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Jun 1, 2014|

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Welcome to let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seventy. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's will's way. -- -- brought him to show up we're gonna talk to a drug now goes. -- I -- in the cellular phone -- tell you with us. On our right great great great to Lester Josh we could reach your shot himself who. Rally around that community arm and you're a busy time. Carlyle shouted as you know -- -- problem us and probably got you now and I got a door to each day. Torturing him and this -- and -- tonight he -- in the future research to -- I talked to your. So so you aren't a lot of you got a project coming up torture room to assure -- but. Well we have a lot going on our -- aren't -- but what's coming up next. Weaker and in the coming weeks as our annual -- can't continuing that for about five years. And what that is is we open our -- she children ages five to its team. And they turn and they work the armed you're certified organic -- and we're just eight miles east. Armchair and often rushed and we believe that not enough people have access to organic -- church at -- army experience. So we open arms up and the kids come and may become farmers and they help but here. Livestock they help receipt. Vegetables and the flowers in the current sometimes are -- Might not -- so they're involved in every aspect of our working current. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know -- did they can't right now that -- all week our goal is to have an overnight can't can't add my property. Let's just Astaro so we can expand our camps and who really really like doing it but my husband and I started the car which we -- wanted to have a community -- because I don't think enough people in Texas. How to act since the current Olympic -- you know -- you know you have let's do it and my feeling good ranking in Texas -- X generation world. I didn't even practice smile until -- term because -- that's elation you. So what do you think that it's really important catches as pool CD is public it's possible and be really liked teaching. That's two years ago we started their new art institute which is essentially would be nonprofit side of our short project torrent and -- based green -- irons which is that. He would say turn the need assurance and then. Do all the things that -- traditional -- does. But then we also have this education I'd. Where we invite children and adults to come and participate and learn which certainly can grow more firm Mercer sent -- -- That does not unless people know how to guard suitor raised animals on pasture so we just I think right. Well yeah I think it's. In -- but we have about sixty. That we're managing out -- -- stop. All right so it puts the the storm -- deserves his -- yeah. But that's a smaller farms and -- is really very. Do you social because actually it was founded by the -- -- generally about a hundred years ago an upset. Can't wait at airport -- -- are virtually airport. And so -- originally a Swedish. Current site and so there's a hundred year old. Big red barn and I'm sure there's some out buildings hit it just very picturesque and very very content PDF. -- can enjoy and they have a lot of -- out to -- the glare around and enjoy agreeing with. That's great. So yeah yes 7070. Tons of bearish to bullish. At each got a -- I don't even know -- maybe -- -- -- -- -- astronauts include. -- and I think it is and now we are transitioning it doesn't mean. Currently preparing charming here everything that's happening on the inside acres and he had sheep and goats and pigs and chickens and flowers and her eating vegetables and and as we've expanded our arms in a sense. Are a number of reasons not to say we couldn't cut production but also because of water. And he read about -- in the restaurant area. I'm going to have more variety chair. What is -- -- by the way if if you checked the salad greens -- forms. Dot net isn't -- go to -- publisher's net. And and it's. -- it's a great -- your holy -- a thousand dollars for professor goat. And he he's I don't know it was don't have our heroes at the front page then perhaps yeah maybe okay I'm her. But what looks like we'll go to tools -- cellular go to northern that this well tourism bankers as a child holding. The cycle of vehicles -- well. You know our Charlotte the things that we do is we explain biodiversity we may explain. How we learn as I'm -- concentrated desert storm -- -- things that we're really concerned about. It biodiversity and making sure that people understand that because the factory farming we are meeting of livestock like people don't understand -- soccer during exchange. Because of the way we ER animal. Does that pig that you see in the picture are almost always. I'm -- hawks with an American -- hog and there's an organization called the American livestock breeds conservancy. Which again if I livestock that are endangered. And they're beginning hugged her I wanted to and we could -- Andre -- he -- we read a pair crops. And the pig community -- that -- And -- nature like the talk good but shields. And then once they're done with the feeling and the next place but here actually it there he can manage their loved pastor that let these graphs. And that's very strongly -- Certainly has the sweet she is saying clearly clicked together -- this week every month for our customers who they'd eat Kenny hug and that and and what we're trying to do about it. Well one of the big things are getting on our inherent charm is -- setting aside a portion of the -- and really build a new education center but we wanna do extra change. These street that we need to support whether it's. Hotline dot com or whether it and heirloom variety of plants. But to help people understand what its use out of the agency needs. You know -- groupings that do well in this area yet you say how many people -- -- say oh not kindergarten and everything pale and and then I start asking questions about oil reached its opponents and bridge to get so well and a lot of people I think feel like failures. But in fact what they're starting at. Once -- We're not gonna work. So you're you're nice -- police are children five to fifteen right right OK in this camp June the ninth through thirteenth. Yes that's an up and they're gonna charge for a week. Well if you're a member of our PSA which means you gaining share of the lead here at UKD's -- -- great. But to our -- streak that we -- the leaked picture not just drink it eat it he bar and then that you get your siblings as well. Kyra we also injured you know Sergio had children and -- you are at the -- again we have scholarships. And several legal established his scholarship turns one and an honor of our young armored. I patiently. And -- really encouraging listeners to support these scholarships be. Because there are a lot of people who are coming one that enroll their children that they just that you don't have to turn even though it can make great gifts and -- And I think you know our -- to blue -- trying to reach people of all ages and all income. Securing important and that's that we reach -- -- either. Miles and that's Olsen. Isn't so I'm not want to collate. It can't get there and an OK and you're right yeah so -- -- drop or child. Well we have pre care Napster can't you can kind of -- that -- -- succumbed to explore 9 o'clock when everybody Iraqi Karen. We had people come as early Saturday and then sometimes people come light you know we take care of your children to the -- can -- it. They're not great. Well I had kids Brett plaid skirts but can't ask -- the value courses get really which is -- -- lunch goes -- Yeah -- -- part of that theory theory you have to work at army and you get to eat what you can't. So you -- the -- and editor for like candy bowl that makes you usually get so worked as a kid. -- substitute for the government to control your -- program proposed. Other than the government is allowing just. The school system to take or vegetables and they want to. Just just only -- I heard about do you put your appoint -- special -- is taken away from his studio. Iditarod dogs. -- -- the idea that I volunteer network additions -- -- Kucera and they have a programmer neighboring farmers this school loans and renting we do -- we showcase our vegetable really explain why. They -- candidly. -- look at look at the classes. And I really believe a 100% in the program the jet that went into are allowed to -- But don't have to -- Or stroke and so it I think -- fresh there's always fresh. And death -- and help grow at work in the soil may come to the table yeah I think in nineteen attuned to when they get it I don't think. Yeah definitely you definitely -- that does and I think president. I think so has it surprised me the most about this can't be -- -- -- -- years is that. It's those little things that the kids get so excited about why we let him go and collect. The -- And currently millionaire currently -- variety of birds because they -- -- -- in college angst -- the children who are legion and pick up an egg industry compete to warm up my act. Change is Morris. -- you think Andy you know each. He just go out al-Qaeda or I don't to have an experience that I tell you how often not really seen them. Mean clearly is and they get in the way that they don't like what do you -- Rosalind. You -- -- do I believe what keeps our Arnold lives is our he would thank her religious community supported agriculture and for people kind of shared that he can really I depend on that. It could well a lot of people want it got out to my -- even though actually. That we do have a firm and aren't aren't and we really like he could occur because he's given us. A -- of the charm every Saturday it means. Trade food. But our -- and also pay the loan star card -- -- Karzai's. You know we're really dedicated to keeping people colleagues. In the English fans. So -- torsion dishes is an distortions have to go to work and hope I don't get what you are credited. Couple got -- -- on -- -- drew angry black division I doubt if a school. OK so let's see here of top 12484. And two cents or six right for a 42746. Alston -- -- And also other web site bishop drew -- segregate forms dot -- not the way to find his from the for the aggregate out there. There aren't there is -- -- for now there is. It's the lead up and actually right now I'm looking countries strengthen artists started to wanna trade. Shouldn't try artwork continued source turned out here in Atlanta I think I really love this