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The Wellness Connection Podcast 6/1/14

Jun 1, 2014|

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Senators -- the wellness connection. We've certified clinical nutritionist and run the ugliest and certified traditional natural -- Peter McCarthy. -- by Martin's confounding and Roman senators -- three and convenient cost and relocations. Since you're tired of searching endlessly for health information that's trustworthy or accurate. The wellness connection has the answers you need. Now here are -- and injured. Hello and welcome. Far he's come coming in wellness centers have three Austin locations. Lamar plus a drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy. I'm your co host Friday police good morning and -- your co host Peter McCarthy we have a very special show for you today including an interview with doctor Carolyn dean came medical and nature -- -- doctor. Renowned international expert on the subject of magnesium. Plus we've got very and a very interesting and informative interview with courageous alternative health attorney Rick Jesse. And of course will be discussing important information on our regular segments. Starting off with this week's natural health news and once again -- you have an important story that was way under reported in the mainstream media. Yes they do appear and it's about a subject are featured guest we'll have a lot more to say about our next segment. In an article published online on October 2 2013. In the journal diabetes care. Boston researchers report an association between greater magnesium intake. And a lower risk of developing diabetes over a six point nine year average period. -- McAllen of tufts university. And her colleagues wrote quote. Several clinical studies of magnesium supplementation. In those with. And without diabetes indicate that magnesium supplementation. Can improve -- in control insulin sensitivity. And beta cell function. The study included 2582. Men and women enrolled in the Framingham heart study offspring -- hard. A longitudinal. Study of cardiovascular disease and between 1991. And 95 the subjects participated in. Medical examinations that include at oral glucose tolerance testing and dietary assessment. They followed this all away from in 1998. To 2001. Where they were reexamined. Well you know on this is just points up one more example of how intelligently. Used nutritional supplementation. Can have a significant impact on a one state of health doesn't that I think that who we would call that complimentary. That's correct that's exactly right. And on another note Peter you work out regularly -- -- -- yes I certainly do when your story really highlight the importance of fitness to longevity yes it does a recent study suggests that the more muscle mass and older person has. The less likely they are to die prematurely. Doctor -- shrink restrict -- time and assistant clinical professor in the endocrinology at me endocrinology division. At the David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA and his colleagues. Analyzed body composition data obtained from 3659. Man aged 55 and over and women aged 65 and over. Who took part in the national health and nutrition examination survey between 1988. And 1994. And the authors then determine how many of the participants had died from natural causes based on a follow up survey carried out in 2004. Results showed that all cause mortality was significantly. Lower in participants. With the highest muscle mass index. That it was in participants with the lowest muscle mass. And this. Study authors go on to say quote in other words the greater your muscle mass -- the lowering your risk of gas. And they went on to say -- Rather than worrying about body weight or body mass index. We should be trying to maximize and maintain muscle mass and you know this flies in the face a lot of interest input information. There's says you should be focusing on cardiovascular. Anaerobic health as opposed to other areas of fit. The stuff I know and you know honest computer you know how I love working. Not tied up right up there with a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and other abdominal surgery. But I gave myself a birthday present last year and I said okay that's yet at my age. I'm biting the bullet. And I got a trainer his his name is Jeremiah Levittown my god he he is so great and I wouldn't be able to do this without him honestly. But he works me out three times a week and he works -- off literally. And I swear to god it's really really made amazing improvement I'm stronger you know I have more energy more stamina and it's something that I've decided at my age forget it this is what I'm gonna do. For the rest of my life which is -- a materially increase because of your decision and that's great we'll be right back with our featured guest after this message from our sponsor you're listening to the wellness connection on talk thirteen seventy. What can nineteenth -- what my current health. On TV NRA I cannot tell you it's parking Medicaid and stone building with. This certify their skin called. 