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Delicious Mischief Podcast 5/31/14

Jun 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's delicious mischief from Boston -- and -- radio group. A presentation of specs wines spirits and find her to. And now he's the guy who loves to talk with a smile -- -- -- -- Hello everybody welcome to another edition I'm delicious is different -- -- -- radio program -- Texas. As always delicious -- is the presentation respects wines spirits and finer foods. We are in Dallas this week I love to come to Dallas every opportunity I get there's always something new something different. And this time there's a little combination of a lot of those kinds of things have come back to a hotel. That I stayed in in the past and I know when I mentioned the and I told now the Hilton Anna told. On FaceBook is part of this visit so many people just commented that they love this hotel and they've been coming here for years and it's special and it's wonderful and they did great stuff here and all of that because that is the hotel you can do great stuff and hotel. But it's some it's it's now sort of like revived and -- generated and and more beautiful than even I remembered from the past after I think they spent like a 125 million dollars. On the hotel to kind of bring it up to everything that you can ever won -- the -- and -- told to be and you can bring -- up pretty well 425 million dollars I would think. I am trying to -- you know but I'm I'm here in a wonderful restaurant that that hopefully many you have tried if you haven't you have to come here it's called Sierra now now it has a long -- that means it can be spelled SER. So when you see assign -- down don't wonder it says it's SER -- and spirits. And and you know chef Anthony van camp I happen to love steak and I happened allowed spirits so so you're in like Flint from the from the moment line here. What do you see -- doing what you know describe for me a little bit what it's like. Because it has a very big menu it it's certainly has a -- -- element but by no means is that all there is going on food watch knots -- Only not. I know that we can before we opened we really had a good. A good idea of what we wanted to do -- not be like every other steak house in Dallas so instead there are a bunch of them. -- there are a whole lot of them. So and are all. I mean they'll have their quirks but they're all relatively the same dark and he -- -- you get -- -- mashed potatoes. And that's it with everything so we've really tried hard to kind of pair all of our stakes. Specifically. With a saucer of garnish or whatever. They're really accentuate the steak and what you really. -- -- -- -- Well and and it's amazing I mean I don't know if you're out visual kind of guy -- design the kind of guy but but I mean the restaurant itself is beautiful for one thing is on the 27 floor so in the evening when when you guys are really popping -- you have this so it's not quite three you know 360 Betty it's almost the entire direction. A beautiful view of downtown Dallas a distant places that came -- put names on filled with colorful lights and that so there is that. And there's also this rich kind of feeling of words of of reddish brown number you know kind of colors here very earth Tony but court just particularly with the lighting that atmospheric lighting you people do so Welsh when people come here. -- what kind of experience before even talk about the food -- what kind of experience and survived a few well you guys trying to get across. We're really going for a new younger hipper. Kind of crowd I'm -- let me and -- Most steak houses they're full of people with you know old money so we're really going for the all that all the new people someplace cool to hang out. Some place to get some tasty drinks and tasty food. So it's ONN one of the things that that I see happening here at here it's here. Is is what you just mentioned I mean there's. You know steak houses have always had a kind of hard drinking personality to them I mean you know Martinis and that but. It seems like you guys between Europe Europe innovative cocktail program and your your wonderful wonderful wine list I was just blown away by that that you guys are kind of making an even Fuller experience that that you know -- -- a chef I mean I yeah I know -- back -- cooking and make in the food that. But I mean it seems like the recognition is in place that the experience is. What people are gonna remember even more than any other single thing. I would have to agree you know as a whole package you can't have one without the other it's like stool one of the legs doesn't. Doesn't exist in this to listen stand. And that that totally works as a metaphor for me -- I like metaphors shaft that's that's -- I am so so tell me a little bit about your background because you know here you are -- executive chef here it's here at -- keeps saying that every day in camp what's you know this is your life and what's what's the story of how you came to -- this. Guy alone. And what an interesting story. I started off. This