- project. Carbohydrates are good for you but still you know you we overdid it so -- Okay the only -- that you just don't wanna shift to we've shifted so far in the direction of carbohydrates so. You know we eat and USDA recommends 60% of our food as. Carbohydrates. And that's just too much it just seen that in in clinical trial experiments the science really shows that a diet high in carbohydrates. Provoke. Obesity and diabetes and heart disease and talk cluster together if you have one you're at higher risk for having the other. Who finished OK don't make a mistake by the American Bar Association did what they should be doing. Is any -- books or articles onerous and hey folks we. The information we got to study is we're not exactly right so. But have you do you see anything worthy -- and I'm not apologize. But just says straight. And we all know now the saturated fat and those of us when I know about this is. Coconut oil. Yeah there were telling us so good for you. You know that it has the American Heart Association the national institute of health come out and say that the whole fat in whole food. Meat cheese dairy eggs are good for you know -- I mean it is. It is very hard for institutions to change course anyway I think that talk about my book is how institutions. They institutional foundation of the scientific hypothesis. He's the worst thing for scientific science you have to be self questioning self doubting him boy you have to be able to change course if your hypothesis is wrong. And if they are observations that. Best friend since like the observation that Americans are getting fatter and more diabetic on your recommended diet access observation that's suggest you're working hypothesis. Is not work and use. But it's very hard for institutions to change course and and -- connecting me and NH and the American Heart Association no longer they have removed from their what. From their recommendations any limit on the total fat in your diet police seem to have shifted over to this idea that maybe overall. Fat hired that I did good but. Have there been any public announcement -- that shift the end there is no. -- right. When a dietitians are confident to move. You know they've -- to a bad now so it's just this misinformation drew because most are probably -- a pharmacist and I can tell you the drug companies. They don't mineral quickly two there's a problem and drove they've been for a few years and so we keep -- -- you can -- concept. So then. Eminem on the drug companies now that the -- drug companies know how to lower LDL cholesterol that play golf Pakistan LB know -- but in fact there is. You -- other better. Heart disease. The risk indicator is each deal to sell out so good cholesterol -- league is HDL. It only act that created HDL. Is saturated fat. So I am. You know the whole nation has been focused on ordeal because drug companies know how to lower that so we're investing in that. I don't my parents but in fact it still is a better indicator -- and and eating meat cheese Kerry -- it's all those whole. Foods with cold facts. They look they make your HDL look better. Mean I think this is still really fascinating do you -- speaks to their differences and equality of to. In fact based on how -- produced. You know for example with beef whether it's Kraft says -- verses conventionally Farmington. Those sorts of issues which may affect the quality of the me in other ways besides just the fat content. You know I don't really any any kind of pro team -- any -- Before -- -- and -- or any of those creator and they really. How they're raised as a fact fatty acid content of those foods. And that and that's an important issue in any any food it's a mixture of different -- fatty -- so you know how. You know it's a misconception that the meat it is only Hatcher is asking me to beef had a third of the fatty beef is the same fact that in the olive oil -- it. And pre and -- you know and obviously we all wanna -- high quality. Whole foods can it be known before -- quality beaten and egg and chicken and that's just. I mean I try to do that too it's expensive so I think everybody just needs to find their way and then do the best they can. I agree I heard the big press surprise. -- good good book. Thank you George your life enjoy your holiday enjoy your summer get out and just grill some -- right. That's -- enjoy your food to -- that the great thing he did not have different guilty are worried that -- sit they're going to make you outsource tech they're great big. Enjoy is part of the French paradox and Nina how can people find -- books and anyone who wants to read it what's the best thing for them to find it. Well the big -- surprise is available on his is online and on and that local bookseller and my web site is called a big fat cat guys dot com. OK okay well this is good news Lotta people have basically telling them they can eat all things have been trying to avoid. So I think I read a little bit about how you discovered this yourself senate. They can be happy process that we discovery -- people says -- creating some -- to inspect