170 Trace minerals and I. Plus you begins from 1990 announce it can't hit from beaches in Louisiana. This community calcium is -- -- and in human clinical studies. To increase bone density by four point 33%. It's advanced absorption technology and we estrogen and I often shown to increase finding themselves in my 50%. -- -- mean it's free soy cream and you can -- Medical products are available. Three -- -- compound. For more information. -- Welcome back to the wellness connection. Accurate health information you can try. Friday Elise and Peter quick. -- And welcome back to the wellness connection. Our featured guest for today is doctor Carolyn -- a medical doctor and that your traffic doctor on the cutting edge of the natural medicine revolution. Since 1979. She's working on several patents for a novel health products including the ICL. The basic ingredient of foreign aid drops. She also produces unique bio available magnesium called remarried and a multiple mineral product called free light. Doctor dean is the author co author of 33 health books print any books. Including the magnesia americorps. Invisible minerals part one in part to death by modern medicine. I BS for dummies. They yeast connection and women's health. Future health now encyclopedia. Everything alzheimer's. And hormone balance. And doctor dean is on the medical advisory board of the nonprofit educational site nutritional magnesium association. Her magnesium outreach has won her an award from a heart rhythm society in the UK for quote. Outstanding medical contribution to cardiac rhythm management 2012. On quote. Doctor dean has a free online newsletter valuable online two year wellness program called. -- now and runs a busy telephone consulting practice. And you can find out more doctor dean's website in the RNA reset web site. Welcome to the Wallace connection doctor Carolyn or should I say aloha passenger talking to us all the way from Hawaii. How -- has great good to be here Peter and god yes thank you like it's exhausting just to hear what I'm doing that's necessarily feel -- interpretation. Of the. Do you think -- may sound simply do you think you'll hire yourself -- food and. That's it raised its. Actually I just uploaded a 108 Kindle books recently. My I had two year online wellness program has a 104 modules so I'd put them all up on Kindle and I -- that people are searching for information nine and that's why I'm still glad to be looking code because that's what you're doing giving. True information to the population that they do not get anywhere else. I know I know I'm so glad to share with us today and I'm so glad you're doing all the great work that you've been doing for so many years. So let's get started let me ask you you're you're recognized international expert on the subject of magnesium. And it's effects on our health so how important is magnesium. And in particular how important is it compared to calcium which is the big and. I think DA the F most people think that's healthy when they think about it supplemented if became the cream now mineral. But in fact. Magnesium action necessary. For the activity in action. Performance. 700 to 800 and -- systems in the body. Where's calcium its -- under 100. And the -- Mets need him if you don't have enough you don't even absorbed kielty improperly. And if people don't have magnesium. They can get symptoms that are so far ranging like acid reflux that Jay Leno fatigue aging. And China and diabetes. And asthma atrial fibrillation. High blood pressure is. Craving chocolate. High cholesterol constipation depression diabetes he talked about diabetes -- Leon. Fibromyalgia. Headaches migraine heart attacks. They're double file condemn any sort of inflammation and some new kidney -- of -- and I should migraines to muscle spasms. Nerd twitches. PMS seizures and and in poor recovery from sports and sports injuries though. -- -- can you believe it does all of this show they Cooper who live and of course we never learned about it medical school. So if it doesn't exist if we didn't learn abandoned medical school so people are suffering. And they go to their doctor and get treated with drugs for all of these symptoms. And the drug actually deplete more magnesium. And make you worse I mean just quickly you go to a doctor with -- -- somebody just died come into the hospital. You can't believe you're anxious is you're not eating. Lol what happens you're given that anti depressant and anti anxiety drug most of those drugs now have Laura I'd molecule within them. And make a more powerful. Chloride buying and magnesium. Makes it unavailable. Get a positive hit as a bridge so -- -- before -- A -- compound vineyard. He Indians -- and bonds. Making you are subject to. Bone fractures in. Tendon rupture which you've heard a better game in fifth pros Cipro the antibiotic. Widget that fluoride antibiotic I mean I can go on I'll stop yeah. Well you know you brought out a very important to a point it's about that Russia shortcoming a firm medical education system and -- In the minute we have before we go to break you know we talk about how the standard medical advice about nutrition. Paris for many years in the -- that we can get all the nutrients we need from the fruits we know we of course we all know here that that's