is this is really what I wanted to do I told my kindergarten teacher that I wanted to be a chicken barbecue -- and I suppose that's kind of come true. -- My first job I begged and pleaded to work at TGI Fridays in the kitchen but it wasn't eighteen so they wouldn't. They wouldn't let me work in the kitchen we found a compromise so I was the expedite her. And so I was like between two worlds I was its it then and certainly. And they didn't like me first in the kitchen but then after just a few weeks they came there really like Munich and it taught me the basics of what I know. And I went to culinary school after -- got I went to the California culinary academy in San Francisco after high school. Where I got my degree and I'd I'd. Basically I didn't work I just astonished. Where you work for free and a bunch of restaurants and COY get paid you know I think is go through life working for free all the time. I figured it would look look better on my resume if I could say that I've worked all these places with. At a San Francisco and what what what were a couple of -- When you win people looked at your resume early on even today I mean what -- places they impress them are excited them the most. I'll tell you bit my favorite place that I've worked or not worked tonight's -- that it was scary date and that was it could. That was a good 1 for sure I am. That's just at a high quality high class place. So I've heard and then San Francisco at a pretty high quality high class place now a because I've never really we've never talked about this issue it's dodging the format but I mean chefs do -- I mean both in Europe and and then eventually in the states -- Sort of got into the same sort of you know approach to learning the craft the art whatever what do you remember most learning whether -- in Gary -- -- from the totality of -- dodges. -- responsibility for sure. Even even though you're not paid employee. You still you still are doing things that are being served in the restaurants so. You would think. If you mess something -- they would kind of let it go but no absolutely not like you're working for free and it's you're doing all the tasks that. No one else wants to do and they yell at you anyway and they yell at you anyway but that's -- right island I went a lot about that and basically it's not worth serving down. Don't serve it one. So basically don't mess it up from the beginning but if you do have the mess that it's better to say something about it rather than try and pass it off. So what about what about here in Texas north Texas the Dallas area all this good stuff I mean San Francisco a long way away -- about Diana and a beautiful city to boot but. How did you kind of get your feet on the ground here. Well actually after San Francisco and it does -- Diego innate. I work several places there as well. But this is where my family is so I'm an only child. And my mom is from from this area so I had to move back. To be close to -- I'm a big mama's boy. A it's so nobody you know how did you come to the hotel I I I gather that they you know that that while your your position here of back to that word again responsibility. Is -- -- your actual arrival here at that -- Hilton and Intel is not just the day before yesterday. Know when I'm attracted to Dallas. IE looked for the best restaurant that I could find and I actually just read an article about anti bomb but she's starting at -- restaurant. And it's highlights the way his resume looks so I I've literally started like two weeks after him -- showed up to the hotel and interviewed with them and I was hired just as a cook then. I got promoted the lead cook in them in the city chef left the scene shaft and then when the executives -- chef left the executive position. So I've got to work my way up. And then when they decided that they were going to change the concept of the restaurant in this. If first ask the old executive chef and this wasn't really what he felt would be appropriate for his career sedan Mastny. -- really I was jumping for joy inside but I let him waited day. I've I've been in this situation set so what's the biggest challenge of of the restaurants here from a from a food standpoint I mean yeah I know you've got a staff and all of that. And sometimes they are the biggest challenge let's face it but but I mean from a food perspective I mean what makes this what what part of the moving parts make this the most difficult on days that it's difficult. The most difficult part is really. Getting to put that that individual touch when you're making. A large amount of food because -- a large amount of food and we do we do high volume so. Putting the personal touch on the cream warned that makes the cream yen worth. Coming here vs other restaurants. Mean it's it's little things like that just like the tater tots that takes two people it doesn't take. And I get another twelve orders of those ago. -- you certainly -- the tater tots are one of those things it took quite quite awhile to figure him out and it's it was always really difficult it turns out. The way that we. We really