their diet. Well thank you I mean I couldn't agree more also when you eat these foods states. You aren't hungry throughout the day you don't have to deprive yourself you don't have to live on low caloric regimen your whole life because they naturally fat and protein together and actually -- you that. So you just naturally don't -- it's almost impossible to an area meet. Yeah. I agree enough if I have had even make -- you know for breakfast and some some good threats. Where they got to coughing on this disks to scold them. How bulletproof coffee you put little fat in your coffee and -- voter. And you feel better he heard about that tonight you know. You know I think that's -- maintain make coconut milk America America tonight but they're also you have this -- I mean had a little -- You can do that. I'm delicious pieces. Yeah it started that some. I can't underwear it originated as yak butter was the original recipe the scandalous. Taking in the -- something. You and -- are you familiar with the west and they paste with there where because it sounds like your book lists in line with some a lot of the theories that they have. The -- of -- foundation. Yes -- -- -- and pray for the identity traveled the world and didn't he observed a lot of communities. And population that railroad -- that nutrition top -- nutrition transition from their traditional diet of merchandise where. They -- eating a lot of refined imported carbohydrates sugar white -- biscuits and he saw their health. Declined dramatically. Means he documented the changes in there. -- because he was identities on LA the rise of cavities but after the collapse of the of their facial structure actually the narrowing of their facial detection and -- that change in diet he thought it. In their families between. Older siblings -- radically different from the younger siblings. Just by the course of this. Simple transition and their nutrition and it's it's stern he voted absolutely. Amazing book full of pictures of these than it did these children and people who lived on different diet and his work became. Is is promoted by the -- Nick -- foundation which is to just a terrific. Please stay candidate's airplane could actually talk about the actual nutritional benefits. Saturated fat and how they are just how important fact is to digesting vitamins and a fat soluble vitamins. ADK. Cannot be even absorbed without a -- that comes with them it's like nonfat milk you can absorb them like that milk with -- topic comes with that. Hazy with tier now apparently it's protected and it makes silly mark complicate than it has to be. Slate that's -- say the whole. Foods with whole fact because a piece of meat or -- milk or. Cheese or exit the perfect package. Really nutrient dense. Food with the fact he need to digest that those nutrients and the proteins so that there really perfect packages of food. That we have been ignoring -- this time that they are at their -- that we've been ignoring because -- -- -- that -- -- but yeah but saturated fat is good for house. Well despite what could reverse begin reversing defense and and also. Obesity in the in the world actually put in this country. And I thanked us to a critically you have more energy when you're fed torture. You know. Well I mean again -- print and over the past decade militia people are healthier and I fat -- In every way. Learn. To enjoy yourself from the good news have you think this has -- good. Teacher read this summer people can glare of the city -- -- about how they can he all the things that they like to eat. Creamy creamy cheese is sizzling steaks you know. Enjoy yourself and lose weight and. And I have to -- planted at a time and added to keep -- you need to keep -- carbohydrate low. Is it -- -- -- high fat low carbohydrate diet that is the healthy diet. Who. Tremendously not -- -- things in addition to all the press to record is already. That means keeping him really not eating a lot of bread and adding a lot of -- not a whole lot at stake she vegetables drysdale efficient third degree says all of that. And you don't wanna hand you just can't eat a low credit that is is healthier. Yeah and -- -- The big -- surprise us and once again these are very rule I guess -- bookstores you just came out a couple months ago didn't. Now prior art command now maximum thousands of bringing in new -- to press. I -- -- -- -- -- up by the -- -- and you share with your friends you know insists it's. Is something that we've allowed doctors have or demolished in the right now a lot of people. But it works. And it's a big fat surprise is dot com rank per listener channel or big big they attack dot com this and this is a book we never stores. And we we guarantee you everything we sell so if you get this book and it don't work for you. You're too much about it. So that's about about what different is it's not a diet but I guess I don't know book about the whole history of how we got ourselves into it this. Situation and and you what does the science and history is exactly. And this and has -- -- your -- thank you thank you need for a green screen having hand you okay. And we can think YouTube -- megabytes. Our -- take a break it soon. How to take a break. And but if I -- -- -- you're joining him through no Turkey's seventy attempt. No but I got. The text earlier so I want nationally -- just a little bit but anyway let's take a break you would hear about it. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages -- and -- thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the it -- whales -- at all. It's seven. Welcome back to the show folks this is -- twelve and doctor every time that we can tell. We'll be back at the south abortion or Monday. Honda yes it's going to -- -- straight for -- so they can reach you there it's a sophomore story and compressing you. Maybe get a point letter whatever they wanted. Yes I them we do buy equipment and they can called Billy Clinton wellness centers they do all of our scheduling now let's -- 5122. In 9600. Let's -- the best way. You met her blog you probably have a few unique cure so our respective. We'll thanked Q as are you mistress will wait for. I see if I got dollar some place. Right now we don't know the ladies tour respected the work on those very closely is Jane you. Has changed. I hold you and bringing grade they carried a general didn't do wells you consumer coming up don't you. I continue I don't they didn't talk -- act alone and parents aren't learning about women and the more I can -- that. Okay well that's a big subject. How many days you're on is gonna take you do to cover that subject. Well you know ideally role -- she take like to me -- you can get that car and we're getting him he'd think at combating how does this. So this is being -- such and but this isn't he yeah now I'm basically you need to eat what he had been -- a I have my -- has I don't think we'll let you can't screen and then major blow. Captain or an analyst and Katrina related -- life. And the point here where are the -- like everybody and I let you know what is right. Called blue your passion -- that all shares so that he could get it and actually colliding well captain and Carol. I'm I'm sure I'll direct -- he's very -- back. Yeah they're lying or is. I -- you. There's a lot of backpack -- country that can happen when there. When they're getting it out. And terror attack -- a little bit about. How he -- -- you know people don't really know well now control also. Founded a lot of begun in terms of helping morning technician making less encouraged by the anti -- -- a court Metropool. Are related to our truck helped lead content doesn't. Where there's so much you can do that departure is not the notes. It's his summation carrying propane. You know I mentioned last -- your own. I use. -- portion of this before you can work those who have. And wind has done a great job HU. You know age -- but I -- we have a -- her last time. And she was rationed. And move. A -- Vietnam -- -- -- I think Vietnam you know because you know about that way but she's she does so much from the -- got shingles like other hospital per tumble life. And I found out where she could do was shingles and and house computer launching -- -- -- -- north from some leeway to. Where you are you seeming shingles patients -- and -- I haven't seen -- England at this time America. They don't go -- what you can do about it but if you if you how sure you continue to work pushing those provisions can you. Are bill. But obviously its -- that thing goes way you know that's that's the first thing you got to do. Enough value MD Anderson actually there's a lot of departures section in Houston who only saw these hospitals -- -- hospitals via. Yes they -- they are doing a lot of their appreciation now days to show like cool hobby actually acupuncture is really helpful for people. And the question is interesting how a -- A lot of our energy into research to show you know statistically other -- integration allowed. Back acupuncture work her her trailer trying to -- a little bit about maybe why election. Well I think you get about the little bit because it is this an adjunct to their chemotherapy you can't take -- with a Q what's -- -- this big the big bucks. -- always look at you by the can get involved with the drug companies. And still survive. But if you are now just being honest but I took the -- he'd. The people -- is so severe. -- not seen this side effects that exit acupuncture can just. While the stars better whatever they do. Because it is a Palestinian. Impact and that's the wonderful thing about do you look at those. A -- that acupuncture curriculum and the end disheveled tired may I believe they oh yeah acupuncture not -- component. -- -- -- -- And they can be different because a lot somebody -- -- came -- -- I should have been affected well in the sense that Ali yeah you can't let it -- -- like a lot of really tricky eagle. A moment right there you go but got out just yet you got a good point there because -- of vitamins or recommend those things like a lot of people might do. Then you don't know with the doses of chemotherapy. So. -- -- pictured here. Listen this give back to what you're talking