really a myth. But can people really get all the minerals they need in their diet. No when what we know about may need change specifically -- a hundred years ago we could get 500 milligrams of magnesium in the daily diet now we're lucky to get 200. And then with all the math to -- the drugs the fluoride in the water. On a non -- nine and we need magnesia and Matt I. Actually therapeutic cooling down not just another from the diet -- we're being hit on all levels and that's why. I focused on supplementation. And what's the dosage you would recommend. Will only be different for every one -- what. I've been telling people lately and in my magnesia miracle. Kind of in new additional 2014. I don't want to that the magnesium are being she'd like hash. You can get it online at requested test dot com only 49 dollars. That's a range of four point two -- point eight you want to be up there it's. Six point oh to six point five blond children range in that basic population 80% of you out there may need deemed deficient and you don't even know it. Who will continue our interview with doctor Carolyn -- after a brief message -- listening to the wellness connection on talk radio thirteen seventy. Eating your vegetables has never been so easy for. Introducing you -- his power cream to premium. This secretly -- made his men highest quality -- history. I don't nutrients the certified organic whole foods and plant extracts including spirit and our program. Bananas broccoli and cauliflower for -- it helps -- colonized the body in key age now we imprison you. -- -- -- -- -- And I and even patted the body may need vitamins -- additionally it. The court and has adapted to. -- -- Free hand. These and other quality senior medical products are available. For more information you can read. Martin's compound and wellness dot com. Welcome back to the wellness connection now we're delighted to continue our conversation with magnesium expert doctor Carolyn dean who's talking to us from Hawaii which island by the way doctor Carolyn. I'm on the best one -- Yeah absolutely does not want not a ton addition doctor Cheryl and I I don't we. I'm just curious because we know politics and all of the stuff but why don't we hear more about magnesium is -- beneficial nutrients. Well it could not happen to belong. We didn't learn a volatile -- in medical school and is it just doesn't exist people wasn't in our medical education by the it's it's mostly because of money. We can't make money. And nutrient -- you can -- it I mean that's that's done that. The bottom line and that he can wage from. Doctors being educated -- you don't have drug reps going around tracking them magnesium I wish we did. The we are prevented from getting this information and then it'll play yourself. Of you know it's problematic. Swift. Like I said the fact that all these drugs have fluoride. I nasal spray called Loney had three chloride molecules of Celebrex. For pain has three. Died from leukemia in the anti fungal has to. Present did an -- has three ad goes on inhaled anesthetics she when you don't have to have surgery she picks fluoride molecules. That's like some people feel so horrible after surgery. There's an anti written -- and drug now you mentioned that I won an award from no -- association because my work with magnesium. Well they've gathered -- conflict and made that should explore -- molecules. You're taking a drug that's totally wiping out your magnesium. For conditional card by -- medium deficiency. Every last strong. I'm sorry no every week we do our whole section. And it's called drug induced nutrient depletion and weak tape happily take from ages see double the drug categories and we go. Through them and talk about which drugs cause he's nutrient depletion is and you're right magnesia and comes up all the time through all those drugs. You know it becomes -- Peter is. Well you know what -- -- doctor Caroline day you know we talked about what happens when you don't have magnesium but -- to turn lady the conversation a little more positive direction. What does magnesium actually do in the body. Right I mean it's just so much thank you and certainly we don't have time for the 7800. Under wraps. -- -- contract it makes energy it is responsible for the energy you have if you feel tired or fatigued. It's because you're lacking in magnesium. It relaxes your bathroom and learn some nerves allows -- to sleep at night if you -- complete the -- You're lacking magnesium. It dissolved healthy enough and I have this incredible testimonial. A woman who is on adult diapers for seven years. After three months on my every mag says that helps dissolved -- for him. She is no longer needed to Wear adult diapers feed the magnesium topic health education. I was making her bladder rigid and magnesium can do the same car atherosclerosis. Breast tissue can help the vacations. And in any place in the body where we built up calcium eighteen is -- health education effort tissues -- Didn't go to the very practical things that magnesium can -- and when you think of relaxing muscles. Okay mind -- who can -- bronchial tubes they tighten up and I get and smoke while many can treat asthma. OK my hard as a big muscle my heart muscle