figured out how to do it is not difficult and it doesn't take anything special other -- sausage stuffer. But. It's one of those things like that was a labor of love -- -- months like literally months of making them. And throw them away and making them and there on the way mini come up with an idea you tried that and it doesn't work that literally months of doing that. Was chef Anthony you stay with -- because here on delicious mr. gonna stop right now gotta take a break we'll come back with our great ingrained tasting segment we tasting Belvedere Vodka and that's always fun talking. Cocktails that's been -- the hours out would be accurate -- restaurant at the Hilton -- invalid and movies he. So don't you guys missing. Don't -- that it'll spoil your dinner. Instead here's more delicious -- with your host John the murder us. And now -- -- suspect wines spirits and finer foods that it's great then rain. You know we're still enjoying ourselves in Dallas today and and -- enjoying ourselves so much in Dallas we haven't even left the Hilton and. Tell hotel yet. Talk about a big old city that we're not seeing -- this particular moment but sometimes if you're really lucky and smile really nice your story comes to you and that's what Belvedere Vodka is doing with us today that's the great ingrained segment that's the tasting a 123. Different vodka as. And best of all -- Claire Smith head of spirit creation and spirit creation glare. I'm so so as the director of spirit creation for Belvedere Vodka what the heck do you do. But I'm responsible for all -- new lately development -- obviously are from Texas I know I can tell for your accent a night of a typical Texas Tech and no magic number ten. And from London. And Dan and I helped manage the production prices up over daily she's made in Palin's side day a lot of travel hits me being hit today. To talk about that would dampen a temple -- as the well it. Am told you about -- today to that book has spreading to the wonderful lode of evidence. Well well you know that is that is amazing in and people really really loves vodka I mean I imagine Michael all spirits and all food and drink products it. These things kind of common goal out of fashion -- out of foundation -- at any -- but where do you see vodka right now sort of on the trajectory because everybody I know well drinks a lot of vodka I mean whether it's in cocktails are are some other usage I mean. What what's cool happening in the world of vodka and you would now. -- let's say. Well of Hawkeye is the M hi Spencer tells -- missiles at them -- populous in the US. Says is on the very solid -- that -- and he would do really appreciate it I think what's happening with welcome now is that that concede is becoming much more much more dissent -- And they -- a king app provenance is awaits me and explained the difference is between fall camp. Have gravity is Palin's am Palin to see any country in the wild has. The geographical appellation -- LA which protects the way to -- to -- Batiste. Saying nation -- piece of enacted Toews. And we can any BT's -- from -- -- take ties it to quite traditional ingredients. So I think concede is becoming much more a way of -- you and you -- has managing. And -- because he. So so Claire let's talk about -- you mentioned -- -- as as a spirit and I remember years ago maybe my first ever -- interview bomb being taught that it's vodka by definition by legal definition or whatever it was a neutral spirit AKA virtually -- at least arguably -- less and -- all the time I hear people say I like the flavor of this -- better -- like the flavor of that -- better and certainly in your case were supposed to like the flavor of Belvedere -- that's -- -- how does that even work I mean if you have eight something that's. Allegedly flavor -- how do you how do you choose your favorite. I. That must people cut say is almost an anti defamation and very much defined by what it's not that's brilliant yet -- -- -- and that definition has been shaped the way that the US concealment and seized all cut even today. Inside did and he should be mutual. That rainy and that's just the US definitions and focus MH outside of the US while that's still yet considered to be -- -- I spoke as some made in traditional welcome producing countries like -- A working hard to attained a positive characteristics of the relevant news and made from. So what that means is explain about the need more text -- More an appreciation of very thoughtful character difference is say it's -- names creamy texture but felt that it takes -- -- -- and backpack that. Penn State rye bread. These embrace Apple's -- not played this as -- but -- -- an impression of that will McCain meal and if he takes a lump all because I -- you completed tell the difference is between focused from the west that focus that made in the US ready. You can see and meet -- it that US definition and much more about. Set engineer deficiency that much more nature will. That book has made an eight sol forum you know old twelve but the bulk of producing countries that much more places who actually