about her tell yourself in order to -- Atherosclerosis during -- his commitment and -- coming any day and at that employer. Does that really playing well listen and -- -- -- separately clay. So it sounds like something for everyone from women who -- You know experiencing. Discomfort during their cycle having months pregnant women to the woman who aren't. At the other end them going to menopausal issues. Yeah I'm wanted to make sure -- not been a little bit for any length. Twelve and also there's other with a with a man coming to good deliveries Lawrence. So they can learn. You know so there's something terribly good. The national most of. And does that they can't health care how -- lady is what would have. But -- character so well. Is it just for ladies something. Could -- could demand you some information -- re talking about for themselves. That's -- look at parliament went and held you know I'm definitely then let me treasurer -- how they can help. Armed and Chandra. You know that the lack of things I would. But generally people away and spent time -- are going to be -- -- that we can lead to. This -- George. Well. I think all the way -- we're gonna let people on the left. And patients should be. Well you're right it should be they should be free but you know what. As well. And I earn him. I now we're Arnold the appeal it people come up -- I'm I'm OK any questions as many as there are a little bit. You have I think that soon. And that's at the corner of a southwest corner of six to anyone you three right. -- -- -- Guys are located right here. I think very I -- field. Who are -- to people's pharmacy to. Let you know so what time he says starts. 7 PM okay suggested and. And known genes or do people need to sign up and answer trick to show that night. Rule of which we welcome people can actually see act. I -- and that turned it would be final in jail. You are hearing it appeared here how are we out how to -- on in -- and end -- going to have that option here. And that you have Islamic prepared action equal access content. Our -- our thinking and definitely good because that we we all -- you but -- easily have a few leftover Turkey is blocking. OK great so -- sounds like it will be great subject and introduce people if some they're not RD. Fans they soon will be once people experience acupuncture and Chinese medicine I think it's. It's eye opening to see how much it can help with things that they didn't realist there were other options for. Well what I've learned I didn't know either I knew it didn't work I just never had done. A signal that it first hearing you now but I mean I'm I'm still doing is she still -- gruesome the end and so. And it's that state powerful and so Jana respect which you do and people are listening to the show should also. I respect to learn about it and just trying to. There's this title oriental medicine and women's else. Right. Accurate. You know cool. We -- thanks for being on the show and I hope you get him open he's just have to there's not a Branyan took law and order standing room only right. They should -- But they should be -- with us OK I was you do it. Is charged -- because your mother from mission you're giving up. Well I mean I'm gonna make everybody a little trench. He -- -- -- and I think we'll that could I know that I couldn't feel a relatively new thing for a lot of deep. -- -- Okay Jane you have great great we -- reporting elections to -- sentinel it. Particularly their word is -- thereby becoming. A anyway if you coaches hope to see there. I -- you opening -- -- How -- we -- that they give you -- about it. And also doctor Victor crusher you know him he's been on the show of course you don't have trouble with aren't. And yes as soon also -- Think that's June 16 doesn't explain the Monday June 16. Because -- great to welcome PCS following his talks are really good so. And then dyslexia screenings -- Dr. Seuss books. This at the south for more. Stewart and Sasha the store soon. June 14 no Jews or can you go to. That's at 2 PM it's a lesson -- no longer than an hour sober or -- if you get if you think you have to sexier some child or whatever. Then she can show you how to how to test for that. -- -- screening and he hasn't really interesting approach to help from people with that talent. How to read through labels. I don't oops I can see you remember who doesn't I don't know I can see that I encountered. June 12 Thursday's 7 PM local election or after the break. But -- I did get somewhere that detects my U wanna know about the fruits. The series as protectors can from some burn out -- -- -- again. I don't know -- tomatoes. Quarter and Dave the studies show the paper rate a quarter cup of tomato paste every day for two weeks -- -- -- have 35% less generous and when exposed to UV radiation since. Two sykora nor isn't tomatoes. And luckily for me. Have the that you keep some damage about it too if you donate to my it is not a bike commute to my -- you can you -- us that's a good way to do it. And the session was red grapes. Person to -- group or groups of flavor and Orrin. Reducing UVB