having. -- on the farm. So we can always -- more concerns about you don't block gateway to keep the pig book that played in milk a goat you know -- I think. Well here's your -- for through gripe yeah. Yeah booking form came up to fourteen point can help. 214 is the unit just throw the dice ought to give all the dates -- but to have several weeks coming up this summer right. And what we do it we see mutually coaching -- the -- -- -- going to be focusing on building short to a tree houses and carrying out there's still a lot of according. You know and read every day that they're here they're going to be helping her see the -- -- -- they all -- convenient. Currently have actually gratitude. Everybody's going to be -- the general but in addition we have seeking. I think -- working -- cooking look teach kids how do you -- others which can vegetable. Current laden another week we'll be focusing on -- production on the armed at the beach. -- -- goats and you born rabbit certain alleged acts. And gang one -- think has been really popular in the past is that we look. Chose children. What the life cycle at a chicken all the way till the cable -- -- interest -- -- that was. On us that's a great great for his source has some has now. Didn't play elaborate also -- -- I guarantee you take adults to really leaking -- goes on Sundays. BL we have made and all sorts of camps where adults and we can do. Creating the car a -- greens which is a workshop because a lot of people like they are concerned about the economy and then taking your themselves living sustainably -- And they might run out and buy property that then they get there and really not sure what to do stuff so what did I do it -- meet with people and JOK you're about to buy property. Well you have independent Jan. We'll -- we have surrendered a real quickly. Decker lake road. And you turn on the home lender late secretary line to run you'll likely go -- -- lying to. Could Overland. Phase three trial can focus on the website she surely it is fun India company also. Well congratulations got to just turn your character on Saturdays and and Bob vegetables or whatever it. Yes the other Turkey -- street six Friday and Saturday and crowds that the -- -- -- on Sunday that continued to. -- -- Well I really thought he reached Jews that was great I know you're busy so -- -- To get up and hit it originated at 70 great great thing for the first two Moses wouldn't -- to win. And so are you grow over the soil. Yeah apparently not a good about it and everything that -- like -- I'm. I need some advice on composting -- there -- go into our right and -- -- -- here at Texas thank you so much thank you penalty or torture again as soon okay. I don't have a right -- program thank you forget about. All right let's take a break you -- we're we're -- talk to individual discuss this cookie lives in Austin Brian holidays. The optical is the way -- so we have obstacles. It's a way to reduce stress. Can you say this an optical. This gonna maybe stronger. Right so we're we're torch -- he sees his direct riddled book consumers take a break and we will be right back. I'm more of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages crime and saw thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the bills -- I'm tall. Thirteen seventy. Well it's a pleasure to introduce -- Paula don't jump friends. Because I -- -- time to talk to run what are what are great -- book you got here. The obstacle is the way he reminds us is so. Is so Tom referred doctors to have an empty room today doctor recommends and he's done OK he's -- time. This reduction and say that that try to do with you know conventional medicine Medicare and Medicaid and all this it is tough. And not just doctors hospitals and lots of people -- -- you know the medical care system because we. We were not really got a health care system this is secure system. This are working very well also they just hammer down the people that should be -- -- health. Not just sick -- You know these are just so much to do that doesn't have really anything to do with taking care of the patient. So that's our obstacle ever gets underway this book Ronald Clark -- your trust me on line book. Because that's a -- for the meteorites that trust. It's sort of an actual live and other media system work. Yeah how to work within the we see that all the time while -- Tom data won't do well if they don't tell you something this truce. And they could live with Cher tonight is that hard to see that book. Doing what does security much stronger right. Yes residents away and I can we inserted into the do we know that's right away we will look back and our own history we see. Seeing that happen in our negative event that that and we understand in retrospect they put it in the path that we're we're on today and it might not even change and if we had a chance. Then in the present -- it was sort of avoid any difficulties any trial. Any sort of chance of failure and who you know is is as much as we conceivably can and so that sort of paradoxes. Is what the book is about. Where you are the other -- you're the editor. Of the New York Observer editor at large and also contributes to thought -- permission from her home in Austin, Texas. So you this is your hope to get away from sometimes I guess. I travel with Paramount but -- I'm talking about a year ago I sort of likely your last guest was talking and I've got to go to got chicken that spirit I have lived in New York trust -- ball over. But I I like confidence very peaceful. Well do you know you have Madonna nor have you -- Know the roads are getting crowded changes are like was my first community sixty's so so this is a busy town lots of things happening. But yeah total -- us out of Boston's coaches have to retreating -- I mean I -- them out who's got the Walsh. I got -- It's great that you can do that in Austin. He has that is the main thing you know I -- it and servers sitting there I'm I'm writing and working out -- second mechanically he's animal's planet. Sort of reminds me of those different part of life that we can speak English very distance from you know sitting in our offices. Being on conference calls working on computers all day sort of you lose touch for that side of life. Which is to know what humans sort of have always existed and then and and I have a great affinity for. Well it's it's relaxing a lot like military unit to the -- browsing. And yeah -- you have chickens that roosters. No roosters thankfully just I got three -- and. -- to allow rooster urgency limits. I'm not sure why would normally never to have won an alarm -- and in -- you're -- -- out there though hunt. Yeah I got two little they didn't work out. -- on the school most sounds like the title of a new book for you know I -- hand -- in the goats and yes the hotel with it. So why is up -- house. Washing something I don't want to you that much with -- author of the book. About do you do have the good things about wars and how they. Like I was secretary that tells the book but there's some if you talked about how wars actually have helped so much heed of -- -- -- and we had wars and what do they produced. I want to check the governor -- wants us both to replace Clinton bank so it's good there's laws -- critical to get out of Seneca. But what -- what's happening with wars is that we get more do we get a lot of science -- technology from wars. Are like so. Better guidance statistically to. Well look you know let's go to the book is based on the Roman philosophy known as stoicism of them which is you know -- the -- -- -- is that a Roman -- -- basis spoke on you know is no stranger to war I think. -- seventeen of nineteen years of his -- The Roman army which he was the leader of the war and and in fact that the little medication that I basis -- -- he wrote. Very likely on to write and attend -- on the front lines he says. You know the impediment to actually advance and actually what stands in the way becomes the way and that that's what -- the book is about a cow you know. People in history that taste great challenges or problems just like regular people throughout history of -- You know trifling problems and difficulties and all the little adversity that we face in the course per day. And each one of those offers you a choice. -- didn't shoes for it to happen to you but you can choose how do you respond to it and stoicism and and I hopefully this prototype. Succeeded in the -- a framework. For how to respond properly to do whatever adverse situations you face in my life. Where you -- of the what's happened but more -- -- you know all these people that had to overcome their problems and how would come along so well and they stood up. There's they send them they set in the front of us. And got arrested. But you but you. Our actions might be repeated that there can be no repeating our. Our intentions are disposition each. The impediments direction advances action. So it's like if you wanna have action you've got a -- -- little bit you know political down. Yeah and nothing is ever gonna happen the way you want it to happen you know look in the world is outside our control are. Action on the other hand are inside our control and can sometimes you need -- great. I agree challenger -- problems. To sort of spur you to action to get you -- -- -- in this you know that it is to get to work I think to. Where it's it's so -- -- when you look at -- some of the most sort of crazy. You know it's it's it's almost June here I'm I'm working on an article right now about. About that I DJ in the in the invasion five years I by the allied forces there was there was this moment in the war where. You know. Can look like everything was gonna go the other direction but but it it did I -- sort of fortitude and strength and perseverance. Just say no it's not all falling apart it's actually doing exactly how we wanted to do to go if we do our jobs and we do release planned. We're gonna do we can we can turn this thing around. And that's what good leaders about instant. Totally you have that that the job of the leaders and that's -- thinks those who is so important go to them and that sort of framework to -- leaders. And and give them an extra sort of think that this don't have the concept of the inner citadel that sort of strengths. That the fortress inside you that. And never be tears and and we need leaders who are strong and and don't get intimidated and don't get discouraged and they don't give up very easily. Well Wichita -- hope we're just talking during the break here about these -- assists in the Brian. And how that's a new SaaS is showing that exercise. Enough