knows something about how I got. Wouldn't say that but that is okay has been infamy tend to have more ascent of substance. And much more text -- that much small aromatic. That they have much more complexity. And and that the easiest to concede neat on the box because they've -- He had much more about that yet and much more insisting Mitchell but could come -- can be a little bit aggressive when you're tasting meat. And say you know is tiny stylistic differences bothered them for -- that difference is I would say at and. And you know you mentioned a couple things earlier that really intrigued me you mentioned -- Providence which is a very interesting term applied well anything that vodka and also appellation Contra -- I mean does not to have a -- while I mean from single vineyard so to speak -- -- paddy you know some of Belvedere perspective. Tell me about the product you know prominence what's the word provenance. Not in Rhode Island but tell me about the provenance and and how that expresses itself in terms of what ever those characteristics. Are that you're alluding to that aren't exactly flavors. -- exactly so hasty Thames covenants and have wildly you know to beat deep like supplying. But let me they -- and that they mean that the at this very ill when -- -- pretty -- and -- Andrea -- of -- of -- environment. And all -- is the most immediate spare me you know it is nothing but -- -- installation and that dilution and you enjoyment of it. So many days a product of its environment is coming from the grounded out case -- house he told privately using for about the day. To be easy in this rye grain come across -- tight end. And witnessed inning that and the trying to -- -- at the positive Texas except that is. And -- -- -- and die leasing and -- appearance expression of that crane. -- proper -- that the environment the of painful attempt to Chad the stress that grainy but on. Because it's exposed a very good attempt which is of course coming from president. All of those things we'll have an impact in the catch up that claim and what way China data access the characteristics of like rain through destination. Says as I said -- him face immense and immediate -- at the most immediate spared from Matt grade. So close Providence -- while we'll have an impact in how that both -- case. Now my tiny bit the grain has an impact of course how we access that crane and played at that. Well what is that how do you access and what do you do to access that what is that even what are you doing when you're accessing said that the -- some -- and that gray lady begins experimentation. Say I love fermentation eight and Tyson is often I've been -- and and we -- may be constant -- coconut mall about a number of destinations. This may let Adam Pacman famine patient says is when all of those beautiful. Positive -- mistakes on my -- Free eat in a sense you know that that the compassion forum starts to shake that and then not show that to alcohol by the Easter and happy command should be so naturally he's. But that is played is gonna stop that -- day -- princess. And the distillation easily just a concentration of -- that that famine the men taped but that's being released. So you know it's a combination of fact is you taking the grain from the ground the cement singing using he -- available lake and -- commands and they. And then not just need to concentrate all of those of the iMac takes the -- that the tech step. And ending anti elite saying now we used proprietary wolf says that bolsa has an impact on the quality and that parents of -- ball -- Proprietary -- And a prize table it's -- means we and wolf to soul is at war that is act on this in any. And nobody doesn't -- is that day it is set awards is so is that to have weak but -- so -- can -- show consistency. And and they were quite many in that we have I wont wont to -- NET facilities in -- actually have that bank. Saying you know about the days many of focusing a lot on. -- environment protecting the environment -- -- product of that environment. And utilizing local -- is to create what we but he is here at the pinnacle of bulk up at Coca production Petit spoke production. So so is it because most of us who came in to their liking but get 2030 years ago I mean it had kind of a Russian face on it when we first discovered about guys were a handful obviously we can think up just a minute left but what is spectacularly special about polish vodka and Belvedere in particular that. Even the other eastern European slash Russian vodka is maybe don't have. I think it's I transformation of dry you'd have a very much about a vice grip but not about making -- to Greenspan. And by a -- creamy solved be able text. And it is a testament to that you need to navigate that pedestal cap on top of that night at today's Michigan is nineteen Simmons. Nothing must be added a -- from -- -- and that is the best unique in the -- -- and not love that. -- applies to any other country in the while it -- for that basic menu sea parted and been on the bustle you can be sure that that ball cut is -- on names. Trade and