tightened up -- -- get angina or not have my uncle tightens up and I get help with patients will. Magnesium. -- -- the hard gives it what it needs and that's the highest levels remain medium and the whole body buried in the heart so that should tell you companies. So I have a question on that -- and muscle elections I I I use magnesium. Primarily for constipation from Alice as a supplement. And it works very very well in the -- -- -- -- and Paris Telesis of the -- but here's a question for you when you were suggesting that people take such high doses of magnesium. What about the dollar response is they're going to be people you know -- -- and often times people -- I can't tolerate it because -- Absolutely. I mean that's the most important question ever. Because. What happens with people like to eat them like he actually I cannot take any. Pill or powder of magnesium without getting a lack of affection for my heart palpitations. And my horrible late cramps I wish I was up the creek. I had to be taking magnesium and Epson salts -- -- spraying it on me magnesium all else. And that's why did bill done my dream meg product that you mentioned that the iPad where it's a 100% observed that the cellular level has no laxative effect unable to -- not to get therapeutic effect. For people who. Have constipation is PBS here you're taking a magnesium oxide form it can only 4% absorbed into the bloodstream erected it goes to the it hasn't as a laxative. -- some people will take both one to get it into the self and the other getting into the contestants and with that with a well I'm sort magnesium you can get the therapeutic effect that is getting people off scared. A written premium medications. Off their asthma drugs I mean that's my focus is did he give people magnesium that therapeutic. And you don't even know how much you require until. In -- -- she did the blood has story you'll look at directions and ensure. I. He ash all these horrible then comes. Can be the result of the simple magnesium deficiency. I get athletes who had quit quit there. Bearish report because they stirred development anxiety and panic attack and cooler delayed cramped. -- only because of magnesium deficiency. The input on all kind of drugs they're in their life is over because they can't do dashboard. And it's because of magnesium deficiency and they don't believe me they don't believe me until a few weeks in his treatment and they know my gosh you know. I no longer have seen my headaches or anonymously being -- My local pension is gone I mean it's it's miraculously. And and for some people it's unbelievable you know that's why keep writing and -- -- -- you know people can follow my blog and union in -- he was what really happened. Now well it's -- get great information and will be right back to continue our conversation with -- doctor Carolyn dean. After this brief message from our sponsors you're listening to the wellness connection. On talk thirteen seventy. What can I do to support -- means -- time during allergy season. -- -- -- -- -- Keep your keys and I like commander tells -- PR piece of protein rich. From French grass yeah hormone free pesticide free -- How does that work. See information gets tied in cancer immune system typically. When you're immune system reacts to environmental factors. Here -- helps regulate the kindness. Helping to modulate it's -- It can stimulate the interaction. -- even down regulated never. Here keys are easy and free and easy to use any taste like milk and -- D.'s and other quality medical products are available at all three. For more information visit their website at. Markets comprehending and wellness. Dot com. Loose connection. Actually you -- and for me. Here are running yeah. Welcome back to the wellness connection for those of you who have just tuned in were having a discussion about the health benefits of magnesium. With internationally renowned expert doctor Carolyn dean. A doctor Caroline you know despite her country's best efforts heart disease remains the number one killer in the US. What can and what can magnesium do for her disease. Well I mentioned earlier. The high levels of magnesium in the whole body found in the hearts and heart doesn't mean magnesium. In order for the muscles to -- -- relax. After the contraction. And given to the muffled by -- feels. -- what we've done in our society with all of us believe fortification of foods with calcium and forcing women to take -- milligrams of calcium. Sure there bone which we've actually cause more heart disease in the end of what happened magnesium can do you leave helped dissolved the calcium. Keep it away from soft tissues. -- directed to the bones -- but true that process feel the need vitamin K two. And we won't have time to talk about Bobby can Google that in my name and kind of what -- -- about. The other thing about heart disease -- its cholesterol. -- and time that makes cholesterol is. Guided by Nedney -- If you don't have enough magnesium you make more cholesterol. -- -- a natural. That from new whereas the the Staten drugs that we should we've heard like. Lipitor for example -- gut -- I didn't go to paid cholesterol drugs like Lipitor and