thought process can affect the neural processing of the -- If you're -- a lot of stress. You know people that jumped out of buildings during the depression. I lost on my lecture ourselves but I don't start building. Although sometimes for the publishers -- -- chair. But. Which I looked at as an opportunity you know and and the psychology. Magazine about -- -- report -- ago. Had a big -- on the front the magazine about you know what is happiness. In -- it was about risk sort at a lower risk mission happy. I think gratitude is probably -- -- psychiatrists its gratitude but it -- what you -- but taking -- mission happy. So I took a lot of risk and you know it backfired on me and but for -- I was at this guy in the world it's that it's you know but he learned from that but I got from our justice our hurdle to overcome it and we're we're getting back together again. Is great it was a great experience. It's fascinating. You know the door open and one of the big opening stores in the book -- talk about John. Anything could decide in Ohio and suggest that he's starting to get his sort of finance career going to panic in the 1857. Strikes in Ohio where he led us. And and his reaction I think I was so impressed that he said. Later he says like I was always inclined to see the opportunity and every disaster and and he actually he learned in the panic of 1957. What makes the market work. What mistakes people make and he ended up making most of his fortune in the financial crises. And national difficulties that come. Over the course of his career because he learned that so early on rather than being scared offer intimidated by. Well where -- doctors and cross your right now an empty you know that understood that and he -- express some of that I'm sure he was a he who he put previously good that's a his anesthesiologist not American people up with what they can do for their health. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You do acupuncture and -- to control got a brochure. We do things that we try to get people to you -- to do better to move them forward rather than just covering up things. On improving their health around -- a pharmacist. So I know the dangers of recover later in the show of some of these prescription drugs -- Eventually walking and all this so there's lots of things you can do. Besides prescription drug -- for -- I don't taken just saying you know look at what some alternatives and the message you hope and I take a lot of people they think the answer is just a bill. And if you -- an obstacle have put pressure whatever. If you look at those opportunities to learn. Is that what -- -- saying ran. Yeah no I think that's very that's very well could be their defense in the wake up calls as well they can beat. Can you wake up -- they can be -- you're saying we can you lessons they can be you know an opportunity to explore and learn something about yourself for. Can you -- stood true to reconsider your sort of politically how you think about your health and your well being involved. Let's 2000 west Texas -- now they have done more nowadays are water left. It out that's an optical. I would say I don't think they will learn better ways to deal -- water in them the -- and an. You have maybe this is. You know I think conferences and -- -- and then planning news -- less than where you live. Yeah country a lot of patients with pain problems an addiction problems and all search of things like that. And -- it said they didn't go by that I don't tell them this could well be your biggest teacher your best teacher ever. You know all these problems that people have sometimes. It launches them to go so much further than they would have gone otherwise if they can see the glass half full rather than half empty -- community. You there's a line from Benjamin Franklin he says you know the things that hurt instructor and I think -- obviously -- -- also hurt but you can derive that. The benefit of the instruction as well and that's how you know something that seemingly only has. Negative components can also have some positive component of the slope. Well like the worst disease are in the world this is sourced in the world is leprosy. English you don't have those -- know you take your hand just falls off I guess the differences in her fingers order to target him so we have paid. It's good news well it protects you tell you know that I I don't tell people necessarily it's a good thing I mean beat red. It's telling you that something's wrong it's not your body just saying something to be a nuisance it's -- trying to help. To help people it's trying to say hey do something about tennis. And like how put pressure. Like complications. As silent a silent killer. And you don't know and then. If you ignore it as we have brought pressure Zion well I don't feel you'll find civilians keep on going can you imagine the book's about is turning trials into trial. Right round. Yeah exactly it and then I think you know he's literally said about feeling about the capital it not only. You know knowing saying like it's not apple pretend that it is catalysts are seeing it how it is in objectively this is -- -- out. And then respond in a way that improves that situation where you know derived. Some benefit for you and then put all of you know how you perceive a problem is very important and then ultimately what you do about it. Did equally important and I think a lot of people. You know they they've -- for perfection and they wait for situations to magically resolved themselves. And that's probably not gonna happen. And make him the best of what you got. I don't reminds me of Victor Frankel when he was in the concentration camps. He had no idea I mean I tell this story in the book -- and Victor Frankel there he would he developed there is you know look there he is. It actually taken from from Greeks don't word which means sort of -- Starting I think that you know what fascinated me about those Susan you Trace it from. You know a Roman emperor and asleep 2000 years ago and it and then -- in the American revolution in this field in the civil war you see in the concentration camps succeed in that. The prison camps in Vietnam what changed. Admiral James Stockdale do you -- go to them. And sloppy in general frankly as being. A kind of relief and remedy for people who are going to do difficult things. And I think that can be -- that we can all turn to. And hopefully our problems are not as serious as being an -- it's obviously but it can work very can worked. You know when you're stuck in traffic or you know how it's broken into -- you get fired or whatever you go through life like this framework is. Is their field. And if you know scenario your ordeal should when you have on. You know it helps you so much they found out that -- generations like interest cynic for instance. -- you know you just look for the worst is going to happen. You get out to -- -- Much more likely than that you don't cynics are they're saying now or so in this and so from a for alzheimer's -- dementia. So which you do is very it's a very optimistic. Except. This as an opportunity to learn right. And if your leader for us disagree book pro leaders. Thanks so and then when your coach you're. A confirmed it. Use a this -- that book but actually you view the world leadership. He's yeah that was very kind of Robert Greene wrote -- a lot of Guitar Hero an excellent book on the street he was kind enough to say that about the book you know. No one of the great -- text being created in my epic Peters he's. This increase in translates to sort of in your hands -- at hand and and that's sort of philosophy was actually meant to be your history. Floppy before we had psychology before we had religion before -- had had you know. Does this search standardized school system philosophy was good guide to how to lives. And that was what helped people with the practical problems of everyday life you know I quote -- road -- it says. I don't know actually -- -- it does mean is the word in the philosopher which does not if you all the suffering a man. On that sort of philosophy was designed to do and I you know -- I hope that in writing this book and it's sort of you know fulfill -- where. You know. Participate in that in that that tradition. Well there can be a lesson there are a lot of people. Every leadership should go through this -- manager of a lot of people so I use this book now to help people. Because I think that -- -- no -- you're going through some trials. And tribulations you know they can make you stronger. And record companies stronger when they get through so. And then you certainly don't derive any benefit from feeling the present manner and Vieira and her via their emotions. That might feel good in the moment but they don't do anything about the problem and but what what stoicism that confuses sort of optimistic. Self sufficient self reliant -- that that I tried to write about trying to feature individual to do this to say like. Okay it doesn't matter why that happens -- matters that it happened. And dominant I'm gonna do my best because of the. -- great book congratulations follow these precepts this is what Stephen personal sense. Polish -- you're revolutionize your life. Revolutionize your life. As great -- Since he says read the book it's different. Something that put put -- your bad and I can read then you partially better. Knowing that this pressuring you every tribulations you know that went to sudden brightness I don't by the doesn't it this this -- this living. Do -- should be doing. Right you live in Austin I got books on coming up. I didn't wanna put people -- two weeks ago when I'm. Some opening you know going. OK we will do what -- -- we can. Assure him now says. It was a -- people -- student -- -- -- I think we're don't care that can restore rather wait -- people's. How well you're -- people's pharmacy. You know we need to hang around Austin amorphous and now I guess is that it could have run leeway -- south or north. I live on the east side this is over by by retreating. Yeah those are great area by decree forms reform. OK with Mexican -- Right isolationists are okay thank you about it parent that's a good break and we'll be right back -- And soon. Promotional schedule wins that I. Pitching until the hour to listen to break we'll be right back. Moreover let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on sold thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the bills -- I'm -- thirteen seventy. Oh we're just like. Pleasure to introduce David for a month. -- -- NATO and they under the yeah I'm going to be here today