contains -- and Huntsman in a way. Well that all sounds. Right well Claire Smith head of spirit creation. We're Belvedere Vodka -- we're gonna take a break here and malicious mischief I -- one to everybody gets a taste I'm really excited about this. As a player so when we come back we'll do all that and more right here on delicious menu. Still hungry. Here's another helping you don't -- dismiss chips which are host John -- Welcome back everybody thanks for joining us here you are -- too delicious -- I'm here. Host -- to Mars the lucky guy who gets to drink vodka whenever he feels like and and kind of sort of gets paid for it once in awhile it's amazing -- I'm sitting here with Claire Smith head of spirit creation for Belvedere Vodka made in Poland with all kinds of wonderful things going on and and and -- before before we start chasing that we're gonna start tasting right now so. When I start something whenever I have a list are lying and any thing I start with the simplest pure is most basic line because you know once you move on in different spirits different things happen. You know maybe maybe it's okay aging may be is this may be as some -- but you know you start with the beginning. And here we have Belvedere Vodka. With the big word Poland on it what little you know I know we've been talking about the characteristics in general. What do you think is super wonderful about basic strayed on Belvedere Vodka. It's not -- saying you know it's at a sum month that -- let's not basic it's classic I got hit plastic. Adam and spoke of his best eighteen in 1990 -- me. And as you sizing up by not able old grain would tank house -- diamond dry but she's very high in stops and graze across tight end. And says that apple is typical of the type of night that you find in the country. And we just -- days full times across all Collins. We'll win you can -- gaze at -- -- appearance he and cash rights act so we took that tactic and yet that tactic about the day it is a lovely softened in a nine days. And vice supplement knives and other aggressive until creamy texture as slightly sweet hints of banana lab Brazil knots -- -- a -- of -- fact. At black -- but they admit that may panicked. So negative views the easy thing came in case of what Colson the wolf by yelling -- being that it can makes great Martinis great on the -- At but also wonderful -- him mall land inhabited mixology -- it be just what it -- vote could tonic it's gonna went really well. So you mentioned -- a couple times and of course the more you mention it tomorrow I tasted it. -- but a lot of times a lot of spirit H spirits Vanilla comes from -- aging from this kind of sweet -- a taste of the barrels these this that this doesn't -- that how how did we get -- and thank you for putting an end -- -- that from -- get there. Is coming from the band grain -- Dubai based typically haven't quite a complex way you think about you know my whiskey you know the complexity that you get from that claim that. It by the ski in the USC is often a Easton mass set. It brings some restraints and calmness -- life and I can always use that cat I expect they'd sit and and by -- to be quite light in -- -- quite spicy. And if so -- can be said -- by impassioned as well so what we're doing is adding this full installation to bring a sense of man comments to the fall camp they also filled to twice what he sent an eyes once each I'll call. And that sense of restraint is gonna rain elegance and also and to live that's very -- qualities from light red. To think about a ride reds gonna have that many tasty nasty quality. Well that's a tank top the qualities and played his yet getting when you distilling it and Vanilla is one of those characteristics. I definitely didn't expect big baked goods and my glass today bet that there is a little bit of that income in light of the -- aspect to the right provenance of of Belvedere -- amazing and -- I mean I'm learning something about but they lose about but I didn't know so glad you're with -- -- -- you can be Michael vodka guide from this moment on now you can guide me from one to the next. Now this is going from the I guess it's a familiar classic five Belvedere bottle that's on like every bar in the universe and everybody -- line once line or whatever now we're going to a black bottle that similar logos and stuff of course design but this is. Belvedere Vodka intense I'm filtered eighty boy -- I'd be scared and also says diamond -- that's a lot of words what are we talking about -- Out of let them that that festival yeah yeah that's striking that ultimately ended stunning and very much a deposit from the classic super premium often I. And and that she did to -- check in of that does that add a new variety of my crew and -- peak all a diamond I'm sorry. And that night he was -- in 2008. In Palin. And if ease and a cousin as a has stayed about the day. By that we he's in the -- ball cap and asking diamond nice very in stocks is considered to be a bank is made by this -- more baked goods de -- it exactly and then stopped contact -- coast -- less welcome promise