you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We get rid of that drugs can we've always known about the side effects and now you wind up on six drug and then you're scared to death this stop them if people haven't read it yet they're put on blood thinner trade away. Where's the epidemic ever written is caused by magnesium deficiency. I can we have had you know I can go on or not but in every aspect of heart disease hypertension and hypertension is that's how you Nino -- Didn't smooth the muffled. In the arteries of the body. And if they're relaxed with magnesium. And your hypertension actually follow the wave of the game in most cases I -- -- -- generalize things. But that's the answer to her. Yeah well and you brought up a very good point about two women taking thousands of milligrams of calcium. And you know when we talk to our customers about -- osteoporosis. Which is what they normally take it for. The focus is almost exclusively on not calcium intake. But how important is magnesium for dealing with osteoporosis. Oh very important because if you can you require magnesia him stipulation. That helped him properly in the bones along with vitamin K two. Meg meeting keeps the ball -- from being -- And preventing it prevents fractures. -- if you -- just that the like calcium carbonate to get that piece of -- You drop it on the floor it shatters. But if you do -- an animal bones on the on the floor of if I get killed PM it's got magnesium and it's just the other minerals -- and it sounds very if it's got. I'm sure -- last fifteen to it and what happened with all the high dosing of calcium and we've got the studies nationally in that women. Who paid -- supplement. Are at a much higher risk for heart disease. But it also causing gallstones and kidney stones heel spurs fibromyalgia. -- vacation after scoring I think. And breast tissue can authentication. That leads people to be this misdiagnosis. Of BP ISS. I had the pre pre cancer. That totally terrified women name may undergo biopsies and I'll kind of mammograms for fear breast cancer but it's -- health education piece that could be dissolved with magnesium. Well doctor Caroline in the minute or so that we have laughed how. How assured our customers take it magnesium in what form is best and what's the proper ratio of magnesium to calcium. Well tell him I'm telling people -- look at their diet usually you can get the 20700. Milligrams. -- -- -- you need from your diet unlike magnesium. Magnesium and 70800. Milligrams kind of equivalent to -- calcium the different forms we've mentioned. For the last -- of fat than magnesium oxide most people can take magnesia and should trade. People will help people get too much lack into the fact they can go to my website we'll look at my -- negative. Actually I'm married that with the multiple mineral called green light. So that you can support your thyroid in -- -- -- hormones with the other -- that your body -- -- -- It's not magnesium alone -- it it's got talent forgetting -- highly obscured it and mineral complex pinch yourself. Feel that waterfall solutions good minerals into this you know -- with a wider in the match. The minerals your body to the metabolic functions can perform. It efficiently and then you release that water I had people who when they could start taking well absorbed. Mineral rights and Terry mangan relay station stop having ankle would be not -- stopped having. Pulmonary Indian mission and don't miss it lenient and quite amazing what -- nation in the minerals. It is now we can talk about this for ever -- -- -- -- their loved the fact that you're joining us here all the way from Hawaii and we want to thank you today doctor Carolyn dean for joining us. And it -- little hope to speak you see you next time you're you're talking -- from Hawaii so this aloha. I don't know how variety and Peter. Thank you so much for having me on some of the nine. Friday and we know what that sound means it's time for our weekly feature the supplement of the week and what would that be. Well Peter. Let's talk about deliver permanent. You know we're all exposed to toxins in the air we breathe the water we drink in the products we use and detoxification. Is not a part time gig. Detoxification is a full time job for your body. It's a natural ongoing process that happens 24 sevenths and with all the toxins and stress in the modern world it's a lot of work. You know but I don't know most people are not aware of how well or how poorly. Your body is able to detoxify well in large part determine how well. Or six you feel that's right and you know inside the liver cells there -- sophisticated mechanisms that have evolved over millions of years to breakdown toxic substances aren't there now remember fat soluble chemicals have a high affinity for fat tissues and cell membranes. So the more fat you have on your body in a more toxic you are. That's right and doing the release of these toxins say when you're on a diet you're trying to lose that trapped. -- symptoms such as headaches poor memory stomach pain nausea fatigue dizziness and palpitations may occur and a lot of people mistake that for. The dietary supplements or the the reaction of the of the dietary supplements -- -- they're taking