thank you so much for having -- on your -- -- recently -- right now. Yeah. That's. Let's away -- -- wish they did just -- and understand what went to our two weeks. You are seeing a new ball game right after word on the air source old equipment and know -- disperse. No I don't know I don't know I -- in the the Clearwater for and -- season -- to the Phillies minor leagues and so all us instantly my thirteen year old daughter and her friend into the game because they have fireworks on Saturday night. So -- yeah. As compared to -- race where you are on there you're herbal formula pharmacists and let them. Right. Yeah -- yeah just like I call it a chemical inventories. -- league for years ago trademarked it and. So you spell your -- you start your profession FA RM forms. You know no -- I shouldn't go to them you know look at here I think. I'm sure there's a restaurant. Here in Austin called for a receipt was announced that they are an insidious Austin I guess I didn't. Idea I didn't say -- board of pharmacy that didn't like to call myself that I can play and that's. This is the until they come out actually had a degree in pharmacy you know more than a licensed pharmacist in the -- they kind of backed away but that little -- some you know. -- -- Decided to you know get in on the industry and that's not my intention -- At all. Forever direct Jimenez seduction and see who is so and herbal doctor addition -- -- musher can control clicking -- -- -- and a -- But but he is he got a lot of these are metro pass them he was an. Anesthesiologist. And he decided to some different. He is not be so many people today and -- That's also me I mean actually goes and well in the drugstore for. -- pharmacy for nine years in a -- to -- style store and then I just. -- there isn't a lesbian community I got a million and burn out and I've been doing most natural medicine. Stuff you know doing radio TV. Writing speaking on land and just what you just said would that would that gentleman. I actually got helped a lot more people. You know go on natural. You know I've got to there's -- kind of place some -- -- for the drug split. But it probably guns today on the you know women and some of the medication he's being you know armed over long periods of time. You know there are other ways to do things in hopefully we get to those things they do. Delusional or who just came out hot -- to be reduced -- the either -- Are not hormonal therapies. I sort of listen we're doing and how send an underserved children I think it can't answer would be yes. And -- -- no matter what side of the coin lands on you want. Let's try and that's etc. I -- But I think what they're trying to show is that the women do not know certainly you know hormone therapy. To overcome bothersome hot flashes like national title you can you can do other things besides exercise all these so the things we can do. But others -- mowed down. So I'm trying to majority that I see don't really need Dick Cheney kind of hormonal -- intervention a lot of interest needed dribble support. Yet try to drain hole number one as -- liver supporter in this -- the body who's going in you and we have the same issue besides if you didn't. How is this kind of love. I would feel bad because you know women seemed you know I guess they probably had a lot more on noticeable. Side effects are symptoms local -- through. Mann applause and even people like my ex wife who I get along well lived. Issues is telling me to a nation like you know -- I've been phenomenal amount of -- and she's like a -- and hot flashes right now and could not even just the process of going through menopause with a lot of women do not -- suffer. And I'm Obama formally or not using the drug therapy -- -- -- you know over a long period if you if your miserable you know maybe that's a quick six. Much like your decision adrenal -- of -- And then there are some of those you know supplements and -- out there that you know duke -- got amid maker or at least for the body and I think the most -- onto their. Yeah and in my opinion the lord did not create this could take hormones -- must realize that she did you -- -- to LAU. Right now -- did you -- pharmacist -- an author and well he'll block out everything there. Yes I do actually good for bill I don't philosophy that I -- -- foretold what else on this. This is for gold and help heart disease so it started with the the number one killing disease in the United States so it's my spin on. You know using proper diet exercise spirituality. And the supplements did you know either trader program that horrible disease. Exactly afternoon so let's go over there quicker quicker before -- there's another book on the torpedoes of dealing this out there for a long time. The four pillars of healing. And this story about doctor. He he gave an example there in -- to relationships as supporter of healing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In an eleven nominal send me like someone has -- megapixels. -- -- -- business you know. And they don't personality really wow this guy has got on here yet they you'll have for us. You know as -- I think it's you know it's really awful lot communion and -- for me like their relationship stuff you just. You know that might sit. Indeed spirituality part of what I exactly sure you know also said I think it's you know at all -- really wanna call it and I don't -- know I -- in the game. You know I just -- what works for me. And what has worked for people who are helped -- -- is that the gospel not a not a system guy called the -- the gospel according to David there. But it's OK so it was a lightning coming down now. I let that -- what David David if there's a way to listen to your show there herbal pharmacist. Asia or Europe or gals in Sudan and show. -- side -- keep -- go to IR radio understood favourable -- show. W that position -- part of that network love of radio broadcasting you can find information -- -- -- herbal pharmacist dot com. Salute you know there's a lot of different. You know leased access. Look what I got going on in the unit -- the critical thing is just the other day. I was covering and for some reason right now -- -- people get a lot of headaches -- -- -- -- dehydrated. And black on I don't know if you gentlemen apparently this ingredient. But -- collection we heard of them before. I after years have been joking around call in my herbal Ibuprofen. Then and now there's actually studies comparing it ineffectiveness from pain relief. To -- into 400 milligram Ibuprofen tablets but the cool thing -- it doesn't you know mess up your stomach and it's amazing how -- -- people don't realize supporters there you know it's weird start and I'll look like there's something different alternatives out there for. Noble cause countries sometimes it'll work -- crowd split on the won't cause harm that the medications well. And still get to the effects you're gonna you're looking for so. Chemicals together and we also I think like guessing who also people can you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pat in Alaska that ingredient looks men and like I use it I've been using a product. I don't like being overly trade name and try doing -- good idea I easily called. I knew back then. It's it -- change election -- -- American a lot of those things that are known to be different pain and inflammation. The reason -- focus on collection is that -- studied. Comparison and millions let as opposed to a lot of supplements so we tell people the page. You know that page you know weeks or even months to work. Collection actual work in thirty minutes for that Payne and -- and everything that you might be haven't so. If you get headaches such a good thing. Another one of my favorite pharmacist stories are and I can remiss in my pharmacy. You know people coming in for those returning urinary track infections. And they get below those antibiotics. Like back -- -- -- heard -- never end you know they would take that every day in and finale on science that's contributing to. Antibiotic resistance -- it takes less than thirty days of taken like a drug like Cipro. Four of the E. Coli bacteria did -- mutate. And then there's actually another head to head study below those antibiotics she's an specific. You know cranberry extract coal and Max. Again that's an engineering and feel good story to being the -- and different brands. Community you know at the pharmacy or -- -- is actually an injury and. Complexity and vitamin C. But -- Tyler -- number one platinum program I can't speak capsule. Worked just as well you know in a couple of studies you know -- head to head against those antibiotics so. And it didn't call that mutation. You know and then we know I'm not against an erotic amnesty guess or use them and you them in the wrong place. Because of what you really need one that might not work because the world are using to oversee sanitizing our world I think. Then not only that you know what what we're doing to micro bio in the gut. Are we don't have any idea what we were we are doing -- of that and it's gonna make a big difference it affects everything. To order a sort of whenever I want to hear or we just government two left here that the alteration to Botox. All right so I have to be careful on this ones. Did you have an idea -- rather -- just like Botox you know big chill until basically kill the muscles -- today. But -- firm believer in you know the reason yet wrinkles and you start to dry out you know -- get a raise invigorate and everybody tonight putter will warm glass of water. And when you wake up in the morning it's gonna look more like a great it's going to be less wrinkled and that's what I tell people drink a lot more water. And make sure you're getting your essential fatty acids you know not just fish oil that may be you know even flax seed or. You know she little -- she -- -- as part of my diet -- Getting enough for those essential fatty acids. And drinking a lot of water and you'll be -- and he'll be he'll be raising yourself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously he's I'm turning 52 weeks and people look at me in there like there's no way. In. And I don't blame -- on to the next few little moment that look like so I PRI's. I think the but yeah I drink a lot of water I don't drink anything else on the water and -- you know -- -- -- lot Bennett and I think my Omega three's tonight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so and it works literally does. What they -- we have so scared of fats. I know you and your lieutenant they really are heroic David you know you don't radio we're gonna heartbreak coming appears. I -- -- -- -- Williams and yeah we should come back sometime. Any honest when I love what I would almost before I love you guys lose to thank you so much versions OK I today I -- got the life. Russian government promised to take a break and we'll hear about it. -- let's get healthy with bills whale on talk thirteen seven. He's here to take your call -- 39013. Seventy and now here's Phil's -- Welcome back to the show I'm just -- here by the way if you wanna call -- -- -- -- nano can freely given number of Taiwan to. Three and a thirteen 73. -- -- thirteen seventy real Hollywood -- today doctor holly Lucille. They welcome to the -- colleague Terry holly and great but you both -- -- farmers as both your -- reforms since. They still are I mean a retired judge did save absolutely yes. Yes well I was -- -- it's my wife was an idea is to miss any of the teacher of my aunts and very good. -- -- Richard in my so I was told my kids they weren't. -- -- -- -- You know -- -- were not have presented this I want to say that but. You know. 