radiation. By the way for a give the other two if you're if you're under -- if you're next to us. -- don't you think you're getting to sunrise you can go to the window. You cut -- some radiation from the window -- So don't don't secure this -- to -- that are lost somebody be similar to introduce him. But if JC right. I think it's sunrise comes to the window doing the cheating and you can't she mother nature can. Strawberries. Are also dude I'm got a receipt of Texas can charmer in good. Organic it's best of desperation Roberts and pests and mr. he doesn't have recently as last time I checked yes we have. We have done. You're aware of or against Tucker was harbors are you chartered commercial burst through. You found similar story of the day. You see with chuck are troopers have. I didn't well I was looking at Browning says it's just the success. Your bright person and that's it let's embassy in the store or give you a couple of free Tucker servers out there they're really delicious and an angry today. Course greed is good for you. Seriousness. Of pelicans and antioxidants and green tea. As branches of toxic free radicals and wreck Havoc on the scale and we all these free radicals around your skin is just. Agree to talks about them and it always so tomatoes. Red grapes strawberries agreed to -- Where to put our website also. Well let's see we know -- take a breaker we wanna go ahead this could take a break itself. Take a break and we will be back to it's forty right. I -- right on the money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages. I'm -- thirteen seven thinking -- -- We welcome back to let's get healthy would still -- -- my -- 157. Okay folks welcome back in the show. Yeah sure sure. We are going to talk about an hour. Knew we have in store. And that probably there was places around Austin should be concerned. Mark you with this the F your home. Oh okay great well to come -- it's clear -- like that. But I I gotta say this this product. Is so good dictating out -- Cleaning out that is just scrub the -- don't know. Yeah you're breaking down is to any candidates neutralizing him over using idle talk site. -- -- dobbs voters. Anything over simply is brought to this. Did you say there's disinfect the -- with -- -- -- -- -- Yeah is basically you can actually prove yourself what we shall be. Bacteria mold test -- you can see what's in the air. Before -- turn the machine on it could turn the machine on for about five or ten day you'll feel a huge difference in the years. And this is shifting. That's an idea how does it work -- Basically out of noble person. One machine as the entire house. We have -- different side to this what do different areas and we aired go to war machine that actually. There's there's. I reaction going on we're taking the moisture in the air which of course water age to go and options for creating -- proxy. -- -- to go to the doctor gray if you the other guy out but to remain clear and hydrogen peroxide and it's pretty much over over the last. Do as a censor a catalyst that you fancies. That's there's corrected best they could -- we have a land inside and -- -- been the catalyst that going on. Catalytic converter you can say. From taking leaves. Moisture in created tiger process. And down and is that processed at stunned by the build exposure to -- -- there's definitely an actual chemical. No chemicals whatsoever just totally chemical three it's busy -- the air this opinion is blowing their air over the lamb -- created by itself. Well and and it it does not stand unnoticed under the doctor so you just heard racial trust -- Yeah hundred can give very expensive media said it's just for a room air still Turks. He's been about 200 to 300 dollars a year so there's no filters changed the last need to be changed approximately every three years. -- -- talk about a hundred bucks -- about 33 dollars a year. And most people when they use a machine -- -- Usually say that lets you smell right after the restaurant where it covers about two weeks ago on the weekend the next day that real clean fresh smell. That's what most people say that they feel like -- -- -- home after running -- machine. And so this -- some of the homes smoked. That would take who are you got to test kitty litter Mission Hills. When you force cigarette smoke usually our biggest machine airport that would usually does -- that's working we say that those who wasn't room because this. -- look at 7000 contaminants so you have to use. You know more powerful machine for smaller area or you can use our proves to -- and your HVAC system. There -- some of the -- she's using her thing. Yeah we have actually there's no smoking in or not they used to be bar and -- back in 2003. I had about that we haven't -- -- Louisiana where they don't have smoky bars that you do they like you very much. It's. Well so so. I think that who. We have a deal to do always -- -- not all people who try and I don't want him to I don't sit on the east. So if if you -- -- we probably are becoming allergy problems your trust something sort of taken home. They didn't do a great