and less yields. But the bulk -- -- -- read that these self. Van each and self and less -- in it's a price above the Belvedere -- which is slated to meet amendment that sent banana. -- about it and felt that this is has mall and safe and Stan and a bit of solemnity systems sold in this as well. And -- read that -- men say actually it's -- velvet he thinks this a race. And and this economy distilled it. We realize that it -- he wasn't as lightly as felt like there wasn't says spicy. Says that at least and we left it until it saying he doesn't have any telco filtration told. And they said he magnifying. Mouth feel of the spam and also an allergy to expand this animal can safely supper nice he gets on the grain. Says different grains different finishing the race. And if -- it so we recommend that evident -- felt it is said on meet cent on the rocks in a month teeny. You know as a unadulterated as possible and MTV has a similar attacks it's something that's being -- just. If you whiskey drinking you'd like that subtext -- -- we -- -- -- said. And has of -- no way to -- of -- castrate them -- study tape and then just go to three child and spent sending as they telco. It's like whisky you don't have to wait for it's it's it's it's a wonder call and and I am kind of whiskey drinker and I do you I like oak barrels much veteran whiskey than actually doing -- -- so that's really pretty cool and and so this is what we. We sit by the fire basically this isn't something that throw into one of those you know hot shot mixology things in the local bar. Exactly and you know -- he had it kind of that bit defensive intensity. Apple and take crawled styles it's very you know ball cut. Would smell on cases like this in the late eighteenth century. Yeah it's it's made me very much and and who is around shelved -- -- I forget who is hanging around Poland and -- day they have -- then getting it is very much and at pixels and it. And and an infection of the way that -- perhaps he's meeting this idea that it is -- Powell. And extreme takes also played the delivery. You know that you that it must antithesis to the US definition to about that and yet. This is not you know you I did this kind of this takes us about -- this is much more complex and dynamic and that -- -- borrow a phrase flavored deliveries are now whenever I'm talking about whether it's food airline -- or are Belvedere Vodka. I'm gonna get all up into this whole notion of flavored deliberate in this this this does have a wonderful something and it delivers it really well what we'll call it flavor. I am now speaking out of flavor. I am the next one and the third and end target final vodka for today out I take twelve more if you got them in the back there somewhere but Belvedere mango. Passion -- I mean I'm okay with that actually love the Caribbean says those are 22 fruits I'm presuming to fruits that I I love a lot and taste a lot whether some breakfast buffet is there -- I -- what happens I mean tell me about flavored -- it is one of the ways that spirits entities have expanded their audience in the last decade or so is through flavor I mean whether it's the -- -- that -- or whatever it may be -- you name it. What happens to make Belvedere from Poland turn -- mango passion that that's not to polish it gets me. At night that they get themselves out but its bottom page in not complaining again but I'll play and the price is -- -- we annie's fresh ingredients. And names a price and -- -- in -- page DNA. Because David bald guy in fact these days and -- -- -- and Pattinson relay I didn't know that that seem like a -- of them in 1980. -- -- If the modern -- practically today that FaceBook actually was around -- that -- that he essentially because it was considered to be medicinal. If you add honey head -- steel -- cut and you would enjoy it definitely. And antenna on the sixteenth I'm feeling kind of sickly better enjoy this a little more. That they may decide -- -- savings in 2008. We wanted to but he tapped into that advocates. And and he's fresh ingredients for that reason that ultimately you'll -- today as fresh manga and fresh -- and say -- man -- -- And oranges lemons and lions and all of these -- fresh ingredients that we infused in small ball cut. We can be distilled amusing to pump stale but they become the end and then week and meeting greetings to get us that you have at -- rate -- -- complete complex. He hasn't played that bit of a tropical island paramedics take in the case of -- passion. They also have other places they have evidence that says. Great great clemency and they all also contain any kind sent natural and fresh ingredients and notion that my simple ate chicken is the need to back and I think say can't you know great news remained high right now is that but it quite easy deal if you're looking push -- -- played it well have because. You know very few of them yet 98% of the world's labor as a now. Think that the deep they've had a flavor of with the red chemical is. Said this I think the outcome from New Jersey last I heard a thing about it is -- break is if I'd say