'cause like a dog you know you you dog this there must spend their actions that they turn a beautiful. But in Nigeria yeah. Sort of way which -- president doctor Yu an orient. Right. Well I can't I'm going to need to I think our -- me everything -- -- got in a political campaign and now they can't sit there that this is the way that you look at things much more comprehensive leash. That is so good how people live employs -- were from out of some processor in Austin they're very holistic pharmacist -- way. And about the ways by -- today is a doctor of -- radium Anderson he is. A doctor. And anesthesiologist. And he says you know I can do think the previously if I can get more -- that you know some good. Thanks. And so he he's acupuncture she's that Japan's payment and -- management this especially financial. -- -- -- They idol and I live Anderson I thought I -- I mean you're connected to comic not a I look at people and Airways. I thought I -- indecision there was nothing wrong with like doing -- -- -- I don't know it seemed. The year in -- -- -- you don't ever know what happens in the long run so I I like just a little bit better trying to deal with people in the long term basis there. He is ignoring it Armenian people -- -- -- you know he learned how much you know what is your training -- natural thing. Mon I went off capital under the age at -- -- -- -- one this Arizona ranked Arizona yeah I'm right in. And digital rights you know here's and yet we're progressive state where most of most of the women to present work this in the stores actually. And embraces but in Texas I can't write prescriptions. -- so -- your prescriptions were your. Yeah so I actually gentlemen -- 72 2000 accord iPad you're in California. And that allowed us to be recognized -- primary care doctors we do have prescribing rates. For an. I would think all the only reason I know for a small. That anything you might find it and a primary care practice perhaps he has. Well there were sure fighter that here in Texas so. Yes good to -- the fight to go on because it's underage. Gosh I think there's there's value in offices of medicine but certainly I think -- Accessible should be granted. And then that accountability to regulation should be there because of course. There are other hand you know sort of sometimes had a problem -- -- touch that. To share credentialed. To discard the letters are concerned. And so I think it's a great fight and I think everybody actually -- -- -- -- everything is it's got a good legislative process going on -- enough that's great. They're not written not to steal this. Company's name either but I -- I feel the same number nine of them but I really practice and an integrated fashion. Yeah everybody's a little bit of everything I can't you know running back to get a and -- Russian select us the answer try health care system. Is health care and -- sick care. Absolutely. I mean you know I don't get it to -- where I shattered my shoulder a couple years ago and I was very thankful for the reduction -- an approach of conventional western. Fidelity gets better I am I -- daily value and also kind of medicine that when it comes to you know certainly everything behind him at practice. We've got to be able in my opinion to have a much more comprehensive -- process you know especially if they -- gonna talk about stressed today my gosh there are. I mean I got 99% people that come in at least. Eight contributing factor to what they are critically preventing Litsch is an ongoing structures that have not been. Has not been sort of mitigated -- recovered from -- application that there. They're compounded their compounded their multiple and they're going on -- people are -- and there are. You know I would I culture scene upstream right so sure he can go all the way -- to how did that start terror at -- -- got a doctor right identify and treat the cause. Instead of all the downstream things that people end up preventing for a week you definitely. You know make a difference there. Believe treat upstream. Current stretchers and the -- early engagement agent late stage -- the adaptation each PA but I don't but it carried do excess. It just needs and can certainly be addressed I do it every single bit anywhere practice. You know low production -- plan your heart hurt you talk but it -- Madison PCs -- breakup won't that affect the current that are worth functional medicine. -- -- -- Did a very good marketing job they're functional medicine he did he -- -- I would say that I would have to argue that. -- speech by the doctors have always practiced functional. It's Julia tell you have -- the other way donor list. Might like and Spanish I actually you know he was a great job marketing it cracked when I'm reading here that you can run him more -- or seven years old. And that is the very -- at its best years old and and I Abrams make first and a little -- -- Yamaha are tricky and can't kick start -- -- and -- and backing up the back field of our neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. And I was like crazy person and I still am on a motorcycle theoretically it is. And I had on a 56. Article. You know I did to Russia did exactly harder when challenged to drive rural west Texas there's two buses. Take to protect vaccine up the content on the ground who can run back all night long -- -- you. You know they'll stretch you out for sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very boring at 2 in the morning to noon. Exactly so it was six -- stress that's just something used to -- a lot of interest dress. I have yet it's very important that type of -- to -- do you know what I should -- actually even have a domestic military. I really do a good -- access is I think extremely important to get optimize and balanced as we. Well I ethnic groups are modern day issues. Who we are so right. What you don't realize I've -- -- the value of that axis. Oh it's everything that's the basis of them everything at them you know with the -- -- and insist on the end act integrated heart. And tank any said the gun -- -- onside -- I have to fight with people all the time they tell me there are male hormones in their female hormones as it now there. Different ratio asks the Trinidad. There we all need a mall you know even just in the right amounts being a look -- I didn't. So what is -- -- would you recommend to overcome their problems and. -- -- I think what's really important to understand where somebody that night I know you guys that's harm to carry and and and everybody pretty much -- that cortisol managers in the incredible product -- she. Don't like it early stage you know what kind of talk about this. -- -- early mid and late stage so. Early stages bike along this process. I'm minute right now tell -- -- because here I am. I am very busy liquid used tractor I call a good chance I get -- very productive pac 10 and I am delighted being -- down. But I am telling my home and then also movies you know defining -- -- that if I slipped so these are high structures physically and emotionally like. So my early stage -- I end up. It is -- I economy and the people I'm sure people can see themselves -- it like. Think about other things when -- it's just happening in Japan are deer in headlights even at 2 o'clock in the morning where you should be nice and -- -- be indicating that restorative. Good quality sleep every morning I wake up and I wake up it's gone you know why each and I wake up. And I usually wake up. Because of something called inappropriate nocturnal articles -- can mean the cortisol which although the stress hormone that's supposed to. A different kind of be lower at night and allow issues to counteract and heat stress cigarettes. If we get into those compounded -- structures like I'm experiencing now. I wake up my eyes dilated my heart speed I'm thinking about this -- thinking and I can't get back to sleep. So IAE MA big and right now of delivery protecting gradient in cortisol manager Eric huge. That is perfect for early stage because. We want to make sure that we keep cortisol in its place. Up in the morning down to deny attack and we can at least help ourselves by getting that quality. Quality of sleep and -- and and and and and and quantity but I was equality is is don't -- equally as important. -- minuses is nodding his head. It's gonna hurt your years I don't chairman Terry and I reviews say it's important -- I don't to would do well with a myself. They are sure Ganga. It is -- nitrate and so it bothers me a little bit but. I'd like to magnolia hi in the -- title Syrian he's on everybody so. But a lot of people that we can use this or we can find other ways of giving these same kinds of herbs. Yes yeah so -- and then in the -- until now. You know I am hoping that more women have to -- in America Katrina totally -- -- That I don't have a double mortgage -- to look. Companies says he factored -- if the thing harms. I think it'll tell you name -- how we can sell you don't. Yes so does he could have this whole theory and get a lot of work and you didn't know Keenan noted -- -- -- father. -- future action on them and him being the -- greens are it addicted Gina grant are just plans but. You know if we had a more -- relationship with track we go to these practices like OK there's a stretcher but I'm moving the brain wouldn't you know -- -- it. Understand that. Our body would mount the response and basically fighter -- bravery didn't get in there. Believe stock is Daria get in there wrench in this area and get -- national protect their crops in the lives into their energy. Then it's