job and people's pharmacy yet. Big deal out it didn't take it home for ten days to try it out if you are deposit democratic hard. And -- -- just try it out and what I also would do that will keep you guys afraid bacteria little tidbit before and after. So you basically. You're an attempt to drive an hour we determine machine and then about. Six days later you. Kentucky -- you can see there's a huge difference did you go to air -- have you got com. You can see you know on our website to different -- had kept. Who -- well let's. So so that way there's no you just sillier credit card number and then -- take a moment. Try for a few weeks or whatever it takes. They actually you'll see results for the senator Richard Arlen torture. Yeah I wonder if our report three days so if you have for example I think you have allergies to pollen. Our machine not only did did. Neutralize the microbial with a bacteria at the moment he's -- and change that older. But they also called particle to drop to the ground so about 95% of particles go to the group round so. People who have allergies -- -- -- by a machine. And to -- the straight. They're fantastic. Here -- nebulous lord we ought to have the book led the historic it's called healthy living -- with the air you breathe. And bloodied -- there -- three different side is that we saw the store. I'm big there -- 399499. And 599 and they cover 1000 square feet 2300 square feet or 3000 square feet. You know depending on your house you know. If you have like no pets or no cigarettes if you have had him like to retrieve -- you -- -- get stronger machine. Who. Good what's -- far from big thank you Marshall -- for being owned insurance there was this all right. Bill you have a great weekend yet here -- do you about. You always measure today -- it appears there was national donut day Jeanne. That's so funny as it none of us. So every year and over the sixth is national donut day. -- -- to honor. Normandy invasion enormity. Alone you know may publish army gave -- don't know slow doughnuts you know afterwards. -- and so I'm going to stay here especially given the world -- one's gonna -- -- tonight. Had a second some way and actually you know there are low prices a lot of donut places you gave us free doughnuts. Crispy cream Duncan donuts. Destroy -- don't have. That's a quarter of prices of things don't condone a (%expletive) about a cup of coffee. So that to none of us. Who who. There's a healthy option by the way the rouge no this was a Krispy -- You can get -- automatic calories. It's it's sort of reassure -- don't know how many chances a 180. Pentagon be actually okay. Via that's actually less and I thought it would have to there are -- -- or condone too he says listen to Americans have -- okay. But -- -- sugar and are not the -- Greece international so this right. But they shared taste good don't they can they do. Sleep strengthens our memory. -- previously the YouTube. They're -- -- more more. It is in fact there are too encouraging. Employers. Give employees an -- sometime afternoon. Well I think that Smart -- you know who better rested -- gonna. Have separate brains -- and. How do you -- sharper. They say they did a study showing him this is going -- the brain and just to look at things. The fantasy -- remembrance tree to the growth of Stein Sonia brand sales pitch so you can spines under principles. Actually -- and it prevents a lot of dimension out terrorist and. Yes this kind of news new research on that helped -- sleep increases the number a plaque than those of alzheimer's. -- fearsome if you or prevent cancer. Action should know how affection should -- progress cancer. It is -- know your body. No we do what you do know if you if you got a lot of pain we mention about if you're pregnant your migraines. That could be a problem. A lot of headaches. Should tiger and prepare brought up a lot of a lot of headaches it could be auctioned screws things are contradicting claims can't handle it can cause potentially. I remain active to reduce cancer. She had to keep moving her name. And if you -- genetic factors so be aware that under. But I would -- mastectomy because they've actually found three more -- now so -- was breast cancer and so you don't his jump point is that there's there are discouraging to double mastectomy theology genetic predisposition. And know about it learn about you can be tested. And then maybe do some things naturally. That would terminal right now watch your -- keep your weight down. And enjoy the sun which are enjoying the sun. You're on course to a sunken can Mexico's. -- cancer breast cancer skin cancer thanks so passengers don't board Deborah. There's your product. Your boy. We probably use the biggest win as a question come on TV you much -- -- football known all the concussions and I was trying to. We decision to. -- -- guard. Sure the picture of the two there were I don't TV with the -- This say you know I'm prone to people where. Especially in my community cash corn if you if you -- soccer news -- discussion -- you -- this and it -- They would actually has an -- and then