when in fact. It's the release of those toxins from the national Santa that's right and converting these toxins and carrying amount of the body is known as phase one. Face to liberty talks indication. Finish finish one deliver uses oxygen and enzymes to burn toxins this makes the toxins more soluble in water that's right and then in turn to rid itself of toxins produced by phase one detoxification. The -- performs a second phase called contribution. To you know that most people are or aren't aware that -- nutritional deficiencies such as low protein intake. Toxic exposures alcohol consumption. And even medications such as a set a menacing deplete the nutrients critical. Phase two detoxification that's right and a property talks education program can be an effective tool for tuning up your lifestyle patterns reducing your food sensitivity load. And simple way to facilitate better assessment. Sometimes complex GI destruction this. You know one of my favorite and I if bin. Recommending these tonight clients for apps with for years one of my favorite liver detox programs is core restored by -- molecular. And it's a comprehensive seven day diet lifestyle and nutrient program. Yeah and each core restore kit includes a core restore patient guide step by step instructions dietary schedule. Recipes in grocery list vineyard kid you also get the course support protein powder remember we just said that the body requires certain. Protein amino acids and -- co factors in order to support. Phase two liver detox that's right and it also includes the final -- capsules which refiner nutrients. To improve phase one and two liver detoxification. Then there's the alpha based capsule switcher a comprehensive multi vitamin formula providing. Key minerals and nutrients necessary for an. Pants detox -- and the kid even has a portable hand mixer which allows you to make quick protein shakes on the golf. -- -- -- Is the detoxification program you can do it comes in a box it's all there for you there's you know it's it's very simple. From from my from the guideline to the product and everything you need for a seven day clans. Why you have to do is pick up a kid at one of our three store locations or via an online at Martin's compound annual wellness dot com. We'll be right back with your burning question of the week after this brief message you're listening to the wellness connection. On talk thirteen seven. Okay. What if you could have a parent teen dream yeah. That supports your immune system digestion. Body composition. Downhill and detoxification. All in one delicious taste -- shows. Are you can't. Get cinematic is -- again. Totally in features I'm kind of allow -- -- you do professional teams sources. He writes -- she an increase in hearing yeah and it provides a well balanced amino acid pro. High protein low carbohydrate form. It also has ingredients for detox is fine. Totally and has 24 grams. And only now carbohydrates. Tony soy free gluten free nearing the -- tennis. And it turns. -- down to -- -- parenting and being here. Today yeah. And now she's just time for the burning question where we answer those important health questions that you the listeners sent into us. It's important to note that -- diagnosis of disease can only be provided by your medical doctor or other licensed healthcare professional. None of the information -- present is intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. But today's first burning question was submitted by JP and Cedar Park to ask what I do to boost my testosterone levels. Well JP most everyone knows that women go through -- upon this but some folks are not aware that men go through something called Andrew -- So first of all JP. Do what you can't. To reduce stress level that's right -- -- stress can cause the body to produce cortisol and consequently your body may bypass producing your other hormones such as testosterone because it's busy managing your stress responses and of course it depends on what you -- drinks and Peter. What advice to we have for JP in this area well for one thing good fast mono unsaturated and Omega three types sound and avocados peanuts and oily fish that help your body preserved. -- And also don't forget big east nuts seeds because. -- vision and good fats and remember didn't. They give us a good source of the HDL the good cholesterol. Which this scare all in cholesterol is the building blocks you need to build or manufactured a steroid hormones like testosterone. Also full fat milk is a good one it can help raise testosterone is far preferable to soy milk. And you should also be looking a wild caught salmon which is risk it risk rich and testosterone boosting Omega three. And leafy vegetables -- are high and zinc such wish charred and spinach. Also cabbage and broccoli are loaded with something called in to all three carbonneau also IC three. This is a -- -- chemical and increases your testosterone. And Morse of sing a lot of researchers is seeing that low testosterone is actually due to an elevated estrogen. So actually taking these supplementation of IC three. Can actually lower your estrogen levels by 50%. He also should be looking at your sleep patterns because men who suffer from