got to be mitigated if we get through a period adaptations. And that this would be the auction part we have this lovely long period of recovery -- So why did you go to that structure removed. And then hang out for a month and not have to worry about patient care again not a -- lecturer. You know my mother could not doing very well my sister who is crazy or you know those things and I couldn't talk to recover and you get these nutrients that I. Utilized for this stress response back. But that's happened with folks for having this little stage where -- distraction that I mentioned I think it kind of ironic. Chronic. And found instructor this. And this is and and and actually -- you tell me if you agree that that's where I -- I've got huge. What I called fusion Lincoln Center. I wanna help people like -- your -- we can't he had Vick has great leader and that's the scary thing that you need to do for quality. I'd like it better. But let me help you adapt and to do indeed physical the emotional need. Yes that is good. All of these chapters cocaine. Until -- mitigated once again the HP any adapt I used it. At the -- state I mean I just think it's perfect and that's -- deal -- high holy days though. Electric car can I stroke on that there is an arrogant and makah. You know the market has had preliminary human research actually to have a positive influence. I'm mood especially during period of occasional anxiety. And so this I guess they hate that led to link confused so people can move to release no instructors. But at least we can mitigate the damage of the bodies. You know I couldn't agree more allies like all of these kinds of things that you're using in their -- those tournaments favorite -- -- and adapt and -- It's wonderful stuff. You go to Russia even at a delicate techie kind of Democrats can. Protagonist doctor Janet didn't -- my -- -- And they did notice there is completely got it done and absolutely what. And then later stage I guess how this outcome and who would finish it up here. Where. You know you've got it almost like you have to pull up the paddles like somebody has spotlighted we have to get them. Restore again and again. And so. -- had a great product. Called. Quarter drive and exactly we're gonna leave I have backcourt soccer screening of ingredients like B one B two B five B six. Quick Christian roots its first goal and I'm -- and actually entered -- support particularly care. -- eighty -- production and backhand increase Catholic of course suffered utilizing so much ranking went back and actually revived. These sort of flat lined they can -- person word. The real thing that's really important thing to people -- -- they can get out of it. And there's a lovely. Lovely actually preset to consider your late stage and I at least he is cornerback. And sleep freak accident and he didn't try to get people. Through and back because the way I see when people get into the debate if we do not read -- -- within me. If they're in -- with their health and we don't get them back into a quote unquote -- account. And another big wave of play happens and they don't have the resources to to be resilient and then that -- Africa where all sorts of chronic indeed happened you know I mean you name it are immune. It's just that's just the happened in that age cancer diagnoses. It at all it's a slippery. Well you like to term views like senator hit it -- because it is it allows you. Go the worst thing you do is explode. You know so you can you prevent explosion by taking some things like this to help. -- can link you explode contempt I'm Danish. I think of the vicious cycle could easily tap our. If -- relationship which -- -- collection cause there's more bad as I remember I was -- let us. We just -- -- slippers are you sorry. So was asleep recent is that melatonin -- They look so yeah it's got a little multimillionaire and I can get an appropriate. Does -- get three milligrams but then also be fixed because of course these six. Help -- tackle in the open collection to Kindle into the territory and it's your turn on the military -- Another thing that I used as an independent standalone its ugliest -- I kinda. And and also between those two together and sort of view that the nature -- -- -- sound that you can you -- the throughout the day. But this combination talent like accommodations declared. I feel that the ingredients are synergistic and they're gonna get the job done quicker and basically you know been very effective action and so -- highly she PLC -- That -- in -- six. And then we'll have that Eric she. Chairman bill they absorb a -- -- human. The route to where we came in at the same time and I love this. What is what is up one of them the most damaging things we have a lot of stressed Thursday. It's our city distract you afraid so he even this little -- people are not sleeping -- so to combat. That Taylor updated track. We've got the -- accidents in -- -- terrible cook humans and so that you know I think he could take every single day. Act independently on the -- -- that actually do it most doesn't exactly let me tell -- pose a -- so measure. Based BA adapt to. Talk cognitive. It couldn't buy insurance about her -- the cell phone manager I mean I love you that a lot but are you excited that they get early stage mid stage back. According by the niche and HP adaptor and then later on a candidate to be a detriment stayed in the later on the court -- I've been asleep -- Can say I'm not sure -- did you know dishonest commercial motion we have these I don't we have some of them. I think we have all three a -- the cart of I think we do you eat but -- -- great products and they're -- Japan as the can walk you through to us. I would imagine I mean you can't. -- like do you and I -- we all agree that. Optimizing that HPA or what -- head to toe with the two -- -- -- -- metal heads and so is the key you know if we. It sometimes they think. Chiropractic medicine if you if you look at the skeleton in general is it -- mean like he's going to anatomy lab -- it has. Form and function excuse moved. But then it has all the soft tissue guy gets -- happen there's toxins that are loaded into the later strains and -- and I think. We gotta -- competition management and the chiropractic work to permanently abolish calculation. Still -- look at the American system. You know I think I think that they were talking about the -- I don't think they think about the stunning you know if you just look at it it without anything else. I'm replicated and it has form and function it got to be communicated. But then when you add all of the influencing factors making Deepak Chopra had a -- He touch one -- in the whole web tumbled. We've got to be able to understand of course because he's so it's contributing factors as much as possible. But certainly need managed. That the things around access to get better access to optimize again. Great to -- -- and achieve a balance in the endocrine system you know. It push and it's a dance it is the dance and so. The last thing I want people to do foolish and I don't know if you think that you probably have -- even though I'm a huge advocate hormone therapy to help in this -- profits when needed. If we don't want to do with big picture mentality and understand these three pages -- structures and understand nutrient needs. And understand and first do no harm that spirit lead -- intervention that we can utilize first. I have seen people become a whack a mole game I have to believe this hormones and then we we don't understand what X. Actually reminding liberians are doing because the brand but whoa whoa -- ineptitude is logical step would -- and I might be -- to try to protect myself and that's the other side and then I see people get well for a couple months but then and then the dosage is his -- on their route of administration has changed. And the biggest thing that I hate to see that people ultimately just don't get better. And so when used I think nutrient and botanical medicines to do this job. Then it's really rewarding for me. Oh I don't know this is so great target to use such. Huge comeback sort of anyway I don't I don't remember to sum up your I don't try to I think this is too good -- new -- out tune to what you're creating and maintaining a balance. A woman got I didn't think natural Harmon helped talk a lot about the -- I wanna routed back in the day it was more about the estrogen dominant situation that I talk going on should. And two putted so I have helped you know the pieces pieces of information accessible punitive information that I can you guys and it. We'll be clearly. Heard on the dollar -- web. Got to assure us this question -- wants to know good. A rotation given her you know I think of that's good for a religious -- as much. Also a rumor that is something that I -- got to be a gamble has -- And so I have been I have been using that quite a bit and I like it took a lot of time please in -- took -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't really kind of being you know created there. When I have to look it up this or -- you -- just you know I think it without -- that they don't look I don't vitamin ready because you can look. You don't know where scientists that it knows the personals. Position and I think I'm gonna argue that we wanted to get medical boards tonight I didn't think anything that he's -- -- -- -- to go Gloria there was a product although. The Roman. -- a step Ramos sent okay yeah I mean and one half of it is to do this kind of thing which is to level out the course all because that's session and -- answer. Of the around ten cents on -- You know sometimes you need to block it and I see so many of the guys out there that have trouble with. Estrogen elevations. And they think they all -- testosterone and attract they usually need less estrogen because converting everything they've got India estrogen. Right so. I'm always looking I'm always looking for something there is that what you get that vote getter. Amazon her work group. I I -- -- what -- -- -- -- that -- although I literally -- thank you thank -- dollars some that you can get it on Amazon certainly can't even put us. US says doctor holly Lucille. Dot com that come on -- test. Doctor holly Lucille dedicated doctor holly. Whatever you wanted to let my picture it. What are your personal or your dad's retired pharmacist to ensure. They're retired now on the little chubby little Michigan and and they've seen quite amazed they've accepted me back into the cable news. That's taking a vacuum it -- -- but -- uses a mere. Some of your particles -- -- But since I know you both know that. It's hard to try to keep telling members. He's always I know that when I'm I'm almost at least three soon. You know. I'm gonna -- -- money for sure run. My mom still has a white knuckle grip I think actually for the last thing on that apparently more machines can still look at a company in their district. They -- eating -- I act struggled quite a bit to get Al Pacino as I see. I PD doesn't instead you -- depletion and I also get a checklist of like -- -- public nudity boot got talent she got about that are out right in here on the pediatric forget got that -- She and do it very very difficult shot that I don't hernia and so it's it's hard because she's uncomfortable -- -- it's difficult but at least they'll have a good conversation and then I let go. Some Clinton. We're doctor holly would you come -- some time. Aren't aren't used to that thank you very much hanky OK okay she can have a great -- I gave about. Her let's take a break. 