we'll show. As the level due to actually flashes of light endless amount on the scar you see is not a typical guru Richard keys to. And -- minute you can actually. How -- your phone -- -- doing graft so sure if you're having a lot of concussions or post concussion endorse you indicate that. Well I'll facilitation the Cushman you moratorium today yeah. Well that's interesting is it commercially available well I don't know the web side eight hours three of them cause or. I'm not sure about sure what you could live national registry they -- -- its -- It's hit a variety garden. Dot V. Pick guard dog be controversial and I can't -- do go -- and check it out. And what whatever comes of it was university has been working -- some droughts are so often don't. -- should put on the market remains elusive Osama marketable which you know which you know folks -- you can PO child playing. The thing that bothers me is finish or my major -- in my mouth or you think you know so. -- I can't really want size fits all but maybe a dozen. -- seem to enjoy that's something that. We wish I don't run across things that that aren't available yet so. Which you know if it is. We're talking about two. Oh the Smart meters who knows us. Laura Presley is. Running for City Council woman she was -- being. Analysts say this if any council person or anybody you know silicon suppression are you -- support a council person. Drowning you be sure to do don't we will be happy to be channel not just more pressure because. I know we're not trust her she's one of the few people. And maybe the only person running that has a -- backgrounds so. That's why she -- in the -- closely in the Smart meters. They can threaten your health. Basic human rights actually with a Smart meters so. You can know what you are about the knicks -- next two weeks of time. There's -- get together but tone. Always substantive. To be aware of from. Another is they're looking you know all the shooting so what's happening in you know if not taken California's. -- background of -- illness you can get a -- Make it very difficult to twenty Utica and -- And it could plan -- intact to his serial shooting suspect. Here these huge departure rumba. I mean he looks like he's got some problems. Editions of course they know someone that worked at school I was there he gets really scary. But he usually reporter raged Vick had a warm ocean group theater here rage inside. You know administrations had to come -- I guess so. And sometimes strokes and we know street direction concentrate. And another sector remind you about if you're going to see. The big games subject soccer games in Brazil. Publisher -- quickly. A position because you need does some shots. Nobody can tell you about that. Just don't go without emotion you could hear if you're never be sooner -- probably. And there's a slow serve out call. YA COM. Produces -- shaken hands Roger -- then they conserve. We're gonna lose weight -- draws you talked about it we -- we have it right now as a sophomore store. To Springfield to return today. Those -- current doctor I don't know keep the counselor. So if you're issued another thing that will help you lose weight. Maybe this -- this -- is sweep put -- for his service European maple syrup. -- -- -- -- -- -- It might take voice over here so -- are for a -- syrup and honey to honey -- -- have put this in order they've got to get results from this to usually insisting. Not a problem for you. -- -- you've do you have a baby you just don't anyway. -- gosh I've been out of work that China give them give back into shape and but it's I think fair because of the food that's available at -- just has to be. So conscientious both they put their bodies you know we live at a time when everything is so convenient and make them. Nino was talking about earlier just a lot of processed herbs there at our disposal. So -- it takes a lot of effort for people I think these days. The challenge of the modern human against is the be really discriminating about which you buy and put anybody in. Com I think a lot of people are reluctant to and says and -- doubt you food that much intent. Citizens more money on -- the -- my son electronics their vacations or things that they're buying and consuming. I'm hoping. I think I think what we're doing their delusion is also good -- provisions linked to autism and schizophrenia. During a two year. George on the radio show we try to -- of the year right. If you think about thanks mate. Through the year taint of doctor -- to retire her mother has been fun yeah because I'm wishing you were gone through -- And -- idea you know it's good to be back end -- back and menacing in Italy and I'm starting to back to where -- say to be that -- Enjoying this locally June weather we're having. It is good -- but say the purchaser gratitude that your back well I've missed it in Germany and Japan as a couple of working -- to a -- good job. To keep your patience yes -- that's been that's been a blessing so happy to death and good to see you and happy said everybody. You know there are great we can accomplish your. -- --