sleep apnea are far more likely to have lower levels of testosterone. But -- a man is suffering from sleep apnea is just diagnosed with low tee alone taking the hormone as a supplement can offer often worsens sleep apnea. That's why according to O'Neill Goodman MD an -- knowledge assistant professor in the Madison in University of Miami school of medicine. Says it's critical for men with low testosterone to get checked out by an endocrinologist. So any underlining conditions that can cause low testosterone such as sleep apnea. Or pituitary gland tumors don't -- under diagnosed. And now it's time for our drug induced nutrient depletion update we're gonna do it just briefly here what do we have this week Rania. Well this week. Of course we've got. Matt seeing all that cannot care it's the alpha agony and switches that hypertension medicine. Such as climate dean or Prasad. Present scene. And this is a nutrient that to calm like we talked about before it is hypertension medicine. And some of the nutrients that it can cause depletion or calcium and vitamin. Well we know that we are well we also know that calcium deficiency may cause muscle weakness and pain and spasms. Poor concentration bone loss irregular heart rhythm tomorrow to name just a few -- and vitamin. Muscle wasting and wasting it couldn't see enlarged prostate -- and GI -- so if you purchased these drugs that Martin compounding and wellness centers be sure and talk to the wellness consultant on the floor. To help you with finding the right supplement -- dosage to complement sure drug prescription. And now it's time for health freedom segment. We're delighted to have with us today and very special guest and good friend attorney Rick -- he's a health care litigator in counselor. With a primary focus on cutting edge medical and legal issues. He represents practitioners companies and health related organizations. In complex health matters throughout the United States. And he has extensive experience in Medicare and insurance fraud defense. Also was represented -- -- some companies involved in the clinical use of stem cells and works on matters involving nutritional supplements. Clients including the noted any knowledge of stage age for Bloomberg cancer specialist -- Islam is present -- Brzezinski. And Emanuel already cheese and other of the country's leading cutting edge health care professionals. He's represented help organizations and civil litigation and provides General Counsel services to trade and other health related organizations. Welcome to the wellness connection rich. -- -- Veteran was. Hi how -- area that Rick glad to have you here with us today you know -- and mentioned that one of your clients is noted cancer doctor Stanislaw version ski and I understand there's a lot going on with him right now can you tell us a little more about that. Well sure I mean it's been -- tough couple years further billions to kind of go off they differ for most of for the wars are actually completely for the worst she's attracted the the unwanted attention of the skeptics there's a group broke off. Researchers -- -- so researchers and doctors who go around the trying to us basically go out and put out of business cancer and other alternative health practitioners and I think. Doctor Brzezinski is squarely within their sites now so long and a lot of ball. Media mostly adverse media about doctor billions in the last couple years some have -- 58 now involved and now we're back -- fighting with PS but -- -- medical board so I've. You know it's like I spent a lot of time now and Australia to Texas medical board work for doctor Brzezinski and and other clients as well. Until I would say maybe you know we're back to the next big battle with presented. So what's up what's up with the Texas medical board when they tried to do nor present -- Well I mean there's goalies do their sort of good bills that I think the the deal what did -- -- medical board has come up with a new tactic. So when investigators. Then companies interact with the FDA. One of the ways they interact is still inspection -- you know what the FDA appears. That -- there's a lot of details a lot of Picayune things a lot of paperwork requirements and pretty much. Whenever someone gets inspected or some company get perspective what happens you get a list of things to correct. Not listed as -- what's going before you -- inspection report. And then moments so that you if you go back and forth with the FDA in the long process the end of which is the FDA gets satisfied. We saw what. What do you need to sponsor the investigators dawn of war are they're not satisfy them there there's an impediment keeps -- don't know what the board has decided to do they go after doctor present team. For violating federal law based on this inspection process from up pretty much quicker to the first cases the government happened -- in the country. They dare to spend she went on the sky for years I mean I remember and there are some really great documentary out there called freeze in ski. And if you haven't our listeners if you have not seen that you can find it probably on Netflix or whatever. And you'll see -- Jaffe they're fighting the good fight for -- he always