taken away because we made we using fresh ingredients and nation got. So am amazed -- exciting and to have a tropical extension enough range now is okay finishes tonight at the same as she reminds him holidays. So now we know one thing about all things and -- in that is that Poland is not New Jersey and I am really pleased to hear that -- thanks to Claire Smith a wonderful person a wonderful -- on all things -- from Belvedere -- -- being the head of spirit creation -- -- all the -- that -- on business cards in my life that is the coolest title of -- and -- I've never had that title Belvedere -- great but if you're just kind of getting into the hole -- get things you know I think -- is a great way to get and then if you're not just getting into -- you probably know already what the -- thanks -- for joining us here on today's great -- All from the sales of. Next lying spirit and buy your food is delicious it's just will be back with the bar one more okay. Right after this. And now for one more bite of delicious mr. Here's your host -- to murder us. Welcome back everybody I'm John Mercer house here on malicious mischief where in Dallas this week at Sears stake and spirit SE. Are without being. Searing a -- that's my take on it anyway I'm here with by executive chef Anthony van camp. And -- and and tell me yes Jeff I mean we have some starters here in front of us and down one of the ones I mean I all whenever I see the words. Texas and Quayle in a sentence I'll have to order them you have an amazing mesquite grilled -- one of the best -- anything's I've ever tried ME. What do you think of the main sort of touch points that make this wonderful wonderful flavor. You know we've we've partnered up with a lot of local farms we have a lot of local cheeses local local -- as much as we can. And it's really with that and with that being said the best thing that we can do is do justice to what. We're getting from these people these fuel put in a lot of hard work in time and effort and love to what they did so we've just kind of do the same thing. There's nothing there's nothing special or say about the Quayle it's just done right. Well that's that that's I'm sure the case because that a lot of times that is the that the secret if you -- the secret is that there's no secret. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that is what America associates with -- -- fried. Tubes in tentacles which is actually what most cooks. Associate with cal -- don't they don't even know how they come so we get whole fresh Atlantic Al Mari like cull animals not. It is not like tubes -- identical exactly they come in they've got skin and they've got peaks and dean can all sorts of fun stuff. That we have a vendor that provides really really awesome quality. Cal -- so we get the whole cal Mariana and then basically. It has to be frozen kind of tender as written but it's. Aside from that its presence tender -- but other -- it's fresh and really it's it's tasty. We get a lot of people that. I would suppose expressed its taste with -- not being fried in with some sort of dipping sauce make half of a limb in the squeeze on top. But when they try what we have we've actually done with it it's really tasty but it's quitting tag we re union pays a pesto. I you know I was intrigued by this quitting nests of the past it because it's like it's like all of the peace he happily got squid and squid ink. I exactly I'm sorry column Larry not quit now I think now that same -- all right it is totally the same deal. -- It's just -- and it's fun to ask somebody asked me why I put. Squid intently reading with and I mean why not same thing with the cream corn why put popcorn on top of the cream corn. Why not as -- at the movies I don't have cookbook why not. Just so why not why not will be the answer these questions -- Now -- traded while we're talking about start you know more I guess you'd say official or starters that that are like appetizer read things. One of the things that -- me was half Maine lobster that's what it called -- the title half Maine lobster. But tempura fried with ginger Riley I didn't get to try that I haven't tried it today either -- but what's that about because next time -- that's that's what I wanna get. That's what it's all about it's I mean it to have Maine lobster and some like man monster but it's I -- it tastes like lobster -- Slightly light leave for -- And that's that's it it's got a tasty sauce with it mean tasty sauce I love tasty -- says back I have to I have to say that you've got a raw section on the menu and a sharp sugary and cheese. This is kind of a new ish thing I mean a place like this five years ago -- may be a lot of places today don't have this bit. What do you see did this ye it's it's kind of interesting way to look at like how much he Grunow and why do car pot chilling the thought that. That in in a cooking environments somethings are better kind of sort of not cooked I mean that's what how do you look at that. I mean that's certainly true. How much secret of -- one of my favorite things on the menu and people always