637. Know this History Channel 37 to another station. This is your frustration I went to three now thirteen 73 and a thirteen seven it would -- -- More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages prime -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to let's get healthy with the bills whales find -- Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to show folks this is -- well mr. immigration and. -- haven't Arturo Jimenez where this is always good to be here -- and I you have practice in the west like yes. On the corner of the case corners being caves in and West Bank West Bank uses his -- to go through about. Austin -- -- bushel -- fiasco drive by the high school did you have to connect in his 360 yeah. But were on the other end of it over there by he caves and all right on the corner there turn 701 became broad -- and where you are because your doctor and most of that nature because they're my doctor to hear it but well if I -- -- your doctor if I don't go very often so. What is it you do Austin if you do this very Austin fact Starbucks. Does not want people try this. Prep which you know. They don't want people -- his particular bush I wish we -- on TV now investor friendly she's a news. Subscription sixty options for you you you got a -- project they all these coupons it was free is that beyond the -- Taylor and -- Yeah yeah. It has sixty shots -- expresso. In this big is -- -- Recycled glass for flowers and it is no wonder how many grams of carbohydrate or in the end. Well you don't think you don't think this said that they won't tell you that it has a we have 4500 milligrams of caffeine. Little. Whether it's more than two touch with the US food and dirty rich tradition considers. I had to be in my actual site from now for healthy person -- become a daily basis you can. It took a three days intricate that was a good part on the front -- sex. He had. Graphic. Erratic. Vivid dreams. I'm Betty traditionally turned to promise hallucinating -- -- Kendrick was sixty dollars 1000000 -- by the way and only Texas friend which you have additional pass -- solutions you know -- just my thought that was solution. Here's a bush gathers tees because you can by the far. He's that far. To -- gasoline afar I don't know how to install. And then here's a picture of him in the hospital he's gotten wrapped in bandages and in the building. This probably TV don't we got to get on TV execs -- affectionate. You know iso us. These cancer are you know that there may -- a little bit when have you -- -- And there's there's all kinds of there when something that's -- article. Environmental factors and not change -- -- autism and in some cases money I think the environmental factors and such -- I think it infects a lot of autistic children driving factors caused a lot of them but not so good change to prevent similar Dreessen picket -- drug tests. The sixty. Of shots of might be able metabolism and in -- and Pargo sleep -- -- people -- In the stricken cups of coffee at 2 o'clock and I mean let me give you Jane they found the juveniles under the -- But I think that's what Washington region he's a much different specimen. Oh well yeah I mean it's not all genetics. To say you know we try to think of things in absolute terms but. The environment has a big influence on -- and has an influence on the way you express your genes end you may have. Maybe 2030 genes for one particular thing in my way and watch which one you express to do that particular protein. He's influenced by many things and one of them is -- environment. You know we were talking earlier just about the difference in your attitude. Producing a different chemical soup in your brain. And that difference in the chemical suit changes the way that your genes express themselves. So everything can change. Pace to have a good positive attitude. Well preserved. -- he shows his kids out smoking. In young kids you and they say. This is where. A major describe a lot of -- paperless like you smoke. And distortion -- times when you're younger. Sure you know additional -- the barn just part of the rebellion and you start calling you say they -- march looking for a number of they say a lot of 42 years olds a year a lot of kids he hurt or refused to charge more can. But us being cynical increases the risk of dementia. Who by over three times again we don't have found its own environment and has -- -- human brain you know. Right -- and facilitated the study was 14100. And I am or not people who don't pretend people basically did just socialists as British unit. What does you know -- grapes can reduce -- of degenerative disease since. There are no problems neurons grapes can a couple of their good antioxidants. Are in good material for you the other thing is. -- fringe right now people get in their bathing suits who did you cringe is good. To. Include those in a way -- your program and your meals. Well I think they're very good for you -- me -- that now when I'm now I understand that we have to you. Soak them first so that they plump up -- oppose anti Botox joining us try to check your gruff veteran leadership in classrooms have problem take a lesson. -- -- One of the process hampered his remains one of the most neglected diseases to humans man -- most of progressive diseases hypertension. It doesn't show which you don't feel anything you know it's kind of silent ten. So it's hard to you know. -- convince people that there's something on it's much more easier if it bleeds or swells or something and they take big pay attention to it but it. You don't feel anything going on with our attention wouldn't you know I see a lot of hypertension that's related to two flutes. And -- And you know in particular lot of greens. Seem to cause hypertension when people have sensitivity to gluten things and I wouldn't say that you know all hypertension is -- -- that that's that's not true. But. Gosh if it is an -- means that you could just get away from something like that in your blood pressure would go down wouldn't that be nice and you wouldn't have to use a drug or anything. Workers are -- study. Is a drug free diet and good for everybody. Well they they complain they say is not certain his heart is I don't know you know. But I mean I thought the more you know always to squeeze and she would have -- well you not everybody sensitive to -- gluten and some not -- gonna react to him. Hmmm I just I do you think about. This idea that. You know if the if -- homo -- has been on the plan under certain amount of years and if we go with a fossil record it's somewhere near half a million. Years. And we've been eating grain for about ten. Well that's 490000. We really didn't need -- And so the pay Leo. Okay Leo people that you know they'll point to that kind of thing and I think there's some to be said for that but. You also have to understand there was an advantage you know -- eating green we we weren't dying we weren't starving I mean green offered us the ability to store food. To put it away feed during the famine and all that. And I think that was a great thing but I -- wondered right now. Many of us need to restore a lot of food. I think nowadays -- we're not starving so much and we can we can look further but I think things in moderation are good too. I think some people can tolerate -- -- -- -- right if you don't stay away but if somebody you know if you if you don't like if you -- be careful. It was true of people not -- there's a big. That there Travis. Oh we're almost bully people into believing that something wrong with the if you if you if you look at for real time. Not only -- -- I don't think there's anything wrong with it all I know there's a lot now probably than I do think there's some things wrong -- With eating everything that's sort of artificially made into -- -- ride -- thing -- China -- some wrong with that. But foods that are naturally gluten free don't see anything wrong -- that there is -- treating real. -- -- You're you're and a drug. A drug abuse and drug help. You know you know people with their drug problems to join it to. Put it down not encourage it but I out right let's go inside you talk one day about having a program which you think about that's more. You can help people that are addicted. To painkillers yes you like that we -- oh sure yeah. You don't talk about some more. -- Heroin users are usually white suburbanites -- Mean it's it's true you know. And we tend to think of that guy in the gutter some that's not true. This is -- it's -- to -- him one of the big problems that we've had now is you know with a movement against. Some of these other chemicals that people have been used in OxyContin. And those. Their turn into heroin now consists cheaper. -- absolutely. There was a big article in Rolling Stone about as a Connecticut her New Hampshire. About the problem that they were having there and a lot of overdoses. And problems and we're losing people. You know. And -- about drugs you don't take some time oh yes yes and assessor -- you can -- you know -- combine them and -- it dies of teens and that's all she wrote you know and you know I remind a lot of my patients seen and nobody's trying to overdose. You know come monetize it's it's pretty much going to be an accident thing they think oh I can do that and I'm fine. But no not a good idea I don't destroy -- shoes and we inherently the FDA now hasn't just a -- New. Tuner for Celebrex. Celebrex and occasionally yeah -- so that's gonna help people you know. Its interest side you know some of the non struggled anti inflammatory drugs which is what those are you know we use them. Here in the air because sometimes information does get out of hand good. More so we try