back in the eighties and this is just been going on and on and on hasn't. You know. -- and eat it. Doctor Brzezinski is not the only cutting edge healthcare professionals being pursued by the FT MB is that right. Right then and you know I've I've noticed didn't instinct trend here I've got three -- four case -- now. Involving advertising with respect to. -- remedies poll on conventional and complementary and alternative remedies as they're called inspectors for medical board forwards and I think just. But you're all new because Texas has aboard policies go out practitioners to provide. I'm conventional treatment and I think that's offered some protection -- practitioners but I think what I've found to be the medical board of America tactic which is what you might go to provide the treatment. You can't say anything about it on the Internet. The bottom line on all these street princes are not approved -- don't have. The kind of evidence behind them that they're no motivation a lot of drugs and they're not conventional. No they don't start seeing a number investigations and cases involving. Doctors who -- -- -- there are doing what they're allowed to do. But there are the boards going after him for saying what they're doing on the Internet man I think as problematic. Yeah are absolutely as she is ridiculous -- mean obviously there is good news there that there are being allowed to do that. Are there are new rules that the Texas medical board is she has instituted that actually help these -- doctors. Well why you'd actually there's a new statute I think it was over the objection of the fact of local -- That they're gonna number doctors I think probably the leading practitioner advocating all this is Stephen -- the other problem that used to. And they've changed the law. In Texas in the old days. He would go before an administrative law judge after the border followed complaining of foot -- be administered award judges are professional judge a neutral. What issue it would do what's called a proposal for decision. Yesterday and then the medical board would basically do what they want. Bad almost complete authority to change any finding -- -- inclusion of war and sanctions. I think a lot of the doctors got fed up with -- they were going to come -- administrative law judges are given pretty reasonable decisions that are adverse decisions but reasonable. On the board or just do what they want to starting in 2012 called the statute -- the legislature shouldn't statute that took away. The medical board's power to change of finding a tractor conclusion of law. -- and administrative law judge -- professional judgment I think that is better than dramatically. Beneficial effect for doctors because. You know in the old days. -- had to do what the medical board says because the board could just do what they want subject of some very limited review on a court but -- professional joke from the beginning. Taking a look at the facts and -- can look at the law. And they make the decision on the boards only option if you agree or disagree with the conclusion of factor finally pulling double or find -- side. He has to file an appeal in state district court so I think that's been extremely beneficial and I think the legislature has gone off has done a good job the next. Thing is I think maybe they should take away the board's ability to changes. Very ascension right now the board can. Overturn a -- recommendation MM you know my feeling of the border would be the prosecutor in your to have. Neutral judges making all the decisions have been so many decisions are just too important. To allow. They get something like a medical board that a lot of bias yeah. I'm -- -- -- under under political pressure -- you hurt I don't know if you heard our conversation with Jonathan anymore last week this is what she was saying is that these boards which basically are run by Gil -- Have Dwyane -- too much control you know and I think this is this is really problematic for -- You know these -- are these boards summer they're not actually. Who would be best doctors right they -- -- get on the board body making large contributions are ranging from large constitution the governor. Bill and they're typically. Very politically oriented and you know bad and a lot of my -- brought a lot of women they're they're Smart move. Terrible is sometimes but but did -- on me aren't I I. Think that it be better off for the public to put their their trust in the thin professional judges to look at things and it's especially where he's brought them. You know physicians who have third who have you know their own agenda. You know Rick we could talk for a long time I'm I'm sorry we're out of time but so we'd like to invite you to be -- our future guest on the show again thank you so much for joining us. Be sure to tune in next week when our special guest will be doctor Lindsay -- and and of course will be discussing the next burning question on your cohost Peter look. And I'm your co host -- -- -- so long for now from the wellness connection brought to you by Martin compound annual wellness centers for three Austin locations have -- -- drugstore dripping springs pharmacy and lake hills pharmacy so long folks.