ask what we do to it and I'm. I'm telling you it's literally like four ingredients. I'm juice salt olive oil has got a couple other things on top but nothing special has been done to them. Mean it is. Pure and simple. And that's it just accentuating that product that we get. We you know when when I looked at the steak and -- menu coming out yeah I'm kind of a carnivore. OK can tell you that about me and and I mean there wasn't really anything here I wouldn't want I mean you know from from the Colorado lamb chops the Porter house that -- for talent -- formally your room. The late groups for talent Ruth's Chris steakhouse taught me that Porter house is just about my favorite steak but. Had to have the filet it just sounded so good with carrots and board -- sauce tell me a little bit about. What what do you think sets apart a fillet and a world where everybody's got to collect. Everybody does have filet you mentioned earlier we have a misty grilled that's one of the big. The big things that we have I amazing intense flavor I mean yes beef flavor but also kind of like. Smoked each -- slightly salty -- wonderful I mean it's it's one of the best -- -- I've ever had and and and I don't totally know why. A big part of it is the grill. About that is that is one of our ace in the hole so to say we've done some some barbecue style. Things we use them why you flat irons. And literally their season with salt and put on the grill and people always ask like why is is so good it's the mesquite. And we tried lots of different -- we tried Hickory we tried though we tried cherry wood. -- we -- apple would. -- Really. And in truth theme of the restaurant with mesquite everywhere we went with the -- Well that makes sense to me in Europe here and there's probably mystique below and around somewhere in this part of Texas. I'm in you know one of the things in it in addition the things like the Ross section of the menu and that share could very section and and you know emphasis on more of a small plate slash starter thing but obviously -- any kind of stake. Restaurant these -- has to have a lot of non state I mean that's just the way it works and I was intrigued by your Sitka Alaska halibut. Is that is that when your favorites what would be and you have also wonderful Atlantic salmon I mean. What do you think is is them not the better but I mean what's your favorite of right now that's -- bit per share. What most people don't realize is -- -- as a relatively short season even though it's offered year round -- a lot of places so. I believe the season opened march 8 of this year. And we have been working with one of our seafood vendors who is part of a co -- sedate purchased all -- bit. And it is from a campsite they purchased all the how different Sitka Alaska fishery. And then their responsible for selling yet. Part of that deal is its overnight it from Alaska and it is. The best pal but I've ever seen him by a lot. You hit ten times better than the best pal but I've ever seen before it's it's awesome. High praise and as wonderful ice cold waters up there do a lot should not have to ask you about the dictator -- even -- eluded them several times arm. In what is that of you not enough yet to tell me have to kill me but you know Ole -- I just I was wondering how do people even make tater tots mentioned the sausage the paying or whatever name is a pretty amazing. That is no I won't go make my down all right and is exactly what I asked myself how do you make heater tots. And that's where it started I actually ran across some pretty good chefs add recipes for tater tots and they were -- Worked with marginal success they were not that great. The problem is you have to be some sort of texture in the air otherwise the more like -- mashed potatoes and if you don't cook them enough. They turn color a -- to -- really easily so we tried citric acid. Which is used like you can put it on Apple's that's usually what cut apples are packed and to keep them from this coloring. He tried that they ended -- pasting acidic we tried. Several different things but essentially it's just peeled potatoes cut in half and -- and in box created seasoned salt and pepper. And then to come up with a shape than we actually use a sausage stuffer with a big crank on it we load the whole mix of potatoes and salt pepper. We loaded up. And we we shoot it out and it tubes freeze it and cut an indicator cup shapes. I got the freezing right out. Get these things have to be frozen to tell hold together I guess what what chef Anthony -- him. Wonderful -- meal wonderful tasting here today and a great conversation all from -- stake in spirits at the Hilton Anatoly hotel in Dallas I mean if you come to Dallas figure in Dallas for that matter. On you know be sure that you have -- in your list of restaurants on -- kind of rotation because it's a very very special place. With a great view of Dallas to do it well that about does for today's delicious mistress has always a presentation -- -- -- -- periods and finer foods until next time. I'm your host John de merits and I'll see you. And next --