to get people to get less inflammatory. Or something here's an articles and tone that emerged in. A civilian man -- 230. Almost well almost a half million dollars. I'm skin grafts from hospital to Hillary do without. It's -- and you know -- know where he's got to be some kind of a market approach that I don't know I don't know what you would do with that try to I don't know. Well here's here's a picture of him is -- inventory. For half a he should use on his face I just saw it and green -- again this is in them in the news since reduces pancreatic cancer. Well the system. Ticket into drink it's got a lot of antioxidant potential who. It is you know does have some caffeine so we -- are sensitive -- -- you only care happening agreed to. You could. I guess that's Michelle didn't have obviously been in I do wonder about tune. And it's caffeine out. Yeah that's well that's true that's a process didn't. Processing -- the process whereas you know there's not a huge amount and green team that some people are sensitive to caffeine and they need to watch but for the most part I think most people can. Turning green tea and it's very good story. They do what she does this destroy accompanied Trimble. And there's gonna come out called Pfizer. Writing this few years ago that was coming over the drug called Viagra you cannot tell people to go out and -- some -- -- Taj or. And it was a did -- make him that they -- and knew what true has a new drug to have encouraged him orgasms. So that's it Viagra type drugs. Well I don't know exactly that they during gives me with the drug is effective and only be a chip will let people know about it but because they've been working with that for a long time. This is from. Reuters and so usually they give some pretty good information about -- he's about to happen you know so shut -- also heard they're trying to makes Ellis go over the counter. There are you know who who. The FDA didn't allow him to get a better idea. Health specialist -- such a -- just takes some. Like the authority who you know there was so the story just hasn't been a Chicago accent yeah that's committed. -- doses some new ways to yourself. So what do we just so this is about -- some alternatives to your health and so much. We're gonna continue here after the break we're gonna -- brick right now listen before we -- more trouble. And let's see here we've got so. More pressure coming up after the break she's running for. -- -- counsel -- Joseph pigeon you know our Susan okay good. -- supporter thank you we'll -- they're so good ideas there's just the justice system that is our listing a break here through no Turkey's seventy. I want to you threw out thirteen seventy and will be whoever. More of let's get healthy is coming up after these messages on talk thirteen seven. Welcome back to let's get healthy with seals whales find tall. -- -- -- We drive. We're -- okay well we're just talking lawyer. Glorify this -- -- such a good. Coast today and we always enjoy your pleasure being here you know again we're just aren't right you're the celebration. Your hunger and the type of people. The doctors so the future because your concern about health archer. Yes we're trying to get people the -- and you know pay a little bit more attention to their -- you know one of my. Mentor -- used to tell me that health -- -- participation sport. You know and -- finish at the I think everybody should be aware of what's going on element and the best they can I don't think everybody understands all the physiology in this great whatever. There were to want to be assistant to break -- you you know suspend that went for years it's been fabulous I'm Boston 32 years in the service and I would go to VH. I don't have to think. Well like I guess I would just to try the system nothing else I -- Well change -- no real when your promise that and that's part of the deal and recent -- to be just seem distant and so distant -- so distant that's a problem you know. You know when you have to see the pressures that you see -- -- who the real problem -- can't boil it down to a protocol. Requires thinking. Yeah you know. Of all the diseases and conditions each. Under the sun. There is an answer or there's not. If there's one profound. If there's not a reminder -- so that's our purview it notes. Most people familiar feel they have to say never -- that has got to be an answer him and for sure go lower Presley who is working to help people overcome the Jeremiah Wright law. You've been carried out and do it looked very CNN Beirut. -- a world where -- decide to be a pointer from a lot of but I got them -- so one of the few things I could crimp profits for the fairways so so. Most of -- -- -- right you're you're getting about politics. Richard do you -- ankle -- lately because you're not trying to. You know like a lot of money removed -- DC your commodities to whatever you would you do it because. Because you want to change some things that are affected people's health front. Absolutely there's a lot of has broken with their City Council hearing often. And you know bill -- worked really hard and you get had a strong discussions about a year ago. Well we had this you know we we we've been working on the Smart meter opt out program for Austin energy. And you know from a health standpoint these things they were installed back in 2009. And you know we we got -- first Smart meter opt out program and all you know in the state here in Austin. And you know these Smart readers called to me all kind of problems sleep problems headaches chest pains. And nothing about the City Council there is really nobody on their email or you can there's no -- planning for the -- -- on the getting hit in. The elections in November there's nobody running it has any technical background. Do we need somebody on the council they can answer these hard questions to question that should have been expected 2009 about the Smart meters in the health effect of them. The effect on you know people who have. I'll confirm or you know diabetes people who have a lot of health issues are really susceptible to the holder of the distinction now. And yet from -- him so excited. You know eight and down. We're an election like -- -- in November. And we need somebody different technical background. On the council -- there's nobody on deck it's going to be running. In the November race and an -- there's nobody on it today so. Need to ask. Well and -- by content filter their water to this degree and a train attendant at this expensive and so what happens news. That you used our problems here comes the bride and Richard Syron. Absolutely and I live and I had problems with that myself so when I stop drinking tap water I don't forget -- -- back in 2008. And within four to six months I was off all my thyroid medicine bill. Yeah and yeah I'm a testament to this if you stop putting -- -- into your body you're body can actually recover -- -- And you're not stripping it down with these chemicals in April that's not the only chemical that -- -- choir there's a lot of -- means there's a lot has. Who were nominated compound there's pharmaceutical that are tap water in this city is about tradition doesn't do you know this season. They should be able to do you. So Smart meters are like electromagnetic waves is that a problem. Yes so the leaders of polls. -- high energy radio frequency wave and a microwave frequency. Too high to high energy frequencies. They called every. My in my house before we got it replaced before we opted out but -- every 25 seconds. And I could feel and my body and I would try to late and it's taken me up and I just feel. My -- kind of twitch every 25 seconds and it took me over a year to try to figure out what was going on attracting those kind of since patients in my body I was not able to sleep -- chest pain and headache. And then you've worked with Austin energy and we got the first Smart here opt out program in the state. And they do need is personality electric clock PC. Has kind of taken. Our lead and they email had an opt out program for they -- Smart meters for dear members in engine and it's spreading. Didn't listen to get think that you want customers to have a choice some people -- -- have health issues and they're very sensitive. And have people aren't too that you need to have a choice you know we have that you know in our area in central Texas it's a huge thing in this. And you're getting get Chris -- across the state -- and. Right that's strange because a year and you know what you're doing because you were -- since. And Europe Europe doctor drew a Ph.D. doctor yes sir PR inside -- yep yep she you know about the science -- well sought to people before you can't. Well in November -- -- districts for now we have ten districts across Austin because we think that we don't want to see we want. Did we want and geographical representation in -- this will be his first opportunity -- have been able to vote. And didn't vote for dear areas parent I'm in district four which is to run -- area good neighborhood in my district are highly neighborhood. Connect calves and your toughest critic association. We have north field we have reached we have winter hill heritage hills Georgia maker's mark. A lot of neighborhoods in mind. My -- but it's mostly due Brandenburg area -- goes a little ourself the only -- between 222 in the north boundary to break her lane. And we have a web site is called press release PR EF FL EYE four Austin dot com and I would love to have. Your listeners and help them and by donating a potentially volunteering for some block walking and in dog that found thank -- -- going to be doing when we get everything. Started at the next month percent of and there's a version a link comment on -- -- -- -- on our web site that you can kill you can volunteer for teen Laura. Can't -- we need everybody to help -- it's going to be. Can be difficult campaign. Learn to you comeback soon. Because we got a hard for a cure it but to more Presley and and so we can talk about we want to about all the things you can do for their own health. But let's get a raw politics whomever whenever we don't know it at her Victorian we gotta support Jewish and just -- with a water so -- -- on the shores of one of us are going to water so website once again like Elvis Presley. You're rumbling for Austin -- TRE FF LEY four -- dot com concluded. You want to thank you are you must give my skills -- OK okay we're ready. -- you to pick up by pirates take a break for a week now. It's about the -- I would have more time that's all right specialists these folks and -- about next week ago but you'll thank you.